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Model Test Paper 2013 B.Sc.-II Biotech.

Agriculture and Forest Biotechnology

Attempt 5 questions. Q1 is compulsory and attempt at least 1 question from each section. 1. Short answer type Questions: a. Molecular markers b. Insecticidal crystalline protein c. Pedigree breeding d. Crown gall disease e. Virus coat proteins f. Cybrids g. Somatic incompatability h. Polyhaploids i. Technique for Production of homozygous plants j. Chromosome heterogeneity Section A 2. What are somaclonal variations? Explain Somatic hybridization in detail. (3+7) 3. Explain the process and significance of Tissue culture in crop improvement by Micropropagation

Section B 4. Describe the following a. Genetic engineering for nutrient uptake efficiency b. Biotic stress tolerance by Fungi. 5. Explain how quality of proteins and carbohydrates can be improved by genetic manipulation. 6. What is abiotic stress? How genetic engineering is useful in the development of abiotic stress tolerance?

Section C 7. Explain how plants can be used as bioreactors. 8. Explain the following a. Molecular tagging of genetic traits. b. Marker- assisted selection of qualitative and quantitative traits. 9. Explain Physical mapping of chromosomes.