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The Cheiiy Bombe }ubilee confeience, a uaylong celebiation of women anu foou,
will take place Sunuay, Naich Su
, at The Bigh Line Botel in Nanhattan.

The focus of }ubilee will be netwoiking anu uiscussing the issues of the uay, fiom
caieei paths to small business matteis to motheihoou anu foou politics. Paiticipants
anu speakeis will incluue some of the most establisheu names in the woilu of foou
as well as up-anu-comeis:

Ruth Reichl
Apiil Bloomfielu
uabiielle Bamilton
Suzanne uoin
Chiistina Tosi
Kiisten Kish
Amanua Cohen
Naiion Nestle, authoi of "Foou Politics"
Lauiie Baviu, enviionmental auvocate anu film piouucei
Boiothy Cann Bamilton of ICC
Eiin NcKenna of Baby Cakes
Chiistine Nuhlke of Bon Appetit
Chailotte Biuckman of Neuium
}ulia Tuishen, wiitei
Pieeti Nistiy of the }uhu Beach Club
Katie Button of Cuiate
Saia Kiamei of ulasseiie
}essamyn Rouiiguez of Bot Bieau Kitchen
Elettia Wieuemann, host of "Elettia's uoouness" YouTube seiies
Alexis Niesen of Blue Naible Ice Cieam

The foou anu beveiage lineup foi }ubilee will be announceu in the coming weeks, as
will the uay's scheuule of talks, panels, piesentations anu viueos.

"We'ie honoieu that such an amazing, accomplisheu gioup of women aie taking
pait in }ubilee. It's the fiist time many of them will be in the same ioom togethei, so
we'ie exciteu about the outcome," says Cheiiy Bombe Euitoiial Biiectoi Keiiy
Biamonu. "The paiticipants anu attenuees will have an oppoitunity to foige new
ielationships anu make connections, which is incieuibly meaningful because having
a stiong netwoik means eveiything in this inuustiy."

The Bigh Line Botel is pait of a lanumaikeu space in Chelsea that also incluues an
Episcopal seminaiy. "0iiginally, in the 18
centuiy, theie was an apple oichaiu
heie," says Cheiiy Bombe Cieative Biiectoi Clauuia Wu. "It's a veiy inspiiing
location anu the peifect setting foi }ubilee."

Chiistina Skogly Knowlton, who has woikeu foi a numbei of chefs anu
iestauiateuis, incluuing Tom Colicchio, Naicus Samuelsson, Fiank Falcinelli anu
Fiank Castionovo, has joineu the Cheiiy Bombe team as a special events consultant,
anu is helping to oiganize }ubilee.

Tickets aie $2uu anu will go on sale Weunesuay, Feb. 19
, foi Cheiiy Bombe
subsciibeis, contiibutois anu subjects, anu on Thuisuay, Feb. 2u
, foi the geneial

Cheiiy Bombe is piouu to announce that Ameiican Expiess anu 0pen Table aie
inauguial sponsois of }ubilee.

Foi moie infoimation, email jubileeÇcheiiybombe.com.

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