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Model Paper B.Sc.

Biotechnology (Part-II) Environmental Biotechnology

Time: 3 Hrs. MM: 50

Q.1 Question No. 1 is compulsory and question No. a to e carry 1 mark each.
(a) Discuss on bioremediation. (b)What are the factors involved in water pollotion? (c)Write notes on biomarkers and bioreceptors. (d) Define Xenobiotics? (e) Give examples of any two aerobic bioreactors. (f) What are the different types of composting processes? (g) Write down the contents of biogas. (h) Define methanogenesis. (i) Trickling filter is an example of .. type of reactor. (j) BOD stands for..


Q.2 Write down short notes on following: Bioremediation Aerobic degradation of waste. Q.3 Write down an essay on Types of wastes and their treatment processes. Q.4 Write down short notes on following: Difference between in-situ and ex-situ bioremediation Biogas production and its utilization. Q.5 Write down an essay on methanogenesis


(10) (5x2=10)