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February 6, 2014 Mayor Paul Soglin 210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

, Room 403 Madison, WI 53703

Honorable Paul Soglin: The Board of Education discussed TID # 25 as well as the possibility of a TID funding component for the Judge Doyle Square project at its meeting on February 3, 2014. At the meeting, the Board directed me to share the Boards position on the following points with you. It is our hope that these points will form the basis of a strategy that meets the needs of both the Madison Metropolitan School District and the City of Madison: After arranging to pay all remaining liabilities, TID # 25 should close on or before December 31, 2014. Closure would trigger distribution of TID # 25s projected positive balance of approximately $16.7 million dollars. Madison Metropolitan School District should receive its proportionate share of the projected positive balance, estimated to be approximately forty-five percent (45%) of the total. Given the increasingly restrictive limitations on K-12 school funding, these funds will significantly advance the districts mission to prepare every student to graduate college, career and community ready. The Board of Education is open to discussions concerning TID funding to support downtown economic development on a going-forward basis, including the Judge Doyle Square project. The Board of Education and City of Madison have a long established record of working together on TID initiatives. The strategy outlined here is presented in the same spirit of mutual cooperation. We would welcome the opportunity to continue discussion of these matters at your convenience.


Michael G. Barry Asst. Superintendent / Business Services

CC: J. Cheatham, Supt., Board of Education, Common Council