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Newsletters These will include information about what we are currently working on in class, ideas to extend the learning

at home, and upcoming events. Informal Written General

Phone Calls Home I will use this to convey positive information about student successes * Informal *Written * Specific (Daily, monthly, and as needed)


Bulletin Board A portion of the board will provide resources that are pertinent to the ages of the children in the class and will be updated monthly. The remaining portion of the board will be dedicated to the bimonthly family culture that is being highlighted. Informal Written General/Specific respectively (Bimonthly and monthly)

Provide parents with support and resources to help their child succeed

Class Website My website will have resources for parents and students that clarify homework and a feedback option for improving teaching and communication. Informal Written General (Biweekly)

Direction of Communication Key One way Two way

Positive Notes Home I will send positive notes home that describe student successes and improvement. Informal Written Specific (Monthly and as needed)

Foster positive, collaborative, and reciprocal relationships with families

Engage in dialogue with families to share achievements and develop problem solving strategies

Family Meetings & Parent Teacher Conferences I will meet with families to get to know them, their goals for their child, and to better understand their specific needs and resources. Formal Oral Specific (Every 3 months and as needed)

Develop a classroom environment that reflects the cultures of the families

Section of Website for Culture Within the website there will be a section dedicated to culture. Parents and students will gather information about their culture and I will upload this information to the website. Informal Written Specific (As needed)

Home & School Survey At the beginning of the year I will have parents fill out a survey that details their childs needs, culture, goals, and the familys availability. Informal Written Specific (Once per year)

Create and provide various opportunities for parents/guardians to help in any way they can

Daily Helpers Using information on availability and preferences for volunteering, I will create a calendar which lists daily classroom/home helpers and what they are doing. I will update this calendar each month after checking with parents to review or change their availability. Informal Oral Specific (Monthly and as needed)

Family Culture Days Provide opportunities for parents to share their culture with the class in any way they are able. For example: sending/bringing food, art, or teaching a dance. * Informal * Written (Bimonthly and as needed) *Specific

Andrea N. Caffall