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Aztecs Aztec

Location Time Periods Capital Economy Religion Social System Government Technology End o Civilization

Maya Aztec, Maya, Inca Comparison Chart Maya

Central America 400BC-1517AD eight! 200-"00AD #i$al, Chichen %t&a, Co'an, (alen)ue, Ma*a'an +arming ,corn, -eans, s)uash. #rade Man* gods, $ing0s -lood is sacred, sacri/iced animals and some humans Di//erent classes o/ 'eo'le Central America, Mexico 1200 to 1521 #enochtitlan +arming ,corn, -eans, tomatoes, s)uash. - chinam'as Man* gods, sun god most im'ortant, human sacri/ice Di//erent classes o/ 'eo'le, 1arriors ha2e high social status 3er* 'o1er/ul $ing, highl* centrali&ed, 1ar 1as /or ca'ti2es and tri-ute Built monumental architecture, chinam'as, calendar Cortes and the S'anish $ill the $ing, the em'ire ended Corn, calendar, architecture

Inca Inca
South America, along the Andes 1200-1572AD Cu&co +arming ,corn, cotton, 'otatoes. #erraces Man* gods, some human sacri/ice

Di//erent classes o/ 'eo'le

4ell organi&ed cit* states each 1ith a $ing, 1ar 1as /or tri-ute 4riting, math, monumental architecture, calendar A-andoned cities, disa''eared

5ing at the center o/ em'ire, 4ar is /or con)uest #erraces, irrigation, medicine, monumental architecture, roads Ci2il 1ar and S'anish in2asion


Calendar, corn, 1riting, math, architecture

Medicine, irrigation, terraces

#People $ill %"dge yo" on $hat yo" $ill !"ild, not $hat yo" can destroy& ' (ara) *!ama