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Supplier Assessment Checklist

Supplier Assessment Checklist

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Published by: COLONEL ZIKRIA on Feb 18, 2014
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Supplier Assessment Checklist

Supplier Name : _____________________________________________ Contact : __________________________________________________ Phone : ______________________ Email Address : _____________________________
Category Are Are Are Are Assessment Items proper protective equipment (PPE ) used ? proper safety labels being utilized ? (aisle ways, extinguishers, hazard warnings, etc) work area clean, organized and free from hazards ? employees demonstrate safety mindset ? 5 Wherever required Wherever required 5S practice Fully practice Clear/visible/frequen t Review current Multiple daily review Formal facility wide Actively solicits & acts on ideas All identified All identified Daily Total responsibility Full in house Both Full time Fully implemented Cross functional Yes & fully current Yes & fully current Fully managed Highly evident Every change Exist & tracked Full access Specific staging Periodic actual P/N specific labeling Clear FIFO / traceability Both robust Kanban driven / pull Smooth flow

Audit Date : ______________________ Audited by: ______________________ Fax : ___________________________
4 3 Partial Partial Partial Pockets of awareness Posted in the lobby Review not updated Inconsistent review Informal / limited Inconsistence response Some Some Weekly Assembly only Outsource DFMEA only Part time Partially utilized Independent function Exist but not current Exist but not current Partial management Partial evidence Form, fit & function only Some By request No staging standard Material cert only Random identification Poor FIFO / traceability Needs improvement Traditional push Poor triggers 2 1 No Minimal Minimal Not a focus Not visible No review Reactive review No program Not evident None None Monthly Component only None None None No system Single responsibility No tracking Partially / not current No evidence No evidence Never No evidence No Inadequate Packing list only Inadequate No system Inadequate Haphazard Congested Score Ave.


Is the organization’s vision / mission communicated to visitors and employees ? Is Is Is Is there there there there daily review of operations ? real time reporting and review by management ? a continuous improvement programs ? evidence management is willing to listen to employees ?



Design Capability

Does supplier track key cost performance indicators ? ( production / operation ) Are cost KPI targets established and visible to employees ? How frequently are key cost KPI’s reviewed by management ? / with employees ? What is the level of the suppliers design responsibility ? Does the suppliers have adequate test capability to do design validation testing ? Does the supplier develop DFMEA ‘s and do design review with manufacturing ? Does the supplier have engineering group responsible for design ? Is there evidence of a structured project management system ? Are there formal project team utilized ? Does the project management process identify milestone ? Does the process include timely & updated reviews of design records, customer input ECR’s etc.. Does the project management process include sub-supplier management ? Is there evidence of lessons learned & result implementation organization wide ? Does the supplier notify & obtain customer approval of all changes prior to implementation ?


Change Mgmt.

Logistics Packaging

Is there evidence of an engineering change management system ? Do the personnel on the manufacturing floor have access to the latest drawing & related specifications ? Is there sufficient room in shipping / receiving ? Is there a process to verify material received meets all requirements & specifications ? Is there designated storage areas for raw materials, tooling & component parts ? ID, protection, etc. Is the area insured ? Do all storage areas show evidence of good inventory management ? FIFO, Traceability Are parts packaged adequately for both storage and/or shipment ? How is material conveyed to production ? Are material routings & flow between processes clearly identified & smooth ?


Rev A – 12/14/09

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Category Assessment Items Are there standard work / job instructions ? Does supplier conduct layered audits on his processes ? Are process set-up sheet used and do they match the process ? Are any visual aid utilized to enhance process flow / step understanding ? Are all operators properly trained ? Is preventive / predictive maintenance utilized ? Are PPM tracked.novapdf. CQ1-12 etc ) ? People Special Process Assessment Result: Overall score < 2 = Rejected Overall score ≥ 2 < 4 = Conditionally Approved ( Corrective action required . target met Steady reduction C/A verified Active RPN reduction Robust plan Robust & current All certified Analyzed for improvement Proactive management Min. monitored and action itemed for improvement ? Is scrap tracked.com) . but not updated Informal Informal Some special process audited 2 1 Not evident Not evident Not evident Reactive only Unclear or none No schedule Not tracked Not tracked Ineffective Not address Ineffective Ineffective No certification No analysis Receiving only No No No None Score Ave. annual review Active plan in place Active plan in place All Special process audited 4 3 Not clear Infrequent Available but not consistently posted Some process Single process only Active preventive maintenance Tracked. Process Quality Does the supplier have an active process controlling Tier 2 Quality ? Does an employee handbook exist ? Is there a formal training program for employees ? Are there any communication and participation programs ? Does supplier special processes audited? ( CQ1-11.com Phone: 416-293-3855 ext 349 AU-F-0023 Rev A – 12/14/09 Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (http://www.No single score below 2 ) Overall score ≥4 = Approved ( No single score below 2 ) Please return filled-up copy to the attention of : James Chua – Customer Liaison Manager Email address: jchua@dynaplas. target missed Inconsistent performance C/A implemented High RPN partially address Needs improvement Not totally current Some are certified Documented / not all capable Reactive involvement Yes. monitored and action itemed for improvement ? Are customer corrective actions implemented & responded in a timely manner ? Are PFMEA’s completed adequately & high RPN’s addressed ? Are Are Are Are control plan actions & frequencies adequate for part complexity ? measurement techniques adequate & calibration current ? third party calibration source ISO 17025 used & certified ? critical and / or significant characteristics documented and capable ? 5 Clear / posted / followed Regular schedule Clear / posted / followed Consistently used Trained & documented Active predictive maintenance Tracked.

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