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Adventure Bible for Early Readers, NIrV

Adventure Bible for Early Readers, NIrV

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Ready for Adventure?
The Adventure Bible® for Early Readers takes you on a fun, exciting journey through God’s Word. Along the way you’ll meet all types of people, see all sorts of places, and learn all kinds of things about the Bible. Most importantly, you’ll grow closer in your relationship with God.

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*Life in Bible Times - Articles and illustrations describe what life was like in ancient days
*People in Bible Times - Articles offer close-up looks at amazing people of the Bible
*Let’s Live It! - Hands-on activities help you apply biblical truths to your life
*Did You Know? - Interesting facts help you understand God's Word
*Words to Treasure - Great verses to memorize
*Twenty special pages - Games and other Bible fun, all with a jungle safari theme
Book introductions, a dictionary, and color maps
*Includes the complete New International Reader’s Version (NIrV), perfect for children learning to read and explore the Bible for the first time on their own.
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Ready for Adventure?
The Adventure Bible® for Early Readers takes you on a fun, exciting journey through God’s Word. Along the way you’ll meet all types of people, see all sorts of places, and learn all kinds of things about the Bible. Most importantly, you’ll grow closer in your relationship with God.

Here’s a quick tour through the features:

*Life in Bible Times - Articles and illustrations describe what life was like in ancient days
*People in Bible Times - Articles offer close-up looks at amazing people of the Bible
*Let’s Live It! - Hands-on activities help you apply biblical truths to your life
*Did You Know? - Interesting facts help you understand God's Word
*Words to Treasure - Great verses to memorize
*Twenty special pages - Games and other Bible fun, all with a jungle safari theme
Book introductions, a dictionary, and color maps
*Includes the complete New International Reader’s Version (NIrV), perfect for children learning to read and explore the Bible for the first time on their own.
To learn more: http://www.zondervan.com/adventure-bible-for-early-readers-nirv-4.html

For games and activities, visit www.AdventureBible.com.
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Who wrote this book?
A young man named John Mark worked with
Peter. Peter told him things about Jesus. John Mark
wrote these things down in this book.
Why was this book written?
This book shows people who Jesus is. Mark tells
what Jesus did so that people can know Jesus
For whom was this book written?
Mark wrote this book for people in the Roman
Empire. These people did not understand how the
Jews lived, so sometimes Mark explained things.
What happens in this book?
Jesus shows his power by doing wonderful things
that help people. He teaches his followers too.
Who is important in this book?
Jesus is the most important person in this book.
When did this happen?
The events in this book happened when Jesus was
an adult on earth.
Where did this happen?
Most of the things in Mark 1–9 happened in
Galilee. Most of the things in Mark 10–16 took
place in or near Jerusalem.
What are some of the stories in this
Jesus heals a man who can’t walk ......... Mark 2:1–12
Jesus calms a storm .............................. Mark 4:35–41
Jesus raises a dead girl ......................... Mark 5:21–43
Jesus walks on the water ..................... Mark 6:45–56
Jesus feeds 4,000 people ........................ Mark 8:1–10
Jesus heals a young boy ....................... Mark 9:14–32
Jesus and his followers eat the
Lord’s Supper .................................. Mark 14:12–26
Jesus dies and is buried ...................... Mark 15:21–47
Jesus rises from the dead ....................... Mark 16:1–8
1208 Mark 1
the Jor dan Riv er.
Jesus was com ing up
out of the wa ter. Just then he saw heav en
be ing torn open. Jesus saw the Holy
Spir it com ing down on him like a dove.
A voice spoke to him from heav en. It
said, “You are my Son, and I love you. I
am very pleased with you.”
At once the Holy Spir it sent Jesus
out into the desert.
He was in the des-
ert 40 days. There Sa tan tempt ed him.
The wild an i mals didn’t harm Jesus. An-
gels took care of him.
Jesus Preaches the Good News
Af ter John was put in pris on, Jesus
went into Gal i lee. He preached the good
news of God.
“The time has come,”
he said. “The king dom of God has come
near. Turn away from your sins and
be lieve the good news!”
Jesus Chooses His First Disciples
One day Jesus was walk ing be side
the Sea of Gal i lee. There he saw Si mon
and his broth er An drew. They were
throw ing a net into the lake. They were
fish er men.
“Come and fol low me,”
Jesus said. “I will send you out to fish for
peo ple.”
At once they left their nets
and fol lowed him.
Then Jesus walked a lit tle far ther.
As he did, he saw James, the son of Zeb-
e dee, and his broth er John. They were
in a boat pre par ing their nets.
away he called out to them. They left
their fa ther Zeb e dee in the boat with the
hired men. Then they fol lowed Jesus.
Jesus Drives Out an Evil Spirit
Jesus and those with him went to
Ca per na um. When the Sab bath day
came, he went into the syn a gogue.
There he be gan to teach.
The peo ple
were amazed at his teach ing. That’s be-
cause he taught them like one who had
au thor i ty. He did not talk like the teach-
ers of the law.
Just then a man in their
syn a gogue cried out. He was con trolled
by an evil spir it. He said,
“What do you
want with us, Jesus of Naz a reth? Have
you come to de stroy us? I know who you
are. You are the Holy One of God!”
“Be qui et!” said Jesus firm ly. “Come
out of him!”
The evil spir it shook the
man wild ly. Then it came out of him with
a scream.
All the peo ple were amazed. So they
John the Baptist Prepares
the Way
This is the be gin ning of the good news
about Jesus the Mes si ah, the Son of
Long ago Isa iah the proph et
“I will send my messenger ahead of
He will prepare your way.”
(Malachi 3:1)

“A messenger is calling out in the
‘Prepare the way for the Lord.
Make straight paths for him.’ ”
(Isaiah 40:3)
And so John the Bap tist ap peared in
the desert. He preached that peo ple
should be bap tized and turn away from
their sins. Then God would for give
All the peo ple from the coun-
try side of Ju dea went out to him. All
the peo ple from Je ru sa lem went too.
When they ad mit ted they had sinned,
John bap tized them in the Jor dan Riv-
John wore clothes made out of cam-
el’s hair. He had a leath er belt around
his waist. And he ate lo custs and wild
hon ey.
Here is what John was preach-
ing. “Af ter me, there is some one com ing
who is more pow er ful than I am. I’m not
good enough to bend down and un tie his
san dals.
I bap tize you with wa ter. But
he will bap tize you with the Holy Spir it.”
Jesus Is Baptized and Tempted
At that time Jesus came from Naz-
a reth in Gal i lee. John bap tized Jesus in
John the Baptist
John the Baptist spoke God’s words. He
told the people that Jesus was coming.
John baptized many people in the river.
He told them to ask God to forgive them
for their sins. John the Baptist also
baptized Jesus.
1209 Mark 1 — 2
Gal i lee. He preached in their syn a-
gogues. He also drove out de mons.
Jesus Heals a Man Who Had
a Skin Disease
A man who had a skin dis ease came
to Jesus. On his knees he begged Jesus.
He said, “If you are will ing to make me
‘ clean,’ you can do it.”
Jesus be came an gry. He reached
out his hand and touched the man. “I am
will ing to do it,” Jesus said. “Be ‘ clean’!”
Right away the dis ease left the man,
and he was “ clean.”
Jesus sent him away at once. He
gave the man a strong warn ing.
“ Don’t
tell this to any one,” he said. “Go and
show your self to the priest. Of fer the sac-
ri fic es that Mo ses com mand ed. It will
be a wit ness to the priest and the peo ple
that you are ‘ clean.’ ”
But the man went
out and start ed talk ing right away. He
spread the news to ev ery one. So Jesus
could no lon ger en ter a town open ly. He
stayed out side in lone ly plac es. But peo-
ple still came to him from ev ery where.
Jesus Forgives and Heals a Man
Who Could Not Walk
A few days lat er, Jesus en tered
Ca per na um again. The peo ple
heard that he had come home.
So many
peo ple gath ered that there was no room
left. There was not even room out side
the door. And Jesus preached the word
to them.
Four of those who came were
car ry ing a man who could not walk.
they could not get him close to Jesus be-
asked each oth er, “What is this? A new
teach ing! And with so much au thor i ty!
He even gives or ders to evil spir its, and
they obey him.”
News about Jesus
spread quick ly all over Gal i lee.
Jesus Heals Many People
Jesus and those with him left the
syn a gogue. Right away they went with
James and John to the home of Si mon
and An drew.
Si mon’s moth er-in-law
was ly ing in bed with a fe ver. They told
Jesus about her right away.
So he went
to her. He took her hand and helped her
up. The fe ver left her. Then she be gan to
serve them.
That eve ning af ter sun set, the peo-
ple brought to Jesus all who were sick.
They also brought all who were con-
trolled by de mons.
All the peo ple
in town gath ered at the door.
healed many of them. They had all kinds
of sick ness es. He also drove out many
de mons. But he would not let the de mons
speak, be cause they knew who he was.
Jesus Prays in a Quiet Place
It was very ear ly in the morn ing and
still dark. Jesus got up and left the house.
He went to a place where he could be
alone. There he prayed.
Si mon and his
friends went to look for Jesus.
they found him, they called out, “Ev ery-
one is look ing for you!”
Jesus re plied, “ Let’s go some where
else. I want to go to the near by towns.
I must preach there also. That is why I
have come.”
So he trav eled all around
When Jesus was
living on earth,
fishermen in boats
worked on the Sea
of Galilee. The fish
they caught in their
nets were salted or dried and then sold all
through the Holy Land. Jesus told his first
disciples to fish for people instead of fish
(Mark 1:16–18).
1210 Mark 2
sin ners were eat ing with him and his
dis ci ples. They were part of the large
crowd fol low ing Jesus.
Some teach-
ers of the law who were Phar i sees were
there. They saw Jesus eat ing with sin-
ners and tax col lec tors. So they asked
his dis ci ples, “Why does he eat with tax
col lec tors and sin ners?”
Jesus heard that. So he said to them,
“ Those who are healthy don’t need a doc-
tor. Sick peo ple do. I have not come to get
those who think they are right with God
to fol low me. I have come to get sin ners
to fol low me.”
Jesus Is Asked About Fasting
John’s dis ci ples and the Phar i sees
were go ing with out eat ing. Some peo ple
came to Jesus. They said to him, “ John’s
dis ci ples are fast ing. The dis ci ples of the
Phar i sees are also fast ing. But your dis-
ci ples are not. Why aren’t they?”
Jesus an swered, “How can the
guests of the groom go with out eat ing
while he is with them? They will not fast
as long as he is with them.
But the
time will come when the groom will be
tak en away from them. On that day they
will go with out eat ing.
“No one sews a patch of new cloth
on old clothes. Oth er wise, the new piece
will pull away from the old. That will
make the tear worse.
No one pours
new wine into old wine skins. Oth er-
wise, the wine will burst the skins. Then
the wine and the wine skins will both be
de stroyed. No, peo ple pour new wine
into new wine skins.”
cause of the crowd. So they made a hole
by dig ging through the roof above Jesus.
Then they low ered the man through it on
a mat.
Jesus saw their faith. So he said
to the man, “Son, your sins are for giv en.”
Some teach ers of the law were sit-
ting there. They were think ing,
is this fel low talk ing like that? He’s say-
ing a very evil thing! Only God can for-
give sins!”
Right away Jesus knew what they
were think ing. So he said to them, “Why
are you think ing these things?
Is it
eas i er to say to this man, ‘ Your sins
are for giv en’? Or to say, ‘Get up, take
your mat and walk’?
But I want you
to know that the Son of Man has au thor-
i ty on earth to for give sins.” So Jesus
spoke to the man who could not walk.
“I tell you,” he said, “get up. Take your
mat and go home.”
The man got up
and took his mat. Then he walked away
while ev ery one watched. All the peo ple
were amazed. They praised God and
said, “We have nev er seen any thing
like this!”
Jesus Chooses Levi and Eats With
Once again Jesus went out be side
the Sea of Gal i lee. A large crowd came
to him. He be gan to teach them.
As he
walked along he saw Levi, the son of Al-
phae us. Levi was sit ting at the tax col lec-
tor’s booth. “Fol low me,” Jesus told him.
Levi got up and fol lowed him.
Lat er Jesus was hav ing din ner at
Le vi’s house. Many tax col lec tors and
MARK 1:40–42
Reach Out to Others
Read Mark 1:40–42. It tells about a man who had a terrible
skin disease. A person with this skin disease couldn’t be
anywhere near other people. And no one would come near him.
But Jesus did. He reached out and touched the man. The man
was healed.
Do you know any children who might feel lonely? Kids that
no one wants to be around? You can show them that you care
about them just like Jesus does. Smile at them. Talk to them.
Maybe they will ask you why you are the only person being nice
to them. Then you can tell them that Jesus loves them too.
Mark 2 — 3 1211
He was very up set be cause their hearts
were stub born. Then he said to the man,
“ Stretch out your hand.” He stretched it
out, and his hand had be come as good as
Then the Phar i sees went out and
be gan to make plans with the He ro di ans.
They want ed to kill Jesus.
Crowds Follow Jesus
Jesus went off to the Sea of Gal i lee
with his dis ci ples. A large crowd from
Gal i lee fol lowed.
Peo ple heard about all
that Jesus was do ing. And many came to
him. They came from Ju dea, Je ru sa lem
and Id u mea. They came from the lands
east of the Jor dan Riv er. And they came
from the area around Tyre and Si don.
Be cause of the crowd, Jesus told his
dis ci ples to get a small boat ready for
him. This would keep the peo ple from
crowd ing him.
Jesus had healed many
peo ple. So those who were sick were
push ing for ward to touch him.
peo ple con trolled by evil spir its saw him,
they fell down in front of him. The spir its
shout ed, “You are the Son of God!”
Jesus or dered them not to tell peo ple
about him.
Jesus Appoints the Twelve
Jesus went up on a moun tain side.
He called for cer tain peo ple to come to
him, and they came.
He ap point ed 12
of them so that they would be with him.
He would also send them out to preach.
And he gave them au thor i ty to drive
out de mons.
So Jesus ap point ed the
Jesus Is Lord of the
Sabbath Day
One Sab bath day Jesus was walk-
ing with his dis ci ples through the grain-
fields. The dis ci ples be gan to break off
some heads of grain.
The Phar i sees
said to Jesus, “Look! It is against the Law
to do this on the Sab bath day. Why are
your dis ci ples do ing it?”
He an swered, “ Haven’t you ever
read about what Da vid did? He and his
men were hun gry. They need ed food.
It was when Abi a thar was high priest.
Da vid en tered the house of God and
ate the holy bread. Only priests were
al lowed to eat it. Da vid also gave some
to his men.”
Then Jesus said to them, “The Sab-
bath day was made for man. Man was not
made for the Sab bath day.
So the Son
of Man is Lord even of the Sab bath day.”
Jesus Heals on the Sabbath Day
An oth er time Jesus went into the
syn a gogue. A man with a weak and
twist ed hand was there.
Some Phar i-
sees were try ing to find fault with Jesus.
They watched him close ly. They want ed
to see if he would heal the man on the
Sab bath day.
Jesus spoke to the man
with the weak and twist ed hand. “ Stand
up in front of ev ery one,” he said.
Then Jesus asked them, “What does
the Law say we should do on the Sab bath
day? Should we do good? Or should we
do evil? Should we save life? Or should
we kill?” But no one an swered.
Jesus looked around at them in an ger.
House Roofs
House roofs in
New Testament
times were made
by laying branches
over wood. Mud
was packed over
the branches. The friends who carried a
sick man to Jesus dug through the mud
roof of a house and lowered the man into
the room where Jesus was teaching.
1212 Mark 3 — 4
against God will be for giv en.
But who-
ev er speaks evil things against the Holy
Spir it will nev er be for giv en. Their guilt
will last for ev er.”
Jesus said this be cause the teach ers
of the law were say ing, “He has an evil
spir it.”
Jesus’ Mother and Brothers
Jesus’ moth er and broth ers came
and stood out side. They sent some one in
to get him.
A crowd was sit ting around
Jesus. They told him, “Your moth er and
your broth ers are out side. They are look-
ing for you.”
“Who is my moth er? Who are my
broth ers?” he asked.
Then Jesus looked at the peo ple
sit ting in a cir cle around him. He said,
“Here is my moth er! Here are my broth-
Any one who does what God wants
is my broth er or sis ter or moth er.”
The Story of the Farmer
Again Jesus be gan to teach by the
Sea of Gal i lee. The crowd that gath-
ered around him was very large. So he
got into a boat. He sat down in it out on
the lake. All the peo ple were along the
shore at the wa ter’s edge.
He taught
them many things us ing sto ries. In his
teach ing he said,
“Lis ten! A farm er
went out to plant his seed.
He scat tered
the seed on the ground. Some fell on a
path. Birds came and ate it up.
seed fell on rocky plac es, where there
wasn’t much soil. The plants came up
quick ly, be cause the soil wasn’t deep.
When the sun came up, it burned the
12 dis ci ples. Si mon was one of them.
Jesus gave him the name Pe ter.
were James, son of Zeb e dee, and his
broth er John. Jesus gave them the name
Bo a ner ges. Bo a ner ges means Sons of
Thun der.
There were also An drew,
Phil ip, Bar thol o mew, Mat thew, Thom as,
and James, son of Al phae us. And there
were Thad dae us and Si mon the Zeal ot.
Ju das Is car i ot was one of them too. He
was the one who was lat er go ing to hand
Jesus over to his en e mies.
Jesus Is Accused by Teachers
of the Law
Jesus en tered a house. Again a
crowd gath ered. It was so large that
Jesus and his dis ci ples were not even
able to eat.
His fam i ly heard about
this. So they went to take charge of him.
They said, “He is out of his mind.”
Some teach ers of the law were
there. They had come down from Je ru-
sa lem. They said, “He is con trolled by
Be el ze bul! He is driv ing out de mons by
the pow er of the prince of de mons.”
So Jesus called them over to him.
He be gan to speak to them us ing sto ries.
He said, “How can Sa tan drive out Sa tan?
If a king dom fights against it self,
it can’t stand.
If a fam i ly is di vid ed,
it can’t stand.
And if Sa tan fights
against him self, and his help ers are
di vid ed, he can’t stand. That is the end
of him.
In fact, none of you can en ter
a strong man’s house un less you tie him
up first. Then you can steal things from
his house.
What I’m about to tell you
is true. Ev ery one’s sins and evil words
Planting Seeds
Farmers in Jesus’ time didn’t
use machines to plant, or
sow, their fields with seed.
They took handfuls of seeds
and threw them on the
ground they had plowed. A
skillful farmer could spread
grain seeds very evenly.
1213 Mark 4
be brought out into the open.
Who ev er
has ears should lis ten.”
“ Think care ful ly about what you
hear,” he said. “As you give, so you will
re ceive. In fact, you will re ceive even
Who ev er has some thing will
be giv en more. Who ev er has noth ing,
even what they have will be tak en away
from them.”
The Story of the Growing Seed
Jesus also said, “Here is what God’s
king dom is like. A farm er scat ters seed
on the ground.
Night and day the
seed comes up and grows. It hap pens
wheth er the farm er sleeps or gets up.
He doesn’t know how it hap pens.
by it self the soil pro duc es grain. First the
stalk comes up. Then the head ap pears.
Fi nal ly, the full grain ap pears in the
Be fore long the grain rip ens. So
the farm er cuts it down, be cause the har-
vest is ready.”
The Story of the Mustard Seed
Again Jesus said, “What can we say
God’s king dom is like? What sto ry can
we use to ex plain it?
It is like a mus tard
seed, which is the small est of all seeds
on earth.
But when you plant the seed,
it grows. It be comes the larg est of all gar-
den plants. Its branch es are so big that
birds can rest in its shade.”
Us ing many sto ries like these, Jesus
spoke the word to them. He told them as
much as they could un der stand.
did not say any thing to them with out
us ing a sto ry. But when he was alone
with his dis ci ples, he ex plained ev ery-
Jesus Calms the Storm
When eve ning came, Jesus said to
his dis ci ples, “ Let’s go over to the oth er
side of the lake.”
They left the crowd
be hind. And they took him along in a
boat, just as he was. There were also
oth er boats with him.
A wild storm
came up. Waves crashed over the boat.
It was about to sink.
Jesus was in the
back, sleep ing on a cush ion. The dis ci-
ples woke him up. They said, “Teach er!
Don’t you care if we drown?”
He got up and or dered the wind to
stop. He said to the waves, “Qui et! Be
still!” Then the wind died down. And it
was com plete ly calm.
plants. They dried up be cause they had
no roots.
Oth er seed fell among thorns.
The thorns grew up and crowd ed out the
plants. So the plants did not bear grain.
Still oth er seed fell on good soil. It grew
up and pro duced a crop 30, 60, or even
100 times more than the farm er plant ed.”
Then Jesus said, “Who ev er has ears
should lis ten.”
Lat er Jesus was alone. The 12 dis ci-
ples asked him about the sto ries. So did
the oth ers around him.
He told them,
“The se cret of God’s king dom has been
giv en to you. But to out sid ers ev ery thing
is told us ing sto ries.
In that way,
“ ‘ They will see but never know what
they are seeing.
They will hear but never
Otherwise they might turn and be
forgiven!’ ” (Isaiah 6:9,10)
Then Jesus said to them, “ Don’t you
un der stand this sto ry? Then how will
you un der stand any sto ries of this kind?
The seed the farm er plants is God’s
mes sage.
What is seed scat tered on
a path like? The mes sage is plant ed.
The peo ple hear the mes sage. Then
Sa tan comes. He takes away the mes-
sage that was plant ed in them.
what is seed scat tered on rocky plac es
like? The peo ple hear the mes sage. At
once they re ceive it with joy.
But they
have no roots. So they last only a short
time. They quick ly fall away from the
faith when trou ble or suf fer ing comes
be cause of the mes sage.
And what is
seed scat tered among thorns like? The
peo ple hear the mes sage.
But then the
wor ries of this life come to them. Wealth
comes with its false prom is es. The peo-
ple also long for oth er things. All of these
are the kinds of things that crowd out
the mes sage. They keep it from pro duc-
ing fruit.
And what is seed scat tered
on good soil like? The peo ple hear the
mes sage. They ac cept it. They pro duce a
good crop 30, 60, or even 100 times more
than the farm er plant ed.”
A Lamp on a Stand
Jesus said to them, “Do you bring
in a lamp to put it un der a large bowl
or a bed? Don’t you put it on its stand?
What is hid den is meant to be seen.
And what is put out of sight is meant to
1214 Mark 4 — 5
pigs as well.
Then the peo ple be gan to
beg Jesus to leave their area.
Jesus was get ting into the boat. The
man who had been con trolled by de mons
begged to go with him.
Jesus did not
let him. He said, “Go home to your own
peo ple. Tell them how much the Lord
has done for you. Tell them how kind
he has been to you.”
So the man went
away. In the area known as the Ten Cit-
ies, he be gan to tell how much Jesus had
done for him. And all the peo ple were
He said to his dis ci ples, “Why are
you so afraid? Don’t you have any faith
at all yet?”
They were ter ri fied. They asked
each oth er, “Who is this? Even the wind
and the waves obey him!”
Jesus Heals a Man Controlled
by Demons
They went across the Sea of Gal i lee
to the area of the Ger a senes.
got out of the boat. A man con trolled by
an evil spir it came from the tombs to
meet him.
The man lived in the tombs.
No one could keep him tied up any more.
Not even a chain could hold him.
hands and feet had of ten been chained.
But he tore the chains apart. And he
broke the iron cuffs on his an kles. No
one was strong enough to con trol him.
Night and day he screamed among the
tombs and in the hills. He cut him self
with stones.
When he saw Jesus a long way off, he
ran to him. He fell on his knees in front of
He shout ed at the top of his voice,
“ Jesus, Son of the Most High God, what
do you want with me? Swear to God that
you won’t hurt me!”
This was be cause
Jesus had said to him, “Come out of this
man, you evil spir it!”
Then Jesus asked the de mon, “What
is your name?”
“My name is Le gion,” he re plied.
“ There are many of us.”
And he
begged Jesus again and again not to
send them out of the area.
A large herd of pigs was feed ing
on the near by hill side.
The de mons
begged Jesus, “Send us among the pigs.
Let us go into them.”
Jesus al lowed
it. The evil spir its came out of the man
and went into the pigs. There were about
2,000 pigs in the herd. The whole herd
rushed down the steep bank. They ran
into the lake and drowned.
Those who were tend ing the pigs
ran off. They told the peo ple in the town
and coun try side what had hap pened.
The peo ple went out to see for them-
Then they came to Jesus. They
saw the man who had been con trolled by
many de mons. He was sit ting there. He
was now dressed and think ing clear ly.
All this made the peo ple afraid.
who had seen it told them what had hap-
pened to the man. They told about the
ou Kno
Can demons
really control
5:18 Demons are
evil spirits. They are
real. They can make
people do evil things. You
should not have anything to do with
demons. Movies with pretend
demons are not good. The movies
leave out one important thing. They
don’t tell you that Jesus is more
powerful than demons. When Jesus
is our Savior, he protects us from
Jesus Heals a Dead Girl and
a Suffering Woman
Jesus went across the Sea of Gal i-
lee in a boat. It land ed at the oth er side.
There a large crowd gath ered around
Then a man named Ja i rus came.
He was a syn a gogue lead er. When
he saw Jesus, he fell at his feet.
begged Jesus, “ Please come. My lit tle
daugh ter is dy ing. Place your hands on
her to heal her. Then she will live.”
Jesus went with him.
A large group of peo ple fol lowed. They
crowd ed around him.
A wom an was
there who had a sick ness that made her
bleed. It had last ed for 12 years.
had suf fered a great deal, even though
she had gone to many doc tors. She had
spent all the mon ey she had. But she
was get ting worse, not bet ter.
she heard about Jesus. She came up
Mark 5 — 6 1215
to them, “Why all this con fu sion and sob-
bing? The child is not dead. She is only
sleep ing.”
But they laughed at him.
He made them all go out side. He took
only the child’s fa ther and moth er and
the dis ci ples who were with him. And he
went in where the child was.
He took
her by the hand. Then he said to her,
“Tal i tha koum!” This means, “Lit tle girl,
I say to you, get up!”
The girl was 12
years old. Right away she stood up and
be gan to walk around. They were to tal ly
amazed at this.
Jesus gave strict
or ders not to let any one know what had
hap pened. And he told them to give her
some thing to eat.
A Prophet Without Honor
Jesus left there and went to his
home town of Naz a reth. His dis-
ci ples went with him.
When the Sab-
bath day came, he be gan to teach in the
syn a gogue. Many who heard him were
“ Where did this man get these
things?” they asked. “ What’s this wis-
dom that has been giv en to him? What
are these re mark able mir a cles he is
do ing?
Isn’t this the car pen ter? Isn’t
this Mary’s son? Isn’t this the broth er of
James, Jo seph, Ju das and Si mon? Aren’t
his sis ters here with us?” They were not
pleased with him at all.
Jesus said to them, “A proph et is hon-
ored ev ery where ex cept in his own town.
He doesn’t re ceive any hon or among his
rel a tives or in his own home.”
be hind him in the crowd and touched his
She thought, “I just need to
touch his clothes. Then I will be healed.”
Right away her bleed ing stopped. She
felt in her body that her suf fer ing was
At once Jesus knew that pow er had
gone out from him. He turned around in
the crowd. He asked, “Who touched my
“You see the peo ple,” his dis ci ples
an swered. “They are crowd ing against
you. And you still ask, ‘ Who touched
me?’ ”
But Jesus kept look ing around. He
want ed to see who had touched him.
Then the wom an came and fell at his
feet. She knew what had hap pened to
her. She was shak ing with fear. But she
told him the whole truth.
He said to
her, “Dear wom an, your faith has healed
you. Go in peace. You are free from your
suf fer ing.”
While Jesus was still speak ing,
some peo ple came from the house of Ja i-
rus. He was the syn a gogue lead er. “Your
daugh ter is dead,” they said. “Why both-
er the teach er any more?”
Jesus heard what they were say ing.
He told the syn a gogue lead er, “ Don’t be
afraid. Just be lieve.”
He let only Pe ter, James, and John,
the broth er of James, fol low him.
came to the home of the syn a gogue
lead er. There Jesus saw a lot of con fu-
sion. Peo ple were cry ing and sob bing
loud ly.
He went in side. Then he said
MARK 5:21–24,35–43
Parents Who Pray
Read Mark 5:21–24,35–43. This story tells about a man who
begged Jesus to heal his daughter. She was dying. The man
believed that Jesus could heal her.
Ask your parents to tell you about a time that they prayed for
you. Why did they pray? What did they say in their prayer? How
did God answer their prayer? Do they still pray for you every
1216 Mark 6
Fi nal ly the right time came. Her-
od gave a ban quet on his birth day. He
in vit ed his high of fi cials and mil i tary
lead ers. He also in vit ed the most im por-
tant men in Gal i lee.
Then the daugh-
ter of He ro di as came in and danced. She
pleased Her od and his din ner guests.
The king said to the girl, “Ask me for
any thing you want. I’ll give it to you.”
And he gave her his prom ise. He said
to her, “Any thing you ask for I will give
you. I’ll give you up to half my king dom.”
She went out and said to her moth er,
“What should I ask for?”
“The head of John the Bap tist,” she
an swered.
At once the girl hur ried to ask the
king. She said, “I want you to give me the
head of John the Bap tist on a big plate
right now.”
The king was very up set. But he
thought about his prom ise and his din-
ner guests. So he did not want to say no
to the girl.
He sent a man right away
to bring John’s head. The man went to
the pris on and cut off John’s head.
brought it back on a big plate. He gave it
to the girl, and she gave it to her moth er.
John’s dis ci ples heard about this. So
they came and took his body. Then they
placed it in a tomb.
Jesus Feeds Five Thousand
The apos tles gath ered around
Jesus. They told him all they had done
placed his hands on a few sick peo ple
and healed them. But he could not do any
oth er mir a cles there.
He was amazed
be cause they had no faith.
Jesus Sends Out the Twelve
Jesus went around teach ing from vil-
lage to vil lage.
He called the 12 dis ci-
ples to him. Then he be gan to send them
out two by two. He gave them au thor i ty
to drive out evil spir its.
Here is what he told them to do.
“Take only a walk ing stick for your trip.
Do not take bread or a bag. Take no mon-
ey in your belts.
Wear san dals. But do
not take ex tra clothes.
When you are
in vit ed into a house, stay there un til you
leave town.
Some plac es may not wel-
come you or lis ten to you. If they don’t,
leave that place and shake the dust off
your feet. That will be a wit ness against
the peo ple liv ing there.”
They went out. And they preached
that peo ple should turn away from their
They drove out many de mons.
They poured ol ive oil on many sick peo-
ple and healed them.
John the Baptist’s Head Is Cut Off
King Her od heard about this. Jesus’
name had be come well known. Some
were say ing, “John the Bap tist has been
raised from the dead! That is why he has
the pow er to do mir a cles.”
Oth ers said, “He is Eli jah.”
Still oth ers claimed, “He is a proph et.
He is like one of the proph ets of long
But when Her od heard this, he said,
“I had John’s head cut off. And now he
has been raised from the dead!”
In fact, it was Her od him self who
had giv en or ders to ar rest John. He had
him tied up and put in pris on. He did this
be cause of He ro di as. She was the wife
of Her od’s broth er Phil ip. But now Her-
od was mar ried to her.
John had been
say ing to Her od, “It is against the Law for
you to be mar ried to your broth er’s wife.”
He ro di as couldn’t for give John for say-
ing that. She want ed to kill him. But she
could not,
be cause Her od was afraid of
John. So he kept John safe. Her od knew
John was a holy man who did what was
right. When Her od heard him, he was
very puz zled. But he liked to lis ten to John.
ou Kno
Why did Herod
kill John the
6:26 King Herod
made a foolish
promise. He said he
would give a dancing girl
anything she wanted. She asked for
the head of John the Baptist. The
king knew it was wrong to kill John.
But he worried about what his
friends would think if he broke his
promise. The king did not want his
friends to laugh at him. So he did
this terrible thing.
1217 Mark 6
were sat is fied.
The dis ci ples picked
up 12 bas kets of bro ken piec es of bread
and fish.
The num ber of men who had
eat en was 5,000.
Jesus Walks on the Water
Right away Jesus made his dis ci-
ples get into the boat. He had them go on
ahead of him to Beth sa i da. Then he sent
the crowd away.
Af ter leav ing them,
he went up on a moun tain side to pray.
Lat er that night, the boat was in the
mid dle of the Sea of Gal i lee. Jesus was
alone on land.
He saw the dis ci ples pull-
ing hard on the oars. The wind was blow-
ing against them. Short ly be fore dawn,
he went out to them. He walked on the
lake. When he was about to pass by them,
they saw him walk ing on the lake. They
thought he was a ghost, so they cried out.
They all saw him and were ter ri fied.
Right away Jesus said to them, “Be
brave! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”
Then he
climbed into the boat with them. The wind
died down. And they were com plete ly
They had not un der stood
about the loaves. They were stub born.
They went across the lake and
land ed at Gen nes a ret. There they tied
up the boat.
As soon as Jesus and his
dis ci ples got out, peo ple rec og nized him.
They ran through that whole area to
bring to him those who were sick. They
car ried them on mats to where they
heard he was.
He went into the vil-
lag es, the towns and the coun try side.
Ev ery where he went, the peo ple brought
the sick to the mar ket ar eas. Those who
were sick begged him to let them touch
just the edge of his clothes. And all who
touched his clothes were healed.
and taught.
But many peo ple were
com ing and go ing. So they did not even
have a chance to eat. Then Jesus said to
his apos tles, “Come with me by your-
selves to a qui et place. You need to get
some rest.”
So they went away by them selves in
a boat to a qui et place.
But many peo-
ple who saw them leav ing rec og nized
them. They ran from all the towns and
got there ahead of them.
When Jesus
came ashore, he saw a large crowd. He
felt deep con cern for them. They were
like sheep with out a shep herd. So he
be gan teach ing them many things.
By that time it was late in the day.
His dis ci ples came to him. “ There is
noth ing here,” they said. “It’s al ready
very late.
Send the peo ple away. Then
they can go to the near by coun try side
and vil lag es to buy some thing to eat.”
But Jesus an swered, “You give them
some thing to eat.”
They said to him, “That would take
more than half a year’s pay! Should we
go and spend that much on bread? Are
we sup posed to feed them?”
“How many loaves do you have?”
Jesus asked. “Go and see.”
When they found out, they said, “Five
loaves and two fish.”
Then Jesus di rect ed them to have
all the peo ple sit down in groups on
the green grass.
So they sat down in
groups of 100s and 50s.
Jesus took the
five loaves and the two fish. He looked
up to heav en and gave thanks. He broke
the loaves into piec es. Then he gave
them to his dis ci ples to pass around to
the peo ple. He also di vid ed the two fish
among them all.
All of them ate and
Baking Bread
Women used clay ovens to
bake bread. First they built
a fire inside. When the
oven was hot, they put
pancake-shaped bread
on the outside to
cook. Or they scraped the ashes out of the
oven and put small loaves of bread inside.
1218 Mark 7
mands! You do this so you can fol low
your own teach ings.
Mo ses said, ‘Hon-
or your fa ther and moth er.’ (Ex o dus 20:12;
Deu ter on omy 5:16) He also said, ‘Any one
who asks for bad things to hap pen to
their fa ther or moth er must be put to
death.’ (Ex o dus 21:17; Le vit i cus 20:9)
you al low peo ple to say that what might
have been used to help their par ents is
Cor ban. Cor ban means A Gift Set Apart
for God.
So you no lon ger let them do
any thing for their par ents.
You make
the word of God use less by put ting your
own teach ings in its place. And you do
many things like this.”
Again Jesus called the crowd to
him. He said, “Lis ten to me, ev ery one.
Un der stand this.
Noth ing out side
of a per son can make them ‘unclean’ by
go ing into them. It is what comes out of
them that makes them ‘un clean.’ ”
Then he left the crowd and en tered
the house. His dis ci ples asked him about
this teach ing.
“ Don’t you un der stand?”
Jesus asked. “ Don’t you see? Noth ing
that en ters a per son from the out side can
make them ‘un clean.’
It doesn’t go into
their heart. It goes into their stom ach.
Then it goes out of the body.” In say ing
this, Jesus was call ing all foods “ clean.”
He went on to say, “What comes out
of a per son is what makes them ‘un clean.’
Evil thoughts come from the in side,
from a per son’s heart. So do sex u al sins,
steal ing and mur der.
Adul tery, greed,
hate and cheat ing come from a per son’s
heart too. So do de sires that are not pure,
and want ing what be longs to oth ers. And
so do tell ing lies about oth ers and be ing
proud and be ing fool ish.
All these evil
things come from in side a per son and
make them ‘un clean.’ ”
Jesus Honors a Greek Woman’s
Jesus went from there to a place
near Tyre. He en tered a house. He did
not want any one to know where he
was. But he could not keep it a se cret.
Soon a wom an heard about him. An
evil spir it con trolled her lit tle daugh ter.
The wom an came to Jesus and fell at his
She was a Greek, born in Syr i an
Phoe nic ia. She begged Jesus to drive the
de mon out of her daugh ter.
“ First let the chil dren eat all they
want,” he told her. “It is not right to take
What Makes People “Unclean”?
The Phar i sees gath ered around
Jesus. So did some of the teach ers
of the law. All of them had come from
Je ru sa lem.
They saw some of his dis-
ci ples eat ing food with “un clean” hands.
That means they were not washed.
Phar i sees and all the Jews do not eat un-
less they wash their hands to make them
“ clean.” That’s what the el ders teach.
When they come from the mar ket, they
do not eat un less they wash. And they fol-
low many oth er teach ings. For ex am ple,
they wash cups, pitch ers, and ket tles in
a spe cial way.
So the Phar i sees and the teach ers
of the law ques tioned Jesus. “Why don’t
your dis ci ples live by what the el ders
teach?” they asked. “Why do they eat
their food with ‘unclean’ hands?”
ou Kno
Why was Jesus
angry with the
7:5 The Pharisees
thought that all their
rules were very
important. They thought
their rules were more important
than God’s Word. Jesus said the
Pharisees were wrong. Rules made
up by people are never as important
as God’s Word.
He re plied, “Isa iah was right. He
proph e sied about you peo ple who pre-
tend to be good. He said,
“ ‘ These people honor me by what
they say.
But their hearts are far away
from me.

Their worship doesn’t mean anything
to me.
They teach nothing but human
rules.’ (Isaiah 29:13)
You have let go of God’s com mands.
And you are hold ing on to teach ings that
peo ple have made up.”
Jesus con tin ued speak ing, “You have
a fine way of set ting aside God’s com-
Mark 7 — 8 1219
ground. He took the sev en loaves and
gave thanks to God. Then he broke them
and gave them to his dis ci ples. They
passed the piec es of bread around to the
peo ple.
The dis ci ples also had a few
small fish. Jesus gave thanks for them
too. He told the dis ci ples to pass them
The peo ple ate and were sat is-
fied. Af ter that, the dis ci ples picked up
sev en bas kets of left over piec es.
4,000 peo ple were there. Af ter Jesus sent
them away,
he got into a boat with his
dis ci ples. He went to the area of Dal ma-
nu tha.
The Phar i sees came and be gan to
ask Jesus ques tions. They want ed to test
him. So they asked him for a sign from
heav en.
He sighed deep ly. He said,
“Why do you peo ple ask for a sign? What
I’m about to tell you is true. No sign will
be giv en to you.”
Then he left them. He
got back into the boat and crossed to the
oth er side of the lake.
The Yeast of the Pharisees and
The dis ci ples had for got ten to bring
bread. They had only one loaf with them
in the boat.
“Be care ful,” Jesus warned
them. “ Watch out for the yeast of the
Phar i sees. And watch out for the yeast
of Her od.”
They talked about this with each
oth er. They said, “He must be say ing this
be cause we don’t have any bread.”
Jesus knew what they were say ing.
So he asked them, “Why are you talk ing
about hav ing no bread? Why can’t you
see or un der stand? Are you stub born?
Do you have eyes and still don’t see?
Do you have ears and still don’t hear?
And don’t you re mem ber?
Ear li er
I broke five loaves for the 5,000. How
many bas kets of piec es did you pick up?”
“ Twelve,” they re plied.
“Lat er I broke sev en loaves for the
4,000. How many bas kets of piec es did
you pick up?”
“Sev en,” they an swered.
He said to them, “ Can’t you un der-
stand yet?”
Jesus Heals a Blind Man
at Bethsaida
Jesus and his dis ci ples came to
Beth sa i da. Some peo ple brought a
blind man to him. They begged Jesus to
the chil dren’s bread and throw it to the
“Lord,” she re plied, “even the
dogs un der the ta ble eat the chil dren’s
Then he told her, “That was a good
re ply. You may go. The de mon has left
your daugh ter.”
So she went home and found her
child ly ing on the bed. And the de mon
was gone.
Jesus Heals a Man Who Could Not
Hear or Speak
Then Jesus left the area of Tyre
and went through Si don. He went down
to the Sea of Gal i lee and into the area
known as the Ten Cit ies.
There some
peo ple brought a man to Jesus. The man
was deaf and could hard ly speak. They
begged Jesus to place his hand on the
Jesus took the man to one side,
away from the crowd. He put his fin-
gers into the man’s ears. Then he spit
and touched the man’s tongue.
looked up to heav en. With a deep sigh,
he said to the man, “Eph pha tha!” That
means “Be opened!”
The man’s ears
were opened. His tongue was freed up,
and he be gan to speak clear ly.
Jesus or dered the peo ple not to tell
any one. But the more he did so, the more
they kept talk ing about it.
Peo ple were
real ly amazed. “He has done ev ery thing
well,” they said. “He even makes deaf
peo ple able to hear. And he makes those
who can’t speak able to talk.”
Jesus Feeds the Four Thousand
Dur ing those days an oth er large
crowd gath ered. They had noth ing
to eat. So Jesus called for his dis ci ples
to come to him. He said,
“I feel deep
con cern for these peo ple. They have
al ready been with me three days. They
don’t have any thing to eat.
If I send
them away hun gry, they will be come too
weak on their way home. Some of them
have come from far away.”
His dis ci ples an swered him. “ There
is noth ing here,” they said. “ Where can
any one get enough bread to feed them?”
“How many loaves do you have?”
Jesus asked.
“Sev en,” they re plied.
He told the crowd to sit down on the
1220 Mark 8 — 9
killed and af ter three days rise again.
He spoke clear ly about this. Pe ter took
Jesus to one side and be gan to scold him.
Jesus turned and looked at his dis-
ci ples. He scold ed Pe ter. “Get be hind
me, Sa tan!” he said. “You are not think-
ing about the things God cares about.
In stead, you are think ing only about the
things hu mans care about.”
You Must Pick Up Your Cross
Jesus called the crowd to him along
with his dis ci ples. He said, “Who ev er
wants to be my dis ci ple must say no to
them selves. They must pick up their
cross and fol low me.
Who ev er wants
to save their life will lose it. But who-
ev er los es their life for me and for the
good news will save it.
What good is
it if some one gains the whole world but
los es their soul?
Or what can any one
trade for their soul?
Sup pose any one
is ashamed of me and my words among
these adul ter ous and sin ful peo ple. Then
the Son of Man will be ashamed of them
when he comes in his Fa ther’s glo ry with
the holy an gels.”
Jesus said to them, “What I’m about
to tell you is true. Some who are
stand ing here will not die be fore they
see that God’s king dom has come with
pow er.”
Jesus’ Appearance Is Changed
Af ter six days Jesus took Pe ter,
James and John with him. He led them
up a high moun tain. They were all alone.
There in front of them his ap pear ance
was changed.
His clothes be came so
white they shone. They were whit er than
any one in the world could bleach them.
Eli jah and Mo ses ap peared in front of
Jesus and his dis ci ples. The two of them
were talk ing with Jesus.
Pe ter said to Jesus, “Rab bi, it is good
for us to be here. Let us put up three shel-
ters. One will be for you, one for Mo ses,
and one for Eli jah.”
Pe ter didn’t real ly
know what to say, be cause they were so
Then a cloud ap peared and cov ered
them. A voice came from the cloud. It
said, “This is my Son, and I love him.
Lis ten to him!”
They looked around. Sud den ly they
no lon ger saw any one with them ex cept
touch him.
He took the blind man by
the hand. Then he led him out side the
vil lage. He spit on the man’s eyes and
placed his hands on him. “Do you see
any thing?” Jesus asked.
The man looked up. He said, “I see
peo ple. They look like trees walk ing
Once more Jesus put his hands
on the man’s eyes. Then his eyes were
opened so that he could see again. He
saw ev ery thing clear ly.
Jesus sent him
home. He told him, “ Don’t even go into
the vil lage.”
Peter Says That Jesus Is
the Messiah
Jesus and his dis ci ples went on to
the vil lag es around Caes a rea Phi lip pi.
On the way he asked them, “Who do
peo ple say I am?”
They re plied, “Some say John the
Bap tist. Oth ers say Eli jah. Still oth ers
say one of the proph ets.”
“But what about you?” he asked.
“Who do you say I am?”
Pe ter an swered, “You are the Mes-
si ah.”
Jesus warned them not to tell any-
one about him.
Jesus is the Son of God. God chose him
to be the Christ. He is the Savior of his
people. God called Jesus “my Son”
(Mark 9:7). That means that Jesus is
God. The Bible also calls him the “Son
of Man” (Mark 8:31). That tells us that
Jesus was also a real human being.
Jesus Tells About His Coming
Jesus then be gan to teach his dis ci-
ples. He taught them that the Son of Man
must suf fer many things. He taught them
that the el ders would not ac cept him. The
chief priests and the teach ers of the law
would not ac cept him ei ther. He must be
1221 Mark 9
you? How long do I have to put up with
you? Bring the boy to me.”
So they brought him. As soon as
the spir it saw Jesus, it threw the boy
into a fit. He fell to the ground. He rolled
around and foamed at the mouth.
Jesus asked the boy’s fa ther, “How
long has he been like this?”
“ Since he was a child,” he an swered.
“The spir it has of ten thrown him into
fire or wa ter to kill him. But if you can
do any thing, take pity on us. Please help
“ ‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Ev ery-
thing is pos si ble for the one who
be lieves.”
Right away the boy’s fa ther cried
out, “I do be lieve! Help me over come my
un be lief!”
Jesus saw that a crowd was run ning
over to see what was hap pen ing. Then
he or dered the evil spir it to leave the
boy. “You spir it that makes him un able
to hear and speak!” he said. “I com mand
you, come out of him. Nev er en ter him
The spir it screamed. It shook the
boy wild ly. Then it came out of him. The
boy looked so life less that many peo ple
said, “He’s dead.”
But Jesus took him
by the hand. He lift ed the boy to his feet,
and the boy stood up.
Jesus went in doors. Then his dis ci-
ples asked him in pri vate, “Why couldn’t
we drive out the evil spir it?”
He re plied, “This kind can come out
only by prayer.”
Jesus Speaks a Second Time
About His Coming Death
They left that place and passed
through Gal i lee. Jesus did not want any-
one to know where they were.
was be cause he was teach ing his dis ci-
ples. He said to them, “The Son of Man
is go ing to be hand ed over to men. They
will kill him. Af ter three days he will rise
from the dead.”
But they didn’t un der stand what he
meant. And they were afraid to ask him
about it.
Who Is the Most Important Person?
Jesus and his dis ci ples came to a
house in Ca per na um. There he asked
them, “What were you ar gu ing about on
the road?”
But they kept qui et. On the
They came down the moun tain. On
the way down, Jesus or dered them not
to tell any one what they had seen. He
told them to wait un til the Son of Man
had ris en from the dead.
So they kept
the mat ter to them selves. But they asked
each oth er what “ris ing from the dead”
Mark 9:7
This is my Son,
and I love
him. Listen to
Then they asked Jesus, “Why do the
teach ers of the law say that Eli jah has to
come first?”
Jesus re plied, “ That’s right. Eli jah
does come first. He makes all things
new again. So why is it writ ten that the
Son of Man must suf fer much and not be
ac cept ed?
I tell you, Eli jah has come.
They have done to him ev ery thing they
want ed to do. They did it just as it is writ-
ten about him.”
Jesus Heals a Boy Who Is
Controlled by an Evil Spirit
When Jesus and those who were
with him came to the oth er dis ci ples,
they saw a large crowd around them.
The teach ers of the law were ar gu ing
with them.
When all the peo ple saw
Jesus, they were filled with won der. And
they ran to greet him.
“What are you ar gu ing with them
about?” Jesus asked.
A man in the crowd an swered.
“Teach er,” he said, “I brought you my
son. He is con trolled by an evil spir it.
Be cause of this, my son can’t speak
any more.
When the spir it takes hold
of him, it throws him to the ground. He
foams at the mouth. He grinds his teeth.
And his body be comes stiff. I asked your
dis ci ples to drive out the spir it. But they
couldn’t do it.”
“You un be liev ing peo ple!” Jesus re-
plied. “How long do I have to stay with
1222 Mark 9 — 10
into hell with two hands. In hell the fire
nev er goes out.
If your foot caus es
you to sin, cut it off. It would be bet ter to
en ter God’s king dom with only one foot
than to have two feet and be thrown into
If your eye caus es you to sin, poke
it out. It would be bet ter for you to en ter
God’s king dom with only one eye than
to have two eyes and be thrown into hell.
In hell,
“ ‘ The worms that eat them do not
The fire is not put out.’
(Isaiah 66:24)
Ev ery one will be salt ed with fire.
“Salt is good. But sup pose it los es
its salt i ness. How can you make it salty
again? Have salt among your selves. And
be at peace with each oth er.”
Jesus Teaches About Divorce
Jesus left that place and went into
the area of Ju dea and across the
Jor dan Riv er. Again crowds of peo ple
came to him. As usu al, he taught them.
Some Phar i sees came to test Jesus.
They asked, “Does the Law al low a man
to di vorce his wife?”
“What did Mo ses com mand you?” he
re plied.
They said, “Mo ses al lowed a man
to write a let ter of di vorce and send her
“You were stub born. That ’s why
Mo ses wrote you this law,” Jesus re plied.
“But at the be gin ning of cre a tion, God
‘made them male and fe male.’ (Gen e sis
‘ That’s why a man will leave his
fa ther and moth er and be joined to his
The two of them will be come one.’
(Gen e sis 2:24) They are no lon ger two, but
So no one should sep a rate what
God has joined to geth er.”
When they were in the house again,
the dis ci ples asked Jesus about this.
He an swered, “What if a man di vorc es
his wife and gets mar ried to an oth er
wom an? He com mits adul tery against
And what if she di vorc es her hus-
band and gets mar ried to an oth er man?
She com mits adul tery.”
Little Children Are Brought
to Jesus
Peo ple were bring ing lit tle chil dren
to Jesus. They want ed him to place his
way, they had ar gued about which one
of them was the most im por tant per son.
Jesus sat down and called for the 12
dis ci ples to come to him. Then he said,
“Any one who wants to be first must be
the very last. They must be the ser vant
of ev ery one.”
Jesus took a lit tle child and had the
child stand among them. Then he took
the child in his arms. He said to them,
“Any one who wel comes one of these
lit tle chil dren in my name wel comes me.
And any one who wel comes me also wel-
comes the one who sent me.”
Anyone Who Is Not Against Us Is
for Us
“Teach er,” said John, “we saw some-
one driv ing out de mons in your name.
We told him to stop, be cause he was not
one of us.”
“Do not stop him,” Jesus said. “For
no one who does a mir a cle in my name
can in the next mo ment say any thing bad
about me.
Any one who is not against
us is for us.
What I’m about to tell you
is true. Sup pose some one gives you a cup
of wa ter in my name be cause you be long
to the Mes si ah. That per son will cer-
tain ly not go with out a re ward.
Mark 9:41
Suppose someone gives you a
cup of water in my name
because you
belong to the
Messiah. That
person will
certainly not
go without a
Leading People to Sin
“What if some one leads one of these
lit tle ones who be lieve in me to sin? If
they do, it would be bet ter if a large mill-
stone were hung around their neck and
they were thrown into the sea.
your hand caus es you to sin, cut it off.
It would be bet ter for you to en ter God’s
king dom with only one hand than to go
1223 Mark 10
“What I’m about to tell you is true,”
Jesus re plied. “Has any one left home
or fam i ly or fields for me and the good
They will re ceive 100 times
as much in this world. They will have
homes and fam i lies and fields. But they
will also be treat ed bad ly by oth ers. In
the world to come they will live for ev er.
But many who are first will be last.
And the last will be first.”
Jesus Speaks a Third Time About
His Coming Death
They were on their way up to Je ru-
sa lem. Jesus was lead ing the way. The
dis ci ples were amazed. Those who fol-
lowed were afraid. Again Jesus took the
12 dis ci ples to one side. He told them
what was go ing to hap pen to him.
are go ing up to Je ru sa lem,” he said. “The
Son of Man will be hand ed over to the
chief priests and the teach ers of the law.
They will sen tence him to death. Then
they will hand him over to the Gen tiles.
They will make fun of him and spit on
him. They will whip him and kill him.
Three days lat er he will rise from the
James and John Ask Jesus
for a Favor
James and John came to Jesus. They
were the sons of Zeb e dee. “Teach er,”
they said, “we would like to ask you for
a fa vor.”
“What do you want me to do for
you?” he asked.
They re plied, “Let one of us sit at
your right hand in your glo ri ous king-
dom. Let the oth er one sit at your left
“You don’t know what you’re ask-
ing for,” Jesus said. “Can you drink the
cup of suf fer ing I drink? Or can you go
through the bap tism of suf fer ing I must
go through?”
“We can,” they an swered.
Jesus said to them, “You will drink the
cup I drink. And you will go through the
bap tism I go through.
But it is not for
me to say who will sit at my right or left
hand. These plac es be long to those they
are pre pared for.”
The oth er ten dis ci ples heard about
it. They be came an gry at James and
Jesus called them to geth er. He
said, “You know about those who are rul-
hands on them to bless them. But the dis-
ci ples told them to stop.
When Jesus
saw this, he was an gry. He said to his
dis ci ples, “Let the lit tle chil dren come
to me. Don’t keep them away. God’s
king dom be longs to peo ple like them.
What I’m about to tell you is true.
Any one who will not re ceive God’s king-
dom like a lit tle child will nev er en ter
Then he took the chil dren in his
arms. He placed his hands on them to
bless them.
Rich People and the Kingdom
of God
As Jesus start ed on his way, a man
ran up to him. He fell on his knees be fore
Jesus. “Good teach er,” he said, “what
must I do to re ceive eter nal life?”
“Why do you call me good?” Jesus
an swered. “No one is good ex cept God.
You know what the com mand ments
say. ‘Do not mur der. Do not com mit
adul tery. Do not steal. Do not be a false
wit ness. Do not cheat. Hon or your fa ther
and moth er.’ ” (Ex o dus 20:12–16; Deu ter on-
omy 5:16–20)
“Teach er,” he said, “I have obeyed
all those com mand ments since I was a
Jesus looked at him and loved him.
“You are miss ing one thing,” he said.
“Go and sell ev ery thing you have. Give
the mon ey to those who are poor. You
will have trea sure in heav en. Then come
and fol low me.”
The man’s face fell. He went away
sad, be cause he was very rich.
Jesus looked around. He said to his
dis ci ples, “How hard it is for rich peo ple
to en ter God’s king dom!”
The dis ci ples were amazed at his
words. But Jesus said again, “Chil dren,
how hard it is to en ter God’s king dom!
Is it hard for a cam el to go through
the eye of a nee dle? It is even hard er for
some one who is rich to en ter God’s king-
The dis ci ples were even more
amazed. They said to each oth er, “Then
who can be saved?”
Jesus looked at them and said,
“With peo ple, this is im pos si ble. But not
with God. All things are pos si ble with
Then Pe ter spoke up, “We have left
ev ery thing to fol low you!”
1224 Mark 10 — 11
Jesus stopped and said, “Call for
So they called out to the blind man,
“ Cheer up! Get up on your feet! Jesus is
call ing for you.”
He threw his coat to
one side. Then he jumped to his feet and
came to Jesus.
“What do you want me to do for
you?” Jesus asked him.
The blind man said, “Rab bi, I want to
be able to see.”
“Go,” said Jesus. “Your faith has
healed you.” Right away he could see.
And he fol lowed Jesus along the road.
Jesus Comes to Jerusalem
as King
As they all ap proached Je ru sa lem,
they came to Beth pha ge and Beth-
a ny at the Mount of Ol ives. Jesus sent out
two of his dis ci ples.
He said to them,
“Go to the vil lage ahead of you. Just as
you en ter it, you will find a don key’s
colt tied there. No one has ever rid den
it. Un tie it and bring it here.
Some one
may ask you, ‘ Why are you do ing this?’
ers of the Gen tiles. They hold pow er over
their peo ple. Their high of fi cials or der
them around.
Don’t be like that. In-
stead, any one who wants to be im por tant
among you must be your ser vant.
any one who wants to be first must be
the slave of ev ery one.
Even the Son of
Man did not come to be served. In stead,
he came to serve oth ers. He came to give
his life as the price for set ting many peo-
ple free.”
Blind Bartimaeus Receives His
Jesus and his dis ci ples came to Jer-
i cho. They were leav ing the city. A large
crowd was with them. A blind man was
sit ting by the side of the road beg ging.
His name was Bar ti mae us. Bar ti mae us
means Son of Ti mae us.
He heard that
Jesus of Naz a reth was pass ing by. So he
be gan to shout, “ Jesus! Son of Da vid!
Have mer cy on me!”
Many peo ple com mand ed him to
stop. They told him to be qui et. But he
shout ed even loud er, “Son of Da vid! Have
mer cy on me!”
MARK 10:35–45
Being an Important Person
Do you know how to be really important? Read Mark 10:35–
45. Jesus said that serving others is the way to be important. Here
are two lists of things children may do. One tells about a child
who serves. The other tells about one who is bossy. Can you tell
which is which?
List #1
• Always wants to be the leader in games
• Brags about high grades
• Wants only the best players on his or her team
• Always insists “I’m right”
• Never listens to others’ ideas
List #2
• Takes turns being leader
• Helps others with homework
• Wants friends on the team even if they’re not the best
• Gives in to others sometimes
• Listens to others and shares ideas
It’s easy to pick the servant’s list, isn’t it? You can be like Jesus
if you serve others.
1225 Mark 11
It was not the sea son for figs.
Jesus said to the tree, “May no one ever
eat fruit from you again!” And his dis ci-
ples heard him say it.
When Jesus reached Je ru sa lem, he
en tered the tem ple court yard. He be gan
to drive out those who were buy ing and
sell ing there. He turned over the ta bles
of the peo ple who were ex chang ing
mon ey. He also turned over the bench es
of those who were sell ing doves.
would not al low any one to car ry items
for sale through the tem ple court yard.
Then he taught them. He told them, “It
is writ ten that the Lord said, ‘My house
will be called a house where peo ple from
all na tions can pray.’ (Isa iah 56:7) But you
have made it a ‘den for rob bers.’ ” (Jer e-
mi ah 7:11)
The chief priests and the teach ers
of the law heard about this. They be gan
look ing for a way to kill Jesus. They were
afraid of him, be cause the whole crowd
was amazed at his teach ing.
When eve ning came, Jesus and his
dis ci ples left the city.
The Dried-Up Fig Tree
In the morn ing as Jesus and his
dis ci ples walked along, they saw the fig
tree. It was dried up all the way down to
the roots.
Pe ter re mem bered. He said
to Jesus, “Rab bi, look! The fig tree you
put a curse on has dried up!”
“Have faith in God,” Jesus said.
“What I’m about to tell you is true.
Sup pose some one says to this moun-
tain, ‘Go and throw your self into the sea.’
They must not doubt in their heart. They
If so, say, ‘ The Lord needs it. But he will
send it back here soon.’ ”
So they left. They found a colt out
in the street. It was tied at a door way.
They un tied it.
Some peo ple stand-
ing there asked, “What are you do ing?
Why are you un ty ing that colt?”
an swered as Jesus had told them to. So
the peo ple let them go.
They brought
the colt to Jesus. They threw their coats
over it. Then he sat on it.
Many peo ple
spread their coats on the road. Oth ers
spread branch es they had cut in the
Those in front and those in back
shout ed,
“Blessed is the one who comes
in the name of the Lord!”
(Psalm 118:25,26)

“Blessed is the coming kingdom of
our father David!”
“Hosanna in the highest heaven!”
Jesus en tered Je ru sa lem and went
into the tem ple court yard. He looked
around at ev ery thing. But it was al ready
late. So he went out to Beth a ny with the
12 dis ci ples.
Jesus Curses a Fig Tree and
Clears Out the Temple Courtyard
The next day as Jesus and his dis-
ci ples were leav ing Beth a ny, they were
hun gry.
Not too far away, he saw a fig
tree. It was cov ered with leaves. He went
to find out if it had any fruit. When he
reached it, he found noth ing but leaves.
Clearing the Temple
The great temple in
Jerusalem had several
courtyards, which were
like patios inside
fences. In the outer
courtyard people often
bought or sold animals to sacrifice. Jesus was
angry about this. God’s temple was for prayer,
not for doing business.
1226 Mark 11 — 12
“The man had one per son left to
send. It was his son, and he loved him.
He sent him last of all. He said, ‘They will
re spect my son.’
must be lieve that what they say will hap-
pen. Then it will be done for them.
I tell you, when you pray for some thing,
be lieve that you have al ready re ceived it.
Then it will be yours.
And when you
stand pray ing, for give any one you have
any thing against. Then your Fa ther in
heav en will for give your sins.”
The Authority of Jesus Is
Jesus and his dis ci ples ar rived
again in Je ru sa lem. He was walk ing in
the tem ple court yard. Then the chief
priests came to him. The teach ers of the
law and the el ders came too.
“By what
au thor i ty are you do ing these things?”
they asked. “Who gave you au thor i ty to
do this?”
Jesus re plied, “I will ask you one
ques tion. An swer me, and I will tell
you by what au thor i ty I am do ing these
Was John’s bap tism from
heav en? Or did it come from hu man
au thor i ty? Tell me!”
They talked to each oth er about it.
They said, “If we say, ‘From heav en,’ he
will ask, ‘ Then why didn’t you be lieve
But what if we say, ‘From hu man
au thor i ty’?” They were afraid of the peo-
ple. Ev ery one be lieved that John real ly
was a proph et.
So they an swered Jesus, “We don’t
Jesus said, “Then I won’t tell you by
what au thor i ty I am do ing these things
ei ther.”
The Story of the Renters
Jesus be gan to speak to the peo-
ple us ing sto ries. He said, “A man
plant ed a vine yard. He put a wall around
it. He dug a pit for a wine press. He also
built a look out tow er. He rent ed the vine-
yard out to some farm ers. Then he went
to an oth er place.
At har vest time he
sent a ser vant to the rent ers. He told the
ser vant to col lect from them some of the
fruit of the vine yard.
But they grabbed
the ser vant and beat him up. Then they
sent him away with noth ing.
So the
man sent an oth er ser vant to the rent ers.
They hit this one on the head and treat ed
him bad ly.
The man sent still an oth er
ser vant. The rent ers killed him. The
man sent many oth ers. The rent ers beat
up some of them. They killed the oth ers.
ou Kno
Why did Jesus
tell stories?
12:1 Jesus’ stories
teach lessons. The
things in his stories
stand for other things.
When we know what the
things in a story stand for, we can
understand what the story is saying.
Each person in the story in Mark 12
stands for someone. The man who
planted the vineyard is God. The
farmers are the religious leaders. The
servants are God’s prophets. The son
is Jesus. This story is about how God
sent Jesus to save us from our sins.
“But the rent ers said to each oth er,
‘ This is the one who will re ceive all the
own er’s prop er ty some day. Come, let’s
kill him. Then ev ery thing will be ours.’
So they took him and killed him. They
threw him out of the vine yard.
“What will the own er of the vine yard
do then? He will come and kill those rent-
ers. He will give the vine yard to oth ers.
Haven’t you read what this part of
Scrip ture says,
“ ‘The stone the builders didn’t accept
has become the most important
stone of all.

The Lord has done it.
It is wonderful in our eyes’?”
(Psalm 118:22,23)
Then the chief priests, the teach ers
of the law and the el ders looked for a way
to ar rest Jesus. They knew he had told
the sto ry against them. But they were
afraid of the crowd. So they left him and
went away.
Is It Right to Pay the Royal Tax
to Caesar?
Lat er the re li gious lead ers sent
some of the Phar i sees and He ro di ans
1227 Mark 12
The Most Important
One of the teach ers of the law came
and heard the Sad du cees ar gu ing. He
no ticed that Jesus had giv en the Sad du-
cees a good an swer. So he asked him,
“ Which is the most im por tant of all the
com mand ments?”
Jesus an swered, “Here is the most
im por tant one. Mo ses said, ‘Is ra el, lis ten
to me. The Lord is our God. The Lord is
Love the Lord your God with all
your heart and with all your soul. Love
him with all your mind and with all your
strength.’ (Deu ter on omy 6:4,5)
And here
is the sec ond one. ‘Love your neigh bor as
you love your self.’ (Le vit i cus 19:18) There
is no com mand ment more im por tant
than these.”
to Jesus. They want ed to trap him with
his own words.
They came to him and
said, “Teach er, we know that you are a
man of hon or. You don’t let oth er peo-
ple tell you what to do or say. You don’t
care how im por tant they are. But you
teach the way of God truth ful ly. Is it
right to pay the roy al tax to Cae sar or
Should we pay or shouldn’t we?”
But Jesus knew what they were try ing
to do. So he asked, “Why are you try ing
to trap me? Bring me a sil ver coin. Let
me look at it.”
They brought the coin.
He asked them, “ Whose pic ture is this?
And whose words?”
“Cae sar’s,” they re plied.
Then Jesus said to them, “Give
back to Cae sar what be longs to Cae sar.
And give back to God what be longs to
They were amazed at him.
Marriage When the Dead Rise
The Sad du cees came to Jesus with
a ques tion. They do not be lieve that peo-
ple rise from the dead.
“Teach er,” they
said, “Mo ses wrote for us about a man
who died and didn’t have any chil dren.
But he did leave a wife be hind. That
man’s broth er must get mar ried to the
wid ow. He must pro vide chil dren to car-
ry on his dead broth er’s name.
were sev en broth ers. The first one got
mar ried. He died with out leav ing any
chil dren.
The sec ond one got mar-
ried to the wid ow. He also died and left
no child. It was the same with the third
In fact, none of the sev en left any
chil dren. Last of all, the wom an died too.
When the dead rise, whose wife will
she be? All sev en of them were mar ried
to her.”
Jesus re plied, “You are mis tak en
be cause you do not know the Scrip-
tures. And you do not know the pow er of
When the dead rise, they won’t
get mar ried. And their par ents won’t
give them to be mar ried. They will be
like the an gels in heav en.
What about
the dead ris ing? Haven’t you read in the
Book of Mo ses the sto ry of the burn ing
bush? God said to Mo ses, ‘I am the God
of Abra ham. I am the God of Isaac. And
I am the God of Ja cob.’ (Ex o dus 3:6)
is not the God of the dead. He is the God
of the liv ing. You have made a big mis-
Mark 12:30–31
Love the Lord your God with
all your heart and with all
your soul. Love him with all
your mind and with all your
strength . . . Love your
neighbor as you
love yourself.
There is no
than these.
“You have spo ken well, teach er,” the
man re plied. “You are right in say ing that
God is one. There is no oth er God but
To love God with all your heart
and mind and strength is very im por-
tant. So is lov ing your neigh bor as you
love your self. These things are more
im por tant than all burnt of fer ings and
sac ri fic es.”
Jesus saw that the man had
an swered wise ly. He said to him, “You
are not far from God’s king dom.” From
then on, no one dared to ask Jesus any
more ques tions.
Whose Son Is the Messiah?
Jesus was teach ing in the tem ple
1228 Mark 12 — 13
Ol ives, across from the tem ple. Pe ter,
James, John and An drew asked him a
ques tion in pri vate.
“Tell us,” they said.
“When will these things hap pen? And
what will be the sign that they are all
about to come true?”
Jesus said to them, “Keep watch! Be
care ful that no one fools you.
Many will
come in my name. They will claim, ‘I am
he.’ They will fool many peo ple.
will hear about wars. You will also hear
peo ple talk ing about fu ture wars. Don’t
be alarmed. These things must hap pen.
But the end still isn’t here.
Na tion will
fight against na tion. King dom will fight
against king dom. There will be earth-
quakes in many plac es. Peo ple will go
hun gry. All these things are the be gin-
ning of birth pains.
“ Watch out! You will be hand ed over
to the lo cal courts. You will be whipped
in the syn a gogues. You will stand in front
of gov er nors and kings be cause of me. In
that way you will be wit ness es to them.
The good news has to be preached to
all na tions be fore the end comes.
will be ar rest ed and brought to tri al. But
don’t wor ry ahead of time about what you
will say. Just say what God brings to your
mind at the time. It is not you speak ing,
but the Holy Spir it.
“Broth ers will hand over broth ers
to be killed. Fa thers will hand over their
chil dren. Chil dren will rise up against
their par ents and have them put to death.
Ev ery one will hate you be cause of me.
But the one who re mains strong in the
faith will be saved.
“You will see ‘the hat ed thing that
de stroys.’ (Dan iel 9:27; 11:31; 12:11) It
will stand where it does not be long. The
read er should un der stand this. Then
those who are in Ju dea should es cape
to the moun tains.
No one on the roof
should go down into the house to take
any thing out.
No one in the field
should go back to get their coat.
aw ful it will be in those days for preg nant
wom en! How aw ful for nurs ing moth ers!
Pray that this will not hap pen in win-
Those days will be worse than any
oth ers from the time God cre at ed the
world un til now. And there will nev er be
any like them again.
“If the Lord had not cut the time
short, no one would live. But be cause of
God’s cho sen peo ple, he has short ened
court yard. He asked, “Why do the teach-
ers of the law say that the Mes si ah is the
son of Da vid?
The Holy Spir it spoke
through Da vid him self. Da vid said,
“ ‘ The Lord said to my Lord,
“Sit at my right hand
until I put your enemies
under your control.” ’ (Psalm 110:1)
Da vid him self calls him ‘Lord.’ So how
can he be Da vid’s son?”
The large crowd lis tened to Jesus with
de light.
Warning Against the Teachers
of the Law
As he taught, he said, “ Watch out
for the teach ers of the law. They like to
walk around in long robes. They like to
be greet ed with re spect in the mar ket.
They love to have the most im por tant
seats in the syn a gogues. They also love
to have the plac es of hon or at din ners.
They take over the hous es of wid ows.
They say long prayers to show off. God
will pun ish these men very much.”
The Widow’s Offering
Jesus sat down across from the
place where peo ple put their tem ple
of fer ings. He watched the crowd put-
ting their mon ey into the of fer ing box es.
Many rich peo ple threw large amounts
into them.
But a poor wid ow came and
put in two very small cop per coins. They
were worth only a few pen nies.
Jesus asked his dis ci ples to come to
him. He said, “What I’m about to tell you
is true. That poor wid ow has put more
into the of fer ing box than all the oth-
They all gave a lot be cause they
are rich. But she gave even though she
is poor. She put in ev ery thing she had.
That was all she had to live on.”
When the Temple Will Be
Destroyed and the Signs
of the End
Jesus was leav ing the tem ple. One
of his dis ci ples said to him, “Look,
Teach er! What huge stones! What won-
der ful build ings!”
“Do you see these huge build ings?”
Jesus asked. “Not one stone here will be
left on top of an oth er. Ev ery stone will be
thrown down.”
Jesus was sit ting on the Mount of
Mark 13 — 14 1229
will come.
It’s like a man go ing away.
He leaves his house and puts his ser-
vants in charge. Each one is giv en a task
to do. He tells the one at the door to keep
“So keep watch! You do not know
when the own er of the house will come
back. It may be in the eve ning or at mid-
night. It may be when the roost er crows
or at dawn.
He may come sud den ly.
So do not let him find you sleep ing.
What I say to you, I say to ev ery one.
‘ Watch!’ ”
A Woman Pours Perfume on Jesus
at Bethany
The Pass over and the Feast of
Un leav ened Bread were only
two days away. The chief priests and
the teach ers of the law were plot ting to
ar rest Jesus se cret ly. They want ed to
kill him.
“But not dur ing the feast,”
they said. “The peo ple may stir up trou-
Jesus was in Beth a ny. He was at the
ta ble in the home of Si mon, who had a
skin dis ease. A wom an came with a spe-
cial sealed jar. It con tained very ex pen-
sive per fume made out of pure nard. She
broke the jar open and poured the per-
fume on Jesus’ head.
Some of the peo ple there be came
an gry. They said to one an oth er, “Why
waste this per fume?
It could have
been sold for more than a year’s pay.
The mon ey could have been giv en to
poor peo ple.” So they found fault with
the wom an.
“ Leave her alone,” Jesus said. “Why
are you both er ing her? She has done a
beau ti ful thing to me.
You will al ways
have poor peo ple with you. You can help
them any time you want to. But you will
not al ways have me.
She did what she
could. She poured per fume on my body
to pre pare me to be bur ied.
What I’m
about to tell you is true. What she has
done will be told any where the good
news is preached all over the world. It
will be told in mem o ry of her.”
Ju das Is car i ot was one of the 12 dis-
ci ples. He went to the chief priests to
hand Jesus over to them.
They were
de light ed to hear that he would do this.
They prom ised to give Ju das mon ey. So
he watched for the right time to hand
Jesus over to them.
At that time some one may say to
you, ‘Look! Here is the Mes si ah!’ Or,
‘Look! There he is!’ Do not be lieve it.
False messiahs and false proph ets will
ap pear. They will do signs and mir a cles.
They will try to fool God’s cho sen peo ple
if pos si ble.
Keep watch! I have told you
ev ery thing ahead of time.
“So in those days there will be ter ri-
ble suf fer ing. Af ter that, Scrip ture says,
“ ‘ The sun will be darkened.
The moon will not shine.

The stars will fall from the sky.
The heavenly bodies will be
shaken.’ (Isaiah 13:10; 34:4)
“At that time peo ple will see the
Son of Man com ing in clouds. He will
come with great pow er and glo ry.
will send his an gels. He will gath er his
cho sen peo ple from all four di rec tions.
He will bring them from the ends of the
earth to the ends of the heav ens.
Mark 13:26
People will see
the Son of Man
coming in
clouds. He will
come with
great power
and glory.
“ Learn a les son from the fig tree. As
soon as its twigs get ten der and its leaves
come out, you know that sum mer is near.
In the same way, when you see these
things hap pen ing, you know that the end
is near. It is right at the door.
What I’m
about to tell you is true. The peo ple liv ing
now will cer tain ly not pass away un til all
those things have hap pened.
Heav en
and earth will pass away. But my words
will nev er pass away.
The Day and Hour Are Not Known
“But no one knows about that day
or hour. Not even the an gels in heav en
know. The Son does not know. Only
the Fa ther knows.
Keep watch! Stay
awake! You do not know when that time
1230 Mark 14
“ ‘I will strike the shepherd down.
Then the sheep will be scattered.’
(Zechariah 13:7)
But af ter I rise from the dead, I will go
ahead of you into Gal i lee.”
Pe ter said, “All the oth ers may turn
away. But I will not.”
“What I’m about to tell you is true,”
Jesus an swered. “It will hap pen to day,
in fact to night. Be fore the roost er crows
twice, you your self will say three times
that you don’t know me.”
But Pe ter would not give in. He said,
“I may have to die with you. But I will
nev er say I don’t know you.” And all the
oth ers said the same thing.
Jesus Prays in Gethsemane
Jesus and his dis ci ples went to a
place called Geth sem a ne. Jesus said to
them, “Sit here while I pray.”
He took
Pe ter, James and John along with him.
He be gan to be very up set and trou bled.
“My soul is very sad. I feel close to
death,” he said to them. “Stay here. Keep
He went a lit tle far ther. Then he
fell to the ground. He prayed that, if
pos si ble, the hour might pass by him.
“Abba, Fa ther” he said, “ev ery thing is
pos si ble for you. Take this cup of suf fer-
ing away from me. But let what you want
be done, not what I want.”
Then he re turned to his dis ci ples
and found them sleep ing. “Si mon,” he
said to Pe ter, “are you asleep? Couldn’t
you keep watch for one hour?
and pray. Then you won’t fall into sin
when you are tempt ed. The spir it is will-
ing, but the body is weak.”
Once more Jesus went away and
prayed the same thing.
Then he came
back. Again he found them sleep ing.
They couldn’t keep their eyes open.
They did not know what to say to him.
Jesus re turned the third time. He
said to them, “Are you still sleep ing and
rest ing? Enough! The hour has come.
Look! The Son of Man is about to be
hand ed over to sin ners.
Get up! Let us
go! Here comes the one who is hand ing
me over to them!”
Jesus Is Arrested
Just as Jesus was speak ing, Ju das
ap peared. He was one of the 12 dis ci ples.
The Last Supper
It was the first day of the Feast of
Un leav ened Bread. That was the time to
sac ri fice the Pass over lamb. Jesus’ dis-
ci ples asked him, “ Where do you want
us to go and pre pare for you to eat the
Pass over meal?”
So he sent out two of his dis ci ples.
He told them, “Go into the city. A man
car ry ing a jar of wa ter will meet you. Fol-
low him.
He will en ter a house. Say to
its own er, ‘ The Teach er asks, “ Where
is my guest room? Where can I eat the
Pass over meal with my dis ci ples?” ’
will show you a large up stairs room. It
will have fur ni ture and will be ready. Pre-
pare for us to eat there.”
The dis ci ples left and went into the
city. They found things just as Jesus had
told them. So they pre pared the Pass over
When eve ning came, Jesus ar rived
with the 12 dis ci ples.
While they were
at the ta ble eat ing, Jesus said, “What I’m
about to tell you is true. One of you who
is eat ing with me will hand me over to
my en e mies.”
The dis ci ples be came sad. One by
one they said to him, “Sure ly you don’t
mean me?”
“It is one of you,” Jesus re plied. “It
is the one who dips bread into the bowl
with me.
The Son of Man will go just
as it is writ ten about him. But how ter ri-
ble it will be for the one who hands over
the Son of Man! It would be bet ter for
him if he had not been born.”
While they were eat ing, Jesus took
bread. He gave thanks and broke it. He
hand ed it to his dis ci ples and said, “Take
it. This is my body.”
Then he took a cup. He gave thanks
and hand ed it to them. All of them drank
from it.
“This is my blood of the cov enant,”
he said to them. “It is poured out for
What I’m about to tell you is
true. I won’t drink wine with you again
un til the day I drink it in God’s king-
Then they sang a hymn and went
out to the Mount of Ol ives.
Jesus Says That the Disciples Will
Turn Away
“You will all turn away,” Jesus told
the dis ci ples. “It is writ ten,
Mark 14 — 15 1231
you the Mes si ah? Are you the Son of the
Blessed One?”
“I am,” said Jesus. “And you will see
the Son of Man sit ting at the right hand
of the Mighty One. You will see the Son
of Man com ing on the clouds of heav en.”
The high priest tore his clothes.
“Why do we need any more wit ness es?”
he asked.
“You have heard him say a
very evil thing against God. What do you
They all found him guilty and said he
must die.
Then some be gan to spit at
him. They blind fold ed him. They hit him
with their fists. They said, “Proph e sy!”
And the guards took him and beat him.
Peter Says He Does Not Know
Pe ter was be low in the court yard.
One of the high priest’s fe male ser vants
came by.
When she saw Pe ter warm-
ing him self, she looked close ly at him.
“You also were with Jesus, that Naz a-
rene,” she said.
But Pe ter said he had not been with
him. “I don’t know or un der stand what
you’re talk ing about,” he said. He went
out to the en trance to the court yard.
The ser vant saw him there. She said
again to those stand ing around, “This
fel low is one of them.”
Again he said
he was not.
Af ter a lit tle while, those stand ing
near by said to Pe ter, “You must be one
of them. You are from Gal i lee.”
Then Pe ter be gan to curse. He said
to them, “I don’t know this man you’re
talk ing about!”
Right away the roost er crowed the
sec ond time. Then Pe ter re mem bered
what Jesus had spo ken to him. “The
roost er will crow twice,” he had said.
“Be fore it does, you will say three times
that you don’t know me.” Pe ter broke
down and cried.
Jesus Is Brought to Pilate
It was very ear ly in the morn ing.
The chief priests, with the el ders,
the teach ers of the law, and the whole
San he drin, made their plans. So they
tied Jesus up and led him away. Then
they hand ed him over to Pi late.
“Are you the king of the Jews?” asked
Pi late.
“You have said so,” Jesus re plied.
A crowd was with him. They were car ry-
ing swords and clubs. The chief priests,
the teach ers of the law, and the el ders
had sent them.
Ju das, who was go ing to hand Jesus
over, had ar ranged a sig nal with them.
“The one I kiss is the man,” he said.
“Ar rest him and have the guards lead
him away.”
So Ju das went to Jesus
at once. Ju das said, “Rab bi!” And he
kissed Jesus.
The men grabbed Jesus
and ar rest ed him.
Then one of those
stand ing near by pulled his sword out. He
struck the ser vant of the high priest and
cut off his ear.
“Am I lead ing a band of armed men
against you?” asked Jesus. “Do you have
to come out with swords and clubs to cap-
ture me?
Ev ery day I was with you. I
taught in the tem ple court yard, and you
didn’t ar rest me. But the Scrip tures must
come true.”
Then ev ery one left him
and ran away.
A young man was fol low ing Jesus.
The man was wear ing noth ing but a
piece of lin en cloth. When the crowd
grabbed him,
he ran away na ked. He
left his cloth ing be hind.
Jesus Is Taken to the Sanhedrin
The crowd took Jesus to the high
priest. All the chief priests, the el ders,
and the teach ers of the law came to geth-
Not too far away, Pe ter fol lowed
Jesus. He went right into the court yard
of the high priest. There he sat with the
guards. He warmed him self at the fire.
The chief priests and the whole
San he drin were look ing for some thing
to use against Jesus. They want ed to put
him to death. But they did not find any
Many wit ness es lied about him.
But their sto ries did not agree.
Then some of them stood up. Here
is what those false wit ness es said about
“We heard him say, ‘I will de stroy
this tem ple made by hu man hands. In
three days I will build an oth er tem ple,
not made by hu man hands.’ ”
But what
they said did not agree.
Then the high priest stood up in
front of them. He asked Jesus, “ Aren’t
you go ing to an swer? What are these
charg es these men are bring ing against
But Jesus re mained si lent. He
gave no an swer.
Again the high priest asked him, “Are
1232 Mark 15
of sol diers.
The sol diers put a pur ple
robe on Jesus. Then they twist ed thorns
to geth er to make a crown. They placed it
on his head.
They be gan to call out to
him, “We hon or you, king of the Jews!”
Again and again they hit him on the
head with a stick. They spit on him. They
fell on their knees and pre tend ed to hon-
or him.
Af ter they had made fun of
him, they took off the pur ple robe. They
put his own clothes back on him. Then
they led him out to nail him to a cross.
The chief priests brought many
charg es against him.
So Pi late asked
him again, “ Aren’t you go ing to an swer?
See how many things they charge you
But Jesus still did not re ply. Pi late
was amazed.
It was the usu al prac tice at the Pass-
over Feast to let one pris on er go free.
The peo ple could choose the one they
want ed.
A man named Bar ab bas was
in pris on. He was there with some oth er
peo ple who had fought against the coun-
try’s rul ers. They had com mit ted mur-
der while they were fight ing against the
rul ers.
The crowd came up and asked
Pi late to do for them what he usu al ly did.
“Do you want me to let the king of the
Jews go free?” asked Pi late.
He knew
that the chief priests had hand ed Jesus
over to him be cause they want ed to get
their own way.
But the chief priests
stirred up the crowd. So the crowd asked
Pi late to let Bar ab bas go free in stead.
“Then what should I do with the
one you call the king of the Jews?” Pi late
asked them.
“Cru ci fy him!” the crowd shout ed.
“Why? What wrong has he done?”
asked Pi late.
But they shout ed even loud er, “Cru-
ci fy him!”
Pi late want ed to sat is fy the crowd.
So he let Bar ab bas go free. He or dered
that Jesus be whipped. Then he hand ed
him over to be nailed to a cross.
The Soldiers Make Fun of Jesus
The sol diers led Jesus away into
the pal ace. It was called the Prae to ri um.
They called to geth er the whole com pa ny
Before Roman prisoners were
crucified, they were beaten
with a leather whip. This whip
had sharp pieces of metal or
bone near the ends. This kind of
whip made the prisoners’ backs
bleed so much that sometimes
they died.
Simon was a man from Cyrene. He was
walking by when Jesus was taken out to
be killed. Jesus’ enemies forced Simon
to carry Jesus’ cross. Simon took the
cross to Golgotha. Jesus died on the
cross there.
Jesus Is Nailed to a Cross
A man named Si mon was pass ing
by. He was from Cy re ne. He was the
fa ther of Al ex an der and Ru fus. Si mon
was on his way in from the coun try. The
sol diers forced him to car ry the cross.
They brought Jesus to the place called
Gol go tha. The word Gol go tha means the
Place of the Skull.
Then they gave him
wine mixed with spic es. But he did not
1233 Mark 15 — 16
wom en were also there. They had come
up with him to Je ru sa lem.
Jesus Is Buried
It was the day be fore the Sab bath.
That day was called Prep a ra tion Day.
As eve ning ap proached,
Jo seph went
bold ly to Pi late and asked for Jesus’
body. Jo seph was from the town of Ar i-
ma thea. He was a lead ing mem ber of the
Jew ish Coun cil. He was wait ing for God’s
king dom.
Pi late was sur prised to hear
that Jesus was al ready dead. So he called
for the Ro man com mand er. He asked
him if Jesus had al ready died.
com mand er said it was true. So Pi late
gave the body to Jo seph.
Then Jo seph
bought some lin en cloth. He took down
the body and wrapped it in the lin en. He
put it in a tomb cut out of rock. Then he
rolled a stone against the en trance to the
Mary Mag da lene and Mary the
moth er of Jo seph saw where Jesus’ body
had been placed.
take it.
They nailed him to the cross.
Then they di vid ed up his clothes. They
cast lots to see what each of them would
It was nine o’clock in the morn ing
when they cru ci fied him.
They wrote
out the charge against him. It read, THE
They cru ci fied with him two reb-
els against Rome. One was on his right
and one was on his left.
Those who
passed by shout ed at Jesus and made
fun of him. They shook their heads and
said, “So you are go ing to de stroy the
tem ple and build it again in three days?
Then come down from the cross! Save
your self!”
In the same way the chief
priests and the teach ers of the law made
fun of him among them selves. “He saved
oth ers,” they said. “But he can’t save
him self!
Let this Mes si ah, this king of
Is ra el, come down now from the cross!
When we see that, we will be lieve.”
Those who were be ing cru ci fied with
Jesus also made fun of him.
Jesus Dies
At noon, dark ness cov ered the
whole land. It last ed three hours.
three o’clock in the af ter noon Jesus
cried out in a loud voice, “Eloi, Eloi, lema
sa bach tha ni?” This means “My God, my
God, why have you de sert ed me?” ( Psalm
Some of those stand ing near by
heard Jesus cry out. They said, “Lis ten!
He’s call ing for Eli jah.”
Some one ran and filled a sponge
with wine vin egar. He put it on a stick.
He of fered it to Jesus to drink. “ Leave
him alone,” he said. “ Let’s see if Eli jah
comes to take him down.”
With a loud cry, Jesus took his last
The tem ple cur tain was torn in two
from top to bot tom.
A Ro man com-
mand er was stand ing there in front of
Jesus. He saw how Jesus died. Then he
said, “This man was sure ly the Son of
Not very far away, some wom en
were watch ing. Mary Mag da lene was
among them. Mary, the moth er of the
youn ger James and of Jo seph, was also
there. So was Sa lo me.
In Gal i lee
these wom en had fol lowed Jesus. They
had tak en care of his needs. Many oth er
Joseph of Arimathea
Joseph of Arimathea was a rich Jewish
leader. He believed in Jesus. But he did
not tell anyone. He was afraid of Jesus’
enemies. When Jesus died, Joseph asked
Pilate if he could have Jesus’ body. Then
Joseph buried Jesus in Joseph’s own
Jesus Rises From the Dead
The Sab bath day end ed. Mary
Mag da lene, Mary the moth er of
James, and Sa lo me bought spic es. They
were go ing to use them for Jesus’ body.
Very ear ly on the first day of the week,
they were on their way to the tomb. It
was just af ter sun rise.
They asked each
oth er, “Who will roll the stone away from
the en trance to the tomb?”
Then they looked up and saw that
the stone had been rolled away. The
stone was very large.
They en tered the
1234 Mark 16
told the oth ers about it. But the oth ers
did not be lieve them ei ther.
Lat er Jesus ap peared to the 11 dis ci-
ples as they were eat ing. He spoke firm ly
to them be cause they had no faith. They
would not be lieve those who had seen
him af ter he rose from the dead.
He said to them, “Go into all the
world. Preach the good news to ev ery-
Any one who be lieves and is bap-
tized will be saved. But any one who does
not be lieve will be pun ished.
Here are
the mi rac u lous signs that those who
be lieve will do. In my name they will
drive out de mons. They will speak in
lan guag es they had not known be fore.
They will pick up snakes with their
hands. And when they drink dead ly poi-
son, it will not hurt them at all. They will
place their hands on sick peo ple. And the
peo ple will get well.”
When the Lord Jesus f in ished
speak ing to them, he was tak en up into
heav en. He sat down at the right hand of
Then the dis ci ples went out and
preached ev ery where. The Lord worked
with them. And he backed up his word by
the signs that went with it.
tomb. As they did, they saw a young man
dressed in a white robe. He was sit ting
on the right side. They were alarmed.
“ Don’t be alarmed,” he said. “You
are look ing for Jesus the Naz a rene, who
was cru ci fied. But he has ris en! He is not
here! See the place where they had put
Go! Tell his dis ci ples and Pe ter,
‘He is go ing ahead of you into Gal i lee.
There you will see him. It will be just as
he told you.’ ”
The wom en were shak ing and con-
fused. They went out and ran away from
the tomb. They said noth ing to any one,
be cause they were afraid.
Jesus rose from the dead ear ly on the
first day of the week. He ap peared first to
Mary Mag da lene. He had driv en sev en
de mons out of her.
She went and told
those who had been with him. She found
them cry ing. They were very sad.
heard that Jesus was alive and that she
had seen him. But they did not be lieve it.
Af ter that, Jesus ap peared in a dif-
fer ent form to two of them. This hap-
pened while they were walk ing out in
the coun try.
The two re turned and

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