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1/29 Psychology as a Science: Theory Based -steps in research: formulate hypothesis -> design study -> collect data

-> analyze data -> dissemin ate results theory [[[[[[ definition -theory vs phenomenom -phenom has no hypothesis, just observable effect if you do something development -inductive: specific to general -person has insight from very specific incident, wonders what caused it -> develop a theory covering more general situations (Kitty Genovese) -in an emergency situation, the more people around, the less likely you are to help (bystander effect)e -deductive general to specific (ego depletion) -ego = mental energy; only have a certain amount to do a task -takes several situational observations and finding the common link betw een all of them evaluation -testable/falsifiable -fits data -parsimony -generates research ]]]]] Types of schema: -person -self -different schemas activate depending on environment (work, public, priv ate selves) -- very compartmentalized -concept -group -event (script) -if you dont have one, you tend to be nervous Influence of Schemas -perception (expectations, motives, moods, activations) -memory and recall -behavior -overtly: behavioral confirmation -covertly: priming -decision making