North-South Corridor Planning Study

Conceptual Alignment Evaluation
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Fatal Flaw
Constructability Grades Turns Tunnels/Bridges


• Potential to serve existing and future population • Potential to serve existing and future employment • • • • • • Potential to serve car-lite populations/households Potential to serve minority populations Proximity to elderly populations Proximity to youth populations Proximity to low-income populations Proximity to disabled populations

Consistency with Purpose & Need
Provide improved north-south surface transit connectivity Improve transit reliability and decrease transit travel times Increase transit capacity and person throughput Improve transit stop and vehicle accessibility for limited mobility users Increase transit mode share in the corridor

Ridership Potential


Land Use Right-of-Way

• Potential to serve future transit-supportive land uses, such as high-density commercial, residential and retail • Proximity to regional, local and neighborhood activity centers • Potential for corner clips or property acquisition • Length of the alignment • Turns in the alignment • Potential for reduced travel time and schedule reliability, such as synchronized signal operations and/or prioritization • Length of the alignment • Special track work such as turns, curvature, and/or switches • Potential to provide access to Metrorail stations • Potential to integrate with other transit services • Potential to integrate with current and planned bicycle, pedestrian and/or shared use paths • Community support to-date on alignment • Potential to serve historical and/or cultural resources

Travel Time and Reliability


Support existing and future land use

Intermodal Connection


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