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Letter to request for correction of name July 21, 2013 The Registrar Arellano University School of Law Taft

Avenue cor. enlo Street !asay "ity #ear Sir$ a%a&' ( a& Juan #ela "ru). This letter serves as a re*uest for the correction of &y na&e as +JUAAN C. DELA CRUZ., !lease change &y na&e to +JUAN C. DELA CRUZ,. ( enclose% co-y of &y .irth certificate an% &arriage certificate as -roof. /in%ly u-%ate &y school recor%s an% issue a new Stu%ent (%entification car% reflecting the correction at your earliest convenience. !lease let &e 0now if you re*uire any further infor&ation. 1ery truly yours, 222222222222222 Juan ". #ela "ru)