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Colonial CNDF

INCI NAME: Proprietary

Colonial CNDF is a liquid nonionic designed as a defoaming agent and rinse aid additive. The use of Colonial CNDF in automatic dish detergents, brushless car washes, and other spray applications will enhance rinsing properties even in the presence of hard water. Other areas of use include defoaming of antifreeze and windshield fluids, as well as the potential for use on powders. Potent Defoaming Agent Effective Rinse Aid Good Hard Water Stability Has Good Biodegradability Clear to slightly hazy liquid 5.5 6.5 < 0.5% 600 cps Limited in water, substantial in glycols

Appearance pH (1% solution) % Water Viscosity Solubility

APPLICATIONS Automatic dish detergents, liquid and powder Brushless car washes Aqueous defoaming
LAST UPDATED 02/18/2014


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