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AIX is one popular kind of UNIX operating system which implemented by IBM.

Lots of applications deployment and testing are based on AIX. !his article summari"ed some common problems and issues for new learners on AIX. #. AIX $%&bit or '(&bit) *ow to con+ert between $%&bit and '(&bit)
,heck your machine is $%&bit or '(&bit- bootinfo ./ Switch from 32-bit to 64-bit: ln &sf 0usr0lib0boot0uni12'( 0uni1 ln &sf 0usr0lib0boot0uni12'( 0usr0lib0boot0uni1 bosboot .a shutdown .3r Switch from 64-bit to 32-bit: ln &sf 0usr0lib0boot0uni12mp 0uni1 ln &sf 0usr0lib0boot0uni12mp 0usr0lib0boot0uni1 bosboot &ad 0de+0iplde+ice shutdown .3r

%. 4hy Backspace is not functioned thru 5utty

,hange the property of 5utty-

$. 3ile download failed by 6No space left7 8 in fact9 space is enough:

3ailure Message-

;olutiona: Modify file- 0etc0security0limits

8 &# means- no limitation:

b: <eboot your machine

(. =nlarge AIX disk space

a: smit







h: press 6=nter7 to apply the change. It may take a few seconds depend on your machine

>. =rror loading- 0usr0?a+a#(0?re0bin0classic0lib?+m.a

!he problem is because your kernel is '(&bit while the @<= is not. Aou can either reinstall '(&bit @<= or change your AIX kernel to $%&bit.

'. AIX B; le+el downgrade after installing certain patch

Briginal osle+elAfter installing certain patch 8e.g. bos.adt for Bracle:9 osle+el may downgrade to >$CC&C#-

;olution- 5lease reinstall the original Maintain&Le+el 8>$CC&CD:

D. *ow to e1tract different kinds of "ip file

E.tar tar .1+f filename.tar E.F uncompress filename.F" gun"ip" E.g" gun"ip filename.g" E.FI5 ?ar 1+f EE.FI5 E. cpio

cpio &idcm+ G filename. cpio