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Model Test Paper B.Sc.

Biotechnology (Part-II) Plant Secondary Metabolites

Time: 3 Hrs. Note: Q.1 is compulsory. Answer five questions in all. Q1. Answer the following accordingly (in short): A) What are steroids? Give two examples. B) Terpenoids are ________________ C) Define antitumor compounds. Give two examples. D) What are microbial secondary metabolites? Give two examples. E) Biotransformation F) Who is known as Father of Plant Biotechnology? G) Which secondary metabolite is responsible for the yellow color in flowers? H) Define elicitors. I) The microbial growth curve is___________ in shape. J) What are food additives? Give two examples. Q2. What is cell immobilization? Give its applications. Or How bioreactors essential for the production of secondary metabolites? Q3. Q4. Q5. Explain genetic transformation. What are the various techniques used? Explain in-vitro production, optimization and selection method of secondary metabolites. Define cell culture. Explain its various types. Or What are the various biotechnological approaches for the production of secondary metabolites? (10) (10) (10) (10) (10) (10) (10*1=10) MM: 50