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Biotechnology Part-I Microbiology

Time. 3 hrs. MM= 50

Q.1 is Compulsory. Attempt any 5 Questions Q.1 Define : 1. Pure Culture 2. What is Magnification Range of e-microbiology 3. _____________ serve as a reserve C engry source in bacteria. 4. Transfer of Cell-free or naked DNA from one cell to another is known as, 5. Give the name of Comma shaped Bacteria. 6. N2 fixing bacteria are called as, .. . 7. Candida-albicans is member of which class of fungi. 8. Floridean starch is present in which class of Algae. 9. RNA-dependent DNA polymerase is known as, .. . 10. Trickling filters are used in which treatment. Q.2 Write short note on; (any two). 1. 2. 3. Mycoplasma Algae Virus. OR Describe the Endospore structure formation and germination. Q.3 Give various modes of Bacterial Recombination with a diagram. OR What is culture? Give explanation of continuous culture with a diagram & a graph. Q.4 Give different type of cell Isolation Process. OR What is Bio-Gas. Describe its formation process. Q.5 Write short note on : (a) Biopesticides (2) Biofertilizers. OR What is Fermented Food? How we preserve it. 10 10 10 10 5