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Model Paper

B.Sc Biotechnology (Part-III) Exam Plant Biotechnology (P-II)

Time- 3 hrs. M.M. 50

Attempt five questions in all. Q1. is compulsory. Q1. Answer the following accordingly. a) MS media discovered in. b) Homozygus line is c) Haploid cells are d) Embryo rescue is.. e) Growth regulators used for shooting is? f) Phenolic leaching is (10x1=10)

g) Somatic embryogenesis is...................... h) Virus indexing is.. i) Mercuric chloride is a j) MS media discovered by.


What is micropropagation? Write short note on micropropagation of Extinct and endangered pieces? (10) (10) (10)

Q3. Q4. Q5.

What is virus indexing? Write different methods of virus elimination ? How could you regenerate a plant via in vitro method? Comment on phenolic leaching? Explain: Disease resistant plant Stress tolerant plant

(5+5=10) (10) (10) (10) (10)

Q6. Q7. Q.8. Q9.

Write application of Biotechnology in Indian ginseng (Ashwagandha) Give one elaborated Example of micropropagation of tropical and subtropical fruit crops? Write short note on composition and preparation of culture media Explain: (i) Soma clonal variation (ii) Disease free plants