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Model Paper-2011 Biotechnology Part-I Microbiology

Time: 3 hrs. M.M. 50

Q. 1 Is compulsory each question carry equal marls. Q1. 1) Which organism was describe as jokers of microbiological pack . 2) What are the basic concept in Whitakers five kingdom system 3) Give name of two biopesticides 4) Name one plant virus 5) Define carboxysome 6) Give the name of an acid which makes the endospore highly resistant in bacteria. 7) Name the scientist who performed transformation in bacteria 8) Write names of two preservatives used in food industry. 9) Define F- plasmid 10) Who coined the term monera. 10

Q2. Write charactereristics and structure of mycoplasma and virus.Draw neat and labelled diagrams. Or Explain haeckels three kingdom concept. Give comparative account of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell. Draw labeled diagrams. 10 Q3 Give general classification of archaebacteria.differentiate between gram positive and gram positive bacteria Or Give brief account of plasmids. Describe in detail about diversity of bacterial neutrition. 10 Q4 Does sexuality occur in bacteria? Explain. Describe about transformation in bacteria with suitable diagrams. Or Describe virus plaque assays ,bacterial and fungal culture techniques. 10 Q5 Explain the production of biogas with suitable diagram . define biofertilizer and their applications Or Give principal method of preservation used in food microbiology. Highlight the role of microbes in pollution control. 10