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84 Warnford Circle Ajax, ON L1T 0J Cell! "41#$ %%%&4#4% ' E(ail! C)ar(aine*Anne+)o,(ail*co( February 18, 2014 Rouge Valley Centenary 2867 Ellesmere Rd Toronto, ON 1E 4!" #ttent$on %uman Resour&es' Re: Reference #: RPN MED. RVHS ( am )r$t$ng $n res*onse to a +ob *ost$ng t,at )as re&ently ad-ert$sed on t,e onster.&a )eb s$te /or t,e *os$t$on as a Reg$stered 0ra&t$&al Nurse. #s stated on my resume, ( ,a-e su&&ess/ully &om*leted t,e *rogram on 1une 2014 /rom 2ur,am College. 3our &om*any $s truly a leader $n $m*ro-$ng t,e ,ealt, o/ our &ommun$ty, and ( )ould )el&ome t,e o**ortun$ty to ut$l$4e my edu&at$on to learn and gro) $n t,$s area. T,roug, my &l$n$&al rotat$ons, ( ,a-e ,ad t,e o**ortun$ty to )or5 $n se-eral sett$ngs, $n&lud$ng &ommun$ty nurs$ng, long6term &are, and mental ,ealt,. ( s*e&$/$&ally ,ad t,e *leasure o/ be$ng *la&ed )$t, Rouge Valley $n #+a7 and 8&arboroug, /or t,e durat$on o/ t,ree semesters. T,e &ar$ng, 5no)ledgeable sta// at bot, lo&at$ons )ent abo-e and beyond to su**ort my learn$ng as a student, and *ro-$de me )$t, an e7&e*t$onal e7*er$en&e. y *ersonal$ty and s5$lls ,a-e *re*ared me )ell /or t,e &,allenges o/ nurs$ng. ( ,a-e re&ently &om*leted my /ourt, semester $n t,e med$&al6surg$&al un$t. 8ome dut$es t,at )ere $n&luded )$t, our da$ly &om*eten&$es $n-ol-ed t,e del$-ery and adm$n$strat$on o/ oral, $n,aled, *arenteral and enteral med$&at$ons. !y su&&ess/ully a**ly$ng my t$me management s5$lls, ( )as able to establ$s, *r$or$t$es /or &are and ensure &l$ent &are needs are met and &om*leted. ( ,a-e also re&e$-ed tra$n$ng on t,e *r$n&$*les o/ #se*t$& te&,n$9ues t,roug, t,e 0ra&t$&al Nurs$ng *rogram at 2ur,am College, ),$&, de-elo*ed my s5$lls $n establ$s,$ng and ma$nta$n$ng a ster$le /$eld, along )$t, *re*ar$ng surg$&al $nstruments and e9u$*ment /or ster$l$4at$on. (n add$t$on to my nurs$ng s5$lls, ( ,a-e strengt,ened my $nter*ersonal and &ommun$&at$on s5$lls as )ell, ),$&, ( &ons$stently demonstrate t,roug, assess$ng t,e learn$ng needs o/ ea&, &l$ent, and de-elo*$ng ,ealt,6tea&,$ng strateg$es t,at ,el* /oster a t,era*eut$& relat$ons,$*. ( am &on/$dent t,at ( &an meet t,e re9u$rements t,at you ,a-e outl$ned and loo5 /or)ard to t,e o**ortun$ty o/ meet$ng )$t, you $n an $nter-$e). 0lease /eel /ree to &onta&t me at by ema$l at C,arma$ne.Tolent$no:d&ma$l.&a. 3ours truly,

C,arma$ne Tolent$no