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Keller and the Big Storm Study Guide

Spelling Words
1. too
2. new
3. fruit
4. blue
5. true
6. cool
7. suit
8. spoon
9. clue
10. juice
11. drew
12. flew

High Frequency Words

Your child should be able to pronounce

the word and understand its meaning.

1. Special- different in some way

2. Picnic- a meal eaten outdoors

3. Angry- feeling mad
4. Fingers- part of the hand
5. Clung- held onto or stuck to
6. Branches- tree parts that grow

from the trunk
7. Pressing- putting force on


Challenge Words

13. cruise
14. nephew
15. shampoo

Dictation Sentences

Your child should practice writing these sentences as you call them out. The
sentences will be checked for correct capitalization, punctuation, and

1. The cool wind feels good on my face.
2. A fossil is a clue to the past.