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Based on the novel by Anthony Burgess Screenplay by Stanley Kubrick Produced by Stanley Kubrick Directed by Stanley Kubrick Cast List: Malcolm McDowell Alex Patrick Magee Mr. Alexander Michael Bates Chief Guard Warren Clarke Dim John Cli e Stage Actor Carl Duering Dr. Brods y Paul !arrell !ramp Cli e !rancis "odger Michael "o er Prison Governor Miriam Karlin Catlady James Marcus Georgie Phili# Stone Dad Sheila $aynor Mum

!AD% &': &'() K*$*+A M&LKBA$ '&",( Tables, chairs made of nude fibreglass figures. Hypnotic atmosphere. Alex, Pete, Georgie and Dim, teenagers stoned on their milk-plus, their feet resting on faces, crotches, lips of the sculptured furniture. AL%- .+)*)/ (here was me0 that is Ale10 an2 my three 2roogs0 that is Pete0 "eorgie an2 Dim an2 we sat in the Koro a milkbar trying to make u# our rassoo2ocks what to 2o with the e ening) (he Koro a Milk Bar sol2 milk#lus0 milk #lus ellocet or synthemesc or 2rencrom which is what we were 2rinking) (his woul2 shar#en you u# an2 make you rea2y 3or a bit o3 the ol2 ultra4 iolence) *ur #ockets were 3ull o3 money so there was no nee2 on that score0 but0 as they say0 money isn5t e erything)

&'() P%D%S($&A' 6'D%$PASS (6''%L 7 '&",( A Tramp lying in tunnel, singing. ($AMP &n Dublin5s 3air city Where the girls are so #retty & 3irst set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone As she wheele2 her wheelbarrow (hrough streets wi2e an2 narrow))) hado!s of the boys approaching fall across Tramp. ($AMP Crying cockless an2 mussels ali e0 Ali e *))) Ali e0 ali e *))) Ali e0 ali e *))) Crying cockless an2 mussels ali e0 Ali e *))) AL%- .+)*)/ *ne thing & coul2 ne er stan2 is to see a 3ilthy0 2irty ol2 2runkie0 howling away at the 3ilthy songs o3 his 3athers an2 going bler#0 bler# in between as it might be a 3ilthy ol2 orchestra in his stinking rotten guts) & coul2 ne er stan2 to see anyone like that0 whate er his age might be0 but more es#ecially when he was real ol2 like this one was) The boys stop and applaud him. ($AMP Can you))) can you s#are some cutter0 me brothers8 Alex rams his stick into the Tramp"s stomach. The boys laugh. ($AMP *h4hhh999 "o on0 2o me in you bastar2 cowar2s) & 2on5t want to li e anyway0 not in a stinking worl2 like this) AL%*h 7 an2 what5s so stinking about it8 ($AMP &t5s a stinking worl2 because there5s no law an2 or2er any more) &t5s a stinking worl2 because it lets the young get onto the ol2 like you 2one) &t5s no worl2 3or an ol2 man any more) What sort o3 a worl2 is it at all8 Men on the moon an2 men s#inning aroun2 the earth an2 there5s not no attention #ai2 to earthly law an2 or2er no more) The Tramp starts singing again.

($AMP *h 2ear lan20 & 3ought 3or thee an2 brought you #eace an2 ictory) Alex and gang mo#e in and start beating up on old Tramp. &'() D%$%L&C( CAS&'* 7 '&",( $illyboy gang on stage tearing clothes off a screaming Girl. AL%- .+)*)/ &t was aroun2 by the 2erelict casino that we came across Billyboy an2 his 3our 2roogs) (hey were getting rea2y to #er3orm a little o3 the ol2 in4out0 in4out on a wee#y young 2e otchka they ha2 there) Alex and gang step out of the shado!s. AL%,o0 ,o0 ,o))) Well0 i3 it isn5t stinking Billygoat Billyboy in #oison) ,ow are thou0 thou globby bottle o3 chea# stinking chi# oil8 Come an2 get one in the yarbles0 i3 you ha e any yarbles0 you eunuch :elly thou) $illyboy snaps open a s!itchblade knife. B&LL; B*; Let5s get 5em boys) The fight begins, chains, kni#es, kicking boots. Police siren. AL%(he Police))) come on0 let5s go))) come on) Alex and the boys rush out of casino. %-() < &'() CA$ 7 '&",( 7 !AS( D$&+&'" S,*(S !er#ing car, forcing other cars off the road, trying to hit pedestrians, etc. AL%- .+)*)/ (he Durango4=> #urre2 away real horrorshow 7 a nice0 warm ibraty 3eeling all through your guttiwuts) Soon it was trees an2 2ark0 my brothers0 with real country 2ark) We 3illie2 aroun2 3or a while with other tra elers o3 the night0 #laying hogs o3 the roa2) (hen we hea2e2 west0 what we were a3ter now was the ol2 sur#rise isit0 that was a real kick an2 goo2 3or laughs an2 lashing o3 the ultra4 iolent) %-() ?,*M%? 7 '&",( A cottage on its o!n, on outskirts of a #illage. $right moonlight. %heery light inside.

%ar pulls to stop. Alex shushes his giggling boys and gets out of the car. &'() ?,*M%? 7 '&",( &r. Alexander typing. $ell rings. M$) AL%-A'D%$ Who on earth coul2 that be8 M$S) AL%-A'D%$ &5ll see) &rs. Alexander, a good-looking red head in a red 'umper suit. M$S) AL%-A'D%$ ;es8 Who is it8 AL%%1cuse me0 Mrs))) will you #lease hel#0 there5s been a terrible acci2ent) he opens the door on the chain and peeps out. AL%My 3rien25s lying in the mi22le o3 the roa2 blee2ing to 2eath) Coul2 & #lease use your tele#hone 3or an ambulance8 M$S) AL%-A'D%$ &5m sorry0 but we 2on5t ha e a tele#hone) ;ou5ll ha e to go somewhere else) AL%But Mrs))) it5s a matter o3 li3e an2 2eath) (rom inside the sound of clack clacky clack clack clackity clackclack of Alexander typing stops. M$) AL%-A'D%$ Who is it0 2ear8 M$S) AL%-A'D%$ (here5s a young man here) ,e says there5s been an acci2ent) ,e wants to use the tele#hone) M$) AL%-A'D%$ (hen you52 better let him in) M$S) AL%-A'D%$ Wait a minute)

AL%(hank you0 Mrs) &rs. Alexander opens door, saying... M$S) AL%-A'D%$ &5m sorry0 we 2on5t usually let #eo#le in the mi22le o3 the night) Alex and boys ha#e put on their masks and rush into house, carrying and dragging &rs. Alexander along !ith them. &'() ,*M% 7 '&",( They go roaring in. &r. Alexander is kicked in the face and goes do!n. Georgie leaps on him. Pete 'umps up and do!n and the settee. Dim grabs hold of &rs. Alexander. Alex !histles piercingly. AL%$ight0 Pete) Check the rest o3 the house) Alex turns to Dim !ho holds the struggling &rs. Alexander. AL%Dim))) Dim sets her do!n but holds her firmly. Alex starts to sing ) * ingin" in the +ain*, accompanying it !ith a kind of tap dance. AL%,singing&5m singing in the rain))) He kicks &r. Alexander accenting the lyrics. AL%,singingJust singing in the rain))) He clubs &r. Alexander !ith stick, in the time to the music. AL%,singingWhat a glorious 3eeling0 &5m ha##y again) He pushes a rubber ball into &rs. Alexander"s mouth and binds it !ith sellotape. AL%,singing-

&5m laughing at clou2s so 2ark u# abo e) (he sun5s in my heart an2 &5m rea2y 3or lo e) Let the stormy clou2s chase))) He kicks &r. Alexander again. AL%,singing))) e eryone 3rom the #lace) Come on with the rain))) He puts ball in &r. Alexander"s mouth and sellotapes it. AL%,singing))) &5 e a smile on my 3ace) &5ll walk 2own the lane))) to a ha##y re3rain) &5m singing))) :ust singin5 in the rain) He knocks do!n the book cases and mo#es to &rs. Alexander being held by Dim. tarts to repeat on song as he cuts slo!ly up each leg of her cat suit, until she is naked. This coincidences !ith the song finishing. He turns to &r. Alexander. AL%+i22y well0 my little Brother) +i22y well) &'() K*$*+A M&LKBA$ 7 '&",( The boys enter ya!ning.. AL%- .+)*)/ We were all 3eeling a bit shagge2 an2 3agge2 an2 3ashe20 it ha ing been an e ening o3 some small energy e1#en2iture0 * my brothers0 so we got ri2 o3 the auto an2 sto##e2 o33 at the Koro a 3or a nightca#) Dim mo#es o#er to milk machine and speaks to the statue of the nude girl. D&M ,ello Lucy0 ha2 a busy night8 Puts money in machine. D&M We5 e been working har2 too) Takes glass. D&M

Par2on me) Luce) He raises glass to breast, pulls red handle bet!een her legs. &ilk spurts into glass. Dim 'oins the others. Alex looks at a party of tourists. AL%- .+)*)/ (here was some so#histos 3rom the (+ stu2ios aroun2 the corner0 laughing an go oreeting) (he De otchka was smecking away0 an2 not caring about the wicke2 worl2 one bit) (hen the 2isc on the stereo twange2 o33 an2 out0 an2 in the short silence be3ore the ne1t one came on0 she su22enly came with a burst o3 singing0 an2 it was like 3or a moment0 * my brothers0 some great bir2 ha2 3lown into the milkbar an2 & 3elt all the malenky little hairs on my #lott stan2ing en2wise0 an2 the shi ers crawling u# like slow malenky li@ar2s an2 then 2own again) Because & knew what she sang) &t was a bit 3rom the glorious =th0 by Lu2wig an) Dim makes a lip-trump follo!ed by a dog ho!l, follo!ed by t!o fingers pronging t!ice in the air, follo!ed by a clo!ny guffa!. Alex brings his stick do!n smartly on Dim"s legs. D&M What 2i2 you 2o that 3or8 AL%!or being a bastar2 with no manners an2 not a 2ook o3 an i2ea how to com#ort yoursel3 #ublicwise0 * my Brother) D&M & 2on5t like you shoul2 2o what you 2one) An2 &5m not your brother no more an2 woul2n5t want to be) AL%Watch that))) Do watch that0 * Dim0 i3 to continue to be on li e thou 2ost wish) D&M ;arbles0 great bolshy yarblockos to you &5ll meet you with chain0 or no@h or brit a0 any time0 not ha ing you aiming tolchocks at me reasonless) &t stan2s to reason0 & won5t ha e it) AL%A no@h scra# any time you say) Dim !eakens. D&M Doobi2oob))) a bit tire2 maybe0 e erybo2y is) A long night 3or growing malchicks))) best not to say more) Be2ways is rigthways now0 so best we go homeways an2 get a bit o3 s#atchka) $ight0 right)

&'() AL%-5S !LA(BL*CK 7 MA&' L*BB; %'($A'C% 7 '&",( Alex passes a mural in the hall. .ude men and !omen. Their massi#e stylised bodies embellished and decorated by handy pencil and ballpoint. The ele#ator door is buckled. &'() AL%-5S !LA( 7 '&",( Alex pees in toilet. Alex goes into his room. Tosses his loot into a dra!er, full of money, !rist!atches, cameras, etc. (ifty small loudspeakers co#er one !all. He puts his pet boa constrictor on tree branch mounted on the !all, abo#e four %hrist figures !ho ha#e their arms intert!ined like a chorus line. He puts a cassette into the tape player. A hea#y shock!a#e of sound ) $eetho#en"s /th. AL%- .+)*)/ &t ha2 been a won2er3ul e ening an2 what & nee2e2 now to gi e it the #er3ect en2ing was a bit o3 the ol2 Lu2wig an) &usic starts. AL%- .+)*)/ (hen0 brothers0 it came) * bliss0 bliss an2 hea en0 oh it was gorgeousness an2 georgeosity ma2e 3lesh) (he trombones crunche2 re2gol2 un2er my be20 an2 behin2 my gulli er the trum#ets three4wise0 sil er43lame2 an2 there by the 2oor the tim#s rolling through my guts an2 out again0 crunche2 like can2y thun2er) &t was like a bir2 o3 rarest s#un hea en metal or like sil ery wine 3lowing in a s#ace shi#0 gra ity all nonsense now) As & slooshie20 & knew such lo ely #ictures) (here were eeks an2 #titsas laying on the groun2 screaming 3or mercy an2 & was smecking all o er my rot an2 grin2ing my boot into their torture2 litsos an2 there were nake2 2e otchkas ri##e2 an2 creeching against walls an2 & #lunging like a shlaga into them) &'() AL%-5S !LA( 7 DA; He is asleep. The boa curled up at his feet. There is a knock on the door. AL%What 25you want8 %M &t5s #ast eight0 Ale10 you 2on5t want to be late 3or school0 son)

AL%Bit o3 #ain in the gulli er0 Mum) Lea e us be an2 &5ll try to slee# it o33))) then &5ll be as right as 2o2gers 3or this a3ter) %M ;ou5 e not been to school all week0 son) AL%&5 e got to rest0 Mum))) got to get 3it0 otherwise &5m liable to miss a lot more school) %M %eee))) &5ll #ut your break3ast in the o en) &5 e got to be o33 mysel3 now) AL%Alright0 Mum))) ha e a nice 2ay at the 3actory) &'() K&(C,%' 7 DA; Pee sitting at breakfast table. 0m enters. %M ,e5s not 3eeling too goo2 again this morning0 Da2) P%% ;es0 & hear2) D5you know what time he got in last night8 %M 'o & 2on5t know0 lu 0 &52 taken my slee#ers) P%% & won2er where e1actly is it he goes to work o3 e enings) %M Well0 like he says0 it5s mostly o22 things he 2oes0 hel#ing like))) here an2 there0 as it might be) &'() %M5S B%D$**M 7 DA; Alex comes out of his room and finds P.+. Deltoid sitting on bed in parent"s room. AL%,i0 hi0 hi there0 Mr) Deltoi20 3unny sur#rise to see you here) D%L(*&D Ah0 Ale1 boy0 awake at last0 yes8 & met your mother on the way to work0 yes8 She ga e me the key) She sai2 something about a #ain somewhere))) hence not at school 0 yes8

AL%A rather intolerable #ain in the hea20 brother0 sir) & think it shoul2 be clear by this a3terlunch) D%L(*&D *h0 or certainly by this e ening0 yes8 (he e ening5s a great time0 isn5t it0 Ale1 boy8 AL%A cu# o3 the ol2 chai0 sir8 D%L(*&D 'o time0 no time0 yes) Sit0 sit0 sit) Alex sits next to him. AL%(o what 2o & owe this e1treme #leasure0 sir8 Anything wrong0 sir8 Deltoid *playfully* grabs Alex"s hair. D%L(*&D Wrong8 Why shoul2 you think o3 anything being wrong0 ha e you been 2oing something you shoul2n5t) ;es8 He shakes Alex"s hair. AL%Just a manner o3 s#eech0 sir) D%L(*&D Well0 yes0 it5s :ust a manner o3 s#eech 3rom your Post Correcti e A2 isor to you that you watch out0 little Ale1) He puts his arm round Alex"s shoulder. D%L(*&D Because ne1t time it5s going to be the barry #lace an2 all my work ruine2) &3 you5 e no res#ect 3or your horrible sel30 you at least might ha e some 3or me who5se sweate2 o er you) He slaps Alex on the knee. D%L(*&D A big black mark & tell you 3or e ery one we 2on5t reclaim) A con3ession o3 3ailure 3or e ery one o3 you who en2s u# in the stri#y hole) AL%&5 e been 2oing nothing & shoul2n5t0 sir) (he millicents ha e nothing on me0 brother0 sir0 & mean)

Deltoid pulls Alex do!n on the bed. D%L(*&D Cut out all this cle er talk about milicents) Just because the Police ha en5t #icke2 you u# lately 2oesn5t0 as you ery well know0 mean that you5 e not been u# to some nastiness) (here was a bit o3 a nastiness last night0 yes) Some ery e1treme nastiness0 yes) A 3ew o3 a certain Billyboy5s 3rien2s were ambluence2 o33 late last night0 yes) ;our name was mentione20 the wor25s got thru to me by the usual channels) Certain 3rien2s o3 yours were name2 also) *h0 nobo2y can #ro e anything about anybo2y as usual0 but &5m warning you0 little Ale10 being a goo2 3rien2 to you as always0 the one man in this sore an2 sick community who wants to sa e you 3rom yoursel3) Deltoid makes a grab for Alex"s 'oint but finds his hand instead. Alex laughs. Derisi#ely and rises. Deltoid distractedly reaches for a glass of !ater on the night table, and fails to notice a set of false teeth soaking in them. He drinks from the glass. The clink of the teeth sounding like ice-cubes. D%L(*&D What gets into you all8 We stu2y the #roblem) We5 e been stu2ying it 3or 2amn well near a century0 yes0 but we get no 3urther with our stu2ies) ;ou5 e got a goo2 home here0 goo2 lo ing #arents0 you5 e got not too ba2 o3 a brain) &s it some 2e il that crawls insi2e o3 you8 AL%'obo2y5s got anything on me0 brother0 sir) &5 e been out o3 the rookers o3 the milicents 3or a long time now) D%L(*&D (hat5s :ust worries me) A bit too long to long to be reasonable) ;ou5re about 2ue now by my reckoning0 that5s why &5m warning you0 little Ale10 to kee# your han2some young #roboscis out o3 the 2irt) Do & make mysel3 clear8 AL%As an unmu22ie2 lake0 sir) Clear as an a@ure sky o3 2ee#est summer) ;ou can rely on me0 sir) Deltoid drinks again but this time sees the teeth in the glass. He groans and retches. &'() M6S&C B**(&CK 7 DA; Alex enters. T!o pretty micro-boppers, &arty and onietta, sucking phallic ice sticks. AL%Par2on me0 brother) & or2ere2 this two weeks ago) Coul2 you see i3 it5s arri e2) CL%$K *K) &5ll see i3 it5s in)

%lerk exits. Alex turns to the girls. AL%Par2on me0 la2ies He steps in bet!een them and goes through the motions, looking through. AL%%n:oying it then0 my 2arling8))) A bit col2 an2 #ointless isn5t it0 my lo ely))) What5s ha##ene2 to yours0 my little sister8 &arty giggles. MA$(; Who you getten bratty0 "oggly "ogol8 Johnny Ahi ago8 (he ,ea en Se enteen8 AL%What you got back home0 little sister0 to #lay your 3u@@y warbles on8 & bet you got little sa e #iti3ul #ortable #icnic #layers) Come with 6ncle an2 hear all #ro#er) ,ear angel trum#ets an2 2e il trombones) ;ou are in ite2) &'() AL%-5S B%D$**M 7 DA; The t!o girls, naked, 'umping up and do!n on Alex"s still unmade bed 1onked by the booming, all engulfing sound of Alex"s incredible Hi-(i. &'() AL%-5S !LA(BL*CK 7 L*BB; ,ALL 7 DA; Alex finds the gang !aiting for him. AL%,i0 hi0 hi0 there ALL (,$%% Well0 hello) D&M ,e are here9 ,e ha e arri e29 ,ooray9 AL%Welly0 welly0 welly0 welly0 welly0 welly0 well) (o what 2o & owe the e1treme #leasure o3 this sur#rising isit8 Georgie rises. "%*$"&% We got worrie2) (here we were waiting an2 2rinking away at the ol2 kni3y Moloko an2 you ha2 not turne2 u# an2 we thought you might ha e been like o33en2e2 by something or other0 so aroun2 we come to your abo2e)

AL%A##y #olly loggies) & ha2 something o3 a #ain in the gulli er so ha2 to slee#) & was not awakene2 when & ga e or2ers 3or awakening) D&M Sorry about the #ain) 6sing the gulli er to much like0 eh8 "i ing or2ers an2 2isci#lining an2 that #erha#s0 eh8 ;ou sure the #ain5s gone8 ;ou sure you5ll not be ha##ier back u# in be2) AL%Lets get things nice an2 s#arkling clear) (his sarcasm0 i3 & may call it such0 2oes not become you0 * my brothers) As & am your 2roog an2 lea2er0 & am entitle2 to know what goes on0 eh8 'ow then0 Dim0 what 2oes that great big horsy ga#e o3 a grin #orten28 "%*$"&% All right0 no more #icking on Dim0 brother) (hat5s #art o3 the new way) AL%'ew way8 What5s this about a new way8 (here5s been some ery large talk behin2 my slee#ing back0 an2 no error) Let me hear more) "%*$"&% Well0 we go roun2 sho# crasting an2 the like0 coming out with a #iti3ul rooker3ul o3 money each) D&M Piti3ul rooker3ul))) "%*$"&% An2 there5s Will the %nglish in the Muscleman co33ee mesto saying he can 3ence anything that anything that any malchick tries to crast) D&M ;eah))) Pete the %nglish) "%*$"&% (he shiny stu33) (he &ce) (he big0 big0 big money is a ailable5s what Will the %nglish says) D&M Big0 big money) AL%An2 what will you 2o with the big0 big0 money8 ,a e you not e erything you nee28 &3 you nee2 a motor4car0 you #luck it 3rom the trees) &3 you nee2 #retty #olly0 you take it) "%*$"&% Brother0 you think an2 talk sometimes like a little chil2) (onight we #ull a mansi@e

crast) AL%"oo2) $eal horrorshow) &nitiati e comes to them as waits) &5 e taught you much0 my little 2roogies) 'ow tell me what you ha e in min20 "eorgie Boy) "%*$"&% *h0 the ol2 moloko4#lus 3irst0 woul2 you not say D&M Moloko4#lus) "%*$"&% Something to shar#en us u#0 you es#ecially) We ha e the start) %-() !LA(BL*CK MA$&'% 7 DA; The gang come out of the flatblock and !alk along the marina. AL%- .+)*)/ As we walke2 along the 3latblock marina0 & was calm on the outsi2e but thinking all the time0 so now it was to be "eorgie the "eneral0 saying what we shoul2 2o an2 what not to 2o0 an2 Dim as his min2less0 grinning bull2og) But0 su22enly0 & i22ie2 that thinking was 3or the gloo#y ones an2 that the oomny ones use like ins#iration an2 what Bog sen2s0 3or now it was lo ely music that came to my ai2 an2 & i22ie2 at once what to 2o) (here was a win2ow o#en with the stereo on) &' SL*W M*(&*' Alex clubs Georgie into !ater !ith his stick. Dim s!ings chain. Alex ducks. Dim goes into !ater. Alex kneels, hands behind back, takes knife from s!ord stick, offers hand to help Dim, and slashes Dim !hen he gets it. Dim falls back into the !ater. Alex laughs. &'() D6K% *! '%W ;*$K P6B The four boys sit round table. AL%- .+)*)/ & ha2 not #ut into any o3 Dim5s main cables an2 so0 with the hel# o3 a clean tashtook0 the re20 re2 kroo y sto##e20 an2 it 2i2 not take long to Buieten the two woun2e2 sol2iers0 2own in the snug in the Duke o3 'ew ;ork) 'ow they knew who was Master an2 Lea2er) Shee#0 thought &0 but a real lea2er knows always when like to gi e an2 show generous to his un2ers)

AL%Well0 now we5re back to where we were) ;es8 Just like be3ore an2 all 3orgotten8 $ight0 right0 right) ALL B*;S $ight) $ight) $ight) AL%Well0 "eorgie Boy) (his i2ea you5 e got 3or tonight) Well0 tell us all about it then) "%*$"&% 'ot tonight 7 not this nochy) AL%Come0 come0 come0 "eorgie Boy) ;ou5re a big strong chello eck like us all) We5re not little chil2ren0 are we0 "eorgie Boy8 What0 then0 2i2st thou in thy min2 ha e8 %onfrontation. Georgie backs do!n. "%*$"&% &t5s this ,ealth !arm) A bit out o3 the town) &solate2) &t5s owne2 by this like ery rich #titsa who li es there with her cats) (he #lace is shut 2own 3or a week an2 she5s com#letely on her own0 an2 it5s 3ull u# with like gol2 an2 sil er an2 like :ewels) AL%(ell me more0 "eorgie Boy) &'() CA(LAD;5S ,*6S% %atlady doing yoga exercises. +oom is full of cats. Doorbell rings. CA(LAD; ,softly to herself*h shit) he goes to the door. %-() CA(LAD;5S ,*6S% CA(LAD; Who5s there8 AL%%1cuse me0 missus0 can you #lease hel#8 (here5s been a terrible acci2ent) Can & #lease use your tele#hone 3or an ambulance8 CA(LAD;

&5m 3right3ully sorry) (here is a tele#hone in the Public ,ouse about a mile 2own the roa2) & suggest you use that) AL%But0 missus0 this is an emergency) &t5s a matter o3 li3e an2 2eath) Me 3rien25s lying in the mi22le o3 the roa2 blee2ing to 2eath) CA(LAD; &))) &5m ery sorry0 but & ne er o#en) &5m ery sorry but & ne er o#en the 2oor to strangers a3ter 2ark) AL%+ery well0 ma2am) & su##ose you can5t be blame2 3or being sus#icious with so many scoun2rels an2 rouges o3 the night about) Alex !alks a!ay from door, then ducks into the bushes !here the others are hiding. They put on their maskies and follo! Alex round to the rear of the house. AL%Dim0 ben2 2own) ,Alex points to an upstairs !indo!&5m gonna get in that win2ow an2 o#en the 3ront 2oor) He climbs up drain-pipe to the bathroom !indo!. &'() CADLAD;5S ,*6S% The %atlady enters and dials a number. CA(LAD; ,ullo0 $a2lett Police Station) "oo2 e ening) &t5s Miss Weathers at Woo2mere ,ealth !arm) Look0 &5m 3right3ully sorry to bother you but something rather o22 has :ust ha##ene2))) Well0 it5s #robably nothing at all0 but you ne er know))) Well0 a young man rang the bell asking to use the tele#hone))) ,e sai2 there ha2 been some kin2 o3 acci2ent) (he thing that caught my attention was what he sai2 7 the wor2s he use20 soun2e2 e1actly like what was Buote2 in the #a#ers this morning in connection with the writer an2 his wi3e who were assaulte2 last night))) Well0 :ust a 3ew minutes ago))) Well0 i3 you think that5s necessary0 but0 well0 &5m Buite sure he5s gone away now) *h))) alright) !ine) (hank you ery much) (hank you) he puts phone do!n, turns and nearly 'umps out of her leotard !hen she sees Alex in the door!ay. AL%,i0 hi0 hi there0 at last we meet) CA(LAD; What the bloo2y hell 25you think you5re 2oing8 AL%-

*ur brie3 go ereet thru the letter hole was not0 shall we say0 satis3actory0 yes8 CA(LAD; 'ow listen here0 you little bastar20 :ust you turn aroun2 an2 walk out o3 here the same way as you came in) Alex eyes a giant !hite, fibreglass phallic sculpture on the table beside him. AL%'aughty0 naughty0 naughty0 you 3ilthy ol2 soomaka) CA(LAD; 'o9 'o9 Don5t touch it) (hat5s a ery im#ortant work o3 art) What the bloo2y hell 2o you want8 AL%;ou see0 ma2am0 & am #art o3 an international stu2ent5s contest to see who can get the most #oints 3or selling maga@ines) CA(LAD; Cut the shit0 sonny0 an2 get out o3 here be3ore you get yoursel3 in some ery serious trouble) He rocks the giant phallus !hich has a special !eight s!inging inside causing it to s!ing up and do!n an eccentric motion. CA(LAD; & tol2 you to lea e it alone) 'ow get out o3 here be3ore & throw you out0 wretche2 slummy be2bug) &5ll teach you breaking into real #eo#le5s houses) "et out9 he grabs up a bust of $eetho#en and rushes at Alex. He grabs the giant phallic sculpture. %ircling, Alex fends off her mad rushes !ith skilful 'abs of the giant phallus. he ducks under and clobbers him !ith the hea#y bust of $eetho#en. He goes do!n, pulling her off balance and they both !ind up the floor. 2n the struggle, Alex bashes her !ith the phallus. Distant Police sirens. He exits. %-() CA(LDA;5S ,*6S% 7 '&",( Alex rushes out. Dim and the others are !aiting. AL%-

Come on) Let5s go0 the #olice are coming) D&M *ne minoota0 2roogie) Dim smashes Alex in the face !ith a full milk bottle. He goes do!n. The others run a!ay, laughing. AL%,screaming;ou bastar2s))) bastar2s) &'() P*L&C% ,C 7 '&",( 2nspector takes out cigarette and lights up. &'SP%C(*$ $ight) $ight 0 (om0 we5ll ha e to our little 3rien20 Ale10 here that we know the law0 too0 but that knowing the law isn5t e erything) He nods to (atneck. !A('%CK (hat5s a nasty cut you5 e got there0 little Ale1) S#oils))) all your beauty) Who ga e you that then))) eh))) eh))) He presses Alex"s nose, inflicting great pain. Alex sinks to his knees. AL%*w))) what5s that 3or0 you bastar28 !A('%CK (hat was 3or your la2y ictim) ;ou ghastly wretche2 scoun2rel) Alex grabs his balls. Alex is beaten by the other %op. 2nspector exits to outside office !here ergeant sits, sipping a cup of tea. Deltoid has 'ust entered. &'SP%C(*$ Sergeant) S%$"%A'( Sir) &'SP%C(*$ Ah0 goo2 e ening0 Mr) Deltoi2)

D%L(*&D % ening0 &ns#ector) S%$"%A'( Woul2 you like your tea now0 sir8 &'SP%C(*$ 'o0 thank you0 Sergeant) We5ll ha e it later) May & ha e some #a#er towels0 #lease) S%$"%A'( ;es0 sir) &'SP%C(*$ We5re interrogating the #risoner now) Perha#s you52 care to come insi2e) D%L(*&D (hank you ery much They mo#e into 2nterrogation +oom. Alex is on the floor in the corner co#ered !ith blood. D%L(*&D % ening0 Sergeant) % ening0 all) Dear0 2ear0 this boy 2oes look a mess0 2oesn5t he8 Just look at the state o3 him) !A('%CK Lo e5s young nightmare like) &'SP%C(*$ +iolence makes iolence) ,e resiste2 his law3ul arrestors) D%L(*&D Well0 it5s ha##ene20 Ale1 boy0 yes) Just as & thought it woul20 yes) Dear0 2ear0 2ear) Well0 this is the en2 o3 the line 3or me))) the en2 o3 the line0 yes) AL%&t wasn5t me0 brother0 sir) S#eak u# 3or me0 sir0 3or &5m not so ba2) & was le2 on by the treachery o3 others0 sir) &'SP%C(*$ Sings the roo3 o33 lo ely0 he 2oes that) AL%An2 where are my stinking traitorous 2roogs) "et them be3ore the get away) &t was all their i2ea0 brothers) (hey 3orce2 me to 2o it) &5m innocent) D%L(*&D ;ou are now a mur2erer0 little Ale1) A mur2erer0 yes)

AL%'ot true0 sir) &t was only a slight tolchock) She was breathing0 & swear it) D%L(*&D &5 e :ust come back 3rom the hos#ital) ;our ictim has 2ie2) AL%;ou try to 3righten me0 sir0 a2mit so0 sir) (his is some new 3orm o3 torture) Say it0 brother0 sir) D%L(*&D &t will be your own torture) & ho#e to "o2 it will torture you to ma2ness) !A('%CK &3 you52 care to gi e him a bash in the cho#s0 sir) Don5t min2 us) We5ll hol2 him 2own) ,e must be a great 2isa##ointment to you0 sir) Deltoid spits in Alex"s face. ,%L&C*P(%$ +&%WS *! P$&S*' AL%- .+)*)/ (his is the real wee#y an2 like tragic #art o3 the story beginning0 * my brothers an2 only 3rien2s) A3ter a trial with :u2ges an2 a :ury0 an2 some ery har2 wor2s s#oken against your 3rien2 an2 humble narrator0 he was sentence2 to DE years in Sta:a 'o) FE! among smelly #er erts an2 har2ene2 #restoo#nicks0 the shock sen2ing my 2a22a beating his bruise2 an2 kroo y rookas against un3air Bog in his ,ea en0 an2 my mom0 boohoohooing in her mother5s grie3 as her only chil2 an2 son o3 her bosom0 like letting e erybo2y 2own real horrorshow) &'() P$&S*' C,%CK4&' $**M 7 DA; A bell rings and a 3arder goes and unlocks first a !ooden door and then a barred door. "6A$D Morning) *ne u# 3rom (hames0 Mister) WA$D%$ *ne in 3rom (hames0 sir) C,&%! "6A$D $ight) *#en u#0 Mister) WA$D%$ ;es0 sir) He opens door and steps back. Alex and another 3arden mo#e to +eception desk.

WA$D%$ "oo2 morning0 sir) Committal sheet) C,&%! "6A$D ,!ho shouts e#erything(hank you0 Mister) He signs sheet. "6A$D 'ame8 AL%Ale1an2er 2e Large) C,&%! "6A$D ;ou are now in ,)M) Prison Parkmoor an2 3rom this moment you will a22ress all #rison o33icers as sir9 'ame8 AL%Ale1an2er 2e Large0 sir) C,&%! "6A$D Crime8 AL%Mur2er0 sir) C,&%! "6A$D $ight) (ake the cu33s o33 him0 Mister) The cuffs are remo#ed. C,&%! "6A$D ;ou are now G>>HID an2 it is your 2uty to memorise that number) He hands clipboard back to 3arder. C,&%! "6A$D (hank you Mister) Well 2one) WA$D%$ (hank you0 chie3) C,&%! "6A$D Let the o33icer out) 4fficer exits. C,&%! "6A$D

$ight) %m#ty your #ockets9 Alex mo#es to desk and leans for!ard. C,&%! "6A$D Are you able to see that white line #ainte2 on the 3loor 2irectly behin2 you0 G>>HID8 AL%;es0 sir) C,&%! "6A$D (hen your toes belong on the other si2e o3 it999 AL%;es sir) C,&%! "6A$D $ight carry on) Alex tosses a bar of chocolate on the desk. C,&%! "6A$D Pick that u# an2 #ut it 2own #ro#erly) Alex does so, and continues to empty his pockets. C,&%! "6A$D *ne hal3 bar o3 chocolate) *ne bunch o3 keys on white metal ring) *ne #acket o3 cigarettes) (wo #lastic ball #ens 7 one black0 one re2) *ne #ocket comb 7 black #lastic) *ne a22ress book 7 imitation re2 leather) *ne ten #enny #iece) *ne white metal wristlet watch0 ?(imawrist? on a white metal e1#an2ing bracelet) Anything else in your #ockets8 AL%'o0 sir) C,&%! "6A$D $ight) Sign here 3or your aluable #ro#erty) Alex signs. C,&%! "6A$D (he chocolate an2 cigarettes you brought in 7 you lose that as you are now con icte2) 'ow go o er to the table an2 get un2resse2) Alex !alks to table and undresses. %hief Guard mo#es to table !ith his clipboard. C,&%! "6A$D 'ow then0 were you in Police custo2y this morning8

AL%'o0 sir) C,%CK4&' *ne :acket 7 blue #instri#e) C,&%! "6A$D Prison custo2y8 AL%;es0 sir *n reman20 sir) C,%CK4&' *ne neck tie 7 blue) C,&%! "6A$D $eligion8 AL%C o3 %0 sir) C,&%! "6A$D Do you mean Church o3 %nglan28 AL%;es0 sir0 Church o3 %nglan20 sir) C,&%! "6A$D Brown hair0 is it8 AL%!air hair0 sir) C,&%! "6A$D Blue eyes8 AL%Blue eyes0 yes0 sir) C,&%! "6A$D Do you wear eye glasses or contact lenses8 AL%'o0 sir) C,%CK4&' *ne shirt 7 blue0 collar attache2) C,&%! "6A$D

,a e you been recei ing me2ical treatment 3or any serious illness8 AL%'o0 sir) C,%CK4&' *ne #air o3 boots 7 black leather0 @i##ere20 worn) C,&%! "6A$D ,a e you e er ha2 any mental illness8 AL%'o0 sir) C,&%! "6A$D Do you wear any 3alse teeth or 3alse limbs8 AL%'o0 sir) C,%CK4&' *ne #air o3 trousers 7 blue #instri#e2) C,&%! "6A$D ,a e you e er ha2 any attacks o3 3ainting or 2i@@iness8 AL%'o0 sir) C,%CK4&' *ne #air o3 socks 7 black) C,&%! "6A$D Are you an %#ile#tic8 AL%'o0 sir) C,%CK4&' *ne #air o3 un2er#ants 7 white with blue waistban2) C,&%! "6A$D Are you now0 or e er ha e been0 a homose1ual8 AL%'o0 sir) C,&%! "6A$D $ight) (he mothballs0 Mister)

C,%CK4&' Mothballs0 sir) C,&%! "6A$D 'ow then) !ace the wall) Ben2 o er an2 touch your toes) %hief Guard inspects Alex"s anus !ith a penlight. C,&%! "6A$D Mmmmmmm))) any enereal 2isease8 AL%'o0 sir) C,&%! "6A$D Crabs8 AL%'o0 sir) C,&%! "6A$D Lice8 AL%'o0 sir) C,&%! "6A$D (hrough there 3or a bath) AL%;es0 sir) &'() P$&S*' C,AP%L 7 DA; Priest in pulpit big rough state-proper type. %on#ict audience. Alex sits apart tending an o#erhead pro'ector. P$&%S( & ask you 3rien2s) What5s it going to be then8 &s it going to be in an2 out o3 institutions like this8 *r more in then out 3or most o3 you8 *r are you going to atten2 the 2i ine wor2 an2 realise the #unishment that awaits unre#entant sinners in the ne1t worl2 as well as this) A lot o3 &2iots you are0 selling your birthright 3or a saucer o3 col2 #orri2ge) (he urge to li e easy) & ask you 3rien2s0 is it worth it8 When we ha e un2eniable #roo3 7 yes0 my 3rien2s0 incontro ertible e i2ence that ,ell e1ists) & know0 & know0 my 3rien2s) & ha e been in3orme2 in isions that there is a #lace 2arker than any #rison0 hotter than any human 3lame o3 3ire0 where unre#entant criminals0 sinners like yoursel es)))

A con#ict burps. All laugh. P$&%S( Don5t you laugh0 2amn you0 2on5t you laugh) & say like yoursel es 7 scream in en2less an2 unen2urable agony) (heir nostrils choke2 with the smell o3 3ilth0 their mouths cramme2 with burning or2ure) (heir skins rotting an2 #eeling) A 3ireball s#inning in their screaming guts) & know))) oh yes0 & know) A con#ict lets rip some lip music ) prrrrrrrp. There is laughter. %hief Guard mo#es for!ard ) points. C,&%! "6A$D & saw you0 =IJ>HK) & saw you) C*'+&C( 6# yours0 mate) C,&%! "6A$D Just you wait0 KEEGKF) *ne on the turni# coming u# 3or you) P$&%S( Cuiet0 my 3rien2s) Cuiet) Cuiet0 & say) We will now sing ,ymn I>F in the Prisoner5s ,ymnal) Piano starts up and Alex starts up o#erhead pro'ector !hich displays the !ords of the hymn. C,&%! "6A$D Show a little re erence0 you bastar2s) Cuiet9 %on#icts and all start to sing. S&'"&'" & was a wan2ering shee#) & 2i2 not lo e))) C,&%! "6A$D Sing u# 2amn you) Lou2er0 sing u#) S&'"&'" ))) the 3ol2 & 2i2 not lo e my she#her25s oice) & woul2 not be controlle2) C,&%! "6A$D Come on0 sing u#0 2amn you)

S&'"&'" & was a waywar2 chil2 & 2i2 not lo e my home & 2i2 not lo e my 3ather5s oice & lo e2 a3ar to roam) AL%- .+)*)/ &t ha2 not been e2i3ying0 in2ee2 not0 being in this hell hole an2 human @oo 3or two years now0 being kicke2 an2 tolchocke2 by brutal war2ers0 an2 meeting leering criminals an2 #er erts rea2y to 2ribble all o er a lucious young malchick like your story4teller) &'() P$&%S(5S L&B$A$; 7 DA; Alex reading the $ible. AL%- .+)*)/ &t was my rabbit to hel# the #rison charlie with the Sun2ay ser ice) ,e was a bolshy great burly bastar20 but he was ery 3on2 o3 mysel30 me being ery young0 an2 also now ery intereste2 in the big book) Priest !alks by and nods pleasantly. AL%- .+)*)/ &t ha2 been arrange2 by the #rison charlie0 as #art o3 my 3urther e2ucation to rea2 him the Bible) & 2i2n5t so much like the latter #art o3 the book which is more like all #reachy talking0 than 3ighting an2 the ol2 in4out) & like2 the #arts where these ol2 yahoo2ies tolchock each other an2 then 2rink their ,ebrew ino an20 then getting on to the be2 with their wi es5 han2mai2ens) (hat ke#t me going) B&BL% !A'(AS; 7 !&",(&'" 7 DA; $iblical fighting shot. Alex slashing a!ay. $lood spurting. ,A'DMA&D%' !A'(AS; &' (%'( 7 DA; Alex lying !ith three semi-nude handmaidens. %-() B&BL&CAL S($%%( %hrist being !hipped on by Alex, dressed as a 5egionary. AL%Mo e on there) Mo e on) AL%- .+)*)/ & rea2 all about the scourging an2 the crowning with thorns an2 all that0 an2 & coul2 i22y mysel3 hel#ing in an2 e en taking charge o3 the tolchocking an2 the nailing in0 being 2resse2 in the height o3 $oman 3ashion)

BACK (* (,% L&B$A$; Alex sits !ith his eyes closed. Priest comes o#er and s6uee1es his shoulder. Alex looks up at him and smiles. P$&%S( ,reading from Alex"s $ibleSeek not to be like e il men0 neither 2esire to be with them0 because their min2s stu2ieth robberies an2 their li#s s#eak 2eceits) AL%&3 thou lose ho#e being weary in the 2ays o3 2istress0 thy strength shall be 2iminishe2) P$&%S( !ine0 my boy0 3ine0 3ine) AL%!ather0 & ha e trie20 ha e & not8 P$&%S( ;ou ha e0 my son) AL%&5 e 2one my best0 ha e & not8 P$&%S( &n2ee2) AL%An20 !ather0 &5 e ne er been guilty o3 any institutional in3ractions0 ha e &8 P$&%S( ;ou certainly ha e not0 G>>HID) ;ou5 e been ery hel#3ul0 an2 you5 e shown a genuine 2esire to re3orm) AL%!ather 7 may & ask you a Buestion in #ri ate8 P$&%S( Certainly0 my son0 certainly) &s there something troubling you0 my son8 Don5t be shy to s#eak u#) $emember0 & know all the urges that can trouble young men 2e#ri e2 o3 the society o3 women) AL%'o !ather) &t5s nothing like that0 !ather) &t5s about this new thing they5re all talking about) About this new treatment that you out o3 #rison in no time at all an2

makes sure you ne er get back in again) P$&%S( Where 2i2 you hear about this8 Whose been talking about these things8 AL%(hese things get aroun20 !ather) (wo War2ers talk as it might be0 an2 somebo2y can5t hel# o erhearing what they say) (hen somebo2y #icks u# a scra# o3 news#a#er in the worksho#s an2 the news#a#er tells all about it) ,ow about #utting me in 3or this new treatment0 !ather8 P$&%S( & take it you are re3erring to the Lu2o ico (echniBue8 AL%& 2on5t know what it5s calle20 !ather0 all & know is that it gets you out Buickly an2 makes sure that you ne er get in again) P$&%S( (hat5s not #ro en0 G>>HID) &n 3act0 it is only in the e1#erimental stage at this moment) AL%But it is being use20 isn5t it0 !ather8 P$&%S( &t has not been use2 yet in this #rison) (he "o ernor has gra e 2oubts about it an2 & ha e hear2 that there are ery serious 2angers in ol e2) AL%& 2on5t care about the 2anger0 !ather) & :ust want to be goo2) & want 3or the rest o3 my li3e to be one act o3 goo2ness) P$&%S( (he Buestion is weather or not this techniBue really makes a man goo2) "oo2ness comes 3rom within) "oo2ness is chosen) When a man cannot chose0 he ceases to be a man) AL%& 2on5t un2erstan2 about the whys an2 where3ores0 !ather) & only know & want to be goo2) P$&%S( Be #atient0 my son0 an2 #ut your trust in the Lor2) AL%&nstruct thy son an2 he shall re3resh thee an2 shall gi e 2elight to thy soul) P$&%S( Amen)

They cross themsel#es. %-() P$&S*' ;A$D 7 DA; Prisoners !alking in circles. &'() P$&S*' C*$$&D*$ Guards stand either side of cell doors. %hief Guard !ith Go#ernor, &inister and entourage. C,&%! "6A$D Mister) "6A$D All #resent an2 correct0 sir) C,&%! "6A$D $ight) All #resent an2 correct0 sir) "*+%$'*$ +ery goo20 Chie3) They inspect cells. C,&%! "6A$D Lea e to carry on0 sir0 #lease8 "*+%$'*$ Carry on0 Chie3) C,&%! "6A$D Sir) %-() P$&S*' ;A$D %hief Guard comes out of door. C,&%! "6A$D $ight0 #ay attention) & want you in two lines) 6# against that wall 3acing this way) "o on mo e9 ,urry u# about it an2 sto# talking) The men line up. %hief Guard mo#es back to door and comes to attention. C,&%! "6A$D $ea2y 3or ins#ection0 sir) He stands back and salutes as Go#ernor, &inister and entourage enter and !alk along

line of men. M&'&S(%$ ,ow many to a cell8 "*+%$'*$ !our in this block0 sir) M&'&S(%$ Cram criminals together an2 what 2o you get 7 concentrate2 criminality))) crime in the mi2st o3 #unishment) "*+%$'*$ & agree0 sir) What we nee2 are larger #risons) More money) M&'&S(%$ 'ot a chance0 my 2ear 3ellow) (he "go ernment can5t be concerne2 any longer with outmo2e2 #enological theories) Soon we may be nee2ing all o3 out #rison s#ace 3or #olitical o33en2ers) Common criminals like these are best 2ealt with on a #urely curati e basis) Kill the criminal re3le1 that5s all) !ull im#lementation in a year5s time) Punishment means nothing to them0 you can see that))) they en:oy their so4calle2 #unishment) Alex sei1es his chance as they pass by. AL%;ou5re absolutely right0 sir) C,&%! "6A$D Shut your blee2in5 hole999 M&'&S(%$ Who sai2 that8 AL%& 2i20 sir) M&'&S(%$ What crime 2i2 you commit) AL%(he acci2ental killing o3 a #erson0 sir) C,&%! "6A$D ,e brutally mur2ere2 a woman0 sir0 in 3urtherence o3 the3t) DE years))) sir9 M&'&S(%$ %1cellent) ,e5s enter#rising0 aggressi e0 outgoing) ;oung) Bol2) +iscous) ,e5ll 2o) "*+%$'*$

Well0 3ine))) we coul2 still look at C4Block) M&'&S(%$ 'o0 no0 no) (hat5s enough) ,e5s #er3ect) & want his recor2s sent to me) (his icious young hoo2lum will be trans3orme2 out o3 all recognition) AL%(hank you ery much 3or this chance0 sir) M&'&S(%$ Let5s ho#e you make the most o3 it0 my boy) "*+%$'*$ Shall we go to my o33ice8 M&'&S(%$ (hank you) &'() "*+%$'*$5S *!!&C% 7 DA; Go#ernor seated at his desk. There is a knock on the door. "*+%$'*$ Come in) Door opens. %hief Guard enters !ith Alex. C,&%! "6A$D Sir0 G>>HID0 sir) "*+%$'*$ +ery goo20 Chie3) %hief Guard turns to Alex. C,&%! "6A$D !orwar2 to the white line0 toes behin2 it) !ull name an2 number to the "o ernor) %hief Guard closes door. AL%Ale1an2er 2e Large0 sir) G>>HID0 sir) The Go#ernor takes off his glasses. "*+%$'*$ & 2on5t su##ose you know who that was this morning0 2o you8 (hat was no less a #ersonage than the Minister o3 the &nterior an2 what they call a ery new broom) Well0 these new ri2iculous i2eas ha e come at last0 an2 or2ers are or2ers0 though & may say to you in con3i2ence that & 2o not a##ro e) An eye 3or an eye0 & say0 i3

someone hits you0 you hit back0 2o you not8 Why then shoul2 not the State ery se erely hit by you brutal o33en2ers not hit back also8 But the new iew is to say no) (he new iew is that we turn the ba2 into goo2) All o3 which seems to be grossly un:ust) ,mmmmmm) AL%Sir))) C,&%! "6A$D Shut your 3ilthy hole0 you scum999 "*+%$'*$ ;ou are to be re3orme2) (omorrow you go to this man0 Bro2sky) ;ou will be lea ing here) ;ou will be trans3erre2 to the Lu2o ico Me2ical !acility) &t is belie e2 that you will be able to lea e State custo2y in a little o er a 3ortnight) & su##ose that #ros#ect #leases you8 C,&%! "6A$D Answer when the "o ernor asks you a Buestion you 3ilthy young swine9 AL%*h yes0 sir) (hank you ery much0 sir) &5 e 2one my best here & really ha e0 sir) &5m ery grate3ul to all concerne2) "*+%$'*$ Sign this 7 where it5s marke2) Alex turns the paper to read it. C,&%! "6A$D Don5t rea2 it 7 sign it9 "*+%$'*$ &t says that you are willing to ha e the resi2ue o3 your sentence commute2 to the Lu2o ico treatment) Alex signs. Go#ernor gathers up papers. Alex dots the last *i* and smiles. &'() L6D*+&C* C%'($% $%C%P(&*' D%SK 7 DA; AL%- .+)*)/ (he ne1t morning & was taken to the Lu2o ico Me2ical !acility0 outsi2e the town centre0 an2 & 3elt a malenky bit sa2 ha ing to say goo2bye to the ol2 Sta:a0 as you always will when you lea e a #lace you5 e like gotten use2 to) %hief Guard briskly leads the !ay for Alex and escort. They mo#e into reception hall !here the Doctor stands.

C,&%! "6A$D ,shouting like an + &$ight) ,alt the #risoner) "oo2 morning0 sir0 &5m Chie3 *33icer Barnes) &5 e got G>>HID on a trans3er 3rom Parkmoor to the Lu2o ico Centre0 sir9 D*C(*$ "oo2 morning0 we5 e been e1#ecting you) &5m Dr) Alcott) %hief Guard checks the name from his clipboard. C,&%! "6A$D ;es0 Dr) Alcott) Are you #re#are2 to acce#t the #risoner0 sir8 D*C(*$ ;es0 o3 course) C,&%! "6A$D Well0 & won2er i3 you52 min2 signing these trans3er 2ocuments0 sir) Doctor signs. C,&%! "6A$D (hank you0 sir) (here0 sir))) there0 an2 there0 sir))) an2 there) (hank you0 sir) Prison escort mo e 3orwar2) ,alt) %1cuse me0 sir) &s that the o33icer that is to take charge o3 the #risoner0 sir8 Doctor nods. 4fficer steps for!ard. C,&%! "6A$D &3 & might o33er a wor2 o3 a2 ice0 Doc) ;ou5ll ha e to watch this one) A right brutal bastar2 he has been0 an2 will be again) &n s#ite all his sucking u# to the #rison Cha#lain an2 rea2ing the Bible) D*C(*$ *h0 & think we can manage things) Charlie0 will you show the young man to his room now) C,A$L&% $ight0 sir) Come this way0 #lease) Alex exits !ith 4fficer. &'() AL%-5S $**M 7 L6D*+&C* C%'($% 7 DA; Alex finishing breakfast tray in bed. +oom bright and cheery. Dr. $ranom, a tall !oman in her fifties, enters !ith nurse carrying a sterile tray.

D$) B$A'*M ,#ery briskly"oo2 morning0 Ale10 my name is Dr) Branom) &5m Doctor Bro2sky5s assistant) AL%"oo2 Morning0 Missus) Lo ely 2ay0 isn5t it8 D$) B$A'*M &n2ee2 it is) May & take this he remo#es his tray. D$) B$A'*M ,ow5re you 3eeling this morning8 AL%!ine))) 3ine) D$) B$A'*M "oo2) &n a 3ew minutes0 you5ll meeting Dr) Bro2sky an2 we5ll begin your treatment) ;ou5re a ery lucky boy to ha e been chosen) AL%& realise all that0 Missus0 an2 &5m ery grate3ul to all concerne2) D$) B$A'*M We5re going to 3rien2s now0 sir) AL%& ho#e so0 Missus) he inserts a needle into the medicine #ial. AL%- .C*'(5D/ What5s the hy#o 3or then8 "oing to sen2 me to slee#8 D$) B$A'*M *h no0 nothing o3 the sort) AL%+itamins will it be then8 D$) B$A'*M Something like that) ;ou are a little un2ernourishe20 so a3ter each meal were going to gi e you a shot) $oll o er on your right si2e #lease0 loosen your #y:ama #ants an2 #ull them hal34way 2own) He does, some!hat reluctantly. he gi#es him a shot in the bum.

AL%What e1actly is the treatment here going to be then8 D$) B$A'*M &t5s Buite sim#le really) Were :ust going to show you some 3ilms) AL%;ou mean like going to the #ictures8 D$) B$A'*M Something like that) AL%Well0 that5s goo2) & like to i22y the ol2 3ilms now an2 again) &'() A6D&* +&S6AL L6D*+&C* C%'($% 7 DA; Auditorium setting. Alex is bound in a examination chair in front of a large #ideo screen. A !hite-coated Technician is strapping Alex"s head to a medical de#ice. He then carefully attaches the eyelid locking to Alex"s eyes. AL%- .+)*)/ An2 i22y 3ilms & woul2) Where & was taken to0 brothers0 was like no cine &52 been in be3ore) & was boun2 u# in a straight4:acket an2 my gulli er was stra##e2 to a hea2rest with like wires running away 3rom it) (hen they clam#e2 like li2locks on my eyes so & coul2 not shut them no matter how har2 & trie2) &t seeme2 a bit cra@y to me0 but & let them get on with what they wante2 to get on with) &3 & was to be a 3ree young malchick in a 3ortnight5s time0 & woul2 #ut u# with much in the meantime0 my brothers) At the back of the auditorium are ten or fifteen solemn medical Professionals in !hite coats !atching the proceedings and occasionally taking notes. A film begins sho!ing on the screen. The Technician drops eyedrops into Alex"s eyes. +&*L%'C% !&LM &an being beaten by four toughs !earing !hite. Punches, kicks, grunts, blood. AL%- .+)*)/ So 3ar the 3irst 3ilm was a ery goo2 #ro3essional #iece o3 cine0 looke2 like it was 2one in ,ollywoo2) creams, moans, kicks, punches. AL%- .+)*)/

(he soun2s were real horroshow) ;ou coul2 slooshy the screams an2 moans ery realistic an2 you coul2 e en get the hea y breathing an2 #anting o3 the tolchocking malchicks at the same time) An2 then0 what 2o you know0 soon our 2ear ol2 3rien20 the re20 re2 ino on ta#) (he same in all #laces like it5s #ut out by the same big 3irm0 began to 3low) &t was beauti3ul) &t5s 3unny how the colours o3 the real worl2 only seem really real when you i22y them on a screen) &ore kicks, punches, groans, thumps. Girl being beaten, raped by six toughs. creams, music, laughing, grunts, hea#y breathing. AL%- .+)*)/ 'ow all the time & was watching this0 & was beginning to get ery aware o3 like not 3eeling all that well0 but & trie2 to 3orget this0 concentrating on the ne1t 3ilm0 which :um#e2 right away on a young 2e otchka0 who was being gi en the ol2 in4out0 in4 out0 3irst by one malchick0 then another0 then another) (his seeme2 real0 ery real0 though i3 you thought about it #ro#erly you coul2n5t imagine lew2ies actually agreeing to ha ing all this 2one to them in a 3ilm0 an2 i3 these 3ilms were ma2e by the goo20 or the State0 you coul2n5t imagine them being allowe2 to take these 3ilms0 without like inter3ering with what was going on) Girl being raped. AL%- .+)*)/ When it came to the si1th or se enth malchick0 leering an2 smecking an2 then going into it0 & began to 3eel really sick) But & coul2 not shut my gla@@ies an2 e en i3 & trie2 to mo e my gla@balls about & still not get out o3 the line o3 3ire o3 this #icture) Alex s6uirming and retching. Dr. $rodsky clears his throat and 6uietly addresses his colleagues seated in the back of the room. D$) B$*DSK; +ery soon now the 2rug will cause the sub:ect to e1#erience a 2eath4like #aralysis together with 2ee# 3eelings o3 terror an2 hel#lessness) *ne o3 our earlier test sub:ects 2escribe2 it as being like 2eath0 a sense o3 sti3ling an2 2rowning0 an2 it is 2uring this #erio2 we ha e 3oun2 the sub:ect will make his most rewar2ing associations between his catastro#hic e1#erience an2 en ironment an2 the iolence he sees) Alex retching #iolently and struggling against his strait 'acket. AL%Let me be sick))) & want to get u#) "et me something to be sick in))) Sto# the 3ilm))) Please sto# it))) & can5t stan2 it any more) Sto# it #lease))) #lease)

&'() AL%-5S $**M 7 L6D*+&C* 7 DA; D$) B$A'*M Well0 that was a ery #romising start) By my calculations0 you shoul2 be starting to 3eel alright again) ;es8 Dr) Bro2sky5s #lease2 with you) 'ow tomorrow there5ll be two sessions0 o3 course0 morning an2 a3ternoon) AL%;ou mean0 & ha e to i22y two sessions in one 2ay8 D$) B$A'*M & imagine you5ll be 3eeling a little bit lim# by the en2 o3 the 2ay) But we ha e to be har2 on you) ;ou ha e to be cure2) AL%But it was horrible) D$) B$A'*M Well0 o3 course0 it was horrible) +iolence is a ery horrible thing) (hat5s what you5re learning now) ;our bo2y is learning it) AL%& :ust 2on5t un2erstan2 about 3eeling sick the way & 2i2) & ne er use2 to 3eel sick be3ore) & use2 to 3eel like the ery o##osite) & mean0 2oing it or watching it0 & use2 to 3eel real horrorshow) & :ust 2on5t un2erstan2 why0 how or what) D$) B$A'*M ;ou 3elt ill this a3ternoon because you5re getting better) ;ou see0 when we5re healthy we res#on2 to the #resence o3 the hate3ul with 3ear an2 nausea) ;ou5re becoming healthy that5s all) By this time tomorrow you5ll be healthier still) &'() A6D&* +&S6AL L6D*+&C* C%'($% 7 DA; Alex retching and screaming ) restrained again by a straight-'acket. AL%- .+)*)/ &t was the ne1t 2ay0 brothers0 an2 & ha2 truly 2one my best0 morning an2 a3ternoon0 to #lay it their way an2 sit like a horrorshow co4o#erati e malchick in the chair o3 torture0 while they 3lashe2 nasty bits o3 ultra4 iolence on the screen)L though not on the soun2track0 my brothers) (he only soun2 being music) (hen & notice2 in all my #ain an2 sickness what music it was that like cracke2 an2 boome2) &t was Lu2wig an 7 =th sym#hony0 Eth mo ement) AL%Sto# it))) sto# it0 #lease999 & beg o3 you999 &t5s a sin999 &t5s a sin999 &t5s a sin0 #lease999 $rodsky leans for!ard and turns do!n the sound. D$) B$*DSK; What5s all this about sin8

AL%(hat9))) 6sing Lu2wig an like that9 ,e 2i2 no harm to anyone) Beetho en :ust wrote music) D$) B$A'*M Are you re3erring to the backgroun2 score8 AL%;es999 D$) B$A'*M ;ou5 e hear2 Beetho en be3ore8 AL%;es999 D$) B$*DSK; ;ou5re keen on music8 AL%;es999 D$) B$A'*M ,6uietlyWhat 2o you think about that0 Dr) Bro2sky8 D$) B$*DSK; ,softly&t can5t be hel#e2) ,ere5s your #unishment element #erha#s) (he "o ernor ought to be #lease2))) &5m sorry0 Ale10 this is 3or your own goo20 you5ll ha e to bear with us 3or a while) AL%;ou nee2n5t take it any 3urther0 sir) ;ou5 e #ro e2 to me that all this ultra4 iolence an2 killing is wrong an2 terribly wrong) &5 e learne2 my lesson0 sir) & see now what &5 e ne er seen be3ore &5m cure20 #raise Bog9 D$) B$*DSK; ;ou5re not cure2 yet0 my boy) D$) B$*DSK; ;ou must take your chance boy) (he choice has been all yours) AL%But0 Sir))) Missus))) & see that it5s wrong9 &t5s wrong because it5s like against like society) &t5s wrong because e erybo2y has the right to li e an2 be ha##y without being tolchocke2 an2 kni3e2) D$) B$*DSK;

'o0 no0 boy) ;ou really must lea e it to us0 but be cheer3ul about it) &n less than a 3ortnight now0 you5ll be a 3ree man) &'() A6D&(*$&6M 7 DA; 72P audience including &inister, 8unior &inister, Prison Go#ernor, Priest, Dr. $ranom, Dr. $rodsky. Dressed in street clothes Alex enters led by a !hite-coated Technician. He is led onto stage and left standing there, blinking into lights. The &inister rises and !alks to the front of the auditorium. M&'&S(%$ La2ies an2 "entlemen0 at this #oint0 we intro2uce the sub:ect himsel3) ,e is0 as you will #ercei e0 3it an2 well nourishe2) ,e comes straight 3rom as night5s slee# an2 a goo2 break3ast0 un2rugge20 unhy#noti@e2) (omorrow0 we sen2 him with con3i2ence out into the worl2 again0 as 2ecent a la2 as you woul2 meet on a May morning) What a change is here0 La2ies an2 "entlemen0 3rom the wretche2 hoo2lum the state committe2 to un#ro3itable #unishment some two years ago0 unchange2 a3ter two years) 6nchange20 2o & say 4 not Buite) Prison taught him a 3alse smile0 the rubbe2 han2s o3 hy#ocrisy0 the 3awning0 grease20 obseBuious leer) *ther ices #rison taught him as well as con3irming him in those he ha2 long #ractise2 be3ore) *ur #arty #romise2 to restore law an2 or2er an2 to make the streets sa3e 3or the or2inary #eace lo ing citi@en) (his #le2ge is now about to become a reality) La2ies an2 "entlemen0 this is an historic moment) (he #roblem o3 criminal iolence is soon to be a thing o3 the #ast) But enough o3 wor2s 7 actions s#eak lou2er than) Action now) *bser e all) He returns to his seat and leans close to his 8unior &inister. J6'&*$ M&'&S(%$ *ur necks are out a long way on this0 Minister) M&'&S(%$ & ha e com#lete 3aith in Bro2sky) &3 the #olls are right0 we ha e nothing to lose) 5ights are dimmed. 0nter 5ardface, an elegantly dressed fag. LA$D!AC% ,ello0 hea# o3 2irt) Pooh0 you 2on5t wash much 2o you0 :u2ging by the horrible smell) AL%Why 2o you say that0 brother8 & ha2 a shower this morning) LA$D!AC% *h0 he ha2 a shower this morning) ;ou trying to call me a liar8

AL%'o0 brother) What 25you want8 LA$D!AC% What 2o & want8 AL%Sorry0 brother) & 2i2n5t mean any o33ence) LA$D!AC% *h) *h0 you5re sorry are you0 well you must think &5m aw3ully stu#i2) He slaps Alex in the face. AL%Why 2i2 you 2o that0 brother8 &5 e ne er 2one wrong to you) LA$D!AC% ;ou want to know why & 2i2 that0 well you see 7 & 2o that))) He stamps on Alex"s foot. LA$D!AC% ))) an2 this))) He pulls Alex"s nose. LA$D!AC% ))) an2 that))) He pulls Alex"s ear, pushes him off balance and plants his foot on his chest. LA$D!AC% ))) because & 2on5t like you horrible ty#e0 2o &0 an2 i3 you want to start something))) i3 you want to start))) go on))) well0 you :ust start) Please 2o) Alex retching. AL%&5m gonna be sick) LA$D!AC% ;ou5re gonna be sick are you8 AL%& wanna be sick) LA$D!AC% ;ou wanna be sick8

AL%Let me get u#) LA$D!AC% ;ou wanna get u#8 Well0 you5 e gotta you see))) well & want you to lick it) "o on))) Lick it) Alex, gagging and coughing, licks the sole of his shoe. LA$D!AC% ))) An2 again))) "o on999 Again9 (here5s a goo2 boy) AL%- .+)*)/ An20 * my brothers0 woul2 you belie e your 3aith3ul 3rien2 an2 long su33ering narrator #ushe2 out his re2 yah@ik a mile an2 a hal3 to lick the grah@ny0 onny boots) (he horrible killing sickness ha2 wooshe2 u# an2 turne2 the like :oy o3 battle into a 3eeling & was going to snu33 it) &inister rises. M&'&S(%$ %nough9 (hat will 2o ery well) (hank you) 5ardface does leading-man-bo!s. A smattering of applause. LA$D!AC% (hank you ery much0 La2ies an2 "entlemen))) (hank you) Alex on floor ) still retching. A beautiful nude Girl enters. Alex looks up slo!ly. AL%- .+)*)/ She came towar2s me with the light like it was the like light o3 hea enly grace0 an2 the 3irst thing that 3lashe2 into my gulli er was that & woul2 like to ha e her right 2own there on the 3loor with the ol2 in4out0 real sa age) But Buick as a shot came the sickness0 like a 2etecti e that ha2 been watching aroun2 the corner an2 now 3ollowe2 to make his arrest) Alex retching. &inister rises. M&'&S(%$ (hank you ery much) (hank you my 2ear) Girl bo!s and exits to loud applause. M&'&S(%$ 'ot 3eeling too ba2 now are you8

AL%,pulling himself together'o0 sir0 & 3eel really great) M&'&S(%$ "oo2) AL%Was & alright0 sir8 Di2 & 2o well0 sir8 M&'&S(%$ !ine) Absolutely 3ine) ;ou see0 La2ies an2 "entlemen our sub:ect is0 you see0 im#elle2 towar2s goo2 by #ara2o1ically being im#elle2 towar2 e il) (he intention to act iolently is accom#anie2 by strong 3eelings o3 #hysical 2istress) (o counter these0 the sub:ect has to switch to a 2iametrically o##ose2 attitu2e) Any Buestions8 Priest rises and mo#es to Alex. P$&%S( Choice9 (he boy has no real choice0 has he8 Sel3 interest0 3ear o3 #hysical #ain 2ro e him to that grotesBue act o3 sel3 abasement) &ts insincerity was clearly to be seen) ,e ceases also to be a creature ca#able o3 moral choice) M&'&S(%$ Pa2re0 these are subtleties) We are not concerne2 with moti e0 with the higher ethicsL we are concerne2 only with cutting 2own crime) An2 with relie ing the ghastly congestion in our #risons))) ,e will be your true Christian0 rea2y to turn the other cheek) $ea2y to be cruci3ie2 rather than cruci3y0 sick to the ery heart at the thought e en o3 killing a 3ly) $eclamation0 :oy be3ore the angels o3 "o2) (he #oint is that it works9 Applause. %-() !LA(BL*CK Alex !alking carrying his prison parcel !rapped in bro!n paper. &'() AL%-5S !LA( &a, Pa and 8oe the 5odger reading ne!spapers. Headlines ) all Alex. Alex enters 6uietly. 5oud radio music from sitting room pre#ents anyone from hearing him. He enters his !on room !hich is the first off the hall. AL%,i) ,i) ,i0 there my Pee an2 %m) All three look up startled.

%M Ale1) AL%,to his mother,ullo lo e0 how are you8 ,kisses her'ice to see you0 Da2) P%% ,ullo la2) What a sur#rise0 goo2 to see you) AL%Kee#ing 3it then8 P%% ,#ery ill at ease!ine0 3ine) AL%Well0 how are you then8 P%% *h 3ine0 3ine) Kee#ing out o3 trouble0 you know) AL%Well 7 &5m back) P%% ,!ith feigned enthusiasmAye) "la2 to see you back0 la2) %M Why 2i2n5t you let us know what was ha##ening0 son8 AL%Sorry0 %m0 & wante2 it to be like))) a big sur#rise 3or you an2 #ee) P%% Well0 it5s a sur#rise all right0 a bit bewil2ering too) %M We5 e only :ust rea2 about it in the morning #a#ers) P%% Aye) ;ou shoul2 ha e let us know0 la20 not that we5re not ery #lease2 to see you again) All cure2 too0 eh8 AL%(hat5s right0 Da2 they 2i2 a great :ob on my gulli er0 &5m com#letely re3orme2)

P%% Aye) AL%,looks in the kitchenWell0 still the same ol2 #lace then0 eh8 P%% *h0 aye0 aye) AL%,fake !hisper,ey0 Da20 there5s a strange 3ella sitting on the so3a there munchy4wunching lomticks o3 toast) P%% Aye0 that5s Joe) ,e))) ummmm0 li es here now) (he lo2ger) (hat5s what he is))) he))) he rents your room) Alex confronts 8oe. AL%,ow 2o you 2o0 Joe8 !in2 the room com3ortable0 2o you8 'o com#laints8 J*% &5 e hear2 about you) & know what you5 e 2one) Breaking the hearts o3 your #oor grie ing #arents) So you5re back8 ;ou5re back to make a li3e o3 misery 3or your lo ely #arents0 is that it8 Well0 o er my 2ea2 cor#se you will0 because you see0 they5 e let me be more like a son to them than like a lo2ger) Alex cocks his fist and starts to retch #iolently, almost at the same moment 8oe drops back on the couch next to 0m. %M Joe9 Joe9 Don5t 3ight here boys9 Alex burps and retches. J*% *h0 #lease) Do #ut your han2 o er your mouth0 it5s bloo2y re olting) Alex #iolently ill. P%% Well0 what5s the matter la20 are you 3eeling alright8 %M Da2))) &t5s the treatment)

&ore retching. J*% Well0 it5s 2isgusting) &t #uts you o33 your 3oo2) %M Lea e him be0 Joe) &t5s the treatment) P%% D5you think we shoul2 2o something8 %M Woul2 you like me to make you a nice cu# o3 tea0 son8 AL%'o thanks0 Mum) &t5ll #ass in a minute))) ,after a pause))) What ha e you 2one with all my own #ersonal things8 P%% Well) (hat was all took away0 son0 by the Police) 'ew regulation about com#ensation 3or the ictim) AL%What about Basil8 Where5s my snake8 P%% *h well0 he met with like an acci2ent) ,e #asse2 away) Alex becomes a bit !eepy. AL%What5s gonna ha##en to me then8 & mean that5s my room he5s in 7 there5s no 2enying that) (his is my home also) What suggestions ha e you0 my Pee an2 %m0 to make8 P%% Well0 all this nee2s thinking about0 son) & mean we can5t ery well :ust kick Joe out))) 'ot :ust like that0 can we8 & mean Joe is here 2oing a :ob) A contract it is0 two years) Well0 we ma2e like an arrangement0 2i2n5t we Joe8 ;ou see0 son0 Joe5s #ai2 ne1t month5s rent alrea2y so0 well0 whate er we 2o in the 3uture0 we cant :ust say to Joe to get out0 now can we8 J*% 'o0 there5s much more than that0 though) & mean &5 e got you two to think o3) & mean you5re more like a mother an2 3ather to me) Well0 it woul2n5t be 3air now0 woul2 it0 3or me to go o33 an2 lea e you two to the ten2er mercies o3 this young monster who5s been like no real son at all) Look0 let him go o33 an2 3in2 a room somewhere) Let him learn the errors o3 his way0 an2 that a ba2 boy like he5s been 2on5t 2eser e such a goo2 mum an2 2a2 as he5s ha2)

AL%Alright) & see how things are now) &5 e su33ere2 an2 &5 e su33ere20 an2 &5 e su33ere2 an2 e erybo2y wants me to go on su33ering) J*% ;ou5 e ma2e others su33er) &t5s only 3air that you shoul2 su33er #ro#er) ;ou know &5 e been tol2 e erything you5 e 2one0 sitting here at night roun2 the 3amily table0 #retty shocking it was to listen to) &t ma2e me real sick0 a lot o3 it 2i2) 'ow look what you5 e gone an2 2one to your mother) 0m bursts into tears. AL%So that5s the way it is then0 eh8 (hat5s the way it is) $ight0 &5m lea ing now0 you won5t e er i22y me no more) &5ll make my own way) (hank you ery much) Let it lie hea y on your consciences) Alex exits. P%% ,shouting after him'ow 2on5t take it like that son) 0m boohoohoos, 8oe comforts her. %-() AMBA'KM%'( 7 DA; Alex !alks along the Thames embankment still holding his paper parcel. Tramp enters. The same man beaten by Alex and his gang earlier in the film. ($AMP Can you s#are me some cutter0 me brother8 Can you s#are some cutter0 me brother8 Alex, !ithout looking at him, reaches in his pocket and gi#es him some money. ($AMP *h0 thankyou0 your honour) The Tramp takes a second look at Alex. ($AMP Jamey Mack9 Be the hokey 3ly9 ,oly Mother o3 "o29 All the ,oly Angels an2 blesse2 saints in ,ea en #reser e us) Alex breaks a!ay but the Tramp toddles alongside him. ($AMP

& ne er 3orget a 3ace9 & ne er 3orget any 3ace0 be "o29 AL%Lea e me alone0 brother) &5 e ne er seen you be3ore) Tramp shouts to other &eths drinkers and Tramps. ($AMP (his is the #oisonous young swine that near 2one me in) ,im an2 his 3rien2s beat me an2 kicke2 me an2 thum#e2 me) Alex breaks a!ay again. ($AMP Sto# him9 Sto# him9 A leg is stuck out and Alex goes do!n. The tramp s!arm all o#er him. ($AMP (hey laughe2 at me bloo2 an2 me moans) (his mur2erous young #ig is a #ri@e s#ecimen o3 the cowar2ly brutal young) ,e is in our mi2st an2 at our mercy) "i e it to him) (hat5s it) 4ld Tramps begin to beat at Alex. AL%- .+)*)/ (hen there was like a sea o3 2irty0 smelly ol2 men trying to get at your humble 'arrator0 with their 3eeble rookers an2 horny ol2 claws) &t was *l2 Age ha ing a go at ;outh an2 & 2aren5t 2o a single solitary thing0 * my brothers0 it being better to be hit at like that0 than want to be sick an2 3eel that horrible #ain) The Tramp cro!d round Alex, shouting. ($AMPS ;oung hooligan))) +agaboun2))) Kill him))) +illain))) (oa2))) Bastar2))) Kick his teeth in))) 'ear kille2 #oor ol2 Jack0 he 2i2) Police mo#e in and push off cro!d. !&$S( P*L&C%MA' Alright0 sto# it now) S%C*'D P*L&C%MA' Alright0 sto# it now) Alright9 Come on) Sto# breaking the State #eace) ;ou naughty boys) Alright0 that5s enough) Alex looks up. AL%*h0 no)

D&M Well0 well0 well0 well0 well0 well0 well0 i3 it isn5t little Ale1) Long time no i22y0 2roog) ,ow goes8 Sur#rise2 are you8 AL%&m#ossible))) & 2on5t belie e it) "%*$"&% % i2ence o3 the ol2 gla@@ies) 'othing u# our slee es) 'o magic0 little Ale18 A :ob 3or two0 who are now o3 :ob age) (he #olice) %-() C*6'($; $*AD 7 DA; Police 5andro#er dri#es up. Alex is pulled out by Georgie and Dim and hustled up a deserted lane. D&M Come on0 Ale1) Come 3or walkies) ,ahahahaha) AL%Come0 come0 my little 2roogies) & :ust 2on5t get this at all) (he ol2 2ays are 2ea2 an2 gone) !or what & 2i2 in the #ast &5 e been #unishe2) D&M Been #unishe20 yeah8 AL%&5 e been cure2) D&M Been cure20 yeah0 that was rea2 out to us) (he &ns#ector rea2 all that out to us) ,e sai2 it was a ery goo2 way) AL%& :ust 2on5t get this all) &t was them that went 3or me0 brothers) ;ou5re not on their si2e an2 can5t be) ;ou can5t be Dim) &t was someone we 3illie2 with back in the ol2 2ays))) (rying to get his own malenky bit o3 re enge a3ter all this time) ;ou remember0 Dim8 D&M Long time0 is right) & 2on5t remember them 2ays too horrorshow) Don5t call me Dim no more0 either) *33icer0 call me) "%*$"&% %nough is remembere2 though0 little Ale1) Dim and Georgie laugh.

They drag Alex to a lo! !ater through. D&M (his is to make sure you stay cure2) Georgie hits Alex in the stomach !ith his black'ack. Then, they push his head under the !ater and methodically start to beat him !ith their black'acks. After a full minute of this, they drag him out, halt-dro!ned, D&M ,laughingBe i22ying you some more0 some time Ale1) %-() ?,*M%? 7 '&",( 7 ,%A+; $A&' Alex stumbles up the road to the entrance gate. AL%- .+)*)/ Where was & to go0 who ha2 no home an2 no money) & crie2 3or mesel30 ,ome0 ,ome0 ,ome) &t was ,ome & was wanting an2 it was ,ome & came to0 brothers0 not realising in the state & was in0 where & was an2 ha2 been be3ore) Alex stumbles and cra!ls to the door. &'() ?,*M%? 7 '&",( &r. Alexander at his type!riter. 8ulian a 9":* ) hea#y!eight !eight-lifter lies across an exercise bench !orking !ith bar-bells. The door bell rings. M$) AL%-A'D%$ Who on earth coul2 that be8 J6L&A' &5ll see who it is) He goes to the door. J6L&A' ;es0 what is it8 .o reply. He opens the door. Alex falls into the hall. AL%,barely audible,el#) ,el# me))) ,el# me))) Police)

8ulian picks him up like a child and carries him into the li#ing room. &'() ?,*M%? 7 L&+&'" $**M 7 '&",( AL%- .+)*)/ An2 woul2 you belie e it0 * my brothers an2 only 3rien2s0 there was your 3aith3ul 'arrator being hel2 hel#less0 like a babe in arms0 an2 su22enly realising where & was an2 why ,*M% on the gate ha2 looke2 so 3amiliar) But & knew & was sa3e) & knew he woul2 not remember me 3or0 in those care3ree 2ays0 & an2 my so4calle2 2roogs wore our maskies which were like real horrorshow 2isguises) J6L&A' !rank0 & think this young man nee2s hel#) M$) AL%-A'D%$ Dear0 2ear0 2ear) Whate er ha##ene2 to you0 my boy8 &r. Alexander, no! confined to a !heelchair, pushes himself a!ay from his desk, and rolls up to 8ulian. The !ater drips off Alex"s clothes. They look at each other. AL%(he #olice))) (he horrible ghastly Police) (hey beat me u#0 sir) (he Police beat me u#0 sir) &r. Alexander stares at him. 2t becomes apparent he is insane. M$) AL%-A'D%$ & know who you are9 &sn5t it your #icture in the news#a#ers8 Di2n5t & see you this morning on the i2eo8 Are you not the #oor ictim o3 this horrible new techniBue8 AL%;es0 sir0 that5s e1actly who & am0 sir))) an2 what & am))) a ictim0 sir) &r. Alexander becomes fren1ied as the speech progresses. M$) AL%-A'D%$ (hen0 by "o20 you ha e been sent here by #ro i2ence) (orture2 in #rison0 then thrown out to be torture2 by the Police) My heart goes out to you0 #oor0 #oor boy) *h0 you are not the 3irst to come here in 2istress) (he Police are 3on2 o3 bringing their ictims to the outskirts o3 this illage) But it is #ro i2ential that you0 who are also another kin2 o3 ictim0 shoul2 come here) But you5re col2 an2 shi ering) Julian0 2raw a bath 3or this young man) J6L&A' Certainly0 !rank) He carries Alex off. AL%-

(hank you ery much0 sir) "o2 bless you0 sir) Alexander bites his hand. &'() ?,*M%? 7 BA(,$**M Alex soaks, eyes closed, in a hot tub. After a !hile he begins softly singing to himself; * ingin" in the +ain*. &'() ?,*M%? 7 L&+&'" $**M 7 DA; &r. Alexander is hunched o#er the phone, talking in hoarse !hipsers. The door to the bathroom is right behind him. 3hile he speaks &r. Alexander thro!s ner#ous glances o#er his shoulder. M$) AL%-A'D%$ & tell you0 sir0 they ha e turne2 this young man into something other than a human being) ,e has no #ower o3 choice any more) ,e5s committe2 to socially acce#table acts0 a little machine ca#able only o3 goo2))) ,e can be the most #otent wea#on imaginable to ensure that the "o ernment is not returne2 at the ne1t election) (he "o ernment5s great boast0 as you know sir0 is the way they ha e 2ealt with crime in the last 3ew months) $ecruiting brutal young roughs into the #olice0 #ro#osing 2ebilitation an2 will4sa##ing techniBues o3 con2itioning) *h0 we5 e seen it all be3ore in other countries (he thin en2 o3 the we2ge) Be3ore we know where we are we shall ha e the 3ull a##aratus o3 totalitarianism) (his young boy is a li ing witness to these 2iabolical #ro#osals) (he #eo#le 7 the common #eo#le 7 must know))) must see9 (here are rare tra2itions o3 liberty to 2e3en2) (he tra2ition o3 liberty means all) (he common #eo#le will let it go9 *h0 yes 7 they will sell liberty 3or a Buieter li3e) (hat is why they must be le20 sir0 2ri en))) #ushe2999 (hank you ery much0 sir) ,e5ll be here) Trembling !ith excitement and madness, &r. Alexander hangs up the phone. His eyes, shiny !ith anticipation. Then, suddenly, he becomes a!are of Alex"s #oice coming from the other side of the door. &'() ?,*M%? 7 BA(,$**M Alex in bath, singing. AL%&5m singing in the rain0 Just singing in the rain))) M$) AL%-A'D%$ His face horribly distorted in a Homeric rage. &'() ?,*M%? 7 '&",(

Alex, alone, in complete silence. 0ating a large plate of spaghetti. The giant, 8ulian, appears, carrying &r. Alexander in his !heelchair. He deposits him at the table. AL%"oo2 e ening0 sir) M$) AL%-A'D%$ ,#ery !eird"oo2 e ening) AL%&t was ery kin2 o3 you to lea e this out 3or me0 sir) (here was no4one aroun2 when & 3inishe2 my bath0 so & starte2) & ho#e that5s alright0 sir) M$) AL%-A'D%$ ,too loud ) #oice out of control*3 course) !oo2 alright8 AL%"reat0 sir) "reat) M$) AL%-A'D%$ (ry the wine9 AL%(hank you ery much0 sir) Cheers uddenly the thought occurs to Alex that the !ine may be drugged or poisoned. AL%Won5t you :oin me0 sir8 M$) AL%-A'D%$ 'o0 my health 2oesn5t allow it) AL%,to 8ulianAn2 you0 sir8 J6L&A' 'o thank you) Alex, stalling for time, reaches for bottle and reads the label. AL%D=GJ0 Chateau0 Saint %ste#he0 Me2oc0 ery goo2 bran20 sir) He doesn"t get a penny"s change for his remarks from Alexander and 8ulian. He holds the glass up to the light.

AL%+ery goo2 colour0 sir) Smells mice0 too)+ery goo2 number0 sir) +ery goo2) ,ere5s to it) He do!ns the glass. AL%+ery re3reshing0 sir0 ery re3reshing) M$) AL%-A'D%$ ,#ery arch&5m so #lease2 you a##reciate goo2 wine) ,a e another glass9 AL%(hank you0 sir) M$) AL%-A'D%$ My wi3e))) Alex free1es. M$) AL%-A'D%$ ))) use2 to 2o e erything 3or me an2 lea e me to my writing) AL%;our wi3e0 sir8 ,as she gone away8 M$) AL%-A'D%$ 'o) She5s 2ea29 AL%&5m sorry to hear about that0 sir) His face contorted in rage. M$) AL%-A'D%$ She was ery ba2ly ra#e20 you see) We were assaulte2 by a gang o3 icious young hooligans in this house0 in this ery room you5re sitting in now) & was le3t a hel#less cri##le) (he 2octors sai2 it was Pneumonia0 because it ha##ene2 some months later 2uring the 53lu e#i2emic) (he 2octors tol2 me it was Pneumonia0 but & knew what it was) A ictim o3 the mo2ern age0 #oor0 #oor girl) uddenly his mood changes. He !heels right up to Alex. M$) AL%-A'D%$ An2 now you0 another ictim o3 the mo2ern age) But you can be hel#e2) & #hone2 some 3rien2s while you were ha ing a bath) AL%-

Phone2 some 3rien2s0 sir8 M$) AL%-A'D%$ ;es) (hey want to hel#) AL%,el# me0 sir8 M$) AL%-A'D%$ ,el# you) AL%Who are they0 sir8 M$) AL%-A'D%$ (hey5re ery0 ery im#ortant #eo#le an2 they5re intereste2 in you) $ell rings. 8ulian rises, M$) AL%-A'D%$ Julian) (his will be these #eo#le now) Alex gets up. AL%Look0 sir) &5m sorry to ha e trouble2 you) & think & ought to be going0 sir) 8ulian bars the !ay. M$) AL%-A'D%$ 'o0 no my boy) 'o trouble at all) Alex slo!ly sits. M$) AL%-A'D%$ ,a e another glass o3 wine) He pours. Alex picks up glass and takes a drink. &'() ?,*M%? 7 '&",( Dolin and +ubinstein enter !ith 8ulian. D*L&' ,genial,ullo0 !rank) M$) AL%-A'D%$ "oo2 e ening0 sir)

$6B&'S(%&' !rank) D*L&' So this is the young man8 AL%,ow 2o you 2o0 sir8 D*L&' ,ullo) AL%Missus) +ery #lease2 to meet you) $6B&'S(%&' ,ullo) D*L&' & ho#e you 3orgi e us 3or coming o er at this ungo2ly hour0 but we hear2 3rom !rank that you were in some trouble so we came o er to see i3 we coul2 be o3 any hel#) AL%+ery kin2 o3 you0 sir) (hank you ery much) D*L&' & un2erstan2 that you ha2 a rather un3ortunate encounter with the Police tonight) AL%;es0 sir) & su##ose you might call it that0 sir) D*L&' ,ahaha0 an2 how are you 3eeling now8 AL%Much better0 thank you0 sir) D*L&' !eel like talking to us) Answering a 3ew Buestions8 AL%!ine0 sir0 3ine) D*L&' Well0 as &5 e sai20 we5 e hear2 about you) We are intereste2 in your case) We want to hel# you) AL%(hank you ery much0 sir)

D*L&' But 3irst we52 like to 3in2 out a 3ew things about you) AL%What woul2 you like to know0 sir8 D*L&' Well0 shall we get 2own to it8 AL%;es0 sir) +ubinstein takes out a notebook. $6B&'S(%&' (he news#a#ers mentione2 that in a22ition to your being con2itione2 against acts o3 se1 an2 iolence0 you5 e ina2 ertently been con2itione2 against music) AL%Well0 er0 & think that was something that they ha2n5t #lanne2 3or0 you see0 Missus0 &5m ery 3on2 o3 music an2 always ha e been0 es#ecially Beetho en0 Lu2wig an))) Beetho en) B))) %))) %))) He leans o#er and looks at her !riting in notebook. $6B&'S(%&' &t5s alright0 thank you) AL%An2 it :ust so ha##ene2 that while they were showing me a #articularly ba2 3ilm0 o3 like a concentration cam#0 the backgroun2 music was #laying Beetho en) $6B&'S(%&' So now you ha e the same reaction to music as you 2o to se1 an2 iolence8 AL%*h well0 it5s))) it5s not all music you see0 Missus) &t5s :ust the =th) $6B&'S(%&' ;ou mean Beetho en5s =th Sym#hony8 AL%(hat5s right) %r))) & can5t listen to the =th any more at all) When & hear the =th0 & get like this 3unny 3eeling) $6B&'S(%&' When you say this 3unny 3eeling0 you mean the state o3 min2 brought on by the treatment they ga e you8

AL%(hat is correct0 sir) An2 then all & can think about is like trying to snu33 it) $6B&'S(%&' & beg your #ar2on8 AL%Snu33 it0 sir))) um))) 2eath0 & mean0 missus))) %r))) & :ust want to 2ie #eace3ully like with no))) #ain) $6B&'S(%&' Do you 3eel that way now8 AL%6m))) oh no0 sir0 not e1actly0 & still 3eel ery miserable0 ery much 2own in s#irits) $6B&'S(%&' Do you still 3eel suici2al8 AL%6m))) well0 #ut it this way))) & 3eel ery low in mysel3) & can5t see much in the 3uture0 an2 & 3eel that any secon2 something terrible is going to ha##en to me) He pitches for!ard, face into the plate of spaghetti. $6B&'S(%&' Well 2one0 !rank) Julian0 get the car0 will you #lease8 &'() ,&4!& $**M 7 DAW' Alexander sits looking up. +ubinstein, 8ulian and Dolin also listening to $eetho#en played loudly on tape recorder. &'() D*L&'5S ,*6S% 7 P$&S*'%$ B%D$**M 7 DA; The /th ymphony booming up through the floor. Alex slo!ly regains consciousness. AL%- .+)*)/ & woke u#) (he #ain an2 sickness all o er me like an animal) (hen & realise2 what it was) (he music coming u# 3rom the 3loor was our ol2 3rien20 Lu2wig an an2 the 2rea2e2 =th Sym#hony) He staggers to the door. 2t is locked. He kicks and tugs the door. AL%*#en the 2oor))) turn it o33))) turn it o33) C6( (*:

(,% B&LL&A$D $**M B%L*W Hi-(i gear laid out on the table. 5arge speakers facing up!ards. &r. Alexander trembles and t!itches. He is no! completely mad. The others merely !ait, coolly. &'() D*L&'5S ,*6S% 7 P$&S*'%$ B%D$**M 7 DA; Alex on his knees. His hands cupped o#er his ears, banging his head on the floor. Then he stops and slo!ly straightens up, staring at the !indo!. AL%- .+)*)/ Su22enly & i22ie2 what & ha2 to 2o0 an2 what & ha2 wante2 to 2o 7 an2 that was to 2o mysel3 in0 to snu33 it0 to blast o33 3ore er out o3 this wicke2 cruel worl2) *ne moment o3 #ain #erha#s an2 then slee# 7 3ore er an2 e er an2 e er) %-() W&'D*W 7 DAWC Alex leaps out of the !indo!. &'() ,*SP&(AL WA$D Alex in bed. %amera slo!ly tracks along length of his body. 0#erything is bandages and plaster splints, !ire cages, blood drips. AL%- .+)*)/ & :um#e20 * my brothers0 an2 & 3ell har2 but & 2i2 not snu33 it0 oh no) i3 & ha2 snu33e2 it0 & woul2 not be here to tell what & ha e tol2) & came back to li3e0 a3ter a long0 black0 black ga# o3 what might ha e been a million years) 3e hear Alex moan, and then another moan. Alex and the other ) a fe! times. uddenly, some curtains !hich ha#e been dra!n around another bed in the !ard are parted, and a nurse hurries to Alex, hastily buttoning up her uniform. he is trailed by a young 2ntern fumbling !ith his trousers. '6$S% *h0 he5s reco ere2 conscienceness0 Doctor) &'() ,*SP&(AL 7 DA; 0m and Pee sitting around the bed. P%% ,ullo0 la2) %M ,ullo0 son0 how are you8 P%%

Are you 3eeling better8 AL%What gi es0 * my Pee an2 %m0 what makes you think you are welcome8 0m sobs. Pee comforts her. P%% (here0 there mother0 it5s alright) ,e 2oesn5t mean it) ;ou were in the #a#ers again0 son) &t sai2 they ha2 2one great wrong to you) &t sai2 how the "o ernment 2ro e you to try an2 2o yoursel3 in))) an2 when you think about it0 son))) maybe it was our 3ault too in a way))) your home5s your home when it5s all sai2 an2 2one0 son) 0m sobs. &'() ,*SP&(AL Psychiatrist !heels trolley to Alex"s bed. He is sitting up. AL%"oo2 morning0 Missus) D$) (A;L*$ ,ow are you 3eeling to2ay8 AL%!ine) !ine) D$) (A;L*$ "oo2) &5m 2octor (aylor) AL%& ha en5t seen you be3ore) D$) (A;L*$ &5m your Psychiatrist) AL%Psychiatrist8 ,uh0 2o & nee2 one8 D$) (A;L*$ Just #art o3 hos#ital routine) AL%What are we going to 2o8 (alk about me se1 li3e8 D$) (A;L*$ 'o))) &5m going to show you some sli2es an2 you are going to tell me what you think about them Alright8

AL%*hhh))) :olly goo2) Perha#s you can e1#lain me something to me 3irst) D$) (A;L*$ ;es8 AL%Well0 when & was all like ashame2 u# an2 hal3 awake an2 unconscious like0 & ke#t ha ing this 2ream like all these 2octors were #laying aroun2 with me gulli er) ;ou know))) like the insi2e o3 me brain) & seeme2 to ha e this 2ream o er an2 o er again) D5you think it means anything8 D$) (A;L*$ Patients who5 e sustaine2 the kin2 o3 in:uries you ha e o3ten ha e 2reams o3 this sort) &t5s all #art o3 the reco ery #rocess) AL%*h) D$) (A;L*$ 'ow then0 each o3 these sli2es nee2s a re#ly 3rom one o3 the #eo#le in the #icture) ;ou5ll tell me what you think the #erson woul2 say) Alright8 AL%$ighty0 right) The doctor reads aloud the dialogue printed in the cartoon balloon ) a peacock. D$) (A;L*$ &sn5t the #lumage beauti3ul8 AL%& :ust say what the other #erson woul2 say8 D$) (A;L*$ ;es) ;es0 well 2on5t think about it too long0 :ust say the 3irst thing that #o#s into your min2) AL%$ight))) Knickers))) Cabbages))) &t 2oesn5t ha e a beak) Alex laughs. lide of !oman speaking to boy. D$) (A;L*$ "oo2) (he boy you always Buarrelle2 with is seriously ill) AL%(hat5s right an2 &5ll smash your 3ace 3or you0 yarblockos) lide of !atch shop.

D$) (A;L*$ "oo2) &t wa your 3ault))) you sol2 me a crummy watch) & want my money back) AL%Bollocks) ;ou know what you can 2o with that watch8 ;ou can stick it u# your arse) lide of nude !oman in bed, a man at the !indo!. D$) (A;L*$ "oo2) What 2o you want8 AL%%1cuse me0 missus) 'o time 3or the ol2 in4out0 &5 e :ust come to rea2 the meter) lide of bird"s nest !ith eggs. D$) (A;L*$ "oo2) ;ou can 2o whate er you like with these) AL%%ggiwegs) & woul2 like to smash 5em) Pick u# th elot an2 3))) owww))) He slams his hand do!n and cries out !ith pain. AL%!ucking hell))) D$) (A;L*$ !ine) Well0 that5s all there is to it) Are you alright8 AL%& ho#e so) &s that the en2 then8 D$) (A;L*$ ;es) AL%& was Buite en:oying that) D$) (A;L*$ "oo2) &5m gla2 AL%,ow many 2i2 & get right8 D$) (A;L*$ &t5s not that kin2 o3 a test) But you seem well on the way to a com#lete reco ery)

AL%An2 when 2o & get out o3 here then8 D$) (A;L*$ &5m sure it won5t be long now) &'() ,*SP&(AL 7 DA; Alex sitting up, being fed by .urse. AL%- .+)*)/ So & waite2 an20 * my brothers0 & got a lot better munching away at eggiwegs0 an2 lomticks o3 toast an2 lo ely steakiweaks an2 then0 one 2ay0 they sai2 & was going to ha e a ery s#ecial isitor) Doctor enters follo!ed by &inister and &atron. M&'&S(%$ "oo2 e ening0 my boy) AL%,i0 hi0 hi there0 my little 2roogies) D*C(*$ Well0 how are you getting on to2ay0 young man8 AL%"reat0 sir) "reat) D*C(*$ Can & 2o anything more 3or you 0 Minister8 M&'&S(%$ & 2on5t think so0 Sir Leslie) (hank you ery much) D$) (A;L*$ (hen &5ll lea e you to it) 'urse) They exit. &inister mo#es to Alex. M&'&S(%$ ;ou seem to ha e a whole war2 to yoursel30 my boy) AL%;es0 sir0 an2 a ery lo ely #lace it is too0 sir0 when & wake u# in the mi22le o3 the night with my #ain) M&'&S(%$ ;es))) well goo2 to see you on the men2) &5 e ke#t in constant touch with the hos#ital0 o3 course0 an2 now &5 e come to see you #ersonally to see how you5re

getting along) AL%&5 e su33ere2 the tortures o3 the 2amne2) (he tortures o3 the 2amne20 sir) M&'&S(%$ ;es & can))) *h look0 let me 2o that 3or you0 shall &8 AL%(hank you0 sir) M&'&S(%$ & can tell you that &))) an2 the "o ernment o3 which & am a member are 2ee#ly sorry about this0 my boy) Dee#ly sorry) We trie2 to hel# you) We 3ollowe2 recommen2ations ha2 been ma2e to us that turne2 out to be wrong) An enBuiry will #lace the res#onsibility where it belongs) We want you to regar2 us as 3rien2s) We5 e #ut you right0 you5re getting the best o3 treatments) We ne er wishe2 you harm0 but there are some that 2i2 an2 2o0 an2 & think you know who those are) (here are certain #eo#le who wante2 to use you 3or #olitical en2s) Peo#le who woul2 ha e been gla2 to ha e you 2ea2 because then they woul2 ha e been able to blame it all on the "o ernment) & think you know who those are) (here is also a certain man 7 a writer o3 sub ersi e literature 7 who has been howling 3or your bloo2) ,e5s been ma2 with 2esire to stick a kni3e into you0 but you5re sa3e 3rom him now0 we5 e #ut him away) ,e 3oun2 out that you ha2 2one wrong to him 7 at least he belie e2 you ha2 2one wrong) ,e ha2 3orme2 this i2ea in his hea2 that you ha2 been res#onsible 3or the 2eath o3 someone near an2 2ear to him) We #ut him away 3or his own #rotection))) &5m sorry0 & thought you were rea2y) AL%Where is he now0 sir8 M&'&S(%$ We #ut him away where he can 2o you no harm) ;ou see we are looking a3ter your interests) We are intereste2 in you0 an2 when you lea e here you will ha e no 3urther worries) We shall see to e erything))) a goo2 :ob on a goo2 salary) AL%What :ob an2 how much8 M&'&S(%$ ;ou must ha e an interesting :ob at a salary which you woul2 regar2 as a2eBuate) 'ot only 3or the :ob which you are going to 2o an2 in com#ensation 3or what you belie e you ha e su33ere20 but also because you are hel#ing us) AL%,el#ing you0 sir8 M&'&S(%$ We always hel# our 3rien2s0 2on5t we8 ,smiles-

&t is no secret that the "o ernment has lost a lot o3 #o#ularity because o3 you0 my boy) (here are some that think that at the ne1t election we shall be out) (he #ress has chosen to take a ery un3a ourable iew o3 what we trie2 to 2o) AL%Well0 who can blame them0 sir8 M&'&S(%$ Mmmm0 #ossibly) ;es) But #ublic o#inion has a way o3 changing an2 you0 Ale10 i3 & may call you0 Ale18 AL%Certainly0 sir) What 2o they call you at home8 M&'&S(%$ ument %rrorMMMMy name is !re2erick) As & was saying0 Ale10 you can be instrumental in changing the #ublic er2ict) Do you un2erstan20 Ale18 ,a e & ma2e mysel3 clear8 AL%As an unmu22ie2 lake0 !re2) As clear as an a@ure sky o3 2ee#est summer) ;ou can rely on me0 !re2) M&'&S(%$ "oo2))) goo2 boy) *h yes0 & un2erstan2 you5re 3on2 o3 music) & ha e arrange2 a little sur#rise 3or you) AL%Sur#rise8 M&'&S(%$ *ne & think you will like))) as a0 how shall & #ut it0 as a symbol o3 our new un2erstan2ing) An un2erstan2ing between two 3rien2s) AL%(hank you0 !re2) (hank you) &inister turns and signals. Door opens and a cro!d of cameramen and reporters rush in. Aides push t!o 9-foot loudspeakers and a Hi-(i on a trolley. AL%- .+)*)/ An2 what 2o you know0 my brothers an2 only 3rien2s0 it was the =th0 the glorious =th o3 Lu2wig an) *h0 it was gorgeosity an2 yummy yum yum) & was cure2) CL*S% S,*( AL%-

AL%- .+)*)/ As the music came to its clima10 & coul2 i22y mysel3 ery clear0 running an2 running on like ery light an2 mysterious 3eet0 car ing the whole 3ace o3 the creeching worl2 with my cut throat brit a) & was cure2 all right) (,% %'D

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