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Journal #2

By: Theodora Kyriakakos This week I learned how to file ministerial statements, hansards, voting and proceedings, as well as orders and notices. I was also taught how to restock the fridge in the MPPs !reak room. "hile the #egislative Building is conveniently located only a few minutes away from school, it can still !e $uite hectic getting !ack to school. "ith lunch !eing only forty minutes, I still find myself in a crunch for time rushing to finish my lunch, changing into my school uniform, and finishing incomplete work. I usually dedicate the time I spend on the !us or su!way train to organi%ing my time. I make to do lists on my phone which helps keep myself on track. I num!er my tasks in order of priority so that when I !egin my homework I know what to do first and what I can leave for later. I also use my agenda which provides me with a sense of direction and purpose on a regular !asis. It helps me to !e more efficient with my studying. &nce I have completed a task I place a checkmark ne't to it. That way, I know what I have accomplished and what I still need to do. (ffective time management skills can help to increase the productivity of homework sessions. )nfortunately, many people myself included have difficulty managing time. Time management is a weakness for me !ecause I will not move on to the ne't task until I know for certain that I have completed the first task to my satisfaction. )nfortunately, many times I find myself with little time to complete the other tasks. *oal setting is also a very important skill !ecause it helps guide you, it makes you more goal oriented. I am an effective goal setter !ecause while I am am!itious I am also very realistic. I think it is important to !e realistic when making goals for yourself so that you are not doomed for failure. +t the same time, it is important to !e idealistic !ecause you want to have high standards for yourself. *oal setting and time management are key components to my success as a coop student. They are crucial !ecause they allow you to plan your time so that your !est $uality of work can !e completed in the shortest time possi!le.