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LESSON PLAN 2 Multimedia Presentation Learning Area: The arts (Media arts)/English Year Level: 6 Time: 45 minutes Date:

Learning area Media Arts

Content Description 6.3 Plan, produce and present media artworks for a variety of purposes and audiences using responsible media practice

Elaborations 6.3.4 presenting their media Artworks using internetBased technologies, including social media

Literacy English / Year 6 / Literacy / Interacting with others

Use interaction skills, varying conventions of spoken interactions such as voice volume, tone, pitch and pace, according to group size, formality of interaction and needs and expertise of the audience

Experimenting with voice effects for different audiences and purposes, such as tone, volume, pitch and pace, recognising the effects these have on audience understanding and engagement

ICT Capability (ACARA) Investigating with ICT Communicating with ICT Creating with ICT

ICT use in lesson Interactive whiteboard- used to display the example multimedia presentation Computer/laptop- Used to create multimedia presentation, computers need to have the powerpoint application and internet access Internet- Used to find images/music and animations. Please insure students are not using copyrighted material Digital Cameras- Students can use digital cameras to take photos/videos to use in their

Managing and operating ICT

presentation. Dawing tablets/ipads- If available students may utilise this technology also.

Lesson overview Students are to create a short 1-minute multimedia presentation to introduce them to add their rap recording to. Students can use photos, drawings, clip art, words and animations to create the presentation on PowerPoint. Student Achievements Students understand how points of view, ideas and stories are shaped and portrayed in media artworks they make, share and view. Students use ICT in this lesson to communicate their ideas and create a piece of work encorporating various media elements while keeping in mind the audience and the limits of the technology used. Resources 1 Computer per student with PowerPoint. Cameras, paper, pencils/textas. Time 10 minutes Steps Using the smartboard teacher shows students an example of a multimedia presentation with a voice recording. The students are given the task to create a presentation on PowerPoint for the background of their rap. Presentations must use a variety of media, such as photos, drawing, video clips and text. Students rap recording will be placed over the top of presentation. Teacher Notes Check for understanding: Students need some prior knowledge of PowerPoint to get this task completed in time. Consideration: Teacher must also have knowledge of PowerPoint to assist the students Ensure students are aware of not using copyrighted music/images.

30 minutes

Students are to work indepenandly on task, with the teacher assisting when needed.

Check for understanding: Ensure all students are aware of the task set, and the timeline. Break task into smaller components/have a template for students that struggle with a bigger workload.

5 minutes

Teacher ensures students save all work. Teacher to gauge where they are up to and put aside more class time/set as homework if not completed.

Check for understanding: Teacher to try and keep tabs on each student to ensure they are all working to the best of their abilities.

Assessment Assessable evidence of students learning will include: The level of understanding shown throughout the activity. Participation in discussions. Students creativity/effort put into the presentation. Finished quality of PowerPoint Students use of apprioate technologies

Self-assessment: Ask yourself these questions: Did the lesson go to plan? Were the students engaged throughout the whole lesson? Did it work with a whole class discussion? Did any students need any extra one-on-one help to achieve a better understanding? Would you change anything? Was there enough time for students to get everything done and produce their best possible work (if not, consider giving students more time)

Steps to ensure outcome of lesson

Ensure that a room with enough working computers that have PowerPoint are available for class. Teacher may want to ask for the assistance of another teacher/helper who is compendent in PowerPoint.