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English 102 Spring 2014 Schedule

Week 1 TR Jan 23 Introductions, Syllabus, Expectations, media and technology in society Week 2 T Jan 28 Read: p.3-11 and p.15-20 High Schools Secret Life Discuss: Identity, Essay 1, brainstorming,

TR Jan 23 Due: blog Read: p.53-59 Alter Egos: Avatars and Their Creators, P.60-65 Facebook:
Editing Myself Discuss: Social networking,

Week 3 T Feb 4 Read p.73-76 September 11 Tattoos Discuss: Reading, Technology tools, design principles TR Feb 6 Work on Essay #1 Week 4 T Feb 11 Due: Essay 1 for workshop, Blog TR Feb 13 Due: Essay 1 (email collage and bring essay to class) Week 5 T Feb 18 Due: Blog Read: p.94-104, 119-124 It Takes a Tribe, p.125-129 Jon Stewart Commencement Address Discuss: Essay #2 and community TR Feb 20 Read: p.158-161 MySpace Outage, p.162-166 Someone to Watch Over Me Discuss: reading,

Week 6 T Feb 25 Due: Blog. Read: p.133-138 Found Notes Discuss: interview

TR Feb 27 Discuss: midterm portfolio and presentations , thesis statements, drafting

Week 7 T Mar 4 Essay #2 for workshop and in class conferences TR Mar 6 Due: Midterm Portfolios. Collaborative Presentation Workday

Week 8 Spring Break

Week 9 T Mar 18 Collaborative Presentation workday TR Mar 20 Week 10 T Mar 25 Due: Collaborative Presentations TR Mar 27 Read: p.418-429, p.493-495 Hip Hop Life, p.476-492 Pearls Before Breakfast Discuss:
Essay 3, Entertainment, music

Week 11 T Apr 1 Due: Blog Read: p.459-468 Everything Bad is Good For You Discuss: Gaming, Essay #3 TR Apr 3 Due: Essay #3 for workshop

Week 12 T Apr 8 Due: Essay #3 Read: Technology and assumptions p.624-636

Discuss: Essay #4, brainstorming, proposals

TR Apr 10- Library day. Meet at Maxwell Library reference desk. Week 13 T Apr 15 Due: Proposals for Essay #4 and Blog Read: p.638-643 This is How We Live p.644-649,
Technological Somnambulism, p.657-663 Six Word Memoirs. Discuss: Technology as Advancement, Words as technology, Annotated Bibliography

TR Apr 17 Due: Blog : p.687690 The Psychology of People and Machines. P.703-710 What is
Convergence Culture , p.711-712 New Technological Breakthrough Discuss: Technology , annotated bibliography

Week 14 T Apr 22 Due: Annotated Bibliography Discuss: Essay #4 TR Apr 24 Discuss: Annotated Bibliographies and essay 4 drafts Week 15 T Apr 29 Class Cancelled for Conferences- Essay #4 draft due TR May 1 Final Portfolio Workshop Final Exam: Thursday, May 8th 8:00-10:00