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Model Test Paper 2013 B.Sc.

Unit I (a) Test the convergence of the following series.


+ ----------------

(b) Prove that the following of hyper harmonic series is (i) Convergent if p> 1 (ii) Divergent if p <1 = Q.2 + -------------- + -4 +-----+ --------------

(a) Discuss the convergence and absolute convergence of the following series --1- 2x + 3 (b) Expand tan-1x in power of Unit-II


(a) (b)


= 1 + cos then with usual notations, show that

= +

Prove that the radius of curvature at any point (x, y) on the abstroid

= is three times the length of the perpendicular from the origin on the tangent at that point. Q.4 (a) (b) If u = If = Q.5 Unit-III (a) Find the envelope of the circle described on the radil vectors of curve = then prove that = c then prove that at x = y = z =

(b) In a triangle, find a point from which the sum of squares of distance of the vertices is minimum. Q.6 (a) Prove that the envelope of the family of parabolas when ab = , c being constant. is 3 Unit IV Q.7 (a) Find the whole length of the hypocycloid. x = acos3 t, y = b Hence find the whole length of the asteroid (b) Find that the minimum value of the following function u=xy+ = 1 is an abstroid

(b) Find the perimeter of the cardiod r =a (1+cos ). Also show that the upper half are of the cardioids r = a (1+cos ) in dissected by the line = Q.8 . (a) Find the area of a loop of the curve r = a sin 3 (b) Find the area of bounded by the curve x = a cos3 t, (i) + = y=a t (ii) Unit V Q.9 (a) Integrate cos over the area of the cardiod r =a (1+cos ) lying on the upper side of the initial line. (b) Evaluate Where A is the area of integration bounded by cirdes first quadrant. (c) Evaluate Q.10 Where R is the region of integration bounded by the parabolas Evaluate the unintegral (i) dxdydz = 4ay and = 4 ax = 1 and = 4 in the = ( ) (c) Find the whole area of the following curves -

(ii) (b) Evaluate, Where the region of integration is the complete ellipsoid <1