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Self-Evaluation 1. Describe your project. My senior project i volunteered at was the Veteran Soccer Invitational.

While i was at the Invitational I played the role as a Field Marshall and a Floater. A Field Marshall roles was to make sure both teams had all their players and to watch the games to make sure the fans would not get out of control. The other role i took apart of was a floater. Floaters were called if they needed anything help with. 2. Explain how you used your time on this project describing: estimated total hour. I spent 25 hours working on my senior project different phases/steps of project. When I arrived at the soccer invitational I immediately directed traffic. Later, I was field marshall. What i did as a field marshall I made sure coaches had their player cards and I also made sure the fans would not get out of control. time involved with each phase/step project start and completion dates. The soccer tournament started on November the 2nd though the 3rd for the girls. The boys tournament was November 8th through November 9th 3. Describe which materials, resources, and funds you used. For my Senior Service Learning Project, I used gas, a walkie-talkie and a golf cart. It was mostly manual labor so there was no need for further materials. 4. Write about which individuals and/or organizations you contacted who helped you successfully complete this project. Mrs. Weikert and Lauren Tichenor helped me throughout my volunteering experience. 5. Explain whether or not you have ever completed a project like this before. I have never participated in a event from this organization. I had volunteered before, coaching a basketball team but it was not quite like this experience. I learned a lot from my experiences helping out the Veteran Soccer Invitational. 6. Explain why or why not you would recommend this type of project for future seniors. I would recommend this project to anyone interested in soccer or coaching it. I got the opportunity to work with the soccer kids. It was fun being around the sport that I enjoy playing. 7. Describe two personal learning experiences you encountered while completing this project. I learned leadership skills and also learned just how much I could better my community. 8. Describe the most important skill you acquired during the process of the physical project. The most important skill that I acquired from this experience, would have to be leadership skills. I got the opportunity to be in charge of directing traffic and also working with the kids. 9. Explain what advice you would give to future seniors completing their senior projects. Key advice that I would give incoming seniors would have to be, time management. Time flies by and the next thing you know it, December is here and you only have months to get your

community service hours. It is better to plan on when exactly you will get each hour and stick by your plan. 10. In specific detail, describe how the project has stretched you emotionally, intellectually, and/or physically. I learned pride for my community while participating in this event. 11. Explain how you feel your project would compare to other similar projects. I had the opportunity to help the youth of our generation. In a lot of projects, people are helping out others, including young children. 12. Describe what problems you encountered and how you handled them. There were minimal problems when helping out the Veteran Soccer Invitational. One problem that stood out while volunteering was dealing with the weather. 13. Explain in what ways your project is original and creative. I got the opportunity to watch the kids that will someday take my place on the soccer team. 14. Explain what you would do differently if given the opportunity to redo the project. If I could do it all again, I would have tried to spend more time with the kids and less time directing traffic. 15. Explain and justify what grade you would give yourself on this project. I would give myself a B. Honestly, I believe that I could have tried a little bit harder when volunteering at this event.