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Assembled by David Fine (Slovenia)

Diagrams & Circuits
Don Smith Device
Zilano Final Disclosure

Don Smith Circuit

Small Suitcase Model demonstrated at the 1996 Tesla Convention , presented as Don Smith's Workshop Copied from Patric !elly"s Chapter #

$esonate %lectromagnetic Po&er System

Copied from Patric !elly"s 'oo Chapter #

Zilano Altered Circuit

Zilano Circuit

Don Circuit (Cheaper Arrangement)

Zilano"s Cheapest Don Po&er Circuit

Don Smith %laborate Circuit

Cheapest Don Po&er ((odulation for )* or +* ,-)

Solution Zilano

Don $everse .esla (%asy /ay)

Don Circuit for 0ld Style )* ,- 1S.

Simple 02 3P4 ($omero 2! 5*66)

.esla 4ood Applied Circuit (Don Diagram fi7 8#)

Zilano (.he Circuit)

Zilano Self 9oop

Zilano Caps Add

Coil Arrangement (Step Do&n)

A: Plug

A: Plug %nhanced

$elay & Cap Combo for )*;+* ,-

0ver 2nity Circuit

1e& Arrangement

1e& Arrangement &ith Caps

Zilano Schematic

Zilano Caps Added

.riggering Primary to 0scillate Coil

Secondary Polarity

Flybac Driver + to 65 volt

Connecting Flybac

Don ac Converter (Simple Don Setup)

Spar 4ap Position in ac Driven .esla Coil

(r; Clean F<1A9

.esla ,igh Amps

Zilano .uning Circuit

(Resonance !D Tester " This is #or those $ho $ant to #ind out $hether the coil is in resonance or not #or either primar% or secondar%& 't is a cheap little circuit and it $ill li(ht up to sho$ i# coils are rin(in( or not)

4reen 'o7 !apanda-e Alias Don Smith

$otary !apanda-e (Shared by Zilano) 3an; #= 5*65

Zilano Comparison

Zilano 3an; 6= 5*65

Zilano (!apanda-e Secret>>) 1ov; #*= 5*66

$%S01A1C% ,APP%1<14 <1 96 A1D 95 and is harvested by harvest coil;

:09.A4% CA1 '% 5!: .0 ?!: (Zilano 1ov; 6+= 5*66)

enhanced av plug using nst n flybac (Zilano 0ct; #*= 5*66)

Simple 02 (Zilano 0ct; #*= 5*66)

Cold Spar ing 2sing 1S. to 0scillate Coil (0ct; 5@= 5*66)

%lectrical %nergy 4enerating System ((a e <t>>) 0ct; 6)= 5*66

vie& this and apply for relay to oscillate at )* or +* h- freAuency

Don .ype Spar 4ap