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QUIZ SOCIAL STUDIES 1. Culture assimilation is the adoption by an individual of some or all aspects of a dominant culture.

What is the meaning of assimilation? Assimilation (from Latin assimiliatio; to render similar) may refer to more than one article: Assimilation (linguistics), a linguistic process by which process by which a sound becomes similar to 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. What are examples of acculturation? Europeans using catsup Immigrants to America eating peanut butter and pumpkin pie Picking up a southern accent within a day or two Learning the difference between lumpfish roe and sturgeon caviar Americans using the metric system in foreign countries Culture Maintenance is important. Name the 3 parties involved to maintain culture? Individuals Society Government What could the Government of Malaysia do in order to maintain our culture? Organize exhibition Organize cultural trip Ministry of culture, arts and heritage always update their website What are the factors in Berrys Theory of Acculturation? Name 2 out of 4 factors. Assimilation Separation Integration Marginalization Name at least 2 factors how companies created advertisements? Determine and research a target audience Grab the attention of the target audience Differentiate the advertised brand from others Change brand the consumers brand preference or habits Name four Advertisements techniques? Incentives/Promotions Slogans Logos

Beauty Appeal Testimonial/Celerity Endorsement Escape Lifestyle Peer approval/Bandwagon Rebel Unfinished Comparison

8. Name the 2 types of personal communication? Intrapersonal Interpersonal communication