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Learning refers to relatively durable change in behavior or knowledge that is due to experience.

( Helpern,2006)

What is conditioning? Conditioning involves learning associations between events that occur an organisms environment.

What is Classical Conditioning? Classical Conditioning is a type of learning in which a stimulus acquires the capacity to evoke response that was originally evoked by another stimulus. (Helpern, 2006)

The unconditioned stimulus (UCS) is a stimulus that evokes an unconditioned response (UCR) without previous conditioning. The unconditioned stimulus (UCR) is an unlearned reaction to an unconditioned stimulus that occurs without previous conditioning. Conditioned Stimulus (CS) is the stimulus that was conditioned to an unconditioned stimulus (UCS) And conditioned Response (CR) is the response to a conditioned stimulus (CR) that was associated with Unconditioned Stimulus (UCS)

Unconditioned Stimulus : UCS Unconditioned Response: UCR Conditioned Stimulus : CS Conditioned Response : CR

My two years old son was admitted in a health center where he was injected by a nurse. He was so much afraid of the nurse and the syringe in her hand. He was crying when we take him to the health center just for weighing or checking his temperature. Looking the weighing scale coming towards him, he was crying The pain giving syringe was Unconditioned Stimulus (US) for his crying. His crying was an Unconditioned Response (UCR) that was not learned before. His looking of the building of the health center or its door, looking of the weighing scale or the thermometer were Conditioned Stimulus (CS) His crying looking the health building or its door, or the weighing scale was Conditioned Response (CR)

Injecting a child by syringe The syringe


Crying of the child

Other equipment of the hospital

Crying of the child

Including the nurse