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Lani Chung Mr. Nakamura Biology Period 3B 8 May 2013 Genetics Limerick On DNA you can find Genes that are always aligned They code for the traits That can dictate The characteristics of all of mankind

Genes are passed down to a child Through parents whose genes are compiled Since each parent gives half you can say That its a very fair way To determine how an offspring is styled

To check if you have an infected gene It is necessary that you do a pedigree To test for a trait That might be the gate To the worst thing that youve ever seen

Explanation: This limerick explains how genes are aligned on DNA and that they code for traits that are passed down from parent to offspring. It also mentions the way each parent gives half of the offsprings DNA and that if a parent passes down a gene that codes for a disease or other ailment, the offspring might express the bad genes. Then at the end, it explains that pedigrees can be used to check genes for any discrepancies in a family line and predict the chances that an offspring would receive bad genes from its parents.