Stanley MEYER Resonant Electrolysis Cell System

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"ater #ue $e and t%e #irst and Second La&s of '%ermodynamics Stan Meyer Patents Stan’s circuits +aron’s posts on Stan’s $ircuit

,pa-e created at .o/em0er 211) 2pdate3 1. Introduction 0y M45 no/1)6 Stan ey ME7E8 is t%e most famous in/entor in t%e 9Super:efficient E ectro ysis9 fie d; and many too< inspiration from %is &or<. His ori-ina E ectro ysis $oncept &as a0 e to produce many times as muc% %ydro-en -as as permits t%e #araday9s La& of e ectro ysis; and t%e La& of $onser/ation of Ener-y; t%en %e 0rou-%t it up to a sti un:understood %i-% e/e %e ca ed 9'%erma Exp osi/e Ener-y9. "e can say t%at %e &as at east !1 years in ad/ance of %is time ... '%e e/idence; t%en; is t%at %is concept of e ectro ysis is tappin- in anot%er source of ener-y; not 9reco-ni=ed9 yet in t%e c assica p%ysics; t%at must 0e in anot%er dimension; outside our t%ree dimensions; and it must 0e a non t%ermic form of ener-y; 0ecause Stan $e is not producin- %eat &%i e e ectro y=in-. '%ere is sti not a comp ete concensus of t%e Experts in >ero Point Ener-y; Peter Lindermann; ?o%n @edini; '%omas @earden; Moray Ain-; + an Ster in- and many ot%ers; on HB" Stan ey Meyer &as catc%in- t%is >PE. May 0e %e &as usin- 8adiant Ener-y Hi-% Co ta-e Pu ses ,@ac< E ectro Moti/e #orce3 to c%ar-e %is $apacitorD$e ,t&o Stain ess Stee pipes iso ated 0y a fine ayer of pure &ater as stron- die ectric3 a most &it%out current; unti t%e 0rea<do&n e/e of t%e &ater ayer &as reac%ed; at &%ic% moment t%e accumu ated /o ta-e in t%e capacitor &ou d 0e con/erted to amperes t%at &ou d sp it t%e &ater mo ecu es; rea isin- t%e %ydro-en and oxy-en; and t%e po&er supp y sensor &ou d cut t%e input pu ses; to stop any current f o&in- from t%e source. +fter a t%e e ectricity stored in t%is capacitorDce &ou d 0e used; t%e &ater &ou d ta<e p ace a-ain 0et&een t%e t&o ss tu0es; reformin- t%e insu atin- ayer; t%e po&er supp y sensor &ou d send a-ain po&er for a ne& cyc e of c%ar-in- t%e capacitorDce to its die ectric 0rea<do&n e/e ... E ectro ysis &ou d 0e done &it% 9Pure Co ta-e Potentia 9 and a most no +mperes ,current3. See 0e o& t%e Peter Lindermann exp anation. 8adiant Pu ses can 0e created 0y sendin- unidirectiona ,t%at9s may 0e &%y Stan %ad a rectifyin- diode in %is circuit3 s%ort pu ses in a coi Dc%o<e; t%ey are ca ed a so @ac< EM#; and are of a many times %i-%er /o ta-e e/e compared to t%e ori-ina pu ses sent. 'es a; 5ray; Moray; @edini; @earden and many ot%ers are usin- t%is tec%nica tric< to distru0 t%e Cacuum Ener-y #ie d and or-ani=e and co ect t%e >PE to do 9free9

e ectric &or< in t%eir apparatus. Per%aps Stan Meyer did t%e same; and t%is &e0 pa-e is a co ection of information I found on t%e fantastic internet; t%at s%ou d ma<e it as c ear as possi0 e to understand. +0out t%e successfu suppressed rep ications done 0y 4a/e La&ton and Mr. 8a/i from India; t%e ca cu ations of t%eir efficiency -i/e around 211:(11E ,411 for La&ton; (11 for 8a/i; see 9rep icas9 pa-e3 of t%e t%eoretica #araday maximum; &%i e Stan Meyer &as at 1;)11E; 1) times t%e #arady9s maximum ,Meyer inter/ie&; $%anne 4; 2A; 1) dec. 1FF!3. Per%aps &e need to step up t%e ori-ina pu ses to an %i-%er /o ta-e; a fe& t%ousands /o ts at east; and t%en on y &e send t%is %i-% /o ta-e pu ses in a coi Dc%o<e or 'es aD@edini 0ifi ar coi ,1 to 1 ratio; see 0e o& &%y3 to o0tain conseGuent %i-% 0ac< EM# 8adiant Ener-y pu ses to c%ar-e t%e capacitorDce to t%e /o ta-e 0rea<do&n e/e of t%e &ater ayer 0et&een t%e e ectrode pipes ,in t%e tens of t%ousands /o ts; Stan stipu ated usin- 21.111 Co ts in %is 9memo19 ,see 0e o&33. Br may 0e Stan Meyer is not e/en usin- 0ac< EM# 8adiant Spi<es for its super: efficient e ectro ysis; 0ut Hust direct unidirectiona %i-% /o ta-e pu ses to c%ar-e t%e capacitorDce up to its 0rea<do&n imit; t%rou-% t%e %e p of t%e c%o<es I Guote6 9t%e resonant c%o<es 0ein- specifica y to damp t%e /o ta-e spi<es t%at cou d prematura y set t%is t%in- off9 from Peter Lindermann /ideo; see 0e o&. In t%is case it cou d 0e t%e /ery s%ort pu ses t%at &ou d tri--er a 8adiant Effect in t%e capacitorDce itse f; increasin- t%e /a ue of t%e ori-ina pu ses; i<e @edini exp ained a0out %is Simp ified Sc%oo 5ir ,SS53 circuit6 t%ere is a 8adiant Effect in t%e coi 0y t%e reaction to t%e pu se sent; t%is creates a @ac< EM#; &%en t%e e ectroma-netic fie d co apses a0rupt y in t%e coi ; +.4 t%ere is a so a 8adiant Effect &%en t%e @ac< EM# pu se %its t%e 0attery e ectrodes; and t%is one is a so present &%en &e use a capacitor in p ace of a 0attery; i<e in %is "indo& $oi Motor. +not%er possi0i ity is t%at Stan Meyer didn9t re/ea ed in t%e patent t%at %e actua y did connect %is 2 c%o<es in a 0ifi ar confi-uration ,'es aD@edini coi 3; and t%en t%at9s &%ere %e &as creatin- t%e 8adiant Ener-y Spi<es ... see artic e 0e o&. +ctua y Stan ey Meyer exp ained is super:efficient e ectro ysis &it% t%e e ectron mo/ement and exc%an-e 0et&een &ater mo ecu esDatoms t%emse /es; induced 0y t%e %i-% /o ta-e fie d accumu ated 0et&een t%e e ectrodes; and 0rin-in- t%e &ater mo ecu es to sp it ,see 0e o& %is 9memo193; contrary to standard e ectro ysis &%ere t%at exc%an-e of e ectrons is effectued 0et&een t%e &ater mo ecu es and e ectrodes. '%at &as not accepted at t%e time %e i/ed; 0ut it %as 0een recent y scientifica y confirmed; in 211!; 0y .+BHI8B SHIM2>2 et a .; t%at t%e use of u tra:s%ort pu es can create a 9ne& form9 of e ectro ysis; and &it% a 0etter efficiency; 0ut sti inferior to t%e #araday imits. Juote6 It &as found t%at 0y usin- an u tra:s%ort pu se &it% t%e &idt% of 311 ns; e ectro ysis ta<es p ace &it% a mec%anism dominated 0y e ectron transfer; &%ic% is different from t%e con/entiona diffusion imitin- process in 4$ e ectro ysis. End Guote. ,document 9+ no/e met%od of %ydro-en -eneration 0y &ater e ectro ysis usin-.pdf9 a/ai a0 e at %ydroxyKmore.%tm 3 $ou d t%is &ater mo ecu es 0ro<en t%rou-% %i-% /o ta-e fie d attraction; pure Potentia #ie d t%at affect t%e e ectrons; 0e in t%e exact midd e of t%e fie d; and i0erate t%eir -ases Hust t%ere; at eGua distance of t%e e ectrodes; 0ecause t%is cou d

exp ain t%e 9-as 0u00 es created in t%e midd e9 0y 5eor-e "iseman e ectro yser; from ea-; and ot%er experimenters on t%e oupo& 0ui ders forum ... and a so t%at cou d 0e t%e most efficient &ay to create 9monatomic9 %ydro-en and oxy-en; %a/in- muc% po&erfu exp osion po&er compared to standard %ydro-en and oxy-en mo ecu es. Persona y in/esti-atin- t%e B8M2S ,&it% succesfu tria s3; see ot%er part of t%is &e0site; I t%in< t%at some&%ere t%is atomic $ooper Pair; @ose Einstein $ondensate and ot%er Superconductors cou d %a/e a so a ro e p ayed in t%is superefficient e ectro ysises; or at east in t%e Meyer9s .uc ear '%erma Exp osi/e "ater Ener-y ... "%ic% one is t%e ri-%t exp anation L Bff course it may 0e a 9mix9 of different effects; 0ut for sure it induces t%e existence of ne& p%enomenons t%at are not yet descri0ed in t%e c assica p%ysics 0oo<s. @ut it9s rea ; and it9s Hust next to fu systematic reproducta0i ity. "e can see t%at on y off t%e s%e f or o& cost components are used; and t%en it &i 0e Guite easy and c%eap to manufacture. $onsiderin- t%e ar-e c%oice in sytems and tec%no o-ies t%at cou d pro/ide us &it% 9free po&er9 for a ; Stan ey Meyer9s process seems to 0e t%e most 9open source9 and near to comp etion of a ; to furnis% a considera0 e po&er &it% a &ide ran-e of uses; tec%nica y simp e and afforda0 e. '%e Hydroxy -as t%at comes out from &ater e ectro ysis is &e <no&n for its %i-% po&er; and is a ready commercia i=ed as &e din- -as; coo<in- -as; domestic %eatin- -as; industria 0urnin- -as; /e%ic e fue sa/er -as and more. Bff course t%e -enera i=ation of Stan Meyer9s process &it% a /ery %i-% efficiency; many fo ds t%e one a/ai a0 e no& from standard #araday e ectro ysis; &i 0oost t%e de/e opment of t%e use of Hydroxy ,HBH3 in our dai y ife. Stan Meyer9s secret oo<s fina y accessi0 e and simp e to understand and reproduce. '%at &ou d 0e t%e @ES' SBL2'IB. for free po&er .B"; at /ery o& cost to manufacture; &it% off t%e s%e f materia ; +.4 #8EE B# P+'E.' 8I5H'S; 0ein- a tec%no o-y in t%e Pu0 ic 4omain no&; after expiration of Stans9 patents in 211)M P ease ta<e a t%e necessary precautions if you intend to researc% in t%is %i-% /o ta-e fie ds; 0ecause it can 0e et%a . --------------------------------------------- Return to the top 2. History of Stanley Meyer %ttp6DD&&&.rexresearc%.comDmeyer%yDmeyer%y.%tm 8eprinted from BSE..or%ttp6DD&&&.osen.or-D'ec%no o-iesDHydro-enDStanMeyer8eportDta0idD3)3D4efau t.asp x +rtic e from Electronics World & Wireless World , ?anuary 1FF13

Eye:&itness accounts su--est t%at 2S in/entor Stan ey Meyer %as de/e oped an e ectric ce &%ic% &i sp it ordinary tap &ater into %ydro-en and oxy-en &it% far ess ener-y t%an t%at reGuired 0y a norma e ectro ytic ce . In a demonstration made before Professor Mic ael !au" ton# $ean of En"ineerin" at %ueen Mary Colle"e# !ondon# &dmiral Sir &nt ony 'riffin# a former controller of t e (ritis )a*y# and $r +eit Hindley# a ,+ researc c emist. Meyer9s ce ; de/e oped at t%e in/entor9s %ome in 5ro/e $ity; B%io; produced far more %ydro-enDoxy-en mixture t%an cou d %a/e 0een expected 0y simp e e ectro ysis. "%ere norma &ater e ectro ysis reGuires t%e passa-e of current measured in amps; Meyer9s ce ac%ie/es t%e same effect in mi iamps. #urt%ermore ordinary tap &ater reGuires t%e addition of an e ectro yte suc% as su p%uric acid to aid current conductionI Meyer-s cell functions at "reatest efficiency .it /ure .ater. +ccordin- to t%e &itnesses; t%e most start in- aspect of t%e Meyer ce &as t%at it remained cold# e*en after ours of "as /roduction. Meyer9s experiments; &%ic% %e seems to 0e a0 e to perform to order; %a/e earned %im a series of 2S patents -ranted under Section 111. '%e -rantin- of a patent under t%is section is de/endent on a successful demonstration of t e in*ention to a Patent Re*ie. (oard. Meyer9s ce seems to %a/e many of t%e attri0utes of an e ectro ytic ce except t%at it functions at %i-% /o ta-e; o& current rat%er t%an t%e ot%er &ay around. Construction is unremar0able. '%e e ectrodes : referred to as NexcitorsN 0y Meyer: are made from para e p ates of stain ess stee formed in eit er flat or concentric to/o"ra/ y. 'as /roduction seems to *ary as t e in*erse of t e distance bet.een t emI t%e patents su--est a s/acin" of 1.2mm produces satisfactory resu ts. '%e real differences occur in t e / su//ly to t%e ce . Meyer uses an externa inductance &%ic% appears to resonate &it% t%e capacitance of t%e ce ::: /ure .ater a//arently /ossesses a dielectric constant of about 2 ::: to produce a para e resonant circuit. '%is is e3cited by a i" / /ulse "enerator &%ic%; to-et%er &it% t%e ce capacitance and a rectifier diode; forms a c%ar-e pump circuit. Hi-% freGuency pu ses 0ui d a risin- staircase 4$ /otential across t e electrodes of t e cell until a /oint is reac ed . ere t e .ater brea0s do.n and a momentary i" current flo.s. & current measurin" circuit in t e su//ly detects t is brea0do.n and remo*es t e /ulse dri*e for a fe. cycles" t e .ater to 4reco*er4 .

M45 no/1)6 t%at9s a /ery $LE+8 exp anation -i/en 0y Stan %imse f on t%e HB" I' "B8AS M So it &as <no&n in 1FF1 a ready .&ater fue ce as named 0y t%e in/entor3.N N+fter %ours of discussion 0et&een ourse /es. Meyer dec ines to re ease detai s &%ic% &ou d a o& scientists to dup icate and e/a uate %is N&aterfue ce N. met od for s/littin" ."as /roduction at milliam/ le*els.N N'%e resu ts appear to su--est efficient and contro a0 e -as production t%at responds rapid y to demand and yet is safe in operation. + second ce carried nine stain ess stee dou0 e tu0e ce units and -enerated muc% more -as.ater &%ic% . %e %as supp ied enou-% detai to t%e 2S Patents Bffice to persuade t%em t%at %e can su0stantiate %is 9po&er:from:&ater9 c aims. t%e p ates -enerated -as at /ery o& current e/e s: no -reater t%an a tent% of an amp on t%e ammeter. '%e s/littin" mec anism clearly e*ol*es little eat in s ar/ contrast to electrolysis &%ere t%e e ectro yte &arms up Guic< y.%ydro-en "as /roduction at milliam/ and 0ilo*olt le*els. "e sa& %o& -as -eneration ceased and t%en 0e-an a-ain instant y as t%e /o ta-e dri/in..enty minutes of operation. a most certain y t%e effects of t%e c% orine in t%e %ea/i y c% orinated tap &ater on t%e stain ess stee tu0es used as NexcitorsN. t%e -as t%en poured off at a /ery impressi/e e/e . N"e did notice t%at t%e &ater at t%e top of t%e ce s o& y 0ecame disco ored &it% a pa e cream and dar< 0ro&n precipitate. 2sin. and c aimed to 0e mi iamps 0y Meyer : and t%is -as /roduction increased steadily as t e /lates . t%e . "%en t%e *olta"e .as turned up to its pea< /a ue. N'%e most remar<a0 e o0ser/ation is t%at t%e "#$ and a its meta pipe&or< remained 5uite cold to t e touc # e*en after more t an t.tap &ater to fi t%e ce . Ho&e/er.. Bne demonstration ce &as fitted &it% t&o para e p ate NexcitorsN. + &itness team of independent 2A scientifc o0ser/ers testified t%at 2S in/entor. In contrast &it% norma %i-% current e ectro ysis. "e c ear y sa& %o& increasin" and decreasin" t e *olta"e is used to control "as /roduction. 8eported -as e/o ution &as enou-% to sustain a %ydro-en D oxy-en f ame &%ic% instant y me ted stee . successfu y decomposed ordinary tap &ater into constituent e ements t%rou-% a com0ination of i" # /ulsed *olta"e usin" an a*era"e current measured only in miliam/s. &e conc uded t%at Stan Meyer did appear to %a/e disco*ered an entirely ne. O Meyer9s ce functions at -reatest efficiency &it% pure &ater. t%e 5riffin committee &itnessed a num0er of important demonstration of t%e "#$N .circuit &as s&itc%ed off and t%en on a-ain.ere mo*ed closer to-et%er and decreased as t%ey &ere separated. He &as demonstratin. Stan ey Meyer. 3 8esearc% c%emist Aeit% Hind ey offers t%is description of a Meyer ce demonstration6 N+fter a day of presentations. '%e $C *olta"e a//eared to be /ulsed at tens of t ousands of *olts. + seGuence of p%oto-rap%s &as ta<en s%o&in..itnesses re/ort t e lac0 of any eatin" &it%in t%e ce .

N '%e practica demonstration of t%e Meyer ce appears su0stantia y more con/incint%an t%e para:scientific Har-on &%ic% %as 0een used to exp ain it.a c%ain of six cy indrica ce s. '%e in/entor %imse f ta <s a0out a distortion and po ari=ation of t%e &ater mo ecu e resu tin.tearin. Since t%ey &ere "ranted under Section 161 by t e . '%e in/entor is a prote-ee9 of t%e +d/anced Ener-y Institute.s%o&ed fe& of t%e c%aracteristics of c assica e ectro ysis. Meyer c aims to %a/e run a con/erted C" on %ydro-enDoxy-en mixture for t e last four years usin.Return to the top P 2SP P 4.F(1: Met od for t e Production of a :uel 'as : Stan ey Meyer #I5S.itse f apart under t%e e ectrostatic potentia -radient. 9 is raises t e "ranted /atents to t e le*el of inde/endent# critical# scientific and en"ineerin" confirmation t%at t%e de/ices actua y perform as c aimed.42 Ao3 a/ai a0 e at %ttp6DDmy. $onfirmation t%at %is de/ices actua y do &or< come from %is co ection of -ranted 2S patents on /arious parts of t%e "#$ system. PP 9o "et t e article in /df format.S Patent 7ffice e3/erts and t eir seconded e3/erts and all t e claims a*e been establis ed. 3+ t%rou-% 3# are i ustrations depictin.t%e surface of t%e ce .t%e t eoretical bases for t e / enomena encountered durin. . of a resonance &it%in t%e mo ecu e &%ic% amp ifies t%e in t e cell disa//ears ra/idly. -et 9Meyer essQ"or d.comD%2eart%D0 o-Dcy0rarium t%e H6BH 0ondin.pdf9 .operation of t%e in/ention %erein.F3(. He a so c aims t%at p%oton stimu ation of t%e reactor space 0y optica fi0re piped aser i-%t increases -as production.ater . &itnesses a so report t at .opera.are in*ol*ed in t e /atents as been e3amined e3/erimentally by .4 N'%e 0asic "#$ &as sub8ected to t ree years of testin".S Patent 7ffice# t e ard. presuma0 y into its component parts and as an aeroso from t%e myriad of tiny 0u00 es 0rea<in. +part from t%e copious %ydro-enDoxy-en -as e/o ution and t%e minima temperature rise &it%in t%e ce .

2 s%o&s a perspecti/e of a N&ater capacitorN e ement used in t%e fue ce circuit. .P $ircuit usefu in t%e process6 #I5.

ould "o 2.orma y.O '%e %ydro-en and oxy-en atomic -ases.n for H 'as (urner D 2SP P 4.((1 : 'as "enerator *olta"e control circuit D 2SP P 4. '%is tec%no o-y a o&s t%e car to run 0ot% safe y and under contro .1)1 : Solar eatin" system .(13.4(!. and ot%er -as components former y entrapped as disso /ed -ases in &ater.1)1 R Solar Heatin" System D 2SP P 4. -aso ine %as 1.u/>S ut. en t e resonant ener"y e3ceeds t e co*alent bondin" force of t e . P '%e "ater #ue inHectors t%at rep ace t%e con/entiona spar< p u-s in an interna com0ustion en-ine form t%e resonant ca/ity &%ic% a o&s &ater to 0e con/erted to t%erma exp osi/e ener-y.314 R 'as Electrical H 'enerator D 2SP P 4.))F R Electrical Pulse 'enerator D 2SP P 4. it &ou d ta<e on y 14* micro iters of a &ater drop et to eGua t%e on:road performance of t%e dune 0u--y.3*F.) pounds of %ydro-en:or 2.ater molecule.2 million barrels of oil .F*1 R H 'as In8ector System for IC En"ine D 2SP P 4.! times t%at of -aso ine.4!! R Start. Meyer said.2)!. are released . Water# of course# is free# abundant# ener"y recyclable.F(1 : Met od for t e Production of a :uel 'as D 2SP P 4. en e5uated in terms of atomic ener"y.*2(.do.2(!.! pounds of %ydro-en in itI &%ereas &ater %as 1.)F*. .421.4)4 R H 'as (urner D 2SP P 4.F!1 R !i" t. for examp e.n t e road.(13. P Patents 'ranted 6 2SP P 4.F)1.2 times fart er t an on "asoline.F)1.<6= &%ic% is non:c%emica reacti/e &it% &ater. do. . P .!*1 : Controlled Production of 9 ermal Ener"y from 'ases D 2SP P 4. P 9 e ener"y contained in a "allon of . %ydro-en.ater dro/let /er in8ection cycle is all t at is re5uired to run t e e3/erimental dune bu""y at ?2 m./. Runnin" a car under t e Water :uel Cell met od# you . + preferred construction materia for t%e ca/acitor /lates is stainless steel 9.224 R Multi. P Ei" teen microliters of a .'uide !ense D 2SP P 3.ater e3ceeds 2. or oxy-en.F3(.Sta"e Solar Stora"e System D 2SP P 3. 'o run a truc<.

or-D41(. NIt9s an open ener-y system. '%e &ater mist is t%en re:ener-i=ed 0y a0sor0in. t%e 0y:product is a de:ener-i=ed &ater mist &%ic% -oes out t%e ex%aust.Return to the top PP Stan Meyer Cell $esi"n.p%oton ener-y from t%e sun and t%en returninto t%e eart%9s &ater supp y in t%e form of rain for ener-y re:useO --------------------------------------------. at &fKmeyerK%2eart%.%tm --------------------------------------------.O N"%en you i-nite -ases from &ater.panaceauni/ersity.Return to the top PP 9o "et t e best# more com/let and latest info to re/licate Stan Meyer Cell# *isit t e /a"e of H2E&R9H>$a*id Wenbert# on t is . do&n oad fi e named 941(.pdf Bne of Stan Meyer9s many different ce s desi-ns is s%o&n %ere6 .pdf9 at %ttp6DD&&&.ebsite.N Meyer exp ained.

M45 no/1)6 I t%in< it is t%e famous 9s&eet spot9 on t%e @edini and ot%er 8adiant systems3. to produce separate -as exits from t%e ce .&ater is /ery %i-% efficiency t%e optimum e/e .! mm6 It s%ou d 0e understood t%at &%i e Stan9s system of sp ittin. and can -enera y on y 0e found 0y carefu monitorin. .t%e pu se freGuency /ery. and &%i e it is ta<en direct y from one of %is patents.7ou &i note t%at %e uses a 4$ /o ta-e on t%e &a of t%e ce to mo/e t%e dissociated %ydro-en atoms out&ards and t%e oxy-en atoms in&ards. it s%ou d 0e understood t%at t%e pipe specers s%o&n in red are actua y /ery naro& as t%e spacin. '%e dia-ram s%o&n %ere indicates %o& narro& t%e resonance 9notc%9 is.of t%e current &%i e adHustin. /ery s o& y.0et&een t%e pipes is /ery important for -as production and is usua y set at 1. '%e resonance of t%e ce is /ery s%arp indeed . it is not easy to maintain it9s tunin. Bne of %is pipe e ectrode arran-ements is s%o&n %ere.

t%ere &i 0e no indication &%atsoe/er t%at t%e freGuency %as a most 0een reac%ed. in spite of t%ere 0ein. faster t%an t%e ce c%arac%teristics can c%an-e..%is &ater inHection system and 0efore it &ent into production : an ama=in.Return to the top <. "%en t%e correct tunin. say to &ater e/e @. or sop%isticated e ectronic contro is needed to <eep &ater e/e +3. MEYER In t%is memos &ritten 0y Stan ey Meyer %imse f.pumped t%rou-% t%e ce as Stan s%o&s in %is patent dra&in-s. 'o maintain maximum o&:current -as production. as t%e &ater e/e drops.point %as 0een found . creatin.y con/enient occurence for t%e oi industries. . 2nfortunate y. Stan died sudden y Hust after perfectin. '%e inHection system %as t%e enormous ad/anta-e of not needin.acce erates to a %i-% e/e . and un ess t%e &ater supp y is 0ein.patent information on it. eit%er t%e ce conditions %a/e to 0e %e d constant to a %i-% de-ree of accuracy.freGuency and t%e process stops to perform correct y. MEM7S from Stanley &. +s far as I am a&are. resumin. Henry Pu%aric% as o used a pu sed si-ne to sp it &ater mo ecu es in an efficient manner. t%en t%e &ater e/e starts to drop.%is patents and processes. '%e resu t is a pu sed 4$ si-na &%ic% %as a &%o e ran-e of different amp itudes. His tec%niGue is rat%er different in t%at %e starts &it% a modu ated audio sine: &a/e si-na and uses %a f:&a/e rectification to cut off t%e ne-ati/e /o ta-e components.E/en at freGuencies /ery c ose to t%e resonant freGuency.t%e pu se freGuency to t%e exact resonant freGuency. t%e resonant freGuency of t%e ce a ters and t%e pu se train is t%en at t%e &ron. t%e &ater:sp ittin. no0ody %as mana-ed to rep icate Stan9s inHection system. %and e -ases of any type 0ut Hust mo/e and manipu ate ordinary &ater.and demonstratin. '%is is pro0a0 y t%e reason &%y Stan ey Meyer mo/ed a&ay from t%is type of ce in fa/our of direct &ater inHection into %is car en-ine.t%e com0ustion conditions inside eac% cy inder Hust 0efore i-nition.

&it% pictures of t%e en-ine on t%e &ater 0u--y3 P Memo 2 ori"inal6 %ttp6DDusers.3:2!3 to -o into a state of ioni=ation 0y a o&in.Hydro-en Safer '%an ...s<ynet.H748B5E. +pp ied e ectrica attraction force .s<ynet.F23 to mi-rate to positi/e /o ta-e:p ate .0eDfa2)2(FFDEner-ieDMeyerDmemosDsection3. 14D1!DF1 I "ater #ue :5as InHection System : Laser +cce erator +ssem0 y : +cce eration $ontro $ircuit : +na o. in t%e index pa-e. in pdf fi es6 P Memo 1 ori"inal6 %ttp6DDusers.atura 5as : Spar<:I-nition 'u0e : 5as InHection Process : # ame 'emperature +dHustment : Juenc%in.and exposin.5 P8B$ESS you &i c ear y understand t%at %e &as usin.''93 and .s<ynet.extract36 Su0Hectin.F43 to tra/e to&ard ne-ati/e /o ta-e:p ate ."ater as #ue .0eDfa2)2(FFDEner-ieDMeyerDmemosDsection4.pdf Memo 4224+: "#$ Hydro-en 5as Mana-ement Cn3 .F13 of9#i-ure .pdf .. En.''93 and . 11D14DF1 : 2sin. Stan ey . at ME7E8. #8+$'28I.pdf Memo 421 : /ersions.pdf Memo 424 : +tomic Ener-y @a ance of "ater.s<ynet.$ircuit : Juenc%in. P Memo = ori"inal6 %ttp6DDusers.(!3 is attenuated.F33.2293 causes positi/e c%ar-ed atom nuc eus . NPure Co ta-e Potentia N.Process.&ater mo ecu e .2293 to eHect one or more e ectrons .2293 a &ays 0ein.. 11D2!DF1 .$ircuit 'ec%no o-y.0eDfa2)2(FFDEner-ieDMeyerDmemosDsection1.0eDfa2)2(FFDEner-ieDMeyerDmemosDsection2.o== e : $ata ytic @ oc< +ssem0 y : Interna $om0ustion En-ine : P Memo < ori"inal6 %ttp6DDusers. so I put a %tm /ersion of t%is memos in t%e >PE part of t%is &e0site.s<ynet.Co ta-e -enerator : Co ta-e +mp itude $ontro $ircuit : Caria0 e Pu se #reGuency 5enerator : Co ta-e Intensifier $ircuit : E ectrica Po ari=ation process : : 8esonant +ction . 1)D13DF1 I.>ero Point Ener-y to sp it t%e &aterI %e ca ed it i<e ot%ers.E 3 &%i e e ectrica attraction force . Intensified e ectrica attraction force .F2a xxx F2n3 from &ater 0at% atoms ..up to and 0eyond se/era t%ousand /o ts3 causes &ater 0at% .opposite po arity forces .see resume 0e o&3 Memo 421 : Hydro-en #racturin. 11D2!DF1 I 8enderin.pdf Memo 4234+ : "ater #ue InHection System. usin"ater as #ue : Bperationa Parameters : Co ta-e 4ynamic P Memo 2 ori"inal6 %ttp6DDusers.0eDfa2)2(FFDEner-ieDMeyerDmemosDsection!.*!3 to e/en %i-%er /o ta-e e/e s .3:313 as to #i-ure .''93 causes dis od-ed ne-ati/e c%ar-ed e ectrons .of eGua /o ta-e intensity 0ut opposite in e ectrica po arity as /o ta-e amp itude .

pdf Memo 42! : "ater #ue InHector6 'aper 8esonant $a/ity. 1*D13DF2 P Memo @ ori"inal6 .0eDfa2)2(FFDEner-ieDMeyerDmemosDsection(.s<ynet.(MDG nov07: Be sure Meyer was using ZPE ! ) P Memo ? ori"inal6 %ttp6DDusers.

s<ynet.0eDfa2)2(FFDEner-ieDMeyerDmemosDsection*.pdf Memo 42) : Co ta-e "a/e:5uide Propa-atin-.s<ynet.pdf Memo 42( : CI$ Matrix $ircuit.%ttp6DDusers. 1)D1)DF3 I Instant Exp osion of "ater P Memo A ori"inal6 %ttp6DDusers.0eDfa2)2(FFDEner-ieDMeyerDmemosDsection). 1*D11DF3 I N8esonant +ctionN @y Co ta-e 'ic< in.of State Space .


1!D1*DF( I Partic e Bsci ation as a Ener-y 5enerator : Co ta-e # exin.pdf Memo 431 : "#$ Steam 8esonator.0eDfa2)2(FFDEner-ieDMeyerDmemosDsection11.pdf Memo 42* : 8ec aimin.s<ynet.P Memo B ori"inal6 %ttp6DDusers...1(D1*DF4 P Memo 16 ori"inal6 %ttp6DDusers.0eDfa2)2(FFDEner-ieDMeyerDmemosDsection11.Bur +ir .pdf Memo 42F : Bptica '%erma Lens6 + Miniature $ontro a0 e Sun. 11D13DF! : Propa-atin.E ectrica Stress : Co ta-e to +mp 4ifferentia 8atio : Bptica '%erma Lens : Juart= 'u0e $onfi-uration S Bperationa Parameters : + 'ec%niGue $a ed NEaserN P Memo 11 ori"inal6 %ttp6DDusers. #or Hea t%y Li/in.s<ynet.0eDfa2)2(FFDEner-ieDMeyerDmemosDsectionF.$ircuit .Process : CI$ S&itc%o/er $ircuit : E ectrica $rosso/er S&itc%in.s<ynet.

&it%in t%e pu sin.pu circuit .. as i ustrated in #i-ure .&ay6 : Met od6 2sin.4Colta"e Potential4 to stimu ate t%e &ater mo ecu e to produce atomic ener-y on demand. el/in" to /re*ent electron flo.array DEl>E2F forms an inductor.1:23 as to #i-ure .@3 /re*ents electrical 4s ortin"4 to secondary coil D&F durin" /ulse. Co ta-e amp itude or /o ta-e potentia is increased &%en secondary coi ..Process is systematica y acti/ated and performed in t%e fo o&in.1:13. M45 no/1)6 same in >PE circuits33 to form Co ta-e Intensifier $ircuit . P Pulsin" 9ransfonner 6 '%e pu sin.+D53 ste/s u/ t e *olta"e am/litude or *olta"e /otential durin.P E3tracts from Memo 1# about t e -Pure Colta"e Potential-6 . P (loc0in" $iode 6 @ oc<in. ic ste/s u/ an oscillation of a "i*en c ar"in" fre5uency &it% t%e effecti/e capacitance of a pu se: . "ater no& 0ecomes part of t%e Co ta-e Intensifier $ircuit in t e form of 4resistance4 0et&een e ectrica -round and pu sefreGuency positi/e: potentia . '%e Inductor ..++3 #i-ure . from in/ut circuit "round.2= G 22cF bet. '%e primary coi is e ectrica y iso ated .1:13.circuit .E83 acts or /erforms as an ca/acitor durin" /ulsin" o/erations.$3 in series &it% E3citor.transformer . of am/sF of natural .operations. '%e $ielectric Pro/erties Dinsulator to t e flo. '%e Hydro-en #racturin. Isolated electrical "round DEF /re*ents electron flo.L$3 since t%e Excitor:+rray .4iode .een t e electrical /lates DEl>E2F forms t e ca/acitor DERF.ater Ddielectric constant bein" time since t%e diode Non yN conducts e ectrica ener-y in t%e direction of t%e sc%ematic arro&..$3 ta<es on or 0ecomes a Modulator Inductor .no electrical connection bet. P !C Circuit 6 Resonant C ar"in" C o0e .+3 is &rapped &it% more turns of &ire.een /rimary and secondary coil.++3 of #i-ure 1:1.

operations.t%e inductance andDor t%e capacitance /a ues.E83.pu sin.see formu as on t%e ori-ina document3 4urin. t%e /a ue of t%e capacitor .++3 interaction and is direct y re ated to pu se:train . and t%e pu se:freGuency of t%e /o ta-e 0ein. Bnce t%e /o ta-e:pu se is terminated or s&itc%ed:off. t%e incomin. P Potential Ener"y : Colta"e is 4electrical /ressure4 or 4electrical force4 &it%in an e ectrica circuit and is 0no. independent of /o ta-e amp itude. as i ustrated in #i-ure.$< in order to c ar"e t e *olta"e Hones DE1>E2F to an i" er /otential beyond a//lied *olta"e in/ut.infinity.see formu as on t%e ori-ina document3 P !C Colta"e 6 '%e /o ta-e across t%e inductor .&rray DERF can e3ceed 26#666 *olts due to circuit .$3 e ectrica y 0a ances t%e opposite /o ta-e e ectrica potentia across /o ta-e =ones . '%e /a ue of t%e Inductor . '%e %i-%er t%e /o ta-e potentia . Inductor .$3 or capacitor .1:13 as to #i-ure . P Colta"e Performs Wor0 6 2n i<e /o ta-e c%ar-es &it%in an e ectrica circuit sets up an Ne ectrica attraction forceN I &%ereas.forceN is app ied to t%e e ectrica circuit. '%e esta0 is%ed resonant freGuency is. '%e Inductance .inline R!C )et. of course.43.H3 /aria0 e amp itude input.H3.$3 connected to opposite po arity /o ta-e =one . is -i/en 0y . p%ysica constraints of components and circuit interaction pre/ents t%e /o ta-e from reac%in. /o ta-e potentia returns to N-round: stateN or near -round:state to start t%e /o ta-e def ection process o/er a-ain. +t freGuency c ose to resonance.E83 is "reater t an t e a//lied *olta"e .$.$3 and $apacitance .$3 is made of or composed of resisti/e &ire .unipo ar pu se:train .or0 6 Caria0 e inductor:coi .1:43.H3. t%e -reater Ne ectrica attraction forceN or E ectrica repe in.1:!3 produces a step:c%ar-in. Ho&e/er. .resonant interaction. P R!C Circuit 6 Inductor . i<e e ectrica c%ar-es &it%in t%e same .43 in re ations%ip to inductor .1:33 and #i-ure . t%e /o ta-e across t%e indi/idua components is %i-%er t%an t%e app ied /o ta-e .TL3.EG *3 P $ual. Co ta-e potentia is an 4unaltered4 or Iunc an"ed4 ener"y.E23 furt%er in%i0its e ectron mo/ement or def ection &it%in t%e Co ta-e Intensifier $ircuit. as i ustrated in #i-ure .state .1:33 as to #i-ure .EIDE23. '%e 8esonant #reGuency can 0e raised or o&ered 0y ied across t%e L$ circuit determines t%e impedance of t%e L$ circuit . en 4electron mo*ement4 or 4electron deflection4 is /re*ented or restricted &it%in t%e e ectrica circuit.E83. and./o ta-e:effect across Excitor:+rray .823 to furt%er restrict 4. Co ta-e intensity increases from =ero 9-round:state9 to an %i-% positi/e /o ta-e potentia in an pro-ressi/e function. Mo/a0 e &iper arm fine NtunesN N8esonant +ctionN durin. at resonant freGuency. and.H3 of #i-ure . Colta"e intensity or le*el across E3citor. simi ar to inductor . current f o& 0eyond inductance reaction .formin.n as *olta"e /otential.E83 properties of t%e L$ circuit is t%erefore NtunedN to resonance at a certain freGuency. t e *olta"e C9 across bot t e inductor and t e c:a/acitor are t eoretically infinite.

amps.%i-% y ener-i=ed su0:critica com0usti0 e -as ions to come to-et%er durin. In 0ot% cases.actionN.o mention of t%e 9die ectric 0rea<do&n effect9 participatin.e ectrica circuit encoura-es an Nrepe in.see formu as on t%e ori-ina document3 . Ions or partic es &it%in t%e e ectrica circuit %a/in. '%e Co ta-e Intensifier circuit 0rin-s on t%e NE ectrica Po ari=ation ProcessN t%at s&itc%es off t%e co/a ent 0ond of t%e &ater mo ecu e &it%out consumin.t%at t%e app ied %i-% /o ta-e a one separates t%e %ydro-en and oxy-en atoms. t%rou-% e ectrons i0eration. . .3 P In Summation 6 '%e Hydro-en #racturin. exp ainin.Process simp y tri--ers and re eases atomic ener-y from natura &ater 0y a o&in. '%e E ectrica Extraction $ircuit not on y decreases t%e mass si=e of t%e com0usti0 e -as atomsI 0ut. Li<e&ise. as i ustrated in #i-ure .un i<e e ectrica c%ar-es are attracted to eac% ot%er. a t%e process.t%e same or i<e e ectrica c%ar-es &i mo/e a&ay from one anot%er.n as 4*olta"e fields4 and can ex%i0it eit%er a positi/e or ne-ati/e e ectrica c%ar-e. and at t%e same time produces Ne ectrica ener-yN &%en t%e i0erated e ectrons are directed a&ay from t%e Hydro-en 5as 5un +ssem0 y. Ions or partic e masses %a/in.1:(3.M45 no/1)6 Exp anation continue.t%erma -as i-nition. e ectrica c%ar-e def ection or mo/ement is direct y re ated to app ied /o ta-e. '%ese e ectrica NforcesN are 0no. .

pdf9 .comD%2eart%D0 o-Dcy0rarium t%e <ee ynet conference disc osincurrent a/ai a0 e free ener-y sources and past suppressed ener-y tec%no o-y.)41 I +dded6 Marc% 1).3.comD&atc%L/U0Gfi+TIs3Tc 7outu0e /ideo6 $r Peter !inderman spea<in. %ttp6DDyoutu0e.a0out $%ema oy. Peter !indermann: Stanley Meyer and Jo"en . 211) I #rom6 sra&ofni.comDuserDsra&ofni 6 %ttp6DDyoutu0e.opera. Systems E3/lained 11 minutes extract ta <in.) Mo3 a/ai a0 e at %ttp6DDmy.PP 9o "et all t e 11 Memos in one file# "et t e ori"inal document 9#u Meyer @rief.Return to the top =. . Meyer and To-en 6 Cie&s6 23.

t%e re ease of a fue -as inc out electrolyte . all e is doin" is 8ust li0e any ot er *olta"e multi/lier t at-s used in /ulsin"" .%ydro-en and oxy-en from &ater. &%at %e is doin.. %e is ma0in" sure t at e can c ar"e t is ca/acitor . t%is is a a 0unc% of .t%is t%in-s are t%at t%ese &ere increasin.establis ed. %ere. t is c o0es are *ery im/ortant 0ecause &%en e /uts t is inducti*e s/i0es on. Here a ot of peop e %a/e not understood rea y &%at stan &as doin-. &%i e t%is is %appenin-. %ere is &%at %e is -ona do. . and orderly destroys t e .t%e die ectric ayer to 0rea<do&n3 I so t%e purpose of it is.on.M456 +ir 0ein.up is a step ramp c%ar-er on a capacitor unti it reac%es it9s catastrop%ic fai ure. and t e /roof t at t is is not a resonant circuit lyes in t e blo0in" diode M %uuuuuuu -us%% so &%at you can see %ere is &%at %e is rea y doin. . next process for production of free %ydro-en is t%e Stan Meyer patent. . for no/1) update6 . %o& %e protected t%e idea &it%out actua y t%is.ater it mo*es t rou" and creates massi*e 5uantities of ydro"en and o3y"en. I 0ut %ere is t%e circuit. t e dielectric constant is a"ain re. e .it 0ind of soft /ulses and pu se t%e t%in.'ranscription from M45. durin&%ic% t%e &ater is processed as a die ectric media in an e ectrica resonant circuit '%en %e s%o&s t%e ce . all t e *olta"e in t e ca/acitor is con*erted to am/s as a s%orts out interna y.or0s . &%ic% 0asica y consits of concentric cy inders and t%is .up. So &%at %e is doin-. .ants is .pu ses t%at are -ointo t%e fue ce &ic% is desi-ned to 0e a t e diode. t%at is t%e met%od of t%e Stan . e .under pu ses train3 a-ain t%is types of made to confuse /eo/le. .11 of t%is /ideo3 and as soon as it9s out of t%e &ay. So it9s a met%od for o0tainin. t%is &as part of t%e di/ersion a0out %o& to <eep peop e. t is system .minute 3..s%o&in.peop e to understand &%at &as -oin. %ere.. i<e sa t and pepper a t%e &ay t%rou-%. and t%e resonant c%o<es are specifica y to dam/ t e *olta"e s/i0es t at could /rematurally set t is t in" off. and so. ..y ar-e resonant pu ses and e/eryt%in-.o&. a t%e c%ar-e in t%e capacitor.!1E duty cyc es pu ses into t%is transformer and creatin.ater to a*e a fearly i" resistance in it.aits# and starts c ar"in" a"ain. t%e o0/ious pro0 em &it% t%is situation is t%is.. %e is usin.ater# creates a catastro/ ic dielectric failure in t e ca/acitor +t &%ic% point. %e -ot t%is c%o<es.t%e &ord resonant %ere. 9 is is not a resonant circuit. so %e can -et t%is ca/acitor to c ar"e to t e ma3imum de"ree before t e dielectric material# in t is case . and t%is is &%at9s %appenin-. &ater rus%es its 0ac< in..of patent pa-e dra&in. and 0asica y t%ere is not muc% to at &%at %e is sayin.. you <no& t%e idea of dra&in.%e is puttin. a you are oo<in. e is c ar"in" t is ca/ &ater mo ecu e stretc%in.

.11 of t%is /ideo3 '%e -as %ydro-en is created on demand at t%e point reGuired.on in t%e Muller DIon (ac0 EM: 'eneratorF.ent u/ to Canada.minute !. I Hust did. +nd you can see %ere To-en9s process does most si-nificant promesses t%at it &i ma<e economica for %ydro-en to rep ace car0on 0ased fue . &%ere t%ey %a/e -ot a ne& patent and are mo/in.Meyer9s system. so an unidirectionnna impu ses. you <no& a t%e c%emistry 0oo<s t%ast say it ta<es more e ectricity to crac< &ater t%an you can -et out of it. '%ra& out t%is 0oo<s in t%e fire and try to -et some @'2 out of it M #ree Inc.n met ods t%at pro0a0 y are more.spectators au-%in.minute 4. and you can Hust repeat it many times a second. '%is is exact y &%at is -oin. . it -oes 0ac< to 'es a. it -oes 0ac< to a t%is t%in-s t%at9s t%e &ay into t%is systems. ic t en resol*es as a free ener"y im/ulse of current.11 of t%is /ideo3 &e -ot = 0no.11 of t%is /ideo3 to Hust reiterate t%at Stan Meyer is of course dead 0ut t%at is 0ac<-round3 9 is tec nolo"y is real "uys. &%ic% can create un imited amounts of free %ydro-en for fue . @ut. +nd %ere a #reGuent y +s<ed Juestions. ic you c ar"e untill you reac a catastro/ ic brea0do.for&ard &it% t%e same 0asic tec%no o-y. and started up a ne& com/any called Jo"en.o &e &on9t. "i To-en pro/ide a fu disc osure of t%eir tec%no o-y L . and it does produce massi/e amounts of -as for a /ery sma amount of e ectricity. it doesn9t matter.n of t e dielectric material at . ic /oint your *olta"e is 8ust con*erted to am/era"e and you "et a "i"antic blast of "as. oo< at Guestion num0er one6 "%at is To-en tec%no o-yL Jo"en Po. .M45 mo/1)6 See pa-e 9&ater 4issociation9 on t%is &e0site for more info on $%ema oy3 Second one is t e Meyer>Jo"en /rocess &%ere you use t e electrolysis cell as a ca/acitor . &%ic% e iminates stora-e and pro/ides transporta0 e and afforda0 e met%od of production of %ydro-en. so 0asica y t%e met%ods for &%at &e ca su/erefficient electrolysis. and cou d consi/i0 y reduce atmosp%eric po brot er . as a unidirectionnal a//lication of a *olta"e# . . So a-ain %ere is a ne& company mo/in.minute (. +nd a-ain it -oes 0ac< to 5ray. app ied for &or d&ide patents 0ased on researc%s t%at disco/ered a 0rea<t%rou-% tec%no o-y t%at separates &ater in a usa0 e %ydro-en and oxy-en &it% a modest e ectrica input.for&ard y rapid y on t%e commercia i=ation of t%is tec%no o-y Here is t%e &e0site To-en. #irst one is :reedman-s C emalloy t at absolutly .

and ser/ed unti 1FFF. damped in an e ectro ytic ce of any type you &ant.oads.or-D8esearc%and4e/e opment... in p ace of staff i<e petro .t%e 1F*1’s. --------------------------------------------.oi p atforms.t%e mar<et today. %e %ad de/e oped %is o&n free ener-y systems 0ased on /aria0 e re uctance and pu sed motor desi-ns.your no&.pdf9 . t%ey are runnin.t%e i-%t 0u 0 &%en %e &as c%ar-in.t%is period %e aut%ored more t%an 21 artic es on /arious a ternati/e topics suc% as Radionics# Eet. &%en %e &as introduced to t%e &or< of Ed. Robert &dams anot%er pioneer in a ternati/e ener-y de/ices in . &%ere &e s%o& t%at %e &as pu sin. don9t expect t%e -o/ernment to sanction t%is . %e9s -ot is Ion (ac0 EM: "enerators sittin. ets ta < a0out emer-in. '%ey are doin. and 9re*or Eames Constable in t%e 2S+. and a so @edini9s system.!a"# !a0 o*s0yKs MW7# and :ree Ener"y.minute *. ma<in.Return to the top PP Water as :uel# by &dmiral Sir &nt ony 'riffin# Se/t 1BB< from 9"aterfue 'ec% +dmV1W. In 1F**..%ttp6DD&&&.. 0ut it can9t stop it anymore . 5riffin on "#$ P!(..minute ).mar<ets . you can ma<e %ydro-en &%i e you are c%ar-in. @y 1F* %ydro-en... Muller is doin" t is. and off course you can a so ta<e a your outputs from permanent ma-net as< t%em. %e Hoined t%e (oard of $irectors at (orderland Sciences Researc :oundation. on remote minin-. at industria e/e .opera.t%e on0oard e ectrica -eneration on 0i. and t%ey are runnin.on superefficient e ectro ysis.. He is a so $irector of Researc for is o. 4r.e& >ea and. . t%ey can9t say no.313 Ao3 at %ttp6DDmy.%is ta<e po&er p ants 0ased on Mu er system. and ot%er remote acti/ities.%tm 6 Peter !inderman $Sc 0ecame interested in #ree Ener-y in 1F)3.panacea: 0ocaf.11 of t%is /ideo3 . B<. '%is t%in-s are -oin.. . Lindemann is a researc associate of t e late $r.11 of t%is /ideo3 '%e t%ird &ay a-ain. if you put an e ectro ysis ce and t%at on. %e &or<ed off and on &it% 0ot% (ruce $ePalma anot%er researc%er &%ose de/ices &as suppressed and Eric $ollard. 4urin. free ener-y systems are reac%in. &e are not -oin.comD%2eart%D0 o-Dcy0rarium . t%in-s are c%an-in.or.n com/any# Clear 9ec # Inc..on a 0id en-ine &%ic% on y ta<es a fe& %orsepo&ers to turn 'ray. He is ta<in. 4urin.a t%e e ectricity from t%e &o d ..%ydro-en and after t%at runniin.. . if you don9t as< for permission.t%e en-ine and p us t%e 0i. $urrent y. P from Panacea:0ocaf. t%e -o/ernment can9t admitt it9s %appenin-.ot a t%e end of t%is /ideo is transcripted 0ecause I found it not important on a tec%nica consideration. oi companies are -oin.

2 *olts instead of 26#666 *olts and 2 am/s instead of 6. '%e .S Patent Re"ulations . + considerable 5uantity of "as immediately accumulates in t%e top of t%e /esse and. Septem0er &it% a in 16 seconds# reac es a /ressure of about 16 /ounds /er s5uare inc . P ain y. Meyer points out t%at all t e /arameters in*ol*ed in t is demonstration a*e been deliberately de. as t%e stain ess stee cy inders %a/e not noticea0 y 0een consumed o/er se/era years. Most of Meyers9 patents &ere filed under a /articular clause of t e .'%e fo o&in. I %a/e no& persona y &itnessed it 4 times. P 9 e 1BA6 Patent6 '%e first and pro0a0 y t%e most freGuent y demonstrated patent is 0ased on t%e actua eGuipment used in 1F*1 to support Meyer9s c aim for %is %ydro-en fracturin.2 milliam/# 1= inc tubes instead of an o/timum of 2@ inc tubes. .er of 16 . It &as a 0read0oard Gua ity experiment &%ic% &as successfu y demonstrated as 0roadcast on +merican 'C and reported in t%e press. P 9 e 1BA2 $une (u""y6 In 1F*!.een t em. a dune 0u--y po&ered 0y a standard 1. P Practical $emonstrations6 Many practica demonstrations of "ater #ue $e tec%no o-y %a/e a ready 0een made and more are p anned. as part of t%e symposium on t%e Impact of . E ectrica po&er .atts# i. Meyer expects to mar<et it .ass /esse .process.Point Ener"y in t e .e& 'ec%no o-y on t%e Marine Industries.process to 0e demonstrated &it%out ris< of exp o//osite /olarities is app ied in /ulses to t%e inner and outer cy inders and at a /o. 2A. #urt%ermore. 9 ey are 1= inc es lon" and are effecti*ely .a*e"uides. in production.ass /esse and its attac%ements remain at room tem/erature t rou" out# t us rulin" out any normal electrolytic /rocess. + /ideo tape record is %e d 0y London 2ni/ersity. '%ey are immersed in ta/ . 2 *olts at 2 am/s. t e balance of t e ener"y re5uired can only come from t e Lero. 0ut on t%is 0ein. In out ine. ic re5uires a claim to be demonstrated before it can be "ranted.(11 cc Co <s&a-en en-ine &as modified t%rou-% "ater #ue $e tec%no o-y to run on &ater fue . t%e apparatus consists of B concentric stainless steel cylinders# . etc.e. '%e top of t%e /esse is norma y -as ti-%t 0ut %as a pressure -au-e and a /a /e to a o& -as to pass to atmosp%ere &%en about a 1 mm "a/ bet. in order to a o& t%e princip e of t%e &ater an extract from t%e ecture -i/en 0y +dmira Sir +nt%ony 5riffin to t%e Marine 4i/ision of t%e Sout%ampton Institute. t%e -eneration of suc% a Guantity of -as and its immediate app ication at suc% a %i-% temperature.o/timised# e. t%e tem/erature instantly rises to about <#666o: and t%e f ame 0urns t%rou-% a stain ess stee &ire in a0out 2 seconds.ater contained in a . manufactured to a pre:production standard as a con/ersion <it for a typica car. P 9 e 1BB< $une (u""y6 '%is &i 0e t%e first demonstration of a comp ete system. '%e ri. "arsas%. a Het of co d -as can 0e fe t. "%en t%e /a /e is opened.ater.". demands more t%an 11 &atts of e ectrica desi-ned for po&ers up to 411%p and.

si=e *Nx*Nx2N approx.see pdf document3 P 9 e 9 eory of Water :uel Cell 9ec nolo"y6 '%is 0e-ins &it% t%e 0asic structures of %ydro-en and oxy-en atoms and %o& t%ey are com0ined in t%e &ater mo ecu e. . 0ut is expected to 0e &it%in t%e next 2 mont%s in B%io.for 1. '%e date %as yet to 0e sett ed. Pi tures !ro" youtu#e vi$eo %&rigina' Meyer (ater )ue' *e'' +.!11 2S4. .--0%+ #o o& dia-rams of t%e 9Hyperdri/e >PE Impe ed "ater 4emonstrator9.

.o distinct# but *irtually simultaneous /rocesses.ote t%e presence of t%e t&o %ydro-en e ectrons in t%e 9L9 s%e of t%e oxy-en atom.. '%e effect is to attract t%e ne-ati/e y c%ar-ed e ectrons to&ards t%e positi/e /o ta-e =one and t%e positi/e y c%ar-ed nuc eus to&ards t%e ne-ati/e =one. causes suc% e ectrica stress on t%e mo ecu e t%at t%e co/a ent 0onds 0et&een t%e %ydro-en and oxy-en atoms are 0ro<en and t%e 2 -ases separated. '%e ener-y extracted from &ater 0y t%e "ater #ue $e deri/es from t. t%ey .M45 no/1)6 may 0e an exp anation of t%e Hydroxy -as stran-e properties . '%e second is t%e e ectron ionisation process &%ic% en%ances t%e exp osi/e ener-y of t%e -ases re eased. .ote t%e or0ita pat%s of t%e e ectrons and t%eir 9s%e s9I t%e ma-netic po arity of an e ectron and a nuc eusI and t%e space occupied 0y t%e so:ca ed /acuum. coup ed &it% t%e effect of pu sin-. In t%e case of norma e ectro ysis.process &%ic% dissociates t%e %ydro-en -as from t%e &ater mo ecu e. It is t%us a %i-% y inefficient process 0ecause of t%e considera0 e amount of &aste %eat &%ic% is -enerated.ater molecule to *ery i" *olta"e D26#666MF /ulses at a /articular fre5uency and &it%in positi/e y and ne-ati/e y c%ar-ed /o ta-e =ones at a *ery lo.. '%e first is t%e %ydro-en fracturin. '%ereafter. is rou-% y t%ree times t%e ener-y of t%e %ydro-en re eased. current of less t an 1 milliam/. '%ese are <no&n as t%e co/a ent e ectrons &%ic% are 0onded in position 0y considera0 e e ectrica force. t%e ener-y needed to 0rea< t%ese 0onds and produce separate %ydro-en and oxy-en atoms from &ater. '%e e ectron or0ita pat% is c%an-ed from a circ e to an e ipse and t%is.3 P 9 e Hydro"en :racturin" Process6 '%e 0asis of t%is process is t%e sub8ection of t e ..

4r. %o& is it to 0e o0tained and contro edL '%e ans&er to t%e first Guestion is t%e so:ca ed /acuum &it%in t%e e ectron s%e s. ?o%nson9s 9E ectrica y Induced Exp osions in "ater9. P E3/losi*e Ener"y En ancement6 '&o distinct Guestions arise o/er exp osi/e ener-y en%ancement. accept t%e tec%no o-y and are . Europe and +sia. /ery itt e %eat is -enerated. 9-ra/ity fie d ener-y9. ?. pointed out ./o 2 pa-es 4)2 and 4)33 t%at t%e /acuum in fact contains a considera0 e amount of ener-y.o0e Pri=e for $%emistry in 1F)). ?o%n +rc%i0a d "%ee er of Princeton 2ni/ersity. Hu0er9s paper 9P%enomena of t%e #ree Ener-y in . @ecause t%e current is so o&.t%at. 8ecent examp es inc ude I ya Pri-o-ine9s 0oo< 9Brder But of $%aos9 &%ic% descri0es t%e &or< &%ic% &on %im t%e . none %as 0een de/e oped or en-ineered to a pre:production standard. Carious ans&ers. Ain-9s 9'appin. It %as encounteres deep scepticism 0ut no ar-ued reHection. Meyer9s "ater #ue $e tec%no o-y stands out as t%e on y apparent exception. or 9=ero:point ener-y9.! %ours. #or many years t%is /acuum &as re-arded as a /oid. Hence it needs to 0e 9en-ineered9 or made co%erent 0efore it can 0e trans ated from a microscopic to a macroscopic state. It is a so reco-nised t%at t%e state of t%is so:ca ed 9sea of ener-y9 is c%aotic. %a/e 0een -i/en to t%e second Guestion. %ydro-en contains a0out 2. from t%e Aansas State 2ni/ersity.p%ysicist &%o &or<ed on t%e 2S atomic 0om0 proHect.! times t%e ener-y of -aso ine and t%e atent ener-y in t%e %ydro-en content of a pint of &ater amounts to o/er F mi ion ?ou es. It is &ort% notin. @ut ?ames $ er< Max&e . Some 31 supposed y practica de/ices %a/e 0een made or su--ested o/er t%e past *1 years. it reGuires specia treatment 0efore it can 0e tapped and contro ed for norma externa use.num0er of scientists and en-ineers in t%e 2S+. for examp e. #irst. ?o%n 4a/idson9s 9'%e Secret of '%e $reati/e Cacuum9 and. 0ut a t%ou-% some %a/e 0een demonstrated. an increasin.reGuire su0stantia ener-y to 0e app ied 0efore t%ey can 0e recom0ined. a eadin. Su0seGuent &or< 0ears t%is out and it is no& -enera y accepted t%at t%e /acuum is in fact seet%in. or enou-% to run a 1A" %eater for 2. &%ere does t%e additiona ener-y come fromL +nd second. Indeed.&it% ener-y &%ic% %as /arious y descri0ed as.t%e >ero:Point Ener-y9. In ot%er &ords. &ei-%t for &ei-%t. %as ca cu ated t%at t%e f ux density of =ero:point ener-y is of t%e order of 11F3 -rams per cm3. in %is 9'reatise on E ectricity and Ma-netism9 pu0 is%ed in 1*)3. Moray @.ature and 'ec%no o-y9. most y t%eoretica . 9uni/ersa ener-y9. 5ary L.

Cesse s f in p ace. under t%e inf uence of -ra/ity.or diese fue inHector. and %ence contro s t%e ener-y o0tained.!112S4 .prepared to in/est in it on t%e 0asis of current e/idence.process and t%e ener-y en%ancement of t%e -as occurs a most simu taneous y &it%in t%e fue inHector. en-ineered to a pre:production standard and fitted to a runnin. causes an annu us to appear in t%e midd e of t%e nuc eus. '%e system is t%us not on y extreme y safe.esta0 is%ed a&s -o/ernin. '%e /o ta-e dictates t%e si=e of t%e annu us.action mentioned ear ier. $onseGuent y. 0ecomes co%erent and %ence a usa0 e source of ener-y. 2. In fact. t%e &ater remains sti and apparent y po&er ess.s of 9 ermodynamics: '%e "ater #ue $e tec%no o-y encounters a credi0i ity -ap 0ecause it appears to run counter to t%e on. Ho&e/er. 9 e Water :uel Cell and t e :irst and Second !a. + dia-ram of t%e ener-y en%ancement system is s%o&n in #i-ure F6 '%e %ydro-en fracturin.spar< p u.9dune 0u--y9. Some peop e t%erefore reHect t%e "ater #ue $e 0ecause it appears to 0e un:natura and Hust one more spurious c aim for perpetua motion. and t%e output is i-nited 0y a %i-% /o ta-e pu se on entry into t%e cy inder. '%e tec%nica 0asis for Meyer9s extraction and contro of =ero:point ener-y ies main y in t%e effect produced on an atomic nuc eus 0y continuation of t%e same %i-% /o ta-e pu sin. forms a po&erfu Het &%ic% can 0e directed to do &or<.t%at causes t%e dissociation of t%e &ater mo ecu e. Meyer furt%er stimu ates t%e ener-y yie d 0y t%e p u. in an interna com0ustion petro or diese remo/ed. rep aces an existin. Since t%e 0asic structure of t%e atom is retained.on &ater need no fue tan<s.our interpretation of . '%is. t%e &ater s&ir s a&ay &it% a %e ica motion do&n t%e p u.1FF3 2S4 /a ues3. Meyer %as Guoted t%e in:production cost of a con/ersion <it for a 1. So on. '%e =ero:point ener-y is dra&n t%rou-% t%e annu us in an %e ica motion and in so doin-. t%e "ater #ue $e is entire y . '%e e ectrica effect of t%e e ectron pumpin. &%en t%e p u.0ut &ater. '%e nuc eus consists of one or more positi/e y c%ar-ed protons 0ound to-et%er &it% a num0er of neutra y c%ar-ed neutrons.aser ener-y into t%e ionised &ater /apour.(11cc Co <s&a-en en-ined car as 1. 0ased on a fu y desi-ned system.ature. 0ut a so inexpensi/e.%o e and. no a p%a or -amma radiation occurs. '%e effect mi-%t 0e i ustrated 0y a 0at% fu of &ater. + practica demonstration is in fact due to ta<e p ace &it%in t%e next fe& &ee<s. t%e %ydro-en does not %a/e to 0e stored and t%e fue tan<s of and or air /e%ic es contain not%in.

constructi/e . ead to t%e separation of t%e %ydro-en and oxy-en -ases. '%e system is out ined in fi-ure 11.6 : 9 e :irst !a. : 9 e Second !a. It is t%e impossi0i ity of certain processes t%at permits us to introduce a function. t%e system is .responsi/e to t%e t%rott e.see sc%ema #i-ure 113 : 9 e :uel In8ector6 '%is %i-% y inno/ati/e de/e opment accounts for t%e compactness of t%e /e%ic e con/ersion <it . entropy. t%e Co ta-e Intensifier $ircuit is ener-ised 0y t%e 0attery to -enerate %i-% /o ta-e pu ses at a /ery o& current. . 2nder computer contro . It does not infrin-e t%e t&o main a&s of t%ermodynamics. t%e /o ta-e 0ein. t%is a& 9contains t&o fundamenta e ements6 . $ ausius in 1*(!.sa t. It rep aces t%e 9resonant ca/ity unit9 &%ic% formed a re ati/e y 0u <y and expensi/e component of t%e system as ori-ina y desi-nedI e iminates t%e need for a specia %ydro-en conduit 0et&een t%e ca/ity unit and t%e fue inHection systemI and reduces t%e /ariety of suc% systems 0y a o&in.o0a . In t%e case of "#$ tec%no o-y. It is at maximum &%en t%e system is in eGui i0rium. it can 0e said to 0e supported 0y t%e positi/e e ement of t%is La&.M45 no/1)6see picture 0e o& on t%e &e0pa-e3. '%e ex%aust from t%e en-ine is &ater /apour &%ic% returns to t%e atmosp%ere. i-nites t%e -ases as t%ey enter t%e cy inder. %eat f o&in. frs% or disti ed3. t%is a& states t%at 9'%e entropy of t%e "or d stri/es to&ards a maximum9.. + specia %i-% /o ta-e pu se. P 9 e *e icle System6 '%e system starts &it% a norma 12C car 0attery and a tan< fu of &ater . +s recent y formu ated 0y Pri-o-ine and Sten-ers.23 a positi/e. &%ic% increases uniform y and 0e%a/es as an attractor for iso ated systems9. and t%e exp osi/e ener-y en%ancement. /irtua y simu taneous y.e. a /irtua y inex%austi0 e source. i.-.e. '%ere it is su0Hect to %i-% /o ta-e pu ses &%ic%.13 a ne-ati/e one t%at expresses t%e impossi0i ity of certain processes .any adHustments to 0e made t%rou-% a ne& y desi-ned uni/ersa computer. Simu taneous y.6 +s ori-ina y formu ated 0y 8. X1 mi iamp. &ater and am0ient air are mixed into a &ater mist &%ic% is inHected &it% aser ener-y and fed to eac% fue inHector. '%e ener-y reGuired to dri/e t%e en-ine comes from t%e >PE contained in t%e &ater.on:eGui i0rium is t%e source of order and 0rin-s order out of c%aos.&%at nature %as a &ays %ad on offer.from a co d to a %ot source3 and . app ied at t%e exit of t%e fue inHector. It mere y demonstrates a ne& and re/o utionary &ay of %arnessin. + sc%ematic dia-ram is s%o&n %ere6 .6 9'%e tota ener-y of a t%ermodynamic system remains constant a t%ou-% it may 0e transformed from one form to anot%er9. Since "#$ tec%no o-y postu ates non:eGui i0rium.

Meyer %as a furt%er de/e opment in %and %e ca s 9%yperdri/ Iris 'o*ernment su//ort# manufacturin" a . Meyer intends to mar<et a ran-e of con/ersion <its. o0tained from t%e dissociation of &ater.fuelled furnace under licence from made a/ai a0 e e ectrica y from %i-% /o ta-e pu es suc% as t%ose fitted to t%e Harrier Cto aircraft and to space roc<ets.# . P &ut or-s (io"ra/ y6 +dmira Sir +nt%ony 5riffin &as a re-u ar executi/e officer in t%e 8oya .a/y for 42 years. P Hy/erdri*e6 '%is ne& de/e opment does not reGuire t%e -eneration of %ydro-en and its su0seGuent com0ustion. to desa ination p ants. In addition. 0y t%e app ied /o ta-e.t%e Het t%rou-% manoeu/rin. It is t%erefore of specia si-nificance to marine transport. It app ies t%e ener-y.ater. '%e po&er e/e is -o/erned. direct y to t%e -eneration of a &ater Het. 5i/en some con/entiona en-ineerin.0oi ers and industria furnaces. %ome %eatin. 4irection is contro ed 0y feedin. Mean&%i e.0ot% fossi and nuc ear fue ed3. it can 0e readi y adapted to -as tur0ines .of t%e >ero:Point Ener-y #ie d. t%e "#$ tec%no o-y can pro/ide a safe. In a t%ese opment. s o& speed diese s. as 0efore. ener-y &ou d 0e in t%e form of %ydro-en. coup ed &it% >ero:Point Ener-y itse f t%rou-% ener-y en%ancement.0ot% marine and aeria 3. suc% as e ectricity -eneratin. and space roc<ets. "ater #ue $e tec%no o-y cou d 0e app ied to /ery muc% %i-%er po&ers.P &//lications6 In t%is current state of de/e opment. &%ic% is to a pre:production standard of en-ineerin-. & $ublin food /rocessin" com/any is no. "%en "#$ tec%no o-y reac%es its fu production sta-e.p ants . It does not reGuire an en-ine and %as no mo/in. t%e ast ! of &%ic% &ere spent as $ontro er of t%e . economica and po ution free source of uni/ersa ener-y for a interna com0ustion petro or diese en-ines of up to 411%orsepo&er.

and founder mem0er of t%e @ritis% Maritime Lea-ue and t%e @ritis% Maritime $%arita0 e #oundation in 1F*2.rar9 ./ ! ?. Stanley Meyer Patents See : %ttp6DD&&&.4 Mo3 at %ttp6DDmy. EP:3*1)22:+4 "B:*F12)14:+ ?P:3!11142:" +2: *F3*(23:+ : Ha/e it 6 $ontro ed t%erma ener-y production from -ases 1F*( 2S:4*2(!*1:+ EP: 333*!4:+.opera.a/y &it% responsi0i ity for t%e de/e opment and construction of a surface s%ips.a/a +rc%itects 1F*1:1F*4. in 1F)! to 0ecome first $%airman of @ritis% S%ip0ui ders from 1F)!:1F*1I President of t%e 8oya Institution of . aircraft and &eapons.osen. EP:3*1)22:+4 "B:*F12)14:+ ?P:3!11142:" +2: *F3*(23:+ : Ha/e it 6 #ue -as production &it% en%anced t%erma ener-y re ease 1F*) 2S: 4F3(F(1:+ EP:3*1)22:+.Return to the top PP E3clusi*e Pictures from Meyer systems from 9MeyerP%otosExtracted.rarU.%ydro-en:oxy-en mixture from &ater 1F*! 2S: 4)F*((1:+ : Ha/e it 6 E ectrica pu se -enerator for po&er supp y 1F*3 2S:4(13))F:+ : Ha/e it 6 5as e ectrica %ydro-en -enerator 1F*4 2S:4(13314:+ ...comD%2eart%D0 o-Dcy0rarium it was !or RE. su0marines. EP:333*!4:+4 "B:*F114(4:+ : Ha/e it 6 5enerator producin.or-D'ec%no o-iesDHydro-enD8e atedPatentsDta0idD3)4D4efau t. --------------------------------------------. 8etired from 8.aspx : Ha/e it 6 Mana-ement system for I$ en-ine usin.%ydro-en -as 1FF1 2S:!2F3*!): + "B:F21*14(:+1 +2:F1(**)1:+ : Ha/e it 6 #ue -as production &it% en%anced t%erma ener-y re ease 1F*) 2S: !14F41):+ EP:3*1)22:+.=ip (.

1*.%tm : %ttp6DD&&&.or-Dd&ard1)2.e ectrica si-na 1FF1 $+:21())3!:+ "B:F222()F:+1 ?P:)!1!1*(: " +2:F1*44)1:+ : Ha/e it 6 $om0ustion system &it% contro ed mixin.comDineD.comD-reenfie dD0pD1(Dfreeener-ycircuit.padra<.rexresearc%.)))111.pau <em0 e. EP*(43F:@ 4E:33*11)(:5 : 4oesn9t %a/e it 6 Li-%t:-uide ense assem0 y for so ar ener-y concentration 1F*1 2S:42)!F!1:+ : 4oesn9t %a/e it 6 Mu ti:sta-e so ar stora-e system 1F*1 2S:42(!224:+ : Ha/e it 6 So ar %eatin.1F*2 $+: 123!((F:+ EP:111)(1:+.%tm : %ttp6DD&&&.ma-netised partic es 1F*2 $+: 1213()1:+ EP:F**F):+ ?P:!*21)(11:+ : Ha/e it 6 .comDcomment.%ydro-en -as -enerator 1F*2 $+:122**33: + EP:11(F1):+ ?P:!F132)*4:+.: Ha/e it 6 Start:upDs%ut:do&n system for %ydro-en -as 0urner 1F*2 2S:44(!4!!:+ : Ha/e it 6 Hydro-en -as 0urner &it% contro ed recircu ation 1F*2 2S:44214)4:+ : Ha/e it 6 Hydro-en -as inHector system for I$ en-ine 1F*2 2S:43*FF*1:+ $+: 12333)F:+ EP:*(43F:+.comDmedia.p%pDPersons6StanKMeyer : %ttp6DD&&&.comD&ater0u--y.p%pLrep y.or0 on Stan Meyer .system 1F)( 2S:3F)11)1:+ : Ha/e it 6 $on/ertin.fortunecity.Return to the top P 7t er lin0s about MEYER 6 %ttp6DDcountrycoast.on:e ectro ytic separation of %ydro-en and oxy-en from &ater 1F*2 EP: 113(!(:+ : Ha/e it 6 $ontro and dri/er circuits for fue -as ce 1FF1 "B:F21)*(1:+1 +2: F1)4*!2:+ : Ha/e it 6 +pparatus for non:e ectro ytic production of %ydro-en from &ater 1F*4 $+:1234))3:+ ?P:!F1!F**F:+.%tm : %ttp6DD&&&.comDindex.( : %ttp6DD&&&.&ater mist to unipo ar pu sin.comDindex.%tm : %ttp6DD&&&.E.content.%tm : %ttp6DD&&&.deD%tm Dstan created at . ?P:!F14*!*4:+ : Ha/e it 6 Hydro-en:oxy-en -enerator &it% contro ed -as 0urnin.0efreetec%.K4K11K1.&ater to fue containin.comDstan3.meta p ates immersed in &ater 1F*2 $+:1234))4:+ EP:111!)3:+ ?P: !F12F)F1:+ : Ha/e it 6 E ectrica -enerator emp oyin.%tm : %ttp6DDautomorro&.%tm : %ttp6DD&&&.%a exandria.non3 /o ati e -ases 1F*4 $+:1231*)2:+ EP:1224)2:+ : Ha/e it 6 Hydro-en oxy-en -enerator : %as direct current /o ta-e app ied to pair of non:oxidisin.%ydro-en:oxy-en -enerator --------------------------------------------.%tm PPP &&R7)>%IM&)1< REP!IC& of Stan Meyer: .of .%tm : %ttp6DD&&&.%ydro-en : 0y su0Hectin.%tm : %ttp6DD&&&.stan eymeyer. ?P:F114!1111:@ : Ha/e it 6 $om0ustion system usin.o/em0er 211) 2pdate3 PP &aron Mura0ami Dcalled %iman1< on anot er forumF .comDartic esDmeyers.comDmeyer%yDmeyer%y. EP:111)(1:@ 4E:32*1143:5 : Ha/e it 6 E ectrica po&er transformer usin.&asserauto.%ydropo&ercar.

&ind i<e t%is6 "%en puttin.428I.comDEner-y #or a coi &it% .counter EM#3L 9EM# t%e pus%es a-ainst current &%ic% induces it. P2LSE.5 t%e +$'ICE process of c%ar-ina coi . @ac< EM# : &&&. you -et t%e .>9s L+"L 9'%e ma-netic fie d of any induced current opposes t%e c%an-e t%at induces it9.t%e coi &%i e current is mo/in-.> L+" ex%i0its itse f as @+$A EM# "%at is LE.Ener-etic#orum.B8'H fie d at t%e top.E5+'ICE to 0ottom.comD&atc%L/UFKr/?J02S47 $o apsed Spi<e /s.t%e acti/e process of c%ar-in.B8'H &i t%en 0e at t%e @B''BM 4urin. LE. is caused 0y a c%an-ine ectroma-netic fie d.5 t%e +PPLIE4 B.B8'H fie d at t%e top "%en you disconnect po&er.Re/lication 6 P 'ranscription of +aron youtu0e /ideo -(ac0 EM: *s Colla/sed S/i0es-# /osted Se/tember 62# 266@: %ttp6DDyoutu0e.PL2S to t%e top and . Here is a /isua i=ation of @+$A EM# 428I. "%at is @+$A EM# or $EM# . fie d co apses and re/erses po arity. . SB2'H &i t%en 0e at t%e 'BP D .9 So &e see t%at 9@+$A EM#9 is %appenin.

' can f o& &%en oop is openL9 +s< yourse f6 9If no current can f o&. Po&er is turned off anf fie d co apses "%en t%e coi is 0ein. and &%en open . . "%en po&er is disconnected from coi .a 9spi<e9. +s< yourse f6 9Ho& muc% $288E. %o& can t%ere 0e any @+$A EM#L9 "%en po&er is disconnected. 2.. Po&er app ied to coi and @+$A EM# opposes it 'HE. %o& muc% @+$A EM# is opposin. current can f o&. ma-netic fie d co apses /ery fast &it% %i-% /o ta-e potentia and no currentL9 +s< yourse f6 9If t%e oop is open and t%ere is no current.c%ar-ed. t%e oop is $LBSE4 for t%at moment.+#'E8 t%e po&er to a coi is disconnected or turned B##.. t%e oops is BPE. 1. "%en c osed. t%e fie d co apses in re/erse po arity causin.

t%e dia-ram is correct. '%ere are 3 .. : comment @ 0y Giman13 .'H8EE3 f o&s o/er a &ire. Pos potentia mo/es o/er t%e coi from t%e Q on t%e input source to t%e : on t%e input source. .@+$A EM# %appens 428I.a0out t%e co apsed spi<es as @+$A EM# 8efer t%em to t%is /ideo B8 %a/e t%em /isit6 &&&.comDrene&a0 e: ener-y : comment ? 0y Giman13 . Many peop e tin<erin. 'HE. if .%ttp6DDyoutu0e.5 app ication of po&er to c%ar-e coi .in t%e 9free ener-y9 fie d is often ta <in.comDuserDGiman133 6 Exact y as s%o&n.ener-eticforum.comDuserDGiman133 6 a-ain you are mista<en.potentia mo/es o/er coi from : on input source to pos on input source.e.%ttp6DDyoutu0e. '%e e ectrons mo/e from input source : direction to t%e Q on t%e input source and are donated 0y t%e copper atoms in t%e &ire itse f and not from t%e 0attery. fie d co apses +#'E8 po&er is disconnected.

. Stan’s Circuits Pictures and Videos . 7ou must %a/e -ood coatin. 4.term e/en t%ou-% t%ey are rea y meanin.4* "atts "%ite po&der coatin. I t%in< t%at most of t%ese 9#E experimenters9 &ou dn9t <no& f y0ac< /o ta-e from 0ac< EM# from a smac< in t%e face &it% a tuna M Most peop e use t%e term 0ac< EM# &it%out rea isin.t%e ce is6 121H= .)4 Co ts Y 2 +mps U F.t%e &ire is &rapped around t%e core as s%o&n and you app y a 0attery as s%o&n.Return to the top P 'ranscription of +aron youtu0e /ideo -Water :uel Cell DW:CF .:3 inside tu0es I 1mm -ap spaced &D&ire insu ation Po&er %ittin.ener-eticforum. &&&.e-ati/e .%ttp6DD&&&.for optimum efficiency./isi0 e on inner tu0es.comD&atc%L/UGT8MC>"r-S< "ater #ue $e . More info.!1 minutes6 %ttp6DDyoutu0e. &%ic% are ne-ati/e po arity.t%at t%ey are usin. + t%ou-%."#$3 0y +aron Mura<ami 9$onditionin. 4. --------------------------------------------.comDener-y I I posted sc%ematics and ot%er info t%ere "%ite 4ra-on Press &&&..comDrene&a0 e:ener-y or t%e #8EE Mem0ers Bn y section &&&. conditionin" t e tubes-# added +u-ust 22.pu sed 4$3.soon to exp ain t%e science in simp e terms 9. /isit .Q3 outside tu0es I .f y0ac< /o ta-e.B8'H fie d at t%e top and any c aim to t%e contrary is a0so ute y de usiona .ener-eticforum.t%e 'u0es9 '314 SS 'u0es.&%itedra-onpress.comDuserD8oad8unnerLaser3 6 Hoo:0 oody:ray MMM # y0ac< /o ta-e M '%an< you. : comment 16 0y 8oad8unnerLaser . you &i -et a .t%e &ron.youtu0e. Positi/e .com I @oo< comin. 211).

Ho& is t%e 0ifi ar c%o<e &ound LLL +nd %o& is it connectedLLL 7ou see t%e fo o& t%e dia-rams suc% as in t%e tec% 0rief6 '%at &as t%e 0are 0ones pic in fi.spira ed3 @ifi ar &ound a0out core 0o00in9 .Return to the top P 'ranscription of +aron youtu0e /ideo -Stan Meyer W:C (ifilar C o0es-# posted +u-ust 2).pM(#GM Stan Meyer "#$ I @ifi ar $%o<e I Ear y +na ysis E/eryone as<s .3:22 in t%e tec% 0rief 7ou can see t%e c%o<es at t%e top and 0ottom 0efore t%e ce pa-e (:3 in tec% 0rief6 9&%ic% are axia y . 211)6 %ttp6DDyoutu0e..comD&atc%L/Uo=p8..

L1DL23 are @ifi ar &ound in eGua en-t%9 pa-e ):11 in tec% 0rief69eac% c%o<e:coi .&rapped39 .F)13 of #i-ure .):*3 is composed of t&o copper &ires 9@ifi ar9 &ound .(F13 of #i-ure .11:13 as to .pa-e ):! in tec% 0rief6 9@ot% Inductors .e spoo :0o00in.$ircuit .of t%e same impedance /a ue since 0ot% coi :&raps .L1DL23 0ein.9 pa-e 11:1 in tec% 0rief6 9'%e +mp In%i0itin.!(D(23 are @ifi ar &ound to-et%er onto a sin.

pa-e 11:2 in tec% 0rief6 9CI$ @ifi ar "rap $oi :+ssem0 y .11:3+3 0ot% uti i=e9 Here is a simp e dia-ram t%at s%o&s it c ear y 0ased on &%at appears to 0e in t%e tec% 0rief .11:3@3 and CI$ 4ua $oi "rap:+ssem0 y .

'%e positi/e pu se t%en %its t%e ne-ati/e side of t%e secondary transformer coi durint%e B.t%at I 0e ie/e c%an-es on t%e ne-ati/e side 0ecause of t%e &fc capacitor..comDener-y : comment 1 0y Giman13 .%ttp6DDyoutu0e. %e sais t%e I frame core restricted amps t%e 0est.. 5et more detai s at6 %ttp6DD&&&. : comment A 0y Giman13 .your time if you rea y &ant to dup icate meyer.4 and t%e ne-ati/e c%o<e %as . t%e type of &ire and specs on it are in t%e tec% 0rief as far as type of &ire.comDuserDGiman133 6 t%an<s.4. : comment 2 0y Giman13 .opposed. t%is is t%e 4$ resonance tes a ta <s a0out and not seria resonance &it% t%e cap i<e a tan< circuit.B8'H at t%e end of t%e positi/e potentia .s%o&n may not 0e i<e t%is 0ut if you %a/e a 0ifi ar c%o<e.c%o<es or your &astin. &%ic% it is not .s<ype c%atroom..or more of 44 a&&ire. pu se '%e positi/e c%o<e %as .t%at end ..%ttp6DDyoutu0e.ener-eticforum. t%at is a0out 4!11 feet on.see t%e 0 oc<in.4 'HE BPPBSI'E E.B8'H +' B.%ttp6DDyoutu0e. it &i 0e ..B8'H @ot% &ires are &rapped t%e S+ME &ay. a&-.comDuserDGiman133 6 for-et t%e part in t%e dia-ram a0out t%e fie ds 0ein.Positi/e pu se -oes t%rou-% 0 oc< i<e t%is.possi0 y some air core. so ma<e sure you 0ui d 0i. Most . Meyer9s dia-rams s%o& t%e coi &i 0e t%e coi &%en Q is put t%rou-% t%e diode and %its one of t%e c%o<e coi s. you can see t%at t%e direction t%e &ires are comin.B8'H +.diode Positi/e pu se t%en %its one of t%e 0ifi ar c%o<e coi s '%is coi 0ecomes . one point Meyer says 11.comDuserDGiman133 6 &irin.B8'H c%ar-ed at t%e end t%e diode is attac%ed to '%e positi/e pu se %its t%e positi/e outside tu0e Positi/e pu se %its t%e &ater Positi/e pu se potentia %its t%e ne-ati/e inside tu0e Positi/e pu se potentia %its t%e ot%er c%o<e coi &ire connected to t%e ne-ati/e tu0e ma<in.comDuserDGiman133 6 If oo<in. /arious specs on t%e core as &e . I &ou dn9t %a/e paid attention to it too muc% if it &asn9t for t%e peop e in t%e %2eart% dot or.ort% at t%at end.carefu y at fi. T 2 is a ot of &ire. etc.(< o%ms per c%o<e. you can a &ays s&itc% &irin-. &ou d Hust i<e to see a t%e experimenters doin.. 0ut a e se stay same.E E. 'HESE #IEL4S BPPBSE E+$H B'HE8..diode3LL : comment @ 0y Giman13 .11:3@.%ttp6DDyoutu0e.

.comDuserDGiman133 6 '%e &ater at my <itc%en sin< comes from an aGuifer. Input po&er is pu sed 3( "atts .. .comD-roupDradiant%2o : comment ? 0y Giman13 .e se %e s%o&s. /isit .c%o<e P!( is dra&n incorrect y .comD&atc%L/UpS#p@"*K/*o Po&erfu 5as from 'ap "ater P astic pasta Har &it% stain ess stee concentric tu0es fi ed &it% tap &ater from my <itc%en sin<.ener-eticforum. resonant c%ar-in. So &%ate/er minera s are natura y occurrin.Return to the top P &aron-s W:C Circuit6 .B +44E4 ELE$'8BL7'ES.comDuserDGiman133 6 I &i post ater %o& to rea y see &%at Stan Meyer &as doin.and t%e @edini circuits are t%e <ey to t%e &%o e t%in-. Producin. 211)6 %ttp6DDyoutu0e.comDrene&a0 e:ener-y and %ttp6DD-roups.%ttp6DDyoutu0e. --------------------------------------------.of %is dra&in-s s%o& t%is. : comment 16 0y Giman13 . 'as N Stan Meyer Re/lication :ree Ener"y-# added +u-ust 11. %ttp6DD&&&.12 Co ts at 3 +mps3.Return to the top P 'ranscription of +aron youtu0e /ideo -Water :uel Cell . is &ound different from e/eryt%in.enormous amount of po&erfu 9@ro&n9s 5as9 Stan ey Meyer sty t%e &ater is &%at I am usin-..possi0 y3.ya%oo.. @ui t 0y +aron Mura<imi #or more info. In fi-ure 3:23.

p%oto0uc<et.comDa 0umsD-31)Dimaaron%a DLmediafi terUa .P &aron-s Cell Pictures from %is a 0um at imaaron all-s / otos %ttp6DDs!F.

t%e tec% 0rief t%at %as 0een under a our noses t%e &%o e time.%o& t%e c%o<es &ere desi-ned 0y simp y readin. /ery c ear.8 Aaron's Posts about Meyer Bifilar 7n Ener"etic :orum from fi e &aronOmeyerObifilar. I &as surprised to find so many ideas a0out %o& t%e c%o<es are desi-ned considerin.2@./df Ener-y '%e %o& to of free:ener-y tec%no o-ies. More peop e today are many peop e. Inc udin.266@# 6<:1A &M P Stan Meyer (ifilar C o0es '%e c%o<es. Se/era peop e in t%e '%e H2eart% Institute : + Cirtua $enter of Exce ence in "aterfue 'ec%no o-y suc% as ?os% and ot%ers are oo<in.t%e fact t%at t%e text descriptions and dia-rams in t%e "#$ tec% 0rief are /ery. po&er coi s. &%ic% may 0e ri-%t or &ron-. in Meyer9s circuits seemed to %a/e a &ays 0een /ery confusin. etc. t%ese are my comments.. I don9t <no& 0ut t%ey ma<e sense to me .@edini. 2pon furt%er t%is /ery c ose y. : &aron# Ener"etic Scientist# 6A. Peter Lindemann proHects and ot%er info you &on9t find any&%ere e se on t%e internet. Stan Meyer and ot%er circuits and more.

-i/en internet address is uncomp ete3 @e o& are a fe& tid0its from t%e tec% 0rief on t%e 0ifi ar..inner to outer circumference and 0eineGua y: en-t%3 coi s .42(3 tit ed CI$ Matrix $ircuit.5 $B8E $B./o ta-e potentia .LIIL23 0ein..!11a xxx !11n3 e ectrica y connected in seGuencia order to form resisti/e pic<up coi . causin.4Fa xx 4Fn3 to Ntune:inN to t%e Ndie ectric propertyN .)!13 of #i-ure .Memo "#$ 422 4+3 are composed of 431# or 431#8 inductance stain ess stee fi m coated ..LIDL23 are @ifi ar &ound in eGua en-t% to optimi=e t%e e ectroma-netic fie d stren-t% .N V#i-ure 3:236 P2LSI.!(D(23 are @ifi ar &ound to-et%er onto a sin. Pa-e (:36 N8esonant $%o<e $oi s .)!13 of #i-ure . formin.3:233 .N pa-e 11:16 N'%e +mp In%i0itin.indi/idua spira :&rap .!(D(23 of #i-ure . Meyer F)1W pa-e 11:26 NCI$ @ifi ar "rap $oi :+ssem0 y .repetiti/e pu sin. NEN ZI[ core s%ape .(2)3 of #i-ure .N V#i-ure 11:3@6 CI$ @I#IL+8:"8+P +SS97 . construction.*!3 .11:3@3 is most prefera0 e since amp spi<e sur-e is minimi=e durin.e spoo :0o00in.$ircuit .8e3 of &ater .#LI U #L23 to encoura-e and promote NE ectron @ounceN p%enomenon e pu se &a/e:form3 input si-na Pu se:#reGuency . or sma er3 &%ic% are axia y .8p D8p23 in order to optimi=e +mp In%i0itinProcess .minimi=in.%i die ectric /a ue3 &ire .!123. I9 -et to t%at ater.typica y . purpose.&rapped3 a0out a ma-netic induction core to a o& amp restriction .. arran-ement.Here is t%e tec% 0rief on t%e &fc 0y Meyer6 .operations.(F13 of #i-ure .spira ed3 @ifi ar &ound a0out core 0o00in . V#i-ure ):(6 8ESB. MeyerW from pa-e ):!6 @ot% Inductors .amp f o& to 0e reduce to a minimum /a ue &%i e a o&in.SI#IE8 $I8$2I'.'E.. specs.#I528+'IB. Meyer ()1W pa-e ):116 Neac% c%o<e:coi .SI#IE8 $I8$2I'.#L3 in eGua e ectroma-netic intensity .):)3 to -o to&ard infinity if t%e e ectronic components &ou d a o& it to %appen.):143.):F3 &%i e adHustin.):143.of t%e same impedance /a ue since 0ot% coi :&raps .):*3 is composed of t&o copper &ires N@ifi arN &ound .N V#i-ure 11:16 CBL'+5E I.11: 3+3 0ot% uti i=e eit%er NENS ZI[ and N2N Inductance $ore confi-urations to concentrate Mutua Inductance #ie ds . V#i-ure 3:226 CBL'+5E I. Meyer 1F1W c%o<e P!( is dra&n incorrect y : t%ey are &rapped in t%e same direction.!133.'E.)113 of #i-ure . as so i ustrated in #i-ure .11:3@3 and CI$ 4ua $oi "rap:+ssem0 y ..114 5a.current ea<a-e3 &%i e encoura-inNCo ta-e Potentia N.' CBL'+5E E##E$'.F)13 of #i-ure .Ca xxx C n3 across t%e &ater mo ecu e to perform "#$ NE ectrica Po ari=ation ProcessN.11:13 as to . Meyer W . as -rap%ica y i ustrated in .):13 "#$ memo . etc.

. etc.8p Q 8p23.):143W &%i e en%ancin.*:13.):*3.3 &%i e t%e resisti/e /a ue .SS!(D(23 performs t%e &or< of furt%er resistint%e f o& of amps not in%i0ited 0y 0ot% se f:Inductance fie ds ..!(D(23 is p aced on top of Stain ess Stee 0ifi ar:coi .!(D(2a xxx !(D(2n3 seria y e ectrica y connected to-et%er are seGuentia y e ectrica y in<ed to an eGua num0er of seria y e ectrica y a i-ned Stain ess Stee 8esonant $oi s .up to 0eyond 41 <i o/o ts3 are to 0e reac%edDo0tained &it%out experiencin.):*3 to cause coi capacitance .!(D(2a xxx !(D(2n :SSS!(D (2a xxx SS!(D(2n3 to 0e e ectrica y and ma-netica y ener-i=ed in t%e same pro-ressi/e direction to&ard "ater 5ap ..ener-y:yie d .in%i0itinamp f o&3 to a minima e/e VSee Co ta-e Performance 5rap% .. 0ifi ar coi s . ma-net coi :&ire en-t% is on-er t%an t%e Stain ess stee coi :&ire en-t% and ma-net 0ifi ar:coi .addin.. Meyer 1111W a0o/e pic if on y you &ant to put more 0ifi ar c%o<es in series pa-es 11:4 and 11:!6 N'%e ma-net $oi :"ire . In a cases.amp:sur-e .)!13 of #i-ure .$p3 and a&ay from 0 oc<in. as so i ustrated in . etc.11:33 9N <eepin.3 of #i-ure . once a-ain.N V#i-ure 11:46 42+L:L+7E8E4 M2L'I:SPBBL $B.):13 ..Co ta-e Intensifier $ircuit . etc.11:13 and #i-ure .11:13 as to .(F13 of #i-ure ..t%e num0er of 8esonant $%ar-in.(F13 of #i-ure .SS!(D(23 to maximi=e mutua inductance coi :fie d .xxx Cn Q Cn 1 Q Cn2 Q Cn .$%o<e Sta-es .xxx 1(D-tntn Q 1(D-tntn2 Q 1(D-tntn .1(D-tnt3 sti furt%er .N ..))13 of #i-ure . a o& !(D(2n Q !(D(2n 1Q !(D(2n2 Q !(D(2n .11:43 in NSeGuentia BrderN .(213 of fi-ure . :S:3 since t%e tota num0er of Mu ti:$oi Ma-net 0ifi ar coi s ..8p1 Q8p23 of . :S: xxx SS!(D(2n Q SS!(D(2n Q SS!(D(2n2 Q SS!(D(2n .$da xxx $dn3 to %e p maintain and e/en increase pu se /o ta-e amp itude .SS!(:SS(23 is appropriate y used to restrict e ectron mo/ement 0eyond t%e se f:inductance of eac% ener-i=ed coi &%en e e/ated /o ta-e e/e s .!(D(23 is 0est suited for Co ta-e inducement &%i e t%e inductanceDcapacitanceDresistance properties of Stain ess Stee coi :&ire ..8s23 of SS $oi :"ire .N 5enera y.#I528+' 11:46 NIncreasin. etc.8p23 .SSD!(D(2a xxx SSD!(D(2n3 .!(D(2 K SS!(D(23 are inc uded in t%e stac<ed coi : array formin.3:343 as to #i-ure .(4D82:829a xxx (4DS':S'9n3 as additiona 4ua $%o<e $oi s .Co ta-e Potentia of E ectrica Stress .any apprecia0 e amount of N+mp Inf uxin-.F)13 of #i-ure ..!(D(2 : SS!(D(23 are e ectroma-netica y orientated in t%e same direction..eac% 0ot% 0ifi ar coi assem0 y .diode .3 is accomp is%ed 0y increasin... see 4ynamic Co ta-e "a/eform .!!3 of #i-ure .

t%ey 0ot% re/erse and a so oppose eac% ot%er. t%e pos side c%o<e coi is nort% 0y t%e diode side and sout% 0y t%e pos tu0e side..2B.rectan.. Bn t%e on pu se. t%e ne. @ot% c%o<e coi s on t%e pos and ne.'%e a0o/e pic I dre& s%o&s t%e 0are 0ones 0ifi ar c%o<e system. 'op is t%e secondary transformer coi . '%e potentia fo o&s t%rou-% to t%e outside positi/e tu0e t%rou-% &ater to ne-ati/e inside tu0e.W if po&er coi s &ound on same core t%at means &%en t%at is offDon t%e ma-netic fie d in core can a so contri0ute to t%e 0ifi ar resonant coi s in addition to t%e t%e ..tapped. My picture s%o&s t%e 0are 0one system &it%out t%e e ectron extraction circuit .e &it% ine do&n midd e3 as s%o&n in fi. t%is exact confi-uration s%o&s t%at t%e c%o<e coi s are in opposition at a times on t%e off and on pu se.EE$3 or any coi s fie ds a-ainst eac% t%e core t%at &%en t%e positi/e %its t%at coi . nort% is at t%at side. In many dia-rams in t%e tec% 0rief.tu0e create opposin. Positi/e potentia mo/es to t%e ot%er 0ifi ar c%o<e coi . More to come and comments and o0ser/ations on t%e a0o/e /ery &e come.side c%o<e coi is nort% 0y t%e tu0e side and sout% 0y t%e po&er supp y ne-. it is easy to see t%at t%e direction t%e &inds are comin. In fi-ure 11:3@.11:3@ is t%e 0est core for t%e c%o<e since t%is confi-uration restricts amps t%e most.266@# 62:2< &M P core material V. Butput t%rou-% 0 oc<in. Meyer says t%at t%e I core .diode -oes into one of t%e 0ifi ar c%o<e &inds..t%at nort% &i 0e at 'H+' end ..&ound t%e same direction3 meanin. "it% 5ratitudeM +aron Mura<ami : &aron# Ener"etic Scientist# 6A.. Bn t%e B## pu se.opposite of t%e nort% on t%e ot%er coi 3 and t%rou-% t%is coi and to t%e ne-ati/e on po&er supp y.

ma-netite. ma<e 11:3@ as a Guadfi ar.and so fort%. '%is a o&s more effecient use of t%e same amount ma-net &ire to 0ui d a stron-er ma-netic fie d.W any non:ferrous meta i<e a uminum and copper for a core &i create Neddy currentN counter current dra. : &aron# Ener"etic Scientist# 6A.eldin" rod. t%ose are a -ood ones.c%o<es.t&o or more strands &it% eac% opposin. "it% t%is in mind.266@# 62:1< PM P core material V. : &aron# Ener"etic Scientist# 6B.2B.pairs in series. and so fort% 0ut not practica 0ecause ridicu ous pricin. Muc% more efficient t%an so id core. 'es a &ou d increase %is inductance 0y connectin.ends of 0ifi ar or mu ti:coi s in series.on y potentia .266@# 6=:6= PM P / ysical /ic %ere is a itera pic of &%at is represented in t%e eft side of t%e comparison pic. :or t e (edini coils# I-*e al. '%e one on eft side -a/e a most t&ice t%e /o ta-e pu se at t%e cap t%an t%e ri-%t one. If you notice a so in t%e 0e-innin. iron. Is t%at desirea0 eL I don9t <no& at t%is time.actua /o ta-e potentia o/er &ires affectin. Ha/e you tried t%isL '%is &ou d furt%er decrease current f o& a o&in. : &aron# Ener"etic Scientist# 6A.<1.266@# 62:=1 &M P (ifilar Com/arison I did t%is test ast ni-%t so %ere is a comparison 0ased on %ands on rea experiment.266@# 6?:11 &M P core material '%ere are some pretty exotic core materia s i<e met.of t%e #E5 0oo< of @edini .9*43. .and &i s o& do&n t%e freGuency and &i pro0a0 y create a ot of %eat.61.. : 8erdee# 6B. : &aron# Ener"etic Scientist# 6B. '&o or more strands opposin.266@# 6<:12 PM P More effecient (edini coils.ays used bundled steel ..62. My t%ou-%t is t%is increases capacity as &e as si-nificant potentia to 0e re eased.62. you see t%e ener-i=er coi s in series.

.4 pu se of same po arity..266@# 11:26 PM P bifilar I see a ot of Nopen sourceN proHects t%at are anyt%in.on %a f of t%e picture %ere. In 0ot% cases. t%ere &i . I used one strand and t&o in series for 0 oc<in. "e are on y seein. Same -ain as t%e f at panca<esL I don9t <no&.e inductor on pos side and 0i. coi disc%ar-e -oes in t%e S+ME direction and doesn9t re/erse po arity so t%e ce Q it %it &it% a SE$B.t%e im0a anced %i-%:ener-y state of t%e atomic atom. '%is is not t%e 0est &ay to confi-ure mu ticoi s for t%e SS.osci ationOa on.on pu se. .266@# 16:22 PM I Hust did t%e same experiment t%is afternoon.diode. : 8erdee# 6B.#o o& a fu transcription of .62. 4urin.. t%e La&ton circuit does not pic< off t%e e ectrons furt%erin. 0ecause of 0 oc<in. ce Q is %it &it% positi/e pu se. "%en cat%ode is proper y insu ated or conditioned t%is s%ou d furt%er t%e compressed potentia LEM &a/e. I found t%e same t%in. I %a/e a stronfee in.pdf does not s%o& t%isM + so. @ut if 0ot% coi s are on 1 core. t%e osci ation &as s o&er.Ois t%e a i-ned fie ds of t%e @ifi ar &D &fc oad in 0et&een creates a ar-er compressed potentia of t%e LEM &a/e. E/eryone seems to continua y <eep 0its and pieces to t%emse /es. @ut from &%at I -at%er from +aron’s experiment.&it% t&o in series for po&er strands.62. t%e fie d must 0e a i-ned. 3 : &aron# Ener"etic Scientist# Yesterday# 62:12 &M P bifilar /ulsin" Bne t%in. I deduced it &as as if t%e s&itc% is open 0efore inductor so it can on y -o find -round : to&ards ce .a0out 3:4 years a-o &it% a sin.t%at t%e La&ton circuit s%ou d use a @ifi ar or more coi s instead of t&o independent inductors. I may 0e &ron-.appears to 0e so and t%at is6 durin. : &aron# Ener"etic Scientist# 6B..I -ot no re/ersa in po pu se.t%e /acuum to interact free y.a so to note t%e 0ifi ar capacitance s%ou d 0e more t%an t%e &fc. 4efinite y a stron-er -radient created %ere.. 0ut to experiement &it% concept can use any 0ifi ar to see t%e eft does -i/e /o ta-e 0oost.i<o a 'ESL+ patent on %is @I#IL+8 #L+' $BIL6 see ori-ina document. Meyer &ent from indi/idua inductors to 0ifi ar on same core. '%is &i cause a ar-er im0a ance a o& &as same as initia pu se. disc%ar-e is in same direction.0ut open source. "%at’s interestin.0ifi ar c%o<es. '%e 412.

&inded. en /ulse"nal D=Ba 333 =BnF bein" a Pulse.form .as s&itc% to NdisconnectN inductor from circuit on off pu se.\.e coi s.)113 of #i-ure . .. So &e <no& 1.$%o<es .a*e si"nal D?=a 333 ?=nF bein" a /ulse.22F . 1 coi &it% 4 po&er &ires is stron-er t%an 4 indi/idua coi s.22F /re*ents (idirectional electron flo. fre5uency doubler due to Inductance Reactance D:!F of Inductor Coil D2?F of :i"ure D<.' a xxx 'In3 .een Secondary Pic0u/ Coil D22F and Resonant C ar"in" C o0e D2?F to act as an electronic s./osition durin" /ulse off...time .(403 durin.'23 of #i-ure .):F3 to %e p promote Step $%ar-in.itc in" $iode D22F of :i"ure D<.cuts coil. a o&in.141 : 1)13 since (loc0in" $iode functions as an 47/en4 s. en Inductor D!1F colla/sin" electroma"netic field D:!lF /roduces anot er uni/olar /ulse .ni/olar Pulse..IPBL+8 pu se.9rain ..a*e.. as furt%er i ustrated in .):)3 by /re*entin" electrical disc ar"e of Resonant Ca*ity . t%ere is a syner-y and t%e sum is more t%an t%e parts.9rain D?=a 333 9< 333 ?=nF . in re*erse direction . /roducin" a second uni/olar *olta"e .!!3 on y conducts Ncurrent f o&N in t%e direction of sc%ematic:arro& &%i e 0ein.Effect .t%e formation of an -ated pu se: freGuency pu se:train ... I &ou d say in t%is -eometry &it% t%ese <ind of coi s. 8e3. pa-e ):1 in tec% 0rief CI$ /o ta-e circuit ..(13 uti i=es copper &ire:&rap to form 8esonant $%ar-in. yes.itc in o/en.itc durin" Pulse 7ff..a*e. 4iode <eeps potentia s and current in one direction on y actin.s .timeI '%e off pu se ets coi disc%ar-e to&ards t%e cap a-ain so you -et a most t&ice t%e 0an. M+. '%is is a so a <no&n &it% @edini coi s. t%ere is a 0enefit. $iode D22F bein" /laced bet.inductor causes 2.c%o<e 3. S.t%e rise and fa of ma-netic fie d .EG F3 . . out/uttin" Colta"e.: 4iode .81 Q >2 Q >3 .p aced in: ine &it% CI$ $ircuit impedance interaction .so po arity stays same in t%e for&ard direction.!!3 to encoura-e and ma<e use of NE ectron @ounceN p%enomena . 2.a*e.(2*3 of #i-ure .form D ?=a .definite y 0e more stren-t% in t%e fie d t%an 2 sin. /roducin" uni/olar *olta"e .M He is on.ra/ D!lF durin" eac /ulse off.. en colla/sin" ma"netic field D:IF of :i"ure D@.disconnected so it %as to -o some&%ere and finds its &ay to -round and t%e on y &ay it can do t%at is 0y -oin. '%is seems to e/ident y %e p &ater cap pre/ent disc%ar-e 0y %a/int%at extra pu se <eep t%e /o ta-e up.(4aD(40 : '3 : (4aD(403 .to&ards t%e ce .<bF re. in/ut.(4a xxx (4n3 durin.repeated pu se:si-na . it is t%e same as 0ein.4iode .time D92F .):*3 &%i e /re*entin" electron flo.current f o& in one direction on y3 since @ oc<in.... as mat%ematica y extrapo ated in $ircuit EGuation .!(D(23 of #i-ure .. $o apsin.)13. '%e open s&itc% means t%at on t%e off pu se. '%ey a pu se to-et%er. 4iode is o0/ious y 0et&een secondary and c%ar-in..time D9<F is "reater t an time.for t%e 0uc<.4(a xxx 4(n3 on:time .form ./eriod D92F .):13. ?=bF . ere D92F /ulse offtime D92F is ad8usted to allo. So.(213 of #i-ure .3:223 in conHunction &it% S&itc%in. .

Pro0a0 y idea for ta<in. P ate Inductance . Inductors D!II!2F s ould al.8t3 .ad/anta-e of concept 0ut. Pu sin-. Sounds i<e &%en off time exceeds on time.typica y . '%e "#$ &i %a/e o&er impedance t%an a 0attery so ess 0ac< pressure %o din.up a re-u ar capacitor 0ot% &ays and see t%e difference.3:233 . Sounds i<e t%e inductors you %ad are too sma for 0attery app ication 0ut may0e 0ienou-% for &fc. "ater temperature .to-et%er durin.inner to outer circumference and 0eineGua y: en-t%3 coi s . '%e first reference of 0ifi ar in t%e tec% 0rief on pa-e (:3 states6 N8esonant $%o<e $oi s .t%e passa-e of current 0y t%e circuit.!133. 4ie ectric property of &ater opposes amp ea<a-e .unipo ar pu se is Npu se:freGuency dou0 erN so ce -ets 2 pu ses for 1 pu se input.Lc3 is Inductance 8eactance of Inductor .coo :to:t%e:touc%3 <eeps .in t%e c%ar-e in t%e inductors..L1 3 and Inductance 8eactance of nductor .LIIL23 interactin.): (3 as to .8sQ 8e3 and Inductance .2F in order to ma3imiHe am/ restriction to en ance 4Colta"e $eflection4 . + so.L23 in series &it% 8esonant $apacitor . $o apsin.indi/idua spira :&rap . !.!11a xxx !11n3 electrically connected in se5uencial order to form resisti/e pic<up coi . If t%e 0attery is fair y c%ar-ed. pa-e ):F tec% 0rief I $apacitance 8eactance $apacitance 8eactance is determined 0y t%e insu ation resistance . formin.(F13 of #i-ure . In terms of $omponent 8eactance. I sa& a reference t%at t%e capacitance of t%e inductor s%ou d 0e more t%an t%e capacitor. : &aron# Ener"etic Scientist# Yesterday# 61:12 PM P ca/acitance reactance 'ry c%ar-in. t%at is from some stuff posted at6 BS6"ater #ue $e .$.spira ed3 @ifi ar &ound a0out core 0o00in .ays be lar"er t an Ca/acitor DERF of :i"ure D@.4.4. '%at isn9t Meyer9s &ords.):43 and.8e3 &%i e anot%er property of &ater ta<es:on an NE ectrica $%ar-eN. is expressed 0y 6 : &aron# Ener"etic Scientist# Yesterday# 61:21 PM P CIC Panca0eQ I don-t t in0 soR I &ondered if Meyer e/er did t%e f at coi sty e for t%e c%o<es6 N'%e Colta"e Intensifier Circuit is a bifilar /anca0e coil transformer &%ic% pro/ides distri0uted capacitance and inductance to t%e tu0e sets in t%e $e .N I see a0so ute y no proof of t%is c aim.!(D(23 of #i-ure .. or sma er3 &%ic% are axia y . &%i e in%i0itin.8e3 constant since amp f o& remains minima . Its function is to mana-e t%e transfer of potentia t%rou-% t%e $e .141 :1)13 of #i-ure .%i die ectric /a ue3 &ire .SS9 : (1)a xxx (1)n : 8893 of #i-ure .N Sounds i<e 0ifi ars are definite y connected in seGuence.. may0e too muc% 0ac< pressure. off time is adHusted to ensure t%at t%e unipo ar pu se train continues &it% consistency.Memo "#$ 422 4+3 are composed of 431# or 431#8 inductance stain ess stee fi m coated .114 5a.!123.):*3.

+t east in t%is f ux: ines . c o0e coils 2?>?2 .positi/e /o ta-e potentia 3 0y &ay of inductance D capacitance interaction across secondary coi :assem0 y . secondary coil 22F# no.11:3@3 and CI$ 4ua $oi "rap:+ssem0 y .indi/idua spira : &rap .minimi=in.!23 &%i e <eepin.((D()3..pu se on:time .!11a xxx !11n3 e ectrica y connected in seGuencia order to form resisti/e pic<up coi N '%e resu tant tri.inner to outer circumference and 0ein. 11:2 '%e resu tant +mp In%i0itin.train D=?a 333 =?nF.11:3@3 is most prefera0 e since amp spi<e sur-e is minimi=e durin.):143.)1a xxx )In3 are induced into spira :&rap coi s .so.!11a xxx !1 In3 0et&een eac% secondary spira :coi s .can 0e3 on same core so t%ey are &rapped around a core and not f at sty e.!1!a xxx !1!n3 &%ic% are para e formed to expandin.!123.: PES"i<i ::::::: pa-e (:3 Naxia y .B%ms3 to t%e f o& of e ectrons &%i e ta<in..coils D2?>?2F and secondary coil D22F simultaneously .Ca xxx CnD4Fa xxx 4Fn3 of NBpposite po arityN .$p3 &%i e NCo ta-e Pu se: Potentia N .Materia &%ic% forms a series of capacitors .$%o<es .# allo. In doin. '%e tec% 0rief is a compi ation of Hust a0out a %is c%rono o-ica e/ents.4 @I#IL+8S .431#D#83 %a/in. ma-netic f ux: ines . producin..11:3+3 0ot% uti i=e eit%er NENS ZI[ and N2N Inductance $ore confi-urations to concentrate Mutua Inductance #ie ds .(413 of #i-ure .:re5uency determines %o& muc% N+mp Lea<a-eN &i occur across capacitor 5ap .(1Fa xxx (1Fn3 produces E ectroma-netic $oup in#ie d .$da xxx $dn3 &%en ma-netic f ux: ines .s ma"netic field cou/lin" D@1a 333 @1nF to /ass t rou" bot resonant.11:3 +D@3 furt%er a o&s amp restriction .coil confi"uration DInductance core 2< .(213 durin. .opposition to e ectroma-netic 0ui d up to a minimum.1F bein" /aired to"et er and electrically ener"iHed in con8unction .operations. 'o reduce amp ea<a-e sti furt%er.step up /o ta-e potentia of positi/e e ectrica intensity .' 3.)!13 of #i-ure . '%at means P8IM+87.on t%e capacitance and inductance c%aracteristic of a coi &ire.@QD@:3 isDare a o&ed to 0e app ied across NE ectrica Co ta-e P atesN .repetiti/e pu sin. SE$ a//lied Colta"e Pulse.spira ed3 @ifi ar &ound a0out core 0o00in . Many examp es %e -i/es of primaryDsecondary and 0ot% inductors on same core.11:13 as to #i-ure .(F13 of #i-ure .ay of incomin" /ulse. /rimary coil 2? .!1!a xxx !1!n3 to produce inductance coup in. CI$ @ifi ar "rap $oi :+ssem0 y . formin.):33 as to . en /rimary coil D2?F is /ulsed ener"iHed by . ):4 '%e circu ar:spira turns of &ire .4+87 +.$ircuit #i-ure . as i ustrated in . t%e copper &ire of 0ot% 8esonant $%ar-in.formin.a resisti/e /a ue .8p D8p23 in order to optimi=e +mp In%i0itin.!(D(23 can 0e rep aced &it% an ma-netica y Rducti/e stain ess stee &ire . '%e en-t% and diameter si=e of t%e copper:&ire spira &rapped coi D2?>?2F of :i"ure D16.Co ta-e:>ones3 .)1a xxx )1n3 .):*3.para e e ectrica surfaces3 is separated 0y an Insu ated 4ie ectric $oatin.Process .B' .eGua y: en-t%3 coi s .current ea<a-e3 to 0e continued e/en if app ied NCo ta-e +mp itudeN is increased. NEN ZI[ core s%ape .

.5 $HBAE. t%en primaryDsecondary are &rapped to-et%er and t%e 2 c%o<es are &rapped to-et%er.. : &aron# Ener"etic Scientist# Yesterday# 62:1< PM P same core : &aron# Ener"etic Scientist# 9oday# 6=:22 &M P Sin"le Core !ayout '%is pic s%o&s a itera representation of t%e unicore concept &%ere t%e primaryDsecondary and t%e 2 c%o<es are on t%e same core. If 0ot% are 0ifi ar.B' Hust from t%e Q potentia mo/in..into t%e inductors.. too many references 0y Meyer %imse f &%ere a t%e coi s are on t%e S+ME core. &%ic% &i -i/e a .. If secondary is &ound to-et%er. t%e @B''BM &ire &i need to -o t%rou-% diode to PBSI'ICE $H+85I. I t%in< t%is is t%e direction to -o.for&ard is .B8'H fie d at t%e @B''BM . + so t%e B## pu se inducti/e co apse mo/in.panca<e sty can see %o& t%e &ire comes off t%e core and are &ound t%at t%ere &i 0e nort% at top so SB2'H at 0ottom of primary in t%is situation. "%en Q pu ses into primary at t%e top into t%e i-%t 0 ue &ire.B8'H fie d at t%e top.B' Hust t%e from t%e inductors a one 0ut t%e fie d created 0y primary coi turninoff co apsin-.. t%e ma-netic fie d in t%e core t%at is created &i cause t%e inductors to c%ar-e instantaneous y and .. It &i 0e 0ot%. t%e primary coi &i %a/e a .so misinformation 0y anyone &%o says it isL "%en primary is pu sed B.

So. i<e in t%e sGuare coi .of t%e pos c%ar-in. 4urin.. ?ust 0een oo<in. "%en pu se turns B##.c%o<e. '%erefore. you see t%at t%e ma-netic fie d -oes nort% in t%e $LB$A"ISE 4I8E$'IB.I. .B## pu se.. &%ic% is t%e same t%in.c%o<es and up t%rou-% t%e c%o<es and 0ac< to sout% on primary.exact y at &%at Meyer &as doin. : &aron# Ener"etic Scientist# 9oday# 12:2B PM P core details '%at is a -reat point a0out t%e coi 0ein.ot on y does t%e c%o<es c%ar-e from t%e potentia -oin. @2'.5 428I. t%ey a so -et a <ic< from t%e ma-netic fie d of t%e $B8E 0einc%ar-ed from primary &i &i -i/e a @BBS' to &%at is in @edini systems. t%ey &i find -round in t%e #B8"+84 direction to Nne-ati/eNon t%e c%o<es. t%e openin.. #or eac% time you pay for B. 'HIS IS +LL H+PPE. primary a so co apses and secondary directs t%at into t%e c%o<es a so in t%e for&ard direction. '%e ne-ati/e c%o<e &i %a/e t%e identica fie d as t%e pos c%o<e.diode.E#I' of t%is arran-ement and t%e on y one t%at ma<es common sense is t%at &%en t%e primary is c%ar-ed &it% nort% at top t%at fo o&s around to t%e sout% part of c%ar-in. P2LSE. 'HIS +MPLI#IES 'HE $HBAES.t%e c%o<es t%ere. +ny&ay. I &ou d .&it% ma-netic fie d in core.and t%is seems to 0e it 0ased on %is o&n &ords. I %a/e not tested any common core systems yet. Aenny. 0ecause of 0 oc<in. so in t%e SJ2+8E coi dia-ram. c%ar-ed c%o<es co apse in S+ME 4I8E$'IB. Bn y testin.E pu se into t%e system in t%is arran-ement.a s&itc% and disconnectin.5 'HE B. t%e one on t%e ri-%t &it% t%e strai-%t rod core may e/en 0e 0etter. '%e ri-%t dia-ram &it% t%e po e core is Hust a /isua i=ation easier of &%at is rea y %appenin. + @E.&i s%o&.into t%e c%o<es from t%e secondary. If I &ere to do t%e one on t%e ri-%t &it% t%e strai-%t open ended core.pos c%o<e &i %a/e sout% at top. you -et '"B pu ses to t%e "#$ capacitor.

t%at Meyer9s used some ener-y.experiments.meanin. yet. &itc% I t%in< is a&esome. I 0e ie/e t%is is t%e most important t%in. I &i -et in to t%is in a itt e 0it..on.Return to the top PP &aron# 22 Se/tember 266@# (ifilar C o0es are t e +ey %ttp6DD&aterfue ce . 0ut I do not. B<./o ta-e &i -o to it9s maximum3. '%e formu as t%at Meyer9s -i/e in %is tec% 0rief are so comp ex t%at I sti %a/e not comp ete y fi-ured t%em a out. 0ut it is 0ecause of a -ood reason.p%pLtU!!1SstartU1SpostdaysU1Spostord erUascS%i-% i-%tU : cru3O. of economicsQ "e .$E &i M So no& &e <no& t%at ma"netic field is t e bi" /layer in sto//in" t e am/s and resistance is t%e next 0i--est p ayer in stoppin.pro0a0 y start &it% 0und ed &e din. since Meyer9s c ear y states t%at stainless steel . N. .on and sti &or< of my fa/orite Guotes from Stan3. 0ecause it is Meyer9s most informati/e ectures and -i/es t%e most c ues on t%e CI$ start off sayin.t%e amps. 0ut sti not Guite t%ere. and any ampera-e t%at t%e ma-netic fie d does not restrict t%e 8ESIS'+. o.# so 979&! P7WER . &itc% Murray %as so <ind y em0edded in t%e top ri-%t of %is &e0 site.rod.o& 0ac< to t%e ori-ina topic of my post6 '%e c%o<es are &%at I %a/e 0een so e y &or<in.<&m/ S=6.ire is )79 . Sorry for not postin. %o& do &e create t%e stron-est ma-netic fie dL 9 is is . Meyer-s states in t e tec brief t at e uses 12ColtsG<. Lealand lecture to /erify t%is. 7ou can a so &atc% Meyer-s )e.interest in t%e &fc no&. I am c ose.o& you %a/e to earn to as< t%e ri-%t GuestionsN. e y on t%e &fc ate y and %a/e rea i=ed a ot of /ery important detai s a0out t%e &fc. dead c ose.ere t e bifilar coil comes in and your <no& ed-e of inductor.t%e tec% 0rief o/er and o/er a-ain. "%en you -et t%e CI$ in to resonance simp y 0y tunin.fc e is usin" =60*G1maS=6. do you increase t e resistance of t e bifilar c o0es and still com/ly to +ISS and t e la.or-Dp%p@@2D/ie& often as I use to.SE$ IS =6 W&99S.s%ou d et -o of ma-netic fie d pretty Guic<. 0ut I %a/e a -ood understandin. Sorry if I miss ead anyone to t%in< t%at I %a/e fu y functionin. So. and actua y doin. I %a/e come to t%e conc usion t%at t e c o0es are t e only /art of t e CIC t at restrict t e am/s and 0ee/ t e am/era"e at a minimum e*en . --------------------------------------------.e& >ea and Lecture and t%e tec% 0rief t%at t%e c o0es are restrictin" t e am/era"e usin" M&')E9IC :IE!$.fc D&aronF# Posted: 9ue Se/ 22# 266@ 2:11 /m 6 #irst off it9s nice to see so many peop e ta<in. on t e /rimary side of t e ste/ u/ transformer# and at t e . en out of resonance.and tuned &fc.t%e understand and remem0er a0out t%e c%o<esI Meyer9s states in t%e ..of most of t%em especia y after t%orou-% y readin... '%at is a I used in t%e @edini coi s. first I am -oin. I %a/e 0een concentratin.t%e need to tune t%e c%o<es or ce 3 t%e /o ta-e &i o/er come t%e resistance of t%e CI$.

no& t%at you <no& my understandin.ire. #i-ure 11:4 is actua y t&o pictures in one. to construct bobbin for t e c o0es. B<.&ire." is 2#2B< o ms e*ery 1#666ft D11?66>22B<S=. Sound i<e to sma of &ire %u%L @ut it9s not 0ecause &e Hust &ant /o ta-e not ampera-e.otice %o& c ose t%e section are to eac% ot%er. Last 0ut not east t%e p%ysica construction of t%e c%o<es. 0ut if you construct t%e c%o<es correct y you s%ou d 0e a0 e to fit it a on.&ire to construct t%e c%o<es. Aeep in mind it is sti Hust a dia-ram so it is not t%e actua si=e of t%e &ire nor t%e on y amount of &raps you can put on eac% section. '%is dia-ram is a so &%en Meyer9s &as startin. I am Hust -oin.%is spar< p u.= on /a"e 266.44a&.fc .1 on /a"e 1<2. o .instant exp osion of &ater. I a so inc uded a dia-ram of %o& you connect t%e &fc to t%e c o0es called 4)E7'E) (I:I!&R . and sti possi0 y causin.t%is does not s%o& t%e ri-%t p%ysica construction of t%e c%o<es Hust %o& to connect it3N.ire /er c o0e.o& I &i -i/e you -uys an idea on %o& muc% resistance and &%at si=e &ire s%ou d 0e used for t%e c%o<es.ra/s on t e c o0es t e more *olta"e you . you could "o smaller but it 8ust "et more difficult to . B<.ill "et out of t em.Meyer9s states t%is a o/er t%e tec% 0rief3. #irst I &i exp ain t%e 0ifi ar coi .inHector3.44a&. I am t%in< a0out usin.o& you mi-%t t%in< t%at is a ot of &ire to &ind .i-nore a a0e on t%is sc%ematic for %o& to connect t%e c%o<e 0ecause it is /ery unc ear and a most mis eadin-3.on t%is myse f.ired to t e . 0y %and yes it is. .ould be =#=@<ft of . . I <no& t%is dia-ram can 0e rea y confusin-. Meyer-s states t at 11#?66 o ms /er c o0e is a ty/ically enou" resistance to in ibit t e am/s. I am sti &or< refine %is CI$ to 0e compact and to cause instant exp osi/e ener-y from t%e &ater . and Meyers states t%at t e more .to -i/e you exact measurements 0ecause I %a/e none yet. I am not -oin.o& oo< at fi"ure ?. 0ut it is not necessary to include t e ste/ u/ transformer for 8ust ma0in" enormous amounts of "as.o& you don9t %a/e to stop at usin. Meyer9s %as a dia-ram &it% t%e c%o<es orientation .it .t%e dots at t%e end of t%e co<es nort% po e3 on fi"ure . '%e Picture 0e%ind t%e sc%ematic &%ere t%e coi s are cut in %a f so you can see t%e cross section of eac% section is %o& t%e c%o<es &ou d 0e p%ysica y &ound. 0ecause you %a/e to oo< t%rou-% a of t%e ma-netic fie d ines t%at Meyer9s dre&. ast comment. 9 e bifilar coil is . . @ecause t%e c%o<es are e ectronica y and ma-netica y oriented in .ill be electronically and ma"netically oriented in t e same direction .or0 . .fc so t at t e coils .3. '%is &i -i/e you a "ood idea about o. #irst oo< at fi"ure 16. . Since ==a. '%e s<inny 0 ac< &ires are t%e sc%ematic for t%e c%o<es . 0ut I %a/e done some experiments to <no& t%at t%is is correct.of t%e c%o<es I &i -o in to more detai a0out its p%ysica construction.=@<T1666S==@<F t at .necessary to increase t e resistance you 8ust a*e to use smaller "au"e co//er .to point you -uys to a coup e of fi-ures in t%e tec% 0rief and Hust -et you a itt e exp anation on t%em.1 on /a"e 122 of t e tec brief.

or-Dp%p@@2Ddo&n oad.t%e a 11 Memos3 6 %ttp6DD&aterfue ce . + $+P+$I'B8M Nt%e CI$ a o&s t%e &ater to 0ecome a component part of t%e circuit as resistanceN . 3.2 on /a"e 266 of &%at t%e /o ta-e is doin.M (EC&. @y ?H6 ori-ina 6 ?H:@ifi arSpira $%o<e.p%pLidU442 --------------------------------------------.t%e same direction t%is means t%at t%e positi/e and ne-ati/e &i 0e aidin. &MPS H&CE 97 (E I)HI(I9E$ 97 'E9 9HE C7!9&'E 97 '7 97 M&JIM.)( M@ . I# 'HE $HBAES +8E .3( A@ 6 %ttp6DD&aterfue ce .pdf.p%pLidU441 : t%is is a /ery -ood sc%ematic of t%e c%o<es and e ectronic reactants minus t%e resisti/e properties.Return to the top .at t%e end of t%e c%o<es. Meyer9s %as a -ood dia-ram fi"ure 16.or-Dp%p@@2Ddo&n oad. 5ood Luc< to +LLMMMM : Stan eyKMeyers:"aterK#ue :$e :'ec%nica K@rief:#2LLV1W.eac% ot%er and causin" about double t e *olta"e.B' @2IL' 8I5H' 'HE "#$ "ILL .pdf. 1*.SE 9HE W:C &C9S !I+E & SM&!! RESIS97R MB8E 'H+. Hope t%is %e ps you -uys understand &%at I %a/e earned.B' "B8A 8I5H' +' +LL.

o/ a0out it.$H8B. current of course Humped up to 3:4+mps at on y a0out )Co ts. it is dumped to a 0attery needin. . '%ose spi<es are radiant ener-y &it% .0ut t%e /o ta-e potentia spi<es and it "ILL c%ar-e up. I can exp ain more detai s soon.comDindex.&%ic% it &i at F*E efficiency3. e/ input t%at is /o ta-e potentia spi<es as &e and no current .e component in t%e &%o e de/ice . t%e &%o e circuit is S7. '%is &as on y to test t%e ce .ot imp yin.a0out pure radiant ener-y. 7ou9re c%ar-in. %o&e/er.from common current e ectro ysis.t%e input source. /ery /ery /ery efficientM I &i s%are sc%ematics soon. ?ust t%ry it and you &i see..I>E4 for optima performance. @asica y..ot c%ar-e 0atteries to o/erunity. "it%out t%e inductor.B e ectrons. on y /o ta-e potentia . Hit a capacitor at %i-% freGuency &it% not%in. you can c%ar-e at east se/era 0atteries of t%e same capacity.. @y 9re-u ar e ectro ysis9.. I cou d cran< it up to a0out 2!Co ts and t%e amps &ere on y as o& as a0out 411: !11mi i+mps.. ?ust %ad to see for myse f t%at t%is &as %appenin-.B' &it% &it% pure /o ta-e potentia and .p%pLactionUd attac%ItopicU31)F. '%e most current test I did. '%e input 0attery is B.c%ar-ed &it% /o ta-e potentia . "%en t%e circuit is in e ectroma-netic coi t%at is a 161 ratio and t%e re/erse &ire catc%es a t%e potentia spi<es . 7ou c%ar-e t%e 0attery &it% a t%at potentia ener-y and . e/eryt%in.po&er from t%e first 0attery and into t%e secondary 0atteries. Has not%in.a tri--er pu se to a transistor t%at se f osci ates at %o-% freGuency pu sin. '%is inc udes e/ery sin.c%ar-in-.ot%in. '%e 0attery can 0e c%ar-ed &it% &a +$ or from anot%er 0attery. I meant t%at it sounds i<e t%e -un< is comin. It is 0ecause it is 0ein. Same app ies to t%e 0attery c%ar-in. ic t e least amount of current is do &it% t%e &ater ce ..1Iattac%U123!! Hi 5ary. /irtua y no current is ea/in. Bn t%e co apse. t%ere is no current mo/ I9m ta <in. "%en I put t%e inductor after t%e diode. Butput t%rou-% 0rid-e and pu sed 4$ t%rou-% a diode and t%at strai-%t to my tu0e setup. I9m ta <in.a0out. "%en t%e capacitor is up to a %i-% enou-% /o ta-e potentia . Sounds stran-e 0ut I can -o into detai s ater.. Ho& can a capacitor c%ar-e up &it%out currentL '%at is &%at you9re a tryin. Ima-ine %a/ do &it% t%e common idea of a resonant circuit.PP &aron>%iman1<-s /ost on Resonance# Se/t 16# 266=. a t%ose mo ecu es %a/e . . '%e definition of 9resonance9 t%at I i<e is 'es a9s definition of resonance and it is t%is resonance t%at app ies to t%ese de/ices6 9 e fre5uency at . @efore t%e input 0attery dies .B $288E.'3 and puts it into a capacitor. '%ere is a sma amount of current in t%ese systems and t%at itt e 0it is Hust enou-% to rip t%e mo ecu es apart and it is pu sed so t%ere is no steady current.from t%e initia input to t%e &ater ce . 8adiant ener-y +8E t%e /o ta-e spi<es you ma<e.L7 sendin. pa-e 1! from pdf fi e %ttp6DD&&&. it is o/erunityM .B current. 0ut compared to t%e input Hou es and t%e &or< in Hou es I -et out of t%e 0attery after it is c%ar-ed . Sound fami iar &it% Meyer9s circuit doesn9t itL Ima-ine t%is and you can a test it for yourse f. '%at is 0ecause it isn9t ta<in. I used a /aria0 e +$ &%ic% %as a !+mps max and 1!1C max..t%at t%ere is an uncommon e ectro sync%roni=ed optima y.

.0et&een patents of Stan ey..((1 patent %as t%e sc%ematic t%at is near y identica to t%e one used for 0attery c%ar-in-. @edini &as and sti t%e eadin. Bff course 0ein. '%e /irtua p%oton f ux of t%e Guantum mec%anica /acuum. etc. it &i d&arf t%e input Hou es. on y /o ta-e potentia mo/in.B e ectron mo/ement.B' come from t%e inside of t%e 0attery. .access to a sea of potentia radiant ener-y t%at %a/e 0een pumped into it.t%e radiant spi<es t%at are de/oid of e ectrons.)F*...radiant potentia into t%e &ater &it% no current or at east a 0are minimum.from ?o%n.. %e impro/ed %is system to %arness 8adiant Spi<es. t%e 9. t%e radiant ener-y comes from /acuum ener-y. &%en Meyer said t%ere &ere none of t%em produced in %is tec%no o-y3 --------------------------------------------.Return to the top .post..uc ear '%erma Ener-y9. '%at f o& can 0e manipu ated to mo/e o/er &ires in a &ay t%at induces .0ut pure potentia spi<es of a0out 2!1:311 /o ts 0ut /irtua y no +mps.&it% 4a/id Hudson t%at disco/ered t%e B8MES. t%erefore t%ere is . cou d come from meetin. it is disc%ar-ed into dead 0atteries. pa-e 1F6 . t%at are present e/ery&%ere. '%e e ectro ytes do B. and t%en after -ettin. It is t%e /acuum ener-y form 3d space and time t%at mo/e to&ard t%e e ectrodes and o/er t%e &ires..E t%in..M45 no1)6 I remem0er readin.and B. Ho& can t%at 0e if t%e turns are 161L 161 is t%e most efficient coi for producin. a so in t%e * t%at practica y %arnesses 8adiant Ener-y in many &ays. '%is is o/ t%e same country. '%e coi s I9m usin. Separate t%air interna c%ar-es to create a %i-% and o& potentia at t%e e ectrodes. %e isnIt -oin. '%e po&er to po&er a -%t0u 0 from a 0attery does . 12Co ts in and t%e co apsed pu ses are not%in. and t%at may exp ain t%e confusion in t%e differences of processin. it &as easy for t%em to come to discuss a0out t%e su0Hect .0attery.3 0rea<s t%e symmetry of t%e /irtua p%otons and t%ey mo/e to&ards t%e po e on a 0attery and f o& o/er t%e &ire. especia y in &ater. If you ca cu ate Hou es of ener-y t%at &ent into t%e system. %is t%ird sta-e of impro/ement. '%is f o& is &%at induces t%e e ectron mo/ement to %a/e current.. @ut %a/e to say t%at t%is exp osion produces dan-erous -amma rays. t%at &ou d 0e input Hou es. and I &ou dnIt 0e surprised to disco/er t%at %e tau-%t a fe& tric<s to Meyer. as Hudson disco/ered.o/er a circuitM Cery excitin-M Meyer9s is an o/erunity system.on y. .E t%in. t%rou-% t%e 9maximum c%a-re 0rea<do&n e/e 9 <no&n to exist in superconductors . $ou d it 0e possi0 e t%at first %e used t%e 9potentia 0rea<do&n e/e 9 of %is capacitorDce . + so. Hope t%is %e ps. too muc% ener-y accumu ated inside and t%ey exp ode in a nuc ear 0 ast. '%ose are -oint%rou-% a 0rid-e to c%ar-e a come out and say it 0ut it s%ou d 0e o0/ious to e/eryone.0ot% in t%e sma &or d of 9exotic9 ener-ies.are 161 turn.0reefin. I am confident t%ou-% a0out t%e concept of &%at Meyer &as doin-.B current. and t%at %a/e a potentia of nuc eus exp osion. "%en t%e cap is c%ar-ed up. If you ca cu ate t%e Hou es of &or< t%at a certain amount of produced -as can perform. 4... &or<in. '%e dipo e . Pumpin.a0out Stan ey Meyer t%at met &it% ?o%n @edini in t%e *19s. In a fo o&in.

I can post t%e sc%ematics soon as radiant ener"y. 0ut &e &ere sti searc%in-MMM3 '%is pdf co/ers Jiman13 posts from 9#ri Sep 11.-un<.at east not t%e circuit3. I a so %a/e ot%er info to s%are if you9re interested.en0roo<.-mi. #B8 2S 'B 2. for a tota of !1F<0. . 'HE .a*es.nidirectional $C /ulses are not trans*erse . no o3y"en can "o to your /ositi*e /lates>tubes and o3idiHe t em.i .%tm and %ttp6DD&&&. 211!9.ater but is used to c ar"e batteries o*erunity.%tm and %ttp6DD&&&. "%at t%e -oa is is to /um/ t e . Ima-ine not %a/in..<12. "%en it is done ri-%t. : 5iman1<# Posted: :ri Se/ 16# 266= <:<1 /m Post sub8ect: Secrets of t e Water Cell E3/lainedRRR6 Hi E/eryone. '%e &ater doesn9t -o into some ma-ica resonance. It &as de/e oped 0y someone t%at I a*e learned from o*er t e years. I9/e o0ser/ed in t%is 0oard some comments I &ou d i<e to comment on. '%erefore.P Some /osts e3tracted from tt/:>>.icubenet. Let me <no& &%at you t%in<. @e o& &as posted in 4a/e9s $e fo der. '%e circuit is not a resonant circuit. Hi 5ary. Bne pu se is -i/en and it -oes t%rou-% t%e .en0roo<.it .E'. in t%is case since 3 years a ready. 9 e *olta"e ne*er dro/s to ne"ati*e. I added more 0e o& t%at. '%e on y t%in. Ho&L "e9 -et to t%e surface.t%at e/en appears to corrode are t%e non ss eads t%at connect to t%e positi/e from a /df file6 . .4. 9 e bloc0in" diode s ould be tellin" you all somet in". ne& to t%e 0oard 0ut %a/e somet%on-s I &ant to 0rin.<12. '%is is not in" but /ure *olta"e /otential &it% no current.o resonance . I9m ne& in t%e -roup and &ou d i<e to te you t%at I a*e a circuit *irtually identical to SM-s.t%at. *1 pa-es.ater.or0. if -ettin.M45 no/1)6 Bnce restrict amps. + so..a t%e pro0 ems of %a/in.4E8S'+.eduDRdrusse D4emosD&a/esD&a/emotion.ater . '%at isn9t a f a&. 21149 to 9Sun Mar 13. to be"in .it out e*er inducin" electrons to flo...usD-0ssciDp%ysD$ assDsoundDu11 10.!SES to t e .usD-0ssciDp%ysDmmediaD&a/esD &. you can create t e *olta"e /otentials . &%at materia is your p ates or tu0es made fromL I use t314 stee tu0e setup and I -et no -un<.%tm 3 /ery -ood 0asic examp es. It isn-t used to ma0e fuel from . t%en most i<e y you are -ettin. "%at is t%e difference 0et&een a trans/erse &a/e and a on-itudina impu seL %ttp6DD&&&.too muc% re-u ar e ectro ysis. ole secret is sendin" 9IME IMP. 9 e .t%e inductor increases freGuency.i . +LL 4E'+ILS "E8E B. of course it increases freGuency &%en a pu sed input is put into it and t%ere is a 0 oc<in. I &i 0e %appy to s%are t%is &it% anyone &%o is serious. I sa& t%at someone mentioned t%at Meyer &as f a&ed in sayin.. '%ey are on-itudina impu ses. '%e idea is to /re*ent current from doin.

.. It is essentia to understand &%at ener-y is and t%at ener-y is . "%en t%e pu se is cut off. It %as not%in. '%in< a0out it. Eac% time a coi is -i/en a pu se. i-%t 0u 03 from it and measure t%e Hou es 0ein.. '%ere are freGuencies t%at can do t%at 0ut t%at isn9t &%at Meyer &as doin. It is t%e radiant potentia t%at you are &antin. t%e 0attery pump into t%e &ater unidirectiona y... 7ou9re s&e in. '%at is one pu se.. '%e secret is pumpin. 8emem0er t%at t%ere is one dc pu se for eac% %a f ot%e ac. #or examp e. Bf course &e &ant %i-%er freGuency t%an t%is. it &i 0e o/er&%e min..used to i-%t t%at 0u 0 unti t%e 0attery is 0ac< do&n to t%e /o ta-e t%at it &as 0efore c%ar-in-. &%at e ectricity is and to rea i=e t%at t%ere is no suc% t%in. t%at s%o&s t%e concept of &%at t%ey are usin.opposite po arity and t%is is pu se P2 -ointo t%e ce ..I don9t 0e ie/e..for o/erunity -ain..t%e &ater up &it% t%e +et%er.B' come from t%e inside of t%e 0attery. materia of it. '%ese t%in-s are rea y necessary to dup icate somet%in. ets Hust stic< to strai-%t &a cyc e. 7ou9re con/ertin. t%e c%ar-e does . #reGuencies are important 0ut t%at is a case 0y case situation.. measure t%e Hou es of input ener-y from t%e input source o/er a -i/en time. '%e spi<e is time compressed ener-y.mode . /o ta-e. @ased on ce spacin-.. etc.t%is is %o& to measure it. t%ere &i of course 0e optima freGuencies for eac% system and t%ey &i a 0e different.radiant ener-y into t%e &ater and t%is puts it into a %i-%er ener-y state.diode. Same as t%e xo-en patents.0ut if you understand t%e a0o/e and a itt e more..diode pre/ents it from -oin.&or< 0ac< into potentia .into t%e 0rid-e to turn it into pu sed dc &i 0e 121%= pu sed dc. t%e inductor co apses in t%e S+ME direction 0ecause t%e 0 oc<in.y o0/ious &%at Meyer &as doin-. #or examp e.0 oc<in.&%ere t%e source c%ar-e comes from and for examp e if you po&er your system &it% 0atteries. '%at is &%y it is /irtua y a strai-%t ine.. It &i not &or< usin.mode s are t%at same circuit. It is a myt% t%at &e don9t <no& &%ere t%e source c%ar-e comes from. not t%e actua &or<in. "%en t%e 0attery is c%ar-ed.t%e exact same circuit and input of 12/. po&er a resisti/e oad .&or< 0ac< into potentia . So. 121 %= pu sed into t%e inductor &i -et 241%= at t%e ce . It is o0/ious %e didn9t <no& 0ut %e sti -ot resu ts.. c%ar-es t%e inductor and -ets to t%e ce &it% ess amps.t%e inductor.e ectricity is tru y an adHecti/e to descri0e an e/ent. t%e co apsed SPIAE is pure /o ta-e potentia &it% no current. 7ou paid for one and -ot 2 pu ses.you9re turnin. "%en t%e pu se is s%ut do &it% a ma-ica freGuency t%at &ater &i mysterious y separate at.pure +et%eric potentia or radiant ener-y. 0ut t%is is on y for an examp e. etc.. '%e patents are t%ere to -i/e t%e concept. '%e Hou es &i 0e more t%an &%at eft t%e input . t%e freuency is increased 0y usin.0ut t%at doesn9t mean t%eir &or< e ectricity. (1%= -oin.met%od I9m usin.B' t%e capacity to do &or<.it is important to understand &%at a dipo e is and %o& a dipo e -ets a f o& o/er &ires. t%ere &i 0e a certain /o t and amp o/er a certain time.

t%e cemf. a so t%is is some -ood info on t%e dc resonate c%ar-in. '%e property of an inductor to 0ui d up a %i-% counter:e ectromoti/e force ..cemf3 can 0e used to f as% -as disc%ar-e tu0es and i-%t neon 0u 0s and sma tu0es from /ery sma 0atteries. Measure &or< in and t%en measure usa0 e &or< +#'E8 t%e 0attery is c%ar-ed.. sometimes /ery 0ri-%t y dependin. '%e de/ices &e use .o&in-. etc. '%is is &%at t%e fa<es out t%ere &ant you to measure6 "e ets measure t%e input and %oo< meters to t%e output of t%e circuit and measure t%at %undreds of /o ts... '%at is ridicu ous. I con/erted t%e internationa ne&s re ease 0riefin-s 0y Stan ey + Meyer on t%e &ater fue ce to P4# and aser ine %as up oaded t%em for a to see..circuit 6 .comDfi esD&atercarDnon:commercia Dstan eyKmeyerD &ort% a read. etc.comD$ape$ana/era DLa0D!322Dind:<ic<. I %a/e -otten neon 0u 0s to -i/e off a most &%ite measurin. i-%tin-.a transformer. '%ey a &ant to %oo< t%e output of t%e circuit 0ac< into t%e input source . t%at is a @S. and t%is is important.icu0enet&or<. '%is is o/erunity.. Hundreds of E in fact and up to a fe& t%ousand is possi0 e &it%out a dou0t. &%at 5ray did. refer to in<s 6 %ttp6DD&&&. t%e input /o ta-eDcurrent.%tm %uote6 It is possi0 e to step:up /o ta-e &it%out usin. etc.source.comDexecDo0idosD+SI. '%ere is one 0oo< t%at spe s out &ord for &ord &%at Meyer9s is doin-. pu se rate. t%at is c%apter one on 'es a in t%is 0oo<6 %ttp6DD&&&. on y measure &asted ener-y.D1F32*13*11Dyo<ota%i-%sc%oo '%at 0oo< &as used as a 8osetta stone to crac<s 5rays patents and t%erefore re/ea ed some of 'es as secrets. etc. "%en t%e 0u 0 is . '%e 0u 0 or tu0e you use &i a so protect t%e rest of t%e circuit.o&in. to ma<e t%e t%in-s &or<. t%erefore s%ortin...t%at c oses t%e oop and <i s t%e dipo e. a o& freGuency !!! timer circuit or si-na -enerator &i do. It is important to %a/e t%e neon 0u 0. 7ou can9t direct y measure potentia i<e t%is &it% de/ices 0ecaue t%ere aren9t any de/ices t%at can measure pure +et%er.ama=on. t%an<s mate6 %ttp6DD&&&.!mH or %i-%er &or<s 0est3 in para e to t%e 0u 0 or tu0e and t%en attac% t%e inductor to a sGuare &a/e pu se -enerator.on t%e inductor used. +ny&ay..L7 %onest &ay to test t%is <ind of t%in. and t%e 0u 0 or tu0e c%aracteristics.-eocities.B' necessary to <no& a0out &%at a dipo e is..+ 0ert Einstein3 : Murray# Posted: Sat Se/ 11# 266= =:<= am Post sub8ect6 I t%ou-%t t%is &as interestin. Experiment &it% t%e inductor. t%is is my 2 cents. . '%e <no& ed-e is imited and t%e ima-ination is not.. Murray Ima-ination is more important t%an t%e <no& ed-e..0attery3 or &%ate/er and %a/e it run itse f."B8A. It is on y necessary to easi y see &%at Meyer and ot%er &ere doin-. #or t%e pu se -enerator. '%e B.and %as some re e/ance. '%e resu t s%ou d 0e t%e tu0e or 0u 0 . + you need to do is connect a fair y ar-e inductor . if it doesn9t t%e cemf &i come 0ac< to t%e output transistor and possi0 y ruin it.t%e -as is a o& resistance.. : 5iman1<: Posted: :ri Se/ 16# 266= =:2A /m Post sub8ect: correction6 I meant to say t%at it is .. : Murray# Posted: Sat Se/ 11# 266= <:6= am Post sub8ect6 Hi Jiman.

dou0 in. 0ut t%e dc supp y /o ta-e across t%e capacitor isM 7ou can see &%at Meyer &as tryin. etc. I t%in< &e can a-ree on t%at too. . I don9t rea y expect t%is to 0e t%e case t%o as t%e resistance offered 0y my e ectrode set up is at 0est muc% ess t%an 1 o%mM Ho&e/er. far 0etter t%an anyt%in. ets oo< at t%e most common dipo e t%at &e use a t%e time. If one potentia is %i-%er and one o&er. + t%e 0est : 5iman1<# Posted: Sat Se/ 11# 266= 1:=6 /m Post sub8ect: W at a di/ole really is6 '%is exp anation of t%e circuit is far.t%in-s actua y into practice often t%ro&s up info.ric%ie0urnett.circuit and do some proper tests as it mi-%t 0e t%ere is enou-% of a capacitance to sti pro/ide a su0stantia step c%ar-in. Murray : 'ary# Posted: Sat Se/ 11# 266= A:2@ am Post sub8ect6 Hi 5uys. &%ere does t%e source c%ar-e come fromL Isn9t t%at t%e 0i. ea/in. Bf course it is somet%in.&%at are you measurin-L E ectron c%ar-e or /o ta-e potentia L '%ey are t&o tota y different t%in-s. It is c aimed t%at t%e e ectro ytes in a 0attery create some c%emica reaction t%at . Jiman. Pure &ater ma<es a -reat die ectric.B' dou0 ed.B' muc% of a capacitor. t%e &fc is .circuit /ery c ear t%e opposite direction t%rou-% t%e inductor once t%e capacitor is fu y c%ar-ed.diode simp y ser/es to stop t%e capacitor disc%ar-in..Stan e/er &rote in %is &i d 0a00 in-s. If t%e po es %a/e a 0a anced potentia . t%ere is no mo/ement possi0 e. I can understand your exp anation of c%ar-e carriers.%tm Presonant I am &it% youM and %a/e came to /ery simi ar conc usions. I find t%at puttin. t%en t%ere is o0/ious y mo/ement capa0i ity.u<Ddcresc%-. #irst of a .o&.. +s I see it.seGuence. t%e f a& &it% t%is circuit &%en app ied 0y o d Stan to %is &fc is t%at of room for misinterpretaion at a . more of a resistor. 0ut tap &ater conducts /ery &e as &e a <no&.%ttp6DD&&&. Let me as< you t%is. t%at Nric%ie0urnettN in< a0o/e in Murray9s post exp ains t%e dc resonant c%ar-in. ideas and insi-%ts t%at don9t a &ays re/ea t%emse /es on paper... + 0attery..said a t%at I intend to p ay a0out &it% t%e dc resonant c%ar-in.effect. I t%in< &e can a-ree on t%at. &it% a die ectric constant of around *1 and a 0rea<do&n /o ta-e in t%e order of t%ousands of /o ts per mm. you can see t%at t%e freGuency is .t%e supp y /o ta-e pu ses &%i e t%e inductor natura y imits t%e current : it e/en s%o&s t%e step c%ar-in.mystery &it% Ne ectricityLN "e a are to d and &e can a o0ser/e &%at t%is mysterious c%ar-e does 0ut no text0oo< can exp ain &%ere it comes fromL I 0e ie/e it is cruicia to understand &%at a dipo e is. ?ust 241/ mains pro/ides a /ery %ea t%y current : or un%ea t%y if you %appen to 0e in t%e 0at% &%en t%e %air dryer drops inMMM Ha/ ac%ie/e &it% t%is. '%e 0 oc<in.&%en you measure /o ta-e.&it% t&o po es. no& &e Hust %a/e to pro/e it.

a0out a tu0e &it% atmosp%ere suc<ed out. "it% a 0attery : a dipo e : sittin.B' t%e c%ar-e carries of some mysterious c%ar-e t%at -oes out t%e 0attery to po&er somet%in-. &%ic% is a0so ute y ridicu ous.poppin. '%at is a potentia difference and t%at is &%at ma<es a 0attery a dipo e. "%en you %a/e a 0attery &it% e ectro ytes. Ho& do &e tap t%is ener-yL "e do it a t%e time and don9t e/en <no& it. "e <no& t%at t%ere is un imited /acuum ener-y. '%at is &%at t%ey ca t%e potentia L '%at is tota y nutsM "%at a0out t%e rest of t%e infinite ri/erL '%at %as caused so many pro0 ems it isn9t e/en funny. Bne po arity of t%e +et%er -oes to one po e and t%e opposite to t%e ot%er po e.on y. It is a mis eadin. So t%ey are in a state of f ux. '%at is a myt%.'.produces an e ectrica c%ar-e and t%is e ectrica c%ar-e is &%at -oes out of t%e 0attery and o/er t%e &ires and po&ers &%ate/er is connected to t%e 0attery.&it% de/ices t%at do no operate accordin. Pretty muc% t%e same t%rou-%out in a directions .&ord 0ecause it causes peop e to t%in< it is empty &%en t%e opposite is true. '%e e ectro yte c%ar-es t%at &ere separated are .1D2 %ere and 1D2 t%ere. Eac% termina on a 0attery is connected of course to eac% side of t%e e ectro ytes 0y connections. It is e/ery&%ere and &e are immersed in it i<e a fis% is in &ater. Mat%ematica y.different from re-u ar i-%t p%oton t%at &e see3 ener-y is 0ro<en. &%eree/er t%at may 0e. t%en &%atL '%e /acuum ener-y is /ery symmetrica in nature. &e are immersed in a sea of ener-y.o&.is connected to t%e 0attery..-enera y3. . 0y t%e fact t%at t%ey %a/e a positi/e and out and ridicu ous speeds.N %ttp6DD&&&. + space is itera y t%e /acuum. So in fact.. more accurate y. &%at t%ey a s%o& t%e potentia to 0e is t%is6 ta<e a cup and scoop out a cup of &ater from a f o& manmade se f:proc aimed NLa&s.&%en t%ey Npro/edN t%ere is no +et%er. "%itta<er s%o&ed in 1F13 t%e un imited potentia a/ai a0 e. '%e 0asics of t%ese p%ysics and mat% are so fundamenta y f a&ed. In con/entiona p%ysicsDmat%. '%ey %a/e a so 0een pro/en to %a/e misca cu ated &%at t%ey &ere doin. If not%in. t%e +et%er radiates out&ard sp%erica y in a .. Per%aps t%ey are tra/e in. In essence.c%eniere. t%ere must 0e a /irtua ne-ati/e c%ar-e as &e for o0/ious reasons.E t%in. Is t%is rea y &%at is %appenin-L It is important to understand &%at t%e +et%er is. In fact. it is a P enum .or-DmiscD"%itta<DB8I&1F13.ri/er in a moment in time.t%en &%atL '%is sea of ener-y is fi ed &it% /irtua p%otons : ca ed /irtua 0ecause as soon as t%ey are t%ere.infinite potentia a/ai a0 e in 3d space and time.pdf . t%ey are use ess &%en dea in. '%ey on y esta0 is% a dipo e. t%e +et%er does exist as 'es a <ne& &ay 0efore and at a muc% %i-%er e/e t%an Einstein e/er did.inside of 3d space and time &%ere t%is +et%er or /acuum ener-y is. t%e symmetry of t%e p%oton . '%is &ou d of course 0e a 0are 0ones exp anation of &%at a 0attery is. "%en I say /acuum.%a/in. E. t%e e ectro ytes do infinite a0undance3. '%at is to separate interna c%ar-es so t%at Q is on one side and : is on t%e ot%er side... t%ere is an +et%er Hust as Einstein predicted.. I9m not ta <in. +ny&ay.o& t%at &e %a/e a dipo e. t%ey instan y dissapear.a-o.i<e a mo0ius strip. Mic%ae sonDMor ay spe in-LL %a/e a ready 0een dispro/en on. '%e termina s &i 0e Q and :.

.. + so. you c ose t%e circuit.0y set into motion. 7ou 0ro<e t%e symmetry of t%e &ater.directions at t%e speed of i-%t. +ny&ay.%eads a-ainst t%e f o&. Ima-ine t%atM E/ery atom is itera y a perpetua motion de/ice. I don9t 0 ame you for your exp anation of t%at 0ecause t%at is in fact &%at is tau-%t. '%ere is +LSB t%e opposite po arity f o& t%at -oes out t%e : termina to&ards t%e Q termina 0uttin. It ne/er said t%at once somet%in.acts on in motion t%at it &i stay in motion unti somet%in. o/erunity doesn9t %a/e to %a/e a sin.or-Dp%ysicsD aureatesD1F!)Dindex. fi it up and put a p<e a potentia difference and t%e &ater -oes to&ards t%e %o e and do&n t%e pipe. +ny&ay. '%is is &%at <i s t%e 0attery 0ecause t%e oop &as c osed and t%e circuit is caused to <i its /ery o&n dipo e.&it% t%e do &it% perpetua motion.e se.1D11tri iont%s3 of it -ets di/er-ed into t%e &ire to mo/e e ectrons to t%e surface from t%e copper atoms 3rd e ectron fie d. &%ic% most definite y &i %appen.%tm Nfor t%eir penetratin. Bnce somet%in. 4oes t%at mean t%at t%ey are correctL '%ey first te you t%at is &%at %o ds t%e c%ar-e and turn around and te you it is a mystery &%ere t%e source c%ar-e comes from. 'a<e a 0at%tu0.B' some c%ar-e carriers inside t%e 0attery. it sure &asn9t -i/en some incredi0 e pus% t%at <eeps it in motion.on y 11 to t%e :13t% po&er . It &as not <i ed 0ecause some mysterious c%ar-e &as used up in t%e 0attery. '%is is &%at 0rea<s apart t%e e ectro yte c%ar-es so t%at t%e stren-t% of t%e potentia difference of t%e e ectro ytes -et ess and ess. . '%at is &%ere t%e source c%ar-e comes from and not e ectrons.f o& usua y desi-nated a H:p%i I 0e ie/e. "%ere do you t%in< t%e e ectrons -et t%e ener-y potentia to sustain t%eir perpetua motionL Loo< at t%e mass of t%e e ectron.o/er a &ire at i-%t speed &%i e t%e e ectrons t%at are induced into mo/ement on y mo/e at inc%es per %our itera yM 7ou can read Lee and 7an-9s presentation speec% as t%ey &ere -i/en t%e .in t%e %o e. '%is f o& is ca ed t%e Poyntin. Hea/iside a so <ne& of t%is f o& 0ut %e actua y -ot t%e /ectors ri-%t. '%e +et%er at t%e Q termina f o&s o/er t%e &ire to&ards t%e : termina and induces t%e e ectrons to f o& t%at pi e up at t%e fi ament of t%e 0u 0 and turn to p%otons t%at radiate out as i-%t.. it &i stay in motion un ess it is acted upon 0y somet%in.e t%in. '%is itera y permits perpetua motion. pu t%e p u-. %ttp6DDno0e pri=e. If a i-%t 0u 0 is connected to t%e 0attery. I9m p ease to see t%at 4a/e understand Hea/ of t%e so:ca ed parity a&s &%ic% %as ed to important disco/eries re-ardin. It is sustainin. t%e amount of f o& t%at -oes o/er t%e &ires. '%at is &%ere t%e f o& comes from to i-%t a i-%t 0u 0 and . It is a nice and symmetrica .o0e Pri=e in P%ysics in 1F!). '%is is ET+$'L7 &%ere t%e 0attery -ets its source c%ar-e from except not a pipe.t%e e ementary partic esN It is 0ecause of t%eir &or< t%at &e understand t%at a dipo e 0rea<s t%e symmetry of t%e +et%er.f o&in.

'%e pressure of t%e aet%er %ere is &%at is measured &%en usina /o tmeter. you can c%ar-e a cap &it% Nco d e ectricityN.5 to do &it% e ectron c%ar-e.on t%e potentia difference 0et&een t%e p ates 0ecause of t%e e ectrons you &i -et a potentia difference. 7ou are itera y ta<in. It %as .it &it% co d current.&ou d 0e %i-%er.B'HI. a 0attery can 0e c%ar-ed &it% %ot current. '%ey o0/ious y &ou d %a/e an enormous difference in t%e amount of c%ar-e if it &as i<e t%e esta0 is%ment teac%es. I -uess t%at &i 0e t%e easy &ay to rea y te &%at t%e difference is in freGuency if any at a . '%erefore. Ho&e/er. you -et a /o t readin-. Co ta-e is not%in. '%at readin. t%at means t%ere may 0e a steady 4$ f o& to t%e &ater ce and t%at means t%at no matter &%at freGuency you put to t%e &ater ce .more t%an t%e pressure of t%e f o& of t%e +et%er o/er &ires. I9 put a scope 0efore t%e 0 oc<in.t%e eads to t%e meter. Li<e&ise. 7ou can c%ar-e t%e cap 0ot% &ays.'I+L and .diode and c%ec< t%e freGuency and put one after t%e inductor. "%en connectin.%as not%in.on p ates.. @ot% 0atteries can read 12/o ts 0rand ne&.B'. "e <no& t%at is not t%e case. &%ic% is /oid of e ectrons 0y spi<in. It is a conducti/e -as t%at is conducti/e to Q and :.a pressure readin. 7ou %a/e a itt e 0itty 0attery and you %a/e a monster 0attery. '%at is true.a c%ar-e at a 0ecause if it &as. '%in< a0out t%is. Mor-an said to 'es a. t%e 0i--er t%e c%ar-e and t%e readin. you &i %a/e a cap t%at &i 0e &armed up and one &i 0e room temp. 12/dc for examp e.Heopardi=es oi money as it %as a a on-. I %ope t%is c arifies &%at /o ta-e potentia rea y is and &%at a dipo e is and &%at t%e /o ta-e is . '%e 0attery ne/er &arms and eit%er does t%e circuit c%ar-in. 0ut &%ere do &e put t%e meterL '%ey &ant e/eryone to 0e ie/e ener-y must 0e a non:rene&a0 e consuma0 e and %a/e e/eryones mindset tuned to scarcity and ac< of instead of a0undance. Bne. t%at means t%e co apsed fie d is seam ess &it% t%e initia app ied pu se. you can c%ar-e a cap &it% %ot current or e ectron f o& and t%ose pi e on t%e p ates.of t%e -as. 'o c arify. 4ependin. 'es a.t%e cap &it% P28E CBL'+5E PB'E. &%ic% is /oid of e ectrons. If it is seam ess. t%e 0i--er t%e 0attery. If t%at is &%at is %appenin-. 7ou $+. t%e +et%er f o&s to t%e termina s and o/er t%e &ires on t%e meter and t%at induces e ectron f o& in t%at circuit.. 8emem0er. .'%e +et%er mo/es i<e a -as under ELE$'8B. a so c%ar-e a 0attery in a superior &ay 0y c%ar-in. If you %a/e a 0attery and you put a /o tmeter on it. : 5iman1<# Posted: Sat Se/ 11# 266= <:=? /m Post sub8ect: inductor fre5uency6 My understandin.a separate pu se on t%e co apse. it is not rea y measurin.S and t%e cap "ILL c%ar-e up. t%ere &i 0e on y steady dc if t%e inductor is not -i/ do &it% a c%ar-e in t%e 0attery.may 0e off on t%is. '%is understandin. '%is is a fact.a potentia difference 0et&een p ates on t%e caps 0ased on e ectrons on one p ate.t%at9s nice Mr. I find t%at %ard to 0e ie/e 0ut may0e t%at is &%at is %appenin-. It is not measurin..e ectron current and you &i %a/e e ectrons pi in. If t%e freGuency is not increased after t%e inductor.

'%at is &%at PB'E. t%e minimum amount of current is used meanin. you9re -oin. t%ere &i 0e a certain freGuency t%at t%e &%o e system &i operate at Npea< effieiencyN meanin. you can -et a %i-%er /o ta-e &it% ess amps. t%at IS your resonant freGuency and &i 0e different for e/eryones setup.same in t%e menu on top of pa-e36 Jiman13 Posts 1 : Jiman13 Posts 2 : Jiman13 Posts 3 --------------------------------------------. '%is doesn9t %a/e anyt%in.. '%e inductor reduces t%e e ectrons in t%e ce 0ut t%e /o ta-e can 0e %i-%erL '%e /o ta-e is not direct y tied to e ectrons on t%e p ates. '%at is time impu ses./o ta-e potentia to pump into t%e &ater.on one side. If you <no& &%at /o ta-e potentia is. 'urn t%e freGuency up and do&n. "%en t%e pu se is off. Monitor amps input. you -ot it.N I t%in< not%in. &%en puttin. Ho&e/er. : 5iman1<# Posted: Mon Se/ 1<# 266= 2:26 /m Post sub8ect: inductor test6 I -ot resu ts t%at &ere inductor after t%e 0 oc<in. I&i t%ou-%. 'o see &%at t%e resonant freGuency is for a -i/en setup. "it% T amount of /o ts and T amount of amps -oin.e se is necessary to read in t%at 0oo<. '%at &ou d 0e ET+$'L7 'es as definition of resonance. '%is is &%at %e means6 @ased on a -i/en cap and a -i/en inductor. t%e inductor co apses seam ess y at t%e end of t%e initia pu se so t%e pu se -i/en to t%e &ater is on-er t%an t%e initia pu se 0y itse f and t%e /o ta-e -oes up. 9o read t e ot er /osts from %iman1< on t e sub8ect# see t e tml *ersion of t is file c ic< %ere . #irst ine N2sin.+not%er possi0i ity is t%at on t%e app ied pu se. : 5iman1<# Posted: Mon Se/ 1<# 266= 1:2@ /m Post sub8ect: inductor test6 5ary. Meyer says t%e L$ circuit NtunedN to resonance Y certain freGuency.CBL'+5E PB' do &it% a certain amount of e ectrons on a p ate t%at %as a certain soca ed Nc%ar-eLN Bn pa-e 1:2. '%e interestin.'I+L is. &%ic% are unidirectiona dc on-itudina impu ses. t%en anot%er app ied pu se comes and does t%e same t%in. #or a -i/en cap and inductor. If e ectrons pi e on p ates and t%is ma<es t%e difference 0et&een t%e ot%er p ate and t%is is &%at t%e /o ta-e is. I read pa-e 1:1 in Meyer9s 0oo<. '%at is t%e &%o e secret. Ho&e/er.'I+L.t%e minimum amount of e ectrons. + %is info is on y a0out %o& %e is creatin. t%ere &i 0e a freGuency t%at minimum amount of amps is used.t%e &ater -ets %it. "%ate/er freGuency t%e amps is at minimum -ointo t%e cap from t%e t%e freGuency &ou dn9t increase 0ut yes t%e /o ta-e &ou d. it &as ne-ati/e spi<es on t%e output of t%e inductor of t%e same /o ta-e.t%in. P ease exp ain t%is. "%en t%e co apsed pu se is done.into t%e &ater ce .to -et T amount of e ectrons pi in. 4oesn9t t%is simp e t%ou-%t experiement s%o& t%at /o ta-e doesn9t %a/e to %a/e do &it% L$ resonance.diode. '%e freGuency &as not increased after t%e inductor t%at I used.Return to the top .t%at at t%at freGuency.&as t%at t%e /o ta-e remained identica .

: comment < 0y Giman13 . t%en I9 s&itc% to t%e /o ta-e potentia circuits.%ttp6DDyoutu0e. it 0ui ds /ery.comDuserDGiman133 6 I used tap &ater from my <itc%en sin< and no added e ectro ytes. Stefan. t%ere can 0e &%ere t%e -ap -ets too sma . : comment = 0y Giman13 .N I9m -oin.P &aron>%iman1< youtube *ideo added on Se/tember 6?# 266@. /ery.der Coatin" from Conditionin"-: %ttp6DDyoutu0e.comDuserDGiman133 6 yes./ideo. -W:C W ite Po. &%en usin.%i-%er add ca cium %ydroxide. a p ease a so come to6 o/erunity dot comDindex. 7ou can -et it at petDfis% stores for addin.process.comDuserDo/erunitydotcom3 6 Jiman. Many t%an<s.ce . t%en you %a/e to add a NprecipitateN to <noc< t%at stuff off. It may 0e <no&n as N<a <&asser po&derN. t%en it is o<. If you oo< in t%e 0ottom of a %ot &ater <ett e. : comment 2 0y Giman13 . you rea y -et t%e coatin- . '%at is ca cium and ot%er minera s. 4. in norma e ectro ysis ce s &%ere sea &ater for examp e can 0e used.%ttp6DDyoutu0e. I9m cium for marine ife. It is a so <no&n in %ard&are stores as N%ydrated imeN or Ns a<ed imeN or Hust N ime.%ttp6DDyoutu0e.p%pDtopic. I set t%e /ariac at certain settin-.%ttp6DDyoutu0e.comD&atc%L/U8x2uEs0't*7 : comment 1 0y o/erunitydotcom . /ery t%ic<. you &i see Guite a 0it of &%ite sca in-. So t%is s%o&s t%at t%ere is itt e 0y itt e more resistance to current o/er time. o/er coup e %ours /o ta-e is a0out same 0ut ampera-e drops 0y coup e %undred ma9s and -as production is same. I monitor /o t and amps %ittin.%tm to discuss t%is topic.1. 8e-ards.%ttp6DDyoutu0e.32(!. Bnce it is to my satisfaction. : comment 2 0y Giman13 .comDuserDGiman133 6 'o speed up t%is conditionin. many t%an<s for t%is /ery add some and run some -ood ampera-e t%rou-% t%e ce to see if I can -et a t%ic<er coatin. t%at is &%y amps drop 0ac<&ards from more ca cium coatin-.conditionin-.comDuserDGiman133 6 for-ot to mention in /id 0ut durin.14 minutes.

transcription and /ideo &ere prepared 0y Matt Im0er.mp3 Bur -uest today is $a*id Wenbert. and %as 0een in/o /ed &it% ad/anced researc% for more t an 26 years in ener"y researc .comDindex.o& %ttp6DDfreeener-yno&. Ster and . : comment ? 0y Giman13 . MP3.$. Hust do on.%ttp6DDyoutu0e.p%pDBS6"aterK#ue K$e .doc format . o ran *e icles on .$omp ete transcription in .p%pD$on-ress6Mem0er6Ster in-K4.o&Ds%o&sD211)D'ran script::4a/idK"en0ert:: "aterK#ue K$e sKandKE ectroma-neticKB/erunityKSimi arities. Mr.C9I7)6 Bn +u-ust 2). become /ublic domain.for "ord3.p%pD4irectory64a/idKL.p%pD4irectory6E ectroma-netic set:ups.comDne&sD8adioD#reeKEner-yK. 211).comDindex.desira0 e to -et a -ood coatin-. . 13 ectro ysis set:ups is c ose y re ated to t%e reason for No/er unityN 0ein. I %a/e done t%is Hust to see &%at %appens and t%e coatin.enou-% to -et t%e ayer do&n to desired t%ic<ness. is a/ai a0 e from t%is in<6 %ttp6DD&&&.in &ater t%en t%e sett e on t%e 0ottom. at %ttp6DDpes&i< you9re -ood to -o.pureener-ysystems. t%en s&itc% to t%e /o ta-e potentia circuits &it%out current and you &on9t %a/e t%e ampera-e to cause more coatin.used as annodes positi/e &%en s&itc%ed3 &i repe t%e ca cium oxide into t%e &ater and you &i %a/e ot of &%ite f a<es f oatin. : comment @ 0y Giman13 .K"en0ert &it% H2Eart% Institute %ttp6DDH2Eart%. at %ttp6DDpesn.+ en.o&Drecordin-sD211)D1)1*2)KH2Eart%"ater#ue $e sK4a/id" radio series. inter/ie&ed 0y Ster in.comD8adioD#reeKEner-yK.comDindex. and %is t%eory t%at t%e No/er unityN 0ein.comDuserDGiman133 6 t%at is t%e @ES' &ay to reduce t%ic<ness if t%at is e/er a pro0 em.comDindex.t%e H2Eart% Institute and t%e companion . as part of t%e PES . "en0ert is no& in t%e "as%in-ton created at . : '%e fo o&in.o0ser/ed in some e ectroma-netic %ttp6DDpes&i<i. He is t%e :ounder and E3ecuti*e $irector of t e H2Eart Institute. Hust s&itc% po arity on ce for a 0it and you &i see t%e cat%odes .o0ser/ed in /arious e ectro ysis %ttp6DDpes&i<i. area and is de/e opin.comDuserDGiman133 6 t%ere may 0e some 0ut &it% on y /o ta-e potentia it 0ui ds so s o& y t%at s%ou dn9t 0e a pro0 em for a ontime.&i repe . 1! pa-es. ose /atents a*e 8ust no. F( <o. Wenbert from H2Eart .%ttp6DDyoutu0e.K+ an conducted a 1: %our inter/ie& &it% 4a/id "en0ert %ttp6DDpes&i<i. t%en s&itc% po arity to norma and -ood to -o.or.comDindex. PPP H2E&R9H REP!IC&9I7) of Stan MEYER Electrolysis: .doc 3 : '%e +udio fi e of t%e inter/ie&. + an %ttp6DDpes&i<i.ater fuel cell tec nolo"y of t e late Stanley Meyer# .p%pDCideo64a/idK"en0ertKonK"aterK#ue K$e sKandKE ec troma-neticKB/erunityKSimi arities $a*id Wenbert on Water :uel Cells and Electroma"netic 7*erunity Similarities I)9R7$.et&or< #ree Ener-y . H2 Eart% Institute is in t%e process of re/licatin" t e .%is &or< &it% "ater #ue $e s %ttp6DDpes&i<i.o/em0er 211) 2pdate3 PP Stan Meyer Cell by $a*id !. if it is e/er a pro0 em.4.

6. It’s rea y a detecti/e story.t%at t%is is Guite simi ar to &%at’s -oin. 0ut &ere reproduci0 e. t%e Heart% Institute %as formed a -roup o/er ?6 researc associates in 1? countries around t%e &or d. and it appears pretty conc usi/e t%at t e electrodynamics t at are a//enin" .ater fuel cell in t e circuit. et’s -i/e out your &e0site domain name.= .. : Sterlin" &llan6 +ccordin. ic e3/ired Eune 2?t D266@F. @ut you’re sayin.more ener-y out t%an &%at traditiona e ectro ysis eGuations &ou d say is possi0 e. &nyt in" belo...att ours /er liter. %e %as a t%eory or concept t%at t%ese o*er.. ri-%tL : $a*id Wenbert6 7es. t%at %e’s 0een in/o /ed in foundin-.ould refer to it. "e’/e %ad a num0er of successesI our members a*e been /roducin" "as at do. '%ere are many processes -oin.on &it% t%e o/er:unity e ectroma-netic systems.W : Sterlin" &llan6 #or t%e sa<e of t%ose &%o are sittin. 4r. or t%rou-% t%e arc%i/es.W : $a*id Wenbert6 #araday’s eGuations. @ut some of 'es a’s a0 notes referrin..t%at t%is o/er unity o0ser/ed in e ectro ysis : and you’/e 0een %ea/i y in/o /ed in an open source proHect too radiant ener-y and e ectro:radiant e/ents t%at &ere anoma ous. itKs all t e same. and didn’t fit in &it% any of t%e rest of e ectrica t%eory.W V. It’s more of an electrical resonance bet.. Peter Lindemann. In particu ar.. ItKs not a molecular resonance in t e .W 4r.att ours /er liter and do. &%ere %e &ent 0ac< and found t%e connections 0et&een ori-ina &or<s 0y . to pu0 is% p ans of %o& to do t%ese t%in-s as Stan y Meyer’s p ans and ot%ers.ay most / ysicists or c emists .it in t e . : Sterlin" &llan6 V. t at .W %undreds if not t%ousands of peop e %a/e rep icated &%at appear to 0e o/er:unity e ectro ysis t%eir computers istenin.ater fuel industry. +nd &e’/e traced t%is furt%er.9rade &ssociation for t e emer"in" . t%e Heart% Institute is6 &&&. and t%e &ater fue ce is a ot more comp ex t%an it seems. do &it% 'es a’s more &e :<no&n contri0utions i<e +. : $a*id Wenbert6 7es.on &it%in it at t%e same time.ico a 'es a : &%ic% %ad not%in.into =ero:point ener-y or some ot%er ener-y source in t%e process : and you’re sayin.manKs ener"y mac ine# Eo n (ediniKs motors . t%ere may 0e some tappin. and faci itatin. I t%in< made a maHor contri0ution to t%is fie d &it% %is 0oo<6 #ree Ener-y Secrets of $o d E ectricity.<A .een t e resonance c ar"in" c o0e coils on eit er side of t e .atts ours /er liter is o*er..orV.ater fuel cell in Stan MeyerKs circuit# are t e same t at are obser*ed in not only (eardenKs# but Eose/ )e.n at 1 U . and apparent y.t%is massi/e pro iferation of t%e rep ication of t%is effect. +nd &e’/e found t%at t%e &ay t%ose coi s interact is /irtua y identica to t%e &ay t%e coi s in 'om @earden’s motion ess e ectroma-netic -enerator interact..unity. '%ese researc%ers %a/e a 0een rep icatin.$. Lindemann t%en traced t%at to . current and so fort%.unity electric systems a*e a ti" t correlation to t e o*er. &%ere t%ey’re t%is ri-%t no&. 2.t%e Stan Meyer "ater #ue $e : t%e /atents on .H2Eart%.unity electrolysis systems t at are bein" obser*ed.n belo. Many peop e %a/e 0een confused 0y t%e &ay Stan Meyer referred to t%e use of resonance as t%e mec%anism t%at sp its t%e &ater. : $a*id Wenbert6 It’s actua y pronounced Heart%.

at classical / ysics describe in te3t boo0s.from Stan Meyer3.W : Sterlin" &llan6 +t t%e recent extraordinary tec%no o-y conference. +nd %e %as actua y pu0 is%ed t%ose. %e’s Hust not -oin.W : $a*id Wenbert6 Exact y :: &e ca it t%e I42.ill be /lu""ed into t e 16 am/ D12 *olt# 16 am/F $C au3iliary circuit. 5ray and t%e 5ray Motor. and if you oo< at t%e 0ottom of t%at pa-e.s elf Honda "enerator# runnin" itself off of a . istenin.! on Pa-e 4113. 0ut... so you’re not fi-%tin. I t%in< :: Hust in t%e ast fe& years :: are rea y 0rin-in. or Irrefutable $emonstration . Lindemann and 'om @earden. it’s doin. traced t%at furt%er to Stan Meyer and t%e &ater fue ce %ttp6DD&&&. &nd t e . and I don’t <no& if %e e/er ta <ed to Meyer at a . 0y 9esla 9ec in Salt !a0e City in Euly 2?.. you can do it. @ut %e %as done simi ar &or< in s o. and it &i consist of a < 0ilo. +nd 4r.t%is to-et%er : to coa esce to t%e point &%ere industry can pic< up t%is tec%no o-y and 0e-in turnin. t%at &as t%e first c ue. years 3. Bur findin-s to:date are -enera y posted on t%at pa-e .t%e same t%in-. and &%ic% can ma<e motors so muc% more efficient. +nd %e %as not pu0 is%ed a comp ete set of p ans a0out %o& to 0ui d an o/er:unity motor. 8ust an off.onKt e*en be runnin" off t e &C.. "e .i<e t%at in a compre%ensi0 e &ay. on Pa-e 411. +nd you can see at a . in ana y=in. any&ay :: Peter Lindemann &as t%ere &it% a demonstration of a num0er of circuits t%at %e’s come &it% t%at are actua y *ery similar to t e (edini circuit# but donKt in*ol*e t e (edini /atent.o&. I don’t t%in< t%e &ord &ater appears any&%ere in t%e F11 pa-e 0oo< 0y 'om @earden..a itt e 0it.t%e &or< of E.#i-ure ).to te you %o& to do it. V. and t%at’s a story I’/e 0een sittin.2B Dand t is is t e year 266@ for peop e &%o are years a%ead of us.W : $a*id Wenbert6 V.nit.W : $a*id Wenbert6 . in %is 0oo< Ener-y #rom t%e Cacuum. t%at ima-e is /irtua y identica to t%e /o ta-e intensifier circuit in Stan Meyer’s documents. some osci oscope tracin-s of t%e output &a/eform of t%e ?osep% .e&man and ?o%n @edini. and a0o/e t%at. and -et more mec%anica output from your motor usin. V. '%ese are not different de/ ener-y. and a %undred ot%er in/entors out t%ere : it’s t%e same circuit. you can actua y use t e bac0 EM:Ks.. if you -o to 'om @earden’s 0oo<6 Ener-y #rom t%e Cacuum. 0ut since t%en &e’/e found se/era ot%ers.att /ortable "enerator .t%at &e’/e earned so" some *ery amaHin" electrical / enomena t at "o far outside .. So# it . t ey still seemed to a*e arri*ed at t e same conclusion.C.. +nd Stan Meyer didn’t %a/e t%e 0enefit of t%e &or< t%at 'om @earden %as done o/er t%e ast 11 years. &%ic% definite y emp oyed t%e same mec%anism :: and t%en. t%ere is a dia-ram of t%e ME5 coi assem0 y .t e.e&man ener-y into profit.on and need to -et around to..0ac<.a fina ce t%at incorporates e/eryt%in.ater fuel cell. +nd &e s%ou d 0e at t%at point in t%e next fe& mont%s : it’s Hust a Guestion of 0ui din.muc% ess ener-y. #or examp e. V.0ac< EM#s. +nd t%e more &e oo< at ?oe .ater fuel cell . t%ere is a -rap%ic s%o&in..t%e input &a/eform t%at t%e &ater fue ce reGuires .ance t%at t%ey are /irtua y identica . V. 0ut %e says if you piece to-et%er &%at %e %as out t%ere.. V. I’/e 0een procrastinatin.W '%at’s &%y I %a/en’t updated our &e0site in a &%i e 0ecause . 0ecause it’s %ard &or< to pu to-et%er somet%in.&aterce .W : $a*id Wenbert6 +ny&ay.

n in t e .itc # and a /atent by Harold &s/den Dt e (ritis / ysicistF.on in t%at 'es a S&itc% &as Hust a %andfu of transistors and capacitors. '%e 0ottom ine of t%e &ater fue ce is :: it rea y is a fue ce . ItKs com/letely t e o//osite of a normal electrical circuit. as you <no&.eK*e been tryin" to fi"ure out . &%i e you dra& off a oad. "%en t%e /o ta-e spi<e -ro&s to a certain ma-nitude.e&man uses. of t%at descriery document. +nd all t ose electrons build u/# and t eyKre dra. t e electrons are ri//ed from t e .ater fuel cell# and t at electron e3traction circuit . you fix it so it pu s out more current. t%at document -oes into /arious similarities bet. you %a/e ioni=ation &%en t%ey ose one e ectron..&%ic% MeyerKs cat odes . it’s &%at t%e ME5 does : in t%e fina ana ysis.+nd %is document : )umber $<. #irst. &nd# so youKre "ettin" $C current out of t e . a master desi"n can come to"et er t%at incorporates t%is into one practica de/ice. "%at’s -oin. muc "as you /roduce.e&man ener-y mac%ine. 0y t%e & &%at &e <no& no&.o&.ater# o*er and o*er a"ain . V.and it’s easy to find at &&&. It de/ends on t e s.. in direct /ro/ortion to o. and t%en you %a/e disassociation . proper y constructed.itc . '%at’s not &%ere t%e ma-ic %appens.W : $a*id Wenbert6 V. If no current is enterin. Carious t%in-s i<e t%e 'es a s&itc% are a so pu0 ic domain tec%no o-y..n. It’s not a released on Euly 2@t # 266@# by Patric0 *olta"e. it’s a so true t%at t%at commutator is pro0a0 y a 0etter &ay of doin. at some point. to accommodate. '%e coi s and t%e ma-nets are amp ifiers.o& if you &ant more -as. @ut. "%at’s actua y %appenin.. ?oe .ater to fill t e oles in t e anode. simp est em0odiment of t%is same principa .W .t%ere is. it forces die ectric 0rea<do&n. atKs t e best .ater# e3/ose it to t e uni*erse# in t e form of t at radiant ener"y /ulse# and it "i*es you electricity.W : $a*id Wenbert6 V. en t ey lose 2 electrons. a rotary mec%anica s&itc% : %is commutator.itc in". youKre ac ie*in" dielectric brea0do.e&man’s motor does. is t%e editor of 9 e Practical 'uide to :ree Ener"y $e*ices. &%ic% ?o%n @edini first presented at t%e 'es a $entennia Symposium in 1F*4. &%ic% is no& %osted at %ttp6DD&&&.. you see a &a <: t%rou-% of t%e 'es a s&itc%. '%ere’s certain t%in-s a0out t%is ener-y f o& t%at may 0e difficu t for e ements i<e MBS#E's and so on. at Meyer called t e electron e3traction circuit. doin" it . V. .t is emer"in" understandin" as been unfoldin"# and . Patric< Ae y.on in t%at 'es a S&itc% is t%e same t%in..or... off# t e faster t e batteries c ar"e. V. and /ise:/ersa.ere insulated.ater fuel cell . it’s &%at ?o%n @edini’s motors do.o&. It . you’ see dia-rams t%at s%o& Hust %o& t%e 'es a s&itc% circuit &or<s 0et&een 4 0atteries : <eepin. +nd &%at’s -oin.panaceauni/ersity.ill /roduce net current. 7ou’re not a o&in. @ut t%at is t%e sin. +nd you -et com0usti0 e -as out of t%e 0yproduct.ater molecules brea0 do.een t e (edini motor# t e 9esla s.ater# . ..&e’re seein.W : t%e simp est depiction of a of t%is is in a document t at .e&man’s commutator is t%e secret to t%e . &nd as you /ull electrons out of .. ItKs a//enin" in t e s.n off by . t%e &ater fue ce ..panaceauni/ersity. +nd . You 8ust add .t%e 0atteries c%ar-ed. t e .any current to enter t%e ce .t%is t%an transistors and ot%er discreet modern e ectronic components.or-3. &%at is in effect.ay to /resent it. 9 e more load you dra.W : $a*id Wenbert6 7es.ill consume no current. . and &e 0e ie/e t%at. +nd t%at’s &%at %appens in t%e &ater fue ce : o/er and o/er a-ain. it’s &%at ?oe . . Bn pa-es 2!:3(.in from t%e cat%ode .

.t%at’s on t%e internet no&.it t at /ulse# .Hust o/er t%e next 3 to ( mont%s. and you %a/e to <eep pu sin. and I’m ta <in.. c osed &ater capacitors for ot%er purposes..a o/er a-ain. V. you’ see t%e scientific esta0 is%ment start ta<ina more serious oo< at it... yes and no. actua y descri0ed it t%at &ay. &%ic% ?oe .. 0ut outside of t%e @edini patents. V. So..ot on y does t%e circuit 0e%a/e i<e a 'es a S&itc% or t%e ME5.W : $a*id Wenbert6 Stan Meyer.e&man. &e . I mean at t%e simp est e/e . It’s Hust %appenin. Stan Meyer died in 1FF*.critica ity t%at some%o& -ets t%e =ero:point ener-y mo/in-. and t%e same t%in.t%at &e’re oo<in. "%at a0out t%e t eory t atKs /ut fort by Moray +in".used in t%ese de/ices. you’re -oin.W 7ou %a/e to remem0er.up on t%e 11t% anni/ersary of %is deat%.a se f:or-ani=in. So t%at’s more of an open source type of 0east t%an &%at @edini’s is :: &%ere t%ere’s a patent protection. and <eep openin.e can 0ee/ t at door o/en# t e ener"y . '%e -as c usters on an atomic e/e are creatin. I t%in< t%at as t%e understandin.W : $a*id Wenbert6 V. +nd t%at’s somet%in. V. rep ica0 e demonstrations t%at are -oin. @ut it’s /ery %ard to do. He said ri-%t no&. +nd I t%in< t%at by findin" . &ater fue ce seems t%e 0est description. +nd t%at appears to 0e &%ere you -et t%is in-ression of ener-y from t%e /acuum :: in t%e Guantum /acuum.B' t%e &ater itse f. "e . It’s rea y Guite nifty %o& %e’s redesi-ned t%at circuit to accomp is% t%e same t%in-. in one of %is ectures. &%en t%at /o ta-e spi<e is app ied. &it% a do respect to ?oe . e/en t%e forei-n patents.W : $a*id Wenbert6 "e see some /ery re ia0 e. 0ut in t%e &ater itse f. and t%at it’s 0ein.. t%at’s t%e same t%in. ta//in" into t%e circuit. V. t%ere’s enou-% of it no& in t%e pu0 ic domain.y.t%e . t%e &ater fue ce is comp ex. Li<e I said.. $ommutator is doin-./oint ener"y. &%o says t%at t ese electrolysis scenarios are some o.t%e door o/er and o/er a-ain. and &e’re Hust comin.of t%ese t%in-s comes to-et%er. it s%ou d 0e possi0 e for anyone &%ose -ot t%e fa0rication and assem0 y capa0i ity to or-ani=e a practica de/ t%e 5ray 'u0e in E. : $a*id Wenbert6 "e ..t%at’s %appenin... didn’t exist 11 years a-o.W : $a*id Wenbert6 +nd. 0ut no current is a o&ed t%ou-% it : &%at is %appenin. and t%at’s t%e true source of ener-y in t%ese scenarios : . a t%ou-% t%ere are more mundane. 5ray’s Motor. +nd from a ma<e it irrefuta0 e t%at t%e excess ener-y is rea .in t%e &ater is t%e same t%in. +nd t%en -rud-in.eKre o/enin" a door# and as lon" as .: Sterlin" &llan6 Peter !indemannKs circuit also as a transistor.. %is tec%no o-y is in t%e pu0 ic domain : at east &%at %e’s ex%i0ited so far. /irtua y e/eryt%in. He didn’t %a/e 'om @earden’s papers to -o 0y... It’s a so 0een referred to as a &ater capacitor. .ill continue to come in. in t%e fie d of free ener-y. V. 7ou <no&.e&man &as a&arded in /arious counties under t%e patent cooperation treaty in 1F** : t%at patent %as expired. V.W : $a*id Wenbert6 He didn’t %a/e.W : Sterlin" &llan6 M:%mm.W : $a*id Wenbert6 +nd Meyer’s and t%e 'es a S&itc% and so on. yes.

t%e &ater fue ce can 0e made simp er and more re ia0 e.bac0 and t e resonant effect is t e /rimary factor in 0ee/in" t e current from enterin"# and t e $elron insulation /re*ents any lea0a"e beyond t at.ater fuel cell# and t e current t doin" t at# but yea # t e sort of bounce. you’d %eat your &ater. In an automo0i e. : Sterlin" &llan6 So. and t%e microtur0ine &ou d -enerate e ectricity. a t%is stuff is off:t%e:s%e f in t%e so ar industry. Stan buried t at in is documentation. (ut no.*olt &C# to run your ome. you can use it in your HC+$ system. in t%at re-ard. it’s Hust t%e opposite. and you’d ta<e t%e -as and you’d run it t%rou-% a microtur0ine.ise t ose electrons . So you’d %a/e a %ome po&er system not un i<e a 5enerac : or one of t%ese t%in-s on t%e mar<et today for 0ac<up po&er t%at you can 0uy at Home 4epot.ould "o to a 12 *olt in*erter# and con*ert it to 126. you’ ma<e use of t%at in some &ay.eK*e studied it furt er . &nd t e cat ode t at t e electrons .# as . you %a/e t%is free electron current t at arises in t e solution. in an a0sorption c%i er or somet%ini<e t%at.. '%ere. t%at’s &%ere &e &ere..3(6343 7ou’d %a/e t%at same system. as a matter of doin. and t%e fact t%at it’s -eneratin.t e 0eys to t e / enomenolo"y t at . So t e EEC dra. +nd t%e &ay t%e circuit &or<s is. oo<in. as t%e resu t of ioni=ation and disassociation. . @ut mean&%i e.ould if you ad solar PC /anels on your roof . 7ou <no&.ater fuel cell .. 0ut a li" t .eK*e ad /eo/le use it to run motors & fans and /um/s and so on.itc # and in*erter# a c ar"e controller# and *olta"e re"ulator. + microtur0ine &ou d 0e 0etter t%an a piston en-ine for re ia0i ity reasons. 0ut t ere .ould 0ee/ your batteries c ar"ed# and t e batteries . +nd u timate y. you )EE$ to /ull t at current out of t ere# because e*ery electron t atKs left in t e . in t e relations i/ to t e electrical /o. . you &on’t need :: for a %ome po&er system for examp eO you <no&. you said it a num0er of times t%at apparent y 0ears repeatin. : $a*id Wenbert6 7es.&it% t%e &ater fue ce : &as -ettin.ould be a . you &ou d use t%e -as in t%e interna com0ustion en-ine. it’s a most i<e t%e -as 0ecomes irre e/ant.. atKs . en t e i" *olta"e /ulse is off on t e anode# t e Electronic E3traction Circuit 0ic0s inP because t e electrons canKt all mo*e t rou" t e .ater is in ibitin" ioniHation and disassociation from occurrin". It .W : $a*id Wenbert6 In t%at case. per%aps a %y0rid /e%ic e is idea for use &it% t%is.ater fuel cell is not only "eneratin" "as# t e ydro"en>o3y"en comin" off of t e bro0en bonds from t e .e a*e no. It could 8ust be a 5uestion of a*in" a battery ban0# li0e you .n off by t e .as ard to fi"ure out e .it itP . and &it% t%e &aste %eat.: I %ad not appreciated : t%at t e . V. ere you a*e a doHen batteries# or 26 batteries# and an automatic transfer s.ould normally come out of# is insulated in $elron. '%at’s &%y t%e /ulses are timed in suc a . .ill build u/ and c an"e t e nature of .e t in0 . you <no&. one of t%e t%in-s t%at 0ecame apparent in our researc% is t%at you can not ne"lect t at electronic e3traction circuit .a ot of e ectrica po&er. 0ut t%at’s 0eside t%e point. &e .ater fast enou" to "et to t e anode durin" t e /ulse. &e &ere en/isionin-6 you’d %a/e a &ater fue ce .ater# but youKre sayin" itKs also "eneratin" t at comes out of t e cell# in t e electronic e3traction circuit# it could be a lot sim/ler t an t at. (ut itKs *ery im/ortant# because ot er.s off t is free electron current# and you can /o.ay t at t ey 0ee/ t e current from enterin" t e to t%e point &%ere it can 0e used for %ome po&er. +ny&ay.

.e realiHed t at# no .n if you dri*e it .t%e &ater fue ce : eit%er &ay.ater isV .W : $a*id Wenbert6 "e . and &e’re fortunate our friends in t%e so ar industry de/e oped t%is to a %i-% art : and t%ere are a t%ousand insta ers around t%e correct . or &%et%er it’s a /ersion of t%at in/o /in. ate*er itKs resisti*ely is# or o. 9 en .W : Sterlin" &llan6 In our /ideo t%at &e’re puttin. '%at’s -oin. '%ere are a do=en ot%ers. conducti*e it is .to use t%e tec%no o-y not to produce -as. and you can do t%at &it% %i-% /o ta-e in &ater. t%ere’s a snip s%o&in.ater fuel cell# because t e cat ode is 0e t%e same. Most of t%em are usin.e realiHed t at Stan Meyer really . It doesn’t mean t%at t%ey %a/e rea &ater fue tec%no o-y t%ou-%..car0on. and t%e e ectrodes a0 ate and you -et $BH2 out :: car0on monoxide and %ydro-en in a oose : car0on 0ased. V. and enou" *olta"e fast enou" .to-et%er6 it’s dot $+ I 0e ie/e3. en e said you can use sea . +ny&ay. 7ou <no&. or -rap%ite e can 0uy out of a cata o.111 &%at you &ou d ot%er&ise need ]21. Ma-na-as. &%i e a so pro/idin. 7ou <no&. 0ut to purify &ater. it doesnKt matter. &%o put t%ese t%in-s in e/ery day.n in t e .4a/id S Ster in. 7ea%. and its associated e ectronics is no& somet%in. @ut t%e -rap%ite e ectrodes are expensi/e. en t e . &%et%er it’s t%e 'es a S&itc%. you’re -oin. t%ey are c aimin. V.111 &ort% of so ar pane s to . It doesnKt matter# you 8ust ad8ust t e /arameters.ater# and isoto/ically /ure .spe ed To-en.ater# and tri/le distilled . t%e 0a ance of t%e system is a pretty muc% -oin. en . I mean# first# . '%ey &ere ri/a s.ater# and so on. I t%in< it’s dotO .ater. .as correct# and t at t e dielectric brea0. . (ut# t at only matters if youKre /assin" current t rou" it. and it is fair y c ean and /ery efficient. : Sterlin" &llan6 B<. '%ere’s conf ictin. unfortunate y. 7ou’/e -ot companies i<e Star'ec%.around t%e same time in t%e ^)1’s and ^*1’s promotint%eir tec%no o-ies.. yes. no. Stan Meyer and 7u e @ro&n &ere contemporaries..t%at sort of t%in-.ener-y is a 0it misp acedL : $a*id Wenbert6 "e .from a do=en / 0e a0 e to do &it% a itt e -reen 0ox for ]2. V. '%ey a %a/e different trade names for it. '%ey &ere -oin.e/idence a0out &%et%er t%e -as t%ere are a num0er of companies doin.a//enin" c emically# and in ibit t e /rocess. so t%e idea t%at &ater fue ce s cou d 0e used c ean t%e &ater.o&.to ta<e some spectroscopy to rea y -et a %and e on t%at. +nd &%at t%ey’re doin. I mean. and &e refer to it as exot%ermic p asma synt%esis. t ere is no current bein" introduced into t e . 0ut t%at’s not rea y t%e same t%inas t%e &ater fue ce per say.ater in t is t in" t e 0ey# our /eo/le started all usin" distilled . t%ey ost t%eir dot com. and t%ey use a %i-% /o ta-e disc%ar-e under &ater to produce com0usti0 e -as.W : $a*id Wenbert6 I t%in< t%at if a %ome po&er system 0ased on free ener-y. t%e 0attery 0an<. : $a*id Wenbert6 "e .out of t%e &ater fue ce is rea y @ro&n’s 5as or &%et%er it %as t%e same uniGue properties as @ro&n’s -as. (ut . '%at &asn’t t%e case &ay 0ac< in t%e 21t% century. '%at is a fie d t%at &e’re interested in. &nd . actua is t%eir &e0site3.To-en tec%no o-y . You can still ac ie*e dielectric brea0do.e realiHed t at Peter !indemann .. Br.out %ere in a coup e of one of t%e t%in-s &e’/e unco/ered is t%at you can use any .S.

many times more efficient in producin. : Sterlin" &llan6 +nd you’re seein. you can ta<e a torc% and you can &a/e across your %and and it doesn’t 0urn your %and. : $a*id Wenbert6 7es.nKs 'as is obser*in"L 7ou. or &%ate/er : it’s a p asma. '%ey c aim t%at t%e meat coo<s 0etter. a t%ousand ot%er industries t%at %a/e trade associations. on t%e same settin-.unusua y effects occur. V. 7ou’/e -ot companies t%at ma<e t%ese %ydroxy 0oosters t%at are examp es of &ater fue tec%no o-y t%at’s in use today. and I t%in< t%ere are. +nd t%at te s us t%at &%en you create t%is -as in an e ectrica y asymmetrica y t%e &ater fue ce L : $a*id Wenbert6 "e &e %a/en’t 0een ana y=in.. t%e Hydroxy Ener-y +ssociation for 8ene&a0 es and 'ransports and Homes . '%e Hydroxy Ener-y +ssociation t%at t%ey’re puttin. '%e tota num0er of positi/e c%ar-es and ne-ati/e c%ar-es are rou-% y eGua in an ordinary f ame. and you can roast c%ic<ens on a commercia sca e &i %opefu y ser/e as a trade association for a <inds of &ater fue tec%no o-y.. I t%in< a0out !1 of t%em on t%e mar<et. yea%. @ro&n’s -as is ioni=ed. at (ro.: it’s transferrin. and t%ere’s more a t%e time :: and peop e do seem to -et incredi0 e resu ts &it% t%em.and &e p an to do t%at in t%e future. and increases t%e fue efficiency and decreases t%e emissions.on somet%in.t%at same effect &it% t%e -as comin. : Sterlin" &llan6 +re you obser*in" t e similar effects to . : $a*id Wenbert6 8i-%t. + norma f ame. and indeed t%at’s t%e case.t%e -as. &e’re seein.W : $a*id Wenbert6 V.a c%ar-e..0ro&n’s east t&ice as efficient.@ro&n’s 5as. t atKs due to t e fact t at t e flame is i" ly c ar"ed.W : Sterlin" &llan6 '%e ot%er is. and &i represent t%e interests of t%e ne& &ater fue industry in t%e same &ay t%at t%e +merican Petro eum Institute represents oi companies. It &ou d 0e nice to do . V. &%ic% t%en -oes into t%e air inta<e. + fire is p asma. 7ou start seein. and u timate y. '%at’s &%at accounts for a t%e 0i=arre properties of @ro&n’s 5as. @ut. &%et%er it’s a torc% or a cand e. a t%ou-% studyin@ro&n’s 5as %as to d us a ot a0out &%at is -oin.on in t%e &ater fue ce . 0ut you can t%en ta<e t%at same torc%. t%ose can 0e -enerica y referred to as %ydroxy:0oosters for cars. or t%e -as association for natura -as and coa industries represent t%eir fie ds.W &e’re ta <in. @ro&n’s 5as mac%ines typica y operate at a0out 3 &att:%ours per iter.on -as production efficiency. +nd t%e @ro&n’s 5as f ame is impin-in.ot so in t%e @ro&n’s -as.. and %a/e 0een. %o& does t%is re ate to peop e &%o are usin. Indeed.or HE+8'H3 &i 0e 0ased %ere in "as%in-ton 4$. "it% t%e &ater fue ce . '%ere’s a company in Aorea t%at actua y %as a @ro&n’s 5as system t%at feeds into a roaster. put it to tun-sten and it &i su0 imate it a most immediate y.&it% t%e Panacea #oundation in +ustra ia a0out possi0 y doin. and t%at it’s Huicier and so fort%. +nd you’/e -ot out t%ere companies t%at ma<e @ro&n’s 5as &e ders.a Hoint function &it% t%em at some point. you dra& off t%e e ectrons..%ydro-en inHection systems into t%eir air inta<e in t%e /e%ic e t%ey %a/e in an on0oard e ectro ysis scenario :: producin.its com0ustion c%aracteristics yetI &e’/e 0een concentratin. 0ut it’s neutra . .. <no&. not Hust t%e &ater fue ce .

$onseGuent y. : + t%orou-% c eanin-. ye3 so ution %as 0een s%o&n to en%ance performance.or car0on &e d in process of rep icatin.p%pD4irectory6Stan eyKMeyer .Return to the top PP Water :uel Cell 7/en Source Pro8ect# 7S:Water :uel Cell# from Pes.See $o d #usion3."#$. '%is is a pu0 ic y edita0 e Ha&aii. : It is 0e ie/ed t%at t%ere may 0e acoustic resonance factors participatin. "%i e a sma er -ap is prefera0 e. and &%ose patents %a/e Hust no& 0ecome pu0 ic domain. tu0es of t%e 31(L stain ess stee a oy are preferred. : "%i e corrosion is not apparent in a mature operatin.p%pDBS6"aterK#ue K$e Stan ey Meyers e ectro ysis. S%ortcut 28L 6 %ttp6DD&aterce . +n open source proHect 0y t%e H2eart% Institute %ttp6DD&&&. --------------------------------------------.t%e &ater fue ce tec%no o-y of t%e ate Stan ey Meyer %ttp6DDpes&i<i. &ater f o& issues impose practica imitations on t%is. in co a0oration &it% Panacea. .comDindex.i0i %ttp6DDpes&i<i.S. Some ce desi-ns &it% forced &ater f o& see< to o/ercome t%is imitation. to a/oid any inner &e d 0ead &%ic% mi-%t pro/ide a conducti/e pat% to s%ort out t%e intere ectrode -ap 0et&een t%e Meyer Effect. : "%i e &e ded tu0es are ess expensi/e.somet%in. 7ou are &e come to participate in its de/e opment.%2eart%. $onseGuent y. P Water :uel Cell Parameters : P ysical Cell Construction6 '%e "#$ consists of some num0er of independent sets of concentric tu0u ar e ectrodes.!mm. one -enera y se ects t%e outer diameters of 3D4N and 1N.tu0es. and adHusts t%e inner diameter of t%e outer tu0es for t%e desired intere ectrode -ap. tu0es are i-%t y mounted and a o&ed to /i0rate. &%o ran /e%ic es on &ater. : +n initia %i-% ampera-e N0urn:inN of 111 %ours %as appeared to en%ance performance as &e I t%is is 0e ie/ed to resu t from %ydro-en oadin. most i<e y 0y disso /in. '%is proHect see<s to rep icat &%at %e accom is%ed 0efore %is untime y deat%. &e do %a/e some /ery acti/e teams in Sout% +frica and ot%er countries around t%e &or d..comDindex.t%e ce 9s initia 0urn:in p%ase. &%ere t%e -ap 0et&een t%e Buter 'u0e and t%e Inner 'u0e of eac% set is no ar-er t%an 1. and 0rin. t%e outer tu0e s%ou d 0e extruded.of t%e cat%ode9s meta attice. and +ustra ia : :&%ic% is &%ere most of t%e effort seems to 0e concentrated &or d&ide : a t%ou-%. to inc ude an o/erni-%t soa< in HaBH . pro/ided t%e inner and outer tu0es are separated 0y spacers composed of a . &%ic% c%an-es its e ectro ytic properties. as &e as e ectrica .infoD .or. it can occur durin. : In procurin. and can 0e used for t%e inner e ectrode.any mac%ine oi s pic<ed up on t%e tu0e surfaces in &ater fue researc%ers from t%e 2.

ena0 in. : + re ations%ip is <no&n to exist 0et&een t%e en-t% of t%e tu0es and t%e freGuencies used. Eac% pu se train 0ui ds to t%e point of catastrop%ic die ectric 0rea<do&n. t%e &a/eform is not a simp e sa&toot% &a/e. : '%ere is no Nma-ic freGuencyN. a c%aracteristic rin-in.a duty cyc e &%ic% can 0e t%rott ed do&n from F1E to 11E durin. &it% ne& tu0e sets producin.circuits may in fact 0e 0etter suited to t%e reGuirements of t%e eGui/a ent amount of -as to t%ose pre/ious y in t%e system. an auto:fi system s%ou d maintain t%e &ater e/e on a constant 0asis as c ose y as possi0 e. and /ary t%e freGuency in rea time to maintain t%at condition.See '%eoretica $onsiderations3. 0ut is interrupted 0efore current can actua y f o& t%rou-% t%e ce .ce operation. &%ic% appears to o0ser/e t%e eGuations for +coustic 8esonance in meta tu0es. t%at more primiti/e pu se formin. produce a /aria0 e pu sed output of 0et&een 2A%= and 111A%=. P Pulsar Circuit# 9 e Meyer Wa*eform6 '%e freGuency -enerator for t%e unit &i accept strai-%t 4$ input at 12/D11a. and t%e ce container itse f s%ou d 0e insu ated from any conducti/e pat% eadin. t%e &ater composition and temperature. step c%ar-in.See '%eoretica $onsiderations3. in -ated pu se trains of 4 to 11 pu ses per train. used in t%e desi-n of musica instruments. t%ere are indications 0ot% from Meyer %imse f and from t%e &or< of independent researc%ers.t%e &ater capacitor. &it% a /aria0 e -ate &idt%. . . "%en -as production pea<s. : + "#$ is not -rounded. : $ontrary to popu ar -round. : "%i e !!! timer MBS#E's %a/e 0een used successfu y. : '%e incrementa current dra& for eac% additiona tu0e set in t%e $e is ess t%an t%at &%ic% came 0efore. and ot%er factors.of t%e tu0es is audi0 eI it is not <no&n if t%is is a cause or effect of t%e process. . '%e optima freGuency in any -i/en circumstance is a function of t%e specific confi-uration and dimensions of t%e ce 0ein. and.used. conseGuent y.%i-% /o ta-e insu ati/e materia . : $e operatin. + comp ete ce &i sense its point of resonance. ar-er arrays are prefera0 e and more efficient.c%aracteristics &i c%an-e &it% t%e e/e of &ater in t%e ce I %ence. suc% as or-an pipes. It is a ramp of indi/idua sGuare &a/e pu ses. suc% as tef on.

no 0y La&ton. '%is can ead to researc%ers findin. no disco oration or smo<e3. : '%ere is a re ations%ip 0et&een t%e si=e of t%e 8$$s in num0er of turns. Protectin.ampera-e and reducin. &aron-s W:C circuit %ttp6DD&&&. P Resonant C ar"in" C o0es6 '&o Inductor $oi s.&it% Meyer9s ectures and &ritin-s a0out %is &or<. and t%at t%is is in <eepin.a 9fa se ne-ati/e9 resu t in t%eir experiments. &%ere t%e fai ure is on y detecta0 e if t%e ri-%t pin is 0ein.pdf : c ose to t%e 0est iteration of t%e circuit at t%is point. 0ut faster instrumentation confirmed t%at mu ti:<i o/o t e/e s &ere 0ein. crac< e. : '%e optima coi core materia is 0e ie/ed to 0e an en-ineerin. p aced on eit%er side of t%e "#$ e ectrica y. : '%e !!! MBS#E's can easi y 0e 0 o&n 0y t%ese %i-% /o ta-e spi< ener-y input reGuirements. : It is 0e ie/ed t%at a detai &%ic% Meyer eft out of some patents to protect %is desi-n may %a/e 0een t%e use of 0ifi ar &ire in t%e 8$$ coi s.freeener-yne&s. and may -i/e no out&ard indication of doin. Initia o0ser/ations missed t%is.t%e timer &it% a 11/ >ener diode is ad/isedI a simp e 11a fuse is insufficient.comD4irectoryDE ectro ysisDStan eyMeyersD+aronsK"#$ Kcircuit. It is 0e ie/ed t%at t%e %i-% /o ta-e potentia exc%an-ed 0et&een t%em : &%ic% can trans ate instantaneous y : is a0 e to interrupt t%e f o& of current 0efore it crosses t%e $e .111/ : in pu ses &it% a duration of under )! . t%us conser/in. or pop9.acti/e y monitored.: '%e circuit %as 0een found to reac% %i-% /o ta-e e/e s : in excess of 3!. and esta0 is% an e ectrica resonance 0et&een t%em. and t%e en-t% of t%e tu0es in t%e $e . amp ify and ref ect impu ses t%rou-% t%e $e .resin emu sion of .

See '%eoretica $onsiderations3.n from solution by t e EEC6 . an iron oxide compound &ide y found in nature. &%i e in%0itin.mass ess potentia . : '%e c%a en-e is to tri--er t%e sudden catastrop%ic die ectric 0rea<do&n &it%in t%e $e . $urrent performs no &or<. : Meyer eft a su0t e e ement out of t%e patents. as found in many 'es a de/ices.ere bifilar6 '%e Co ta-e Intensifier $ircuit is a 0ifi ar panca<e coi transformer &%ic% pro/ides distri0uted capacitance and inductance to t%e tu0e sets in t%e $e . et a 3 %a/e found to %a/e superior properties &it% respect to ma-enti=ationDdema-eti=ation for use in suc% de/ices. a current reGuired to effect t%e 0rea<do&n must 0e pu ed from so ution.8i/er Hematite. mere y s&itc%in.ered entirely by t e :ree Electron Current dra. P Electron E3traction Circuit# !am/ /o. and is considered counter:producti/e.Lindeman. &%i e in%i0itin. . P Colta"e Intensifier Circuit# 9 e Missin" Piece: 9 e CIC transformer coils .t%e passa-e of current 0et&een t%em. 0et&een e ectrodes.t%e passa-e of current 0y t%e circuit. Its function is to mana-e t%e transfer of potentia t%rou-% t%e $e .Co ta-e3 0et&een t%e e ectrodes. to protect %is tec%no o-yI t%e fact t%at t%e CI$ coi is &ound of 0ifi ar &ire. : In t%e "#$. : + perfect "#$ &ou d pass no current &%atsoe/er. &%ic% /arious researc%ers . and a &aste of ener-y. "%en t%is occurs.

t%e ce . and. t%e dissocation of eac% mo ecu e.and freGuency3 reac%in. t%rou-% first. 0ut it is a separate circuit from t%e rest of t%e system. Since t%is current is necessari y direct y proportiona to t%e num0er of &ater mo ecu es processed 0y t%e $e . t%e ioni=ation and t%en. as t%e EE$ operates. not&it%standin-. t%e "#$ is a NtrueN "ater #ue $e . and no e ectro yte is added to increase conducti/ity. t%ere is a re ations%ip 0et&een t%e net /o ta-e .e ectrostatic c%ar-e is e/idenced 0y /isa0 e c%an-es in surface tension. or its potentia &i entrain un&anted e ectrons from -round. 'o remo/e t%e free e ectron current from so ution. &%en t%e effect is e/ident. 8emo/in. : '%e $e must not 0e -rounded . i-%t3 input. and ot%er factors. extendin. rat%er t%an its ampera-e.Hydro-en and Bxy-en from recom0inin.and e on-atin.'%e Meyer Effect is occasioned 0y t%e esta0 is%ment and maintenance of an e ectron deficit in t%e &ater.practica coo in. a free e ectron current de/e ops as t&o e ectrons are i0erated per &ater mo ecu e.0ac< do&n to eGui i0rium. and not a o& t%eir reorientation or return to eGui i0rium. : + po arity in t%e $e is in one direction. +s t%e $e operates. as does p%otonic . at east per tu0e set. '%e o0Hecti/e is to produce t%e maximum possi0 e unidirectiona e ectrodynamic stress on &ater mo ecu es &it%in t%e intere ectrode -ap. t%e -reater t%e current &%ic% can 0e extracted. t%e more com0usti0 e -as is produced. #or t%is reason. '%e &ater is not conducti/e. t%e EE$ is incorporated into t%e $e . t%e fact t%at it is a so producin. : '%e free e ectron current dra&n from so ution is su0stantia and %as t%e a0i ity to perform usefu &or<.0ac< into &ater 0efore t%e -ases are re eased from so ution. : '%at t%e &ater carries a stron.e ectric po&er as it operates. and pre/entin. frot%. '%e ampera-e used is insufficient to produce t%e -as /o umes o0ser/ed. : '%is po ari=ation affects t%e Guantum state of t%e &ater mo ecu e.t%e . P 9 eoretical Considerations6 '%e Meyer Effect %as 0een esta0 is%ed t%rou-% circumstances &%ic% express y exc ude t%e operation of norma e ectro ysis. @ri-%t incandescent 0u 0s and muffin fans pro/idin. -eneratin. 0ut to a muc% -reater de-ree. meniscus.fue -as.t%ese free e ectrons is necessary to pre/ent ioni=ed species from droppin.eit%er intentiona y or 0y inad/ertant conducti/e -round pat%3.%a/e 0een po&ered from EE$ outputs in "#$ experiments. and ne/er crosses t%e center ine.

see picture %ttp6DDpes&i<i. &it% t%e &ater ser/in. etc. '%e /o ta-e potentia is pu sed at rates inside t%e re axation time of t%e &ater.3. &%ic% is in t%e 2C portion of t%e spectrum. '%e simi arity of t%e output &a/eform of ot%er #EDB2 de/ices. Hase0e. &it% eac% dissociated &ater mo ecu e tri--erin. et a 3 %a/e reported p%onodissociation of &ater at /arious acoustic freGuencies. fractiona Guantum states and ma-necu ar 0ondin. _ '%e acoustic factors cou d 0e as simp e as /i0ratin. around F11nm.EM:"#$. : 8eferences in Meyer iterature and patents to a se f:tunin. _ Bt%er researc%ers .its Guantum state.mec%anism may re ated to p%ysica properties in nature.p%pDIma-e6.e&man. : Pu sed potentia impacts on t%e po ari=ed. and t%e input &a/eform of t%e "#$ is not coincidenta . '%e pea< a0sorption point of t%is p%otosensiti/ity is 0e ie/ed to 0e in t%e Infrared. a i-ned &ater mo ecu e not on y extend its e more suscepti0 e to p%otodissociation t%an it is in a norma -round state.on t%e "#$ or any ot%er %ard&are confi-uration . raisin.ion transport and de ayin.See @e o&3 . t%ere0y exposin. P Related Sites 6 '%e +ustra ian &e0site %ttp6DD&aterfue ce . in effect renderin.and trans ate it into re ia0 e p ans &%ic% &i 0e a/ai a0 e at no cost to t%e -enera pu0 ic as t%e ear iest possi0 e opportunity. "it% p%oton emission occurin. and t%ese are a direct y re e/ant to t%e oepration of t%e "#$. t%e Guantum efficiency of p%oto ysis 0ecomes -reater t%an one.-as 0u00 es oose from t%e e ectrode surface faster. '%ere may 0e a p%ase re ations%ip 0et&een t%ese t%ree resonant p%enomena. @ ue. &it% respect to p%oto<inetic effects. rat%er t%an .as t%e 9de-enerate semiconductor9.die ectric 0rea<do&n unti %i-%er potentia s are reac%ed. : Indications are t%at t%e CI$ and 8$$ coi s in t%e circuit 0e%a/e in t%e same re ations%ip as coi s in t%e @earden Motion ess E ectroma-netic 5enerator. Ho&e/er.HpP :or More Information6 '%e H2eart% Institute continues its &or< to refine t%is understandin. and t%at current ess potentia is s&itc%ed in an ana o-ous manner.or in addition to3 a p%ase: oc<ed oop &it%in t%e circuit itse f.e ectronsp%ere of t%e outer /a ence e ectrons. t%is is pro0a0 y a so %appenin-.t%e dissociation of ot%ers.comDindex. 0ut a so affect t%e p%otoe ectron yie d of t%e &ater. you are in/ited to participate in t%e Institute9s Internationa 8esearc% #e o&s%ip Pro-ram.B' o&ned or operated 0y t%e H2eart% Institute or any of its affi iated or-ani=ations. .or-D is . 0et&een t%e tu0u ar e ectrodes.e.more effecti/e surface area per unit time. : E ectrica resonance occurs &it% in t%e circuit 0et&een t%e 8$$ coi s and CI$ transformer. _ +not%er possi0i ity stron. Mi s and Santi i. in%0itin.@oyce. . &%i e t%ere a so appears to 0e an acoustic resonance at &or<.from Bxy-en upon i0eration.Aee y. and a so &it%in t%e $e .acoustic &a/e arises 0et&een t%e e ectrodes. &%ic% does not correspond &it% t%at of norma &ater. it .y indicated 0y t%e dynamics of t%e process is t%at a standin. "%ate/er e se app ies. Han. and simi ar effects are o0ser/ed. : Meyer correct y anticipated t%e &or< of Scra--. i.* A%=I ot%er %armonics may a so 0e possi0 e and at &or< in t%is Hydro-en. as o& as 42. If you are an acti/e &aterfue researc%er &or<in.

. '%ese /ideos are a0out ! or ( days o d.Stans setup. F tu0e sets. : 8a/i9s Stan ey Meyer D 4a/e La&ton 8ep ication "ater #ue $e /ideoP11FW 12min3Fsec I I %ad made t%is /ideo in t%e ni-%t so t%e i-%t is not so -ood..t%ats a0out 1. '%ese /ideos are a0out ! or ( days o d. "en0ert. : usin.ry=e. P Contact 6 4a/id L. posted 1!t% +u-ust 211) I '%is /ideo s%o&s t%e innards of t%e "#$ &it%out &ater.t%e top for a0out 21 to 31 secs. I %a/e a0so ute y no idea &%y im -ettin.!1 +mps from t%e freGuency -enerator.1.t%is -oes on from t%e start of t%e "#$ ti you stop after &%ic% traces of sma 0u00 es <eep ea/in. '%e co ection &as for 21 0u00 es.! +mps from t%e #reGuency 5enerator. &it% an input current of 1.pdf Ra*i Ra8u 6 Stan ey Meyer 8ep ication &it% F inc%.contains muc% /a ua0 e information. : 8a/i9s Stan ey Meyer D 4a/e La&ton 8ep ication "ater #ue $e /ideoP11*W 12min4!sec I '%is &as t%e first and second -eneration after t%e eads &ere c%an-ed.comD&atc%L/UAfKn#J@@=mc 32sec posted !t% Septem0er 211) Nt%e "#$ -enerates Hust as muc% -as as &it% t%e a ternator or InductorsN : 4a/e La&ton rep ication information and co d current information from Panaceauni/ersity %ttp6DDpanaceauni/ersity.. Produces rea y ar-e 0u00 es ..comDp%p@@2D/ie&topic.&en0ert P Re/lications6 $a*e !a.. '%e output a so is %i-%er."#$3 disc%ar-in-.. '%e i-%t in t%ese /ideos is -ood..minimum3 : 8a/i9s Stan ey Meyer D 4a/e La&ton 8ep ication "ater #ue $e /ideoP111W 13min1Fsec I I &as as<ed for t%e /o ta-e and t%e connections so I made t%is /ideo and ... : 8a/i9s Stan ey Meyer D 4a/e La&ton 8ep ication "ater #ue $e /ideoP114W 11min632 : 8a/i9s Stan ey Meyer D 4a/e La&ton 8ep ication "ater #ue $e /ideoP11!W 1*sec : 8a/i9s Stan ey Meyer D 4a/e La&ton 8ep ication "ater #ue $e /ideoP11(W 11sec : 8a/i9s Stan ey Meyer D 4a/e La&ton 8ep ication "ater #ue $e /ideoP11)W 11min4(sec I '%is &as t%e first and second -eneration after t%e eads &ere amounts to ).t%is is pro0a0 y t%e capacitor .o ot%er impurities added. : proper discussion at %ttp6DDoupo&er..youtu0e.!1min of t%e /ideo and t%e /o ume of -as co ection &as Y 1(1D1(!$$.. 7ou can see t%is in t%e /ideo. proHect director %ttp6DD&&&. 0ut t%e /o ume of -as t%e "#$ ma<es is /ery c I S<ype6 da/e.pdf for t%e 4a/e La&ton rep ication of t%e Stan ey Meyer "ater #ue $e . : 8a/i9s Stan ey Meyer D 4a/e La&ton 8ep ication "ater #ue $e /ideoP113W 11min63) I '%is /ideo is after t%e top is sea ed and &it% an input of 1. : 8a/i9s Stan ey Meyer D 4a/e La&ton 8ep ication "ater #ue $e /ideoP112W 11seconds I '%is /ideo s%o&s #res% y fi ed 'ap "ater.comD-oD%2eart% H2eart% Institute I "as%in-ton 4$ I p%one6 . e/en if you ta<e t%e /o ume as 1!1$$ &it% 0a ance as steam and ot%er osses.pendin-3 I emai 6 H2eart%Y-mai ....31min to 1..!$$Dsec of HHB. .ton 6 : 4a/e9s $e "it%out Inductors or + ternator %ttp6DD&&&..Panacea 2ni/ersity Instructions %ttp6DD&&&.&%ic% s%o&s a ot of sma si=ed 0u00 es.panaceauni/ersity.4! itsDmin . '%e i-%t in t%ese /ideos is -ood.p%pLtU1(12 : 8a/i9s Stan ey Meyer D 4a/e La&ton 8ep ication "ater #ue $e /ideoP111W 4)seconds.approx from 4mm to 11mm3 not i<e t%e sma ones &e see in ot%er /ideos inc udin.

youtu0e. +ssociate #e o&s of t%e H2eart% Institute9s Internationa 8esearc% #e o&s%ip Pro-ram.7ou'u0eI ?u y 11.pdfI 12 <03 username at %ttp6DD&aterfue ce .I %a/e ) tu0es setup and in t%is /id I am puttinLESS 'H+.or-D i0raryDstan:meyerD&fc. %ttp6DD&&&. t%e in/itation to participate in .on $at%odes : no conducti/ity %ttp6DD&&&.youtu0e.&m/ : /ideo on conditionin.posted it a itt e 0efore I -ot t%e ca . 211)3 : +aron9s circuit %ttp6DD&&&.comD/Do=p8.p%pDCideo6"aterKasK#ue K.comD%2eart%D0 o-Dcy0rarium : '%e "aterfi es +rc%i/e : #orums6 %ttp6DDmy.or-D414.comD4irectoryDE ectro ysisDStan eyMeyersD+aronsK"#$ Kcircuit.PES .comDH2eart% : 4o&n oads6 %ttp6DDmy.t%e #reGuency of a 4a/e La&ton rep ication . &it% an input po&er of 3( &atts .opera. 211)3 : I updated t%e /ideo c ip &it% a fe& more tid0its of info a0out &%at I did6 %ttp6DD&&&.comD%2eart%0eat : B/er/ie& Cideo6 "ater as #ue .on t%e ri-%t LE4.. +aron produces enormous amount of N@ro&n9s 5as N Stane y Meyer sty e.or-D is NcruxK&fcN : Cideos6 %ttp6DD&&&./iaK>PE3 .esm%ome. %undreds. .t%e< CideoI +u-.coated &it% t%e &%ite po&der coatin-. '%rou-% a teaminre ations%ip &it% t%e Pure Ener-y Systems .a p astic pasta Har &it% stain ess stee concentric tu0es fi ed &it% tap &ater from %is <itc%en sin<.fc 6 : E ectro ysis in disti ed &ater &it% no e ectro yte %ttp6DD&&&..7ou'u0eI +u-.opera.comD&atc%L/U8x2uEs0't*7 Cru3O.pdfW.youtu0e. 11 &atts into it. 11./ia >PE3 %ttp6DDpes&i<i. 7ou can see t%e inner tu0es are 0ein. '%e eft LE4 is connected 0efore t%e s&itc% on pin 3 as in V414 %ttp6DDpanaceauni/ersity.opera.comD&atc%L/UmnPa<aI)117 . 211)3 : S/ecial Waterfuel &cceleration 9eam6 '%is report represents t%e on-oin.comD&atc%L/UGT8MC>"r-S< : Cideo on t%e @ifi ar c%o<es : info ta<en from tec% 0rief6 %ttp6DD&&&. not 0y 8a/i 8+HuW Fmin!3sec : added 22t% +u-ust 211) &aron Mura0ami 6 : +aron Mura<ami 8ep icates Stan ey Meyer9s "ater #ue $e %ttp6DD&&&.youtu0e.comD&atc%L/UpS#p@"*K/*o : 2sin. I9/e s&itc%ed off t%e eft part of t%e circuit &it% t%e s&itc% on t%e pin 3 of t%e !!! and you can see t%at t%e current dra& increases o/er fourfo d and you cant see any pu sin.t%e topic.34 seconds3 : $ruxK&fc e ectro ysis ce ma<es %ydro-en -as in disti ed &ater. &%ic% is supposed to 0e impossi0 e.on /arious e ectro ysis: i<e proHects &%ic% put out more ener-y t%an &as reGuired to run t%e e ectro ysis unit.youtu0e.pM(#GM : "#$ "%ite Po&der $oatin. : 'unin. if not t%ousands of %o00yists and independent in/esti-ators &or d&ide are &or<in. 31.o0a Bpen Source co a0oration of independent researc%ers.3 min3 : "%i e academia %as 0een spurnin.comDindex.pdf3 . . &it% no e ectro yte.12 /o ts at 3 amps3 pu sed.freeener-yne&s.youtu0e. . and no added e ectro ytes.&or< of a .et&or<.comD%2eart% : @ o-6 %ttp6DDmy.

documents. &as de i0erate y truncated 0y Meyer so t%at it &ou d expire coterminous y &it% t%e primary one. . and to re: aunc% t%e Meyer "#$ in particu ar.&aterfue de/ices in 0ein. &as &or<in.nextener-yne&s. on ?anuary 1st.N"#$N3 may 0e t%e most practica free ener-y de/ice to introduce on a &idespread 0asis.or-3 &as or-ani=ed to exp ore &aterfue tec%no o-y -enera y. and %is tec%no o-y for t%e "ater #ue $e fe permanent y into t%e pu0 ic domain in t%e 2nited States. "%i e it is a one amon. +s &%at many consider t%e most sop%isticated approac% to NHydro-en:on:4emandN tec%no o-y .spar< p u-s. . Carious sc%ematics.ota0 y.14F. In ?une of 211(. once it 0ecame free of inte ectua property ri-%ts issues. unti &aterfue tec%no o-y 0ecomes uni/ersa y a/ai a0 e.t%is proHect is no& extended to t%e 0roader #EDB2 community.on more in/o /ed and exotic imp ementations of t%e tec%no o-y.a /e%ic e or -enset on &ater a one3. : Cideos6 %ttp6DD&&&. 211). and data &i continuous y 0e added to t%is report.A.or-D Bn ?une 2)t%. Meyer expired. retired 2. t%e !.41) N4esi-nN patent. t%e H2eart% Institute .F(1 NMet%odsN patent.%ttp6DD%2eart%.t%e simp est and east expensi/e &aterfue systems to construct. Meyer. in/o /in&ater inHectin. ima-es. a ne& nonprofit researc% S education foundation. #or t%ese and ot%er reasons.t%e remainin. t%e "ater #ue $e . '%is proHect is not concerned &it% t%at arc%itecture. 2. &%o died in 1FF*.S.accompanied 0y a reasona0 e t%eoretica foundation as to &%y it &or<s. &%ic% issed more t%an t&o years after t%e 4.term of a patent is an a most un%eard of step for an in/entor to ta<e. &%ic% is em0odied in ot%er Meyer patents &%ic% remain in force unti 2111.F3(.%tm : Public $omain Waterfuel 9ec nolo"y6 %ttp6DD&&&.comDfue ce sDfue ce s1. 4isc aimin. 211). Patents 4.F(1 and !.41) 0y t%e ate B%io in/entor Stan ey +. 0ut on y &it% t%e 0ody of Meyer9s &or< &%ic% is no& in t%e pu0 ic domain.F3(.runnin.14F. and indicates t%e ater patent to contain some critica impro/ements t%at Meyer &anted t%e &or d to %a/e &%en %is 0asic tec%no o-y 0ecame pu0 ic domain. upon expiration of t%e patents. 8esearc% En-ineer 4a/e La&ton re eased a report.%2eart%. /ideo. it is a so amon.

e ements. t%e H2eart% Institute initiated an Internationa 8esearc% #e o&s%ip Pro-ram to faci itate rea time co a0oration 0et&een &aterfue researc%ers around t%e &or d.E ectro ytic 5as is t%at t%e Hydro-en %as &it% unco/er t%e <eys to ma<in. are see<in.a functiona "#$. 211) . decyp%er t%e <eys to 0ui din.compi ed 0y P5#E4 Editor Patric< Ae y %ttp6DD&&&. 2.a functiona "#$. representin.comD%2eart%D0 o-Dcy0rarium P Preambule6 '%is paper sets out to descri0e &%y experimenta %eatin.Meyer "#$.-as a--ressi/e y in disti ed &ater &it% no e ectro yte.eGui/. o/er !1 8esearc% #e o&s of t%e H2eart% Institute. '%is p atform on PES.units 0ecome <no&n and confirmed.t%e 1*t% anni/ersary of $o d pro/ided &it% one .12/3 in disti ed &ater &it% no e ectro yte. its o&n oxidiser : Bxy-en.y e/idences a rea .opera. from 1! countries.instrumentation for %i-% ener-y partic e p%ysics 12 Co ts t%e ce s are %eated part y 0y %ot ex%aust -as and part y 0y &ay of /o ta-e on t%e p ates &it%in actin. name y6 : Mitsu0is%i $yc one .S. '%e 0enefit of usin. in a pu0 ic format &%ic% a o& t%e documentation to -ro& o/er time as t%e desi-n is furt%er refined and N@est PracticesN in constructinrep icatin. &%o spent muc% of %is career at @ritain9s 8ut%erford La0s . detai inLa&ton9s success in constructin. some deficiencies &ere unco/ered in t%e documentation. &or<in. and operations. @u eted items constitute findin-s -enera y accepted 0y t%e Institute . is intended to pu0 is% t%e tec%nica findin-s of t%e H2eart% Institute &it% respect to t%e "#$. Bn #e0ruary 23rd. + most immediate of ?une 2). '%e ce s operated at 12:13/D3:4a : a/era-inapproximat ey !) &atts of input po&er : producin.&it% output rated at 1!1 +mps at 24 Co ts &%ic% is fed into t%ree e ectro ysis ce s.o-ic. and one emp oyin. desi-n.13 : Honda '$ 1(11 . La&ton.pdf9 a/ai a0 e at %ttp6DDmy. construction. no -as mixinis reGuired and so comp ete com0ustion is accomp is%ed &it%out t%e need for additiona air.2 +mps . &ere posted on 7ou'u0e. and se/era %a/e demonstrated -as e/o ution at 1. '%at is not stran-e in itse f as it is &e <no&n t%at Hydro-en is a fue _. and stron. 0ased on t%ese La&ton "#$ rep ications. copyri-%t 211!:211(. e-itimate NMeyer EffectN. additiona e ectro yte %aetin. eac% ce -ets a sin.23 en"ineDsF runs on electrolytic D<F "as. + ready perfect y created at . one &it% an a ternator 0ased circuit. '%is is impossi0 e 0y t%e <no&n princip es of con/entiona e ecto ysis. &%ic% %as produced -as at 3x t%e #aradic eGui/a ent rate for t%e po&er consumed. Present y.or-. is far from t%e a/era-e 9tin<erer9. Cideos of %is t&o "#$ units. and %a/e recei/ed o/er !1. Here9s t%e ru0I t%e car en-ine uses a separate 0e t dri/en t%ree p%ase marine a ternator in a 979 &indin.o/em0er 211) 2pdate3 PP PE9ER !7WRIE# Electrolytic 'as# $ id state timin.a &or<in. PE9ER !7WRIE electrolyHer: .e p%ase.111 %its.a difference 0et&een t%e La&ton unit Nas 0ui tN and t%e sc%ematics t%at %ad 0een pu0 is%ed on t%e &e0. La&rence Li/ermore3 desi-ninand constructin.0een found to 0e indicati/e of success in "#$ t%eory.panaceauni/ersity. In t%e descriptions 0e o&. from 9Lo&rie Paper e5as. 211)3 as %a/in.

5as and oxidiser atoms ne/er 0ein.outer in Bxy-en3 e ectron or0its interact. #e& texts referenced to date accounts for t%e ener-y re ease durin. '%e as% is &ater.a0o/e t%e o&est ener-y state. In any case t%e purpose is to detai a part of t%e mo e or indeed one mo ecu e at a time o/er time. '%e exp anation 0ein. &i initiate t%e -as com0imation.12 x 1123 mo ecu es. P Electroc emical .33 <Hie2.t%at you can9t -et more ener-y out t%an &%at you put in and in citin.appears to -et ost. In t%e discussion of t%ermodynamics re atin.more t%an3 sufficient to fue t%e en-ine.and oxidiser3 &it% amp e po&er to spare. not so &%en t%e ca cu ations start &it% &ater : somet%in.enormous ener-y in Guic< time.circa (11 +mps eac%. t%ere 0ein.43 are ac%ie/ed.<H3 so t%at 114 <ca U 43! <H and un ess specified ot%er&ise mo ar Guantities are 1Dmo e . denotin. '%e p asma speed is 3.44). it is said.!3 of 114 <ca D. '%erefore for one mo ecu e of H2B *)1 <H &i 0rea< apart t%e &ater mo ecu e and t%e eGui/a ent ener-y.s3 of e ectro ysis and t%us efficiencies in t%e order of F).1( <H and BU 1313. '%us en-ine -enerates its o&n fue .recom0ination.ectro ysis t%e demised atoms may 0e at t%eir o&est.sin-u ar mo ecu es as opposed to +/o-adro9s .11 Co ts &%ic% t%en ser/es to increase e ectro ysis efficiency in accordance &it% #araday9s La&.(3 of HU 1312. mer-e and sett e do&n to sta0 e or0its6 Hie1 Q Hie1 Bie1 U 3. .or fai to supp y a of t%e information.F AmDsec. P ysical reactions6 '%ere are t&o 0onds on t%e &ater mo ecu e : one for eac% Hydro-en atom .!1 <Hie33 upon com0ustion t%e . t%e process 0ecomes endot%ermic and pro/ides -as . '%e fact of t%e matter : as t%is paper &i pro/e : is t%at t%e texts are eit%er &&ron. In order to re/ea t%e correct fi-ures for a sides of t%e reaction.um0er &%ic% denotes (. "%en t%is approac% is ta<en t%e ener-y content atent in t%e oxidisation is rea e:13 and .of course3.t%e respecti/e atoms9 ionisation ener-ies for t%e process.a0out )! e:13.4) <<H . more information a0out t%is apparent dic%otomy &i 0e discussed.t%ree in Bxy-en3 and on y one in Hydro-en.&it% t%e e ementa -ases and t%eir oxidisation reaction and finis% &it% decomposition in order t%at t%e resu ts comp y &it% '%ermodynamic a&.33**.0i ions of t%em in n /o ume t%ey under-o a c%ain reaction unti a a/ai a0 e atoms are recom0ined re easin. Most ar-ue t%at t%is is an impossi0 e situationI at 0est t%e en-ine 0ecomes a dynamic 0ra<e and at &orst it Hust &on9t &or<.24 to t%e su0Hect matter t%e Guestion of %eat .1Dmo e3 or 114 <ca Dmo e:1.p asma3 tota ener-y is ca cu ated 0y mu tip yin. #o o&in. C .F! <Hie1.ance appears Guite correct. or induced to increased ener-y t%eir e ectrons or0itin. #or t%e remainder of t%e paper <ca &i 0e con/erted to <Hou e .e13 "%ere ie is Ionisation Ener-y and n t%e ener-y ayer . t%e ce consumin.s3./arious texts. at first .1Dmo e3 respecti/e y. So far as t%e mo e fraction is concerned some express suc% as t%e in/erse function and ot%ers as a reciproca .(11 "atts mains rated e ements &it%in. P $efinitions6 Carious fi-ures are pro/ided in texts for t%e ener-y /a ue of t%e Hydro-en 0ond sten-t% .in iso ation. '%e %eat f ame . t%ere is &isdom in 0e-innin.!E . "%en t%e ce s -et up to temperature .$3 t%e a ternator tic< e supp y is reduced to a ran-e 0et&een 1. !311.F(2. '%e ionisation ener-ies .

0urnin-3 of Hydro-en is a p%ysica reaction of t%e midd e ener-y order. '%e notion of co:efficience rests in E ectro ysis. so I can9t transcripte t%em %ere3 In order of ener-y stren-t% .13W . . '%is can 0e s%o&n to 0e t%e caseI et LU *)1<H 0e t%e tota ener-y consumed in sp ittin. of t%e o& ener-y order : a c%emica reaction and $om0ustion : a p%ysica reaction of t%e midd e ener-y order 0ein. '%e reason for t%is is t%at t%e ionisation process in e ectro ysis is Ve ectroWc%emica .-3 Q *)1<H ::` .13 Q 43!<H ::` H Q H Q B.1* .position of t%e t&o -ases.13 . E/en if t%e 0ond stren-t% is su0tracted from 0ot% sidesN . it is apparent t%at t%e com0ustion product is %i-% y ener-etic. H2B. In any case eGuation . t%e initiatin.com0ustion3 process is p%ysica .part.e!3 Bn t%e one %and ener-y is expended to 0rea< t%e 0onds and on t%e ot%er %and ener-y must 0e expended to rema<e t%em and c ear y t%is im0a anced situation ea/es a ot to 0e desired.Hydro-en and Bxy-en t%an is reGuired to sp it &ater. .of o/er:unity c aims %a/e any re e/ance.-3 Q B.1* .com0ustion )F./asst y disproportionate.e43 is c ear y mista<en 0ecause. H Q H..H2B..e(3 p u-s in t%e correct /a ues to t%e formu a pro/ided in t%e text .M45 no/1)6 int%e fo o&in. and t%en mu tip y t%is reaction 0y t%e -as /o ume denoted 0y +/o-adro9s num0er.e(3 . nor do specia :p eadin.$ . .13 Q 43!<H ::` HB Q H Q 43!<H ::` H Q H Q B.t&o &e <no&n modes of its comin. aD on y %a f t%e reGuired ener-y is -i/en and 0D t%ere is a continuin.3 "% at 2! de-.eit%er of &%ic% are re e/ent to t%is discussion. sym0o s are not reada0 e on t%e ori-ina pdf fi e.ion3 : 3F(2<H ::` H2B.13 .3. "%en t%e Hydro-en and Bxy-en are recom0ined into &ater durin.. "%at actua y %appens is t%at *)1<HDmo e:1 is expended to 0e-in t%e recom0ination process and 3F(2<HDmo e:1 is i0erated as a net -ain. '%e formation of Hydro-en is a nuc ear reaction t%ere 0ein.L:L3DLU 3F(2. Bxidisation .durinreactions.-3 VQ*)1<H ::` H2B. '%e aut%or of t%is paper is not in iso ation insofar as t%ese apparent y anoma ous resu ts are concerned.e)3 en ar-es to inc ude t%e enr-y re ease.addition of ener-y on 0ot% sides and appears not to factor:in any ener-y re ease.H2B and L 0e t%e oxidisation expenditure in eGuation .into existanceI primordia Hydro-en and neutron decay.)3 9'%e sma est amount of ener-y needed to e ectro yse one mo e of &ater is (!. t%ere 0ein..-3 Q 43!<H ::` H2B. So &%ic% is itL '%e c%emica eGuation -i/en6 H2B. '%is excess must 0e a0sor0ed from t%e .and -oin. +nd e ectro ytic decomposition is aVnW Ve ectroWc%emica reaction. '%e ca cu ation ref ects t%e startin. 14 "% more ener-y is re eased in 0urnin.. Bn t%e one %and is %eat due to mo ecu ar motion and on t%e ot%er is t%e %eat of p%otons comin.e33 . LDL U 3F( a /ery important one.)) de-rees #.ener-y is Ve ectroWc%emica %o&e/er t%e resu<tant ionisation ..e13 of Vcom0ustionW ener-y.e23 '%is does not descri0e some 9%idden9 ener-y.footnote P23 and eGuation .3 "% of ener-y is re eased.t&o types of %eat. ot%ers %a/e addressed t%e issue.

4) C at 2! de-.1112))*3 U 3. + usefu met%od to disp ay t%e different reactions in/o /ed in t%e processes of com0ination .ener-y e/e s far more t%an ordinary. for /o ta-es of 1.4)C Q 1.and ()F iters of Bxy-en from 1 Liter of H2B.atoms e ectron num0er.4!1 U 1.e ectrons produce p%otons6 '&o e ectrons are introduced to 0rea< t%e 0onds 0ut t%ose e ectrons are ions and so do not add to t%e resu tin. t%e ripped:off e ectron a0sor0s up&ards of 4! : !1 p%otons a at once.8yd0er.. @efore t%ere &as e/er &ater t%ere &as on y -as. +t t%e same time I8 p%otons are 0eina0sor0ed 0y t%e mo ecu es increasin. decomposition and mo ecu arisation are #eynmann dia-rams.4) Co ts. 1 mo e of -as U 24.3C t%erefore 1. In t%e fo o&in.!! mo es of Hydro-en and 2).$.comp ete y fi ed on y t%e outermost ayer may ta<e part.111 -rams U 1 Liter I 1.!! mo es . *)1<H H2B produces as a0o/e &%ic% is t%en eGua to 4*32*. t%e reaction -i/es off %eat. o/er/o ta-e may 0e 1. t%e e ectro ysis reaction +@SB8@S HE+'. Bne mo e of &ater &ei-%s 1* -rams.!1<H per Liter H2B.e ectro ysis.*3 If t%e Li-%t is intense enou-%.(!* <"%r per Liter H2B. P :eynmann $escri/tions6 Studies made of %i-% y ener-etic atomic and mo ecu ar interactions s%o& t%at e ectrons can a0sor0 or emit mu tip e p%otons raisin.!! x 24.5ases to oxide .or o&erin. +t o/er 1.3!*.enou-% ener-y3 to 0e excited into a %i-%: yin. '%ree e ectrons are in/o /ed in t%e process of com0ination and at eac% Huncture t%e com0inin. 4ue to t%e Pau i Exc usion princip e t%e Bxy-en e ectrons interact on y in t%e outer ayer.3C U 2.or x 0y 1. . t%e inner ayers 0ein. t%e e ectron a0sor0s enou-% p%otons . "%en t%is occurs. 9'9 and atmosp%eric pressure 9P9.23 to 1. $on/ersion to <"%r di/ide 0y 3(11 .t%eir ener-ies and adHustin. !!.dia-rams on y t%e eptons contained in eac% atom are disp ayed. 1. '%is norma y %appens in t&o steps6 #irst.en/ironment3 in t%e form of %eat durin.state.spin:do&n unti it reac%es t%e innermost.9 '%e e ectro ysis ce /o ta-e.com0ustion t%e free e ectrons emit p%otons e/ery time t%ey encounter t%e nuc eus and durin.111 -ramsD 1* -rams U !!. +t t%is point t%ere is sti a position free for anot%er e ectron to fi and so /ery s%ort y after decomposition nei-%0orin.com0ustion in &%ic% t%e f ame p asma may 0e descri0ed as an ionisation process p%otons are emitted..ext.3 iters of Hydro-en . t%e i-%t &i actua y rip off t%e e ectrons of t%e atoms it is interactin. .t%e 0ond en-t%s6 #o o&in.9 V. Ho&e/er a of t%e ayerin-s e ectrons may encounter in t%e Hydro-en atom are a/ai a0 e and so fo o&in.))! moIes of Bxy-en.$.&it%.com0ustion33.4!1 iters of -as at room temperature.a)3 '%erefore 1 Liter H2B produces !!.t%us .))C is t%e /o ta-e supp ied. t%e e ectron &i a0sor0 anot%er num0er of p%otons and ea/e t%e atom &it% a certain amount of <inetic ener-y.surroundin.W 9+t 2! de-.Hydro-en atoms .

temperatures in/o /ed in t%e reaction and t%e Ent%a py is6 L5 U H-Q H. Pro/ided t%e 5#E of a system at t%e end of t%e reaction is defined as t%e ent%a py of t%e system ess t%e product of t%e temperature mu tip ied 0y it9s entropy.com0ine into Hydro-en mo ecu es.*1 U LS x (1114e-.5 U 4e . eac% e ectron t%ereof emittin.%tm s%ou d 0e read in conHunction &it% t%is paper. P (ond !en"t s6 '%e entire &or< contained at %ttp6DD&&&. '%e part detai in.@ond Len-t%s is reproduced %ere6 S%o&n opposite are t%e main /i0rations occurrin. H U Ent%a py I S U Entropy I 4e .5i00s #ree Ener-y reconci e &it% t%e ener-y s%o&n in eGuations . 1(44 cm:1 VF42W3 "%at t%is means is t%at t%e ener-y reGuired to 0rea< t%e 0onds increases or decreases proportionate y to t%e 0ond en-t%s &%ic% may 0e a tered 0y suc% t%in-s as ma-netic fie ds or %eat. '%is arran-ement is not /ery sta0 e and so t&o o& ener-y order ions may 0e introduced causin. "%y not %ere as &e L Some reactions are spontaineous 0ecause t%ey are exot%ermic L HX1.u<D&aterDindex. 32*1 cm:1 V*W3 and t%e 0endin. P 'ibbs :ree Ener"y6 4o t%e ru es comprisin.entropy proposition.H: 4e . '%e dipo e moments c%an-e in t%e direction of t%e mo/ement of t%e Bxy-en atoms as s%o&n 0y t%e arro&s ..1 : (3L . Pro/ided t%ere are ener-y co:efficients in/o /ed does 5#E -et turned on it9s %eadL '%e "ien effect does it to B%ms La&. '%erefore many more p%otons are emitted durin.'S3 .t%e cursor. s0u. t%erefore in our ca cu ation LSX1.t%e Hydro-en mo ecu e to 0ond &it% t%e Bxy-en u tra/io et p%oton : t%at9s t&o p%otons.F36 '%e main stretc%in.Q B-.freGuency increased .*(1 <ca Dmo . '%e com0ustion of E ectro ytic 5as is exot%ermic 0ut t%e Guestion of entropy is a moot point. and ot%ers are spontaineous 0ecause t%ey are entropic LS`1. on y Hydro-en and Bxy-en atoms in a -as.com0ustion t%an are accounted for on t%e primary side of t%e eGuation &%en t%e &as no oxide.e*3 'He usua standard:state free ener-y of t%is system L5 cannot 0e app ied %erein due to t%e rapid y c%an-in. '%e mo/ements are animated usin.412 <ca Dmo U LH U : 1!1./ 34F1 cm:1 and /1.0and in iGuid &ater is s%ifted to a o&er freGuency . '&o disordered -ases i-nited com0ine to ma<e &ater &%ic% is not an increasin. U LH: :F11.eF3 .1S3 U :31*./ &ater.

1136 'ota Bxy-en:Hydro-en /o ume is Hydro-en /o ume Q Bxy-en /o ume6 '%is corresponds to a0out 1. .$ t%e resu tin. If for examp e you %a/e ) ce s in series and put 11+ t%rou-% t%e e ectro y=er. "it% ) ce s and 11+ t%is &ou d 0e !2.A3 t%e production rate is 1.1! 4e-. Bne cannot say t%at t%e Z%eat[ of e ectro ysis is eGui/a ent to t%is %eat of com0ustion t%ere 0ein.e1!3 ar-er or a0out 1. in ot%er &ords : a ot more t%an t%e Hydro-en 0ond stren-t%. t%e mo ecu es return to t%eir o&est ener-y and t%e amount of ener-y re eased persuant to 5#E is c ose to t%e ener-y ta<en 0y t%e ot%er route in ear ier eGuations.a0out 1.$6 2)3.1! D 2)3.3 iters per %our at S'P &i produce6 313. t%e /o ume &i reduce 0y a0out 3!E. If at 1 4e-.2)3. If you produce t%e -as at 41$ and 1.)!+'M and 0rin. P :araday-s !a.t%e exc%an-es.!<m e e/ation a0o/e sea e/e 3.e143 '%e production rate is 6 2F*. + as it is not t%at simp e t%ou-%. o&er pressure U %i-%er /o ume3. accordin. Bn t%e ot%er %and is t%e output -as %as a temperature of 41 4e-.!F!+%D per ce .1 de-.! Liters per %our.$ &%i e it is 0einmeasured and t%e am0ient pressure of #araday’s La& you &ou d produce6 1. .oxide coo s unti it reac%es am0ient temperature.s .)! atm .%i-%er temperature U %i-%er /o ume3 and in/erse y &it% t%e ratio of pressures .A _ 1atmD1. %o&e/er.A D 2)3. t%e e ectro y=er t%at produces 4*.crosso/ers of p%otonic and mo ecu ar %eat durin.A U 2F*.(2) iters per %our per +mp or 1.e133 .1! 4e-.$3 and pressure .1! to 1$ and 1+'M.com0ustion of t%e -ases at (111 4e-.#o o&in.(*! D +%.1! 4e-.)!atm _ 4*.1! U Q: 11FE .1 atm3.e1(3 So e/en t%ou-% t%e /o ume of t%e -as is ar-er at %i-%er temperature and o&er pressure.A Q 2! 4e-. '%us it is /ery important to inc ude t%e pressure and temperature in ca cu ations. t%en at 2! 4e-.* D%r . t%at t%is app ies on y at a certain temperature .3 Liters per %our at S'P conditions. '%e produced -as /o ume &i sca e &it% ratio of temperatures in Ae /ins . t%e ener-y contained in t%e -as or t%e ener-y reGuired to e ectro y=e it is t%e same.3 D%r U )3.$ .ote.1! A .(2) D+%.(2)DD+% _11+_)U Q: 4*.

-3 L H2B.*2( <H .consumes ener-y36 H2.consumes ener-y36 H2.tan< -ases3 oxy-en .B23 and %ydro-en .H23 are eases ener-y36 2H.F** Q 1D2_24F.-3 ..1236 '%e %eat of com0ustion /a ues for monoatomic and diatomic ...-3 Q B. '%is consumes ener-y.-3 .-3 L H2B. LH U :!F1.a certain amount .. Some experimenters report efficiencies t%at appear in excess of #araday9s La& yet ot%ers no matter %o& %ard t%ey try attain on y o& e/e s of efficiency.e1)3 4issociation of diatomic oxy-en -as into oxy-en atoms6 ..-3 .e213 $om0ustion of diatomic oxy%ydro-en into &ater in t%e form of steam .-3 Q eases ener-y36 H2.-3 Q 1D2B2.FF* <H .con/entiona 3 e ectro ytic oxy%ydro-en -as are compared 0e o&. It is ca cu ated in t%e fo o&in-6 ...1* <H .-3 L H2B..1* <H U 342.. '%is means t%at i-nitin.e1F3 4issociation of diatomic H2 and B2 mo ecu es into monoatomic form . LH U :241. LH U 21).-3 .one iter of monoatomic oxy%ydro-en re eases on y a0out 1. '%e tota amount of ener-y re eased is t%e sum of t%ese t&o ener-ies.-3 L 2H.133 4issociation of diatomic %ydro-en -as into %ydro-en atoms .0y &ei-%t3 of oxy%ydro-en re eases a0out 2. Monoatomic oxy%ydro-en %as t&ice t%e /o ume for t%e same &ei-%t t%an does diatomic oxy%ydro-en.)!* <H .e1*3 $om0ustion of diatomic H2 and B2 to form &ater as steam .re eases ener-y36 H2.consumes ener-y36 B2. "%i e t%e %eat of com0ustion for con/entiona diatomic H2 is s%o&n in t%ermodynamic ta0 es. H2B reaction is not usua y s%o&n.-3 .)!* <H .. LH U :.!)* <H . Ho&e/er t%e t%eoretica ener-y consumption to dissociate one iter of monoatomic oxy%ydro-en from &ater is %a f of t%at reGuired to dissociate one iter of con/entiona diatomic oxy-en and %ydro-en -ases.*2( <H ...!)* Q 24F. &%ere t%e ot%er one %as 9Q9 si-n and t%e ot%er one 9:9 si-n.-3 .4! times more ener-y if t%e oxy%ydro-en is monoatomic instead of diatomic.-3 Q B. Ener-y is t%en re easeda &%en t%e H and B atoms recom0ine into eases ener-y36 2H..-3 Q 1D2B2. t%e /a ues for t%e monoatomic 2H Q B.e223 $om0ustion of monoatomic oxy%ydro-en ."%at may not 0e immediate y c ear is t%at different experimenters report /arious resu ts t%at are prima facae out of step &it% c%eris%ed a&s.-3 L 2B. P 9 ermodynamics of Electrolytic 'ases .-3 . LH U :241. LH U 21). t%e 0onds 0et&een t%e -as atoms in t%e diatomic -as mo ecu es %a/e to 0e 0ro<en first. @ut t%en one %as to consider consistent /ariances s%o&n 0y experimenters as detai ed in t%e ana ysis of t%eir resu ts &%ic% u timate y cu minates in t%e preponderance of com0ustion ener-y output many times more t%an expected.e233 $om0ustin.-3 L H2B. "%en con/entiona diatomic ..1*3 <H U :!F1.-3 Q 1D2B2.e213 $om0ustion of monoatomic H and B to form &ater as steam .23 more ener-y t%an t%e same /o ume of diatomic oxy%ydro-en. +re t%e o/er unity c aims due to errors in met%od or ca cu ationL Pro0a0 yM. LH U 24F. It may a so 0e noted t%at &%en t%e t&o Hydro-en atoms mer-e p%otons in t%e 2C .-3 L 2H.

11 to 2.13 mi i+mps in . 1. '%e initia part of t%is process is of a o&er ener-y order t%an t%e atter.t%at t%ere is a <in< in t%is La&. 1.. Potassium Hydroxide .2 <B%m t%e current &i 0e 311 +mps.e243 "%en o&erin. t%e /o ta-e drop t%erefore renders t%e reactor inoperati/e and in series on y t%e centre ce produces si-nificant Guantities of -as.see ori-ina document3. "%ereas t%e ce resistance at 11<B%m . .t%e e ectro yte impedance to c. If t%ree ce s are connected in series t%e /o ta-e at eac% is 4 /o ts. capacitance.23 Co ts : oad s%ou d eGuate to 1. disti ed &ater. P Electrical features in Electrolysis6 '%e t%eoretica decomposition /o ta-e for e ectro ysis is 1.c ass $3 radiation.2H3. 'o a intents t%is is a t%ermodynamic 0rea<a-e and pro/es t%e aut%ors ear ier %ypot%esis t%at t%e e ectroc%emica eGuations must 0e performed in t%eir correct order to ma<e proper sense.nomina 3 D 3 ce s U 4 /o ts per ce 3 : 'B determine current6 ED8 I E U4.. . Here a so is a curious dic%otomyI &%ereas &ater a0sor0s I8 radiation durin. $a cu atin.ABH3 1631.testin.2C . 8U 12x11(.as an inefficient 0attery .23 /o ts at room temperature . 31 4e-..1 t%e reactor experienced an * to 11 Co t drop &%en po&ered at 12 : 14 Co ts.&it%out e ectro yte3. %o&e/er c ear si-ns emer-e durin.resistance. IU 11x 3( . %o&e/er 0ecause of o/er:/o ta-e of H on t%e cat%ode and a so due to ce resistance itse f /o ta-es of 2.ta<es no consideration any /o ta-e drop at t%e e ectrodes.2! /o ts are usua y reGuired. inductance3.143 1( : 21 de-rees $3.&it% e ectro yte3 from 121 MB%m .efficient e ectro ysis and &%ereas it re eases 2C radiation &%en t%e e ectrons spin do&n to t%eir o&est ener-y state and com0ine into mo ecu ar Hydro-en .2) MB%m . B/er /o ta-e re ates to c%ar-e %e d in t%e ce . t%eoretica y . '%e ce s are comprised of disc inter ea/e stac<ed e ectrodes.0and are re eased. B%ms La& dictates t%e current and /o ta-e e/e s in t%e ce are re ati/e to resistance. Bn M<1. t%e ce actin.ta0 e s%o&s t%e o/er:/o ta-e as measured in t%e aut%or9s ce s at /arious times and t%e ca cu ated po&er input reGuired for e ectro ysis6 In t%e eft co umn are /o ta-es read at /arious times and in t%e ri-%t co umn are t%eoretica /o ta-es to app y for e ectro ysis .$. In order to in%i0it t%is mer-er it may 0e possi0 e to su0Hect t%e Hydro-en to stron.. '%e fo o&in.B%ms La& says t%at at t%e %i-%er impedance more current can 0e supp ied6 1 : EUIx8 I IUED8 I 8UEDI 2 : 12 /o ts . +s e ectro yte is added and t%e ce impedance drops t%e po&er consumption increases as does t%e -as output.

B%m9s a&. '%e common diode comes to mind. and t%e mo0i ity of t%e ion . ea/e 0e%ind its atmosp%ere &%ic% does not %a/e time to reform. Impedance is t%e instantaneous s ope of t%at functionN. . See a so t%e $ebye.fact t%e reciproca of t%is /a ue is o0tained.1)3 Ener-#un c aims t%at Hydro-en is not in fact a fue 0ut mere y an ener-y carrier. t%at isI t%e circuit 0ecomes endot%ermic. "%en po&erin. Ho&e/er. '%e N0i.or s ope3 is on y a constant in t%e inear case. %i-%er /o ta-e.conseGuent y t%e electrical conducti*ity of t%e so ution3 &i increase. as stated.1!3 '%e increase of t%e mobility of an ion in %i-% electrical field. '%ere are many e ectrica de/ices t%at ex%i0it non: inear 0e%a/ior 0esides e ectro ytic ce s. %o& can B%ms La& 0e rent asunder in t%is mannerL '%e ans&er ies &it%in t%ermodynamic systems reported 0y "i %e m "ein in studies of @ ac< @ody radiation and is defined in t%e "ein 4isp acement La& .points of /o ta-e and current. 8 is a constant r is a /aria0 e.e2!3 +nd t%at e ectro ysis does not fo o& t%e usua CI cur/e usua y associated &it% e ectronic circuits. most diodes %a/e a resistance of me-o%ms. '%e c amp meter does not ie. In a e ectronicDe ectrica circuits %eat is -enerated.ote t%at t%ese non inearities %a/e not%in. you are measurin.t%e centra ion &i tend to %o d it 0ac<. "%en you measure t%e resistance &it% a simp e o%mmeter. '%ere t%e resistance is a function of po arity in addition to 0ein. If you %ad an o%mmeter t%at measured at t%at %i-%er /o ta-e.non inear in t%e for&ard direction. '%e resistance is %i-% at t%is /o ta-e. P THydro"en is )79 8ust an ener"y carrier6 4on Lancaster. '%e mo0i ity of an ion is some&%at decreased 0y t%e presence of t%e ionic atmos/ ere 0ecause t%e predominant y opposite y c ar"ed ions surroundin. since t%e differentia term dC D dI . '%is decreases do&n to an o%m or 0e o& as t%e /o ta-e exceeds . a point &it% a /ery o& sense /o ta-e.t%e ce &it% increased /o ta-es ran-in. "%en /o ta-e is reduced to t%at dictated 0y #araday9s La&s of E ectro ysis t%e ce coo s and 0e-ins to a0sor0 ener-y from t%e surroundin. Materia s &%ere 8 is constant o/er a usefu ran-e of /o ta-es are sometimes referred to as 9o%mic9. +t any -i/en point of current and /o at one point. t%e resistance drops and t%e current comes on as o0ser/ed. 8 is a /aria0 e representin. 1(N'%e /:i transfer function a &ays app ies.) /o ts. it &i mo/e so fast t%at it &i .from ( to 41 /o ts %eat is -enerated and t%e ce &arms up as &ou d 0e expected in an exot%ermic system. In order to <eep t%e ce temperature at t%at reGuired for %i-% y efficient e ectro ysis I8 radiation must 0e introduced to <eep t%e e ectro yte &arm.a /aria0 e resistance. in %is paper . '%is effect is inc uded in t%e norma y measured mo0i ity. '%e issue is t%at t%e resistance of a ce is non inear &%ic% means t%at it ex%i0its different resistances at different operatin. t%e ce s conduction increases.B' intended to denote a constant. '%is 0rea<a-e in B%ms La& is repu-nant to most and many %a/e stated t%at it is impossi0 e. is Hust a specific case of t%e a0o/e &ere dC D dI remains constant for a . &%en t%e ion is exposed to /ery %i-% e ectrica fie d. t%e ce is 0are y in conduction.6 0U max 'U$2D4.F(!11423 . Mat%ematica y t%is can 0e stated resistance6 8 U dC D dI . co:in/entor of t%e microprocessor. o%ms a& /ery muc% does app y. . in practice imited3 ran-e of /o ta-e and current. say se/era /o do &it% reactance as app ied to +$ circuits &it% inductors and capacitors. +t a fe& mi i/o ts of for&ard /o ta-e.atmosp%ere. +t a different.:al0en a"en effect. it &ou d s%o& t%e appropriate o& resistance.8N in 8 U dC D dI is .

1F3 times o/er:su0scri0ed in e ectricity -eneration t%e detraction 0ein.1*3 concussi/e.found in transmission inefficiencies and on t%e ot%er %and .t%e price of oi to record %i-%s. as opposed to an incendiary exp osion. <no&n as t%e com0ustion trian. Petroc%emica s &i a &ays %a/e a p ace in society pro/idin. # ame speed6 Hydro-en in Bxy-en 3F11 metersDsec.es3.e. u0ricants. So exp osi/e.and eye protection. t%e -as containment de/ice : for examp e. '%ere is no e/idence t%at t%e &or d is runnin. "%at is missed is t%at t%e exp osi/e ener-y far exceeds t%e disassociation ener-y and t%en t%e onset of mo ecu ar coo in.industria c%emica s. concussi/eI Petro eum in air 31cmDsec. P Satefyt6 #rom a safety standpoint it may 0e propitious t%at &%en Hydro-en -oes off t%ere is itt e ris< of co atera fire t%e e/ent 0ein.insufficient Bxy-en a/ai a0 e in air to pro/ide comp ete Hydro-en com0ustion . Protecti/e eGuipment s%ou s 0e used inc udin.itro-en3. I contend t%at i fate suffered 0y in/entors in t%e ener-y fie d %as 0een perpetrated 0y ot%er Hea ous in/entors and not 0y &ay of corporate s%enani-ans.out of oi and t%ere is a so no e/idence t%at it is not. Hard&are in/o /ed in t%e e/ent. P 9 e Infrastructure Hob"oblin6 In our consumer society muc% ado is made of our dependence on mu tinationa corporations to pro/ide materia s for our sustenance and ad/ancement. Hydro-en may 0e produced in a most any ocation on Eart%. "%at is a moot point is &%et%er recent discussions a0out t%e ZHydro-en Economy[ 0ear any re e/ance insofar as Hydro-en Infrastructure is concerned. Bn one %and t%e . coa and e/en &ood a contain /arious amounts of Hydro-en and in t%e Hydrocar0ons.more representati/e of a &ider ran-e of popu ace are some&%at more en i-%tened t%an &as t%e case in t%e re ati/e y recent oi crisis in 1F)4.comDsci. If t%is is t%e case t%en Hydro-en is c ear y a fue . #acts of t%e matter so often o/er oo<ed. In 211! t%e &or d faces ne& ener-y crises. E/en if.ot&it%standin.sets in. .%earin. +nd e/en more exp osi/e sti &%en t%e Hydro-en -as is proportionate y mixed &it% Bxy-en : t%ere 0ein.anecdota stories of c oa<:and:da--er conspiracies.'%ere are on y t%ree e ements in com0ustion. in fact t%at it is considered a . 0ut t%en:a-ainI t%e e/ent is so rapid t%at t%e force acce erates past and %ea/ier items &i remain ar-e y unaffected.&it%out in/o<innon:com0usti/e .o0a conf ict and excessi/e demand %as %ad a ne-ati/e effect on oi supp y t%rustin.ener-y.enou-% period to spontaineous y catc% a i-%t. t%e +ut%or en/isa-es app iance si=ed -as p ants p aced in %omes. name yI #ue . $ertain y t%ere &i 0e co atera dama-e to surroundinmateria s. &i ex%i0it fractures and ot%er effects of exp osi/e ener-y. in times past suc% corporations %a/e em0ar<ed on crimina acti/ities t%e &or d %as c%an-ed dramatica y.o/er so Guic<y t%at in most cases near0y com0usta0 es cannot -et enou-% %eat for a on. dod-y dea in-s are ess i<e y to 0e perpetrated no&. '%e po itica assem0 ies 0ecomin. fue -as.%ydro-en 0y -roup participants is t%at Hydro-en is %i-% y exp osi/e in air. in particu ar in t%e Internet ne&s-roupI %ttp6DD-roups. '%e proponent dri/es t%e /e%ic e into t%e -ara-e and connects to .e. p u--ed into t%e &a and -eneratin. E/ery fue <no&n to man<ind features Hydro-en in t%e mix6 Hydrocar0ons.o0e is nine . Bxidiser and Heat.-oo. t%e en-t%s of t%e Hydro-en:$ar0on c%ains determine it9s com0usti/e potencyI Ipso #acto Hydro-en is a #ue . fue s and p &it% usefu products inc udin.Hydro-en and Bxy-en 0y e ectro ysis for automoti/e use. incendiary.

e& >ea and and 5uernsey. name yI +rc%ie @ ue. '%is E5as &as t%en fed into t%e modified S.and me ted &ires. materia s safety data s%eets and for dissemination of t%e information to a &or d:&ide audience. Practica imits &%ere t%e Mini t%at it ran on &ou d on y accomp is% o& speeds. t%e po&er supp ied to t%e e ectro ysers &as ta<en strai-%t from t%e /e%ic es e ectrica system &%ic% caused excessi/e %eatin. In t%e ear y 1F)19s +rc%ie @ ue demonstrated %is e ectro ysis de/ice to en-ineers in 0ot% . t%e output from t%e one ce feedin. $ ear y t%e &ron. '%e fore-oin. @ ue to exp ain t%e de/ices in terms of #aradays La&s of E ectro ysis. : '%e pressure source is added from t%e 0ottom of t%e ce s : '%e e ectrica supp y is induced at t%e 0ottom of t%e ce s so t%at no surfaces are exposed to E5as : '%e pressure source is pro/ided 0y -as from t%e ex%aust : + seperate po&er supp y %as 0een added t%at a o&s for /o ta-e adHustment : E ectrica c%aracteristics %a/e 0een defined : Harmonic resonance %as 0een added to e ectrodes '%e crux of t%e in/ention %as 0een retained as it re ates to usin. on:demand fue systems contained &it%in t%e en-ine 0ay &%ic% produces a of t%e en-ines9 needs in &%ic% refue in. it did not &or< for on. In t%is section t%e &riter &i discuss t%e ori-inatin.e& >ea and. ere itPs due6 #or t%e most part t%e prototypes constructed to demonstrate t%e po&er and practica0i ity of E5as as a fue rest &it% &or< done in t%e 1F)19s 0y an En.s3 t%us emptyin. "%at %as t%is aut%or done to impro/e upon and de/e op t%e ori-ina in/entionL : '%e e ectro ysis units %a/e 0een constructed of stain ess stee : Hea/y duty c%ec< /a /es are p aced at t%e top of eac% ce : Potassium Hydroxide is added as e ectro yte : Sacrificia e ectrodes %a/e 0een dispensed &it% in fa/our of stain ess stee .@attery +cid3 and on t%e app ication of e ectrica current t%e a uminium e ectrodes 0e-an to disso /e re easin.or a-ain t%e app iance continues operatin.on t%e /e%ic e durin.E5as in t%e process.24D) refi intan<s for ater use. "%at t%is &riter %as done is to ta<e t%e <erne s of Mr. a t%ou-% it &or<ed. '%e e ectro yte &as Su p%uric +cid . 0rand car0urettor for direct induction to t%e com0ustion c%am0ers.t%e input to t%e next &%ic% appears to . '%e ori-ina de/ices si-%ted 0y t%e aut%or &ere in +-ee preser/in. use copious amounts of &ater and disso /ed a uminium e ectrodes suc% immi-rant to .industria standards.Hars. +fter dri/in. de/e op and impro/e upon it in order to 0rina0out de/ices t%at not on y &or< 0ut t%at a so may 0e %e d up for and t%e &or< performed to impro/e upon it.t%e stored Hydro-en. #urt%ermore. @ ue9s &or<.t%e Hydro-en source &%ic% rep enis%es t%e tan<.use t%at is t%en co ected and disti ed in a %eat exc%an-er a so &it%in t%e en-ine accomp is%ed eit%er 0y &ay of introduced disti ed &ater or 0y t%e rain &ater fa in. '%e Guestion t%en isI &%at point infrastructureL P Credit .0ecomes academic in t%e face of on:0oard.t%ree e ectro ysis ce s. .materia to use.2.periods.o &or< &as performed 0y Mr.

a circuits -enerate %eat and t%erefore osses.!E is not unrea istic. and atter yI 3 : $e u ar meta0o ism.comDa t. Bne must no& approac% t%e ca cu ations /is:a:/is efficiency &it%in t%e 0ounds of @ ac<0ody 8adiation and t%e "ein Effect. P :urt er Readin"6 + a0out &ater6 %ttp6DD&&&.comDa t.comD-roupD&atercar : %ttp6DD-roups. s0u.u<D&aterDindex. '%e oxide does not exist prior to t%e -asM.sci. '%e ne& and impro/ed unit a so %as safety features 0ui t into it suc% as pressure re ief /a /es E ectro ysis can 0e made /ery efficient and %i-% nineties .no detractions from p%ysica a& &%en t%ese facts are processed in t%eir correct order. P :urt er $iscussion6 '%e most popu ar forum in &%ic% t%e /icissitudes of a t%in-s ZE ectro ytic 5as[ are discussed may 0e found at : Impco 0rand natura -as re-u ator.e. It must 0e pointed out t%at at t%ese parameters t%e e ectro ytic process tunne s into an exot%ermic state. . In space &ater is formed 0y e ectrica disc%ar-es t%rou-% reasona0 y dense atomicDmo ecu ar c ouds. c ear y t%is state of c%an-e %as an effect : in particu ar B%ms La& appears to 0rea<.comD-roupD-o0ox : nttp6DD-roups.$.enric% t%e -as e/o /ed from t%e output of t%e t%ird and fina ce .e. 'errestria &ater &as formed 0y t%ree routes6 1 : "ater captured from space 2 : E ectrica disc%ar-es. "it% t%e com0ination pro/ided 0y &ay of #aradays La&s &%erein temperature is maintained at c.%tm .%ydro-en : nttp6DD-roups. copy protected : t%e trademar<s o&ned 0y t%e aut%or. + t%ou-%.-oo.)! 4e-. + sma e ectrica disc%ar-e sets in motion c%ain reactions 0et&een Hydro-en and Bxy-en in a p%ysica e/ent t%at re eases orders of ma-nitude more ener-y t%an is reGuired to t%en.ya%oo. $omin. 0rea< apart t%e resu tin.1*1)+4 used E ectro ytic 5as as its fue .2) /o ts . 0rand car0urettor %as 0een dispensed &it% in fa/our of usin.comD-roupDe-as : %ttp6DD-roups. P Summary6 @efore t%ere &as &ater t%ere &as on y -as.%omepo&er P ease note t%at t%e terms Ze-as[ and Ze-aspo&er[ are proprietory. in an e ectroc%emica reaction. stric<t y spea<in. t%e notion of pro/idine ectromec%anica motion usin.ya%oo. /o ta-e at e ectro ysis.ya%oo.a0o/e e ectrode o/er/o ta-e3 and po&er in t%e <i o&atts efficiency of F).2.sma Guantities of po&er to re ease ar-er amounts of -as in t%is system &i add to t%e output efficiency.oxide : t%ere 0ein. 4irect inHection to t%e modified S.percent efficiency3 is not difficu t to accomp is%. t%ey operate endot%ermica y and a p%ysica a&s are comp ied &it%.213 in/ented in c.0ac< to t%is Zcom0ination[I &%ereas 'ero 8anta9s data s%o&s t%at 0etter t%an 111E efficiency can 0e accomp is%ed &it%out addition of any ot%er tric<y 0its. So far as E ectro ytic 5as9 use as an interna com0ustion fue is concerned it must 0e noted t%at t%e first e/er interna com0ustion en-ine .

113 9L9 U Litres I . or additiona ener-y is comin.1*3 Proprietes of Hydro-en $om0ustion.133 $8$ Hand0oo< of $%emistry and P%ysics. &%ic% causes it to 0ecome /ery %ot. '%e rea y important point is t%at t%ere is excess ener-y in t%e system. s0u.pdf Peter is de/e opin. : Jua ity $ontro 6 $ro&n 8esearc% Limited. + so. @ro&ns 5as I .ener-y.1(3 %ttp6DDsci. 4r. **:1**F!( IS@.a &ater e ectro ysis system for interna com0ustion en-ines.!3 Br-anic $%emistry.213 4e 8i/as --------------------------------------------. .eduDedDdict.1)3 8eproduced.eduD: /&D&%atDadsDadxe.%tm .123 $ourtesy 'ero 8anta I .*3 %ttp6DD&&&. Pea/ 2112 I . . + yn and @acon. so a met%od of increasin. Inc. .ot necessari y Guoted in t%is paper6 : .or-D4(. t%is is due to excessi/e amounts of %ydro-en enterin. L$$$.13 211( I .o%io:state. .41Dc/. I . Morrison S @oyd. *4t% ed.ei @oyd : +0out t%e +ut%or6 %ttp6DD213.6((:2!(F!.143 #araday9s La& reGuires a temperature of circa )! de-rees $e cius I .from some&%ere e I .2!1.<tf:sp it. t%e en-ine runs f at out and cannot 0e t%rtt ed 0ac<.((cc en-ine for 1) minutes on &ater a one. see +pendix 1 I .(3 &&&.pdf : +ddendum 6 Items in t%is paper mar<ed t%us are incomp ete P References6 .pdf9 a/ai a0 e at %ttp6DD&&&.t%e en-ine.1F3 %ttp6DD&&&. L$$$.+.. $D: 4r.t%e proportion of air in t%e mix appears to 0e needed. .F3%ttp6DD&&&.u<D&aterD/i0rat. Merit..113 $ourtesy 'ero 8anta I .%tm I .. '%ere are t&o possi0i ities6 eit%er t%e &ater contains ener-y &%ic% %as not yet 0een disco/ered and documented. Presuma0 y. 8%odes 5as. %e %as mana-ed to run a 1. $%emica Process Industries.%tmP&11 I .)3 9#ue from "ater9 M. 1:F4!!1(: 14:! Pa-e 22.1!3 %ttp6DDe ectroc%em. Inc.panaceauni/ersity.c&ru.&ired.+$+ report 1F*3. 8o0ert .%rDperiodniDen . '%e system &%ic% Peter is usin.F).%ydro-en . 'o date.ort% +merican $om0ustion Hand0oo<. '%e en-ine 0 oc< remains coo 0ut f ame comes out of t%e ex%aust pipe.33 + so ca ed6 "ater 5as.43 Bt%er formu ations appear to s%o& t%is fi-ure may increase to 121E and unusua 6 . 'ony $ emens.Return to the top PP PE9ER !7WRIE# Water Electrolysis for Combustion En"ine from 94(. .

eac% of t%e t%ree p%ase:&indin-s out to %is e ectronics. '%is inductor is so simi ar in construction t%at it mi-%t not 0e unreasona0 e to suspect t%at t%e stee core mu-%t %a/e /ery s%ort e ectrica pu ses induced in it. + point of particu ar interest is t%e inductor p aced 0et&een t%e e ectro ysis ce s and t%e &indin-s of t%e a ternator. a current of *11 amps is disp ayed. "%at is certain. Ed&in9s de/ice used t&o or t%ree cy inders of perforated copper s%eet surroundin. It is comprised of a aminated stee core &it% a s%eeet of copper &ound around it. is t%at t%e current supp ied to t%e ce s is enormous y %i-%er t%an t%e 4$ input.a/era-e3 current is a most certain y different to t%e disp ayed /a ue.t%e diodes and eadin.a conductor &%ic% &as fed &it% *1 microsecond unidirectiona pu ses. '%e 4$ current supp ied is ess t%an one amp &%i e t%e pu sed current to t%e e ectro ysis ce s is muc% %i-%er. &%ic% is a0out t%e minimum for t%e a ternator to &or<. +s %e on y &ants a0out 1. and so t%e actua 8MS . He uses eac% of t%e t%ree p%ase:&indin-s to po&er one e ectro ysis ce . "%en a snap:on ammeter surrounds t%e &ires to t%e ce s. %e app ies a0out 2 /o ts to t%e 4$ &indin.current. and it may 0e in excess of t%e *11 amps disp ayed.a maHor additiona source of ener-y for t%e e ectro ysis.Peter uses a 5E$ de ta:&ound. '%is is remar<a0 y i<e t%e arran-ement used 0y Ed&in 5ray9s po&er tu0e &%ic% pic<ed up sufficient 8adiant Ener-y to po&er an *1 %orsepo&er e ectrica motor. Peter descri0es t%is as a c%o<e out of 3:p%ase industria po&er supp y. -eneratinradiant &a/es of 8adiant Ener-y &%ic% are pic<ed up 0y t%e copper s%eet &indinand fed into t%e system pro/idin.! /o ts across eac% ce .of t%e a ternator. '%is may &e 0e t%e reason t%at t%is system produces easi y enou-% -as . marine a ternator &%ic% %e modifies 0y remo/in. It is i<e y t%at t%is sty e of ammeter is ca i0rated for sine:&a/e a ternatin.

pdf9 pa-e *:F. +s an en-ineer. &it% t%e /o ume contro ed 0y an impu se /a /e. &%ic% s%o&s condusi/e y t%at it is pic<in. t%e system %as to 0e o/er 111E efficient. I didn9t Guite 0e ie/e it 0ut t%ou-%t t%at you mi-%t Hust -et t%e en-ine to id e 0ased on 5eor-e "iseman9s ca cu ations t%at t%e monoatomic mo ecu es &%ere -i/in. &e &i 0e a0 e to say from &%ere t%e extra ener-y is comin-.t%e ex%aust to t%e input of t%e ce s. feedin. t%is de/ice is /ery si-nificant in t%at it raises t%e efficiency of an interna com0ustion en-ine. 'om @earden. # oyd S&eet and ot%ers. 'o sustain t%e en-ine runnin-. '%e po&er -enerated in Peter9s mode of operation is a0out 3F times &%at you put in if you a o& for t%e fact t%at t%e motor is on y a0out 2!E efficient. . Ho&e/er. a Patric< Ae y fi e on different E ectro ysers. "%en t%e en-ine runs faster. '%is ma<es it unpopu ar &it% t%e oi companies &%ose o0Hecti/e is to se as muc% fossi fue as possi0 e. my motor ran at t%e fu !. Peter9s desi-n uses a %eat exc%an-er to %eat t%e -as comin. at as %i-% a price as possi0 e. '%e cascaded e ectro yser ce s are fed from t%e en-ine ex%aust.panaceauni/ fie 0ut I %a/e e/ery confidence t%at &%at %e says %e is doin.into eac% of %is t%ree +rc%ie @ ue sty e e ectro ysers.pdf Peter Lo&rie %as succeeded 0y increasin.t%e current to &%ere a c amp:ammeter s%o&s 0et&een *11 and F11 amps f o&in.mixture to run an en-ine. dri/en 0y t%e en-ine. as a sudden pu se of ar-e current into eac% ce &i -enerate a maHor ma-netic pu se &%ic% in turn may &e tap t%e externa ener-y fie extra a ternator. + comment from a mem0er of t%e 7a%oo 9e-aspo&er9 5roup6 9"%en I Hoined t%is -roup in Marc%. a/ai a0 e at %ttp6DD&&&.or-D4(. to app y pu ses of e ectrica po&er to an e ectro yser ce attac%ed to eac% of t%e t%ree a ternator &indin-s.up extra ener-y from some&%ere. "%en I first tried it. it is not possi0 e to say t%at t%ere is a current -ain of *11 indeed a fact. 0efore it is fed to t%e en-ine. t%e tri--er impu ses from t%e manifo d /acuum increase in freGuency. '%is produces enou-% %ydroxy -as to run t%e en-ine and produce t%e e ectrica po&er for t%e e ectro yser ce s 0y dri/in. is t%at t%ere is indeed a pic<:up of externa ener-y in t%is system. I %a/e not comp eted t%e ast step of returnin.extra ener-y from some&%ere : don9t for-et t%at t%e en-ine produces t%e mec%anica and 4$ po&er fed to t%e e ectro ysis units. "%at is certain.9 It is not a de/ice &%ose output po&er exceeds it9 input po&er. P +dds from 94F. +s t%e motor is supp yin. I expect t%at in t%e near future. I t%en oaded my motor to t%e fu rated oad and found t%at t%ere &as no ac< of po&er. +s remar<ed a0o/e. '%is can 0e expected.a most 4 times t%e ener-y of diatomic ones. I can assure you t%at Peter9s en-ine is not o/er 111E efficient. '%is is /ery i<e t%e effect experienced 0y Ed 5ray.!11 rpm and not at an id e as I %ad expected. 8o0ert +dams. Peter9s en-ine cou dn9t run on &ater a one &it%out -ainin. &%en t%ey produced ar-e rapid y:c%an-in.more ex%aust -as into t%e e ectro ysers.mec%anica po&er to t%e a ternator s%aft. ac%ie/es a reduction in t%e amount of fossi fue 0ein.0urnt in t%e en-ine. and in doin. His desi-n uses a marine a ternator.from t%e e ectro ysers. and yet it does run. I sa& for t%e first time Peter Lo&rie9s statement t%at t%e po&er out &as * to 11 times t%at of t%e e ectricity reGuired.

t%e pu sed /o ta-e app ied to t%e fie d coi of t%e a ternator is set at 24 /o ts. &%ic% %as an impu se /a /e positioned on eac% side of it.S$8s or '%yristors3 at t%e /o ta-e pea< of eac% output cyc e for its e ectro yser ce . In .t%e )itro Cell on any en-ine. '%is %as not 0een tried yet. Intimidation in India6 "e are fami iar &it% t%e suppression of free:ener-y de/ices. t%en t%e po&er diisipated in t%e ca0 es &i 0e dou0 ed. It %as 0een su--ested t%at t%e circuit &ou d 0e more efficient if t%e %a f:&a/e S$8 circuit s%o&n a0o/e &ere rep aced &it% a fu :&a/e arran-ement. In . Since t%e desi-n &or<s &e in its present form. t%e ca0 es carryin.e& >ea %a/e a po&er tu0e &it% an output po&er 111 times t%e input po&er. '%e coi s%o&n 0et&een t%e ce s and t%e eart% . $ar0on Monoxide and $ar0on 4ioxide .'%e %ydroxy -as. If a fu :&a/e circuit is introduced. reGuirinexceptiona y ar-e ca0 es to carry it effecti/e y. Second y. t%e freGuency of t%e fie d coi e ectronics &i 0e dou0 ed as t%ere &i 0e t&ice as many /o ta-e pea<s per second. '%at is a /ery ar-e current.itrous Bxide. +n e ectronic circuit .%is truc< on a Eoe Cell# 9 Henry Moray for pu in. t%e S$8s are a ready /ery expensi/e due to t%eir /ery %i-% current %and incapacities. t%e tri--er impu ses to t%e impu se /a /e stop immediate y and t%e e ectro ysis current stops as t%e a ternator stops runnin-. t%e /o ta-e to t%e fie d coi is reduced pro--ressi/e y. If fu :&a/e operation is introduced.from t%e ex%aust -ases3 is %eated and passed t%rou-% a f as%0ac< arrestor 0u00 er. to t%e ma-netic motor of Robert &dams &%ic% is )11E efficient.$. mixed &it% . #irst y. "%en t%is increased po&er e/e starts to %eat up t%e e ectro yte in t%e ce s. unti it reac%es t%e 2 /o t e/e . or 'riacs of e/en %i-%er specification &i need to 0e used.of F11 amps &%en a standard c amp: ammeter is p aced around t%e ca0 e. 0ut a num0er of pro0 ems arise &it% t%at idea. made &it% insu ated copper strip &ound around a stee core. + fina 0utterf y /a /e sets t%e f o& to t%e en-ine inta<e.<i o&atts out of t%e en/ironment and Ed 'ray for darin.en-ine c%assis /o ta-e3 comes from an industria 3:p%ase po&er supp y. s%o& a readin.t%e current to t%e e ectro yser ce s. If t%e en-ine sta s. It is of /ery %ea/y construction to a%nd e t%e /ery ar-e current. so t%e circuit timin. In t%e 2S+ t%ere %a/e 0een itera y t%ousands of cases : for examp e.produced. In +ustra ia t%ere is intense opposition to anyone usin.components &i need to 0e c%an-ed. &%ose inf o& is a so contro ed 0y an impu se /a /e. Eac% ce &i %a/e a contro ed &ater:supp y system as t%e &ater e/e s &i fa rapid y due to t%e /ery ar-e /o ume of %ydroxy -as 0ein. '%is is ia0 e to cause pro0 ems un ess t%e a ready expensi/e ca0 es are increased in si=e. '%e %eated -as mix if t%en passed t%rou-% a c%ec< /a /e and mixed &it% air.not s%o&n3 is arran-ed to fire t%e /ery po&erfu Si icon $ontro ed 8ectifiers . '%ird y. '%e e ectro ysis ce s are intended to run %ot at a0out *! de-. eit%er t%ere &i need to 0e t&ice as many expensi/e S$8s. t%ere does not appear to 0e any reason to modify it. (ill Williams for runnin. &%ere /ery itt e po&er is ta<en up in %eatin.t%e e ectro yte. "%en t%e en-ine is started from co d.

t%e day 0efore yesterday3.&%atsoe/er to do &it% taxation and t%e 'ax Bffice &as Hust 0ein.peop e from %is 0usiness as &itnesses.. &%o &is%es to remain anonymous in order not to a--ra/ate t%e current situation.. He %as 0een runnin. %as Hust 0een pic<ed on.e/entua y eft. sensi0 y ta<in. '%at s%o&s c ear y t%at t%e Zraid[ %ad not%in. He itse f3 to -o to %is office and ma<e some c%ec<s. "it%in * %ours.commercia records &it% t%em.M456 artic e a0o/e3 and decided to try it for %imse f.aiKs patented ma-netic motor &%ic% is 1(1E efficient. He a so seemed confused as to &%y t%ey &ere %urried up to -o o/er to my p ace from t%e $ommissioners office. '%ese pictures s%o& %is %i-% standard of &or<mans%ip. six of t%em &ere from t%e oca office and t%e ot%er t%ree &ere un<no&n to t%e oca s &%o %ad 0een ordered to ta<e t%em a on-.t%at t%ere &as not%in.t%e 2A. and t%ey said t%at t%e $ommissioners office %ad as<ed t%em to ta<e t%em a on-. In ?apan to 9eruo +a. 4urin. He said t%at t%e $ommissioners office recei/ed a comp aint from some %i-%er aut%orities and t%ese peop e &ere -i/en &ritten instructions . statin. He t%en e:mai ed 4a/e some pictures s%o&in.t%eir searc% of t%e p ace. to de/ices for &ater:sp ittin. Ravi%s Meyers0/awton Rep'i ation He encountered a minor pro0 em &it% %is imp ementation of t%e e ectronic dri/incircuit. '%e six oca officia s &ere t%ere and t%ey returned t%e records ta<en. In actua fact. in spite of t%e fact t%at t%e 0us ser/ice in Mumbai as been run on ydro"en for some years no.a 0usiness for t%e ast 23 years and %as a -ood re ations%ip &it% %is oca $ommercia 'axation Bffice staff.and permanent ma-net unusua t%in. He as<ed t%em a0out t%e ot%er t%ree men.&it% t%e records or t%e tax position.%is pro-ress. He 0ecame interested in $a*e !a.con/ersation &it% t%e 4eputy $ommercia 'ax Bfficer &%o %ad came o/er to %is p ace.&ron. '%ey a so said t%at t%ey &ere 0e&i dered 0y t%e &%o e affair.e/eryt%in. %is premises &ere raided 0y nine peop e supposed y from t%e oca 'ax Bffice. '%ey spent six %ours c%ec<in.tonKs re/lication . usua y t%is %appens 0ut t%e /isits are done after 3:4 days of t%e receipt of t%e etter from t%e $ommissioners office 0ased on t%e time a otment. 0ut in t%is case . and so contacted 4a/e La&ton for tec%nica ad/ice. t%e man &as to d t%at %e &ou d 0e &e ad/ised to discontinue a &or< connected to %ydro-en..used as an excuse to in/ade t%e pri/acy of an indi/idua . '%is &as -i/en and t%e pro0 em so /ed. + man. and su0seGuent y reGuested t%at our friend attend t%eir oca office on "ednesday . @ut in t%e ast &ee< t%ere %as 0een an instance of it in India.and t%ey %a/e no idea &%o t%ey &ereM He t%en %ad a on.. ta<in.

is to -et 8a/i t%e find out t%e names of t%e peop e &%o /isited %im from t%e 'ax Bffice and t%e positions t%ey %o d. If I sti do t%ey said t%at someone &i %a/e to /isit me persona y to ta<e care of it. t%e 4a/e La&ton rep ication of it. Send us .on t%e forums and to stop postin. 7ou too can %e p 0y earnin. "%en %e pressured scare 8a/i a-ain I Juote from a recent emai sent to panacea6 NI %a/e Hust recei/ed a ca a0out ! mins a-o on my and ine as<in. 4a/e’s p%one ca s and e:mai s %a/e 0een intercepted and monitored e/er since and t%at is &%at tri--ered t%e raid in ./date 6 It Seems t%e spoo<s are tryin.for a de/e opment -rant from %is Loca +ut%ority. presuma0 y.ti no& on I dont <no& if I can post stop 8a/i from finis%in.e/er came of it and &%en 4a/e as<ed for %is documents 0ac<. .t%ere &ere 4 ca s direct y from t%e $ommissioners office to -o o/er to %is p ace immediate y MM '%is is a typica case of de i0erate intimidation and it is unusua on y 0ecause it is in India.. t%ey did e/entua y send t%e documents 0ac<.t%at t%ey %as posted t%em.serious amounts of free:ener-y and can 0rea< our dependency on fossi fue s.or-3 t%e address of t%e po ice station and t%e name of t%e officer and t%e time %e o--ed t%e report.0ut i9 try <eep in touc%N.a t%ere is to earn a0out t%e Stan ey Meyer "ater #ue $e .searc% for 8a/i "ater3 and -ettin. '%is imp ies t%at t%e ce is capa0 e of producin. t%ey ied. "e &ou d recommend consu tinB/ t%at it s%o&s c ear y t%at t%e opposition are /ery muc% afraid of Stan Meyer’s "ater #ue $e .ot%in. . 4a/e once made t%e mista<e of app yin. Patric< Ae y:2nd #e0ruary 211).. P ease try and sa/e a t%e postin. 7outu0e .after t%ey ori-ina y c aimed t%at t%ey %ad 0een sent. and t%e date stamp on t%e en/e ope s%o&s t%at t%e documents &ere posted on. See Ra*i-s *ideos6 . He &as /isited 0y t&o unp easant indi/idua s &%o too< a&ay %is &ritten proposa . and t%e a/ai a0 e information on 8a/i9s rep ication. 5i/e t%e names to us and t%e name of t%e person in c%ar-e.t%is is to fi e a comp aint &it% t%e oca po ice so t%at it is on record and -i/e t%em a detai touc% &it% Panacea: @B$+# &%en your researc% starts pro-ressin-. I dont %a/e a ca er I4 on t%e ine. '%is person %ad a @ritis% accent.:End 8a/i and any one experiencin.%is researc% and de/e opment. sayin. '%e -ood ne&s is t%at t%e de/ice %as serious potentia if t%ey are tryin. '%e -rant &as to %e p de/e op one of %is in/entions.intercepted and read as t%is man did not mention %is %ydro-en &or< to anyone e se. '%e ot%er t%in. It a so s%o&s t%at 4a/e La&ton’s e:mai s are 0ein. '%e raid in India is /ery interestin. It turns out t%at t%ese men %a/e no connection &it% t%e Loca +ut%ority 5rants section and it seems c ear t%at t%ey fa into t%e same cate-ory as t%e t%ree Zun<no&n[ men in India &%o carried out t%e raid.

.3E efficient. %ttp6DD&&&.comD&atc%L/U2/='=Gpp:2< P R&CI -S S9&)!EY MEYER REP!IC&9I7) W&9ER :.%tm : ra*HH# on: &u"ust 1A# 266@# 6A:<B:2@ PM 6 $%ec< t%e fo o&in.comD&atc%L/U@GSy'iPu*CI #or a t%e info on t%ese /ideos you cou d -o to %ttp6DD&&&.E! CE!!.-as co ected is at 21 de-$.. 211).! amps resu ts in 11(2 ?ou es of Hydro-en produced . in/ut / forum %ttp6DD&&&.31)F. %ttp6DDyoutu0e.?K/HuBKME 3.. %ttp6DD&&&..comD&atc%L/UmMS2e)(P>LJ : $omment from oyst a..comD 4iscussions.P R&CI -S S9&)!EY MEYER REP!IC&9I7) W&9ER :. %ttp6DDyoutu0e. Stoc%iomteric H2DB2 mixture &it% &ater /apor &i contain ))44 A? H2 ener-y pr iter co ected -as.%i%-er %eatin. 211). '%ese -uys &ent B2 &it% t%e -eneration of Hydro-en.p%p P 9o/ic: Stanley Meyer re/lication . %ttp6DD&&&..or-Dacro0atDMi=uno'-eneration. #rom6 ra/i&fc./ideos6 1. ra/== : ra*HH# Re/ly W2 on: &u"ust 26# 266@# 6A:11:2@ &M 6 ?apanese Ho<<aido 2ni/ersity experiment &%ic% ac%ie/ed some mind 0o-. inc udin.o/erunity.comD&atc%L/U#.youtu0e.youtu0e. #rom6 ra/i&fc.Return to the top PP Ra*i Ra8u /osts on t e *ery $Y)&MIC 7*erunity.inresu ts and &as a so rep icated 0y ?L . 4!1m Dmin.comD&atc%L/U2/='=Gpp:2< 2.oupo&er. +dded6 +u-ust 2).. '%eir experiment and resu ts in< %ttp6DD enr:canr.3secD iter.../a ue3 and on y 121 Hou es consumed. +u-ust 11.comDuserDra/i&fc 6 %ttp6DDyoutu0e.comD&atc%L/Unto((#'fd'1.pdf +s per t%eir conc usions6 9current efficiency9 is *111E to t%e inputMMM . %ttp6DD&&& .8ead 1*1(* times3 %ttp6DD&&&.661. %ttp6DDyoutu0e. --------------------------------------------.t%an %ydro-en forum.comDindex.comDuserD8ufe1 6 oo<s i<e 1!1m D21sec.E! CE!!.comDindex.o/erunity. ?ust t%ou-%t i9d %e p as many peop e to rep icate my "#$ 0efore im stopped a-ain.comDuserDoyst a 6 'ota y incredi0 eM 1!1 m in 21 seconds at 12Co ts D 1.1. %ttp6DD&&&. %ttp6DD&&&.2221( &att:%ours per iter &%ic% &ou d ma<e it 11*1. %ttp6DDyoutu0e. '%at &or<s out to 1.p%pDtopic. 7ou cou d copy a t%e info i9/e posted t%ere under t%e user name ra/== and post it %ere if need 0e.comD&atc%L/U:1 Sc'sH@<J 1..66B.youtu0e.comD&atc%L/Ufiyf&"u+F-+ 1.saturated &it% &ater / lo. 8e-ards.comDuserDra/i&fc 6 %ttp6DDyoutu0e. 133.youtu0e. : $omment from 8ufe1. '%is assumin.audin.

.......&e are uni/erse is capa0 e of resonatin-..its a /icious cyc e...I &ou dnt 0e surprised if some %ooter comes onto t%e forum and starts ru00is%in.....peop e %o& to ma<e t%is expt &or< &ou dnt 0e for not%in-MM I9/e 0een t%rou-% some %arassment 0efore and can -o t%rou-% some more if its for t%e -reater -ood.&e im not...Europe %as seen t%e %ottest summers in i/in...0y t%is..more t%e prosperity more &e ruin t%e en/ironment for our creature comforts.0y means of e ectro ysis of &ater3 science is usin#araday9s a& t%at uses on y current stren-%t as re e/ant for ammount %ydro-en ... . e/en t%e ener-y itse -ettin.t%e &or< to ma<e at east a fe& peop e stay a&ay from experimentin..Stan &anted to se %is units..ot%ers to ma<e t%is tec%no o-y feasi0 e and easy to rep icate...... @o0 ets see %o& t%ey ta<e t%is experiment and &%at t%ey ma<e of it..a0out t%e en/ironmenta mess t%e &or d is in.I9m and en-ineer and 0een tau-%t t%at t%in-s dont &or< if you 0rea< t%e a&s..memory.&e cou d introduce t%e a ternate science at p aces &%ere its matter %o& muc% e/er sma to impro/e t%e air &e 0reat%e &ou d -o a on..and if peop e &ant to rep icate it t%ey can im -i/in.actua fact 0ein....t%at &or<s. "e need peop e to <no& t%is side of science 0efore its too ate.out info on %o& to do it......Canis%in.and no& +sia is -oin...t%at t%e ris< im ta<in.... :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 5uys i/e posted a t%e info needed for rep ication if you &ant to or not is upto youM......&%ate/er sma contri0ution.I9m not %ere to ar-ue &et%er t%in-s &or< as per t%e preset a&s of p%ysics or t%ermodynamics 0ut you need to <eep an open mind to e/o /e and see if somet%inactua y &or<s... I9m Hust out and &%o &ant to...0efore t%at t%e po&ers 0e &ou d rea i=e t%at most of t%ese c%an-es are irre/ersi0 e ... oo< at t%e c%an-e in t%e en/ironment in t%e ast 111 t%e -ar0 of de/e opment &ere ruinint%e &or d &e i/e in for t%e future -enerations and &e are s%o&n a picture of de/e opment as prosperity..ce s for t%e ast * years 0ut no& I/e -ot somet%in.o& t%e reason &%y i &anted to post t%e rep ication info...fine 0y meM...t%an< you.......&e my &or< %ere is doneMM 5BB4 L2$AMM : ra*HH# Re/ly W? on: &u"ust 26# 266@# 11:16:2? &M 6 4yiamios s%ou d <no& t%at e/ tinpo ar caps..memory.... ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Its time &e did somet%in..its acce eratin.0y t%e year and it &ou dnt 0e on.nor osin...t%is is for t%e peop e &%o are a ready tryin..&e I <no& my a&s.t%is setup.....time &e ma<e ourse /es count.....I9/e 0een ma<in.........0y %e pin..for a disaster and %a/e a ready reac%ed a point of no return &it% t%e fossi fue teac%in.. Let9s ta < a0out a&s6 Sti in %ydro-en production .....if t%ey dont &ant to....................I/e posted t%e fo o&infor @o0 @oyce on oupo&er3....any t%in.....&ay for our c%i drens future...t%e en/ironment t%e most at east in a sma &ay....5 aciers.....t%rou-% t%e &orst f oods in t%e i/in..

2mm dia SS 31(L &ire to connect t%e pipes.o/ need to rep icate in t%e discussion pa-e %ttp6DD&&&.....p%pLfU1 t%en -o to 98a/i9s Meyer 8ep ication : 'ap &ater to H29 Most of t%e Guestions you mi-%t %a/e &ou d %a/e a ready 0een ans&ered t%ere.......pdf '%e circuit -i/en on pa-e ) &it% t%e inductors is &%at -i/es t%e %i-%est<. +ny Ideas on &%y t%e efficiencies comin.1.connectin.132 x23 U 21. If you &ant to experiment &it% t%e ot%er circuits in t%e document t%en its o<.. : ra*HH# Re/ly W12 on: &u"ust 21# 266@# 6@:<2:<A &M 6 I9/e used 1.e se post it %ere or on t%e oupo&er forum so t%at I &ou dnt %a/e to ans&er t%e same t%in..t%e eads are resin 0onded to t%e "#$ casin.oupo&er.t%eres e/ if you %a/e seen /ideo (.do&n &%en %i-%er amps are -i/en to t%e freG -enL : ra*HH# Re/ly W26 on: &u"ust 21# 266@# 6?:6@:2A PM 6 He is usin-6 %ttp6DDpanaceauni/ersity... "%y &ou d you &ant to 0ui d one &it% t%e a ternatorL from &%at I can remem0er t%e pa-e ) circuit doesnt %a/e an a ternator and you can po&er t%e circuit &it% a 4$ 11+ con/erter i<e I did or use a p ain %ea/y duty 0attery for -ettin. 5ood uc<MM '%ere is anot%er difference t%at needs to 0e noted compared to 4a/e9s 8ep ication.%tm 6 131" @ut t%is pu sed .at 31+. : ra*HH# Re/ly WA on: &u"ust 26# 266@# 12:<@:2@ PM 6 I9/e posted a ot of data on t%e fo o& doin...p%pDtopic.4 sG mm copper &ires up to t%e 0ottom of t%e "#$.p%pLtU1(12 incase t%is in< doesnt &or< t%en -o %ere to t%e main pa-e for %ydro-en forums %ttp6DD&&&.2!3 : 1F..132 mm I 5ap is 1.some of t%e eads %a/e started ea<in.323mm .so at present im tryin. I didnt remem0er t%e exact -ap 0et&een t%e pipes ti patric< Hust as<ed me &%at &ere t%e differences 0et&een my so t%is needs to 0e rectified first.sat do&n and ca cu ated..124!.to reduce t%e en-t% of t%e eads up unti t%e 0ottom of t%e "#$..2..produced.F31 mm I '%ic<ness 6 14 S"5 or 2. '%e inductor on 0ot% positi/e and ne-ati/e is a must.31) mm I '%ic<ness 6 14 S"5 or 2..incase you need to <no& somet%in.oupo&er.comDp%p@@2D/ie&forum..pro0a0 y resonatin-3 setup pro/es t%at #aradays a& can not 0e app ied &it% pu sed 4$6 production of B2 H2 is a most identica &it% 1+ as I am producin.t%e output.F31 3 and t%is adHusted to 0ot% t%e sides as t%e inside pipe is centered is .132 mm I Buter Pipe I4 6 2!...exact y &%at you su--ested.a-ain.. '%e -ap in 0et&een t%e pipes &as6 Buter Pipe B4 6 2!.to pre/ent ea<s.or-D414.2!3mm Inner Pipe B4 6 1F..comDindex... '%is #araday a& can 0e seen %ere in action 6 %ttp6DD&&&. 21.31) : .comDp%p@@2D/ie&topic..

.cou d 0e HC disc%ar-in-... 7es I used 12 Co t 11 +mp +$ to 4$ co/erter as t%e input to t%e #reG -enerator and t%e readin.ic%rome *1D21 8esistance + oy &ire in 1.t%e &ires are t%e input eads of t%e fre. . : ra*HH# Re/ly W2A on: &u"ust 22# 266@# 61:12:6< PM 6 #araday9s is 2.))( I Seconds 6 3(11 U LPM 6 1... '%is %as resistance of 1.t%e efficiency.4 &atts D %our D iter. So effecti/e y t e "a/ bet.s<i s to -o for t%is sma a -ap. I remem0er mentionin. '%e %i-%er output of my setup cou d 0e due to t%e sma er -ap as&e .?2X 7.( mm diameter as t%e /aria0 e resistor. Co ts x +mps U "atts ... I %ad a ot of difficu ty in t%e a i-nment of pipe as t%ey &ere s%ortin-.... 5reat Ho0.?@6 mm.3!1( "%DL .een t e /i/es more t e efficiency.1.)F*...I %a/ent c%ec<ed for t%is t%ou-%.. Had to -et t%em strai-%tened on pipe a i-nment mac%ine.een t e /i/es is less t an 6.o dou0t on see in t%e /ideos are t%e current dra& from t%is con/erter .. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Posted 0y Aumaran 6 Hi 8a/i.323D2 U 1. '%e efficiency of t%e ce comes do&n initia y if I dont use it for a0out t%ree to four days 0ut a0out ten to fifteen minutes after its s&itc%ed on it -ets 0ac< to t%e %i-%er efficiencies../aries dependin. "ou dnt ad/ice peop e &it%out en-ineerin.t%e t%ic<ness of t%e outer tu0e.((1! mm on eit%er sides of t%e inner tu0e. : ra*HH# Re/ly W2< on: &u"ust 22# 266@# 62:2@:=B &M 6 '%ece 6 I9m usin. Liter 6 1(.<? W >! I #araday efficiency 6 2.2)F( Co ta-e 6 12 I +mp 6 1.12 Your cell efficiency : 6.een t e tubes .((1 on pa-e2 #i-ure 1 t%ese /aria0 e resitors are desi-nated 0y t%e num0ers (1a to (1n &%ic% are indi/idua y connected to eac% of t%e inner atm pressure3 U B2 6 (44.!1 U "atts 6 (.. I %a/e not tried t%e immersed excitor array in fi-ure 1 t%is cou d pro0a0 y increase t%e efficiency e/en moreM '%ere s%ou d 0e /ery %i-% /o ta-e at t%e ce as I reme0er $a*e sayin" somet in" about seein" a "lo..0ut i dont t%in< I mentioned t%e -rade or si=e of t%e resistance &ire used o/er t%ere.t%is on t%e oupo&er discussion 0oard.!2 B%msDmt. I &ent for a esser -ap 0y my ca cu ation you "ot ?==. from bet. Is t%is &%at you meant 0y ce disc%ar-e. +ccordin.(2E . If you -o t%rou-% Stans Canadian Patent e mentions t at t e lesser t e "a/ bet. ?ust need to pus% t%e system a itt e 0it furt%er to produce more -as &%i e maintainin. If you -o t%rou-% Stan9s patent 4. en W:C is run in t e dar0.

!!1E excess I as t%e a0o/e &or<s out to 41.My ce 6 12 x 1. and &e %a/e mu tip e examp es of HHB 0ein. . +not%er reason for %i-%er efficiency cou d 0e 4a/e9s -ap 0et&een t%e tu0es &as 1D1(N or 1. I9m usin. fina y.or0 is /erformed by *olta"e /otential alone...2 &atts as per #araday &it% Hust (.#araday3 U 22?.created at 1. '%e Meyer "#$ &or<s.!1 U (. : ra*HH# Re/ly W<2 on: &u"ust 2=# 266@# 6A:6A:22 &M6 I9/e up oaded t&o more /ideos &it% t%e ne& eads connected up unti t%e 0ottom of t%e "#$. t%ere is an acoustica resonance 0et&een t%e cy indrica e ectrodes..12 x 111 U (!(. Second. 4a/e9s unit &as 2!1E B2 mine oo<s a itt e %i-%er. + ot of sma 0u00 e -eneration t%is time around. t%e compound resonance in t%e "#$ is c ear y e/ident to experimenters.2(2 "atts . &%ic% is some%o& p%ase coup ed to t%e e ectrica resonances.t%e eGui/a ent of 41.. 1... I remem0er &atc%in.. ere t ey mention t e 7ut/ut to be o*er 1@66X faradays.current f o& into t%e ce I t%e acoustic resonance produces a standin.on one of Stan Meyer Cideos ..&it% t%e ca cu ations. "e I seem to 0e -eneratin.dou0 e t%e si=e of my "#$.3*3 &%D tr..0y /o ta-e a one3 producin..1 &%D tr.12 "atts.I -uess t%ere9s more &or< needed to 0e done in t%is direction. &%ic% is &%ere e ectrons are ripped from t%e &ater .indi/idua eads to eac% pipe in t%e "#$.ca cu ations posted 0y Stefan a0o/e. in effect.ater as it /roduces "asP =F 9 e "as /roduced is Hydro3y Da0a HH7 or 4(ro. I dont <no& if im ri-%t 0ut I seem to 0e of t%e reasons I t%in< is 0ecause my unit is compariti/e y 0i--er FN en-t% F tu0es compared to 4a/e9s !N en-t% ( tu0es. t%e Hydroxy is t%en 0etter t%an free from an ener-y standpoint. "%en t%e free e ectron current re eased from t%e &ater is counted..#aradayD itD%our -eneration3 U 41. t%ey are a net current producers. and..-as in t%e process.A?X 7.8esonant $%ar-in.*(E I (!(.I %ope t%is ans&ers Aumaran9s Guestion as&e . '%e e ectrica resonance in/o /es a p%ase de ay 0et&een t%e pu ses to t%e e ectrodes.! &%D tr..$%o<e coi s3..4 &atts . and e/en 1. #irst. t%ere is no simi arity 0et&een +$ current and pu sed 4$ as emp oyed in t%e "#$. &%ic% %as t%e effect of in%i0itin.ater# in a /ro/er systemP <F )o eatin" occurs in t e .()1 mm. t%ere is an e ectrica resonance &it%in t%e intrae ectrode -ap itse f &it%in t%e &ater. '%ere is an e ectrica resonance 0et&een t%e inductors .))( x 2... and..!*)! mm and mine &as esser at ess t%an 1. at about t e Water :uel Cell e*en resembles electrolysisQ 1F 9 ere is no electrolyeP 2F 9 ere is )7 current admitted to t e .*( : 111 . &ctually# .12 &atts I t%e -eneration is around ) ccDsec of H2 Q B2 I '%is con/erts to 4. Stans &as 1*N en-t% F tu0es. "#$ -ets fo--ed up.2D(.(( $$ of H2Dsec I &%ic% con/erts to 1(. : H2E&R9H# Re/ly W<6 on: &u"ust 22# 266@# 11:2?:2? PM 6 ..n-s 'as4F# not differentiated Hydro"en & 73y"enP and 2F &ll of t e .&a/e &%ic% in%i0its ion transport...))( Lits D %our 1(.. @ot% of t%ese contri0ute to die ectric 0rea<do&n in t%e &ater.. RR $orrect me if im &ron.

at 2 +mps.2( A@.. (41x4*1 : /ie&ed !4) times.21.. p%otoK111. p%otoK11). p%otoK1FF..3 : '%ird pic is scum at t%e end of t%e conditionin-.?P5 . '%is t%in.comD&atc%L/UuFTrLBud&8& : ra*HH# Re/ly W<? on: &u"ust 2=# 266@# 62:2=:2@ PM 6 '%e fo o&in. (41x4*1 : /ie&ed !(1 not touc% t%e pipes &it% 0are %ands.eed to c%ec< if t%ere9s any impro/ement in t%e outputs.24 A@. (41x4*1 : /ie&ed !!( times. '%e eads dont -et %ot. %ttp6DD&&&..comD&atc%L/U:"sABdxLI?2 2.1F A@. "#$ ea<in-. p%otoK114..&%en you need to c%an-e t%e &ater for t%e next round of conditionin-.?P5 .?P5 .3 .2) A@.0ut need to c%ec< &it% pro on-ed use. p%otoK11(.3 : #ift% pic is scum a-ain. (41x4*1 : /ie&ed !!3 times.?P5 .32.21.)* A@.?P5 .. 1. (41x4*1 : /ie&ed !(! times. %ttp6DD&&&.?P5 .3 : Second pic is scum on t%e surface in 0et&een conditionin-.&i ta<e time I -uess.3 : #ourt% pic is -eneration at ! +mps.1*.pro-ressin-.youtu0e....4 A@.on to t%e tu0e ed-es &%ic% need to 0e c eaned &it% a 0rus% on y.ima-es &ere ta<en &%en I &as conditionin. (41x4*1 : /ie&ed !!2 times.3 : Se/ent% and Se/ent% pics are t%e scum %o din. 4on9t &orry if t%e -eneration is o& at t%e 0e-innin: #irst pic is conditionin.t%e "#$ a fe& mont%s a-o.2!. (41x4*1 : /ie&ed !44 times.4( A@. p%otoK11! cant do t%e -as output test ri-%t no&.youtu0e...?P5 . Initia y t%e outputs remained /er /ery o& 0ut -radua y increased &it% t%e conditionin. p%otoK111.24.3 : Sixt%.

&it%out t%e inductors.... "%en compared to t%is efficiency I sti %a/e some more &or< to do. '%e current readin.comD&atc%L/UFf#p3$?>M'& E/eryt%in.or-D414...pdf in t%e in< 0e o& %ttp6DDpanaceauni/ersity.&it% t%is I can run on one tu0e or six i<e da/es or a F. 0asica y %a/e an easier contro on t%e num0er of tu0es to 0e used for experimentation &it%out dismant in...i<e you see in t%e pictures a0o/e and 0e o&.....%ere9s a in<...()1mm ...youtu0e. '%en comes t%e conditionin&%ic% is crucia . '%ere are a fe& peop e &%o %a/e connected t%e 414 system to /e%ic es.pdf inc udin.....1)11E B2 o/er #aradays.. I %a/e made my system 0ased on %is inputs and a t%ese inputs on %o& you can -et t%ese <ind of outputs are a ready posted on t%e oupo&er forum and partia y %ere.Ma<e it fo o& t%e procedure and you &i ac%ie/e B2 o/er fardaysMMM I9/e put in efforts &it%out t%in<in. s%ou d 0e more no&. Stans &ere F tu0es of 1*N en-t% on %is demonstration e ectro y=er and in one of t%e /ideos a/ai a0 e.cou d 0e t%e main reason for t%e %i-%er efficiency in my unit3 and im usin.%e9s e/en s%o&in. '%e &a .comD&atc%L/UBi+4=KAp--4 Stefan t%e excess -as outputs &ere documented Guite sometime a-o 0y 4a/e.out of t%e "#$ F Q/e and F :/ %o& you can tune a "#$ &it% an +M &ou d fai and it didnt. %ttp6DD&&&.. /ideo in<..F tu0e sets of FN en-t% and t%e inner need to ma<e t%is system is in 414 and t%e data &%ic% is reGuired to ma<e t%is system efficient and %o& to -o a0out it %as 0een posted 0y me on t%e oupo&er and %ere. E/eryt%in. t%ere are c aims t%at %e9s ma< see is t%e input dra& to t%e freG -en from t%e 4$ con/erter..HHB &it% inductors as per t%e updated 414..t%e "#$. I dont <no& &%y it &or<s t%e &ay it &or<s or t%e t%eory 0e%ind &%y or %o& it &or<s.a fe& pictures of "#$ under construction and pro-ress... 4a/e9s and Stan eys systems %ad a spacin.: ra*HH# Re/ly W<A on: &u"ust 22# 266@# 6?:6A:=< &M6 +0out %ttp6DD&&&.t%e "#$...t%e inductors..youtu0e.. 4a/e used ( tu0es of !N en-t% for %is 2!1E B2..youtu0e. %ttp6DD&&&.comD&atc%L/UuFTrLBud&8& 7es t%e current dra& 0y t%e freG -en is 12C 1..1.. I %a/e 1* eads as I can contro t%e num0er of tu0es t%at can 0e operated &it%out openin.&%ic% are /ery /ery Hust &or<sM... Its a specific procedure t%at %as to 0e fo o&edM 4a/e &%o &as t%e first to rep icate stan meyer system %ad -ot outputs in t%e ran-e of 2!1E B2 .. 7ou -et /ery /ery o& -as -eneration in t%e 0e-innin.. 4a/e9s e ectro y=er -eneratin... My system &as s i-%t y modified and I %a/e so many eads -oin.!*)!mm3 and my pipes %a/e a -ap of ess t%an 1.%e %asnt ta <ed a0out t%e outputs &it% t%e inductors3. I9m postin.o I dont %a/e a scope..&%en you are need to ma<e t%is unit is in t%e updated 414..t%ats an increase of 1) mi es per -a on.t%is -uy c aims %is mi ea-e increased from 2* mi esD-a to 4! mi esD-a ..of 1D1(N ...1D2N more t%an t%e outer for connections.! +mps its from 12 Co t 11 +mp 4$ con/erter t%at I use.%o& to is posted on oupo&er...

Stan used 1*N tu0es so may0e I s%ou d try ma<in.3 1 02.Hp..Hp.11). (41x4*1 : /ie&ed 4)1 cou d pro0a0 y t%ro& some i-%t on &%at modifications mi-%t 0e needed if you use on-er tu0es. !))x3)! : /ie&ed 4)3 times.)! A@.F3.. "e I &ent in for FN &%en 4a/e9s &as !N.3pipes3setup30.t%ic<ness of 0ot% t%e pipes is 14 S"5 or 2. (41x4*1 : /ie&ed 4F2 times.111.Hp..12 A@.3 Y 1(3K$onditionin-KnK%ydroxyK-enK41K11. (41x4*1 : /ie&ed 4(4 times.Hp. 6B7 85095:0 .34 A@.a setup &it% 1*N en-t% tu0es no&. 7es t%e SS &ires act as resistors.(F A@.. 6B7 5:09850) Y 13(KpipeKsetupKseatedKc oseup...viewe$ 5:.132 mm Y 11FKB4KofKButerKPipe.12F.3 1 0<53pipe3setup3seate$3in3#ase+4pg (.5. 4*1x(41 : /ie&ed 12 times.132.Hp. (41x4*1 : /ie&ed 4*3 times. P1.3 : /a"e =# ra*HH# Re/ly W22 on: &u"ust 2@# 266@# 6@:6?:=< &M 6 12N is fine.(F A@.3) A@.3 Y 1(2K+fterK1stK-enerationKofK%ydroxy.... (41x4*1 : /ie&ed 4F3 times.Hp.1!2.. ti"es+) Y 12(KpipesKsetupK1(. (41x4*1 : /ie&ed 4F4 times.80+.Hp.113..21 A@..(2 A@. '%e specificresistance of 31(L is around )! .3 Y 1(4K$onditionin-KnK%ydroxyK-enK41K12.3 Y 1(1K@eforeK$onditionin-K12.3 Y 121KB4KofKInnerKPipe.Hp.s+4pg (.

!$$ of HHBDSec at 1....4*+ : 1. P3...!1min of t%e /ideo.((1 fi-ure 1 %as /aria0 e resistance connected to eac% of t%e inner tu0es &it% num0ers (1a..ell..t%e natura i-%t &asnt t%ere i<e in t%e /ideos ) S *..!1+. '%e eads %eat up &%en %i-%er amps are dra&n 0y t%e freG -en.. '%is comes to ).)F*...21 secs to 0e exact.2 LD%our for ( "attsD%our U` 6.t%e tu0es at 3+ to !+ ran-e.31min into t%e /ideo t%e -as co ection &as started and stopped at 1.2= W >!.... P2.Micro:B%m:cm and t%at of copper is 1.1 $$ HHB &it%out any t%in...... : /a"e =# ra*HH# Re/ly W?6 on: &u"ust 2@# 266@# 6=:2=:=A PM 6 + ri-%t Peop e some %a/e 0een /ery s<eptica a0out t%e /o umes I mentioned.)2 Micro:B%m:cm. Last I c%ec<ed &it% t%e o d eads &as ).. '%is is a /ariation you can try muc% ater on.. Its as simp e as t%at. '%e tu0es are p astic for insu ( can see t%is in t%e /ideos I posted.. 7es you can use copper &ire sea ed in si icone sea ant.M45 no/1)6 ) cc HHBDsec U` 421ccDminute U 2!. ..4"%DL3 U 1.. You can use sand /a/er on t e outside of t e inner tube and t e inside of t e outer tube.. I need to c%ec< if t%eres any increase D decrease in -eneration. Hydro6 "%en I tried conditionin.t%e resistors -ot 0urnt so I -ot t%em rep aced &it% %i-%er &atta-es.. 2sed si icone to <eep t%em in p ace and a/oid s%ortin-. +s some mi-%t say t%at t%ere cou d 0e Steam D Capour D Mist. t%is &as &%at I &as ta < t%is /ideo is for especia y for t%emMM Sorry a0out t%e 0ad Gua ity...youtu0e.. : /a"e =# ra*HH# Re/ly W2B on: &u"ust 2@# 266@# 6=:<@:62 PM 6 Yes t e tubes are (ri" t &nnealed. exact y 11 times 0etter t%an #araday9s maximum .2.moreMM stand t e cur*ed surfaces .I used "rit 166 . '%e -as co ected &as o/er 1!1$$ cou d 0e 1(1 D 1(!$$. See to it t at you use a small "rit so t at you "et small scratc es on t e surfaces..remo/ed from t%e -eneration. %ttp6DD&&&. I9/e rep aced t%e eads upto t%e 0ottom of t%e "#$ &it% 4 SGmm dou0 e insu ated copper &ire and t%e %eat -eneration did come do&n.. I %a/e spot &e ded t%e 31(L &ires to t%e you need to adHust &it% t%is ti I ma<e a fres% one &it% 0etter i-%tin-.666X efficiency M3 . $o/er t%e exposed copper eads in t%e &ater &it% si icone sea ant as &e . Stan9s patent 4.a0out.comD&atc%L/UmMS2e)(P>LJ "e Hydro oo<s i<e you &ere ri-%t t%e "#$ seems to 0e producin. ets Hust ta<e t%e output as 1!1$$ in 21 clot bac0in" as it can .

t%e instruction 0ecause t%ey9re finda0 e on t%e forums. and a so t%at t%e positi/e e ectrode is u. and &%en you are fartin. t%ats &%y i <no& &%at you dont.. %e said condition t%em. I %ope you9 isten to t%is post rat%er t%an o0/ious y not readin. '%e inside is . . 'a<e t%is.%is post. 8a/i $ame out into t%e open &it% %is findin-s.of t%e tu0es Is time consumin-.and don9t pu a your %air out. He %as instructions for %o& to condition after 0ein.apears to 0e norma .c eaner &ater you can start dropin. you &ant -et rid of t%e 0ro&n muc< in 2 daysM It too< %im 3 mont%s to condition %is tu0es 0ased on &%at you see in t%e /ideo. 5ood uc< &it% t%e conditionin. He said Sand t%e inside and out of t%e tu0e after anea in-. ta<e t%e tu0es and run t%em under &ater.e-ati/e e ectrode o/er a periode of time. sa/e it.t%e &%ite %a=e.oran-e. so add t%is to %is instuctions 0ecause t%eir tota y different. c%an-e &ater and repeat for 2 days. i %a/e t%em to. i say.t%e amps to condition. c ean &it% deter-ant and start o/er. after e/eryt%in.you9d <no& %o& to do it. %e said use t%e a&ton sc%ematic t%ats 0een updated. repeat repeat repeat .&ater . &%en you %a/e -otton t%is for you9 notice t%e &ater is sti oran-e. if you &ou d %a/e noticed %e did ta<e t%e time to te you t%e /o ts and amps used.annea ed. He said.5S 7B2 MISSE4 B2' B8 LBBAE4 BCE8 . $ondition your tu0es. and %as no &%ite %a=e. a so to annea in . '%e out Positi/e.o& oran-e possi0 e. type of -as. : Re/ly W16B on: &u"ust <6# 266@# 12:2?:=< PM 6 Important Info from B2Po& posted 0y 8+CI as user ra/==6 'HE8E $B2L4 @E 'HI.!1 amp %i-% %ydro-en output can 0e ac%ie/ed &it% t%e a&ton circuit a one. 4ont ea/e muc<.y.t%re& t%em to ma<e sure t%ey9re not c o--ed.: Re/ly WAA on: &u"ust 2B# 266@# 11:=<:<? &M 6 '%ere is no reason #or 8a/i to $ompi e any<inda List and txt9s etc for you. %e Hust 0ettered it. you9 notice a "%ite %a= oo< to t%e . '%e -oa is to -et t%e oran-e out of t%e &ater.around &it% p%isics and ma<in. if not t%en 2. my opinion is &%en you start -ettin. $%an-e &ater after e/ery cyc e.e-ati/e. '%e .o&. you s%ou d t%en S&itc% po aritys for a &%i e to -et t%e positi/e tu0e to matc% t%e ne-ati/e one. %e said do not use any resistance &%en conditionin-. i %a/ent tried it. B%. i9m not postin. spread it. and if you &%ere istenin. $%an-e &ater 'I you t%in< you9re a0out to fa o/er dead. run t%e s%it out of it ti you see a0out an %a f inc% of muc<. Start &it% 3 amps if you can %and e it. you can c ean &it%out remo/in. don9t oose it. and you can oo< into t%e container and &o& yourse f &it% %o& muc% %ydro-en it9s producin-. dont &orry. you9 pro ey notice t%e &ater oo<in. 5BB4 L2$A. +nnea your pipes. if t%ey9re t%en dissasem0 e. He said t%e conditionin. oo<in. 0ut %e a so %as a diy condition instruction -uide.

12 Co ts 1 amp 1. '%e inner pipe is 1D2 inc% on-er t%an t%e outer at t%e 0ottom for t%e setup for connections.t%is time 0y 4a/e and Patric< Ae y.. '%is %ad %appened some time in ?an t%is year. 7ou need to 0e /ery patient &it% t%e conditionin.2mm dia &ires to a 1* pipes indi/idua y spot &e ded.13.!1 U (..*( : 111 . I9 try and post a fe& more /ideos usin..12 x 111 U (!(.a %u-e c%ance 0y too< me mont%s to -et t%e -eneration you see.! amp. 'o SeaMon<ey and Mar<in+ustra ia 6 I initia y started off &it% 4a/e9s circuit. Leads used are 31(L 1. + ri-%t no& to t%e crux of t%e situ.&as in touc% &it% %im to sort out a fe& issues &it% t%e circuits t%e &ent on to ma<e a fe& impro/ements. you can see more detai s of t%e pro0 em at '%e a0o/e &riteup is on a fe& ot%er sites as&e ......#araday3 U !!(...2 &atts as per #araday &it% Hust (.of t%e pipes.. %ttp6DD&&&..12 "atts... Posted ne& /ideo a &%i e a-o.. .))( its of H2D%r : Mon +u.I %ope t%is ans&ers Aumaran9s Guestion as&e .. 'ry and sa/e t%e /ids incase t%eyre remo/ed.youtu0e.2(2 "atts "e I seem to 0e -eneratin. Co ts x +mps U "atts I 12 x 1.12 &atts t%e -eneration is around ) ccDsec I &%ic% co/erts to 1(.))( x 2.. #rom &%at I presumed Stan used tu0es of 1* inc%es so I &ent for %a f %is en-t% 0ut t%e same num0er as in %is /ideo... 7ou cou d say t%at 4a/e9s circuit &as t%e s<e eton &%ere i started off 0ut %ad to ma<e some c%an-es. 211) F621 am Post su0Hect6 Hi a-ain.*(E I (!(.))( Lits D %our I 1(.. : Mon in p ace so t%at t%e eads dont -et s%orted out. '%e tu0in..i9 0e a o&ed to post t%is stuff o/er t%e net as initia y &%en I &as in touc% &it% 4a/e I %ad sent some pics to %im and my p ace &as raided &it%in a fe& %ours after t%e mai to %im.'%ou-% i/e %ad success a fe& mont%s a-o I %ad not come out in t%e open 0ut no& +s%t&et% of Panaces @ocaf %as con/inced me to -o pu0 ic as t%is cou d sa/e me any more future %arassment.Im ta<in. +nnea ed for 3 %ours in inert amosp%ere of +r-on to remo/e a residua ma-netism and co d &or< stresses 0efore t%ey are assem ed..t%e eGui/a ent of 41..t%is ri-%t no&.comD&atc%L/Ufiyf&"u+F-+ + c oseup /ideo of t%e 0urnt out eads.&it% t%e ca cu ations... Its a most 1 amp and oo< at t%e &ay t%e eads to t%e "#$ -et %eated up and 0urn t%e protecti/e tu0in-. I dont <no& %o& on.13.. I &as <ind of %e ped out durin.out of t%e "#$ for eac% of t%e pipes.2D(..*(E B2 MM $orrect me if im &ron.4 &atts ....(( $$Dsec and t%is &or<s out to 1(.!!1E excess I as t%e a0o/e &or<s out to 41. Materia used is 31(L seam ess pipes. I %a/e indi/idua eads comin. at t%e ear iest and post t%e in<s. Bf t%e ori-ina circuit i %ad a fe& 0urntD0 o&n out components and o& -as -eneration as my setup is &it% F tu0es of F inc% en-t%s and %is &as ( tu0es of ! inc% en-t%s so t%e exposed surface areas are compariti/e y %i-%er.#aradayD itD%our -eneration3 U 41. I dont <no& if im ri-%t 0ut I seem to 0e -eneratin. 211) (63( am I 5eneration of H2 Q B2 &as )$$ per sec I t%e H2 -eneration &as 4.

+s per stan t%e esser t%e -ap %i-%er t%e efficiency.its a must.t%is co= ti I made t%e c%an-es &%en t%e components 0 e& up on 4a/e9s circuit i didnot -et t%e ri-%t com0o.I say fexi0 e 0ecause you &ou d not &ant any /i0rations induced to 0e restricted as t%ese /i0rations %e p dissipate t%e 0u00 es from t%e surface.. '%e -ap used 0y stan meyer &as da/e3 in t%e 9FF( patent.pdf. Incase you are t%in<in.comD&atc%L/Unto((#'fd'..&ou d ta<e time. I9 post info if I fi-ure out somet%in-.eff.. He %as ( tu0es of !N en-t%s and mine is F tu0es of FN en-t% so t%ere %ad to 0e /ariations and t%e t%ic<ness of %is pipes is different from mine.. My setup compared to 4a/e9s %as indi/idua connections -oin..! +mps.13.. '%ere is a ot of important stuff in t%e 2S and Internationa patents &%erein in one of t%e patents %e mentions %i-%er efficiency of a tu0e setup compared to a p ate setup for %is proces . 211) 163! am 6 I &ou d first y ad/ice you to -o t%rou-% a of stan9s patents to %a/e 0etter understandin... '%is I %ad as<ed 4a/e a0out and %e said it restricts t%e current I Hust didnt &ant to experiment &it% t%e p ate setup on %is process 0ut I -uess it &or<s 0etter &it% @o09s process3.. '%e i-%ts are pu se timin.of t%is -ap you %a/e to use use t%ree spacers of f exi0 e foam on eit%er end at 121 de-ree an. : Mon +u.and you &ou d end up &it% 0u00 es i<e t%e ones I t%e "#$.!mm or 2mm -aps are a so BA.I %a/e a -ap of 1 mm 0et&een t%e pipes t%e outer tu0e t%ic<ness /aries t%is in t%e -ap. 1... In on-er en-t%s you s%ou d oo< for s i-%t 0ends in t%e pipes as t%e pipes may -et s%orted. : Points to note6 $%ec< t%e ne& update of 414. . 211) 1161F am 6 #or Mar<in6 I t%in< t%e suface area for %i-%er amps needs to 0e increased to -et simi ar outputs as t%at of 1. Its a presumption 0ut cou d 0e -i/en a try in t%e future. at %i-%er ampsLL : 'ue +u..any more ideas on increasin.of t%e process.14.%ttp6DD&&&. If you are not t%at &e /ersed &it% mec%anica s<i s.0ut it cou d &or< for some and not &or< for some as t%e /o ta-es and freGuencies /ary as per t%e "#$ 0ui d and t%e impurities in tap &ater.1D1( more num0er of pipe sets s%ou d inrease t%e efficiency at %i-%er amepara-es. I9m sayin.. : @i-:0u00 es6 '%e eac% of t%e 1* pipes. '%is ans&ers your Guestion Simon. I cou d Hust -i/e you e/eryt%in.youtu0e. '%e exposed surface area of my setup is muc% ar-er as compared to 4a/e9s. Patents s%o& a /aria0 e resistor on t%e :/e side in 0et&een t%e "#$ and t%e freG -enerator &%ic% e/eryone seems to %a/e missed out .!*)mm . I &ou d ad/ice you to -o for a %i-%er -ap as t%e space is /ery restricted and you mi-%t end up s%ortin. '%e setup pro0a0 y needs more pipes I -uess.t%eres an inductor added in0et&een.t%e pipes.circuit /isua indicators.Hust <eep u--in..I %a/e no c ue as yet &%y t%is is %appenin-..

to.o t%ere is no dramatic increase &%en you /ary upunti you condition t%e tu0es.((1 and t%e /aria0 e resistance I &as ta <in.)F*. @ut as t%e conditionin. Bnce you stop formin. : 'ue +u.14.t%e 0ro&n muc< you <no& you9/e conditioned t%e pipes and t%e -as -eneration increases at t%is point.diode. 211) )633 am I I9m rea y sorry a0out t%e patent num0er.and t%is s%ou d -o on for a &%i e e/en after you stop ma< t%e <ey to %is -eneration. 211) 163F am I 7ou cou d a &ays 0ui d 4a/e9s setup &it%out ma<inany c%an-es inc udin.$onditionin. 7our fi-ure is for tota efficiency of t%e "#$.. %ei-%t and diameters and ac%ie/e t%e same resu ts as 4a/e did.* times t%at of copper.I. S/ecific Resistances6 $opper 6 1. '%is seems to %a/e 0een t%e pro0 em of eads %eatin.14.. I dont use a 0 oc<in.5 B# '2@ESMMMMM + ri-%t -uys ma<e a note of t%is and sa/e it some p ace '%e conditionin.2 +mps in my "#$ 0ut a0o/e t%at you Hust need to <eep c%ec<in. +t a point &%ere i &as -eneratin.B' 2SE 31(L +S LE+4 "I8E 'HE7 H+CE 'BB HI5H + SPE$I#I$ 8ESIS'+. It &i ta<e time 0ut at t%e end of t%e day its &ort% itM '%e dramatic -as increase %appens in t%e ran-e of 1.1 to 1. its to &%ere you -et t%e %i-%est efficiency for t%at particu ar "#$ and it &ou d 0e ess t%an an +mp in any case. '%e <ey to t%e &%o e process in my point of /ie& is conditionin.incase you &ant to introduce a resistance you cou d a &ays used a &ire &ound /aria0 e resistance. I &onder if I condition some more I mi-%t endup &it% ar-e 0u00 es on y. 211) 264F am I 4B. $onsider t%is as t%e %o y -rai i<e I did and sti do.t%e pipe t%ic<ness.... His circuit s%ou d &or< for %is "#$ 0ui d si=e. you can see t%is in t%e /ids...14. Aumaran I %ad su0tracted 111E #araday efficiency from t%e tota and &%at you -et t%en is t%e B2 E.of t%e tu0es ta<es a on.proceeds o/er a period of time you see t%e -as -eneration -radua y increase. "%en I initia y started off I cou d %ard y see any 0u00 es emer-in-. Its not t%at t%e sma 0u00 es accumu ate to a 0i--er 0u00 e 0ut t%e moment t%e -en is s&itc%ed on t%e ar-e 0u00 es come rus%in..4I'IB.up.time. . : 'ue +u.a0out is in #i-ure 1 &it% num0ers (1a.(3 MI$8BHM:cm I 31( 6 )! MI$8BHM:cm : 'ue +u..14..out.t%ese ar-e 11mm si=ed 0u00 es.(1n on t%e inner tu0e.a ot of sma 0u00 es I t%ou-%t I reac%ed t%e pea< 0ut I Hust &anted to see &%at &ou d %appen if I condition a itt e more and &%at I ended up &it% &as ma<in.$E 'B @E 2SE4 +S LE+4S I approxmate y 4(.. . : 'ue +u.. $onditionin. Loo< at my outputs t%e efficiency decreases as you increase t%e ampeara-e to t%e freG -enerator. 211) F64( am Post su0Hect6 $B.process 0e o& &as -i/en to me 0y 4a/e La&ton and its &%at I fo o&ed re i-ious y for mont%s to reac% t%e outputs.SeaMon<ey9s exp anatin stands -ood. Lets see %o& it -oes.t%e 0ro&n muc< and you end up &it% ar-e 0u00 es i<e mine.

5oto 2. Li<e I said 0efore I dont <no& if it &ou d &or< for t%is process..8+CI : Ra*HH# Posted: Wed &u" 12# 266@ A:1A am6 I <no& a0out t%e /assi*ation of stainless steels.. Its a s%ort time process so you need to passi/ate t%e pipes once t%ey are assem0 ed so t%at you dont disturb t e layer formed ..%ot.. Start at 1... 7ou &ou d %a/e %ad /ery -ood -eneration of -as 0y no&.1 +mps for 21 min and stop for 31 min 4. 4onot use any resistance on t%e ne-ati/e side &%en conditionin......4I'IB...I. SM+LL +MB2. 4B.B' touc% t%e tu0es &it% 0are %ands if t%e tu0e ends need to 0e c eaned of muc< use a 0rus% 0ut donot touc%MM +s per my experience t%e 0ro&n muc< if eft in &ater for t%e next cyc e %eats up t%e &ater and you need to a/oid t%is. HB28 @E#B8E 7B2 S'+8' +LL BCE8 +5+I.. '%e a0o/e process to 0e done after annea in. 5E' +$$2M2L+'E4 I.4 #B8 +'LE+S' +.. .. 7ou -et a &%itis% po&dery coat on t%e surfaces. I used tap &ater for conditionin. 5oto 3. 5oto 2.. 5oto 1.... 7ou &ou d %ard y see any -as -eneration at t%e 0e-innin. $+.if it does you need to reduce t%e time...somet%in. I donot <no& if addin. 2.S'8I$'E4 SP+$E +.e/en if it does I dont <no& if you cou d -et t%e same efficiencies..5 I.assem0 e t%e setup inc udin. + $B. +#'E8 'HE ) S'EPS +@BCE LE' 'HE "#$ S'+..c%an-e t%e &ater after e/ery cyc e initia y.....' B# 5E. . 4B 'HE $B.1.! +mps for 1! min and stop for 21 min !. '%en you see t%e reduction in -eneration of t%e 0ro&n stuff o/er a period of time and at a point t%e pipes dont ma<e any 0ro&n stuff ata ..fina y f us% t%e pipes &it% ots of fres% &ater.'IL+'E4 +8E+ B8 P8E#E88+@L7 $LBSE 'HE 'BP +...process 0ut you &i %a/e to disassem0 e t%e &%o e setup and sand paper t%e outside of t%e inner tu0e and t%e inside of t%e outer tu0e to -et rid of t%e passi/ated surface and expose a fres% surface t%en reassem0 e and start.. ic is usually less t an a micron t ic0..! +mps for ! min and stop for 1! min ). #B8 J2I'E SBME'IME ECE. need to c%ec< if "#$ -ettin..1 +mps for 11 min and stop for 21 min (..use a deter-ent to &as% off t%e pipes and rinse t%em t%orou-% y &it% fres% &ater....4 $B2L4 @E + H+>+84..4 CE.. 'HE BPE.t%e pipes.1 +mps for 121 to 1!1 secs. If t%is doesnt &or< you cou d a &ays re/ert 0ac< to t%e re-u ar conditionin. 5ood Luc< and %appy conditionin-.mi-%t &or< or not. +S 'HE "#$ IS LE#' B.' 'HE 5+S B2' I. 5oto 1..donot touc% t%e pipes &it% 0are %ands after t%is..! +mps on freG -en and s&itc% off after 2! mins for 31 mins 3.and no /ine-ar or any additi/es.e/er touc% t%e pipes &it% 0are %ands once t%is comes on.. + "ELL CE..0ut it ma<es a ot of 0ro&n muc<...E8+'IB.t%e eads and 0ase.see to it t%at no oxide formation is eft on t%e pipes.t%e pipes.

323mm . Is t%ere a possi0i ity t%at t%e extra &or< is 0ein. I didnt remem0er t%e exact -ap 0et&een t%e pipes ti patric< Hust as<ed me &%at &ere t%e differences 0et&een my setup..F31 3 and t%is adHusted to 0ot% t%e sides as t%e inside pipe is centered is 1.sat do&n and ca cu ated....time to condition and e/en t%at produces 0ro&n muc< and doesnt do so after a &%i e. .done 0y +et%erL Is 8oe-s cell conditionin" similar to t e one mentioned abo*eQQ : Ra*HH# Posted: 9 u &u" 1?# 266@ <:2< am6 '%ere is anot%er difference t%at needs to 0e noted compared to 4a/e9s 8ep ication.. P!E&SE )79E 9H&9 P7!ISHE$ 9..een t e /i/es more t e efficiency I %ad a ot of difficu ty in t%e a i-nment of pipe as t%ey &ere s%ortin-.323D2 U 1.. '%e -ap in 0et&een t%e pipes &as6 Buter Pipe B4 6 2!..31) : ....I -uess t%ere9s more &or< needed to 0e done in t%is direction.elded.ic<e p ated or Hard $%rome p ated pipes and if t%ey are Plain SS <6=! or <1?! but /olis ed you could al. 7ou can use most of t%e 311 series .2!3 : 1F....0ot% %a/e concentric tu0es.... Had to "et .. I &ent for a esser -ap 0y increasin.t%ere are simi arities.on one of Stan Meyer Cideos &%ere t%ey mention t%e Butput to 0e o/er 1)11E faradays..132 mm I 5ap is 1...ays use a sand /a/er.F31 mm I '%ic<ness 6 14 S"5 or 2.ic<e :$%romium Stee s 0ut 31(L &ou d 0e t%e most preferra0 e and next &ou d 0e 314L.2. 7)!Y SE&M!ESS PIPES and not seam .132 mm I Buter Pipe I4 6 2!.. Is t ere a /ossibility t at some t in" li0e t e Eoe-s Cell aet er stuff is a//enin" ereQQ E/en ?oe9s ce ta<es a on.. +/oid Incone -rade pipes as&e . .t%e 311 -o for 311 as t%is %as t%e %i-%est resisti/ity amon.(ES &RE )79 97 (E .((1! mm on eit%er sides of t%e inner tu0e.2!3mm Inner Pipe B4 6 1F.. If you -o t%rou-% Stans $anadian Patent e mentions t at t e lesser t e "a/ bet.t%e t%ic<ness of t%e outer tu0e. Stans &as 1*N en-t% F tu0es...eeds /ery o& amps.31) mm I '%ic<ness 6 14 S"5 or 2. 4a/e9s unit &as 2!1E B2 mine oo<s a itt e %i-%er.. : Ra*HH# Posted: 9 u &u" 1?# 266@ 2:62 am 6 I remem0er & of t%e reasons I t%in< is 0ecause my unit is compariti/e y 0i--er FN en-t% F tu0es compared to 4a/e9s !N en-t% ( tu0es.132 x23 U 21. So effecti/e y t e "a/ bet.dou0 e t%e si=e of my "#$.?@6 mm.een t e /i/es is less t an 6...SE$ I) M&+I)' 9HE W:C If t%ey are t%e on y ones you can find ma<e sure t%ey are not .Let me <no& if t%is &or<s.

... : Ra*HH# Posted: Sat &u" 1A# 266@ B:6? am6 "%ic% tu0es %a/e you orderedL <1? or <1?!..I dont remem0er &%o t%is &as or &%ere I found t%e /ideo 0ut e seems to be tunin" t e :re5 'en .... : Ra*HH# Posted: :ri &u" 1@# 266@ 2:== am6 I.t%e exposed tu0e surfaces to &ater in 0et&een t%e pipes and &%en you cut s ots youre a-ain reducin. His met%od seems to &or<MM and %e9s connected it to %is car as&e .es on 0ot% ends.BBXF of 22 SW' D6. You need to "et t e tubes annealed once t ey are cut and finis ed to len"t s before bein" assembled.t%e surface area MM sma f exi0 e foam cut to a en-t% of ! to ( mm and a &idt% of 3mm...or0s better .../e posted t%e /ideo of t%e c%an-es of t%e eads im doin.t e ! stands for lo.. '%ey %a/e to 0e in 0ri-%t finis% on y you dont &ant oxidesof nic<e D c%romium or iron on t%e surface. "ou dnt ad/ice peop e &it%out en-ineerin.ri-%t no&. : Ra*HH# Posted: Wed &u" 22# 266@ <:12 am6 '%ere seems to 0e someone e se &%o9s rep icated 4a/e9s setup. Insert t%ree foam pieces at 121 de-ree an. 7ou cou d try t%e a0o/e ti you are successfu to an extent and t%en start experimentin.. t%is is t%e sur-ica -rade SS t%ey use for imp ants..s<i s to -o for t%is sma a -ap..some of t%e -as &it%in t%e tu0es if you restrict t%e outf o&....comD&atc%L/U@GSy'iPu*CI : Ra*HH# Posted: :ri &u" 1@# 266@ @:6= am6 I %a/ent spo<en to 4a/e a0out t%e /ariations concernin... I %ad my tu0es annea ed to -et rid t%e crysta attice imperfections due to co d &or<.......t%e inductors..t%is &ay you can increase t%e -ap for t%e -ases to ea/e t%e pipe end..... You a*e /eo/le .effecti/e y t%is &ou d end up reducin. I sa/ed t%e /ideo from youtu0e or -oo. ... t%ey9 -i/e you t%e procedure if you te t%em t%e -rade you9re usin-..0etter outputs... Its done in a se/arate inert atmos/ ere furnace of )2 or &r"on. ic su//osedly ... ..%e c aims to .. P ease do et me <no& if you find t%e ori-ina poster of t%is /ideo..&it% t%e /ariations and et e/eryone <no& if youre -ettin. B rin-s are a definite no noMM you &i end up trappin.e recent y.youtu0e... %ttp6DD&&&. 9 e i" er out/ut of my setu/ could be due to t e smaller "a/ as. carbon ..insert t%e en-t% inside t%e tu0e so t%e 3mm &idt% is &%at you see from t%e top.con/erted and sa/ed t%e /ideo and fina y -ot time to &atc% it ast ni-%t.ell.. : Ra*HH# Posted: Mon &u" 26# 266@ 1:1B am6 . o do eat treatment for metals .and any traces of for me I-*e made it on a :errite rod of 22 mm len"t 166 turns of $ouble Enamelled Electrolytic Co//er DBB..t em strai" tened on /i/e ali"nment mac ine.@11mm diaF &%ic% &as &%at 4a/e an &M radio sound...

...&aron-s conditionin" *ideo . '%is &ay you can do a sorts of /ariations you need &it%out openin..t%e /ideo on cant ma<e t%ose connections &it% t&o eads comin.4ont oo< too muc% into it %ydro.dery coat on t e tubes.out of t%e "#$.it &it% anyt%in.youtu0e......I remem0ered after &atc%in. F Q/e and F :/e3 comin..its a a mess up t%ere....most of t%em are a o d &irin-s from pre/ious tria s....comD&atc%L/UGT8MC>"r-S< I %ad fo o&ed %is postin-s and /ideos for a on..a ot of com0inations and a most a of t%em fai ed except t%e one recent y posted.itc ed on you see bubble formation on t e e3ternal surfaces of t e outer tubes 8ust li0e in t e *ideo ..durin...t%e conditioninprocess. I remem0er $a*e sayin" t at you 0no... t e tubes are conditioned .as# ..t%is comes on y after conditionin-MM : Ra*HH# Posted: Wed &u" 22# 266@ ?:<B am6 I s%ou d t%an< +aron for a and connect t%e inner rod to t%e ne-ati/e and t%e outer most pipe to t%e .. t%is %appens a a on.%e9s t%e manMM : Ra*HH# Posted: Wed &u" 22# 266@ A:=? am P Post sub8ect: Im/ortant conditionin" info 6 +not%er &%at %e ped me -et %i-%er efficiencies and no& c%ec< t%e in< on top as to %o& t%is -uy tunes it and %e ta <s a0out t%e &%ite po&dery coat %e %asMM....comDrene&a0 e:ener-y If youre oo<in. %ttp6DD&&&.comD&atc%L/UFf#p3$?>M'& ...for t%e exact tec%nica an-ua-e and t%e process. '%e transformer t%in... : Ra*HH# Re/ly W112 on: &u"ust <6# 266@# 12:=A:11 PM 6 7ou cou d use t%e inner tu0e as a neutra e ectrode..factors for me to 0ui d my usin...0ut t%e diode setup is defunct . en t e /o. 7ou &ere as< per stans Patent eac% inside tu0e is connected to an indi/idua /aria0 e resistance. en t ese bubbles sto/ formin" on t e e3ternal tube surfaces and you see a a0out t%e resistance on t%e inside tu0e sometime a-o..youtu0e.you9re ta <in. He -oes 0y t%e names &aron Mura0ami > a1c<m > %iman1< on t%e net.a0out are diode %eat sin<s of pre/ious "#$ tria s and experiments....its as simp e as it &as in t%e updated 414.actua y %e9s 0een one of t%e inspirin.out of t%e "#$.t%e "#$.0y not connectin. I &ent on conditionin...of tu0es...e/en after t%at and ended up &it% ar-er 0u00 es.%a/e -otten an increase from 2* mi esD-a to 4! mi esD-a MM '%ats an increase of 1) mi es to a -a onMM $%ec< t%e /ideo on %o& %e tunes %is "#$ and %is c aims..ener-eticforum. I %a/e 1* eads ..time no&.. He %as %is forum postin-s on t%e "#$6 %ttp6DD&&&.. %ttp6DD&&&. ite /o.I &as tryin....t%an<s a-ain +aron...t%e connectors at t%e 0ottom of t%at setup &%ic% connects to t%e "#$ is s.

.0ut you &ou d end up &it% a 0 ac<is% 0 uis% disco oration.ic<e and $%romium and doesn-t a*e Molybdenum at a ..sta-e to reset t e lattice structure. so Hud-e for yourse f &%ic% -rade you &ou d &ant to use.ire durin" t e conditionin" of t e tubes its only for reducin" t e current dra.. #rom &%at i9/e read and seen neutra e ectrodes &or<.4a/e to d me t%at it &ou d reduce t%e current dra& &%en used.. oo<s i<e you %a/e a ne& idea Ae/in..ext preference is 31(.. 7ou dont need t e resistance . +nnea in.. +s &e are cuttin. its a co d &or<in.. Has anyone seen someone usin.13 max : Si icon 6 1.1 31( SS nic<e ran-e is 11 to 14E and car0on 0ein...314L and 314.. <1?! com/osition: X : $ar0on 6 1. "e youre a most spot onM '%e resistance &ire restricts t%e current dra& into t%e "#$..t%e surfaces &it% sand paper to remo/e any im0edded impurities durin.1.t%e pipes and s i-%t y finis%in. '%is is due to t%e oxide ayer formation on t%e surfaces. .13 : Man-anese6 done after e/ery co d &or< operation and at t%e finis%in. L stands for Lo& $ar0on in t%e SS a oy. 'ry it 0efore t%e inductor and after t%e inductor.. 'e t%em t%at you need a bri" t anneal in nitro"en or ar"on atmos/ ere.. : Ra*HH# Posted: 9 u &u" 2<# 266@ 2:<= am 6 If you %ad to d t%em to annea in inert D nitro-en D +r-on atmosp%ere it &ou d 0e a 0ri-%t finis%.1 to 3.4! : Su p%ur 6 1.positi/e.. "e if 0ri-%t finis% &asn9t a criteria you cou d Hust use a -as torc% to %eat it up ti red %ot and et it coo off s o& y. I-m a metallur"ist Hydro so you can stay assured a0out t%is.1 : $%romium 6 1( to 1* : ... : Ra*HH# Posted: 9 u &u" 2<# 266@ 12:21 am6 Let me mention t%is a-ain6 9 e best "rade of SS to use is <1?! I . so you need to re ie/e t%ese induces stresses in t%e attice t%rou-% annea in-.. I dont <no& if .tu0e dra&in-. Its normal manufacturin" /rocedure.?oe9s ce is a prime examp e of t%is...see &%ic% -i/es t%e %i-%est output. 4efinite y &ort% a try. E/en I didnt <no& &%at t%is &as for.ic<e 6 12 to 14 : Mo y0denum 6 2...1 : P%osp%orous 6 X1..neutra e ectrodes &it% /o ta-e potentia L &e I %a/ent.1*E <6= SS %as esser E of ..

1 &att resistors dependin.e . Its finis ed and su//lied in annealed form.sta-e 0ut in t%e intermediate sta-es as &e for furt%er co d &or<. I use 1 &att.rea y &eird %appenin.t%e +mp dra& to t%e "#$ -radua y and t%e -eneration &ou d <ind of remain t%e same e/en at /ery o& +mps. : Ra*HH# Posted: :ri &u" 2=# 266@ 1:6@ am 6 . : Ra*HH# Posted: :ri &u" 2=# 266@ 2:=2 am6 ..or0 /iece. and precious meta s i<e -o d as&e for t%e semiconductor industry and &e need to annea not Hust at t%e finis%in. I a*e my o... : Ra*HH# Posted: :ri &u" 2=# 266@ <:12 am6 I-*e s..3 to 1. If you didnt <no& e/en t%e copper &ires you use e/ery&%ere are annea ed.. @y t%e &ay Hi-% $ar0on Stee s -o t%rou-% anot%er %eat treatment process ca ed eatin" u/R : Ra*HH# Posted: Sat &u" 22# 266@ 2:21 am 6 ... #or a &e <no& you mi-%t end up -ettin. .. t%ese are %i-% tensi e stren-t% stee s and &ide y used in sprin. : Ra*HH# Re/ly W112 on: &u"ust <6# 266@# 12:2B:1B PM 6 + ri-%t peop e t%ere9s somet%in...or0 on stainless steels# inconels# cu/ronic0els.( amps extra 0ut I fee t%is cou d 0e offset 0y ma< t%e "#$.oxidised pipes &or< 0etter 0ut t%ey do %a/e %i-% corrosion resistance. ?ust -o on in t e second *ideo.for a 0i--er setup t%an 4a/e9s.2! &att resistors to in t e .mac%ines itse f. : Ra*HH# Posted: Sat &u" 22# 266@ @:2< am6 I use t e 222.. P ease stay assured t%at &e do annea Stain ess Stee s at our p ant. Bnce you condition t%e tu0es your -eneration &i dramatica y increase and t%e current reGuired &i fa 0y eaps.0etter outputs t%an any of us or t%e ot%er &ay round 0ut definite y &ort% a try.. . 'enerated t.itc ed on and s...a 0i--er inductor. 'o c ear up any dou0ts some mi-%t %a/e t%at t%ere cou d 0e a anot%er source t%an t%e freG -en input.. &nnealin" is a com/ulsory /rocedure in e*ery metal ..t%is is done on t%e &ire dra&in... c%an-e t%e 111 o%m 1.or0in" /rocess unless you re5uire i" tem/er and une*en stresses . if you are*er c ec0ed if it .on t%e increase in exposed surface area. E/en &it%out t%e resistance you can -et t%e same output 0ut anot%er 1..and <eep reducin..! D 1. E/ery meta or a oy &%en co d formed or co d &or<ed %as to -o t%rou-% a %eat treatment process to re ie/e t%e interna stresses. If it doesnt &or< t%at &e you cou d disassem0 e t%e pipes and use sand paper to remo/e t%e oxidised ayers.itc ed off t e :re5... '%ey are usua y a fe& microns t%ic<.t%is too< me a most 3 mont%s approximate y to reac% t%ese outputs.o& in t%e dar<. 4a/e %ad mentioned some time a-o t%at t%ere9s some .n industry and . Hydro. '%en. '%e %i-%er output is a to do &it% t%e inductors in t%e 414 circuit and conditioninmain y and s i-%t y t%rou-% t%e resistance &ire to reduce t%e current dra&.ma<in-..

you cant see any .as an oran"is "lo. / is t%e speed of sound in t%e &ater.. So t%at &ou d 0e * . @ein..Hydroxy at in %is atest /ideo on 7outu0e6 342!...4a/e9s tu0es &ere. I oo<ed up %o& on.... ets ta<e t%e freGuency 4a/e &as producin.. ets simp ify t%is eGuation. t%e eGuation from %ttp6DDen..or-D&i<iD+cousticKresonance s%o&s fU..... ?ust for fun. 342!.0ut I ne/er noticed it as I &as a &ays concentratin.o or t ree secs t en "oes off for a .I 8ust c ec0ed it in /itc "i<ipedia..findin-6 '%e findin-s are 0ased on t%is youtu0e /ideo from 4a/e La&ton6 %ttp6DD&&&.o& on top of t%e tu0es 0ut only at t e bottom .. It .! D L . L U )1).on t%e -eneration at t%e top of t%e tu0es. V4D2D211) 1162(621 PMW 'ao says6 So.! D 342!..)*1H= So..a Mec%anica En-ineer I dont <no& too muc% a0out e 0ut didnt &or< t%ey -ot a pixu ated..n_/3D..1_143!3D.t%ey &ere from an o d post 4a/e did on t%e ori-ina forum 0ac< in 2114. and L is t%e en-t% of t%e tu0e.comD&atc%L/Umi&0/sya3E< .. Here &as t%e crux of my interestin. I as<ed %o& on...&i<ipedia. V4D2D211) 1162(644 PMW 'ao says6 4a/e said t%at %is tu0es &ere a0out 12..a simp e ca cu ation a tu0e in p ain fres% &ater.2_L3 U )1). So.2) inc%es on-. tried ta<in. .. t eres some 0ind of oran"e "lo. f U ..youtu0e. i -ot my circuit made 0y some0ody and &%en e/er t%ere &ere pro0 ems I -ot t%em rectified 0y t%e same person and <ept trac< of &%at c%an-es %e made and I9/e to d you &%at t%e c%an-es &ere...a a on. 4o you <no& t%e approximate freGuency at &%ic% you are app yin.. ile..!:13cm . $ou d 0e 8adiant Ener 0ut t%ats &%at &as inc%es are 4a/e9s tu0esL ?ust curious.! D L U f ..)*1 U )1). : Ra*HH# Posted: Mon &u" 2@# 266@ 1:6A am6 $%ec< t%is post for t%e same t%read in o/erunity.)*1 U 1. and comes intermittently for t. / is 143! mDs in fres% &ater %ere for reference6 8a/i..2_L3 &%ere n corresponds to t%e %armonic... cant 0e t%e eads as t%eyre enc osed in p astic pipin. +ny idea &%at t%is cou d 0eLL : Ra*HH# Posted: Mon &u" 2@# 266@ 1:62 am6 I %a/e no idea &%at it &as.21 meters . &e . %o& on. So.t%is cou d 0e of %e pMM Im pastin..t%is cou d/e 0een %appenin. comin" from t e bottom of t e W:C 0ut cant ma<e out exact y from &%ere.and t%e point &%ere t%e &ires are spot &e ded is a so co/ered &it% si icone sea ant...t%e sGuare &a/e pu ses to your "#$L '%e reason &%y is re ated to some researc% I did &it% a &e <no&n 9&ater as a fue 9 researc% -roup. n can 0e a &ays 1. can see t%is in t%e pics I posted. "+'$H I'M V4D1D211) 364162! PMW 'ao says6 ?ust doin..

enHoy...'*H= V4D2D211) 1162F611 PMW 'ao says6 @2' 8a/i t%read in a =ip fi e. V4D2D211) 116316!* PMW 'ao says6 @ased on t%e eGuation for acoustic resonance. so f U a0out !(!1H= V4D2D211) 1162*621 PMW 'ao says6 So.. I Hust &atc%ed t%at /ideo a-ain.o/erunity..... it says t%at t%e %ydroxy &as 0ein. : Re/ly W121 on: &u"ust <6# 266@# 6<:16:=2 PM 6 I ripped a t%e posts from t%e o d icu0enet&or< 0ecause I &as t%ere &%en 4a/e made %is "#$. Eac% P4# is a comp ete recreation of a .. so I said.t%e information 5%e it. t%ey acoustic freGuency came out to 0e !(!1H=........ a manua y edited %tm fi es.! D L U f . %ere is t%e entire o/erunity.. 4a/e &as pu sin.. 0ased on &%at it says at t%e E. HMMM.comDindex... I too< t%e i0erty of copyin..t%at into t%e eGuation6 )1). V4D2D211) 1162F6!1 PMW 'ao says6 Loo< at &%at 4a/e &as pu sin..1Iattac%U123!3 ra/i:oupo& a to my &e0site %ttp6DD%%1.%is tu0es at t%e ET+$' freGuency at &%ic% t%ose tu0es &i resonate +$B2S'I$+LL7 in #8ESH "+'E8..1Iattac%U123!4 : Re/ly W12= on: &u"ust <6# 266@# 6<:2=:22 PM6 @e o& are a t%e P4#s I %and:made in 211!.S9IC&!!Y I) W&9ER .produced at 342!.at a 0ut a coincidence.&%ic% is a0out ! inc%es on-3 V4D2D211) 1162)63F PMW 'ao says6 so...F! A@ : Re/ly W11@ on: &u"ust <6# 266@# 61:2?:2= PM 6 '%an<s for your efforts in compi in.=ip ....p%pLactionUd attac%ItopicU31)F. too 0ad9 seems t%ere isn9t muc% of a connection.. 9o%. 21)4.. 0ut may0e t%ere is Hust somet%in.infoD .%is 4$ at in t%e /ideo6 !)14H=MMMM +t 1611 in t%e /ideo you can see &%at %e &as pu #or no&. : ' eller# Re/ly W11? on: &u"ust <6# 266@# 61:<<:2= PM 6 .&as 0asica y t%is6 $a*e found t e (ES9 "as /roduction at t e CERY S&ME fre5uency t at 8ust so a//ens to be . ere is tubes resonate &C7. &e %a/e )1)..=ip9 ...! D 1. I -uess I need to do more researc%9 V4D2D211) 1162F611 PMW 'ao says6 2. May0e it is not%in. 9ra/i:o/erunity:posts.)* A@ %ttp6DD&&&. I &i post t%ose icu0enet&or< fi es soon enou-%. F4. ca cu atin...p%pLactionUd attac%ItopicU31)F. So.. and t%ere &%en Giman13 and I started t%e offs%oot 9radiant%2o9 ya%oo -roup. I edited t%e H'ML and com0ined a 8a/i9s B2po&er posts into one %tm fi e... %ttp6DD&&&. my findin.... it can 0e found Hust 0e o& t%e /ideos.4 of t%at /ideo on youtu0e.12)! U f .o/erunity... I fi-ured if it9s on a &e0pa-e of it9s o&n t%en it &i not -et pus%ed 0y ot%er postin-s.comDindex.

1((3x1211 %ttp6DD&&&.1F A@ %ttp6DD&&&. *3...2( A@..1Iattac%U123!) : SecretsKofKt%eK"aterK$e KExp ained. 313..pdf.comDindex.o/erunity.pdf.p%pLactionUd attac%ItopicU31)F.comDindex..?P5 .o/erunity..a meyer ce &it% a 4a/e La&ton circuit..p%pLactionUd attac%ItopicU31)F.. Ha/e a -ood read -uys.t%e same output as 4a/e.action t%at supports Meyer. -o to6 %ttp6DD-roups..!* A@..ya%oo. '%e EE$ &or<s fo <s.?P5 .1F A@... %ttp6DD&&&. See picture 9radiant2. %ttp6DDyoutu0e. 2111x311* : /ie&ed 2* times.po&ered 0y t%e E ectron Extraction $ircuit. %ttp6DD&&&. P us a -uy on Hydroxy Hust posted %e %as one too.pdf.1Iattac%U123!( : Stan eyKMeyerK'%eoriesKandK$ircuits.pdf.o/erunity.p%pLactionUd attac%ItopicU31)F..1Iattac%U124(F : P5reen1.1Iattac%U124)1 . Juote on t%e attac%ed6 NPau estimates t%at %e is -ettin.. Bne more /indicatin.o/erunity.p%pLactionUd attac%ItopicU31)F.. and t%ey oo< /ery simi ar to t%e one in 4a/e9s pic t%ere.p%pLactionUd attac%ItopicU31)F... 3FF. !1).1Iattac%U124(4 PS : I &as Hust oo<in... 7a%ooM 5roups Lin<s6 'o /isit your -roup on t%e &e0..3 %ttp6DD&&&.comDindex.up simi ar *3.p%pLactionUd attac%ItopicU31)F. It &as t%e ori-in of 4a/e La&ton9s re ease of %is rep ication of Meyer9s system. His &e0 site is N Hydroxy post6 NI am usin.1**).different t%read t%at &as at I$2@E.comD-roupDHydroxyD N : P5reen2.. '%e P4#9s tit es are t%e same as t%e tit es t%at eac% of t%eir respecti/e t%reads %ad at icu0enet&or<. 0e ie/e t%at.p%pLactionUd attac%ItopicU31)F.o/erunity. It &as a so t%e ori-in for t%e radiant%2o ya%oo -roup and Giman13 .1Iattac%U123!* : @ediniKS5K:K'HEKAeyKtoKMeyersKcircuit. I increased my -as mi a-e in my ford escort to 4! MP5 from 2* MP5..comDindex.F! A@.. !1*..o/erunity./ideos Hust recent y a on&it% 8a/i9s. I use t%at to po&er my La&ton circuit no&. : Re/ly W1A< on: Se/tember 62# 266@# 6<:1=:=A &M 6 5uys anot%er V a&ton:8a/iW rep ication &as sent to me.ESIS materia to a t%ese Meyer rep icationsM : 4a/esK$e .o/erunity.comDGiman13 3 &%o %as a so 0een re easin.)3 A@. 4F(.3 %ttp6DD&&&..comDindex..pdf.comDindex..1Iattac%U123!! : 4a/esK"#$KSetup. He intends to impro/e su0stantia y on t%at.14(1. t%is is t%e 5E. %ttp6DD&&&..E'"B8A &%en it &as acti/e.F! A@. 311*x2111 : /ie&ed 41* times.?P59. '%e La&ton circuit fryed my a ternator.comDindex.*3 A@ I %ttp6DD&&&.111u# !1C caps to see &%at t%ey cou d oo< i<e.o/erunity..p%pLactionUd attac%ItopicU31)F. My so ution &as a ]21 do ar 0oat 0attery c%ar-er t%at p u-s into a car ci-arette i-%ter. 0ut %e %as to fix a ea< in t%e 0ase of t%e ce 0efore %e continues de/e opment.1Iattac%U123!F : Re/ly W1@A on: Se/tember 6=# 266@# 16:=6:<2 PM 6 Here is t%e %i-% res picture of 4a/e9s actua setup &it% %is i-%t 0u 0 0ein.comDindex.

it. etc.a %undred capacitors in series as t%e e ectro yte is essentia y a die a i-%tninstri<e. E ectroma-netic pu sin. &%ic% is definite y a si-nificant s%ape for co d e ectricity. 0ut rest assured t%e p ans &i 0e in t%ere NI9m afraid t%at papers of t%at nature Hust ea/e me co d .no pun intended3 as I -ain not%in. Patric< Hust sent me t%is. Bur fami iar con/entiona e ectricity appears to 0e a trans/erse osci ation &%i e t%e Nco dN component appears to 0e a on-itudina osci ation.%it 0y t%at i-%tnin. and as t%at is effecti/e y t%e N ossesN &%ere co d e ectricity is concerned.111 amps of %ot e ectricity. im not sure if %e %as up oaded t%e ne& 9co d current9 circuit to t%e ce . %eaters. as you may <no& 4a/e %as reported $o d current e ectricity from t%e ce . @o0 found t%at out t%e %ard &ay and &as /ery uc<y to sur/i/e 0ein.from t%em. ?o%n @edini remar<s t%at after forty years of searc%in-. t%rou-% ma-netic pu sin.: Re/ly W1A= on: Se/tember 62# 266@# 6<:2?:2= &M 6 5uys. '%e toroid is at t%e %eart of many different $BP`1 de/ices and its effect can 0e . '%e su0Hect of radiant. $onseGuent and t%en measure t%e po&er stored in t%e 0attery 0y disc%ar-in.. @o0 @oyce9s e ectro y=er -ets 11 x #araday9s supposed maximum. t%e rea Nco dN po&er is so muc% -reater t%at it can tri--er a -round feeder eadin. '%e po&er -ain can 0e 11.appears to 0e t%e main &ay of accessin.&indin-s on a toroid. '%is is effecti/e y pu sin. or Nco dN ener-y is not &e defined at t%is time. t%e on y &ay to actua y measure it appears to 0e to c%ar-e a ead:acid 0attery usin. motors. I don9t t%in< in mat%ematica structures. none of our instruments react to co d e ectricity and &%i e it can po&er i-%ts.t%is ener-y.of a %undred stain ess stee p ates in a ro&. t%at is t%e on y mec%anism &%ic% %e %as found.stri<e. @o0 -ets a maHor po&er -ain 0y pu sin.

de/ice9 &%ere0y t%e e ectrons from t%e &ater &ou d f o& t%rou-% it. it is c ear t%at I rea y don9t understand anyt%in.t%is system &as t%e same si=e as 4a/e9s . In t%e second ima-e..s%arp 4$ pu ses and permanent ma-nets3 and passi/e de/ices i<e aeria t%en %e cou d tri--er t%e s&itc% and send pu ses to t%e 9amp consumin. and &%en a positi/e pu se comes. is not t%e &%o e picture. so %o& do you exp ain input from an aeria as t%at appears fair y passi/eL So.0y far 0etter t%an any a/ai a0 e off t%e s%e f3..sp it. &ou dn9t 0e surprised if t%e mi ea-e -ain is o/er 121E as my unit is muc% 0i--er : 9ao# Re/ly W1B= on: Se/tember 62# 266@# 62:26:=B PM6 Meyer-s EEC circuit ayouts compared to La&ton9s recent y posted EE$ circuit t%at %e is usin. In t%e first ima-e.mec%anism &%ere0y %e can c%oose &%en %e app ies t%e positi/e pu ses to t%e 9amp consuminde/ice9. $o er de/ices and t%e ?oe $e . Meyer up-raded %is setup and inc uded a tri--erin. "%en t%e &ater in t%e "#$ is 0ein.. So Meyer cou d send some pu ses to t%e "#$ p ates and sp it up t%e &ater.comD&atc%L/UFf#p3$?>M'& fie d &it%out a toroid .de/ice9. .ma-netic fie ds. i<e t%e +dams Motor for examp e3.%is car on 4a/e9s setup and %is mi ea-e -ain &as around 1) mi esD-a on &%ic% &or<s out to (2E increase in mi ea-eMM . as '%omas Henry Moray ac%ie/ed massi/e po&er input &it%out anyt%in.. t%e e ectrons mo/e to t%e ri-%t e ectrode and mo/e t%rou-% t%e 9amp consumin. t%e 0ottom ine is. %ttp6DD&&&.simu ated 0y po&er t%at i-%t 0u 0. e ectrons are dis od-ed from t%e &ater and as successi/e positi/e pu ses %appen t%e e ectrons are effecti/e y 9suc<ed up9 0y t%e amp consumin. t%e 9amp consuminde/ice9 is ana o-ous to La&ton9s i-%t 0u 0.youtu0e. '%at of course. amon. In t%is setup. a0out it. Meyer9s simp e EE$ is s%o&n. : Re/ly W1A@ on: Se/tember 62# 266@# 6?:11:=@ &M 6 90i-fatpot%ead9 on youtu0e runnin.ot%er oads. t%at &%i e I <no& t%at co d e ectricity can 0e tapped &it% rotatin.a rotatin. t%ere are e ectrons in t%e &ater free.i<e udin...t%e /ideo is ...dipo es ..


.=ee 'arge si>e i"age: ee -"eyer-'awton..more c%ar-e t%an a sin. %as modified Meyer9s EE$ a 0it &it% t%e addition of t%ose extra %i-% capacity caps.. + 0ifi ar coi is capa0 e of %o din. c%ar-e up /ia t%e continued HC pu ses t%at are 0ein. I. In t%e second one t%e amp consumin. t%e first picture you can see t%e e ectron extraction is pro0a0 y a so imited 0y t%e c%o<es..0u 03 0ypasses t%e c%o<es to extract more e ectron from t%e circuit. t%e extra en-%t sits at t%e 0ottom and f us% at t%e top... inducti/e reactance. t%e ot%er &it% a 0ifi ar & . '%ey sound identica &%en struc< i<e a tunin.+gi!7 -:+8.t%e inner tu0e on-er pus% it c oser to t%e freG of t%e outer tu0eL If so you &ou d Hust need to ca cu ate 0y %o& muc% on-er it &ou d need to 0eL I %a/e done Hust t%at on my pipes. @ecause of t%e e ectrica acti/ity..0 http:00www+overunity+ o"0in$e9+php?a tion@$'atta hAtopi @<07-+0A atta h@.V1W Measurements of t&o coi s of t%e same si=e and &it% t%e same num0er of turns. : Re/ly W21B on: Se/tember 6?# 266@# 62:6?:21 &M 6 5uys some one &as ta <in. La&ton on t%e ot%er %and. : Robert# Re/ly W1B2 on: Se/tember 62# 266@# 62:<?:1< PM 6 I t%in< t%e second EE$ must &or< a ot 0etter t%an t%e first. 1161364F PM 6 + so &it% tunin. '%ese caps &ou d.t%e "#$ and a 0i:fi ar inductor in context6 9esla-s 4C7I! :7R E!EC9R7 M&')E9S#4 /atent W212#<=6 is a /ery specia coi desi-n 0ecause. 9 e . one &it% a sin.3 norma to coi s.m. &ou dnt ma<in.and t%erefore stoppin. 6B7 :009.for<. un i<e an ordinary coi made 0y turnin. a 0ifi ar coi does not &or< a-ainst itse f in t%e form of a counter : e.Hydro-en and oxy-en atoms from recom0inin-3 : Re/ly W21B on: Se/tember 6?# 266@# 62:6?:21 &M 6 Juote from6 saintpoida on Septem0er 1!. '%e e ectrons &ou d t%en mo/e to and from t%e caps and cause f uctuatincurrent to %it t%e 0rid-e rectifier and po&er %is oad.&ire on a tu0e form.e.of t%e second one. 0y t%in<in.t%e pipes.f.25:. 211). t%is one uses t&o &ires aid next to eac% ot%er on a form 0ut &it% t%e end of t%e first one connected to t%e 0e-innin.a0out it.a0out @i:fi ar coi s 0efore a friend sent me t%is6 $%ec< &%at 'es a says 0e o& <eepin. I ca cu ated t%e surface area of t%e inside of t%e t%e outer pipe and adHusted t%e en-%t of t%e inside pipe to %a/e t%e same surface ied to t%e "#$.e &ound coi .0 http:00www+overunity+ o"0in$e9+php?a tion@$'atta hAtopi @<07-+0A atta h@.<8+-< 6B7 :009. '%ese 0ifi ar 'es a9s coi s can 0e exp ained so e y on t%e 0asis of t%eir e ectrica acti/ity.m. In t%is patent 'es a exp ains t%at t%e dou0 e coi &i store many times t%e ener-y of a con/entiona coi . e. "%en operated at resonance.. t%e potentia across t%e coi Guic< y 0ui ds to a %i-% /a ue.257=ee 'arge si>e i"age: ee -"eyer-'awton2+gi!7 . s%o& differences in /o ta-e -ain. t%e distri0uted capacitance of t%e 0ifi ar coi is a0 e to o/ercome t%e counter : e ectromoti/e force .f. ana o-ous to a @edini type setup.

crac<ed easy capture of co d e ectricity. : %ttp6DD&&&.%tm : Re/ly W222 on: Se/tember 6?# 266@# 6<:1@:=A &M 6 Muc% of t%is re ates 4I8E$'L7 to my t%read I posted soon 0efore 8+CI9s 9cominout9.5 of /o ta-e PB' out an e3ternal fuel su//ly source# t e radiant ener"y electrical "enerator . I fee I %a/e &asted my ife.N %ttp6DD&&&. So 0ifi ar inductors are &ort% a try.%tm In re-ard direct y to t%e 'es a 0ifi ar patent and setup itse f. Mi an Manc%ic%.difference bet. I mention in t%e a0o/e t%read a Mr."%at do you t%in<LL any ideas on %o& &e s%ou d try itLL + so $ou d you c%ec< up on t%e fo o&in. &fter an initial in/ut of ener"y from an outside Cery deli*ery to an electrical load o*er an e3tended time /eriod . and app ied a H# /o ta-e to t%e inner or outer &ire of t%e panca<e coi .I. Minima &or< is done in my radiant ener-y system due to t%e a0sence of &asted disp acement currents..frD%tm Dpara0ifc.comD&atc%L/U8x2uEs0't*7 .comD&atc%L/UI#HeHH=J?e< : %ttp6DD&&&.youtu0e.een t e turns becomes "reat enou" t at t e ener"y is /ractically all /otential# at t is /oint# t e system becomes an electrostatic oscillator.p%pDtopic.s /o. +s sma %eat osses occur.comDuserD?du0(dF : Re/ly W2<6 on: Se/tember 6?# 266@# 12:12:22 PM 6 +t on y 22.ill o/erate as a *ery efficient de*ice. no meter.. It dea s &it% a t%is direct y.radiant ener-y to -et t%e ossci ation done. no scope.youtu0e. %e p aced an 9+/ramen<o9s P u-9.'I+L.o/< and see if it actua y &or<s for a "#$L %ttp6DDHnaudin.%tm P ease see t%e t%read direct y for t%e in<s to +/ramen<o and t%e i<e.# Re/ly W2=< on: Se/tember 6@# 266@# 6A:2=:<? &M 6 "#$ "HI'E PB"4E87 $B+' #8BM $ and on t%e opposite &ire of t%e panca<e coi . 'es a &as t%e AI.1. : Re/ly W22A on: Se/tember 6?# 266@# 6?:2A:1< &M 6 May0e somet%in. %ttp6DD&&&. osci ations are maintained 0y surp us c%ar-e -enerated 0y atomic cata ytic reactions.youtu0e.<ee ynet.not e/en a t%eory.4I'IB.2!4 : %ttp6DD&&&.comDener-yDmi an. no so deriniron. '%e parts %i-% i-%ted in red seem /ery /ery re e/ant in "#$ context.5 6 %ttp6DD&&&. "or<s Guite stran-e. '%is 0oy &i -o far. p ease meet Stanis a/ +/ramen<o6 "ater as a fue . He used a f at 'es a panca<e coi . ener"y e3/enditure allo.. no not%in.interestin-. ener-y is sip%oned from t%e <inetic moments of t%ese c%ar-es.. +M : ' . so I t%in< t%ese pat%s of researc% are -ood to fo o& to potentia y ead us to t%e 0est "#$ contro circuitry. 0ut may0e %e is on to somet%in-. '%is -uy is usin. E. en -ets ots of radiant po&er.comD&atc%L/UFPs4om5.comDindex. NStan ey Meyer.2F().

4idn9t measure -as 0ut &it% amps reducin.or0 better t an ta/ . '%e amps reduce o/er coup e %ours 0y coup e %undred ma9s meanin. : Re/ly W22A on: Se/tember 6B# 266@# 6A:1@:2? PM 6 B< -uys I %a/e confirmed t%rou-% my experiments t%at you need to ta<e t%e tu0es out of t%e &ater to speed up t%e oxide ayer to form.-oodM P ease fo o& t%e o/erunity forum as&e .+aron says its $a cium Bxide I some //l are tryin" to use Re*erse 7smosis and distilled .in" streams could ..# Re/ly W2=2 on: Se/tember 6@# 266@# 11:2?:=A &M6 $a cium Bxide coat is +aron9s presumptionDdeduction and %e says it cou d 0e anyt%in.. ? : &aron# Re/ly W2=? on: Se/tember 6A# 266@# 62:26:1? &M 6 S2$$ESS#2L $B.ater 7)!Y or collect .. My tu0es are comp ete y co/ered &it% a t%in ayer a ready &it% 2 &ater c%an-es and 12/Y 1+ pu sed. I put my tu0es in front of a fan in 0et&een &ater c%an-es.same production for ess.ater from free flo.I. 8a/i9s &as pu sedM So Hust 0e carefu &%ic% process you fo o&M It9s not Hust a ayer t%at you need to create 0ut t%e 8I5H' <inda ayerM '%is cou d 0e pro/en if it &or<s or not 0y +aron %imse f if %e c%ec<s for t%e difference in -as output. t ere seems to a*e been a success .. It -ets a -o d co or t%at appears to 0e rust.ater for conditionin"# but you don-t a*e calcium mineral in t em# so 8ust use 9&P ..M It %asn9t 0een ana ysed M '%ere are a ot of minera sa ts present in natura &ater..t%at t%ere is more restriction and -as NappearsN to 0e identica . 2sed to add to 8B &ater for fis%tan<s. +ctua y. t%ere are different <ind of minera D deposits ayers formed on t%e inner tu0e surfaceM 4on9t <no& if +aron used pu sed 11C 2+mp 4$ or strai-%t.5 .M 5%. : Ra*HH# Re/ly W2?1 on: Se/tember 16# 266@# 6=:12:1= &M 6 PostPosted6 Sat Sep 1*. I am %a/in. I &i post msa0out it. 7ou can Hust 0uy it at t%e t%e pet s%op. 0efore and after t%e conditionin. 8o0ert : ' .. I c%an-e it approximate y e/ery 21 mins. It cou d 0e any oxide or %ydride or an exotic com0ination composition M + so to note t%at +aron %as conditioned at 11C 2 +mps for 2 %ours strai-%t non stop for an %our and not i<e t%e conditionin.E"SMMMMMM "#$ $onditionin.process &%ic% 8a/i mentionedM '%ere is a possi0i ity t%at &it% t%e increase in +mp process mentioned 0y 8a/i. I9 post some pics ater once i %a/e it t%ic< enou-%. 211) 1614 am 6 I9m sorry a0out not 0ein.pro0 ems &it% t%e positi/e tu0e rustin. E..4I'IB...a0 e to post out %ereMM 7ou -uys are doin.does reduce +mp dra& &it% t%e same -as -enerationMM So -uys Hust 0ui d dis n you9 <no& it &or<sMM 2 %a/e a rep icated proof no&M Messa-e6 '%ere is increase in production for same input.aterRRR Seems o-ica to add ET'8+ ca cium to t%e &ater to speed up t%e ayer formin-.&it% dia on /ariac same..t%ou-%.

.comDindex. "%en i used %i-%er amps and tap &ater and &ater -ot %ot.o/erunity.. ..procedure and youre onMM.31)F.. So i t%in< it is $a cium from tap &ater &%en you o/er%eat your tu0es and effect is simi ar to t%e effect of usua &ater %eater. +ny&ays.comDindex.t%e oxide ayer formin. %ad a so a may0e si y t%ou-%t of Hust ma<in..p%pDtopic...dont et t%is tec%no o-y die a-ainM 8+CI 8+?2 : ' .it t e conditionin" reducin" t e &m/ dra. it is Ma-nesium oxide t%at forms as a protecti/e ayer on stain ess stee .1Iattac%U12(!) : Re/ly W2@1 on: Se/tember 12# 266@# 6<:<2:2@ PM 6 the i"age was $onate$ to Pana ea-B&*..comDener-yDF)2:stan:meyer:0ifi ar: c%o<es. '%en a-ain I am not sure. t%en t%e &%ite ca c formed &as pretty nasty.%tm P ..prototype...F( t e same "as /roductionRRR %ttp6DD&&&.on t%e "#$MM '%is is 0ein..different procedures.t%e pdf of @I#IL+8 c%o<es info on +arons ideas of %o& it cou d 0e &or<in. re-ister t%ere to find more info on dis topic6 StanKMeyerK@ifi arK$%o<es: Ener-iticforumKt%read....usin..... %ttp6DD&&&.some test tu0es and try to coat &it% different materia s and see if t%e effect mi-%t 0e simi ar to conditionin-.I' ?2S' "B8ASMM &e can ascertain &%ys or %o&s after you %a/e a &or<in.. It formed une/en y and at certain p aces e/en fi ed t%e &%o e -ap 0et&een tu0es. P ease c%ec< t%e ne& updated Sept 4t% 414 for t%e conditionin.pdf.&it%in an %our.%tm '%e same Guestions are sti 0ein.p%pLactionUd attac%ItopicU31)F.on t%is forum.ener-eticforum.# Re/ly W2?1 on: Se/tember 16# 266@# 6=:12:1= &M 6 I9m postin. mi-%t 0e different coatin.o/erunity. +s most sources say. I9/e ta<en enou-% ris< a-ain &or<s peop e.t%e science can fo o& ater. 11F3.process I posted on t%is forum. E..posted &it% permission from +aron in< to t%e forum6 %ttp6DD&&&..&it% disti ed &ater and seein.)+ : Re/ly W2A< on: Se/tember 1=# 266@# 6B:<@:=@ &M 6 I t%in< it is not $a cium Bxide in my case as I a so %a/e tried conditionin.....dont t%in< too muc% a0out %o& or &%y it &or<s. .ans&ered as to &%y t%is can %appenMM ?ust 0ui d it fo o& t%e conditionin.

f a<inoff. '%is s%ou d &or< fine in t%is circuit.. as for t%e !!! timer circuitry..e/ens out ...t%e /o ta-e and current &%i e conditionin.t%e tu0es around e/ery t%irty minutes to dry t%em -ent y o/er a sto/e.t%ese ayers form one o/er t%e ot%er after e/ery cyc e of conditionin-..of t%is circuit. '%ere is not%in. t%ats Hust con/enience./ia panacea:0ocaf : &%ic% is one direction to send info to.+t east as far as t%e drain source diode -oes. '%e oxide ayer is no& Guite t%ic< on t%e inner tu0es and a -reyis% &%ite. '%e diode cou d some&%at effect t%e tunin.%a/ent put it into practice yet... anonymous y or &it% your name36 +s< peop e on t%e forum to follo. I t%in< your diode in t%e d:14 circuit needs to 0e faster t%an t%e mosfet 0 oc< t%at t%e more I condition t%e tu0es t%e more freGuent t%e ar-er %ydro-en 0u00 es are 0ecomin-.part of t%e ma-ic.. 0ut &%ats interestin. : Re/ly W2B1 on: Se/tember 1=# 266@# 6B:21:6< PM 6 "e said 8unnin-@are.. : Re/ly W2B2 on: Se/tember 1=# 266@# 11:6<:2= PM 6 I t%in< t%e pro0 em is &it% some fo < seein..t%e mosfet as 0ein.specia a0out it compared to any ot%er 211/ .! /o ts at 311ma.. Most u tra %i-% speed diodes %a/e a !1ns on time or ess &itc% s%ou d &or< &e in t%e d:14 circuit. c%anne mosfet... : Re/ly W2BB on: Se/tember 12# 266@# 6<:12:2@ &M 6 messa-e from ra/i raHu . a de ay of 1*1 ns &ou d 0e insi-nificant. you can pro/ide a sGuare &a/e at particu ar freGuencies from a num0er of different sources.L<26... remo/in.time o& +mp conditionin. t e Conditionin" /rocedure t at I "a*e as you -et /ery une/en coat formation on t%e surface if you use Hi-% +mps for onperiods.and adHustin.t%e tu0es.and &%en you -o a0o/e 3 +mps t%eres a possi0i ity of t%e coatin.0et&een ayers &ou d not 0e t%at stron-. + so.t%e 0ondin. : Re/ly W2B? on: Se/tember 12# 266@# 12:<6:<< &M 6 I do t%in< t%e mosfet mi-%t matter. t%e 32n21 %as %a f of t%e interna resistance . '%e 0u=:3!1 %as a re/erse reco/ery time of 1*1 ns and t%e 32n21c %as a re/erse reco/ery time of 2(! ns &itc% is s o&er.Loo<s i<e a -ood c%oice and it is c%eap. &%en in fact t%e on y true critica components are t%e coi s and tu0es.around 12. a &ays maintainin.1( o%m so it s%ou d run e/en coo er t%an t%e 0u=:3!1.. : Re/ly W2A2 on: Se/tember 1=# 266@# 62:<=:12 PM6 #or t%e ast coup e of days I9/e 0een monitorin. t%e rest is -eneric e ectronics.diode so t%e 0ac< emf pu se &i stay in t%e oop and not -o to -round. 0ut it &ou d 0e possi0 e to use a 4ar in-ton 0ipo ar transistor in it9s p ace so on. Pro0a0 y 0ecause t%e name stic<s in your %ead and is easy to remem0er. mosfets %a/e extreme y o& -ate current. : Re/ly W2B@ on: Se/tember 12# 266@# 61:11:62 &M 6 '%e 0ac< EM# from a coi of 111 turns on a ferrite core &ou d 0e in microseconds to mi iseconds..t%e sma time %i-% +mp conditionin-i/es you an une/en coat and t%e it %as a fast s&itc%intime.. I t%in< a lot of /eo/le o*er stress on t e need for t e (.

o/ is un i<e y t%at t%ese are immediate y trans ata0 e to anot%er de/ice. He &as discussin. '%is is &%at is done to -ases to .comprises ofM +s t%ere are some Hi-% Co ta-e disc%ar-es .in series &it% t%e ce 3 is t%e o d met%od. and t%ey MBS' $E8'+I. it doesn9t rea y matter %o& you do it. : Re/ly W<=A on: Se/tember 1A# 266@# 6=:1=:=2 &M 6 I &as Hust oo<in.. unti t%e exact operationa parameters are &e understood.'I+L. t%is exp ains t%e a0e in-.E :7R !7)' a resonance system in operation... : Re/ly W<6@ on: Se/tember 12# 266@# 6=:2?:22 PM6 since t%e &%o e t%in. 'unin.more or ess.5 4ECI$E refers to any oads .t%e -i/en unit to operate.. '%is is i<e y to 0e true. More testsDsnaps D/ideos comin-. f&d&aterfue ce snaps. i<e po&er.. it is u i<e y t%at any specific confi-uration num0ers. '%e on-er you use Lo& +mp conditionin.S2MI. in terms of -ettin. and or p ateDtu0e separation distance..Pro0a0 i<e y to remain an indi/idua tas<. t%e +MP $B. tu0e si=e.S2MI..L7 can 0e separated..4 A@ %ttp6DD&&&. 123*.p%pLactionUd attac%ItopicU31)F.amps and /o ta-e are separate t%in-s...t%e pu se off time. "e dont yet <no& exact y as to &%at t%e coatin.. pu se s%ape.reason.comDindex..t%e 0etter t%e end outputsM $7)79 C7)$I9I7) 7) & SI)'!E HI'H &MP C&!. +t t%at point. p ate t%ic<ness.=ip. : Re/ly W<2? on: Se/tember 1@# 266@# 6?:1A:<6 &M 6 5uys.0efore t%ey ea/e t%e &ater is i<e y t%at 0road e/e s of 9repeata0i ity9 can 0e ac%ie/ed. it &ou d stand to reason to a0e one of %is e ements in %is circuit an +MP $B.t%is.L7 CBL'+5E PB'E. %e said..B. p ate si=e.%o& a aser cou d 0e used to <eep t%e oxy-en and %ydro-en atoms in an excited state so t%ey cou d not recom0ine to form &ater.prefera0 y resisti/e oads3 &%ic% use po&er in a norma fas%ion... Since %e is seein.. '%e one you s%o&ed . &ou d -i/e off extreme t%e temperatures for a fraction of a second at t%e point of disc%ar-e -o into t%ousands of de-rees $. freGuency.t%e e ectron from t%e &ater durin.o& in t%e dar<3 t%ey cou d 0e some /ery exotic a oy compositions formed. It a 0oi s do&n to extractin. '%is. Bf course. : Re/ly W<<A on: Se/tember 1@# 266@# 6=:6@:2@ PM6 Stan ey reasoned t%at since %is &%o e met%od is 0ased on usin. E/en one t%at appears to 0e identica ..t%e space in 0et&een t%e tu0es and you9 %a/e to dismant e t%e pipes and start a o/er a-ain. 7ou cou d end up 0 oc< Stan Meyer9s exp anation of one of %is ce s on 7ou'u0e and it -ot me to t%in<in-.5 4ECI$E. a most finis%ed construction.1Iattac%U12*43 : Re/ly W<<< on: Se/tember 1@# 266@# 11:<<:21 &M6 If you oo< in stan meyer tec% 0rief document you9 %e used t&o differnt mat%ods of e ectron extraction. It stops t%e %ydro-en and oxy-en atoms from recom0inin.. %ere comes a step 0y step for 0e-inners of da/es and 8a/i9s.

when you print it out you wi'' nee$ to "irror i"age it ie hori>onta' !'ip it .t%e -as and it is stayin. pu sin. i. Examp es of t%is are t%e aser induced p asma c%anne and micro&a/e p asma experiments on 7ou'u0e.F &attsMM ```` 11C 1. asers. Instead as t%e HHB attempts to form H2B it is una0 e to do t%is 0ecause t%e radio &a/es are excitin.t%em to a specific freGuency. radio &a/es so t%e e ectrons cannot natura y stay &it%in t%e atoms. it starts to attempt to com0ine 0ac< into &ater.comDtes aD11!(*1)).to t%e root of t%in-s. impu se tec%.B=one 0y usin.Npu sed 4$N %ttp6DD<ee a cata yst. Bnce t%e &ater is turned into HHB and it is it. '%ey are su0Hected to %i-% ener-y fie ds.F +mps ````and sti reducin-M He seems 2 %a/e done itM %ttp6DD&&&. : Re/ly W<22 on: Se/tember 1A# 266@# 6A:<?:1= &M6 $%ec< d fo o&in /id of %ydrocars Y 21. I t%in< anot%er examp e of &%at Stan Meyers is ta <in. So t%e radio &a/es cause t%e &ater to sp it &it% t%e sa t ser/ a p asma state -i/in.youtu0e.on a Aan=ius recreationL : Re/ly W<26 on: Se/tember 1A# 266@# 62:22:<? &M 6 'es a Impu se 'ec%no o-y 0ased patent for 3111 de-rees %eat as Stan Meyer9s said. '%is &ou d usua y ead to a sma exp osion and t%e recreation of &ater 0ut t%at does not %appen in t%e Aan=ius experiments. Is anyone &or<in. and &%at 'es a disco/ered %e &as a0 e to accomp is%.a0out is t%e Aan=ius affect.e.form p asma.comD&atc%L/U5T='tm:J&tI "ay 2 -o mateM one &inner ``` fe& more 2 comeM : Re/ly W<@1 on: Se/tember 1B# 266@# 11:12:<= PM 6 5%e er ? t%at done for me 0y 5ary and &as posted 0y me on oupo&er 6:3 &e %a/e 0ui t t%at 0ut %ad some pro0 ems &it% it so &e modified it to t%is one &%ic% is exact y t%e same as t%e d14 circuit. -erry /assi atos %as &ritten Guite a 0it a0out t%ese fast interruptions of 4$. micro&a/es.pdf no& &e are fina y -ettin.

8. : ' . on y t%e initia current &i 0e %i-% at turn on unti t%ey reac% potentia . 0t&.more tu0es &i not su0statia y increase current f o&.pdfN pa-e 231 para-rap% 4.# Re/ly W<@A on: Se/tember 26# 266@# 6=:<<:<? &M 6 ?2S' 8E$EICE4 'HIS #8BM + CE87 CE87 8ELI+@LE SB28$E MM 5%. if you are -oin. R.BC3()*3Bi!i'ar302+4pg7 <.current f o&. t%erfor it does not &ast t%e 0ac< emf as t%e . 8.8009.200 A http:00www+overunity+ o"0in$e9+php?a tion@$'atta hAtopi @<07-+0A atta h@.t%e a&ton circuit a one t%is &i not do use t%is &%it% out a use of a transformer you s%ou d use t%is circuit. t%is can a so 0e found in t%e NStanKMeyerK#u K4ata.: Runnin"bare# Re/ly W<@A on: Se/tember 26# 266@# 6=:<<:<? &M 6 Cery interestin-. so addin.# Re/ly W<B@ on: Se/tember 26# 266@# 6?:22:11 PM6 i9m sorry 0ut if you are usin. t%e 0ac< emf is &asted. t%e tu0es are in fact capacitors to t%e t%e current f o& and since its strai-%t 4$ or pu sed 4$ t%ey &i c%ar-e impedin.5+-: 6B7 . H.0ut imit current. of course I %ad not considered t%e o0/ious.2-<2 : ' .

and t%e direction of t%e c%o<es must 0e %oo<ed t%e ri-%t &ay.. : Re/ly W=6? on: Se/tember 21# 266@# 62:=A:=B &M 6 #ound t%is patent t%at &as cited in Meyer patent..pdf. ((F.E8+'B8.9<-. 0ut t%e second added diode is not doin. it is /ery important t%at t%e 3rd cyc e of t%e transformer %its t%e c%o<es at a disc%ar-e e/e .first picture.comDindex.2+85 6B7 <. usin.p%pLactionUd attac%ItopicU31)F. I am not a specia ist. Someone in 1F)4 &%o produced %ydro-en &it% pu sed po&er. 4ate 6 1F** 'it e6 ELE$'8I$+L P+8'I$LE 5E. up$ate+4pg7 . 0ut I .3 A@ %ttp6DD&&&.a ma-netic fie d.cores t%e disc%ar-e emf effect fa s faster. http:00www+overunity+ o"0in$e9+php?a tion@$'atta hAtopi @<07-+0A atta h@. '%ere are ot%er <ind of c%o<e.1Iattac%U12F4( : Re/ly W=1? on: Se/tember 22# 266@# 62:2B:=< &M 6 #ound t%is $anadian patent of Stan ey Meyer. t%en you oose a-ain. t%e core inside t%e c%o<e ta<es on a disc%ar-e effect. it is 0etter to use sin. May 0e it &i %e p us to impro/e t%e pu se system and CI$ 3F!4!F2K:Kstep%enK%or/at%:1F)4. if t%e transformer %its t%e c%o<es on t%e 3rd cyc e and t%ey %a/e a ready 0een dis%c%ar-ed caused 0y usin.t%e same core. 33 of a /ery specia c%o<e of N3 para e non:ma-netic tu0eN.e cores so eac% c%o<es can fa at it9s on e ectro ma-netic fie d rate. if %oo<ed improper y you oose. "e sa& a dra&in. &%en s%arin.t%e same core means s%arin.anyt%in-.o/erunity. if you &as to use t%e first picture you pasted it &ou d &or< fine &it% a

1Iattac%U12F(F : Ra*HH# Re/ly W=21 on: Se/tember 22# 266@# 6<:21:=? PM 6 M2L'IPLE @I#IL+8 SE'2P for "#$MM Im sendin. 4iode used 1211 C 41 +mps.pdf.p%pLactionUd attac%ItopicU31)F. stan eyKmeyerKcanadianKpatentK11213()1. '%e /o ta-es mi-%t %a/e -one /ery %i-% &it% t%e 0ifi ars connected and t%eres a .. So id core en-t% *N &ound &it% -as production..conditioned as I sa& a ot of 0ro&n stuff -eneration &%en I connected t%e 0ifi ar inductors.. no.)3 %as s%orted.some pro0 ems.)11 mm conductor end to end. : Re/ly W=<1 on: Se/tember 2<# 266@# 16:22:<< PM 6 It ne/er %urts to rem0er t%at %ydro-en is an a <a i meta .and t%at H21 cou d sort of 0e considered to 0e it9s 9oxidi=ed state9 : Ra*HH# Re/ly W==1 on: Se/tember 22# 266@# 62:2@:6< &M6 I t%in< my tu0es are sti 0ein.o/erunity.a pic of t%e mu tip e 0ifi ars I tried on t%e "#$ Hust a &%i e a-o.on B/erunity t%read as of no& as t%e 0ifi ars are creatin. *1!.I presume %appens for e/ery specific /o ta-e.comDindex...1* A@ %ttp6DD&&&. '%is &or<s on efficiencyMM .I 0 e& up 0ot% t%e 1211C 41+ diodes.indi/idua and re-u ar &ound3 as mentioned 0y Spe&in.. oo<s i<e one of t%e tu0es . '%e conditionin. '%e -eneration increased 0y approximate y anot%er 11cc of -as for a 21 second period. 'ry to use a ferrite core torroida to step up /o ta-e connect to t%e inductors . '%ese &ere connected to eac% pipe indi/idua y..eed to try out ot%er com0os to see if it can increase some more.t%in< you s%uo d read it..

and stron-er emf is emitted.1Iattac%U131F1 : 8a/iK@ifi arK5enK12.Hp-..o/erunity.F4 A@.Hp-.ton.ued &it% po y=ap to secure.p%pLactionUd attac%ItopicU31)F. I need to desi-n a mu tip exer s&itc%er next for it and also condition eac tube before use .comDindex.ton REP!IC&: . inner tu0es 22mm diameter. &%en t%e transformer starts to pu se t%e &fc t%re& t%e c%o<es t%e ce -ets ener-i=ed at t%at time.possi0i ity t%at t%is is creatin.a car 0attery. 1121x1(11 : %ttp6DD&&&.comDindex. 1mm -ap spaced &it% p astic ti&raps. 0y t%e time t%e 3rd pu se arri/es t%e c%o<es &or< &it% t%e transformer in a series fas%ion.p%pLactionUd attac%ItopicU31)F. it is Hust a resonatin.p%pLactionUd attac%ItopicU31)F. outer tu0es 2!mm diameter. 132Fx1211 : %ttp6DD&&&. once t%e ce reac%es its pea< t%e transfromer is no& puttin. durin.o/erunity.out o/er its maximum t%ousand /o t ratin. Extracts from do&n oada0 e pdf fi e6 %ttp6DD&&&. 111*. .NcircuitN t%at &or<s PPP $a*e !a. not t%e &ater fue ce . t%is mu tip ies t%e /o ta-e across t%e ce . t%e ce is ta<in.t%e off pu se of t%e primary side of t%e transformer t%e c%o<es is emittin. &or<s &e it you are Guic< M '%e case &as made up from t&o 4inc% diameter &aste pipe coup ers &it% t&o scre& on end cap I 0ou-%t from a 0ui der merc%ant for a0out L).of %o& t%ey can sta0 y &or<. "e ded ss c%eese cutter &ire to 0ottom of eac% tu0e usin.0ecause of t%e series positionin. : 8a/iK@ifi arK5enK11. t%e coi s reduce current on 0ot% sides to t%e ce . 11(F. eac% time t%e ce increases in /o ta-e t%e output from t%e transformer to t%e c%o<es is increased.1Iattac%U131F3 : Re/ly W=AB on: Se/tember 2A# 266@# 61:22:66 &M 6 t%e transformer not under any <ind of oad s%ou d put out &e o/er a t%ousand /o ts. meanin.t%e circuit. eac% time t%e ce is step c%ar-ed t%e /o ta-e across t%e ce increases.0ac< emf to t%e transformer &itc% is in para e &it% 0ot% of t%e c%o<es Nat t%at -i/en timeN. 1mm &a .pa-e created at .comDindex.of t%e c%o<es.o/em0er 211) 2pdate3 PP Mars 266=# :irst Meyer-s Public Re/lica# by $a*e !a. + so &rapped a copper &ire coi &%ic% is %idden 0y t%e o&er p astic coup er to sync t%e protons and see &%at effect t%at %as.pro0 ems for t%e sma er -ap to s%ort out. It &as t%en mounted on spacers and scre&ed &it% ss scre&s to t%e scre& on 0ase.o/erunity. &%en t%e ce 0ecomes comp ete y c%ar-ed %ard y any amps is consumed from t%e primary side of t%e transformer. t%e second side of t%e circuit is no& resonatin-. '%ey &ere mounted on a acry ic disc &%ic% %ad %o es cut to matc% so t%e outer tu0e &as a ti-%t fit a so set in epoxy. a 0it i<e a proton precession ma-netometer. eac% time t%e ce ta<es on a step c%ar-e t%e amount of amps in pu ses app ied to t%e primary side of t%e coi drops. '%e c ear 12 inc% Po ycar0onate tu0e cut to si=e &as L2(.F) A@. t%is is not o/erunity...1Iattac%U123!! I used 314 ss tu0es 13cm en-t%. . 4ont use t%e 0ifi ar inductors ti &e %a/e a proper understandin.on a c%ar-e.

t%is rep ication 0ac<s t%at c aim up. 8an a strai-t% 4$ test to compare6 for 4*1secs Y 311m+ and 4. Co t across $e true 8MS U 1.4C $e Potentia U 3. To-en c aim 3 times more 5as..&it% t%e 'es a ce and %a/e used many confi-urations to dri/e it inc udin..Meyer CI$. t e 3o"en claims are true. 'o -et resu ts t%e tu0es %a/e to 0e conditioned o/er time.2Co ts and produced 2!cc of 5as I 0y #araday predicts 1(.a 4ar in-ton pair &it% t%e 2n31!! 'ransistor 0ut in common co ector mode to -i/e a o& impedance output..1*)!+mps.)312! "att I "a/eform accross ce U sGuare &a/e.4! Bxy-en U 2!..appears to increase -as production. Here are my test resu ts t%at s o.1*)!+ Y 21 minutes U Hydro-enU2). . . t%at &or<s 0ut I don9t i<e t%e desi-n and %a/e impro/ed t%e output 0y usin.!C Q 2. 5as U 13)cc.. Pu sin. Hydro-en U F1. 'u0es spaced &it% pieces of p astic ty&rap to -i/e 1mm -ap..)3"att.)cc. for t%ose &%o %a/e tried to rep icate t%e xo-en. Hi.icecu0enet&or< fina ise a circuit. t%e timer is 0uffered &it% a coup e of o& po&er transistors.. freGuency 11. I -et any resu ts positi/e or ne-ati/e I &i post t%em.a medium po&er transistor @2T*)P formin. Po&er U rep icate Stan ey Meyer9s System.comDfi esD&atercarDnon:commercia Dda/eD . 'ime U 21mn. . I %a/e pics and a /ideo of my 'est $e on icu0e forum if you are interested6 %ttp6DD&&&. t%at is on y one of t%e <ey processes -oinon. duty cyc e Mar< )*E.)cc and Bxy-enU13.*cc $ompared &it% #araday ca cs &e %a/e 3 times more 5+S. a fi m is formed on t%e surface.1*)!+ x 3. it is an a c%emica process. space 22E. I am 0e-inin.FCU 1.3cc. +s re-ars to To-en patent. I sti experimentin. . .. +t t%e moment I am tryin. Bxy-en U 4!..3!cc -as. $urrent true 8MS U 1. 2n31!! po&er transistor in common co ector mode.. "atts U 'rue 8MS current 1.FC.33 A%=.F Hydro-enQ *.com patent t%is may 0e of interest.. @y #araday ca cs for current 1. '%is is dri/en from a !!! timer at freGuency of 11AH= &it% a Mar<DSpace )*E.

. Bct 24. 4ue to t%e muc% sma er diameter of t%e cat%ode compared to t%e anode t%e fie d ines con/er-e to&ards t%e cat%ode -i/in. .0ecause t is is . despite t%e o& /o ta-e. 0ut it does not . at t e cold fusion "uys do .enou-%.anodic fi m de/e opes on t%e a uminium e ectrode. olly .. '%e e ectro yte is Potassium $ar0onate. + 12C 4$ supp y is connected to t%e ce &it% t%e positi/e ead -oin.t%is is t%e 2nd %i-%est /ie&ed t%read in t%e forum. in a post from LaserLine.comDforumD/ie&topic. '%en t%e po arity is re/ersed so t%at t%e a uminium e ectrode 0ecomes t%e cat%ode durin.a fi m to de/e ope on t%e e ectrodes is condition t%e ce 0y a o&in. In a pre/ious post I su--ested t%at you cou d ma<e t%e cat%ode a &ire inside a tu0e for t%e anode.o& in t%e e ectro yte and if you oo< carefu y you can see tiny spar<s comin.icu0enet&or<.a %i-% enou-% potentia -radient near t%e surface of t%e cat%ode to faci itate t%e production of c%ar-e c usters. '%is is /isi0 e as a pin< . 21146 4a/es comment a0out %a/in.Return to the top PP 266=# Eudicious comments about t e $a*e-s circuit and Meyer-s RES7)&)9 one. #rom %ttp6DD&&&.'%e next artic e 0e o& t%is one &as a so extracted from t%is fi e a fe& mont%s a-o3 t eir cells.23 Bcto0er 2114. + /ery t%e a uminium e ectrode.t%e experiment. p21 of t%is pdf fi e6 4a/e -a/e t%is to me today and I9m assumin. Since t%e e ectric fie d stren-t% is t%e -radient of t%e potentia across t%e anodised fi m t%e e ectric fie d is stron. + post from #reedomfue . to en%ance t%e production of c%ar-e c usters at t%e t%e cat%ode as t%e c%ar-e c usters ea/e an ioni=ed trai t%rou-% t%e so ution. '%ey sometimes use dua concentric e ectrodes i<e 4a/e9s one of &%ic% is made of po is%ed a uminium.p%pLtUF*SstartU1 7ou may -enerate H2 &it% t%e circuit referenecd a0o/e.a ot of you mi-%t 0e interested in t%is considerin. insu atin.

0ecause of muc% more parameters in/o / out t e c o0es. sendin.ex.M45 no/1)6 i<e in @edini circuits.%tm '%is info s%ou d easi y -et one c ose to t%e resonance condition for a -i/en "#$I usin. and important y.3. and may 0e t%e need of mu tip e &a/es sent simu tanous y. and .LPE t%at comes and ma0es t e electrolysis 8ob in t%e ce . to protect a-ainst t%e 8adiant Ener-y Spi<es. %is electrolysin" circuit . t%e 0ottom of t%e ce .an adHusta0 e c%o<e for one of t%e c%o<es is of %i-% uti ity. and a &ays adHusta0 e3 to ac%ie/e a specia resonance condition &%en coup ed &it% t%e concentric tu0e capacitors .fact t%at s%ou d moti/ate to -o furt%er in isolated from t e /rimary side ."#$9s3.-su.pdf . I used to test t%is <ind of $a*e>Hydrostar>C emelec circuit...M45 no/1)6 &it%out c%o<e..p%y:astr. acidity. i<e in %is patents &%ere ?o%n uses coi s and 0atteries as di/oles. /ia a torroida core transformer.teac in"s. .eduDH@+SEDe ectricDcapcy . &it%out %eatI and t%at seems t%e easiest &ay to produce iters of Hydroxy per minute &it% an input of ess t%an a "att .%tm . t%at i<e to fry e ectronic components3.. 8esonance is t%e <ey to t%e &%o e matter. &%ic% &as in t%e ran-e of about 16 .t%e freGuencies of t%is <ind of circuit. 12 +HH. 0ut no extraordinary -as productionI I t%in< it is 0ecause of t%e poor precision in adHustin. &%ic% are a0sent in t%e a0o/e circuit... Meyer9s patent in< %ttp6DD&aterfue ce . i<e in Mateiro e ectro ysis.' '82E .comDca cu atorsDtan<KresonanceKca cu ator. suc% as t%ose s%o&n at6 %ttp6DDc%emandy. Ano&in. M$' feb6@: Personnal Remar06 It seems t%at Stan ey Meyer &as usin. no 0ac< EM# U no 8adiant Ener-y3.of t%e &ater mo ecu e.?o%n @edini9s concept of s%ort pu sed 4$ current in coi s. and you can -et an idea of t%e /ulse fre5uency e used from t%e "B patent app ication.. Ca/acitance of a "i*en W:C may be calculated usin" standard e5uations6 %ttp6DD%yperp%ysics. t&o c%o<es are emp oyed . & bit of Mat s6 4a/e reported t%e production of 6 5+S U 13)cc I $288E. or ?o%n Aee y9s experiments for examp e t%rou-% sound &a/es.. composition of t%e &ater. app ied direct y to t%is &ater. @ut t%is po&der is a ready an interrestin. from standard ca cu ations. and on y produced t%is mysterious &%ite po&der dropin. temperature. tu0e en-t%. /o ume tota . and &i not ena0 e one to ac%ie/e t%e necessary resonance for Meyers:#racturin. Bff course t%e pure resonance of a /o ume of &ater cou d a so 0e found. He used %i-% /o ta-e +$.. and t%e inductors you use. 0ut it oo<s muc% more difficu t.pu sed current to t%e e ectro ysis p atesDpipes...t%e capacitance and approximate freGuency %e used ena0 es calculation of t e a//ro3imate re5uired total inductance of t e c o0es. '%e resonance freGuency depends on t%e -ap 0et&een t%e p ates.conform to Meyers.or-Duserup oadD2D&oF21)*(1a1. t%at create (ac0 EM:# -/um/ed. no resonance is possi0 e .

AB more t an our already efficient strai" t $C a//aratus# so it-s almost 2 times more efficient . descri0ed a0o/e.!Co tsQ2. admin of o/erunity dot com 3 P $a*e said also Don t e same t read as abo*eF: : Hi Simon .8MS U 1.AB !iter of "as /er minute P .ot%er caps as I experiment a so I use a inductor in t%e : dri/e connection on t%e tu0e.)3 '%at -i/es6 13) cc of -as D 21 minutes U (. U` $omment from artiberlin.1! +mp x 14 Co ts3. you are o/erunity M P ease come to o/erunity dot com to discuss your tec%no o-y.!2 cc of -as D min &it% 1..4 Co ts $e Potentia U3. I p ay &it% it $a*e-s cell s ould /roduce 1..= Watt ours of ener"y in/ut for 1 !iter HH7 "as L If yes.F Co ts I PB"E8 "+''S U1. Many t%an<s. '%e timin.M45 no/1)6 '%at9s ca ed t%e 0ac< EM#. '%e inductor used .comDuserD%arti0er in. strai-%t 4$ e ectro yser. -i/in.)3 " of po&er. 1 "att of po&er &ou d -i/e (. . La&ton Meyer 8ep ication 'est 2 :'ap "ater9 6 Hi -reat ce M 4o you a ready -et 0e o& 2. on youtu0e9s /ideo titt ed 94. End of 8emar<. %ttp6DDyoutu0e.e it on and off.a*e out/ut . '%e circuit is a 222 as a astable but .1 L of -as per minute for 211" of po&er . about 166 turns 2? s. at is 1. We can a//reciate t e difference of /roduction# because for 216 W of /o. '%e !!! s can 0e run from 12/ 0ut t%e mosfet .it *ariable mar0 s/ace ratio.)3 U F cc of -asDmin If &e compare t%is production &it% our standard 2x( ce s in serie.ra//ed on a 1>2 ferrite core ." co//er . 8e-ards.capacitor on pin 2 need not 0e as steerin" diodes so as to create a s5uare.!2 D 1.1*)! +mps I 'IMEU 21 Min I CBL'S +$8BSS $ELL '82E it-s desi"n and ad8usted /ulsed $C . and it %as a %i--er /o ta-e t%an t%e ori-ina /o ta-e app ied3. en t e fre5uency is ri" t you a*e a reacti*e /ulse as t e field colla/ses# t is is seen as a s/i0e . +n add on can 0e anot%er !!! standed asta0 e circuit &it% its output connected to pin 4 of t%e !!! so to to-.

at t%e moment.1<"% per cu0ic meter of t%is -as. : . 4a/e. %ope t%is %e sti exp orin. '%e Hydrostar ferrite in my opinion is nonsense 0ecause t%e f ux &i a 0e contained in t%e core. @est 8e-ards 4a/e : Hi Simon. "%en one cu0ic mete of %ydro-en is 0urnt. on s&itc% on t%e ce &i dra& a coup e of amps.(F itres of oxy-en from one itre of &ater. $on/entiona 'ap &ater is Juite Lo& in 8esistance. "%en conditionin.2 /o ts across t%em t%at is for t&o in para e . I t%in< it &as usin.44 iters of %ydro-en and ***. my tu0es %a/e a potentiona of a0out 2.23 itres of %ydro-en . : . 0ut if you do and remo/e t%e dri/e t%e fet 0u=3!1 &i stay s&itc%ed on. @est 8e-ards 4a/e I %ttp6DD&&&.u<D"or<s%opDad/iceDcoi sD : '%is may 0e of interest to ? true. It means t%at it is possi0 e to produce 111. @est 8e-ards.e of t%e precession of t%e %ydro-en protons can 0e 0rou-%t into p%ase on app ication of a ma-netic pu con* do &it% t%e Hydrostar 8ust a c o0e in series t e same as Stan MeyerYs met od..ater . 4a/e.4)U(14.t%e mar< pu se . remem0er you need to /ent t%e -as outside. 4a/e. am/s of current is needed to condition t e cell.. '%ats t%e &ay I am -oin.ot%er posi0i ities. I %a/e done t%is o/er a fe& days unti you 0ui d up a po ari=ation on tu0es so t%at it oo<s i<e a 0attery .a pu se &idt% modu ator c%ip A+3!2!+ #airc%i d dri/in.Aanare/bs information6 Hydro-en Water :uel Cell Results . +nd /ice/ersa you can sti o0tain t%e same amount of current as &it%out a resistor 0y increasin. '%ere seems to 0e a 0it of fo.sin" +anare*-s $ata I Modern E ectro y=ers consume 4 .as e . @ut in practice t%e space is fi ed &it% -as 0u00 es. t%e an.surrey.4) -.*FD1. 4isti ed &ater is Hi-%er in 8esistance. it &i act as a &ettina-ent. its a test I did ast year usin.. in a test circuit I can do &it%out t%at.a0out t%is I t%in< t%e idea came from proton precession ma-netometers. if you -et it ri-%t you &i see i" *olta"e s/i0es of a comp eted you can 0ac< off t%e current.Soda is 8ea y Lo& 8esistanceN. if you can -et it off t%e s%e f use it. I sa& a -ood idea some&ere of someone usin" a modified /o. I t%en run t%e reacter in s%ort 0ursts say ! to 1! mins.Bne -ram of &ater contains 1. '%e nice t%ina0out t%is c%ip is t%at it %as a s ut do. @est 8e-ards.1FU1234. #irst step is &it% ne& tu0es is to c ean &it% a deter-ent ie &as%indeter-ent.3.o not%in. : Hi 5ary "%at you are c%o<e at t%e moment.your Juestion is W at . Bne itre of %ydro-en &ei-%s 1.!! <&% of ener-y is re eased.n /in for t e rela3ation time as in Stan Meyers circuit. &%at I found is t%at a fe. you -et a %i-% speed f o& of -as. Bn y usin.#ets to %i-% freGuency transformer. 9 e tric0 is to bac0 off t e current. t%is &i remo/e any fi m &%ic% 0u00 es c out a "ate resistor. undred *olts across t e cell.can 0e 3!/.1F -ram6Bne itre of oxy-en &ei-%s 1.sin". N'%e 8ea Pro0 em in +ns&erin.. "ater &it% @a<in. @est 8e-ards. : 7es you can do .

F4 I 8e eased %ydro-en Guantity 1. '%e current 0ein. '%e a ternator input 0einpu sed 0y '%e rotary pu se -enerator. 26 *olts /ea0. t%e anode reaction is more efficient t%an t%e cat%ode reaction.13F*! I Ener-y content of produced %ydro-en .a car a ternater as in 2S Patent 4. '%e increase in pH &i of course cause precipitation of trace meta s in tap &ater suc% as $a.23 itres of %ydro-en from one -ram of & s%o&in. @est re-ards. causin. My po&er supp y to t%e dri/er &as at 12 /o ts and a input to a ternator rotor *11 mi iamps a/era-e. 9 e setu/ I used . 4a/ a modified alternator. '%ere is c ip of t%is on t%e &e0 site &asserauto.)F*.! NPu se /o ta-e freGuency -eneratorN.dra&n 0y t%e ce &as 4.23x1. ic tends to su//ort a conclusion t at liberation of bot H2 and 72 are e5ually efficient# . U 1.Ener"y consum/tion for t e /roduction of 1666 litres of ydro"en is = 0W and for one litre =W .14 I Mass of &ater sp it into -asses. as t%e car0onates or %ydroxides.3(x1.1FU 1.1( I Po&er P.1.! amps a/era-e.fracturin"# t is /H c an"e does not occur# ."U1. In Meyer.aterI Stop &atc% I Sca es type Satrue mode S@:211 211.PUCxIxminD(13 1. :re5uency 266 H# /ulsed at 2 HH.&atts %our .&ater mass rep icate Stan Meyers met%od of dri/in.23x4 U4. etc.13F*! ta/ .!)1*( I Ener"y Efficency DW3166>PF X FS <=B X Ener"y Efficency of t is W:C is <=B X or o*erunity P $ate of 9est : 12 Eune 266= $one by $.a "#$ usin.! I +mpmeter I. + so s%o&n in t%e 2A c%anne 4 documentary NI' 8uns Bn "aterN.(3U 1. .as /ulsed at ? + H S5uare . !a.((1 #i.ton : '%is is tryin.a*e 26:26 duty cycle.3( I Existin. m:me U 1. cut t%e connections to t%e rectifier stac< and re-u ater and made t%ree ne& connections to t%e p%ases &%ic% &ere 0rou-%t out to a ne& set of rectifiers and &ired up as fi. P &lso e3tracted from t is t read6 : 2nder con/entiona e ectro ysis.t%e a ternator and &fc.&ater U 4. amperes U 1.! in a0o/e patent.4 I E/aporatin. 4uration of test in min.1.t%e &ater to c oud up as e ectro ysis proceeds.ener-y consumption "%D.1 -ram steps +/o M< F 'est Meter I Precision 5o d mode "-o21 4i-ita 'est MeterI 8aca 4ana 'rue 8MS Co tmeter mode F311 I HameBsci oscope mode 213:! I 'e<tronix !4) osci oscope I 9 e . '%e Scopes%ot s%o&s t%e &a/eforform across t%e ce . I t%in< it &as a 0it economica &it% t%e trut% a t%ou-% it s%o&ed less t an an am/ into t e alternator t%ere &as no mention of t%e current into t%e ce . M-. ic is in line .4! I Mass of &fc in -rams U 11(.it a mec anism ot er t an t at of con*entional electrolysis.ater fuel cell .F I Mass c%an-e in -rams m U 1.F4"% is spent for %ydro-en production from one -ram of &ater. U (1 I 8MS Co ta-e C U ).'%e dri/er I used &as a po&er fet &it% a !!! timer -enerator to dri/e t%e rotor of t%e a ternator.It is possi0 e to produce 1. &%ic% causes t%e pH of t%e so ution to increase as t%e e ectro ysis proceeds. Instruments and E5ui/ment used 6 Experimenta o& current &fc I filled .

at re-u ar . as &e as a0out trip e t%e efficiency of con/entiona e ectro ysis.t%e do&nside of usin.asn-t /roducin" /reci/itates . Hi-% %ydro-en stee is ess f exi0 e t%an %i-% car0on stee . ic im/lies t at is /H .sa t& constant. it Hust doesn9t pro/ide any u0rication. t%ey 0rea<. '%e precipitation of car0onates and %ydroxides &i e/entua y ca<e up and cause you a t%e fracture of & touc%es.ater in it.sea&ater as a &ater source. t%en dumps t%at c%ar-e resu tin. to t%e point of 0ein.0ritt e. it mi-%t 0e 0etter if you found a &ay to use t%e ex%aust %eat from your en-ine to disti t%e sa t&ater. : Somet%in. t%e acid &i e/entua y 0ui d up to a concentration t%at &i destroy your e ectrodes. +s I reca .In Meyer:fracturin-.Gua ities of diese fue .M45 no/1)6 See 0e o& my transcription of t%is /ideo. at &%ic% suc% time c% orine -as &i e/o /e at t%e cat%ode.your en-ine. "%ate/er fraction of it doesn9t react &it% t%e %ydro-en in t%e fue or t%e interior components of t%e en-ine.i 0e ie/e t%at &ou d 0e t%e ce itse f3 t%at reac%ed catastrop%ic pea<. $offey. Meyer did a*e to clean is system if e used anyt in" ot er t an distilled . He said Stan Meyer9s desi-n &as simp e enou-%.com3 : I can see t%e need for t%e dua freGuencies &%en usin. $onsiderin. in t%at a it did &as 0ui d up a c%ar-e in a capacitor . S%uttin.t%e %i-% /o ta-e desi-ns. you &i pro0a0 y %a/e to continue to use some fossi fue as you %a/e indicated.Stan Meyer. t%e part concernin. '%is of course is repeated se/era times in t%e course of a moment . In order to maintain t%e protecti/e car0on content &it%in t%e meta s comprisin. Hi-% car0on stee is ess f exi0 e t%an re-u ar stee .con/entiona e ectro ysis. Particu ar y &%en t%e pu sin. &i 0e expe ed as aGueous -aseous %ydroc% oric acid. to 0e correct. a. 0 eac%. Meta s &it%in most en-ines contain p enty of car0on due to t%e %i-% car0on content of most fue s. '%at9s one &ay to c%ec< your resu ts.curious a0out Stan Meyer9s ce &as 0rou-%t up 0y Peter !indemann in a +eely)et conference . #ree $ 2 is not a -ood t%in.e /ideo for it under 9free ener-y9 a0out 1634 into t%e /ideo3. Meyer mentioned usin. &%ic% is %ard y an en/ironmenta y:0eni-n su0stance M : If you produce H$ . '%e fact t%at Meyer-s direct H2 in8ectors functioned so lon" and ad suc ti" t tolerances# seems indicati*e t at e .Meyer9s rapid:fire pu sin-. + so. @ut e ectro ysis of sea&ater &i produce %ypoc% orite. unti t%e point is reac%ed &%ere t%ere are no cations present to counter0a ance t%e c%ar-e of additiona %ypoc% orite. t%at is a so on 7outu0e. 4iese en-ines are desi-ned &it% a dependency on t%e u0ricatin. .a. Hydro-en &on9t strip u0rication. If t%e pH of your test ce increases as %ydro-en is i0erated o/er time. '%e t%eory of expose an en-ine to. anyt%in. t%en you9re doin. &ou d need to account for t%e <no&n aspects of mass transport at t%e e ectric dou0 e ayer interfaces on eac% e ectrode or p ate of t%e capacitor. May0e e/en your en-ine.<. If en-ine parts don9t f ex. and of course. t%e anode and cat%ode reactions &ou d need to 0e eGua y efficient./ery /a-ue y spea<in&it% my =ero <no& can -oo.

0ut %a/e found t%at if I use /o.inter/a s as Meyer fie d and LE4 i-%t to %e p raise e ectron or0ita pat%s on indi/idua oxy-en atoms so %e cou d strip more e ectrons off.t%at e/en appears to corrode are t%e non ss eads t%at connect to t%e positi/e unidirectiona .ma-netic fie d and LE4 i-%t at certain &a/e en-t%s to au-ment production. 5ary. %e uses a spray no== e to create a mist inside t%e reaction c%am0er.time3 for t%e &ater to sett e 0ac< do&n to a o&er /o ta-e. if one uses t%e pu ses of t%e t%ree p%ases of an a ternator. 8# 0ein&%at it is. t%e inductor is c%ar-ed. one s%ou dn9t need any timers at a .diode. @ut in t%e o& /o ta-e +$ desi-ns.spi<ed &it% a freGuency dou0 e t%at of t%e pu se -eneratorL Bne from t%e initia spi<e and one from t%e inductor &%en it re axesL So may0e t%e effect %as not%in.due to t%e duty cyc e3. : My Guestion is t%is6 Wit t e bloc0in" diode# doesn-t t at /re*ent resonanceQ 7ou a so mentioned some&%ere t%at you cou d te no difference &it% t%e c%o<e or &it%out. Since Meyer is usin. + so. : I <no& a patent %as 0een app ied for on a de/ice t%at uses t&o radio freGuencies to fracture &ater. 'o put it anot%er &ay.t%is is t%e oxy-en and %ydro-en can9t easi y recom0ine. He a so %eats t%e &ater to near 0oi in-.a0out &it% t%is idea as pu se coi s &i pro0a0 y %a/e t%e same affect. "it% t%e pu se on. doesn9t t%at mean t%at you are rea y pu sin.t%e crap. $offey. . : Hi 5ary.a pump to circu ate t%e &ater t%ru a fi do &it% resonance rea y 0ut freGuency is definite y important.time .t%e Q on t%e &ater ce &it% on-itudina pu ses and t%at is more important t%at resonanceL May0e it can resonate &it% t%e diode.e po arity app ication of a %i-% positi/e /o ta-e is t%e cata yst for excess -as production. a o&s for a sett in. '%e on y t%in.period since t%e &ater is constant y -ettina t%e e ectrons it needs to maintain t%e e ectron f o&. Seems to me t%at Stan Meyer used a pu satin.or a re:-au-in. So. My understandin. and attempts to 0ond durin. t%en a strai-%t on-itudina N&a/eN pu serL E/eryt%in. so t%at e ectrons are fed into t%e &ater as fast as t%ey9re remo/ed. at &%ic% point t%e e ectron f o& &i 0ecome t%inner and t%inner. '%is cou d 0e a no externa ener-y &ay of accumu atin. In order to create more surface area. t%e o& /o ta-e +$ current is a o&ed to ma<e a comp ete circuit. "%en t%e pu se is s%ut off. t%e effect on y ta<es p ace on t%e surface of t%e &ater. $offey.ater s/ins. Sti p ayin.%i-% /o ta-e +$ at a most y positi/e potentia . : '%ou-%t of usin. '%us. If not resonance.erful ma"nets at t e bottom of t e cell t e .of t%e resu ts of doin. '%e -uy uses 0ot% a 2H# and a CH# freGuency to do t%e Ho0. t e . t%ere is no reason for a re:-au-in. 0ut I9m not sure %o&. So &ou dn9t t%e ce Q 0e -ettin.ater to re"ain its lost electrons. Jiman13. '%e &ater a so remains at an o/era potentia t%at9s fair y c ose to =ero /o ts. since t%e e ectron f o& created 0y t%e sin. t e /ulsin" as to be s ut off on a re"ular basis to allo. &%at materia is your p ates or tu0es made fromL I use t314 stee tu0e setup and I -et no -un<. t%e &ater &i e/entua y c%ar-e to a %i-% positi/e potentia . if it cannot resonate &it% t%e 0 oc<in.i-nition create e/en more %eat t%an norma . t%e inductor re axes and its c%ar-e in t%e same direction to&ards t%e Q on t%e ce . I <no& %e used a pu satin.

i . : '%e most current test I did. Ima-ine t%is and you can a test it for yourse f. Radiant ener"y &RE t e *olta"e s/i0es you ma0e. I &i 0e %appy to s%are t%is &it% anyone &%o is serious. %o&e/er. "%at t%e -oa is is to pump t%e &ater &it% radiant ener-y.. W en I /ut t e inductor after t e diode# I could cran0 it u/ to about 22 *olts and t e am/s . )o resonance. It is t%e /acuum ener-y from 3d space and time t%at mo/e to&ard t%e e ectrodes and o/er t%e &ires. 2nidirectiona 4$ pu ses are not trans/erse &a/es.%tm .en0roo<.usD-0ssciDp%ysD$ assDsoundDu11 )7 /ure *olta"e /otential and )7 current. 9 e circuit is not a resonant circuit. ?ust %ad to see for myse f t%at t%is &as %appenin-. Sounds stran-e 0ut I can -o into detai s ater.%tm .ere only as input t%at is /o ta-e potentia spi<es as &e and no current. You-re c ar"in" it . to be"in &it%.a0out /ure radiant ener"y. ?ust try it and you &i see. I used a /aria0 e ac &%ic% %as ! amps max and 1!1/ max. Butput t%ru 0rid-e and pu sed 4$ t%rou-% a diode and t%at strai-%t to my tu0e not in" but t e *olta"e /otential s/i0es and it WI!! c ar"e u/. 9 erefore# no o3y"en can "o to your /ositi*e /lates>tubes and o3idiHe t em.en0roo<. Hit a capacitor at %i-% freGuency . '%e e ectro ytes do B. Ima-ine %a/in. Separate t%eir interna c%ar-es to create a %i-% and o& potentia at t%e e ectrodes.eduDRdrusse D4emosD&a/esD&a/emotion.usD-0ssciDp%ysDmmediaD&a/esD &.to do &it% t%e &ater ce . 9 e idea is to /re*ent current from doin" t at. Bn t%e co apse. restrict amps. you can create t e *olta"e /otentials .a t%e pro0 ems of %a/in... "%en it is done ri-%t.E t%in. 9 ose s/i0es are radiant ener"y .. '%is f o& ..3 0rea<s t%e symmetry of t%e /irtua p%otons and t%ey mo/e to&ards t%e po se on a 0attery and f o& o/er t%e &ire.+ so. '%is is not in" but /ure *olta"e /otential . as about =66.ater doesn-t "o into some ma"ical resonance. and %ttp6DD&&&. a t%ose mo ecu es %a/e access to a sea of potentia radiant ener-y t%at %a/e 0een pumped into it. 9 e bloc0in" diode s ould be tellin" you all somet in". Ima-ine not %a/in..and B. '%e /irtua p%oton f ux of t%e Guantum mec%anica /acuum. '%e radiant ener-y comes from /acuum ener-y. Ho& can a capacitor c%ar-e up &it%out currentL '%at is &%at you9re a no current.266 milliam/s.on y. '%ey are on-itudina impu out e*er inducin" electrons to flo.%tm 3 /ery -ood 0asic examp es./ery /ery /ery efficientM I9m ta <in. '%ere is a sma amount of current in t%ese systems and t%at itt e 0it is Hust enou-% to rip t%e mo ecu es apart and it is pu sed so t%ere is no steady current. 9 e . and %ttp6DD&&&.E t%in..'IME IMP2LSES to t%e &ater. t ere is no current mo*in". 9 e *olta"e ne*er dro/s to ne"ati*e.0attery.i . if "ettin" "un0# t en most li0ely you are "ettin" too muc re"ular electrolysis.<12. : "%at is t%e difference 0et&een a trans/erse &a/e and a on-itudina impu seL %ttp6DD&&&.<12. '%is &as on y to test t%e ce . Wit out t e inductor# current of course 8um/ed u/ to about <.= am/s at only about @ *olts. '%e dipo e .-mi.B' come from t%e inside of t%e 0attery. . '%e po&er to po&er a i-%t0u 0 from a 0attery does . '%e &%o e secret is sendin.

is &%at induces t%e e ectron mo/ement to %a/e current. '%at f o& can 0e manipu ated to mo/e o/er &ires in a &ay t%at induces .B e ectron mo/ement; t%erefore t%ere is .B current ... on y /o ta-e potentia . ... I am confident t%ou-% a0out t%e concept of &%at Meyers9 &as doin-. Pumpinradiant potentia into t%e &ater &it% no current or at east a 0are minimum. Meyer =@BA??1 /atent as t e sc ematic t at is nearly identical to t e one used for battery c ar"in" of (edini... 9 e coils I-m usin" are 1:1 turn. 12 /o ts in and t%e co apsed pu ses are not%in- 0ut pure potentia spi<es of a0out 2!1:311 /o ts 0ut /irtua y no amps. '%ose are -oint%rou-% a 0rid-e to c%ar-e a cap. "%en t%e cap is c%ar-ed up; it is disc%ar-ed into dead 0atteries. Ho& can t%at 0e if t%e turns are 161L 1:1 is t e most efficient coil for /roducin" t e radiant s/i0es t at are de*oid of electrons. : +ccordin- to my researc% extended periods of &ater e ectro ysis &i cause t%e build u/ of an insulatin" film on t e /lates &%ic% &i cause t%e apparatus to %eat up. '%e fi m may ori"inate from im/urities in t e .ater suc as calcium &%ic% cou d exp ain &%y To-en reGuired tap &ater for t%eir ce to function fu y. In a science experiment in &%ic% /ure .ater is used t e e3/lanation /ro*ided is t at Hydro"en at t e cat ode D a*e I "ot t is ri" tQF could combine .it say )ic0el in t e cat ode to ma0e a Hydride com/ound. : If you do a 5oo- e Searc%; you &i come up &it% Hundreds of t%ese I"nition coil circuits. Most of t%em Hust use a 222 dri*in" a Mosfet. @ut if t%e Purpose of t%is is to Produce %ydro-en t%rou-% E ectro ysis; I su--est you stic< &it% Lo& Co ta-e and a P"M $ircuit. E/en '%ou-% you mi-%t %a/e a Hi-% Co ta-e comin- out of t%at I-nition $oi ; 7ou &i .B' %a/e Hi-% Co ta-e -oint%rou-% t%e $e . '%e 8e ati/e y Lo& 8esistance of t%e ce ; Cerses t%e Cery Lo& $urrent of t%at Hi-% /o ta-e &i Pu t%e actua /o ta-e do&n to no more t%an your /o ta-e is no&. Pro0a0 y e/en Lo&er. N@asic B%ms La&N. 'a<e t%e Butput from an I-nition $oi ; P ace it across e/en a Sma # as% i-%t 0u 0. It &i .B' Li-%t t%e @u 0. +nd if you put a Meter +cross it to measure t%e Co ta-e it &i 0e + most .ot%in-. ,M45 no/1)6 In t%e case of Stan Meyer; t%e e ectro ysis ce is used i<e a capacitor; &it% pure as possi0 e &ater as 4IELE$'8I$; so I' H+S + S'8B.5 8ESIS'+.$E to e ectron f o&; unti t%e 0rea<do&n e/e is reac%ed ... so may 0e an i-nition coi used as step up transformer; to send %i-% /o ta-e pu ses in a c%o<eDcoi D0ifi ar coi is a 5BB4 I4E+ ... 3 : Bne of t%e 8easons for Pu sin- is to -i/e + o&ance for t%e @u00 es to 8ise; + o&in- for 0etter $onduction in t%e So ution. : %ydrotec% &rote6 I am producin- enou-% -as to run my motorcy e )!E on &ater t%rou-% 12/ ! amp 0attery &it%out any 0attery or en-ine pro0 em. I suppose t%is is &%at e/ery0ody &ants; it s%ou d ser/e your purpose &it%out creatin- muc% pro0 em. +nd i can te you t%at t%rou-% your e ectro yser a so it can 0e run . "%y do peop e tend to for-et to modify t%eir en-ines parts for t%e ce to &or< correct y. I &ou d 0e furt%er up oadin- more detai s re-ardin- t%e -as production met%ods. +ccordin- to

my p ans if i use a circuit i<e yours a on- &it% t%e present system i dont <no& %o& muc% -as can 0e produced; 0ut t%at &ou d rea y 0e immense I rea y enou-% -as to po&er a car so e y on H748BT7 5+S May0e somet%in- i<e &%at 4anie 4in-e is doin- . H748B'E$H . '+2#IJ2E + AH+.. ,M45 no/1)6 motor0i<es can sa/e easi y a ot of fue &it% a /ery sma e ectro y=er; as &ritten a0o/e I and I %a/e run one motor0i<e on %ydroxy on y; 0ut at fix p ace; &it% a sma e ectro y=er; and startin- on %ydroxy &as not possi0 e I a so %a/e a friend t%at can run %is Cira-o !11cc on Hydroxy on y; s%uttin- of t%e fue income; at fix speed on t%e road; at *1 <mD%our; t%e rest of time %e sa/es an a/era-e !1E. + t%at is &it% simp e 4$ e ectro ysis3 : I t%in< t%at I may %a/e fi-ured out t%e function of t%e torroidal coil in $a*es cell and . ic first a//eared in t e Jo"en /atent. I ne/er 0e ie/ed t%at it %ad anyt%into do &it% c%an-in- t%e proportion of Brt%o to Para%ydro-en. My %ypot%esis is t%at t%e coi acts as an antenna to focus ener-y from t%e en/ironment and impro/e t%e efficiency of t%e e ectro ysis. I reac%ed t%is conc usion after readin- a0out t&o 9free ener-y9 scams on t%e internet &%ic% use torroida coi s as antennas for t%e &ire ess transmission of e ectrica ener-y. It &as 'es a &%o first demonstrated t%e &ire ess transmisson of ener-y usin- on-itudina Dsca ar &a/es from a sp%erica antenna. Later in t%e 1F31s a 'es a fan demonstrated an e ectric car po&ered from a remote transmitter usin- t%e same tec%niGues. +ny type of coi can 0e used as antenna if it does not produced an induced emf from a c%an-in- ma-netic fie d. '%is is 0ecause t%ese on-itudina Dsca ar e ectric &a/es do not contain a ma-netic fie d /ector. Bt%er types of coi you cou d use are caduseus coi s and 0ifa ar &ound coi s s%orted at one end. : 7es a $oi can act as an antenna; @ut 'ypica y it &or<s 0est if it Bpen Ended and at a 8esonant point of t%e Bri-iona #reGuency. If a $ osed circuit it can 8adiate E ectroma-netic Ener-y; 0asica y an +ir $ore transformer sendin- it into anot%er coi . : I9/e 0een fo o&in- 4a/es ce for a &%i e no& in t%e s%ado&s and oo<in- at 5iman1<-s de*elo/ments as &e ,recent y 0anned3 and I am deffinet y i<in- 4a/es setup 0ein- so id state as apposed to 0edini9s &%ee of ma-nets o/er a coi . : I &i do some 4$ Pu se experiments &it% Hust B2?HH based on Mateiro s/ecs. 4inu %ttp6DD&&&.oumac%ines.comD : '%e Meyers ce seemed a itt e comp icated unti I recen ty &atc%ed t%e Peter !indemann *ideo on free ener"y de*ices. %ttp6DD/ideo.-oo- e.comD/ideop ayLdocidU(1*32(31F(34241(*2*SGUc%ema oy I #or&ard t%e /ideo to a0out 1 %our and 34 minutes. He starts tal0in" about C emalloy t en mo*es on to e3/lain o. Meyer-s cell .or0s. 7ou can find t%e /ideo %ere6 %ttp6DD&&&.icu0enet&or<.comDfi esD&atercarDnon: commercia Dda/eD/ideosD"fcrep."MC I Ma<e sure you do&n oad t%e fi e and don9t stream it; so c ic< Sa/e +s... ,M45 no/1)6 See artic e 0e o& on t%is /ideo; from 7outu0e.com3 --------------------------------------------- Return to the top

PP Meyers .ater cell; 0y t%e /ery /ery -ood /anacea;bocaf.or" &e0site6 %ttp6DDpanacea:0ocaf.or-DMeyers&aterce .%tm Meyer’s %ydro-en &ater fue ce tec%no o-y %as 0een suppressed due to t%e murder of t%e in/entor and t%e in/entor9s 0usiness incompetence. '%is is mentioned in more detai in 0ot% t%e 9&%ere t%ey &ent &ron- pa-e9 and furt%er under Panaceas 9media script9 on t%e ener-y suppression pa-e. Meyer9s tec%no o-y %as since 0een resurrected 0y t&o open sourced en-ineers. Panacea can direct y create more pu0 ic 0enefit from t%eir rep ication resu ts from t%e Panacea faci ities. Patric< Ae y one of t%e foundin- mem0ers and %e pin- %ands of Panacea to-et%er &it% anot%er open sourced en-ineer 4a/e La&ton %a/e co a0orated to-et%er to disc ose t%e &or ds first open sourced successfu rep ication of t%e Meyers de/ice.

=hots o! the Meyers hy$rogen water !ue' e'' rep'i ation taDen !ro" the vi$eo+

. 'ose up o! the hy$rogen pro$u tion created from only 12 volts! not possible via conventional theory+ "it% out -oin- into too muc% tec%nica detai of %o& t%e &ater fue ce operates; t%e tec%no o-y is muc% i<e To-en9s tec%no o-y : 0ein- uncon/entiona e ectro ysis.

@ot% open sourced en-ineers are <no&n to Panacea; t%eir open sourced contri0ution can t%ri/e in t%e -ranted center9s conditions &%ic% can %e p &it% manufacture and pro/ide furt%er pu0 ic 0enefit. '%is pu0 ic 0enefit in/o /es su0mittin- t%e tec%no o-y at t%e facu ty e/e in t%e Panacea faci ity to disp ay a proof of princip e to&ards up-radin- t%e current con/entiona &ater e ectro ysis t%eories to&ards c eaner #8EE E.E857 production. '%en t%ere is t%e socia reform t%e Panacea faci ity &i create 0y pro/idin- pu0 ic security and access to t%e tec%no o-y; as &i 0e t%e case &it% a t%e ot%er princip es mentioned on t%e panacea pa-e. Panacea9s -ranted faci ities can a so secure a manufacturin- assistance in production of t%e units. '%e -rant conditions in Panacea a o& for Guic<er pu0 ic dissemination of t%e tec%no o-y /ia t%is route. + profit from Panacea9s ro e in t%is route must 0y a& -o 0ac< into an en/ironmenta cause; and or into c%arita0 e contri0utions. + t%e funds 0y any icenses created from t%is tec%no o-y must 0y a& -o 0ac< into en/ironmenta 0enefit. '%e Meyers tec%no o-y &i 0e studied and su0mitted into t%e centre for pu0 ic security and access. PP :ull details# / otos# dia"rams and com/onents list to re/roduce t e $a*e !a.ton Re/lication# = se/t 266? do&n oad t%e Patric< Ae y9s exce ent fi e named 9414.pdf9 a/ai a0 e at %ttp6DD&&&.panaceauni/ersity.or-D414.pdf ... '%e tu0es in t%is rep ication are made of 31(L -rade stain ess stee ; fi/e inc%es ona t%ou-% Stan9s tu0es &ere a0out t%ree times t%at en-t% ,14 to 23 inc%es3. '%e outer tu0es are 1 inc% in diameter and t%e inner tu0es 3D4 inc% in diameter. +s t%e &a t%ic<ness is 1D1( inc%; t%e -ap 0et&een t%em is 0et&een 1mm and 2mm. '%e inner pipes are %e d in p ace at eac% end 0y four ru00er strips a0out ine Guarter of an inc% on-. '%e container is made from t&o 4 inc% diameter p astic drain do&npipe coup er fittin-s connected to eac% and of a piece of acry ic tu0e &it% PC$ co /ent cement... It s%ou d 0e noted t%at s%iny ne& stain ess stee is not suita0 e for use as an e ectrode in any form of e ectro ysis. '%is can 0e seen in ?oe $e construction &%ere t%e stain ess stee cy inders need to 0e conditioned t%rou-% repeated s%ort periods of e ectro ysis. '%e same app ies to f at p ate e ectro ysers; &%ere @o0 @oyce points out t%at no serious /o umes of -as &i 0e produced unti t%e stain ess stee p ates %a/e recei/ed a &%ite coatin-; produced 0y ea/in- t%em to sit unused in t%e Potassium Hydroxide so ution for a fe& days. '%e same app ies to t%is rep ication of Stan Meyer9s e ectro ysis unit. "%en t%e po&er is first app ied; /ery itt e e ectro ysis ta<es p ace as t%e acti/e surfaces of t%e pipes -et co/ered &it% 0u00 es &%ic% stic< to t%em. Ho&e/er; if t%ey are eft for a &%i e &it% t%e 0u00 es in p ace; a 0ro&n scum forms on t%e surface of t%e &ater. '%e scum is c eaned off and anot%er s%ort period of

on y for c arity. . '%e 0o ts a0out 311E of t%e #araday assumed maximum efficiency.a-ent or some simi ar &aterproofin. 4a/e %as recent y introduced t&o inductors. '%e e ectrica connections to t%e pipes are /ia stain ess stee &ire runnin. '%e dia-ram s%o&s t%e inner connection on t%e oustide..e ectro ysis carried out to co/er t%e p ates &it% 0u00 es a-ain.t%rou-% t%e 0ase of t%e unit6 Meyer%s testing setup7 pi ture !ro" Eoutu#e+ o" vi$eo '%e 0o ts tapped into t%e inner tu0es s%ou d 0e on t%e inside and t%e 0ottom of t%e t&o tu0es a i-ned in spite of t%em 0ein.materia . t%e 0ro&n scum no on-er forms and t%e acti/e tu0e surfaces %a/e a &%ite coatin-.0et&een stain ess stee 0o ts tapped into t%e pipes and stain ess stee 0o ts runnin.t%rou-% t%e 0ase of t%e unit s%ou d 0e tapped in to -i/e a ti-%t fit and t%ey s%ou d 0e sea ed &it% Si<af ex 0ondin.. t%e 9conditioned9 tu0es produce t%e <ind of rapid e ectro ysis s%o&n in t%e /ideo. furt%er experimentation %as s%o&n t%at t%e inductors used 0y Stan ey Meyer form a /ery important ro e in raisin. +fter t%is process %as 0een carried out repeated y.spread out as s%o&n a0o/e. "%i e t%e a0o/e circuits %a/e 0een assessed as operatin. +t t%is point.t%e operatinefficiency sti %i-%er. eac% &ound &it% .

111 turns of 22 S"5 ,21+"53 ename ed copper &ire on a Fmm ,3D*N3 diameter ferrite rod 2!mm ,1 inc%3 on-. '%e impro/ed circuit is no&; as 21 sept1)6

$ircuit operation6 Eac% .E!!! timer c%ip is p aced in an osci ator circuit &%ic% %as 0ot% /aria0 e pu se rate ,9freGuency93 and /aria0 e Mar<DSpace ratio &%ic% does not affect t%e freGuency. '%ese osci ator circuits a so %a/e t%ree freGuency ran-es &%ic% can 0e se ected 0y a rotary s&itc%. '%e /aria0 e resistors eac% %a/e a 111 o%m resistor in series &it% t%em so t%at t%eir com0ined resistance cannot fa 0e o& 111 o%ms. Eac% osci ator circuit %as its supp y de:coup ed 0y p acin- a 111 microfarad capacitor across t%e supp y rai s and feedin- t%e capacitor t%rou-% a 111 o%m resistor. '%is %as t%e effect of reducin- any pu sin- 0ein- carried a on- t%e 0attery connections to affect t%e adHoinin- circuit. '%e first .E!!! circuit %as fair y ar-e capacitors &%ic% -i/e it comparati/e y s o& pu ses; as represented 0y t%e &a/eform s%o&n a0o/e it. '%e output from t%at .E!!! is on pin 3 and can 0e s&itc%ed to feed t%e &a/eform to pin 4 of t%e second .E!!! timer. '%is -ates t%e second; %i-%er freGuency osci ator Bn and Bff to produce t%e output &a/eform s%o&n Hust 0e o& t%e pipe e ectrodes. '%e s&itc% at pin 3 of t%e first .E!!! a o&s t%e -atin- to 0e s&itc%ed off; &%ic% causes t%e output &a/eform to 0e Hust a strai-%t sGuare &a/e of /aria0 e freGuency and Mar<DSpace ratio. '%e output /o ta-e from pin 3 of t%e second .E!!! c%ip is reduced 0y t%e 221 o%mD *21 o%m resistor com0ination. '%e transistor acts as a current amp ifier; capa0 e of pro/idin- se/era amps to t%e e ectrodes. '%e 1.411) diode is inc uded to protect t%e MBS#E' s%ou d it 0e decided at a ater date to introduce eit%er a coi ,9inductor93 or a transformer in t%e output comin- from t%e MBS#E'; as sudden s&itc%in- off of a current t%rou-% eit%er of t%ese cou d 0rief y pu t%e 9drain9 connection a on- &ay 0e o& t%e 1 /o t ine and dama-e t%e MBS#E'; 0ut t%e 1.411) diode s&itc%es on and pre/ents t%is from %appenin- 0y c ampin- t%e drain /o ta-e to :1.) /o ts if t%e drain is dri/en to a ne-ati/e /o ta-e.

'%e @2>3!1 MBS#E' %as a current ratin- of 22 amps so it &i run coo in t%is app ication. Ho&e/er; it is &ort% mountin- it on an a uminium p ate &%ic% &i act 0ot% as t%e mountin- and a %eat sin<. '%e current dra& in t%is arran-ement is particu ar y interestin-. "it% Hust one tu0e in p ace; t%e current dra& is a0out one amp. "%en a second tu0e is added; t%e current increases 0y ess t%an %a f an amp. "%en t%e t%ird is added; t%e tota current is under 2 amps. '%e fourt% and fift% tu0es add a0out 111 mi iamps eac% and t%e sixt% tu0e causes a most no increase in current at a . '%is su--ests t%at t%e efficiency cou d 0e raised furt%er 0y addin- a ar-e num0er of additiona tu0es; and as t%e -as is produced inside t%e tu0es and t%e outer tu0es are connected e ectrica y; t%ey cou d pro0a0 y 0e 0unded to-et%er. + t%ou-% t%e current is not particu ar y %i-%; a six amp circuit:0rea<er; or fuse; s%ou d 0e p aced 0et&een t%e po&er supp y and t%e circuit; to protect a-ainst accidenta s%ort:circuits. If a unit i<e t%is is to 0e mounted in a /e%ic e; t%en it is essentia t%at t%e po&er supp y is arran-ed so t%at t%e e ectro yser is disconnected if t%e en-ine is s&itc%ed off. Passin- t%e e ectrica po&er t%rou-% a re ay &%ic% is po&ered /ia t%e i-nition s&itc% is a -ood so ution for t%is. It is a so /ita t%at at east one 0u00 er is p aced 0et&een t%e e ectro yser and t%e en-ine; to -i/e some protection if t%e -as s%ou d -et i-nited 0y an en-ine ma function. It is a so a -ood idea for t%e 0u00 er,s3 id to 0e a ti-%t pus% fit so t%at it can pop off in t%e e/ent of an exp osion; and so furt%er imit t%e effect of an accident. :urt er $e*elo/ments6 "%en producin- %ydroxy -as from &ater; it is not possi0 e to exceed t%e #araday maximum un ess additiona ener-y is 0ein- dra&n in from t%e surroundin- en/ironment. +s t%is ce runs co d and %as su0stantia -as output; t%ere is e/ery indication t%at &%en it is runnin-; it is dra&in- in t%is extra ener-y. '%is idea is supported 0y t%e fact t%at one of t%e <ey met%ods of tappin- t%is extra ener-y is by /roducin" a train of *ery s ar/ly risin" and s ar/ly fallin" electrical /ulses. '%is is exact y t%e o0Hecti/e of 4a/e9s circuit; so it &ou d not 0e too surprisinif t%at effect &as %appenin-. 'He additiona ener-y 0ein- accessed is sometimes referred to as 9co d e ectricity9; &%ic% %as a /ery different c%aracteristics to norma con/entiona e ectricity. "%ere norma e ectrica osses cause oca %eatin- as a 0y:product; 9co d9 e ectricity %as exact y t%e opposite effect; and &%ere a norma e ectrica oss &ou d ta<e p ace; an extra inf o& of usefu 9co d9 ener-y enters t%e circuit from outside. '%is f o& causes t%e temperature of t%e circuitry to drop; instead of increase; &%ic% is &%y it is ca ed 9co d9 e ectricity. '%is remar<a0 e occurence %as t%e most unusua effect of actua y reducin- t%e amount of con/entiona po&er needed to dri/e t%e circuit; if t%e output oad is increased. So; increasin- t%e oad po&ered 0y t%e circuit causes additiona ener-y to f o& in from t%e en/ironment; po&erin- t%e extra oad and as &e ; %e pin- to dri/e t%e ori-ina circuit. '%is seems /ery stran-e; 0ut t%en; 9co d9 e ectricity operates in an entire y different &ay to our fami iar con/entiona e ectricity; and it %as its o&n set of unfami iar ru es; &%ic% are -enera y t%e re/erse of &%at &e are used to. 'o test %is ce system furt%er; 4a/e connected an extra oad accross t%e e ectrodes of %is ce . +s t%e inductors connected eac% side of t%e ce -enerate /ery %i-%:/a ue;

s%arp /o ta-e spi<es; 4a/e connected t&o ar-e /a ue capacitors ,*3;111 microfarad; !1 /o ts3 accross t%e ce as &e . '%e oad &as a 11 &att i-%t 0u 0 &%ic% s%ines 0ri-t% y; and interestin"ly# t e current dra. of t e circuit "oes do.n rat er t an u/# in s/ite of t e e3tra out/ut / '%e -as production rate appears undiminis%ed. '%is is t%e a teration to t%at part of t%e circuit &%ic% &as used6

... 4a/e; &%o 0ui t t%is rep ication; su--ests /arious impro/ements. #irst y; Stan Meyer used a ar-er num0er of tu0es of -reater en-t%. @ot% of t%ose t&o factors s%ou d increase t%e -as production considera0 y. Second y; carefu examination of /ideo of Stan9s demonstrations s%o&s t%at t%e outer tu0es &%ic% %e used %ad a rectan-u ar s ot cut in t%e top of eac% tu0e6

,M45 no/1)6 see specific artic e a0out t%e tu0es resonatin- su0Hect; 0e o&3 Some or-an pipes are fine:tuned 0y cuttin- s ots i<e t%is in t%e top of t%e pipe; to raise it9s pitc%; &%ic% is it9s freGuency of /i0ration. +s t%ey are t%inner; t%e inner pipes in t%e Meyer ce &i resonate at a %i-%er freGuency t%an t%e outer pipes. It t%erefore seems pro0a0 e t%at t%e s ots cut 0y Stan are to raise t%e resonant freGuency of t%e

ar-er pipes; to matc% t%e resonant freGuency of t%e inner pipes. If you &ant to do t%at; %an-in- t%e inner tu0e up on a piece of t%read and tappin- it; &i produce a sound at t%e resonant pitc% of t%e pipe. $uttin- a s ot in one outer pipe; suspendin- it on a piece of t%read and tappin- it; &i a o& t%e pitc% of t%e t&o pipes to 0e compared. "%en one outer pipe %as 0een matc%ed to your satisfaction; t%en a s ot of exact y t%e same dimensions &i 0rin- t%e ot%er outer pipes to t%e same resonant pitc%. It is said t%at Stan ran %is Lo <s&a-en car for four years; usin- Hust t%e -as from four of t%ese units. + /ery important part of t%e ce 0ui d is t%e conditionin- of t%e e ectrodes tu0es; usin- tap &ater. '%is is done as fo o&s6 1 : 4o not use any resistance on t%e ne-ati/e side of t%e po&er supp y &%en conditionin- t%e pipes. 2 : Start at 1.! +mps on t%e si-na -enerator and after 2! minutes; s&itc% off for 31 minutes. 3 : '%en app y 1.1 +mp for 21 minutes and t%en sstop for 31 minutes. 4 : '%en app y 1.! +mp for 1! minutes and t%en stop for 21 minutes. ! : '%en app y 2 +mps for 11 minutes and after&ards stop for 21 minutes. ( : 5o to 2.! +mps for ! minutes and stop for 1! minutes. ) : 5o to 3.1 +mps for 121 to 1!1 seconds. 7ou need to c%ec< if t%e ce is -ettin%ot... if it is you need to reduce t%e time. +fter t%e se/en steps a0o/e; et t%e ce stand for at east an %our 0efore you start a o/er a-ain. 7ou &i see %ard y any -as -eneration in t%e ear y sta-es of t%is conditionin- process; 0ut a ot of 0ro&n muc< &i 0e -enerated. Initia y; c%an-e t%e &ater after e/ery cyc e; 0ut do not touc% t%e tu0es &it% 0are %ands. If t%e ends of t%e tu0es need to %a/e muc< c eaned off t%em; t%en use a 0rus% 0ut not touc% t%e e ectrodes MM If t%e 0ro&n muc< is eft in t%e &ater durin- t%e next cyc e; it causes t%e &ater to %eat up and you need to a/oid t%is. B/er a period of time; t%ere is a reduction in t%e amount of t%e 0ro&n stuff produced and at some point; t%e pipes &on9t ma<e any 0ro&n stuff at a . 7ou &i 0e -ettin/ery -ood -as -eneration 0y no&. + &%itis% po&dery coat &i %a/e de/e oped on t%e surface of t%e e ectrodes. .e/er touc% t%e pipes &it% 0are %ands once t%is coatin- %as de/e oped Im/ortant6 4o t%e conditionin- in a &e :/enti ated area; or a ternati/e y; c ose t%e top of t%e ce and /ent t%e -as out into t%e open. 4urin- t%is process; t%e ce is eft on for Guite some time; so e/en a /ery o& rate of -as production can accumu ate a serious amount of -as &%ic% &ou d 0e a %a=ard if eft to co ect in a sma space. --------------------------------------------- Return to the top

PP $a*e !a.ton# Ima"es from Partici/atin" Researc ers# 9 e H2eart Institute %ttp6DDmy.opera.comD%2eart%0eatDa 0umsDs%o&.dm LidU211(33

Sir 5riffin a so said a0out t%e tu0es6 9 9 ey are 1= inc es lon" and are effecti*ely .9 .Return to the top PP &bout t e tubes resonatin" sub8ect6 +ccordin.t%e tu0es /i0rationa freGuencies.a*e"uides.--------------------------------------------. may 0e an additiona impro/ement to increase efficiency.


.%appenin-.W '%e Pipes and conditionin-6 7ou are ri-%t a0out t%e proces of conditionin-. . +nd %e is smi in. +re &e a stupidL . +s Stan ey said many times6 Its a a0out securin. In ot%er &ords6 $ %is -ra/e. &e are &it% a ot of peop e focussin. you can dou0 e freGuency &it% t%e CI$ and 7es you can -et %i-%er /o ta-e. 8on. 7es. +fter a <inds of confi-urations &it% coi s and trafo9s I %a/e made a conc usion.P from /arallel !C or serial !C %ttp6DD&aterfue ce .on t%e e ectronics and a 0it on t%e pipes. I t%in< t%at t%ere is t%e rea t%in. I tryed to find any info or tread in many forums a0out t%e Resonant Ca*ity stuff. He tal0s about resonance. 8esonance in coi s is &%at e/ery0ody understands and is tryin. if you as< me. I %a/e to do t%at a-ain &%en c eanin. 9 e resonant cati*yRRRR He discripes t%ree different desi-ns of %is resonant $a/ity9s.p%pLtU!14SstartU1!SpostdaysU1Spostor derUascS%i-% i-%tU : ste*ie1661# Posted: Sun Se/ 2<# 266@ @:62 /m6 V.or-Dp%p@@2D/ie&topic.and cuttin-. In a %is patent &it% t%e CI$ you see less info about is /i/es>tubes. @ut t%ere is more.. @ut if you read &e .%is patents.&it% a t%e same 0ad resu ts.

sorry for my poor en. Bne in eac% pipe. "e need to 0e t%in<in. of course..Nmusica instrumentN and not Nindustria /i0ratorN. i<e 21<%= and (1A%=..t%eir &or< %arder 0y N oc< t%e a0i ity of t%e pipes to Nrin-NL #rom some of t%e pictures and /ids I9/e seen.. So %o& &ou d pipes oo< i<e for resonantin.3 : 2o2"o# Posted: Mon Se/ 2=# 266@ 12:2= am 6 I9m Hust -ettin.. Per%aps &e %a/e to start t%in<in..a0out t%e 21A%= is nice to Hydro-en and t%e difference s%ou d 0e 1D3 : +ISS# Posted: Mon Se/ 2=# 266@ 1:2< am 6 E/en if 2 tu0es.needed.instead of ri-id y mounted.. &%at do t%in< a0out my t%eory after a t%e time you spend &it% t%is su0HectL . Stan ey pu0 is%ed a formu a %o& to ca cu ated %is pipes &it% care.. I9/e oo<ed at ots of pictures of different setups and near y a %a/e one or 0ot% ends of t%e pipes ri-id y mounted.stopN &it% t%e pipes notc%es 0eino/er it. some of t%e 0est resu ts &ere from test pipes t%at &ere mere y suspended in t%e tan< for testin.. My t%ou-%ts %a/e 0een to NtuneN t%e pipes to t%e same tone and t%en %an.t%em in suc% a &ay t%at ets t%em /i0rate &it% t%e freGuencies 0ein.scenerio. are tuned to rin.of 2 &a/es. +not%er t%eory6 +t t%is moment &e a put one &a/e in one pipe and t%e ot%er pipe is -round. If t%e pipes9 resonance is &%at9s needed to assist t%e 0rea<up of t%e &ater mo ecu e t%en isn9t e/eryone ma<in. t%at spacer &ou d act as a dampner and t%e pipes &ou d not rin-.t%e same..B' muc% to find as &e M '%is is a so a c ue.t%e pipes.Hydro-en.... inner and outer.. Bne of my t%ou-%ts &as a0out mountin. .e se t%at &on9t conduct3 cou d 0e used to <eep t%e tu0es separated. 'ry to -et resonance 0et&een t&o freGuencys..on 21A%=L Its a0out en-%t and spacin. I &as more t%in<ina0out some <ind of &a/epipe. once you put a spacer 0et&een t%e 2 to space t%em.0et&een t%e 2 pipes.and a you ot%er -uys as &e . '%ey9d %an. '%e /o ta-e &a/e s%ou d 0ounc% 0et&een t%e innerpipe and t%e outerpipe as if t%e freGuency of t%e &a/e matc%es t%e space 0et&een t%em.pumped into t%em.from t%e top rod &%i e t%e 0ottom rod &ou d act as a Ns&in. #ocus6 21A%= is a nice freGuency for -ettin. Sma ru00er &as%ers . Per%aps a so a0out some <ind of form of t%e pipe:endin-..into t%is as a proHect 0ut I %a/e &ondered a0out t%e resonance of t%e pipes as &e .. My t%ou-%ts &ere to dri %o es t%rou-% t%e paired pipes near t%e top and to notc% t%e 0ottoms and t%en use ceramic rods to suspend t%em in t%e tan<.is%3 8on. i<e you %a/e &it% 5%= fi ter stuff. : ste*ie1661# Posted: Mon Se/ 2=# 266@ 12:2B am6 Per%aps you are ri-%t a0out t%e mec%anica structure t%in.%ere.. I try to find out &%at to do &it% t%at..or somet%in.a set of tu0es from a strin. '%at &ou d 0e t%e %an-in. 'o me t%is &ou d a o& t%e pipes t%e easiest c%ance of Nrin-in-N &it% t%e freGuency needed &it%out %u-e amounts of po&er 0ein. . I read somet%in.

comDdataD#.uni:muenc%en. PP Post sub8ect: IC!A6<A Wa*eform 'enerator for your /ulse "enerators 6 : siberneti0# Posted: 9ue Se/ 1A# 266@ A:2= am 6 #irst I ma<e my pu se circuit &it% !!! timer I$ 0ut i t%in< t%is I$ is not perform sta0 e and i start searc% e ectronic data0ase pa-es on &e0 aaaand i find ic *13* &a/e -enerator.Bt%er t%an t%at scenario. 0ut &it% a sma Nde ayN .%tm : %ttp6DD&&&.t%is &ou d stop t%em from rin-in.I$L*13*.9 9HE RES7)&)9 C&CI9Y IS S9&R9E$6 Lets continue 0urnin. t%e spacers &ou d 0e on t%e ceramic rods and a o& mo/ement 0et&een t%e pipes &it%out t%e pipes 0ein.deDR&&ieserDe ecDosci atorDI$L*13*D : %ttp6DD&&&.N-roundN t%at9s on y if you connect it to Ncircuit -roundN. if you can do&n oad t%is I$9s datas%eet from t%is adress.of t%e pipes.If it tru y is a0out resonance. : 2o2"o# Posted: Mon Se/ 2=# 266@ 1:2B am6 In my mountin.scenario. +s far as one pipe 0ein. may 0e you can de/e ope your pu se circuits %ttp6DD&&&.t%at t%ese -et fed from t%e secondary of t%e transformer.. 0ut &ou d effect it considera0 y. .fram&or<.intersi .%tm : %ttp6DD&&&.comD'estEGuipmentD#unction5enerator. connectin. @ein.0y e ectron f o&. .of t%e pipes suc% as standin.t%e &a/e first and t%e &ater is t%e media &%ere0y t%e &a/e propa-ates to t%e positi/e pipe so 0ot% s%ou d 0e resonatin.cip.. &ou d dampen or disrupt t%e rin-in.p ate..intersi .1.t%em to any mountin.offset3 0ecause of t%e time to tra/erse t%e &ater 0et& a .14)). : ste*ie1661# Posted: Mon Se/ 2=# 266@ <:<@ am Post sub8ect: )EW 9RE&$ &( : %ttp6DD&&&.t%em on t%e f oor of t%e ce container.&ron-.datas%eetcata o-. Stan %ad %is set up to &%ere a t%e tu0es &ere tied to-et%er &it% a mountin..pdf : ydrocars# Posted: 9ue Se/ 1A# 266@ 12:1< /m 6 my secondary circuit i use.comDcdaDde/ t%e same freG.2*(4.upon circuit %oo<up.pu sed in one direction on y so as not to cance t%e effect &it% t%e re/erse /o ta-e direction.ot sayin.our 0rains ce s out a0out t%e pipesDtu0es and t%e 8esonant $a/itys of Stan y Meyer on a ne& tread. t%e N-round pipeN is -ettin. t%en a o&inmaximum a0i ity to /i0rate &ou d reGuire ess po&er to initiate t%e effect. I opend it a ready. you can ea/e it iso ated from N-roundN t%us ea/in. : 2o2"o# Posted: Mon Se/ 2=# 266@ 1:2= am 6 4ependin. #rom t%e circuits dra&in-s I9/e o0ser/ed t%e pipes are 0ein.s%tm : ydrocars# Posted: 9ue Se/ 1A# 266@ 12:12 /m 6 !!! /ery sta0 eM you must %a/e done somet%in..a0 e to touc% t%us a o&inmaximum /i0rationa mo/ement.'%is I$ is /ery 0asic and adHusta0 e.comDdatas%eetsKpdfDID$DLD*DI$L*13*.t%e oop. any touc%in. Hust -oin.. or e/en to-et%er.or timin.s3 to Nf oatN at &%ate/er potentia is created.p%ysi<.D#.

.pdf %ttp6DD&aterfue ce .. t%ey9re ca ed Murp%ies a&s...I as<ed an e ectronics en-ineer &%et%er t%e !!! c%ip &as unsta0 e and %e ans&ered &it% a Guestion. &omen. t%e !!! is /ery sta0 e and I myse f %a/e seen my 4L P"M &or< 0uitifu y. t%ere are -enera ru es to fo o&. %ere is t%e datas%eet on t%e !!!s t%at I use..N 8ef6 'exas Intruments datas%eet on . ?ust remem0er t%at Murp%y &as an optimist.. + t%ou-% %e doesn9t support t%e !!! c%ip &it% fact.p%pLidU423 I do not <no& &%y you are %a/in.E!!!. Ho0s..sometimes i/e seen t%e 411) not &or<in. %e said6 '%e !!! c%ip &as made in t%e )1s. I %a/e no idea &%et%er if t%is means anyt%in.and test a components indi/idua y.circuits capa0 e of producin..and may0e t%e mosfet is 0 o&n...sometimes I/e Hust %ad to rep ace t%e 111o%m resistors.accurate time de ays or osci ation. 0ut sometimes I/e rep aced a of t%e diodes Hust . c%emistry.pro0 ems &it% t%e !!!. ... if t%e !!! c%ip &as unsta0 e..*ir uit+4pg : ecli/sed@A# Posted: 9ue Se/ 1A# 266@ <:1B /m: I t%in< I a-ree &it% %ydro.E!!!P 0y texas intruments. &%y &ou d t%ey 0e sti usin... ru e P16 +nyt%in.t%at can -o &ron-. soft&are. ife as &e <no& it. 0ut in my o&n experience &it% cars. 4ou0 e c%ec< e/eryt%in. 31 years ater.or-Dp%p@@2Ddo&n oad..0ut I found t%is6 '%e Butput:pu se rise time and t%e Butput:pu se fa time is 111 to 311 ns tested &it% a capacitor of 1!p# and a 'emp of 2! $ '%e data s%eet discri0es t%e !!! as N'%ese de/ices are precision timin. &i -o &ron-.

t c!!! can produce output freGuencies of 2 M%=. i t%in< extra capacitors &ou d 0e a t%at is needed to t%e existin.. /isua i=e &%at Im sayin-..etc..... if &e &ant %i-%er freGuencies.. Must tryM 5otta tryM May0ee some0ody can ta<e t%is furt%er.. !1 <H= to 111 <H=. : ecli/sed@A# Posted: Wed Se/ 2?# 266@ B:2B /m: I did a itt e researc% and found t%at t%e t c!!! texas instruments timer c%ip t%at is fu y interc%an-a0 e &it% t%e ne!!! and it can operate up to 2 M%=.. 'HESE $I8$2I'S 4B .t%e capacitors.%ere it is.t%e ori-ina /ersion t%at inc uded t%e notc%ed tu0es.Return to the top PP Post sub8ect: (ES9 CIRC.pro0 ems on findin. 'HESE '8E+4S "+S &ou d 0e -reat y appreciated.from t%e input . a-ain *13* is not nessacary.. I a &ays &ondered &%y %e used t%ose 4 po e 3 turn s&itc%es as I &as connectin.. and if anyone %as any ideas on %o& to modify it to %and e t%e %i-%er freG. +5+I. may0e if someone came up &it% &or<ed3.B' "B8A..May0e some experimentation cou d 0e done to see if a different s%ape &a/es &ou d &or< 0etter...%ere is t%e datas%eet.t%e ic *13*. SB +''EMP' +' 7B28 B". and connect t%e extra 3 capacitors to anot%er po e of t%e 3 turn 4 po e of t%e rotory s&itc% . "%ere t%e rotory 3 turn 4 po e s&it% is connected to t%e t%e 3 capacitors. add a 2 or more po e s&itc% and connect it to t%e existin.more is needed.I9# Wor0in" !C 6 : Hydrocars# Posted: :ri &u" 6<# 266@ 16:6@ /m: 'HE $I8$2I'S I..... i<e indi/idua pins for different s%aped &a/es.. 111 <H= to 211 <H=. E88B8 +...... any& 33 as t%e unedited re/ision of t%e 4L P"M t%at inc ude inductors in t%e so id state circuit dia-ram. I am interested in t%e ic *13* t%ou-% as it does oo< i<e it %as coo t%ere are 4 different po es.4 4B ...capacitors and 3 extra capacitors at sma er capacitances.. If anyt%in... . t%ese capacitors &i not 0e connected to t%e ot%er capacitors.any&ays use t%e ori-ina 4L P"M setup and do not connect anyt%in.0ut I am not <no& ed-ea0 e a0out e ectronics enou-% to <no& %o& to desi-n a circuit 4 or *3 to t%e Butput . I cou d mode it in @2 spice to see if it &or<s...4L P"M.. 4a/e &as a ri-%t to use t%e 3 turn 4 po e s&itc% as it a o&ed more capacitors to 0e connected for a tota of 12 capacitors..B' "B8AM 7ou -otta see it to 0e ie/e itM i on y used one ss tu0e ce as in my ot%er post. 211 <H= to 311 <%=. or if anyone %as any ideas on &%at t%e capicatance /a ues of t%e extra capacitors cou d 0e in order to -i/e ran-es of i<e 21 <%= to !1 <%=. t%is is definit y t%e ri-%t &ay...If you are %a/in....0ecuase I cou dnt find t%e pro0 em..I inc uded a dra&in.. --------------------------------------------.

on it a0out to rearan-e some stuff and i -ot s%oc<ed. its not a t%at. if you put a c%ar-e on t%e caps. i don9t <no& t%e &raps 0ut i can measure t%e resistance for ya. and remo/e t%e &ater fue ce . and i &as &or<in. you can fee it osci atin-. im -ettin. i -ot s%oc<ed a-ain. it Hust doesM %a%a '%is circuit doesn9t produce a ot of %ydro-en. i can 0are t%e pain. it %urts. ='oppy Fy$ro ars+4peg : Hydrocars# Posted: Sat &u" 6=# 266@ A:26 am: t%e coi &as t%e one i used in t%e ot%er post. it is unexp aina0 e %o& it does &%at it does.. i unp u--ed t%e freG -enerator. 0ut you can fee it. 0ut i i<e to fee it osci ate or resonate. i fina y rea i=ed t%at no matter &%at. i don9t -et it. t%e one from t%e t/. i touc%ed it a-ain. %o&e/er i don9t <no& %o& it is &or<in-. .s%oc<ed.i don9t <no& %o& it &or<s.. t%e circuit is resonatin-M and you can fee it o. after you remo/e t%e po&er source you can touc% t%e pro0es &%ere t%e &fc %oo<ed.

31 amps. Ha/e funMM .1 o%ms. i a so %a/e a 4)1 uf cap a0out t%e si=e of t%e circuit. If you &ant to -et t%e resu ts i am -ettin-. 0ut any 0i. and a capacitor. t e led s ould stay lite for o*er 26 seconds. Here it is. not %ard y t%at 0i-.around t%e core s%ou d %a/e a resistance of around (. I &i ma<e t%e sc%ematic in text ri-%t no&.2007-0:-05-05-. 7ou &i need 1 ed. sc%ematic not s%o&n 2007-0:-05-0:7. 4o t%is simp e test. t%is circuit &i resonate for a on. a coi s do not &or<. 2se a ma-netic core and t%e &ire si=e around 22 or sma er seems to &or< 0est.cap s%ou d &or<.as it is resonatin-. 5et you a coi . 7ou &anted resonation. it &or<s -reat. t%ere is no need for a #reGuency 5enerator. '%e ed &i stay it as on. 'o o0ser/e resonation do t%is. '%e &indin.time. to c%an-e t%e freGuency &ou d mean to c%an-e t%e si=e of t%e coi and cap.:+4pg : Hydrocars# Posted: Mon &u" 6?# 266@ 12:11 am : i %a/e confirmed t%at t%e circuit is resonatin. any s%ou d &or< 0ut i -uess sma er &ou d 0e 0etter. i %a/e a 4)1 uf cap a0out t%e si=e of a Guarter and a0out an inc% ta . It don9t 4o anyt%in.7+4pg : Hydrocars# Posted: Sat &u" 6=# 266@ 12:<= /m: 1. &e its a0out as round as a tip of an poo stic<. and e/en on-er if you don9t use a ed. 2 diodes. and some sma its o&n freGuency.

: Hydrocars# Posted: Mon &u" 6?# 266@ 1:<2 am : Here ya -o . resonan e2+4pg : ste*ie1661# Posted: Mon &u" 6?# 266@ 11:2< /m : Hydro. common. i <no& you -ot diodes and coi s yin. I &onder %o& sta0 e t%is &i &or<. : Hydrocars# Posted: 9ue &u" 6@# 266@ 11:2B am : '%ere is a terri0 e error. i &as &ron.. &%at you did is ama=in-. I noticed &%en i %oo<ed it up on t%e 0read 0oard t%e diode arran-ement.around t%e %ouse %e%e Resonator+4peg : Hydrocars# Posted: Mon &u" 6?# 266@ 12:1A am : I t%in< stan ey eft a diode out 0oysM you remo/e a diode from t%at circuit and it &ont &or<. . at it "ets yaR and t%e freGuency does seem to affect it too. so t%e sma capacitance of t%e "#$ is not important for t%e resonance any more.Ma<e t%e circuit. ?ust a itt e 0it. i a so &rote it do&n immediate y.t%e 2 cap9sL '%e resu t is /ery ne&. i &ant your comments. i used sma diodes t%en. I t%in< e/en Meyer %a/ent t%ou-%t a0out t%at... t%e circuit &i not &or< for you ri-%t no&.. Sma c%an-es in t%e "#$ s%ou d not effect t%e resonance in t%is setup.ear ier. = *olts .2< am/s# t is is . '%e 2 cap9s are /ery %ea/y. "%ere did you t%ou-%t of usin.

i-%t it did c%an-e t%e 0e%a/iour of t%e i-%t. and i a so c%ec<ed it &it% a d/m. so i &ou dn9t do it.o&. i cant %ard y exp ain it. i9m on it. it &as on y 0ecause one of t%e diodes &as 0ro<en. &%at &as it. your diode &i pro0 ey 0rea< do& a resistor 0ut it9s sti doin. 0ut %ere is &%at a 0ro<en diode &i -et ya M+. somet%in.into %o& to do it &it%out a 0ro<en do&n diode. and &%y it is &or<in-.4S &it% amps 0e%ind it. 0ut if you %oo< your stuff up t%e &ay i %ad it in t%e sc%ematic.on %ere. 0ecause &%en i mo/ed a ma-net around t%e coi &%en it &as emittin. t%is circuit a so exp ains t%e ma-net effect i &as -ettin-. stupi$+4peg t%is circuit can not resonate. too< me a &%i e to fi-ure t%is circuit fi-ure out &%ats -oin. i &as sti -ettin.i a so %oo<ed it up &it% t%e &ater fue ce &it% ar-er diodes.B' 'E. Hrm.-ood resu ts &it% t%is circuit on t%e &ater fue ce LL %rmmm.on. . i t%in< &e need %i-% /o ts. its /ery f and re/ersin-. N%ard y noticea0 eN. i9m sorry -uys 0ut &it% a diode its not resonatin-. .S B# 'HB2S+.somet%in. i need a itt e %e p &it% it.MM i sti don9t see %o& a 0ro<en diode can do t%is. 0ut t%at i don9t <no&. if a 0ro<e do&n diode can ma<e a circuit resonate t%en somet%in.i<e 4 /o ts 12 ampsL t%at &ou d 0e -ood if it &as pu sed dc. i9m sorry 0ut t%is seems to rep icate &%at I &as seein. : Hydrocars# Posted: 9ue &u" 6@# 266@ 12:=1 /m : once a-ain.stran-e. and &it% my fin-ers. t%e on y resonatin.&it% t%e 0ro<en diode. t%e reason it is &or< 0ecause t%e diode is 0rea< 0et&een t%e freGuency -enerator. &or<ed fineMMM &rote it do&n. so frusterated. t%e diode is actin. i <no& it &as resonatin0ecause of t%is.tryin. i9m c ue ess if t%is sends strai-%t 4$ to t%e &ater fue ce or notL i did seem to -et &ac<y readin-s &it% it. i %a/e yet to rep icate it 0ut i am oo<in. and an none 0ipo ar po&er source can not -oin. 5ood . any circuit t%at %as a diode of any <ind 0et&een a coi . some%o& it &as %oo<ed different y t%an t%e &ay on t%e 0read0oard. i do <no& it &or<s. and t%e primary and secondary side of t%e coi . eac% time t%e circuit &as &or<in-.

t%e ast audi0 e /oice &ou d 0e t%at of an expert can9t 0e done. so t%e oxy-en %as a stron-er e ectrica c%ar-e. t%is 0rea<s t%e co/a ent 0ond. '%e oxy-en norma y -ets it’s e ectrons from amp f o&. '%e reason t%e oxy-en is stron-er t%en t%e %ydro-en is 0ecause t%e %ydro-en atom %as on y one proton &%ereas t%e oxy-en atom %as ei-%t..t%e &ater mo ecu e to-et%er.e coi . so &%en t%e oxy-en atom ta<es t%e %ydro-en atom’s e ectron it is 0rea<in.s%oc<ed.t%at is %o din.o ar-er t%an little o*er alf am/. diodes and a . its fi-ured out no&. no& 0ecause t%e oxy-en atom needs anot%er e ectron it ta<es it from t%e muc% &ea<er %ydro-en atom.t%e %ydro-en to t%e oxy-en are stripped of &%en t%e oxy-en is ionised and ooses four e ectrons. t%ere is no need to oo< any fut%er..o& tryin. "%en t%e oxy-en atom ta<es t%e %ydro-en’s e ectron it 0rea<s t%e co/a ent 0ond . . '%an<s.e ectron f o& t%e oxy-en atom ta<es t%e e ectrons from t%e %ydro-en atom. If you pu se it &it% t%at. po&er etc and sti 0ein.i9m doinri-%t no&.?S$3 : If t%e &or d s%ou d 0 o& itse f -et t%at po&er in my testce .222f capacitor.e ectrocuted.!SE$FRe*erseH>7fuelcell# Posted: Sat May 12# 266@ 11:16 /m : '%is may 0e one &ay t%e "ater fue ce 0rea<s t%e co/a ent 0ondin.t%is &it% /o ta-e3. --------------------------------------------. '%e t&o e ectrons co/a ent y 0ondin. . t%at &ou d 0e t%e point &%ere t%e %i-% currant &ou d f o&. '%e po&er is un0e ie/a0 e.. + my %air is -one no&.remem0er &e are on y doin.+mps. It9s funny to un%oo< t%e feGuency -enerator./ to You )o. '%e %ydro-en e ectron is t%e t%in. &%en it dose t%is t%e %ydro-en ooses its e ectron to t%e muc% stron-er oxy-en atom..t%e co/a ent 0ond.for. It a most fe d i<e a 231C 0 o&.Return to the top PP Post sub8ect: Its .0y a sin. '%is is a0out a t%e experimentin. --------------------------------------------.of t%e &ater mo ecu e. 0ut 0ecause &e are no& restrictin. Sorry 0ut trueM don9t %ate me : ste*ie1661# Posted: 9 u Se/ 6?# 266@ 2:<= am Post sub8ect: s oc0edRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR : 'oday &as my day of 0ein. i t%in< it &ou d 0e &%at e/eryone is oo<in.RRR Can you do itQQQQQ 6 : ydrocars# Posted: 9ue &u" 6@# 266@ 11:<1 /m : .Return to the top PP Post sub8ect: Hydro"en and o3y"en ionisationV# in Stanley Meyer-s Colta"e Intesifer Circuit DCICF forum /art 6 : P. Su<%oi $ompany .

its not &%at you t%in<.0ecause it &as scre&ed.4 "ILL . i Hust fi-ured a t%is out. it &as used to t%ro& you for a oop Hust i<e t%e freGuency. 4. '%e #reGuency Is $BMPLE'E @2LLSHI' et me say t%at a-ain. 0ut it9s not%in. no&. 9 e unite . it &as on y &or<in.&ire &as comp ete 0u . so you -uys need to %e p me on t%em.ot resonate &it% a inductor in any <ind of Pu sed 4$ B8 +$. &ou d you .i<e you t%in<. t%e &ron. its muc% s o&er .c%o<es &i -et rea y %ot rea y fast. it is $BMPLE' @2LLSHI' t%ere is no #reGuency. 1. i %ard y refer to it as a freGuency. D47nly bi/olar ones can do t is4FR 3. '%ere is a Pu se needed at a desired #reGuency.B' +. + coi of any <ind in para e or series &it% a .to use it &it% t%e &fc. it dont &or<. "it% 5ood meanin-M you &ou d %a/e did t%e same. as< yourse f. and is a comp ete &ast of time if you9re tryin.&rec<.+'EM 2. enou-% a0out t%at deformed circuit.207<+4pg : ydrocars# Posted: Wed &u" 6A# 266@ 2:<< am : '%e sc%ematic i made in t%e past &as a &or<in.2007-0:-07-. His transformer t%at stated 211 &raps of 22 -au-e &ire &it% (11 turns of 3( a&. 0ac< t%en if you &as stan ey meyers. '%in< to yourse f. i admire %im for t%at. do &it% t%e resonate or &ater mo ecu @I Po arN3 $apacitor $an . &%ic% s%o&s t%e ! spi<es seperated 0y a de ay &%ere t%e pu ses start at a o&er /o ta-e. ets -et on &it% t%e -ood stuff and put t%at in t%e pastM + fe& t%in-s you s%ou d <no& 0efore you continue your &ater fue ce ad/enture. + . stan ey NisN a smart man. "BBBBBBBBBBBBH%%%%% I can c ear y see &%y stan ey used a a ternator no&. and &or<es its &ay up to t%e ! Spi<e t%en comes to a de ay &as simp y to confuse youMMM it9s not true. Stanley did t is to confuse you.N%as not%in. More to come if i don9t -et in*entors. its not needed.Nnone @I po arN3 capacitor seperated 0y a diode in any direction $+. and i respect %imM CH7+ES 6 '%ey9re /ery /ery important. .or0s off of C7!$ E!EC9RICI9Y "oo"le t at . drop it. @ut remem0er.B' 8ESB. #or-et t%e da/e a&ton circuit. '%e Patent Nstan ey meyersN. '%ere is no freGuency.

"%at %ydrocars says is &%at i a so t%in< no&. I %ad 0een N0 indetN a so for a &i e.Step up S $%ar-in.ater. &%ic% isn9t t%at efficient and %ot c%o<es. . i on y &i use .t%em to c ose to-et%er.ill 0ill t is /lasmafield emidialy..t%e ne&est resu ts %ere ast &ee<. So 0ecause Currentflo.%ere Guite a &i e.resonance of t e c o0e . '%e %i-% /o ta-e potentia creates a coronaD co d p asma fie d &it% a most no current and transmutes t%e oxy-en in t%e air to o=one."%ic% typica y ays in t%e audiofreG. t%atbs &ater sp it 0y /o ta-e potentia : /ery sma . 0ut &%i e readin.or0s e3actly li0e a oHon "enerator# only .patent t%e comp ete trut%LL &ou d you not do as %e didLLL today is a differnt day# t ere is no /atent# no. itbs so easy. t%en you -et current e ectro ysis.. "%o <no&s. &%at ya &aitin.conducti/e3 &it% t%e CI$. 0ecause it9s so easy and so &ou dn9t -et %is patent -ranted.&%ic% a coi s &it% air-apped ferrit:Dmeta core s%ou d %a/e3. it rea y %it me6:3 May 0e Stan ey Meyer &as forced to comp icate it. you <no& you9re doin. t%e HC arcs o/er: currentf o&.tap&ater or &ater &it% minera s .indin"s on t e same core . 0een readin. So i t%in< Stan Meyer ment t%is coi se fresonance .c%o<e3 +t t%at se fresonance t%e c%o<e &i -enerate t%e stron-est coronaDco d p asma fie dD/o ta-e potentia in t%e &ater 0et&een t%e tu0es and transmutateDsp it it into it9s e ements %ydro-en and oxy-en.ill /ut all .R '%e construction of my resu ts are ready for you to experience.ould and ..8i-%tM '%at Hust 4a&ned on me o : M=r0@B# Posted: Wed &u" 6A# 266@ @:21 am : 5reat &or<M 7es. 7ou on y need to it t e self. '%e corona potetia fie d co apses instant yM Same &%en usin. %i-% y imp osi/e and ener-etic I am not ne& . ran-e3 and t%e simp est pu sin. 8emo/e t%e inso ator 0et&een t%e p ates or 0rin.o& 0et&een t%e tu0es in a Guite dar< room. t%at9s &%y i . its /ublic and money is not an ob8ect# t e trut s all come out no. "e for me t%is .somet%in.onL you -uys &it% me or notLL KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK "%en t%e "ater is Bran-e. 0ut no& i &ou d i<e to s%are &%at i t%in< a0out t%e CI$.. &%ite -as0u00 es.circuit s%ou d do t%e Ho0M May 0e t%ere cou d 0e a /isi0 e 0 ue:purp eis% p asma .

and you &i see $HBAES in tape i made. and &%y you need t%em.I.5 +8B2.5 I . Later &e s%ou d 0e dea in.' +.5 'HE '8+. 7B28 PB$AE' "HE. it suc<s.I. '%is circuit is intended to 'eac% you.S#B8ME8.I. : ydrocars# Posted: Wed &u" 6A# 266@ A:2= am : '%is is not t%e circuit t%at made t%e /ideo at youtu0e. at t e c o0es do. 7ou &i a so see t%e 4)1uf 9HE C&P M. not /ery fast 0ut not s o&. Here in t%is picture. you can see 1 Po&er in/erter. t%ey are idea and out perform todays e ectronics. B8 H+CE 'HE PB"E8 B##. a so &e need to earn to ma<e our on caps. 2 diodes rated at 1666 *olts.on.5 "+8.4 'HE '8+.on. after you experiment &it% t%e sc%ematic you &i see . i &ant co/er t%at %ere ri-%t no&.4 I. it is 121/ +$ to 2! /o ts +$ Step 4o&n.5 "+8.I. nor .ass tu0e re ays. and a o& yourse f to -ain an understandin.&it% reed re ays.B MB8E 'B2$HI. MyGewP'ay*ir uit+4pg . 'a<e t%is and earn from it. 0e on t%e oo<out for t%ese.of &%at is -oin.I. PLE+SE @E $+82#2LL "+8. +$$I4E.5 "+8. one 'ransformer from radio s%ac<.7MB8E.N+LLN3 t%e pictures on t%is t%read.S9 (E 266* no smaller.E H+. "B8AI.&%ats -oin. "e9re sti in t%e 0a0y sta-es. "e &i a &or< on t%is to-et%er %ere in t%e forumsM t%e main -oa is t%at e/eryone understands %o& and &%y it &or<s.I. or -as or . 7B2 SHB2L4 AEEP B. after you %a/e reac%ed t%at e/e t%en it &ou d 0e -reat to -o ar-er as i did manua y as you &i see %o& i did t%e /ideo soon. t%ey s%ou d 0e 0i--er. if you don9t %a/e one &e &i do our 0est at descri0in. /ery dan-erousM '%is is different. you need to -et you one.5 "+8. i <no& &%at its i<e not to %a/e an ammeter. t%ey9re /ery %ard to come across. '%ose of you &it%out ammeter9s you &i need an ammeter t%at &i read at east 11 amps ac and dc.noncoducti/e deminera ised &ater for t%e CI$.5 "+8. (11 &atts.S#B8ME8 B2'P2' B.

: P,!SE$FRe*erseH>7fuelcell# Posted: Wed &u" 6A# 266@ ?:26 /m : Hydro; t%at’s -ood to %ear t%at you are -ettin- resu tsM $ou d you -i/e a rou-% circuit t%at you used in your &ater fue ce ; '%e circuit t%at made a t%at %ydro-en &it% c an ampL Loo<in- for&ard to t%e /ideoM .o& you say t%at t%e freGuency %as no ro e to p ay %ere; 0ut for an L$ circuits to dresonatee you need a freGuency; no& I <no& t%at t%is is true 0ecause of my 'es a coi . #or me to -et t%at %i-% /o ta-e arc%’s I needed to tune t%e freGuency -enerator and t%e spar< -ap ,&itc% made t%e freGuency e/en %i-%er3. It seem t%at you %a/e found somet%in- ne&; Bn t%e ot%er %and; if you are sayin- t%at t%ere is no Zfixed[ freGuency; t%is opens up a &%o e ne& can o’ &%oop ass. If t%at VisW &%at you meant t%en you are a so ri-%t ,you &in eit%er &ay3; t%ere is no fixed resonatin- freGuency; it is a dependant on t%e c%o<es and capacitors /a ues. 7ou a so can find t%e resonatin- freGuency 0y doinsome easy ,%ard3 mat%’s; I t%in< I &i pass and do some freGuency tunin-. If you oo< at &%at crux %as done t%en you can see %o& t%e freGuency is indeed neededI no& I am -oin- to try t&o tests; t%e L$ circuit test; t%is needs t%e step c%ar-e effect and %i-% /o ta-e resonatin- pu ses &it% t%e 0 oc<in- diode and I’m -oin- to try and rep icate &%at you %a/e done. '%at is &%y t%e ori-ina circuit %as t%e 0 oc<in- diode V0eforeW t%e c%o<e and t%e capacitor and not in:0et&een t%em; t%is a o&s for resonance 0et&een t%e inductor and capacitor; t%us pro/in- more t%at a freGuency is needed; ,I am not sayin- you are &ron-; it is Hust t%at you %a/e found somet%in- ne&M '%at’s -reatM3. '%ere is no fixed resonant freGuency t%at depends on so many factors. 7ou need t%e freGuency -enerator t%ou-% for an L$ circuit. My V12W / 0attery is arri/in- tomorro& and t%en I can -et started &it% my L$ testsM I’ et you a <no& %o& t%at -oes "it% re-ards to %i-% /o ta-e; I o/e re atin- t%e 'es a coi to t%e &ater fue ce . I t%in< t%ere is no arc% in t%e &ater 0et&een t%e positi/e and ne-ati/e e ectrodes t%at &ou d 0e s%ortin- and &ou d affect t%e &ater mo ecu e. @ut t%is process app ies to t%e 0ro&ns -as -enerator; t%e one &it% car0on rods and t%e under &ater arc. 8at%er t%e %i-% /o ta-e affects t%e &ater mo ecu es 0ecause of t%e %i-% /o ta-e fie d. In a 'es a coi t%ere are arc%es and spar<s 0ut t%ere are /ery %i-% /o ta-e fie ds to. If you can -et t%e /o ta-e fie d under &ater in t%e p ates; and put t%e p ates as c ose to-et%er &it%out arc%in-; you &i -et a pretty intense /o ta-e fie d. .o amps &ou d 0e consumed Hust i<e a ma-netic fie d. '%e &ay to -enerate a %i-% /o ta-e fie d &ou d 0e t%rou-% L$ resonance; t%is means %i-% /o ta-e so 0e carefu . '%e resonance 0ui ds up t%e /o ta-e fie d in t%e &ater capacitor; and; Hust 0efore a die ectric fai ure ,arc%in-3 occurs t%e %i-% /o ta-e pu ses stop; on y to start a-ain and so t%e process -oes; no amp f o& no e ectricity 0einused. Sure some ampera-e &i 0e used; not%in- is perfect; 0ut if &e can -et it as o&

as possi0 e o& &atta-e &i 0e used. 111111/ x 1.111 amps U 11 &atts; easi y doa0 e 0y t%e a ternator. : ydrocars# Posted: Sat &u" 11# 266@ 12:1@ am : :` s0ee%re &rote6 o< i -et t%at 0ut cou d you a so Hust %oo< up a p u- from your &a out et to t%e transformerL t%ats if you didnt %a/e an in/erter. yes you cou d; 0ut it is important t%at t%e primary side is fused &it% a0out a 2 amp fuse. t%e in/erter is ess dan-erous. : ydrocars# Posted: Sun &u" 12# 266@ 2:=< /m : :` $orona#ire &rote6 In your demo circuit; you %a/e t%e %i-% /o ta-e ,121CL3 from t%e in/erter -oin- into t%e transformer ,into t%e 2!C sideL3 so t%en t%e output from t%e transformer ,t%e 121C sideL3 -oes into t%e diodes to t%e cap. '%at &ou d mean you9/e -ot !)(C 4$ at t%e cap; &%ic% you pu se ,&it% t%e s&itc%3 t%rou-% t%e c%o<es and across t%e &fc. '%at &ou d su--est to me t%at t%e at east 211C ratin- you said for t%e cap is no &%ere near %i-% enou-% to safe y run; un ess t%e transformer is around t%e ot%er &ay and you on y %a/e 2!C. Is t%is a %i-% /o ta-e setup or a o& /o ta-e setupL yea%; t%e transformer is %oo<ed up as it is 0ui t for. 121/ to 2!/; 2!/ to t%e &ater fue ce . : ydrocars# Posted: Sun &u" 12# 266@ 2:=B /m : :` @e-inner#ore/er &rote6 I a so %a/e Guestions for Hydrocars. In your dia-ram; &%at are t%e t&o 0 ac< rectan- esL and is t%e circ e t%e &fcL &%at is t%e dimensions of your SS tu0in-sL,inner and outer tu0in-s3; &%at -au-e; diameter; en-t%; spacin- 0et&een t&o tu0es3 t%e 0 ac< t%in-s are diodes. yes t%e circ e is t%e &fc un ess it9s dra&n i<e a cap sym0o . 1 inc% tu0e od; inside tu0e 3D4 od; -ap 1D1(t%. I am %a/in- issues; i9m %opin- t%at t%e caps i ordered &i &or< for t%is 0ut i am %a/in- my dou0ts after &atc%in- To-ens Cideo at youtu0e; t%ey seem to %a/e it fi-ured out; and t%ey mentioned t%at t%e proper freGuency &as needed; &%ere i &as eanin- to&ard co d e ectricity 0ecause i %a/e %ad no uc< &it% a freGuency; and a so t%ere is a /ideo at youtu0e and t%ey -uy t%at stands up sounds Hust i<e stan ey meyers; t%ey said on t%at /ideo t%e freGuency &as Hust to confuse you a so; i9m so confused ri-%t no& and f usterated. you dont <no& &%at to 0e ie/e 0ecause To-en isn9t -onna &ant you to -et it &or<in-; it &ou d 0e a money t%in- for t%em; and you dont <no& &%at to 0e ie/e &%en you &atc% t%em <inda /ideo9s; t%ey seem to put in our %eads &%at t%ey &ant us to t%in<; t%ey cou d 0e eadin- us in t%e ri-%t direction; or t%ey cou d Hust 0e t%ro&in- us a oop of ies; &%o <no&s : ydrocars# Posted: Mon &u" 1<# 266@ @:=2 am : o%; im sorry -uy9s; t%e sc%ematic i &as usin- is found on pa-e 2 of t%is tread; it is named Pu ser.Hpe-

i9m sorry i didn9t measure t%e iters output; i didn9t fee it &as time to do t%at 0ecause t%e circuit dont run on- enou-% 0efore it o/er%eats. i t%in< it is more important to -et a -ood &or<in- circuit first; 0ut t%ats &%at i used so <noc< yourse f out; i didn9t use c%o<es in t%e /ideo. : ydrocars# Posted: 9ue &u" 1=# 266@ 12:6@ am : ,Ni did not &ant to post t%isN3 0ut %ere it is pu sed.

De"o+4peg : P,!SE$FRe*erseH>7fuelcell# Posted: Sat &u" 1A# 266@ B:<= /m : '%ose capacitors store up t%e %i-% /o ta-e and t%en once one disc%ar-es t%ey a -o and de i/er a HI5H /o ta-e disc%ar-e to t%e &ater e ectrode; t%us %i-% /o ta-e. I ?2S' -ot &%at you are ta <in- a0out i<e fi/e seconds a-oI it a Hust came 0ac< to meM I &i post muc% more on t%is soonM : Hydrocars# Posted: Mon &u" 26# 266@ 2:<< /m : i9m readin- on %o& to dis%car-e t%e capacitors to t%e &fc; i t%in< co d ener-y &ou d do it; a t%ou-% i9m not rea y sure; Hust %a/e to try and see &%at t%e output is; ri-%t no& i9m tryin- to fi-ure out %o& to c%ar-e t%e 0i- caps at a decent speed; its not oo<in- -ood. : P,!SE$FRe*erseH>7fuelcell# Posted: Mon &u" 26# 266@ B:16 /m : Hey HydroM yea% I t%ou-%t to my se f &%en I sa& t%ose pictures of t%e capacitors; Z%o& t%e %ec< is %e -onna c%ar-e’em a [ In seriesM

I am -oin- to try my o d 'C capacitors; and 0y t%e &ay; your ri-%t; I don’t need to spend a my money on ferrite core and &ire; Hust pop do&n to t%e dump and -et yourse f an o d 'C &%ip out its innards f ip it on t%e top side and spin it inside outM : P,!SE$FRe*erseH>7fuelcell# Posted: 9ue &u" 21# 266@ A:12 /m : Hey Hydro; I Hust tested my ferrite rods and t%ey are ma-netic; 0ut t%e oose t%ere ma-netic fie ds /ery Guic< y. '%ey are ferrite cores t%ose dou-%nut s%aped t%in-s; t%ey are ferrite. 5ood cores to use. : P,!SE$FRe*erseH>7fuelcell# Posted: 9ue &u" 2A# 266@ 16:6= /m : Hydro’s tests &or< on capaciti/e disc%ar-eI you put in %i-% /o ta-e to t%e %i-% /o ta-e capacitors 0y means of a transformer; t%ese %i-% /o ta-e pu ses c%ar-e t%e first capacitor &itc%; &%en disc%ar-ed; 0ui d up in t%e next capacitor and so on; unti t%e ast capacitor is disc%ar-ed into t%e main capacitor; t%e &ater capacitor. It is t%is %i-% /o ta-e Zpotentia [ is &%at 0rea<s t%e &ater mo ecu ar 0onds. .ot ampera-e; 0ut %i-% /o ta-e fie ds. '%is is not e/en Stan Meyer’s processM Stan’s process needs Vt&oW amps and Vfi/eW /o ts; t%at’s 11 &atts of e ectrica inputM It t%en turns t%is into tens of t%ousands of /o ts 0y e ectrica Zresonance[; c%ar-in- t%e &ater capacitor in series &it% a c%o<e at a resonant freGuency; mu tip yin- t%e /o ta-e. '%is &or<s t%e same &ay as a 'es a coi ; usin- o& input and usin- e ectrica resonance to -enerate /ery %i-% /o ta-e. I am -oin- to as< Mu==a to put a forum section for &ater fue ce s<epticism; or dou0ts. If you %a/e any Guestions; fee free to as<; I am not tryin- to 0e mean; cuttin-; or a <no& it a ; if you stay i<e t%at you are Hust -oin- to -et &orse reception %ere; i-%ten up a itt ie; &ere %ere to %e p VyouW; not put you do&nM 7ou <no& &%at Znon directiona pu ses[ meansL '%at t%e freGuency is not a ternatin-; 0ut direct currant; &itc% means t%at t%e &ater &i stay c%ar-ed and &i not drain. 7ou a so say t%at Stan Meyer did not -i/e c ear instructions; you <no& &%yL It is .E" you can’t understand is o/erni-%t; it %as ta<en us a on- time to -et an understandin- of t%is tec%no o-y; 0ut; t%an<s to t%e input of many %e pfu and up 0ui din- peop e &e can and are rep icatin- it. : Ron +ni" t# Posted: Wed &u" 2B# 266@ <:<@ am : '%e ener-y t%at Stan9s tec%no o-y is usin- is 'es ian in ori-in. @e o& are some &e0 pa-e addresses t%at &i %e p you to 0etter understand exact y %o& Stan &as doin- it and ot%er researc%ers t%at use t%e same tec%no o-y. '%e @edini information is for educationa purposesI any0ody found to 0e commercia y profitin- on t%e patented tec%no o-y &i 0e prosecuted. 'rust me &%en I say a icense is not t%at expensi/e as opposed to 0ein- sued.

: Stan ey Meyer : "ater #ue InHector %ttp6DD&&&.youtu0e.comD&atc%L/U4)@+B4GGcpJ : Stan ey Meyer : Stain ess Stee 314 %ttp6DD&&&.youtu0e.comD&atc%L/U88T m!+BFm7 : Stan ey Meyer : E ectron Extraction $ircuit %ttp6DD&&&.youtu0e.comD&atc%L/U$ afGu1T&(E : Practica 5uide to #ree:Ener-y 4e/ices %ttp6DD&&&.panaceauni/ersity.or-D : "ater #ue $e 'ec%nica @rief 0y Stan ey Meyer %ttp6DD&&&.panaceauni/ersity.or-DStanKMeyerK#u K4ata.pdf @e o& are 'es ian re ated resources to en%ance your understandin-. : Inter/ie& &it% Lt. $o . '%omas E. @earden ,ret.3 %ttp6DD&&&.c%eniere.or-DmiscDinter/ie&1FF1.%tm : @edini 'ec%no o-y %ttp6DD&&&.ice%ouse.netDHo%n1Dindex11.%tm '%is -roup %ere is a -ood start to understandin- radiant ener-y. 7ou can 0ui d a &or<in- de/ice t%at &i positi/e y en%ance your understandin- to 8E and you mi-%t e/en &ant to exp ore ot%er possi0i ities. : @edini Monopo e 3 -roup '%is e-roup is for peop e &is%in- to 0ui d and test ?o%n @edini9s monopo e ener-i=ers as directed. %ttp6DDtec%.-roups.ya%oo.comD-roupD@ediniKMonopo e3D : ?o%n @edini Monopo e Mec%anica Bsci ator Simp ified Sc%oo 5ir ,SS53 Presentation %ttp6DDrpm-t.or-DSS5.%tm : Hydrocars# Posted: Sat Se/ 61# 266@ 2:<? /m : I found t%is on i<e t%e second pa-e of t%is t%read; if you reed t%re& it you &i 0e a0 e to te &%at i &as doin-. t%is &as my sc%ematic i dre& up t%at e/eryone seems to %a/e o/er oo<. %ttp6DD&aterfue ce .or-Dp%p@@2Dfi esDpu serK12F.Hpe--------------------------------------------- Return to the top PP Post sub8ect: My Pro8ect .it Cideo 6 : Hydrocars; i t%in< i %ot t%ese in t%e ri-%t order : %ttp6DD&&&.youtu0e.comD&atc%L/U!(Lcyp*T)!: %ttp6DD&&&.youtu0e.comD&atc%L/U'f)uaPy <-o : %ttp6DD&&&.youtu0e.comD&atc%L/Ut@+<(x cB7-

: %ttp6DD&&&.youtu0e.comD&atc%L/UId$Ld/F.%fs : %ttp6DD&&&.youtu0e.comD&atc%L/Ux(2E:>Hn24* youtu0e is doin- a sorry Ho0; t%is &as o/er * %ours a-o i up oaded t%is. : Hydrocars# Sun Se/ 6B# 266@ <:1? am : it9s s%o&in- %ydro-en production at .!1 amps 1 amp and 2 amps. t%e circuit is s%o& in t%e /ideo to. a so t%ere is a sin- e ce t%at i &as experementin- on.. --------------------------------------------- Return to the top PP Post sub8ect: Stanley Meyers Coils & S/ecs 6 %ttp6DD&aterfue ce .or-Dp%p@@2D/ie&topic.p%pLtU43)SstartU1SpostdaysU1Spostord erUascS%i-% i-%tU : Hydrocars# Posted: 9ue Eul 16# 266@ 12:2B am6 In t%e Examp e of a fue ce circuit of #I5. 1; a &ater capacitor is inc uded. '%e step: up coi is formed on a con/entiona toroida core formed of a compressed ferroma-netic po&ered materia t%at &i not itse f 0ecome permanent y ma-neti=ed; suc% as t%e trademar<ed N#erramic 1(P NPerma-N po&der as descri0ed in Siemens #errites $ata o-; $5:2111:112:121; ,$ e/e and; B%io3 .o. #(2(:121!N. '%e core is 1.!1 inc% in diameter and 1.2! inc% in t%ic<ness. + primary coi of 211 turns of 24 -au-e copper &ire is pro/ided and coi of (11 turns of 3( -au-e &ire comprises t%e secondary &indin-. In t%e circuit of #I5 1; t%e diode is a 1.11F* diode &%ic% acts as a 0 oc<in- diode and an e ectric s&itc% t%at a o&s /o ta-e f o& in one direction on y. '%us; t%e capacitor is ne/er su0Hected to a pu se of re/erse po arity. '%e primary coi of t%e toroid is su0Hect to a !1E duty cyc e pu se. '%e toroida pu sin- coi pro/ides a /o ta-e step:up from t%e pu se -enerator in excess of fi/e times; a t%ou-% t%e re ati/e amount of step:up is determined 0y prese ected criteria for a particu ar app ication. +s t%e stepped:up pu se enters first inductor ,formed from 111 turns of 24 -au-e &ire 1 inc% in diameter3; an e ectroma-netic fie d is formed around t%e inductor; /o ta-e is s&itc%ed off &%en t%e pu se ends; and t%e fie d co apses and produces anot%er pu se of t%e same po arity i.e.; anot%er positi/e pu se is formed &%ere t%e !1E duty cyc e &as terminated. '%us; a dou0 e pu se freGuency is producedI %o&e/er; in pu se train of unipo ar pu ses; t%ere is a 0rief time &%en pu ses are not present. @y 0ein- so su0Hected to e ectrica pu ses in t%e circuit of #I5. 1; &ater confined in t%e /o ume t%at inc udes t%e capacitor p ates ta<es on an e ectrica c%ar-e t%at is increased 0y a step c%ar-in- p%enomenon occurrin- in t%e &ater capacitor. Co ta-e continua y increases ,to a0out 1111 /o ts and more3 and t%e &ater mo ecu es starts to e on-ate. '%e pu se train is t%en s&itc%ed offI t%e /o ta-e across t%e &ater capacitor drops to t%e amount of t%e c%ar-e t%at t%e &ater mo ecu es %a/e ta<en on; i.e.; /o ta-e is

maintained across t%e c%ar-ed capacitor. '%e pu se train is t%e reapp ied P from 6 rexresearc%.comDmeyer%yD4F3(F(1.%tm '+@LE 1 I Process Steps6 '%e seGuence of t%e re ati/e state of t%e &ater mo ecu e andDor %ydro-enDoxy-enDot%er atoms6 +. ,am0ient state3 random @. + i-nment of po ar fie ds $. Po ari=ation of mo ecu e 4. Mo ecu ar e on-ation E. +tom i0eration 0y 0rea<do&n of co/a ent 0ond #. 8e ease of -ases In t%e process; t%e point of optimum -as re ease is reac%ed at a circuit resonance. "ater in t%e fue ce is su0Hected to a pu satin-; po ar e ectric fie d produced 0y t%e e ectrica circuit &%ere0y t%e &ater mo ecu es are distended 0y reason of t%eir su0Hection to e ectrica po ar forces of t%e capacitor p ates. '%e po ar pu satin- freGuency app ied is suc% t%at t%e pu satin- e ectric fie d induces a resonance in t%e mo ecu e. + cascade effect occurs and t%e o/era ener-y e/e of specific &ater mo ecu es is increased in cascadin-; incrementa steps. '%e %ydro-en and oxy-en atomic -ases; and ot%er -as components former y entrapped as disso /ed -ases in &ater; are re eased &%en t%e resonant ener-y exceeds t%e co/a ent 0ondin- force of t%e &ater mo ecu e. + preferred construction materia for t%e capacitor p ates is stain ess stee ':314 &%ic% is non:c%emica reacti/e &it% &ater; %ydro-en; or oxy-en. +n e ectrica y conducti/e materia &%ic% is inert in t%e f uid en/ironment is a desira0 e materia of construction for t%e e ectrica fie d p ates of t%e N&ater capacitorN emp oyed in t%e circuit. Bnce tri--ered; t%e -as output is contro a0 e 0y t%e attenuation of operationa parameters. '%us; once t%e freGuency of resonance is identified; 0y /aryin- t%e app ied pu se /o ta-e to t%e &ater fue ce assem0 y; -as output is /aried. @y /aryin- t%e pu se s%ape andDor amp itude or pu se train seGuence of t%e initia pu sin- &a/e source; fina -as output is /aried. +ttenuation of t%e /o ta-e fie d freGuency in t%e form of B## and B. pu ses i<e&ise affects output. '%e o/era apparatus t%us inc udes an e ectrica circuit in &%ic% a &ater capacitor %a/in- a <no&n die ectric property is an e ement. '%e fue -ases are o0tained from t%e &ater 0y t%e disassociation of t%e &ater mo ecu e. '%e &ater mo ecu es are sp it into component atomic e ements ,%ydro-en and oxy-en -ases3 0y a /o ta-e stimu ation process ca ed t%e e ectrica po ari=ation process &%ic% a so re eases disso /ed -ases entrapped in t%e &ater.

+s furt%er mo ecu e a i-nment occurs./o ta-e potentia is a &ays positi/e in direct re ations%ip to ne-ati/e -round potentia durin.t%e e ectrica fie d p ates increases from a o& ener-y state to a %i-% ener-y state successi/e y is a step manner fo o&in. mo ecu ar mo/ement is %indered. "%en t%e potentia difference app ied causes t%e orientated &ater mo ecu es to a i-n t%emse /es 0et&een t%e conducti/e p ates. '%e positi/e e ectrica y c%ar-ed %ydro-en atoms of said &ater mo ecu e are attracted to a ne-ati/e /o ta-e fie dI &%i e.eac% pu se:train as i ustrated fi-urati/e y in t%e depictions of #I5.potentia difference resu tin.eac% pu se. @ecause t%e positi/e y c%ar-ed %ydro-en atoms of said a i-ned mo ecu es are attracted in a direction opposite to t%e ne-ati/e y c%ar-ed oxy-en atoms. t%e e ectrica force of attraction of ./o ta-e potentia is induced in t%e mo ecu es in a inear. 3$ and 34. 0ecause t%e &ater mo ecu e natura y ex%i0its opposite e ectrica fie ds in a re ati/e y po ar confi-uration . 3+ t%rou-% 3#. E/en a s i-%t potentia difference app ied to inert. as s%o&n in #I5. conducti/e p ates of a containment c%am0er &%ic% forms a capacitor &i initiate po ar atomic orientation &it%in t%e &ater mo ecu e 0ased on po arity differences. "%en a unipo ar /o ta-e pu se train suc% as s%o&n in #I5S. at t%e same time. step i<e c%ar-in.effect. 3@ t%rou-% 3# is app ied to positi/e and ne-ati/e capacitor p ates. t%e t%eoretica 0asis of t%e in/ention considers t%e respecti/e states of mo ecu es and -ases and ions deri/ed from iGuid &ater.#rom t%e out ine of p%ysica p%enomena associated &it% t%e process descri0ed in 'a0 e 1. 3@. an increasin. +s t%e &ater mo ecu e is furt%er exposed to an increasin. 3@.causes t%e /o ta-e fie d intensity to 0e increased in accordance &it% #I5.t%e t&o %ydro-en atoms are positi/e y e ectrica y c%ar-ed re ati/e to t%e ne-ati/e e ectrica y c%ar-ed oxy-en atom3.from t%e step c%ar-in.of t%e capacitor. t%e ne-ati/e e ectrica y c%ar-ed oxy-en atoms of t%e same &ater mo ecu e are attracted to a positi/e /o ta-e fie d. Positi/e and ne-ati/e /o ta-e N=onesN are t%us formed simu taneous y in t%e e ectrica fie d of t%e capacitor p ates. In t%e first sta-e of t%e process descri0ed in 'a0 e 1. a po ar c%ar-e a i-nment or distri0ution occurs &it%in t%e mo ecu es 0et&een said /o ta-e =ones. '%e /o ta-e po arity on t%e p ates &%ic% create t%e /o ta-e fie ds remains constant a t%ou-% t%e /o ta-e c%ar-e increases. t%e /o ta-e pu se causes initia y random y oriented &ater mo ecu es in t%e iGuid state to spin and orient t%emse /es &it% reference to positi/e and ne-ati/e po es of t%e /o ta-e fie ds app ied.increases. +nd as t%e ener-y e/e of t%e atoms su0Hected to resonant pu sin. t%e stationary &ater mo ecu es 0ecome e on-ated as s%o&n in #I5S. pu sin. '%e increasin. '%e e ectrica fie d of t%e partic es &it%in a /o ume of &ater inc udin. @efore /o ta-e stimu ation. E ectrica y c%ar-ed nuc ei and e ectrons are attracted to&ard opposite e ectrica y c%ar-ed eGui i0rium of t%e &ater mo ecu e. &ater mo ecu es are random y dispersed t%rou-%out &ater in a container.

'%us. "%en a /o ume of &ater is iso ated and e ectrica y conducti/e p ates. /o ta-e is s&itc%ed off &%en t%e pu se ends. &ater ta<es on an e ectrica c%ar-e. '%e ne-ati/e y c%ar-ed e ectron is attracted to&ard t%e positi/e y c%ar-ed %ydro-en atoms. '%e p ates of t%e capacitor constitute suc% as a i-nment fie d &%en a /o ta-e is app ied. 1. In a more specific exp anation of t%e Nsu0:atomicN action t%e occurs in t%e &ater fue ce .0et&een &%ic% form t%e mo ecu e is &ea<ened ::: and u timate y terminated.&ater3W. Section E:!1. # orida . ana o-ous to a NmicrocapacitorN &it%in t%e capacitor defined 0y t%e p ates. #(2(:121!N. +s a resu t. t%e die ectric property of &ater resists t%e f o& of amps in t%e circuit. @y t%e a&s of e ectrica attraction. '%us.a capacitance determined 0y t%e surface area of t%e p ates. In t%e circuit of #I5 1. &%i e at t%e same time. t%at are c%emica y inert in &ater and are separated 0y a distance. a &ater capacitor is inc uded.!4 at 21 de-rees $.$ e/e and.11F* diode &%ic% acts as a 0 oc<in. H21. mo ecu es a i-n accordin. +s t%e stepped:up pu se enters first inductor . t%e co/a ent 0ondin. in pu se train of unipo ar pu ses. "%en &ater mo ecu es are exposed to /o ta-e at a restricted current. and t%e fie d co apses and produces anot%er pu se of t%e same po arity i. $8$ Press. an e ectroma-netic fie d is formed around t%e inductor. and intrinsic die ectric property. t%e diode is a 1. t%e distance of t%eir separation and t%e die ectric constant of &ater. VHand0oo< of $%emistry S P%ysics. suc% as t%e trademar<ed N#erramic 1(P NPerma-N po&der as descri0ed in Siemens #errites $ata o-. t%e capacitor is ne/er su0Hected to a pu se of re/erse po arity. %a/in.!1 inc% in diameter and 1. In t%e Examp e of a fue ce circuit of #I5.coi pro/ides a /o ta-e step:up from t%e pu se -enerator in excess of fi/e times... and 1 atm pressure. 0ecomes part of t%e e ectrica circuit. + primary coi of 211 turns of 24 -au-e copper &ire is pro/ided and coi of (11 turns of 3( -au-e &ire comprises t%e secondary &indin-. '%e step: up coi is formed on a con/entiona toroida core formed of a compressed ferroma-netic po&ered materia t%at &i not itse f 0ecome permanent y ma-neti=ed. . '%e primary coi of t%e toroid is su0Hect to a !1E duty cyc e pu se. "%en a c%ar-e is app ied to a capacitor.diode and an e ectric s&itc% t%at a o&s /o ta-e f o& in one direction on y. 0ecause it %as po arity fie ds formed 0y t%e re ations%ip of %ydro-en and oxy-en in t%e co/a ent 0ond.2! inc% in t%ic<ness. (*t% ed. '%e core is 1. anot%er positi/e pu se is formed &%ere t%e !1E duty cyc e &as terminated.formed from 111 turns of 24 -au-e &ire 1 inc% in diameter3. a dou0 e pu se freGuency is producedI %o&e/er.1F*):*3.t%e atoms &it%in t%e mo ecu e to t%e capacitor p ates of t%e c%am0er a so increase in stren-t%. t%ere is a 0rief time &%en . a t%ou-% t%e re ati/e amount of step:up is determined 0y prese ected criteria for a particu ar app ication. t%e e ectrica c%ar-e of t%e capacitor eGua s t%e app ied /o ta-e c%ar-eI in a &ater capacitor. it is <no&n t%at natura &ater is a iGuid &%ic% %as a die ectric constant of )*. t%e ne-ati/e y c%ar-ed oxy-en atoms repe e positi/e and ne-ati/e po arity fie ds of t%e mo ecu e and t%e a i-nment fie d.@oca 8aton.o.e. a capacitor is formed. and t%e &ater mo ecu e itse f. B%io3 . '%e toroida pu sin. $5:2111:112:121. are immersed in &ater.

"%en t%is %appens.e ectrons 0ecome neutra i=edI atoms are i0erated from t%e &ater. t%e time s%are ratio of t%e e ectron s%e s is modified.s%e s are &e <no&n3 t%e /o ta-e app ied to t%e capacitor affects t%e e ectrica forces in%erent in t%e co/a ent a0out 1111 /o ts and more3 and t%e &ater mo ecu es starts to e on-ate. t%e e ectrica force or e ectroma-netic force. . +n e ectro yte is not added to t%e &ater. '%ere may ne/ert%e ess occur a ea<a-e current t%rou-% t%e &ater. t%e %i-%er t%e /o ta-e t%e %i-%er t%e /o ta-e potentia .e. '%e pu se train is t%en s&itc%ed offI t%e /o ta-e across t%e &ater capacitor drops to t%e amount of t%e c%ar-e t%at t%e &ater mo ecu es %a/e ta<en on. e ectrons are extracted from t%e &ater 0at%I e ectrons are not consumed nor are e ectrons introduced into t%e &ater 0at% 0y t%e circuit as e ectrons are con/entiona y introduced in as e ectro ysis process.p%enomenon t%e &ater capacitor. t%e o0Hect of t%e &ater capacitor circuit is to pre/ent e ectron f o& t%rou-% t%e circuit. '%ose %ydro-en atoms missin. @ecause an e ectron &i on y occupy a certain e ectron s%e . =ero . @y 0ein. &ater confined in t%e /o ume t%at inc udes t%e capacitor p ates ta<es on an e ectrica c%ar-e t%at is increased 0y a step c%ar-in. +s a resu t of t%e c%ar-e app ied 0y t%e p ates. E ectrica ea<a-e in t%e &ater &i occur. t%e &ater mo ecu e ta<es on c%ar-e. '%us. suc% as occurs 0y e ectron f o& or ea<a-e t%rou-% a resisti/e e ement t%at produces %eat.pu ses are not present. /o ta-e is maintained across t%e c%ar-ed capacitor. '%us. 0ecause of some residua conducti/ity and impurities or ions t%at may 0e ot%er&ise present in t%e &ater. @ecause a /o ta-e potentia app ied to a capacitor can perform &or<.e. i. '%e pu se train is t%e reapp ied. and t%e c%ar-e increases. in /ie& of an idea i=ed capacitor circuit.13 current f o& &i occur across t%e capacitor. t%e more &or< is performed 0y a -i/en capacitor.e. In an optimum capacitor t%at is &%o y non:conducti/e. '%e e ectrons former y s%ared 0y atoms in t%e &ater co/a ent 0ond are rea ocated suc% t%at neutra e ementa -ases are i0erated. In t%e iso ated &ater 0at%. t%e app ied force 0ecomes -reater t%an t%e force of t%e co/a ent 0onds 0et&een t%e atom of t%e &ater mo ecu eI and t%e &ater mo ecu e 0ecomes e on-ated.of t%e &ater mo ecu e and interrupt t%e su0atomic force. Co ta-e continua y increases . t%at 0inds t%e %ydro-en and oxy-en atoms to form a mo ecu e so t%at t%e %ydro-en and oxy-en su0Hected to e ectrica pu ses in t%e circuit of #I5. i. t%e &ater capacitor is prefera0 y c%emica y inert. In t%e process. '%e o0Hect of t%e process is to s&itc% off t%e co/a ent 0ondin. 1. i. %o&e/er. '%e c%ar-ed atoms and e ectrons are attracted to t%e opposite po arity /o ta-e =ones created 0et&een t%e capacitor p ates.

t%e &ater capacitor. and -ases former y disso /ed in t%e &ater suc% as t%e atmosp%eric -ases or oxy-en. copyri-%t 1F*4.Indianapo is. In t%e circuit. oxy-en from t%e &ater mo ecu e. VS+MS Modern 4ictionary of E &%ic% ot%er circuit e ement specifications are pro/ided a0o/e3. In t%is manner a continuous /o ta-e is produced across t%e capacitor p ates in t%e &ater 0at%I and t%e capacitor does not disc%ar-e. '%e o/era circuit is c%aracteri=ed as a Nresonant c%ar-in. and t%e i<e. t%e diode acts as a s&itc% t%at a o&s t%e ma-netic fie d produced in t%e inductor to co apse.resonance in any circuit.t%e pu se freGuency and pre/entin. and ar-on. Cariations of t%e process and apparatus may 0e e/ident to t%ose s<i ed in t%e art. t%e f o& of amps is minimi=ed and t%e /o ta-e is maximi=ed to a pea<. '%e &iper arm on t%e second conductor tunes t%e circuit and accommodates to contaminants in &ater so t%at t%e c%ar-e is a &ays app ied to t%e capacitor. 8udo f 5arff.1(2! inc%. Ho&ard ". 8esonance in t%e circuit &as ac%ie/ed at a 2( /o t app ied pu se to t%e primary coi of t%e toroid at 1 AH=. Ind.3. +s noted initia y.t%e capacitor from disc%ar-in-. as t%e pu se freGuency is adHusted. 1 . pu se amp itude and capacitor p ate si=e and confi-uration. '%e /o ta-e app ied determines t%e rate of 0rea<do&n of t%e mo ecu e into its atomic components. p ate si=e. t%e capacitance depends on t%e die ectric properties of t%e &ater and t%e si=e and separation of t%e conducti/e e ements formin. Spacin.! inc% in outside diameter. Sams S $o. nitro-en. . &it% correspondin. pa-e *!F. confi-uration and distance. and t%e &ater mo ecu es disassociated into e ementa %ydro-en and oxy-en and t%e -as re eased from t%e fue ce comprised a mixture of %ydro-en.c%o<eN circuit &%ic% is an inductor in series &it% a capacitor t%at produces a resonant circuit. t&o concentric cy inders 4 inc%es onformed t%e &ater capacitor of t%e fue ce in t%e /o ume of &ater. '%e &ater mo ecu es are t%us su0Hected to a continuous y c%ar-ed fie d unti t%e 0rea<do&n of t%e co/a ent 0ond occurs. it is rep aced 0y any appropriate means or contro system. : EJ&MP!E 1 6 In an examp e of t%e circuit of #I5. t%e e ectrica resonance may 0e reac%ed at a e/e s of /o ta-e potentia .from t%e outside of t%e inner cy inder to t%e inner surface of t%e outside cy inder &as 1. In ac%ie/in. $ontro of t%e production of fue -as is determined 0y /ariation of t%e period of time 0et&een a train of pu ses.)! inc% in outside diameterI t%e inner cy inder &as 1.In t%e process.W Suc% a resonant c%ar-in. '%e outside cy inder &as 1./a ue adHustments to ot%er circuit components. +s &ater in t%e ce is consumed. circuit inductors.c%o<e is on eac% side of t%e capacitor. $a cu ation of t%e resonance freGuency of an o/era circuit is determined 0y <no&n meansI different ca/ities %a/e a different freGuency of resonance dependant on parameters of t%e &ater die ectric. t%ere0y dou0 in. "%at is c aimed is6 V $ aims not inc uded %ere W P +eelynet>Can"ard )otes 6 .

4on9t depend on t%is 0einfact. '%e Patent doesn9t say 0ut I &ou d t%in< t%at insu atin. Stain ess Stee N'314N is a type of &e da0 e Stain ess.t%e 41+ is o/er <i and may not 0e needed3.P8+$'I$+L t%at "B8AS and t%at PEBPLE can use in t%eir e/ery day i/es. It is a 41+ (11 PIC 4iode .ne/er -ets out into t%e &or d to do some 5BB4. '%e circuit to do t%is is not s%o&n. i &ou d i<e for you to run a test for me.up to t%e tu0es &ou d 0e e ectrica y correct . '%e inner tu0e fi-ures out to 0e 1D2N 1* -au-e . '%is cou d 0e done &it% sma pieces of p astic.1(1 N&a N3 tu0e . i can9t do it de& to not %a/in. 7ou a so need to fi-ure out a &ay to <eep t%e t&o tu0es separated from eac% ot%er. '%e pu se freGuency &as not printed.. Hust empty 0oxes. use 0ot% c%o<es and pu se t%em as usua . t%is is a common si=e for t%is tu0e. %o& many &raps does your ferrite %a/eL i &ou d i<e for you to run t%is test for me.Return to the top PP Post sub8ect: Pulsed# Please el/ 6 : Hydrocars# Posted: Wed Se/ 12# 266@ @:=2 /m6 Pu sed. ma<e sure you %a/e a diode on t%e c%o<es i<e in t%e picture. It9s time to -et out your S$BPE and try t%in-sM 4on9t for-et to s%are your resu ts &it% ot%ers M 58EE4 is &%y t%is type of may &ant t%e purified &ater t%at is returned to drin< some day3.a common si=e3 cut to 4 inc% en-t%. '%e outer tu0e fi-ures out to 0e 3D4N 1( -au-e .1D( dia &ou d do3 and 2SE LE+4 #8EE SBL4E8 M . usin.11F* 4iode is a so a . N'314N is Hust t%e more common type of Stain ess tu0in.a ferrite 0ar.a/ai a0 e. 0ut t%is si=e s%ou d &or<3 cut to 4 inc% en-t%.Stain ess so id rod . dont &orry a0out . it9s Hust a educated -uess.14F N&a N. and t%is doesn9t effect t%e de/ice at a . If you &ant to ma<e some money. '%e -uess %ere is t%at it is fu of &ater.1. 0ut ot%er types s%ou d &or< t%e same.and pro0a0 y &ou dn9t %urt3.onto information i<e t%is on y %urts +LL B# 2S MM --------------------------------------------. it is estimated from t%e si=e of t%e coi s and transformer t%at t%e freGuency doesn9t exceed !1 M%=. t%en se itM Ho din. 0ut t%e actua -au-e cannot 0e fi-ured from t%is patent documentation.t%e eads &it% some type of tu0in. 7ou s%ou d a so attac% t%e t&o eads to t%e Stain ess. ma<e somet%in. '%ey cannot 0 oc< t%e f o& of &ater intoDout of t%e tu0es.'E !FF! or a E$5 !FF4. It &as not indicated if t%e inner tu0e is fu of &ater or not.

for a on-er free cyc e pu se.111 &raps is t%e 0est. i assume you %a/e insta ed a diode on your a&ton circuitL if so p ease test it to ma<e sure it is not defecti/e. it is important to -et t%e po arity of t%e c%o<es ri-%t. &%en you do run t%is pu se test on t%e c%o<es.i. freGuency -enerator etc. Hust %oo< your c%o<es up i<e in t%e picture.p%pLtU432SstartU31SpostdaysU1Spostor derUascS%i-% i-%tU 6 : P. t%at diode is /ery important in t%is rep ication. i %a/e not tried 211 &raps. try different &raps on t%e c%o<es. if it isn9t to muc% trou0 e.your c%o<es. c%ec< your output at .!1 amps. do not use t%e primary timer circuit. t%e more contri0uters t%e 0est.Return to the top PP Post sub8ect: W:C Cideos & Pictures# /a"e < %ttp6DD&aterfue ce . i &ou d i<e to %ear your comment re-ard ess %o& many &raps you are usin-. i9m t%in< it is -ood for ot%ers to test t%is and post t%ere comments.more i &ou dn9t <no&. it dont matter &itc% c%o<e you c%oose to %oo< 0ac<&ards.or-Dp%p@@2D/ie&topic. if it is 0 o&ed remo/e it. &or< &it% t%e . I am -ettin. i %a/e not tried 31 or !1 &raps. i remem0er &%en i first setup my c%o<es i &as i<e &o&. 22 to 24 -au-e is -ood. i can notice &%en i un%oo< t%em t%e &%ite is ess. )igure<+4peg : Hydrocars# Posted: 9 u Se/ 1<# 266@ =:2A /m 6 i9/e oo<ed at my ce so muc% i rea y cant te if i9m -ettin. and ne/er re/erse your eads. Hust run t%e test and -et 0ac< to me. if i am not mista<en one c%o<e %oo<es 0ac<& one of t%em is.t%e step:c%ar-e effectM '%is &%o e t%in. P ease ta<e note. i9m so use to my output t%at if i &as producin.!SE$FRe*erseH>7fuelcell# Posted: 9 u Eul 2?# 266@ 12:1= am 6 Hey e/eryone. <eep positi/e positi/e and ne-ati/e ne-ati/e. as on. $%o<es.e. if you re/erse t%em you &i see 0u00 es and not &%ite trai s. t%an<s to t%e source of my osci oscope i can ta<e t%is to t%e next e/e M --------------------------------------------. you can %oo< t%e c%o<e up 0ac<&ards.more -as or not. "ater capacitor. 0ut Hust &%ene/er. my -oa no& is to 0etter t%e c%o<es. p ease use t%e capacitor on t%e second a&ton circuit a0e ed 113A. i9m oo<in.

B2po&er O3 2. '%e &ater fue ce . cannot &or<. More t%in-s arri/in. descri0ed in t%e patent 4 F3( F(1.same principa as t%e 'es a coi . in order to produce %ydro-en and oxy-en -as on demand in a car runnin.&itc% exp ains t%e freGuency -enerator3. 0ecause t%e step c%ar-in.o/es and 0u00 ersM Safety comes 0efore runnin. Meyer’s concept. as descri0ed in t%e patent. %ttp6DD&&&. &%en it’s stressed 0y a %i-% pu sed e ectrica fie d.youtu0e.H roc<ets of my patio 1I for my safety 26 for t%e &i d ife’s safety.Return to the top PP Cars runnin" . P Main conclusion of t e tests: '%e sc%ematics and process.34 Ao3 at i<e in t%e patent3 is not p ayin.aterF6 Impedance of "#$ . c%emistry and e ectronics.comD%2eart%D0 o-Dcy0rarium E3tracts6 "e 0e ie/e in t%e S.)1x111 mm3 : $y indrica p ates in stain ess stee '314 materia .’' <i your se /es.ot of documents on p%ysics. "e %a/e 0een studied t%e su0Hect for 2 years 0y readin.p ayed .aterR Mic elKs /ro8ect status DSe/t 62F from 9Mic%e "#$ 8eportKSept1! .as a capacitor. and %a/e a so done ot of 0asic tests to understand t%e proHect "e fo o&ed t%e discussions on ot of #orums .a car on &ater. I %a/e to Guit aunc%in.dia 14D21mm. Pu sed.&it% &ater. '%e %i-% /o ta-e in t%e tea s coi is -enerated 0y t%e resonant freGuency 0ein. and t%e capacitor on t%e top of t%e coi in t%e /ideo is rep aced &it% &ater e ectrodes. icu0e. I’m not Ho<in-.! mm I "ater6 standard o& cost disti ed &ater and /ery pure &ater from c%emica a0 P Water fuel cell 5ualification Delectrodes in .it /ure . --------------------------------------------. &it% %ydro-en exp osions or %i-% /o ta-e s%oc<sM "e need your %e p. read a0out safety. Meyer. e/en &it% /ery pure &ater. . P ease ta<e a precaution.opera.&atercar. use ru00er .you3 %a/e to ta<e safety /ery serious y.effect is not possi0 e &it% a "#$ as descri0ed 0y S. i <eep you a posted. on y not as 0i-.resisti/e. I’/e %ad 0ad accidents and don’t &ant any more. LU1!1 mm3 5ap is approx 1.ater fuel cell6 : Para e p ates in stain ess stee '314 materia . 7ur . ater. I . 0ased on t%e 0rea< of t%e co/a ent 0onds 0et&een Hydro-en and Bxy-en in t%e &ater mo ecu e. capaciti/e and inducti/e parts3 U` Im/edance is mainly a /ure resistance# inde/endent of t e dc si"nal fre5uency.pdf9 .comD&atc%L/U#7:+S13f 31 4on’tM I repeat 4B. + so t%ere is not suc% a %i-% amount of /o ta-e t%at is arc%es. 0ut as a pure resistor.

of t%e patent is t%at t%e "#$ is not a capacitor as exp ained in t%e patent. +ey /oints of t e /atent = B<? B?16 In our point of /ie&6 : '%e step c%ar-in. ?.o dc current in &ater : .c%o<e %as no meanin- . t%e step /ure .2 Mo3 at %ttp6DDmy. and t%e pure capaciti/e part of t%e "#$ : In t%at case.effect is possi0 e &it% a rea capacitor : "e 0e ie/e in t%e . @.process in &ater6 1111C L more L : E ectrica resonance 0et&een L . or %idden M "e understood t%rou-% t%e /ideo. 7ur 0ey /oints to reac 6 : ."e t%in< t%at t%e "#$ must 0e a true capacitor in order to ma<e t%is patent &or<.c%ar-in.from t%e >PE .or /ice /ersa to -et an e ectron from t%e 0at% to t%e positi/e e ectrode3 2. "e are current y focusin. Bne maHor point in our understandin.. 7/en /oints t at are still unclear: P $ri*in" si"nal6 : "%at is t%e minimum /a ue of t%e /o ta-e to start t%e fracturin. t%e app ied /o ta-e on t%e "#$’s Zcapacitor[ &i decrease../acuum ener-y3 : "e %a/e c%ec<ed t%at t%e dissociation process of t%e &ater mo ecu e doesn’t need any e ectron comin. current circuit6 "it% any added component to restrict t%e current f o&.aterR Mic elKs /ro8ect status DEanuary 6?F from 9Mic%e "#$ 8eportK?an1(.from t%e ne-ati/e e ectrode . "e %a/e to in/esti-ate &it% patience to find a-ain %is secret.comD%2eart%D0 o-Dcy0rarium 7ur main conclusion for t e moment6 t%e process. /ery constant for any freGuency and &a/e form. : E ectrica resonance is on y possi0 e &it% inducti/e part of t%e c%ar-in. t%at Meyer &ou d %a/e protected %is in/ention. 0ut . t%e distance.o0a y.o temperature increase : Hi-% e ectrica fie d must 0e app ied 0et&een t%e 2 e ectrodes to stress t%e &ater mo ecu e.pu sed 4$3 P Restriction flo.c%o<e.opera.o0a y is comin. and t%e type of &ater. '%e /a ue depends on t%e si=e of t%e e ectrodes.c%o<e3 and $ of t%e "#$6 impossi0 e 0ecause "#$ is a main y resistor in t%e ran-e 111 H= to 111 AH= . P Conse5uences6 : '%e e ectrica resonance 0et&een "#$ and resonant c%ar-in.o0a process and description : '%e ener-y &e -et . some information seems missin-.on t%at point. as descri0ed in t%e patent .pdf9 . and t%e e ectrica fie d E in t%e ce &i a so decrease M PP Cars runnin" .effect &i 0e possi0 e. '%e "#$ is in fact a pure resistor. F(1 doesn9t &or<M Most information in t%e patent and in t%e notes is separate y true and seems co%erent.

pros and cons. 3" I 'ransistor '16 Mos typ& or Hex #et. exp anatio. '%en you &i see %o& &e are comin. can a0sor0 2 AC P Results6 Input of t%e transformer 1 to 21Cc max I Butput of t%e transformer6 1 to (11Cc max $aution6 dependin. @efore readin. : "#$6 rep aced 0y a true capacitor . t%e /o ta-e on t%e "#$ . from 1.0ac< to t%e ori-ina patent as descri0ed 0y Meyer. + conditions are not yet fina i=ed and comp eted to start t%e fracturin.c%o<e. p ease note t%at &e %a/e not yet produced any H2DB2 0u00 es usin. after some pu ses.7 type.of t%e si-na freGuency.%ome made3 : +udio Po&er +mp ifier . t%e transistor '1 is dri/en .po&er supp y . you &i find a sum up of t%e most important experiences &e did.Hi#i or simi ar3 : 'ranformer 'r D different /ersions %a/e 0een tested : 4iode 46 *11 C. Princip e6 "%en t%e capacitor is c%ar-ed.t%is document.used ran-e 1 to 41 A%=3 : E ectronic rectifier to %a/e a %a f sine &a/e . i<e a c assica po&er supp yM .c%o<e6 different type. car0on type. freGuency adHusta0 e . rated *11C.Ucapacitor3 0ecame constant . and core type.process.circuit6 8esistor 8U1 Ao%ms.1 mH to ! mH. "it%out disc%ar-in. &it% dia-rams. P Circuit descri/tion6 : Sine &a/e -enerator6 output 11Ccc D (11 B%ms. si-na distortion cou d appear. 4+.%i-% freGuency3 : Inductor L6 t%e resonant c%ar-in.t%e exp ained process of Meyer.eed of a disc%ar-in. used in t%e main fi ter in s&itc%inpo&er supp yI rated 411C.4$3. In t%e next pa-es. rated for s&itc%in.effect seems impossi0 e.circuit.: '%e current ea<a-e in t%e &ater is /ery %i-% : '%e step c%ar-in. and conc usion. &it% or &it%out ferrite coreI t%e /a ue c%an-es dependin.of t%e position of t%e ferrite core inside t%e c%ar-in.

tens of t%ousands of /o ts from a o& /o ta-e inputL3 P Results6 different /ie&s of t%e step c%ar-in.po&er supp y from an o d P$ or ot%er e ectronic de/ices : # y 0ac< transformer for ine def ection unit in 'C : Home made transformers 7b8ecti*e6 Bur need is to define and to find t%e ri-%t transformer to -et a 1. dependin. t%e freGuency cou d reac% !1 A%=. )! to 1!1 max. due to t%e meta core itse f and %i-% is from !1H= to 1 or 2 A%= ac%ie/e t%is o0Hecti/esI %o& can a transformer &it% ratio 3 . typica /o ta-e on t%e primary6 211 to 411 C.effect6 . see next pa-e. ratio is approx. and step c%ar-in. P Conclusion6 '%ere is no idea transformerI it depends on t%e need and associated circuits and process. unfortunate our 'C3. 0rin. Bff course t%e dia-ram in Meyer9s patent seems to miss somet%in. . +nd to oo< for t%e rupture e/e of t%e &ater die ectric ayer. typica /o ta-e on t%e CHC 31 AC .must 0e ess t%en 1. Hi-% /o ta-e diodes are 0ui t in t%e transformer.!11 C pu sin. 2 : S. '%e ratio 0et&een Primary and Secondary is 1! to 31 max. re/erse connected. It cou d 0e used on y in procss &or<in. &it% 31C si-na input s%ou d comp y.See ( pictures on t%e ori-ina doc3 2 si-na s6 dri/in. 3 : :ly bac0 transformer for line deflection unit in 9C or PC monitor6 'ypica freGuency 1! to F1 A%=.9on9 to disc%ar-e t%e capacitor &it% a 1 Ao%m resistor.itc in" /o. P Sum u/ t e tests and results6 1 : Po&er supp y transformers !1D(1 H=6 Prim 221 Cac.transformer.! t%e tens of t%ousands /o ts3 8adiant Pu ses. P $ifferent transformers a*e been tested6 : Po&er supp y transformers !1D(1 H= : S& su//ly from old PC or ot er electronic de*ices6 Since t%e core is in ferrite materia . t%e -au-e of t%e &ire is not adapted for %i-% current . sec ( Cc. ratio 3! I '%e 0and&idt% is imited6 t%e usefu freGuency of t%e dri/in.of t%e core type and t%e num0er of turns in/o /ed in t%e primary and secondary &indin-s. or more. Co ta-e can reac% *11 Cp .si-na on t%e pu I 8atio ot !1. are not a&are of t%e concept of c%ar-int%e capacitor "#$ &it% %i-% /o ta-e .211 turns primary and (11 turns on secondary3.M45 no/1)6 It seems t%at Mic%e and a .&it% insu ated e ectrodes and o& current in t%e "#$.effect.

May 0e t%e so ution to Meyer9s ce is t%e t%in fi m t%at is reported to form pro-ressi/e y on t%e e ectrodes. @ut &e %a/e a ready identified some imitations6 : '%e desi-n of t%e transformer to -et %i-% ratio is not so defined 0y t%e ratio of t%e transformer 'r. 'o fo o& . : t%e po&er amp ifier seems &ea< to dri/e inducti/e c%ar-es..c%o<e3 %as a sma inf uence on t%e step c%ar-in.effect .. . &e &ou d app y t%is si-na to t%e insu ated e ectrodes instead of t%e 7 capacitor..effectI '%e more t%e num0er of pu ses. t%e %i-%er t%e /o ta-e on t%e capacitor . .ater be a*iour6 "e read recent y an artic e a0out Meyer9s ..transformer. '%e 9step c%ar-in. '%e s%ape is a so adapted 0y tunin. i<e if t%ey needed a conditionin-I per%aps t%at fi m ma<es a po&erfu insu atin.c%o<e L. P Conclusion6 ... 'ypica /a ue is 411C pea<I %i-%er /o ta-es are possi0 e. and t%e num0ers of pu ses for t%e re ax time.ayer on t%e e ectrodes. '%e max /o ta-e of t%e step c%ar-in.ote6 More detai ed information is of course a/ai a0 e. t%e e ectrica yie d &i not 0e -ood. &e can define6 t%e num0er of pu ses needed for t%e step c%ar-in-. P 9rials of ste/ c ar"in" on a real ca/acitor# <#<n: =66C6 In t%at experience.. P )e3t e3/eriments6 In t%e next fe& &ee<s.211C3.M45 no/1)6 I didn9t found yet more recent resu ts on t%eir /ery /ery interrestinexperiments. 0ecause it &ou d destroy t%is ayer at eac% 0rea<do&n . .t%e capacitorDce to its 0rea<do&n /o ta-e imit %as no more sens..circuit. 0ut &ritten in #renc%. 0ut some pro0 ems occur6 distortion. '%e current in t%e primary is /ery o&... .no 4$ current3. t%e inductance L .t%e c%ar-in. 0ecause t%e c%ar-e app ied on t%e secondary is on y t%e capacitor $ ."it% t%e pro-ramma0 e counter. @ut in t%is case 0rin-in.effect9 is a so easy to o0tain. and t%e adHusta0 e input /o ta-e. 3 P )e..t%en a rea capacitor &it%out any current ea<a-e. -i/en a %i-% /a ue of t%e secondary inductance.of course imited 0y t%e max /a ue of t%e pu se on t%e secondary of t%e transformer3 "it% t%is met%od.resonant c%ar-in. and a so distortion of t%e &a/eI : '%e current in t%e primary is /ery %i-%.1. itIs easy to -et %i-% /o ta-e pu ses on t%e pu sin. analysis of t e . 0ecause t%e transistor needed in t%e disc%ar-in. t%e ce 0ecomin. : "e are imited in t%e max /o ta-e of t%e step c%ar-in. noise.

So. in a e ectrica point of /ie&.... and some tec%nica comments6 9. &it% or &it%out 4$ component part.. in t%e ni-%t.c%o<es6 one is fixed. t%e main inductance &as adHusta0 eI and . t%e ot%er adHusta0 e. it &ou d ta<e approx 21. '%e resonance of t%e ce is /ery s%arp.c%o<e is 4.111 turns eac%3. '%e tota num0er of turns . and can -enera y on y 0e found 0y carefu monitorin.t%e pu se freGuency /ery.e sa.of t%e current &%i e adHustin.c%o<es6 one is fixed. F(1. e/ery second for instance.. In our desi-n. and especia y in t e ability to reduce t e current lea0a"e in t e W:C.) mH &it%out ferrite rod. &it% a s&eep H= 0y H=.2113 is simi ar to t%e primary inductance M interestin. "e %a/e re considered t%e use of t%em. 0ut t%at &e needed to stay at ist * seconds at t%is freGuency for t%e effect to start .Memo33. t%ere are 2 resonant #reGuency increment is 1 H=.9 P :uture /ro8ect6 '%e idea is to -et a specific -enerator dri/en 0y a computer. t%e resonant c%ar-in. t%e s&eep on t%e -enerator &i immediate y 0e stopped 0y t%e computer. different type of &ater . In t%e patent . t%is ener-y is transferred to t%e secondary. 'i no&.M $onsiderin. Bne is fixed. to fine tune t%e resonant action. I t%in< it &as a0out Mateiro E ectro ysis. clearly is action on t e ste/ c ar"in" effect. and t%is ener-y -oes t%rou-% t%e 2 c%ar-in- .. t%e ot%er one is adHusta0 e. our c%ar-in..111 sec U ! %ours. and 31 mH &it% it inside. If t%ere is any drop of current at a certain freGuency...c%o<es6 for us. In Meyer9s Memo 4224+ . Se/era tests cou d 0e performed &it% different si-na s. I remem0er readinsome0ody affirmin. and it &as 0rin-in. &e %a/en9t understood t%e exact use of t%e 2 c%ar-in.t%at t%e resonant freGuency &ou dn9t appear at t%e exact moment &e reac% it. and t%e freGuency memori=ed. '%is cou d &or< automatica y.t%e a staff a e/e %i-%er in t%e comp exity and unpro0a0i ity to reproduce M3 P C ar"in" c o0es and in ibitor circuit6 In t%e patent .. '%e current o0ser/ation &i 0e automatic.M45 no/1)6 Successfu rep ications of Meyer9s ce 0y La&to&n and 8a/i seem to pro/e t%at t%ere is no& 9ma-ica resonant freGuency9 to oo< for . E/en at freGuency /ery c ose to t%e resonant freGuency.t%at t%e primary inductance stores a ma-netic ener-y durin. t%e ot%er one is adHusta0 e. 2 inductances in series could be e5ui*alent to one.. /ery s o& y. t%ere are 2 resonant c%ar-in.. t%ere &i 0e no indication &%atsoe/er t%at t%e freGuency %as a most 0enn reac%ed ..1 pu se. #or examp e.c%o<es are t%e same . .

: 726 t%e scope measures t%e /o ta-e on t%e "#$ : 716 t%e scope measures t%e current . .1!) o%ms. t%e current is 43 times ess. 72U 1)Co ts I '%e current is due to t%e resisti/e part of t%e &ater. 71U 2. norma /a ue3 '%ese /a ues are sta0 e in t%e ran-e !11 H= : 31 AH=. 4ependin.on t%e manner t%e connection is done &it% t%e 2 c%ar-in. t%e current in t%e circuit &i 0e /ery different6 : '%e dri/in. '%e 0e%a/ior is i<e a pure resistor.c%o<es to&ards t%e "#$. 71U 11*m+. rated 2 x 1! mH.c%o<es.for to co ect 8adiant Pu sesL3. '%e current Ic in t%e c%o<e L1 -oes t%rou-% "#$ and L2.M45 no/1)6 Is it t%e 'es aD@edini 0ifi ar &e &ere oo<in. W en t e c ar"in" c o0es are connected as e3/lained in t e Meyer document# . "e tested anot%er component. In ot%er Memo from Meyer.t%an<s to 1. P Circuit 26 $ross connection. &%ic% creates in t%e c%o<e L2 t%e same current Ic in t%e circuit. 72U 1.c%o<es are ma-netica y coup ed.4Co t I '%ese /a ues are sta0 e in t%e ran-e !11 H= : 31 AH= P Conclusion6 In our experiment. in disti ed &ater. and a so for t%e app ied /o ta-e on t%e &ater ce .!m+. t%e 2 c%ar-in.of eac% &indin-s is ocated 0y t%e red point : "#$6 "ater #ue $e 6 Stain ess Stee e ectrodes ) x 11 cm. due to c%aracteristic of t%e core. ca ed in%i0itor circuit .si-na t%rou-% t%e transformer is a %a f sine &a/e : L1 and L26 ma-netica y coup edI c%ar-in. 1mm -ap. '%is sounds -ood. and &e found Guite t%e same /a ues. t%is is t%e circuit used 0y Meyer.2 o%ms resistor3 P Circuit 16 Standard connection.c%o<e6 2 x 2) mH Important6 t%e 0e-innin. @ut t%e same current in L1 produces a ma-netic fie d.

s<ynet.%tm P Essais nf16 %ttp6DDusers.0eDfa2)2(FFDEner-ieDMeyerDessaisDindex. End of document.t e current is drastically reduced in t e resisti*e /art of t e Water :uel Cell.0eDfa2)2(FFDEner-ieDMeyerDessaisDessais1Dindex. --------------------------------------------.s<ynet.s<ynet.%tm P Essais nf26 %ttp6DDusers.Return to the top PP Essais Meyer# in :renc from 6 %ttp6DDusers.%tm .0eDfa2)2(FFDEner-ieDMeyerDessaisDessais2Dindex.

'%is e ectro ysis occurs &%en t%e app ied /o ta-e 0et&een t%e anode and t%e cat%ode exceeds t%e &ater decomposition /o ta-e of a0out 1.pdf9 at %ttp6DDmy.%ydro-en from &ater at o&er cost. Mi=u%o:<u.ater electrolysis usin" an u tra:s%ort pu se &it% t%e &idt% of created at . %ydro-en is -enerated as a resu t of e ectron transfer from t%e cat%ode e ectrode to adsor0ed %ydro-en ions on t%e e ectrode surface.a-oya./ulse /o. &ater e ectro ysis.IES3 circuit.ords6 %ydro-en -eneration.+BHI8B SHIMI>2. 8ecent y.s ort. +ey. SB2>+@28B HB''+. &%ic% is different from t%e con/entiona diffusion imitin. '+A+72AI SEAI7+ and BS+M2 B4+ I . u tra:s%ort pu se.o/em0er 211) 2pdate3 PP 2662# & no*el met od of ydro"en "eneration by . '%e -eneration of car0on dioxide durin. Hydro-en -eneration 0y p%oto: cata ysis is prefera0 e 0ut t%e process efficiency is sti /ery o& for practica app ications.PPP More P. It is t%erefore desira0 e to find a ne& met%od of -eneratin.%ydro-en -eneration t%rou-% natura -as for fue ce s can 0e reduced compared &it% t%erma po&er stations. '%e u tra:s%ort:pu se po&er supp y consists of a static induction t%yristor . . $opyri-%t Sprin-er 211! I 8ecei/ed 21 ?une 211!I accepted in re/ised form 24 Bcto0er 211!. P &bstract6 + no/e met%od of %ydro-en -eneration 0y &ater e ectro ysis usin.. 2:!( Suda:c%o.opera. static induction t%yristor.u tra: s%ort:pu se po&er supp y is demonstrated. main y as a resu t of &ind:-enerated po&er.5A Insu ators. it is <no&n t%at t%e p ant cost for &ater e ectro ysis 0y 4$ po&er sti dominates a ar-e part of t%e %ydro-en production cost. P Princi/le6 In t%e con/entiona 4$ e ectro ysis of &ater. In t%e present &or<.211(3 3(641F:423. ?apan. #ue ce s are promisin.SI'%y3 and a specific circuit &%ic% is ca ed t%e inducti/e ener-y stora-e . t%e .er su//ly# )ao iro S imiHu and al. 4(): *!31. 0ut car0on dioxide is sti -enerated.met%od for %ydro-en -eneration since t%e cost of e ectricity is decreasin-. Hydroe ectricity and nuc ear po&er can 0e a so used for &ater e ectro ysis &it%out -eneration of car0on dioxide.process in 4$ e ectro ysis. P Introduction6 It is possi0 e to -enerate %ydro-en 0y con/entiona 4$ &ater e ectro ysis. &e %a/e examined for t%e first time t%e app ica0i ity of an u tra:s%ort:pu se po&er supp y for &ater e ectro ysis. from 9+ no/e met%od of %ydro-en -eneration 0y &ater e ectro ysis usin-. It &as found t%at 0y usin. e ectro ysis ta<es p ace &it% a mec anism dominated by electron transfer. 0ut t%is is undesira0 e for en/iromenta reasons if t%e e ectrica ener-y for t%e e ectro ysis is produced in t%erma po&er stations from fossi fue 0ecause of t%e -eneration of car0on dioxide. 0y . &ater e ectro ysis %as 0een reconsidered as a promisin.and /arious systems are 0ein. Ltd.!SE$ E!EC9R7!YSIS Systems : .comD%2eart%D0 o-Dcy0rarium ?ourna of +pp ied E ectroc%emistry .studied &or d&ide. E/en t%ou-% t%e e ectricity cost is fa in-. inducti/e ener-y stora-e circuit.(C.

'%is eGuation &as simp y ca cu ated under t%e assumption t%at t%e tota amount of adsor0ed is t%e concentration of %ydro-en ions in t%e so ution. 4e . #rom t%is eGuation.13 Here. V*W.)W and app ied in se/era &ays 0y ?ian. Tad. is eGua to t%e diffusion ayer t%ic<ness d . 9 is means t at electrolysis occurs .is%i=a&a et a .. and an inducti/e ener-y stora-e . TU(x1121 cm:3 for 1M for ABH so ution and TadU111! cm:2 for p atinum meta surface.4C dependin. V(. t%e pu se &idt% is estimated to 0e a0out 3 microsecond.!W.3x11:! cm2 s:1 for proton diffusion coefficient a . t e *olta"e a//lication is so fast neit er t e electric double layer nor t e diffusion layer can be stably formed in t e *icinity of electrodes.cm3 mu tip ied 0y t%e a0sence of t%e diffusion ayer and t%e sta0 e e ectrica dou0 e and T . eadin.sum of t%e t%eoretica decomposition /o ta-e of 1. SI'%ys are Si de/ices &it% specia structures for %i-% po&er pu se -eneration and IES circuits are sma :sca ed circuits 0ased on induction stora-e instead of con/entiona capacitor stora-e in order to use SI'%ys. It is t%erefore difficu t to increase t%e input po&er for a constant /o ume e ectroc%emica ce &it%out reduction in e ectro ysis efficiency. Tad t%e density of %ydro-en ions on t%e cat%ode e ectrode .3xFcm2 p atinum p ates &ere used as t%e anode and cat%ode. It is t erefore e*ident t at t e stable electrical double layer is not formed durin.IES3 circuit in/ented and de/e oped 0y Iida et a .tX.23C at room temperature and t%e o/er/o ta-e of a0out 1.(:4)C cm:1 can 0e app ied in t%e present &or<. "e %a/e app ied an u tra:s%ort pu sed po&er supp y 0ased on a static induction t%yristor .1D443. "e %a/e app ied SI t%yristors de/e oped in our a0oratory to &ater e ectro ysis and found t%at &ater e ectro ysis occurs 0y a different mec%anism from t%e con/entiona 4$ one.on e ectrode materia s and ot%er factorsV1W. '%ese different mec%anisms t%at arise /ia u tra:s%ort pu se app ication.t31D2 durin. 3. 4 t%e diffusion coefficient .44 4e t.t is t%e pu se &idt% . V4. 4$ e ectro ysis is a diffusion imited process and t%e current f o& in &ater is determined 0y t%e diffusion coefficient of ions.TadDT32 . ta<in.cm2 s:13. Since an e ectric fie d as %i-% as 2. t%e ac< of formation of t%e sta0 e e ectric dou0 e ayer means t%at ydro"en ions can be mo*ed faster t an in con*entional $C electrolysis. V2. and d must 0e ar-er t%an t%e diffusion en-t% . P E3/erimental6 In order to examine t%e possi0i ity of &ater e ectro ysis 0y u tra: s%ort pu ses. "%en t%e u tra:s%ort pu se /o ta-e of ess t%an secera microseconds is app ied to a &ater e ectro ysis 0at%.t%at t%e pu se app ication duration must 0e s%orter t%an t%e time necessary to fi t%e diffusion ayer &it% %ydro-en ions.t%e present u tra:s%ort pu se app ication. in/ented 0y .idt is one tent of t is critical < microsec. mau open t%e possi0i ity of %i-% capacity &ater e ectro ysis.or0 since t e /ulse . 3.41 of 1M ABH so ution &ere put in an e ectro ysis 0at%.SI'%y3. '%e pu se &idt% &%ic% is necessary for e ectro ysis &it%out formation of t%e diffusion ayer is estimated VFW to 0e6 4e .it out formin" t e diffusion layer in t e /resent . '%e distance 0et&een e ectrodes . It is a so <no&n t%at t%e time necessary for t e formation of t e stable electrical double layer is of t e order of se*eral tens of milliseconds Z1[.t%e pu se app ication.s3..3W and de/e oped 0y S%imi=u et a .as 4U2. considerin.

t%e -ate of t%e SI'%y is connected to t%e anode t%rou-% a diode. In t%e first sta-e. &%en t%is secondary pu sed /o ta-e is app ied to t%e e ectrodes in t%e &ater 0at%.&as set as 3 cm. '%is -i/es a /ery s%ort pu sed current Ip2 in t%e circuit t%rou-% t%e secondary coi . "%en t%e #E' is s&itc%ed off at a certain current e/e .L23. In t%e IES circuit .L13 -radua y increases. sync%roni=ed &it% t%e pu sed /o ta-e Cp1 as seen in #i-ure2. in t%e second sta-e.idt is too s ort for ions in t e bat to cause a current t rou" t e bat . '%is current f o&s /ery s o& y as seen in t%e fi-ure &it% se/era tens microseconds. '%e pu sed /o ta-e Cp2 is induced in t%e secondary reactance L2. t e bat acts as a 5uasi. ca/acitor since t e /ulse .IES3 circuit V(:)W &it% a static induction t%yristor .#i-ure13. '%is current is too rapid to 0e seen in t%e fi-ure.u tra:s%ort pu ses V(:*W. '%e &ater 0at% is not a rea capacitor since a e ectrons co ected at t%e cat%ode are transferred to %ydro-en ions and %i-% /o ta-e does not remain as in t%e case of con/entiona capacitors.t%e a0o/e u tra:s%ort pu se po&er. 2 tra:s%ort pu ses &it% a /o ta-e pu se: &idt% of a0out 311ns. t%e &ater 0at% e ectrodes are connected to t%e secondary reactance L2 as seen in #i-ure1. + con/entiona 4$ po&er supp y and an u tra:s%ort pu se po&er supp y &ere used for comparison. '%e so ution temperature &as <ept at 2F3 Q:2 A durin.t%e pu se freGuency. '%is IES circuit is t%e simp est and most compact one yet reported for -eneratin. 2 tra:s%ort pu sed po&er supp y circuit for &ater e ectro ysis 0ased on t%e inducti/e ener-y stora-e . t%e current t%rou-% t%e inducti/e coi .1. "%en t%e #E' .#ie d Effect 'ransistor3 is s&itc%ed on.SI'%y3. '%e u tra:s%ort pu se po&er supp y consisted of t%e IES circuit &it% a SI'%y as s%o&n in #i-ure1. t%e current f o& is instant y s&itc%ed off and t e in*erse *olta"e C/1 is induced t rou" t e coil D!1F. t%e current I2 f o&s t%rou-% t%e circuit. In t%e case of &ater e ectro ysis usin. Since t%e app ication of t%e .t%e experiment. &it% t%e secondary pea< /o ta-e ran-in from ). '%e input po&er &as c%an-ed 0y increasin. #i-. +fter t%is pu sed /o ta-e %ad 0een app ied to t%e e ectro ysis 0at%.F to 141C &ere app ied to t%e e ectroc%emica 0at% &it% t%e freGuency of 2:2! <H=.

'%e decrease in efficiency can 0e exp ained 0ecause an e ectron &it% %i-% ener-y can on y reduce one %ydro-en ion so t%at t%e difference 0et&een t%e app ied /o ta-e and t%e decomposition /o ta-e is dissipated as %eat. $ontrary to t%e case of 4$ po&er e ectro ysis. Since t%e current itse f is a so increased 0y increasin. In t%e case of pu se po&er.03 t%at t%e efficiency is ar-e y decreased in t%e case of 4$ e ectro ysis. In t%e case of 4$ po&er. for t%e t%ermodynamica ener-y for %ydro-en to 0e con/erted to room temperature &ater.force of ion concentration difference. In t%e cse of 4$ po& po&er can 0e efficient y consumed for e ectro ysis. &%en t%e app ied /o ta-e is increased.t%e app ied /o ta-e. '%e current f o& is t%erefore determined 0y t%e diffusion of ions &it% a dri/in. +s seen in #i-ure3. t%at t%e %ydro-en -eneration rate increases as a function of t%e input po&er. It s%ou d 0e noted. '%e e ectrica dou0 e ayer is a so present and t%e diffusion ayer a &ays exist. #or t%ese reasons. '%is fact imp ies t%at t%e u tra:s%ort po&er e ectro ysis is a promisinmet%od in &%ic% t%e po&er app ication can 0e increased e/en &it% an increase in e ectro ysis efficiency. u tra:s%ort po&er e ectro ysis s%o&s a Guite different 0e%a/iour. P Results and discussion6 '%e %ydro-en -eneration rate and its efficiency are p otted as a function of t%e input po&er 0et&een t%e e ectrodes in #i-ure3. e ectrons &%ic% are not used for %ydro-en reduction are a so dissipated as %eat. In t%e case of 4$ po&er e ectro ysis. '%e %ydro-en -eneration efficiency is ca cu ated as t%e ratio of t%e rea -eneration rate to t%e idea %ydro-en -eneration rate and it can 0e seen in #i-ure3. t%e po&er app ica0 e for a certain /o ume of t%e e ectro ysis 0at% is t%erefore imited. in t%e case of 4$ e ectro ysis. and &as increased in t%e case of o& pea< /o ta-es as seen in #i-ure3. "%en t%e app ied /o ta-e is increased. %o&e/er.03. t%e efficiency decreases. "%en t%e input po&er is increased 0y increasin. '%is decrease is main y 0ecause t%e ener-y of most e ectrons is dissipated as %eat.pu sed /o ta-e Cp2 &as a ready terminated. it is seen in #i-ure3. 0ut t%e efficiency compared &it% t%e idea -eneration rate decreases from =6X at 2. t%e %ydro-en -eneration rate &as not proportiona to t%e input po&er. . '%is 0e%a/iour is Guite different from t%e case of 4$ e ectro ysis. t%is current f o& I2 may not 0e due to e ectron transfer to %ydro-en ions 0ut ion transport in t%e 0at%. t%e e ectric fie d is a &ays present. Here.2C to AX at 12.a3. t%e current increases so t%at %ydro-en -eneration rate increases. t%us compensatin. '%is increase of t%e efficiency for t%e case of o& pea< /o ta-e may 0e 0ecause t%e ener-y dissipation is decreased since eac% e ectron %as o&er ener-y and t%e pu se &a/eform is s%arper for o& pea< /o ta-es.t%e pu se freGuency.t%e ac< of %ydro-en ions in t%e /icinity of t%e cat%ode e ectrode. It de/iates from t%e idea ine. 9 is be a*iour is contrary to t e case of $C /o.a3 t%at t%e %ydro-en -eneration rate is increased as t%e pea< /o ta-e is decreased. t%e idea -eneration rate &as ca cu ated from t%ermodynamica data V11W.?C. t%e efficiency &as not decreased in t%e case of %i-% pea< /o ta-es.

2. In t%e case of pu sed po&er. t%e current f o&s s o& y. /arious circuits &it% different /o ta-e .s ort /ulse# electrons are collected on t e surface of t e cat ode electrode as in a ca/acitor.3.Cp23.03 as a function of t%e input po&er.I2max3 and freGuency . '%e input po&er is t%e inte-ration of t%e secondary /o ta-e and current mu tip ied 0y t%e freGuency.03 &ere ca cu ated as t%e %ydro-en -eneration rate di/ided 0y t%e idea %ydro-en -eneration rate at t%e same input po&er. '%e idea ine &as ca cu ated from t%e t%ermodynamica ener-y for %ydro-en to 0e con/erted to room temperature &ater. + typica examp e of pu se &a/eforms for t%e first and second sta-es. In t%e first sta-e.#i-.i/33 %a/e 0een compared.i3:. an u tra:s%ort pu se &it% t%e &idt% of a0out 311ns is app ied. '%e e ectrons -at%ered %o&e/er are Guic< y transferred to %ydro-en ions for %ydro-en -eneration so t%at e ectrons do not remain in t%e . #i-. (y t e a//lication of t e ultra.. Hydro-en -eneration efficiencies in . Hydro-en -eneration rate . In t%e case of u tra:s%ort pu sed po&er. t%e e ectric fie d is app ied for on y a /ery s%ort time ess t%an se/era microseconds &%ic% is muc% s%orter t%an t%e time necessary for t%e formation of t%e constant e ectric dou0 e ayer.a3 and its efficiency . In t%e second sta-e. current .

and Mr M. Au0asc%e&s<i. M. Ina0a for t%eir encoura-ement of t%is &or<.a<ayama. 11t% Symp.:S. 'an-e for t%eir %e pfu discussion. +.. '. 1F()3. 2* . S%i0ata. B<ino.. Imaeda for %is experimenta %e p. A. Sa<uma. . E/ans and $. S.e ectrode as in a con/entiona capacitor. Aimura and ?. ?ian-. 7.21113 1!24. A. 7. A. 1!t% Symp. Lee. M. SSI4:F):( . 11 : B. '. Pac%en<o. M. Hirona<a. 3 : ?. Int. 8u<in. "atana0e. Matsu%iro.1F)33 1. S%imi=u. P asma Sci. Hotta. S%imi=u. E.. 8es. &%ic% is different from t%e con/entiona diffusion: imitinmec%anism in 4$ po&er e ectro ysis.L. t%e current I2 f o&s s o& y as s%o&n in #i-ure2. Iida. E. * : ". 4e/. E.Per-amon Press.@.Hee Hau. S%i0ata. Imanis%i and S. Static Induct.. . 2114:223!F!. SSI4:12:F .1FF)3 2F. . 7atsui. Aorea. B%no and '. 8IE$ '8:3( .:$. C. Murdoc<. --------------------------------------------.mec%anism. F : B. +<emoto. ..21143 11*1. P References6 1 : '. E4:22 . '. Meta ur-ica '%ermoc%emistry .is%i=a&a. 'a<ayama.of a SI'%y and an IES circuit..?apan $%emica Society.. M. +. 'o<uc%i. It &as a so found t%at po&er cou d 0e increased &it%out decreasin.e ectric fie d app ication and t%e e ectron transfer imited process. 'eriya<i and ?. . E ectron 4e/. IEEE F2 . Ao and . S%imi=u. 'o%o<u 2ni/.1F)!3 1*!.is%i=a&a.21123 4!.is%i=a&a. Mrs A. I<eda and A. Static Induct. A.Return to the top PP 1BA=# 9ay. Proc. 4e/. Iida and '. Proc. Po&er Si icon. S%imi=u. 4e/. ! : 8. ( : A. "atana0e and S. P Conclusion6 "e %a/e s%o&n in t%is pre iminary &or< %o& an u tra:s%ort po&er supp y... 'ec%. +fter t%is e ectron transfer. IEEE 'rans.21143 2*1. &%i e u tra:s%ort pu se po&er e ectro ysis is 0ased on t%e stron. 2S442)!12+1 NW&9ER $EC7MP7SI9I7) .t%e e ectro ysis efficiency. pro0a0 y due to t%e ion diffusion in t%e e ectro ysis 0at%. 'eriya<i and ?. Se<iya. P &c0onled"ements6 "e t%an<s Messrs S. 4 : . Imanis%i. + coc<. Proc. Inst. '%is difference seems to 0e /ery important for t%e practica and industria app ication of u tra:s%ort po&er e ectro ysis since t%e e ectro ysis po&er can 0e increased &it%out decreasin. Proc. 'arasen<o and +. IEEE 'rans. it can 0e conc uded t%at t%e e ectro ysis mec%anism for u tra:s%ort pu se po&er is /ery different from t%at of 4$ e ectro ysis. E ectrica $omm. A. consistin.t%e efficiency. #rom t%e a0o/e considerations.ISPS43 P:31 . 8ep. Symp. 7. Introduction to E ectroc%emistry6 $%emistry of E ectron 'ransport .a<amura. can 0e app ied to &ater e ectro ysis for %ydro-en -eneration. ?apan Patent Pendin-. Maeyama. . '%e present resu ts point to t%e possi0i ity t%at &ater e ectro ysis 0y u tra:s%ort pu sed po&er occurs under t%e e ectron transfer:rate imitin.. 1FF(3 2 : ?. S%imi=u. 4$ e ectro ysis is 0ased on e ectrica dou0 e ayer formation and is a diffusion: imited process. It %as 0een found t%at an u tra:s%ort pu se of a0out 311ns cou d -enerate %ydro-en -as. Bda and . ) : . M. 7uri.

creatin. +nd if t%e %i-%er /o ta-e is -i/en to t%e die ectric t%an t%e &it%standin. 0ut t%is die ectric and e ectrica mac%inery 0ecome use ess.titanium p ate or expanded meta or p atinum -roup. P (ac0"round of t e in*ention6 2nti no& &e %a/e used t%e e ectroc%emica reaction in e ectro ysis. )2D1222! is <no&n to use as0estos diap%ra-m &it% perf uoro et%y en or trif uoro et%y ene su fon acid %a/inpositi/e ion exc%an-ea0i ity. in t%e case of non:e ectro yte t%e e ectro ysis does not %appen t%ou-% eGuippin. t%e so id die ectric a so %a/int%ermosta0i ity.t%e &ater mo ecu es.()4. + %i-% /o ta-e is t%en app ied to t%e so id die ectric. . In addition.&aterfue ce .%tm &bstract6 '%is in/ention re ates to t%e decomposition of &ater into oxy-en and %ydro-en 0y t%e effect of ioni=ation 0y co ision amon.()( a0out t%e e ectrode used in a0o/e e ectro ysis. "e %a/e on y considered t%e pre/ention of t%e die ectric 0rea<do&n 0ecause &%en t%is die ectric 0rea<do&n %appens.a stronenou-% e ectric fie d. t%e mo ecu e of t%e die ectric are often decomposed.t%e die ectric &it% t%e e a0o/e patents.o.t%e co/a ent 0ond of t%e iGuid die ectric. t%ey %a/e t%e &ea< point . +nd accordin. to decompose t%e &ater. P $escri/tion of t e /rior art6 2SP 3./o ta-e stren-t% of t%e die ectric.14) fie d ?u y *. in &%ic% t%e ions in t%e e ectro yte f o& to t%e opposite e ectrode to decompose t%e e ectro yte and ma<e pure meta s deposition on t%e surface of t%e e ectrode &%en t%e e ectrode is put into t%e e ectro yte and t%e direct current is c%an-ed &it%. t%e e ectro yte is 0ro<en do&n in t%e die ectric and t%e ar-e Guantity of e ectric current is f o&ed 0et&een t%e e ectrodes. "ater of iGuid die ectric c%aracteristics is contained &it%in a so id die ectric container %a/in%i-%er die ectric constant re ati/e to t%at of t%e &ater.SI)' I7)IL&9I7) (Y C7!!ISI7)N .or-D2pdatePa-e. no& adandoned. @ut accordin. &%i e t%e so id die ectric container maintains its sta0i ity. 1F*1.ME9H7$ &)$ $ECICE . '%is is a continuation of app ication Ser.anode &%ic% is made 0y usin. 1().to "est:5ermany Pat. from "e0site update for ?uneD?u y 211( at6 %ttp6DD&&&. exceedin. '%e cat%ode co/ered &it% t%e diap%ra-m is used at a re-u ar inter/a from t%e nei-%0orin.

and 0y causin.e ectric fie d stren-t%. t%e midd e inter/a .46 a side:/ie& i ustration of #i-. t%e stron./o ta-e stren-t% in iGuid die ectric %a/in.t%e %i-% die ectric constant and &it%standin.d23 is fi ed &it% iGuid die ectric and t%e 0ot% sides of t%e so id die ectric .413 %as t%e e t%e appended fi-ures./o ta-e . and %i-% e ectric fie d stren-t% is formed at t%e o& die ectric of o& die ectric constant.comp ex die ectric ayer fi ed &it% iGuid die ectric. #i-.ioni=ation 0y co ision. &ater 0et&een t%e so id die ectric p ate %a/in. '%erefore in t%e case of passin. P (rief descri/tion of t e dra. &e put t&o same e ectric p ate and put anot%er die ectric 0et&een t%em. t%e die ectric &%ic% %as %i-% die ectric constant recei/es o& e ectric fie d ati/e y o& die ectric constant in comparison &it% t%e so id die ectric.e ectric fie d stren-t% can 0e formed at a ayer and t%e mo ecu es of t%e iGuid die ectric can 0e decomposed 0y t%e ioni=ation 0y co ision. P $etailed descri/tion of t e /referred embodiments6 #rom t%e #i-. t%e mo ecu es of t%e iGuid die ectric is decomposed 0y ioni=ation 0y co ision. ma<in.t%at t%ey ose exc%an-e:a0i ity and need muc% expenditure ma<in.413 forms 929. and t%erefore &ater: mo ecu es are"s6 #i-. t%at die ectric constant comprise 3 ayer. "%en t%e e ectric fie d stren-t% exceeds t%e &it%standin.stron.36 a cross section for t%e i ustration of a many:step decomposition de/ice as an examp e.stron. If t%e stron.26 a side:/ie&.sta0 e state. t%at is. '%e in/ention is i ustrated accordin. t%e so id die ectric .e ectric fie d stren-t% o/er t%e &it%standin. '%e c%aracteristic of t%is in/ention is to decompose oxy-en. t%e &ater continuous y recei/es t%e stron./o ta-e to t%e comp ex die ectric ayer. t%e e ectric fie d stren-t% satisfies t%ese eGuations. and anot%er o0Hect of t%e in/ention is to pro/ide t%e &ater decomposition de/ice. It t%e t&o <inds of die ectric &%ic% are differin.t%e diap%ra-m P Summary of t e in*ention6 It is an o0Hect of t%e present in/ention to pro/ide t%e &ater decomposition met%od usin.16 a cross section for i ustration of t%is in/ention.3.C3 for examp e 21<C:(1<C is -i/en to suc% e ectrodes. .ioni=ation 0y co ision. #i-. '%en as o& e ectric fie d stren-t% s%ort of t%e oit%standin./o ta-e stren-t%./o ta-e stren-t% of its o&n.1 and #i-.2.H23 from t%e &ater mo ecu es 0y causin. '%en t%e die ectric intruded recei/es stron-er e ectric fie d stren-t% t%an 0ot% side of t%e die ectrics.B23 and %ydro-en./o ta-e stren-t% is formed at 0ot% side of t%e iGuid die ectric and t%e so id die ectric restrain muc% e ectric disc%ar-e current to f o& 0et&een t%e e ectrodes <eepin. #i-. t%e die ectric 0rea<do&n %appens and t%en 0ot% side of t%e die ectric ayer can 0e in sta0 e state 0ecause it recei/es &ea< e ectric fie d stren-t%.

t%e e ectric fie d stren-t% of t%e so id die ectric6 E1.'%e &it%standin.23. and if it recei/es t%e e ectric fie d stren-t% o&er t%an t%e &it%standin. t%e &it%:standin.o& 929. t%e &ater . +s &e can <no& from t%e a0o/e eGuations. &ater is continuous y decomposed 0y recei/in. +0o/e met%od is exce ent in t%at it does not need ot%er additions in comparison &it% e ectro ysis and t%e e ectrode is itt e coated from t%e e ectric disc%ar-e current and needs no treatment.423.H2B3. t%e die ectric constant of t%e iGuid die ectric6 e2. t%e ratio of t%e t&o die ectrics.e ectric fie d stren-t% is formed in t%e die ectric ./o ta-e stren-t% of t%e so id die ectric . .413 in comparison &it% t%e iGuid die ectric . '%is p%enomena can %appen on t%e condition t%at re ati/e die ectric constant of t%e so id die ectric is tens of times or %undreds of times as %i-% as t%at of t%e &ater. If &e ma<e comp ex die ectric ayer &%ic% is fi ed &it% &ater in t%e midd e inter/a . t%e e ectric fie d stren-t% of t%e iGuid die ectric6 E2./o ta-e stren-t% of its o&n. o& e ectric fie d stren-t% is formed in t%e so id die ectric . t%at is. &%ic% &e can see from #i-. &e can separate t%e %ydro-en and t%e oxy-en 0y iGuefaction or can use t%e mixed -ases as it is.y %i-% re ati/e die ectric constant in comparison &it% *1 and can resist %i-% &it%standin./o ta-e stren-t% of t%e iGuid die ectric . . 0y insta in.-as:-at%erin-:%ouse .H3 on t%e upper part of t%e comp ex of die ectric ayers. iGuid die ectric. t%e ratio of t%e t&o die ectrics6 e2De1Uer./o ta-e stren-t% of its o&n. +ccordin.413 C.p3./o ta-e stren-t% and %i-% temperature. is made of so id die ectric of t%e type of ceramics &%ic% %as exceedin.1 and #i-.423 and t%e e ectric fie d stren-t% exceeds t%e &it%standin./o ta-e stren-t% and %i-% temperature. t%e die ectric constant of t%e so id die ectric6 e1.2. erXX1 and its nature is suc% t%at it can resist t%e &it%standin. it 0ecomes t%e sta0 e state. and t%ere is t%e system of ceramics &%ic% satisfies t%ese conditions and so t%ere is no difficu ty in decomposin.e ectric fie d stren-t%. t%e inter/a of t%e iGuid die ectric6 d2. +s i ustrated in #i-. t%e die ectric 0rea<do&n./o ta-e stren-t% of its o&n and restrain e ectric disc%ar-e current to f o& in t%e sta0 e state. t%en. 8e/erse y if stron. if er. is muc% sma er t%an 1.<CDm.t%e stron.d23 and tens of t%ousand /o ta-e is f o&ed into t%e e ectrode . can 0e decomposed &it% %ydro-en and oxy-en. ioni=ation 0y co ision %appens.&ater 0y usin" t e t eory of t e distributi*e electric field stren"t of t%e comp ex die ectric ayer and ioni=ation 0y co ision of t%e die ectric. t%e &ater recei/es e ectric fie d stren-t% of its o&n and t%e mo ecu es of t%e &ater are decomposed into %ydro-en and oxy-en 0y t%e ioni=ation 0y co ision.13 and .y to a0o/e met%od. as t%e re ati/e die ectric constant 0ecomes erD1 0y t%e eGuation .4.4236 C2 <CDm. t%at is. t%e inter/a of t%e so id die ectric6 d1. +s 0ot% sides of t%e so id die ectric recei/e &ea< e ectric fie d stren-t% s%ort of t%e &it%standin.

2D '%e met%od of c aim 1.said iGuid:recei/ of said containerI fi in. (D '%e met%od of c aim !.a so id die ectric container formed from a materia %a/in. 3D 'He met%od of c aim 1.1 and #i-. as ). &%erein said stron. so id die ectricI t%e examp e. '%e t%ic<ness of t%e iGuid die ectric ayer fi ed &it% &aterI d2U2mm.!11. &e made comp ex die ectric ayer and t%e /o ta-e of !1<C f o&ed into t%e e ectrode . said met%od comprisin.t%e iGuid:recei/in. &%erein t%e so id die ectric container is made of ceramic.Return to the top . End of inte-ra transcription.a iGuid: recei/in. '%en.e ectric fie d stren-t% is in t%e ran-e 21<CDmm : (1<CDmm 4D '%e met%od of c aim 1. t%e re ati/e die ectric constant of t%e ceramics.t%e %ydro-en and oxy-en -ases t%at are e/o /edI and continuous y refi in. &%erein said stron. t%e mixin. into %ydro-en and oxy-en for so on.+ccordin.e ectric fie d stren-t% exceedin. &%erein said so id die ectric container comprises t&o para e die ectric s a0s %a/in.oxy-en and %ydro-en -as &as co t%e /o ta-e is app ied to said e ectrodesI co of said so id die ectric container &it% &ater c%aracteri=ed 0y a co/a ent 0ondI app yin.a die ectric constant -reater t%an ten times t%at of &ater.C13I C1Uo/er !4 <CDmm.2. said container %a/in. t%e t%ic<ness of t%e die ectric ayerI 41U!mm.t%e co/a ent 0ond stren-t% t%ereofI &%erein said &ater is decomposed continua y. Li<e #i-.ioni=ation 0y co ision.a pair of e ectrodes on opposite sides of t%e outside of said iGuid: recei/ an-ua-e are from t%e ori-ina document. "%at is c aimed is6 1D + &ater decomposition met%od uti i=in.!2 <CDmm and it 0ecame in sta0 e state 0ecause it is s%ort of t%e &it%standin.e ectric fie d stren-t% E2U22.a su0stantia y %i-%er die ectric constant t%an t%at of &ater and capa0 e of &it%standin. t%e &it%standin/o ta-e stren-t% .2 cc of &ater &as decomposed. &%erein said iGuid die ectric comprises pure &ater.t%e steps of6 pro/indin.413 recei/ed t%e e ectric fie d stren-t% E1U1.42 <CDmm and t%e ioni=ation 0y co ision %appened and &as decomposed in %ydro-en and oxy-en./o ta-es -reater t%an a0out 21<C &it%out e ectrica or p%ysica 0rea<do&n.p3 insta ed and 0ot% sides of t%e so id die ectric .spaceI positionin. --------------------------------------------.a continuous /o ta-e -reater t%an a0out 21<C to said so id die ectric container and across said e ectrodes to su0Hect said &ater to a stron. Mista<es in &it% &ater to maintain a predetermined Guantity of &ater t%erein as decomposition occurs. 0y ioni=ation 0y co ision.e ectric fie d stren-t% is -reater t%an a0out !1<CDmm !D '%e met%od of c aim 1.

t%e &ater mo ecu e to-et%er. '%e %ydro-en e ectron is t%e t%in. 211) 11611 pm I Post su0Hect6 Hydro-en and oxy-en ionisationO Hydro-en and oxy-en ionisationO '%is may 0e one &ay t%e "ater fue ce . . '%e oxy-en norma y -ets it’s e ectrons from amp f o&. Su<%oi $ompany .t%at is %o din.remem0er &e are on y doin. no& 0ecause t%e oxy-en atom needs anot%er e ectron it ta<es it from t%e muc% &ea<er %ydro-en atom. &%en it dose t%is t%e %ydro-en ooses its e ectron to t%e muc% stron-er oxy-en atom. t%at &ou d 0e t%e point &%ere t%e %i-% currant &ou d f o&.!SE$FRe*erseH>7fuelcell. --------------------------------------------.aterfuelcell.SP =#162#22A#&//aratus for $ecom/osition of &5ueous !i5uid from 94e$ompKMa-netic CortexKPatent 411!!2*.?S$3 : If t%e &or d s%ou d 0 o& itse f up.PP 266@# Hydro"en and o3y"en ionisation# from t e e3cellent . so t%e oxy-en %as a stron-er e ectrica c%ar-e. '%e t&o e ectrons co/a ent y 0ondin.pdf9 at can9t 0e done. t%is 0rea<s t%e co/a ent 0ond.Satn Meyer9s one3 0rea<s t%e co/a ent 0ondin. '%e reason t%e oxy-en is stron-er t%en t%e %ydro-en is 0ecause t%e %ydro-en atom %as on y one proton &%ereas t%e oxy-en atom %as ei-%t.or" forum# %ttp6DD&aterfue ce .e ectron f o& t%e oxy-en atom ta<es t%e e ectrons from t%e %ydro-en atom.t%e %ydro-en to t%e oxy-en are stripped of &%en t%e oxy-en is ionised and ooses four e ectrons.opera.comD%2eart%D0 o-Dcy0rarium P &bstract6 + n apparatus for decomposition of iGuid in &%ic% /ortica ne-ati/e and positi/e e ectrodes are arran-ed in a c osed re ation 0ut in s%ort free positions and t%ese t&o e ectrodes are supp ied &it% a po&er t%rou-% externa termina s and t%e e ectro yte is p aced to f o& 0et&een t%e ne-ati/e and positi/e e ectrodes for t%e e ectro ysis 0et&een t&o e ectrodes under t%e function of t%e potentia ma-netic fie d formed 0y t%e coi current &%ic% is -enerated 0y t%e e ectrodes &it% acti/e mo/ement of an e ectro ytic ion so t%at t%e e ectro ysis of &ater ta<es p ace smoot% y under t%e spin functions of t%e atom and e ectron.of t%e &ater mo ecu e.t%e co/a ent 0ond.p%pLtU41!SstartU1SpostdaysU1Spostord erUascS%i-% i-%tU Posted by -P. '%an<s. "%en t%e oxy-en atom ta<es t%e %ydro-en’s e ectron it 0rea<s t%e co/a ent 0ond .or-Dp%p@@2D/ie&topic. 0ut 0ecause &e are no& restrictin.: Sat May 12.Return to the top PP 1B@A# S i"eta H&SE(E# . so &%en t%e oxy-en atom ta<es t%e %ydro-en atom’s e ectron it is 0rea<in. t%e ast audi0 e /oice &ou d 0e t%at of an expert sayin.t%is &it% /o ta-e3.

aQ. eac% constituti/e atom is a so &ea< y ma-neti=ed to rotate t%e e ementary particu e in a particu ar direction.ater accordin" to t e in*ented /rocess is a//ro3imately 16 or more times Da//ro3imately 26 times on calculationF as t at of t e con*entional electrolysis. &ater is composed of a %ydro-en atom and an oxy-en atom. atomic nuc eous. t%e e ectro yte is su0Hected to t%e e ectro ysis 0et&een t&o e ectrodes under t%e function of t%e potentia ma-netic fie d formed 0y t%e coi current &%ic% is -enerated 0y t%e e ectrodes &it% acti/e mo/ement of an e ectro ytic ion .aBH so ution3 for app yin. '%e structura desi-n of e ectro ytic ce in accordance &it% t%e in/ented system is c%aracteri=ed in t%at t%e e ectro yte f o&in. '%at is. t%e coup instate of t%e %ydro-en &it% t%e oxy-en is /arried and t%e e ectro ysis is faci itated under t%e function of spin.. "%en &ater is sufficient y ma-neti=ed. '%is rotation of t%e e ementary particu e is -enera y ca ed as 9spin9. '%us. BH:3 so t%at t%e e ectro ysis of &ater ta<es p ace smoot% y under t%e spin functions of t%e atom and e ectron. t%e spin function is caused 0y an e ectron. +s is &e <no&n. "%en a ne-ati/e e ectrode is immersed in t%e e ectro yte ..a /o ta-e t%ereto to cause t%e e ementary particu e to react &it% t%e e ectric fie d. It %as 0een confirmed t%at t e rate of t e electrolysis of .P (ac0"round and Summary of t e In*ention6 '%is in/ention re ates to an apparatus for decomposition of iGuid &%erein an e ectro yte in f o& is su0Hected to an e ectro ysis for production of -ases. atom and e/en 0y t%e mo ecu e. In accordance &it% t%e present in/ention.t%rou-% t%e supp y ports pro/ided at t%e o&er portion of t%e e ectro ytic ce is su0Hected to t%e potentia ma-netic fie d in t%e . /ortica ne-ati/e and positi/e e ectrodes are arran-ed in a c osed re ation 0ut in s%ort free positions and t%ese t&o e ectrodes are supp ied &it% a po&er t%rou-% externa termina s and t%e e ectro yte is p aced to f o& 0et&een t%e ne-ati/e and positi/e e ectrodes.

system for separation of -as and iGuid in &%ic% positi/e and ne-ati/e /ortica e ectrodes are arran-ed to tra/erse a f o& pat% of iGuid and said /ortica e ectrodes at t%eir opposite ends 0ein. 14 are communicated &it% eac% ot%er t%rou-% a de i/ery pipe 1( &%ic% communicates t%e top of t%e e ectro ytic ce 11 &it% t%e midd e portion of t%e -as: iGuid separation tan< 12. a -enera o0Hect of t%e in/ention to pro/ide a no/e apparatus for decomposition of iGuid in &%ic% an e ectro yte . Bt%ers o0Hects and ad/anta-es of t%e present in/ention &i 0ecome apparent as t%e detai ed description t%ereof proceeds.tan< 14 are /ertica y arran-ed in Huxtaposition &it% a ocation of t%e e ectro ytic ce 11 in a itt e o&er e/e t%an t%e ot%ers.tan< 14 is connected a drain pipe 2( t%rou-% a /a /e 2*.a iGuid circu atin.aBH3 so ution is su0Hected to ma-netic fie d to carry out an e ectro ysis under t%e function of t%e spin of an e ement constitutin. and a conduit 22. of &%ic% positi/e and ne-ati/e ma-netic po es are confronted t%erein so t%at a ma-netic fie d -enerated is ort%o-ona to t%e axis of t%e e ectro ytic ce . an e ectro ytic ce 11.presence of t%e permanent ma-net and t%at t%e e ectrodes for e ectro ysis is su0Hected to t%e more potentia ma-netic and e ectric fie ds to o0tain a sufficient spin effect. positi/e and ne-ati/e /ortica e ectrodes 31 of diameters as defined in accordance &it% an interna diameter of t%e e ectro ytic ce 11 are arran-ed coaxia"s6 '%e in/ention &i 0e descri0ed more in detai in t%e fo o&in. &%ic% is extended from t%e top portion of t%e -as: iGuid separation tan< 12 t%rou-% a /a /e 24 into t%e 0ottom portion of t%e -as &as%in.tan< 14.1. . 'o t%e top portion of t%e -as &as%in. &%erein6 #i-.&ater mo ecu e t%ere0y to produce a -reat amount of -as &it% ess consumption of e ectric ener-y..arran-ed &it% ma-netic materia s to app y a predetermined /o ta-e for a iGuid passin. P $escri/tion of t e /referred embodiment6 In #i-. P (rief descri/tion of t e dra. + principa o0Hect of t%e in/ention is to pro/ide an apparatus for decomposition of iGuid inc udin.3 is a p an /ie& of e ectrodes &it% ma-netic materia s. t%erefore.&it% reference to t%e accompnyin. It is. &%ic% communicates t%e 0ottom portion of t%e -as: iGuid separation tan< 12 &it% t%e 0ottom portion of t%e e ectro ytic ce 11. In t%e e ectro ytic ce 11.t%rou-% a ma-netic fie d 0y said positi/e and ne-ati/e cortica e ectrodes t%ere0y to promote -eneration and separation of cation and anion &it% a %i-% efficiency in production of a ar-e Guantity of -ases 0y &ay of an e ectro ysis of iGuid. and at upper and o&er positions of t%e /ortica e ectrode 31 are arran-ed ma"net rin"s <2 and <= of ferrite and t e li0e.1 is a partia y cross:sectiona sc%ematic e e/ation of an apparatus in accordance &it% t%e in/entionI #i-. a feed:0ac< pipe 1* pro/ided &it% a pump 21.2 is a perspecti/e /ie& of e ectrodes arran-ed in accordance &it% t%e in/entionI and #i-. '%ese ce 11 and tan<s 12. a -as: iGuid separation tan< 12 and a -as &as%in.dra&in-s.

insu atin.a t e in*ention brin"s a remar0able increasement in t e electrolytic rate since a ydraulic diameter in a s/ace bet.&ater for production of %ydro-en -as and oxy-en -as at a %i-% efficiency. ' eac% ot%er ena0 es a desired reduction in 0u < of t%e ce .system for separation of -as and iGuid reGuires no ot%er dri/inunit except t%e circu ation pump 21 to ac%ie/e separation of -as and iGuid 0y uti i=in.tan< 14 is fi ed &it% con/enient &as%in. t%e e ectro ytic ce 11 and t%e -as: iGuid separation tan< 12 are fi ed &it% t%e e ectro yte 44 &%ic% is constrained 0y operation of t%e pump 21 to f o& t%rou-% a ma-netic fie d in an annu ar pat% in &%ic% positi/e and ne-ati/e ma-netic po es .spacers 3* interposed 0et&een t%e positi/e and ne-ati/e meta strips 3( ser/es to de/e ope desired tur0u ence of t%e e ectro yte passin. In ot%er &ords. '%e e ectro ytic ce 11 and t%e -as: iGuid separation tan< 12 are fi ed &it% a e ectro yte 44 &%ic% may 0e circu ated 0y t%e pump 21 &%ereas t%e -as &as%in.iGuid 4( so t%at -ases -us%in. &%ic% are in turn connected respecti/e y to positi/e or ne-ati/e e ectrode termina s pro/ided int %e inner &a of t%e e ectro ytic ce .tan< 14 &%ereas t%e iGuid -oes do&n and is returned a-ain to t%e e ectro ytic ce 11. a f o& of -as: iGuid mixture supp ied from e ectro ytic ce 11 is fed into t%e -as: iGuid separation tan< 12 &%ere due to t%e difference in 0uoyancy of -ases and iGuid.iGuid 4( to suc% a preferred e/e t%at -ases -us%in. S of t%e ma-nets 32 and 34 are confronted and t%rou-% t%e meta p ates 3( of t%e /ortica e ectrode 31 to impart an orientation to an e ectrica mi-ration of cation and anion &it% increased -as separation rate and promotion of e ectro ysis.out of conduit 22 are &as%ed and fed into t%e drain pipe 2(. '%e iGuid circu atin. &%i e increasin.een metal stri/s of t e electrode <6 is reduced and ence t e flo. '%e &as%in. '%at is to say. +s %erein0efore descri0ed. 9 e *ortical electrodes <6 in accordance .'%e /ortica e ectrodes 31 are composed of t&o meta strips 3( &%ic% are &ound into /ortica s%apes &it% a p ura ity of cy indrica insu atin. *elocity in t e s/ace is increased so t at a /ositi*e con*ection in t e "a/ ser*es to cause turbulence and accordin"ly "asified bubbles /roduced by an electrolysis and attac ed to t e surface of t e electrode <6 are remo*ed instantly in re/lacement by fres ions. Bn t%e ot%er %and. t%e f o&in.t%rou-% t%e space. -as rises and is fed into t%e -as &as%in. Especia y.out of t%e conduit 22 is &e &as%ed. #rom t%e meta strips 33( are &it%dra&n ead &ires 41..oxy-en -as ser/es to faci itate a -asification as it %as a ma-netic property of /aria0 e under an inf uence of t%e ma-netic fie d.spacers 3* of ru00er and t%e i<e interposed t%ere0et&een in attac%ment to t%e surface of t%e meta strips 3(.tan< 14 is fi ed &it% a &as%in. t%e ma-nets 32 and 34 pro/ide positi/e and ne-ati/e .area &it% t%e e ectro yte 44 &it% re ati/e y s%ort mi-ration distance of ions for promotion of -asification.differences in &ater %eads de/e oped amon. t%e apparatus may 0e constructed at reduced cost &it%out comp exity.t%e ce 11 and t%e tan<s 12 and 14. '%e /ortica construction of positi/e and ne-ati/e meta strips a ternate y opposin. '%e apparatus in accordance &it% t%e present in/ention may 0e &e app ica0 e to an e ectro ysis of f o&in.

) LDmn3 for 31+% x 2.tota po&er consumption 31+ x 14C U 421"atts3.. you &i -et an po es . .*CU A=W I '%at9s 2 !iter of Hydro3y /er W \S] 6.facts6 E*en by correction at t e room tem/erature of 26 de".3"%DL . '%is desi-n is &ays o/er #araday9s maximum U BCE82.2W /er liter RRR &M&LI)' E::ICIE)CY. so coup in. t%e experimenta daata %a/e s%o&ed t%e fo o&in. Bxy-en B2 : * -ram U !.a car a ternator..2 .I'73 '%e t%eoretica amount of -eneration of %ydro-en and oxy-en 0y t%e e ectro ysis in accordance &it% t%e present system are mentionned 0e o&.*C.* U 14C3 and usin. +s %erein0efore fu y descri0ed in accordance &it% t%e in/ention -eneration and separation of cation and anion in a f o&in. Hydro-en H2 : 1 -ram U 11.B de-. '%is concept produced 1! times more Hydroxy -as t%an our a ready &e efficient ( serie:ce s car e ectro y=er strai-%t 4$ from a ternator M He %is usin. Ho&e/er.1 de-.1 LDmn for 1!+3 and &e &ere a ready /ery proud . 34 and a -eneration of a ma-netic fie d in a direction perpendicu ar to t%at of t%e iGuid f o& so t%at t%e iGuid is ensured to f o& in t%e ma-netic fie d. $ at 1 atm3.amount of ! x ) U 3! LDmn of Hydroxy M3 "it% our ( ce s series &e are a i-nment 0et&een t%e cross section of t%e f o&:pat% of t%e iGuid and t%e annu ar portion of t%e ma-nets 32.iGuid is faci itated at a %i-% efficiency of -as production rate 0y t%e e ectro ysis. U =1@ !> our .C# t e rate of "eneration o*er 26 times could be obtained.M45 no/1)6 11(cc of Hydroxy per sec.2.( . for 31+ . $ at 1 atm3.! x 2.! of %is ce s in series . S &%ic% are confronted in t%e annu ar &a for faci itatin. .

comD%2eart%D0 o-Dcy0rarium 2pon ac%ie/ &it% a ead &ire secured to t%e ce .t%e iGuid under pressure t%rou-% said ce . a feed:0ac< conduit connectin. and %a/in.t%rou-% t%e &a t%ereof.n# Water :uel !!C# (ayside# )e.insu atin. +fter mo ecu ar ioni=ation. Yor0 11<?6# .contact means extendin.spaces interposed 0et&een said e ectrodes. (D '%e apparatus accordin.Return to the top PP ).to c aim 1. 2D '%e apparatus accordin. %a/in. End of fu transcription of t%e patent. from 9SeidmanCo ta-e@rea<do&n. and ma-netic means mounted &it% said ce at eac% of t%e axia ends of said e ectrodes. eac% e ectrode 0ein. &%erein eac% of said e ectrodes is formed of at east one s%eet of meta ic materia . an a ternatin. a conduit connectin.&ound a0out eac% ot%er in su0stantia y coaxia %e ices to form a /ortex trans/erse to t%e f o& of in et at one end and an out et at t%e ot%er. --------------------------------------------.positi/e ne-ati/e ionic arran-ement .to c aim c aim 1. conduit means connectint%e top of t%e ce &it% t%e mid:portion of t%e -as: iGuid separation tan<. 4D '%e apparatus accordin.a -as: iGuid separation tan< and a -as:&as%in."%i e certain preferred em0odiments of t%e in/ention %a/e 0een i ustrated 0y &ay of examp e in t%e dra&in-s and particu ar y descri0ed. it &i 0e understood t%at /arious modifications may 0e made in t%e constructions and t%at t%e in/ention is no &ay imited to t%e em0odiments s%o&n.ort%o-ona to t%e f o& of iGuid. )D '%e apparatus accordin. P W at I claim is6 1D +pparatus fro t%e decomposition of aGueous iGuid &%ere0y -as is formed comprisin.t%e 0ottom end of t%e -as: iGuid separation tan< &it% said pump.pdf9 a/ai a0 e at %ttp6DDmy. &%erein said ma-netic means comprise annu ar mem0ers %a/in. 3D '%e apparatus accordin.a ce .diametrica y opposed positi/e and ne-ati/e po es yin. inc udin. said e ectrodes c aim 1 inc udin.t%e /o ta-e ma-nitude t%res%o d associated &it% &ater:die ectric 0rea<do& c aim 1.tan<. &%erein said in et and out et meansare at axia ends of said e ectrodes.S&.a pump at t%e in et for feedin.tan< eac% /ertica y arran-ed in Huxtaposition.tan< for ex%aust of t%e -as. SEI$M&)# Entro/ic Re/ercussion of Water.opera. a /a /e inserted in said atter conduit and a drain pipe connected to t%e top end of t%e -as:&as%in.t%e top end of t%e -as: iGuid separation tan< and t%e o&er portion of t%e -as:&as%in. positi/e and ne-ati/e e ectrodes mounted &it%in said ce 0et&een said in et and out et connected to a source of e ecctric current. a pat% of mo ecu es is ioni=ed 0et&een t%e ne-ati/e and positi/e capacitor p c aim 1. inc udin. !D '%e apparatus accordin.$ielectric (rea0do.

t%at produced eGuation . 'eff is a tempora parameter in/o /int%e pu se &idt% of t%e app ied /o ta-e si-na I t%is /aria0 e is measured in units of microseconds .cm3. and . and . Ep'eff1D3 +1.43. '%e /aria0 e d is measured in centimeters .13.+"8E3 at + dermaston.33 produced 0y Ei 0ert and Lupton V2W for systems assumin.1!* U 1.of t%e capacitor. t%is pu0 ication su--ested t%at a net <inetic ener-y .13.13. (W.43 specific to a finite area capacitor %as 0een created 0y . '%is pu0 ication dea s &it% a potentia entropic .43 EGuations .t%e distance 0et&een capacitor p ates. .13.33.331Q:1. Cp is t%e pea< /o ta-e across t%e capacitor &it% units of me-a/o ts . EGuation . a t%ou-% %a/e 0een inc uded in t%is pu0 ication to especia y %i-% i-%t t%e due di i-ence of past researc%ers to document t%e empirica parameters necessary to induce &ater:die ectric 0rea<do&n.after t%e occurrence of &aterdie ectric 0rea<do&n.23 '%e researc% of Sandia .13 and . &%ic% is a /aria0 e representin.23 &ere specifica y created for t%e desi-n and construction of &ater 0ased e ectrica insu ation systems.ationa La0oratories V1W t%ere &as a tota of 2! point:p ane measurements ta<en and ta0u ated for t%e primary purpose of -eneratin.23 %as an additiona parameter d.43 are more -enera and %a/e 0een created for ot%er purposes.1!3 d1. esta0 is%ed in eGuations .eGuation .231 .Ein3 de i/ered 0y t%e disc%ar-in.ationa La0oratories V1W.E<3 resu ts from t%e a i-nment of t%e ions associated &it% &ater:die ectric 0rea<do&n conditions. eGuation .231 .13 specific de/ised for capacitors &it% infinite area. Ep'eff 1. In t%e researc% 0y Sandia . and pu0 is%ed in 8eferences V!.33 is an empirica re ations%ip specifica y in/o /in. it is no& possi0 e to in/esti-ate t%e su0seGuent reaction ensuin.11F . .MC3.cm3. and d is t%e distance 0et&een t%e capacitor p ates &it% units of centimeters .3 .ationa La0oratories V1W. '%eir in/esti-ations %a/e produced an empirica eGuation .1)) U 1.and V3.131Q:1. Ep U Cp D d. +dditiona ana ysis of t%e 2! point:p ane measurements %as produced eGuation .13. '%e ne& y esta0 is%ed pat% of conducti/ity a o&s t%e /o ta-e stored in t%e capacitor to disc%ar-e /ia t%e creation of a current f o& t%rou-% said pat%. EGuation .3(1Q:1. .23.repetition unti t%e pat% is conc uded 0y t%e positi/e y c%ar-ed capacitor p ateI t%e arran-ement of t%e ions is -o/erned 0y an attempt to ac%ie/e c%ar-e neutra ity.23. EGuation . Most recent it %as 0een in/esti-ated 0y Sandia .43 are t%e resu t of a century of researc% and in/esti-ation into t%e ma-nitude of parameters necessary to induce &ater:die ectric 0rea<do&n.13 In eGuation . 4. &as desi-ned to supersede eGuation . and un i<e eGuation . &%ere Ep is %as units of MCDcm.13!Q:1. .33. Ep'eff1D3 +1D11 U 1. (W.33 +not%er empirica eGuation .us3. and .emer-es &%ere t%e ne-ati/e y c%ar-ed capacitor p ate is fo o&ed 0y a positi/e ion t%en a ne-ati/e ion in continuin.a finite area capacitor.12( U 1.33.23.infinite area capacitors. +s a resu t of t%e atter due di i-ence. En. Ep'eff1.13 and . Introduction6 '%e empirica parameters of &ater:die ectric 0rea<do&n %a/e 0een t%orou-% y in/esti-ated t%rou-%out recent y scientific %istory. I.23. In addition to t%e ener-y . !.

EGuation . Aristiansen .H. V!W ?. tend to cance eac% ot%er. >.$. . +naya.c%ar-es form a conducti/e pat%. '%e ener-y resu tin. ?. '%e exact Guantity of e ectrica ener-y input into t%e system can 0e measured 0y standard a/ai a0 e e ectronic testineGuipment. "a-oner. Mo&rer. Sty-ar. "ood&ort%. Martin.+.t%e ne-ati/e capacitor p ate to t%e positi/e capacitor p ate in an attempt to maintain net c%ar-e neutra ity. C. Martin.+.2H2B Q Ein Q E< ::` 2H2 Q B23 .E. '%e system must 0e contro edI t%erefore a 0om0 ca orimeter is to 0e used to Guantity potentia exot%ermic %eat ener-y. +s a resu t of %a/in. 1F(! V4W I. Smit%.standard t%ermodynamic eGuipment. V(W ?.from t%e system . and t%e t%eori=ed <inetic ener-y . Met od of 9estin"6 + met%od of in section C. . Edited 0y '.$. ?.at t%e instant of die ectric 0rea<do&n. Ei 0ert and ".repercussion of &aterdie ectric 0rea<do&n. Proc. Ionic &li"nment and t e Resultin" Ma"nitude of +inetic Ener"y DE0F6 2pon t%e a i-nment of t%e positi/e and ne-ati/e c%ar-ed ions. '. &%ereas t%e typica t%e random motions of partic es. Puet=. '%ompson.E. Lott.E<3 t%at &ou d 0e reGuired to 0a ance t%e stoic%iometry.8.8. 9 eory6 4ie ectric 0rea<do&n resu ts in t%e formation of positi/e y c%ar-ed and ne-ati/e y c%ar-ed ions.$. effecti/e y a o&in. in a %i-% state of entropy. a state of o& entropy is esta0 is%ed resu tin.+. Smit%. and .P. V2W 8.Eout3 can 0e measured 0y Guantifyin.t%ese t&o parameters .!3 C.!3.e& 7or<.211(3. suc% t%at a o& state of entropy occurs. in ?. '%e a ternatin. and ?.Eout3.4. CI. in P%ysica 8e/ie& Specia 'opics – +cce erators and @eams F.P enum. +tomic "eapons 8esearc% Esta0 is%ment 8eport .+. 1FF(3.-ases. +tomic "eapons 8esearc% Esta0 is%ment 8eport . E.exists 0y usin.E<3 ma-nitude.!3 a so eads into t%e met%od of testin. '. F34 . SS"+DI4SD((11 D111. &//endi36 V1W ". M.E<3 t%at emer-es from ionic a i-nment. Martin on Pu sed Po&er.e ectric current. Ener"y &*ailability6 '%e atter su--ested <inetic ener-y . $or a Guantity of <inetic ener-y .H. ?.+. Can4e/ender.Ein3. '%is ne& y esta0 is%ed conducti/e pat% is &e or-ani=ed. '%is Guantity of ener-y is in addition to t%e ma-nitude de i/ered 0y t%e to t%e ma-nitude de i/ered 0y t%e current f o& .unpu0 is%ed3. +. +ssociated &it% a o& state of entropy is a %i-% mo ecu ar <inetic ener-y .o.H.Ein3 associated &it% t%e disc%ar-in.t%e atomic 0yproducts of t%e c%emica reaction in eGuation . Martin. H. I/es.t%e disc%ar-e of t%e /o ta-e stored in t%e capacitor 0e-innin.E<3. 1F((. 'ripp.of t%e /o ta-e stored in t%e capacitor. III. SS"+D?$MD(!11D@.$. . HarHes. 5. H.$.4. and M. IEEE *1. $uneo. V3W I.$. IC.E<3 is summated &it% t%e input ener-y .!3I suc% Guantification can 0e ac%ie/ed 0y standard c%emica ana ysis of t%e resu tin. 5uent%er. II.8. 1)1411 . S. a simp e arit%metic su0traction ca cu ation can 0e made to determine t%e /a ue of . Lupton .o. capa0 e of propa-atin. '%ese positi/e and ne-ati/e c%ar-es arran-e in an a ternatinfas%ion connectin.P. "a ace.Ein3 i ustrated in eGuation . in a re ati/e y inear fas%ion.1FF23.

Hydro-en on demand t%rou-% die ectric %eatin. t%ere are t&o mec%anisms in/o /ed.+n En-ineerin. '%e second met%od in/o /es an actua /i0ration of a die ectric medium in a radio freGuency fie d. '%ere is rea y no need for fossi fue at a for po&erin. #ourt% Edition .V)W '%ermodynamics . --------------------------------------------. t%e mo ecu es re/erse direction and acce erate t%e motion of indi/idua mo ecu es or atoms.21123. '%is is ca ed Ndie ectric %eatin-N and it in/o /es dipo e rotation6 NMo ecu ar rotation occurs in materia s %a/in. @o es.R)&! 7: &PP!IE$ E!EC9R7CHEMIS9RY 21 DtBBtF BA?.as t%is rea p%ysica /i0ration "i<ipedia. +ccordin. &%ic% &i a i-n t%emse /es in t%e fie d 0y rotatin-I as t%e fie d a ternates.Return to the top PP Re: & Second !oo0 at $ielectrics and LPE # by Randy on Sunday# Se/tember 1?# 266@. from 9Pu sed e ectro-eneration of .e&sSfi eUartic eSsidU2!14 '%ere %as 0een some discussion %ere of usin. a manufactured %o o& die ectric sp%ere &it% attac%ed ma-nets and t%e dimensions c%osen to /i0rate or Nosci ateN at radio freGuency &i cause sea&ater to com0ust and continue to 0urn as on. "%at &e need is ne& eaders%ip and common sense science.assisted e ectro ysis may 0e t%e 0asis of a ne& -eneration of %ydro-en cars.+pproac%3. '%is can 0e ac%ie/ed 0y attac%inma-nets to pie=oe ectric Guantum dots and c%oosin. 0y 7unus +. CE)+&9&CH&!&M# Pulsed electro"eneration of bubbles for electroflotation# re*ised 22 Marc 1BB1# E7.o0a &armin-.t%e dimensions so t%at t%ey osci ate at radio freGuency.N '%is is t%e essence of micro&a/e %eatin-.comDmodu es. 4ie ectrics natura y po ari=e t%emse /es in t%e presence of an e ectric fie d.N So. +.Return to the top PP ). + so.pdf9 a/ai a0 e at %ttp6DD=pener-y.sea&aterN is simp y t%e p acement of t%e sea&ater in a rea p%ysica /i0ration of radio freGuency. $omputer simu ation is needed to confirm t%e resu ts of suc% a de/ice 0efore it is 0ui t so t%at one’s efforts are not &asted. "e Hust need to put t%e p an in p ace. t%e 0asic met%od of N0urnin. Bne is <no&n as e ectronic conduction &%ere t%e current f o& in t%e osci freGuency to impro/e t%e efficiency of e ectro ysis. Hydro-en on demand is a rea and p ausi0 e so ution to . '%is &i 0urn sea&ater.fie d a o&s t%e materia to 0e &armed to a0sor0 ener-y as %eat. from 9SeidmanCo ta-e@rea<do&n. '%is &ou d sa/e a -reat dea of time in t%e de/e opment e ectrica dipo e moment. $en-e and Mic%ae +.p%pLnameU. +H7S!&# S. 8andy interna com0ustion en-ine if natura radiant ener-y is con/erted to actua radio freGuency p%ysica /i0rations.

for examp e. Po&ai. .t%e 0u00 e departure diameter. #ine par: tic e f otation &%ic% is imited due to t%e diminis%in.+. t%e 0u00 e properties are fixed and it 0ecomes impractica to adHust t%ese parameters to o0tain efficient -eneration of t%e desired fine si=ed 0u00 es. @om0ay 4111)(.unit cross: section per unit time3 as &e as t%e num0er of 0u00 es per unit /o ume for a -i/en /o ume of -as e/o /ed.t%e num0er of 0u00 es tra/ersin. Henry Arum0 Sc%oo of Mines. India P.7 1112). '%us.4+8+. '%is &or< is aimed at studies on t%e effect of interrupted current . t%e present &or< is addressed to&ards t%e -eneration of sma si=ed 0u00 es.A+'+$H+L+M. t%ere is need for a tec%niGue to -enerate 0u00 es of desired 0u00 e si=e distri0ution ar-e y independent of t%e so ution conditions. $o um0ia 2ni/ersity. Indian Institute of 'ec%no o-y. 1)W. #ine 0u00 es of t%e si=e reGuired for many processes suc% as e ectrof otation can 0e -enerated 0y e ectro ysis.comD%2eart%D0 o-Dcy0rarium . #or a -i/en set of system parameters suc% as pH.pdf9 a/ai a0 e at %ttp6DDmy. can 0e impro/ed 0y increasin.S. 4epartment of Meta ur-ica En-ineerin-. e ectrode surfaceDmorp%o o-ica properties. surface rou-%ness3 V3. 2. + microcomputer: contro ed current source desi-ned to -enerate t%e reGuired pu ses is descri0ed a on&it% typica resu ts o0tained &it% t%is system. It &as o0ser/ed t%at a decrease in duty cyc e at a -i/en pH and a/era-e current density causes an increase in fine si=ed 0u00 es and concomitant increase in 0u00 e f ux. + primary concern in processes suc% as e ectrof otation is t%e -eneration of fine 0u00 es of <no&n si=e at a <no&n 0u00 e f ux V3:)W. 2W. A. In t%is &or< an I@MDP$ contro ed pu sed current source . P$ pro-ramma0 e po&er supp ies usua y %a/e o& s e& rates and may not pro/e suita0 e as a pu sed current source for a capaciti/e oad suc% as an e ectro ytic ce in t%e freGuency ran-e discussed in t%is &or<. @u00 e contact an.X !1DRm3 dispersed -as 0u00 es.inf uence in fine partic e f otation V3W.. temperature. pH and current density affect t%e -as 0u00 e si=e distri0ution.pro0a0i ity of 0u00 e:partic e co isions.of materia s as &e as mass transferD%ydrodynamic aspects V1.a &a/eform -enerator a on.e VF:13W. 1. 1*W %a/e 0een su--ested 0y many &or<ers to 0e amon. Carious in/esti-ators V3. +n important outcome of sma er 0u00 e si=e is an increase in 0u00 ef ux . '%us.pu sed3 e ectro ysis on t%e -eneration of -as 0u00 es. current density V3. 1(. '%ese t&o factors %a/e 0een s%o&n to %a/e a stron.&it% a potentiostat capa0 e of fast s e& rates. -as -eneration durin.0u00 es for e ectrof otation. po ari=ation potentia V3W and 0u00 e c%ar-e V1!. SBM+S2.t%e -eneration of 0u00 es %as 0een concerned &it% nuc eate 0oi in-. rea-ent concentration and e ectrode materia . CE. e ectrode condition . + ar-e num0er of factors suc% as e ectrode materia . S. 4:1(W %a/e studied e ectro ytic -eneration of -as 0u00 es and t%e p%ysica parameters -o/ernin. 1)W. %ydro-en o/er/o ta-e V3W.. Pu sed e ectro ysis can 0e carried out 0y usin. AHBSL+. F:11. + mec%anism 0ased on oca potentia -radients is proposed to exp ain t%is p%enomenon.opera. Introduction6 Muc% of t%e experimenta &or< addressin.t%e num0er of fine si=ed 0u00 es V3W.t%e 0u00 e si=eK '%e occurrence of increased %ydro-en 0u00 e si=e in t%e acidic pH re-ion and t%at of oxy-en in t%e a <a ine re-ion is &e <no&n. + specia consideration %o&e/er for e ectro:f otation of minera fines is t%e need to -en: erate fine .t%e factors -o/ernin. .e& 7or<.e ectro ytic processin.

2.11( + m:23. Bccurrence of suc% s%arp points on an e ectrode and t%e conseGuent presence of %i-% oca potentia -radient sites cannot 0e ru ed out. crac<s and scratc%es V13.and t%us potentia -radient3 a most independent of t%e current density V3. '%is p%enomenon %as 0een a su0Hect of detai ed in/esti-ation in nuc eate 0oi in. Ho&e/er. Ho&e/ 0u00 e diameters. '%us 0u00 e si=e and f ux in aGueous e ectro ysis seems to depend upon . 5 as and "est&ater V1)W o0ser/ed t%at contact an.t%e e ectro ysis it is -enera y a-reed t%at t%e preferred nuc eation sites are at surface in%omo-encities suc% as fissures.a %i-% /o ta-e s e& rate %as 0een descri0ed.t%e 0u00 es a&ay o/ercome t%e forces 0indin.t%e departure diameter. '%e dependence of t%e /o ta-e -radient at t%e tip of a need e e ectrode upon its cur/ature is a &e <no&n p%enomenon. Surface in%omo-eneities suc% as crac<s are -enera y considered %i-% ener-y nuc eation sites due to t%e a/ai a0i ity of atomic ed-es as %i-% ener-y anc%ora-e points.%a/in. 21W. @u00 e c%ar-e studies V1*W conducted on p atinum anodes at 11:41 <+m :2 tend to support t%is mec%anism.6 '%e p%ysica process of -as e/o ution can 0e di/ided into t%ree sta-es6 nuc eation. !iterature re*ie. 2sin%i-% speed p%oto-rap%y. + re ation 0et&een t%e %ydro-en o/er/o ta-e and t%e 0u00 e si=e %as 0een o0ser/ed V4W.y dependent on t%e diameter of &ire e ectrodes V1)W.ana o-ous to precipitation3 t%e a0o/e p%enomenon is donor:acceptor V3W and o& o/erpotentia sites V3. 13W. ar-er t%an t%ose encountered in e ectrof otation VF:11. #or 0u00 e -eneration in /acuum or pressure re ease f otation . crysta i=ation and so idification V21. 0u00 e -ro&t% rates are not stron. Carious mec%anisms %a/e 0een proposed to determine t%e 0u00 e departure diameter. '%ey detac% from t%e e ectrode &%en 0uoyancy or iGuid s%earin. e ectrostatic forces are predominant at current densities . -ro&t% and detac%ment. It &as a so o0ser/ed t%at under c ean conditions contact an. Stron-er attraction reGuires a ar-er 0uoyant force for detac%ment necessitatin. 1)W.t%e -ro&t% rate of 0u00 es. 1(W. $oe%n V*W proposed t%at e ectrostatic attraction 0et&een t%e 0u00 e and t%e e ectrode is instrumenta in determinin.e is dependent on t%e o/er/o ta-e V4W. 14.e is not as si-nificant a factor as surface rou-%ness or e ectrode materia in determinin. '%e importance of t%e ro e of /o ta-e -radients to&ards nuc eation is c ear from t%e o0ser/ation t%at on &ire and mes% e ectrodes 0u00 e si=e depends ar-e y on e ectrode cur/ature . '%e pu sed source can 0e contro ed 0y appropriate soft&are &%ic% can 0e tai ored to an indi/idua app ication.forces pu in.donor acceptor and o& o/erpotentia sites and . 4urin.a3 surface morp%o o-ica factors inc udin. 1)W as &e as oca in%omo-eneities resu tin.03 . @u00 es nuc eate at e ectrode surfaces from so utions %i-% y supersaturated &it% product -as and -ro& 0y diffusion of disso /ed -as to t%e 0u00 e surface or 0y coa escence at t%e e ectrode &it% ot%er 0u00 es V1FW.V13W.

'%e circuit is mapped on t%e ID1 0us of t%e microcomputer usin. '%us.'IM3 is pro-rammed to -enerate timin. '%e contri0ution of t%e nuc eation pu se to t%e tota ener-y &as ne.t%e system f exi0i ity in its confi-uration as a constant currentD/o ta-e source .P+3. 2ser interface is more /ersati e due to soft&are contro of t%e eGuipment. 13.4+3 t%rou-% 0uffers . '%e a/era-e current . '%e timer .icy3 durin. '%e use of a 12:0it 4+ operatin. t%e reGuisite &a/eform is -enerated 0y t%e computer in t%e 0ac<-round &%i e t%e computer is simu taneous y a/ai a0 e for computationa and ot%er contro &or<.@2#3. source &as desi-ned as a circuit 0oard to 0e interfaced to a microcomputer -i/in.&%ic% t%e current f o&s t%rou-% t%e ce t. for a sGuare &a/e.t%e in%erent o/er/o ta-e property of t%e e ectrode materia .t%e s&itc% S:1 and address decoder .ia/ U idD B13 &as com: puted from t%e area under t%e cur/e .2E3.c. '%e micro:computer sends data to t%e di-ita to ana o.#i-.!E reso ution.i-i0 e . '%e %i-% current supp y .124E for current .4E$3.a pea< current of ! +. Soft&are &as de/e oped for t%e -eneration of pu ses .s%aded3 and t%e duty cyc e .d3 as t%e percenta-e of cyc e time . E3/erimental details6 '%e pu sed d.4M+3 mode of t%e microcomputer.under direct memory access of an I@MDP$ operatin. 3. '%e 4+ output is fed to t%e po&er amp ifier .at * MH= offers a reso ution of 1.pu ses to update 4+ under t%e direct memory access . X 1.maximum current of 4+3 and minimum pu se cyc e time of 3.2ms &it% 1.#i-. '%e soft&are &as desi-ned to -enerate a %i-% pea< current nuc eation pu se at t%e start of eac% cyc e. t%e duty cyc e is !1E. . '%us.PS3 is capa0 e of pro/idin. 23 of /aria0 e duty cyc e at a se ected a/era-e current.con/erter .

1D1111 s%utter speed3 fitted &it% microscope o0Hecti/e !1T to 311T3 &as used to record 0u00 e dimensions on a /ideo recorder. @u00 e si=e distri0ution &as computed 0y examininat east 1!1:211 0u00 es in s%arp focus.a eadin.from ! to 111E.from 1. '%us a su0seGuent &or< &as conducted &it%out a eadin. It can 0e seen from #i-s 3:( t%at at a -i/en a/era-e current density. E ectro yte circu ation a so faci itated remo/a of t%e -enerated -ases.nuc eation pu se. '%e 0u00 es &ere o0ser/ed 0et&een 2 to 2. '%e p atinum p ate cat%ode . @u00 e diameters &ere computed from t%e /ideo prints 0y ta<in. '%is is expected to si-nificant y increase t%e 0u00 e f ux. '%e externa . s%o&ed no si-nificant difference from t%e e ectro ysis carried out &it%out t%e eadin. a decrease in duty cyc e resu ts in an increase of 0u00 es of sma er diameter.nuc eation pu se.1 M . '%e Guart= ce &as desi-ned to circu ate t%e e ectro yte . Experiments &ere carried out for t%e e ectro-eneration of %ydro-en 0u00 es &it% a pu sed current %a/in. '%e e ectro yte .13 &as circu ated 0y means of perista tic pump and a ar-e externa reser/oir of t%e e ectro yte &as maintained to ensure minima pH c%an-e. '%e so utions &ere e ectro ysed &it% an a/era-e current density ran-in.1 cm 23 &as carefu y po is%ed and t%orou-% y de-reased. '%e resu ts o0tained for 0u00 e si=e distri0ution as a function of current density and duty cyc e are presented in #i-s 3:(. + cyc e time of 31 ms &as used and a recordin.pH 11.ass reser/oir for t%e e ectro yte &as a &ays <ept co/ered to pre/ent air:0orne contamination.a step &a/eform . + /ideo -rap%ic printer &as used to print t%e picture frames for su0seGuent 0u00 e si=e measurement.%i-% ener-y nuc eation pu se.a2SB43.1+m :2 and duty cyc e ran-in.E ectro ysis &as carried out in a Guart= ce mounted on a stand 0ac< it &it% a 0ri-%t i-%t source.#i-.! to 2. . + s%uttered /ideo camera . 23. 4.! mm /ertica 3 a0o/e t%e e ectrode.t%e a/era-e of 0u00 es found in s%arp focus. Results6 Initia experimenta &or< on e ectro ysis &it% rectan-u ar &a/eform %a/in. $are &as ta<en to exc ude surface acti/e contaminants.period of !min &as used at eac% experimenta condition.


'%e induction time is t%e time reGuired to attain t%e necessary supersaturation of t%e e ectro yte &it% respect to t%e disso /ed -as at t%e e ectrode surface. Studies &it% p atinum e ectrodes %a/e s%o&n t%at 0u00 e detac%ment is -reat y faci itated 0y t%e interruption of current as &e as 0y a reduction in t%e potentia V1*W.#i-s 3:!3.t%e 9on9 time forces a ar-er num0er of 0u00 es to nuc eate and -ro& resu tin. %i-%er current durin.e ectro ysis is t%e occurrence of an increased num0er of sma si=ed . $iscussion6 '%e c%ief effect of pu sin. . '%e reGuirement of %i-% current density for nuc eation and -ro&t% %as 0een o0ser/ed 0y @randon V1*W to 0e due to diffusion of disso /ed -as a&ay from t%e e ectrode. '%us 0u00 es. reGuire a re ati/e y %i-% current density for sustained -ro&t%. '%us at o& duty cyc an increased 0u00 e f ux. '%us an induction time is o0ser/ed for 0u00 e nuc eation.!.o0ser/ed durin. once nuc eated.X 11:1!um3 0u00 es .

.!1E3.led"ements6 '%e aut%ors ac<no& ed-e t%e assistance of 4r 4.interpretation of t%e mec%anisms is su--ested for t%e nuc eation and -ro&t% of 0u00 es durin. .pu sed e ectro ysis. in t%e experimenta &or<. diffusion of disso /ed -as to t%e 0u00 e contact perimeter 0ecomes rate contro in. Suc% -ro&t% is %ydrodynamica y contro ed 0y iGuid inertia. "%ite. on y nuc ei at t%e o&est o/erpotentia sites -ro& durin. +t s%ort times i. P enum Press.5rant . P enum Press. @oc<ris and @. increase in current density resu ts in finer 0u00 es &%ic% may find app ication in processes suc% as e ectrof otation.t%e diffusion contro p%ase due to concentration po ari=ation.&ater e ectro ysis. $on&ay3 1*. 2.e& 7or< . &%i e most nuc ei may -ro& in a simi ar manner durin.typica for frot% f otation systems. in 9$ompre%ensi/e 'reatise on E ectroc%emistry9.1F*(3 p.uc eation 6 Potentia nuc eation sites on t%e e ectrode surface.%i-% duty cyc e3. #rom 11ms on&ards.3 8eferences V1e P. in 9Modern aspects of E ectroc%emistry9 . Sides. .as sin<s for t%e pre/ious y -enerated disso /ed -as in t%e supersaturated so ution adHacent to t%e e ectrode V1*W.':*)D1(F2(. 2nder conditions of o& current density . Aet<ar. V2W H. Co-t. 4epartment of Meta ur-ica En-ineerin-. experiments &ere performed in t%e presence of 1 x 11:!M sodium dodecy su p%onate. resu ts in furt%er increase in 0u00 e diameter. suc% as scratc% ed-es and ca/ities. &c0no.pu sed e ectro ysis. 8esu ts p otted in #i-. #reGuent interruptions in current durin. Co . ?.?. '%is &or< &as supported 0y . 1FW.e.1. @om0ay. -ro&t% is eit%er entire y inertia or inertia and diffusion contro ed.!E3.edited 0y 8. 5ro&t% and detac%ment 6 5ro&t% is dri/en 0y t%e %i-% interna excess pressure inside t%e 0u00 e &%ic% is re ated to t%e surface of iGuid:/apour interface. +n important effect of surfactant.V22W. name y t%e modification of t%e 0u00 e:e ectrode contact an.ationa Science #oundation. ( s%o& t%at t%e effect of surfactant at %i-% duty cyc e . '%e fo o&in.Pu sed e ectro ysis pro/ides amp e opportunity for t%e 0u00 es to dis od-e since t%e current is interrupted after eac% cyc e. B. 8. as &e as o& duty cyc e . 'o study t%e effect of t%e presence of surface acti/e rea-ents durin. t%us resu tin. t X 11ms. 0u00 es -ro& 0y actin.pu sed e ectro ysis a so promote 0u00 e detac%ment. possess a &ide /ariation in ener-y. !.in %omo-eneous nuc eation. Indian Institute of 'ec%no o-y. 4urin. E. 2nder pu sed conditions of o& duty cyc e.t%e inertia p%ase. Pu sed e ectro ysis can 0e used to re-u ate 0u00 e si=e independent of t%e a/era-e current density and ot%er suc% parameters. (. (. t%e concentration c%osen 0ein. Conclusions6 1. . '%e %i-%er /o ta-e reGuired for %i-%er instantaneous currents under pu sed conStions ar-e y offsets t%e effect of oca potentia -radients and a so resu ts in a %i-% de-ree of oca -as supersaturation.9M. @u00 e si=e increase 0y coa escence at t%e e ectrode V1. is not si-nificant.e %as 0een s%o&n to %a/e /ery itt e effect in t%e case of %ydro-en 0u00 es V1)W. as &e as 0y coa escence in 0u <.o. E. !. 313.2. I.

1F)!3 pp.1F3(3 )3!. 5. ?.. 8aHu and P. @utter&ort%s.P.of #ine Partic es9 . F():)!.in 8ussian3.1F*!3 4)!.8. Heat Mass 'ransfer ) . +pp . A assen and C. in 9Production and Processin.1F233 1. V(W H. $%emica Series . V21W 8. P%.. . VFW :ree Ener"y @o0 @oyce te s a0out %o& e built a carburetor usin" ydro"en and o3y"en s/lit usin" /ro/er fre5uencies #rom6 N@o0 @oyceN 'o6 ster in-daY-reatert%in-s. 14 . 9Interfacia P%enomena in Meta s and + oys9. ". $%emica Processin. P umpton3. V)W E. E ectroc%em.1F*!3. 21 . +ddison:"es ey. Process. Montrea . Aa0ano/. $anadian Institute of Minin. Cas%c%en<o.1F*33 p.P. +mster: dam .1F)!3 pp.4.e& 7or< . Min. P.1F*23 133. Murr. >. 9+n Introduction to '%e '%eory of # otation9. ?. Le/ine and +. Proceedin-s +cademy of Science 2SS8. Mou<roso/. 'o0ias. . fiir P%ys.M+ . ?. ". Int. V4W +. 44!.1F)43. 9E ectroc%emistry of meta s and adsorption9. 2F . Ledesma and M. $oe%n and H.+.4. V1FW P. Soc..E. @randon. Soc. 4o%erty. "est&ater. Sides and ?. Haasen3. t%esis. $%em. V!W 5.. Au%n.1F233 !4.1F*!3.ort%:Ho and. F . +. V1)W ?. Aet<ar. ?. Cen<atac%a am..and Meta ur-y.eumann. London . $a%n and P. 4F3. 8eadin. Aa0ano/ and +. Ae sa . 9Interfacia P%enomena in Meta s and + oys9. #rum<in.4. V21W L. Aaufman and E.edited 0y +. Mama<o/. ?. V12W +. @randon. V1(W 4. I &as a0 e . 1! .. Ma i<arHunan and S. V1!W . ?une F:12. Sc%tiinsta3.ater mixed &it% an e ectro yte and I &ou d resonate t%e p ates for optima con/ersion efficiency. MatiHe/ic. >. ?.21 . +%med and 5.1F333 !3F.@. 5 as and ?.1F)!3 111). 8eadin. 2112 *63* PM O into %ydro-en researc% &%ere I &as 0ui din. Int. in 9Modern State and Perspecti/e of E ectro ytic # otation9.1F(43 142).au<a. $oe%n. V11W @. Smit%.'. Murr. 8. V13W +. $asse . E ectroe%em. .1F*!3 1F!.P. 2!F:*1.edited 0y C.1F**3 313.P.%tm #rom t%e 'renc%es :: 7ne Man-s E3/erience . Aa0ano/ and . ?u y !:). Process. ?. @randon. (7( (7YCE electrolyHer: . S. India 3) .1F(33 pp. L..freeener-yne&s.. t%esis. V1*W . V3W .+. V14W C.1F)!3 pp.1F*!3 4*!. ?. Sent6 Bcto0er 1).1F((3. 8.o/em0er 211) 2pdate3 PP (7( (7YCE# Hydro3y &d*enturer: 6 %ttp6DD&&&. Min. V22W . Ae sa . M. +pp .1F(33 p. 1! .1F*!3 !*3. V*W +. A%an-aon<ar. created at . E ectrocapi ary p%enomena and &etta0i ity of materia s. H.?.comDindex. . >. 1(! . Co .. I disco/ered t%at &it% t%e ri-%t freGuencies.. Mosco& . Int. Ais%ine/ ... 2ni/ersity of London ..small electrolyHer type units t%at used distilled . E. 2ni/ersity of London .1F**3 pp. "ater 8esearc% F . ?ameson. I . A. P%. 132 . 2!F:*1. . @randon and 5. 3:(( . E e<troc%em. +ddison:"es ey. 9P%ysica Meta ur-y Part II9. P%ys. E ectroc%em. V11W @.P.edited 0y 8.M+ . 1F!:212. E ectroc%em. I.I.

er. a p astic 0ox to contain t%e p ates.Po. '%e on y dra&0ac< &as stora-e at pressure causes t%e monoatoms to start Hoinin. Posted: Sat Eun 16# 266? . ?oined6 2< Ean 2662. a sma one for inHectin.p%pLtU)F! (ob ( de/i ye in most department stores3 t%an t%e muc% %arder to -et 0ut s i-%t y more efficient potassium %ydroxide. "it%out some sort of 0u00 er you run t%e ris< of t%e unit exp odin.t%e /apor. Posts6 !11./date from 7. I used (1 of t%e (N sGuare p ates to -i/e a ar-e surface area and scoured t%e surfaces &it% coarse sandpaper in an NTN pattern to -i/e a fine cross%atc% -rain to add fine s%arp points. and t%e mixture &ea<ens.or storin. I p aced a ! PSI cutoff s&itc% in a tee on t%e &ater inHection port t%at s%ut t%e dri/e e ectronics do&n &%en t%e pressure in t%e unit %it ! PSI. &%i e monoatomic reGuires s i-%t y ess t%an 1E to air for t%e same po&er.ass containers for mixin. I used modified LP car0s on t%e 0oat en-ines to dea &it% usin. /roduces about = times t e ener"y out/ut of normal diatomic ydro"en and o3y"en molecules since t%e process of com0ustion does not %a/e to 0rea< apart t%e mo ecu es first 0efore recom0inin. 4iatomic %ydro-en reGuires a0out 4E to air to produce t%e same po&er as -aso ine./apor fue . messa-e %ttp6DDoupo&er.different mixture rate t%an propane3 and adHusted &it% t%e system runnin.on top of t%e p ates I cut a piece of p astic mattinto pre/ent s os%in-. P ace t%e unit c ose to t%e en-ine to imit t%e amount of monoatom oss to diatomic recom0ination and feed t%e fue /apor to t%e /apor portion of an LP car0 system. I e/en con/erted an o d c%rys er &it% a s ant six en-ine to run on t%e %ydro-en setup and &e tested it in t%e s%op. 8e-u ar Poster.comDp%p@@2D/ie&topic. I %a/e seen copper mes% screens desi-ned for &e din. &%ic% &%en recom0ined.any ce s and creatin. Location6 Eastern '.e/er use . It9s /ery important to <eep t%e tota e ectro yte e/e at or 0e o& t%e tops of t%e p ates to pre/ent /o ta-e from 0ypassin. so it must 0e produced on:demand and consumed ri-%t a&ay. 2nder t%e top co/er sittin. '%e car0 &i %a/e to 0e modified for %ydro-en use . I 0ui t a 0u00 er from a ar-e %ome cartrid-e type &ater fi ter pre/ent any 0ac<fire from tra/e in. t%e e ectro yte. and a ar-er one for extractin.-asses offered for use on p ans I seen years ater on ine for simi ar de/ices.up too muc% pressure in o& demand situations. I found t%is impro/ed efficiency as &e . "%i e sodium %ydroxide &or<s &e . and an adHusta0 e freGuency modified psuedo:sine&a/e in/erter can 0e used for t%e dri/e e ectronics. OIt reGuires a ot of p ates made of 31( stain ess so it &i &it%stand t%e more exotic e ectro ytes t%at are more efficient.for 0est performance. '%is a o&ed t%e unit to 0e a0 e to supp y on demand &it%out 0ui din. it9s muc% easier to -et .into diatomic pairs. 0e /ery carefu of materia sM Ma<e a0so ute y sure t%ey are compati0 e &it% t%e e ectro yte used. 0ut %ydro-en %as a muc% %i-%er f ame propa-ation speed so t%e copper mes% may not 0e re ia0 e enou-% to ris< usin-. "%ate/er you do. '%e top of t%e 0ox %ad t&o t%readed ports.excessi/e &ater /apor. 1D*N spacers to <eep t%e ro&s of p ates apart.potassium %ydroxideM P .into &ater /apor.0ac< up t%e fue feed to t%e -enerate monoatomic %ydro-en and :orum :` E ectro ysis S Hydro-en +pp ications. '%e 0est e ectro ytes I found to use &ere sodium %ydroxide and potassium %ydroxide. .if a f ame front from t%e en-ine f o&s 0ac< to it.rep acement disti ed &ater.

to&ards continuin.3 cat%ode p ates and 2 anode p ates. and %o& to proper y condition to -et an efficient cata ytic reaction. @attery run time needed &as on y in t%e minutes. or are. not dri/inon t%e road. t%e resonant reaction effect &i 0e fu y understood. far from it. is actua y <inda funny. up on Hac< stands.and e/eryt%in.o0ody seemed to care. I ne/er %ad any pro0 ems &it% outside interference. Let t%ese peop e ta<e &%at t%ey earn and app y it in t%eir o&n & t%at p%ase e/er since.3 mm3 spacin-. a t%ou-% I &as ta<inad/anta-e of t%e series ce and t%e efficiency 0oost of t%e cata ytic e ectro yte. @o0 DD 2HQBQSpar<U@BBMM P &nd a second /ost in t e same t read: "%en I disco/ered t%e resonance reaction. It &asn9t unti after I disco/ered t%e resonance reaction 0y accident. so p ate surface are for t%ese &as massi/e. "%i e I &as runnin.o&.I &as too tired to respond ast ni-%t &%en I first read t%at. t%at someone apparent y too< a <een interest in &%at I &as doin-. t%en started t%e resonance researc% on t%e car en-ine. I Hust &ant to try to educate peop e on t%e 0enefits of proper y constructed series ce s. 0ut it &as as a test Hi-. out to run cars on & e-. '%e resonance effect %appened &%en t%e a ternator on one of t%ese marine en-ines fai ed . It &as essentia y a 0rute force system. It doesn9t 0ot%er me in t%e east.a pair of sma &ater:Het po&ered race 0oats off of %ydroxy on demand systems. more researc% sti needs to 0e done to continue to impro/e upon t%e %ard&are to ma<e t%e reaction more predicta0 e and sta0 e. Po&er dra& for eac% on a fu c%ar-e &as a0out 3!1 amps at t%e 12 /o ts.different. Eac% ce in t%e stac< &as 4 para e ce s containin. My -oa ne/er &as to see< pu0 icity or fame. and <ept 0atteries on c%ar-e durin. and it turned out to 0e muc% more efficient t%an t%e e ectro ysers of t%e day in a of t%e iterature I cou d find in t%e i0raries. so I Hust c%an-ed 0atteries 0efore eac% %eat.and superimposed an +$ &a/eform onto t%e 4$ po&er 0us. @ot% 0oats %ad identica on. 0ecause t%at &as ne/er my -oa at a . and &as as if someone <ic<ed in an .t%e e/ent.t%at researc%.from t%e 0u00 ers. '%e effect &as imited to a particu ar 8PM ran-e. &it% a %ea/y so enoid to en-a-e and disen-a-e po&er to eac% unit. I stopped -ointo most of t%e pu0 ic forums 0ecause of peop e i<e t%at tryin. I re-retted mo/in. I %ad modified t%e 0attery system to use marine deep cyc e 0atteries.rectifier s%orted3. 2nti t%en. '%e ce stac<s &ere 1*N sGuare.t%ose sma marine race en-ines on strai-%t 4$ series ce s. especia y &%en it9s from someone t%at ma<es it t%eir ifes &or< to 0e a detractor a-ainst anyt%in. I &anted to 0e eft a one. &%ic% &ere comprised of 2 pairs of (:ce stac<s. I %ad disco/ered t%is desi-n in my attempts to impro/e efficiency of t%e 0asic e ectro yser. 0ut it did ma<e me c%uc< e. &it% 1D*N . I &as runnin. I am &or<in. May0e some day. @ot% used a pair of dedicated propane car0s &it% 1N /apor fue ines comin. . I did run an o der car0urated car. 'o -roup me in &it% peop e t%at &ere. .

+$ to condition produced no cata ytic ayer at a .P$&9E about (7( (7YCE.after0urner. not Hust at t%e p ate surfaces. '%e auto en-ine I ran &as usin. 211). &%i e current dra& &ent &ay do&n. 2sin. It did not seem to &or< &e for re-u ar e ectro ysis as &e .in ine ( cy inder3 ean 0urn system &it% a car0 and a distri0utor type i-nition. '%is &as &it% t%e car rear end up on Hac< stands. .s + system for %i-%:efficiency e ectro ysis t%at in/o /es t%e a e-ed production of monatomic %ydro-en.durin. 0ut I did try enou-% to discoura-e me from %eadin. 0ut t%at seemed to destroy t%e cata ytic surface ayers on conditioned p ates. It &as as if t%e &ater &as 0oi in. it too< a0out !!:(1 &atts to -enerate enou-% %ydroxy -as to Hust id e t%e en-ine. @o0 DD 2HQBQSpar<U@BBMM . I did not ex%aust a possi0i ities of course.comD211)D11D1*DF!1144!K@o0K@oyceKE ectro y=erKP ansD (ob (oyce-s ElectrolyHer Plans &*ailable to &ll# by Mic ael Couc # for Pure Ener"y Systems )e. at6 %ttp6DDpesn. &%ic% %as %i-% y unusua and effecti/e properties in accentuatin. I &as una0 e to continue my researc% after it &as so rude y interrupted. I used a propane adapter p ate on t%at en-ine to adapt it to /apor fue . +fter identifyin. I t%in< t%e imitin. yes. it made suc% a difference in en-ine %orsepo&er.mi ea-e.t%e cause of t%is unusua 0urst of %orsepo& in< t%e artic e a0o/e use6 P@@B73 P !&S9 .factor on t%ose ear y (1 ce desi-ns &as t%e amount of -as t%at cou d e/o /e out of so ution and come out of t%e c%am0er -i/en t%e p ate area 0ein. t%e /o ume increased dramatica y durin. on ?anuary *. I endea/ored to find so utions to sta0i i=e and furt%er impro/e reaction efficiency. +t resonance. @o0 DD 2HQBQSpar<U@BBMM P &nd6 I tried strai-%t +$.resonance. so no /e%ic e oad at a on t%e en-ine.a (1 series ce unit operatin. I set out to find &ays to intentiona y create t%is reaction. 2nfortunate y. and t%e 0u00 es came out of so ution. '%e en-ine &as a c%rys er 1)1 $I4 s ant six .in t%at direction.from a resonance -enerator and dri/er.0 oc<ed 0y t%e 0u00 es. '%e rest is %istory as t%ey say. In ans&er to t%e Guestion on -as /o ume. and a0out 1(1 &atts to run t%e en-ine &%ere t%e speedometer read (1 MPH in -ear.

'%e contro er uses t%ree !!( 4ua !!! timers.*11I 21. .42.. @o0 says. '%ese freGuencies dri/e t%e 2!E modu ation on top of t%e pu sed 4$ carrier N0iasN current.. %e found t%at &%en t%e freGuencies <ic<ed in %e &as producin..races in mini po&er 0oats do&n in # orida.. %e ma<es %is o&n P"M3 $ontro er for Hydroxy torc%es and -ensets.411I and 11.)11 cps respecti/e y.... usin. .t%e t&o Hs from Hoinin-. '%e resu t of a t%ese refinements is t%at &%en t%e &ater is sp it... and H mo ecu es %a/e p enty of e ectrons to a0sor0.. @o09s %as a supp y pipe &it% %o es dri ed a on. Bne day %e started noticin.. @o0 says t%is causes a ma-netic circuit t%rou-% t%e center of t%e p ates in t%e e ectro y=er. '%e e ectro y=er ce itse f is eit%er (1 p ates for torc%es and sma motorsI or *1 p ates for ar-er -ensets.muc% more monatomic %ydro-en. '%e 4$ @ias /o ta-e is input at t%e 'oroida 'ransformer9s inputs &%ic% -ets fi tered into 4$ 0efore reac%in..@o0 @oyce &as &innin. . you &i -et anot%er area of separation in t%e &ater 0et&een t%e ce s as . He &ent on to perfect %is e ectro ysis to t%e point t%at it -enerates a ar-e /o ume of -as and most y monatomic %ydro-en. . "ater e/e s must 0e maintained in eac% ce .. '%us t%e extra ar-e /o ume of monatomic Hydro-en mo ecu es. . . '%e (Nx(N P ates are spaced 3mm apart exact y and sea ed on t%e sides and 0ottom. pre/ +$ into %is e ectro y=er..Hydro-en for fue . '%ey aren9t for sa e 0ut you can find t%e info in fi es on t%e " for eac% ce . . ...on it. t%e 0ias /o ta-e <eeps it from recom0inin-. -eneratin. Eac% dua uses one !!! for pu se &idt% and t%e ot%er for freGuency.t%e p ates of %is e ectro y=er &it% t%e +$ Co ta-e ridin. .. It turned out t%at one of t%e diodes in %is + ternator %ad fai ed and &as pumpin. "%en t%at certain rpm &as reac%ed t%e output from t%e e ectro y=er sudden y increased.t%at at a certain 8PM %is po&er <ic<ed up sudden yI as t%ou-% %e %ad a nitro 0oost or somet%in-..

Hard to 0eatM "i t%e -reed of 0i.or-D4F.. +s t%ere is a /o ta-e drop across eac% stain ess stee e ectrode p ate. It is a0undant. 'o -et t%is %i-%er /o ta-e. 2nits &it% Hust (1 ce s are inc ined more to 0rute:force 4$ e ectro ysis... @od uses one %undred ce s . +fter %ar/estin. So. . @o0 finds t%at for i" . 'o for itR .&e as on t%e p ates. He ac%ie/es a massi/e y increased -as production rate 0y usinan e ectro yser &it% a ar-e num0er of ce s in it.2 *olts. non:po utin-.ater# latent t ere# 8ust .. '%is means t%at a /o ta-e of a0out 1.t%is p anetL I serious y dou0t it.pdf9 a/ai a0 e at %ttp6DD&&&. end oi &ars. in f o&in.. you a"ain a*e H27 as t e by.Return to the top P (ob (7YCE full details# dia"rams and electronic to re/roduce is su/erefficient electrolyser# /a"e 16 to 2B from 94F. "it%out it &e &ou d not exist. Mr. Ho&e/er..0usiness e/er 0e satisfied enou-% t%at t%ey can stop destroyin. t%e sun.t%e p anet re/erse . &%y a of t%e excitment a0out common H2BL "ater is t e "lue t at bonds all of life to"et er. 0ut &e may %a/e a so ution to our -ro&in.. Ho& so you may as<L Water can be transformed into a /erfect ener"y su//ly... '%e output from t%e in/erter . /roduct. E*en in a cu/ of . and so muc more.pdf P S ort e3tracts6 @o0 0oyce is easi y t%e most experienced and <no& ed-ea0 e series:ce desi-ner.111 p ates3 in %is e ectro yser. '%ere is ener-y ap enty in t%e &ind.t%at re eased ener-y.panaceauni/ in< t%e artic e a0o/e use6 P@B@113 --------------------------------------------. tendin. and de i/er free ener-y to t%e poor peop es of t%e &or mas< t%e -ains produced 0y pu sin-. not on y do &e sur/i/e. it is usua to a o& a0out 2 /o ts across eac% ce .. @o0 uses a 111 Co t in/erter..ri/ers and &aterfa in< t%e artic e a0o/e use6 P@B@13 P & messa"e from (ob (oyce: Water is !ife Water IS life.o0a &armin-.o0a ener-y pro0 em.oi and 0i.aitin" for t e ad*enturous. "it% it. 7ou sp it it efficient y and com0ust it efficient y. @oyce is a true %umanitarian and %as p aced %is system in t%e pu0 ic domain in t%e %opes of %e pin.! x 111 U 1!1 /o ts is needed to po&er its to its maximum output. . and eterna in nature..efficiency /ulsin"# t e o/timum *olta"e /er cell is about 1..

is pro/ided. t%en t%e p ate si=e may 0e se ected 0y a o&in.113 sGuare centimetres3. t%e si=e of t%e o/era unit does not %a/e to 0e excessi/e. + (11 &att e ectro yser &ou d %a/e an a0so ute maximum output current capacity of (11"D 111CU !. on y *1 &atts of e ectrica ener-y comes out of it. +t four sGuare inc%es per +mp. '%e in/erter &i run muc% 0etter if not used at its maximum oad a t%e time.dama-e &ou d 0e a serious dan-er.&asted as %eat inside t%e in/ con/erted from + ternatin.M45 no/1)6 if not 0ui d in a exp osion:proof materia i<e t%ic< meta . say !N x 3. More current -oes into it t%an comes out of it . per ampere of current. and can9t exp ode in t%at situation3 is ocated in t%e en-ine compartment.) to 1 mm3.!N for t%e part of %te p ate 0e o& t%e surface of t%e e ectro yte. 0ui t in t%is sty e &i %a/e 111 meta p ates and 11 separate 0odies of e ectro yte. @o0 @oyce recommends a (N x (N or ar-er p ate si=e. +n e ectro yser &it% a %undred ce s. +s t%e p ates need to proHect a0o/e t%e surface of t%e e ectro yte.. 3mm . '%e si=e of t%e p ates may 0e determined 0y t%e space a/ai a0 e in t%e en-ine compartment. t%at %ydroxy is safe y contained in 1( 5au-e t%ic< iron pipes.0et&een t%e p ates is set to. 0ut t%e si=e and s%ape of t%e spare space in t%e en-ine compartment &ou d 0e a maHor consideration. so t%e &idt% of any ce is not -reat.. '%at ost 21 &atts is 2!E of t%e actua output from t%e unit. . If t%e in/erter is *1E efficient. or a0out 41 +mps. '%e c%oice of current density is made 0y t%e 0ui der of t%e e ectro yser and it &i 0e inf uenced 0y t%e si=e and cost of t%e in/erter c%osen to dri/e t%e e ectro yser and t%e a o&a0 e current dra& from t%e 0attery. . It t%ere is a ar-e amount of spare space.!N . t%at indicates a p ate area of 1( sGuare inc%es .4irect $urrent 0y passin.rou-% y t%e same si=e as a /e%ic e 0attery. It is essentia t%at e/ery item &%ic% contains %ydroxy -as .. '%e po&er ta<en from t%e 0attery &ou d t%en 0e 4+ x 111CU 441" p us 2!E U !!1"atts.1D* inc%3 and t%e p ate t%ic<ness mi-%t 0e 1( -au-e . 1F(2. e/en if pop:off caps are pro/ided and a second protecti/e outer %ousin. Eac% side of e/ery p ate is in a different e ectro ysis ce so a ( inc% 0y ( inc% p ate &i %a/e 3( sGuare inc%es on eac% face and so &ou d carry 0et&een 3(D4 U F to 1* amps of current.$urrent to pu sin. In spite of t%ese ar-e num0ers. t%en if you feed 111 &atts of po&er into it. as t%e exp osi/e force is so -reat t%at permanent %earin.from t&o to four sGuare inc%es of area on 0ot% sides of eac% p ate.*C.4! +mps. "i iam 8HB4ES afirm in %is patent and paper. a p ate si=e of !N x 4. .t%e output t%rou-% a 4 diodes 0rid-e rectifier. 2nder no circumstances s%ou d t%e e ectro yser or 0u00 er 0e ocated in t%e passen-er area of t%e /e%ic e.t%e remainder 0ein. 0ein. '%e spacin.12!mm x 11!mm3 &ou d 0e practica . say. so per%aps a current of 4 +mIs mi-%t 0e used as t%e tar-et current. '%e current dra& from t%e 0attery &ou d 0e !!1 "attsD 13.

-as from a pressurised cy inder /ia a pressure:re-u ator /a /e.t%e p ates and t%e uses it a t%e time no& &it% (1 or *1 -rit. '%e first step is to treat 0ot% surfaces of e/ery p ate to encoura-e -as 0u00 es to 0rea< a&ay from t%e surface of t%e p ate. '%is cou d 0e done 0y -rit 0 astin-. '%is is a on. -reat care must 0e ta<en t%at t%e -rit used does not contaminate t%e p ates.dri/en into t%e e ectro yser in t%e e/ent of an exp osion in t%e 0u00 er mounted 0eside t%e en-ine.o/es &%en %and int%e p ates to a/oid -ettin. '%is produces microscopic s%arp pea<s and /a eys on t%e surface of t%e p ate and t%ose s%arp points and rid-es are idea for %e pin. 0ut if t%at met%od is c%osen.process s%ou d no& 0e &as%ed off t%e p ates. "earin. 0rand ne& s%iny stain ess stee is not particu ar y suita0 e for use in an e ectro yser and it needs to recei/e carefu treatment and preparation 0efore it &i produce t%e expected e/e of -as output. + &ays &ear ru00er . It is . +ny partic es created 0y t%e sandin. @o0 uses a ( inc% x 4* inc% 0e t sander &%ic% is -reat for preparin. t%en t%e p ates &i 0e use ess as far as e ectro ysis is concerned. '%is is done in t&o different directions to produce a cross:%atc% pattern. '%e preparation of t%e p ates is one most important steps in producin. Stain ess stee p ates are not c%eap and if you -et -rit 0 astin.0u00 es to form and 0rea< free of t%e p ate.. 0ut it is /ita t%at it is not s<imped or %urried in any &ay. .e ectro ysers is t%e fact t%at e ectro ysis is not Hust an e ectrica process.fin-er mar<s on t%e p ates.t%ese . + safe met%od &%ic% @o0 muc% prefers is to score t%e p ate surface &it% coarse sandpaper. + point &%ic% is often missed 0y peop e constructin. Surprisin. 0ut it is a so a ma"netic / e ectro yser &%ic% &or<s &e .not city &ater t%ou-%. 0ein. See dra&in-s.o/es is /ery important as t%e p ates must 0e <ept as c ean and as -rease:free as possi0 e. is to pre/ent t%e &ater in t%e 0u00 er mounted 0eside t%e e ectro yser. 0ut on y use disti ed &ater for t%e fina rinse. '%e e ectro yser %as a pressure s&itc% disconnects t%e e ectrica supp y from t%e e ectro yser &%en t%e -as pressure in t%e e ectro yser reac%es fi/e pounds per sGuare inc%6 see dia-ram. '%e o/era operation of t%is sty e of e ectro yser is /ery muc% i<e ta<in. '%is can 0e done &it% c ean tap &ater .. due to a t%e c% orine and ot%er c%emica s added3. ready for t%e next sta-es of t%eir preparation.tas<.'%e one &ay /a /e s%o&n 0et&een t%e t&o 0u00 ers.&ron-.

8inse out t%e ce s t%orou-% y &it% disti ed &ater. . + /o ta-e is no& app ied across t%e &%o e set of p ates 0y attac%in. #i ter t%e di ute ABH so ution t%rou-% paper to&e s or coffee fi ters to remo/e t%e partic es.a fe& turns of &ire around t%e stac< of p ates and passin. &%ere it can9t 0e reac%ed 0y c%i dren. 7ou may .. '%e container must not 0e .t%e eads to t%e outermist t&o p ates. ne*er use &arm &ater. Aeep t%e container in a safe p ace..s otted into t%e case. '%e current is i<e y to 0e 4 amps or more. +s mentioned 0efore. #i t%e e ctro yser &it% t%e ABH so ution unti t%e p ates are Hust co/ered. + &ays store in a sturdy air:ti-%t container &%ic% is c ear y a0e ed 4+.t%em a t%e same &ay round so t%at t%ey remain ma-netica y matc%ed. '%is process produces %ydroxy -as.! /o ts per ce .0y &ei-t%3 ABH so ution and et it coo do&n. '%is can 0e done Guite simp y 0y &rappin. +s t%is process continues.. B0/ious y. t%e 0oi in. Pour t%e di ute so ution 0ac< into t%e e ectro yser and repeat t%is c eanin.supp y out ets. ne/er %and e t%e p ates &it% your 0are %ands. "%en mixin..important for maximum operatin. '%e next step in t%e preparation process is to ma<e up a &ea< so ution of potassium %ydroxide.5E8 : Potassium Hydroxide. 0ut it s%ou d not exceed 2.. can 0e 0ou-%t in sma Guantities from soap ma<in. disconnect t%e e ectrica supp y and pour t%e e ectro yte so ution into a container.suc% as on cei in-s3. '%e easiest &ay to dea &it% t%is situation is to -i/e t%e p ates a mi d ma-netic orientation. Plate Cleansin"6 Prepare a !E to 11E . Maintain t%is /o ta-e across t%e set of p ates for se/era %ours at a time. t%e p ates need to 0e <ept in t%e same direction &%en 0ein. '%is is done 0y addin.ass as t%at is not a suita0 e materia in &%ic% to mix t%e e ectro yte. 0ut a &ays use c ean ru00er ..some 0rief pu ses of 4$ current t%rou-% t%e &ire.efficiency t%at t%e p ates are a i-ned ma-netica y.process. Potassium %ydroxide. '%is /o ta-e s%ou d 0e at east 2 /o ts per ce . a so ca ed AHB or $austic Potas%. <eepin.action &i oosen partic es from t%e pores and surfaces of t%e meta . Put t%e sanded and rinses p ates into t%e s ots in t%e e ectro yser case. + fter se/era %ours. '%e &ater s%ou d 0e coo 0ecause t%e c%emica reaction 0et&een t%e &ater and t%e ABH -enerates a -ood dea of %eat .sma amounts of t%e potassium %ydroxide to &ater %e d in a container.o/es. '%is &i not 0e t%e case &%en t%e p ates arri/e from t%e supp ier as eac% p aate &i %a/e random ma-netic c%aracteristics.t%e e ectro yte. so it is /ery important t%at t%e -as is not a o&ed to co ect any&%ere indoors .

'%e ce s may o/erf o&. '%ey s%ou d 0e set so t%at t%eir tips are at t%e intended surface e/e of t%e e ectro yte. &%ic% &i raise t%e &ater e/e unti t%e e ectro yte e/e reac%es t%e tip of t%e &ire a-ain.t%e same concentration of so ution as in c eansin-. . '%is effecti/e y 0 oc<s e ectrica ea<a-e 0et&een adHacent ce s 0ut does a o& a /ery -radua mi-ration of &ater 0et&een t%e ce s to %e p maintain an e/an &ater surface across t%e ce . '%ese &ires s%ou d 0e insu ated to ma<e sure t%at t%ey do not s%ort:circuit to eit%er .. If t%e current dra& is fair y sta0 e. t%en t%e ce stac< needs more c eansin. indicatin. + so @o0 recommends cuttin.sta-es. If you &is%. If t%e e ectro yte e/e drops 0e o& t%e tip of t%e &ire sensors.t%e e/e of t%e e ectro yte. 0ut p ease rea ise t%at you can -o t%rou-% a ot of so ution Hust in t%is c eanin. .out partic es into t%e so ution. fi t%e e ectro yser &it% di ute so ution up to 1D2N 0e o& t%e tops of t%e p ates. Simp e e ectronics procide t%e ans&er to sensin. do a fina rinse &it% c ean disti ed &ater.. 4o not o/erfi t%e ce s. pour out t%e di ute ABH so ution and rinse out t%e e ectro yser t%orou-% y &it% disti ed &ater.say. + serious issue &it% an e ectro yser of t%is type is dealin" .. you can use a ne& ABH so ution eac% time you c eanse. addin. continue &it% t%is conditionin. "%en c eansin.113N or 1. +s t%e p ates %a/e to 0e spaced c ose y to-et%er and since t%e e ectro yte 0et&een t%e ce is effecti/e y iso ated from t%e e ectro yte in t%e ot%er ce s. dri/ . one cemntimeter3.typica y 3 days of c eansin-3. +pp y a0out 2 /o ts per ce and a o& t%e unit to run.t%e &ater &%ic% is used. Bnce t%e ce s sta0i ise &it% t%e iGuid e/e at t%e p ate tops or Hust 0e o&.t%at is s%o&n %ere6 .1)!mm3 ar-er t%an t%e actua t%ic<ness of t%e meta p ates.. 3 t%ousands of an inc% . 8emem0er t%at /ery -ood /enti ation is essentia durin. +s &ater is consumed..or 0ot%3 of t%e p ates on eac% side of t%em. P Plate Conditionin"6 2sin. . 4o not a o& t%e ce s to o/erfi and o/erf o& at t%is point.. t%e e/e s &i drop.t%is process.t%e s ots &%ic% %o d t%e p ates. 0ut t%is is o< for no&. + possi0 e circuit for doin.sta-e if you c%oose to do it t%at &ay. and a &indscreen:&as%er &ater pump can 0e used to inHect t%e additiona &ater. monitor t%e current dra&.p%ase continuous y for t&o to t%ree finis%ed . '%e &ater: e/e sensor can 0e Hust one stiff stain ess stee &ire run do&n eac% side of any ce .a mi e do&n t%e raod is ia0 e to o&er t%e &ater e/e 0y %a f an inc% . If t%e so ution c%an-es co our or de/e ops a ayer of crud on t%e surface of t%e e ectro yte. +fter t&o to t%ree days of run time.Hust enou-% disti ed &ater to rep ace &%at is consumed.ater loss.1. t%en t%e resistance 0et&een t%e &ires &i fa .t%at more &ater is needed.%a/e to repeat t%e e ectro ysis and risin. It is essentia to <eep rep acin.process many times 0efore t%e p ates stop puttin. '%is scan s&itc% t%e &ater pump on.

t%e sensor &ires come c ear of t%e iGuid and t%e /o ta-e at point 9+9 rises. capacitor $2 c%ar-es up and t%e /o ta-e on t%e 0ase of transistor 'r1 rises.t%e /o ta-e at its co ector. '%is can 0e done fair y easi y &it% many in/erters as a it entai s is rep acin."%en t%e e/e of t%e e ectro yte fa t%e &ater pump. + possi0 e p%ysica ayout for t%is circuit is s%o&n %ere6 See printa0 e dia-rams on ori-ina pdf fi e. po&erin. '%e re ay contacts s&itc% t%e &ater pump to s&itc% on. +n importnat tec%niGue is to a ter t%e freGuency of t%e in/erter so t%at it ma<es t%e ce capacitor &it% one of a o&er /a ue and . '%e components s%o&n %ere are not critica and t%ere must 0e at east t&enty a ternati/e desi-ns for t%is circuit. raisin.t%e sensor circuit. 8esistor 81 feeds capacitor $1 to reduce t%e effects of /ariations of /o ta-e reac%in. and causin.transistor 'r3 to po&er t%e re ay on. Pro/ided t%at t%is situation remains for a second or t&o. &it% narro& -aps 0et&een si=ea0 e p ates. so transistor 'r2 c%an-es state rapid y. 'ransistors 'r1 and 'r2 are &ired as a Sc%mitt tri--er. &%ic% raises t%e e/e of t%e e ectro yte unti it reac%es t%e sensor &ires a-ain. causin. s iftin" bubbles off t e /lates is im/ortant. "it% an e ectro yser of t%is <ind. '%is f ips t%e circuit 0ac< into its stand0y state.

%is resu ts %a/e ed to a misconception on t%e part of t%e en-ineers of today. en t e cell . in +merica. t%en may I su--est t%at you read t%rou-% t%e step 0y step e ectronics tutoria s &%ic% accompany t%is document. He c%ar-ed ead:acid 0atteries in %is &or<s%op. Mic%ae #arady in/esti-ated e ectro ysis and esta0 is%ed t%e facts and fi-ures for strai-%t 4$ e ectro ysis of &ater. His met%od is to use a tan< of compressed %ydro-en -as and a tan< of & do as t%e /o ume of -as needed is /ery %i-% indeed. + so. P Customs Electronics6 'He o0Hecti/e is to run a /e%ic e en-ine &it% &ater as t%e on y fue . /e%ic e en-ine si=es %a/e -ro&n and -ro&n &it% mp. droppin. runnin. t e nature of t e "as . "%i e t%at system is /ery effecti/e.and considera0 e ran-e on one tan< of %ydro-en -as. and t%e pressure of t%e steam dri/es t%e piston do&n on it9s po&er stro<e. "%i e %is meticu ous &or< is to 0e admired. '%at is perfect y true if t%e e ectro ysis is done t%e &ay #araday did it. '%e %eat of t%e i-nited %ydro-en. and t%en used %ea/y current from t%e 0atteries to produce ar-e amounts of %ydro-en in %is 0oats. '%ey are desi-ned to 0e easy for a tota 0e-inner to understand and can ta<e you to t%e e/e &%ere you can read circuit dia-rams. '%at &as not Hydro-en:Bn:4emand as t%e 0atteries &ere c%ar-ed on and in t%e periods in: 0et&een t%e %eats in t%e en-ines on t%e %ydro-enDoxy-en -as mix produced 0y e ectro ysis of &ater. +t t%e moment of i-nition. '%e %ydro-en is inHected into t%e cy inder and i-nited. Bn in/esti-ation %e disco/ered t%at one of t%e diodes in %is eGuipment %ad fai ed and t%at fed a /ery Ha--ed /o ta-e &a/eform to %is e ectro yser. If you find t%is %ard to understand. "it% norma 4$ e ectro ysis po&ered 0y an ordinary car 0attery. a o& resistor &it% a /aria0 e resistor. and t%at form of %ydro-en produces far more po&er &%en 0urnt. Bne day @o0 disco/ered t%at %is system &as -i/in. '%ey oo< at #araday9s resu ts. Bne ?apanese in/entor %as Hust 0een -ranted a icense to test out %is ne& desi-n of en-ine on pu0 ic roads in ?apan. #irst y. '%is %ad t&o effects. Second y. @o0 @oyce used to race po&er 0oats in competitions. a fine spray of tiny &ater dropp ets is inHected into t%e cy inder.%i-% speed performance. . (ob (oyce found t at t e rate of electrolysis increased considerably . It is not true if ot%er met%ods are used. "it% %is Ha--ed &a/eform. and t%e freGuency of HIS ce &as in t%e (11 to F11 H= ran-e.e %ydro-en atoms. and conc ude t%at it is p%ysica y impossi0 e to run a car on &ater a one as it &ou d ta<e too muc% current to produce t%e necessary amount of e ectro ysis -as to po&er t%e en-ine. ca ed 9monatomic9 %ydro-en. ca ed 9diatomic9 %ydro-en.and acin. producin. 0oostin. it is not a true Hydro-en: Bn:4emand system &%ere &ater is t%e on y fue . a -ood dea of t%e %ydro-en produced &as in separate sin. t%e %ydro-en -as produced &as main y in t%e form of t&o in<ed %ydro-en resonated. t%e /o ume of -as produced &as increased. con/erts t%e &ater drop ets instant y into 9f as% steam9 &it% a muc% ar-er /o ume.%i-% speed dri/in. especia y since interna com0ustion en-ines %a/e an efficiency in t%e ran-e of 2!E to 41E typica y.t%e 0oat performance in a most satisfactory &ay. desi-n and -ui d different.muc% %i-%er po&er. '%is is not an easy t%in.

Stan9s t&in 0rot%er3 %as a current patent . '%is &as suc% a success t%at @o0 &as a0 e to run %is car on t%e e ectro ysis -as produced 0y t%e e ectrica po&er from t%e car9s o&n a ternator. He a so used some diodes to con/ert t%e output of t%e in/erted from + ternatin. @o0 modified t%e in/erter. '%is needed a %i-%er /o ta-e to operate.$ ear y./ery itt e current and a &a/eform i<e t%is6 Step%en Meyer . He modified %is system and 0ui t a ce as descri0ed a0o/e.t%e rate at &%ic% it operated from (1 cyc es per second to an adHusta0 e ran-e in t%e (11 to *11 cyc es per second re-ion.xo-en.&ater. t%at #araday9s exce ent &or< does not co/er e/ery met%od of separatin. 0e ie/e is impossi0 e. so @o0 used a standard 9in/erter9 &%ic% is a 0attery po&ered de/ice &%ic% -enerates an imitation of mains /o ta-e and &a/efoem.com3 for a &ater: sp itter system &%ic% uses a &a/eform &%ic% is s%aped i<e t%is6 It is Guite c ear from t%is.&ater into a mixture of -ases. Henry9s &a/eform oo<s i<e t%is6 Stan ey Meyer a so ran %is Co <s&a-en car for four years on t%e -as produced 0y sp ittin. so %e in/esti-ated it furt%er. @o0 &as onto a -ood t%in-. &it% do=ens of p ates. e/en today. raisin.(1 mp% for extended periods. . He Hac<ed t%e &%ee s c ear of t%e f oor and ran t%e en-ine in -ear &it% t%e speedometer s%o&in. Henry Pu%aric% did it as &e and t%e &a/eform %e used is s%o&n in %is patent &%ic% is one of t%e ot%er documents in t%is set.$urrent to 4irect $urrent pu ses of a0out 1!1 Co ts. and t%at a /ery muc% %i-%er /o ume of -as can 0e re eased if #araday9s 4$ current is rep aced 0y a comp ex pu sed 4$ &a/eform. Stan 0ro<e do&n ordinary tap &ater usin. '%at &as a practica examp e of &%at most en-ineers. @o0 is not a one in t%is.

4$ component. p ease note t%at (ob /ublicly disclosed t is information early in 266? and any subse5uent /atent of it . &%ere t%e si-na po&er e/e is 0oosted 0y an #E' transistor sta-e and t%en a torroida transformer is used to inte-rate t%e si-na s. t%en &it% freGuencies as %i-% as t%ese. 0ut t%e core . '%e t%ree si-na s are t%en added to-et%er to produce a ric% &a/eform &%ic% is t%en 0oosted and passed to %is e ectro ysis ce 6 @ecause 0ot% t%e osci ator freGuency and t%e -atin.pattern.t%e transformer 9yo<e93 cannot %and e %i-% freGuencies.and &%ic% %e &is%es to pre/ent ot%ers from patentin.ill be . t%e transformer core cannot 0e made from iron aminations in t%e same &ay t%at mains transformers are constructed.cyc ic repeatin.output &a/eform can %a/e many different s%apes. if t%e si-na is to 0e added to a standin. '%e summation and dri/er section cou d %a/e many different imp ementations. .@o0 a so points out t%at %is 31(:-rade stain ess stee e ectrodes contain 0ot% mo y0denum and nic<e &%ic% act as cata ysts &%ic% promote t%e 0rea<do&n of &ater into -ases. It s%ou d 0e remar<ed %ere. @o0 %as furt%er ad/anced %is e ectro ysis system and %as /ery <ind y free y s%ared %is de/e opment in t%e form of an open:source pu0 ic disc osure. @o0 aims at %a/in. Eac% osci ator %as its o&n adHusta0 e 9-ate9 &%ic% r%yt%mica y passes t%e si-na a unnecessary %ea/y oad on t%e 0attery. olly ineffecti*e as it cannot be enforced due to /rior /ublic disclosure. So. t%ere are t%ree &ays t%at it cou d 0e done6 see ori-ina pdf fi e for dia-rams .0y %is prior pu0 ic disc osure of t%e information. Stan Meyer used a torroida ferrite rin. '%at sty e of construction is -ood for t%e o& mains freGuency of !1H= or (1H=. @o0 %as c%osen to opt for t%e same met%od as Stan Meyer used.freGuency are /aria0 e for eac% of t%e t%ree osci ators. 0ut as far as I can see.capacitor to a/oid t%e secondary of t%e transformer from p acin. @o09s current system uses t%ree adHusta0 e osci ations.. Bf t%ese.for %is transformer. option 1 is not attracti/e in t%at it reGuires a 0 oc<in.. or 0rief y 0 oc<s it.t%e comp ex si-na from %is -enerator added to t%e 4$ current t%rou-% %is ce &it% t%e si-na set at a0out 2!E of t%e 4$ /o ta-e. @o0 does not specify exact y %o& t%e e ectrica dri/e is connected to t%e ce . &%ic% %e %as no intention of patentin. t%e resu tin. t%at if a transformer is used. most of &%ic% &i %a/e a ro in.

dri/en &it% my trip e:osci ator 0oard.component. t%en t%e num0er of turns s%ou d 0e increased to a reasona0 e e/e and t%e ma-nitude of t%e si-na po&erin. He t%en uses t%ese fi-ures to ca cu ate t%e &ire diameters and num0er of turns for t%e transformer.&it% ineffecti/e y fe& turns.!N diameter for units up to 111 ce s. '%is can 0e done Guite easi y 0y app yin.micrometa s.t%e t%ree si-na inputs /ia t%ree resistors.21S"53 &ire and t%e secondary from 1( +"5 .comDsamp esKindex. and assume t%at t%ree primary &indin-s &i 0e used. a transformer. and p acin. t%e resu ts are &e &ort% it. part num0er 9'(!1:!29 is a suita0 e core and is a/ai a0 e from %ttp6DD&&&. I use a ferrite core of (. In eit%er of t%ese cases.t%e transformer is 0ecause it must 0e &ound to matc% t%e oadDimpedance of t%e ce s it &i 0e dri/in-. '%e primaries are usua y &ound from 21 +"5 .%tm '%e primary of t%e transformer is 3:p%ase. '%e transformer %as 0een successfu y dup icated and used 0y ot%ers. @o0 c eans and conditions eac% e ectro yser for se/era days usin. &%i e t%e ce /o ta-e is determined 0y t%e num0er of p ates in t%e ce . #or t%e moment. '%e ce durrent is determined 0y t%e concentration of t%e e ectro yte and to a esser extent.t%e primary. and a source of ener-y from con/ersion. I-nore t%e 9it can9t possi0 y &or< i<e t%at9 reaction and Hust do it. &e &i stic< &it% t%e so ution used 0y Stan and @o0.e:p%ase. and sum t%e t%ree input si-na s e ectronica y 0efore dri/in.micrometa s. t%e p ate area. '%e reason t%ere is no step:0y:step instructions for constructin.Bptions 2 and 3 are /ery simi ar &it% not muc% to c%oose 0et&een t%em. a ro ed into one. If t%at s%ou d produce &indin. '%ere is no 9one:transformer:fits:a 9 so ution for t%is. (ob (oyce states t at t e transformer is a *ery im/ortnat /art of t e total system.t%ose &indin-s reduced e ectronica y to t%e reGuired e/e .up too muc% resistance in t%e secondary. '%in< of it as one of t%e most important parts of t%e po&er supp y &%ic% feeds t%e ce s.%tm and can 0e purc%ased in sma Guantities /ia t%eir 9samp e reGuests9.&ay in ca cu atin.of any &ire %as a maHor effect on its capacity to carry current as near y a of t%e current f o&s 0et&een t%e insu ation and t%e outer surface of t%e &ire.. &ic% can 0e su0mitted at %ttpNDD&&&. t%e secondary &indin-s needs to 0e %ea/y:duty &ire to carry t%e ce current. He uses mi itary:-rade tef on co/ered si /er:coated copper &ire for t%e &indin-s.%ea/y 4$ current and t%en measures t%e ce current and /o ta-e for optimum performance. '%e num0er of turns in t%e &indin-s of t%e t%ree primaries &i t%en 0e adHusted to -i/e t%e su--ested 2!E ripp e on t%e 4$ t%e oad of t%at #E'. &%ic% in @o09s case &i 0e anyt%in. to ac%ie/e a resonant dri/e to t%e ce s &%ic% resu ts in a performance &%ic% is &e 0eyond t%e maximum stated 0y #araday. It is an inductor. to t%e -ate of t%e dri/in. + possi0 e a ternati/e &ou d 0e to %a/e Hust one primary &indin-. 8e-u ar e ectronics and transformer -uys may scratc% t%eir %eads &onderin. @asic transformer <no& ed-e &i -o a on.%o& it can 0e possi0 e &or< . '%e transformer desi-n depends on t%e ce curent and ce /o ta-e.comDpcpartsDtorcore). + so. to a/oid 0ui din. '%e co/erin. .t%e primary &indin. t%e num0er of turns &i not 0e fery -reat.1* S"53. '%e MicroMeta s core.. &%i e t%e secondary is sin.#E' transistor.from ten to t%irty amps.t%e turns ratio and &ire si=e needed for a particu ar ce stac<.

@o0 @oyce %as /ery <ind y. free y s%ared %is 0oard desi-n for any0ody to 0ui d and use. +nd an a ternati/e /ie& of t%e component ayout is6 . '%is unit is 0ui t on a dou0 e:sided printed circuit 0oard. His desi-n is descri0ed %ere &it% %is <ind permission. &%ere t%e connectins to some components are made on t%e top of t%e 0oard &%i e ot%er components are so dered to t%e trac<s on t%e underside of t%e 0oard. See a necessary dia-rams and component ists in t%e pdf fi e.

dri/en &it% @o09s trip e osci ator 0oard. '%ere is no 9one:transformer:fits:a 9 so ution for t%is. . P ease remem0er t%at Potassium Hydroxide attac<s 9Lexan9 p astic . @o09s system is so /ery i<e t%at used 0y Stan ey Meyer t%at it mi-%t 0e expected t%at t%e unit s%ou d run on pure &ater. conseGuent y. '%e reason &%y t%ere are no step:0y:step instructions for constructin.B.from 4F. Eac% osci ator can a so %a/e its Mar<DSpace . anf t%e resu t &as descri0ed as 9 ar-e /o ume of -as9. and a source of ener-y:form con/ersion. a transformer. t%e -reater t%e po&er. '%e output from eac% asci ator can 0e s&itc%ed in or out of t%e fina &a/eform6 see dia-ram. t%e &ater:sp ittin.pdf updated 1cto0er 1(.. a po&dered iron toroid core is essentia . It is an inductor. a ro ed into one. so t%at no ABH is ost and on y &ater is needed to <eep t%e system runnin. "it% an e ectro yte so ution. '%e MicroMeta s core. Sodium Hydroxide .t%e freGuency of t%e osci ator..assisted 0y one one: &ay /a /e 0et&een t%e t&o 0u00 ers3.!N diameter for units up to 111 ce s.Po ycar0onate3 0ut is o< &it% PC$ and acry ic. If pure &ater &ere used t%en t%e system &ou d need %i-% /o ta-e to ac%ie/e t%is rapid 0rea<do&n effect. t%e e ectro yser -ets topped up &it% p ain &ater. P Windin" t e 9ransformer . Ho&e/er. '%e ar-er t%e diameter.aBH 9 ye93 can 0e used &it% Lexan. Bne is ocated c ose to t%e e ectro y=er and t%e ot%er c ose to t%e en-ine.t%e transformer is 0ecause it must 0e &ound to matc% t%e oadDimpedance of t%e ce s it &i 0e dri/in-.t%e outputs from t%ree separate osci ators to-et%er to form a comp ex &a/eform.ta<es p ace at muc% o&er /o ta-e. #errite is fine for o&er freGuencies. part num0er 9'(!1:!29 is a suita0 e core. '%e transformer %as 0een successfu y dup icated and used 0y ot%ers.DB##3 8atio adHusted &it%out a terin. 0ut for t%is app ication.. @o0 uses t&o 0u00 ers. @o0 uses a po&dered iron core of (. to ac%ie/e a resonant dri/e to t%e ce s &%ic% resu ts in a performance &%ic% is &e 0eyond t%e maximum stated 0y #araday. '%e first one traps any ABH /apour &%ic% comes out of t%e ce &%i e t%e second one protects a-ainst any accidenta 0ac<fire .perfect y. '%e e ectro yser runs &it% a Potassium Hydroxide e ectro yte and it s%ou d 0e remem0ered t%at t%e Potassium Hydroxide is on y a cata yst and does not -et consumed in t%e process.circuit is po&ered /ia an * /o t /o ta-e sta0i iser c%ip &%ic% smoot%es out any /ariations in t%e 0attery9s supp y /o ta-e.211)36 '%e transformer in @o09s system is a /ery important component. 0ac< into t%e ce from time to time. @o0 pours t%e &ater in t%e first 0u00 er. Eac% -enerated si-na is 0oosted in po&er 0y an #E' transistor &%ose oad -oes direct y to t%e 0atteryDa ternator po&er ine. It s%ou d 0e remem0ered t%at Stan Meyer used ! /o ts at 2 amps for %is demonstration to +dmira Sir 5riffin at t%e @ritis% +dmira ty.'%is circuit operates 0y addin. t%at is not so. . '%e timin.

Mista<es %ere &i cause fie d errors t%at &i o&er t%e o/era efficiency. t%e 0ees&ax and t%e %eat -un6 Bf paramount importance &it% t%e toroid is t%at uni i<e traditiona transformer desi-n. t%e toroid is -i/en a ayer of into /ery accurate positions. name y t%e tape. t%e secondary is &ound first.t%e secondary &indin-6 . p%ase:differentia induced eddy currents3. @o0 uses s%ort en-t%s of p astic strimmer ca0 e as spacers for t%e outside of t%e toroid. and t%e &indin-s must 0e e/en y spaced &%ere t%ey fan out from t%e center of t%e core. 7ou &i notice t%at @o0 %as &rapped t%e toroid in tape 0efore startin.e:p%ase.'%e primary of t%e transformer is 3:p%ase. t%ou-% t%e picture a0o/e %as 0een ta<en to s%o& t%at a partia y prepared secondary &indin. @efore any &indin.. It is /ery important t%at t%is &ire is so id core and not stranded as stranded &ire does not &or< %ere . +nd t%e materia s to 0e used are co ected to-et%er.oo<s i<e &%en its &indin-s are 0ein. t%ey must not 0e &ound so t%at t%ey 0unc% up and -ap open around t%e perip%ery.t%e outside of &ires rat%er t%en t%rou-% t%e midd e of t%e &ire. @o0 uses solid tef on:co/ered si /er:p ated copper &ire. see picture in ori-ina Patric<9s fi e @o0 a so uses a Har to assist in app yin. t%e c%oice and si=e of t%e &ire c%osen to &ind t%e transformer is most important. +s you can see %ere. +s most current f o&s a on. t%e &ire.0ees&ax to t%e accurate y positioned turns of t%e toroida transformer6 . &%i e t%e secondary is sin.due to t%e -eneration of inter:strand. '%is means e/en t%ou-% t%ey are ti-%t y pac<ed ri-%t up a-ainst one anot%er at t%e center %o e.

tef on:insu ated copper &ire. t%e &indin-s carefu y spaced out so t%at t%e -aps around t%e outer ed-e of t%e toroid are exact y eGua . t%e secondary &ound extendin. '%ere &i 0e a0out 131 turns in t%is &indin-. t%e &indin.and ma<e a note of it. si /er:p ated. '%is ma<es a -ood 0ase for t%e primary &indin-s &%ic% &i 0e &ound on top of t%e tape ayer.e:core. proceeds in a . '%is secondary &indin.t%e entire &ay around t%e toroid.a &ire en-t% of a0out 111 feet . correct y spaced and encased in 0ees& %e d in p ace &it% me ted 0ees&ax. $ount t%e exact num0er of turns in your actua &indin. sin. to recap.33 meters3. eac% ayer is finis%ed off &it% a ayer of tape.o*er t%e toroid. needin. and t%en t%e 0ees&ax co/ered &it% a ayer of tape6 #or t%e maHority of systems. and &%en t%at %as a ti-%t y &ound.encased in 0ees&ax. So. sin.e ayer.ass tape."%en t%e &indin-s are comp t%en &rapped ti-%t y &it% a -ood Gua ity . fu :fi &rap of 1( -au-e. t%e &indin.starts 0y passin. t%e secondary &indin. t%e toroid is &rapped in tape. P ease note t%at e/ery &indin.

needs to %a/e 2. '%e exact detai s of t%e primary &indin-s must 0e determined from t%e operationa c%aracteristics of t%e ce s. c eanse and condition your ce s prior to ma<in. po&er up your in/erter &it% your /e%ic e en-ine runnin. '%is is &ere t%e -entic information ends. Eac% primary &indin.F to ca cu ate t%e num0er of turns in eac% of t%e t%ree primary &indin-s.* Co ts &%en dri/en 0y a /e%ic e9s e ectrica sysstem.counter:c oc<e&ise direction. at 121 de-ree centres. &%ic% means t%at t%e secondary &indin.t%ese &indin-s. '%e t%ree primaries need to 0e &ound on toV of t%e tape &rappin.e ayer. #rom t%ose measurements. If you %ad 131 turns in t%e secondary. In ot%er &ords.used and its output rectified to produce a0out 1(1 C of pu sin. t%e diameter of t%e &ire used in t%e primaries &i 0e -reater t%an t%at of t%e secondary 0ecause it &i 0e dri/en 0y a muc% o&er /o ta-e and so &i need a muc% %i-%er current. '%e o0Hecti/e %ere is to %a/e t%e comp ex &a/eform -enerated 0y t%e e ectronics produce /o ta-es of a0out 2!E of t%e main po&er supp y /o ta-e at t%e e ectro y=er. t%at is. ca cu ations can 0e made to determine &%at -au-e and %o& many turns of so id:core. and t%en ti-%t y 21118PM or so and measure t%e 4c current ta<en 0y t%e in/erter. So di/ide t%e num0er of turns in youor secondary &indin. tef on insu t%e secondary needed.. and finis%es 0y passin. '%ese t%ree &indin-s are spaced out eGua y around t%e toroid.spacin. 0ut t%at is not t%e case %ere. so a reduction can 0e a o&ed for t%at.eac% ot%er in t%e center of t%e toroid and positioned on t%e outer ed-e &it% exact y eGua spaces 0et&een eac% tuen. si /er:p ated. '%e output from t%e e ectronics 0oard is a0out 13. '%e primaries may need more t%an a sin.does. '%e primary &indin-s are %e d in p ace &it% 0ees&ax. '%is is t%e e/e of current &%ic% t%e primary &indin-s %a/e to carry. and t%e same care for e/en &indin. to ensure t%at t%e primary &indin-s do not mo/e and t%en add an outer ayer of &indin. &%ic% &ou d cost t%ousands of do ars for eac% toroid if it &ere to 0e made up for you 0y professiona s.0y 2. '%is means t%at you must 0ui d.under t%e toroid.current a of t%e time. "%i e t%e &ire diameter for t%e primary &indin-s of eac% toroida transformer need to 0e ca cu ated separate y.F. 'ape t%e entire core &e &it% ti-%t y: stretc%ed PC$ e ectrica tape after &indin-. . so to step t%at up to a0out 41C reGuires a step up of 2. a created in t%is &ay and t%e Gua ity of &or<mans%ip is /ery important indeed &%en ma<in. E/ery &indin. t%e fina primary current is t%e sum of t%e t%ree pu sin. and t%ey are &ound &it% t%e same direction of &inds as t%e s.o& t%at you %a/e c eansed and conditioned t%e p ates in your e ectro yser. '%e &ire en-t% for t%e . 7our construction &or< as to 0e 0etter t%an t%at of a commercia supp ier and needs to reac% t%e Gua ity demanded 0y t%e mi itary.orma y. t%en t%ere &ou d 0e 4! turns in eac% of t%e t%ree primeray &indin-s. . Eac% & pu sed. a common diameter turns out to 0e +"5 P21 .4$. so it is not carryin. if an in/erter is 0ein.F times as many turns in it as t%e primary &indin.needs to 0e ti-%t and positioned exact y &it% turns touc%in. t%en t%e toroid tranformer secondary s%ou d -enerate a0out 41 Co ts..21 S"53.t%e operationa measurements. copper &ire are to 0e used for eac% of t%e t%ree primary &indin-s.&%ic% co/ers t%e secondary &indin-.tape. . so t%e &ire si=e can 0e se ected from t%is measurement.

. 7ou &i notice t%at @o0 defeats t%e #araday maximum output 0y carefu construction of t%e e ectro yser.12 meters3 and t%at for eac% of t%e t%ree &indin-s. P Connectin" t e Electrics6 @o0 %as specified t%at t%e primary &indin-s are connected 0et&een t%e 0oard outputs and t%e positi/e supp y for t%e 0oard i<e %tis6 P ease note t%at t%e dia-ram a0o/e does not s%o& t%e o&:pass fi ters needed in t%e po&er supp y ines to contro e ectroma-netic interferences.or fuse3 is not tripped. .*Co ts &%en t%e /e%ic e en-ine is runnin-.needs to 0e -i/en %ere.made o/er t%e secondary &indin-.4$ &it% a pea< /a ue of a0out 1!!Co ts.. updated Bcto0er 31. assumin.up excess ener-y sur-es. '%e in/erter output is 111Co ts +$ so it is passed t%rou-% a diode 0rid-e &%ic% con/erts it to pu sin. If a is &e and t%e contact:0rea<er . '%is /o ta-e and t%e output of t%e e ectronics 0oard toroida transformer are passed to t%e e ectro yser to e ectro yse t%e &ater and -enerate %ydroxy -as. %i-%: Gua ity construction as is common for most successfu free:ener-y de/ices. It &ou d a so 0e t%e ?o%n @edini pu se:c%ar-in. as it is distinct y possi0 e t%at it %as.primaries &i 0e -reater per turn as t%e turns are no& 0ein.211)3 '%e output &a/eform from @o0 @oyce9s trip e:psci ator 0oard is s%arpened up 0y t%e use of carefu y c%osen opto:iso ators.. . t%e -as pressure inside t%e e ectro yser -ets a0o/e !psi. t%e e ectrica po&er passes t%rou-% to t%e -as:pressure s&itc% mounted on t%e e ectro yser. t%ese components ca for /ery carefu . t%en t%e &ire en-t% &i increase furt%er..circuits. dra&s in so muc% extra po&er from t%e en/ironment t%at it is essentia t%at it is on y used &it% t%e e ectro yser ce &%ic% is capa0 e of soa<in. Serious &arnin. '%e com0ination of s%arp pu sin. '%e extra ener-y dra&n in is not a &ays constant and sur-es can occur &%ic% can -enerate . If it is necessary to ma<e eac% a t&o: ayer &indin-. t%en t%e -as pressure s&itc% disconnects t%e e ectrica supp y &%ic% in turn.and accurate y &ound toroid core composed of an iron po&der matrix.. #orty:ei-%t turns of P21 &ire are i<e y to reGuire at east t%irty:fi/e feet . cuts off t%e -eneration of more -as unti t%e pressure inside t%e e ectro yser drops a-ain as t%e en-ine uses t%e -as. '%e /e%ic e e ectrics of 0attery and a ternator. produce a0out 13. +-ain.t%at a turns can 0e aid f at side:0y:side. If t%e -as production rate is -reater t%an t%e en-ine reGuirement and as a resu t.from 943.pdf9. and t%at output &ou d a most certain y dri/e 4a/e La&ton9s Meyer rep ication "ater #ue $e . p us one apparent y simp e e ectronics 0oard and one apparent y simp e see if it %as t%e same effect on 0attery rec%ar-in.

as *ery luc0y to sur*i*e bein" it and e t is and . rotatin. '%ese arran-ements can -enerate po&er sur-es so -reat t%at t%e excess po&er not soa<ed up 0y t%e circuit .stri<e.currents of 11.111 +mps.or0s in a . t%at t%e e ectronics 0oard and toroida transformer are )79 connected to ot%er eGuipment 9to see &%at &i %appen9. It is /ery important t%en.ener"y .as it by a direct li" tnin" stri0e. t%e actua en/ironmenta po&er sur-e is far. far in excess of t%is fie d in t%e toroid 0y seGuentia pu sin. .ors o/ . (ob e3/erimented . $onseGuent y. He . ic can be ta//ed by 5uite sim/le de*ices if you 0no. & de*ice li0e t is is not a toy# and it demonstrates t e incredible le*el of free.especia y after it9s instantaneous 0urn:out3 is ia0 e to form t%e -round: eader of a i-%tnin. It s%ou d 0e understood t%at t%is e ectrica current &%ic% &e can measure is on y t%e 9 osses9 part of t%e rea po&er sur-e &%ic% is in a form &%ic% &e can9t measure as &e %a/e no instruments &%ic% can measure it direct y. E/en more important is not to arran-e a pu sed. at you are doin". .alls ans roof# and li" tnin" "roundin" at eac corner of t e buildin"# /lus a se/arate "round for t e e5ui/ment inside t e buildin". ic as metal .of coi s spaced around t%e toroid. .111 +mps.

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