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Emcee Competition Evaluation Form

Pupils names: Date: ______________________ 1. 2. _________________________________ _________________________________

Marking Criteria Delivery Volume and Projection Phrasing, Stress, and Rhythm Enunciation and Pronunciation Eye and Audience Contact Gestures (where appropriate)

/5 /5 /5 /5 /5

Fluency Appearance Poise and Assertiveness Posture TOTAL Comment:

/5 /5 /5 /40

*The emcee competition is evaluated based on the delivery and appearance criteria only since the pupils are using the same text.

Judges name Signature

: __________________________ : __________________________

Definition of Evaluation Terminology

I. Delivery 1. Volume means a voice level adequate to be clearly understood in all parts of a large hall or outdoor space, above background noise. Projection is the ability of your voice to carry clearly throughout a large room, including "speaking up" rather than "down." 2. Phrasing, Stress, and Rhythm involve an awareness and proper delivery of the meter of a text, as well as emphasis on "oral punctuation" and the "weighting" of words to differentiate between major and minor aspects of the presentation. 3. Pronunciation refers to correct word pronunciation. Enunciation to a clarity of intonation of words so that they are easily understood within the speech context. 4. Eye Contact refers to continuous visual contact with the audience while speaking; Audience Contact to similar

movements of the head and body so as to face different parts of the audience directly while speaking. 5. Gestures include fluid and apt "body punctuation"; using "natural" gestures to reinforce your speech. 6. Fluency refers to the ability to deliver a speech smoothly.

II. Appearance 1. Poise and Assertiveness refer to bearing, confidence, and the conveyance of an impression of preparedness and effectiveness; the overall impression of the speaker should be assuring, confident, and positive. 2. Posture includes an alert and erect bearing, proper placement of feet and hands, lack of shuffling, fidgeting, shifting weight, slouching, and the like