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S.No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Topic Leap Year Or not Sum of natural nos. Largest No. Tables of a no. Detecting a negative or a positive no. Largest and Smallest element Program to compute the cosine series Palindrome or not Largest No. Sq. Root of No. Sq of a no. Voting eligbility Sum of series Access the info. Char entered is a no. or an alphabet? Area Temp. conv. Program to find the sum, multiplication, division or add of 2 nos. Sum of all 20 elements array Changing initial value of 2 nos. Cube of nos. using func. Conv. Feet into distance Call by ref Whether a3+b3+c3=d3 Random nos. Sum of int. from m to n Remarks Signature

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26. Find char in a str. 27. Calculate simple intrest 28. Find % and total marks 29. Prime nos. from 1 to 12 30. Display 2d array 31. Uppercase str to lower case str. 32. Series of alphabet in a particular seq. 33. Palindrome or not. 34. Sum of elements in an array 35. Ab 36. Factors of a no. Which are prime 37. To check repition of elements in an array 38. Check how many days are there in a month 39. Upper case to lower and vice versa 40. To add given 2 time 41. Table of a given no. 42. To conv. Sec. to correct time 43. Armstrong no. 44. Roman no. 45. Prme or not 46. Prime from 1 to n 47. To find max no. 48. To print Fibonacci seq. 49. To find max. using func. 50. To show menu. 51. To check prime using func. 52. Rev a no. 53. To search an element 54. To show right diagonal 55. To find prime in an array

56. ----P.T>>>>>>>>>> To show max. in aaray 57. To print a series star 58. To enter detail of student




I would like to express my deepest thanks to all those who provided me the possibility to complete this report. A special gratitude to my Computer Teacher, Mr. Mohan Singh, whose contribution in stimulating suggestions and encouragement, helped me to coordinate my report especially in writing this report. Furthermore I would also like to acknowledge with much appreciation the crucial role of the staff, who gave the permission to use all required equipment and the necessary materials to complete the task C++ Programming Record File. A special thanks goes to my team mates, who help me to assemble the parts and gave suggestion about the task C++ Programming Record File. THANK YOU.