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Easy Baby Dress Pattern for the Summertime - See Kate Sew

Easy Baby Dress Pattern for the Summertime - See Kate Sew

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Published by Marcia Brenner

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Published by: Marcia Brenner on Feb 18, 2014
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easy baby dress pattern for the summertime - see kate sew

M ay 1, 2013

The fabric in this post was provided by Two Blue Birdies, an online fabric shop based in Australia. Their shop is full of beautiful fabrics and 100% wool felt! Happy M ay! I can’t believe it is already M ay. The summer is one of my favorite times, and it’s also fun to sew for. I knew this stack of pretty fabric had to be turned into baby clothes, the colors are perfect for summer. I picked them all out without realized the color scheme was very green and pink! I guess those are great summer colors.



http://seekatesew. I was impressed by the shop’s great customer service and excellent selection of fabric. hopefully all summer. considering it came all the way from Down Under! If you live in Australia it ships for free if you purchase $50 or more.see kate sew The fabrics arrived pretty quickly. I was pretty tempted to buy some of their 100% wool felt. I started with the idea of having gathered straps. I felt like the shop was full of only pretty. 10″ by 44″ for a dress). quality fabrics. though. They have a ton of great colors. At Two Blue Birdies.com/easy-baby-dress-pattern/ 2/9 . I hate fabric shops that stock every fabric on the planet. I’m guessing it will fit a 3-9 month size range. easy baby dress pattern M aterials: -pdf pattern (size 3-6+ months) -1/2 yard fabric -10″ of one inch elastic. which bunches up the fabric and also makes them really easy to slip on.17/2/2014 easy baby dress pattern for the summertime . but didn’t because it’s too hot for felt right now. Because this top/dress fits loosely . You’ll also need 2 strap pieces (10″ by 2″) and 1 skirt piece (7″ by 44″ for a top. it’s so hard to find good fabric. cut into two 5″ pieces First cut 4 bodice pieces from the free pattern. The site is easy to navigate and there is even a whole section of Boyish prints! On with the tutorial! This baby top/dress pattern is super simple. The straps have elastic in them. it will fit for a while.

Pin and baste. right side facing down. Trim seam allowance and turn. Then stack a second bodice piece over the first.see kate sew To make the straps. Pin and sew the top edge and underarm edges.com/easy-baby-dress-pattern/ 3/9 . Sew side seams. sew each rectangle into a tube. http://seekatesew. Pin elastic straps 3/8″ in from the top of the bodice.17/2/2014 easy baby dress pattern for the summertime . Pin at each end and sew the elastic in place. Then sew the other ends of the straps to the back bodice the same way. Turn and thread elastic through using a safety pin.

see kate sew Gather the skirt using a baste stitch or a ruffler foot. Attach to the bodice by pinning right sides together. http://seekatesew.17/2/2014 easy baby dress pattern for the summertime . You can also choose to pleat it. Sew up side seam.com/easy-baby-dress-pattern/ 4/9 .

see kate sew Hem the bottom edge and you’re done! I added a little pocket to this one.com/easy-baby-dress-pattern/ 5/9 .17/2/2014 easy baby dress pattern for the summertime . http://seekatesew.

4 + pattern giv eaway winners! Zem a n t a Curtir 293 Tw eet 8 21 RESPONSES TO EASY BABY DRESS PATTERN FOR THE SUMMERTIME Elaine says: May 1. What are your favorite summertime clothes for girls? I have never had to dress a girl in the summer so I need some ideas! Related Posts DIY clothing labels with the Melody alphabet gingham sty le // stripy belt free baby jum per dress pattern (with a ruffle!) CELEBRATE THE BOY! [boy fabric round-up] cam paign against girly colors outtakes kids clothes week challenge: day 2 . any ideas if this would fit 12 months. but if you’re not sure you can print it at 110% or 120% (change in print settings) to make the bodice piece a little bigger. 2013 at 8:50 AM This is so cute. I can’t wait to see what they look like on Lena. or how to resize? kate says: May 1. 3 . 2013 at 9:01 AM It might. 2013 at 10:36 AM Absolutely adorable Kate.see kate sew Fabrics used in this post: Floral: Tanya Whelan – Delilah – Amelie – White Polka Dot: Kaffe Classics – M oss Spots Green Ombre: Riley Blake – Ombre Solid in Green Pink Plaid: October Afternoon – Farm Fresh – Pink Haybale B/W pocket: Michele D’Amore – Floralicious – Black Squiggle I think these will be super cute worn over a swimsuit or maybe with a pair of bloomers.17/2/2014 easy baby dress pattern for the summertime .com/easy-baby-dress-pattern/ 6/9 . Abby says: http://seekatesew. Just lay the pattern piece on top of a dress or shirt you already have to make sure it will fit right! Good luck :) Jackie says: May 1.

com Sue Horne says: May 1. 2013 at 10:48 PM Lovely little dress. I then had my fourth baby in January and we had a girl! I am LOVING your blog even more and am having so much fun sewing for a baby girl. and those fabrics are beautiful! Rachel says: May 1. Been searching for a baby gift for a few little girls making their way into the world these might just fit the bill! Rachel recently posted…Sewing Up the Anywhere Dress Pingback: Free pattern: Simple baby sundress w ith ruched straps · Sew ing | CraftGossip. 2013 at 10:49 AM easy baby dress pattern for the summertime .I think I will make a headband to match using the elastic idea with a fabric flower…. 2013 at 4:00 PM OMG! Love it! Making a couple for my baby niece. I have three little boys and always loved your blog as you have some really cute boy tutorials which can be so hard to find. 2013 at 10:15 AM hola esta bello como lo sacaría para una niña de dos años Hannah says: May 2. 2013 at 2:22 PM Kate. 2013 at 4:39 PM Sew sweet! Thanks for sharing hun… I can see me making one or two of these for miss baby bump once she’s here :) Cassandra recently posted…KCW – Vintage Sheet to Geranium Dress Upcycle… Allison says: May 1. I meant “chubby little 4 month old”. soon.see kate sew These are so sweet! I love the shoulder straps. I live in England so am much less likely to need a huge stash of summer clothes as it will probably rain anyway.girly-girly!!! Cristalia says: May 1. 2013 at 1:50 PM Oh how perfect!! A bodice that will be perfect for a monogram or applique!! I am printing this template now!! Thank you for this adorable little dress…. but I’m going to make a bunch of http://seekatesew. I’ll be making it for my chubby like 4 month old. 2013 at 10:56 AM Love the straps (and the fabric). 2013 at 10:49 PM Oh. Wish I had all that cute fabric you do! Allison recently posted…Super Fabulous Lemon Bars Allison says: May 1. Cheers! Cristalia Cassandra says: May 1. Allison recently posted…Super Fabulous Lemon Bars yuleidy says: May 2. um.com/easy-baby-dress-pattern/ 7/9 .17/2/2014 May 1.

so I enlarged the pattern a little. Thanks for sharing your pattern! Jenny recently posted…Sewing Triumphs and Trepidations Melody Eddy says: May 9. 2013 at 1:39 AM I love this! I know what I will be sewing for my little girl this week :) Jenny recently posted…Fabric Belt Tutorial Jess the Sewing Rabbit says: May 6. I wanted to tackle something cute for my baby niece! She’s a small 1 yr old. and I think it came together really well! http://pinterest.see kate sew these dresses and team them with leggings and a cardigan (sweater?!) while the weather here is still a bit chilly. 2013 at 1:05 PM So adorable. oh so cute! Making another one tonight! Kathy Laird says: May 7. Jenny says: May 9. 2013 at 3:08 PM I made one of these last night. 2013 at 5:20 PM Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial! You made it very easy to follow! I haven’t sewn since highschool. I’m always so impressed when you hardworking bloggers give us such a great online community and wealth of knowledge and then FREE patterns! Hooray! Very grateful :) Jen says: May 10.com/pin/215609900883139427/ Thanks again! http://seekatesew.blogspot. Kate! Now I just need a baby to put one on… :)sa Sarah says: May 23.com/easy-baby-dress-pattern/ 8/9 . absolutely adore them! Trina Baxter says: May 6.com/2013/05/sewing-triumphs-and-trepidations.html It turned out great. 2013 at 11:49 AM These are so adorable! I wish that this was available in 24 month or 2T size.17/2/2014 easy baby dress pattern for the summertime . :-D My almost 18 month old granddaughter is the length of a 2 1/2 year old. 2013 at 5:24 PM I made one! http://theexperimentalcrafter. 2013 at 7:31 AM So so cute Kate. 2013 at 5:45 PM Thanks Kate. but after finally digging out my machine and warming up on a couple pillowcases and a purse. Thank you for posting this! Jenny says: May 3.

com/easy-baby-dress-pattern/ 9/9 .17/2/2014 easy baby dress pattern for the summertime .see kate sew ©2013 See Kate Sew blog design by Wonder Forest http://seekatesew.

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