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Lebanon Publishing Media Kit 2014

Lebanon Publishing Media Kit 2014

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Lebanon Publishing Media Kit
Lebanon Publishing Media Kit

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Check out complete weekend television listings inside today. —See Page B5

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Wednesd ay, Novemb er 6, 2013 ay lighting Page 2 Subtle holid en Like Us, n Wom In time Page 3 Step Back e News, n Insid

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.com ulietnews

Lebanon Democrat &WILSON COUNTY NEWS







November 9-10, 2013 Vol. 125, No. 223


Leadership Wilson’s annual Dare to Dine does it again. Page B1

Check out Wilson County’s Most Wanted and Sheriff’s reports. Page A2

Friends and loved ones mourn the loss of community members. Page A3

Leadership Wilson tackles tour of business, industry. Page A4


es on City clos
police Will move station to facility

26, Num

ber 45

STATE PLAYOFFS current poRound 1 City ett said the Andy Garr s the space with Friday’s Games ty Director It share in the base Harding Aca. at Friendship Christian Public Safeis overcrowded. is in a vault rtment in the ing room Wilson Central T at Oakland H L Y lice build police evidence s to have the depa M O N T E D . He hope Hall. The h needed R I B U City Hall s is muc 14,000 D I S T ment of e early summer., 0 “Thi 0 in. 0 , to Mart 1 5 new spac excited,” said 5,000 square feet O V E R Everett et By Laurie “We are ng grow from zoni ews@tds.n will and lietn ning mtju room. We ” in the vion deal ce and plan ings with a $1.5 milli first square feet. , the city’s finan build on l its d nt smal ials close Currently are housed in departme Hinesley s police Juliet offic nts nts into City sy of Mark departmeCity Hall. City of Mt. will give the city’ departme shopping.” Photo courte and Juliet are that put those stop Parkway cinity of City of Mt. e; Ken Tuesday standing station. ch on Belinda increments of be able to will have one e will be converted Freas ase by the zens “We will ch purch Senior, Pastor Jim By Jared Felkins ever-free bought Joy Chur no interest in Goldner, ber of Com rtment spac said. “Citi Joy Chur in- Hall,” he nt zoning depa Mt. Juliet Cham ce is located, jfelkins@lebanondemocrat.com ng of the juliet; Joy Church of State Title; David The city the structure with e. r the closi us with zero off e finan Published by The curre space and the attended anan, City of Mt.n Newton, Owne Juliet Chief of Polic will pay for five years. ed to work with “They should Wilson County Mayor Randall Hutto announced Friday he named Joey ives l house wher Those who rick, Mt. Fuger; Susa Dennis Buch to an arch t use the smal JULIET NEWS $300,000 ch really want Kenneth Martin. Cooper as the new Wilson County Emergency Management Agency director. er Sellars from left Juliet City Manar; and James Hamb RAT, MT. E Hall Mt. merce migh “The chur City Manager to ht the form Pasto LEBANON DEMOC HARTSVILLE VIDETT in, City Cooper started climbing the ladder at WEMA 24 years ago as a volunteer. ,000 Mart boug ciate in. the e THE city Mart to $150 AND THE Church Asso terest,” said He quickly transitioned to the road and received his emergency medical mmodate said er this year theto City Hall to mov t $100,000 in January.” Earli 3 Joy ity to acco ent facil move out it would cost abou adjac PAGE training and fire certification. e ch ON neral Hom to the chur nt. He said “First off, I am very honored to serve Wilson County as the EMA direcSEE CLOSES us the keys ifications rtme make mod d police depa Church will hand truction tor,” Cooper said. “We are starting a new era here at WEMA, and I look ferre Joy to cons the trans forward to working with the mayor’s office, Wilson County Commission and in January keys over “We hope will turn those we and then Martin. crews,” said

$1.5 milli

on Joy

urchas Church p

rout to a 49-6 Bears roll Page 6 of Portland l Sports, n Loca


Longtime WEMA employee selected

Mayor names new WEMA director
WEMA employees.” Cooper said he believes this profession is a calling and not a choice; that one must be dedicated and determined to make the best out of every situation. Throughout his tenure he has taken every class offered and achieved paramedic status while also taking classes in advance firefighting, emergency management and hazmat. He transitioned from paramedic and firefighter to second lieutenant, then to lieutenant then to captain, then to battalion chief. He is a Hazmat specialist and has been a team leader for 15 years. “Cooper is organized, detailed and goal oriented,” Wilson County Mayor
File Photo

sports EXTRA
Wilson Football Live presents...
Inside Today
Joey Cooper


year ago It was one my niece Everett By Laurie @tds.net e tonight that ered in mtjulietnews murd t when polic Sara was . her ween nigh ago Hallo er shot dead in in your town t moth ore-It facility It was a year a Mt. Julie U-St discovered ed behind the – Gayla ard,” vehicle park ing forw y. spie t. mov Gilli Julie and Frida g south Mt. is still active Garrett said Hare Moo “The casety Director Andy , and the Tennessee Juliet poPublic Safet hasn’t been made ting Mt. of Sara very tion is assis An arres the disco Investiga of her 3 Bureau of case that involvesthe driver’s seat ON PAGE lice in the n, 35, dead in SEE CASE A. McPherso

d as planne y Christm n Mayberr th fans need to pla iffi Gr Andy s. Who Christma and just
Everett By Laurie @tds.net mtjulietnews

Laurie Center doMedical Summit es Tri-Star AED devic to of seven our way holds one Summit officials. ity, this is do,” said Luffman commun Kinney and Chief Jamie l things they ber of the Assistant by Fire Chief Erron t “As a mem for the wonderfu d Mt. Juliet ecstatic abou support rtment ofn. He’s accompanie was Depa show man Fire e Luff ces in his hands. t rn. the statio Whiteho Fire Chief Jami nated to of the devi cardiac even

Everett •

Mt. Juliet


,900 a Mayberry ht morals rtown • $249 n home than show that taug ision ett Road • Wates”, a tradimore dow ic telev Puck nothing this class699 There’s ry Christma about ence inter 83 “Mayber bonus t hosts MLS #14593 humor, audi doesn’t know right. floor plan has t music, in Mt. Julie how to do t Life Church s show with grea fantastic view! This open with full unfinished &a home Abundan the horses PAGE 3 Well kept y Christma One level Bring ON se. floor. time S main FAN Private paradi everything. A #10! SEE tional, old sqft. room on the able to

n donaved seve Juliet recei ce to the comnt of Mt. servi Departme lives in their save The Fire rn atwill help Whiteho rtment tions that depa Center Jeff munity. Summit Medical e of the new fire external TriStar recent open hous n AED’s (auto n with seve tended the d the statio and gifte ors). defibrillat

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Everett By Laurie @tds.net mtjulietnews

Assistant and held one only ion in a tion defibrillat he said. “They not the dona found early ival,” “It’s been chance of surv of lives.” ity of the dothe have one and assistant increases , but save the qual nes will save lives all four fire engi well as the chief d, as He said vehicles. ces on boar nated devi carry one in their chief will

2013 November
“ T H E

honore Johnson
Ben Benjamin • 615.714.94 02

expand still close enough basement for y living but & enjoy countr

City l go toward Phase Monies wil lkway project of wa

of the process in Marl e 2 was in and Phas Works Director ic is complete Phase 1 according to Publ know d, d to let us being re-bi state calle is really good s from the Keel. said. “Thi sentative “A repre available,” he departwas , Keel’s for the grant t is in too high gran came 2’s e bids news.” dding. Phas d that contract Phase 2’s amen Because process of re-bi Everett in , they will better deal on the By Laurie @tds.net ment was . Now, said Keel get a mtjulietnews 3 hopefully Mt. $520,000 ON PAGE surprised Phase3 and the state approved for and add SEE GRANT e call from been t Grepected phon news they had p Road Mt. Julie An unex with 3 of the rry Loo officials rd Phase 400 Qua Juliet city on grant towa TN 37122 et, milli Juli a $827 Mt. ct. enway proje


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SEM’s ock -L Store -n rage Self Sto
us socially. Connect with ion at Get the e-Edit s.com. mtjulietnew

547-9391 (615) Hou rs: 30 11:00-3:

Kindergarten classes at Mt. Juliet Elementary are making sure troops in News are taken care of for Christmas. Mt. Juliet • Afghanistan George Page Friday, the school held “Operation Military Christmas Stockings,” where ing paHomecom Mel five ipal kindergarten classes totaling about 100 students helped stuff Christmas School’s ation. Princ Juliet High stockings to send overseas to soldiers. all game hall of Mt. 50 years in educ and footb on’s s Portl Faculty, volunteers, veterans and Director of Schools Tim Setterlund lined Grand Mars on was to celebrate Johns Mt. Juliet versu the kindergarten hall of the school and created stations for students to stop Dr. Ed Johns of the r was ime hono and pick up items to fill their stockings. rade. The red him at halft ration. celeb Brown hono Kindergarten teacher Linda Gay, who organized the event within the ecoming Hom the during school, said she’s been telling her students about what all this means for a while to help them better understand. “I tried to explain why this has to been done so early. I got out my globe and showed them how the airplane would have to fly this stuff all the way around the world, and they were just amazed,” Gay said. Gay said the event started years ago because her nephew, who’s in the Navy, was going to have to be away for the first time for Christmas.


aul Tr rent U-H


: 8:00 –

5:30 • Sun




DE MORE INSI y Lebanon Luck a
hunter bags trophy elk Page 7

ComEducation at the n County p.m. The Wilso meet Nov. 7 at 6 e. mittee will ty Court Hous mitWilson Coun Budget Com at the n County The Wilso Nov. 7 at 7 p.m. meet will tee


AGENDA thouse. PEOPLE’S n County Cour

rol Animal Cont at n County at 5 p.m. The Wilso will meet Nov. 7 se. e Committen County Courthou the Wilso

Lebanon Publishing Co. 402 N. Cumberland St. • Lebanon, TN 37087 P: 615-444-3952 • F: 615-444-1358 LebanonDemocrat.com • MtJulietNews.com • HartsvilleVidette.com

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Tri-Count warns of y newest sc am

y, Novemb er 7, 201 Volume 3 151, Num ber 45

Year of the


Started by Civil Trousd Wa ale Cou nty’s new r Gen. John Hun s for mo t re than Morgan, brin ging 150 yea rs and countin g

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New law ye
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Our View

Civic orga nizat root ions take Looking in Hartsville Back, Page 5





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City worker charged with theft
Employee accused of stealing meters
By Jared Felkins jfelkins@lebanondemocrat.com

1432 West Main


St. • Lebano

n, TN


An Eastern

” T O W N I N U C T P R O D T E Caitlin Rickard • Lebanon Democrat E S T A Wilson County Director of Schools Timothy Setterlund speaks with a Mt. Juliet Elementary kindergartner helping stuff stockings for soldiers Friday.

es Guide to Hom Middle TN

& Land

Students stuff stockings for soldiers
By Caitlin Rickard crickard@lebanondemocrat.com


Gay said the school stuffs stockings every other year and has been doing it for 10 years. Originally they sent 200 small plastic stockings, according to Gay, but that wasn’t nearly enough. “My sister-in-law gets all of the stockings, and this year we’ve got 500 to send,” Gay said. She also said that every item sent, and even the shipping, is donated. Items used to stuff the stockings included Slim Jims, toothpaste, sunflower seeds, gum, candy, cookies, chips, crackers, travel-size toiletries and individual drink packets, such as Crystal Light, among other things. Gay said all the stockings will be sent to Afghanistan this year, and the stockings will probably be sent Friday or Saturday. “I’ve received calls and emails in the past, thanking us, from soldiers who’ve received the stockings,” Gay said. “It’s just something to make Christmas a little brighter for them.” Master Sgt. Josh Hanson, whose stepson is in kindergarten at the school,

A fourth city of Lebanon employee was accused of theft Thursday, but unlike the previous three cases, the suspect was charged with stealing city property, not utilities. According to police reports, Lebanon Water Department worker Derrick Theodore Lugg, 29, of Lebanon, was charged with theft of property less than $500 in value after an investigation revealed he apparently took old water meters and gave them to his roommate, who unknowingly sold them as scrap. “We were notified by water department officials they had received information someone was stealing water meters from the Public Works Trousdale Department,” said Lebanon police County’s Dillon Burn Chief Scott Bowen. “The employee ley make s his way By JERRY did confess to stealing the water RICHMOND through Sports Staff Red Boilin meters and having someone else sell The Trou Writer g Springs defense them for scrap. We believe the other pleted an sdale County Kevin Crea Nov. 1. Yellow Jack undefeate with a 49-1 person had no knowledge they were d ets com“We are sy. 4 win at regular season Frida happy to Jackets were stolen.” Creasy said. Red Boil be 10 and y nigh “That zero,” Coac Public Works Commissionerin Jeff set at the 2008 and also perfect in ing Springs. The t h their beginnin was one of the goal 2010 unde Baines said Lugg will appear in a people didn g of the r the guid first 10 games s that ance of Coac hearing next week to review allegaI am glad ’t believe that season and a lot we of it would h tions of theft, conducting personal of people these guys are mak happ and ing belie en and believing business on city time and using his vers out it themselve position for personal gain. s. We are “We will have a departmental hearing with him scheduled for Tuesday By MARIE CORHERN at 9 a.m., Baines said. “He has been Managing Its Editor a day charged with theft of city property. will be dointo honor all veter Park Satu ans, and This is following our rules and regu- g it in style rday This Trousdale The para . . year’s celeb lations. I will present service, ceremony de will be at 4 a parade ration will featu p.m., with the information to him precedin and even g it at a mem ts at Hart re a memorial Memorial Wall I have received at that . The para 3 p.m. at the Vete orial sville City same as the de route rans time. will be the This year Christmas parade. “At this time, he is ’s parade will featu suspended without re 34 float 2013 Ford s, cars Escape SUV pay, and he has turned 4X4 over his keys and 2012 Ford 1673 West Explorer Main Street other equipment to his SUV Lebanon, supervisor. After his Theodore LuggTN 37087 (615)

Jack undefeat ets remain ed agains t RBS
happy with long, we the results tonig are ht and all The Jack proud of our season five first- ets scored touc guys.” half time half possessions hdowns on their first to take a and work 35-0 lead ed in some at second half as they SEE FOOTBA LL ON PAGE 2
Marie Corher n • The Hartsv ille Vidette

Little girls spice, and are made of sugar and thanks to als and Pear prog ls, girls learn rams like Petbe made what they women. of as they grow into youn can g The third hosted by annual Petals and Pear Council, the Trousdale Coun ls, ty Health positive helps “to provide interactio a vehicle for her mom n for a youn g teen her life,” or another fema le mentor and said Kath in y Atwood. The 21 Elementargirls from Trou sdale Coun y Scho mom or ol, each anot with their ty about scrap her adult men tor, booking, health andlearned fitness, SEE GIRLS ON PAGE 7

Giving gir the toolsls to becom successfue l
By MARIE CORHERN Managing Editor

More than

30 entrie

s in Veter

ans Day
2011 Ford

and orga nizat will be Bill ions. Grand Marshals War II veterHolder and Lloy for the ing veter ans. Celsor is d Celsor, both parade an in Trou Wor also sdale Coun the oldest surv ld ivty.


about current topics affecting schools. The Wilson County Public Records Committee will meet Wednesday at 3 p.m. at Wilson County Archives.


Mike Mohr, 444-8224 Intern www.tonyba et Sales Mgr. tesford.com ON PAGE A2




Connect with us socially. Get the e-Edition at lebanondemocrat.com.

The first Wilson County schools 2020 public forum will be Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in the theatre at Mt. Juliet High School at 1875 Golden Bear Gateway. The forums will include information


Mainly sunny. High 64. Winds SSW at 10 to 20 mph. Page A2
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Autom Stock # P1971 atic • Gold • 4 Cyl. • 29,709 Miles Bates Ford • 615-44 • $20,795 4-8224

Carman • Young girls, along with The Hartsville Vidette mentors, during theparticipated in their mothers or event Oct. third annual various activities odist Chur29 at the HartsPetals and Pear ls Trousdale ch. The even ville United Meth pictures County Health t was hosted by from the Coun visit harts Petals and cil. For more villev Pearls even idette.com 2013 Ford t, . Expedition SUV



Autom Stock #7069 atic • White • 6 Cyl. A • 17,419 Miles Bates Ford • 615-44 • $28,993 4-8224

2012 Ford

Escape SUV


Bates Ford Autom • 615-44 • $29,595 The Trou THE PEO 4-8224 Stock #P188 atic • Black • 8 Cyl. Education sdale County PLE’S AGE 1 • 33,530 Boar Miles Bates Ford NDA ing at 5:30 will host its mon d of • 615-44 • $36,695 Buil 4-8224 the Scho p.m. Thursday thly meet- at ding Committe ol Board , 7 p.m. e will be Office. Nov. 7, at meeting downstai Thursday, Nov. MORE INSI 7, in the The Hart DE courthou rs courtroom of sville/Tro the usdale Coun archives. se to discuss sidew county Follies hit ty alks and numbers record

Autom Stock #P195 atic • Gray • 6 Cyl. 0 • 21,824 Miles

Autom Stock #U192 atic • White • 4 Cyl. 9 • 26,792 Miles Bates Ford • 615-44 • $17,995 4-8224

Page 3

Population Households Avg. Household Income LPC Distribution


113,993 39,316 $ 71,965 35,640

Inside County

Annual Subscription
Outside County

$ $

140.40 165.00

Wilson County is located in the heart of Middle Tennessee. Wilson County was established by an act of the Third General Assembly of the State of Tennessee October 26, 1799, three years after the organization of the state itself and consists of 583.27 square miles. The county was named in honor of Major David Wilson, a native of Pennsylvania, who came to Sumner County while it was yet a part of North Carolina. He was the first Speaker of the Territorial Assembly. The 2010 Census by the U.S. Census Bureau gives Wilson County a total population of 113,993 broken down by the following: Lebanon - 26,190, Mt. Juliet - 23,671, and Watertown - 1,477, with the remaining living in the county, outside of city limits.

Annual Subscription


Lebanon 37087 5,552 111 36 8,097 0 13,796 Lebanon 37090 1,452 22 2 2,999 0 4,475 Mt. Juliet 37122 940 1,498 2 0 12,500 12,744 Watertown 37184 597 4 1 1,404 0 2,006 Hartsville Various 34 0 2,075 0 0 2,109 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– TOTALS 8,575 1,635 2,116 12,500 12,500 35,130




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Dir.: I 40 East to Watertown Exit, Turn left on Eastover Rd, Turn left on Spring Creek Lane, home on the left.

Call Tammy Lankes
615-289-9713 615-547-6797
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OPEN HOUSE SUN. 11/17 2-4 P.M.
601 Doe Trail • $189,900
WOW! A TEN! Lovely well-kept updated with all the bells & whistles. On a corner lot in a nice area, this home has 3BR, 2 BA, living rm w/firepl, sunroom w/heat & air, 2 car garage & concrete dr., Mast. has whirlpool, sep. shower. 1 Yr warranty. Call now. MLS #1494533
Dir.: From I-40 to left on Hwy 109 N to R on Academy Rd. Continue on Coles Ferry Rd to L on Cedar Grove Rd. Go 1 mile to first right on Deer Trace, R on Wildberry. Home on corner of Doe Trail on left.

Hartsville Vidette

If we had one wish that could come true you would be home with us again tonight. We miss you and love you. Always & Forever, Mom, Danny, Family & Friends

Fred Van Hook 477-2984

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699 Puckett Road • Wat ertown • $2 49,90

MLS #14593 83

One level & a fantastic vie room on the w! This ope n floor plan ma has bonus basement for in floor. Well kept hom e expandable & enjoy cou sqft. Private with full unfinished ntry living paradise. Bri but still clo ng the horses se enough to eve Ben Benjami ryt hing. A #10 n • 615.714 ! .94



1432 West Ma


in St. • Lebano

n, TN

“ T H E


An Eastern

Middle TN

Guide to H omes
I N T O W N ”


& Land

Front cover photo will be a feature home rotated among contract advertisers.

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$ 2-6 full pages 175 ea. 7 or more full pages $165 ea.


$125 $75 $50 ea.

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