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Grace to be born and live as variously as possible --Frank O’Hara

circling around the finding is the part of (dis)grace. left in clutter, shredded notions of past ignited in present tense, each word shaved off into curls like soap. carved wood ornaments, one stray hair after another. falling rock or (grace) hartigan’s colors swept into place among a social mess (history the inevitable). canvas on skin, each stroke failing simultaneously, collage parts, spacing expressions, moving stillness parallel, a destination.

for you

what can be safely carried like crows cooked with oatmeal or left alone toss advice, crack it like an ax breathe fire and marginalia (what can be wrong washed, tolerated unfamiliar under a leaf realize little green bullets or babies) drive a truck through each false allusion and recede (water, like small silver bells waits, distant moving through molecules of desert air eating every saturday, teach it to answer)


Jill Darling has two poetry collections published: Solve For (BlazeVOX, ebooks) and begin with may: a series of moments (Finishing Line Press). Her manuscript, A Geography of Syntax was recently chosen as a finalist for the Omnidawn Poetry Prize. She’s had poems and creative essays published in a number of literary journals including /NOR, Aufgabe, 580 Split, Quarter After Eight, Upstairs at Duroc, and Phoebe, and forthcoming in Denver Quarterly. She also has an MFA in Creative Writing from Colorado State University, and a Ph.D. in Twentieth Century American Literature and Culture from Wayne State University, and currently teaches in Michigan and lives in Ypsilanti.