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Picture Book Tasksheet Browne (Voices in the Park)

Picture Book Tasksheet Browne (Voices in the Park)

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Published by Kuan Liang Wu

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Published by: Kuan Liang Wu on Feb 17, 2014
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Voices in the Park Picture Book Tasksheet - Browne, A.

Given that the story depicts 4 different perspectives of the same event, state the factors that determine their perspectives. • colour, font of words, shapes (round of rigid), trees • social class: • social circumstances • prejudice • states of mind • adults in the book remained divided by class but not children or animals Examine the artistic elements carefully, and state the character of the 4 characters in the story? • domineering, despondent, sad, happy How does the surrealistic art add to the narrative? • portrays their emotions, their thoughts and perspective on the situation Observation: surrealistic art. First voice: the house is very posh and the way she portrays herself is high class. The style is calm, serene, colours are smooth, body language is calm as well. Not a lot of big movements. The relationship between the son and the mother is distant, the colours they are wear is different too. Even though the voice is worried, her actions are still calm. Even the trees behind are gaping, there is a bold divide by the telephone pole. The picture extends out as she screams for the boy. The trees at the back foreshadows her emotions. The dog appears more often than the son. The trees represent her emotions

Second voice: the font is different, heavy font with shadows. The man is sitting on the couch, body language shows tiredness. Colours are darker than the first voice. The sky and weather looks different as compared to the one portrayed in the first voice. The dogs are having a good time. The world is seen or portrayed differently as the daughter is introduced.

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There are more creativity in the way that the picture is portrayed. the girl. font is so light. Most fun font ! cshegar Page !2 . colours are more bold and bright.Voices in the Park Third voice: cagey picture. Picture is lightened up when he meets Smudge. The slide picture gives a grand perspective view. grid line. Fourth voice: font is different. The hat is once again portrayed in the world of the little boy (the same hat as the one that the mom had). The colours change after he enters her world. The choice of font is also more child-like. representing his shyness.

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