GCSE Geography Case Studies

Managing Economic Development 1. Contrasting Levels of Development Effects of different levels of economic development on the quality of life in: MEDC …………………… LEDC ………………………. NIC ………… eg Brazil Three Gorges Dam, China Sustainable development projects, eg Liana Project, Brazil, or Tools for Self Reliance, Africa (briefer notes needed) Industrial change in Teesside
2. Depletion of Resources Deforestation in Brazil Coal mining in South Wales


Managing Economic Development Bhopal, India, 1984 Chernobyl, Ukraine, 1986 Cubatao, Brazil Kyoto Protocol and Bali conference of 2007 Oil spill (we did Prestige but you could do a different one)


Tourism and Development Changes in tourism patterns over time in the UK Consequences of growth or decline of tourism in one area – we did coastal and safari tourism in Kenya (growth) and Mediterranean tourism, Spain (decline) Nepal (sustainable tourism) Ecotourism e.g. in the Amazon rainforest

Managing the Physical Environment 5. Unstable plate margins Kobe earthquake, 1995 Pakistan (Kashmir) earthquake, 2005 Asian tsunami, 2004 Mt St Helens, 1980 Soufriere Hills, Montserrat, 1997 or Pinatubo, Indonesia 1991
6. Weather Hazards Hurricane Mitch, 1998 Hurricane Katrina, USA 2005

Boscastle floods, 2004 Flooding in Bangladesh Summer 2007, UK Management of the River Mississippi 7. Food and Water Supply Drought and desertification in the Sahel Strategies to improve water and food supplies in MEDCs and LEDCs e.g. Thames Water Marunda Project, Jakarta Aswan Dam, Egypt Sustainable farming, Thailand Water Aid, Ethiopia 8. Pressure on the physical environment Lake District national park (glaciated scenery) Peak District national park (limestone scenery)

Managing Change in the Human Environment
9. Population change China’s One Child Policy Kerala, India MEDCs – strategies to encourage more births (e.g. Italy or Japan) Ageing population (e.g. UK) Rural-urban migration Sao Paulo, Brazil (problems of favelas and strategies to improve them) Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya Changing towns and cities Problems of an urban area (e.g. Los Angeles or Inner London) Inner city redevelopment – London Docklands Transport solutions e.g. San Francisco Pressures at the rural-urban fringe Impact of out-of-town shopping centre e.g. Bluewater Effects of development at rural-urban fringe e.g. Disneyland Paris




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