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Blissful Meditation: Piano Moods The Brainwave Entrainment contained in this 41 minute long audio is centered on the Alpha

Brainwaves, allowing the listener to enter a calming meditation. Alpha brainwave patterns are often associated with relaxation, stress relief and an i ncreased ability to visualize. Many people consider the Alpha brainwaves as the one of the most useful brainwave patterns for improving moods and increasing sen se of peace and well being. As with all of our brainwave entrainment tracks, Blissful Meditation also encour ages brain balance, new neural pathways growth and increased mind power. The music contains classics by Beethoven such as the beautiful Moonlight Sonata (you can hear the full version on the video below), as well as classics by Chopi n, mixed together with some wonderful 21st century classical piano. For BIG savings check out our Relaxation, Healing and Mind Development Collectio n.

This is our most popular album and has received some great feedback from listene rs... "I listened to the first cd this morning as I worked and thought the music was g reat! I love classical music anyway. Later on after a meeting and lunch, I feel like curling into a ball and going to sleep under my desk. I feel sooooo peacefu l. I haven t felt like this (that I can remember) in a long time, maybe as far bac k as early elementary." Kay "LOVE it. for the first time in a long time i stopped thinking" Sue "This is so beautiful. I wanted to get up and dance. I saw and felt beautiful ba llet being performed. I heard strength and fragility coexisting with flexibility but in such harmony. The perfect balance of a great nature sound with magical p iano." Faye "This on I e out ake." CD is exquisite. I had a hectic morning and within seconds of putting this was completely relaxed an then I floated into a deep meditative state. Cam refreshed and full of energy. Beautiful. Like dancing on a clear, smooth l Marty Jackson