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Pre Mechanical Completion Walkdown

Hydrotest (Piping only)

Remaining Task for Construction completed (except task for hydrotest

Critical Construction QVD signed off by HDEC QC Team and uploaded into HPCM

Internal Walkdown Notification

Internal Walkdown & Punch Listing by HDEC QC Team

Punch Category 1 cleared, verification by HDEC QC Team

Construction Completion Certificate signed off by WPF

Remaining PreComm. activities completed (incl. reinstatement)

Pre-Comm. QVD signed off and uploaded into HPCM

Mechanical Completion Walkdown Notification to Employer

Mechanical Completion Walkdown & Punch Listing by Employer Team

Punch Category A cleared, verification by Employer

HDEC Turnover Team issues Interim Mechanical Completion Notice to Employer

WPF/MBAC/CSU review the Turnover Package and comments corrected by HDEC

Mechanical Completion Package signed off by WPF/CSU

Post Mechanical Completion Walkdown