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Model Paper- 2011 B.Sc. Biotech-III Professional Communication Skill (BT-805) Time : 3 hrs. M.M.


Note : Attempt all the questions and Q.N. 1 is compulsory. Q.1 Answer all the question (1 to 10) in two lines, each question carries 1 mark. 1. What is oral communication? 2. What do you mean by eye contact? 3. Write down two methods of effective learning? 4. What is appraisal? 5. How does one to one communication differ from one to much communication? 6. What are the barriers to communication? 7. What do you mean by personal interview? 8. What do you mean by body language? 9. What is Report-Writing? 10. What are the dos and donts to be followed while writing a letter? Q2 What are the barriers to speaking? Explain with example. How one can remove these barriers? Q.3 A seminar on Biotechnology and its future in India, was organized in your college. Submit a report of two pages, to the Vice Chancellor, stating about the success of seminar. Q4 Q5 What is communication? What are the three basic elements of communication? What are the barriers to speaking? Explain with example, how one can remove these barriers. Q6 How does a meeting differ from informal group discussion? What qualities would you like to see in a good leader of a group discussion? Q7 Q8 Q9 Write a brief note on preparation for employment interview. How does eye contact help in better communication? How visual aids can make your communication effective? Explain any two visual aids that you would like to take help of, for your presentation. Also mention the precautions one should take while presenting the lecture through visual aids. (Three pages answer)