Central America and Caribbean

Europeans – led by the Spanish 3. Indians – first ones to live in Central American and Caribbean 2. Africans .3 Streams of People flowed from the Eastern Hemisphere to create one of the most amazing blends of people that history has ever seen: 1.

.sect – a religious group that is outside the mainstream of large. Most of the languages now spoken in Central America and Caribbean originated in Europe. organized religions.

many people would lose their jobs. This is risky because if world prices dropped for that crop. One-crop economies – where a country depends on a single crop for income. .Plantations – large farms that grow crops for sale Most Central American and Caribbean countries do not have developed economies because the lack important natural resources.

Dictator – a ruler who has total control over a country.Manufacturing – most manufacturing jobs here are related to agriculture. Fidel Castro set up a system called communism. . Communism – the government controls the economy and the way of life. Industry .most important industry here – tourism A Revolution in Cuba – 1959 Fidel Castro led a revolution in Cuba and overthrew the Cuban dictator.

The Government Central American and Caribbean once were divided into colonies. Montserrat 2. Virgin Islands 3. Turks and Caicos Islands 4. Bermuda . Cayman Islands 5. Now only 5 colonies remain: 1.

Overseas areas – a place that is part of a nation far away across the ocean Quarrels among political groups in Latin American nations have made it easier for dictators to take control. because Puerto Rico is not a state.S. Congress is not allowed to vote. its representative to the U. Commonwealth – a self-governing territory Puerto Rico is a commonwealth. . However.

Arts and Recreation Calypso – a style of music associated with steel bands and started by enslaved Africans in the Caribbean Islands. . Steel Drum – a musical instrument invented on the Caribbean island of Trinidad. Sports – one of the most popular sports here is baseball.

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