Picture practice: Past continuous & simple past usage

Complete the sentences below using either the past progressive/continuous (was/were + verb + ing) or simple past (2nd part of the verb, usually "-ed" ending) Note: !n action in the simple past often interrupts an action that continues (past progressive/continuous) "e often write " as", "while", or "when" + past progressive



As the man was running across the street, suddenly #

$uddenly the man %noc%ed a vase over and it crashed to the floor as #

!ll of a sudden the cyclist crashed into a pole while #

While the man was tal%ing on a public telephone in his boat, #


&ut of the blue', an airplane crossed the road when #

(he man was en)oying surfing in the sea when suddenly #


* suddenly

post the pictures around the room and have a "caption competition" . students can find strange pictures on the web + award the person or team who finds the strangest picture (preferably of an action in progress) !fter that. creating a picture story  $tudents tell personal stories with pictures as visual aids (han%s to 0eather 1aba for collaborating on this activity .ind pictures in /icrosoft "ord or elsewhere + copy them into the $martboard and move them about.airs circulate and write a sentence containing simple past and past continuous underneath at least (-) of the pictures + post-it notes under pictures (put in plastic poc%ets. so reuseable) wor% well Alternatives:  (eacher brings color pictures to class  !s% students to bring pictures to class (not find them on the day)  !s% students to flash their pictures on the $martboard  .Notes for teachers: !s a follow-up.

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