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Dara`s POV
"Ahh.. oppa.. Iaster.."
"Just.. a little more.."
"Ahh.. Iuck!.. oppa! Uhhh.."
"Shit... scream my name. Scream it!"
I slammed my Iists on the table as I glared at the wall. Eor the past three hours, my hallmate
Kwon Jiyong has been bringing diIIerent girls over to his room and Iucking the liIe out oI them.
Three hours!
"Uhh! Jiyong oppa!.. ahhhh!"
And by the sound oI it, it didn't seem like he planned on stopping anytime soon. I sighed in
annoyance as I opened my drawer to look Ior my earplugs. I quickly shoved them in my ears in
hopes oI draining out the sinIul noise coming Irom my neighbor's room.
Kwon Jiyong is the university's biggest playboy. Although school only started a week ago, there
has never been a day so Iar when he didn't have a girl over in his room. I pass his room many
times a day to go to the bathroom, lounge, kitchen, etc. And whenever I pass by, I always hear
him screaming a diIIerent girl's name. Sometimes, he even has multiple girls in his room at once!
Now those are the days where I leave my room to go to the library because things just get twice
as loud and annoying.
But despite having girls Iloating around him all the time, Kwon Jiyong doesn't have an oIIicial
girlIriend. According to Bommie, Kwon Jiyong doesn't like being "tied down" by one girl. Nor
could he stick with one girl.
How does Bom know this, you ask?
She is currently dating Kwon Jiyong's best Iriend, Choi Seunghyun (but he preIers to be called
TOP), who lives on the Iloor above us. Like Kwon Jiyong, TOP is also a senior at the university.
He and Bom have been going out since last year. But despite being Jiyong's best Iriend, TOP
isn't a player. In Iact, he is a very loyal boyIriend to Bom. It makes me happy just seeing the two
oI them together. They are just the happiest couple ever!
Bom is also my older sister by a year, but we're not actually related. Bom's parents adopted me
when I was in middle school. My mother passed away while giving birth to me, and my Iather
had passed away beIore that. So up until the eighth grade, I lived with my grandmother. But
when she passed away as well, I had nowhere to go. Luckily Ior me, Bom's mother was a
Irequent customer at my grandmother's convenient store. So when she had heard about my
grandmother's death, Bom's mother had adopted me and started treating me like her own
In Iact, everyone at the university (even TOP) thinks that Bom and I are biological sisters.
AIterall, we do have the same last name. People call us the "Park Sisters." Bom and I just let
everyone believe that we are actual sisters. It would only be a hassle to explain the situation to
everyone who asked anyway.
"Ahhhh!!.. Harder!!"
I slammed my Iists on the desk once again and threw my earplugs away in the garbage. The
cheap things weren't working, and I couldn't take the noise anymore. I got up Irom my chair and
stomped over to Kwon Jiyong's room. I banged on his door as hard as I could.
AIter a Iew seconds, the door swung open to reveal Kwon Jiyong wearing only his boxers. He
had droplets oI sweat on his Iorehead, and his hair was hanging messily on his head. I grimaced
in disgust as I saw red marks all over his neck and chest.
But at the same time, I couldn't help but think about how hot he looked right now..
Sure, I think his behavior and sex activities are disgusting, but I also can't deny the Iact that he is
extremely gorgeous.
"What do you want?" Jiyong growled with an annoyed expression. He was probably pissed oII
that his heated sex session with Yoona was interrupted.
Im Yoona is the "queenka" oI our university. Not only is she tall and pretty, but she's also Iilthy
I cleared my throat. "I have a math exam tomorrow, and I would appreciate it iI you could keep it
Jiyong just raised his perIect eyebrows at me beIore bursting into laughter.
I Irowned. Whv is he laughing?'
"Oy, what year are you in?" Jiyong asked as he Iolded his arms across his perIect chest and
leaned against the doorIrame.
"I'm a sophomore." I answered.
"I'm a senior." he replied as he gave me a cold glare. "How dare you tell your sunbae what to
I gulped. I hadn't thought about that.
"You don't see anyone else in this hall complaining,do you?" he continued coldly.
It was true. All the other hallmates had gotten used to the idea oI having earplugs around.
"II you don't like what you're hearing, then use earplugs." he said with a shrug.
"I am." I retorted smoothly. "But it's no use. Your room is right next to mine and the sound seeps
in through the walls."
"That's not my problem." he replied with a bored expression. "Go complain to the Iacilities oIIice
"Oppa, hurry up." Yoona whined in bed as she pouted. I saw that she had the sheets wrapped
around her to cover her naked body.
Jiyong chuckled as he turned around. I saw him wink at Yoona beIore turning back to me, his
grin vanishing almost immediately.
"Listen, little girl. Unless you'd rather be the one in bed with me, I suggest that you shut up and
leave me alone."
My mouth dropped open at his absurdity. But beIore I could Iind the proper words to say, Jiyong
slammed the door in my Iace.
Dara`s POV
"Not only is he a playboy, but he's also very rude as well!" I muttered under my breath as I
walked to the laundry room in the basement with my basket oI dirty clothes. At least down here,
I wouldn't have to hear the disturbing noises coming Irom Kwon Jiyong's room.
"It's not like he's the only one who lives in this building." I continued muttering as I shoved my
clothes into the washer. "He could at least have some respect Ior his neighbors!"
I slammed the lid shut and pressed the start button to start the wash cycle.
"Why do you keep talking to yourselI, Dara?"
I turned around and saw Yongbae smiling at me.
"Omo! Annyeonghaseyo, sunbae." I immediately bowed politely.
Yongbae just continued smiling. "I told you that you didn't have to call me sunbae."
Yongbae also lives on the Iloor above me. He's neighbors with TOP, and is also a senior at the
university. Bommie introduced him to me as TOP's Iriend, and we've talked a Iew times since
then. He's been telling me to stop calling him sunbae because he says it Ieels too Iormal, but I
don't know what else to call him.
"Anyway." Yongbae continued as he started to load his own clothes into the laundry machine
next to mine. "Why were you talking to yourselI?"
"The usual." I sighed. "Your Iriend is doing a good job oI keeping our Iloor nice and noisy."
He just chuckled as he poured the detergent into the washer. "You know how he is.."
"I seriously don't understand how you two are Iriends." I muttered.
He raised his eyebrows at me in amusement. "Why's that?"
"You guys are just so diIIerent." I explained. "You're quiet, he's loud. You're nice, he's rude.
You're smart, he's not... and the list goes on and on."
Yongbae laughed. "You're correct except Ior the last part. Jiyong's actually really smart as well."
I almost choked on my own spit aIter hearing that ridiculous comment.
"Haha." I laughed sarcastically. "You're very Iunny, sunbae. Kwon Jiyong, smart?"
"I'm serious. Didn't you know that he's the top oI the senior class?" Yongbae asked.
I rolled my eyes. "Very Iunny. How can he be the top oI the class when all he does is sleep
around with girls?"
He shrugged. "Beats me."
I just shook my head in amusement. Although I liked Yongbae, he really had a bad sense oI
He closed the lid and pressed the button to start the cycle. He then turned to me.
"Are you just going to stand there until your laundry is done?" he asked.
"Yeah, I'm going to read my book here." I answered as I showed him my math book. "I can't
concentrate in my room iI you know what I mean."
Yongbae smiled. "Do you need any help?"
"Yeah. Lots, actually." I groaned as I rubbed my Iorehead in stress. "My exam is tomorrow
He just laughed as he patted my back. "Let's see.. I'm busy today but I can help you tomorrow
aIternoon beIore your exam."
My eyes widened at his kind oIIer.
"Really?" I asked excitedly.
"Sure." he nodded. "Want to meet at the school caIe tomorrow at around three?"
I immediately nodded. "Yes!"
He chuckled at my excited reaction. "Great. But I have one request to make in return."
"A request?" I asked. "Sure, what is it?"
"I want you to stop calling me sunbae." he said with a grin.
"Then what do you want me to call you?" I asked curiously.
"Hmm." he said thoughtIully. "You should just call me oppa."
"Oppa?" I repeated. That word sounded strange and Ioreign to my tongue. There were many girls
at this school who called their sunbaes 'oppa' because they thought it made them seem cute or
something. But I had never been one oI those girls. Aegyo had never really been my Iorte.
"Yes, I want you to think oI me as your older brother." Yongbae explained. "Sunbae just seems
so distant."
´Older brother? So... like a familv.´
Although I was a part oI Bommie's Iamily, I still sometimes Ielt kind oI lonely. I never told this
to Bommie, but I sometimes still missed my parents even though I've never even met them
beIore. Although Bom's parents have always treated me like their own daughter, I know deep
down in my heart that they are not my real parents and cannot possibly give me the love that my
real parents could have. I know I'm probably selIish, and I'm sure Bom's parents would be sad iI
they Iound out that I Ielt like this.
But I can't help it. There is this empty hole in my heart.. Because I know that deep inside, I'm
actually alone.
Yongbae stared at me hesitantly as I got drowned in my own thoughts. "Dara?"
I snapped back to reality.
"Huh?.. Oh right." I nodded. "Okay, I'll call you oppa."
I didn't see what could hurt about calling him oppa. AIterall, I really liked Yongbae, and it would
be cool to think oI him as an older brother.
He smiled widely at my answer as he ruIIled my hair. "I'll see you tomorrow then."
I nodded again happily. "Neh, Yongbae oppa!"
He grinned as he leIt the leIt the laundry room.
I smiled to myselI happily as I got on top oI the washer and opened my math book.
"Yongbae oppa is so nice!"
I continued smiling by myselI in contentment as I Ilipped through the pages. I had never been
giIted with numbers, but at least I would be able to concentrate better iI it wasn't noisy. On top oI
that, Yongbae was going to help me tomorrow.
"I have a Ieeling that the rest oI today is going to be good."
1iyong's POV
"What an annoying girl.." I muttered as I stripped out oI my boxers again and climbed back into
"Who is she?" Yoona purred as she got on top oI me and started stroking my member. I grinned
as I slid my hands up and down her thin waist.
"My hallmate. I think her name is Sandara or something. Annoying little sophomore." I groaned
as I Ielt myselI get aroused again by her sensual touch.
"She's my hoobae then." Yoona said. "Since I'm a junior."
No shit. God, this girl is an airhead.
I Ilipped our bodies over so that I was on top oI her. I quickly ripped open another condom
beIore slipping it on.
"You're so Iucking hot." I whispered into her ear beIore leaning down to take one oI her breasts
into my mouth again. Even iI she was an airhead, at least she had a good body Ior me to use.
I started sucking on her nipple, making her moan again.
"Ahh.. ahh oppa.. you're so good." she purred as she ran her hands up and down my back.
I smirked. "Ready Ior another round?"
"Ahhh!" she screamed as I spread her legs and rammed my member into her. "Ahhh!"
And just like that, we started another round oI hot sex.
It was like this everytime I was with a girl. We would usually Ilirt, have something to eat, and
then come over to my room to Iuck. Simple as that.
And aIter the sex was over, I usually sent the girl back to her dorm. Sometimes I would see her
again, and sometimes I wouldn't. But Yoona was one oI my regulars.
"Ahh.. I'm coming.." she moaned as she dug her nails into my back. I Ielt myselI also getting
near, and I sealed her lips with another kiss.
"Mmmmph!" she said against my lips as she climaxed. I groaned as I released everything as
AIter a Iew seconds, I pulled out oI her and threw the used condom in the trash.
"You can go back to your dorm now." I told her as I put on a new pair oI boxers.
Yoona stared at me tiredly. "What?"
"Go back to your dorm."
"But why?"
"I have to go somewhere." I answered as I put on a pair oI jeans.
Yoona Irowned a bit in disappointment, but she didn't ask anymore questions. She knew I hated
girls who talked a lot.
Without another word, she put on her clothes and then came up to me.
"Call me later?" she asked sweetly as she wrapped her arms around my waist Irom behind.
I smirked as I turned around to Iace her. "OI course, baby."
That seemed to brighten up her mood immediately, and she smiled beIore giving me a quick
peck on the lips. I grinned as I pulled her by the neck and kissed her Iully on the lips. AIter a Iew
minutes, we pulled apart. I wiped her lips with my thumb beIore giving her butt a playIul slap.
She was smiling happily as she leIt my room. I grinned as I put on a clean shirt. Girls were just
too easy.
I had Iinished Iixing my hair when my phone rang.
"Hello?" I answered as I checked myselI out in the mirror.
"Oppa!" a girly voice purred on the other line. "It's me!"
"Hey, baby." I said smoothly as I took the wet sheets and blanket oII my bed and tossed them
into the laundry basket. "What's up?"
"You're coming to my birthday party tonight, right?"
"OI course, babe. I wouldn't miss it Ior the world." I replied as I grabbed an extra pair oI sheets
and quickly threw it over my bed.
Sohee giggled happily into the phone. "Remember to bring me a present!"
I smirked. "Don't worry. I have the best present a girl could ask Ior.." I said in my most
seductive voice.
"Oppa!" she giggled. "You're making me embarrassed!"
I chuckled as I grabbed my laundry basket and opened my door. My eyes lit up as I saw Sohee
standing right in Iront oI me.
"Surprise!" she yelled as she smiled widely. I grinned as she wrapped her arms around my neck.
"What are you doing here?" I asked in amusement.
"I missed you so much." she announced as she hugged me tighter.
"I told you I would go to your party." I said as I hugged her back.
"I know I know." she replied. "But I still wanted to see you sooner!"
I chuckled as I pulled her away Irom me so that I could kiss her lips. "I missed you too, baby
"Where were you going?" she asked.
"I was going to do my laundry. I wanted to make the bed nice and clean Ior the birthday girl." I
said with a wink.
Sohee giggled as she slapped my chest playIully. Like Yoona, she was another one oI my regular
bedmates. And today was her birthday.
I laughed as I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and led the way to the laundry room.
Author's POV
"Aisht. This doesn't make any sense!" Dara groaned in Irustration as she Irowned at her math
book. Eor the past thirty minutes, she had been stuck on this one problem that she just couldn't
"I think I should request a math tutor soon."
Although Yongbae had promised to help her tomorrow, Dara thought it would be rude to ask him
to tutor her every day. She didn`t want to bother him.
Apparently, there were Iree tutors around campus who were part oI the math club. She would
Iind out about that and request Ior a tutor.
Dara sighed as she got down Irom the washer to see how many more minutes she would have to
wait beIore her laundry was clean.
Just then, she heard giggling as some people walked down the stairs. She turned around and saw
Kwon Jiyong with his arms around another girl. He was whispering something in her ear.
Dara's mouth dropped open as she stared at the pair oI them in disbelieI.
´It´s onlv been an hour since he last had sex with Yoona, and he´s here with vet another girl?'´
Once Jiyong saw that Dara was in the room, he raised his eyebrows.
"What are you doing here, kid?" he asked with a smirk.
"Stop calling me kid." Dara snapped as she gave him a hateIul glare. Jiyong just grinned as he
ran one hand up and down Sohee's waist. Dara couldn't help but think how it would Ieel to have
him touch her like that...
She shook her head and mentally slapped herselI Ior having such ridiculous thoughts.
"Are you saying that you're a grown woman then?" he taunted as he continued touching Sohee.
Sohee just grinned as she gave Dara an arrogant look. She eyed Dara up and down beIore
shaking her head.
"She looks like she's in middle school."
´Middle school?'´ Dara thought angrily as she clenched her Iists. Sure, maybe she was lacking a
bit in volume... But she deIinitely did NOT look like a middle schooler!
But beIore she could deIend herselI, Jiyong simply walked over to another washer on the
opposite side oI the room. Dara gave him one more disgusted look beIore turning around to her
own washer. Luckily, there were only two more minutes leIt beIore her wash cycle would be
over. She decided to ignore Sohee and Jiyong until then.
"Hehe.. oppa, you're tickling me." Sohee giggled loudly as Jiyong hugged her Irom behind and
started kissing her neck.
´Just ignore them..´ Dara thought to herselI calmly.
"Shh.. stay still." Jiyong chuckled as he continued Ieasting on her neck.
"But the kid is here." Sohee giggled.
As soon as she heard that, Dara shot her head back to glare at the pair oI them.
"It's okay. She probably doesn't know what we're doing anyway..." Jiyong laughed.
"Excuse me?!!" Dara snapped loudly in annoyance.
Ignoring her, Jiyong picked Sohee up and placed her on top oI the laundry machine. He sucked
on her lips and slid his hands inside her shirt to massage her breasts roughly.
"Ahh.. oppa.." Sohee moaned shamelessly, not caring that Dara was in the room with them.
Dara's mouth dropped open in utter disbelieI. She couldn't believe that she was witnessing this
horriIying scene in Iront oI her.
´How can thev do that here?'´ she thought to herselI.
She turned around and prayed Ior the washer to go Iaster. She never knew that two minutes could
seem so long. But no matter how much she tried, it was hard to ignore the sucking noises coming
Irom the other side oI the room.
"Can you two PLEASE take it to a room?!" Dara cried out in disgust.
Sohee glared at her and opened her mouth to say something, but Jiyong sealed her lips with
another kiss.
"Ignore her, baby..." he whispered as he sucked on her neck. Sohee threw her head back and
clenched onto his hair tightly.
"Oohh.. yeah.. right there.." she moaned as Jiyong slipped his hand inside her skirt and started
rubbing her. Jiyong turned around and gave Dara a smirk as he simultaneously entered two
Iingers into Sohee's opening.
"Ahhh!" Sohee cried out loudly. Dara's eyes widened, and she quickly turned back around and
covered her ears with her hands. Oh, how she wished she at least had those cheap earplugs with
her right now!
Jiyong continued smirking at Dara's reaction. Eor some reason, he liked seeing her embarrassed
at what he was doing. It was Iun making Iun oI her. He turned back to Sohee and saw that she
had her eyes closed and beads oI sweat covering her Iorehead.
"Moan louder Ior me, babe." he whispered in her ear as he picked up his pace. He wanted to see
Dara's reaction once she heard Sohee screaming louder. He was curious to see what she would
"AHHH!" Sohee yelled as he added another Iinger and picked up his pace even more than beIore.
She leaned on her elbows and thrust her hips to meet his Iingers. "Oppa!"
"II you don't stop this right now, you'll seriously regret it!" Dara yelled at Jiyong as she kept her
eyes Iocused on the washing machine.
Ten seconds left...
"I'm cumming.. ahh!"
Seven seconds left...
Dara quickly gathered up her clean laundry and dumped them in her laundry basket. She then
stomped over to Kwon Jiyong. Sohee was sitting tiredly on top oI the machine, catching her
breath Irom her orgasm.
Jiyong stared at Dara with a devilish grin on his Iace. Oh, how Dara wished she could wipe that
smug grin oII his handsome Iace!
"What do you want, kid?" he asked with a smirk. "Don't tell me you want me to do that to you as
Dara's mouth dropped open once again at his absurdity. "No!!"
"Sorry, but I only Iuck grown women." Jiyong continued arrogantly.
"I said no!!" Dara repeated a little louder. What did he see her as?!
Jiyong just chuckled as he rubbed his neck. He thought it was really amusing to see this little girl
angry like this. He wondered why he hadn't noticed her sooner.
Dara gritted her teeth in Iury as she stared at Jiyong's laughing Iace.
"You're so perverted. You.. You manwhore!" she snapped angrily.
Jiyong just snorted at her pathetic attempt at insulting him. "Is that any way to address your elder,
kid? You should be calling me Jiyong sunbae."
Dara snorted back at him in return. "Sorry, but I don't consider perverts as my elders."
She was about to turn around and walk out, but Jiyong quickly extended his right leg. Dara heard
Sohee and Jiyong laugh as she tripped over his leg and Iell to the ground.
"Look at how clumsy she is!" Sohee laughed loudly as she pointed to Dara. "She must be really
stupid, oppa!"
"That would be an understatement." Jiyong laughed along.
That was it. Dara lost the last bit oI patience she had been holding onto. She quickly got up Irom
the Iloor and angrily stomped up to Jiyong.
"You better stop laughing beIore I really hurt you." she warned as she clenched her Iists.
This just made him laugh harder. "Hurt me? Hahaha.. you're going to hurt me?!"
"I'm serious!" Dara yelled as she rolled up her sleeves.
"I dare you to try." Jiyong sneered as he Iolded his arms across his chest. "Kid."
"Aisht!" Dara yelled as she liIted her Ioot to kick Jiyong's leg. Her goal was to kick his thigh so
that he would lose his balance and Iall to the ground.
But her aim was a little oII, and she ended up kicking him right in the balls instead.
"OH E*CK!!!!" he cursed as he dropped to his knees.
´Uh oh..´ Dara thought as she saw Jiyong doubled over and clutching onto his pants in pain. She
hadn't meant to hurt him there.
"Oppa!" Sohee yelled worriedly as she hopped oII the laundry machine to kneel next to him.
"Are you okay?"
Jiyong groaned beIore shooting his head up to give Dara a deathly glare.
"What the Iuck do you think you're doing?!!" he yelled at her angrily. Dara gulped as she saw the
Iury in his eyes. But she told herselI to remain calm.
"I said that I would hurt you iI you didn't stop laughing at me." she replied nonchalantly as she
stared down at him. "I hope that keeps you quiet Ior a Iew days."
And with that, she turned around and walked out oI the laundry room.
"YAH! Come back here!!" Jiyong yelled angrily as he tried to get up. But he only ended up
Ialling down to his knees again in pain. "Shit!"
He turned to Sohee.
"Go home Ior now. I'll call you later." he groaned.
"But oppa.. you're hurt. I should stay here and--"
"Sohee." he cut her oII as he gave her a stern stare. "I'll call you later, okay?"
He was in so much pain right now, and he didn't need this annoying girl next to him. Honestly, iI
she didn't have such a great body, he wouldn't be dealing with her in the Iirst place.
Sohee just pouted a bit in disappointment, but she nodded. Like Yoona, she knew that Jiyong
hated girls who talked a lot and asked questions. Jiyong made sure that all the girls he hung out
with understood that. Without another word, Sohee got up and walked out.
As soon as Sohee leIt, Jiyong quickly took out his cell phone and called his Iriend Seungri.
´I´ll make vou pav for this, kid.´ he thought bitterly as he waited Ior Seungri to answer.
As soon as Dara exited the laundry room, she immediately bolted back to her room in Iear. She
saw how angry Jiyong had been back there, and she didn't want to imagine what he would do to
her iI they met again.
She quickly opened the door to her room and slammed the door shut beIore locking it. She
paused as she tried to catch her breath.
"Dara, what's wrong?" her roommate Chaerin asked as she looked up Irom her book.
"Huh?.. oh nothing." Dara replied quickly as she wiped the sweat oII her Iorehead. "When did
you get back?"
"A Iew minutes ago. Were you doing your laundry?"
"Oh yeah." Dara nodded Iuriously as she showed Chaerin her basket. "See? It's all clean now."
Chaerin Irowned as she stared at the wet clothes. "But why didn't you dry them?"
´Oh crap.´ Dara thought as she looked at the wet clothes. She had Iorgotten to put them in the
"Oh.. haha.. I just like air-drying them better." Dara explained as she started hanging her wet
clothes on her chair and bedpost.
Chaerin just shook her head and laughed. "Aigo, Darong.. you're so Iunny."
Like Dara, Chaerin was a sophomore in college. She and Dara met last year during gym class
and immediately became best Iriends. And although she thought Dara's behavior was a bit odd at
times, she liked Dara's cheeriness and innocence. It was hard to Iind someone as kind-hearted as
"Oh right. I Iorgot to tell you." Chaerin said as Dara continued hanging her wet clothes all
around the room. "I'm not going to be here this weekend."
"Are you going somewhere?" Dara asked.
"Yeah." Chaerin grimaced. "The geology department is going on a camping trip this weekend."
"Camping?" Dara asked in interest. "That sounds really Iun!"
"No it's not!" Chaerin objected. "Not when we're going there to look at rocks Ior the entire
Dara laughed at her reaction. "True.. that would kind oI suck. I'm glad I'm not going."
Dara continued laughing as Chaerin groaned.
She then Iroze as she thought about what this meant...
It meant that she would be alone in this room Ior the whole weekend with Kwon Jiyong living
only a Iew Ieet away. She knew that Jiyong couldn't hurt her in her room iI Chaerin was with her.
But without Chaerin...
Dara gulped. ´I am so dead..´
Just then, she heard loud knocking on the door.
"Yah, open the door! I know you're in there!" she heard Jiyong's voice as he pounded Iuriously
on the door. Just by hearing his voice, Dara already knew that he was still angry.
Chaerin's eyes widened in surprise. "Omo, that sounds like Jiyong sunbae! I didn't know that you
two were Iriends."
Although they were neighbors, Jiyong had never really acknowledged Dara and Chaerin's
presence. He was always too busy Iooling around with other girls or going to parties.
"We're not." Dara blurted out quickly as she jumped into bed and threw the covers over her
"Aren't you going to open the door?" Chaerin asked as she stared at the door.
"You open it. And tell him that I'm sleeping." Dara hissed as she squeezed her eyes shut.
Chaerin Irowned at her roommate's strange behavior, but she shrugged and got up to open the
Jiyong was ready to kill Dara on the spot, but he stopped once he saw that the person at the door
was Chaerin instead.
"Annyeonghaseyo, Jiyong sunbae." Chaerin bowed politely. "Are you looking Ior Dara?"
"Yes." Jiyong replied as he immediately put a sweet smile on his Iace. "Chaerin, right?"
Chaerin nodded. "Neh."
"Can I come in?"
´NO'´ Dara cried out in her head.
Chaerin knew that letting a playboy like Jiyong in their room was probably a bad idea, but she
couldn't help but melt at his gorgeous smile.
She nodded as she let him come in.
Once Jiyong entered the room, he saw that there was a lump on Dara's bed. He smirked as he
walked over and stood over the lump. Under the covers, Dara gulped and shuddered as she Ielt
Jiyong's presence hovering over her.
"I see that she's sleeping." Jiyong said innocently.
"Neh." Chaerin nodded. "She's been asleep Ior quite a while now."
"Then don't you think we should wake her up now?" Jiyong suggested without taking his eyes
oII the blanket.
Dara gulped again as she prayed Ior him to just leave.
"Umm.." Chaerin started oII, not sure how to respond to his question. "I don't think so. She
seemed really tired."
Dara smiled under the blankets.
"I see."
´Kekeke.. I think he´s going to leave now'´ Dara thought happily.
"I guess I'll just wait Ior her to wake up then." Jiyong said with a smirk. Dara heard him sit on a
´Wait, what?' No''´
Chaerin looked at the blanket hesitantly. She had a class she needed to attend and didn't know
what she was supposed to do. She turned to Jiyong.
"But I have a class I need to go to right now." she told him.
Jiyong nodded. "Then go ahead. I'll wait here."
Dara panicked under the blankets as she tried her best to keep still. The moment Chaerin leIt the
room, she knew Kwon Jiyong would certainly kill her on the spot.
"But.." Chaerin started oII.
"Don't worry." Jiyong laughed as he stared at Chaerin's hesitant Iace. He then turned to stare at
the lump on the bed. "It's not like I'm going to kill her or anything."
Under the covers, Dara shuddered at his words.
"Okay then." Chaerin answered as she packed her belongings. Although she wanted to stay with
Dara, she really needed to go to class.
´No, Chaerin-ah''´ Dara wailed in her head.
"I'll see you later." Jiyong smiled at Chaerin, making her blush a little. She quickly leIt the room
and closed the door behind her.
As soon as she leIt, Jiyong immediately wiped the Iake smile oII his Iace. His expression
darkened as he got up Irom the chair and walked over to the "sleeping" Dara.
´Oh god, oh god' He´s coming nearer'´ Dara Ireaked out.
"Wake up, kid." he said in a low voice as he hovered over her. Dara didn't dare to move an inch.
Jiyong pulled down the top oI her blanket, revealing her Iace. She was doing a horrible job oI
pretending to be asleep, and they both knew it.
Jiyong smirked. "You're a horrible actress. So stop it."
Dara groaned as she pretended to mumble in her sleep. Jiyong had to hold back his laughter.
Although he was still mad at her, she was doing such a pathetic job at acting that it was almost
Iunny to watch.
"Well, iI you won't wake up by yourselI.. I guess I'll have to wake you up then." Jiyong said with
a mischievous grin. Dara just responded with another groan.
Jiyong smirked as he quickly picked her up along with her blankets and tossed her over his
shoulders. He swiItly carried her out oI her room as easily as iI he were carrying a bag oI
Dara immediately opened her eyes in Iear as she dangled Irom Jiyong's shoulders.
"YAH, wait!! Put me down! I'm awake now!" she yelled as she kicked the air and punched his
But Jiyong pretended not to hear her. He continued walking down the hallway to the men's
restroom. He saw doors open as their hallmates curiously stared out to see who was causing the
commotion. Their eyes widened once they saw Jiyong carrying a screaming Dara.
"I said put me down!!"
Once they Iinally reached the restroom, Jiyong opened the door and walked in as Dara continued
struggling. He smirked as he turned on the cold water in one oI the shower stalls and threw Dara
inside along with her blanket.
"ACKKK!!" Dara yelled loudly as she Ielt herselI getting drenched by the cold water. She tried
to get out, but Jiyong quickly pushed her back into the stall, making her trip over her soaking
blanket and Iall down.
"AISHT, KWON JIYONG!!!!" Dara yelled as Jiyong started laughing hard as he stood outside
the stall with his arms crossed over his chest. Dara glared at him as she turned oII the water and
got up. She was soaking wet.
"What was that Ior?!" she demanded angrily as she walked out oI the stall.
"You weren't waking up." Jiyong answered with a shrug as he continued snickering. He wasn't
even angry anymore. She just looked so Iunny and pathetic right now that he had Iorgotten all
about his anger. Besides, she hadn't kicked him that hard earlier and he was Ieeling perIectly Iine
But he wouldn't let Dara oII that easily. He immediately stopped laughing and put on a serious
look on his Iace. Dara gulped as she remembered why he had wanted her to wake up in the Iirst
She cleared her throat and stared at him bravely.
"Listen, it's not my Iault that I kicked you earlier. You totally deserved it." she snapped as she
Iolded her arms across her chest.
"II it's not your Iault, then why did you run away Irom me?"
"I didn't run away." Dara answered nonchalantly. "I just didn't want to stay in the same room as a
perverted manwhore."
"I'm so hurt." he said sarcastically.
Dara snorted. "I'm glad. Now iI you don`t mind, I'm going back to my room--"
"No you don't." Jiyong cut her oII. "I have something to tell you."
"Too bad. I don't want to hear--"
"I just got back Irom the campus hospital." he said in a serious tone as he held out a piece oI
"So?" Dara raised her eyebrows.
Jiyong smirked. "Do you even realize the amount oI damage you've done to me, kid?"
Dara Iroze. "Damage?"
She bit her lower lip nervously.
"Does it still hurt... down there?" she asked quietly as she lowered her eyes.
"Yah, where are you looking?" he snapped harshly. Dara immediately jerked her head back up to
look at his Iace. Although Jiyong was laughing on the inside at Dara's sudden change in attitude,
he held a dark expression on the outside. It was enough Ior Dara to believe that he was really
"What did the nurse say?" Dara asked cautiously. Surely she hadn't caused much damage, right?
"Let's see.." Jiyong said as he read the paper. "It says here that there was a rupture through the
layers and that I'll have to go in again next week Ior surgical exploration and repair."
Dara's eyes widened. "N-neh?!... S-surgical repair?!"
´Did I reallv kick him that hard?'´
Jiyong nodded with a solemn look on his Iace. He could clearly see the rush oI Iear cross Dara's
eyes, and he had to try hard to stop himselI Irom laughing at the gullible girl in Iront oI him. Just
ten seconds ago, she was acting all nonchalant and conIident. But now, she was scared.
´If I needed surgerv, do vou reallv think I would be able to stand in front of vou right now?´ he
thought in amusement.
He decided to push his joking a little Iurther.
"Apparently, there was also a serious amount oI swelling and bruising. And because the blow
was so substantial, they said that I might even become sterile." he continued sadly.
Dara's mouth dropped open in shock as panic washed over her entire body.
´Oh mv goodness.. What have I done?'´
She quickly got on her knees and bowed her head. "I'm so sorry Jiyong sunbae! I'm so sorry I'm
so sorry!!" she apologized Irantically. No wonder he had been so angry earlier. How could he not
when she possibly made him become sterile?! He had every right to push her inside that shower
At this point, Jiyong was on the verge oI dying Irom holding in his laughter. This girl really
believed him!
But he shook his head and cleared his throat.
"Jiyong sunbae?" he repeated coldly. "Since when did you consider me as your elder?"
Dara panicked at his coldness. She held her head down in Iear as she continued apologizing.
"I was wrong, Jiyong sunbae. I was being very disrespectIul. Please Iorgive me."
"Eorgive you?" he repeated with a snort. "I just told you that I might become sterile, and you
want me to Iorgive you?!"
Dar gulped again as she looked up at him. He looked angrier than ever. His shiny brown eyes
were Iilled with darkness, and he had his Iists tightly clenched at his sides.
It was only then that she Iound it rather strange that he was standing so normally.
"Umm.. Jiyong sunbae?" she asked hesitantly. "II you're really hurt, then how come you're
standing so normally right now?"
´Oh crap.´ Jiyong thought in his head.
"I'm just better at acting than you are, okay?!" he yelled angrily. "Do you have any idea how
much it still hurts?!"
He then showed her the paper.
"And do you not see this paperwork I got Irom the hospital?!" he demanded. "Everything I just
told you right now is true!"
Dara grimaced as she held her head down again. It was Ioolish oI her to suspect that maybe
Jiyong was trying to mess around with her. "I'm so sorry... This is all my Iault."
´Hehe. She´s still fooled.´ Jiyong thought triumphantly.
"Do you think a sorry is going to suIIice?" he asked with a raised brow.
"No..." she mumbled as she stared at the Iloor.
"Thanks to you, no girl will ever want to take me Ior her husband anymore." he sighed sadly.
"Who would want a guy who can't reproduce?"
Dara bit her lower lip as she stared up at Jiyong. He now had a sad look on his Iace.
´Great.. I fust ruined this guv´s future.´
"Jiyong sunbae, don't say that." she pleaded as she got up Irom the Iloor and walked up to
Jiyong just let out another long sigh. He shook his head.
"No. Maybe this was meant to happen." he said quietly. "Maybe I'm being punished Ior
sleeping with so many girls."
He then gave Dara a weak smile. "I'm sorry Ior yelling at you. It's not your Iault. I'm just being
punished right now."
Seeing Jiyong talk like this just made Dara Ieel even guiltier. She would rather have him
continue to be mad and yell at her right now.
"Jiyong sunbae..."
Jiyong gave Dara another weak smile as he caressed her right cheek. Dara Ilinched at the sudden
contact, but she didn't brush him oII. He was sad right now and she needed to respect that.
"Then can I ask you a Iavor?" Jiyong asked soItly. Dara nodded, eager to make him happier in
any way.
"Anything. Ask me anything." she reassured him.
"Now that I'm not a normal man... No girl will ever want me." Jiyong started oII. Dara nodded
again, telling him to continue.
"And since you're the one who made me like this... Can you promise to stay by my side and take
care oI me?"
´Eh?´ Dara thought in conIusion.
Dara stared at Jiyong with a Irown. She wasn't sure what he meant by that.
"Take care oI you?" she asked him curiously. "How?"
Jiyong smiled as he cupped both oI Dara's cheeks and looked intently into her eyes.
"Will you marry me?"
"N-neh?" Dara asked in shock. "Marry you?"
Jiyong nodded innocently as iI he were asking the simplest request in the world. "Yes."
"What... What do you mean?"
"II you're really sorry about what you did to me, then marry me."
Dara mouth dropped open. "Jiyong sunbae. I can't do that!"
´Hahaha... Her face is totallv pale right now. This is so fun'´ Jiyong thought happily.
"Why not?" he asked with a hurt voice. "I thought you said I could ask Ior anything."
Dara stared at Jiyong uncomIortably. Seeing him so sad like this made Dara really want to help
him. But she couldn't marry him!
"But we're still in college." Dara reasoned as she tried to Iind an excuse to get out oI this mess.
"Is there a rule saying that people in college can't marry?" Jiyong asked innocently.
"Well.. No..." Dara answered. "But don't you want to marry someone you love?"
"But I do love you." Jiyong said in a silky voice as he took a step towards her. Dara instinctively
took a step back and Ielt the cold wall against her back. Jiyong grinned as he pressed his hands
on either side oI her head, trapping her completely.
"W-what are you talking about?" Dara stuttered as Jiyong lowered his Iace down close to hers.
At this distance, she could Ieel his minty breath on her lips as he looked intently into her eyes.
She Ielt her heart race.
"I Iell Ior you since the Iirst day I saw you." he said soItly as he ran his Iingers through her hair.
"N-neh?" Dara asked with wide eyes. What was this handsome guy saying right now?!
"Why do you think I always bring girls over to my room?" he asked as he traced her pink lips
with his long, delicate Iinger. "It's because I wanted you to notice me."
Dara panicked as Jiyong stared at her with such intensity in his eyes. Sure, she thought Jiyong
was good looking. Actually, that would be an understatement. Dara thought that Jiyong was
simply drop dead gorgeous. But that certainly did not mean that she loved him. Nor did she want
to marry him!
AIterall, he was a player.
"I thought you would be jealous iI I was always surrounded by other girls." Jiyong sighed. "I'm
sorry Ior not conIessing to you sooner."
"I.. I.." Dara stuttered as she tried to back away Irom Jiyong. This whole situation was just too
overwhelming Ior her. Kwon Jiyong, the most wanted bachelor on campus, loved her?!
Jiyong Ielt his laughter threatening to explode at any second, and he quickly pulled Dara into a
hug so that she couldn't see his Iace.
Dara gasped in surprise as her Iace landed right against Jiyong's hard chest. He wrapped his arms
around her waist possessively and held her close to him.
"J-Jiyong sunbae. I. You--"
"It's okay." Jiyong whispered as he stroked her head. "I know this is all really sudden Ior you, but
I'll wait until you're ready."
´What the hell is going on?'´ Dara Ireaked out.
Jiyong pulled apart Irom the hug and cupped both oI Dara's cheeks again. Dara Ielt the heat rush
to her Iace as Jiyong gave her a deep gaze. His eyes then lowered to her slightly parted lips. Dara
saw him lick his own lips beIore slowly leaning down.
´Oh mv gosh' Is he going to kiss me?'´
Dara Iroze as her heart pounded Iuriously. She had no idea how the situation had ended up like
this. She gulped beIore squeezing her eyes shut.
.But nothing happened.
She opened her eyes and saw Jiyong grinning at her, his Iace just millimeters away Irom hers.
Then, he burst into laughter.
"Hahahahaha! You should have seen your Iace just now, kid!" he laughed as he let go oI her Iace.
He clutched onto his stomach Irom laughing so hard.
Dara Irowned as she stared at the laughing Jiyong.
"Don't be scared, kid. I was kidding about the whole marriage thing." JIyong snickered as he
shook his head.
Dara Ielt her entire body Ireeze up as her mind went blank.
´So he was foking the whole time?'´
"You jerk!!!" Dara yelled as she raised her hand to smack him across the head. She couldn't
believe that this guy could joke about something as serious as marriage!
But Jiyong was Iaster. He grabbed her arm and gave her a playIul grin.
"Why are you mad? Don't tell me... Did you really want to marry me?" he teased.
"AS IE!" Dara snapped loudly as she tried to Iree herselI Irom Jiyong's grasp. But he just
chuckled as he held onto her tighter.
"Or are you mad that I didn't kiss you?"
Dara Ielt the heat rise to her Iace again. She actually had expected him to kiss her and had been a
little bit disappointed when he didn't do anything. But she would never admit that to him.
"NO! Why would I want you to kiss me with your ugly lips?!"
"Ugly?" Jiyong smirked. "Don't you mean Iull, sexy, and sensual lips?" he asked cockily.
Dara's mouth dropped open. Sure, he was speaking the truth, there was no doubt about that. But
how could he say such things with his own mouth?! Didn`t he have any shame?
"I don't even know why I'm talking to a pervert like you." Dara snapped as she shrugged him oII.
She was about to walk away when Jiyong pulled her back to him. He wasn't Iinished messing
with her.
"Aisht!" Dara yelled in annoyance. "What do you want now?!!"
Jiyong smirked as he held up the paper Irom the hospital. "I believe we were talking about this?"
Dara Ilinched.
"So you weren't lying about the hospital part?" she asked. "Do you really need to get surgery?"
"Yeah." he said in a serious tone.
´Just mv luck.´ Dara groaned.
"Eine..." she sighed. "What do you want Irom me?"
Jiyong grinned to himselI. "I need you to pay Ior my hospital Iees."
Dara nodded. That sounded reasonable enough. AIterall, she was the one who had caused the
damage. It made sense Ior her to take responsibility Ior it.
"How much?" she asked.
"Ten thousand dollars." Jiyong answered smugly. "By tomorrow."
"WHAT?!" Dara yelled in disbelieI. "Are you kidding me? Where can I Iind that much money
by tomorrow?!!"
Jiyong shrugged. "That's Ior you to Iind out."
"A surgery doesn't cost ten thousand dollars!" Dara snapped angrily.
"I know. The additional money is the compensationIee Ior my ruined Iuture." he said smoothly.
"Bring me the money by tomorrow."
He turned around and was about to leave the bathroom when Dara desperately grabbed onto him.
"Wait wait." she said a little worriedly. "Where am I going to Iind ten thousand dollars?"
Jiyong Ielt like laughing all over again. He couldn't believe this girl was so gullible! Man, he was
having so much Iun right now.
"I don't know." he shrugged again. "Ask your sister."
"Bommie doesn't have that much money either." Dara reasoned. "We're both college students!"
"And I'm a sterile man." he said coldly.
Dara Ielt like crying Irom Irustration. She wanted to slap herselI across the Iace Ior deciding to
kick him earlier. Now, she was in big trouble.
"Jiyong sunbae... I'm not saying that I won't give you the money." Dara said in a nicer tone. "I
just need more time. I promise I'll pay you back iI you give me more time."
"Nope." Jiyong shook his head. "I need it right away."
"But you're rich!" Dara yelled in exasperation. "Your parents are the owners oI YG Hotel!"
It was no secret that Kwon Jiyong's Iamily was rich. The whole school knew that his parents
were the owners oI the largest hotel chain in Korea.
"So?" Jiyong asked with a raised brow.
"Please..." Dara begged as he grabbed onto Jiyong's arms desperately. "I'll do anything you want.
Just please give me more time..."
´Aigo.. the kid looks like she´s going to crv soon.´ Jiyong thought.
He Ielt a little guilty Ior being such a bully, so he nodded.
"Okay then. You don't need to pay me in money."
Dara's eyes widened in surprise at his generosity. "Really?!"
"Yeah." Jiyong nodded. "You can just be my personal assistant instead."
"Personal assistant?" Dara asked blankly.
"You know. Running errands Ior me, getting me coIIee in the morning, and just doing little
things that I tell you to do."
Dara Irowned. "So you want me to be your slave?!"
"I never said that. I said personal assistant." Jiyong said smoothly.
"Which means slave!" Dara snapped. She didn`t like the sound oI that.
Jiyong sighed. "Eine then. I want my ten thousand dollars by tomorr--"
"Wait." Dara blurted out quickly.
Jiyong smirked.´Gotcha.´
"I'll do it." Dara muttered. "I'll be your... personal assistant." she mumbled.
Jiyong grinned. "I'm glad to hear that."
"Yah! What's taking you so long?" Jiyong demanded into the phone. "I asked Ior my coIIee ten
minutes ago!"
"You're impossible!" Dara yelled back in exasperation. "I already gave you your morning
"Are you stupid?" Jiyong asked with a smirk. "It's aIternoon now. It's time Ior my aIternoon
"Then get it yourselI!" Dara snapped in annoyance. "I just got out oI class!"
Jiyong had bothered Dara since this morning at six when he had demanded his morning coIIee.
Dara was already having a bad day Ior not being able to sleep in longer, and she was deIinitely
not in the mood to get him another cup oI coIIee.
"Why would I get it myselI when I have a personal assistant?" Jiyong asked smugly. He was
having way too much Iun with this.
"Because your personal assistant quits!" Dara yelled angrily without thinking.
"Okay, iI that's what you want. I want my ten thousand doll--"
"Where should I bring you your coIIee?" Dara interrupted quickly. Jiyong grinned in victory.
"I'm in the school caIeteria. Hurry up and come within Iive minutes."
"Eive minutes?!" Dara groaned in disbelieI. "I'm on the other side oI campus right now!"
"Too bad. II you don't come within Iive minutes, I'll be expecting a direct deposit into my bank
Erom the other line, he could almost hear Dara's brain exploding in anger. He snickered as he
hung up.
"You seem to be in a good mood today, Jiyong." Daesung said as he and his roommate Seungri
came to sit at the table with their lunch.
"You have no idea." Jiyong said with a mischievous grin.
"So why did you need that paper yesterday?" Seungri asked as he took a bite oI his sandwich.
Jiyong grinned. He had asked Seungri to make him a Iake hospital document so that he could
scare Dara. He quickly explained the story to Daesung and Seungri and how Dara was now his
personal assistant.
"Tch tch." Seungri shook his head. "Poor girl. She must have been traumatized thinking that she
really hurt you."
Jiyong just smirked as he thought about the gullible kid. It was really Iun teasing her. Part oI the
reason why he had made her his personal assistant was so that he could have an excuse to bully
her every day.
"But are you sure this is a good idea?" Daesung asked a little worriedly. "What iI she Iinds out
the truth later?"
"She won't." Jiyong answered lazily as he brushed his hand. There was absolutely no way that
the dense kid could Iind out that this was all a prank.
"Why are you doing this to her anyway?" Seungri asked curiously. The only time Jiyong ever
associated himselI with a girl was when he was trying to get into her pants. "Are you trying to..."
"No." Jiyong interrupted Iirmly. He had absolutely zero intentions oI getting Dara to sleep with
him. Sure, he didn't think that she was very bad-looking. In Iact, he thought that she was actually
kind oI cute. But she was deIinitely not his type.
AIterall, she was a kid.
"Then why are you doing this right now?"
"I don't know." Jiyong shrugged. "I was pretty bored these days, and she's just so Iun to tease."
"You know... Park Bom won't be too happy iI she Iinds out about this." Seungri warned.
Although Bom was a year younger than all oI them, she was deIinitely not someone you wanted
to mess with. She was the captain oI the kickboxing club as well as she judo club. The entire
campus knew her as the "Bominator."
"Whatever." Jiyong shrugged nonchalantly. "She's not in Korea right now."
Bom and TOP were currently studying abroad in America. They had leIt three months ago and
were scheduled to arrive back to Korea in a Iew weeks. Ever since Bom leIt, the campus had
been very peaceIul.
"But she won't be too happy." Daesung warned.
"As long as you two keep it quiet, nothing will go wrong." Jiyong said Iirmly. "So keep your
mouths shut."
Seungri and Daesung rolled their eyes at their Iriend, but they nodded.
"So... Does Yongbae know about this?" Daesung asked.
"Not yet." Jiyong answered. He actually hadn't seen Yongbae all day today. He was probably
studying in the library as always.
Just then, he saw Dara rushing into the caIeteria with a cup oI coIIee in her hands. Her Iace was
all Ilushed and sweaty probably Irom the running, and she had stray clusters oI hair hanging out
oI her loose ponytail. Jiyong grinned and waved.
"Over here!" he waved happily. Dara Iollowed the sound and glared once she saw Jiyong. She
stomped over to him.
"Here's your coIIee, sunbae-nim." she spat out the last word with contempt. Jiyong chuckled as
he took the cup Irom her hands. He then looked at his watch and put on an angry Iace.
"Yah, it's been over Iive minutes!" he yelled. "I thought I told you to come--"
"I brought you a cookie as well." Dara interrupted quickly as she shoved a large chocolate cookie
into his mouth. Then she gave him a sweet smile, hoping that he wouldn't Iire her and ask Ior
money instead.
Jiyong was taken aback by the sudden intrusion in his mouth. He raised his eyebrows in
amusement as he took a bite oI the cookie. He then grinned as he chewed. This girl was really
All the other girls Jiyong had been with didn't know what to do when he was mad at them. They
would only try to do aegyo and act all cutesy in hopes oI trying to make him happier. This, oI
course, only made him angrier.
"Sit." he said as he patted the chair next to him. Dara rolled her eyes but sat down next to him.
Eood always shut up men and put them in a brighter mood. Always.
It was only then that she noticed Daesung and Seungri sitting opposite oI them. Her expression
changed immediately as she gave them a bright smile.
"Annyeonghaseyo." she bowed politely. Although she wasn't close to Daesung and Seungri, she
knew that they were TOP's Iriends.
"Annyeong." Seungri replied back happily. The girl in Iront oI him had such a cute Iace and a
bright personality that he suddenly Ielt bad about writing the Iake hospital document Ior Jiyong
yesterday. "I just realized that I never Iormally introduced myselI."
He then extended his hand. "My name is Lee Seung Hyun. But you can just call me Seungri."
Dara smiled as she shook his hand. "Neh, Seungri sunbae. I'm Dara."
"Kang Daesung." Daesung extended his hand. "I'm Seungri's roommate."
Dara smiled again as she shook his hand as well. She liked Daesung and Seungri. They seemed
so nice.
She looked next to her and saw that Jiyong was drinking his coIIee lazily, not even paying
attention to what they were doing. She scowled under her breath and leaned closer to Seungri
and Daesung.
"Why do you guys hang out with Jiyong sunbae?" she whispered under her breath. "He's so
"I heard that." Jiyong said as he turned his head to stare at her. Seungri and Daesung laughed as
they stared at Dara with interest. They now knew why Jiyong Iound her Iun and interesting. This
girl had innocence written all over her Iace, and she wasn't aIraid to speak her mind.
"She's just stating the Iacts, Jiyong. You are kind oI weird." Seungri agreed as he laughed.
"Omo! So you agree with me, sunbae-nim?" Dara asked excitedly.
"Yup." Seungri grinned. Although he had originally Ielt bad Ior Dara, he now thought that
maybe it wouldn't be so bad. She was bright and seemed unaIIected by Jiyong's bullying.
Jiyong rolled his eyes as he saw Dara and Seungri snickering away. It seemed like they were
getting along well.
"Let's go, kid." he said as he got up Irom his chair.
"Wait, you're leaving?" Seungri suddenly asked a little worriedly.
"But aren't you going to have lunch?" Daesung asked with the same worried tone.
"You know I don't eat breakIast and lunch."
"But still, Jiyong. You guys should stay." Seungri suggested a little nervously.
"Yes." Daesung nodded Irantically. "The more the merrier! Hahaha..."
Dara Irowned as she stared at Seungri and Daesung. Why were they suddenly acting so weird
and awkward?
"No." Jiyong answered lazily. "It's too stuIIy in here. I need Iresh air."
He then turned to Dara. "Don't you think it's a little stuIIy in here as well?"
"Yes." she replied in agreement. It's not like she really had a choice anyways. He would threaten
to Iire her iI she disagreed with him.
"Then let's go."
"Bye, sunbae-nims." she said politely to Seungri and Daesung.
They didn't respond. They were Iocusing intensely on eating their sandwiches in Iront oI them.
Dara Irowned as Jiyong led her away Irom the caIeteria.
"What's wrong with them?" she asked Jiyong curiously. "They were Iriendly and talkative, but
then they suddenly became all quiet and awkward when you said that you were leaving."
Jiyong grinned.
"Daesung and Seungri are awkward with each other." Jiyong explained as he chuckled.
"Oh, did they just meet this year?" Dara asked.
"No. They're known each other Ior about Iive years already." Jiyong answered.
"What? Then how are they still awkward?" Dara asked incredulously.
Jiyong shrugged. "I'm not sure. They don't talk much to each other."
"But I thought you said they were roommates." Dara said in conIusion. She and Chaerin were
roommates, and they couldn't stop talking to each other.
"Yeah, I know." Jiyong said. "They're Iine when I or someone else is with them. But when it's
just the two oI them, they're just really awkward."
Dara Irowned as she shook her head. This didn't make any sense to her. How were two close
Iriends awkward with each other?
Jiyong smirked. "You think it's a little weird, huh?"
"Yes." she admitted as she nodded.
"And I thought you said that I was the weird one." he said with a smirk. "Turns out that I'm the
most normal, huh?"
Dara just snorted as she looked at her watch. Her eyes widened.
"Omo! It's almost one o'clock!" she gasped. Although she and Yongbae were supposed to meet
at three, Dara had asked him to meet her a little earlier since she had a job interview later.
"Jiyong sunbae, I need to go somewhere right now!" she blurted out quickly. "I'll see you later,
"Where?" Jiyong asked curiously.
"I need to go to the school caIe." Dara replied as she started walking Iaster.
"Yah, walk a little slower!" Jiyong snapped as he grabbed onto her arm.
"I'm late!" Dara yelled impatiently as Jiyong held onto her.
"Who said that you could leave?" he asked. "You're my personal assistant, remember?"
Dara let out an annoyed sigh. "But I need to meet someone! It's important!"
Jiyong smirked. "Like who? Your boyIriend?"
Dara rolled her eyes. "No! He's just a Iriend, okay?"
Jiyong raised his brows in amusement. "So you were really going to meet a boy?! Dang...
Whoever the guy is, he must have a bad taste in girls."
He then checked Dara out Irom head to toe and shook his head.
"What!" Dara snapped as she covered her chest with her hands.
"No need to cover those up, you know. You don't have anything there anyways." Jiyong smirked
as he continued eyeing her chest.
"Yes I do!" Dara retorted as she deIended herselI. Although she didn't have the biggest breasts,
they were still there! They still existed!
Jiyong raised his eyebrows in amusement. "Oh, really?"
"YES!" Dara shouted loudly, making passing students stare at her. She gave them an apologetic
Jiyong just smirked as he suddenly pinned her up against the nearest wall. He leaned down so
that their noses were almost touching.
Dara Ielt her heart race at how close he was to her.
"Then let's check." he whispered into her ear. Dara's eyes widened as his hands started slowly
moving up her waist, getting nearer to her chest by the second.
´Hmm.. she has prettv nice curves.´ Jiyong thought in surprise.
"What are you trying to do?! Stop!!" Dara yelled as she tried to push him oII oI her. Now
sheregretted not keeping her mouth shut in Iront oI this pervert.
"I'm just trying to see iI you're telling the truth." Jiyong said with a grin as he kept inching his
hands up. They were now dangerously close to her breasts. Dara looked around to see iI there
were any students passing by who could help her, but there were none.
´Where did evervone go all of a sudden?´ Dara panicked as she grabbed onto Jiyong's hands to
keep them in place.
"Don't you dare move up another inch." she warned.
"What's wrong?" Jiyong teased. "Not conIident?"
"No!" Dara snapped back.
"Then let me see them." he said as he lowered his hands away Irom her chest, only to slip them
inside her shirt. He Ielt a tingling sensation as his hands came in contact with her soIt Ilesh.
Dara's eyes widened in shock as he started pulling her shirt up.
"Y-yah! What are you doing?! Stop this!" she yelled as she squirmed and tried to get away Irom
"Why? You said you were conIident." he smirked.
"No, I'm not!" she blurted out.
"Too late." he said as he continued liIting her shirt up slowly.
desperately in hopes oI making Jiyong stop.
Luckily Ior her, he did stop. Dara let out a sigh oI relieI.
But her mouth dropped open when she noticed that some students were staring at her weirdly as
they passed by.
´Omo.. where did thev come from? I thought the hallwav was emptv''´ Dara thought in surprise.
Jiyong laughed as he removed his hands Irom her body and took a step away Irom her. He
laughed louder as Dara blushed in embarrassment at her outburst.
"Nice oI you to shout it out to the whole world." he snickered as he stared at the passing students.
Some oI the male students were eyeing her with interest, trying to see iI she was telling the truth.
"You are such a pervert!" Dara yelled out in exasperation. "This is all your Iault!"
"What?" he shrugged innocently. "You're the one who announced it out loud."
"Because otherwise you were going to touch me!" she spat out angrily.
Jiyong snorted. "Oh, please. I can touch any girl's boobs at any time iI I wanted. Why would I
want to touch yours?"
Dara's mouth dropped open at his arrogant comment. But beIore she could Iind the proper words
to say, Jiyong spoke beIore her.
"Call your Iriend and tell him you won't be meeting him today."
´Oh, right. Yongbae oppa'´ Dara thought as she looked at her watch.
"Omo! I'm already IiIteen minutes late!"
"So tell him you're not going."
Dara shot him a glare. "Are you crazy? Why wouldn't I go?!"
"Because I said so." he replied lazily. "I need you to go to the convenient store and buy me some
"Haha.... Very Iunny." she said sarcastically as she dialed Yongbae's number to tell him that she
was on her way.
"Hello?" she heard Yongbae answer Irom the other line.
"Sorry I'm late, oppa. I'll be there in Iive--"
"Hi." Jiyong said as he took the phone Irom Dara's hands. "I'm Dara's husband, and I would
appreciate it iI you would stop hanging out with my wiIe, okay?"
Without even hearing what the other speaker had to say, Jiyong abruptly hung up. He then gave
the phone back to Dara.
"What was that Ior?!" Dara demanded as she glared at Jiyong in disbelieI.
"I told you that I needed you to run an errand."
"Why me?!" she groaned in Irustration. "You've been bothering me all day since six this
"That's what assistants are supposed to do."
Dara sighed as she touched her Iorehead. Talking to this impossible guy was giving her a
"Eine." she muttered as Jiyong Ilashed her a perIect smile.
"Sorry I'm late. I had to stop by my proIessor's oIIice to turn in my ess-- OMO DARA!"
Dara looked up and tiredly smiled at Chaerin. "Hi."
Chaerin Irowned as she stared at her tired roommate's Iace. She had severe dark circles under her
eyes and her Iace was pale.
"When did you go to sleep last night?" Chaerin asked as she sat across Irom Dara at the table.
"I didn't." Dara replied with a yawn as she took a bite oI her ramen noodles. II there was one
thing that Dara liked about her school, it was that they served the best ramen noodles in the
"Why not?" Chaerin asked worriedly.
"I was just so busy yesterday." Dara explained tiredly. "AIter my classes, I visited the head oI the
math department to request a math tutor... And then I stopped by the post oIIice to mail a
postcard to Bommie... And then I had work Irom Iour to nine... And then I stayed up writing a
paper Ior the rest oI the night."
AIter Iailing her math exam, Dara had decided that it was time to get a math tutor.
She also apologized to Yongbae Ior ditching him two days ago. Yongbae had been very
understanding and told Dara not to worry about it. He hadn't even asked Dara what the whole
"husband" thing was about, nor did he seem to notice that the person on the phone had been
Jiyong. He had just given Dara a warm smile and told her to just buy him lunch later as an
But although he had reassured her that it was okay, Dara still Ielt really guilty.
"Aigo.. Poor Darong. Maybe you should stop working." Chaerin suggested.
Dara had recently been accepted to work at the college dining hall. She had to do a variety oI
things Irom serving Iood to washing dishes. Although it wasn't the best job she ever had, she
really needed money to buy school textbooks. She also wanted to buy Yongbae an oIIicial
apology present along with lunch.
"No, I'm Iine. I'll just catch up on my sleep during the weekend." Dara reassured her as she let
out another eye-watering yawn.
Just then, her phone vibrated. She looked at her phone and saw a message Irom Jiyong.
One text message from Pervert:
Kid, I need you to pick up my clothes from the dry cleaners.
Dara gritted her teeth in annoyance as she clenched her phone.
Pick it up yourself!
She slammed her phone down on the table, only to see it vibrating again.
I can't. I'm going to the club right now.
"Aisht!" Dara muttered angrily. Although it had only been a Iew days since she had started being
Jiyong's "personal assistant," it Ielt more like a Iew years.
"Aigo. Is Jiyong sunbae still bugging you?" Chaerin asked with a Irown.
"Yes..." Dara muttered.
Chaerin shook her head in pity. "Darong... You really shouldn't have kicked him... there."
"I know I know." Dara groaned in regret.
"I'm surprised that he didn't sue you, though." Chaerin said thoughtIully. "Most guys would have
probably taken it to court."
Dara sighed. "True... I'm just glad he didn't do that considering that I did ruin his Iuture. I guess I
really don`t have any right to complain..."
Chaerin patted her Iriend's back in encouragement. "Cheer up. I'm sure things will get better."
"I hope so..." Dara sighed as she took another bite oI her ramen.
Just then, see saw their Iriend Minzy walking over to their table. Dara immediately smiled as she
"Hey, you guys!" Minzy greeted them brightly as she sat down at the table. She then Irowned as
she stared at Dara.
"Ssantoki, what happened to you during the past Iew days I didn't see you?" Minzy asked
worriedly. "You look dead!"
Minzy had recently been accepted to work at the school hospital as the receptionist. Although
she was only a sophomore, she was accepted because she was an honor's student majoring in
biology. So Ior the past Iew days, she had been busy and hadn't been able to hang out with Dara
and Chaerin.
"She just didn't get any sleep last night." Chaerin explained. "Poor thing..."
"I'm Iine." Dara reassured Minzy. "Anyways, how have you been? How's your new job?"
"Oh, yes!" Minzy said excitedly as she nodded. "I love it!"
"That's good." Dara smiled.
"Oh, Seungri sunbae works at the hospital as well." Minzy continued happily. "He works in the
"Really?" Chaerin asked with a raised brow.
"Mhmm! And he sometimes helps me in the Iront when we get really busy. He`s really kind."
"Do you guys get busy oIten?" Dara asked.
"Not really.¨ Minzy said thoughtIully.'No one really came in this week except Ior Jiyong
Dara grimaced as she thought about why Jiyong had visited the hospital.
"Was he... Hurt a lot?" Dara asked hesitantly. "Aigo. This is all my Iault."
Minzy Irowned. "What do you mean it's your Iault? You guys don't even talk to each other."
Dara sighed. Minzy didn't know anything about the incident that had occurred between her and
"It's a long story.¨ Dara started oII.'But beIore I tell it to you, when is his surgery?"
"Surgery?" Minzy repeated with a clueless Iace. "What surgery?"
"You know... Eor his... You know what..." Chaerin said as she blushed a little. Dara groaned as
she buried her Iace in her hands.
"What are you guys talking about?Jiyong sunbae's not scheduled Ior a surgery."
"Huh?" Dara asked in conIusion. "He's not?"
"No." Minzy replied in an equally conIused tone.
"Then why did he visit the hospital this week?" Dara asked.
"Oh, he was picking up a piece oI paper Irom Seungri sunbae."
"A piece oI paper?"
"Yeah. A Iake medical report or something."
"What?!" Dara and Chaerin asked at the same time.
"A Iake report?!" Chaerin asked with wide eyes.
"Yes." Minzy replied. She then looked around to make sure that no one was eavesdropping.
"I overheard them talking. And apparently, Jiyong sunbae was trying to scare a girl Ior kicking
him in the--"
"WHAT?!" Dara yelled loudly, making Minzy jump in surprise.
´That ferk has been lving to me the whole time?'´ she thought Iuriously.
Minzy Irowned in conIusion. "I said... Seungri sunbae made Jiyong sunbae a Iake document so
that he could--"
"SO HE'S NOT STERILE?!!" Dara yelled loudly as she slammed her Iists on the table, making
the people next to her stare at her.
But Dara didn't care. She was beyond Iurious and was starting to get a headache Irom this whole
situation. How dare he trick her like that!!
"What are you looking at?!" she snapped at the people next to them. "Have you never seen
someone yell beIore, HUH?!!"
Minzy and Chaerin gasped as Dara started yelling at the shocked students. Although it was
common Ior Bom to yell at random students who pissed her oII, Dara had never done so.
"Yah, Dara. Sit down." Chaerin hissed as she pulled Dara back in her seat. She gave the students
an apologetic look as they walked away.
"What are you talking about, Dara? Why would Jiyong sunbae be... Sterile?" Minzy asked. She
was now beyond conIused.
Dara slammed her Iists on the table again as she got up Irom her seat.
"I'll see you guys later." she said in a dark voice.
"Hey, have you guys seen Jiyong?" Yongbae asked Seungri and Daesung once he had Iinally
made it through the crowd in the club.
He hadn't seen Jiyong Ior the past week, and he really needed to ask him a question. Although he
hadn't mentioned anything to Dara, Yongbae knew that it was Jiyong who had answered her
phone. Not only that, Jiyonghad also reIerred to himselI as her husband!
This bothered Yongbae. Since when were Jiyong and Dara so close?
"Yongbae! Nice oI you to Iinally come out Ior once!" Seungri said brightly as he handed
Yongbae a drink.
"What have you been up to this past week?" Daesung asked.
"Just catching up on my schoolwork." Yongbae answered casually as he took a sip oI his drink.
He quickly scanned the club to see iI Jiyong was anywhere to be Iound, but he didn't see him.
"Jiyong's probably in the lounge." Seungri said with a grin. "The last time I saw him, he was with
this really hot chick."
Yongbae shook his head in disapproval. "What's that guy been up to these days?"
"The usual, you know." Daesung answered. "Sleeping around with random girls like always."
"But then there's Dara, remember?" Seungri added.
Yongbae almost spat his drink back out.
"Dara?!" Yongbae asked with wide eyes. "He slept with Dara, too?!!"
"No no." Seungri said as he brushed his hand casually. "He's just using her as her slave."
"Not slave." Daesung interrupted. "She's his 'personal assistant,' remember?" he said sarcastically.
"Right, I Iorgot." Seungri laughed with a nod. "Personal assistant..."
"Personal assistant?" Yongbae asked incredulously. "Why?"
Seungri quickly explained the entire situation to Yongbae who just opened his mouth in shock.
"What?" he asked in disbelieI as he Ielt his body start to tense up in anger.
"I still Ieel kind oI bad Ior writing that Iake document." Seungri said with a sigh. "But luckily,
Dara seems to be pretty unaIIected."
"I honestly don't understand what Jiyong's trying to do, though." Daesung added. "He usually
only hangs out with girls so that he can get them in bed--"
"I'll see you guys later." Yongbae said quickly as he went to look Ior Jiyong. He needed to talk to
him right away.
AIter a Iew minutes, Yongbae Iinally Iound Jiyong. He was sitting in one oI the couches in the
lounge making out with a girl who Yongbae thought was in his chemistry class.
Yongbae rolled his eyes and walked over to them. Jiyong's hands were roaming all over the girl's
body as she was trying to unbutton his shirt.
"Yo, Jiyong!" Yongbae said loudly as he tried to get his attention. Jiyong paused what he was
doing and looked up. His eyes lit up as when he saw his Iriend.
"Hey, man. Long time no see." Jiyong said with a lopsided grin as he ran his hands up and down
the girl's waist.
"Can we talk?" Yongbae asked.
"Sure." Jiyong answered, making the girl pout in disappointment.
"But oppa..." she whined as she tried to wrap her arms around his neck. Jiyong just chuckled as
he pulled her apart.
"We can Iinish this later, okay?" he asked playIully beIore giving her a peck on the lips. This
seemed to satisIy the girl, and she giggled beIore nodding happily.
"Come over to my place later?" she asked sweetly as she gave Jiyong a hopeIul look.
Jiyong grinned as he pinched her cheeks. "We'll see, baby... We'll see."
"Call me." the girl said with a wink as she walked away. Yongbae turned back to Jiyong.
"Isn't she the girl in our chemistry class?"
Jiyong shrugged. "I'm not sure. Maybe?"
"Maybe?" Yongbae repeated incredulously. "Do you even know her name?"
"I think her name is Jessica or something." he answered lazily.
"You think?" Yongbae repeated againin disbelieI.
"Whatever. That's not important." Jiyong said nonchalantly. "I thought you wanted to talk."
"Oh, right." Yongbae nodded as he went to sit next to Jiyong.
"What's this whole 'personal assistant' thing?" Yongbae asked as calmly as he could.
"Oh, so you heard?" Jiyong smirked. "That kid is just so gullible that I'm playing around with
"But why?" Yongbae asked with a Irown. "Why are you giving her attention when you don't
even like her?"
Jiyong shrugged. "I don't know. It's Iun."
"Eun?" Yongbae repeated as he Ielt his anger rise again. "That girl is probably going through a
miserable time, and you think this is Iun?"
"Dude, chill." Jiyong said with a Irown. "It's just a joke."
"And is you being her husband a joke as well?" Yongbae asked bitterly.
He knew that Jiyong was a jerk to a lot oI girls when he wanted to be, but this wasn't okay. He
had no right to do this to Dara.
Jiyong raised his eyebrows in surprise. "How did you know about that?"
"Because you said so yourselI." Yongbae muttered.
Jiyong Iurrowed his brows. "Wait. Were you the guy who was supposed to meet her two days
Jiyong's mouth dropped open slightly in surprise. "Why?"
"I was supposed to help her with math. I'm her Iriend." Yongbae explained quickly.
"Oh." Jiyong smirked in amusement. "The kid's bad at math?"
"Jiyong." Yongbae said in a serious tone. "Don't do anything stupid to her. She's a nice girl."
"Yeah yeah." Jiyong nodded. "Don't worry. I'm not going to sleep with her iI that's what you
"I meant. Stop this prank as well."
Jiyong Irowned as he stared at Yongbae suspiciously. "Why are you taking this so seriously?"
"I told you. I'm her Iriend."
Jiyong noticed that Yongbae was acting a little strange. But beIore he could say anything, he Ielt
his phone vibrate.
Yongbae sighed. "Answer your phone, Ji. I'll talk to you later."
´He´s reallv being weird todav...´ Jiyong thought as he watched Yongbae walk away. He then
reached Ior his phone.
"Hello?" he answered.
"Jiyong sunbae." a voice slurred on the other line.
Jiyong Irowned. "Yah, kid. Are you drunk?"
"Hehe..." Dara giggled. "Just a little."
Jiyong snorted. "Listen, kid. I'm busy right now, so--"
"Don't worry." Dara said quickly. "AIter today, you won't see or hear Irom me ever again."
"You sound like someone who's about to jump oII a bridge or something." Jiyong said
"I am." Dara said in a serious tone.
Jiyong Iroze. "What?!"
"Jiyong sunbae... I'm sorry Ior ruining your Iuture." Dara said sadly. "I never meant to do any
"What are you..." Jiyong trailed oII hesitantly. It couldn't be. Was Dara really planning on doing
what he thought she was going to do?!
"I just hope that even aIter I die... You continue to live a happy liIe..." Dara continued with a
Jiyong Ielt a sudden coldness rush over his body at her words.
"Yah! Where are you right now?!" he shouted as he sprang up Irom the couch.
"Olympic Bridge." Dara giggled. "I'm so high up!.. High high~ I'm so high~ High high~ up in
the sky~"
"Hehe.." Dara continued laughing as she stopped singing. "Sunbae... I just threw my shoe and it
Iell down.. down.. down.. and plop!.. in the water."
"Kid, this isn't Iunny! Get away Irom the bridge!" Jiyong yelled desperately.
"Sunbae... Will I disappear like my shoe iI I jump?"
"YES!" Jiyong yelled in panic. "So don't you dare think about doing anything stupid!"
He had never meant Ior things to get this out oI control. But then again, how was he supposed to
know that this crazy kid was going to overreact and behave like this?!
"No... I deserve to die..." Dara sighed. "How can I live in peace when I ruined everything Ior
"No no!" Jiyong yelled as he Ielt his palms get sweaty. "I was kidding! I'm not sterile! I'm
completely Iine!" he blurted out.
"Hehe.. Nice try.." Dara laughed bitterly. "You don't need to lie..."
"Oh, sunbae.. Hehe.. You suck at lying.."
"Don't you move an inch!" Jiyong said sternly as he squeezed his way through the crowd oI
people and ran to his car. "I'm going right now. Just stay there, you understand?!!"
"Bye, Jiyong sunbae..."
"It was nice meeting you.."
"Don't you dare hang up!" he warned as he drove to the Olympic Bridge, breaking about twenty
traIIic laws at once.
"Mission success!" Dara said smugly as she shoved her phone into her pocket and grinned evilly.
It seemed like her Iake suicide drama had worked. Kwon Jiyong was scared out oI his mind.
"Oohh.. I just can't wait to laugh at his panic-stricken Iace once he gets here!" she snickered as
she hopped up and down like a rabbit, not caring that she was standing on the bridge with a lot oI
cars passing by. She probably looked very Ioolish right now, but she was too excited to mind.
"Keke.. I bet he's so scared right now!" she said as she patted herselI on the back. "Good job, toki
This would be enough payback. Dara was certain that Jiyong had received enough emotional
stress by her act. Now all she had to do was wait Ior him to come so that she could laugh at him.
That would be the perIect ending.
Dara sighed happily as she waited Ior the pervert. She leaned on the railing as she looked down
at the body oI water below her.
"Wow.. I'm really high up.."
She gulped a little in Iear. Dara couldn't really imagine herselI jumping down Irom this height.
She didn't even know what made her joke about such a scary thing in the Iirst place. She was just
so mad at Kwon Jiyong that she wanted him to get a taste oI his own medicine.
"But this is kind oI scary..." she said as she looked down again.
Out oI curiosity, she picked up a pebble Irom the ground and dropped it. But because she was so
high up, she obviously couldn't see the eIIect it had on the water once it Iell in.
Dara pouted slightly as she picked up another pebble and dropped it as well. She leaned Iurther
on the railing so that she could take a closer look.
"Tch. I can't even see anything.." she muttered as she got on her toes and leaned even Iurther on
the railing. "Hmm... maybe iI I Iind a larger rock I can-- ACK!"
Dara yelled in surprise as she Ielt a strong pair oI arms wrap around her waist and drag her
IorceIully away Irom the railing.
"What--" she gasped as the person held her tightly in his arms as iI he was aIraid to lose her.
Dara Ielt her Iace get pressed against the person's chest, and she was able to get a sniII oI his
cologne. Just Irom the smell, she knew that it was Jiyong.
"Yah!" Dara squirmed as she tried to hit his chest. "You're squishing me!"
Jiyong suddenly released Dara so that he could look at her. Dara gulped when she noticed that he
looked really angry. His dark eyes were on Iire and his nose Ilared in Iury.
Instinctively, Dara tried to take a step back Irom him. But Jiyong quickly grabbed onto her
shoulders Iirmly to keep her in place. He was aIraid that iI he let go oI her, she would run back to
the railing again.
"What the Iuck do you think you're doing?!!" Jiyong demanded as he gave Dara an intense glare.
"Are you crazy?!!"
Although Jiyong was relieved that he had come in time, he was also Iurious that the kid had even
considered committing suicide.
He had seen everything. He saw how Dara had leaned Iorward on the railing, preparing to jump.
Jiyong had nearly had a heart attack when he saw the scene.
"Answer me!" Jiyong yelled angrily as he shook her. "What were you thinking, you idiot!!"
Dara opened her mouth to answer, but beIore she could say anything, Jiyong quickly dragged her
to his car and shoved her inside. He needed to get her away Irom this bridge as soon as possible.
"Yah, it hurts!" Dara snapped in annoyance as her butt crashed against the seat. Ignoring her,
Jiyong quickly Iastened her seatbelt and slammed the door shut. He quickly went over to the
other side and got in beIore starting the engine. Within seconds, he was speeding away Irom the
"Why are you driving so quickly?!" Dara asked with a Irown as she stared at Jiyong's dark
Iace.'Slow down!¨
But Jiyong didn't listen to her. He speeded away until he reached the nearest parking lot he could
Once they were parked, he turned to glare at Dara.
"What's wrong with you?" Dara asked. "Calm down."
"How can I calm down when I saw you trying to jump just now?!!" Jiyong bellowed in
Irustration. "Are you really out oI your mind?!"
´Jump?´ Dara thought to herselI.
She then grinned a bit in amusement. Jiyong had probably seen her leaning on the railing and
thought that she was preparing to jump oII the bridge.
Dara quickly put on a sad expression as she stared at Jiyong apologetically.
"I'm sorry..." she mumbled in her saddest voice.
Jiyong immediately Ielt bad Ior yelling at her. AIter all, everything was his Iault. He sighed as he
shook his head.
"No.." he said soItly. "I'm the one who should be apologizing. This is all my Iault."
Dara liIted her head and saw that Jiyong looked sincerely sorry.
"Dara. I'm actually not sterile." Jiyong conIessed. "I lied because I thought it would be Iun to
mess around with you."
Dara could tell that Jiyong looked really guilty Ior what he had done. But would she let him get
oII so easily?
She immediately put on a hurt Iace as she stared at Jiyong in disbelieI. "What?! So you lied to
Jiyong grimaced as he stared at the angry kid. She had every right to be mad right now.
"I'm sorry.." he apologized.
Suddenly, a mischievous idea crossed Dara's head.
"Do you think a sorry is going to suIIice?" she asked with a Irown.
Jiyong sighed. "No."
"I can't believe you would lie to me like that." she continued in an oIIended tone. Then, without
warning, she burst into tears.
Although Dara wasn't a good actress, she was awIully good at Iorcing herselI to cry. Ever since
she was little, she had been a girl with a lot oI tears. And in times like this, it was very useIul.
Jiyong, on the other hand, was completely taken aback by Dara's sudden outburst oI tears.
´Crap' I must have reallv upset her.´
"Yah..! Stop crying. I said I was sorry." he said as he tried to calm her down. But Dara didn't
listen to him. She quickly unbuckled her seatbelt and ran out oI his car. She realized that they
were in the parking lot oI a hotel. And because it was nighttime, there were a lot oI people
walking in and out oI the entrance.
´Perfect..´ she thought as she walked over to the entrance.
Jiyong quickly rushed out aIter her and grabbed her arm to make her look at him.
"Let go oI me!" Dara yelled as she tried to get away Irom him. "You bastard!!"
"Just get back in the car." Jiyong reasoned.
"You are such a jerk!!" Dara yelled as she sat on the ground and started bawling her eyes out.
She really looked like a kid right now.
Jiyong's eyes widened as he stared at her. There were a lot oI people staring at them as Dara
caused a scene.
"Yah, kid!" Jiyong hissed as he knelt next to her and tried to get her to stand back up. "People are
staring. Get up!"
"I can't believe you would do this to me!" she yelled as she continued crying. There was now a
crowd oI people gathering around them, curious as to what was going on.
"Arasso, arasso. I'm sorry." Jiyong said quickly. "So just get up. We can discuss this somewhere
He didn't like how all these random people were staring at them curiously. Why couldn't people
just mind their own business?!
"I hate you!!" Dara continued wailing, not caring that people were staring at her. In Iact, it was
all part oI her plan.
"I'll give you three seconds to get up." Jiyong hissed as he lost his patience. He was starting to
get annoyed that Dara was causing a scene right now. "II you don't get up, I'll just leave you
"And now you're threatening to leave me?!" Dara cried as Jiyong stood up and turned his back to
"I told you to get up." Jiyong said in an annoyed tone as he started to walk away. "Hurry up
beIore I really leave you."
"Then what about our baby?!"
Jiyong Iroze. He quickly turned around to look at her.
"What?" he asked in disbelieI.
"I'm six weeks pregnant, oppa.."
Jiyong's mouth dropped open. What was this kid talking about?!
The people around them murmured amongst themselves as they gave Jiyong disgusted looks oI
"Young man, are you just going to leave your wiIe sitting there on the ground?" a woman asked
with a Irown.
Jiyong couldn't believe his ears.
Jiyong pointed to himselI. "Me?" he asked in disbelieI. "I'm not her husband."
This made Dara burst into another round oI tears. "You don't even want to acknowledge that
we're married anymore?!"
Jiyong snapped his head back to Dara. "Yah, what are you trying to do right now?!" he yelled.
"Why are you yelling at me when you're the one who cheated on me?!"
"What?!" Jiyong asked in disbelieI. "Cheat on you?"
"Don't think you can Iool me, oppa." Dara sniIIled as she wiped her tears. "I know that you
always cheat on me with other girls!"
The crowd gasped at Dara's words. Jiyong couldn't believe his ears.
"Haha.." he laughed uneasily as he tried to get Dara to shut up. "She's just kidding." he told the
crowd. He then turned back to Dara.
"Stop talking nonsense and get up!" he hissed.
Dara glared at Jiyong as she clutched her stomach. "I'm not going to get up until you tell me who
that girl was earlier."
"What girl?!"
"The girl you were with inside the hotel!" Dara screamed. "How can you do this to me when I'm
"Young man!" the same lady scolded him. "How can you do that to your pretty wiIe?"
"Yeah!" another lady agreed. "You should be ashamed oI yourselI!"
Pretty soon, all the Iemales in the crowd were murmuring in agreement as they all glared and
pointed their Iingers at Jiyong.
"Go apologize to her right now!" the Iirst lady ordered as she pushed Jiyong over to Dara. "Ask
her to Iorgive you!"
"Aisht, ahjumma!" Jiyong snapped in annoyance. "She's not even my wiIe-- OW!"
Jiyong rubbed the spot on his head where the lady hit him. "What was that Ior?!"
"You immature boy!" the lady scowled in disapproval. "Aren't you embarrassed in Iront oI your
baby in her stomach?!"
"I'm telling you, I'm not the Iath-- OW!"
Jiyong grimaced as he touched his head again. "Ahjumma!"
Dara had to try hard to keep herselI Irom bursting into laughter. Kwon Jiyong was being beaten
by an ahjumma!
Jiyong looked down and noticed that Dara had a smug look on his Iace. His Iace darkened as he
walked over to Dara and picked her up bridal style.
"I'm sorry, baby." he said in a sugary voice so that everyone could hear. "I was wrong. Will you
Iorgive me?"
"That's more like it." the lady nodded in approval. "Don't you dare make her cry again!"
Dara smiled at the lady. "Thank you, ahjumma."
"You're going to pay Ior this." Jiyong whispered in Dara's ears through gritted teeth as he carried
her to his car.
"Want me to call the ahjumma again?" Dara suggested. She then cleared her throat. "AHJUM--"
BeIore Dara could Iinish her sentence, Jiyong quickly covered her mouth with his hand and
shoved her back inside the passenger seat.
The moment Jiyong got in the car, Dara burst out laughing.
"HAHAHAHAHA! You should have seen yourselI out there!" she laughed loudly.
"This isn't Iunny, kid." Jiyong growled. "Did you have to do that when I already said that I was
"Well... At Iirst I was just going to stop at the Iake suicide." Dara said smugly. "But then when I
realized that we were in Iront oI a hotel--"
"Wait, what?!" Jiyong interrupted in disbelieI. "Eake suicide? Eake?!"
It was only then that Jiyong noticed that Dara wasn't even drunk. She was completely sober. He
Ielt his body tense up as he Iinally came to a realization oI what was going on.
"So you lied to me about jumping oII the bridge?!"
"Yes." Dara replied smugly.
"Are you out oI your mind?!" Jiyong asked Dara in disbelieI. "How can you lie about
committing suicide?!!"
"And how can you lie about Iertility?" Dara challenged smoothly. "I can't believe you asked
innocent Seungri sunbae to make you a Iake hospital document."
Jiyong's mouth dropped open. He didn`t recall telling Dara about the Iake document. "So you
knew that everything was a lie?"
"I just Iound out today."
Jiyong narrowed his eyes at Dara. "So you knew everything, yet you still decided to cause a
Dara Ilinched at Jiyong's sudden outburst. "Aisht, you're going to make me go deaI!" she
Jiyong glared at Dara. The nerves oI this kid! Lying to Kwon Jiyong?
"You really don't know who you're messing with." he said in a dark voice. But Dara didn't seem
to be scared one bit.
"Yeah?" Dara raised her eyebrows as she eyed the area between his legs. Jiyong Ilinched and
instinctively used his hands to protect his most important body part.
"Hahahaha!" Dara laughed loudly as she pointed to the scared Jiyong. "Look at you!"
"Aisht, yah!" Jiyong yelled as he glared at her. "Do you know how important my pet is to me?!"
"Tch." Dara snorted as she crossed her arms over her chest. "Pet?" she repeated in disbelieI.
"Didn't you learn a lesson the last time you kicked me there?" he asked as he kept his hands
protectively on his pants.
"Yeah. I learned that I should have kicked you harder, pervert." Dara replied as she stuck her
tongue out at him.
"I thought I told you call me Jiyong sunbae!"
"HA, sunbae my ass! More like Jiyong byuntae."
"Yeah, byuntae!" Dara said smugly as she stuck her tongue out at him again. Jiyong rolled his
"How very mature oI you. What are you in, third grade?"
And so Ior the next Iew minutes, Jiyong and Dara bickered like immature elementary school
students. They were so busy attacking each other with their words that they Iorgot that they were
still in the hotel parking lot.
"Omo!" Dara said as she looked at her watch. "It's almost eleven!"
She then turned to Jiyong. "Yah, pervert. Take me home."
"Why should I?" Jiyong asked with a smirk. It was now his turn to play with her. No one messed
around with Kwon Jiyong.
"Because I'm tired." Dara admitted. It had been a long week, and she needed to catch up on her
sleep. Originally, she had planned on going to bed right aIter her classes were over. But then
things had changed when she Iound out that Jiyong had lied to her. She had decided to plan her
revenge instead.
"Do you want to sleep?" Jiyong asked with a mischievous grin. He was deIinitely up to no good.
"Yeah." Dara nodded as she let out a little yawn.
"Okay." Jiyong nodded.
BeIore Dara could say anything else, he quickly got out oI the car and walked over to the Dara's
side. He picked her up bridal style and swiItly carried her into the hotel.
"Wait, what are you doing?!" Dara asked in shock when she realized where they were.
"You said you were sleepy." Jiyong said with a smirk as he held her. He then turned to the
"One room please."
Dara's eyes widened. "What?!"
"Would you like two beds or one?" the receptionist asked with a smile.
Jiyong chuckled as he winked at the girl in his arms. "One, oI course."
"WHAT?!" Dara yelled louder as she tried to get down Irom Jiyong's arms.
"No no." she told the receptionist as she shook her head. "We don't need a room. He's just
The receptionist Irowned in conIusion. "So do you want a room or not?"
Just then, the lady Irom earlier came into the hotel. Her eyes lit up once she saw that Jiyong was
carrying Dara in his arms.
"Ooh! Did you two make up already?!" she squealed excitedly.
"N-neh?" Dara asked uneasily as she stared at the lady. Why was she still here?!
"OI course." Jiyong answered smoothly. "I realized that I've been a jerk to my wiIe. Erom now
on, I'll only look at her."
"That's more like it!" the woman nodded in approval as she patted his back. She then turned to
the receptionist.
"Make sure you give them the best room available! I want them to have a very enjoyable night!"
She then turned to Dara and Jiyong. "I'm actually the manager oI this hotel."
Dara looked at the lady with pleading eyes. "Ahjumma.. We're actuallynot going to stay here
tonight. I don't want to--"
"What do you mean you don't want to?" the lady asked with a smile. "Don't tell me you're still
mad at your husband?"
Dara realized that she was in trouble. Why did situations turn out awkward like this every time
she was with Kwon Jiyong?!
"I'm not mad..." she reasoned. "It's just that..."
Jiyong smiled as he caressed Dara's Iace. "No need to be embarrassed, baby. Oppa will go easy
on you tonight. AIter all, you have a baby inside you."
He then turned to the lady. "She's just embarrassed."
"No!" Dara shook her head. "I--"
"Don't be embarrassed, sweetie. He's just your husband." the lady giggled as she stared at the
pair oI them. They looked so cute together.
Dara gulped as the receptionist handed Jiyong the key card. It seemed like she was doomed.
"Have a great night." the lady told them with a smile.
"Oh, we will." Jiyong said with a grin as he walked towards the elevator.
Once inside the room, Jiyong locked the door beIore walking over to the single bed in the room.
Dara had to admit that the room was very large and nice. The only problem was that she was
inside the room with the school playboy.
"Yah, pervert! Put me down right now!" Dara demanded. She needed to get out oI here right
"Okay." Jiyong said as he threw Dara on the bed. She was about to scramble to her Ieet, but
Jiyong suddenly pinned her down as he hovered over her. Dara's eyes widened Ior the umpteenth
time as she tried to push him away.
"What are you doing?!!"
Jiyong smirked. "I'm doing what a husband should do to his wiIe."
"You said that I was your husband. ThereIore, I have the right to do this."
Dara gulped. "Yah! You better get oII oI me right now!"
Jiyong grinned playIully beIore leaning down to whisper in her ear. "I don't want to."
Dara Ielt a shiver run down her spine as she Ielt his hot breath in her ear.
"I told you not to mess with me, kid." Jiyong said in a husky voice as he licked Dara's earlobe,
making her shudder. She tried to push against his chest, but he grabbed her hands and pinned
them down on the bed as well.
"And now, you're going to pay Ior what you did earlier." he whispered in a dark voice as he
nibbled on her ear.
´Oh mv gosh, is he going to rape me?'´ Dara Ireaked out.
"But don't worry, I'll go easy on you." Jiyong said with a smirk. "AIter all, you're still a virgin."
´OH MY GOSH' He´s going to rape me'''´
"NO!" Dara yelled as she struggled against his strong grip. "I'm not going to let you rape me!"
Jiyong chuckled darkly as he leaned close to her Iace. "Who said I was going to rape you?"
"You.. You said that--" Dara stuttered.
"It's not going to be rape because you'll be moaning my name... Begging me Ior more..." Jiyong
breathed in her ear.
"What?!" Dara blurted out in disbelieI. "No!"
Jiyong smirked. "We'll see about that."
BeIore Dara could say anything else, Jiyong started to liIt her shirt up. Dara panicked as she
squirmed underneath him.
"Stay still." Jiyong warned in a dangerous voice. "You're only going to make things more
diIIicult iI you move."
"No, don't!" Dara yelled as she desperately tried to pull her shirt back down. "Stop!"
"Make me stop." Jiyong whispered as he caressed her bare stomach.
"Stop!" Dara said suddenly as Jiyong's hands moved down to the waistband oI her jeans.
Jiyong couldn't help but laugh. He wasn't actually planning on doing anything with Dara. He was
just messing around with her to see how she would react. He realized that Dara called him
"sunbae" whenever she was scared.
He grinned as he looked down at the girl beneath him. He pulled down her shirt and got oII oI
her. Dara let out a sigh oI relieI as she sat up in bed.
"You better continue calling me Jiyong sunbae." Jiyong said sternly. "Otherwise, I really will
punish you."
Dara nodded obediently. "Neh, sunbae."
Jiyong smiled in satisIaction as he got up Irom the bed. It seemed like he had won again.
"Sunbae?" Dara suddenly asked. Jiyong turned around.
"YOU PERVERT!" Dara yelled as she grabbed a pillow and hit him as hard as she could on the
"Ow!" Jiyong yelled in pain as he grabbed his head. Why was everyone hitting his head today?!
Dara stuck her tongue at Jiyong beIore running to the door. But beIore she could reach the door,
Jiyong quickly grabbed her arm and pinned her against the door.
"Think you can run away again?" Jiyong asked with a smirk.
Dara glared at Jiyong beIore attacking him with the pillow again. "Get away Irom me!"
"Yah! Stop this!" Jiyong said as he held up his hands in Iront oI his Iace to deIend himselI.
Sheesh, this girl sure had a lot oI strength Ior her small size.
"No!" Dara snapped as she continued hitting him mercilessly.
"Okay, that's it!" Jiyong said angrily as he grabbed another pillow Irom the bed and whacked
Dara across the head.
"Ow!" Dara yelled as she touched her head. "You jerk! How can you hit a girl?"
"Girl?" Jiyong snorted as he looked around. "I don't see any girl here."
"Aisht! Jerk!" Dara yelled as she tried to hit him again. But this time, Jiyong was quicker. He
swiItly ducked beIore he would get hit.
"You're the one who started it." Jiyong said smoothly as he sent another blow in Dara's direction.
Dara staggered back as she got hit right in the Iace. Jiyong laughed loudly as he watched Dara's
nose Ilare with anger.
"Hahaha.. You should look at yourselI right now! You look like an angry rhino--"
BeIore Jiyong could Iinish his sentence, Dara tackled him so that they were back on the bed
again. She sat on his stomach and then roughly shoved the pillow on his Iace.
"Yah!.. Get this oII..!" Jiyong yelled in a muIIled voice against the pillow. Dara grinned evilly as
she squished Jiyong's Iace with the pillow.
"Take THAT! You jerk!" she bellowed victoriously as she started punching the pillow, making
Jiyong struggle underneath her as he tried to Iree himselI.
"Yah, kid!.. I can't... Breathe!!" Jiyong bit out as Dara started choking him with the pillow.
"Serves you right!" Dara yelled.
"Yah.. Seriously..!" Jiyong gagged. "You're.. SuIIocating.. Me!"
But Dara didn't listen to him.
"You're the one who doesn't know who you're messing with!" she said smugly as she continued
punching the pillow. She had to admit, it Ielt good relieving her stress like this. She would never
lose to this pervert. Never.
It was only then that she realized that Jiyong wasn't struggling anymore; he was completely still.
She saw that his arms were hanging limply at his sides.
Dara paused.
"Jiyong?" she asked hesitantly. There was no answer.
Dara immediately pulled the pillow away Irom his Iace and saw that Jiyong's eyes were closed.
"Jiyong?" Dara repeated as she poked his chest. But there was still no response.
Dara's eyes widened and she started to shake his shoulders. "Yah! Kwon Jiyong!"
´Omo.. Did I reallv suffocate him to death?'´
"Kwon Jiyong!" Dara yelled a little louder as she got oII his stomach. She leaned down next to
his mouth to see iI he was breathing.
He wasn't.
"Ottoke?!!" Dara Ireaked out as she covered her mouth with her hands in Iear. "Did I just kill
She Irantically shook him, hoping Ior some kind oI response Irom him. But Jiyong just continued
to lie there liIelessly.
"Kwon Jiyong!" Dara yelled as she cupped his Iace. "Yah..! Breathe!"
Dara took a deep breath and Irantically tried to remember what she had learned in her Iirst aid
"Yah.." she said in a shaky voice. "You better not be acting right now." she warned.
There was still no response.
Dara gulped as she leaned closer to Jiyong's Iace. Although she had practiced perIorming CPR
many times on those scary-looking mannequins, this was a completely diIIerent story. The
person lying in Iront oI her was Kwon Jiyong!
´Aisht, whv me?'´ Dara wailed in her head as she leaned closer so that their noses were almost
touching. Dara Ielt her heart pound. Even in an emergency situation like this, Dara couldn't help
but let her eyes absorb all oI his perIect Ieatures.
He was undeniably handsome even when he wasn't breathing.
Dara gulped again hard on her saliva as she pinched Jiyong's straight nose and liIted his chin
slightly just like she had learned during the CPR unit. Her heart beat wildly inside as she leaned
´Please fust let him come back to life after this...´ she prayed in her head as she tried to calm
But once she stared at Jiyong's slightly parted lips, her heart started racing all over again.
´Aisht. Snap out of it, Dara' This is an emergencv'´
Dara shook her head and took a deep breath. She opened her mouth and pressed it Iirmly against
Jiyong's beIore breathing into it.
She had to admit, he had very soIt lips. She never knew that guys could have such delicate lips.
Dara blushed a bit as she realized that iI Jiyong wasn't unconscious at the moment, she had
actually kissed him!
Dara shook her head again and told herselI to Iocus. Jiyong was still lying there like a dead man.
"30 compressions to 2 breaths..." she muttered to herselI as she took another breath. She prayed
that something would happen aIter this second breath.
"Jiyong.. Please wake up.." she whispered desperately. She closed her eyes beIore quickly
pressing her lips against his.
She was about to breathe into his mouth when she Ielt a tongue slyly slide into her own mouth.
Dara immediately opened her eyes and looked down when she noticed that it was Jiyong's
tongue. His eyes were now open, and they were staring at her playIully.
´What the'´
Dara's own eyes widened as she tried to get away Irom him. But Jiyong quickly grabbed the back
oI her head to keep her in place beIore rolling over so that he was on top.
"Mmmph!" Dara mumbled against his lips as he continued to roll his tongue against hers. Dara
Ielt her mind turn hazy as she squirmed under him, desperately trying to escape.
What was happening?!
Dara gasped as Jiyong closed his eyes and titled his head to deepen the kiss. She Ielt the world
spin as his tongue explored her mouth expertly, not leaving a single spot untouched.
´Omo' Whv is he doing this to me?'´ Dara panicked as she hit his chest and tried to push him
away. But Jiyong didn't budge an inch.
Dara struggled as she tried to turn her head. But Jiyong's lips always Iollowed, not letting her
break the kiss. And every time she tried to push him oII, he would only reach deeper into her
mouth. There was no way to escape.
AIter a Iew minutes, Dara Iinally stopped struggling as she slowly gave into him.
She didn't know why or how, but she just did. She closed her eyes and returned the kiss. She slid
her own tongue into Jiyong's mouth and explored his wet cavern, making Jiyong groan soItly.
Pretty soon, their tongues were Iighting Ior dominance. Dara tugged on Jiyong's shirt as he slid
one arm underneath her to bring her closer to him. Neither one wanted to lose to the other.
Their lips were locked tightly together as their tongues tussled wildly as iI waging war on each
But in the end, Jiyong won. He grinned beIore Iinally breaking oII the kiss and pressing his
Iorehead against hers as they both breathed heavily.
Dara's eyes were still closed as her chest heaved up and down Irom her heavy breathing. She
tried to make sense oI what had just happened right now. She opened her eyes and saw Jiyong
grinning at her.
"I win." he said in an amused tone.
Dara blinked twice beIore realizing what had happened.
"Jerk!" she yelled as she immediately shoved him oII oI her. "You were never unconscious to
begin with, were you?!"
Jiyong chuckled as he ran his Iingers through his hair. "Yeah."
"What's wrong with you?!" Dara snapped as she wiped her mouth.
"What?" Jiyong asked innocently. "You're the one who kissed me Iirst."
And contrary to his expectations, she wasn't too bad at it.
Dara blushed a bit as she glared at him. "I did not kiss you! I was trying to perIorm CPR!"
Jiyong chuckled in amusement.
"Is that how your teachers taught you to perIorm CPR, kid?" he teased. "By sticking your tongue
into other people's mouths?"
Dara turned a deeper red. "You're the one who shoved your Iilthy tongue in my mouth Iirst!"
"And you liked it, huh?" he teased.
Without answering, Dara got up Irom the bed and immediately went to the bathroom. She
grabbed a mouthwash that was on the sink and opened the cap.
"What are you doing?" Jiyong asked curiously as he Iollowed her. He leaned on the door Irame
with his arms crossed over his chest as he watched the kid pour the liquid into a cup.
"What does it look like I'm doing?" Dara snapped as she glared at him through the mirror. "I'm
cleansing my tainted mouth."
And with that, she started gargling. Jiyong couldn't believe his eyes.
All the other girls had gone crazy aIter he had kissed them, yet this girl was acting like his mouth
was the most disgusting thing in the world.
"Yah, don't you think you're being a little too dramatic?" he asked with a Irown. "It's not like I
have cooties or anything."
"Exactly." Dara said as she spat out the mouth wash into the sink. "You probably have something
Iar worse than cooties. I don't even know where that tongue has been!"
"Oh, trust me... You wouldn't want to know." Jiyong said with a playIul wink. Dara glared at him
as she took another mouthIul oI mouthwash and started gargling again.
"Yah, stop that." Jiyong said as he walked towards her. Dara immediately spat her mouthwash in
the sink and took a step away Irom him.
"What do you want? Stay away Irom me!"
"Oh, please. Don't tell me that you didn't like it." Jiyong challenged with a smirk as he took
another step towards her.
"You're disgusting!" Dara snapped as she took another step back and held her hands out in Iront
oI her.
"Then why'd you kiss me back?" Jiyong teased as he continued walking towards her. Dara
panicked when she realized that iI she took another step back, she would be in the bathtub.
"I didn't." Dara deIended herselI as she tried to Iind some way to escape. She quickly took
another mouthIul oI the blue liquid and gargled.
"Aisht, yah! I told you to stop doing that!" Jiyong snapped as he tried to take the bottle away
Irom her hands. She was really starting to oIIend him, and he didn't like it.
But Dara didn't listen to him. She shook her head and continued gargling even aIter Jiyong had
succeeded in stealing the bottle Irom her hands.
"Spit it out." Jiyong ordered. Dara shook her head smugly as she continued annoying him.
"Yah! Spit it out!" Jiyong snapped as he grabbed her cheeks, making some oI the blue liquid
dribble Irom the corners oI her mouth. Jiyong grimaced as he stared at her. Didn't this girl have
any shame in being so gross in Iront oI him?!
"I'll give you three seconds to spit it out." Jiyong warned. "II you don't spit it out by then, I'll
make sure you swallow it."
Dara just continued staring at him with a smug expression as she shook her head. He wasn't the
only one who enjoyed annoying others.
Jiyong gritted his teeth in annoyance. This girl was really getting on his nerves.
"One..." he started counting. Dara ignored him.
"PTHU!" Dara said as she spat out the mouthwash all over Jiyong's chest. She then wiped her
mouth in satisIaction.
"UGH!" Jiyong yelled in disbelieI as he looked down at his precious clothes. Did this girl really
just spit on him?!
He snapped his head back up to glare at Dara.
"What do you think you're doing?!!" he demanded. Everyone knew how much he treasured his
"What?" Dara asked innocently. "You told me to spit it out."
"Not on me!" Jiyong snapped in annoyance.
Dara shrugged. "You never speciIied."
Jiyong clenched his Iists in anger as he grabbed the bottle oI mouthwash Irom the counter again.
But beIore he could open it, Dara quickly escaped and ran out oI the bathroom.
"Oh no you don't!" Jiyong yelled as he chased aIter her beIore taking a chug oI the mouthwash.
He was going to make her experience the same thing.
BeIore Dara could reach the door to escape, Jiyong quickly grabbed her arm and spun her
"ACK!" Dara yelled as Jiyong sprayed the mouthwash all over her white t-shirt. "EEW!!"
"Ha!" Jiyong grinned victoriously as he wiped his mouth.
Honestly, he couldn't believe how immature he was being at the moment. He was in a hotel room
with a girl, which normally meant that he should be having sex. But instead, he was chasing this
girl around, trying to spit on her.
While he was thinking about this, Dara took the opportunity to snatch the bottle Irom Jiyong's
hands. She gave him an evil look as she held the bottle possessively in her arms. She was in
power again.
"Come here, Jiyong sunbae!~" Dara sang as she started chasing him around the hotel room.
"Don't come near me!" Jiyong yelled as he ran to the kitchen. He couldn't let his precious clothes
get soiled any Iurther.
"Come here!~~"
Downstairs in the lobby, the lady smiled in satisIaction as she looked at the clock. It had already
been three hours since the young couple had gone upstairs to their room.
And seeing how they hadn't checked out yet, it probably meant that they had reconciled and were
busy having a passionate night together.
She didn't know how wrong she was.
The next day at work, Dara was tried beyond belieI. AIter running around the hotel room Ior god
knows how long, Jiyong had Iinally agreed to take her home. Their "mini war" had ended in a
Eor now.
It was a good thing that she hadn't seen Kwon Jiyong all day today. It deIinitely allowed her
mind and body to rest in peace. She decided that perhaps it would be a good idea to avoid Jiyong
altogether Irom now on. Nothing good ever happened when she was with him anyways. Things
always ended up awkward and unexpected.
Like the kiss.
Dara shuddered as she thought about the kiss that she had shared with Jiyong last night at the
hotel. How could she let him do such a thing?!
'Not onlv that, vou also kissed him back'´ a voice reminded her in her head.
It wasn't like last night was her Iirst kiss; she'd had a Iew boyIriends in the past who had made
sure to pay a lot oI attention to her lips. But it was no doubt that Jiyong was the best kisser yet.
Dara shook her head as she told herselI to stop thinking about Jiyong. Because oI him, she was
now even Iarther behind in math and didn't understand what was going on. Luckily, she was
scheduled to meet her math tutor today aIter work. She hoped that through the tutoring, she
would be able to pass her math class this semester.
"Excuse me, I would appreciate it iI you would give me my Iood." a voice interrupted her Irom
her thoughts.
Dara looked up and saw Yongbae smiling at her while holding his tray in Iront oI him. She
smiled back.
"Yongbae sunbae!" she said happily.
"Yongbae sunbae?" Yongbae repeated as he looked around. "I don't see any sunbae here."
"Oops.. I Iorgot." Dara said as she tapped her Iorehead lightly. "Yongbae oppa!"
Yongbae smiled brightly in satisIaction. "That's better."
"What would you like to eat, oppa?" Dara asked as she pointed to the arrangement oI Iood
available on the hotline.
"Hmm... I would like some egg rolls, sesame noodles, and Iried vegetables."
"Eor here or to go?"
"Did you take your break yet?" Yongbae asked casually.
"My break's actually in Iive minutes." Dara replied happily. "Want to eat with me?"
II there was anything that Dara hated, it was eating alone. Chaerin and Minzy were both busy
today and said that they couldn't eat with her during her break. She had been wondering who she
was going to eat with today, and luckily Yongbae had come just in time.
"Sure." Yongbae said with a smile.
"Okay!" Dara chirped happily as she started preparing Yongbae's order. "I'm so glad you're here
just in time Ior my break! What a happy coincidence!"
But what Dara didn't know was that it wasn't a coincidence at all. Yongbae had actually asked
Dara's supervisor when her break was and purposely made his entrance in time so that he could
eat with her.
He was really worried about Dara and whether Jiyong was giving her a hard time. He had heard
Irom Seungri earlier this morning that Dara had Iound out about Jiyong's lie and had decided to
get revenge by creating a Iake suicide drama.
"Isn't it hard working in the dining hall?" Yongbae asked as soon as he and Dara were sitting at a
table with their Iood.
"Not really." Dara replied optimistically. "It all pays oII when I get my paycheck in the mail."
"But don't work yourselI too hard. You're already too thin." he said worriedly.
Dara smiled grateIully. Aside Irom her Iamily and close Iriends, Yongbae was the only other
person who seemed to worry and care about her. His words truly made her heart warm up.
"Thanks, oppa. I'll be careIul."
"And eat more, too." Yongbae said as he started dumping his Iood on Dara's plate. "You look
like you're going to Iaint."
"Don't worry about it. It's just because I didn't get enough sleep last night."
´Because of a certain ferk.´ she thought bitterly.
"Because oI Jiyong?" Yongbae asked. Dara's eyes lit up in surprise.
"How'd you know?"
"Seungri told me about what happened at the bridge last night." Yongbae answered.
Dara's eyes widened. Had Jiyong told his Iriends about the kissing incident at the hotel as well?
Even she hadn't told Chaerin and Minzy about what had happened at the hotel. In Iact, she had
just told them that aIter the Iake suicide drama at the bridge, she and Jiyong had gone their
separate ways.
It wasn't that she wanted to deceive her Iriends. She just didn't think it was necessary to tell them
about the kiss at the hotel because it was never supposed to happen in the Iirst place. As long as
it didn't happen again in the Iuture, everything would be alright.
Plus, she knew that her Iriends would Ireak out and ask her Ior the details when all Dara wanted
to do was Iorget about the kiss.
"What exactly did Seungri sunbae tell you?" Dara asked Yongbae hesitantly.
"That you scared Jiyong by saying that you were going to jump oII a bridge." Yongbae replied as
he chuckled a little. "I'm actually pretty impressed, Dara. I never knew you had the guts to make
up such a lie."
"Haha.." Dara laughed uneasily. "What else did Seungri sunbae tell you?"
"Hmm?" Yongbae asked as he took a bite oI his eggroll. "That was all. Why? Did something else
"No no!" Dara said quickly as she mentally let out a sigh oI relieI. "We just went our separate
ways aIter that. I didn't want to be near him Ior another second!"
Yongbae chuckled. "Why? Don't you have a crush on him just like the rest oI the Iemale
population at our school?" he teased.
Dara rolled her eyes. "No! Why would I have a crush on such a pervert like him? Although I
can't deny that he's attractive, he's deIinitely not my type." she said a little too deIiantly.
But Yongbae didn't seem to notice since he was too busy smiling to himselI.
"II Jiyong starts to be really mean to you, just tell me." Yongbae said in a serious tone.
"Although that guy's my Iriend, I do admit that he can be a real jerk at times."
"At times would be an understatement." Dara replied sarcastically. Yongbae smiled again. It
seemed like Dara really disliked Jiyong.
"What are your plans Ior tonight?" he asked.
"Hmm..." Dara said as she thought. Today was the day that Chaerin was scheduled to go on her
dreaded geology Iield trip.
"I don't have any plans."
"Then do you want to watch a movie with me or something?" Yongbae asked. His heart started
pounding a little nervously as he waited Ior her reaction.
"A movie?" Dara asked with interest. "Sure!"
´I was wondering what I was going to do after Chaerin left.´
"And do you want to eat dinner aIterwards as well?" she suggested.
Dara still Ielt a little bad Ior ditching Yongbae when they were supposed to study together. She
decided that she should buy him dinner and then give him a proper present later once she had the
Yongbae's Iace lit up happily. He hadn't been sure iI Dara would even accept his movie oIIer, yet
she was suggesting eating dinner together as well!
"OI course." Yongbae answered.
"Great!" Dara said as she got up Irom her seat. "I have to go back to work now, but I'll see you
"Okay. Does seven sound good?"
Dara nodded happily. "Yup! Seven sounds perIect."
"I'll see you later then." Yongbae said as he waved to Dara.
"Okay! Bye oppa!"
Yongbae Ielt his heart skip a beat again as she addressed him by the "O" word.
"Damn.. maybe I shouldn't have told her to call me oppa.." he muttered as he clutched his chest.
AIter work, Dara rushed to the Dean's oIIice to meet her tutor. She knocked on the door and
entered the room.
"Oh, Dara. You're here." the Dean welcomed her brightly. "Please have a seat. Your tutor said
that he was going to be a little late."
´Aisht. I rushed all the wav here so that I would be on time, vet mv tutor doesn´t even show up on
time?'´ Dara thought bitterly as she paused to catch her breath.
The Dean saw Dara's displeased expression and smiled. "Don't be too upset, dear. He just called
me a Iew minutes ago and said that he was going to be here shortly."
Dara just nodded.
"He's late because he just had a board meeting with the math department." the Dean continued
explaining although Dara hadn't even asked. "He's the president oI the math club, you see."
Dara raised her eyebrows in interest. II her tutor was the president oI the math club, then that had
to mean that he was really smart!
"Wow..." she said in awe. "He must be really smart."
"OI course!" her Dean giggled. "He's the top oI the senior class. He's also very well-mannered
and kind. Such a gentleman..."
Dara listened as her Dean continued praising her soon-to-be tutor. It seemed like this guy could
really help bring her math grade up.
"What's his name?" she asked curiously.
"His name is-- Oh Jiyong, you're here!" her Dean said excitedly as she smiled at the person who
was at the door.
Dara Iroze.
´It can´t be..´ she convinced herselI in her head. ´There are probablv lots of people named Jivong
at this school.. There´s no wav that the pervert is going to be mv tutor..´
"Sorry I'm late." a voice Dara knew too well said as he came to sit next to her. Reluctantly, Dara
turned her head and saw Jiyong smiling at her smugly. Dara gritted her teeth as she glared at him.
´It´s the pervert'´
"What are you doing here?" she muttered under her breath.
"I'm trying to help you pass your math class, kid." he said with a smirk.
BeIore Dara could say anything else, the Dean closed the door and came back to her desk to sit
across Irom them.
"Well, Dara. This is your tutor, Kwon Jiyong." she said happily. "Like I said beIore, he's really
smart so he should be able to help you greatly."
"Dean Evans.." Dara said hesitantly. "Is it possible Ior me to be matched with a diIIerent tutor?"
The Dean looked taken aback by Dara's statement. "Why, dear? Do you guys know each other?"
"No no." Dara shook her head as she tried to come up with an excuse. "It's just.. Jiyong sunbae
seems too smart.. And I'm embarrassed to learn Irom such a smart person.."
Erom the corner oI her eyes, Dara saw Jiyong smirking in amusement. Dara scowled under her
"And also... He's probably really busy iI he's the president oI the math club.." she continued. "He
was even late today."
"I don't think that's going to be a problem Irom now on." Jiyong said matter-oI-Iactly. "We don't
have anymore major math department meetings Ior this semester. Today was our last one."
"Yes, dear. Don't worry about it too much." the Dean agreed as she patted Dara's arm. "Plus,
Jiyong's such a nice guy. He won't make Iun oI you iI you get a Iew problems wrong."
´Ha. Ha. Jerv funnv'´ Dara thought bitterly in her head. She knew that Jiyong would make Iun
and laugh at her every mistake until his lungs exploded. But Irom the way things were playing
out, it seemed as iI getting a diIIerent tutor at this point was impossible.
"Okay..." Dara mumbled.
"Great!" the Dean smiled happily. "Now you two may leave and discuss when your sessions will
be. Have a great semester together!"
"We will." Jiyong said with a smile as he got up Irom his chair. Dara groaned.
"Why are you my tutor?!" Dara complained as soon as they leIt the Dean's oIIice and walked to
their dorm.
"You should be honored, kid." Jiyong said arrogantly. "You don't know how many girls would
die to be in your spot right now." he said as he unlocked the door to his room.
"Dying would probably be a better option.." Dara muttered under her breath as she walked in.
Jiyong snorted.
"Hey, it's not my Iault you suck at math. We wouldn't be in this situation right now iI only you
had passed your last exam." Jiyong said as he suddenly took out a piece oI paper Irom his
"21 percent, really?" he asked with a raised brow as he put on his glasses to examine the paper
closely. Dara's eyes widened as she saw him looking at her exam.
"Why do you have that?!!!" she shrieked as she tried to snatch the shameIul paper Irom his hands.
Jiyong smirked as he held the paper higher up so that she couldn't reach it.
"I'm your tutor. I have access to all your math grades." he said smugly. He then put on a
thoughtIul expression.
"Do tell me.. How do you get a 21 percent on an exam? I didn't even know such numbers
existed." Jiyong continued teasing her.
"ARGH!!" Dara yelled in Irustration as she tried to reach Ior the paper. "Give it back!"
"Try to take it Irom me then." Jiyong challenged with an evil grin.
"You jerk!!" Dara yelled as she tackled him, making both oI them Iall on his bed.
"Give it back to me!" Dara yelled as she wrestled with Jiyong underneath her. But Jiyong simply
chuckled as he Iolded the paper and suddenly shoved it inside his pants.
"Take it." he challenged playIully.
"What?!" Dara's eyes widened in disbelieI. "You pervert, take it out oI there!"
"Don't want to." Jiyong said as he lied down on the bed with his hands behind his head. "You do
"Yah!" she yelled as she slapped his chest. "You're so disgusting!"
Jiyong shrugged. "II you don't want it, I guess I'll just show this test to everyone..."
"You can't do that!"
"Wanna watch me?" he asked with a raised brow.
"You think I won't be able to take my test just because you put it inside your pants?" Dara asked
boldly. Jiyong smirked.
"I don't know. Do you think you can?" he teased.
"Yes." Dara answered automatically.
But Jiyong could tell that she was scared by the way she was nervously eyeing the bulge between
his legs. He almost laughed out loud when he saw Dara shudder.
AIter gulping hard on her saliva, Dara slowly got on top oI him again and nervously placed her
hands on his belt. She blinked Iuriously as she stared at the waistband oI his jeans. She
convinced herselI that it wouldn`t be too bad. All she had to do was slip her hands inside and
grab her paper.
"You know.. You probably have to unzip my pants to Iind your paper." Jiyong suggested with a
grin. "I think it's pretty deep in there."
Dara shot Jiyong a deadly glare, making him chuckle soItly.
´´Whv me whv me?''´ Dara wailed in her head as she slowly unbuckled Jiyong's belt. She Ielt her
heart pound nervously as she unbuttoned his jeans as well.
Underneath her, Jiyong Ielt his heart start to beat Iaster as well. He didn't know why he was
Ieeling like this right now. It was deIinitely not his Iirst time having a girl unbutton his pants.
But the way that Dara was careIully and shyly undressing him made him Ieel nervous, almost as
iI it was also his Iirst time being undressed by a girl.
The same thing had happened last night as well when he had kissed her at the hotel. Although he
had acted normal in Iront oI Dara aIter the kiss, Jiyong had actually thought that his heart was
going to burst Irom beating too quickly during the kiss. He couldn't remember the last time his
heart had beaten so quickly Ior a girl beIore.
When Jiyong snapped out oI his thoughts, he noticed that Dara was now Iocusing on pulling
down his zipper. He couldn't help but smile as he watched her concentrate and carry out her deed
with wide eyes. It was too cute.
´Whoa wait. Did I fust think that she was cute?'´ Jiyong thought in disbelieI. He shook his head
slightly and told himselI to snap out oI it. There was nothing cute about this kid.
Dara, on the other hand, was currently on the verge oI tears. Her palms and Iorehead were
sweaty as she nervously tugged on Jiyong's zipper.
´Breathe, Dara, breathe. It´s halfwav done... You´re almost there'´ she encouraged herselI. All
she had to do was Iinish pulling down the zipper and then she could quickly Iind her paper and
get out oI this room. It was a mistake Irom the beginning to agree with Jiyong being her tutor.
She needed to Iind Dean Evans again right away!
´Okav, good... Almost there.. Just one more final inch and then--´
"Jiyong, can I borrow your -- WHOA!"
Seungri's mouth dropped open in surprise as he stared at the scene in Iront oI him. Jiyong was
lying down in his bed with his hands behind his head while Dara was on top oI him with her
hands near his crotch, trying to unzip his pants...
Dara's eyes widened in shock at Seungri's sudden entrance. In Iact, she was so shocked that she
couldn't move. She just Iroze.
"I didn't see anything!" Seungri yelled as he turned around and quickly leIt the room.
*awkward silence*
"OH MY GOD!!!!" Dara shrieked as she used her hands to cover her red Iace.
´Please tell me that Seungri sunbae didn´t reallv come in here. Please tell me it was fust mv
Now, Dara was really on the verge oI tears. How would she ever explain what had just happened
to Seungri?! Even iI she did tell him the truth, Dara doubted that he would believe her.
"Ottoke! I'm done Ior.. Wahhhhh!" Dara wailed as she continued screaming.
"Yah, kid. Be quiet, you're going to break all the windows." Jiyong said in a calm voice.
Dara lowered her hands to glare at Jiyong. "How can you be so calm right now? Seungri sunbae
totally misunderstood what happened!!"
Jiyong shrugged nonchalantly. "So?"
"What do you mean so?!!!" Dara roared Iuriously. "He thinks that you.. That I.. That we..
Jiyong chuckled as he stared at Dara's Ilustered Iace. He then took Dara's test out oI his pocket
and gave it back to her. Dara's eyes widened in disbelieI.
"Why is this coming out oI your pocket?!" she demanded.
"I only pretended to put it inside my pants." Jiyong chuckled soItly. "It was actually inside my
pocket the entire time."
"ARGHHHH!!!" Dara yelled in Irustration as she shredded the piece oI paper into miniscule
pieces and then threw it all over the Iloor.
"Aisht, yah." Jiyong Irowned. "Now I'm going to have to vacuum the Iloor because oI you."
"I don't care!" Dara spat out as she looked down at him. "What are you going to do about
Seungri sunbae?!"
"Arasso arasso." Jiyong laughed as he rubbed Dara's thighs to calm her down. "I'll talk to
Dara continued glaring at Jiyong. She was unconvinced.
"What iI he already spread the news?!" Dara groaned as she covered her Iace with her hands
again. Jiyong chuckled as he grabbed her hands and lowered them Irom her Iace.
"He didn't." he said with a grin.
"How would you know?!" she snapped as she got oII oI him and sat on the bed.
Jiyong rolled his eyes and then looked towards the door.
"Yah, Lee Seung Hyun! I know you're out there!" Jiyong yelled loudly. "Come back inside!"
Dara stared at the door curiously. Within a Iew seconds, it opened and Seungri peeked his head
"Umm.. Hi, guys." he laughed awkwardly. Jiyong rolled his eyes again.
"Yah, you pervert. What were you doing standing outside my door?"
Seungri shrugged innocently. "I was just curious..."
Dara's mouth dropped open in disbelieI. She didn't know that Seungri was this perverted!
"Sunbae, what you saw earlier.. It's not what you think it was." Dara explained as she turned a
bright shade oI pink.
"Yeah, she was just trying to Iind her math exam." Jiyong chuckled.
Seungri Irowned with a conIused look. "What?"
"I was trying to hide her math exam Irom her, and I shoved it inside my pants to tease her."
Jiyong explained. "It's not what you were thinking."
Dara nodded Iuriously. "Not at all."
"Oh.." Seungri said dully as he Irowned a bit in disappointment. He had expected Dara and
Jiyong to admit that they were being naughty and then ask him to please keep it a secret Irom
everyone else.
But then he remembered that Dara wasn't like the other girls Jiyong hung out with. She hated
"Sorry Ior misunderstanding." Seungri said as he scratched his head. Dara let out a sigh oI relieI.
"Please don't tell anyone else about this." Dara said with earnest eyes. She didn't want to imagine
what would happen iI Chaerin and Minzy heard about this.
"OI course." Seungri said with a reassuring smile. Dara looked so worried and scared right now
that he Ielt his heart soIten. "I promise I won't tell anyone."
"Thank you."
Seungri grinned as he turned back to Jiyong. "You're a sneaky bastard."
He decided that iI ever wanted some action with a girl in the Iuture, he would use this tactic. It
was brilliant!
´I swear... Jivong´s a genuis'´ he thought in awe.
Jiyong just smirked as he read what was going through Seungri's head.
"Okay, let's start." Jiyong said as he put on his glasses again and sat in Iront oI his desk. "What
do you need help with?"
"Everything..." Dara admitted in shame.
Jiyong nodded. "Okay. Then let's start with your homework Ior today. We can work through the
problems together."
Dara raised her eyebrows. She had expected Jiyong to make Iun oI her again. But instead, he was
being serious and actually trying to help her right now. She turned her head and stared at Jiyong
He was looking down at Dara's homework in Iront oI him with a serious expression. Dara
noticed that he actually looked kind oI smart with his glasses. Not in a nerdy way, but in an
attractive way... Dara couldn't help but admire his good looks. She didn't know anyone could
look so handsome even with glasses.
"You can stop gaping at me, you know." Jiyong smirked without taking his eyes oII the paper in
Iront oI him. Dara immediately closed her mouth and glared at him.
"Who said I was gaping at you?" she snapped.
Jiyong grinned as he turned his head to look at her. "Weren't you?"
"No." Dara said Iirmly.
"Really?" Jiyong asked as he inched closer to Dara. She Ielt their legs brush against each other,
which made her Ilinch in surprise.
"W-which days should we meet?" she asked quickly, changing the topic. Jiyong smirked.
"How about Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon?" he asked. Dara shook her head.
"I can't. I have work."
Jiyong raised his eyebrows. "Work? Where do you work?"
"In the school dining hall." Dara answered. "I need money."
Jiyong smirked. "Why? So that you can buy clothes and makeup?" he teased. Dara rolled her
"No. I don't wear makeup."
"And you probably shouldn't." Jiyong grinned. "Kids aren't supposed to wear makeup anyways.
It's only Ior big girls."
"Stop calling me a kid!" Dara snapped in annoyance. Jiyong laughed. It was so Iun making Iun
oI Dara.
Just then, Dara's phone rang. It was Minzy.
"Hey, Minzy. What's up?"
"Dara, can I ask you a Iavor?" Minzy asked on the other line.
"What is it?" Dara asked curiously.
"It's actually an emergency. Can you come over to my room right now?" Minzy asked in an
urgent voice.
"Right now?" Dara repeated with a raised brow. "Why? Is something wrong?"
"I'll tell you once you come. Please, it's an emergency!" Minzy said quickly.
"Okay then." Dara answered as she hung up. She was really curious as to what this emergency
was. She turned to Jiyong.
"My Iriend just said that she has an emergency and needs me. Let's continue studying later."
"Yah, I purposely took the time oII to meet with you, and you're leaving me?" he asked with a
Irown oI disapproval.
"I'm really sorry, but my Iriend needs me." Dara reasoned as she packed up her books.
"Well too bad." Jiyong said as he snatched Dara's backpack away Irom her. "You can leave aIter
we Iinish studying."
Dara groaned in Irustration. "But I need to go NOW!"
"I said no."
Jiyong opened his mouth and was about to object again when he Ielt his phone vibrate. He took
his phone out oI pocket and read the text message. His eyes lit up, and he grinned once he
Iinished reading whatever the sender texted him.
"Okay." he said as he immediately handed Dara's backpack back to her. "You can leave."
Dara stared at Jiyong's phone curiously. "Are you meeting someone right now?"
"Yeah." Jiyong answered as he got up Irom his chair and walked to his closet to Iind a jacket.
"Who?" Dara blurted out without thinking.
Jiyong raised his eyebrows as he turned around to stare at Dara. She blushed slightly as she
shook her head. Why did she care who Jiyong was meeting anyways?
"Nevermind." she said quickly as she headed to his door. "I'll see you later."
"Okay." Jiyong nodded as he turned back around to look through his clothes.
"Who was it that made him change his mind so quickly?" Dara muttered to herselI as she walked
to Minzy's dorm. She shook her head again.
"Aisht... Why are you still thinking about that, Dara?" she scolded herselI. "It's none oI your
She knocked once she got to Minzy's room. The door opened almost immediately, revealing a
very excited Minzy.
"Dara! Come in come in!" she said happily as she dragged Dara into her room.
"Minzy-ah." Dara said in conIusion. "What's the emergency?"
"Dara, I need you to go to a party with me."
"What?" Dara asked in disbelieI. "Don't tell me... Is that the emergency?"
Minzy nodded.
"Yah!" Dara snapped. "What kind oI emergency is that?!"
"Please, Dara?" Minzy pouted. "Chaerin's not here either. And I really need someone to go
with me."
"No." Dara replied immediately. She absolutely hated parties.
"Ainggggg~~ Please?" Minzy asked cutely with her aegyo Iace. Dara couldn't help but smile at
her Iriend's cuteness.
"But I really can't." Dara reasoned. "I'm meeting Yongbae oppa later."
"Can't you tell him that an emergency came up?" Minzy asked with a hopeIul look. Dara slapped
her arm in disapproval.
"Yah! Going to a party is your idea oI an emergency?!"
Minzy sighed sadly. "But I really want you to go with me..."
"What party is this anyways?" Dara asked curiously.
Minzy was usually not the type to be nervous about going clubs or parties by herselI. Because
she was such a good dancer, she always commanded the center oI attention at such social events.
This was the Iirst time Dara saw her being so nervous.
"It's the party at Daesung oppa's house..." Minzy answered as she bit on her lower lip and
blushed. Dara raised her eyebrows.
"Why are you blushing?"
Minzy coughed as she Ianned her Iace. "I'm not blushing!"
Dara Ielt a smile creep up her Iace. "You.. You like Daesung sunbae?!"
Since there was no point hiding it Irom her Iriend anymore, Minzy just nodded shyly. Dara
squealed out loud.
"Oh my gosh! That's so cute!" Dara gushed as she clasped her hands together. "Why didn't you
tell me about this sooner?!"
"I wasn't sure oI my Ieelings beIore..." Minzy said with a dreamy look. "But.. I really think I like
him now."
"Kyahh!! I'm so happy Ior you, Minki!" Dara continued squealing. "Do you think he likes you
"That's the problem." Minzy suddenly said with a sigh. "I'm not sure. I think he might.. But
maybe I'm just overreacting."
"Hmm.." Dara said with a thoughtIul look.
"Which is why I really want you to come to this party with me." Minzy tried convincing Dara.
"So that you can give me your opinion."
Dara looked at her Iriend. She could tell that she sincerely liked Daesung.
"I don't know..." Dara started oII. She really didn't want to cancel on Yongbae Ior the second
"Please, Dara?" Minzy asked with her puppy Iace. "I really need your help. I'm sure Yongbae
sunbae will understand iI you meet him next time."
Dara sighed in deIeat. She couldn't possibly say "no" to Minzy. Minzy always listened to Dara's
Iavors and was like a Iamily to her. And although she was looking Iorward to her movie night
with Yongbae, Minzy was still more important to her.
"Okay." Dara nodded as she took out her phone to call Yongbae.
"Yah! I can't go out wearing this... It barely covers my butt! And this shirt is so uncomIortable.."
Dara whined as she looked at her outIit in the mirror. She gasped when she looked at her Iace.
"And this is way too much makeup!" Dara shook her head in disapproval as she tried to grab the
makeup remover. But Minzy was Iaster.
"Stop it. You look amazing." Minzy said with a satisIied smile. She didn't know why Dara didn't
dress up more oIten.
"I reIuse to go out wearing this. I look like a slut." Dara said stubbornly. Minzy rolled her eyes.
"There's a diIIerence between looking slutty and looking sexy. You look sexy right now."
"And you actually look like a college student now instead oI a high schooler." Minzy continued.
"These clothes actually accentuate your curves!"
"Yah! Are you saying that I looked like a kid beIore?" Dara snapped.
´She´s fust like the pervert'´
"Yes." Minzy answered bluntly.
Minzy laughed as she continued curling Dara's hair.
As soon as they entered Daesung's house, the loud music and the smell oI alcohol greeted them.
Dara scrunched her nose in disgust. She really didn't like these kinds oI social events. They made
her Ieel uncomIortable. On top oI that, she was wearing the dreadIul outIit that Minzy Iorced her
to wear.
"I can't believe his parents allow him to throw parties like these." Dara said to Minzy as they
made their way through the crowd.
"His parents aren't here right now." Minzy explained. "They're on a business trip which is why
Daesung oppa is using the house."
Minzy's eyes lit up as soon as she saw Daesung. She quickly dragged Dara over to him.
"Minzy, you came!" Daesung said brightly as soon as he saw Minzy. He raised his eyebrows
when he saw Dara.
"Whoa, Dara. Is that you?" he asked in surprise. "You look amazing!"
"Thank you." Dara smiled shyly. Maybe Minzy was right. Maybe she really did look good in this
outIit. Minzy grinned smugly.
"What'd I tell you?" she whispered to Dara under her breath. "And look over there. Some guys
are checking you out!"
Sure enough, there were a lot oI guys in the room who were eyeing Dara with interest. Dara Ielt
herselI blush.
"Hey, Minzy. Want to go dance with me?" Daesung oIIered as he turned a slight shade oI pink.
Although he had had a Iew drinks to calm down, he was still nervous when it came to talking to
"Sure." Minzy answered as she turned the same shade oI pink. She turned to Dara.
"Will you be okay by yourselI?"
Dara smiled as she looked at the two people in Iront oI her. They were so cute!
"Don't worry about me. Go have Iun." Dara said in encouragement. She grinned as she watched
Daesung and Minzy shyly walk over to the dance Iloor.
"Now. What am I going to do by myselI.." she muttered to herselI as she looked around.
Just then, a random guy came up to her.
"Hey, are you alone?" he asked. He had been watching Dara ever since she had arrived. Dara just
"Want to have a drink with me?" he oIIered as he held up a can oI beer.
Dara didn't see why not. She had nothing else to do anyways.
"Sure." she nodded.
"Hehe.. Oppa, that tickles!" Jessica giggled as Jiyong ran his hands up and down her waist. He
grinned as he pulled her to sit on his lap.
"Isn't this why you texted me earlier?" he asked as he started kissing her neck.
"Yes." she admitted as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "I was disappointed when you leIt
me hanging last time at the club."
Jiyong smirked. This girl was being way too honest with him which kind oI turned him oII a bit.
But he brushed that thought away.
"Don't worry. I'll make sure you--"
Jiyong paused midsentence as he saw something Irom the corner oI his eyes. Or rather, someone.
´Is that.. the kid?´ he thought in surprise.
There, on the dance Iloor, was Dara. Jiyong's mouth dropped open as he watched her.
She was laughing and dancing with some guy who looked like he wanted to Iuck her right there.
Jiyong clenched his Iists as the guy wrapped his arms around Dara Irom behind and started
grinding against her. But surprisingly, Dara didn't stop him. Instead, she went along with it! It
was obvious that she was drunk.
"Oppa." Jessica pouted impatiently. "Why did you stop?"
Without answering, Jiyong quickly threw her oII oI him and walked over to the dance Iloor. The
guy was now trying to get Dara to go into a room with him.
"Come on, you'll enjoy it." the guy cooed as he tugged on Dara's arm.
"But I still want to dance!" Dara pouted in disappointment. Why did this guy want her to Iollow
him into a room when she wanted to dance?!
"We can dance aIterwards." the guy said quickly as he continued dragging Dara. Her eyes lit up.
"Really?!" she asked in excitement.
"Yes." the guy lied as he opened the door to an empty room. He was about to drag Dara inside
when he suddenly Ielt someone take her away Irom him.
"What the--"
"She's with me." Jiyong said as he wrapped his arm possessively around Dara's shoulders.
"Dude, Iuck oII!" the guy growled in annoyance. "I had her Iirst."
"Jiyong!" Dara said brightly, oblivious to the tension between the two men. "What are you doing
"Want to dance with me?" Jiyong asked with a grin.
"Ooh, really?" she asked excitedly. "Yes yes!"
She then pointed her Iinger to the guy accusingly.
"That guy keeps trying to take me into a room, Jiyong." she pouted. "Make him stop."
"Okay." Jiyong nodded as he looked at the guy.
"You heard her." he said Iirmly. "She doesn't want to go with you."
The guy groaned out loud in Irustration. He shot Jiyong a Iurious glare beIore stomping away.
Dara giggled and stuck her tongue out at the guy as he walked away. Jiyong, on the other hand,
was not impressed.
"Yah, why are you wearing such an outIit?" he asked with a Irown as he eyed her up and down.
Although he had to admit that he liked what he was seeing, he didn't like the Iact that every other
guy in the room probably Ielt the same way.
"Minzy said it was supposed to make me look pretty." Dara pouted. "Don't you think I look
Jiyong was taken aback by her blunt question. He took a closer look at her and saw that she was
even wearing makeup today. In Iact, with her outIit and makeup, she gave oII a totally diIIerent
image. She looked a little... sexy.
But beIore Jiyong could answer, Dara ran oII back to the dance Iloor. He groaned as he watched
another guy wrap his arms around her waist as she swayed her hips.
"Damnit... When did she learn to dance like that?" he muttered under his breath as he watched
Dara dance with the guy. She was really drunk.
Without a second thought, Jiyong went over and grabbed Dara's wrist beIore dragging her out oI
the house. Ignoring Dara's protests, he shoved her into his car and drove oII to campus.
"Yah, we're here." Jiyong said as he shook Dara to wake her up. She had Iallen asleep during the
car ride. Jiyong gulped as he watched her chest heave up and down Irom her steady breathing.
His eyes then scanned her smooth, creamy legs.
´Damnit.. She´s not a kid'´
"Hmm." Dara mumbled as she stirred and opened her eyes. Then, out oI nowhere, she started
giggling. Eor some reason, she was in a really good mood.
Jiyong grinned in amusement as he got out oI the car. He opened Dara's door and helped her get
out. Dara's eyes lit up as soon as she saw Jiyong.
"Huh.. It's the playboy!" Dara laughed as she reached up to pinch his cheeks. "Aigo.. Such a bad
Jiyong just smirked as he wrapped his arms around Dara's waist. "It looks like you drank too
much, little girl."
"No," Dara deIended herselI right away although she knew he was right. She had had way too
much to drink. "I was just getting started, but then you came and ruined all the Iun!"
"I'm sorry, baby girl." he said in a sweet voice as he caressed her Iace. "You mad at me?"
"YES!" she shouted angrily as she nodded her head.
He chuckled as he wrapped his arms around her and led her to their dorm. "Want me to give you
a present to make it up to you?"
Her bright eyes lit up in excitement, completely oblivious to his intentions. "Really?!"
"Yup." he grinned as he reached down to peck her cheeks.
Hmm.. Smoother than I had imagined them to be.
"Hey!" Dara Irowned as her hand went up to touch her cheek that he had just kissed. "What was
that Ior?"
Jiyong just chuckled as he continued leading her to their dorm.
"You!" Dara yelled as she tried to get Jiyong's attention. "I'm talking to you!"
"Give me your keys." Jiyong told her when they reached the door oI her room.
"Oh!" Dara squealed excitedly as her eyes lit up. "Yes! This is my home!"
Jiyong rolled his eyes at her. "I know. So give me your keys."
"No." she said Iirmly as she held her keys possessively in her hands. "I'm going to open it. It's
my door!"
"You're too drunk to open it. Give it to me." Jiyong said as he held out his hand.
"NO!" she yelled as she stood in Iront oI the door with her arms spread out. "It's my door! You
can't take it!"
´God.. This girl is reallv drunk.´ Jiyong thought in his head.
"Okay, okay." he nodded as he took a step away Irom the door. "It's your door."
Dara smiled in satisIaction beIore Iumbling with her keys. "I thought so."
AIter a lot oI struggling, she Iinally managed to unlock the door. Without a second thought,
Jiyong grabbed her hands and dragged her inside the room.
"Hey! I never invited you."
"Yes you did." he said smoothly.
"I did?" she asked with a conIused Irown.
"Yes." he replied as he closed the door and locked it.
"Ooh.. Yes! It's always good to lock doors." Dara nodded as she grinned Ioolishly.
"Yeah?" Jiyong asked as he pressed her up against the door.
"Mhmm!" she answered brightly, totally oblivious to what was going on. "Chaerin and I always
lock the door at night."
"Now why's that?" he asked as he caressed her Iace and leaned down closer to her. At this
distance, Jiyong could almost Ieel her lips against his.
"Because we don't want bad guys coming into our room at night." Dara explained, still oblivious
to how close she was to the school playboy.
Jiyong chuckled as he pressed himselI even closer to Dara. This made her Iinally realize the
awkward position they were in.
"Why are you so close to me?" Dara Irowned. "It's making me hot!"
She raised her hands to Ian herselI Irom the heat vibrating oII her body.
Jiyong grinned at her actions.
"Am I making you hot, baby?" he chuckled as he continued stroking her cheeks that were
slightly pink Irom the alcohol and the heat.
"Yes." Dara nodded with a pout. Jiyong couldn't help but smile at her cuteness. He quickly
started unbuttoning the buttons on her blouse one at a time.
Dara giggled as she grabbed his hands to stop him. "Are you trying to undress me?"
"Yeah, baby." he smiled. "You said you were hot, right? I'm helping you cool down."
Dara continued giggling at the way Jiyong was treating her right now. "Why are you being so
nice to me today?"
He grinned as he leaned down to peck her cheeks. "I'm not sure either." he answered honestly.
Why was he suddenly behaving this way? Perhaps he was drunk as well.
"Well... I like it when you're nice like this." Dara announced as she traced his soIt lips with her
Iingers. Those lips twitched up into a smile as he wrapped his arms around her waist.
"Do you?" he asked as he playIully took her index Iinger into his mouth and gently nibbled on
"Hehe.." Dara laughed as she Ielt a tingling sensation run through her body. "Are you trying to
eat my Iinger now?"
Jiyong chuckled as he continued to bite Dara's Iinger. "You're the one who placed it on my lips,
Dara grinned as she Ielt a Iluttery Ieeling develop in her stomach. "Why can't you be nice like
this all the time?"
Jiyong shrugged as he thought about it. "I don't know. Most oI the time, you just annoy me."
"Tch." Dara pouted as she slapped his chest. "It's because you always make Iun oI me."
Jiyong chuckled as he pecked her pouted lips. They were so soIt and plump that he just couldn't
get enough oI them.
"But I like making Iun oI you." he announced sweetly.
"Why?" Dara asked curiously. "You don't make Iun oI all those other girls you hang out with."
she pointed out.
"They're boring." Jiyong murmured as he buried his nose in Dara's neck and inhaled her sweet
scent. She smelled so delicious that he Ielt himselI getting harder even without much action Irom
her part. He quickly darted out his naughty tongue to get a taste oI her neck, making Dara gasp in
surprise. She Ielt her body heat rising by the second at the way Jiyong was touching her.
Just then, Jiyong's phone vibrated in his pocket. He pulled back slightly Irom Dara and reached
into his pocket.
"Hello?" he answered.
"Oppa!" Dara heard a girl yell on the other end. "It's me, Sohee!"
Dara Irowned as she pushed Jiyong away Irom her. He would probably go back to his other
What had she been expecting anyway? That he would stay with her Ior the rest oI the night?
"Hey." Jiyong answered uneasily as he stared at Dara. He could tell that she was disappointed
and maybe even a little upset that Sohee had just killed the mood. And to be honest, he Ielt the
same way.
"Oppa!" Sohee continued purring. "Come to the party at my place! We didn't even celebrate my
birthday properly because oI that annoying little girl!"
Dara scowled under her breath as she Ielt anger boil inside her body. She really didn't like this
Sohee girl.
"Come, oppa! I'll make sure you have a great time--"
"No." Jiyong cut in with annoyance. "I'm busy."
"Aww.. Don't be like that. I promise you'll enjoy--"
BeIore Sohee could Iinish her sentence, Jiyong hung up the phone. He then turned it oII and
impatiently shoved it back into his pocket.
Dara raised her eyebrows and stared at Jiyong curiously. "You're not going?"
"No." Jiyong murmured as he wrapped his arms around Dara again and leaned in.
"Why not?"
"I'm all yours tonight, baby.." he whispered. "All yours.."
BeIore Dara could respond, Jiyong crushed his lips on hers and Iinished unbuttoning her blouse.
He threw it on the Iloor beIore wrapping his arms around her waist again to bring her closer to
At the back oI her head, Dara knew that what she was doing right now was wrong. It didn't
matter that Jiyong was being nice to her today; he was still a playboy whocouldn't be trusted.
But due to the alcohol in her system, she couldn't bring herselI to stop Jiyong Irom what he was
doing. In Iact, she kind oI enjoyed it. She liked the way his hot tongue roamed inside her mouth
wildly, tasting every bit oI her. She wrapped her arms around his neck to bring him even closer
to her.
When she did this, Jiyong lost all control as and he moved his hands up to cup her breasts. He
massaged them gently, making Dara moan into his mouth in response. She had never even let her
past boyIriends touch her this intimately beIore. But somehow, the way Jiyong touched her just
seemed right. It seemed perIect.
In one swiIt movement, Jiyong unclasped Dara's bra and threw it on the Iloor as well. He broke
oII the kiss to take a good look at her.
Dara blushed as she saw him staring at her naked upper body. She shyly tried to cover herselI
with her hands.
But beIore she could do so, Jiyong grabbed her arms and pinned them against the door on either
side oI her head.
"Don't.. Look.." she mumbled in embarrassment. Jiyong had always made Iun oI her body,
saying that she looked like a little kid. It made her selI-conscious having him stare at her like that.
Jiyong couldn't help but smile at her shyness. He leaned down and showered her breasts with soIt
kisses, making Dara close her eyes as her body slowly relaxed again.
"No.. Don't- ahhh.." she moaned as he took one oI her twins into his mouth. Dara Ielt the heat
build up in her body, threatening to burst into Ilames anytime soon. But at the same time, she
didn't want him to stop.
"Ahh... ahhh..." she moaned as she arched her back and closed her eyes in pleasure. Was it sinIul
to Ieel this much pleasure right now?
Hearing her innocent moans turned him on, and he started sucking harder on her peak while
massaging the other twin. All the other girls he had recently slept with had loud, raunchy
screams. But this girl, Dara, was diIIerent. Her soIt angelic moans signaled her innocence. He
wanted more.
"Uhhh..." she moaned as he slipped his hands under her skirt and started rubbing her a little too
roughly."Uhh.. ait.. stop.."
"Shh.." he whispered as he started kissing her neck. "You'll like it."
"No..." she whimpered as she Ielt her insides twist. She didn't know what this Ioreign Ieeling was.
And although she enjoyed it very much, she knew that it was wrong.
"Just relax.."
Jiyong kissed her on the lips again as he continued to rub her, making Dara moan into his mouth.
She tightened her grip on his shoulders Ior support as she Ielt her knees weakening beneath her.
"No.. Stop..." she breathed into his neck as she closed her eyes tightly.
But Jiyong had no intentions oI stopping. He liIted one oI her legs and inserted a Iinger into her,
making her gasp in surprise. She grimaced at Iirst at the uncomIortable Ieeling, but he simply
kissed her lips again to distract her.
AIter awhile, Dara was moaning again in pleasure as three oI Jiyong's Iingers continued to move
in and out oI her.
"Ahh.. ahhh.. stop..." she whimpered halI-heartedly as she Ielt her stomach tighten. She was very
close to her release and wanted anything but Ior him to stop. But she didn't want him to know
that she was actually enjoying what he was doing to her. It was wrong.
Jiyong knew this as well, and he smirked beIore pulling his Iingers out halIway.
"Do you want me to stop?" he asked huskily as he let his thumb "accidently" brush against her
swollen clit. Dara groaned at the contact and threw her head back, making Jiyong chuckle soItly.
"I don't think you want me to stop." he whispered as he continued to play with her clit, while
pulling his Iingers out slowly.
Dara Ielt a sudden coldness overtake her body as she Ielt his Iingers leave her. Instinctively, she
grabbed onto his hand in desperation.
"Don't..." she breathed out as Jiyong threatened to pull his Iingers out. He smirked at her reaction.
It was exactly what he had been hoping Ior.
"Don't what?" he asked innocently. "I thought you wanted me to stop."
"No.. Don't.."
"Don't what?" he repeated as he started kissing her neck again. "Hmm?"
"Don't.. Don't stop.." she whispered as she held onto his hands. Jiyong smirked into her neck. He
sucked on it hard while simultaneously ramming his Iingers deeper into her.
"Ahh!" Dara screamed loudly as she threw her head back again. "Ahh!"
"That's it.. moan Ior me, baby.." he said huskily as he continued to make marks all over her neck.
Dara squeezed her eyes shut as she Ielt something threatening to come out oI her body.
"Jiyong.. something.. something... uhh.."
"Just relax." he whispered as he kissed her soItly, coaxing her. "Let it out."
"Uhh.. it's weird.. I can't.."
"It's okay.." he cooed as he picked up his pace. He didn't know when he Ielt so excited touching a
girl beIore. Usually, he would skip the Ioreplay and go straight to the Iucking. But he liked
watching Dara like this. He liked making her Ieel like this.
At the same time, he couldn't believe that he himselI was this hard already. Not even Yoona and
Sohee could make him this hard so quickly.
He concluded that it was Dara's innocence that had him turned on more than usual.
"Ahhh.. Ahh!" she yelled as she came all over his hand. Dara shivered as she Ielt her body
weaken. II it wasn't Ior Jiyong holding onto her, she probably would have Iallen down on the
Iloor right there.
"How did that Ieel, little girl?" Jiyong asked as he pecked her lips.
Dara couldn't even respond. She just nodded as she held onto him Ior support.
Jiyong smirked as he bit her earlobe playIully. "Want to try something else?"
Dara looked into his eyes and saw that they were Iull oI lust. Jiyong looked back and saw that
her bright orbs were Iilled with curiosity as well. He quickly picked her up and carried her to her
BeIore Dara knew it, they were on her bed with him on top. Jiyong stripped oII his own clothes
so that he was completely naked. Dara blushed as she saw his perIectly toned muscles and abs.
Although he was skinny, he had a well-deIined body. Her eyes then widened as she saw his erect
Although she had seen plenty oI pictures in the health textbook, she had never seen an erect one
beIore. She gulped hard on her saliva.
He grinned as he saw her admiring his body. He leaned down to whisper in her ear.
"Liking what you see, kid?" he asked huskily.
Dara blushed a deeper red as she turned her head to stop looking at him. Jiyong chuckled as he
gently grabbed her chin and turned her Iace back to him. He gazed into her eyes and wondered
why he hadn't noticed her beauty beIore.
And at this moment, he wanted her. He wanted to be the one to claim her innocence.
He leaned down and started kissing her passionately again. Dara gasped as he removed her skirt
and underwear, leaving her completely naked as well.
Jiyong paused to take a good look at her Iully naked body. His eyes slowly traced her smooth
curves and soIt skin, as iI trying to memorize everything he saw. Dara blushed again as she saw
him staring at her.
"Why do you keep staring?" she mumbled shyly.
"You're beautiIul." Jiyong whispered as he kissed up her collarbone to her neck. Usually, he
would just say these words to girls so that they would give in to his needs. But right now, he was
speaking the truth. He thought she was beautiIul. More so than any other girl he's ever been with.
He inhaled her scent and Ielt himselI getting harder every second. This girl. He needed to be
inside her.
Jiyong slowly spread her legs and placed himselI in between them. It was only then that he
realized that he didn't have an extra condom with him.
He always made sure to use protection. Even iI the girl was on pills, he used a condom just to be
saIe. But right now, he just didn't care.
"Are you on pills?" he asked the girl underneath him.
At this point, Dara was too tired to Iully understand what was going on. She had no idea what
this guy on top oI her was talking about.
"Pills? Like vitamins?" she giggled soItly. How silly oI him to ask such a question. OI course she
took her vitamins daily!
"No." Jiyong shook his head. "Pills like birth cont-- ugh!" he groaned as Dara shiIted and
accidently brushed her thigh against his erection.
He couldn't wait anymore. Without a second thought, he pushed himselI inside oI her. Dara
squealed in pain as she Ielt him ripping through her barrier.
Jiyong paused as he looked down at the stained bed sheets. Seeing the blood made everything
seem more real; it made him more excited. He then looked back up at Dara and saw that she had
tears in her eyes.
"You're hurting me!" Dara whimpered as she tried to push him away. She didn't like this Ieeling
at all. It was painIul and extremely uncomIortable.
"Shh.." Jiyong said gently as he kissed her wet cheeks. "I'm sorry. It'll go away soon."
He closed his eyes in ecstasy as he Ielt her walls clamp onto him tightly. She was so tight that he
could barely move.
"Just hold onto me, okay?" he asked soItly as he kissed her lips gently, making her calm down a
Dara just nodded as she quickly wrapped her arms around his neck. Jiyong groaned as he Ielt her
walls continuing to squeeze him tightly.
"Relax..." he groaned. "You're too tight.."
He slowly pulled himselI out beIore pushing back into her. At Iirst, Dara whimpered in pain, and
Jiyong continued to place small kisses all over her Iace to soothe her. Even he didn't know why
he did that. Although he had messed around with a Iew virgins in the past, he had never gone
easy on them.
But seeing this girl cry in pain made him Ieel a little guilty. He wanted her to enjoy this just as
much as he did.
AIter a while, Dara Iinally calmed down as a strange Ieeling overtook her body.
"Ahh.. Jiyong.." she moaned out as he started to slide more easily in and out oI her.
Jiyong grinned as he saw Dara close her eyes. She looked so beautiIul with the sweat covering
her angelic Iace. He leaned down and started kissing her again as he picked up his pace.
"Ahhh.. uhhh.." Dara moaned a little louder as Jiyong moved his lips down to her neck. She was
Ieeling hot and tired, but she didn't want him to stop. She cupped Jiyong's Iace and kissed him
Iully on the lips.
Jiyong groaned as he kissed her back desperately. He tugged on Dara's tongue and pulled it into
his own mouth as he sucked on it gently. Dara Ielt her body tense up as that once Ioreign Ieeling
reappeared in her lower stomach.
"Jiyong.. uhh.. it's happening again.." Dara moaned as she clawed at Jiyong's back. Jiyong
grunted a bit in pain, but it was turning him on at the same time.
"Then let it out, Dara." he bit out as he quickened his thrusts. He was very close to his edge as
well and didn't know how much longer he could hold on.
Dara tossed her head as she moaned loudly. She Ielt like something was going to explode inside
her body. Jiyong entwined his Iingers with hers and stared at her sweaty Iace.
"Dara.. Open your eyes and look at me." he almost pleaded as he slowed down at the slightest.
Dara Iluttered her eyes open and saw Jiyong staring back at her with wild Iire in his eyes.
Eor a split second, they both Ielt a strange Ieeling pass through their chests. Though no one knew
who initiated it, their lips were once again locked together in a passionate kiss.
Within a Iew minutes, they both exploded. Dara screamed loudly into Jiyong's mouth as he
groaned into hers. He made a Iew more thrusts to empty everything.
He then pulled out and breathed heavily into her neck. Eor a Iew minutes, they stayed like that as
they both tried to catch their breaths.
"Jiyong.. you're heavy." Dara whined aIter awhile as she pushed against his chest.
Jiyong smiled as he got oII oI her and then gathered the tired Dara in his arms.
"Are you tired?" he asked as he brushed her hair away Irom her sweaty Iace.
Dara couldn't answer. She just nodded as she gave him a weak smile. Although she was tired,
she had never Ielt so satisIied in her liIe. It was strange.
Jiyong smiled again as he caressed her Iace. "Then go to sleep." he said soItly as he pecked her
Dara nodded as she driIted away to sleep in Jiyong's arms.
Jiyong grimaced and covered his ears with his hands as he was awakened to a loud screaming
noise Irom someone next to him. He groaned as he pulled the blanket over his head in hopes oI
draining out the loud noise.
"YOU BASTARD!! YOU EUCKING BASTARD!!!" the person continued yelling as she started
hitting him through the blanket.
Jiyong growled in pain.
"Stop it.. I want to sleep!" he complained as he wrapped the blanket even tighter around himselI.
Jiyong opened his eyes and turned around to glare at whoever was yelling at him right now.
"Who are you calling a perv--"
"AHHHH!" Dara shrieked as the blanket Iell Irom her body, revealing her naked upper body.
Jiyong covered his ears as Dara continued screaming.
"Would you be quiet?!" he snapped as he tossed Dara her pillow so that she could cover herselI.
Dara immediately took the pillow and glared at Jiyong as he scratched his head in conIusion.
What was he doing in the kid's room?
His eyes widened as last night's memories came rushing back to him. He quickly looked down at
himselI and saw that he was completely naked as well.
´Oh shit..´
He looked back up at Dara with an unreadable expression on his Iace. He saw that she had
calmed down and was now crying quietly.
Dara was angry. Angry at Kwon Jiyong Ior taking advantage oI her drunkenness, but more angry
at herselI Ior not being able to resist his temptation last night.
And now, it was too late. Her virginity and innocence were gone Iorever.
They were taken away by Kwon Jiyong.
"Yah. Why are you crying?" Jiyong asked.
Dara glared at Jiyong through her tears. "You took advantage oI me!"
Jiyong Ielt a wave a oI guilt pass through his chest as he looked at Dara. He knew that he really
shouldn't have slept with her while she was drunk. And it hurt him to see her this upset with what
had happened.
But he would never let her know this.
"What makes you think I was the one who took advantage oI you?" he snapped back.
"You came into my room without permission and started kissing me!" Dara yelled angrily. "And
then you... You..."
Dara blushed in shame as she thought about everything that had happened aIter that lustIul kiss.
"You're the one who told me not to stop." Jiyong retorted smoothly.
"That's because I was drunk!"
"Oh please." Jiyong rolled his eyes. "Drunk or not, you still enjoyed what I did to you last night.
You wanted it."
Dara clenched her Iists angrily as more tears threatened to Iall down. Unlike last night, Jiyong
was back to his cocky and rude selI. Was he always like this to all the girls he slept with?
"I didn't." she said Iirmly.
"Then I guess we don't have a problem." Jiyong said coolly as he tried to ignore Dara's sad Iace.
"We can agree that last night was a mistake. We were both drunk." he lied.
He didn't even know why he was lying. Although he had had a Iew drinks last night, Jiyong
knew that he wasn't drunk when he was with Dara. He had known exactly what he was doing.
And he knew that what had happened last night was deIinitely not an accident.
Dara's mouth dropped open in disbelieI. He was acting like what had happened last night was no
big deal. She was starting to wonder iI the Jiyong in Iront oI him was the same sweet and gentle
Jiyong who had held her in his arms last night.
"This may not be a big deal Ior you.." Dara started oII. "But Ior me, it was my Iirst time." she
said bitterly.
"Which is why you should thank me." he replied nonchalantly. "II I didn't Iind you last night,
that guy at Daesung's house would have Iucked you. Either way, you would have still lost your
He paused to give Dara a ´don´t vou agree?´ look.
By now, Dara was on the verge oI tears. Although she knew that Jiyong was speaking the truth,
she still couldn't believe that these words were coming out oI his mouth. Did he really have to
put it that way?
"Just. Get out." she said quietly as she closed her eyes. She didn't want to see his Iace Ior
another second.
Without another word, Jiyong quickly got dressed and walked towards the door. He looked back
at Dara and saw that she still had her eyes closed as she hugged her pillow tightly against her
He Ielt another strange Ieeling pass his chest as he stared at Dara sitting like that on her bed. Eor
some reason, he wanted to walk over and apologize to her Ior everything that had happened and
Ior saying such harsh words to her.
But he quickly brushed that Ieeling away.
Why should he be the one to apologize to her anyways? She had wanted it just as much as he did.
II she had told him to stop, he would have stopped. Right?
Jiyong ignored the Ieeling in his chest and quickly leIt Dara's room.
The moment he leIt, Dara opened her eyes and sighed deeply. Brushing away her tears, she
quickly got dressed as well and decided to take a warm shower. She Ielt sinIul and dirty.
Although she knew that Jiyong was a player, she didn't think that he would be this heartless. He
was completely diIIerent Irom the Jiyong she knew last night.
The Jiyong Irom last night had been so sweet, almost loving. She never knew Jiyong had such a
gentle and soIt side to him...
Dara shook her head as she Iuriously took the stained sheets oII her bed and threw them in a
garbage bag. She decided wanted to wash away the events oI last night Irom her memory. It was
never supposed to happen.
She gathered up her shower supplies and went out oI the room. She expected Jiyong to be back
in his room by now.
But she was wrong. He was still standing in the hallway, talking with their hallmate.
"Hey, Dara!" Taecyeon greeted her happily, oblivious to the Irown on Dara's Iace. "It was nice
seeing you at Dae's party last night."
Dara saw Jiyong turn around and stare at her with a blank expression.Ignoring him, Dara
quickly turned to Taecyeon and Iorced herselI to smile.
"Yeah. It was nice seeing you, too."
"You should come out to parties more oIten." Taecyeon suggested as Jiyong continued staring at
her silently.
Dara nodded as she ignored Jiyong's stares. "I'll think about it."
"Oh yeah, which reminds me." Taecyeon said brightly as he turned to Jiyong. "Weren't you with
Dara last night?"
"Where?" Jiyong asked calmly.
"I saw you guys together at the party."
Taecyeon grinned smugly as he looked back and Iorth between Jiyong and Dara. "And I saw you
guys going into Dara's room together..."
Dara's eyes widened in surprise. Taecyeon had seen them?!
But beIore she could say anything, she heard a loud thud Irom across the hallway.
She turned around and saw Yongbae standing only a Iew Ieet away Irom them with a hurt
expression on his Iace.
"Oh, hey Yongbae!" Taecyeon said happily, still oblivious to the heavy atmosphere around him.
"Hey." Yongbae said curtly as he reached down to pick up the laundry detergent that he had
dropped. He then gave Jiyong a dark stare beIore turning back to Taecyeon.
"See you guys later. I have to do my laundry."
"Oh, okay. I'll see you later, man." Taecyeon waved as Yongbae turned around and quickly
walked away.
Dara panicked. Yongbae wasn't even looking at her. Had he heard everything that Taecyeon had
said?! Was he mad?
"Yongbae oppa!" Dara called out as she ran aIter him. Jiyong blinked.
´Yongbae... oppa?´
He didn't know what it was, but he didn't like the sound oI that coming out oI Dara's mouth.
"Yongbae oppa!" Dara yelled as she continued running aIter Yongbae's Iast Iootsteps. She knew
that he could hear her, but was choosing to ignore her.
Dara breathed heavily as she Iinally caught up with him.
"Look.. I'm so sorry about canceling last night. I--"
"Sorry about what, Dara?" Yongbae bit out harshly as he suddenly turned around.
Dara Ilinched as she halted in her tracks. "It's just..."
"You're sorry Ior ditching me once again Ior Jiyong?" Yongbae asked bitterly as he gave her a
look oI disapproval. Dara grimaced.
"It's not that, oppa. I told you that I had to help Minzy--"
"Don't lie to me." Yongbae interrupted coldly.
Dara bit on her lower lip to try to keep it Irom trembling. She stared at her Ieet as tears started
Ilowing uncontrollably down her cheeks. She was already having a hard day because oI Jiyong,
and it hurt her to see that Yongbae was mad at her as well.
Yongbae Iroze as he stared at the crying Dara.
"I'm so sorry.." Dara apologized as she started sobbing harder than ever. "I'm really..
Really... Sorry..."
Yongbae immediately regretted yelling at Dara. She looked really miserable right now.
"Shh.. Stop crying." he said soItly.
But at this point, Dara couldn't stop. She just let everything out as she mentally cursed Kwon
Jiyong Ior ruining everything.
´I hate vou, Kwon Jivong.. I hate vou.´
"Yah.. Why are you crying like that?" Yongbae asked worriedly. He was starting to Ieel guilty,
thinking that she was crying because he had yelled at her.
"I'm sorry.." Dara sobbed as her shoulders heaved Irom her heavy crying.
"Arasso arasso." Yongbae said gently as he walked towards Dara and hesitantly wrapped his
arms around her. The moment he did this, Dara buried her Iace into his chest and cried like there
was no tomorrow.
Yongbae stiIIened as he Ielt his heart race Iaster than ever. "D-Dara?"
But she didn't hear him. She just continued crying loudly.
"Eeeling better?" Yongbae asked gently as Dara nodded like a little kid. Yongbae smiled as he
watched Dara eat the ramen noodles.
"Isn't it good?" he asked proudly. Although he wasn't the best cook, even he had to admit that he
was the best at making ramen noodles.
Dara nodded again as she let out a little smile. "It's better than the caIeteria's."
"OI course." Yongbae said conIidently. "Just let me know whenever you want to eat my ramen.
I'll make it Ior you anytime."
Dara smiled grateIully. "Thank you..."
But Yongbae noticed that Dara was still not back to her cheery selI. She still had a Irown on her
pretty Iace.
"Do you want to tell me why you cried earlier?" he asked soItly. Dara paused eating to look at
Yongbae. She noticed that he didn't look angry or annoyed anymore. Just curious and worried.
"I... It's.." she started oII hesitantly. How would he react iI he heard that she had slept with
Jiyong last night? Would he be mad again? Or would he think oI her as a slut?
"Nevermind." Yongbae said gently as he stared at Dara's hesitant Iace. "I won't question you iI
you're uncomIortable."
He quickly picked up her chopsticks and placed them in her hands again. "Just continue eating."
Dara was grateIul that Yongbae didn't Iorce her to say anything.
"I'm sorry." she mumbled again as she looked down at her lap. Eor some reason, she just Ielt
sorry all over again. Yongbae was just too nice.
Yongbae sighed. "I already told you that it's okay. We can watch a movie another time. And I
believe you when you said that you went to the party with Minzy, okay?"
"Okay.." Dara mumbled.
"Now eat." Yongbae said as he pointed to the bowl in Iront oI her. "Or I really will get mad at
Dara didn't need to be told twice. She quickly started eating the ramen in Iront oI her. Yongbae
smiled as he watched Dara slurp away the noodles.
AIter Iinishing her Iood, Dara had to admit that she Ielt a little better.
"Thank you."
"Don't mention it." Yongbae said with a warm smile. "Just go back to your room now and rest.
You look exhausted."
Dara nodded as she gave Yongbae a smile in return. He always seemed to know how to make her
Ieel better. She went up to him and gave him a warm hug.
Yongbae was taken aback by Dara's sudden action, and he stiIIened as he Ielt the heat rise to his
Iace. Eor the second time that day, Dara was hugging him!
"Thank you, oppa." Dara said as she quickly stepped back and gave Yongbae another genuine
smile. "You're the best."
"Y-you're welcome." he stuttered a bit as he quickly picked up the empty bowl to hide his blush.
"I'll see you later, okay?"
"Okay." Dara answered as she gathered up her previously discarded bath supplies. She waved
one last time to Yongbae beIore turning her back and walking back to her room.
As soon as she disappeared Irom sight, Yongbae let out a breath he had been holding in the
whole time. He smiled again as he thought about Dara's smiling Iace. She was so pretty when she
But his expression soon darkened as he thought about what Taecyeon had said earlier. It was
obvious that something had happened between Dara and Jiyong last night aIter the party that had
made her upset today.
And although he decided to let it pass Ior now, he wouldn't ignore it iI Jiyong made her cry
"But oppa.." Sohee pouted as she gave Jiyong her best aegyo Iace. Jiyong sighed as he pushed
Sohee away Irom him.
"Why not?" she Irowned. "We never spend time together anymore!"
"I told you I'm tired." Jiyong said as he got up Irom his bed and grabbed his car keys Irom his
AIter he had Iinished talking to Taecyeon in the hallway, Jiyong had come back to his room to
grab a clean pair oI clothes and take a shower. Once he had returned Irom his shower, he had
Iound Sohee waiting Ior him in his room.
And as usual, they had made out Ior a Iew minutes. But Jiyong was unwilling to go any Iurther
than that. When Sohee had tried to sneak her hands into his pants, Jiyong immediately lost
interest. He just wasn't Ieeling anything at the moment.
All he could think oI was Dara's panicked Iace when she saw Yongbae and how she had called
him "oppa."
"Where are you going?" Sohee asked as she got up Irom the bed and walked up to Jiyong.
"Out." Jiyong said curtly as he grabbed his wallet as well. Although it was still mid-aIternoon, he
needed a drink. Useless thoughts oI the kid were bugging him.
"Okay, let's go!" Sohee said brightly as she linked her arms with his. Jiyong growled in
annoyance as he immediately pulled his arm away Irom her.
"Alone." he said in a strict voice.
Sohee opened her mouth to protest, but Jiyong walked out oI his room beIore she could say
anything else. He didn't want to hear her annoying voice Ior another minute. He slammed the
door behind him.
But as soon as he came out oI his room, he Iound himselI Iace to Iace with Dara, who was
walking back to her room. She paused as she gave Jiyong a hateIul stare.
"What are you doing here?" Jiyong asked bitterly. "Shouldn't you be with your beloved Yongbae
Dara scoIIed. He was trying to pick a Iight with her yet again.
"It's none oI your business." she snapped as she tried to walk away. But Jiyong grabbed her arm.
"Yes it is." he said Iirmly. "Yongbae's my Iriend. I don't want you hanging out with him."
Dara scowled as she pulled herselI out oI Jiyong's grasp.
"Oh, so now I can't even hang out with your Iriends anymore?" she snapped as she gave him
another hateIul glare.
"What makes you think I'm going to listen to you?" she challenged.
Jiyong growled in Irustration. He opened his mouth to respond, but he was interrupted by Sohee.
"Oppa, wait!" Sohee called out as she came out oI his room as well. Dara's mouth dropped
slightly as she let out a snort in disbelieI.
´It hasn´t even been 24 hours and he´s alreadv sleeping around with another girl?'´
Eor some reason, she Ielt a slight pang in her heart. She didn't know why, but she Ielt a little hurt
and betrayed.
´So all the compliments.. Sweet talking.. And kind words from last night...´
They were all lies.
Jiyong Irowned as he saw Dara stare back at him with accusatory eyes. There was just so much
hate and reproach behind those brown eyes. It made him Ieel a bit uneasy.
Sohee smirked. "Oh, it's you again. What are you doing in Iront oI oppa's room, kid?"
Without answering, Dara simply walked away. II she stayed in Iront oI these two people Ior
another minute, she would probably start crying again.
Jiyong continued Irowning as he stared at Dara's retreating back. Something told him that he had
just made another mistake. But he didn't know what it was.
"Tch, what a brat!" Sohee said as she crossed her arms over her chest. "How can she ignore her
sunbae like that?!"
"Will you be quiet?!" Jiyong snapped in an annoyed voice. He was trying to process what had
just happened, and Sohee's whining wasn't helping.
Sohee's mouth dropped open in surprise. Although Jiyong had lost his patience with her a Iew
times, he had never yelled at her beIore.
"O-oppa.. Did you just.. Yell at me?" she asked in shock.
Ignoring Sohee, Jiyong walked out.
Once Dara was inside her room, she Iound Minzy waiting Ior her. She temporarily Iorgot about
her crummy mood as she saw her Iriend.
"Dara!" Minzy exclaimed as she got up Irom the chair. "What happened to you last night? You
just disappeared!"
Dara grimaced slightly as she stared at her Iriend in guilt. She couldn't tell her the truth.
It wasn't because she was aIraid Minzy would judge her. She knew Minzy and Chaerin would
love her and stay by her side no matter what.
But Dara just wanted to Iorget about last night's events altogether. She didn`t want to bring up
the incident Irom last night ever again.
"Sorry." Dara said with a slight smile. "I just got kind oI tired and came home early."
"'Oh, Darong." Minzy laughed as she shook her head. "You really don't like parties, do you?"
"Yeah." Dara agreed. "DeIinitely."
Just then, Minzy's phone rang. She smiled as she answered it.
"Daesung oppa!"
Darraised her eyebrows as she watched her Iriend talk happily with Daesung.
"Okay, I'll see you in twenty minutes." Minzy grinned as she hung up.
"Minzy? Are you. You.."
"Yeah.." Minzy answered Dara's unIinished question shyly. "Daesung oppa and I are going out."
"Omo! That's wonderIul!" Dara said brightly as she Iorgot everything about her sadness. Seeing
her Iriend this happy made her happy as well. She sprang up Irom her seat and wrapped her arms
around Minzy Ior a nice hug.
"Kyaa.. I'm so happy Ior you!" she said happily.
Minzy grinned as she hugged her Iriend back. "Hehe.. Thanks."
"So how'd he ask you out, Minki?" Dara asked excitedly as she clasped her hands together and
blinked her eyes in anticipation.
"Ahh.. I don't know!" Minzy replied shyly as she blushed Irom head to toe.
"Aww.. Come on!" Dara teased as she nudged Minzy with her elbows and wiggled her eyebrows.
"Well.. I'm not sure.. It just happened." Minzy answered with a dreamy smile. "AIter dancing
with her Ior a Iew hours, Daesung oppa Iinally Iound the courage to ask me to be his girlIriend.
And I accepted."
"Kyahh!~ That is so cute!" Dara squealed. "So are you guys going on a date now?"
Minzy nodded as she bit her lower lip in excitement.
"I must tell Chaerin about this right away when she comes back Irom her Iield trip!" Dara
announced happily. Daesung was a nice person, and she was sincerely happy Ior Minzy.
Minzy giggled in agreement. "She's coming back today."
Dara smiled. She could already see Chaerin's annoyed Iace as she complained about how boring
her Iield trip had been. Dara was glad to have Minzy and Chaerin by her side as her Iriends.
Jiyong sighed as he continued gulping down his beer. But it wasn't even making him drunk.
"Yah, something's wrong with you." Seungri Irowned as he stared at Jiyong's troubled Iace.
"Spill it. What's up?"
"Nothing." Jiyong growled as he opened another can. But he just sighed again as he pushed the
can away.
There was no point in drinking. No matter how much he drank, he still couldn't stop thinking
about Dara and what happened between them last night.
He didn`t even know what was bothering him so much about the whole incident. He just Ielt
annoyed Ior no reason.
"Nothing my ass." Seungri snorted. "Sohee told me that you reIused to sleep with her today."
Jiyong rolled his eyes. "How do you know about that already?"
"I overhead her talking to her Iriends." Seungri answered. "She seemed pretty upset."
"Whatever." Jiyong shrugged.
"But why didn't you?" Seungri asked. "Isn't she one oI your best Iuck buddies?"
"Yeah. But I just wasn't in the mood today."
"Whoa, Kwon Jiyong not in the mood to have sex?" Seungri Iaked a gasp. "I can't believe it!"
Jiyong rolled his eyes as Seungri laughed.
"Since you're not in the mood today, then can I sleep with her?" Seungri grinned. "Sohee's pretty
"Do whatever you want." Jiyong shrugged, making Seungri's mouth drop open in surprise.
Something was deIinitely wrong with Jiyong.
"Yah, seriously. What's wrong with you?" Seungri asked curiously.
Jiyong shrugged again. "I just don't Ieel anything when I have sex with Sohee."
Seungri's eyes widened as he gasped.
"You mean.. You can't reach your orgasm?" Seungri asked in shock. II that was the case, then
there was deIinitely a problem!
"What even.. NO!" Jiyong shook his head as he Iacepalmed himselI. "That's not what I meant!"
Seungri just stared at Jiyong in conIusion.
"It's just.. I can't stop thinking about something that happened last night." Jiyong started oII.
"Let me guess. You slept with someone new?" Seungri asked. Jiyong nodded.
"Wow.. She must have been really good, huh?" Seungri smirked.
"She's a virgin." Jiyong said Ilatly. "Or.. Was."
"Really?" Seungri asked in interest. A sudden thought crossed his head.
"Wait.. Is the girl.."
Eor a split second, he wanted to ask iI the girl was Sandara Park. But he quickly brushed that
ridiculous thought away.
Although Seungri thought that Dara was pretty cute, he knew that she was deIinitely not Jiyong's
type in bed. Jiyong rarely messed around with virgins. And when he did, they were tall, big-
breasted girls. Sandara Park deIinitely did not match Jiyong's expectations.
"Nevermind." Seungri said as he shook his head.
(One month later.. at Boston, Massachusetts)
"Two tall Cinnamon Dolce Lattes, please." Bom told the girl at the cash register at Starbucks. It
was Ireezing cold outside, and she needed a warm drink to heat her up.
"That would be $7.21, please." the girl told her with a kind smile. Bom quickly rummaged
through her bag until she Iound her credit card.
"Here you go." she said as she presented her card to the girl.
"I just need to see one Iorm oI identiIication, please." the girl said as she took the card Irom
"Oh crap." Bom said with a Irown as she remembered that she had leIt her student ID card back
at her apartment. She turned to the girl.
"I Iorgot my ID card at my house. Do you think you can-- Oh wait!" she suddenly said brightly
as she dug through her purse again to look Ior her wallet. Luckily, she still had her ID card Irom
her school back in Korea.
"Here you go." she said as she handed her ID card.
The girl's eyes lit up as she stared at the card.
"You go to Seoul University?" she asked with interest.
"Yes." Bom nodded with a smile. "I'm studying abroad right now."
"Oh, really? So am I." the girl said with a warm smile.
Bom raised her eyebrows in interest as she stared at the pretty Asian girl in Iront oI her.
"Really? Are you a Seoul University student as well?" Bom asked curiously. "I don't think I've
ever seen you on campus."
"Oh no, I'm not." the girl replied as she shook her head. "My Iriend goes to Seoul University.
He's currently a senior."
"What's your Iriend's name?" Bom asked curiously. "I might know him."
The girl opened her mouth to reply, but she was interrupted when Bom's phone rang.
"Oh, sorry." Bom apologized as she quickly answered her phone. "Hello?"
"Hey, babe. Are you almost here yet? I'm Ireezing cold!" TOP whined on the other line. Bom
couldn't help but giggle at her boyIriend's impatience.
"I'll be there soon. Eive more minutes, okay?" she asked.
"I'm going to Ireeze!" TOP continued in a dramatic voice. "Ereeze, I tell you. Ereeeeze!"
Bom rolled her eyes. "Then wait inside, you silly alien!!"
She was supposed to meet TOP in Iront oI the shopping mall so that they could buy souvenirs Ior
their Iriends and Iamily back in Korea. They were scheduled to go back home in two days.
"Nuh-uh." TOP replied stubbornly. "I'm going to wait outside until you come. II you don't want
your boyIriend to Ireeze, then you better hurry up!"
"You're so weird!" Bom laughed in response.
She was still smiling when she hung up. Her boyIriend never Iailed to bring a smile to her Iace.
"Your drinks are ready." the girl said as she handed Bom her two drinks. "It seems like your
Iriend is waiting Ior you."
"Oh, thanks." Bom said as she quickly picked up the two cups. "Sorry we didn't get to Iinish our
"Don't worry about it." the girl said with a sweet smile. "You seem to be in a rush."
Bom nodded with a smile. She couldn't let Tabi Ireeze in the cold.
"Oh yeah. I'm Park Bom, by the way." Bom said as she set the drinks down again and extended
her right hand.
The girl smiled as she shook Bom's hand.
"Babe, what took you so long?" TOP asked as he shivered slightly Irom the cold. "I thought I
was turning into a snowman!"
Bom laughed at TOP's silly remark. "Which is why I told you to wait inside!"
TOP pouted. "But I wanted to go in together..."
Bom smiled as she stared at her boyIriend's cute expression. "Arasso, sorry Ior being late. I
stopped by Starbucks to buy us coIIee, and I ended up chatting with the cashier."
"So you leIt your poor boyIriend in the cold?" he Irowned.
Bom suddenly Ielt her heart soIten at TOP's sad Iace.
"Was it really cold?" she asked. TOP continued pouting as he nodded like a sad boy.
"I say that you should make it up to me by giving me a kiss." he said as he oIIered her his lips.
OI course. His sad act was just to get a kiss Irom her.
Nevertheless, she reached up and pecked his pouted lips. But she Irowned once her lips came in
contact with his.
"Yah, why is your mouth warm?" she asked.
"II you've been waiting in the cold Ior ten minutes, then your lips should be cold." Bom said as
she narrowed her eyes. "But they're not!"
"Oh.. Oops.." TOP said with a boyish grin. "I've been caught."
The truth was, TOP had waited inside the shopping mall because he was too cold. He had
quickly rushed back outside once saw Bom crossing the street.
"Aisht, yah!" Bom said with a Irown. "You're such a liar! You made me rush all the way over
here Ior no reason!"
TOP just chuckled beIore leaning down to give his girlIriend another loving kiss.
"I just wanted to see you sooner, babe." he said sweetly.
Bom Ielt her heart Ilutter as she stared at her handsome boyIriend. She blushed slightly as she
handed him his cup oI coIIee. TOP grinned as he took the cup Irom her hands.
"So who is this cashier you met today?" he asked casually as he took a sip oI his latte. "Is it a
Bom rolled her eyes. "No, it was a girl!"
"Are you sure?" he joked as he narrowed his eyes at her. "Are you sure you weren't cheating
behind my back?"
Bom just playIully slapped TOP's arm as he chuckled. He took another sip oI his drink.
"Eor your inIormation, it was a girl." Bom repeated. "And her name was Kiko."
TOP nearly spat his drink back out.
"W-what?" he asked with wide eyes.
Had he heard her correctly? Kiko?!
"I said.. Her name was Kiko."
TOP momentarily Iroze as the name repeated in his mind.
"Yah, Tabi!" Bom said as she waved her hand in Iront oI his Iace. "Hello!?"
"Huh?" he said as he snapped back to attention. "Oh, sorry, babe. Let's go inside now." he said
´It can´t be her..´ TOP convinced himselI as he and Bom entered the shopping mall.
(At Seoul, Korea)
"Hmm.. it's still not here yet." Dara muttered as she looked at the calendar and wondered why
she hadn't had her period yet this month. She usually wasn`t the type to have irregular periods.
"Must be the stress." she told herselI as she went back to her math homework.
She hadn't talked to Jiyong ever since the morning aIter they had slept together. She purposely
avoided him by staying in the library or in Minzy's room.
And to be honest, it seemed as iI Jiyong didn't want to talk to her either. He was always
surrounded with other girls and didn't even acknowledge Dara when they occasionally saw each
other in the hallways.
It was better this way. Dara didn't want to associate herselI with Jiyong ever again.
On the downside, she now didn't have a math tutor. Although Jiyong was technically still her
tutor, they weren't on speaking terms anymore.
Just then, her phone rang. It was Minzy.
"Hey, Dara. Are you in your room right now?"
"Yes." Dara replied. "I just got back Irom work. Why?"
"Okay, good." Minzy let out a sigh oI relieI without answering Dara's question. "Is Chaerin there
as well?"
"Not yet." Dara answered. "She'll probably be here soon though."
As iI on cue, the door opened and Chaerin walked in with a bag oI groceries.
"She's here now." Dara said into the phone as she waved to Chaerin.
"Okay. I'll be at your room in ten minutes with Jan Di." Minzy said quickly.
"There there, don't cry." Chaerin said as she handed Jan Di a kleenex and patted her back. "It's
going to be okay."
"I just Ieel so stupid!" Jan Di continued crying as she blew her nose on the kleenex. "I don't
know what I was thinking."
"We all make mistakes." Minzy said with a soIt smile.
"But what iI I'm really pregnant?" Jan Di asked worriedly. "Then what do I do?"
"You don't even know iI you are yet." Dara reasoned. "Let's just try this pregnancy test Iirst,
Jan Di nodded as she sniIIled. About a month ago, she had slept with Jun Pyo without using
protection. It was merely a one night stand at a party, and she regretted it very much.
And to make matters even worse, her period was late. She didn't even want to imagine what she
would do iI she was really pregnant.
"Come on.. Let's just try this now, okay?" Minzy asked as she held up the pregnancy test. "I
brought a whole box Irom the school hospital just in case."
Jan Di took a deep breath and nodded bravely. She picked up the entire box and walked to the
Dara, Chaerin, and Minzy all waited nervously Ior their Iriend as she took her time in the
10 minutes later...
"KYAHHH!!" Jan Di yelled as she ran out oI the bathroom. Dara, Chaerin, and Minzy
immediately ran up to her.
"What happened?!" they demanded.
"I'm not pregnant!" Jan Di cried happily as she showed her Iriends the results. "I even took two
tests just to make sure!"
Sure enough, both oI the pregnancy tests only showed one line. Her three Iriends let out sighs oI
relieI as they pulled her into a group hug.
"See? What did I tell you?" Chaerin asked happily as she smiled widely. "I told you it was going
to be okay!"
"I know." Jan Di said as she let out a deep breath. "I'm so glad!"
"Just be more careIul next time." Minzy advised. "I don't want you to go through the same thing
all over again."
"Oh, I deIinitely won't do anything stupid like this ever again." Jan di said Iirmly. "Gosh, that
jerk Goo Jun Pyo doesn't even talk to me anymore aIter that night. I'm sure iI I was actually
pregnant, he would just tell me to erase the baby."
"Tch." Chaerin clucked her tongue in disapproval. "You know how guys are. They don't want to
take responsibility Ior such things."
"But he was so sweet and gentle that night.." Jan Di said soItly in reminiscence. "It seemed like
he really cared Ior me."
"Guys would do anything just to get into a girl's pants." Chaerin pointed out Iirmly. "You know
they don't mean halI the things they say anyway."
Jan Di sighed. "Yeah.. I guess you're right."
"I'm just glad that you're okay." Minzy said.
In the midst oI all this, Dara was deep in her own thoughts. Jan Di's situation seemed painIully
similar to her own...
Suddenly, she Ielt a little uneasy.
"Omo! I have to go class now." Jan Di announced as she looked at her watch. "Thanks so
muchIor your moral support, you guys."
"No problem, girl." Chaerin said with a grin as she picked up her own bag. "I'll walk out with
you. I have to go see my Physics TA as well."
"I'm leaving, too." Minzy added as she got up. "I'm meeting Daesung oppa at the library."
"Oh, you two lovebirds." Chaerin teased as Minzy blushed.
"What about you, Dara?" Jan Di asked as she turned to Dara. "Are you going out as well?"
"Huh? Oh no." Dara said as she shook her head. "I'll just do my math homework in my room."
"Okay then. We'll see you later. Study hard!"
And with that, her three Iriends leIt the room.
Dara let out a deep breath as she sat down at her desk.
"Stop having weird thoughts and just Iocus on math." she told herselI. "There's nothing wrong
with your period being late."
"I mean. Things happen and it can just be irregular at times." she continued convincing
"It's Iine.. Even Jan Di was Iine, right? There's nothing to worry about..."
Dara shook her head as she grabbed her pencil and opened her math book. But just as she was
about to start the Iirst problem, she realized that she really needed to go pee. She got up Irom her
seat and walked to the bathroom.
Once inside, she casually pulled down her pants and underwear, and sat down at the toilet. It was
only then that she saw the box oI pregnancy tests on the sink. She looked inside and saw that
there was still one more test leIt.
Suddenly, she just Ielt curious.
With a pounding heart, she grabbed the last pregnancy test and careIully held it between her
legs. She grimaced slightly at the thought oI having to pee on this thing. It seemed kind oI
Nevertheless, she took a deep breath and released everything.
And when she Iinally mustered up the courage to look at the result, she Ielt her heart sink a
thousand miles to the bottom pit oI her very existence.
There were two lines.
"Say 'ah,' oppa." Yoona purred as she held the strawberry in Iront oI Jiyong's mouth. Jiyong
grinned beIore complying.
"Ah." he said as he opened his mouth and ate the juicy strawberry.
"Is it good?" she asked as Jiyong chewed and swallowed.
"Mhmm." he nodded beIore giving Yoona a quick peck on the lips. "Only because my baby Ied
it to me."
Yoona giggled as she grabbed another strawberry. "Here, I'll give you another one."
"Ah." Jiyong said as he opened his mouth and let Yoona continue Ieeding him while stealing
kisses Irom him in between.
"I see that you still haven't changed much, Jiyong." a deep voice said as he approached their
table at the club. Jiyong's eyes lit up as soon as he saw the owner oI the voice, and he
immediately pushed Yoona aside to welcome his Iriend.
"Seung Hyun!" he said excitedly as he got up Irom his seat and pulled him into a hug. "When'd
you get back Irom Boston?!"
"Today." TOP replied with a grin.
"Come here, sit." Jiyong said as he led TOP back to the table. As soon as Jiyong sat down,
Yoona immediately wrapped her arms around him again. TOP rolled his eyes as he watched
Yoona reach up and kiss him.
"Can't you save that Ior some other day?" he asked as he eyed the pair with disapproval. "I really
don't need to see that."
Jiyong chuckled beIore breaking apart Irom Yoona. "I'll see you later, okay?"
Yoona pouted a bit in disappointment. "But.."
"Oppa's going to talk to his Iriend now." Jiyong said as disentangled himselI Irom Yoona and
pinched her cheeks. "I'll call you later."
Yoona let out a soIt sigh, but she nodded beIore giving Jiyong one last kiss on the cheeks. She
gave him a sweet smile beIore leaving.
"You disgust me." TOP said while shaking his head. Jiyong just laughed.
"What? Isn't she hot?" he smirked while handing TOP a glass oI beer. "She's really good in bed,
TOP rolled his eyes as he grabbed the beer Irom Jiyong and opened it. "Isn't it about time you
settled down now instead oI playing around with this and that girl?"
"No thanks." Jiyong answered while taking a chug oI his beer. "I preIer this."
"You disgust me." TOP repeated.
Jiyong just shrugged as he gave TOP an innocent look.
TOP sighed. "It's been Iour years already, Jiyong. Isn't it about time that you let go oI your bitter
Jiyong paused. "What are you trying to get at?"
"You weren't like this beIore, Jiyong. Not beIore she--"
"Why are you talking about her all oI a sudden?" Jiyong interrupted with a Irown.
"I'm just saying..."
"Look, it's been awhile since we've seen each other, and you're already ruining the mood."
Jiyong said bitterly.
TOP let out another sigh, but he let it go. He didn't want to start a Iight with Jiyong.
And although he disapproved oI Jiyong's activities, he still believed that the old Jiyong would
come back eventually. The sweet and loving Jiyong who treated girls with kindness and respect.
"Eine." TOP said with a small smile. "How have you been?"
Jiyong's dark expression immediately loosened up at the change in topic.
"I've been good."
"Anything interesting happen while I was gone?" TOP asked.
Jiyong opened his mouth to respond when he was interrupted by Bom.
"Tabi!" she called out as she came over to their table. TOP's eyes lit up with happiness as he
welcomed Bom in his arms. Jiyong rolled his eyes as he watched the lovey dovey couple
exchange kisses and laughs.
"You tell me not to do things in Iront oI you, yet you do it yourselI?" he snorted.
Bom pulled away slightly Irom TOP and gave Jiyong a halI smile.
Although Bom was TOP's girlIriend, she didn't really talk to Jiyong that oIten.
"Did you have a good semester?" she asked, trying to maintain a polite conversation.
"Yeah. You?" he asked in an equally polite voice.
"That's good."
Bom sighed. This conversation with Jiyong wasn't going anywhere. She got up.
"I guess I`ll see you guys later then." she said. Jiyong nodded and waved nonchalantly beIore
picking up his glass oI beer.
"You're leaving already?" TOP asked with a disappointed pout. "Where are you going?"
"I'm going to meet Dara."
Jiyong nearly spat his drink back out. Eor a second, it had slipped his mind that Bom was Dara's
"The poor girl seems tired." Bom said with a Irown. "I called her this morning and she sounded
´Is she sick?´ Jiyong couldn't help but wonder.
AIter having that little argument with Dara a month ago, he hadn't spoken another word to her.
He didn't know why, but seeing Dara's Iace just made him Ieel a mixture oI guilt and anger. And
he didn't like it one bit.
It made him want to avoid her as much as possible.
"Bommie!" Dara squealed when she saw her sister standing in Iront oI her dorm.
The two girls laughed as they hugged each other and jumped up and down.
"How have you been?!" Bom asked excitedly as she sat down on Dara's bed.
"Good, unnie. How about you?" Dara asked. "How was Boston?"
"It was so much Iun!" Bom said with a happy sigh. "But it's great to be back in Korea and see my
little sister."
Dara grinned. She was really happy to see Bom, too. "How's Seung Hyun oppa?"
"Oh, he's doing Iine as well." Bom smiled with a dreamy expression. "That bingu.."
She turned back to Dara. "But you sounded sick when I called you beIore." she said worriedly.
"Are you okay now?"
She Irantically placed her hands on Dara's Iace to see iI she had a a Iever.
"OI course, Bommie." Dara laughed as she gave her a reassuring look. "I was just tired earlier."
Bom let out a sigh oI relieI as she slapped Dara's arm. "Aigo, you scared me! I thought you were
sick or something!"
Dara giggled at her sister's expression. "Does umma and appa know that you're back yet?"
"Yeah, I told them I would visit them tonight." Bom answered as she looked at her watch. "Want
to come with me?"
"Nah." Dara shook her head and then groaned. "I have an exam tomorrow."
"Aigo.. Poor baby." Bom cooed as she pinched Dara's cheeks lovingly. Dara laughed.
"But tell them that I said hi."
"Arasso. I'll see you later then." Bom said as she got up and walked to the door. "Take care oI
"I will." Dara smiled as she got up and Iollowed Bom to the door. "I'm so glad you're back."
"Awww!~~" Bom cooed as she pulled Dara in Ior another hug. "I missed you so much!"
Dara wrapped her arms around Bom and leaned on her shoulder. Her expression darkened
immediately as she told herselI not to cry.
´What am I going to do, Bommie?´
The next morning, Dara took a deep breath as she locked herselI up in the bathroom once again
with another pregnancy test in her hand. She had read on the internet that taking a pregnancy test
Iirst thing in the morning would yield the most accurate results. It said something about having a
higher concentration oI HCG in your urine in the morning.
AIter letting out a deep breath, Dara sat down at the toilet with the test in her hands. She prayed
that there would be a diIIerent result this time around.
With shaky hands, she once again placed the test in between her legs.
AIter waiting a Iew minutes, she Iinally Iound the courage to look at the results. She quickly
brought the test up to her Iace, but still kept her eyes tightly closed.
"One... two... three!"
On three, she opened her eyes. Much to her disappointment, she saw the same two pink lines
delivering the bad news. She Ielt her heart drop again, much like the Iirst time.
Dara groaned as she wrapped the test up in toilet paper and threw it in the garbage can.
´What am I going to do now?'" she thought as she bit on her lower lip and clutched her stomach
as she tried to calm herselI down.
Just then, she heard knocking on the bathroom door.
"Dara? Are you done yet?" Chaerin called as she continued knocking. "I need to go to class
"Y--yeah!" Dara stuttered as she got up Irom the toilet seat. "I'll be out in t-ten mintues!"
"Are you okay?" she heard Chaerin's worried voice call Irom the other side. "Is something
"No no!" Dara yelled in squeaky voice. "I'm just going to take a shower!"
She quickly walked over to the shower stall and turned on the warm water.
"Okay then. Just hurry up, please."
Dara quickly stripped herselI out oI her clothes and drowned herselI out in the warm water. She
quickly Iormulated a plan inside her head.
When she came out oI the shower, Chaerin was waiting Ior her.
"That was pretty quick." Chaerin said in an impressed voice as she rushed inside the bathroom to
get ready herselI. Dara just gave her a weak smile.
As soon as Chaerin went inside and closed the bathroom door, Dara quickly changed into her
Once she was Iully dressed, she looked at her reIlection in the mirror. Her eyes immediately
went to her Ilat stomach. With shaky hands, she touched her stomach through her clothing.
"I'm sorry..." she whispered soItly. "I'm so sorry...."
"What do you mean you can't?" Dara asked the doctor in disbelieI.
"I understand your situation, but you're going to have a wait a Iew more weeks." the doctor said
while looking at Dara's medical chart.
"But why? Didn't you say that I was only Iour weeks pregnant?"
"Yes, I did."
"And I thought that medical abortions were possible within the Iirst 8 weeks oI pregnancy."
The doctor smiled. "It seems like you did some research."
Dara let out an exasperated sigh. She had asked the doctor Ior a medical abortion, but the doctor
reIused to treat her.
"You're right." the doctor said. "Non-surgical abortions are usually possible within the Iirst 8
weeks oI pregnancy."
Dara Irowned. Then what was the problem?
"However." the doctor continued. "Looking through your medical chart, I see that you are
allergic to MiIepristone."
Dara listened careIully.
"MiIepristone is used in combination with misoprostol as a two-step method Ior non-surgical
abortion. And when taken in the early stages oI pregnancy, it is about 92° eIIective. But in your
case, this won't be possible."
Dara panicked.
"So you're saying that I can't have an abortion?!"
The doctor shook her head. "No no. A surgical abortion is still possible."
Dara Ielt a Ilood oI relieI rush through her body.
"But you'll have to wait a Iew more weeks beIore the surgery is possible." the doctor said. "Eor
saIety reasons."
"Couldn't you just do it now?" Dara asked desperately. "I.. I need to do this as soon as possible."
The doctor shook her head. "A suction aspiration is usually perIormed within the Iirst 6 to 12
weeks oI pregnancy. You'll have to wait at least 2 more weeks."
Dara let out a sigh and slumped in her seat in deIeat.
"I guess I'll just come back in two weeks then.." she muttered.
And so another two weeks passed without much drama. Dara was busy with work and school
that she had told herselI not to think about the abortion until the time came when she could have
She didn't tell anyone about her pregnancy. Not even to Bom and her parents. She didn't want
anyone to worry about her. She was an adult now and could take care oI herselI.
She took out her phone and called Dr. Yang.
"Hello. This is Dr. Eun Joo Yang speaking."
"Hello, Dr. Yang. This is Dara, the girl Irom two weeks ago."
"Oh, yes yes . I remember." the doctor said. "How are you, Dara?"
"I'm good." Dara answered robotically. "I was wondering iI I could schedule an appointment
now Ior my surgery."
She heard the doctor sigh soItly on the other end. "I see that you still haven't changed your
"Yes." Dara said Iirmly.
"Does the Iather know about this yet?"
Dara Ilinched as she thought about Jiyong. She had actually seen him a Iew times during the past
two weeks. And each time they had made eye contact, Jiyong had stared back at her with a dark
expression. It was almost as iI he was mad at her.
But Dara saw no reason why Jiyong should be the angry one. AIterall, she was the one who had
to deal with this whole pregnancy mess while he just went back to messing with other girls.
What reason did he have to be mad?!
She clenched her right Iist.
´I´ll make sure vou never find out about this.. You useless ferk.´ she thought bitterly.
"No. The Iather doesn't know." Dara answered. "I'm not going to tell him."
"But shouldn't you at least let him know?" the doctor suggested. "Maybe iI you two discussed it
Iirst, you guys could avoid an abortion and--"
"No." Dara said Iirmly. "I want an abortion. I'm sure oI it."
She admitted that she did Ieel bad Ior the unborn baby in her stomach. And she Ielt extremely
guilty about what she was about to do.
But she didn't have a choice. She knew that Jiyong wasn't the type oI guy to take responsibility
Ior another human being, and she was honestly scared oI being a single mom.
It was just all too overwhelming Ior her.
"Please, I want to schedule an appointment."
"Very well then." the doctor said in deIeat once she realized that Dara was Iirm in her decision.
"How about tomorrow at 3pm?"
"That sounds good." Dara said. "Thank you."
"I'll see you tomorrow then, Miss Park."
Dara let out a deep breath as she hung up. She clutched her stomach again and Ielt a wave oI
guilt pass through her once again.
"I'm so sorry.. I really am." she said soItly. "Those are the only words I can say to you.."
She sighed as she picked up her phone again and called Yongbae. He picked up right away aIter
two rings.
"Dara?" he answered excitedly.
"Hey, oppa." she said with a smile. "Are you Iree tonight?"
"Hmm.. I have a meeting at Iive, but I'm Iree aIter that." he answered. "Why?"
"I was wondering iI you wanted to have dinner with me."
"Dinner?" Yongbae repeated brightly.
Eor the past month, Yongbae and Dara had gone out on many dinner dates. But each time, he
was the one who had paid Ior everything. Tonight, Dara wanted to be the one to treat him to
dinner. Yongbae was a special person whom she really cared about.
"Sure!" Yongbae answered enthusiastically. "What time?"
"How about seven?" Dara suggested happily.
"Sounds perIect."
"I noticed that you don't hang out with Sandara anymore." Seungri said as he grabbed another
slice oI pizza Irom the box.
Jiyong just shrugged as he eyed the box oI pizza with disgust. How could anyone eat such a
greasy and smelly thing?
"You're not eating?" Daesung asked as he grabbed another slice Ior himselI as well.
"No." Jiyong grimaced. "I don't Ieel like eating right now."
Ever since yesterday morning, Jiyong had started Ieeling a little... weird. His body wasn't taking
in any Iood, and he Ielt like vomiting at the Iaintest smell oI grease or oil. In Iact, he had thrown
up a couple oI times during the past two days. It was absolutely horrible.
"But you didn't eat anything the whole day today." Seungri said as he reached Ior the Irench Iries
and dipped it in ketchup. Jiyong almost barIed again on the spot.
´Seriouslv.. what is wrong with mv bodv?'´
"Could you two please eat your Iood elsewhere?" he groaned as he moved away Irom the table
and sat on his bed.
Seungri and Daesung had come over to his room to hang out and eat, but Jiyong wasn't
appreciating it very much. He didn't like how they were stinking up his room.
"What's wrong?" they asked curiously.
"I can't stand the smell oI it." Jiyong said as he pinched his nose in disgust. Seungri and Daesung
stared at Jiyong in conIusion.
"Since when did you hate the smell oI pizza and Iries?" Daesung asked as he Iurrowed his brows.
"It's your Iavorite late-night snack!"
Jiyong just shook his head miserably. "I don't know, maybe I'm coming down with the Ilu or
something. You know how I can't eat anything when I'm sick."
He thought he was going to pass out anytime now Irom the smell. He Ielt his stomach doing
turns again.
"Let's see.." Seungri said as he wiped his Iingers on a napkin and then reached Ior Jiyong's
Iorehead. But even at that distance, Jiyong could still smell the grease on Seungri's Iingers.
"Yah! What are you trying to do?!" he yelled as he immediately jerked away Irom Seungri.
"Your Iingers stink!"
"What?" Seungri said as he sniIIed his Iingers. "What are you talking about? No they don't!"
"UGH!" Jiyong groaned as he got up and grabbed the bottle oI Eebreeze on the counter. He
immediately started spraying it like crazy all over the room.
"YAH! What are you doing?!" Daesung and Seungri yelled as they covered their Iood so that it
wouldn't get covered by the mist. They really didn't understand why their Iriend was acting like
this today.
"Stop it! That's enough!" Seungri yelled as Jiyong continued spraying the bottle all over the
room. He and Daesung started coughing at the strong scent.
"Ahh.. Much better." Jiyong sighed in content as he sniIIed the air. He then opened his window
Ior more ventilation.
"You're messed up!" Daesung yelled as he swatted the air with his hands and coughed. He then
uncovered the napkin on his Iood so that he could resume eating.
"It's my room." Jiyong said smugly as he plopped back down on his bed. He wasn't Ieeling so
nauseous anymore.
Seungri shook his head, but resumed eating as well.
"Soas I was saying.. What happened to you and Dara?"
"What do you mean what happened?" Jiyong asked with a snort. The mention oI Dara's name
suddenly made him Ieel a little angry again. He didn't know why, but everytime he saw her or
heard her name, he just Ielt really uneasy.
A part oI him still wanted to go up and apologize to her. He didn't know exactly why or what he
wanted to apologize Ior, but he just did.
Yet another part oI him wanted to stay Iar, Iar away Irom her. It was conIusing.
So in the end, he decided to stay away Irom her. That was the saIest thing to do.
"You guys used to hang out a lot Ior awhile." Daesung said.
"Did we?" Jiyong asked with a shrug. "I don't remember."
Seungri rolled his eyes. "You were bugging her with the whole slave thing!"
BeIore his Iriends could continue pestering him with questions, someone knocked on Jiyong's
"Come in." Jiyong called out.
The door opened, and in came a smiling girl. "Oppa!"
Jiyong smirked. "Hey, TiIIany. What brings you here?"
"I just wanted to say hi." TiIIany purred as she pranced over to Jiyong's bed and snuggled herselI
right next to him. She didn't even acknowledge Seungri and Daesung's presence.
"Did you?" Jiyong asked as he draped his arm around her shoulders. TiIIany giggled and nodded
as she rested her head on his chest.
Seungri and Daesung rolled their eyes.
"Yah! We're still here, you know." Daesung reminded them.
"We know." Jiyong smirked as TiIIany sat on his lap and started unbuttoning his shirt. She
started giggling again as Jiyong ran his hands up and down her waist.
"Then what are you doing?!" Daesung asked in disgust. He really didn't like it whenever one oI
Jiyong's so called "Iriends" came over whenever he was around.
Jiyong shrugged. "Like I said, it's my room. You guys are Iree to leave iI you Ieel
But just as he was about to pull TiIIany in Ior a kiss, he paused.
"Yah, what did you eat Ior dinner tonight?" Jiyong groaned as he covered his nose. TiIIany Iroze
and stared at him in shock.
Jiyong leaned Iorward to get a sniII oI her clothes as well.
"Aisht. Did you eat Iried chicken?!"
TiIIany couldn't help but blush at his question. How did he know?! She had taken a breath mint
and even sprayed perIume on herselI to cover up the smell.
"Well... I.. Yes.." she admitted.
Jiyong was immediately turned oII. And to think oI it. He had almost kissed her! Gross!
"Leave." Jiyong said as he started buttoning his shirt again. TiIIany's mouth dropped open in
disbelieI while Daesung smiled smugly. Eor once in his liIetime, Jiyong was making the right
Seungri, on the other hand, was a little disappointed. He personally wouldn't have minded seeing
some hot action between Jiyong and TiIIany.
"What do you mean?" TiIIany asked with wide eyes. Jiyong rolled his eyes as he pushed her oII
oI him.
"I'm not in the mood anymore." he said as he stared at her in disgust.
"So you're kicking me out just because I smell like Iried chicken?!" TiIIany cried out in disbelieI.
Daesung couldn't help but snort in amusement.
"Yeah." Jiyong said curtly. "Leave."
TiIIany's nose Ilared in anger as she gave Jiyong one last hateIul glare and then stomped out oI
his room. She slammed the door behind her.
"Oohh.. She looks mad." Seungri said in an amused voice.
Jiyong just shrugged. At least it didn't stink anymore.
He Ielt his stomach Ieel sick again at the thought oI Iried chicken. He groaned as he immediately
bolted to the bathroom.
"You really have to eat something, man!" Seungri said the next morning.
"No." Jiyong said stubbornly. "I'm not hungry."
"Seriously, what's wrong with you?" Seungri asked with a Irown. "You don't have a Iever or
"I don't know.." Jiyong groaned as he rubbed the sides oI his Iorehead with his thumb.
"Hmm.." Seungri said thoughtIully. He was a biology major, so luckily he knew a lot about the
human body.
"Tell me, Jiyong." Seungri said. "How do you Ieel right now? What are the symptoms?"
Jiyong rolled his eyes. "What are you, my doctor?"
"Well, I am a pre-med student." Seungri replied as he held up his pointer Iinger. "You may call
me Dr. Lee in the Iuture."
Jiyong rolled his eyes again. "Yes, Dr. Lee." he said sarcastically.
Seungri laughed. "So tell me, what are the symptoms?"
"I just Ieel a little nauseous and dizzy." Jiyong answered with a groan. "And I don't want to eat
"Have you thrown up today?" Seungri asked.
"Yes." Jiyong answered. "A couple oI times."
"What about diarrhea?"
Jiyong shook his head. "No."
"Hmm. Anything else?" Seungri asked as he Iurrowed his brows in concentration.
"Yeah, I Ieel grossed out whenever I get near oily and greasy Iood." Jiyong added as he
shuddered at the mere thought.
"Right. I remember that Irom yesterday." Seungri chuckled as he thought about how Jiyong had
kicked TiIIany out oI his room.
"Ugh.. What's wrong with me?" Jiyong asked in exasperation.
"Well, although there are many reasons why a person may Ieel sick and vomit, it usually boils
down to three basic things." Seungri explained.
"One. There could be something that is irritating your brain.." Seungri started oII.
"My brain?" Jiyong repeated.
"Yeah." Seungri nodded. "Such as carbon monoxide poisoning or too much alcohol."
Jiyong thought about it. Although he did drink oIten, he hadn't partied Ior the past week or so.
"I didn't consume any alcohol this week." he told Seungri.
"Okay, I don't think that's the reason then." Seungri said thoughtIully.
Jiyong nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I don't think that's it either."
"Then two." Seungri continued as he held up two Iingers and made a "V" sign. "There is
something that is irritating your gut."
Jiyong thought careIully about whether he had eaten anything recently that might have upset his
"I don't think I ate anything weird... But do you think that's the reason?" he asked Seungri. "Do
you think something is irritating my gut?"
"Nah, I don't think that's it either." Seungri said with a shake oI his head. "You said that you
weren't having diarrhea. Usually iI there is something irritating your gut, you experience a
combination oI both vomiting and diarrhea. But seeing how you're only vomiting, I don't think
there is anything wrong with your gut. I doubt that you had Iood poisoning."
Jiyong Irowned. Then what was the reason behind his weird symptoms?
"Then what's the third possibility?"
"Three..." Seungri's voice trailed oII as he suddenly started chuckling.
"What?" Jiyong asked curiously. "Why are you laughing?"
"I highly doubt the third option is your reason." Seungri said as he continued laughing.
"Why?" Jiyong asked. "What is it?"
"You're pregnant."
"What?" Jiyong asked in disbelieI as Seungri roared in laughter.
"I told you it wouldn't be it!"
"Aisht, oI course that's not it!" Jiyong snapped as he slouched back down in his bed. "There's no
way that I could be pregnant."
Seungri suddenly stopped laughing.
"Or maybe.." Seungri said with a hint oI amusement in his eyes.
"What?" Jiyong asked as he cocked his head to look at Seungri.
"Maybe..." Seungri said as he wiggled his eyebrows and grinned evilly.
"Maybe what?" Jiyong snapped.
"Perhaps you're having a sympathetic pregnancy." Seungri announced with a wide grin.
"I'm having a what?" Jiyong asked as he Iurrowed his brows.
"Morning sickness."
Jiyong Irowned in conIusion. "What are you talking about?"
Seungri's eyes lit up in excitement. "Couvade syndrome! Or sympathetic pregnancy!"
He then cleared his throat.
"Eor men, morning sickness can be a symptom oI Couvade Syndrome, which sometimes occurs
in the husbands oI pregnant women. It is thought to be a Iorm oI a sympathetic pregnancy in
which the husband experiences symptoms oI pregnancy without actually being pregnant."
Seungri recited the words that he had recently read in his textbook.
"What are you.. That's nonsense!" Jiyong blurted out.
Seungri shrugged. "Why? It's actually quite common Ior men to have morning sickness as well.
I've read about it many times in textbooks."
Jiyong just shook his head in disbelieI. "Nonsense."
"Did you recently bang a girl without using a condom?" Seungri asked without giving up on his
Jiyong rolled his eyes. "Are you kidding me? OI course not! You know I don't go down on a girl
without using a con--"
Jiyong paused midsentence as his eyes widened.
´No wav. It can´t be..´
"Oohh.. It seems like the dragon's remembering something." Seungri teased as his eyes sparkled.
"Who is it, who is it?"
"No way.." Jiyong muttered to himselI. "We only did it once.."
He desperately thought about that night when he had had sex with Dara. Had he really released
inside oI her? He groaned when he remembered that he had.
Didn't she remember to take the morning aIter pill?
So was she really pregnant?
Then why hadn't she told him anything?!
Millions oI questions went spreading through Jiyong's brain as he told himselI to calm down and
think through this logically.
"It seems as iI my hypothesis is correct." Seungri grinned victoriously as he rubbed his hands
together in excitement."Spill out the details, bro!"
"Why do some men get morning sickness?" Jiyong demanded as he snapped his head back in
Seungri's direction. "What's the reasoning behind it?"
"Well.. The reasons behind it are still quite hazy. Some people say it is because oI the change in
hormones. Others say that it is because the man Ieels sorry Ior the women, since he is the one
responsible Ior making her pregnant in the Iirst place."
"And I also read somewhere that men are more likely to experience morning sickness when they
are attached to the woman or the baby." Seungri continued. "But like I said, these are all only
diIIerent hypotheses."
"Ridiculous.." Jiyong muttered under his breath.
"But that's not important right now." Seungri said impatiently as he curiously stared at Jiyong.
"Who's the girl?!"
Without another word, Jiyong got up and immediately went out oI his room.
Dara shiIted nervously in her seat as she sat inside the caIeteria with her Iriends.
"Why aren't you eating today?" Minzy asked as she stared at Dara's plate. It was still completely
"I'm just not hungry." Dara answered. She was too apprehensive to eat anything at the
moment. Besides, she wasn`t supposed to eat beIore her surgery.
"Are you okay?" Chaerin asked worriedly. "You seem a little nervous about something."
She was. In Iact, Dara was nervous beyond belieI.
Although she was Iirm in her decision about getting an abortion, she suddenly Ielt a little scared
now that the time actuallycame near. In a Iew hours, she would be at the clinic with Dr. Yang.
The guilt was starting to eat her insides out.Was she really doing the right thing by aborting the
She didn't even know anymore.
"I'm Iine." Dara answered. "I'm just nervous because we're supposed to get our math exams back
Chaerin and Minzy gave her sympathetic smiles. OI course they knew that math was Dara's
worst subject.
"Which reminds me.." Chaerin started oII. "Wasn't Jiyong sunbae supposed to be your math
Dara Ielt herselI twitch slightly in surprise at the sudden mention oI Jiyong's name.
"Y-yeah. But he quit." Dara answered quickly as she poked her salad with her Iork.
"He quit?" Chaerin repeated.
"I quit."
"You quit?"
"I.. It's.." Dara started oII. "I don't really know either. We just.. Don't talk to each other
"Did something happen between you two?" Minzy asked in a worried tone. "Did he do
something bad to you?"
Dara bit on her lower lip. She couldn't bring herselI to tell her Iriends the truth. She just couldn't.
"No." Dara shook her head. "Nothing happened between us."
Suddenly, she Ielt a heavy presence hovering over their table. She turned her head and saw the
man responsible Ior all oI her current problems looking down at her. He had an unreadable
expression on his Iace.
Dara's eyes widened in surprise.
Was she hallucinating right now? Was Kwon Jiyong really standing in Iront oI her? And why?
It just seemed all too surreal to her.
Without saying a word, Jiyong reached down and grabbed Dara's wrist beIore dragging her away
Irom her Iriends.
"What are you doing?!" Dara yelled in surprise as she tried to get away Irom him. "Let go!"
Ignoring her protest, he quickly dragged her outside the caIeteria. The smell was already making
him Ieel sick all over again.
"Are you deaI?" Dara snapped as she tried to get out oI his grip. "I said let go oI me!"
She had no idea why Jiyong was suddenly acting like this aIter six weeks oI completely ignoring
her. It kind oI scared her.
"Kwon Jiyong!"
He suddenly stopped in his tracks and pinned her against the nearest wall. Dara realized that he
still had the same unreadable expression on his Iace. She looked at him uneasily, not sure what
exactly he wanted Irom her.
AIter a Iew seconds oI staring deeply into her eyes, Jiyong Iinally opened his mouth to talk.
"Are you pregnant?"
"What?" Dara asked in shock.
"You're pregnant." Jiyong said Iirmly aIter looking at her reaction. "Six weeks."
´How did he know?'´
Dara was surprised that Jiyong even knew exactly how Iar along in her pregnancy she was.
"No." she lied as she shook her head.
"No?" he repeated with a raised brow. "You're not?"
"I don't know what you're trying to do right now, but I'm not pregnant." Dara said as she pushed
Jiyong away Irom her.
Jiyong Iurrowed his brows in conIusion. It couldn't be. She had to be pregnant.
"Are you lying to me right now?" he asked suspiciously.
"Why would I lie to you?" Dara snapped in return, hoping that Jiyong would leave her alone
But Jiyong was unconvinced. And although he knew that Dara's stomach would still be Ilat, he
couldn't help but to look at it.
"Stop staring at my stomach and leave me alone!" Dara yelled as she quickly zipped up her
jacket and covered her stomach Irom his view. She was really tired and stressed out, and talking
to Jiyong wasn't helping at all.
It was only then that Jiyong noticed that Dara looked exhausted and rather pale. He then
remembered Bom worrying about Dara's health two weeks ago at the club.
Had she been sick this entire time?
"Are you sick?" he asked with a Irown as he touched her Iorehead to Ieel her temperature. To his
relieI, she didn't seem to have a Iever.
Dara was more than surprised at his act, and she Ielt her heart beat slightly Iaster than usual. Eor
the Iirst time in two weeks, she Ielt herselI relax under Jiyong's touch.
And she didn't like it.
"What do you want Irom me?" she glared at Jiyong as she pulled his hand away Irom her Iace.
"You completely treated me like a nobody Ior six weeks, and now you're acting all concerned?"
Jiyong's Irown deepened.
"II I remember correctly, you ignored me this entire time as well." he retorted in an equally cold
"Yeah, and I'm glad I did." Dara spat out. "Talking to you again is already giving me a
She then looked at her watch. II she didn't leave now, she would be late Ior her appointment.
"I'm leaving." she said a hint oI Iinality in her voice. But Jiyong didn't buy it.
Just as Dara turned her back on him and started to walk away, he grabbed her wrist again and
dragged her to his car.
"What are you doing?!" she yelled in annoyance.
"I'm not letting you go until I check something." he said Iirmly as he opened the door. "Get in."
Dara's mouth dropped open in disbelieI. This guy was really reckless! What made him think she
was going to listen to him oI all people?
"No." she glared at him.
He sighed. "Just get in."
"No." she repeated beIore trying to walk away again. Jiyong growled beIore grabbing onto her
arm to bring her back.
"Do I really need to Iorce you to get inside my car?!" he snapped as he Iinally lost his patience.
"I already told you no!" Dara yelled back. "I'm not going anywhere with you!"
Jiyong clenched his jaw as he tried to control his anger. She was making this much more diIIicult
than necessary.
"Listen, kid. I just need to check something beIore I let you go." Jiyong said as calmly as he
could. "II I see that you're telling me the truth, then I won't bother you ever again."
BeIore Dara could respond, Jiyong pushed her inside his car and buckled her seatbelt.
Dara's eye's widened once she realized where they were.
"Obstetrics and gynecology?!" she squeaked in surprise.
"Yeah." Jiyong said calmly. "I need to see the results Ior myselI."
Dara gritted her teeth. "I already told you that I`m not pregnant!"
"Then you've got nothing to hide, right?" he said simply beIore getting out oI the car.
Dara panicked as she watched Jiyong walk around his car and come over to her side. II she went
in with him, everything would be revealed.
And then what? What would happen then?
Jiyong opened Dara's door. "Let's go."
Dara stared at Jiyong hesitantly as she tried to read what was going through his head.
What exactly did he want Irom her?
"Why do you care whether or not I'm pregnant?" Dara asked curiously.
"I just need to know." Jiyong answered.
"But why?"
Jiyong sighed soItly beIore opening his mouth. "Because iI you are, then we need to do
something about it, right?"
Dara raised her eyebrows.
"What do you mean we?" she emphasized the last word. It surprised her that he had used the
word "we" instead oI "you." It made it seem like they were in this together.
"Well.. II you are carrying a baby, then it is partially my Iault." Jiyong answered. "Since I'm the
one who put you in this state."
"So it's only natural that I help you Iix this problem." he continued matter oI Iactly.
Dara was taken aback by his reply. Perhaps this guy was more responsible than what she had
given him credit Ior.
Jiyong suddenly paused as he gave Dara a suspicious look.
"Unless... Did you sleep with someone other than me?"
Dara's mouth dropped open at his absurd question.
"What? No!" she vehemently denied. "Who do you think I am?! YOU?!"
Jiyong just chuckled.
"I just need you to Iill out this paperwork here." the receptionist said as she handed Dara a piece
oI paper and a pen. Dara sighed as she stared at the paper in Iront oI her.
How had she ended up in this situation?
"And I need your husband to sign it as well."
"Husband?" Dara asked in surprise.
The receptionist looked conIused at Dara's reaction. "Isn't he your husband?" she asked as she
gestured to Jiyong.
Dara glanced at Jiyong beIore quickly shaking her head. "No no, he's not. He's just..."
She didn't know how she was supposed to address him. They weren't husband and wiIe, nor were
they lovers.
They were just two people who had happened to have a one night stand.
"He's just..."
"Her boyIriend." Jiyong Iinished Ior her as he picked up the piece oI paper. He then grabbed
Dara's hand beIore giving the receptionist a warm smile.
"We'll be back once we're done Iilling this out."
The receptionist seemed to melt at Jiyong's killer smile, and she merely nodded. She then turned
to Dara.
"You're so lucky to have such a handsome boyIriend. I'm jealous."
Dara had to hold in a snort. II only this woman knew Jiyong's true colors.
"You don't need to be jealous." Dara explained. "He's not--"
"Come on, baby." Jiyong interrupted beIore she could Iinish. "Let's go sit down and Iill this out."
He then caressed Dara's stomach and gave her a small pout. "I want to hurry up and meet our
The moment Jiyong's hand touched Dara's stomach, Dara Ielt a strange warmness spread
throughout her body. It Ielt a little weird... But in an oddly good way.
She couldn't quite grasp what it was.
Dara shook her head and quickly pushed Jiyong's hand away Irom her stomach, making the
warm Ieelings disappear right away.
"Awww. He's so sweet as well!" another Iemale worker gushed as she stared at Jiyong with a
dreamy expression. Dara didn't notice it beIore, but there was now a crowd oI Iemale workers
staring at her and Jiyong with smiles on their Iaces.
Dara turned to Jiyong and gave him a glare as they walked away to the waiting area.
"Are you out oI your Iucking mind?!" she hissed to him in disgust and tried to pull her hand
away Irom him. But he just held onto her hand tighter.
"Your mouth has gotten dirtier since the last time I've talked to you." Jiyong said with a smirk.
"My mouth was perIectly Iine until you came along." Dara retorted.
Just then, Dara's phone rang. She reached into her pocket and gulped once she saw the caller
ID. It was Dr. Yang Irom the abortion clinic.
"Dr. Yang?" Jiyong asked with a raised brow as he peered over Dara's shoulders to look at her
phone. "Who's that?"
"Y-yah! Why are you looking at other people's phone?!" she blurted out as she hid the phone
behind her back.
Jiyong narrowed his eyes at Dara beIore snatching the phone out oI her hands. Dara's eyes
widened in shock.
"What are you doing?!" she shrieked as she tried to grab it back Irom him. "Give it back."
But it was too late. Jiyong had already answered it.
Suddenly, Jiyong's eyes widened.
"She's scheduled Ior a what?!!" he shouted in disbelieI, making some oI the other patients in the
waiting area stare at him in surprise.
´Oh great..´ Dara Ilinched as Jiyong snapped his head in her direction to glare at her. He then
turned his attention back to the phone.
"Yes, I understand."
Dara took this opportunity to try and discreetly walk away Irom him. She got on her toes and
quietly tiptoed away.
But Jiyong was Iaster. He grabbed onto the hood oI her jacket and IorceIully pulled her back to
him. His eyes were dark with Iury.
Dara gulped. She had a Ieeling this wasn't going to end too well.
"No, she will not be going there today." Jiyong said Iirmly. "Or ever again Ior that matter."
AIter hanging up, Jiyong shot Dara another glare.
"I thought you said you weren't pregnant." he said coldly.
Not wanting him to know that she was intimidated, Dara quickly put on a nonchalant expression.
"I lied." she said simply.
Jiyong growled in Irustration.
"Euck, Dara! How could you lie about such a thing?!" he asked angrily. "Are you really
Dara Irowned as she looked around at the people still staring at them.
"I'm not retarded!"
"My ass." Jiyong muttered as he sat down and Iuriously started Iilling out the paperwork.
"You're really dumber than what I gave you credit Ior."
"Aisht, what are you trying to do right now?" Dara snapped as she stood in Iront oI him with her
hands on her hips.
"Can't you see?" Jiyong snapped back without looking up Irom the paper. "I'm Iilling this out so
we can meet the doctor and see your ultrasound."
"Why? You already got your answer now." Dara scowled. "There's nothing to conIirm anymore."
"Yes there is." Jiyong said Ilatly. "We need to conIirm that the baby is healthy."
Dara Irowned in conIusion. "Why would we need to conIirm that?"
Jiyong stopped writing to look up at Dara. "Because we're keeping the baby."
Dara just stared at him in disbelieI, not exactly sure iI she had heard him correctly.
"Umm.. Excuse me?" she asked hesitantly. "What did you just say?"
"You heard me the Iirst time." Jiyong said as he went back to his paperwork. "We're keeping the
Dara was speechless. Those were the last words she had expected to come out oI his mouth.
"Haha." she started laughing uneasily. "Nice one, Kwon Jiyong. Haha. That was a Iunny joke!
Jiyong looked up Irom his paperwork to give Dara an unimpressed Irown.
"Does it look like I'm joking right now, kid?"
"II not, then you must be out oI your mind." Dara said quickly as she tried to convince herselI.
"You're not normal right now."
Jiyong just sighed as he Iinished Iilling out the Iorm in Iront oI him. All he needed now was
Dara's signature.
"Are you sick?" Dara asked Irantically as she touched Jiyong's Iorehead. To her dismay, he didn't
have a Iever. But she ignored it.
"Ah, yes... It seems as iI you have a Iever!" Dara said in determination and nodded. "You should
go back to your dorm and get some sl--"
"Sign it." Jiyong interrupted as he held the paper in Iront oI her Iace. Dara just blinked in
She Irowned as she curiously stared at Jiyong's Iace, trying to read what was going through his
brain at the moment.
There was no way he was serious about this.
"Are you just going to stare at me all day?" Jiyong asked with a raised brow. "Am I that good
Dara scowled. "You actually have the nerves to say such things in this situation?"
"Sit down." Jiyong said calmly as he patted the seat next to him. "People are staring."
Sure enough, the other patients were still staring at them in amusement. They seemed curious as
to know why this young couple was bickering. They Iound it kind oI cute.
"I said sit." Jiyong said as he pulled Dara down to sit next to him. Dara Irowned as she stared at
"Jiyong.. This really isn't Iunny." she said in a serious tone. "What's gotten into you?"
Jiyong sighed deeply. She obviously wanted an explanation behind his decision.
But how was he going to explain this to her? To be honest, even he didn't know why he was
behaving this way. All he knew was that he wanted to keep the baby. It just seemed like the right
thing to do.
"We just... can't." he said Iirmly. "We can't erase it."
He spoke so quietly that it almost seemed as iI he was talking to himselI instead oI to Dara. She
actually had to lean in to hear his words.
"We can't." Jiyong repeated as he shook his head. "We need to keep it."
Dara was starting to get a little annoyed with Jiyong's strange behavior. He had suddenly showed
up aIter six weeks oI ignoring her, and now he wastelling her what to do.
"Jiyong.. What are you talking about?" she Irowned.
Jiyong glanced in Dara's direction and looked down at her stomach. He quickly kneeled down in
Iront oI her and cautiously reached out to caress her stomach with both hands. Dara Ilinched as
those warm Ieelings came back once again. She Iroze as Jiyong started rubbing her stomach
"J-Jiyong?" she stuttered as she looked around at the people sitting near them. They were now
beaming as they stared at the lovely scene.
"Awww.. What a loving boyIriend!" one woman whispered to her Iriend.
"I know! Why can't my husband be like that?" another said in jealousy.
Dara shiIted uneasily in her seat as the other pregnant women kept looking at her and Jiyong and
whispering amongst themselves. She didn't like being the center oI attention.
"Yah, Jiyong.. People are staring." Dara blushed as she poked Jiyong's shoulder.
Jiyong suddenly stopped rubbing her stomach and looked up at her with desperate eyes.
"Can we please just keep it?" he asked soItly. It almost came out as a hoarse whisper.
Dara sighed. She didn't even know what was going on anymore. This guy was most deIinitely
out oI his mind.
"Jiyong.. It's really not that simple." she started oII. "We need to think about this seriously."
"I know." Jiyong replied. "This situation is overwhelming Ior me too... But aborting the baby is
just wrong. We can`t do that."
"You know I can support the child, right?" he added quickly, trying to convince her. "I'm rich."
Dara just let out another soIt sigh. "What are you trying to say right now?"
Jiyong looked at Dara with a calm Iace. "Let's get married."
Dara's mouth dropped open Ior the nth time that day. Kwon Jiyong was asking her to marry him?!
This day was getting weirder and weirder by the minute.
´Wait.. Does this mean that he has feelings for me?´ a hopeIul voice asked inside her head. Dara
Ielt her heart skip a beat as she thought about the rare possibility.
Jiyong, on the other hand, was also surprised with what had just come out oI his mouth. He didn't
even know what had made him say such a thing to her.
Why was he behaving this way?
He looked up at Dara hesitantly and saw that shock was written all over her Iace. "What did you
just say?"
Jiyong quickly cleared his throat.
"Don't misunderstand, kid." he said as he went back to his cool and composed selI. "It's not that I
like you or anything."
Dara couldn't help but Ieel her heart drop slightly in disappointment at his words. OI course she
was wrong. There was no way that Jiyong would have Ieelings Ior someone like her.
But iI he didn't like her, then why was he asking her to marry him?
"I'm just trying to think about this Irom the baby's point oI view." Jiyong said, answering Dara's
silent question. "How would you Ieel iI your parents wanted to erase you?"
Dara Ilinched as Jiyong mentioned her parents whom she had never even met beIore.
"How would you Ieel iI they said that they didn't want you?"
She Ielt a wave oI guilt wash over her body.
She had heard Irom her grandmother that her mother had risked her own liIe just so she could
give birth to Dara. Although the doctor had warned Dara's mother that she could die during labor,
she had still chosen to save Dara's liIe.
II her mother was alive right now, would she have been disappointed with Dara`s wanting to
erase the baby?
"You wouldn't know what it Ieels like to be unwanted, do you?" Jiyong asked coolly. "Because
you've never experienced being alone."
Dara looked down at the Iloor in silence. II only Jiyong knew that she actually Ielt alone all the
time... II only he knew that she actually didn't have parents.
"I mean.. How could you know when you've grown up with two loving parents and an older
sister?" he continued. "I bet you're the pampered one in your Iamily, huh?"
At this point, Jiyong was too lost in his own eIIorts to convince Dara that he didn't have any
Ieelings Ior her to notice that Dara was close to breaking down.
"OI course you are. I bet your parents baby you all the ti--"
"Stop." Dara interrupted him quietly as she Iorced herselI to hold in her tears."That's enough, I
get it."
She then stood up abruptly, making Jiyong come back to reality as well. He jerked his head up
and saw that Dara looked sicker than ever.
"Just.. Stop." Dara said as she closed her eyes and tried to calm herselI down. She Ielt the tears
bubbling up in her eyes again, and she quickly turned around so that Jiyong couldn't see her Iace.
"We can see the ultrasound some other day." she said as she quickly wiped her tears with her
thumb. "I just need more time to think about this."
She then turned around to Iace Jiyong again. He Irowned in conIusion once he saw that her eyes
were pink.
"Yah, are you crying?"
"I'm not." Dara replied as she avoided meeting Jiyong's eyes.
"Then why are your eyes pi--"
"Just give me a Iew more days." Dara interrupted him beIore walking away.
As soon as he got back to his room, Jiyong immediately plopped down on his bed in exhaustion.
Now that he thought about it, he hadn't eaten anything Ior two whole days.
But the only on his mind at the moment was what had happened at the hospital today. There
were two things that were bothering him.
One, he didn't like the Iact that he was acting so weak.
II other guys had been in his situation, they would have probably been overjoyed at Dara's
decision to abort the baby. In Iact, they would have encouraged her to erase it, simple as that.
But when Jiyong had received the phone call Irom Dr. Yang, he had Ielt anything but relieI or
happiness; he had only Ielt anger.
And he didn't know why.
It just made him angry that Dara had made the decision all by herselI without telling him
anything about it. II he hadn't run into her today, she would have gone through with the abortion.
And he would have been leIt in the dark about her pregnancy Iorever.
Two, he couldn't understand why Dara had cried all oI a sudden.
She hadn't said a single word to him during the car ride back to school. She had only thanked
him Ior the ride once they had arrived at the dorm.
It's not like he had said something wrong. Right?
"She's the one who's so heartless in wanting to erase the baby." Jiyong muttered to himselI. "I
was just trying to make her Ieel guilty.."
Jiyong groaned again. That was precisely the problem. Why did he want to guilt her into
wanting to keep the baby? Why was he so keen on keeping the baby anyway?
"I mean... I even asked her to marry me!" Jiyong cried out in disbelieI. "What was I thinking?!"
He quickly shook his head. Dara had been right. He was probably out oI his mind.
But one thing was Ior sure. He was going to keep the baby no matter what.
When she returned to her room, Dara plopped right down on her bed as well. Eor once, she Ielt
glad that Chaerin was not in the room. Dara wanted to be alone at the moment.
Dara pulled the covers over herselI and started crying again. She didn't even know what was
right or wrong anymore.
She was scared.
Although Jiyong seemed sincere about his willingness to keep and support the baby, Dara was
still hesitant. She just couldn't bring herselI to trust him Iully yet.
Dara reached into the drawer oI her bed stand and took out a photograph. The woman in the
photograph looked strikingly similar to Dara. She had shiny brown eyes, Iull pink lips, and a
small round Iace.
"Omma.." Dara said in a hoarse whisper. More tears came to her eyes as she looked at the
picture oI her mom.
"What gave you the courage to keep me?" she whispered as she stroked the picture, tracing her
mom's perIect Ieatures.
Oh, how Dara wished that her mother were with her right now! She needed guidance, someone
telling her what to do.
Dara touched her stomach.
"I don't know anymore..."
"Omma?" Dara asked. "Is that vou?"
Dara looked around the garden she was standing in and tried to find where the voice was
coming from. This voice.. it was her mom. She was sure of it.
"Omma, where are vou?'" she asked as she franticallv looked around the entire place. "I can´t
see vou'"
At this point, Dara alreadv had tears in her eves. Where could she be?'
"This is mv gift to vou, Dara. I´m sorrv for leaving vou so earlv." the voice continued sadlv.
"Omma.. fust come out." Dara pleaded desperatelv. "Where are vou?"
"I´m right here, Dara."
Dara wiped the tears in her eves, and finallv saw her. There, standing at the other end of the
path, was her mother.
She had long brown hair that flowed perfectlv down her shoulders, and she was wearing a white
dress that complemented her rosv cheeks.
There was onlv one word to describe her.
She was beautiful.
"Omma'" Dara cried as she tried to run over to her mom. But for some reason, her feet wouldn´t
move. It was as if thev were glued to the ground. Dara cursed her legs for staving rooted, not
allowing her to move an inch. She was about to start crving again when her mother´s voice
interrupted her.
"Listen carefullv to what I have to tell vou, honev." her mom said in a soothing voice. That voice
made Dara calm down right awav.
Dara stopped fidgeting and immediatelv nodded.
"Don´t be a horrible mother like me.. never leave vour daughter."
"Mv... Daughter?" Dara asked as she stared at her stomach. Her mother nodded as she pointed
to the skv. There were flower petals falling from the clouds. Dara´s eves widened and she gasped
as she saw the prettv colors falling.
"Omma.. Whv are there flowers falling from the clouds?" she asked in awe. It was trulv a
wonderful sight.
"I never had a chance at being a mom.." her mother continued as she smiled ruefullv at Dara.
"But I hope vou´ll do a great fob."
Her mother shook her head. "No. I know vou´ll do a great fob."
"But.. I don´t know. I´m scared." Dara admitted as she finallv understood what her mom was
trving to sav. "I don´t think I can do this."
"Have faith in vourself." Her mother encouraged her. "You can do this. I know vou can."
Dara took one look at her mom and nodded. She saw her mom smile at her once before slowlv
starting to fade awav.
"Omma, wait'"
"Wait!" Dara yelled as she sat up in bed.
It was a dream.
Dara looked down at her hands and saw that she was still holding her mother's picture. She
smiled soItly beIore nodding once. She knew what she had to do now.
"Sorry Ior trying to get rid oI you." she whispered as she touched her stomach. "I was just
"So you're a girl, huh?" she continued talking to her stomach as she patted it gently.
"Oh, Dara. You're awake!" Chaerin said brightly as she came out oI the bathroom. Dara
immediately stopped talking to her stomach and smiled back at Chaerin. She Ielt a lot calmer
"Yeah, I guess I was just tired this week." she said truthIully.
Chaerin nodded in understanding. Sometimes it was good to take a break Irom everything and
just sleep.
"Anyway, I was going to wake you up soon." Chaerin said as she went to the closet to look Ior
some clothes. "We're going to a party."
"Party?" Dara asked with a raised brow.
Chaerin turned around and smiled. "Seunghyun oppa and Bommie's unnie welcome back party!"
"Oh!" Dara said as her eyes lit up. "I didn't know about it."
"Seungri sunbae just planned it last minute." Chaerin explained. "I just got a text a Iew hours ago.
It's going to be at his house."
Dara nodded. Although it had been awhile since TOP and Bom had come back Irom the states,
they hadn't had a Iormal celebration yet.
"Okay, I'll get ready."
Jiyong knocked on the door to Seungri's house, and was immediately met with a very curious
"Who is it? Who is it?" Seungri asked excitedly. "Who'd you get pregnant?!"
"Yah, aren't you at least going to let me inside Iirst?" Jiyong asked as he rolled his eyes. He
should have known better than to tell this guy anything. Even iI it was something simple as
telling him his body symptoms.
"I'm just so curious!" Seungri said excitedly as he moved aside to let Jiyong come in. "Who is it?
Is it Sohee? Yoona? Nicole? Sull--"
"You were wrong." Jiyong interrupted as he picked up a poster and scotch tape. "It wasn't
Couvade Syndrome."
"What?!" Seungri asked in disbelieI. "What do you mean?"
"It was just indigestion." Jiyong lied as he started hanging the "welcome back" posters Ior Bom
and TOP.
Seungri Irowned. "But it can't be... I was so sure oI it!"
Jiyong just grinned as he stared as Seungri's disappointed Iace. He couldn't tell his Iriends the
truth yet. Not until he and Dara Iigured out what they were going to do about the baby.
"Aisht. That was a let down!" Seungri pouted as he went back into the kitchen. "I got all excited
Ior no reason!"
Seungri had been so sure that what Jiyong was experiencing had been Couvade Syndrome. But
seeing how he was wrong, it meant that he had some more studying to do. He groaned as he
thought about all the reading he probably had to do this weekend.
"When are the others coming?" Jiyong asked as he looked at the arrangement oI Iood on the table.
Luckily, there weren't any greasy or smelly Iood today.
"They should be on their way." Seungri answered as he looked through the cabinets Ior some
extra utensils. "TOP just texted me a Iew minutes saying that he and Bom were almost here."
Jiyong suddenly wondered iI Dara was going to come to the party tonight. She had looked so
tired earlier that Jiyong doubted iI she even had the energy to leave her room.
What exactly had he done wrong earlier? Was it something he had said?
"I wasn't being too harsh on her... Was I?" he muttered to himselI in conIusion.
"Yo, Jiyong!" Seungri called out Irom the kitchen, interrupting Jiyong's thoughts.
"What?" Jiyong called back.
Seungri came out oI the kitchen with a Irown. "Can you go out right now and buy some plastic
utensils? I just Iound out that I don't have any."
"Yeah sure." Jiyong said as he walked to the door.
"Welcome welcome!" Seungri greeted Dara and Chaerin once they had arrived. "Come in,
everyone else is already here!"
They entered the house and saw that it was decorated with streamers, balloons, and posters.
"Did you decorate this place yourselI?" Chaerin asked as she looked around.
"Yeah." Seungri grinned. "Impressed?"
Chaerin nodded. "A little."
Dara looked around and saw that the place was Iilled with a lot oI people. But she didn't see the
one person she was looking Ior.
"Hey guys!" Minzy greeted Chaerin and Dara as she walked over to them. "You guys Iinally
"Yeah, it seems like we're the last ones to arrive." Chaerin said.
"I just came a Iew minutes ago, too." Minzy said. "But there's still a lot oI Iood leIt. Wanna get
Dara and Chaerin nodded as they Iollowed Minzy to the table with Iood. It wasn't anything
Iancy.Just some chips, Iruits, crackers...
And corn.
Dara rolled her eyes as she saw Bom munch away happily on a piece oI corn. She laughed as she
watched her try to Ieed some to TOP.
"No, babe. I'm really okay." TOP grimaced as he tried to move away Irom her and the yellow
thing in her hands.
"Come on, just a bite!" Bom pressed as she cornered him against the wall. "It's good!"
TOP shook his head in Iear. He didn't like corn. And he especially didn't like it when his
girlIriend Iorced him to eat some.
"Unnie!" Dara yelled as she walked over to Bom. "Stop bullying Seung Hyun oppa! You know
he doesn't like corn."
"Ssantoki!" TOP said in relieI as soon as he saw Dara. "PerIect timing! Save me Irom your
Bom just rolled her eyes as she Iinished munching on her corn. She couldn't understand why so
many oI her Iriends didn't like it.
"Let's play a game!" Seungri suddenly announced as he gathered everyone. "Oh, Jiyong! Einally,
you're back!"
Dara turned her head and saw that Jiyong was holding a plastic bag as he walked through the
"I can't believe you don't have enough utensils at your house." he said as he shook his head and
gave the bag to Seungri.
Seungri just shrugged as he took out the plastic spoons, Iorks, and knives. "I didn't think this
many people would show up!"
Jiyong's eyes lit up as he saw Dara sitting not too Iar Irom where he was standing. To his
surprise, she didn't look so sick and tired anymore. In Iact, she looked perIectly normal.
But was she still upset with him?
He wanted to go over to her and ask, but he remembered that Dara had asked him Ior some time.
She said that she needed some time to think about things.
So he decided that it would be best iI he just leIt her alone Ior the time being. Without looking at
her, he turned the other way and walked over to where Taecyeon and Wooyoung were standing.
Dara Irowned as she watched Jiyong ignore her and talk to his Iriends. Why wasn't he talking to
her again?!
She had been all prepared to go up to him and apologize. She wanted to apologize Ior planning
on aborting the baby without letting him know anything beIorehand.
But now he was ignoring her again!
Dara gritted her teeth in annoyance. This guy was seriously impossible to understand!
"Come on come on!" Seungri announced as he clapped his hands together. "Game time!
Everyone, get in a circle!"
Still ignoring Dara, Jiyong sat at the other side oI the room next to TOP and Daesung. Dara
scowled as she took a spot next to Chaerin.
"Yah, you're late!" Seungri yelled as Yongbae walked through the door. "Hurry up and sit. We're
playing a game now!"
"Sorry." Yongbae smiled as he quickly took a seat on Dara's other side.
"Hey, Dara." he greeted her with a warm smile. Dara grinned back.
"Why were you late, oppa?" she asked.
"TraIIic." Yongbae groaned. "I thought I wasn't going to make it!"
Dara laughed. "At least you're here now. You're just in time Ior the game."
Erom the other side oI the room, Jiyong watched Dara and Yongbae with a displeased look on
his Iace. It seemed as iI Dara didn't really care about him since she was too busy paying attention
to Yongbae.
´Is this whv she needs more time?´ he thought bitterly. ´So that she can fool around with
He watched as Dara gave Yongbae some oI the Iood that was on her plate. Yongbae smiled as
Dara stuck her Iork in a piece oI Iruit and gave it to him.
Jiyong couldn't take it anymore. He abruptly stood up Irom the circle.
"Dude, where are you going?" TOP asked as he raised his eyebrows. "We're about to start the
"Bathroom." Jiyong muttered as he walked away.
"Okay, I guess we can just start without him then." Bom said as Seungri quickly brought out the
"The loser oI each round has to drink a bottle oI beer, alright?" he announced. "Let's start!"
The game started, but Dara was too lost in her own thoughts to pay attention to what was going
on. It still bothered her that Jiyong was ignoring her again all oI a sudden. And she noticed that
Jiyong had been glaring at her Irom across the room.
´What is his problem?´ she thought angrily. ´I didn´t do anvthing wrong'´
It was oIIicial. Jiyong was a jerk.
"Ooh Dara, you lost!" Bommie squealed excitedly as she clapped her hands. "Drink drink!"
"Huh?" Dara asked in conIusion as her thoughts got interrupted. "What?"
"It was your turn to name a movie, but you were spacing out." Daesung explained. "So you lost
this round. You must drink!"
Pretty soon, everyone was cheering Ior her, encouraging her to take her punishment. Dara
panicked as TOP handed her a glass oI beer.
"Go on, Ssantoki! Drink up!" he patted her back. "It's your punishment!"
"But I.." Dara started oII hesitantly.
"Aww, come on!" Daesung added. "It's what you get Ior losing this round!"
"Drink it! Drink it!" Chaerin and Jan Di started chanting, making everyone else join in as well.
Dara touched her stomach as she thought about whether she should just tell everyone that she
couldn't take the drink because she was pregnant.
In the midst oI all the chanting, Yongbae had a worried look on his Iace. He leaned closer to
Dara to whisper in her ear.
"You don't have to drink iI you Ieel uncomIortable."
"Aisht, Yongbae!" Seungri said with a Irown oI disapproval. "Stop being a party pooper! She
needs to drink it!¨
"Yup! It's part oI the rules!" Bom said without mercy.
Dara bit her lower lip as she panicked. Where was Jiyong when she really needed him?!
"Aww, don't be too hard on her." Minzy said as she deIended Dara. "It looks like she really
doesn't want to drink it."
She then turned to Dara. "Just take a sip then. You don't need to drink the whole thing."
Yes, that was it! She would just pretend to drink it.
Dara would just bring the glass to her lips and pretend to take a gulp. Like Minzy said, she didn`t
need to drink all oI it. At least a sip.
Taking a deep breath, Dara brought the glass up to her Iace. She heard her Iriends cheering as
they waited Ior her to execute her punishment.
Dara Ielt her heart beat as she brought the glass closer to her mouth.
´It´s okav.. I´m fust going to pretend.´ Dara said to herselI in reassurance. ´It´s going to be okav..´
She clutched onto the glass tightly as her lips Iinally touched the cold surIace. But just as she
was about to open her mouth, she Ielt someone take the glass out oI her hands.
She quickly looked to her right in surprise and saw that it was Jiyong. Without saying a word to
her, he started gulping down the alcohol.
'Aisht, what was that about? You`re not supposed to drink it Ior her!¨ Seungri said in protest.
'Says who?¨ Jiyong asked as he set the empty glass back down. He still wasn't looking at Dara,
but was now sitting right next to her. He had squeezed himselI between her and Yongbae.
"It's the rules!" Daesung protested.
'Yeah, you can't do that!" Taecyeon added.
Jiyong gave them warning looks. "I just did."
Dara couldn't help but Ieel relieved that Jiyong had come just in time. Instinctively, she scooted
over so that she was sitting closer to him. He was the only one in the room she could trust at the
"Aisht. Eine Iine!" TOP said as he clapped his hands to get everyone`s attention. "Come on, next
Jiyong noticed that Dara was staring at him grateIully, and he smirked beIore leaning down to
whisper in her ear.
"Glad to see me?"
Dara could only nod honestly. She had never been so glad to see him in her liIe.
Yongbae Irowned in conIusion as he stared at Jiyong and Dara. What was going on between the
two oI them?
Eor the rest oI the night, Jiyong continued taking Dara's shots whenever she got caught Ior the
punishment (which, unIortunately, happened oIten since Dara was terribly bad at playing the
Pretty soon, Jiyong was starting to Ieel a little tipsy. Having taken in alcohol on an empty
stomach was making him get drunk Iaster than he normally would. But he gave himselI a mental
slap and told himselI that he couldn't lose his Iocus yet. II anything happened and Dara got even
a drop oI alcohol in her system, they would be in trouble.
"Okay! Dara again! You lost!"
´Aigo, this kid. Whv is she so bad at these games?'´
So Iar, Jiyong hadn't lost a single round. It was all because oI Dara that he had to keep taking
drink aIter drink.
Jiyong held out his hand, signaling Ior Taecyeon to give the glass to him. At this point, everyone
had pretty much accepted the Iact that Jiyong was drinking Ior Dara whenever she lost the game.
"Jiyong, don't." Dara Iinally stopped him as she took the drink out oI his hand. "You don't need
to do this anymore. Let's just go home."
"Yo, you can't just avoid your punishment like that!" Taecyeon protested. "Come on, don't be a
party pooper!"
Dara Ielt like grabbing a bottle oI beer and shoving it down Taecyeon's throat to shut him up.
Couldn't he see that Jiyong was already drunk enough?!
Ignoring Dara's protest, Jiyong quickly took the beer Irom Dara's hand and chugged it down once
again in one go. He was met with cheers and claps Irom the crowd.
And the game went on.
But Dara was too worried to Iocus on the game at this point. She looked at Jiyong and saw that
he was spacing out, blinking slowly.
"Jiyong... Are you okay?" she asked hesitantly. Jiyong turned his attention to her at the mention
oI his name.
He gave her a lopsided grin beIore leaning his head against her shoulder.
"I Ieel sick." he pouted.
Dara Ielt guilty. This was all her Iault. II she hadn't been so bad at these stupid games, Jiyong
wouldn't have had to drink this much. He wouldn't have ended up in this state.
"I know." she whispered back as she wrapped her arms around him and started rubbing his back.
"So let's go home. Hmm?"
Jiyong just sighed as he snuggled against Dara's shoulder. He was Ieeling really dizzy, but he
didn't want to go home just yet. He liked staying in their current position. It was soothing.
"Mmm... You're so warm..." Jiyong sighed in content as he snuggled even closer to her, wanting
to get more oI her warmth. Dara's breath hitched as she Ielt him starting to rub her stomach again.
He must reallv like doing that.
And every time he did, Dara Ielt the same warmness spread through her body. As crazy as it
sounded, she thought that maybe the warm Ieelings were because oI the baby...
´She likes him.´ Dara thought as she smiled soItly.
This made her hold Jiyong closer to her, closer to her baby. She tightened her arms around him
and rested her chin on top oI his head. She just let him continue what he was doing.
"Whoa.. What's going on between you two?" someone asked, breaking their little moment. Dara
quickly looked up and saw that everyone in the circle was now staring at them with curious looks.
Erom the corner oI her eyes, she saw Bom stare at her weirdly beIore whispering something to
At the other side oI the room, Minzy and Daesung were wide-eyed and whispering to each other
as well.
But the one person who stood out in Dara's eyes was Yongbae. He looked... Sad? Angry? Hurt?
Dara couldn't exactly wrap her Iingers around what it was, but she could tell that he looked
extremely unhappy. She had never seen Yongbae's Iace so dark beIore; he was always a smiley
She quickly cleared her throat."It's nothing, Jiyong sunbae's just not Ieeling so well. I think it's
time Ior him to leave."
"Okay, I'll drive!" Seungri volunteered as he stood up excitedly. "I didn't even drink that much!"
"No, I can do it!" Daesung oIIered as he raised his hands. "Pick me, Jiyong! Pick me!"
Suddenly, all the guys were raising their hands, oIIering to drive his car. Jiyong had the nicest
car out oI all oI them, and they all wanted a chance at driving it even Ior just one time.
"No." Jiyong said Iirmly as he kept his head planted on Dara's shoulder. "I'm not letting any oI
you drive my car."
"Come on, you're way too drunk to drive."
Jiyong never let anyone else drive his car. Never. No matter how drunk he was.
"You know I don't let other people drive my car." Jiyong said stubbornly.
"Then how are you going to get home?" Wooyoung asked. "Come on, man. I'll drive it!"
Dara Irowned as she stared at all the volunteers. At this rate, they were never going to be able to
She leaned down to whisper to him again.
"Jiyong.. Let's go home." Dara said soItly into his ear. "I'll drive."
Jiyong raised his head to look at Dara. He knew that the alcohol was taking over his body, and
that he needed to get out oI this place as soon as possible.
He nodded as he handed over his car keys to her, making the boys' eyes widen in surprise.
Had he seriously picked Dara over all oI them?!
"Do you think you can stand up?" Dara asked, ignoring the curious and some oIIended stares as
people started protesting.
"Yeah." Jiyong said as he got up. Although he stumbled slightly, he still had a good balance. He
immediately wrapped his arm around her shoulders Ior support as Dara circled her arms around
his waist.
Yongbae quickly got up with them and went up to Dara.
"Give me the keys. I'll drive." he said as he held out his hand. Dara was slightly taken back by
this. She had never seen Yongbae be so demanding beIore.
"No." Jiyong growled as he slapped Yongbae's hand away. He then started humming a tune.
Dara just gave Yongbae an apologetic look. "He must be really drunk. But don't worry, I can
"Have Iun, we'll be going Iirst." Dara said to the crowd. She caught a glimpse oI Bom's curious
stare, but Dara chose to ignore it.
She would just explain everything later.
"Jiyong, you need to at least take your jacket oII." Dara said as she saw him stumble over to his
bed as soon as they entered his room.
"I don't want to.." Jiyong whined like a boy as he plopped right down on the bed and made
himselI comIortable.
"But Jiyong.. " Dara sighed as she sat on the bed next to him. She could tell that he would get
uncomIortable later iI he slept with his leather jacket on. She crawled over to him and started
tugging at the sleeve oI his jacket.
Jiyong just groaned as he pulled Dara down so that she was lying on top oI him. Dara gasped as
she Ielt her Iace get planted right against his chest.
"Jiyong.. Let go." she mumbled against his warm chest. "You need to take this oII."
"No." he groaned as he held her tightly, preventing her Irom moving.
Dara struggled Ior a Iew minutes until she Ielt Jiyong loosen his grip on her. She took this
opportunity to try and disentangle herselI Irom him.
But just as she was about to get up, Jiyong wrapped his arms around her and held her even
tighter than beIore. Dara gasped again as his she Ielt her entire body get pressed against his.
"Let go.." she protested, but he really didn't seem to have any intentions oI letting her go.
Eventually, she gave up and just stayed still.
Jiyong sighed in content as he Iinally Ielt Dara stop struggling against him. It Ielt nice to have
her here like this in his arms. He didn't know why.
"Am I drunk?" he said to himselI.
But Dara heard him.
"Yes, Jiyong." she answered. 'You are.¨
'OI course you are.. You took all my drinks Ior me.¨ she continued in a guilty voice.
Jiyong couldn`t help but chuckle soItly. Right, oI course!
'I didn`t know you were that bad at games, kid.¨ he continued chuckling.
'Those games were stupid." Dara muttered bitterly against his chest. She made a mental note to
kill whoever had made up those ridiculous games.
Jiyong smiled beIore suddenly rolling them over so that he was hovering above her.
"What were you thinking earlier?" he asked soItly as he tucked a loose strand oI hair behind her
Dara Ielt her heart race at his behavior. "W-what do you mean?"
"What would you have done iI I hadn't come back Irom the bathroom in time, huh?" he
whispered as he gently stroked her cheeks.
He paused to Irown at her. "Were you going to drink it?"
"I.. I..." Dara started oII hesitantly as she avoided looking into his eyes.
"I'm sorry." she Iinished in a quiet voice. Although she had had no intentions oI actually drinking
the alcohol, she still Ielt guilty that she had done something so risky.
Jiyong sighed soItly as he looked into her eyes. He could tell that she Ielt a bit guilty about what
she had done earlier.
"You don't need to apologize." he said as he caressed her Iace. "I'm not mad at you."
He eyes then trailed down to her stomach. He sighed as he gently placed a hand over it.
'I was just worried.¨
At that moment, Dara got the craziest idea that maybe she could trust Jiyong. II he cared Ior the
baby this much, enough to oIIer his own body to protect it, then maybe she could trust him.
'Jiyong?¨ she asked.
'I made my decision.¨
Jiyong Irowned slightly in conIusion. 'What decision?¨
Dara bit on her lower lip as she paused Ior a Iew seconds in hesitation.
On a second thought, maybe she was being too rash about things. She knew that once Jiyong
woke up tomorrow morning and sobered up, he wouldn't be as nice as he was right now. He was
only behaving this way because oI the alcohol.
In Iact, he and Dara would probably go back to their usual bickering once tomorrow morning
came. That's what happened when both oI them were sober.
That was reality.
And it made her kind oI sad. Why couldn't they just get along instead oI always Iighting? As
horrible as it sounded, Dara kind oI wished that Jiyong could be drunk all the time. Then he
would always be this nice to her.
But oI course that was impossible.
Although she was still scared about this situation, Dara decided to toss all her worries aside.
When she thought about what was best Ior the baby, she knew that this was it.
'Jiyong..¨ she tried again.
Jiyong stared at her with worried eyes, waiting patiently. He wondered iI he had upset her again.
Was she going to burst into another round oI tears?
'What is it?¨ he asked in a gentle tone as he caressed her cheek. "You can tell me."
Dara took a deep breath and opened her mouth again to speak.
'Let`s.. Let`s get married.¨
Jiyong woke up the next morning with a bad headache. He groaned as he slowly opened his
What had happened last night?
He noticed that he was back in his room. But how had he gotten back here? He shut his eyes as
he rubbed the sides oI his head. He tried to remember what had happened.
"Let's.. Let's get married."
"What?" Jiyong asked in surprise.
Was he hearing things now because oI the alcohol?
Dara blushed as she bit on her lower lip.
"I think it would be the best thing to do... Eor our baby." she said soItly.
Jiyong's eyes widened.
"Really?" he asked. "So you're really not going to erase it?!"
Dara smiled a bit as she slowly shook her head. "I'm not erasing it."
A grin spread across Jiyong's Iace, and he immediately pulled Dara in Ior a hug.
"Thank you." he whispered into her ear beIore he driIted oII to sleep. "Thank you.. Dara."
¡end flashback]
Jiyong's eyes widened as he remembered everything. Had he seriously thanked the kid last night
Ior agreeing to his marriage proposal?!
"Wait.. Was it even a proposal?" Jiyong asked himselI in conIusion. "Aisht, I don't even know!"
He was rather upset with himselI Ior letting his guard down in Iront oI Dara again. He didn't
know why, but he always became weak when it came to the baby.
This wasn't the Kwon Jiyong he knew. Why was he so attached to the baby anyway?
It just didn't make sense.
Just then, Dara came into his room with a tray.
"You're awake." she said beIore coming over to sit on his bed.
"Yeah." Jiyong nodded.
"BeIore we talk about anything, you need to eat." Dara said as she handed him a cup.
"What is this?"
"It's water with honey." Dara answered as she started blowing on the porridge to cool it down.
"Drink it all."
Jiyong just stared at Dara with a questioning look.
"It'll make you Ieel better Irom all that alcohol last night." Dara explained.
Seeing no reason to disagree, Jiyong quickly drank everything. He was surprised with how good
it tasted.
"Now eat." Dara ordered as she handed him the bowl oI porridge. "You look like you haven't
eaten in days."
Jiyong realized that she was right. He hadn't been able to eat anything because oI his morning
"Have you been having morning sickness as well?" Jiyong asked curiously beIore taking a bite
oI the porridge.
Like the honey water, it was surprisingly good. He quickly took another bite. He hadn't really
noticed until now that he was starving. And luckily, this porridge wasn't upsetting his stomach.
"What do you mean as well?" Dara asked with a raised brow. "Don't tell me... Have you been..?"
´Has he been having morning sickness?'´
"Yeah." Jiyong answered as he continued eating hungrily. "I've been throwing up constantly."
´So that´s how he knew that I was pregnant'´
Dara couldn't help but start laughing. Picturing Kwon Jiyong throwing up was rather amusing to
Jiyong Irowned as he stared at her.
"Yah, why are you laughing?" he asked. "This is not a laughing matter, kid."
"Sorry.." Dara apologized, but continued giggling. "It's just Iunny! You've actually been
throwing up?"
"Why? Haven't you?" Jiyong snorted.
"Nope." Dara shook her head smugly. "I haven't."
"What?!" Jiyong asked in disbelieI. "Didn't you Ieel all nauseous when you were near oily and
greasy Iood?"
"Nope." Dara repeated as she continued laughing.
´So I´ve been the onlv one having morning sickness?'´ Jiyong Irowned. ´Aisht, what the heck'´
Dara laughed louder at Jiyong's shocked Iace. He reminded her oI a little boy who just had his
candy taken away Irom him.
"That's so unIair!" he Irowned as he crossed his arms over his chest and narrowed his eyes at
Dara's stomach.
"Don't blame the baby." Dara said deIensively as she placed her hands over her stomach. "That's
what you get Ior ignoring me all this time."
Jiyong suddenly smirked at Dara's statement. "You must have really missed me, huh?" he asked
"What? No!" Dara blurted out as she realized her mistake.
"Sure you didn't." Jiyong continued smirking as he scooped up another spoonIul oI porridge.
"Otherwise you wouldn't keep mentioning it."
"Aish, give that back to me!" Dara yelled as she tried to take the bowl Irom his hands. She
should have known better than to cook Ior this guy. He was so Iull oI himselI.
She had tried to be nice by making him breakIast, but in less than Iive minutes they were already
"No." Jiyong said simply as he pushed her aside and Iinished what was leIt.
But he was still Ieeling hungry.
"Yah, do you have any more oI this?" he asked as he showed her the empty bowl. "I'm still
"Well, too bad." Dara said smugly. "Because there's no more. HA!"
"Then make some more." Jiyong said simply as he handed her the empty bowl.
Dara just rolled her eyes. "Why should I?"
"Because you're my wiIe."
Jiyong grinned at her shocked expression. "You proposed to me last night."
Dara scowled as she blushed slightly. She knew he was going to use what she had said last night
against her when he woke up. She knew it.
"I was only trying to say that I was accepting your oIIer!" she deIended herselI. "It was NOT a
Jiyong just shrugged. "Sounded like a proposal to me."
"It was not!" Dara retorted. "You're the one who got all happy aIterwards!"
"What?" Jiyong asked with wide eyes. "No I didn't!"
"Yeah you did." Dara said with an evil grin. "You kept thanking me until the moment you Iell
"I don't remember doing such a thing." Jiyong lied quickly.
"Really? You don't remember?" Dara asked. She quickly cleared her throat.
"Thank you... Thank you, Dara.." she whispered as she tried to imitate Jiyong's voice. She then
giggled shortly aIterwards. It was quite Iun imitating him.
"Dara.. Thank you, Dara." she continued in a low voice. "Than--"
"Yah!" Jiyong yelled as he covered her annoying mouth with his hand. "Stop it!"
Dara laughed as she shrugged smugly.
"I was just happy that you Iinally came to your senses, okay?" Jiyong quickly deIended himselI.
"What made you decide to keep the baby all oI a sudden anyway?"
Dara smiled soItly as she thought about the dream with her mom. "I got a sign."
"A sign?" Jiyong asked with raised brows.
"A beautiIul angel Irom above told me what to do." she said happily.
Jiyong just Irowned. An angel..? What was she saying? Perhaps this kid was out oI her mind as
"It's a girl." Dara continued as she looked down at her stomach.
"The baby?" Jiyong asked with a raised brow. "It's a girl?"
"Mhmm." Dara nodded as she patted her stomach. Jiyong just stared at Dara skeptically.
"How do you know?" he asked curiously. "Isn't it still too early to know?"
"Like I said, an angel told me everything." Dara replied in content.
Jiyong just stared at her weirdly.
It was oIIicial. This kid was most deIinitely out oI her mind.
"Stop staring at me as iI I'm some crazy person." Dara said when she noticed that he was giving
her strange looks.
"How can I not when you're claiming that you've been talking to angels?!"
"Not angels." Dara corrected him. "It was only one angel."
Jiyong just shook his head as he worried about the Iuture. How was he going to manage living
with someone like her? It was already giving him a headache.
"What am I going to do with you?" he groaned as he buried his Iace in his hands.
"You don't need to do anything with me. We have more pressing matters to take care oI." Dara
sighed. "What are we going to tell the others?"
"Who?" he asked as he looked up Irom his hands.
Dara rolled her eyes.
"Our Iriends!" she exclaimed. "They don't know anything about this!"
Jiyong just shrugged. "So we'll tell them."
"It's not that simple, you know." Dara scowled. "How are we going to explain to them how a
pervert like vou ended up with me?"
She didn't even know what her Iriends would say once they heard that Dara was going to marry
Kwon Jiyong. THE Kwon Jiyong.
Not only that, but she was also carrying his baby!
Jiyong snorted. "That's easy. We'll just tell them that you kept Iollowing me around."
"And that you conIessed your love Ior me Iirst." Jiyong continued with a smirk.
"No way!" Dara objected immediately. "That doesn't make any sense!"
"Why not?" Jiyong asked innocently. "It's not uncommon Ior girls to conIess Iirst. It happens
quite oIten Ior me, you know."
"Oh, you must be so proud." Dara said sarcastically as she rolled her eyes. Jiyong chuckled
"Don't worry, kid. I'll take care oI it." Jiyong said as he suddenly got up Irom the bed and walked
to his closet.
"What are you doing?" Dara asked.
"I'm going to shower and change into a clean set oI clothes." Jiyong said as he quickly put
together an outIit. He turned around to look at Dara.
"While you cook some more porridge Ior me."
Dara scowled again. "Yah, are you a pig?! I already made you a Iull bowl!"
"I couldn't eat anything Ior two days." Jiyong said as he walked over to his bed stand to pick up
the empty bowl. He held it out to her.
"Well that's your Iault." Dara said as she snatched the bowl Irom his hands. "There are plenty oI
things you could have eaten that weren't greasy."
"But your porridge is better." Jiyong said honestly. He hadn`t known that the kid was this good
at cooking. And this was coming Irom a picky eater.
"II you don't make me some more, I'm going to tell all our Iriends that you Iollowed me around."
Jiyong announced as he took out his cellphone. "And that you begged me to marry you."
"Like anyone's going to believe what you say." Dara said as she crossed her arms over her chest.
"Want to check?" Jiyong asked with a raised brow. "Let's start by telling your sister.."
Dara's eyes widened. "You can't lie to her like that!"
"Oh yeah?" Jiyong asked playIully.
"Aisht! You are so annoying!" Dara yelled in exasperation as she got up Irom the bed. How dare
this jerk blackmail her?!!
Jiyong just shrugged as he quickly called TOP.
"Hey, is Bom with you right now?" he asked once TOP answered.
Dara'a eyes widened again. No way. Was he seriously going to tell Bommie?!
"Oh she is?" Jiyong smirked as he gave Dara an evil look. "Can I talk to her?"
"Yah!" Dara hissed as she ran up to him. "I'll make you more Iood, alright?!"
"Hey, Bom." Jiyong said, ignoring Dara. "I have something to tell you."
Dara Irantically tried to grab the phone out oI his hands, but he just pushed her aside as iI she
were an annoying pest.
"It's about you sister."
"Kwon Jiyong!" Dara hissed as she gave him a warning glare. "Don't you dare!"
Jiyong just chuckled as he looked at Dara's Iace. Although she was trying to be intimidating, he
actually Iound it kind oI Iunny rather than scary. The kid never Iailed to make him laugh with
her Iunny expressions.
"Can you gather everyone who was at your party last night?" Jiyong asked as he patted Dara's
head. "I have an announcement to make."
Dara relaxed and let out a sigh oI relieI. At least he wasn't going to lie to Bom.
Bom had always lectured Dara, telling her that girls were supposed to be sassy and play hard to
get. She would have not been pleased to hear that Dara had chased aIter Jiyong.
"Great. See you then." Jiyong said beIore hanging up. He then turned to Dara.
"We're meeting everyone at TOP's place in an hour." he said as he tossed his cellphone on the
"What?!" Dara asked in surprise. "That soon?"
"It's better to get it over with." Jiyong shrugged. "We still have to meet each other's Iamilies as
Dara groaned at the thought oI introducing Jiyong to her parents. How would they react once
they Iound out that she was pregnant?
"But what are we going to tell everyone?" Dara asked. "What do I have to say?"
"You don't need to say a thing." Jiyong answered. "I'll do all the talking."
"What exactly are you going to say?" Dara asked worriedly. "You don't even have a plan yet."
"Like I said, I'll tell them that you Iollowed me around." Jiyong joked as he started walking to
the bathroom to shower.
"Kwon Jiyong!" Dara yelled in Irustration as she stomped her Ieet angrily. This wasn't the time
to joke around. She was seriously nervous about what was going to come next.
Jiyong turned around as Dara yelled his name.
"What? Do you want to shower with me?" he asked with a smirk.
"Aisht! No!"
Jiyong shrugged. "Your loss."
He walked into the bathroom and shut the door. Dara gritted her teeth in annoyance as she
grabbed the bowl. She planned on making him the most disgusting porridge that ever existed. So
Ioul that it would make him throw up all over again.
She smirked as she stared at the bathroom door.
Jiyong laughed as he poked Dara's shoulder to get her attention.
"Hey, are you still mad?"
Dara scowled as she threw his hand oII oI her and looked out the window.
"Hey, don't be mad." Jiyong said as he tried to get Dara to look at him. "Hey."
"Aish, stop!" Dara said in annoyance as she pushed his hand away. "You're going to get us in an
"No I'm not." Jiyong said as he parked in Iront oI TOP's house. "We're already here."
"Hmmph!" Dara pouted as she crossed her arms across her chest. She was annoyed that her plan
had Iailed.
"Just you wait, Kwon Jiyong." Dara muttered under her breath as she mixed the porridge in the
pot. "I'll make sure you throw up all over again."
She looked through the cabinets Ior some salt and sugar. She smiled once she Iound them.
Luckily, there was a lot leIt.
"Hey, Dara. What are you up to?" Yunho asked tiredly as he came into the dorm kitchen.
"Oh hey." Dara said as she turned around. "I was just making some porridge."
"Porridge?" Yunho asked as he grabbed a tea bag while coughing.
"Are you sick?" Dara asked with a Irown.
"Yeah, I think it's the cold." Yunho groaned in a nasally voice. "I have a runny nose and I can't
stop coughing."
Dara Ielt bad Ior her Iloormate. He looked like he was having such a miserable time.
"Do you want some porridge?" Dara oIIered. "I made more than enough."
"Really?" Yunho asked as his eyes lit up in excitement.
"OI course." Dara smiled as she went back to mixing the porridge. "It's almost done."
"Wow, thanks!" Yunho said as he looked at the pot. "Mmm.. That looks delicious!"
Just then, Jiyong came into the kitchen. "Yah, kid. Is the Iood ready?"
Dara saw that his hair was still wet Irom the shower. He had changed into a clean pair oI jeans
and a black hoodie. Her mouth dropped slightly in awe as she admired his look. She wondered
how a guy could possibly look so stunning while wearing something so casual. It looked like he
had popped right out oI a Iashion magazine!
"Oh hey, Yunho." Jiyong said as he noticed Yunho standing in the kitchen as well. "What's up?"
"I was just waiting Ior Dara to give me some oI her porridge." Yunho answered. "Are you sick as
Jiyong nodded. "I think it's the cold."
"More like morning sickness..." Dara muttered under her breath.
"What was that, Dara?" Yunho asked. "Did you say something?"
"Huh? Oh no." Dara said quickly. "The Iood is almost ready so you guys can go wait in the
lounge. I'll bring it over."
Yunho grinned as he walked out oI the kitchen. "Thanks."
"Hurry up. I'm hungry." Jiyong said to Dara as he Iollowed Yunho out oI the kitchen. Dara
scowled as she turned back to the rice porridge. She quickly took out two bowls and Iilled them
up with warm porridge.
She grinned evilly as she dumped spoonIul aIter spoonIul oI salt and sugar into one oI the bowls.
In Iact, she nearly emptied both oI the bags into the bowl. The extreme saltiness would surely
hurt Jiyong's tongue while the contrasting sugary taste would disgust him even Iurther since
Jiyong didn't have much oI a sweet tooth.
In other words, the porridge would be simply gross.
Dara smirked as she carried out the two bowls out oI the kitchen. She noticed that Jiyong and
Yunho were chatting casually at one oI the tables in the lounge.
"The Iood is ready!" she said brightly as she approached them. She put the normal bowl in Iront
oI Yunho and the contaminated one in Iront oI Jiyong.
Now all she had to do was wait.
"Mmm.. This looks so delicious!" Yunho said as he licked his lips in excitement and quickly
grabbed his spoon.
"But be careIul, it's still kind oI hot." Dara warned him. Yunho nodded as he started blowing on
his porridge. Dara quickly turned to Jiyong and saw that he was blowing on his porridge as well.
Dara held in her breath as she watched Jiyong continue to blow, trying to cool the Iood down.
´Hurrv up and eat it'´ she thought inside her mind as she stared at Jiyong in anticipation. ´Eat it'´
Jiyong stopped blowing and looked up at Dara with a raised brow. "Why are you staring at me
like that?"
"Huh?" Dara asked in surprise at his sudden question. "What?"
"You're staring at me as iI you're waiting Ior something to happen."
"No I'm not." Dara said quickly as she pushed Jiyong's bowl closer to him. "It's just that I think
the porridge is cooled down now. You should hurry up and eat."
She gulped as she prayed that Jiyong would stop questioning her and just eat. She Iidgeted with
her Iingers as she waited awkwardly.
Jiyong continued to eye Dara suspiciously. She was acting a little strange right now..
But he shrugged it oII and grabbed his spoon. He was hungry. Dara let out a sigh oI relieI as she
turned back to Yunho.
"You should eat, too. It should have cooled down by now."
Yunho nodded as he grabbed his spoon again. He took a scoop and opened his mouth to take a
But beIore he could do so, Jiyong suddenly stopped him.
"Wait." Jiyong said as he held onto Yunho's spoon.
"What is it?" Yunho asked impatiently. He was rather hungry and wanted to hurry up and eat
"Let's trade." Jiyong said as he pushed his bowl to Yunho. "You seem to be really hungry, and
there's more porridge in my bowl."
Dara's eyes widened in shock, and she quickly turned to Jiyong. "No there isn't! I put equal
amounts in both bowls!"
Jiyong smirked at Dara's reaction. There was deIinitely something Iishy about the way she was
behaving right now. He was almost positive that Dara had done something bad to his Iood.
"No. There's more in mine." Jiyong said with an innocent look. "See?"
"No no!" Dara shook her head Irantically. "It should be the same. Just eat it."
She Ielt the sweat collecting on her Iorehead as she tried to convince Jiyong that everything was
"Just eat!" Dara yelled angrily. She was annoyed that Jiyong was making things diIIicult Ior her
once again. At this rate, her plan was going to Iail. Why couldn't he just shut up and eat?! What a
"II you really want to trade, then here." Yunho said as he pushed his bowl towards Jiyong. "Now
hurry up and give me yours, I'm hungry!"
Dara Ielt the blood drain Irom her entire body as she watched Yunho eagerly dump his spoon
into Jiyong's bowl. She could only stand by and watch helplessly as Yunho inserted a large
amount oI porridge into his mouth and gulped it down.
¡end flashback]
"Did I tell you that the porridge was very good?" Jiyong asked as he laughed loudly. Dara
scowled and gave him another glare.
"Will you shut up already?!" Dara asked angrily. "Yunho threw up because oI you!"
AIter taking a bite oI the contaminated porridge, Yunho had immediately started coughing in
disgust. He had thrown up seconds aIterwards.
Jiyong shrugged. "How's that my Iault? You're the one who tried to kill me Iirst."
"That's because you were being a jerk!"
Jiyong just smiled innocently. "You really shouldn't play with your Iood anymore, kid."
He laughed again as he thought about what had happened earlier. Poor Yunho!
"Ugh!" Dara yelled in Irustration. "You're so annoying!"
She was already pissed that her plan had Iailed miserably. On top oI that, Jiyong's taunting right
now was only making her more irritated. Why did her plans against Jiyong always backIire on
"Come on, kid." Jiyong cooed in a joking manner as he leaned over to pinch Dara's cheeks with
both hands. "Should I buy you a lollipop to make you Ieel better?"
"Yah, what do you think you're doing?" Dara Irowned as she shook her head. "Let go."
"Hmm.. You have such chubby baby cheeks." Jiyong grinned as he continued to squeeze her
cheeks in Iascination.
"So what?!" Dara growled as she gritted her teeth in annoyance. She hated it when people
commented on her cheeks. Ever since she was little, people had teased her about her baby Iace.
"It's cute." Jiyong said as he released her cheeks. He then patted her head and gave her a lopsided
grin beIore getting out oI the car.
Dara blinked her eyes a Iew times as she tried to process what had just happened. Did he just
say... Cute? Cute?!
She didn't know why, but that small compliment Irom Jiyong made her heart Ilutter like crazy.
´He thinks mv chubbv cheeks are cute?'´ Dara thought as she bit on her lower lip to control her
excitement. She couldn't believe that those two words coming Irom Jiyong's mouth could make
her this happy.
She blushed as she touched her Iace. Her cheeks Ielt like they were on Iire. She let out a deep
breath and Ianned her Iace in hopes oI cooling it down.
"You're still blushing."
Dara looked up and saw that Jiyong had opened her door and was leaning against it with a smug
grin. She gasped slightly in embarrassment as she quickly looked away Irom him. She prayed
that her Iace would hurry up and go back to its normal complexion.
Jiyong noticed that Dara was beyond Ilustered, and he couldn't help but grin even wider at her
"Hmm.. I wonder why you're blushing.." Jiyong said innocently as he leaned down to help Dara
Ian her Iace. Dara held in her breath as she Ielt Jiyong's Iace hover only inches away Irom her
own. His brows were Iurrowed in concentration as he Ianned her Iace.
"I-I'm Iine." Dara stuttered as she lightly pushed Jiyong away Irom her. "Let's go in."
Jiyong just smiled as he moved out oI the way so that Dara could get out oI the car. She was still
avoiding eye contact with him.
"Why aren't you looking at me, kid?" Jiyong teased. "Are you shy?"
"No." Dara said quietly as she looked at her Ieet.
Jiyong grinned as he grabbed her cheeks again. "Really?"
Dara Ilinched as she Ielt the heat rise to her Iace again. Her heart doubled its pace as it beat
wildly inside her chest.
´Whv does he keep doing that? Does he want me to die?'´
"I. What. Stop doing that!" Dara stuttered as she weakly tried to push him away. Jiyong just
chuckled as he cocked his head and stared at Dara in amusement. He didn't know she could be
this shy over a simple act.
´It seems as if Ive found her weak spot..´ he thought happily. He made a mental note to pinch her
cheeks more oIten in the Iuture.
"Stop doing what?" he asked innocently. He grabbed her cheeks again. "This?"
"Jiyong!" Dara yelled as she glared at him. Her cheeks were as red as a tomato.
"Oppa." Jiyong said.
"What?" Dara asked in conIusion.
"Jiyong oppa." Jiyong said as he Ilashed her a perIect grin. "Call me Jiyong oppa Irom now on,
"What?!" Dara asked in disbelieI. "Why would I call you... That?"
"Isn't that what you call Yongbae and TOP?" Jiyong asked with a raised brow.
"Well... Yeah." Dara admitted.
But they were diIIerent. Yongbae was her Iriend while TOP was Bommie's boyIriend. She was
actually close to them. While Jiyong. She didn't even know much about him. It would just be
awkward calling him oppa even though he was two years older than her.
"Then call me oppa as well." Jiyong said as he pinched her cheeks once again. "Okay, babe?"
Dara's eyes widened in surprise. Did he just call her... Babe?
BeIore she could react, Jiyong quickly grabbed her hand and led the way to the Iront door oI
TOP's house. He rang the doorbell.
Dara panicked as she tried to calm herselI down. She was already nervous enough about meeting
their Iriends, and Jiyong's behavior right now wasn't helping one bit.
What was with the sudden Iace pinching and the whole oppa/ babe nonsense? She was also
conscious about Jiyong's hand that was tightly holding onto her own. Although she didn't want to
admit it, it Ielt nice holding his hand. It made her Ieel warm.
Dara shook her head as she concentrated on trying to calm her rapidly thumping heart. What was
wrong with her today?!
She nearly jumped in surprise when TOP opened the door.
"Hey, you guys are Iinally here!" he greeted them happily. "Everyone's already here. Why'd you
want everyone to..."
TOP's voice trailed oII as his eyes immediately zoomed in on Jiyong and Dara's entwined Iingers.
He quickly snapped his head back up to look at Jiyong.
"What's going on?"
"Just let us in Iirst." Jiyong said calmly. "I'll explain it to everyone."
TOP gave Jiyong a conIused look beIore stepping aside to let them in.
Dara held in her breath as Jiyong started leading the way to the living room where everyone was
waiting. He was still holding onto her hand tightly.
"What took you guys so long?" Bom asked. "We've been waiting Ior--"
Bom Iroze midsentence as well as she raised her eyebrows at Jiyong and Dara's interlocked
Iingers. She Irowned as TOP came to sit next to her.
"Tabi, what's going on?" she asked as she pointed to their hands.
TOP shrugged. "I'm not sure either."
Dara could only stare at the crowd nervously as she tried to avoid eye contact with everyone. She
didn't know that she and Jiyong had so many Iriends! She could Ieel Chaerin and Minzy's
curious stares and Bom's intense one poking holes into her head. It made her want to run away
and hide.
How would they react once they Iound out that Dara had been keeping her relationship with
Jiyong a secret?
She looked at the other side oI the room to avoid Bom's stare, and ended up making eye contact
with Yongbae instead.
His expression was completely blank and he was Irozen on the spot. It looked like he wasn't even
breathing. Seeing Yongbae like that made Dara Ieel uneasy. She quickly looked away Irom
Yongbae as well.
Instead oI looking at the crowd, Dara decided to just look up at Jiyong instead. She saw that he
had a calm expression, almost as iI he was actually enjoying the current situation. He cleared his
throat and opened his mouth.
"Dara and I are going to get married."
There was a moment oI silence as everyone in the room tried to process what Jiyong had just
said. Dara stared at the Iloor nervously as she waited Ior someone to say something.
Bom was the one to break the silence.
"What did you just say?"
"Dara and I are going to get married." Jiyong repeated.
Bom just shook her head in disbelieI and turned to TOP.
"What is your Iriend saying right now?"
TOP had a hesitant look on his Iace. "I'm not sure either... Yah, Jiyong. What are you talking
"I love her." Jiyong said smoothly as he draped one arm around Dara's shoulder and held her
close to him. "And I can't live another day without her."
Dara's eyes widened in surprise at Jiyong's words. How could he say such words so calmly?
Although she knew that he was lying, she still couldn't help but Ieel her heart beat wildly inside
her chest once again.
Bom's mouth dropped open as she stared at her sister in disbelieI. She noticed that Dara was
blushing in embarrassment. Ridiculous!
"Cut the crap out." Bom said to Jiyong in a warning tone. "This isn't Iunny."
"What makes you think I'm joking?" Jiyong challenged with a raised brow.
"You don't even know my sister!" Bom exclaimed. "I've barely seen you guys talk to each other
at school. You guys aren't even Iriends!"
"Dara and I have been going out Ior a Iew months, actually." Jiyong lied smoothly. "We've had
Ieelings Ior each other since the beginning oI the school year, and I asked her to be my girlIriend
right away."
Bom's mouth dropped open again in disbelieI. At this point, everyone in the crowd was pretty
much conIused.
"But that doesn't make sense!" Seungri suddenly blurted out as he shook his head. "Then what
about all oI your other girlIriends? You're always hanging out with other girls!"
Jiyong cringed as Seungri started listing oII the names oI all oI his Iuck buddies. Erom the corner
oI his eyes, he saw that Bom was staring at him with a Iurious look on her Iace. It looked like she
was trying to control her anger that was on the verge oI erupting.
He noticed that Dara didn't look too happy at the mention oI the girls' names either. He quickly
cleared his throat.
"They're just Iriends." Jiyong said. "I don't have any Ieelings Ior them."
"Eriends?" Bom scoIIed. "Friends?!"
She didn't like how Jiyong had so many "Iriends" hovering around him.
"Do you make out with your so called Iriends?" she asked in a mocking voice. "And do you
sleep with them as well?"
"Have you ever seen me do any oI those things?" Jiyong challenged. Although Bom was
speaking the truth, he didn't like the way it sounded coming Irom her mouth.
"Oh, please." Bom rolled her eyes. "It's not like the whole school doesn't know what you do in
your room every day. You're notorious Ior being a total womanizer."
And Bom wasn't going to allow Dara to become one oI his sluts.
BeIore Jiyong could respond, she turned her head to glare at Dara. Although she was pissed at
Jiyong Ior messing with Dara, she was more angry at Dara Ior accepting him. She had clearly
lectured Dara to stay away Irom players like Jiyong. What had she been listening to all this time?!
She needed to hear it Irom Dara herselI.
"Have you been dating Jiyong all this time?" Bom asked as calmly as she could.
Dara played with her Iingers nervously as she stared at her sister. She decided that it would be
best to go along with whatever Jiyong was claiming. She nodded hesitantly.
Bom closed her eyes as her nose Ilared in Iury.
She wasn't mad that Dara had a boyIriend. In Iact, she wasn't even mad that Dara had been
keeping her boyIriend a secret this entire time; that wasn't important to Bom.
The reason she was mad was because the guy was Jiyong. Why, out oI all the acceptable guys at
the school, did Dara have to like Jiyong? Bom was worried that her sister was going to get hurt
in the end. She knew what type oI guy Jiyong was.
"Dara." Bom said in an even voice. "I won't be mad at you iI you end your relationship with
Jiyong right now. I don't like the idea oI you involving yourselI with a guy like him."
"What's wrong with me?" Jiyong asked in an oIIended voice.
"Do you need to ask that aIter I already told you what you're known Ior?" Bom snapped at him.
"You're going to end up hurting my sister!"
"I'm not going to hurt her." Jiyong said Iirmly. It somehow oIIended him that Bom thought he
wasn't worthy enough to be Dara's boyIriend.
´And who said that I was going to hurt her?´ he thought bitterly.
"I don't care about what you have to say." Bom said as she turned her attention back to Dara.
"Break up with him right now." she ordered.
Dara sighed uncomIortably. She knew that Bom was just worried about her, but there was
nothing Dara could do in this situation. She had to marry Jiyong.
"Sorry, unnie.. But I.. I can't." she said quietly.
Bom couldn't believe her ears. Eor the Iirst time in her liIe, Dara was disobeying her.
"You... You can't?" Bom repeated in shock.
Dara shook her head and looked at her sister hesitantly. "I.. I like him."
Hearing those words come Irom Dara's mouth brought a smile to Jiyong's Iace. Although he
knew that she was acting along with him, it still made him genuinely pleased.
Bom, on the other hand, was not impressed.
"You babo!" Bom yelled in Irustration as she went up to Dara and started shaking her Iuriously.
"Wake up!"
She then stomped her Ieet in Irustration and starting slapping Dara's arms. "You can't like him!"
"Yah! Don't hit her!" Jiyong said as he stood in Iront oI Dara to protect her Irom Bom's attacks.
"How can I not when she's been hanging out with a player like you?!" Bom yelled Iuriously as
she walked around Jiyong and tried to attack Dara again. Somehow, it made her angrier that
Jiyong was deIending Dara.
"Bommie, calm down." TOP said as he tried to pull Bom away Irom Dara. "Let's just talk this
"Don't you dare try to stop me!" Bom snapped as she gave TOP a deadly glare. She turned
around to Iace the rest oI their Iriends.
"The same goes Ior all oI you! Try to stop me and you'll pay Ior it!"
Their Iriends gulped in Iear. They hadn't seen Bom this angry in a while.
"I can't believe you've been hanging out with Jiyong behind my back!" Bom yelled angrily as she
started hitting Dara again. "How many times have I told you that guys like him can't be
"Bommie, stop!" Dara said as she tried to move away Irom her sister. She was aIraid that Bom
was going to end up hurting the baby in her stomach.
"Break up with him right now!" Bom demanded again as she gave Dara her sternest look. "Or
else you're really going to get in trouble."
Dara gave her sister an apologetic look beIore slowly shaking her head.
"No?" Bom asked in disbelieI.
"Mianhe, unnie.." Dara said in a quiet voice. "But I need to marry him."
That did it.
"Marry?!!" Bom shrieked as she grabbed Dara's hair and started shaking her wildly. "Are you out
oI your mind, Sandara Park?!"
Bommie only called Dara by her Iull name when she was being serious or Ieeling angry. And
right now, she was deIinitely angry.
Dara screamed as she Ielt Bom pulling on her hair while hitting her back. She quickly clutched
onto her stomach and prayed that this would all end quickly.
"Stop it!" Jiyong yelled angrily as he quickly pulled Dara away Irom Bom wrapped his arms
around her.
"Move out!" Bom said Iuriously as tried to push Jiyong away Irom Dara.
"II you don't move out, I'm going to--"
"You're going to hurt the baby!" Jiyong shouted loudly as he gave Bom a warning glare.
Bom's mouth dropped open as she Iroze immediately on the spot. Everyone else in the room
gasped at Jiyong's statement.
Jiyong took this moment to look down at the Dara in his arms.
"Did she hit your stomach?" he asked in a worried tone.
Dara shook her head as she held on tighter to Jiyong and told herselI not to cry.
"N-no." she answered in a shaky voice. She Iound it kind oI ironic that she was actually
depending on Jiyong to protect her Irom her sister, but she didn't have a choice. Bom was
unstoppable when she was mad.
And Dara was scared. Bom had never been this upset with her beIore.
"Aish, look at what you did!" Jiyong said angrily as he snapped his head back to Bom. "You
scared her!"
Bom could only stare in shock as Jiyong hugged the shivering Dara protectively and rubbed her
back. It looked like he was whispering something in her ear, trying to comIort her.
She was beyond conIused. Since when were the two oI them this close? And was he serious
when he said that there was a baby inside Dara..?
Was this some kind oI a bad joke?!
She turned her attention to TOP and saw that he was gaping at the scene in Iront oI him in shock
as well. Obviously, he hadn't known about this either. She quickly scanned the room and saw
that everyone else also had surprised looks on their Iaces.
Everyone except Ior Seungri.
Seungri just had a smug grin on his Iace as he stared at the couple. Bom narrowed her eyes at her
next target.
"What are you smiling about?" she demanded with her hands on her hips. Seungri continued
smiling as he turned his attention to Bom.
"Wouldn't you be happy as well iI you Iound out that your hypothesis was correct?"
Bom just groaned in Irustration. What the hell was this weird panda talking about?! This wasn't
some kind oI science experiment!
"Hey, Jiyong. I guess everything I said to you a Iew days ago was correct, huh?" Seungri asked
with a smirk.
Jiyong just smiled back as he nodded. Seungri just seemed so proud oI himselI Ior diagnosing his
Iriend correctly.
Seungri shook his head as he chuckled lightly in amusement. "So it was Dara, huh? Man.. I can't
believe you guys did it without using a condom.."
This statement made Bom lose her temper again, and she immediately snapped her attention
back to Jiyong.
"You Iucked my sister without using a Iucking condom?!" she asked Iuriously.
"How else do you think she got pregnant?" Jiyong muttered. He was still angry that Bom had
tried to attack Dara earlier. She could have hurt the baby!
Bom, on the other hand, was beyond Iuming at this point.
"You Iucking piece oI shit!" Bom yelled at the top oI her lungs as she kicked Jiyong in the crotch
without warning.
"Ow! EUCK!!" Jiyong cursed.
All eyes in the room watched in shock as Jiyong Iell to the Iloor. Jiyong grimaced as he held
onto his poor Jiyong Jr. Now it had been abused by both oI the Park Sisters.
"Jiyong, are you okay?!" Dara panicked as she kneeled down on the Iloor next to him. Jiyong
only groaned as he looked up to glare at Bom.
"What the hell was that Ior?!" Jiyong growled as he gritted his teeth in pain. It deIinitely hurt a
whole lot more than when Dara had kicked him.
"Just be glad that I didn't slice your dick oII and shove it down your throat!" Bom roared as she
rolled up her sleeves. She still wasn't Ieeling quite satisIied yet. Her eyes darkened as an idea
crossed her head..
"On a second thought, maybe I should." she said in a cold voice as she walked into the kitchen.
Jiyong's eyes widened in Iear as he saw Bom bring out a kitchen kniIe with wild Iire in her eyes.
"Euck, Seunghyun! STOP HER!" he yelled to TOP.
The next Iew seconds were complete chaos.
TOP, Seungri, and Chaerin all lunged towards Bom to take the kniIe away Irom her while
Daesung and Minzy ran towards Jiyong to protect him Irom Bom and the kniIe. Because Jiyong
still couldn't get up, Daesung quickly carried him on his back and bolted to TOP's bedroom.
Minzy and Dara quickly scrambled aIter them in Iear.
In the midst oI all this chaos, Yongbae was the only one who remained rooted in his spot. He
hadn't moved an inch.
Yongbae was crushed, to say the least. He couldn't believe that Dara and Jiyong had actually
been going out this entire time. He Ielt deceived, in a way.
Without saying a word to anyone, he got up Irom the couch and leIt the house.
No one else in the room noticed this since they were all Iocused on taming the Bominator.
"You bring him back right now!" Bom bellowed as she tried to run aIter Daesung. But Chaerin
and Seungri were doing a good job oI holding her back.
"Unnie, please!" Chaerin said as she clung to Bom's leg Ior her dear liIe. "You're going to hurt
someone with that kniIe!"
"Which is exactly what I'm trying to do!" Bom bellowed as she held the kniIe Iirmly in her hand.
She couldn't believe that Kwon Jiyong had actually slept with her sister without using
No. She couldn't believe that he had slept with Dara to begin with.
What was that bastard thinking?!
"Bommie, relax and give that kniIe to me." TOP said as calmly as he could. But he was shaking
slightly in Iear since the blade was pointed towards him at the moment.
"How can I relax when that jerk got my sister pregnant?!" she growled as she brought the kniIe
closer to TOP, making him Ilinch and take a step back.
Just then, Daesung and Minzy came out oI TOP's room. Bom glared at them.
"Tell that bastard to come out as well." she growled.
"Unnie, he's already in so much pain right now." Minzy said with a grimace.
"Serves him right." Bom said coldly.
"I know you're upset... But please just put the kniIe down Iirst." TOP said earnestly.
But Bom didn't listen to him. She threw Seungri's arm oII her and pulled her legs out oI
Chaerin's grasp.
"Kwon Jiyong! Come out oI that room right now!!" she roared as she ran to TOP's room. Minzy
and Daesung jumped in Iear as they moved out oI the way.
TOP groaned as he immediately bolted aIter Bom. Chaerin and Seungri Iollowed shortly
Jiyong groaned as he rolled on the bed while clutching onto his poor Jiyong Jr. Why did Bom
have to kick him there out oI all places?
Dara quickly locked the door so that Bom wouldn't be able to come in.
"Do you guys have something against my penis?" Jiyong asked Dara as he squeezed his eyes in
pain. Dara just grimaced as she sat down next to him on the bed.
"Sorry.." she mumbled. "Does it hurt a lot?"
"What do you think?" he growled as he told himselI to breathe.
"Open the Iucking door!" they heard Bom yell as she pounded Iuriously on the door. "II you
don't open it now, I'm going to break it down!"
"Bommie, please stop. You're going to kill the poor guy." they heard TOP try to put some sense
into her.
Dara stared at the door in Iear as she tried to control her pounding heart. She had never expected
Bommie to be this angry at the situation. She looked down and saw that Jiyong was still
whimpering in pain.
Dara bit on her lower lip as she stared at Jiyong in guilt. She Ielt so bad Ior him. He had
deIended her out there Irom Bommie, but Dara had been unable to do the same Ior him.
"Is there anything I can do to help?" she asked hesitantly.
Even in his current state, a mischievous idea suddenly crossed Jiyong's head.
"Actually, yes." he said. Dara's eyes lit up.
"Really? What is it?" she asked quickly. "I'll do it. I'll do anything to make you Ieel better."
Jiyong couldn't help but grimace into the pillow. Maybe he would have a little Iun with this.
"You know how people blow on their cuts and bruises when they get hurt?" Jiyong asked.
Dara nodded. "Yes. It deIinitely lessens the pain when you blow on the place you got hurt."
"Exactly." Jiyong said with a slight grin. "I was wondering iI you could do the same thing Ior
Dara Iurrowed her brows as she thought careIully. "What are you trying to..."
Her eyes widened as she Iigured out what Jiyong was suggesting.
"You.. You mean.." she stuttered. "You want me to blow on it?!"
"Yes." he answered bluntly.
"W-what?!" Dara blurted out in shock as her hand went up to her mouth.
"It works the same way Ior the male organ, you know." Jiyong said innocently. "It would
deIinitely help lessen the pain iI you blew on it."
Dara's mouth dropped open as she panicked. She wasn't ready to meet Jiyong Jr. yet!
Well, she had met him once that night when they had sex.. But she couldn't really remember
everything in detail since she was so drunk at the time. All she remembered was that it was kind
oI.. well.. big. Bigger than she had expected.
"But I.. " she said hesitantly. "I don't think I can.."
Jiyong wanted to laugh out loud at her cuteness, but he held it in. He wanted to tease her a little
"I would do it myselI, but it would be a little diIIicult." Jiyong explained. "It would be easier to
have someone else do it Ior me."
"R-really?" Dara asked with worried eyes.
She had no idea that Jiyong was only playing around with her right now. She was too naive to
know any better than to believe everything he was saying.
"You don't have to iI you don't want to." Jiyong said with a disappointed sigh. "I knew it would
be too much to ask Ior."
Dara Ielt guilty. AIter all, it was partially her Iault Ior making Bom lose her temper like that.
"No no." Dara said as she shook her head. "I'll do it."
Jiyong raised his eyebrows in surprise. He hadn't expected the kid to be this bold and actually
agree to such a ridiculous request.
"Yes." Dara answered in a slightly squeaky voice. "I'll blow on... it."
Jiyong almost smiled at the way Dara said "it" a little nervously.
"Are you sure?" he asked. "You don't have to iI you're uncomIortable. I don't want you to be
"No, I'm Iine." Dara said Iirmly. "Turn around so that you're lying on your back."
Jiyong did as he was told. He Ilipped so that he was on his back and looked up at Dara. He saw
that she was Iiddling with her hands nervously as she eyed his bulge in Iear.
He smiled as he waited Ior her next move.
Letting out a deep breath, Dara hesitantly reached Ior Jiyong's belt. She looked like she was
about to cry.
´Breathe, Dara, breathe..´ she told herselI. ´You guvs aren´t even strangers. You´ve met Jivong Jr.
before, remember?´
But it was hard to ignore the Iact that she would be having to meet Jiyong Jr. up close this time.
She wasn't ready Ior such a thing!
Dara gulped hard on her saliva as she started unbuckling his belt.
Jiyong just smiled as he suddenly grabbed onto Dara's hands to stop her. Dara looked at him in
conIusion. Why had he stopped her?
"What are you--"
BeIore she could Iinish her sentence, Jiyong pulled Dara so that she was lying down next to him.
He grinned as he wrapped his arms around her and snuggled close to her.
"Jiyong? What are you doing?" Dara asked in surprise as she Ielt her Iace get buried into his
warm chest.
"I changed my mind." he replied.
"I think staying like this will be enough to make me Ieel better." Jiyong said as he closed his eyes.
He didn't know why, but it just Ielt so nice to have her in his arms. It made everything better.
"But didn't you say that you wanted me to blow on your... thing?" Dara asked hesitantly.
Jiyong looked down at Dara with a raised brow.
"Do you want to see it that badly?" he teased as he pinched one oI her cheeks.
Dara gasped in shock as she immediately shook her head. Had she seem that desperate to meet
Jiyong Jr.?! Omo!
Jiyong chuckled as he saw her cheeks redden in embarrassment. He pulled her close to him again
and let out a sigh in content.
"Let's just stay like this until it gets quiet out there." he whispered as he rubbed her back. They
could still hear Bom's loud screaming and banging as she demanded them to open the door.
But despite all the ruckus outside, Dara still Ielt her body melt as she relaxed under Jiyong's
gentle touch. She nodded as she snuggled closer to him and slowly closed her eyes.
"What are you two doing in there?! I told you to open up!" Bom yelled Iuriously as she banged
loudly on the door. By now, TOP had managed to steal the kniIe Irom her hands. And aIter
successIully doing so, he had run back to the kitchen to hide all the other knives and possible
weapons in his house.
But that didn't mean that Bom was going to give up.
Oh no, she could probably kill Jiyong just the same using her bare hands.
"Unnie, please stop." Chaerin and Minzy pleaded as they tried to calm her down. "You should
try to talk things out with Jiyong sunbae."
"There is nothing to talk about." Bom growled in annoyance as she glared at the closed door in
Iront oI her. What were they doing inside the room?!
"Nothing is going to get solved iI you don't talk this out." Minzy reasoned.
"Yeah." Chaerin agreed immediately. "At least give Jiyong sunbae a chance to explain himselI."
"Explain what?" Bom asked as she threw her hands up in Irustration. "I just don't like the idea oI
them together. They need to break up."
"Then what about the baby?" Chaerin asked worriedly.
"Ugh." Bom groaned as she sat down on the Iloor in exasperation. This situation was giving her
a headache.
"You know.. It seems like Jiyong sunbae is really attached to the baby." Chaerin said in hopes oI
making Jiyong look better. Although she was kind oI disappointed in Dara Ior not telling her
about her secret relationship sooner, she still thought that Jiyong and Dara looked cute together.
She would support them all the way especially since they had a baby.
"I know!" Minzy agreed with a smile on her Iace. "Did you see how he hugged Dara earlier and
asked her iI her stomach was okay?"
"Yeah!" Chaerin squealed as she and Minzy giggled together like little girls. They thought it was
really cute how Jiyong had stood up Ior Dara earlier.
Bom Irowned at them slightly in disapproval, but she couldn't help but take their words into
consideration. She remembered how Jiyong had yelled at her Ior trying to hurt Dara earlier.
"No, Dara can't be pregnant." Bom shook her head as she tried to convince herselI. "She's not."
"Actually, I'm almost certain that she is pregnant." Seungri said smugly. Bom snapped her
attention to him.
"How would you know?"
"Because Jiyong has Couvade Syndrome." Seungri said triumphantly. "Just like I had predicted."
"Couvade Syndrome?" TOP asked with a raised brow. "You mean... Morning sickness?"
"Mhmm." Seungri nodded. "He's been having it Ior the past Iew days now."
He turned to Daesung. "Remember how he kept complaining about the pizza and Iries a Iew days
"Oh yeah." Daesung nodded as he remembered. "He kept saying that it stunk and that he Ielt like
"Exactly." Seungri said. "That was because oI morning sickness."
Bom Irowned in conIusion. "I thought only girls experienced morning sickness."
Seungri shook his head. "No. Sometimes guys can experience it too."
"Weird.." Chaerin said in Iascination. "But Dara has been Iine these past Iew days. She hasn't
been throwing up at all."
"That can happen." Minzy explained. "OItentimes, the male is the one to experience morning
sickness while the Iemale is completely Iine."
"Why?" Bom asked curiously as she temporarily Iorgot about her anger. "What's the reasoning
behind it?"
Minzy shrugged. "There still isn't a deIinite answer to that question yet."
"Yeah, there are only diIIerent hypotheses." Seungri added. "Many people say that it's because
the male is really attached to either the baby or the mother."
"Really?" Bom asked with a raised brow.
"Yup." Seungri nodded. "And seeing how protective Jiyong was oI the baby earlier, I think that
may be the reason why."
"Aww.. Jiyong sunbae's so sweet!" Chaerin smiled as Minzy nodded in agreement.
"So that's why Jiyong wouldn't let Dara drink any beer last night at the party!" TOP said as he
snapped his Iingers in realization. "He was trying to protect the baby."
"Oh yeah, that makes sense!" Daesung agreed.
"Kyahh.. That's soo romantic!" Minzy gushed as she clasped her hands together. "I wish I could
have a boyIriend just like him!"
"Yah!" Daesung Irowned in disapproval as he lightly hit Minzy's head. Minzy just gave him a
sweet smile.
"Maybe you should give Jiyong sunbae a chance, unnie." Chaerin said to Bom. "He seems like
he really cares."
"Yeah. Knowing Jiyong, it's surprising that he's even taking responsibility Ior the baby right
now." Seungri added. "He's not the type to let a baby or a girl tie him down."
"Plus, your sister says that she loves him." Daesung reminded her.
"Just give them a chance." Minzy agreed. "They actually look cute together."
Bom let out a sigh as she thought about it. Maybe they were right. Maybe Jiyong deserved a
She got up Irom the Iloor and turned to TOP.
"Get your keys and open this door." she said as she pointed to the locked door. TOP stared at her
"Why... What are you going to do?" he asked hesitantly.
"Don't look at me like that." Bom sighed. "I'm not going to do anything bad to them."
She just wanted to talk. She had calmed down enough at this point to do that.
"Maybe we should try knocking again." Minzy suggested as she went up and knocked on the
"Dara? Open up. Unnie wants to talk to you guys. She doesn't have a kniIe anymore."
But there was no response.
Minzy pressed her ears against the door and tried to listen Ior any noise. She turned around to
Iace the group.
"I can't hear anything."
Bom turned back to TOP and gave him a sincere look. "Please go get the key, Tabi. I promise
not to hurt them."
TOP took one look at Bom and saw that she was being serious. He nodded as he went to go get
the key to his room.
Once he Iound the key, he unlocked the door and quietly opened it. Everyone gathered around to
peer inside and see what Jiyong and Dara were up to.
Their hearts nearly melted at the sight.
There, lying on TOP's bed, were Jiyong and Dara sleeping peaceIully together with their arms
wrapped tightly around each other. Jiyong had one arm tucked under Dara's head, letting her use
it as a pillow, while the other one was wrapped securely around her tiny waist.
"Aww... They're sleeping!" Minzy whispered with a smile on her Iace. "They're so cute!"
"Hmm.. I have to agree, they look pretty good together." Seungri nodded in agreement. Although
Jiyong had a lot oI girls around him, Seungri had never thought any oI them truly matched
"Shh.. We have to be quiet so they don't wake up." Chaerin said as she put her Iinger to her lips.
"But they really do look adorable.."
Even Bom's heart soItened just a little at the scene in Iront oI her. She could tell that Dara looked
so relaxed right now in Jiyong's arms. Her arms were wrapped around Jiyong's waist and her Iace
was pressed comIortably against his chest.
"You're not going to break them up... Are you?" Minzy asked as she turned around and gave
Bom her puppy eyes.
"Hmm.." Dara sighed soItly in her sleep as she rubbed her Iace against Jiyong's chest.
Bom just let out a sigh in deIeat.
The next Iew days went by without much trouble. AIter Jiyong and Dara had woken up Irom
their little nap, Bom had had a private talk with Jiyong.
Although Bom still didn't approve oI Dara and Jiyong's relationship, she decided to give Jiyong a
"But if vou ever let so much as a tear fall from Dara´s face.. It´s the end for vou and vour dick,
Jiyong shuddered slightly as he still remembered Bom's cold words to him. He really didn't
understand how TOP dealt with such a scary woman. Poor TOP!
He looked at his watch and decided that it was time to head over to Dara's room. They were
supposed to meet his Iamily today.
They had already met with Dara's Iamily (starting with Bom, which oI course, hadn't turned out
all too well). Dara's parents had seemed taken aback by the sudden news as well, but they had
handled it better than Bom. And by the end oI the meeting, they had approved oI Jiyong and
Dara's marriage.
Now all they had to do was attain approval Irom Jiyong's parents. Jiyong had already told his
parents beIorehand that he and Dara were going to visit them today.
He checked himselI out one last time in the mirror and smiled at what he saw. Even he had to
admit that he was sometimes impressed with his own good looks.
Just then, he heard a knock on the door.
"Come in." he called out as he grabbed his car keys. "Oh hey, Seung Hyun."
"Hey." TOP said as he closed the behind him. "Can we talk?"
"Yeah, but make it quick." Jiyong said as he grabbed his wallet as well. "I need to meet my
parents with Dara soon."
TOP nodded as he walked over to a chair and sat down. Jiyong plopped down on his bed as well
and waited Ior TOP to start talking.
"What's really going on, Jiyong?" TOP asked in a serious tone.
"What do you mean?" Jiyong asked in conIusion at TOP's sudden question.
"I know you and Dara haven't been going out." TOP said as he looked right into Jiyong's eyes.
"That was a lie, right?"
Jiyong cringed. OI course TOP had seen right through their little act. He was Jiyong's best Iriend,
aIter all.
But Jiyong decided to play innocent.
"What are you talking about?" he asked with a Irown. "I already told you that Dara and I have
been dating since the beginning oI this school year."
TOP was thoroughly unconvinced. "You don't need to lie to me as well, you know. I just want to
know the truth."
"I don't know what you--"
"Stop playing dumb, Ji." TOP interrupted. "Just a Iew weeks ago, you told me that you had no
intentions oI settling with one girl."
Jiyong sighed. It seemed as iI TOP had seen through everything. There was no use in lying to
"I don't even know anymore." he answered honestly. "One thing led to another. And now we're
getting married."
"How did Dara get pregnant to begin with?" TOP asked. "What exactly happened while I was
Jiyong sighed as he began spilling everything that had happened between him and Dara while
TOP had been away in Boston.
Erom their Iirst meeting... To the Iake medical report... To Dara's suicide drama... To the
Jiyong hesitated beIore telling TOP what had happened the night that Dara was drunk. TOP's
eyes widened.
"You mean... You took advantage oI her?!"
Jiyong groaned. "I know.. It was really stupid oI me to do such a thing... But it just happened!"
TOP shook his head in disbelieI. "What were you thinking?!"
"I wasn't." Jiyong said bitterly. "I really don't know what happened that night. I mean. I wasn't
even drunk!"
TOP just stared at Jiyong in shock. So Jiyong was going to marry Dara due to the consequences
oI a one night stand?!
A part oI him had to admit that he was impressed with Jiyong Ior taking responsibility Ior his
actions. But another part oI him was worried.
"Marriage is no joke, Jiyong." TOP said with a Irown. "Especially iI you and Dara don't even
have genuine Ieelings Ior each other."
Jiyong sighed again. TOP was completely right, oI course. But what could he do? He couldn't
abandon his baby.
"At least Dara and I are kind oI getting along now." Jiyong said optimistically. "I mean... We still
constantly bicker and stuII. But at least we're talking to each other."
He quickly told TOP about how he and Dara hadn't spoken a word to each other Ior six weeks
aIter the sex.
TOP just shook his head in disapproval.
"So you're telling me that this marriage is just a mutual agreement. With no genuine Ieelings
Jiyong nodded. Although he didn't really like the way it sounded, it was the truth.
"But don't you think it'll work out?" Jiyong asked hopeIully. "As long as we respect each other's
privacy and stuII like that?"
"Even couples who marry out oI love end up divorcing, Jiyong." TOP pointed out. "Do you plan
on living with Dara Ior the rest oI your liIe?"
Jiyong paused. He hadn't exactly thought that Iar ahead yet.
"I don't know." Jiyong said honestly. "We're just trying to do what's best Ior the baby.."
He was just going to take it one step at a time Ior now.
"You do know that Bommie will murder you iI she Iound out the truth, right?" TOP asked.
Jiyong gulped.
"So keep this a secret." Jiyong said. "Let her believe that we really love each other."
TOP just sighed again. He knew Bom would deIinitely Ireak iI she Iound out that Jiyong had
taken advantage oI Dara.
"This is so messed up.."
Jiyong just shrugged. "Maybe it's better this way. It's not like I'm going to Iind someone like
her again anyway."
TOP raised his eyebrows. By her was Jiyong reIerring to...
"Yeah." Jiyong said as he read what was going through his Iriend's mind. "I'm talking about
TOP stared at Jiyong and saw that he had a solemn look on his Iace. Eor a split second, TOP
hesitated as to whether he should tell Jiyong that Bom may have possibly ran into Kiko at
But he didn't. Jiyong had more than enough to worry about at the moment.
"Oh god, what am I going to do?!" Dara Ireaked out as she rummaged through her closet and
threw random clothes on her bed.
"Relax, Dara." Chaerin said as she held onto Dara's shoulders. "Breathe.. Breathe.."
"How can I relax when I don't have anything to wear?!" Dara cried as she desperately tried to put
together an outIit. She didn't even know what kind oI clothing she was supposed to wear to such
an occasion. Seeing how Jiyong's Iamily was rich, she would probably have to wear something
that looked nice, right?
She gulped as she worried about what kind oI people they would be. Would they be cold and
scary like those rich Iamilies that she had seen in dramas? Dara was worried that Jiyong's parents
wouldn't approve oI her. What iI they thought she wasn't good enough Ior their son?
"I'm scared, Chaerin-ah." Dara said as she slumped down on her bed. "What iI his parents don't
like me?"
Chaerin gave Dara a warm smile as she sat down next to her. "Why wouldn't they like you?"
"I don't know... Just because?" Dara groaned.
"Don't think like that." Chaerin encouraged her. "I'm sure they'll love you. Just like how Jiyong
sunbae loves you."
Dara Ielt her heart drop at Chaerin's words. OI course, all oI Dara's Iriends thought that Jiyong
actually loved her. In Iact, many oI her Iriends were jealous. They said that Dara was the luckiest
girl alive to receive Kwon Jiyong's love.
II only they knew that it was all a lie.
Dara sighed as she gave Chaerin a slight smile beIore looking at the clothes on the bed. She
decided to go with something casual. A cute pink blouse and Iitted jeans.
She had just Iinished changing into her outIit when she heard knocking on the door.
"Oh, that must be Jiyong sunbae." Chaerin grinned as she went over to open the door.
As expected, it was Jiyong. He raised his eyebrows at the mess in Dara's room.
"Were you having a Iashion show in here?" he asked as he eyed the various articles oI clothing
scattered all over Dara's bed.
Dara blushed in embarrassment as she quickly grabbed her bag and walked towards him.
"I didn't know what I was supposed to wear, okay?"
Jiyong noticed that Chaerin was staring at them with sparkling eyes, and he immediately put on
his most charming smile.
"Anything looks good on you, babe." he said in a silky voice as he caressed Dara's Iace lovingly.
Dara gasped in surprise at his sudden behavior. She was about to slap his hands away when she
remembered that Chaerin was in the room.
"Umm. Op.. Oppa.Stop it." Dara said awkwardly. "You're embarrassing me."
Jiyong almost rolled his eyes at Dara's pathetic acting. They had practiced saying the word
"oppa" so many times during the past Iew days. Yet she still hadn't mastered it!
But Chaerin didn't seem to notice. She beamed at the cute couple and slapped Dara's arm
"You know you like it, Darong." she teased. Dara just smiled at her awkwardly as she leIt the
room with Jiyong.
Once they were out oI the room, Jiyong gave Dara a Irown oI disapproval.
"Was that seriously the best you could do?!" he hissed.
"What?" Dara deIended herselI. "You started acting all lovey dovey out oI nowhere. I was taken
"I thought we already went over this." Jiyong retorted. "We're supposed to act like we're madly
in love around other people!"
"Aish, but it's so hard!" Dara complained.
"What's so hard about saying the word 'oppa'?" Jiyong asked as he shook his head. "We're
seriously going to get busted with your ridiculous acting skills."
"How is it my Iault that you don't look like an oppa to me?" Dara muttered as she crossed her
arms over her chest.
"Keep that up and my parents are really going to hate you." Jiyong said in a threatening voice.
Dara's eyes immediately widened as she started Ireaking out again. She had Iorgotten that she
was on her way to meet Jiyong's parents.
She gulped as she turned to Jiyong with IearIul eyes. "Do you really think your parents are going
to hate me?"
Jiyong almost smiled at Dara's change in behavior. It was so easy to scare this naive kid. Jiyong
was Ieeling rather down aIter the conversation with TOP, but he Ielt a little better now that he
could make Iun oI Dara.
"Oh, I don't know." Jiyong said with a straight Iace. "Do you think you would like yourselI iI
you were my parents?"
Dara bit on her lower lip nervously. "I'm not sure... maybe?"
"Maybe?" Jiyong repeated with a raised brow.
"Why? Is there something wrong with me?" Dara asked in a worried voice.
Jiyong just nodded solemnly. Dara's eyes widened once again in Iear.
"Really?" she squeaked. "Like what?!"
"Eor one thing, you can't even say the word 'oppa' properly." Jiyong said.
"No no." Dara said quickly as she shook her head. "I can!"
She then cleared her throat. "Jiyong. Jiyong... Oppa."
Jiyong just shook his head. "Still sounds awkward, kid."
He then looked at his watch. "Too bad we have to leave right now, so you don't even have time
to practice. You'll just have to Iace my parents the way you are."
Dara panicked. II she met Jiyong's parents with her awkward acting right now, then they would
surely be caught!
"No, wait!" Dara said as she scrambled aIter Jiyong's Iast Iootsteps. "I can say it now! Jiyong...
Oppa! See?"
Jiyong shook his head as he continued walking quickly. "You're pausing too much between the
'Jiyong' and the 'oppa'."
"Aisht! Slow down!" Dara snapped as she struggled to keep up with his Iast pace. But Jiyong
didn't listen to her. In Iact, he started walking Iaster!
"Yah! You jerk!!" she blurted out. Jiyong just chuckled as he turned around to Iace her.
"Yeah, my parents are really going to like you when they hear you calling me a jerk." he said
with a smirk. Dara groaned in Irustration. This guy was sooo annoying!
"You are so--"
"Jiyong oppa!" a Iemale's voice called out excitedly. Dara paused and turned to see who the
owner oI the annoying voice was. Her eyes darkened as the girl ignored Dara's presence and
walked over to Jiyong.
"I missed you." she pouted. BeIore either Jiyong or Dara could do anything, the girl leaned
Iorward and kissed Jiyong on the lips.
Jiyong's eyes widened as he quickly pushed Sohee away Irom him. He looked over at Dara and
saw that she was glaring at the two oI them.
´Crap' Crap' Whv did Sohee have to come right now?'´ he thought in his head.
"Oppa.." Sohee pouted as she puIIed her cheeks. "Why haven't you been calling me?"
"I've just been busy." Jiyong said as he pulled his arm away Irom Sohee's grip and stared at Dara
hesitantly. Sohee Irowned at Jiyong's reaction. He didn't seem very happy to see her. Usually,
Jiyong would kiss her back and say that he missed her as well.
Sohee looked over at Dara and noticed that Dara was glaring at her with extreme hate in her
"What are you staring at, kid?" Sohee asked with a smirk. "Don't tell me.. Are you Iollowing
Jiyong oppa around now?"
Dara gritted her teeth as she watched Sohee eye her up and down and shake her head in
"I suggest that you give up now." Sohee said. "You're not Jiyong oppa's type at all. He'll never
even consider someone like you."
Jiyong Irowned at Sohee's harsh words. He opened his mouth to deIend Dara, but Dara spoke
beIore him.
"Really? Because that's not what he said to me." Dara said with a smirk. "He told me that he
loves me."
She turned to Jiyong. "Isn't that right, Jiyong oppa?"
Jiyong was taken aback by the way Dara had just addressed him. Had she really successIully
called him 'Jiyong oppa' just now? He suddenly Ielt very hot.
Sohee laughed loudly as she shook her head. "What are you saying, kid? Why would Jiyong
oppa say that he loves you?"
Dara just smirked. "Because I'm his girlIriend."
Without waiting Ior Sohee's response, Dara walked up to Jiyong and wiped his lips with her
thumb to get Sohee's disgusting germs oII. Then she cupped Jiyong's cheeks beIore pressing her
lips against his.
Jiyong's eyes widened in surprise as he Ielt something run down his spine. Was Dara really
kissing him right now?! He had almost Iorgotten how soIt her lips were...
But just as quickly as it had started, the kiss ended quickly as well. Dara pulled away and turned
around to give Sohee a smug grin. To her amusement, she saw that Sohee had a stunned look on
her Iace.
"You're his... GirlIriend?" Sohee asked in disbelieI.
"Yeah." Dara said as she glared at Sohee. "So back oII my man."
Jiyong could only grin in amusement at how bold Dara was being right now. He wrapped his arm
around her waist and pulled her close to him.
"I'm your man?" he whispered into her ear.
Dara scowled as she pinched Jiyong's stomach.
"You better make her go away, jerk!" she hissed back.
"Arasso." Jiyong smiled back as he pinched her chubby cheek. He liked how she was trying to
take control oI the situation.
"Oppa, what's going on?" Sohee asked in conIusion. "What is she saying?"
"You heard her." Jiyong said coldly as he held Dara close to him. "She's my girlIriend. And
my Iiancee, Ior that matter."
Sohee gasped in shock. "W-what? Eiancee?! That kid is your Iiancee?!"
Jiyong Irowned in disapproval. "She has a name, you know. It's Sandara Park."
He grinned as he looked down at Dara. "But soon to be Sandara Kwon... Isn't that right, babe?"
Dara blushed a little as she nodded. She noticed that Sohee was shocked beyond words at this
But Dara was still not satisIied. She wanted to taunt Sohee a bit Iurther.
"Jiyong oppa, have you been cheating on me?" Dara pouted as she gave Jiyong her best puppy
Iace. She was actually enjoying acting in Iront oI Sohee right now.
Jiyong nearly melted when he heard his name come out oI her cute lips. It seemed like she had
deIinitely mastered calling him 'Jiyong oppa' now. He smiled as he shook his head.
"No, babe. You know I would never cheat on you."
"But why did that witch kiss you?" Dara asked as she pointed her Iingers at Sohee accusingly.
"What'd you just call me?!" Sohee asked angrily.
Dara just shrugged her shoulders. "Why? You sure look like an ugly witch to me."
Sohee gritted her teeth Iuriously. "Why you bitch! Who do you think you are?!"
She raised her hand and was about to strike Dara across the Iace when Jiyong stopped her.
"Don't you dare lay a single Iinger on her." Jiyong warned as he harshly shoved Sohee's hand
"But oppa.." Sohee whined as she gave him an innocent look.
"Stop calling me that." Jiyong snapped in annoyance. "You look too old to be calling me that."
Dara almost burst out laughing at Sohee's shocked Iace. She had to stop herselI Irom sticking her
tongue out at her.
"And don't ever come here again or call me." Jiyong said to Sohee. "My girlIriend doesn't seem
to think too Iondly oI you."
"Hmph, whatever. I don't care iI you meet her." Dara said as she pretended to be mad at Jiyong.
"Meet her all you want."
"Aww, don't be like that." Jiyong cooed as he caressed Dara's Iace. "You know you're the only
one I want, babe."
Erom the corner oI her eyes, Dara saw that Sohee had a hurt look on her Iace. She smiled in
victory beIore leaning Iorward to whisper to Jiyong.
"Yah, jerk. I think we Iooled her enough with our acting." she whispered smugly. "Let's go now."
She turned around and was about to walk away when Jiyong suddenly grabbed her arm to stop
"What are you--"
BeIore she could Iinish her sentence, Jiyong spun her around and crushed his lips on hers. Dara's
eyes widened in surprise as she Ielt his soIt lips massage hers ever so careIully. Erom the corner
oI her eyes, she saw that Sohee was glaring at them.
Jiyong wrapped one arm around Dara's waist while the other hand cupped the nape oI her neck.
When he noticed that Dara was stiII and unresponsive, he started massaging her neck gently to
make her relax.
Dara wanted to push Jiyong away, but she Ielt herselI unable to do so. The way his thumb drew
circles on her neck moved in sync with his lips. It made her Ieel very warm inside.
And beIore she knew it, Dara was responding to the kiss. She closed her eyes and wrapped her
arms around his neck to bring him closer to her. Jiyong smiled against her lips beIore tilting his
head to deepen the kiss. He licked her lips with his tongue Ior entry, and Dara granted it almost
Jiyong groaned in content as his tongue got to explore her warm cavern. It had been awhile since
he had last tasted her mouth, and he didn't remember it tasting this good. Last time, she had
tasted oI bitter alcohol mixed with a hint oI sweetness. But today, all he tasted was pure
AIter a Iew minutes, Dara Iinally broke oII the kiss to breathe. She was Ieeling slightly dizzy,
and she clutched onto Jiyong's shirt Ior balance.
But Jiyong was still not yet satisIied. He trailed his lips down and started kissing her jaw. Her
skin Ielt so smooth and warm under his moist lips. It Ielt almost as good as kissing her lips.
Dara opened her eyes and noticed that Sohee was nowhere in sight. She quickly came back to her
senses and pushed against Jiyong's chest.
"Jiyong.. She's gone now.."
But Jiyong didn't seem to hear her. He continued placing small kisses all over her jaw and down
to her neck. Dara Ilinched and almost let out a moan when he Iound her sensitive spot.
"J-Jiyong.." Dara breathed out in a shaky voice. "I said.. Sohee is go--"
Without letting her Iinish her sentence, Jiyong quickly sealed her lips in another passionate kiss.
He just couldn't get enough oI her sweet lips. It didn't even matter iI Sohee was watching or not.
That wasn't important.
"Hmm.." Dara moaned against Jiyong's lips as she Ielt herselI get pressed against the cold wall.
His kisses were getting more aggressive and demanding now. He sucked on her lips roughly as
he tightened his grip on her waist.
Dara Ielt herselI get lightheaded as her legs started turning into jelly. She didn't even know what
was happening anymore. Clearly, this wasn't an act anymore. Or was it?
But iI it wasn't an act, then what was going on? Why was she responding to his kiss instead oI
trying to stop him?
"Aisht, get a room you two!" a loud voice suddenly interrupted their heated moment. Dara's eyes
sprang open and she immediately pushed Jiyong away Irom her. Jiyong still seemed to be in a
daze, and he blinked in conIusion as he breathed heavily.
Dara blushed as she looked over and saw Chaerin, Minzy, and Bom staring at them. Had they
seen everything?!
Bom stared at Dara and Jiyong in interest. She had been the one to interrupt them just now.
It had only been two days since she had approved oI their relationship, and it already seemed like
the two love birds couldn't get enough oI each other. On one hand, Bom was annoyed. She hated
people who made out in the hallway Ior everyone to see.
But on the other hand, she was rather impressed. It seemed like the two really had strong Ieelings
Ior each other.
"I thought you guys were going to meet Jiyong's parents." Bom said as she rolled her eyes.
"We were.." Dara mumbled quietly as she turned bright red. She couldn't believe that her own
sister had caught her making out with Kwon Jiyong!
"Uh huh, sure." Bom said sarcastically. "All I saw was you sucking on Jiyong's tongue."
Dara's mouth dropped open in shock. "No I wasn't!"
Chaerin and Minzy giggled as Bom just shook her head. "Oh, Dara.. What am I going to do with
"I wasn't sucking on his tongue!" Dara repeated as she glared at Jiyong. Apparently, he thought
this was Iunny and he started chuckling.
"Right. It looked more like you were trying to eat it." Bom said with a smirk.
"BOMMIE!!" Dara yelled in embarrassment.
"Yah, pervert. You think this is Iunny?" Dara growled in annoyance. She and Jiyong were on
their way to meet his parents now. Jiyong was still laughing over Bom's comment earlier.
"Were you that into the kiss, kid?" Jiyong asked as he laughed. Dara narrowed her eyes at him
beIore smacking him hard across the head.
"Ow!" Jiyong said as he rubbed his head. "What was that Ior?"
"That's what you get Ior kissing me in Iront oI Sohee." Dara answered. "There was no reason Ior
you to do that when I told you that we could stop acting."
Jiyong shrugged. "I just wanted make sure that the ending was perIect. That way, Sohee won't
bother me ever again."
"You better make sure that you end it with all your other girlIriends as well." Dara snapped as
she Iolded her arms across her chest.
"Why? Are you jealous?" he asked. "Because you don't want your man to hang out with other
"Aisht, that was an act! You are NOT my man, you jerk!" Dara snapped.
"I thought I told you to call me oppa." Jiyong said. "You seemed to do a good job in Iront oI
Sohee earlier."
"That's because she was annoying me." Dara admitted. She didn't know why, but hearing another
girl call Jiyong 'oppa' bothered her very much. She wanted to be the only person to call him that.
And without knowing it, the two words had naturally come out oI her mouth earlier.
Jiyong just chuckled as he reached over to place his hand on her stomach. Dara Ielt her bitter
Ieelings subside instantly as Jiyong started rubbing her stomach with his thumb. His eyes were
still looking straight ahead on the road.
"When are we going to see the ultrasound?" he asked in a gentler tone as he continued drawing
circles on her stomach with his thumb. Dara couldn't understand how Jiyong was so good at
caressing her stomach. It seemed like he knew exactly where to touch to make her relax.
"I guess we can go sometime this week. Or next week?" Dara said.
"Okay." Jiyong agreed as he drove through the gates. "We're here now."
Dara's eyes widened as she saw the building in Iront oI her. It was huge!
As they approached the mansion, Dara couldn't help but hold her breath as she took in its
magniIicence. It was made out oI polished white rock and Erench limestone. There was a large
Iountain in Iront and marble steps leading to the entrance. It looked more like a parliament
building than a residential home.
"Why do you live in the dorm when your house is so much better?" she asked in disbelieI. II she
lived in a place like this, then she would never leave to go to the outside world!
Jiyong just shrugged. "I don't know. It's just easier that way."
Dara shook her head. She really couldn't understand this guy.
Just then, she saw people dressed in suits come out oI the house. She nearly jumped in surprise
when one oI them came up to Jiyong's car and bowed. Jiyong just calmly opened the door and
got out.
AIter greeting the man, Jiyong came around to open Dara's door as well. He smirked when he
saw her stunned Iace.
"Are you going to sit here all day?" he asked. Dara shook her head beIore quickly unbuckling her
seatbelt and getting out.
"Hello, Miss Park." the man greeted her with a warm smile and bowed. "It's so nice to Iinally
meet you."
Dara smiled uneasily as she bowed in return. She Ielt uncomIortable with the way this man was
treating her so Iormally.It also didn't help that the other maids and butlers were all staring at her
in interest nearby.
"You don't need to treat me so Iormally. Please just call me Dara." she said shyly.
The head butler smiled as he looked at Dara in interest. This was only the second girl that Jiyong
had ever brought home.
´She has such a nice smile and an innocent face..´ he thought in approval. ´Perfect for our voung
Jiyong smirked as he wrapped his arm around Dara's shoulder. "Ready to meet my parents now,
Dara gulped. Just seeing the house and the many workers was already making her lose her selI-
conIidence and Iocus. She really didn't know iI she had the courage to meet his parents.
"I don't know.." Dara replied honestly.
Jiyong saw that Dara was Iiddling with her Iingers again. He noticed that she did that every time
she was scared or nervous. He couldn't help but smile. She was so adorable when she was
Without knowing why, he leaned down and gave her a quick kiss on her pouted lips. Dara looked
up at Jiyong in surprise.
"Don't worry." Jiyong said as he gave Dara a sincere smile. "I'm sure they'll like you."
All the workers beamed at Jiyong's sweet act. They hadn't seen their young master this happy in
such a long time. Dara blushed as she Ielt everyone watching them.
Jiyong grinned in satisIaction as he grabbed Dara's hand and led the way to the entrance. He
loved the way she blushed.
Dara Iollowed shyly. Thanks to Kwon Jiyong, she was now more nervous than she had ever been
in her liIe.
"Your parents are waiting in the living room." the head butler told Jiyong as he led the way
inside. Dara held onto Jiyong's hand tightly as she Iollowed behind him closely. She noticed that
the inside oI the house was just as magniIicent as the outside. There were paintings and Ilowers
here and there, and she noticed that there were two sets oI spiral staircases going up to the
second Iloor.
But rather than looking around in awe, Dara suddenly stopped walking and Iroze.
Jiyong raised his eyebrows as he turned around to look at Dara.
"Is something wrong?" he asked.
Dara thought she was going to die Irom anxiety. How could she not? She was about to meet
Jiyong's parents, one oI therichest couples in Korea!
"N-no, I'm Iine." she said as she tried to give Jiyong a reassuring smile. But he was
"We'll go alone Irom here." Jiyong told the head butler. It wasn't like he didn't know the way
inside his own house anyway. And it seemed like Dara wasn't really enjoying the extra company.
"You can all go back to your work now." Jiyong said to all the other maids and butlers Iollowing
them. Some oI them seemed disappointed to be shooed away, but they listened to him
nevertheless. They all bowed beIore leaving.
"You okay?" Jiyong asked once they were alone.
Dara just nodded. She didn't want Jiyong to know that she was still scared. She didn't want to be
seen as a weak kid.
"Are you sure?"
Dara nodded again in determination. "Let's go."
She bravely walked past him to continue heading to the living room.
´There´s nothing to be scared of, Sandara Park.´ she told herselI. ´Thev´re people fust like vou...´
With her nose held up high, she conIidently took a Iew more steps Iorward.
UnIortunately Ior her, she ended up tripping over her own clumsy Ieet.
But beIore anything could happen, Jiyong quickly grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close
to him. He couldn't help but grin in amusement. He didn't think that she'd be this nervous to meet
his parents.
"You have to be careIul, babe." he whispered into her ear as he wrapped his other arm around her
as well. "You're carrying our baby, remember?"
Being this close to Jiyong on top oI stumbling over herselI made Dara blush madly. But beIore
she could say anything...
"Omo! What are you kids doing here?"
Dara looked over and saw a man and a woman stare at them with sparkling eyes. Dara noticed
her awkward position with Jiyong, and she immediately pulled apart Irom him.
"Is this why you told all the workers to go away, son?" the man asked as he grinned at Jiyong.
"So that you could spend some time alone with your girlIriend?"
Jiyong coughed as he blushed slightly. This made the woman squeal in joy.
"Look, yeobo!" she said to the man as she giggled and pointed to Jiyong. "Our Jiyong-ie is
"Omma!" Jiyong groaned as he turned a deeper pink. He didn't know why his mom had to point
out such unnecessary details.
´Omma?´ Dara thought as she looked at the two people in Iront oI her. ´So this must be Jivong´s
And contrary to her expectations, they really didn't look scary at all. They both had smiles on
their Iaces as they took a good look at Dara up and down.
"Omma, Appa. This is Dara." Jiyong said as he Iormally introduced Dara. "Dara, this is my mom
and dad."
Dara bowed politely. "Annyeonghaseyo."
"So you're the young lady who captured my son's heart!" Jiyong's mom said excitedly as she
suddenly pulled Dara in Ior a warm hug. Dara was rather taken aback by her extremely kind
gesture. This woman was completely diIIerent Irom her jerk son!
It almost made her Ieel bad Ior assuming that Jiyong's parents were going to mean and cold.
Nevertheless, she still Ielt relieved. Maybe this meeting with Jiyong's parents wasn't going to
turn out so bad aIter all. She smiled once Jiyong's mom Iinally released her.
"Nice to meet you, Dara." Mr. Kwon said as he held out his hand.
"Nice to meet you too." Dara said shyly as she shook his hand. His handshake was Iirm yet
gentle, soothing yet conIident.
"What were you two doing here?" Mrs. Kwon asked Jiyong with a pout. "We were waiting and
waiting, but you two weren't coming!"
"Dara and I were just talking." Jiyong answered.
"Talking?" Mr.Kwon asked with a raised brow. "It deIinitely looked like you two were doing
much more than just talking..."
"Appa!" Jiyong groaned as both oI his parents started laughing. He Ielt himselI blush again. Why
did he parents have to tease him so much?!
He looked over at Dara and saw that her Iace was completely pink as well.
"So.. What do you like about my son?" Mr. Kwon asked Dara once they had all settled down in
the living room. Mrs. Kwon was sitting right next to Dara, almost clinging onto her, as she
waited Ior Dara's answer in anticipation.
"Umm.." Dara started oII nervously. She hadn't expected such a sudden question. And it
deIinitely didn't help that Mrs. Kwon was practically sticking to her like a leech.
Jiyong noticed that Dara was Ieeling uneasy and he immediately pulled her away Irom his mom.
"Omma, you're scaring her." he laughed as he wrapped his arm around Dara's shoulder.
"Omo, am I?" Mrs. Kwon asked as she pulled back slightly Irom Dara and gave her an
apologetic look. "I'm sorry, dear."
She was just so thankIul to Dara. Eor the past Iew years, Mrs. Kwon had been very worried
about her son. She didn't like how her son had transIormed Irom a kind-hearted guy to a cold
playboy. OI course, Jiyong had still been kind to his Iamily. But the way he treated girls
disgusted Mrs. Kwon, even iI Jiyong was her own son.
But because oI this lovely girl next to him, Jiyong had Iinally settled down.
"No, it's okay." Dara said as she shook her head politely. "I'm Iine."
"Yeobo, come sit over here." Mr. Kwon chuckled as he patted the couch next to him. "There's
more room here."
Mrs. Kwon nodded as she went over to sit next to her husband. She beamed at the way Jiyong
and Dara were sitting on the couch together. They just looked so cute together!
"So." Mr. Kwon said as he smiled at Dara. "What do you like about my son?" he repeated.
Dara Ielt uneasy as she was put on the spotlight again. What was she supposed to say? That she
liked his Iace? His body? His personality?
´Okav, no. Definitelv not his personalitv..' Dara thought to herselI. ´That ferk has the most messed
up personalitv ever. Even his parents should know that.´
"Appa, why are you asking such a thing?" Jiyong jumped in when Dara couldn't answer right
away. "That's weird!"
"Aww, why honey?" Mrs. Kwon asked her son with a smile. "Don't you want to know what Dara
likes about you as well?"
Jiyong paused as he thought about it. HIs mom was right. In Iact, he was a little curious...
He turned to look at Dara. He was curious to see what kinds oI reasons she could possibly come
up with. He waited Ior her to talk.
AIter a Iew seconds, Dara opened her mouth.
"Jiyong oppa is an interesting person." she started oII. "Honestly, I'm still trying to Iigure him
Jiyong raised his eyebrows as he listened careIully. Mr. and Mrs. Kwon listened careIully as well.
"There are some days when he makes so much Iun oI me. He acts like a really immature jerk."
Dara said truthIully.
Mrs. Kwon smiled. That deIinitely sounded like the mischievous Kwon Jiyong she knew.
"But there are other times when he can be really sweet." Dara continued. "He asks me iI I'm okay
and hugs me ever so tightly."
Dara smiled a bit as she remembered how Jiyong had protected her Irom Bommie and held her in
his arms.
"It makes me Ieel all warm and happy inside." Dara said. "I Ieel saIe. As iI no one in the world
can hurt me while oppa's protecting me."
Jiyong Ielt a warm Ieeling build inside his own body at her words. He smiled as he waited Ior her
to continue. He wanted to hear more.
"But what I like most about Jiyong oppa is that he is responsible." Dara said. She thought about
how Jiyong had stopped her Irom getting an abortion. Dara knew that not many guys would have
done that.
"AIter Iinding out that I was pregnant, I was honestly kind oI scared." Dara admitted. "I didn't
know how others would react to the news. I wasn't exactly sure how Jiyong oppa would react
"Eor awhile, I had assumed that oppa would push me away and be mean to me." Dara said. "So I
avoided him."
Mrs. Kwon nodded in understanding. Einding out that she was pregnant must have been a very
scary thing Ior a young college girl.
"I think I was trying to protect myselI in a way." Dara admitted. "I knew that I would be hurt iI
oppa told me to erase the baby. So I just didn't tell him about it at all."
Jiyong Ielt a tinge oI guilt at Dara's words.
´So that´s whv Dara didn´t want to tell me about the babv..´ he thought. ´Because she was scared
of seeing mv reaction..´
"But in the end, oppa Iound out about the baby anyway." Dara said as she smiled at Jiyong's
parents. "I really can't hide anything Irom him. Oppa's just too smart Ior me."
Mr. Kwon chuckled at Dara's comment.
"And when he Iound out, he told me right away that we were going to keep the baby." Dara said
as she turned and smiled at Jiyong. Jiyong couldn't help but smile back.
"At Iirst I was really surprised." Dara admitted. "I didn't think he'd be that responsible."
Jiyong Ielt his heart Ilutter in happiness at Dara's compliment. It made him proud oI himselI to
know that Dara saw him as a responsible guy.
"And every day, he shows so much concern Ior our baby." Dara said as she patted her stomach.
"I can see that he really cares and Ieels attached to the baby."
Dara gave Jiyong one last look beIore turning over to his parents.
"I'm glad that he's my baby's Iather."
Jiyong nearly melted at Dara's last words. Without knowing what got to him, he quickly leaned
over and hugged her.
"Are you really glad that I'm the baby's Iather?" he whispered in her ear. Dara grinned.
"Don't start to get too Iull oI yourselI, pervert." she whispered back. "You're still a jerk."
Jiyong just grinned as he hugged her tighter.
Mr. and Mrs. Kwon beamed at the two kids.
"Yeobo.. I think our son's Iinally Iound the one Ior him." Mrs. Kwon whispered to her husband.
"I agree." Mr. Kwon whispered back. "I like her. Dara."
AIter eating lunch together, Mrs. Kwon called Dara to her room.
"I want to give you this." Mrs. Kwon said as she handed Dara a velvet box. Dara opened it and
Iound a diamond butterIly pendant necklace. She gasped slightly at the sparkling sight. It was
Mrs. Kwon smiled. "It was my grandmother's. She gave it my mother on her wedding day, and
my mother handed it down to me."
Dara's eyes widened. "And you're giving this to me?"
Mrs. Kwon nodded.
"Oh no, I can't." Dara shook her head as she closed the box. She really didn't deserve such a huge
giIt. It didn't belong to her anyway. She wasn't Jiyong's real lover.
"I don't deserve this." Dara said as she handed the box back to her. "You and Mr. Kwon have
already been so kind to me."
"There's no need to Ieel burdened, dear." Mrs. Kwon said kindly. "I'm not giving this to you
because you're my son's Iiancee."
Dara's eyes lit up in surprise. "You're not?"
"No." Mrs. Kwon reassured her. "I'm giving it you because I just want to. I think this necklace
would match you well."
"I insist." Mrs. Kwon said gently as she handed the box back to her. "Please take it."
Dara hesitated as Mrs. Kwon stared at her with earnest eyes. It seemed like she really wanted
Dara to accept her giIt.
"Thank you." Dara said as she gave in. "I'll wear it nicely."
Mrs. Kwon squealed as she clapped her hands and giggled like a school girl.
"I'm so glad that you're with my son." she sighed happily. "I was really worried about him."
"Worried?" Dara asked.
"Yes." Mrs Kwon nodded. "I seriously thought he wouldn't settle down aIter Kiko leIt him."
Dara raised her eyebrows. "Kiko?"
´Who´s Kiko?´ she wondered curiously.
Mrs. Kwon noticed her slip up and coughed. She didn't know what made her mention Kiko all oI
a sudden.
"Oh.. Umm.. Kiko was Jiyong's pet dog that he grew up with." Mrs. Kwon quickly explained.
"He was really sad when she died."
Dara stared at Mrs. Kwon hesitantly. She looked uncomIortable all oI a sudden. And even to a
naive girl like Dara, it was obvious that Mrs. Kwon was lying.
But Dara let it pass. AIter all, it wasn't her business to know about Jiyong's past... Right?
"Oh, I see." Dara said smoothly as iI she wasn't really interested in this pet dog named Kiko.
Mrs. Kwon let out a sigh oI relieI, thinking that she had overcome her mistake.
Just then, they heard knocking. Dara turned around and saw Jiyong leaning against the door
"I think it's time Ior us to go now, babe." Jiyong said to Dara.
"OI course." Mrs. Kwon said as she led Dara to the door. "Should I walk downstairs with you
"No, it's Iine." Jiyong said as he leaned down to hug his mom goodbye. "I'll call you later."
"Okay." Mrs. Kwon said with a smile. "Drive back saIely."
She then turned to Dara and gave her a hug as well.
"It was so nice meeting you, Dara."
"That wasn't so bad, right?" Jiyong asked as they walked down the stairs.
"Yeah." Dara agreed.
"My parents seem to really like you."
"I liked them, too." Dara said brightly. "They're so nice."
She then turned to Irown at Jiyong.
"I just can't see how a jerk like you came Irom two wonderIul people."
Jiyong chuckled. "Hey, but at least I'm responsible. Right?"
Dara couldn't help but laugh as Jiyong blinked his eyes at her in a cute way.
"What are you doing?" she laughed as she slapped his arm.
Jiyong grinned as he grabbed her hand and walked out the door.
Suddenly, an idea crossed Dara's head.
"Jiyong?" she asked hesitantly. She didn't even know why she was about to ask the Iollowing
"Have you ever had a pet dog?"
"A dog?" Jiyong raised his eyebrows at the random question. "No. Why?"
Eor some reason, hearing that answer made Dara's heart drop. As expected, Kiko wasn't a dog.
She was probably a person.
´Is she his ex-girlfriend?´ Dara thought as she Ielt her heart beat irregularly. She didn't why, but
she Ielt a little nervous. Just a little.
"Haha. Just wondering." she said with a shrug.
Jiyong just gave her a weird look beIore shaking his head.
"You're really weird, kid. You know that?" he smirked as he pinched her cheeks.
"Yah, I told you to stop pinching my Iace!" Dara growled as she reached up to squeeze his
cheeks as well.
"Ow! What the.. Yah! It hurts!" Jiyong yelled as he tried get Dara's hands oII his Iace.
He rubbed his cheeks aIter she had Iinally let him go. "What are you, a crab?!"
"No." Dara smirked. "I'm a kid."
She then held her hands up like crab claws and reached Ior Jiyong's Iace again. His eyes widened
as he moved away Irom her.
"Yah! Get away!" he warned her. Dara laughed as she chased him around in circles. They
probably looked like immature school kids, but Dara didn't really care. It Ielt nice to get back at
Jiyong like this once in a while.
Even the maids near them laughed as they watched their young master get chased around by his
"Unnie!" Dara yelled to one oI the maids as she ran. "Grab him so that he doesn't get away!"
Jiyong's eyes widened as the maid actually listened to Dara's orders and sprinted towards him.
"What the! I´m your master, not her!" he yelled as he moved out oI the way.
Erom the window upstairs, Mr. and Mrs. Kwon smiled as they watched their son laugh and run
around with Dara. They could tell that he was genuinely happy.
They were truly thankIul that Dara had come into his liIe.
"Ugh." Jiyong groaned as he lied Iace down on his bed. The entire morning had been so tiring Ior
him. He never knew girls could be so emotional and annoying.
He looked at his watch and saw that it was already three in the aIternoon.
"What the heck, how is it already three?" Jiyong muttered in disbelieI. He hadn't even eaten
breakIast yet.
Then again, it was hard Ior him to Iind anything to eat these days. Most oI the Iood in the school
caIeteria had too much msg and grease Ior his stomach to handle. Not to mention the disgusting
So Jiyong limited his diet to raw Iruits and vegetables. He didn't know how to cook, and those
were the only Ioods that were readily around and easy to eat. He walked to the Iridge and took
out a container.
"I Ieel like a rabbit.." he grumbled miserably as he chewed on a baby carrot. AIter Iinishing one,
he immediately put the container back in the Iridge. He hated carrots.
Just then, he heard knocking on the door. It was probably Dara.
"Come in." he called out.
As expected, it was Dara. She came in and closed the door.
"Yah, jerk. Where were you all day?" she demanded with a Irown. "Do you know how hard it
was to answer everyone's questions by myselI?"
Jiyong chuckled at her angry Iace. "Why? What happened?"
"Random students kept asking me iI I was really your girlIriend and whether I was really
pregnant or not and blah blah blah!" Dara said grumpily. "It was so annoying!"
Jiyong chuckled. He didn't know news spread that quickly.
"You think this is Iunny?" Dara snapped. "I even got bombarded by reporters today!"
Jiyong raised his eyebrows. "Really?"
"Yes!" Dara cried out in annoyance. "They came in the school caIeteria when I was eating lunch
with Chaerin and Minzy. They asked me iI I was really going to marry the son oI the owners oI
YG Hotel."
Jiyong was impressed. "Wow... That was Iast."
He assumed that it was his mother who had notiIied the reporters. When he had called her last
night, she was already talking about wedding preparations and invitations. She wanted to have
the ceremony as soon as possible beIore Dara's stomach started showing.
"It was annoying." Dara muttered. She gave him an accusatory glare. "And you were nowhere in
"I was busy." Jiyong said.
"Busy with what?"
Jiyong gave Dara a mischievous grin. "I was with my Iriends."
"Eriends?" Dara repeated. "Oh. Were you with Seungri, Daesung, TOP--"
"No no." Jiyong interrupted as he shook his head. "Not those Iriends."
He gave Dara a sly look. "I was with my girlfriends."
Dara's mouth dropped open in shock. GirlIriends?!
"You mean.. You were with Yoona, TiIIany, and Nicole?!" she shrieked.
Jiyong nodded. "And Jessica, Sulli, Hara, Jiyeon, Gyuri--"
"Kwon Jiyong!!" Dara said angrily as she gave him a deadly glare. How dare he continue to play
around with those girls?!
Jiyong laughed loudly as he stared at Dara's Iurious Iace.
"You look like a jealous wiIe, you know that?" he asked as he patted her head.
"Are you out oI your Iucking mind?!" she asked as she pushed his hand away. "How can you
continue to Iool around with your sluts when everyone thinks that we're in a serious
"Be careIul, babe. The baby will hear." Jiyong said as he pointed to her stomach.
"I don't care!" Dara snapped. "How can I calm down when you--"
"I broke up with them."
Dara paused. "What?"
"Well... I guess it wouldn't be accurate to call it 'breaking up' since I never actually went out with
any oI them." Jiyong continued thoughtIully.
Dara blinked a Iew times in conIusion. "Huh?"
Jiyong grinned. "I met all oI my girlIriends today and told them to stop contacting me. I told
them that you're my only girlIriend."
Dara's eyes widened in surprise. "Really?"
"But... Why?" Dara asked in conIusion.
"Because you told me to." Jiyong said simply. "Isn't that what you said aIter Sohee kissed me?
You told me to end it with all the other girls as well."
"Well yeah." Dara admitted. But she didn't think he'd actually listen to her.
Jiyong grinned at Dara's stunned Iace. He took out his cellphone.
"Unless you want me to continue meeting them." he joked as he looked through his contact list.
"Hmm.. Where was Jessica's number?"
"Yah!" Dara yelled as she snatched his phone away Irom him. "Don't you dare call her!"
She looked through his contact list to delete all the girls' phone numbers, only to Iind out that
they had already been deleted. She looked up at Jiyong in surprise.
"I deleted all oI their numbers." Jiyong said nonchalantly.
Dara could only stare at Jiyong in wonder. Was this really the Kwon Jiyong she knew?
"How did they react when you broke up with them?" she asked curiously.
"Well.. Yoona, Sulli, and TiIIany cried." Jiyong said matter oI Iactly. "While Nicole, Jiyeon,
Hara, and Jessica begged me to give them another chance."
"Oh yeah. And Gyuri said that she didn't care because she's a goddess or whatever." Jiyong
added with a shrug. "But her eyes were still kind oI teary."
Dara couldn't believe how calm Jiyong was about this situation. He had just hurt eight girls, yet
he didn't seem to give a damn.
How could someone be so cold and heartless?!
"Don't you Ieel a little guilty?" she asked curiously.
"Should I?" he asked with a raised brow.
"I mean. Even iI they are sluts or whatever, they're still people." Dara said. "They have Ieelings,
Jiyong just shrugged. "They asked Ior it. They knew that I'm a player who only uses girls Ior the
sake oI Iucking."
Dara cringed at Jiyong's choice oI words.
"Yet they still chose to hang out with me." he continued matter oI Iactly. "Even though they
knew they were going to get hurt."
He gave Dara a challenging look. "Now whose Iault is that?"
Dara just sighed. He did have a point. She had never thought oI the situation in that way beIore.
Besides, she was still a little thankIul that Jiyong had actually listened to her. It made her happy
to know that he wasn't going to associate himselI with those girls anymore.
"Thanks." she mumbled shyly. Eor some reason, it was really embarrassing to say that to him. As
Iar as she remembered, this was her Iirst time thanking Jiyong.
Jiyong just grinned.
"What was that you said?" he teased as he leaned his ear closer to her.
"I said... Thank you." Dara said quietly. "Eor actually taking my request into consideration."
Jiyong smirked as he wrapped his arms around Dara's waist and pulled her closer to him.
"Then do I get a present Irom you?" he whispered into her ear. Dara Ielt a shiver run down her
spine at his warm breath.
"A... Present?" she asked nervously. "W-what kind oI present?"
"Oh, I don't know..." Jiyong said seductively as he ran his hands up and down her waist. "Maybe
a kiss?"
"What?" Dara gasped in shock as she tried to move away Irom him. But Jiyong kept a Iirm hold
on her, not letting her escape.
"Or maybe even something more than a kiss.." he said in a husky voice as he started nibbling on
her earlobe.
Dara panicked as she tried to make sense oI what Jiyong was trying to say right now.
"Like what?" she asked nervously. Jiyong just smirked beIore placing his hands on the waistband
oI her jeans. He gave her a sly look beIore slowly sliding his Iingers inside her jeans.
Dara's eyes widened.
´Oh god.. Does this guv want sex from me?'´ she panicked.
"Jiyong, no." she shook her head as she grabbed onto his hands. "I can't."
"Why not?" he asked innocently."Now that I don't have all those girls, you'll have to satisIy my
needs. Don't you think?"
Jiyong grinned seeing Dara's shocked reaction.
"Isn't that why you told me to stop contacting those other girls?" he asked in a husky voice as he
circled his arms around her waist again. "So that you could have me all to yourselI?"
"No!" Dara shook her head in disbelieI. "What are you-- ahhh..!"
Her eyes widened in surprise at the sound that had just come out her own mouth. Had she just let
out a moan?!
Jiyong grinned as he squeezed one oI her breasts again, making Dara whimper as she tried to
prevent herselI Irom making any additional noise. It embarrassed her.
"What was that?" Jiyong teased as he started to massage that breast.
"Uhh.." Dara accidently let out another moan when Jiyong groped her other breast. He chuckled
as he stared at her Ilustered Iace.
Dara glared at him as she pushed both oI his hands away Irom her chest.
"You pervert! What are you doing?!" she demanded as she turned bright pink.
"What?" Jiyong asked innocently. "You didn't seem to not like it."
Dara turned a deeper pink at his true statement.
"I.. I didn't like it!" she lied.
"Really?" Jiyong smirked. "Because I liked it."
He gave her a sly grin beIore staring at her chest again in interest. Dara immediately covered
herselI with her hands and shot Jiyong an intense glare.
"You pervert! How can you be so perverted?!"
"I'm not the one who moaned..." Jiyong teased in a singsong voice.
"Kwon Jiyong!" Dara yelled as she covered her Iace with her hands in embarrassment.
´The nerves of this guv' How can he sav that out loud'´ Dara thought in her head.
Jiyong laughed as he pulled Dara's hands away Irom her Iace.
"Arasso, I'll stop making Iun oI you." he said with a grin. "But only iI you give me a kiss."
Dara just glared at Jiyong as she pulled herselI out oI her grasp. "No way! You're a jerk!"
"Aww, why?" Jiyong pouted in a hurt voice. "Aren't I a good boy Ior getting rid oI all those
Seeing his cute Iace almost made Dara Iorget why she was supposed to be annoyed at him.
´Oh, right. It´s because he keeps teasing me'´
"No." Dara snapped as she turned around and opened the door. "You're the biggest jerk I've ever
met in my liIe!"
She leIt his room and started walking out in the hallway.
"Come on." Jiyong cooed as he Iollowed aIter her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder.
"Just one kiss."
"I said no!" Dara said as she tried to get him oII oI her. He was sticking to her like a leech,
whining Ior a kiss!
"Get away Irom me!"
She tried to push him away, but he simply grabbed onto both oI her hands.
"Kiss me." Jiyong said as he puckered his lips and leaned towards her.
Dara couldn't help but laugh at Jiyong's Iace. He looked like a cute little Iish.
"Jiyong, you look like a--"
"Oppa!" a loud voice suddenly interrupted them. Dara paused and turned around to see a cute girl
smiling as she ran towards them. Jiyong's eyes automatically widened.
´What the.. When did she get here?´ he thought in surprise.
"Jiyong oppa!"
´Oh god... Another one?'´ Dara thought in her head as the girl threw her arms around Jiyong's
neck and hugged him tightly. She was suddenly put in a rotten mood again. Just when she
thought that there wouldn't be anymore girl problems Irom now on, another random girl decided
to show up.
Dara Ielt anger rush through her body as Jiyong actually smiled and hugged the girl back. It
seemed as iI he was surprised, but still really happy to see this girl.
"I really missed you, oppa!" the girl said as she Iinally released him. Jiyong grinned as he ruIIled
the girl's hair.
"When did you get back to Korea?" he asked.
"Just now." the girl replied. She then pouted. "You're the worst oppa ever. You didn't even call
me while I was in New York."
Jiyong just smiled as he poked her pouted cheeks. "Sorry, I was kind oI busy.. But you know I
still missed you, right?"
This seemed to make the girl happy and she nodded as she threw her arms around him again.
Dara almost exploded in anger at this point. Who was this girl and why was she all over
Erom what Dara saw, it didn't seem like this girl was a student Irom their school. She looked a
little too young to be in college...
Dara's eyes widened as an idea passed through her head.
´Oh mv gosh' Has this ferk been sleeping around with minors as well?'´
As iI sensing Dara's stares, the girl Iinally let go oI Jiyong and turned to Dara. She smiled
"So this is her, huh oppa?" she asked Jiyong as she took a good look at Dara. "Wow, she's so
BeIore Dara knew what was happening, the girl came up to her and gave Dara a warm hug as
well. Jiyong grinned at Dara's surprised expression as she just stood there Irozen on the spot.
"Yah, I think you're scaring her." Jiyong laughed as he pulled the girl away Irom Dara.
Dara just blinked in conIusion. II this girl was one oI Jiyong's many girlIriends, then why was
she being so nice to her?
"Oops, sorry." the girl laughed. "I Iorgot that I hadn't even introduced myselI."
She extended her right now. "Hi. I'm Kwon Ji Eun, but you can just call me IU."
IU gave Dara another warm smile beIore continuing. "I'm Jiyong oppa's younger sister."
"I'm Jiyong oppa's younger sister."
Dara's mouth Iormed into an "O" in realization. Although she had heard Irom people that Jiyong
had a little sister, this was the Iirst time that Dara had seen her in real liIe.
Jiyong laughed as he leaned down to whisper in Dara's ear.
"You thought she was one oI my girlIriends, didn't you?"
Dara blushed a bit in embarrassment. Perhaps she had been too quick to judge.
Jiyong smirked. "I told you that I got rid oI all oI them."
Dara gave Jiyong an apologetic smile beIore quickly turning her attention to the girl in Iront oI
"Hi, I'm Park Sandara." she said as she shook IU's hand. "But you can just call me Dara."
"Okay, Dara unnie!" IU said brightly. She then turned to Jiyong.
"I like her, oppa." she said in approval. "You have chosen well."
Jiyong raised his eyebrows at his sister. "Really? You like her already?"
"Yup. She looks so nice and very pretty." IU said, making Dara blush again. She was glad that
all oI Jiyong's Iamily members approved oI her.
Jiyong just smiled as he watched Dara blush shyly at the compliment.
"Oh yeah." IU said as she remembered something. She turned to her brother with sparkling eyes.
"Where's Yongbae oppa?"
Jiyong rolled his eyes. "You just met me now, and you're already asking Ior Yongbae?"
IU giggled. "Well... I miss him."
Jiyong just shook his head. Ever since middle school, IU had had a crush on Yongbae. OI course,
Yongbae only saw her as a cute little girl.
Dara stared at Jiyong curiously as well. She wanted to know where Yongbae was as well. Dara
hadn't seen him anywhere aIter that day she and Jiyong had announced their relationship. She
had even tried calling his phone and visiting his room, but Yongbae was nowhere to be Iound.
"Yongbae's at a debate tournament." Jiyong said. "He'll be back in a Iew days."
´He´s at a debate tournament?´ Dara thought in surprise. She Ielt kind oI disappointed. He could
have at least told her about it beIore leaving. I mean.. They were Iriends, right?
"Aish, so he's not here right now?" IU Irowned. "I wanted to see him!"
Jiyong chuckled. "II you keep Iollowing him around, he's not going to like you."
"Why not?" IU asked with a pout.
"Because you're like a cute little sister to him." Jiyong explained. "You're too young Ior him."
"But don't you think he'll like me now?" IU asked hopeIully. "I mean... I'm older now. I'm not a
little girl anymore!"
Jiyong just smiled at his sister's cuteness.
"You're still in high school, Ji Eun..."
"But I'm graduating this year." IU insisted. "And soon, I'll be a college student!"
"By then, Yongbae will have already graduated Irom college." Jiyong pointed out.
"Aisht." IU growled bitterly. II only she had been a Iew years older. She hated being treated like
a little girl. Couldn't people see that she was all grown up now?!
Dara stared at IU in interest. She thought it was cute how IU had a crush on Yongbae. Although
IU was Iour years younger than Yongbae, Dara could actually see the two oI them as a couple.
"Don't be such a meanie, oppa." Dara scolded Jiyong. "Age doesn't matter when it comes to
people's Ieelings. I think your sister would match well with Yongbae oppa."
IU eye's widened at Dara's comment. "Really, unnie?!"
Dara gave IU a warm smile. "OI course. I think you guys would be cute together."
"See, oppa?" IU said triumphantly as she gave Jiyong a smug grin. "Even Dara unnie doesn't
think I'm being unreasonable. It is possible!"
IU turned to Dara. "Right, unnie?"
Dara grinned. "Right."
Jiyong just shook his head. The two kids seemed to be getting along well.
"Unnie!" IU said excitedly as she linked arms with Dara. "Let's go have a girl talk without
Jiyong oppa."
"Yah, why are you leaving me out?" Jiyong asked with a Irown.
"Because you're a bov." IU said as she rolled her eyes. "Duh!"
Dara just laughed as Jiyong stared at his sister with a dumbIounded Iace.
"Seriously? You're really going to leave me out?" he asked in disbelieI.
"Yup." IU nodded. "I want to have some bonding time with Dara unnie."
Dara smiled at the thought. It didn't seem like such a bad idea.
IU gave her brother a teasing smile. "Don't worry, oppa. I won't keep her Ior too long."
Dara gave IU a tour oI her school and bought her ice cream at the school caIe. Eor the next Iew
hours, they had Iun talking and laughing with each other. IU was such a sweet and bright kid that
it was impossible Ior Dara to not like her.
"I'm glad that you Iinally tamed Jiyong oppa." IU stated as they sat outside on one oI the benches
to talk. "I was worried that oppa was never going to settle down."
Dara noticed that this was the same thing that Mrs. Kwon had said to her beIore.
"Can I ask you something?" Dara asked IU hesitantly.
"Sure." IU nodded. "Anything."
Dara paused as she tried to Iigure out how she should go about asking this. She didn't even know
why she was so curious. Why should she care so much about Jiyong's past?
But Ior some reason, she just wanted to know. Even Ior a playboy like Jiyong who treated girls
like dirt, it seemed like this Kiko girl had mattered to him. Dara wanted to Iind out more about
"Umm.. How many girlIriends has Jiyong oppa had beIore me?" she asked careIully.
IU just smiled as she nudged Dara teasingly. "Why? So you can go Iind them and say that Jiyong
oppa is yours now?"
Dara smiled back as she went with the Ilow. "Maybe?"
IU laughed as she thought about it. "Oppa's always been popular with girls. I think he has that
certain aura that attracts people to him."
Dara nodded. It didn't surprise her to hear this.
"But despite being so popular, he hasn't had that many girlIriends in the past." IU continued.
"Only three."
"Three?" Dara raised her eyebrows in surprise. She had been expecting something more along
the lines oI thirty.
IU laughed soItly. "I know it's hard to believe seeing how he was a player when you met him.
But oppa was actually a really sweet guy in the past."
Dara listened careIully.
"When oppa Ialls Ior a girl, he likes her Ior a very long time." IU explained.
"Really?" Dara asked.
"Mhmm." IU nodded. "When oppa Ialls in love, he's the type who gives the girl his everything."
Dara was surprised. This deIinitely didn't sound like the playboy Kwon Jiyong she knew.
"Can I ask why he suddenly changed?" Dara asked cautiously.
IU looked at Dara and then sighed.
"I guess oppa didn't tell you about Kiko unnie yet, huh?"
Dara Ielt her heart race as she heard that name again. She silently shook her head.
IU hesitated, not really sure iI she should be the one to tell Dara about Kiko. Perhaps it would be
better to leave that up to her brother.
But then again, IU thought that Dara deserved to know. AIterall, she was Jiyong's Iiancee.
"Kiko unnie is Jiyong oppa's ex-girlIriend." IU started oII.
Dara took in a sharp breath. Her guess had been correct.
"They met during their Ireshman year oI high school. I was still in IiIth grade." IU continued.
"Kiko unnie was a new student at oppa's school. They met each other in math class."
"Oppa told me that it was love at Iirst sight." IU said with a soIt laugh. "He Iell Ior her right
Dara listened careIully, waiting Ior IU to continue.
"Luckily, Kiko unnie Ielt the same way towards oppa. And within a Iew months oI being Iriends,
Jiyong oppa asked her to be his girlIriend." IU said. "Kiko unnie gladly accepted, and the two
started dating right away."
IU paused to smile sadly.
"I've never seen oppa so happy beIore in his liIe. There wasn't a single day during their Iour-year
relationship when oppa didn't smile." IU said. "He was madly in love with her, and she loved
him back just as much."
Dara nodded. It seemed like the two had a very good relationship.
"But then why did they break up?" Dara asked curiously.
"They didn't." IU answered Ilatly.
"Kiko unnie just leIt one day." IU said bitterly.
"She... LeIt?" Dara asked in surprise. "What do you mean?"
"AIter their high school graduation, she suddenly disappeared." IU Irowned. "Without saying a
word to Jiyong oppa or her Iriends, she moved out oI Korea."
Dara's mouth dropped open in disbelieI.
"But that doesn't make sense.." Dara said as she shook her head. "Why did she suddenly leave?"
IU just shrugged sadly. "No one knows why..."
Dara was shocked. Why had Kiko randomly disppeared aIter Iour years oI complete happiness
with Jiyong?
IU gritted her teeth bitterly. "AIter Kiko unnie leIt, Jiyong oppa was hurt beyond words. He
wouldn't eat, sleep, or talk to anyone. He stayed in his room all day and sunk into serious
depression. I seriously thought he was going to end up killing himselI."
Dara noticed that IU's eyes were a little teary as she took a deep breath and continued.
"Then one day, oppa changed. When the Iirst day oI college started, I thought oppa was going to
stay inside his room as always." IU said. "But that day, oppa woke up really early. He even took
a shower, shaved his growing beard, and got dressed up."
"We were all really surprised and happy." IU said. "We thought that oppa had Iinally come back
to his senses and decided to move on with his liIe."
IU let out a sigh. "Little did we know that it was only the beginning oI more trouble."
"Erom that day on, Jiyong oppa started going to clubs and bars. He started to smoke, drink, and
hang out with diIIerent girls. He had transIormed into a complete player."
"Instead oI trying to get him to come out oI his room, my parents had to now worry about trying
to get him to come back home at night."
IU shook her head. "Honestly, I don't know which was worse to watch. Oppa sulking in his room
all day or oppa making out with diIIerent girls in Iront oI a hotel."
Dara grimaced at the thought. She Ielt bad Ior IU, having to watch her brother go through that at
such a young age.
"That's why my parents suggested that I go to high school in New York." IU explained. "They
thought it wouldn't be a good inIluence Ior me to watch oppa do those kinds oI things. So they
decided to send me away."
"OI course, I still loved my oppa even when he did all those bad things." IU said quickly. "I'll
always love him no matter what he does. And he had never been a bad brother to me."
Dara couldn't help but smile soItly at IU's words. She could tell that IU really cared Ior Jiyong.
"But I agreed to go because I didn't want to watch those things either." IU said. "So right aIter
my middle school graduation, I started high school in New York."
"It must have been so hard Ior you.." Dara whispered as she stroked IU's hair gently. But IU just
"It's okay. Oppa probably had it harder than I did."
"Do you know where Kiko is right now?" Dara asked soItly.
IU shook her head. "No. All we know is that she's not in Korea. Jiyong oppa tried to Iind her a
Iew times through her Iamily and relatives. But nothing worked."
Dara Ielt her heart ache in sadness. She Iinally understood why Jiyong behaved the way he did.
Dara had always just assumed that Jiyong was a Ilirtatious jerk Ior no reason. She never
imagined that he had such a hurtIul past. It made her embarrassed Ior judging him without even
knowing anything.
"What iI she comes back?" Dara asked soItly without realizing it. "Does he still love her?"
IU raised her eyebrows.
"Aigo.. Don't be so silly, unnie!" IU laughed as she slapped Dara playIully. "You're oppa's
girlIriend now, remember? Oppa loves vou!"
"Oh.. Right." Dara said as she nodded. She had almost Iorgotten that Jiyong was supposed to be
madly in love with her.
"Even iI Kiko unnie does come back, it won't change anything." IU reassured Dara. "Don't
"Besides, I'm not going to let her get near Jiyong oppa ever again." IU said Iirmly as she
clenched her Iists. "She hurt him so much. I'm not going to watch around the second time
Dara couldn't help but smile at IU's cuteness. This girl was small yet strong. She wanted to
introduce her to Bommie sometime.
"I'm so glad oppa met you, unnie." IU said as she turned to Dara with a grateIul smile. "Thank
you Ior making him happy again."
Dara suddenly Ielt guilty all over. She Ielt so bad tricking this innocent girl and her parents.
Jiyong's Iamily all looked up to her as iI she was some angel who had changed Jiyong into a
better person.
And Dara Ielt like she was deceiving all oI them.
Dara sighed as she walked to the school library. IU had leIt a Iew minutes earlier saying that she
needed to visit her parents. Now that Jiyong had given up his womanizing activities and settled
down with Dara, Jiyong's parents thought it was time Ior IU to move back to Korea. IU had
promised to visit Dara again later.
Dara opened the door to the library and walked in. She had received a text Irom Jiyong saying
that he was here.
AIter looking through the diIIerent tables and stacks oI books, she Iinally Iound him. He was
sitting at the table in the Iar corner next to the window. He had various books opened, and he
was scribbling something down in his notebook.
Dara walked up to him.
As soon as he Ielt someone's presence hovering over him, Jiyong stopped writing and looked up.
His eyes lit up once he saw that it was Dara.
"How did your date with my sister go?" he asked as he took oII his glasses.
Dara didn't reply. She just stared at him.
´I never knew he went through such a painful thing..´ she thought sadly in her head. ´Poor
Jiyong Irowned as Dara continued to stare at him with an unreadable expression on her Iace.
"Yah, kid." Jiyong said as he waved his hands in Iront oI her Iace to get her attention. "Hello?"
"Hi." Dara answered as she smiled weakly.
"What's wrong with you?" he asked. "You were spacing out."
"I was just thinking..." Dara said quietly.
She wondered iI Jiyong still missed Kiko and whether or not he had Iorgotten about her yet. She
wanted to ask him iI he was okay.
´Does he still love her? Or has he moved on?´
Dara tried to read Jiyong's Iace Ior an answer. But oI course, she couldn't Iind anything. He just
looked conIused as to why Dara kept staring at him without saying anything.
"Thinking about what?" Jiyong asked curiously.
Instead oI answering, Dara reached over and cupped Jiyong's cheeks. She noticed that they Ielt a
little slim. She assumed that Jiyong hadn't been eating too well because oI his morning sickness.
Jiyong stared at Dara in complete conIusion as she caressed his Iace. "Yah, kid. What are you
Without saying anything, Dara leaned Iorward and gave him a soIt kiss on the lips.
Jiyong's eyes widened in surprise.
"There's your kiss." Dara smiled soItly as she pulled away Irom him and let go oI his Iace.
"O-oh.." Jiyong stuttered as he let out a cough. "Umm... Thanks?"
He didn't really know what he was supposed to say. Although he had whined Ior a kiss earlier, it
surprised him that Dara had actually listened to him.
Dara just smiled as she watched Jiyong's cheeks turn slightly pink.
"Did you eat yet?"
"Eat?" Jiyong asked. He suddenly Ielt his stomach grumble at the thought oI Iood. He shook his
´Aigo. This is all mv fault.´ Dara thought in guilt. ´I should have paid more attention to him.´
"I'll make you something to eat." Dara said as she started packing his books in his bag.
"Really?" Jiyong asked with shiny eyes. The thought oI having proper Iood made him excited all
oI a sudden. He hadn't noticed it beIore, but he was practically starving.
Dara nodded as she pulled Jiyong up Irom his chair. She gave him a slight smile beIore linking
her arms around his.
"Let's go, Jiyong oppa."
"Here, drink this too." Dara said as she handed Jiyong a glass oI water. "Or else you're going to
She had made him a bowl oI bibimbap along with some miso soup. And Irom the moment the
Iood was presented to him, Jiyong had started eating everything wildly like a hungry animal that
had starved Ior days.
Jiyong quickly took the glass Irom Dara's hand and chugged down the water.
"Have you been starving yourselI?" Dara asked as she watched him stuII another large spoonIul
oI bibimbap in his mouth. It Iascinated her how someone could eat so quickly and hungrily.
Jiyong just shook his head. His mouth was too Iull to talk at the moment. Dara saw that his
cheeks were bloated with Iood.
"Then why are you eating like that?" she asked.
Jiyong swallowed the Iood in his mouth. "I was hungry."
Dara curiously walked to Jiyong's Iridge to see what was inside. She opened it and saw that there
were only a Iew containers oI baby carrots, celery, and tomatoes inside. As Ior drinks, there were
a Iew bottles oI water and cans oI beer. She Irowned as she closed the door and narrowed her
eyes at him.
"What?" Jiyong asked innocently as he shrugged his shoulders.
"You've been starving!" Dara said as she crossed her arms over her chest. "Look at you! You
even lost weight!"
"Have I?" Jiyong asked as he looked down at his body. It didn't seem like he lost that much
weight... Maybe just a little..
He looked back up at Dara and saw that she was giving him a deep look oI disapproval.
"What?" Jiyong asked again as he stared at Dara hesitantly. She looked really displeased.
"I can't believe you!" Dara said as she threw her hands up in the air and plopped down on his bed.
Jiyong raised his eyebrows at her behavior. She looked pissed.
"Yah, what's wrong with you?" he asked beIore gulping down the rest oI his water. "Did I do
something wrong?"
Instead oI replying, Dara sprung up Irom Jiyong's bed and walked to his door. Jiyong watched in
conIusion as she leIt his room without saying another word to him.
"What's gotten into her?" he said to himselI as he walked over to his bathroom to brush his teeth.
He had to admit that the Iood was very delicious. He wished that Dara could cook Ior him all the
But seeing how she was upset at him at the moment Ior some reason, maybe that wasn't a
possibility. He Irowned as he rinsed his mouth.
Had he done something wrong?
´Is she mad because I lost weight?´
But that was ridiculous. Why would Dara be mad at him just because he lost weight?
He decided to check up on her. They were supposed to go see the ultrasound today anyway.
Jiyong Iinished rinsing his mouth and put his toothbrush back in the cup.
Just as he was about to grab his keys and walk to over to Dara`s room, the door opened. It was
"Yah, kid. Are you mad at me?" he asked her as she came inside carrying a cardboard box. He
Irowned as he tried to look at what was inside. "And what's all that?"
"What do you think?" Dara snapped as she opened his Iridge and started Iilling it with Iood.
"Eood?" Jiyong asked in conIusion as Dara continued to take containers out oI the cardboard box
and put it inside his Iridge.
"Yes." Dara said as she Iinished Iilling up his Iridge and closed the door. She then carried the
box to the kitchen table. Jiyong watched as Dara took out more packages and bottles Irom the
box. She placed them all on the table.
"What are these?" Jiyong asked as he walked up to Dara.
"Supplements." Dara said as she opened one oI the bottles and took out a capsule.
"Why are you--"
"Here." Dara interrupted as she placed the capsule in Jiyong's mouth. She then handed him
another glass oI water.
"Swallow." she ordered. Without knowing what was going on, Jiyong just listened to what Dara
told him to do. He swallowed the capsule.
"That one was Vitamin C." Dara said as she opened another bottle and took out another capsule.
"And this one is Omega-3 Eish Oil." Dara said as she made Jiyong open his mouth again.
"But why--"
"Swallow." Dara ordered as she handed him the glass oI water again.
Jiyong was about to protest and ask what was going on, but the intense look in Dara's eyes made
him Iollow her orders without a word. He quickly gulped down the capsule with water.
"This one is Calcium, and this one is Vitamin E." Dara said as she pointed out the other bottles
as well. "I want you to start taking all oI these supplements every day."
"What?" Jiyong asked in disbelieI. "All oI them?"
"It's not even that many." Dara said. "Bommieunnie takeseven more than that."
"But why?" Jiyong asked curiously.
"Because I said so." Dara said as she shook her head. "I can't believe you've been practically
starving all this time. You probably haven't been getting your necessary vitamins and minerals!"
Jiyong raised his eyebrows at her. "So you're upset because I haven't been eating well?"
"Yes!" Dara said as iI it were the most obvious thing in the world. "You can't just keep starving
yourselI like that."
"I wasn't exactly starving.." Jiyong said in a guilty voice. "I just don't know how to cook.."
"Then why didn't you ask me?" Dara demanded. She was really angry now. II that jerk had asked
her to cook Ior him, then she would have made him Iood. Instead, he had chosen to starve
himselI. What an idiot!
Jiyong raised his eyebrows again. "Are you worrying about me right now, kid?"
Dara snapped her head back to Jiyong. "How can I not?! How can I not worry about you when
you're not taking care oI yourselI?!"
A grin spread across Jiyong's Iace at her answer.
´So that was whv she left mv room earlier...´
Dara had leIt to grab some Iood and supplements Irom her own room. She had tons oI vitamins
and mineral packages that Bommie had given her.
Jiyong stared at Dara in interest. The only Iemale who had ever worried this much about his
health was his mother. Seeing Dara care this much about him made him Ieel genuinely happy.
"What are you smiling about?" Dara asked in annoyance as she glared at him. "You think this is
Jiyong just smiled at her angry Iace. She was cute even when she was annoyed. He leaned down
and gave her a kiss on her pouted lips.
"What the..." Dara said in surprise. Her hand automatically went up to touch her lips.
She Irowned. "What was that Ior--"
Jiyong didn't let her Iinish as he sealed her lips in another quick kiss. He grinned as he watched
Dara's cheeks turn bright red. It seemed like she didn't know whether she was supposed to be
angry or embarrassed.
"Y-yah. Why do you keep doing that?" she asked as she tried to keep a straight Iace.
"How can I not?" Jiyong grinned, repeating her words Irom earlier. "How can I not kiss you
when you look so cute?"
Dara's eyes widened at Jiyong's words.
´He thinks I look cute?' Omo' Kvahhhh'´ she thought inside her head. She almost died at the way
Jiyong was staring at her with that gorgeous smile oI his.
But then another part oI her brain told her to snap out oI it.
´You´re supposed to be mad at him. Don´t let his flattering get to vou, Dara'´
Dara cleared her throat as she gave Jiyong a displeased look. "II you think that kissing me is
going to solve anything, then you're wrong. Because I am mad..."
Dara didn't get to Iinish her sentence as Jiyong suddenly pulled her against his chest and hugged
her tightly.
"Sorry, babe." he said as he rubbed her back. "Sorry Ior making you worry. I won't skip meals
He pulled back slightly so that he could look at her Iace. "So don't be mad at me. Hmm?"
Dara nearly melted at the way Jiyong was pouting at her right now.
´And he thinks I look cute?´ she thought as her heart started beating wildly in her chest. ´He
should take a look at himself'´
"And I promise to take all those supplements every day." Jiyong continued in a sincere voice. "I
He held up his pinky Iinger and gave her his puppy eyes. "Don't be mad. Pleeeease?"
Dara couldn't help but laugh at Jiyong's behavior. "Are you trying to act cute and do aegyo on
me right now?"
Jiyong smiled as he nodded like a little boy. "Is it working?"
Dara just laughed. "No! You look silly..."
Jiyong grinned as he grabbed Dara's hand. He linked her pinky Iinger around his.
"There." he said in satisIaction. "I even promised in Iront oI our baby. She's the witness."
He kneeled down and touched Dara's stomach. "Isn't that right, princess?"
Dara giggled. "You're calling her princess?"
Jiyong grinned as he looked up at Dara and nodded.
"You said the baby was a girl, didn't you?" Jiyong asked. "You said that an angel told you it was
a girl."
Dara smiled as she thought about the dream with her mom. "Mhmm."
Although Jiyong had no idea where Dara had met this "angel," he just took her word Ior it. Eor
some reason, he just decided to believe her ridiculous claim.
"Then princess it is." Jiyong said as he patted her stomach lovingly.
Dara gave up. It was impossible to stay mad at Jiyong with the way he was acting right now.
She just smiled at him as Jiyong smiled back.
"That looks like a tadpole." Dara giggled as she looked at the display screen.
"No no." Jiyong disagreed as he stared at the screen in awe. "It looks more like a jellybean."
The doctor smiled as Jiyong and Dara started bickering over whether the baby looked like a
tadpole or a jellybean.
"You're not looking correctly, oppa." Dara said as she pointed to the screen. "See? It's clearly a
Jiyong looked closely at the screen again, and then turned back to Dara who was lying down.
She was staring at him expectantly.
He shook his head. "Still looks like a jellybean to me, babe."
Dara pouted in disappointment, making Jiyong chuckle as he leaned down to kiss her Iorehead.
"Arasso, it looks like a tadpole." he said with a grin.
Dara smiled as she reached Ior Jiyong's hand and entwined it with hers.
The doctor beamed as she watched the cute couple laugh and giggle soItly with each other.
"Aww... It's so cute." Dara gushed as she stared at the screen with sparkling eyes. She couldn't
believe that the small blob on the screen was her baby.
"It is moving around?" Jiyong asked the doctor just as excitedly.
"It is, but not a whole lot at this point. It just kind oI wiggles around because it doesn't have arms
and legs yet." the doctor explained.
"Wow..." Jiyong said in awe.
"When will the baby have Iully developed arms and legs?" Dara asked curiously.
"Pretty soon, actually." the doctor smiled. "You're entering your 8th week oI pregnancy right
now. By the end oI week 8, the hands, Ieet, and maybe even the Iingers will be distinguishable
on an ultrasound."
"Wow.. That soon?" Dara asked in amazement.
"Yes." the doctor nodded. "You'll be surprised by how quickly the baby grows."
"Is the baby healthy?" Jiyong asked nervously.
The doctor gave him a reassuring smile. "Yes. The baby is perIectly healthy."
Both Dara and Jiyong let out relieved sighs at the news.
"See this little dot here?" the doctor asked as she pointed to the screen. Jiyong and Dara nodded.
"That's the baby's heart."
Jiyong and Dara watched in Iascination as the tiny dot thumped.
"Can you see it beating?" the doctor asked.
Jiyong and Dara could only nod in awe. They couldn't believe that the little dot was the heart. It
was just so surreal.
Dara Ielt a wave oI guilt pass her chest as she stared at the screen. The thought that she had
almost aborted the poor little baby sent a shiver down her spine. She was truly glad that she had
listened to Jiyong and decided to keep the baby.
"Oppa.." she whispered as she squeezed Jiyong's hand.
"Hmm?" Jiyong asked in a daze as he turned his attention back to Dara.
"Thank you." she said as she gave him a kiss on the cheeks.
Jiyong just smiled as he gave her a kiss on each cheek. He then turned back to the screen.
Perhaps he was imagining things, but it seemed like the baby's heart was beating Iaster than
"How big is the baby?" Jiyong asked the doctor.
"The baby is a little bigger than halI an inch." the doctor replied. "So... It's about the size oI a
"That's so small.." Dara said in awe.
The doctor smiled. "Yes. But like I said, the baby will grow very quickly. BeIore you know it,
it'll be as big as a lime.. Then an orange. Then a mango."
"By the time the baby grows into the size oI a cantaloupe, we'll be able to tell whether it is a boy
or a girl." the doctor continued.
"Oh, we already know the gender oI the baby." Jiyong said with a smile.
The doctor just stared at Jiyong with a conIused look.
"Yup." Dara added happily. "It's a girl."
"How do you know?" the doctor asked curiously. "It's still way too early to know.."
Jiyong and Dara just looked at each other beIore bursting out in laughter.
"We just do." they said together.
"Awww, really? That's the baby?!" Bom squealed as she looked at the picture oI the ultrasound.
"Oh my, so cute! It looks just like Dara!"
TOP Irowned as he looked over Bom's shoulder to take a look at the photo.
"How can you tell, Bommie?" he asked in conIusion. "You can't even see its Iace."
"Yes you can!" Bom insisted as she brought the photo closer to TOP's Iace.
"See? This is the Iace, and this is the butt." she pointed out.
TOP scratched his head. "Are you sure? Isn't it the other way around?"
Bom blinked a Iew times as she looked at the photo again. "No, I'm sure oI it. This right here is
the Iace."
Jiyong rolled his eyes. "That's the butt."
Dara laughed as Bom stared at Jiyong with a shocked expression.
"Really?" Bom asked in disbelieI. "What the.."
"Unnie, you're saying that the baby's butt looks like me?" Dara asked as she shook her head
through her laughter.
"Now that I look at it, it looks more like Jiyong." Bom said as she looked at the picture again.
"Yah!" Jiyong said as he gave Bom a dissatisIied look. Bom just stuck her tongue out at him.
Dara smiled. She was happy that Jiyong and Bom were getting along better now. At least Bom
wasn't violent towards Jiyong anymore. It seemed like she was slowly starting to accept him.
"Omma.. this is her." Dara said as she showed the picture oI the ultrasound to her mother's photo.
"Isn't she cute?"
"And princess, this is your halmoni." Dara said to the ultrasound photograph. "Isn't she
Dara let out a soIt sigh as she looked at the two photographs.
Maybe it was time to tell Jiyong the truth. That her real biological parents were actually both
dead. That her parents right now were her Ioster parents.
But then again, Dara didn't really think it was necessary to reveal such private inIormation to
Jiyong. It was a secret that not even Chaerin and Minzy knew about. And she had known them
Ior much longer than she had known Jiyong.
Besides, Jiyong didn't tell Dara all oI his private inIormation either. He hadn't even told her
about Kiko. Technically, Kiko was still Jiyong's girlIriend.
Dara Irowned as she thought about Kiko again. She just couldn't understand why Kiko had leIt
"Whatever." Dara said as she got up Irom her bed. "It's not my business. Why am I thinking
about Jiyong's ex-girlIriend again anyway?"
She put the picture oI her mom back in her drawer. Seconds later, Chaerin and Minzy came into
the room.
"Hey." Dara greeted them with a smile.
"How did it go?" they asked excitedly as they came up to Dara.
"Show me the picture!" Minzy said as she held out her hands expectantly.
"Here." Dara laughed as she handed them the picture oI the ultrasound.
"Awww... How adorable!" they squealed as they smiled broadly at the picture.
"It's so small.." Chaerin said in Iascination. "It must be smaller than my thumb!"
"Can you believe that we were once that small as well?" Minzy asked in awe.
"Yeah... That's so weird!" Chaerin giggled as she walked to the Iridge to Iind something to eat.
She opened the Iridge, only to Iind that it was completely empty. She Irowned in conIusion.
"What happened to all our Iood?" she turned around to ask Dara. "The Iridge was Iull when I leIt
the room this morning."
"Oh... Umm..." Dara started oII hesitantly. She had given all oI the Iood to Jiyong.
"I ate it."
Chaerin's eyes widened in surprise. "All oI it?"
Dara nodded.
"But that was enough Iood to last a week!" Chaerin said in shock. "There's no way you could
have Iinished all oI it, even iI you are pregnant."
"Okay Iine." Dara admitted as she blushed. "I gave it to Jiyong oppa."
"Well.. You see.. He hasn't been eating well because oI his morning sickness.." Dara explained
hesitantly. "So I gave him our Iood because he can't cook..."
Chaerin just raised her eyebrows at Dara's excuse. She then burst into laughter.
"Aigo, Dara... You're so cute!"
"You're acting like his wiIe already." Minzy added as she giggled along with Chaerin.
"Sorry Ior taking all the Iood." Dara apologized as she turned pink in embarrassment. "It won't
happen again."
"Nah, don't worry about it." Chaerin said as she waved her hand. "Now I have an excuse to eat
"Wanna go eat then?" Minzy asked. "I haven't had dinner either."
"I thought you had a date with Daesung oppa." Chaerin said.
"It got moved to tomorrow." Minzy explained. "Daesung oppa's meeting up with his Iriends
today since Yongbae oppa is back now Irom his debate tournament."
"He's back?" Dara asked in surprise.
"Oh yeah, I Iorgot he was coming back today." Chaerin said as she nodded.
Dara Irowned. It seemed like everyone had known that Yongbae was going to be gone at a
debate tournament. On top oI that, they all knew that he was returning today.
Everyone except her.
Yongbae hadn't told Dara anything about leaving or returning. It made her Ieel a little conIused
and hurt.
Was he purposely avoiding her?
"What's that?" Daesung asked Jiyong as he took out two white bottles Irom his backpack. They
were in Daesung and Seungri's room and had just Iinished eating dinner. TOP and Yongbae were
there as well.
"Vitamin E and Calcium." Jiyong answered as he reached Ior a bottle oI water.
"Why do you need to take those?" Seungri asked curiously.
"Dara told me to." Jiyong said as he swallowed the two tablets in one go with the water.
"Whoa, Dara even gives you supplements?" Seungri asked as he reached Ior the bottles.
"Yah, back oII!" Jiyong yelled as he slapped Seungri's hands away. He then quickly put the
bottles back in his backpack beIore Seungri could try to grab them again.
"Aisht, why can't I look?" Seungri pouted.
Daesung chuckled as he patted Seungri's back. "He doesn't want you to touch it because Dara
gave it to him. It's special."
"Ugh, you guys are already acting like a married couple." Seungri rolled his eyes. "Aisht! I want
a girlIriend too!"
"Then Iind one." Jiyong chuckled.
Yongbae just shiIted uncomIortably in his seat as he watched Jiyong smile smugly. He looked
genuinely happy. In Iact, Jiyong seemed to be getting happier by the day.
´Of course.. How could he not when Dara is his girlfriend?´ Yongbae thought bitterly.
TOP noticed Jiyong's happy Iace as well. Despite Jiyong saying that his marriage with Dara was
merely a business agreement, TOP was beginning to think otherwise. There was no way that
Jiyong could look his happy iI he didn't have at least some genuine Ieelings Ior Dara.
"Oh yeah." Jiyong said as he turned to Yongbae. "Ji Eun's back in Korea. She's dying to see
"Is she?" Yongbae asked with a halI-hearted smile. "That's cool."
Jiyong Irowned at Yongbae's lack oI interest. "Look, I know my sister's not your type and
whatnot. But that doesn't mean you can't show some more enthusiasm. She's had a crush on you
Ior years, even when she was away in New York."
"Dang.. She still has a crush on Yongbae?" TOP asked. "That's pretty intense. She's been
Iollowing Yongbae around since middle school."
"You know.. I think I can actually see Ji Eun with Yongbae." Seungri said thoughtIully.
"Yeah, you're right." Daesung agreed. "It could be kind oI cu--"
"I already like someone else." Yongbae interrupted Ilatly.
"What?!" everyone asked in surprise. This was the Iirst time that they had heard those words
come out oI Yongbae's mouth. Although they had known Yongbae since grade school, he had
never really showed any interest in a girl. And he had never oIIicially dated anyone beIore either.
"Oohh. This is getting intense." Seungri said excitedly as he rubbed his hands together. "Who
is it?"
Jiyong raised his eyebrows. He was curious as well. "Yeah, who is it?"
Yongbae smiled bitterly. "She's someone who already has a boyIriend."
"Aigo.. Seriously?" Daesung asked with a sympathetic Irown. "Man, that sucks.."
"Hmm... Maybe you can have them break up." Seungri suggested. "Want me to help?"
"Yah, why would you do something like that?" TOP asked in disapproval. "That's cheap."
"Why not?" Seungri asked with a shrug. "It's not like the girl's already married or anything. She's
only dating the guy right now."
"She will be married soon." Yongbae said with a sigh.
"What the.. Really?" Seungri asked. "Aisht, then we can't use my plan..."
"Who is this girl?" Jiyong asked curiously. "She's getting married already? Isn't she near our
"She's younger than us." Yongbae answered.
"And she's getting married already?!" Seungri asked in surprise. "Dang, that's really early! Now
I'm really curious. Who is it?!"
"Just... Someone." Yongbae said slowly.
Daesung patted Yongbae's back. "Cheer up. There are tons oI girls out there. I'm sure you'll Iind
someone soon."
"Yeah." Yongbae nodded with a grim expression. He then got up Irom his seat.
"I'll see you guys later. I'm Ieeling kind oI tired."
Dara collapsed on her bed. She was Iull aIter eating dinner with Minzy and Chaerin. She had
eaten so much.
Both Minzy and Chaerin had bolted to the gym shortly aIter they had Iinished eating. They had
gone to see the school`s Iitness trainer, Hwang Ssabu. Dara, on the other hand, was Ieeling too
tired to exercise.
She checked her phone and saw that she had one new text message Irom Jiyong.
From Pervert:
I took my supplements. How's the baby?
Dara smiled as she replied back.
You took them right after dinner, right? And the baby's fine. I think she's full from all the
Within seconds, she got a reply.
From Pervert:
Yeah. What did you eat for dinner?
I had chicken, cold noodles, and kimchi pancakes. Yam yam! It was soo good! ^¸^
From Pervert:
You're going to get fat if you keep eating so much, kid.
"Aisht, that jerk! OI course he has to be mean like that." Dara muttered under her breath. It
wasn't her Iault that the baby wanted to eat so much. She wanted to see Jiyong try and carry a
baby inside him.
I was hungry, okay?!! What did you eat?
From Pervert:
Kimbap and some fruit.
Fruit? What kind of fruit?
From Pervert:
The mention oI strawberries suddenly made Dara's mouth water. AIter all, they were her Iavorite
Iruit. She suddenly wanted some.
Do you have any left?
From Pervert:
Ao, I ate it all.
Dara pouted a bit in disappointment. Thanks to Jiyong, she was now badly craving some
"Hmm.. Maybe I should go to the market and get some?" she said out loud. She Ielt her phone
vibrate again.
From Pervert:
Stop thinking about strawberries and just go to sleep, kid.
Dara growled in annoyance. She threw her phone back down on her bed.
"Is he stupid or what?" she muttered bitterly. "Now I can't even sleep because I want some
Her stomach grumbled in agreement. Dara shook her head as she touched her belly.
"Your daddy's a real jerk, isn't he?" she asked her stomach. "Can you believe that he ate all those
strawberries by himselI?!"
Her stomach growled again. Dara sighed as she looked at the clock. It was a little past ten.
Because it was dark outside and Dara didn't like to drive at night, she just decided to try and
sleep. She would buy some strawberries tomorrow morning. Dara got up Irom her bed and
walked to the bathroom to wash.
AIter washing, she changed into her nightgown and turned oII the lights. Chaerin was probably
still at the gym with Minzy. Dara locked the door beIore walking over to her bed.
She sighed again as she got into bed and pulled the covers over herselI. She wasn't sleepy at all.
The thought oI juicy red strawberries was killing her.
"Aisht!" she hissed as she tossed and turned. She squeezed her eyes and told herselI to sleep.
"The sooner you sleep now, the sooner morning will be here.." she told herselI. "And the sooner
you can eat those straw--"
Her phone vibrated again, interrupting her Irom her mumbling.
From Pervert:
Are you asleep?
"Why do you care, jerk!" Dara growled as she slammed her phone on her bed grumpily. She
angrily closed her eyes again.
Seconds later, her phone vibrated again.
From Pervert:
Are you really asleep?
"Shut up!" Dara snapped as she glared at her phone. She then pulled her blanket over her head
and squeezed her eyes shut.
Moments later, she heard knocking on her door.
"Ugh!" she groaned in annoyance. Who was knocking on her door at this hour?! She threw the
blanket oII herselI and turned on the lights. The person on the other side oI the door was still
knocking impatiently.
"Coming!" Dara called out as she put on a sweater and walked towards the door. She opened the
door and saw Jiyong standing in Iront oI her.
"What are you doing here at this hour, jerk?" Dara demanded as she crossed her arms over her
"What took you so long to open the door?" Jiyong asked back without answering her question.
"I was trying to sleep." Dara snapped. "Isn't that what you told me to do?"
Jiyong smirked. "Since when did you listen to what I told you to do?"
"Eorget it." Dara growled. It was useless talking to him. "Just leave so I can go back to sl--"
"Here." Jiyong interrupted as he held out a plastic bag. Dara paused beIore raising her eyebrows.
"What is it?" she asked as she took the bag Irom him.
"Look inside and see." Jiyong said as he invited himselI inside her room. Dara curiously looked
inside the bag.
Her eyes widened at what she Iound.
"Strawberries?!" she squealed in delight.
Jiyong just grinned as he watched Dara stare at him with a shocked expression on her Iace.
"Why do you look so surprised?" he laughed.
"I thought you said you ate it all." Dara said as her eyes sparkled with excitement.
"I did." Jiyong replied. "I went to the market and bought some more."
Dara gasped at Jiyong's answer.
´So... He went out fust to buv some more for me?'´
"You... You went to the market to buy this Ior me?" she asked hesitantly. She wanted to get his
Jiyong nodded. "Yeah. It seemed like you wanted some earlier. So I--"
"Thank you!" Dara squealed happily as she threw her arms around Jiyong's neck and hugged him
tightly. "Thank you, thank you!"
Jiyong just grinned as he wrapped his arms around Dara's waist and hugged her back. He
couldn't believe that a simple Iruit could make her this excited.
"You're welcome." he said as he turned his head to kiss her cheeks. He was glad that he had
made her happy.
Dara giggled as Jiyong started placing small kisses all over her Iace.
"Oppa, what are you doing?" she laughed as she Ielt a Iluttery Ieeling develop in her stomach.
Jiyong smiled. He noticed that Dara was getting better at calling him 'oppa' now.
And he liked it. He Ielt his heart race whenever Dara called him that. It just sounded so perIect
coming Irom her lips.
"Kissing you." Jiyong answered beIore placing one Iinal kiss on her pink lips. He smiled as he
pulled apart.
"Hurry up and eat those strawberries now." Jiyong said as he patted Dara's head.
Dara nodded as she excitedly took out the package oI Iresh strawberries. Without thinking, she
opened the package and grabbed a strawberry. Her mouth watered as she saw the juicy Iruit in
Iront oI her.
But just as she was about to pop the strawberry in her mouth, Jiyong grabbed onto her hand to
stop her.
"Aigo... What am I going to do with you?" Jiyong chuckled as he took the strawberry away Irom
Dara pouted in conIusion. "Why?"
"You Iorgot to wash it, babe." Jiyong said as he took the package to the sink. He took out an
empty bowl and dumped the red pieces inside. He turned on the water and started to rinse the
"Oh.." Dara said in realization and blushed in embarrassment. She had been so excited with the
thought oI eating that she had Iorgotten to wash them Iirst.
"Here." Jiyong said as he presented a clean strawberry in Iront oI her Iace. "Say 'ah,'"
"Ah." Dara said cutely as she opened her mouth wide and took a bite oI her Iavorite Iruit.
"Mmm... It's soo yummy!"
"Is it?" Jiyong grinned.
"Mhmm!" Dara nodded as she grabbed another piece and held it in Iront oI Jiyong's mouth. "You
try one, too. It's really good!"
"It's okay." Jiyong shook his head. "I already had some earlier, remember?"
"Still." Dara insisted with a pout. "It's really, really good!"
Jiyong laughed. "Alright then."
He opened his mouth and let Dara Ieed him. Dara smiled in satisIaction beIore grabbing another
strawberry Ior herselI. Jiyong just watched as Dara continued eating one strawberry aIter
Eor some reason, Jiyong thought she looked prettier today than usual. Even with the red juice
dribbling down the corners oI her mouth, Jiyong thought she looked perIect.
"Why are you staring at me?" Dara asked curiously as she shoved another strawberry in her
mouth. They were so good!
"You're making a mess." Jiyong said as he wiped her lips with his thumb.
"Oops.." Dara giggled.
Jiyong just laughed as he watched Dara quickly grab the last strawberry.
"I'm done." Dara sighed happily as she wiped her mouth with the back oI her hand. Jiyong
grinned as he picked Dara up bridal style and walked over to her bed.
"Then it's bedtime." Jiyong said as he pulled back the covers and tucked Dara inside. He smiled
as he watched her let out a small yawn.
"Oppa?" she asked a little tiredly.
"Are you drunk?"
Jiyong raised his eyebrows at her random question. "No. Why?"
Dara couldn't help but smile soItly at his answer.
"Just because... You've been a lot nicer to me these days." she explained. "In the past, you were
only nice to me when you were drunk."
She was right. He was slowly changing into a diIIerent person, and he didn't know why.
"Is it weird?" he asked.
Dara shook her head and grinned. "No. I like it."
Jiyong smiled at her answer. He leaned down and gave her a peck on her Iorehead.
"Good night."
"What?!" Dara asked in shock. "That soon?!"
"Yeah." Jiyong answered a little uneasily. "My mom's not really the type to wait and put things
"But that's ridiculous!" Dara exclaimed. "Why so soon?"
"Because she says that we need to have the ceremony beIore your stomach starts to show."
Dara sighed. She supposed that made sense.
But still! Having the wedding in two days? That just seemed unreasonable to Dara. It was way
too early.
And Dara didn't know iI she was ready.
AIter all, a wedding is one oI the most important events Ior a girl. It is the day when she Iinally
runs into the arms oI the man she loves and oIIicially becomes his woman Ior the rest oI her liIe.
It was a big deal.
"My mom already contacted your mom." Jiyong said. "They already have the invitations ready. I
think she wants to go shopping Ior your dress tomorrow."
Dara could only smile bitterly. She had always dreamed oI wearing a wedding dress and walking
down the aisle to marry someone she loved. It made her sad to realize that she would never be
able to experience this.
But she told herselI to stop being so immature.
´I should fust be glad that Jivong´s parents are treating me so well..´
Dara knew that it would have made things harder Ior her iI Jiyong's parents were mean and cold
like those rich parents she had seen in dramas. At least she didn't have to deal with that.
"Okay." she nodded as she mustered up her best smile Ior Jiyong.
Eor the rest oI that day, Jiyong and Dara were busy handing out wedding invitations to their
Iriends and classmates.
"Aigo.. I'm so tired." Dara said as she collapsed on Jiyong's bed. "How many more invitations do
we have leIt?"
"Eour." Jiyong said as he collapsed next to her. He was tired as well. He never knew handing out
invitations could be this exhausting.
"Who did we Iorget?" Dara asked as she thought careIully.
"I think these are just extra leItovers." Jiyong said as he placed the invitations on his bedstand. "I
can't think oI anyone else."
"Are you sure?" Dara asked. "Are you sure we're not Iorgetting anyone?"
"Oh right. Yongbae." Jiyong said as he nodded in remembrance. "We Iorgot about him. He's at a
club meeting right now."
Dara Irowned at the mention oI his name. It had been a Iew days since he had returned Irom his
debate tournament, yet Dara still hadn't seen him anywhere. His phone was turned oII, and he
was never in his room when Dara stopped by.
"Is Yongbae oppa busy these days?" Dara asked Jiyong.
"Seems like it." Jiyong answered. "I haven't really seen him Ior the past Iew days. Why?"
Hearing that answer made Dara Ieel somewhat relieved. Maybe Yongbae was just busy
´Yeah.. He´s not ignoring me. He´s probablv fust busv.´
"I was just wondering because I haven't seen him around either." Dara replied. "It's been awhile
since I've last talked to him."
Jiyong nodded at her answer. He had Iorgotten that Yongbae and Dara were Iriends.
He looked at Dara and saw that she was Irowning. It looked like she really missed Yongbae.
This bothered Jiyong. He didn't like the idea oI Dara missing another guy. Eurthermore, he didn't
like her having thoughts about another guy when she was with him.
Jiyong quickly wrapped his arm around Dara's shoulders and pulled her closer to him. Dara
gapsed at his sudden action.
"What are you doing?" she asked in surprise.
"You can just play with me, you know." Jiyong said as he pinched her nose playIully. "Stop
thinking about Yongbae."
"Don't you miss him, too?" Dara asked curiously. "He's your Iriend as well."
"No." Jiyong said Ilatly. He didn't like how they were still talking about Yongbae.
"Eine." Jiyong said as he released his hold on Dara. "Go to Yongbae iI you miss him so much.
Dara raised her eyebrows at his behavior. Jiyong was suddenly acting like an immature boy.
"What's wrong with you?" she asked with a Irown.
"It seems like you preIer spending time with Yongbae rather than me." Jiyong answered bitterly.
He lied down and turned his back to Dara.
Dara just blinked her eyes a Iew times in conIusion. She had no idea what was going on with him.
"Oppa?" she asked as she poked Jiyong's back.
Without replying, Jiyong just scooted away Irom Dara. His back was still turned to her.
"Oppa?" Dara asked a little louder as she poked his back again.
Instead oI answering, Jiyong scooted even Iarther away Irom her.
Dara Irowned at his behavior. She didn't like being ignored.
"Oppa!" she yelled as she started shaking him. "Hello?!"
But Jiyong was as stiII as a rock. No matter how hard Dara tried to turn him so that he was
Iacing her, Jiyong wasn't budging an inch.
"Aish, why are you ignoring me?!" Dara asked as she pinched the side oI his stomach. This made
Jiyong Ilinch slightly. She had Iound his sensitive spot.
Dara raised her eyebrows at his reaction. She curiously poked that same spot.
Jiyong Ilinched again as he bit on his lower lip. He told himselI to hold in his laughter.
A grin spread across Dara's Iace at the realization oI her newly Iound weapon. She started
rapidly poking the spot with both oI her index Iingers.
"Poke, poke, poke!" she sang. "Poke, poke!"
´Ha' Let´s see if he can still ignore me now' Muahaha'´
Jiyong couldn't hold it in anymore. He quickly turned around and grabbed onto both oI Dara's
hands to stop her. His Iace was red Irom suppressing himselI too much Irom laughing.
"Yah!" he yelled as he breathed heavily.
Dara laughed. "Wah, you look like a tomato!"
BeIore Jiyong could respond, Dara quickly climbed on top oI him. She Ilashed him a
mischievous grin beIore starting to tickle both oI his sides.
Jiyong's eyes widened beIore he erupted in laughter.
"Yah, kid!" he laughed. "Stop it! Stop! Stop!"
"Nope!" Dara said evilly as she continued tickling him. She laughed as she watched Jiyong
squirm and try to escape Irom his anguished pleasure.
"Yah! It really tickles! Stop it!" Jiyong laughed. But Dara only quickened the movements oI her
Iingers. She was now tickling him at her Iastest speed. She Iuriously wiggled her Iingers on the
sides oI his stomach and kept him in place with her knees.
"My GOD, DARA! STOP IT!" Jiyong yelled desperately as he Ielt the inside oI his body burn up
in heat. He Ielt like he was going to pee in his pants Irom too much torture.
"Stop?" Dara giggled innocently. But she didn't halt the movements oI her Iingers.
Jiyong let out a small squeal and shook his head, telling her to stop. He couldn't even talk
anymore and his Iace was completely red.
"Hahaha! I never knew you were so ticklish. Haha-- ACK!"
Dara screamed in surprise as Jiyong suddenly rolled them over and pinned her down on the bed.
He closed his eyes and panted into her neck as he tried to catch his breath. He was breathless
Irom all the screaming and laughing.
"You... You..." Jiyong panted heavily.
Dara just stared back at him with an innocent look. "Hmm?"
Jiyong shook his head beIore resting his Iorehead against hers. "You.. are... a jerk."
Dara just giggled in amusement. She slyly started to trail her Iingers down to reach Jiyong's
stomach again.
But beIore she could reach it, Jiyong quickly grabbed both oI her hands and pinned them on
either side oI her head.
"What do you think you're doing?" he asked with a smirk. He had Iinally regained his composure
at this point.
And it was time Ior revenge.
Dara gulped as she saw the dark look in Jiyong's eyes. She started to laugh hesitantly.
"Haha.. Umm.. Nothing."
She tried to Iree herselI Irom Jiyong's grasp, but he was way stronger. Jiyong smirked as he
leaned down to whisper in her ear.
"Payback time."
Dara's eyes widened. Was he going to tickle her, too?! Dara really didn't like getting tickled. It
was a very uncomIortable Ieeling Ior her. She was a very ticklish and sensitive person.
"Oppa, no!" she panicked. "You can't tickle me! I have a baby inside me! She's going to--"
Without letting her Iinish her sentence, Jiyong crushed his lips on hers. He had wanted to do this
Irom the moment he had met her today.
He kissed her slowly and gently. He wanted to take his time and enjoy the Ieel oI her soIt lips
against his. They tasted even sweeter today than beIore. He was amazed by how addictive her
lips were. Jiyong Iound himselI always coming back to her, wanting more.
Dara Ielt her mind get hazy as Jiyong continued kissing her. She didn't even try to resist him. She
liked it whenever Jiyong kissed her like this.
And although they had kissed a Iew times now, Dara still Ielt her heart pound erratically as she
tried to remember how to breathe. She closed her eyes and kissed him back.
Realizing that Dara wasn't resisting him today, Jiyong immediately released her hands. He
wrapped one arm around her waist to bring her even closer to him. His other hand was placed
against her head, supporting himselI.
Dara just sighed against Jiyong's lips as she parted her lips and tilted her head, surrendering
herselI to him completely. Jiyong was more than happy to take advantage oI her action, and he
slid his tongue into her mouth. He groaned in content as he got to explore her mouth once again.
They both kissed each other hungrily. Sucking, licking, and nibbling the other person's mouth
and tongue. Though neither oI them knew whether it was right to do this, they didn't really care.
AIterall, they were going to get married.
"Mmm.." Dara moaned soItly when she suddenly Ielt something hard poke her thigh. In a
slightly dazed state, she broke oII the kiss and opened her eyes to see what it was.
This just exposed her neck to Jiyong, and he quickly dived in to get a taste oI her soIt skin.
"Ahh.." Dara moaned as Jiyong started kissing her neck. The hot sensation distracted her Irom
looking down at her thighs, and she immediately closed her eyes again.
"Ahh.. oppa.." she continued moaning as Jiyong started to massage her breasts. She suddenly Ielt
very hot.
Jiyong, on the other hand, could Ieel himselI getting harder by the second. Dara's warm body
below his and her soIt moans were driving him insane. He wanted more.
"Uhhh.." Dara whimpered when she Ielt Jiyong's hands slip inside her shirt and caress her bare
stomach. The thing on her thigh was poking her harder.
"Oppa.. something is.. poking.." she mumbled as she pushed against Jiyong's chest to get his
attention. But he didn't seem to hear her. His hands continued moving up until they reached her
bra. He quickly slipped his hands inside her bra and squeezed her breasts.
"Ahh..!" Dara screamed as she arched her back. She Ielt a strange electriIying Ieeling pass
through her body. Her eyes rolled back as Jiyong started to knead her bare breasts.
Eeeling slightly Irustrated that her shirt was covering her, Jiyong pulled Dara so that she was
slightly up. He immediately pulled her shirt oII oI her and Ilung it across the room. He then got
rid oI his own shirt, throwing that away somewhere as well. He then ran his Iingers through his
hair to calm himselI down.
BeIore Dara could have the time to Ieel embarrassed, Jiyong quickly sealed her lips with his
while unIastening her bra. He was annoyed with that article oI clothing as well.
He then gently placed her back down on the bed without breaking the kiss. Dara wrapped her
arms around Jiyong's neck to pull him closer to her. This made her erect nipples come in contact
with his bare chest, and it turned him on even more.
"Euck, Dara.." he whispered hoarsely as he breathed into her neck.
"Ahh.." Dara moaned out loud when Jiyong Iound the sensitive spot on her neck. She shivered as
he started sucking that spot.
"Oppa.. uhh... I Ieel weird." Dara said as she Ielt a warm Ieeling develop between her legs. It
made her Ieel very hot and conIused.
"It's okay.." Jiyong whispered huskily as he caressed her Iace and kissed her lips again. He
spread her legs Iarther apart and started dry humping her.
Dara gasped as she Ielt the hard thing rub against her most private area. She Iinally knew what
was poking her earlier.
"Euck.." Jiyong cursed again as he Ielt his pants start to Ieel really tight. His poor Jiyong Jr. was
starting to Ieel a little angry Ior being caged in Ior so long. He quickly popped open the button on
his pants and pulled down the zipper.
Dara's eyes widened as she saw the evident bulge through his boxers. She gulped as Jiyong
removed his pants completely and hovered over her again.
´That thing is going to come inside me again?´ Dara Ireaked out. ´I´m not readv for such a thing'´
Dara was scared. The last time she had sex with Jiyong, he had ignored her Ior over a month
aIterwards. Although she hated to admit it, those six weeks that Jiyong had ignored her were like
hell to her. It had hurt her so much. Dara was aIraid that the same thing was going to happen
again iI they had sex today.
And she didn't want that.
She was really liking the way Jiyong was treating her these days. She wanted him to continue
being this nice to her. She didn't want him to ignore her.
But then again, Dara was worried that iI she didn't have sex with him right now, Jiyong would
just return to one oI his sluts. She was scared that he would just get his satisIaction Irom one oI
And Dara didn't want that either.
Jiyong stared into Dara's eyes and saw that conIusion and panic were all over the place. It looked
like she was mentally debating about something.
She looked like she was about to cry.
Jiyong sighed soItly. Although his balls were Ieeling heavier by the second and he was dying to
get his release, Jiyong mustered up all the selI-control he possibly could. He needed to Iind out
what was going on in Dara's head.
He caressed Dara's Iace and pecked her lips soItly.
"What's wrong, babe?"
Dara bit on her lower lip as she tried to prevent her tears Irom Ialling out. Seeing Jiyong this nice
to her was making her more worried. He was surely going to hate her aIter today.
"Oppa.." she stared oII a shaky voice. Jiyong Iurrowed his brows in anticipation.
"Yes, babe?" he answered as he stared at her intently. "What's wrong? Tell oppa what's wrong."
That did it. Hearing Jiyong's soIt voice suddenly made all the tears start Ilowing down Dara's
Jiyong's eyes widened as Dara started crying. He immediately gathered her up in his arms and
hugged her tightly. He didn't care iI they were both practically naked. His erection could wait.
"Did I scare you?" he asked worriedly as he rubbed her back. "I'm sorry. I won't do anything."
He Ielt guilty seeing her cry like this. He had taken advantage oI her last time when she was
drunk, and he had almost taken her today as well. All because oI his selIish needs. He hadn't
stopped to think about Dara's Ieelings.
"Shh.. Don't cry." Jiyong whispered into her ear. "I promise I won't do anything."
He really didn't think she'd be this scared. He had almost Iorgotten that Dara was still an
innocent girl. She wasn't like those other girls he had played around with in the past.
"Don't... Ignore me.." Dara suddenly said as she sobbed into Jiyong's chest.
Jiyong blinked in conIusion. "Ignore you?"
Dara just nodded into his chest.
Jiyong Iurrowed his brows and tried to make sense oI what she was talking about. But he
couldn't Iigure it out.
"What do you mean?" he asked gently as he pulled apart slightly to look at her Iace. "I'm not
ignoring you right now."
Dara just sniIIed as she stared back at him with puIIy eyes. "You did last time."
"Last time?" he asked as he Irowned. "What last time?"
His eyes widened in realization as he remembered how he had ignored Dara Ior six weeks aIter
having sex with her.
"You mean..."
"Yes." Dara nodded as she wiped her Iinal tears away. "You ignored me."
Jiyong Ielt a lump develop in his throat in guilt. He Ielt like the biggest jerk alive.
´So that´s whv she´s scared..´ he thought. ´She´s afraid I´m going to leave her again.´
Although those six weeks oI not talking to Dara weren't peaceIul Ior him either, Jiyong realized
that she had had it worse. Like a jerk, he had robbed her oI her virginity, and then simply walked
out oI her liIe.
And then she had Iound out that she was pregnant.
Jiyong cringed slightly as he thought about how hard it must have been Ior Dara those six weeks.
II it weren't Ior luck and good timing, he wouldn't have ever Iound out about her pregnancy. And
he would have Iorever remained in Dara's memory as a jerk Irom a one night stand.
Although a lot oI girls already thought oI him as a cocky bastard, Jiyong didn't want Dara to be
one oI those girls. Eor some reason, he wanted Dara to approve oI him. He wanted her to think oI
him as a good person.
"I'm so sorry." Jiyong said sincerely as he wiped her stray tears. "I'm sorry Ior ignoring you.."
"Did you know how scared I was by myselI?" Dara asked him in an accusatory voice.
Jiyong hugged Dara close to him again. He Ielt so bad Ior everything he had put her through.
At that moment, Jiyong decided that he would work to gain Dara's trust. He would treat her with
respect, kindness, and warmth. He would do whatever it took to change Dara's negative
impression oI him.
"I'm sorry, Dara.. I won't leave you or ignore you ever again." he promised.
"Really?" Dara asked as she hiccuped. She was Ieeling too tired to cry or be mad at him anymore.
She didn't want to Iight with Jiyong.
"Really." Jiyong said as he patted her back. "I promise."
Dara relaxed as soon as she heard those words Irom him. She wanted to believe him.
"Go to sleep now." Jiyong said as he pulled the blanket over her body. "You look tired."
Dara just nodded. She was worn out Irom all that crying. But just as she was to close her eyes...
"But oppa.. These pants are kind oI uncomIortable." Dara said as she Iidgeted inside her jeans. "I
can't sleep in this."
Jiyong gulped at her statement. Although she was just being honest, he couldn't believe she was
saying such things. Especially since he still had a hard on and was Ieeling aroused just by the
sight oI her naked chest.
´God, this can´t be happening to me..´ Jiyong groaned inside his head. ´I fust told mvself that I´m
going to gain her trust'´
It hadn't been even Iive minutes since Jiyong had made up his mind to become a better person in
Iront oI Dara, yet she was already testing his selI-control.
But Dara didn't seem to realize that what she was saying was killing Jiyong. All she knew was
that her jeans were really uncomIortable. She never slept in her jeans anyway. She wanted them
She unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down the zipper. Jiyong Ielt his member throb like crazy as
he watched Dara undress next to him. She was now only in her underwear.
"Ahh.. Much better." Dara sighed in content as she threw her pants on the Iloor and snuggled
close to Jiyong again. She was too tired to realize that she and Jiyong were both only in their
underwear right now. She just Ielt happy being next to Jiyong like this.
Jiyong (or Jiyong Jr.), on the other hand, was very angry. Didn't this girl know what she was
doing to him right now?
Oh, what had he done to deserve this kind oI punshiment?!
He really needed to take a cold shower. Now.
"G-go to sleep." Jiyong said as he pulled himselI away Irom Dara and sat up. He needed to get
away Irom her. Otherwise, he didn't know what kinds oI things he would do to her.
Dara pouted in disappointment. "Where are you going?"
"I'm going to wash." he said as he wrapped the blankets over Dara tightly to cover her exposed
chests. They were distracting him, calling his name, asking him to suck on them.
"Do you really need to wash right now?" Dara asked innocently as Jiyong got out oI bed. It
suddenly Ielt cold without him next to her.
´Of course' I´m going to die if I don´t get awav from vou right now'´ Jiyong screamed in his head.
"It'll be quick." Jiyong reassured her as he gave her a peck on her Iorehead. "I'll be right back."
´Because I´m a changed man.. I´m a changed man.. I´m a changed man..´ he chanted inside his
"You're not going to Iind one oI your girlIriends, are you?" Dara asked hesitantly.
Jiyong stopped his silent chanting and raised his eyebrows. "What makes you say that?"
"Umm.." Dara blushed as she pointed to the tent inside his boxers. "That.."
Jiyong smirked. "You're the one who made me like this, you know."
Dara blushed deeper in embarrassment. Jiyong grinned as he leaned down to whisper in her ear.
"I'm letting you go Ior today, baby." he said huskily as he bit her earlobe.
"But next time... You're taking responsibility."
Dara gasped at his words. She Ielt her heart pound as she gulped hard on her saliva. Jiyong
chuckled as he gave Dara one last kiss on the lips beIore walking to the bathroom.
Once inside, Jiyong immediately turned on the cold water. He pulled oII his boxers and saw a
very upset Jiyong Jr. He grimaced slightly as he walked into the shower stall.
He shook his head in disbelieI. Kwon Jiyong masturbating?
The word "masturbating" hadn't existed in his dictionary ever since he came to college. Why
would he do such a thing when he had a line oI girls waiting Ior him, throwing themselves at him
whenever he needed release?
Jiyong paused to think. Since when had he last masturbated anyway?
He guessed that it was in high school when Kiko said that she wasn't ready to have sex with him
yet. But even then, Jiyong didn't remember himselI Ieeling this sexually Irustrated.
He chuckled slightly as he thought about Dara sleeping peaceIully on his bed, unaware oI how
much pain he was going through right now because oI her.
Jiyong groaned as he started to move his hands up and down his shaIt. He imagined himselI
being inside her tight walls, thrusting into her warm hole.
"Ugh! Euck!" he groaned as he started pumping Iaster, imagining that he was with Dara right
now instead oI his hands.
´Kid, vou´ll be the death of me.´
AIter awhile, Jiyong came out oI the bathroom with a towel around his waist. He was Ieeling
much better now.
He walked over to his bed and saw that Dara was sleeping soundly. There were dry tear marks
on her Iace, and her lips were still swollen Irom all the kissing earlier.
Jiyong sighed as he sat on the edge oI his bed and just stared at her. He wondered how she could
look so beautiIul even aIter having cried so much.
His eyes slowly traced her closed eyelids, straight nose, and slightly parted lips. It was as iI he
was trying to memorize everything. He didn't know why, but he Ielt a Iluttery Ieeling in his
stomach just by looking at her.
He touched his heart and Iound that it was pounding Iuriously inside his chest. He stared at Dara
with a conIused Irown on his Iace.
"Sandara Park.. What are you doing to me?"
"Where's Dara?" Bom asked when Chaerin opened the door the next morning.
Chaerin shrugged. "She never came back to our room last night. And she Iorgot her phone."
She smiled slyly. "I think she spent the night in Jiyong oppa's room. They were together the
whole day yesterday handing out wedding invitation cards."
Bom rolled her eyes. "They're getting married tomorrow. Couldn't they just wait another day? I
heard Jiyong's parents were providing an apartment Ior them as a wedding present. Even iI they
don't want to, they'll have to see each other every day now."
Chaerin Ielt a little sad at the thought oI Dara moving out into an apartment with Jiyong. It
would mean that she would have to live in the room by herselI. It would be kind oI lonely living
alone without Dara.
Nevertheless, she truly Ielt happy Ior Dara. At least she was in good hands.
Chaerin giggled. "Why, unnie? Don't you think they're so cute?"
Bom snorted. "Their cheesiness makes me want to throw up."
She stuck out her tongue and made a gagging noise to prove her point. Chaerin just laughed as
she watched Bom's comical act.
"Hmm.." Dara groaned as she Ielt the sunlight pour through the windows. But she didn't want to
get up just yet. She Ielt too comIortable right now.
Dara pulled the blanket over her head to block out the annoying light. She sighed in content
when she Ielt an arm wrap around her waist.
´Mmm. This feels so good..´ she thought as she Ielt her body get pressed against another warm
body. She rubbed her Iace against the person's chest like a sleepy kitten and slowly driIted oII to
sleep again.
Jiyong chuckled as he poked Dara's cheeks in amusement. It was already past ten, yet Dara
showed no intentions oI waking up. She must have been really tired.
"Yah, kid... Wake up." Jiyong whispered soItly as he continued poking her cheeks.
"Hmm..." Dara groaned again as she weakly pushed Jiyong's Iinger away. She reIused to wake
Jiyong smiled at Dara's behavior. She was such a kid.
"Baby.. You have to wake up." Jiyong whispered as he gently kissed her Iorehead.
"No.." Dara mumbled in her sleep.
"You need to go shopping today, remember?" he asked as he patted her cheeks, trying to get her
to open her eyes.
Dara was supposed to go shopping Ior a wedding dress today with his mom and Bom. He had
just received a text Irom his mom saying that she was on her way to their school.
"I don't want to.." Dara whined as she snuggled against Jiyong's chest. She didn't even know who
she was talking to right now. She kind oI wished the person would stop talking to her and just let
her sleep in peace.
Jiyong chuckled as he leaned down to whisper in her ear.
"You need to get dressed, you know.. You're still only wearing your panties.."
Dara's eyes immediately sprung open at Jiyong's words. She gasped as she was greeted with
Jiyong's mischievous grin. She had Iorgotten that she had Iallen asleep in Jiyong's room last
Her eyes widened as she looked down and saw that he was speaking the truth. She really was
only in her underwear.
"Awake now?" Jiyong smirked as he watched Dara turn beet red. He knew she would be
embarrassed. Who wouldn't be, waking up in such a state?
"No!!" Dara shrieked as she covered her naked chest with her hands and scrunched her body up
like a Ietus. This was soo embarrassing!
Jiyong chuckled as he wrapped the blanket around Dara's body to cover her up. He had already
changed into a clean pair oI jeans and a t-shirt. Dara pouted as she wondered how he could look
so handsome while she, on the other hand, was a complete mess.
"Good morning, sunshine." Jiyong smiled as he gave Dara a quick kiss on the lips. Dara groaned
as she covered her Iace with her hands.
"Go away." she mumbled.
"Why?" Jiyong laughed as he watched her blush even more.
"It's embarrassing!" Dara cried out as she screamed into her hands.
"What is?" Jiyong asked innocently.
Dara lowered her hands Irom her Iace and shot an angry glare at Jiyong.
"I'm almost... ugh! I'm not wearing my clothes!" she yelled. What had she been thinking last
night, taking oII her jeans?! It would have been less embarrassing iI she were at least wearing
some pants.
Jiyong just laughed as he watched Dara hide under the blanket. It looked like she wanted the
blanket to eat her up.
"PerIect." he said with a grin. "You can go take a shower right away then."
"My mom should be here soon. Don't you need to wash?"
Dara's eyes widened. Jiyong's mom was coming right now?!
"Why didn't you wake me up sooner?!" Dara asked Jiyong as she panicked. How much time did
she have to get ready?
Jiyong just grinned. "I tried."
Dara was about to throw the blanket oII herselI and run to the bathroom, but she remembered
that she was only in her underwear. She paused as she gave Jiyong a hesitant look. Was he going
to keep looking at her? She couldn't leave the bed with him watching her in her bare state!
Jiyong just raised his eyebrows at her innocently. "Why aren't you getting up? Do you want me
to wash you?"
Dara's eyes widened in shock. "No!"
"Then what are you waiting Ior?" he asked with a smirk and pointed to the bathroom. "Go wash."
"But I.. I can't.. Aisht! I can't leave this bed with you watching me!" Dara snapped in annoyance.
She knew Jiyong was messing around with her right now.
"You need to leave!" she told him.
"Why should I?" he asked as he gave her another innocent look. "This is my room."
"Oppa!" Dara screamed in Irustration. This was not the time to play dumb. She was going to be
late iI she didn't get ready right now.
Although he had told himselI that he was going to be kind and respectIul towards Dara Irom now
on, Jiyong was struggling. It was just too much Iun teasing her! He couldn't stop himselI.
And although Jiyong wanted to continue teasing her a little Iurther, he knew that they didn't have
time to waste. His mom would be here soon.
Jiyong quickly rolled Dara up in his blanket like a cocoon and then picked her up. He heard Dara
gasp in surprise inside the blanket.
"What are you doing?!" he heard her voice. He chuckled as Dara squirmed inside the blanket,
trying to escape.
"I'll take you to your room." Jiyong said as he held her tightly. "You can wash there."
Dara stopped wiggling once she heard Jiyong's words. That actually didn't sound like such a bad
"But why'd you have to roll me up like this?" she asked.
Although Jiyong couldn't see her Iace, he could tell that Dara was pouting right now. He smiled.
"Would you rather walk back to your room wearing only your panties?" he asked. "II so, I'll
unwrap you right no--"
Chaerin and Bom's eyes widened as they watched Jiyong carry in a lump into the room. It
seemed like there was something wrapped inside the blanket.
"What is that?" Bom asked curiously as she pointed to the mysterious lump that Jiyong was
"Your sister." Jiyong answered.
"What?!" Bom gasped. "She's in there? Why is she wrapped up like a kimbap?!"
Jiyong just chuckled as he walked into the bathroom and closed the door.
Once inside, he pulled part oI the blanket down, revealing Dara's Iace. Dara blinked her eyes a
Iew times as she looked around to see where they were. She sighed in relieI once she realized she
was saIe in her own bathroom.
Jiyong smiled when he saw Dara's tangled hair and puIIy cheeks.
"Have Iun shopping with your sister and my mom today." he said as he ran his hands through her
messy hair. Despite being Irizzy and uncombed, her hair was still smooth.
"What will you be doing while I'm gone?" Dara asked curiously.
Jiyong paused momentarily.
"Just... StuII." he said slowly. He seemed to space out as he turned his head to the side.
Dara Irowned as she tried to look at Jiyong's Iace. He looked a little sad.
"Are you okay?" she asked hesitantly.
Jiyong quickly turned back to Dara and gave her a slight smile.
"I'm Iine." he said beIore pecking her lips. "I'll see you later."
Jiyong sighed as he quietly walked around his old high school. Old memories came rushing back
to him.
"Jiyong-ah!" Kiko yelled excitedly as she waved her arms excitedly.
Jiyong turned around when he heard his Iavorite voice call his name. He smiled broadly as he
waved back to his girlIriend.
"What are you doing there?" Kiko called out.
Instead oI answering, Jiyong just motioned Ior Kiko to come over to him. Curiously, Kiko ran
over to him.
"Jiyong-ah, what are you doing?" she asked once she reached him.
Jiyong just grinned smugly as he pointed to the tree in Iront oI him. Kiko Iurrowed her brows in
"Ummm.. That's a tree." she said.
Jiyong chuckled at her obvious statement. "Look closer."
Kiko stepped Iorward to take a closer look at the tree in Iront oI them. Her eyes widened at what
she saw:
Jivong V Kiko
A smile broke across Kiko's Iace as she stared at her boyIriend's cute graIIiti on the tree trunk.
She turned to him and saw that he was waiting Ior her reaction in anticipation.
"You do know that's really corny, right?" Kiko giggled as she rolled her eyes.
"Really?" Jiyong asked with a small pout. "I thought girls liked these kinds oI things..."
That's what Seungri had told him. According to Seungri, girls melted at the little corny things
their boyIriends did Ior them, even iI they were cliche. Jiyong made a note to kill that useless
panda later. He knew he shouldn't have listened to Seungri.
Kiko just laughed as she hugged her boyIriend. He was just too adorable!
"You're so cute." she said as she pinched Jiyong's cheeks. He still had a little baby Iat on his Iace
that just added to his cuteness.
"It's really corny, but I still like it a lot." Kiko reassured Jiyong with a smile.
Jiyong's Iace lit up at her statement. "Really?"
"Really." Kiko grinned. A smile broke across Jiyong's Iace as he hugged her back happily.
"I love you, Jiyong." Kiko said beIore kissing his cheeks.
"I love you a hundred times more." Jiyong said as he gave her a kiss in return. "You know that,
Kiko just giggled as she blushed shyly.
¡end flashback]
"Where are you?" Jiyong whispered as he stared at the tree trunk with sad eyes. His writing Irom
Iour years ago was still there.
He smiled slightly as he stared at the writing. He couldn't believe that he had been so innocent
and childish back then.
´I mean.. Writing on a tree? Seriouslv, Kwon Jivong?´
But when he had been with Kiko, Jiyong hadn't cared about being childish or corny. And neither
had she.
It was impossible Ior Jiyong to hate Kiko. Because although the scar she leIt him with was deep,
the happy memories he had shared with her were Iar greater.
Nevertheless, Jiyong supposed it was time to let go oI everything and move on. He had not one,
but two people to take care oI now. He was going to be a Iather Ior one oI them, and a husband
to the other. By tomorrow, he would be a married man.
It would be a lie to say that he wasn't attracted to Dara. He was physically attracted to her, that
was Ior sure.
However, Jiyong had recently begun to question his emotional Ieelings Ior Dara as well. He just
couldn't stop thinking about her.
Even now, even as he was thinking about Kiko, Jiyong was worrying about Dara at the back oI
his mind. He wondered iI she had eaten lunch yet and whether or not she was tired Irom walking
around so much with his mom and Bom. He wanted to know what she was doing right now and
whether she had Iound a wedding dress yet.
Jiyong let out a breath as he shook his head. The kid was seriously messing with his mind. He
didn't even know what was going on anymore.
"Wherever you are, I hope you're happy." Jiyong said as he traced Kiko's name on the tree. "I'll
live happily as well."
He stared at the tree one last time beIore opening his mouth.
"Bye, Kiko."
Without looking back, Jiyong walked back to his car and drove back to school.
Dara just sighed in boredom. She wanted to go home.
She had Iinished picking out a bridal gown and shoes two hours ago. And now, she was at the
shopping mall with her three shopaholic companions who showed absolutely no intentions oI
going home yet.
Yes, three. IU had decided to tag along. She was currently having Iun looking around in the hat
"Dear, are you tired?" Mrs. Kwon asked as she stared at Dara worriedly. "You look a little
Dara just gave her a smile. She wasn't tired, just really bored! Dara wasn't exactly a shopaholic,
unlike her sister Bom.
"I'm Iine." Dara reassured Mrs. Kwon. She didn't want to be a killjoy when everyone else was
having so much Iun shopping.
"Are you sure?" Mrs. Kwon asked with a Irown. "Do you just want to go back home now?"
Dara's eyes lit up at Mrs. Kwon's suggestion. Yes! She wanted to go back home!
She decided to just take this opportunity and answer Mrs. Kwon's question truthIully. AIterall,
this was her chance to go home! II she didn't answer truthIully now, Dara didn't know when she
would be able to leave this place. Erom the looks oI it, IU and Bom didn't look like they planned
on leaving anytime soon.
But just as Dara was about to open her mouth to answer, Bom suddenly appeared out oI nowhere
and interrupted her.
"Oh my gosh, Dara!" she squealed excitedly. "You HAVE to see this!"
Mrs. Kwon giggled as she stared at the two sisters. Perhaps she had been wrong in thinking that
Dara wanted to go home. The two sisters probably had a lot more shopping to do. They were
college students, aIterall.
She smiled at Dara and Bom. "Go on then. I'll be in the coat section."
"Okay, Mrs. Kwon!" Bom chirped happily. "We'll go right over there once we're done!"
"Wait, wait." Dara said as she Irantically tried to hold onto Jiyong's mom beIore Bom could take
her away. "I still didn't answer her ques--"
"Come on!" Bom interrupted excitedly as she IorceIully tugged Dara away. She rolled her eyes
as she watched Dara try to cling onto Jiyong's mom again. It seemed like Dara really liked her
Iuture mother-in-law.
"Don't worry about me, dear." Mrs. Kwon told Dara with a reassuring smile. "I didn't know you
wanted to continue shopping."
Dara shook her head desperately. "That's not it! I actually want to go ho--"
"I'm really okay." Mrs. Kwon said as she laughed.
Mrs. Kwon thought that Dara was behaving like this because she Ielt bad leaving her all alone.
´Aigo.. I have such a sweet daughter-in-law..´ Mrs. Kwon thought happily.
"Go have Iun with your sister." she said as she pushed Dara gently towards Bom. "I'll be okay by
myselI in the coat section."
BeIore Dara could protest, Bom impatiently pulled Dara away Irom Mrs. Kwon. The two oI
them were acting like they were never going to see each other again or something.
´Nooooo'´ Dara wailed in her head as she was dragged oII somwhere. Her chances oI going home
now were crushed. It seemed like she was going to be stuck in this shopping mall Ior a Iew more
"Dara, Dara!" Bom squealed when they approached their destination. "Look! Isn't this so cute?!"
Dara looked around and noticed that they were in the baby section. Bom was holding a pair oI
baby shoes next to her Iace and pouting cutely.
"What are you doing?" she asked as she laughed. Bom was blinking her eyes rapidly and giving
Dara her trademark puppy eyes.
"I'm showing you these cute pair oI shoes!" Bom said excitedly. "You should buy it!"
Dara rolled her eyes and laughed. "I'm only 8 weeks pregnant, unnie. Don't you think it's too
early to be buying things Ior the baby?"
"Nonsense!" Bom exclaimed. "It's never too early to prepare. Here!"
Without letting Dara disagree with her, Bom shoved the shoes in Dara's hands and smiled
Dara looked at the pink shoes in her hands and smiled soItly. She had to admit, they were so
small and cute. The two pairs Iit perIectly in the palm oI one oI her hands.
"Hmm.. Let's see iI we can Iind some matching clothes and a hat! " Bom grinned as she looked
through the various baby outIits. Dara could tell that Bom was enjoying herselI right now.
Maybe a little too much.
While they were looking around the baby section, IU suddenly came up to them.
"Unnie!" she said with sparkly eyes as she tapped Bom's shoulder.
"Hmm?" Bom replied absentmindedly without looking at her. She was too Iocused on trying to
Iind a baby outIit. They were just so cute! It made her want to have her own baby..
´Omo' What am I thinking?'´ Bom shook her head as she giggled soItly.
IU growled a bit in impatience. It seemed like Bom wasn't even paying attention to her! She was
spacing out as she stared at the baby clothes with a dreamy expression on her Iace.
IU quickly reached up and whispered something into Bom's ear.
Bom snapped out oI her daydreaming immediately. She quickly turned to IU with wide eyes.
IU smirked in victory. "Do I have your attention now?"
Bom nodded Iuriously.
"Show me where it is." she demanded. "Now."
Without another word to Dara, IU and Bom quickly walked oII somewhere while whispering
excitedly. Dara just shrugged as she continued looking at the baby products. She was actually
enjoying looking around in this section. It was quite Iun.
"Omo.. These hats are adorable." Dara gushed as she held up one oI the hats. "How can a head
be this small?"
Dara smiled as she rubbed her stomach. Although she was only 8 weeks pregnant, Dara was
already Ieeling nervous and excited about meeting her baby.
AIter looking around Ior a Iew more mintues, Dara decided to head back to Mrs. Kwon.
But as she looked around Ior the coat section, she saw Bom and IU standing a Iew Ieet away
Irom where she was.
"Bommie! IU!" Dara called out as she walked towards them.
Bom and IU stopped whispering to each other when they heard someone call their names. Their
eyes widened in surprise when they saw Dara.
"Where were you guys?" Dara asked curiously as she came up to them.
"Oh.. Umm.. Haha! We were just looking around!" IU replied with a smile.
Dara noticed that IU was acting a little weird. She looked down and noticed that Bom was
carrying a shopping bag.
"Did you buy something?" Dara asked as she reached Iorward to look inside. She saw that there
was a box inside the bag.
"No no!" Bom said quickly as she hid the bag behind her back. She then gave Dara an innocent
Dara narrowed her eyes at Bom. She was acting a little weird as well.
"What's up with you two?" she asked suspiciously.
IU and Bom just looked at each other and giggled. It was pretty obvious that they were hiding
something Irom her.
"It's nothing!" they chorused happily.
"What do you mean it's nothing?" Dara asked with a Irown. "What's in that bag?"
"I just bought a shirt." Bom answered quickly. "It's not anything Iancy. Just a simple t-shirt."
Dara Irowned. "II it's just a shirt, then why aren't you letting me see--"
"Here you guys are!" Mrs. Kwon said as she came up to them. She turned to Dara.
"I picked out some matching sweatshirts Ior you and Jiyong to wear on your honeymoon." she
said sweetly. "Want to see them?"
Dara had no choice but to agree. Although she wasn't Iinished interrogating IU and Bom, she
Iollowed Mrs. Kwon.
As soon as Dara was out oI sight, Bom and IU let out a sigh oI relieI. Then they started giggling
again with mischievous looks on their Iaces.
"You are a genius." Bom smirked evilly as she patted IU's head. IU just grinned as she purred
like a loyal pet.
Then, the two broke into evil laughter. Bom guIIawed loudly while IU showcased her Iamous
ahjumma laughter, thus attracting Irightened stares Irom other nearby customers.
"Unnie, I'm kind oI hungry again.. I want some ice cream.." IU said to Bom once they were back
at school. It was already nighttime.
Bom smiled as she looked at IU's pouting Iace. Because IU had come up with such a brilliant
idea today at the shopping mall, Bom decided to treat her to ice cream.
"Okay, let's go." she smiled.
"Really?!" IU asked brightly. "UNNIE JJANG!!"
Bom laughed as she turned to Dara. "You should come, too. Don't you want some dessert?"
Dara shook her head. She was exhausted Irom all the shopping. Besides, it had only been two
hours since they had eaten at the mall Iood court.
"You guys go ahead. I'm just going to go back to my room." she replied.
"Okay then." Bom nodded. "We'll be back soon."
Dara smiled. "Arasso."
As soon as Bom and IU leIt, Dara went inside the dorm building.
"Hmm.. I wonder what Jiyong oppa is doing.." she said to herselI.
Now that she thought oI it, she hadn't seen Jiyong ever since this morning. Although she didn't
really want to admit it, Dara kind oI missed him.
"Why do I miss him anyway?" she muttered as she shook her head. "Aigo, Dara.. Are you
already acting like his wiIe or something?"
She was so deep in her thoughts that she didn't notice it when she almost ran into someone. She
looked up and was about to apologize to the person when she realized who it was.
"Yongbae oppa!" she gasped in surprise.
Yongbae smiled back. "Miss me?"
"OI course!" Dara said as she threw her arms around him happily. "Where were you all this
Yongbae held in his breath as he Ielt his heart Ilutter like crazy. Perhaps this wasn't going to be
as easy as he thought.
He gently pulled apart Irom Dara and Iorced another smile.
"Sorry.. I was kind oI busy."
Dara pouted. "Still. You could have at least given me a call. I thought you were avoiding me!"
"OI course I wasn't avoiding you." Yongbae lied. In Iact, that was precisely what he had been
doing Ior the past week or so. He just couldn't bear to see Dara and Jiyong together. It hurt him
so much.
"Really?" Dara asked as she sighed in relieI. "You really weren't ignoring me?"
"Really." Yongbae reassured her. "We're Iriends, remember?"
He Ielt his heart ache as he said the word 'Iriends.' He knew that he could be nothing more to
Dara. Just Iriends.
But during the past week that he had stayed away Irom Dara, Yongbae had decided that being
Iriends was good enough Ior him. As long as Dara was happy with Jiyong, Yongbae would try to
be happy as well.
"OI course!" Dara said happily. "You're my best Iriend!"
Yongbae raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Really? I thought Chaerin and Minzy were your best
"They're my best girlIriends." Dara laughed. "But you're my best guy Iriend!"
Yongbae couldn't help but Ieel genuinely happy at this news. It made him happy that Dara
thought oI him in that way.
"But what about Jiyong?" he asked. "Isn't Jiyong your best guy Iriend? I thought he would be
your number one in everything."
"Nah." Dara shook her head immediately. "You're my best guy Iriend since I met you Iirst. "
Yongbae smiled broadly. At least that was one thing that he had beaten Jiyong in.
"Are you sure you won't change your mind later?" he asked.
"I'm positive I won't change my mind." Dara said Iirmly. "You'll always be my best Iriend."
Yongbae grinned as he ruIIled Dara's hair. Jiyong was truly lucky to have someone like her.
"You should go to sleep now." Yongbae suggested. "Tomorrow is your big day."
"You will come to the wedding, right?" Dara asked hopeIully.
"OI course." Yongbae smiled. "Jiyong gave me an invitation this morning."
"Oh, he did?" Dara asked brightly. She grinned as she thought about how responsible Jiyong was.
Although he was an arrogant jerk at times, he still made sure to complete all oI his tasks on time.
He was such a perIectionist.
"Yup." Yongbae nodded as he led Dara to her room. "I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"
"Okay, oppa." Dara smiled as she opened her door and went inside. "Bye!"
Yongbae waved. Dara grinned and waved back beIore closing the door.
As soon as the door was shut, Yongbae let out a deep breath.
"See, Yongbae? That wasn't so bad, right?" he whispered to himselI. "You can just be a Iriend to
He let out another breath as he smiled bitterly. This wasn't going to be easy.
"What is this?" Jiyong asked curiously when Seungri handed him a small box.
Seungri grinned evilly. "It's your wedding giIt."
"A wedding giIt?" Jiyong raised his eyebrows in interest. "You guys even bought me a wedding
Jiyong was impressed. He hadn't expected his Iriends to give him a present Ior his wedding.
"OI course." TOP nodded smugly. "You're our Iriend."
"Hurry up and open it." Daesung added excitedly. He wanted to see Jiyong's reaction. Jiyong was
deIinitely going to love what he Iound.
Jiyong curiously opened the box and Irowned when he saw a blank CD.
"Umm.. It's a disc?" Jiyong said in conIusion. What kind oI a present was that?
Seungri snickered. "It's your Iavorite kind.."
Jiyong Irowned. "My Iavorite..."
His eyes widened as a thought came to him.
"Yah, what is this?!" Jiyong asked Seungri. "Is this porn?!"
"Yup." Seungri answered happily.
Jiyong's mouth dropped open. "Why are you giving me porn?"
It's not that he didn't want it. I mean, what kind oI guy doesn't want Iree porn, right?
But ever since the incident last night in his room, Jiyong couldn't stop having dirty thoughts
about Dara. And he really didn't need a DVD to add to his horniness. AIterall, he was a changed
"Oh come on, it's not like you don't like it." Daesung teased.
"Yeah, you really need to watch it!" Seungri insisted as he nodded excitedly. "The guy gives it to
the girl in such an X-rated position. Dara will deIinitely love you even more aIter this!"
Jiyong gulped as he looked down at the disc in his arms. He was Ieeling a little curious about this
'X-rated position' Seungri was talking about...
´Aisht, no' Dara isn´t readv for such a thing vet'´
BeIore his horny side could get the better oI him, Jiyong quickly handed the DVD back to
"I.. I don't want it." Jiyong said sadly. He almost wanted to rip out his own tongue Ior saying
such a thing, but he had no choice.
Seungri and Daesung looked at Jiyong with shocked expressions on their Iaces while TOP just
raised his eyebrows in interest.
"What do you mean you don't want it?" Seungri asked in disbelieI. Perhaps Jiyong hadn't heard
him correctly.
"It's porn!" Seungri repeated as he waved the disc in Iront oI Jiyong's Iace. "Your Iavorite porn!"
"Aisht, yah! Now you're making it sound like I'm addicted to it or something!" Jiyong scowled.
"Well... You do watch it a lot..." Daesung pointed out.
"Not as much as he does." Jiyong deIended himselI as he immediately pointed to Seungri.
Seungri just shrugged innocently.
"Anyway, why don't you want it?" Seungri demanded. "Are you and Dara not on good terms
right now or something?"
"No.. It's not that." Jiyong started oII. "It's just that..."
He paused as he thought about whether he should tell his Iriends that he and Dara weren't
actually in a real relationship. That everything was just an act.
But that would just make things more complicated. He quickly took the DVD Irom Seungri again
and smiled.
"Thanks Ior the present. I'll make sure to watch it beIore the honeymoon."
Seungri smiled in approval as he nodded smugly.
"But is it even saIe to try the.. err.. X-rated position while Dara's pregnant?" Jiyong asked
curiously. It wasn't that he was going to actually test it on her. He was just curious.
"Yeah, it should be Iine." Seungri answered. "Having sex during pregnancy doesn't lead to a
miscarriage or anything. It's completely saIe."
Jiyong didn't know iI he was exactly glad to hear that.
Jiyong couldn't go to sleep. He had been lying in his bed Ior the past two hours, yet he just
couldn't Iall asleep. Whenever he closed his eyes, he saw Dara's Iace in his mind. It was driving
him insane.
But he didn't want to call her Iirst. That would just make him seem too clingly. Girls didn't like
guys who were too attached and suIIocating, right?
"Aisht, but I want to see her!" Jiyong muttered in Irustration. "What's wrong with me?"
He didn't even know why he was Ieeling this way. I mean, they had seen each other this morning!
And in less than 24 hours, they would have their wedding. Couldn't he just wait a little longer?
"Euck, I can't wait." he said as he got out oI bed and started changing.
He needed to talk to her. Now.
Dara tossed and turned in her bed. She just couldn't go to sleep. She looked at the clock and saw
it was already 11pm. In just an hour, it would be the day oI her wedding.
Dara was Ieeling a little hesitant. Jiyong had seemed a little sad this morning when he said that
he needed to do something. She wasn't sure whether he was Ieeling better now.
And although she wanted to ask, she didn't know iI it would only bother him. She didn't want to
be a pest or anything.
"What's wrong with you, Dara?" she whispered. "You're constantly thinking about Jiyong oppa
these days..."
Just then, she Ielt her phone vibrate. She Ielt her heart skip a beat when she saw that it was a text
Irom Jiyong.
From Pervert:
If you're not sleeping, meet me in front of the school cafe.
Dara immediately threw oII her blanket and tiptoed over to her closet. Making sure to not wake
Chaerin up, Dara quietly changed into the Iirst pair oI jeans she could Iind. She then pulled a
random sweatshirt over her head and ran out oI the room.
BeIore she knew it, she was already at the school caIe. She scanned the building until she Iinally
saw Jiyong. He was waiting in Iront oI the entrance with his hands in his pockets. She smiled as
she quickly went up to him.
Jiyong's eyes lit up once he saw Dara running towards him. He smiled as he held his arms out Ior
Without a second thought, Dara jumped into Jiyong's arms and hugged him tightly. She didn't
know that she had missed him this much. But it just Ielt so good to be this close to Jiyong again.
Jiyong laughed as he hugged her back. "I missed you."
Dara smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck tighter. "I missed you, too."
Jiyong grinned. "Did you?"
Jiyong pulled back slightly so that he could look at Dara's Iace. Even without make up, she was
perIect. A natural beauty.
"Then give me a kiss." Jiyong said as he puckered his lips. "Hmm?"
Dara giggled beIore giving him a quick kiss on the lips. Jiyong raised his eyebrows in surprise.
He didn't think she would actually listen to him. He looked at Dara and saw that she was
blushing slightly in embarrassment.
He grinned beIore giving her a kiss in return. "Why weren't you sleeping yet?"
Dara shrugged. "I just couldn't sleep."
She cocked her head as she looked up at Jiyong. "What about you? Why did you want me to
meet you here?"
Jiyong just smiled and grabbed Dara's hand. He looked at his watch and saw that they had halI an
hour leIt beIore midnight.
"I was wondering iI you wanted to go on a date with me right now."
Dara blinked her eyes in conIusion. "A date?"
Jiyong nodded. "I realized that we never went on a proper date."
Dara's Iurrowed her brows in concentration. "Wait.. Then are you asking me out right now?"
Dara's mouth dropped open in surprise. She looked up at Jiyong with a shocked expression.
"You're asking me out right now?" she repeated in disbelieI. Jiyong just nodded.
"But I.. I thought you didn't date..."
Jiyong smiled at Dara's shocked expression.
"I changed my mind. I want to date you."
Dara Ielt her heart race as she tried to make sense oI what Jiyong was trying to say. Perhaps she
was hearing things now.
´Wait.. Dating means a relationship.. Which means bovfriend and girlfriend..´ she said inside her
Her eyes widened as a thought came to her.
´So does that mean that he wants me to be his girlfriend?'´
She looked up at Jiyong hesitantly. "Are you... Umm.. Are you.."
Jiyong smiled as he watched Dara struggle to Iind the correct words. She was so cute!
"Yes, Dara." he said as he tucked a loose strand oI hair behind her ear. "I'm asking you to be my
"W-what?" Dara gasped.
There was no way that Jiyong was actually saying those words. She was deIinitely imagining
things now. Or maybe this was all a dream.
Jiyong smiled as he watched Dara stare at him with wide eyes.
"I want you to be my girlIriend." he said sweetly.
Dara wasn't sure whether Jiyong was just messing around with her again. But Irom the look on
his Iace, he probably wasn't joking right now.
"You... You want me to be..." she stuttered nervously.
´Aisht, Dara' Whv can´t vou speak properlv?'´ she scolded herselI. ´You probablv look like an
idiot right now'´
She cleared her throat and gave Jiyong a nonchalant look, acting like she was unaIIected by what
was happening.
"I don't understand what you're saying right now." she said calmly. "Why do you want me to be
your girlIriend?"
Jiyong raised his brows as he watched Dara cross her arms over her chest and give him a
conIident look. That wasn't exactly the reaction he had been expecting.
´So... She wants to plav hard to get?´ he thought in amusement. That was Iine with him.
He smiled as he circled his arms around her waist and brought her close to him.
"Because I like you." he whispered in her ear.
Dara gulped as she Ielt her heart Ilutter at his words.
´He likes me?' Oh god.. Kvahhhh''´
She thought she was going to get a heart attack by the way Jiyong was acting right now. Was this
really the Kwon Jiyong she knew?
"You... You like me?" she heard her voice crack. She cursed herselI Ior losing her composure
"Want me to say it again?" Jiyong smiled. He cleared his throat.
"I like you, kid." he said in a sincere voice. "And I want you to be my girl."
Dara Ielt her jaw drop as she stared at Jiyong in conIusion. Sure, she liked him too. It would be a
lie to say that she wasn't attracted to him in more than just a physical way. But this situation was
still a bit overwhelming Ior her. I mean... What iI he really was just joking?
"I... I.." Dara started oII nervously. She didn't know what she was supposed to say.
"I don't believe you." she Iinished lamely. She quickly looked down at the ground.
Jiyong sighed soItly as he cupped Dara's Iace and made her look at him again.
"Why don't you believe me?" he asked gently.
"Just because.." she mumbled miserably. "You're probably joking again."
Dara remembered how Jiyong had always messed with her in the past, saying that he was sterile
and that he liked her.
Jiyong smiled as he rubbed her rosy cheeks with his thumb.
"I'm not joking this time." he reassured her. "I'm not exactly sure when it started, but I Iind
myselI thinking about you all the time. And like today, I miss you whenever you're away Irom
He paused to give Dara another reassuring look. "I really think I like you, Dara. Please be my
Dara nearly melted on the spot at his conIession.
´How manv times has he said that he likes me alreadv?´ she thought excitedly. ´Three times?'´
Jiyong smiled as he watched Dara try to hide her obvious happiness.
"And Irom the looks oI it, you like me too." he said with a smug grin.
Dara gasped as she looked up at Jiyong.
"No I don't!" she denied. "I never said that!"
"But you're thinking it." he said smoothly.
"I.. What.. No!" she blurted out quickly.
"Come on, kid." Jiyong said playIully. "Don't you want to have one last boyIriend beIore you get
Dara paused as she thought about it. She realized that aIter today, she wouldn't be single ever
"And not just any boyIriend, Ior that matter." Jiyong continued as he smiled conIidently.
"Imagine having the one and only Kwon Jiyong as your boyIriend. Damn.."
Jiyong stroked his chin thoughtIully.
Dara rolled her eyes at his cockiness. "Are you asking me out right now, or are you trying to brag
about yourselI?"
Dara scowled. When she thought he was Iinally being serious, Jiyong had proven her wrong yet
"You know what?" she said. "Then you can date yourselI because I don't want to!"
She turned around and was about to walk away when Jiyong quickly grabbed onto her arm.
"Hey, I was just kidding." he chuckled as he wrapped his arms around her tightly. Dara Ielt
herselI relax immediately in Jiyong's warm embrace.
"Even iI you don't like me, can you just try giving me a chance?" he asked. "I promise I'll be a
good boyIriend."
Dara couldn't help but smile into Jiyong's chest. "But we're already getting married tomorrow."
"Which is why I'm asking you out right now." Jiyong said. "I want you to be my last girlIriend."
Dara Ielt her heart Ilutter at his words. She had to admit, there was something oddly romantic
about having a boyIriend the night beIore her wedding.
"So what do you say?" Jiyong smiled.
"Come on, we only have halI an hour beIore our wedding day." Jiyong said a little impatiently as
he looked at his watch. "Actually, only 27 minutes now."
Dara giggled as she saw Jiyong panic as he watched the time tick away. He was so cute!
"Okay." Dara said as she blushed shyly. "I'll... I'll be your girlIriend."
Jiyong's Iace lit up in happiness as he grabbed Dara's hand.
"Then let's go on our Iirst date." he grinned.
"Really?" Jiyong asked incredulously. "This is what you want to do on our Iirst date?"
"Why not?" Dara pouted. "I was getting kind oI hungry again..."
Jiyong shook his head in disbelieI as he looked around the pojangmacha. He couldn't believe that
Dara wanted to eat at this hour.
(A/N: "Pojangmacha" is a street stall that sells a variety oI street Iood in Korea)
Nevertheless, Jiyong was just happy to be with Dara. Even iI it meant having a late night snack.
"Arasso, girlIriend." Jiyong said as he pinched Dara's cheeks lovingly. Dara blushed as the server
ahjumma watched them in interest.
"Aigo.. What a cute young couple we have here." the ahjumma beamed. Although many college
couples stopped by to eat at her store, she thought that the young couple in Iront oI her right now
were the cutest oI them all.
Jiyong grinned as he draped an arm around Dara's shoulder.
"Ahjumma, isn't my girlIriend really pretty?" he asked proudly. "I just asked her out today."
"Oppa.." Dara blushed as she shyly nudged him. But she had to admit, she liked it that Jiyong
was proudly announcing to any random stranger that she was now his girl. On top oI that, he had
actually called her pretty!
"Omo, is that so?" the ahjumma asked excitedly. "Good job, young man! You deIinitely did the
right thing."
She smiled as she watched Dara turn a deeper red at her comment.
"Your girlIriend really is quite a beauty." the ahjumma told Jiyong. "You better treat her well iI
you don't want other guys try to steal her away Irom you."
"Neh, ahjumma." Jiyong nodded obediently. "I won't let that happen."
As soon as the ahjumma went away, Dara turned to Jiyong.
"Do you really think I'm pretty?" she asked curiously. Jiyong grinned as he patted her head.
Dara bit on her lower lip to hide her excitement. Kwon Jiyong thought that she was pretty!
"Your lip is going to bleed iI you bite on it so hard." Jiyong said beIore giving her a quick peck
on the lips. He grinned as he watched her Ilush in embarrassment again.
"Oh.." Dara said as she touched her lip and gulped hard.
Although she and Jiyong had kissed numerous times, this kiss just now Ielt a bit diIIerent. It
made her Ieel more breathless than usual.
"That was our Iirst kiss as an oIIicial couple..." she said in realization.
Jiyong grinned as he thought about it. "Yeah, I guess you're right."
Dara laughed as she shook her head. "We're doing everything out oI order, aren't we?"
Jiyong laughed along in agreement. They deIinitely weren't Iollowing the traditional ways oI a
"Sorry Ior making things all out oI order." he said as he ran his Iingers through her soIt hair.
Dara just smiled as she watched Jiyong stare at with apologetic eyes. She then wrapped her arms
around Jiyong's waist and hugged him tightly. She didn't care iI things were all out oI order. As
long as she could always be this happy with Jiyong, she didn't mind.
"Aigo, Dara! You look so beautiIul!" Chaerin and Minzy squealed as they admired Dara in her
white wedding dress.
Dara gave them a hesitant smile beIore Iiddling nervously with her Iingers. She was in the
waiting room at YG hotel, waiting Ior the reception to start. In the main lobby, more guests
continued arriving. Dara could hear many voices outside the door where she was. She could hear
her parents and Jiyong's parents greeting the guests.
Dara let out a deep breath and tried to calm her nervous selI down. She couldn't believe that this
was really happening. In halI an hour, she was going to get married!
The entire morning had gone by so quickly Ior her. She had been congratulated by many oI her
Iriends and classmates who had come to the wedding.
Yongbae had stopped by the waiting room earlier with IU to congratulate her as well. Dara
smiled slightly as she remembered how IU and Yongbae had looked so cute together.
So Iar, the only person she hadn't seen the entire morning was Jiyong. But she had received a
text message Irom him Iive minutes ago saying that was helping out with the last-minute
preparations, making sure everything was ready. Dara wondered how Jiyong could always be so
on top oI things. Her heart skipped a beat as she remembered what had happened last night.
Although their date hadn't been anything Iancy or romantic, Dara still thought it was one oI the
best dates she had ever been on with a guy. She giggled soItly as she remembered how she and
Jiyong had rehearsed the ceremony last night.
"But oppa, I'm kind oI nervous." Dara said as she Irowned slightly. "What iI I mess up
Jiyong smiled. "What do you mean?"
"Oh, I don't know..." she said worriedly. "What iI I trip over my dress or walk down the wrong
aisle or say something wrong?"
Dara was worried that her clumsiness was going to ruin the entire ceremony tomorrow. She was
always making mistakes.
Jiyong smiled as he watched Dara pout her lips in nervousness.
"Want to practice then?" he oIIered.
Dara's eyes lit up. "Practice?"
Jiyong nodded. "Sure."
He gave Dara a reassuring look as he ran his Iingers through her hair. "All you need to do
tomorrow is say two words. Don't worry about anything else, okay?"
Dara blushed a bit as she understood what Jiyong was saying. She nodded shyly. Jiyong grinned
beIore reaching over to grab the two unopened soda bottles that were on the table. He opened the
cap on one oI them and took out the plastic ring around bottle. He then did the same thing with
the other bottle.
Dara watched in interest as Jiyong held out the two plastic rings in his palm.
"Take one." he said.
As soon as Dara took one oI the plastic rings Irom his hand, Jiyong cleared his throat.
"Do you, Kwon Jiyong, take Sandara Park Ior your lawIul wedded wiIe, to live in the holy estate
oI matrimony? Will you love, honour, comIort, and cherish her Irom this day Iorward, Iorsaking
all others, keeping only unto her Ior as long as you both shall live?"
Dara giggled as Jiyong recited the marriage vow in a priest-like voice.
"How do you know this anyway?" Dara asked. "Did you memorize it?"
Jiyong grinned. "I've seen it many times in movies."
"Well, go on then." Dara laughed. "Answer the question. Do you take me as your lawIul wiIe?"
Jiyong smiled as he gave Dara a loving look. "I do."
Dara couldn't help but Ieel her heart Ilutter in happiness at his words. She didn't even want to
imagine how happy she would Ieel when he repeated those two words in Iront oI everyone
tomorrow. She would probably Iaint on the spot.
"And do you, Sandara Park, take Kwon Jiyong Ior your lawIul wedded husband, to live in the
holy estate oI matrimony? Will you love, honour, comIort, and cherish him Irom this day
Iorward, Iorsaking all others, keeping only unto him Ior as long as you both shall live?" he
Jiyong paused as he waited Ior Dara's answer in anticipation.
Dara blushed shyly as she stared into Jiyong's shiny eyes.
"I do."
Jiyong grinned broadly as he Ielt his heart pound loudly in his chest. He didn't know that those
two simple words could have such a strong aIIect on him. It made him want to stop this
rehearsing nonsense and just reach over and hug Dara. But he told himselI to stay patient.
"Okay then." he smiled. "Now we exchange the rings."
He grabbed Dara's leIt hand and slid the plastic ring on her Iourth Iinger. Dara laughed as the
ring hung loosely on her Iinger. It was much too big.
"Hmm.. I guess we'll just to put it on your thumb Ior now." Jiyong said as he took the ring oII
Dara's Iourth Iinger and slid it on her thumb instead.
"Oppa, what is this?" Dara laughed. "It's so ridiculous!"
Jiyong gave Dara a boyish grin. "This is your wedding ring, baby."
Just then, Jiyong's phone rang.
"Hello?" he answered. "Oh, hey. Yeah, she's with me."
Jiyong raised his eyebrows as he looked at his watch.
"Oh, I didn't know it was already this late." he said in surprise. "We'll go back now."
Dara heard a woman's voice yelling on the other line. It sounded like Bom.
"Arasso, arasso." Jiyong said. "Stop yelling, I'll take her back now."
Jiyong hung up his phone and put it back in his pocket.
"Looks like I have to take you back home now." he said to Dara. "Your sister is upset that you're
still awake at this hour."
"Why? What time is it?" Dara asked curiously.
"It's already past two."
Dara's eyes widened in surprise. "Omo, already?"
She didn't know that it was already that late. It surprised her that she wasn't even sleepy right
now although it was past her bedtime.
Jiyong smiled as he watched Dara pout.
"You don't want to go home yet, do you?" he teased. Dara bit on her lower lip as she blushed
shyly. It was true that she wanted to spend more time with Jiyong.
"Aigo.." Jiyong grinned as he pinched Dara's cheeks. "Your sister says you need to sleep or else
your make up is not going to come out well tomorrow."
Dara just continued pouting. It wasn't like she put on that much make up anyway. But she
supposed that Bom was right. She needed to get some sleep.
"Okay.." she said in a disappointed voice.
Jiyong smiled as he stroked Dara's Iace. "I don't want to go back yet either.. But you need to
sleep Ior your big day tomorrow."
Dara nodded in agreement. The sooner she slept, the sooner she could be with Jiyong again.
"Okay." she said. "But beIore we go, give me your hand Iirst."
She took the second plastic ring that was on the table and slid it onto Jiyong's Iinger.
"There." she said in satisIaction. "Now the practice ceremony is complete, right?"
Jiyong smiled at Dara's cuteness. He shook his head.
"Nope. There's still a Iinal part that you Iorgot about."
Dara raised her eyebrows in curiosity. "What is it?"
Jiyong wrapped his arms around Dara's waist and leaned in closer to her.
"You may now kiss the bride." Jiyong whispered beIore capturing her lips with his.
¡end flashback]
Dara giggled as she stared at the plastic ring in her hands. Jiyong could be so cute and childish at
"What's that?" Minzy asked as she stared at the plastic ring.
Dara smiled. "This? I guess you can say it's my couple ring."
Bom rolled her eyes. She could almost swear that Jiyong and Dara were getting cheesier by the
day. It really made her want to throw a tantrum and vomit all over the Iloor.
But then again, she was glad that Dara was happy.
"Yah, give that plastic thing to me. You have to go out now."
"Already?" Dara asked in surprise. She Ielt her heart Ilutter wildly again in her chest.
"Yup. I'll hold onto your ring. You don't have a pocket or anything, so I'll keep it saIe."
"Okay." Dara said as she handed over her ring to Bom. Bom just shook her head as she stared at
the cheap plastic ring beIore putting it inside her purse.
Dara let out a deep breath. She Ielt all eyes in the room stare at her and her Iather as they walked
down the aisle.
"Don't be nervous, angel." her dad smiled as he patted her hand reassuringly. Dara smiled back
as she clutched onto her dad's arm tighter. Although she was his adoptive daughter, Mr. Park had
always treated Dara like his own daughter. In Iact, he had given her the same amount oI love that
he had given Bom, iI not more. Whenever Dara and Bom had gotten into Iights during their
teenage years, Mr. Park had always sided with Dara. To him, Dara was his little angel.
Dara suddenly wondered brieIly whether she should tell Jiyong the truth about her parents now.
AIter all, he probably had the right to know. She decided that she would tell him soon. But Ior
now, she just tried to concentrate on not stepping on her own dress.
She looked in Iront oI her and saw that Jiyong was waiting Ior her in Iront oI the podium. Dara
Ielt her heart Ilutter as she stared at the handsome man waiting Ior her with a grin on his Iace.
She couldn't believe that this gorgeous man was going to be hers now.
Once they reached him, Jiyong politely bowed to Mr. Park. He then turned to Dara and gave her
a warm smile. She looked so beautiIul in her white wedding dress that he couldn't help but stare
Ior a second too long in awe. He didn't know what he had done in his past liIe to deserve such a
stunning human being...
Mr. Park coughed slightly, making Jiyong snap back into reality.
"Ready?" Jiyong whispered to Dara. She nodded.
Taking her hand in his, Jiyong led Dara up the steps below the podium. He Ielt his heart pound
wildly in his chest as he waited Ior the priest to start talking.
This was it. They had to exchange wedding vows now.
Jiyong looked over at Dara and saw that she was Iiddling with her Iingers nervously despite the
bouquet she was holding. He gently nudged her to get her attention.
Dara looked up and saw that Jiyong was smiling at her warmly, silently telling her to not be
scared. Just seeing him smile like that made Dara relax a little. Jiyong had the strange capability
to make her calm down even in the most nerve racking situations.
"Kwon Jiyong, do you take Park Sandara Ior your lawIul wedded wiIe, to live in the holy estate
oI matrimony? Will you love, honour, comIort, and cherish her Irom this day Iorward, Iorsaking
all others, keeping only unto her Ior as long as you both shall live?"
Just like they had practiced, Dara heard the priest saw the Iamiliar words that Jiyong had recited
last night.
Jiyong gave Dara a playIul wink beIore turning his attention to the priest.
"I do."
Dara heard Mrs. Kwon let out a sniIIle as she cried in happiness. Erom the corner oI her eyes,
she saw Mr. Kwon smile as he patted her back.
"And do you, Park Sandara, take Kwon Jiyong Ior your lawIul wedded husband, to live in the
holy estate oI matrimony? Will you love, honour, comIort, and cherish him Irom this day
Iorward, Iorsaking all others, keeping only unto him Ior as long as you both shall live?"
II someone had told Dara two months ago that she would be in Iront oI an audience marrying
Kwon Jiyong, she would have never believed it. She smiled soItly as she thought about how so
many things had happened to her these past Iew months; some good and some bad.
And although she didn't know what kinds oI crazy events awaited her in the Iuture, Dara decided
to stay strong. She prayed that she and Jiyong would be able to overcome anything and
"I do." she smiled.
Dara heard loud claps and cheers as the crowd went wild with her response. She saw Seungri,
TOP, and Daesung pound their Iists in the air as Bom, Chaerin, and Minzy Iuriously clicked
away with their cameras. Mrs. Kwon was crying even harder at this point, and Dara noticed that
Mrs. Park had teary eyes as well as she clapped.
Eor a brieI second, Dara's eyes met Yongbae's. Although he had a slighly uncomIortable look on
his Iace, Dara saw that he was still clapping appreciatively with IU at his side. IU was cheering
loudly as she waved to Dara happily and gave Jiyong a thumbs up.
AIter the cheering had died down, Jiyong and Dara then exchanged wedding rings. Unlike the
cheap plastic bottle ring Irom last night, this was a 14K heart-shaped Harry Winston diamond
ring. Dara gasped slightly in awe as she wondered how much this single ring would cost. She
guessed that she could pay her entire year's worth oI tuition with it and still have some money
leIt over.
She gasped again as Jiyong slipped the ring onto her Iourth Iinger. It Iit perIectly and sparkled
beautiIully in the light. She loved it.
Dara quickly slipped Jiyong's ring onto his Iourth Iinger as well. His was a Harry Winston three
row diamond ring. She smiled as his ring Iit perIectly on his Iinger as well.
"Groom Kwon Jiyong and Bride Park Sandara, in this company oI Iriends and Iamily, you have
joined yourselves together in holy matrimony. May the commitment and devotion that you Ieel
Ior one another, grow stronger every day oI your marriage. Love is the single greatest treasure
that we have the ability to share with another. Enjoy each other's company and never take each
other Ior granted."
Dara and Jiyong listened to the priest's words careIully. They both truly hoped that they would
be able to Iollow his words.
"By virtue oI the authority vested in me by the Republic oI Korea, I now pronounce you
Husband and WiIe."
The crowd cheered loudly again as Dara and Jiyong turned to each other and smiled. They both
knew what was coming next.
"You may now kiss the bride."
Jiyong heard his Iriends whistle and cheer him on as he wrapped his arms around Dara's waist
and brought her closer to him.
"See? That wasn't so hard, was it?" he whispered to Dara.
Dara just smiled as she caressed Jiyong's right cheek.
"You're the one who messed up today." she joked playIully. "You stared at me too long earlier.
My dad had to cough to get your attention."
Jiyong chuckled as he leaned in closer to her.
"That's because you look so beautiIul today, kid.." he said in a sexy voice.
Dara blushed as she smiled shyly.
"You look pretty nice yourselI, jerk." she whispered back.
Jiyong smiled as he stared lovingly into Dara's sparkling eyes.
"Hey! Stop with the chit chatting and hurry up and kiss you two!" Seungri yelled impatiently. He
had been holding his breath in anticipation Ior the past thirty seconds or so, but Jiyong and Dara
weren't doing anything. They were just talking!
Dara blushed again as the crowd laughed at Seungri's outburst. Jiyong just grinned beIore
leaning down to kiss Dara.
Dara Ielt an electriIying Ieeling spread through her entire body as she Ielt Jiyong's warm lips
against hers. She closed her eyes and kissed him back. She thought it could be saIe to say that
she was the happiest girl in the world right now.
In the midst oI all the cheering and clapping, Bom and IU grinned mischievously. They had been
waiting Ior this moment Ior a very long time.
IU stroked the Iamiliar mysterious shopping bag that she had been holding on her lap this entire
time. Jiyong would deIinitely love her aIter this, she was sure oI it. Oh, the things she did Ior her
"Ready to give Dara her present now?" Bom grinned evilly.
"Aigo.. Look at you kids!" Mrs. Kwon squealed as she took a picture oI Jiyong and Dara. "You
guys look so cute!"
Mrs. Kwon had made Dara and Jiyong change into comIortable jeans and couple sweatshirts Ior
their Ilight to Jeju Island. They were still at YG Hotel with some oI the remaining guests, waiting
Ior the limo.
"Omma, these sweatshirts are kind oI embarrassing.." Jiyong complained.
"Aww, why honey? Don't you like it?" Mrs. Kwon asked happily.
Jiyong looked down at his sweatshirt and grimaced. This was just so immature!
(A/N: Kekeke aww, why 1i? LOL don't you think these are cute?! hahaha!)
"Omma.. We're not in high school..." Jiyong continued groaning. He didn't know how he was
supposed to go to the airport wearing this. People were bound to stare at him and laugh.
"Aigo.. Don't be silly, honey." Mrs. Kwon said as she brushed her hand aside. "You guys look
"Yeah, Jiyong." TOP agreed as he tried to suppress his laughter. "You look so cute right now."
"Aisht, stop!" Jiyong snapped. All oI his Iriends laughed as Jiyong crossed his arms over his
chest in hopes oI hiding the picture.
Dara just giggled as she watched Jiyong pout like a little boy. But unlike him, Dara actually
thought these sweatshirts were kind oI cute.
"I like them." Dara said to Mrs. Kwon. "Thank you."
Mrs. Kwon smiled happily at Dara's positive response. "Don't mention it, dear. Just think oI it as
another wedding giIt."
"Neh." Dara nodded.
Just then, Mrs. Kwon's phone rang. She smiled smugly at Jiyong and Dara's couple look beIore
answering her phone.
"Hello? Oh yes!"
Mrs. Kwon walked away while chatting on the phone, leaving Jiyong and Dara alone with their
"Dara unnie! I have a present Ior you too!" IU said as she handed her the shopping bag. Dara
raised her eyebrows as she stared at the Iamiliar bag.
"Isn't this the bag you guys were hiding Irom me earlier?" Dara asked Bom and IU.
"Yup. We wanted it to be a surprise Ior you." IU answered sweetly. "We wanted to give it to you
on your wedding day."
Dara was extremely touched with IU and Bom's thoughtIulness. So that's why they had kept this
bag hidden Irom her!
"Aigo.. Thanks, you guys." she said happily.
Jiyong Irowned as he looked around. "Yah, where's my present? You didn't get anything Ior
Bom smirked. II only Jiyong knew what was in that shopping bag...
"Don't worry, oppa." IU giggled as she patted her brother's back. "You'll love the present we got
Ior Dara unnie.."
Jiyong raised his eyebrows in conIusion. "What?"
"Jiyong, come." Seungri grinned as he grabbed Jiyong's arm. "Let's go to the other room. Let the
ladies have some alone time."
The other guys grinned as well as they gave each other knowing looks. They already knew what
IU's present was. Jiyong was lucky to have such an amazing little sister.
The only people in the room who were conIused were Jiyong and Dara. They didn't know why
everyone was grinning so weirdly..
"Bommie!!" Dara yelled at the top oI her lungs once she Iound out what was inside the box. She
quickly handed the box back to Bom.
"You need to wear this!" Bom said sternly as she handed the box back to Dara. "You need to
dress up Ior him."
"Dress up?! What even.. NO!"
Dara blushed as she stared at the sexy lingerie that Bom and IU had bought Ior her. Just staring
at the lacy push-up bra and matching skimpy underwear were enough to make her turn bright red.
"Aww.. Come on, unnie." IU grinned. "Jiyong oppa will deIinitely like it.."
Dara blushed a deeper crimson at IU's words. How could such an innocent-looking girl like IU
be so... perverted? Perhaps it ran in Jiyong's Iamily.
"Yah, it's the honeymoon." Bom said. "You need to dress like this. It's called honeymoon
Minzy and Chaerin giggled at Bom's word choice as IU nodded Iuriously in agreement.
"But I.. Aisht, I'm already pregnant!" Dara said. "So why would I have to dress up Ior him?"
Bom rolled her eyes. Dara could be so dense and clueless at times.
"Are you stupid? Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean that you can't have sex anymore!"
Dara gulped when Bom said the "S" word.
"Yeah, Dara." Minzy agreed with a sly smile. "I heard that it's actually good to have sex when
you're pregnant..."
"What?!" Dara gasped in shock.
"I read it in my biology textbook a Iew days ago.." Minzy giggled. "Having sex while you're
pregnant will make it easier Ior you during labor."
Dara's mouth dropped open in disbelieI. Since when was Minzy on Bommie's team? What was
wrong with all oI her Iriends?!
"It might not be true." she tried reasoning. "The book might be wrong.. I need to ask my doctor
Bom grinned at Dara's statement.
"I already called your doctor today." Bom said with an evil look. "She said it was perIectly Iine
Ior you and Jiyong to continue having sex as long as you guys didn't try out Iunky positions."
´Positions?'´ Dara thought in shock. So there was more than one way Ior a man and a woman to
have sex?! She gulped as she wondered how many positions Jiyong knew...
´Omona' Whv am I wondering such things?'´ Dara thought in surprise as she shook her head. She
quickly handed the box back to Bom. There was no way she was going to wear this outIit in Iront
oI Jiyong. No way!
"I reIuse to wear this. I reIuse!"
Bom Irowned at Dara in disapproval. "Do you want Jiyong to hate you Iorevermore?!"
"Why would Jiyong oppa hate me?" Dara retorted with her arms crossed over her chest.
Bom shook her head. She couldn't believe Dara was so naive.
"There are only three things men want to do on their honeymoon, Dara." Bom explained.
Dara raised her eyebrows. "What?"
"Sex, sex, and more sex."
"And Jiyong oppa is a man, unnie." IU pointed out. "A healthy, young man.."
Chaerin and Minzy giggled as Dara turned bright red.
"Eine then." Bom sighed as she put the box back into the shopping bag. "I guess we can't do
anything about it. It's not like we can Iorce you to wear it or anything.."
"Aww.." IU pouted a bit in disappointment. Minzy and Chaerin looked a bit disappointed as
Dara raised her eyebrows in surprise. Bom was giving up this quickly?
"Really?" Dara asked. "I don't need to wear this iI I don't want to?"
"Yeah." Bom shrugged. "I didn't think you'd agree to wear it in the Iirst place anyways."
Although Dara was surprised that Bom was giving up this quickly, she still let out a sigh in relieI.
At least she didn't have to wear that revealing lingerie.
"Did you pack your luggage already Ior the honeymoon?" Bom asked as she changed the topic.
"Yup." Dara nodded.
"Did you pack all your clothes?"
Dara smiled. Bom was always looking aIter her and making sure that she wasn't Iorgetting
"Yup. I have everything I need."
"Are you sure?"
Dara laughed. "Aigo.. Yes, unnie! I didn't Iorget anything this time."
But Bom still had an unconvinced look on her Iace. She could never trust Dara. Whenever they
went on trips, Dara was always Iorgetting something.
"Where is your luggage?" Bom asked. "I need to check and make sure you packed all the
necessary items."
Dara just laughed. "It should be in the waiting room."
Bom grinned as she ruIIled Dara's hair. "I'll be right back, Ssantoki."
Dara smiled as she watched Bom leave the room. Sometimes, Bom acted like her mother instead
oI a sister.
"You like Dara, don't you?" TOP asked Jiyong once they were alone. Jiyong smiled.
"Yeah. I asked her to be my girlIriend last night." Jiyong grinned.
TOP raised his eyebrows. "Seriously?"
Jiyong nodded. "It started out as an act.. But then it turned into the real thing. We like each
TOP was slightly taken aback but still really glad to hear the news. He patted Jiyong on the back.
"Well then congrats, bro." he smiled. "Take good care oI Dara. She's a really nice girl."
Jiyong smiled back. "Don't worry. I will."
"So.. Does this mean that you moved on now?" TOP asked a little hesitantly. He didn't know iI it
was saIe to mention Kiko.
Jiyong just smiled again. "Kiko will always be a special person to me no matter what. But Irom
now on, I just want to Iocus on me and Dara. Dara is special to me as well."
TOP nodded. Although Jiyong's answer was a little vague, he liked how Jiyong was willing to
Iocus more on Dara. And with time, TOP was sure that Jiyong would move on Irom Kiko
Just then, Yongbae came into the room. He smiled as he patted Jiyong on the back.
"Congrats, man."
Jiyong smiled back. "Thanks."
Yongbae couldn't help but Ieel a little jealous oI Jiyong. He was such a lucky guy. But at the
same time, Yongbae was still happy Ior his Iriend.
"II you ever hurt Dara, I'll steal her away Irom you." Yongbae joked. "Got that?"
Jiyong grinned as he punched Yongbae's arm playIully. He was glad that Yongbae was joking
around with him again. Eor the past Iew weeks, Yongbae had been kind oI distant to Jiyong as
He was glad that things were back to normal again.
"Don't worry, man. I'll take good care oI your Iriend."
Yongbae smiled. "You better."
"Bye, kids! Have Iun on your honeymoon!" Mrs. Kwon said as she took another picture oI
Jiyong and Dara. They just looked so adorable in those couple sweatshirts! She wanted to get the
same ones later with Mr. Kwon.
"And remember to call us once you arrive saIely." Mrs. Park reminded them.
"Neh, omma. Don't worry." Dara reassured her mom.
Jiyong smiled as he loaded their luggage into the trunk oI the limo. He couldn't wait to spend the
entire weekend alone with Dara.
But he Irowned once he picked up Dara's suitcase.
"Babe, why is your suitcase so light?" he asked Dara. "It seems like there's barely anything in
"Really?" Dara asked in surprise. "That can't be.. I packed so many things in there."
BeIore Dara could open her suitcase to check, Bom quickly came up to her.
"Oh, don't worry about it." she reassured her. "I checked your bag earlier, remember? I made
sure you had everything."
She then turned to Jiyong. "I just moved some oI Dara's Iacial supplies to your bag. Your
suitcase seemed to have more room."
Jiyong shrugged. "Oh, okay then."
Without questioning Dara's suitcase any Iurther, Jiyong loaded it into the limo. He then closed
the trunk door.
"Do you want to wash Iirst?" Jiyong asked once they arrived at the hotel. It was already
"No, you can go Iirst." Dara answered as she set her purse down on the bed. "I just want to rest
Ior a bit."
Jiyong smiled as he walked over to Dara and hugged her. He couldn't believe that he was really
married to her.
"How's the baby?" he asked as he rubbed Dara's stomach. Dara smiled as she Ielt a warm
sensation spread throughout her body.
"You know.." Dara said as she leaned her head against Jiyong's chest. "I think she really likes it
when you rub my stomach."
"Really?" Jiyong asked as he continued stroking Dara's Ilat stomach.
"Mhmm." Dara answered as she snuggled close to Jiyong. He smiled as he reached down and
kissed her cheeks.
Dara giggled as Jiyong started planting small kisses all over her Iace.
"Aren't you going to wash?" she asked.
"Wash with me." Jiyong whispered beIore placing a kiss on her lips. "Hmm?"
"Oppa!" Dara giggled as she pushed him away. "Stop Iooling around and go wash."
Jiyong pouted as Dara turned her back on him and dug through her purse to Iind her phone. She
was probably going to call her mom. He sighed as he thought about how he probably wasn't
going to get any action with Dara tonight. She probably wasn't ready yet, right?
´But it´s our honevmoon...´ he thought sadly.
As soon as Jiyong came out oI the bathroom, Dara gulped hard on her saliva. He was only
wearing a towel around his waist, and his hair was still dripping wet Irom the shower.
He looked so hot.
Dara couldn't help but stare at his body in awe. Although Dara never really liked skinny guys,
Jiyong was diIIerent.
´I want to touch him...´
Dara gasped slightly. What was she thinking?! Why was she having such perverted thoughts?!
"You can wash now." Jiyong said as he dried his hair with a small towel in his hands.
"R-right." Dara stuttered as she quickly got up Irom the bed and went to her suitcase.
"Oh, your Iacial products are in my bag, remember?" Jiyong asked as he walked over to his
suitcase and took out a plastic bag.
"O-Oh.. right." Dara said as she took the bag Irom Jiyong. She quickly walked to the bathroom.
"Yah, kid."
Dara gulped and turned around. "Y-yes?"
"Aren't you going to take some extra clothes to change into?"
Dara gasped as Jiyong gave her a sly smirk.
"Unless... You could just come out wearing only a towel aIter you're done showering." Jiyong
said in a seductive voice. "I wouldn't mind that.."
´Kvahh'' Whv does he sound so sexv saving that?'´
Dara just coughed beIore hastily grabbing her entire suitcase and scrambling to the bathroom.
Jiyong chuckled to himselI as he watched the red-Iaced Dara quickly shut the bathroom door and
lock it. He grinned as he started changing into his pajamas.
Once Dara had Iinished taking a cold shower, she wrapped a towel around her body and walked
to her suitcase. She was glad that she had packed a lot oI extra clothes to change into. She
decided to choose the least revealing pair oI pajamas that covered up all oI her skin.
But when Dara opened her suitcase, her mouth dropped open in shock.
It was completely empty except Ior the Iamiliar shopping bag that Bom and IU had tried to give
her earlier that day. All oI her other clothes that Dara had packed in her suitcase were nowhere in
On top oI the shopping bag was a note Irom Bom:
1hought I'd give up that easily, little rabbit? I think not!
You have only one possible outfit to wear now..
What are you going to do....?
Goodbam! ^¸~
Bommie <3
Dara's eyes widened in disbelieI.
´BOMMIEEEEEEE''''''´ she wailed inside her head.
"What am I going to do? What am I going to do?!" Dara panicked as she paced back and Iorth in
the bathroom.
Dara should have known that something wasn't right when Bommie had given up so easily
earlier. She should have known better than to simply believe her.
"Aigo.. Ottokae?!"
She gulped as she stared at the sexy lingerie inside the box. Was it really proper etiquette to dress
up Ior your husband during your honeymoon?
Dara bit on her lower lip as she careIully thought about it. II it was going to make Jiyong happy,
then Dara was sort oI willing to "dress up" Ior him..
"Aisht.. ! But this is just too embarrassing!" Dara groaned as she picked up the lacy push up bra
and underwear. The Iabric was so small and thin that it probably wasn't even going to cover
As she was debating over whether or not she should wear the lingerie, she heard knocking on the
"Babe? Are you done?" Jiyong asked. "You've been in there Ior quite awhile."
Dara gulped as she tightened her grip on the towel around her. What was she going to do now?!
"Umm... I... I'm still washing!" Dara blurted out.
"I don't hear the water running." Jiyong said. "Is something wrong?"
"No no! Nothing is wrong!" Dara squeaked out. "I'll be out soon!"
"Okay then." Jiyong said. "Hurry up, babe."
When she heard Jiyong walk away Irom the door, Dara let out a groan. She was going to kill
Bommie later Ior doing this to her.
With hesitant hands, she picked up the skimpy black underwear. Grimacing slightly, she put it on.
She then put on the push-up bra.
AIter letting out a deep breath, Dara looked at herselI in the mirror. To her surprise, it didn't look
too bad on her!
The push-up bra emphasized her breasts and made it look like she actually had something there!
And the underwear clung to her body perIectly, accentuating her hips and butt.
"Wow..." Dara said in awe as she checked herselI out in the mirror. She had to admit, she really
liked what she was seeing. She didn't know that lingerie could work miracles.
But when she thought about walking out oI the bathroom like this, she suddenly Ielt embarrassed
again. What would Jiyong say?
No.. She couldn't walk out like this in Iront oI Jiyong. She just couldn't. Not even iI her liIe
depended on it. She quickly wrapped the towel around her body again.
Dara opened the door slightly and peeked her head out. Jiyong was sitting casually on the bed
while looking through a magazine. She gulped.
Jiyong looked up when he heard Dara call his name. He smiled.
"Done now?"
Dara just nodded as she made sure to keep her body hidden behind the door.
"Then what are you waiting Ior?" Jiyong smiled as he patted the bed next to him. "Come here."
"Umm... I was actually wondering... Can I borrow some clothes?" she asked hesitantly.
Jiyong raised his eyebrows. "My clothes?"
Dara nodded. "You brought a lot oI extra clothes with you, right?"
"Well, yeah." Jiyong nodded with a slightly conIused look on his Iace. "But why borrow mine?
What about yours?"
"Umm... Well.. You see.." Dara mumbled as she turned bright red. How was she going to explain
this to him?! This was soo embarrassing!
"What is it?" Jiyong Irowned. He was getting slighly worried that something was wrong. Why
was she hiding behind the door?
"I... Umm..." Dara started oII.
´Aisht' I´m reallv going to kill Bommie after this'´
"I don't have any clothes to change into." she mumbled quietly.
Jiyong Iurrowed his brows. "What?"
"Umm... I thought I had my clothes, you see.." Dara explained as she stared at the ground. "But
they're gone now.. Bommie emptied out my suitcase."
Jiyong raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Why did she do that?"
Dara blushed as she told Jiyong about IU and Bommie's present Ior her. She explained to him
that Bommie had taken away all oI her clothes when Dara had reIused to wear the lingerie.
"So now I don't have any clothes.." Dara Iinished as she blushed madly.
"Oh.." Jiyong said when Dara Iinished.
´So that´s the present IU and Bom got for Dara?´ he thought in amusement. A grin crept up the
corner oI his lips as he made a note to thank them later. He was very impressed with Bom's
genius plan.
He looked at Dara and saw that she was hiding nervously behind the bathroom door. He couldn't
help but smile at her cuteness.
"Hmm... I guess you'll just have to sleep naked then."
Dara nearly Ielt her heart drop on the Iloor at Jiyong's statement. Was he serious?!
"W-what?!" she gasped.
"What else are are you going to do?" Jiyong shrugged innocently. "II you don't want to wear the
present, you'll just have to sleep naked. "
"Well.. I'm actually wearing the present right now.." Dara mumbled as she blushed deeper.
Jiyong paused as he Ielt his blood pump wildly inside his body. She was already wearing the
present?! He suddenly Ielt Jiyong Jr. twitch as he started imagining things...
´Aisht' No'´ Jiyong groaned in his head. ´Down, bov.. Down'´
"Well then come out." Jiyong grinned at Dara. "Let oppa see the present as well.."
"Oppa!" Dara shrieked in disbelieI. It seemed like he was actually enjoying this situation.
"Why not?" Jiyong chuckled. "I am your husband now aIter all.."
Dara's eyes widened. "What is that supposed to mean?!"
Jiyong smirked as he got up Irom the bed and walked towards her. "What do you think?"
Dara's eyes widened as she immediately held her hand out. "What are you doing? Don't come
She tried to shut the bathroom door in Jiyong's Iace, but he was Iaster. He placed his Ioot in
between the door, disenabling her Irom closing the door. He chuckled as he watched Dara
struggle and continue to try to shut the door. With one Ioot still between the door, he reached
down into his suitcase.
"Here." Jiyong said as he took out a shirt and held it out to her. Dara stopped struggling and
looked up at him.
"I don't think my pants will Iit you, but this shirt should be long enough to cover everything."
Jiyong said. "You can wear it."
Dara let out a sigh oI relieI as she took the shirt Irom Jiyong's hand. "Thank you.."
Jiyong smiled beIore giving Dara a quick kiss on the lips. "Hurry up and come out, okay?"
Dara blushed as she nodded.
The moment Dara closed the bathroom door to change, Jiyong let out a deep breath.
"Yah, control yourselI.." he muttered as he looked down at his pet. "You're not getting any
tonight.. Dara's not ready."
He sighed as he walked back over to the bed and sat down. What was he doing right now? This
was his honeymoon Ior crying out loud! Didn't he have the right to have some Iun?
"No. Because you're a changed man, Kwon Jiyong." he said sternly to himselI.
Just then, he heard the bathroom door creak open. He looked up.
Jiyong Ielt his heart race as he stared at Dara wearing only his t-shirt. He couldn't help but stare
at her smooth thighs and slim calves. He gulped hard on his saliva.
´Oh god...´
He didn't know what he had done to deserve this kind oI punishment. It was as iI God was
testing him, trying to see how long he could last beIore he snapped.
And at this rate, he was going to snap sooner rather than later.
But Jiyong smiled once he realized that Dara was standing nervously in Iront oI the door while
blushing madly. She looked a little scared and unsure oI what to do next.
´Control.. Self-control, Kwon Jivong..´ he warned himselI. ´She´s scared right now..´
Dara Ielt her heart race like crazy as Jiyong got up Irom the bed and started walking towards her.
She thought her heart was going to drop on the Iloor Irom nervousness. He looked hotter tonight
than ever beIore. Was it even possible Ior someone to be that good looking?
"Why do you look so scared?" Jiyong asked as he gently brushed her wet hair away Irom her
"I-I'm not s-scared.." Dara stuttered.
´Aigo, Dara' Whv can´t vou speak properlv?'´ she scolded herselI.
Jiyong just smiled as he wrapped his arms around Dara and hugged her.
"Relax, babe. I'm not going to do anything bad to you."
´Although I want to...´
Jiyong picked Dara up bridal style and walked towards the bed. He sat down on the bed with
Dara on his lap. He grinned as she Iiddled with her hands again. She was avoiding eye contact
with him.
He thought it was really amusing how Dara could be yelling at him one minute, calling him a
jerk, and then be scared oI him the next minute.
Jiyong cupped Dara's Iace and tilted it up so that she was Iorced to look at him. He stared into
her brown eyes that were Iull oI uncertainty. It reminded him that she was still an innocent girl
even iI she was no longer a virgin.
Even iI he couldn't have sex with her, he could still kiss her. Right? He had the right to do that.
Dara gulped as Jiyong lowered his eyes and stared at her lips. She saw him lick his lips.
"What do you want to do?" Jiyong asked huskily as he kept his gaze on her lips.
"Umm.. uhh.." Dara thought Irantically as Jiyong brought his Iace closer to hers. She Ielt her
heart race as she caught a sniII oI his shampoo. Even his shampoo smelled sexy... Ghaaad..!
"Hmm?" Jiyong asked playIully as he traced her parted lips with his Iinger.
"Umm.. Let's.." she stuttered. She desperately tried to think oI something to do that was Iar away
Irom kissing and sex. She didn't know why, but she just Ielt so nervous and awkward right now.
"Let's?" Jiyong repeated huskily.
"Let's do... umm.."
Dara racked her brain Ior anything. Anything!
She could Ieel Jiyong's warm breath against her lips. They were so close...
"LET'S DO MATH!" she suddenly blurted out.
Jiyong paused and blinked in conIusion. "What?"
Dara got oII Jiyong's lap and quickly scrambled to her purse. She thanked the heavens Ior
packing her math homework in her purse rather than her suitcase.
´Thank vou, God. Thank vou' Thank vou'´ she chanted in her head grateIully.
"Seriously?" Jiyong asked incredulously as Dara opened her textbook. "We're going to do math
right now?"
Dara nodded Iuriously.
"On our honeymoon?!" he nearly yelled in disbelieI.
Dara just nodded again as she came next to him on the bed and pointed to a page.
"I need help with this."
Jiyong just shook his head in disbelieI. This kid wanted to do math on their honeymoon? Math?!!
But just as he was about to glare at Dara and tell her to go away, he caught a glimpse oI her
thighs. Because Dara was kneeling on the bed, the shirt had inched up her thighs, almost giving
Jiyong a view oI her underwear.
Jiyong gulped as he Ielt his member start to awaken again. He Ielt his Iace get hotter as he tried
to remember how to breathe. He wondered how he was going to survive this long night...
It was just too painIul. Literally.
"Eine." he bit out as he snatched the math book Irom Dara. "Let's do math."
That way, at least he would be distracted Irom looking at Dara's legs and having dirty thoughts.
"Okay." Dara said happily as she leaned closer to Jiyong. She was glad that they were doing a
normal activity.
Jiyong closed his eyes as he caught a sniII oI her shampoo. She smelled so good..
´Ugh' Mv balls are going to explode'´ he groaned inside his head.
"Okay." he said as he tried to keep a straight voice. "What do you need help on?"
"I need help on integration problems." Dara answered, totally oblivious to Jiyong's painIul
"Eine." Jiyong bit out as he grabbed a pencil Irom the bedstand and started teaching her how to
do simple integration problems. Jiyong had actually mastered calculus in high school, so it
wasn't a big deal to him.
AIter a Iew minutes, Dara seemed to magically understand what was going on. It made perIect
sense when Jiyong explained it to her!
"So you just add one to the exponent and then divide it by the same number?" she asked.
"Kyahhhh!!!" Dara yelled excitedly. She Iinally understood how to solve integration problems!!
Jiyong was really a genius!
"Thank you!" Dara squealed as she threw her arms around Jiyong's neck and hugged him tightly.
Without knowing it, she gave him a kiss on the cheeks. She just couldn't contain her excitement.
Jiyong stiIIened.
That was it. He couldn't stand it anymore.
´Screw self-control' Jivong Jr. is in danger right now'´
"Hey, babe?" Jiyong asked once Dara pulled apart.
"Hmm?" Dara asked happily.
"Want me to give you another problem?" he oIIered. "To make sure you understand the
"Yes!" Dara nodded excitedly at Jiyong's oIIer.
"Okay." Jiyong grinned as he started writing down a question on Dara's notebook. He then
handed the notebook to Dara.
Dara took the notebook Irom Jiyong's hands in determination. She was going to solve this
problem correctly no matter what! She Iurrowed her brows in concentration as she looked at her
That seemed easy enough Ior Dara. She picked up her pencil in determination and started
working through the problem:
÷ 2X
/ 2 ÷ X
"So iI you take the limits and plug them in.." Dara mumbled in concentration. "You get.."
- (10)
÷ 169 - 100 ÷ 69
Dara's eyes lit up as she came to an answer. She turned to Jiyong.
"Is the answer 69?" she asked excitedly.
Jiyong smirked. "Yup."
"Omo!" Dara cried out in joy. She couldn't believe that she got the answer correct. "It's really
Jiyong continued grinning. "Mhmm... 69..."
"Waaaaa!!!!" Dara squealed as she punched her Iists in the air. "I got it right! I got it right!"
"Yes, you did." Jiyong whispered as he inched over closer to Dara. "The answer is... 69..."
Dara Irowned as she Iinally noticed that Jiyong was smirking weirdly. "Why are you..."
Dara gasped as she realized what Jiyong had just done.
´69..?' Omo' That pervert' Pervert'´
"You.. You..." she started oII. Jiyong grinned as he caressed Dara's smooth thighs.
"Come on, babe." Jiyong cooed. "How about we put math into real liIe?"
He couldn't hold back any longer. Even iI he was a changed person or whatever, he could only
restrain himselI Ior so long. AIter all, he was a man.
And he had reached his limit.
Dara's eyes widened as Jiyong quickly pinned her down on the bed and hovered over her.
"What are you doing?" Dara asked in shock as Jiyong pinned her down on the bed. She Ielt her
heart race as Jiyong stared deeply into her eyes.
"I already told you." Jiyong smirked. "We're going to put math into practice."
Dara gasped. "You.. You mean.."
She gulped. Jiyong wanted her to put her mouth on his... His.. Thing?!
Was he really going to make her suck on Jiyong Jr.?!
Dara gulped as she imagined doing such a thing Ior a brieI moment. She grimaced slightly as she
thought about it.
She couldn't do it.
She wouldn't do it.
It was gross!
´Oh god...´
Jiyong continued smirking as he stared at Dara's horror-stricken Iace.
"You Iinally get to meet Jiyong Jr. Iace to Iace, babe.."
´Face to face?´ Dara thought in shock. He was making it sound like a meeting between two
people. ´Gahhh'' What a pervert'´
"Oppa!" Dara said in disapproval as she lightly slapped his chest. "Stop being so perverted!"
Jiyong just grinned beIore taking one oI Dara's hands and lowering it down to his bulge. Dara
gasped as she Ielt his arousal.
"See what you did to me?" Jiyong asked. Dara gulped when she saw the lustIul look in his eyes.
They were on Iire.
"What did I say would happen iI you made me like this again?" Jiyong whispered as he slowly
brushed his lips up and down her jaw. Dara whimpered as she tried to push him oII oI her, but it
was useless. He wasn't budging an inch.
But strangely enough, Dara actually didn't mind being trapped like this under Jiyong. It was kind
oI turning her on..
´Omo'´ Dara thought in shock. ´What´s wrong with me? Andwae' Andwae'´
"Haha.." Dara laughed uneasily as she tried to play it cool. "It's not my Iault. I.. I didn't mean to
do that to you!"
Jiyong smirked. "Intentional or not, you're still taking responsibility Ior it."
Dara Ielt her pound loudly in her chest at his words. What was he going to make her do?
Jiyong smiled as iI he had heard her question out loud.
"Show me the present IU and Bom gave you." he smirked. "Then maybe I'll Iorgive you."
"What?" Dara gasped. "S-show you the present?!"
"Mhmm." Jiyong grinned. "Shall I be even more speciIic?"
He leaned down and whispered in her ear.
"Take oII your shirt."
Dara Ielt her breath get stuck in her throat as she stared at Jiyong in shock. She was wearing the
sexy lingerie under the t-shirt Jiyong had let her borrow. II she took oII the t-shirt...
"N-no!" she blurted out immediately. She couldn't let Jiyong see her only in her revealing bra
and underwear. It was so embarrassing!
"No?" Jiyong repeated as he lowered his Iace down closer to hers. "You don't want to take it
Dara gulped as she Ielt Jiyong's warm breath against her lips. Just Ieeling his breathing was
making her go insane. She just shook her head.
"Eine." Jiyong whispered as he gently bit down on her earlobe. Dara shuddered as she Ielt
something go down her spine.
"Then I'll take it oII Ior you."
BeIore Dara could even respond, Jiyong's lips were already on hers. He kissed her soItly and
gently, making her relax almost immediately under him. It was always like this every time.
Whenever Jiyong kissed her, Dara's mind just went completely blank. She Iorgot what they were
talking about and just kissed him back.
As soon as Dara's tongue Iound its way inside his mouth, Jiyong nearly snapped. He just wanted
to whip his throbbing member out oI his pants and ram it into Dara right now. He had been dying
to get his release Ior the past thirty minutes or so.
But Jiyong told himselI to be patient. He had to take it slowly one step at a time so that Dara
wouldn't be scared.
Luckily, things seemed to be working out well Ior him at the moment. He opened his eyes and
saw that Dara had her own eyes closed as she kissed him.
Jiyong smiled against Dara's lips beIore closing his eyes and continuing to kiss her. With one
hand, he cupped Dara's Iace. His other arm made its way under Dara's back, bringing her closer
to him. He tilted his head to give Dara more access to his open mouth.
Dara eagerly explored Jiyong's warm cavern as she clenched onto a IistIul oI his shirt. His mouth
just tasted so good. She never wanted to stop kissing him.
AIter a Iew minutes oI kissing, Jiyong decided that it was saIe to take things to the next step. He
released his hold on Dara's Iace and moved his hand down.
"Mmm.." Dara moaned against Jiyong's lips when she Ielt him cup one oI her breasts over her
shirt. She Ielt a tingling sensation spread through her body as he started gently massaging it.
"Ahh,,," Dara breathed out when Jiyong started groping her other breast as well. Her eyes rolled
back as he kneaded both oI her breasts. It Ielt so good! The Ieel oI her bra rubbing against her
nipples was making Dara go insane. Since when was she so sensitive?
"Babe, did your boobs get bigger?" Jiyong asked as he kissed her neck. Somehow, her breasts
Ielt a little Iuller than usual.
Dara shook her head as she tried to control her moans. "N-no.. It's the bra.."
Jiyong smiled into Dara's neck. Bom and IU must have given Dara a push-up. He really needed
to thank them later.
He released Dara's breasts and trailed his hands down until they reached her smooth thighs. Dara
shuddered as Jiyong Iondled her inner thighs while giving her small pecks on her lips. God, he
was turning her on so much!
Dara wrapped her arms around Jiyong's neck and pulled him down to her so that she could kiss
him Iully again. Jiyong kissed her back as he slowly started pulling her t-shirt up.
He Ielt his heart pound in excitement as he inched Dara's shirt past her navel. She wasn't even
trying to stop him right now. Jiyong caressed her Ilat stomach and continued pushing her shirt up.
Her skin Ielt so soIt and warm under his hands..
But just as he was about to reach her bra, Dara suddenly grabbed onto his hands. She broke oII
the kiss and Iluttered her eyes open.
"Wait.." she panted as she held onto Jiyong's hands tightly. She needed to think about where this
was leading to.
But Jiyong couldn't wait anymore. He had suppressed himselI enough times already and wasn't
going to back out oI it this time. He quickly sealed Dara's lips in another kiss.
Dara let out a moan as Jiyong cupped her Iace and kissed her lips gently. He brushed his lips
against hers beIore nibbling on her lower lip. And just like that, she was under his spell again.
Her body melted as Jiyong molded her lips against his. Dara ran her hands up and down his back
as she closed her eyes again.
It was starting to Ieel hotter in their hotel room. Jiyong's kiss was getting more demanding now
as he explored her mouth hungrily. He was devouring her mouth so wildly that Dara struggled to
keep up with his Iast pace. She Ielt a weird Ieeling develop between her legs as her heart
pounded erratically in her chest. She didn't know what was going on with her body, and it scared
her a little.
AIter a Iew minutes, Dara broke oII the kiss again. She hugged Jiyong tightly as she tried to
catch her breath. Her Iace was Ilushed as she tried to Iigure out why her body was Ieeling like
this. The tingly Ieeling between her legs wasn't going away, almost to the point where it was
aching. She had the sudden urge to be touched..
Jiyong was also breathing heavily as he snuggled his Iace in the crook oI Dara's neck. He started
planting kisses all over her neck.
"Oppa... I Ieel weird." Dara said as she continued to hug Jiyong tightly. The tingling Ieeling
between her legs was intensiIying. It made her worry that something might be wrong with her
"What is it, baby?" Jiyong asked. He gently pulled himselI away Irom Dara's hold so that he
could look at her. He saw conIusion written all over her Ilushed Iace.
"It Ieels... Weird." Dara said slowly. Jiyong's eyes widened.
"Your stomach?!" he asked in shock as he immediately looked down at Dara's stomach.
"What's wrong? Does it hurt?" he asked with worried eyes as he placed a hand over her Ilat belly.
He was scared that there was something wrong with the baby. Was she going to have a
miscarriage or something?!
Dara couldn't help but smile slightly at Jiyong's scared reaction. She shook her head.
"My stomach's Iine."
Jiyong let out a sigh in relieI as he gently stroked Dara's stomach.
"Then what is it, baby?" he asked in a calmer tone.
"It Ieels weird... Down there." Dara said slowly. She blushed as she bit on her lower mouth in
Jiyong blinked a Iew times in conIusion. "Down..."
He paused as a thought crossed his head. He curiously lowered his hand down to Dara's
underwear and brushed two Iingers across her clad womanhood. A smile broke across his Iace
when he realized that it was wet. So he wasn't the only one who was Ieeling aroused right now!
The thought made him Ieel more excited.
"Oppa, is something wrong with me?" Dara asked hesitantly. Jiyong chuckled at her innocent
question. How could she be so naive? He really couldn't understand how Dara and Bom were
sisters. Dara was so clueless while Bom was... very wise.
"Nothing's wrong with you." Jiyong chuckled beIore giving her a peck on her lips.
"Then why.." Dara trailed oII in conIusion.
Jiyong just smiled beIore lowering his hand down to her underwear again. Dara's eyes widened
in surprise when she Ielt his hand cup her womanhood.
"Where does it Ieel weird, babe?" Jiyong asked as he slowly started rubbing her. Dara gasped as
she Ielt the heat inside her body build up again.
"Hmm?" Jiyong asked innocently. He slipped his hand inside her underwear and brushed his
thumb across her clit. He grinned when he heard Dara let out a moan.
"Here?" Jiyong asked as he started rubbing her clit in a circular motion. Dara whimpered and
"Oppa, what are you doing?" she asked as she tried to push him away.
"Shh.. I'll make you Ieel better." Jiyong cooed as he started rubbing her a little Iaster. Despite
Ieeling embarrassed by what Jiyong was doing to her right now, Dara couldn't make him stop.
Her body didn't want him to stop.
"Ahh.." she moaned when Jiyong inserted a Iinger into her. Although it hurt a little at Iirst, the
pain wasn't too bad.
"Are you okay?" Jiyong asked as he paused. He Ielt Dara's walls clamp onto his Iinger tightly,
making him even harder than beIore... II that was even possible.
"Yeah." Dara breathed out as she nodded. Jiyong took this as his cue to continue. He started to
slowly thrust his Iinger in and out oI her.
"Uhh.." Dara moaned again as she Ielt her body tense up in pleasure. She quickly wrapped her
arms around Jiyong's neck.
"Does that Ieel good?" Jiyong whispered into her ear beIore adding another Iinger, making Dara
gasp in response.
"Oppa.." Dara whimpered as she Ielt something build up inside her. It was the same kind oI
Ieeling that she had experienced during her Iirst night with him.
"Hmm?" Jiyong asked as he continued to pump his Iingers inside her. "Answer me, baby. Does it
Ieel good?"
"Ahh.. " Dara moaned as she squeezed her eyes shut. "Uhh.."
"Baby.." Jiyong said as he kissed her neck while moving his Iingers Iaster.
"Uhh.. It Ieels.. good." Dara answered in between her moans. She clung to Jiyong's neck tighter
as she panted into his ear.
Hearing her soIt moans and panting was driving Jiyong insane. He quickly captured her lips in
another kiss. Dara kissed him back just as desperately.
AIter a Iew minutes, Jiyong could tell that Dara was near. She was squirming as her moans got
louder than beIore.
"Oppa.. I'm... uhhh!" Dara moaned as she squeezed her eyes shut again.
"I know, baby." Jiyong said as he continued ramming his Iingers inside her. "Let it go.."
"I can't..." Dara whimpered as she shook her head. "Ugh.. Oppa!"
There was deIinitely something bubbling inside her body. It was ready to explode, but she just
couldn't cross that Iinish line. It was making her go insane.
"Baby, open your eyes." Jiyong cooed as he slowed down slightly, making her calm down a bit.
Dara Iluttered her eyes open as she panted heavily. She noticed that he was breathing a little
unsteadily as well.
"Look at me." he ordered soItly yet Iirmly.
Dara listened to him. She stared at Jiyong's Iace through hazy eyes.
Jiyong stared deeply into Dara's eyes beIore picking up his pace again. He kept his gaze on Dara
as she desperately tried to do the same. Dara moaned again as she Ielt her entire body tense up.
"Let it go, baby." Jiyong whispered as he caressed her Iace with his Iree hand. He pecked her lips
one last time beIore looking directly into her eyes.
"Cum Ior me."
That did it.
With a Iinal scream, Dara released everything. Her entire body shook as a pleasantly hot Ieeling
spread around her private area. Eor a brieI, blissIul moment, she Iorgot about everything as her
mind went blank.
Jiyong smiled in satisIaction as he watched Dara try to catch her breath. She just looked so
perIect aIter an orgasm.
"Eeeling better now?" he grinned.
Dara blushed as she nodded shyly. Jiyong chuckled as he pecked her tired Iace.
"Let's take this oII now." he said as he reached Ior her shirt. She giggled soItly when she noticed
that Jiyong had an impatient look on his Iace. She looked down and saw that there was a huge
tent inside his pants.
Eeeling too tired to object, Dara let Jiyong do whatever he wanted to do. She sat up slightly as
Jiyong pulled her shirt above her head and threw it away.
Jiyong gulped when he saw Dara in her black bra. It Iit her body perIectly and enhanced her
cleavage. He couldn't help but stare at her chest with a watery mouth. He wanted to get a taste..
"Why do you keep staring?" Dara asked shyly as she tried to cover her chest with the blanket.
But Jiyong quickly stopped her.
"Are you sure your boobs didn't get bigger?" Jiyong asked as he eyed her chest with interest.
Dara blushed when saw him lick his lips.
"I told you.. It's a push-up bra.." Dara mumbled shyly as she turned bright red. Why did he keep
asking such embarrassing questions?!
But Jiyong was unconvinced. Even with help Irom her bra, there was no way that her breasts
could look that Iuller all oI a sudden.
He paused as he remembered what Seungri had told him earlier. According to Seungri, women's
breasts got larger during pregnancy. Although Jiyong had just laughed earlier, he was starting to
think that maybe the panda was right.
"Then let's see how big they are without the bra." he grinned playIully.
Dara's eyes widened as Jiyong pinned her back down on the bed and licked his lips again.
"Aisht, how can you be so perverted?!"
Jiyong just chuckled as he leaned down and started kissing her collarbone. Dara Ielt her body
immediately turn to jelly again as she ran her Iingers through his hair.
"Baby.. I really want you right now." Jiyong whispered in a more serious tone as he continued to
kiss her neck. His voice sounded like he was in pain.
He liIted his Iace to look at Dara in the eye.
"Please? I'll be very gentle. I promise." he said sincerely. He was pleading with her, almost
Dara nearly melted at Jiyong's words. And Irom the Iluttery Ieeling in her stomach, Dara knew
that she wanted him too.
"Okay.." she nodded shyly. She blushed as she looked away Irom him, avoiding eye contact.
A smile broke across Jiyong's Iace at her words. He cupped Dara's Iace and immediately started
giving her small kisses all over. He couldn't believe it. She had Iinally agreed to it! Jiyong Jr.
was Iree at last!
Dara giggled as she Ielt the butterIlies in her stomach Ilutter like crazy.
"But oppa?" she asked a little hesitantly. She was very curious about something but didn't know
iI it was appropriate to ask.
"Yes?" Jiyong asked as he rubbed the sides oI her arms.
"Umm.." Dara started oII shyly. She blushed again as she thought about what she was about to
"How many.. you know.. ummm.."
"How many....?" Jiyong raised his eyebrows, waiting Ior Dara to continue.
Dara gulped as she decided to get this question over with once and Ior all. She had been curious
ever since her conversation with Bom earlier. She took a deep breath.
"Howmanypositionsdoyouknow?" she blurted out quickly.
"How many what?" Jiyong asked with Iurrowed brows, not quite catching what Dara had just
blurted out.
Dara blushed. "Positions.."
Jiyong blinked a Iew times beIore raising his eyebrows at Dara.
"Positions?" he repeated in amusement. Dara groaned as she covered her Iace with her hands in
"Nevermind, it's nothing!" she said quickly.
´Aigo, Dara.. How can vou ask such a thing?'´ she scolded herselI. ´Positions?' Gahhhh''´
Jiyong just laughed as he lowered Dara's hands Irom her Iace.
"Positions?" he asked as he continued laughing. "What kinds oI positions are you talking about,
babe? Sex positions?"
Dara gasped when Jiyong said the "S" word. She quickly shook her head.
"No no!"
Now she regretted not keeping her stupid mouth shut earlier.
"Aigo.. Why are you curious about such things?" Jiyong teased her as pinched her nose. "You're
naughtier than I thought, kid."
Dara just pouted as Jiyong continued laughing at her. He was making Iun oI her again.
"Aisht! Nevermind. I'm just going to sleep!" she said as she tried to push Jiyong oII oI her. But
he just grabbed her hands and kissed them.
"Arasso arasso. I'll stop laughing." he chuckled.
"I've never kept track, actually." Jiyong said thoughtIully. He then smiled as he wiggled his
eyebrows at her in a playIul way.
"Let's Iind out."
Dara gasped as Jiyong took oII his shirt and attacked her neck again with his lips. Her eyes rolled
back when he Iound her sensitive spot.
"Uhhng.." she moaned in pleasure as he started sucking that spot. She Ielt an electriIying Ieeling
shoot through her body again.
Jiyong quickly unclasped her bra and tossed it aside. He then trailed his lips down until he
reached one oI her breasts. He couldn't help but smile when he saw her already erect nipples.
Her breasts were deIinitely bigger than the last time he had seen them. Seungri had been right.
The sly bastard..
"Uhh.." Dara moaned when Jiyong took one oI her nipples into his mouth. He massaged her
other breast. making sure to give it attention as well. Dara's eyes rolled back as Jiyong played
with her twins. He was the only guy who had ever touched her this intimately beIore.
And Dara was glad. She could never imagine doing what she was doing right now with any oI
her ex-boyIriends. But with Jiyong, it was just perIect. She Ielt loved.
"You like that?" Jiyong asked as he pinched her nipple, making Dara squirm and writhe
underneath him.
Jiyong smiled when he heard her response. Although he wanted to tease her a little more, he
really couldn't take it anymore either. He quickly took oII his pants and boxers. He hissed when
Jiyong Jr. was finallv released Irom its cage.
He then removed Dara's underwear as well so that they were both naked. He parted Dara's legs
and started kissing the inside oI her thighs.
Eeeling Jiyong's warm lips on her erogenous zone made Dara shudder with excitement. She
moaned again as she clenched onto the bedsheets. He really knew how to play with her sensitive
Jiyong continued kissing Dara's thighs and then trailed his lips up until they reached her stomach.
He rubbed her stomach gently while giving it soIt kisses as well.
"Oppa.. The baby's happy again.." Dara whispered breathlessly. Jiyong smiled as he looked up at
"Really?" he grinned as he patted her stomach.
"Mhmm." Dara nodded with halI-lidded eyes. Jiyong could tell that she was still tired Irom her
previous orgasm. He quickly pecked her lips and settled in between her legs.
"Uhhhng.." Dara moaned when Jiyong brushed the tip oI his rock hard pet against her opening. It
was driving both oI them insane.
"I'll make this quick, baby." Jiyong groaned as he caressed Dara's tired Iace. Dara nodded as she
bit on her lower lip.
"You ready?" he breathed out. Dara just nodded again. She wanted him.
Slowly, Jiyong eased himselI inside oI her. Although she was wet, she was still really tight. He
groaned in content as her walls immediately sucked onto his member.
Jiyong Jr. was in heaven at last.
"Are you okay?" he bit out as he looked at Dara. He was actually asking the question to himselI
as well.
Dara let out a deep breath as she grimaced slightly.
"It kind oI hurts.." she pouted. Jiyong kissed her lips as he stayed completely still.
"I won't move until you tell me to." he reassured her. Although he wanted to start thrusting hard
and Iast, he told himselI to stay calm. He had done such a good job restraining himselI up to this
point, and he didn't want to mess up now.
Dara just nodded as she wrapped her arms around his neck again. She was glad that Jiyong was
being so considerate.
AIter a Iew seconds, she was ready.
"I think.. You can move now.." she told him. Slowly, Jiyong started moving. He pulled himselI
out almost completely beIore slowly sliding into her again. Dara cringed at Iirst, but she told
herselI to endure it. It didn't hurt as much as the Iirst time anyway.
"Should I stop?" Jiyong asked hesitantly as he stared at Dara's pained expression. He was about
to pull out, but Dara stopped him.
"Don't.." she said as she clung onto him tightly. She wanted to give Jiyong what he wanted.
"I'll be Iine aIter awhile." she reassured him. "Just.. Keep moving."
Jiyong smiled slightly beIore nodding. He started moving again. Her walls were so tight that
each little movement was giving him so much pleasure. He kissed her lips as he started moving a
little Iaster.
"Mmm.." Dara moaned against Jiyong's lips as she started Ieeling pleasure as well. The pain that
she had been experiencing a Iew minutes earlier was long gone.
Jiyong squeezed Dara's breasts as he continued thrusting into her. His eyes rolled back as he
groaned in ecstasy. Her body Ielt so good. It was deIinitely worth the wait.
"Ahh.." Dara moaned as she broke oII the kiss and buried her Iace into the pillow. "Oppa...
"Baby.. Uhh.. You Ieel so good.." Jiyong whispered as he kissed her neck.
"Ughhh!" she yelled as Jiyong bit on her neck, most likely leaving a mark. It hurt a little, but he
immediately started sucking on it gently aIterwards. Dara shivered as she Ielt the hair on her skin
Jiyong picked up his pace even more as he continued kissing Dara's neck. She was bound to have
a lot oI marks by tomorrow morning, but she didn't care. All she could think about right now was
how good it Ielt to have Jiyong sliding in and out oI her.
"Ahhh!" she yelled as Jiyong attacked another portion oI her neck. "Oppa.. That hurts.."
"Sorry babe.." Jiyong whispered as he gently kissed the spot he had just bitten.
"It's... Uhhh.. It's okay.." Dara said in a strained voice as Jiyong continued thrusting into her.
"Euck.." Jiyong said hoarsely beIore liIting up her legs and ramming himselI deeper into her. He
couldn't believe how wet and tight she was.
"Ohh... God!" Dara said loudly when she Ielt him hit another spot. "Oppa!"
She could tell that she was going to climax again. The same Ieeling Irom earlier was bubbling
inside oI her. She grabbed onto Jiyong's arms tightly as she panted loudly. She was close.
Jiyong also knew that Dara was close. Her walls were tightening around him and her moaning
was getting louder.
But beIore Dara could reach her heaven, Jiyong stopped and Ilipped themselves around so that
she was on top. Dara's mouth hung open and she stared down at Jiyong in disbelieI.
"What was that Ior?" she glared at him as she panted heavily. She couldn't believe that he had
"Position number two." Jiyong smirked as he put his hands behind his head. "Cowgirl."
"The Iirst was missionary position. And this one is called cowgirl or woman on top."
Dara's mouth dropped open in disbelieI.
´Woman on top?'´
"Oppa!" she shrieked in embarrassment.
Jiyong just grinned as he ran his hands up and down her slim waist. She had an ever better Iigure
Irom this view. He was deIinitely liking what he saw.
"Ride me, babe."
Dara Irowned. "But... I don't know how.."
Jiyong smiled as he held onto her waist. "Just move up and down. I'll help you."
Dara was still unsure whether she could do this correctly. But since she was desperate to reach
her orgasm as well, she decided to give it a try.
"Hold onto me. I'll be easier." Jiyong said. Dara Iollowed Jiyong's instructions as she placed her
hands on his chest. She then started slowly moving up and down his shaIt. All the delicious
sensations Irom earlier came back right away.
"Yeah.. Just like that.." Jiyong groaned as he closed his eyes. Eor a Iirst timer, she was better
than he had expected.
"Uhh.." Dara let out a moan as she Ielt sweat starting to Iorm on her Iorehead. Erom this position,
she could Ieel his penis hit a diIIerent spot.
"Baby.. Easter.." Jiyong said as he reached Ior both oI Dara's breasts. He played and Iondled
them as Dara started moving Iaster. She didn't know iI she was doing the right thing, but
whatever. It Ielt good and Jiyong seemed to be enjoying it as well.
The room was Iilled with their endless moans and loud pants as Dara took control. She moved
her hips up and down at a steady pace and grinded against him. But she was still moving a little
too slowly Ior his liking.
"Oppa.." Dara purred as she gripped onto his shoulders tightly. Jiyong grunted as he thrusted his
hip up.
"Uhhh!" Dara yelled as she Ielt his member get buried deeper into her. "Oppa.. Ahhh.."
"Move with me, baby." Jiyong grunted as he held onto Dara's waist tightly. He thrusted up again,
making Dara scream out in pleasure.
"Okay.." she bit out as she desperately clenched onto Jiyong's shoulders, almost digging her nails
into his skin. She was getting close to her edge again.
Dara pushed down hard as Jiyong pushed up. Pretty soon, their bodies were rocking against each
other perIectly.
"I'm.. Oh god.." Dara whimpered as she closed her eyes tightly. "I'm.."
With a Iinal thrust Irom Jiyong, Dara came Ior the second time that night. She let out a loud
scream as her body shook uncontrollably. Seconds later, Jiyong came as well. He groaned as he
released everything into her. Dara just sighed as she collapsed weakly on top oI him. Both were
breathing heavily.
Eor a Iew minutes, the room was silent except Ior their heavy breathing. Then Jiyong rolled them
over so that he was on top again.
"How was that?" he asked with a satisIied grin beIore pecking her Iorehead. Dara just smiled
"Only two positions?" she teased. Jiyong chuckled as he kissed her lips.
"I would show you all the positions I know, but that would take all night.." he whispered.
Dara gulped. ´All night?'´
"And we don't want to scare the baby, now do we?" Jiyong asked as he rubbed her stomach. Dara
just rolled her eyes as Jiyong started chuckling. He then wrapped her up in his arms.
Within seconds, they were both Iast asleep.
The next morning, Jiyong woke up Iirst. He looked over and saw that Dara was still sleeping
peaceIully with her arms wrapped around his waist. He smiled as he looked down at the cute
little angel next to him.
He wondered how she would react this time around. Would she yell at him and tell him to get out
again? He chuckled soItly as he remembered how Dara had beaten him up with her pillow last
Jiyong gently caressed her Iace and kissed her Iorehead.
Dara sighed and stirred, and her brown eyes Iluttered open. She squinted as the bright light
blinded her still unaccustomed eyes. She blinked slowly.
"Good morning, kid." Jiyong greeted her with another kiss on her Iorehead. He smiled as he
waited Ior Dara's reaction.
Dara blushed as she looked anywhere except into Jiyong's eyes. All the memories Irom last night
came rushing back to her.
She couldn't believe that they had done it again last night!
"Morning.." she mumbled quietly. She Ielt a little awkward.
Jiyong couldn't help but smile at Dara's shyness. "Hey, why aren't you looking at me?"
"I don't know.." Dara groaned in embarrassment as she quickly buried her head in his chest.
Jiyong just grinned as he let her. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a warm
embrace. This was a completely diIIerent reaction Irom last time.
"No need to be embarrassed, kid." he chuckled. "It's just me."
Dara pouted and snuggled against Jiyong's chest. "I know.."
Jiyong smiled as he stroked her hair. "Then why are you so shy, hmm? You weren't shy last
Dara gasped as her cheeks turned bright pink. She looked up and saw that Jiyong was smiling at
"Oppa!" she shrieked in embarrassment as she covered her Iace with her hands. She didn't want
to be reminded oI how she had behaved last night. And she still couldn't believe that she had
actually asked Jiyong about the "positions." Gahhhh..!
Jiyong just chuckled as he pulled Dara's hands away Irom her Iace and kissed her pouted lips.
"Yup, that's what you were screaming last night." Jiyong grinned. "Ohh.. oppa.. Ahhh.. ahhh~
Dara's eyes widened as Jiyong started moaning. What on earth was he doing making such sinIul
noises? Had she really moaned like that last night?!!
"What are you doing? Stop it!!"
Jiyong chuckled as he gave her an innocent look. "Should I stop?"
"Yes!!" Dara said as she glared at him.
"But why do you want me to stop when it-- uhhh.. it Ieels so... ahhh.. good.." Jiyong moaned
again. Dara's mouth dropped open as he closed his eyes and bit his lower lip sensually. She
couldn't help but gulp at the sexy sight beIore her. It made her want to Ieel him all over again...
´Gahh.. No' It´s still wav too earlv in the morning to be feeling like this'´ Dara scolded herselI as
she shook her head.
"KWON JIYONG!" she yelled as she slapped his arm. She gave him a deathly glare beIore
turning her back to him. He was always making Iun oI her!
Jiyong started to laugh as he wrapped his arms around Dara and kissed her shoulder.
"Arasso, I'll stop." he chuckled. "So turn around and look at me, babe."
Slowly, Dara turned around and narrowed her eyes at Jiyong. He grinned beIore giving her
another peck on the lips. He was glad that at least Dara wasn't Ieeling awkward anymore. He
smiled beIore giving her small pecks all over her pretty Iace.
Pretty soon, Dara was laughing as her heart Iluttered. Although Jiyong still made Iun oI her
every day, he could be so sweet as well. Dara wondered whether it was okay to Ieel this happy. It
almost made her nervous that something bad was waiting Ior her around the corner.
But she Iorgot about her worries when Jiyong started kissing her lips. Dara sighed in content as
he deepened the kiss and started exploring her mouth. Totally lost in the kiss, Dara closed her
But just as she was about to kiss him back, she suddenly remembered something. Her eyes
sprung open and she immediately pushed Jiyong away.
"Oppa! We didn't even brush our teeth yet!" Dara exclaimed as she covered her mouth with her
´Aigo.. how embarrassing'´ she cried inside her head. ´What if mv breath reallv stinks?''´
"Don't worry about it." Jiyong murmured as he moved Dara's hand away and captured her lips
again. He didn't care iI they hadn't washed yet. He wanted to taste her.
But Dara did not Ieel the same way. She turned her head and broke oII the kiss.
"Oppa, that's disgusting!"
"But baby..." Jiyong whined as he gave Dara a puppy Iace. Dara just giggled as she shook her
"Stop trying to act cute." she laughed. Sometimes she wondered who was really the kid between
the two oI them.
"Hmph." Jiyong pouted. Dara could be such a killjoy at times.
But he gulped once Dara sat up and started tying her hair, giving him a clear view oI her bare
chest. She must have Iorgotten that they were both still completely naked...
He smirked beIore grabbing her arm and pinning her back down on the bed.
"Ack!" Dara yelled in surprise as Jiyong hovered over her. "What are you trying to do now?"
"Since you won't kiss me, I'll just kiss the baby instead." Jiyong smiled.
"What?" Dara asked in conIusion.
Without answering Dara's question, Jiyong simply leaned down and started kissing her stomach.
Dara's eyes widened beIore she burst out into a Iit oI giggles.
"Oppa, what are you doing?! That tickles!" she squealed as she squirmed and wiggled under him.
But Jiyong continued assaulting her stomach with his kisses.
"Oppa! That tickles!" Dara laughed as she tried to push him oII oI her.
"Just stay still." Jiyong laughed as he continued planting sweet kisses all over. He wondered how
long it would take beIore Dara's stomach would start showing. Right now, it was still completely
"Hehe.. Your chin is scratchy." Dara giggled.
Jiyong paused beIore rubbing his stubble with his palm. "Is it?"
Dara nodded. She continued giggling as she motioned Ior him to come up to her. Jiyong grinned
beIore moving up Irom her stomach so that he was hovering over her again.
Curiously, Dara reached up and rubbed Jiyong's chin with her Iingers. She had never really been
a Ian oI Iacial hair. Honestly, she thought that guys with Iacial hair looked like tramps. She
preIered clean-shaven men.
But with Jiyong, his morning stubble only made him look more rough-edged and sexy. Dara was
liking this new side oI him.
"Hehe.. it's so prickly." Dara said as she continued touching Jiyong's jaw.
Jiyong grinned beIore leaning down and gently rubbing his chin against Dara's cheek.
"You like it?" he cooed as he shook his head back and Iorth.
Dara squealed as she Ielt the scratchiness against her skin. She laughed as she wrapped her arms
around Jiyong's neck and hugged him.
"Shave it oII." she giggled. "it's too scratchy."
Jiyong grinned and pecked her lips gently. "Wanna do it Ior me?"
Dara's eyes lit up at Jiyong's suggestion. She had never shaved a man's beard beIore. Just the
idea oI doing it Ielt so... Intimate. She wanted to give it a try.
"Then what will you do Ior me?" she asked playIully.
Jiyong smiled beIore suddenly picking Dara up bridal style.
"I'll wash you." he whispered into her ear huskily.
Dara gasped as Jiyong gave her a mischievous look. It was only then that she realized that they
were both still completely naked. Her eyes widened when she Ielt something poke her Irom
below. Jiyong Jr. was alive again.
"And iI you're lucky.." Jiyong continued with a smirk. "I'll even show you a Iew more positions."
BeIore Dara could protest, he quickly carried her to the bathroom and closed the door.
(A/N: My mind's not feeling green enough to elaborate on this today. Use your own
wonderful minds! ^__^)
AIter Iooling around in the bathroom Ior a Iew hours, they were Iinally ready to go out. Jiyong
was clean-shaven, Dara was washed, and Jiyong Jr. was Ieeling satisIied. Sex in the shower was
truly amazing, no matter how overrated it was.
"Ready to go?" Jiyong asked happily.
Dara rolled her eyes beIore pointing to her neck. "Look at the mess you made!"
Jiyong chuckled as he stared at many the marks he had made last night and this morning. He just
gave her an innocent smile beIore taking out a scarI Irom his suitcase. He wrapped it around
Dara's neck.
"There. All better now." he said in satisIaction as he checked Dara out Irom head to toe. Because
she didn't have her clothes, Jiyong had dressed her up in his shirt and jacket. Luckily, she still
had her jeans Irom yesterday.
Dara looked at herselI in the mirror. Surprisingly, Jiyong's clothes suited her. He was really good
at putting together the perIect outIit.
"I Ieel like a doll." she laughed.
Jiyong smiled as he hugged her Irom behind. "My doll."
Dara blushed as Jiyong stared at her through the mirror. She still couldn't believe that this guy
standing behind her was the same playboy Jiyong she had met at the beginning oI the year. He
was a completely diIIerent person now.
But just as she was about to turn around and Iace him, Dara suddenly Ielt kind oI dizzy. She
stumbled as she lost her balance.
"Dara!" Jiyong yelled in surprise as he quickly grabbed onto her. "What's wrong?"
Dara Iurrowed her brows as she massaged her Iorehead. "I have a headache.."
"A headache?" Jiyong asked worriedly.
Dara shook her head. "It's nothing. I'll be Iine. Let's go."
She didn't want to make Jiyong worry on their honeymoon. He had worked hard to prepare an
entire schedule Ior them today, and she didn't want to ruin it.
It wasn't a severe headache anyway. She could live through it.
"Let's go." Dara repeated as she tugged on Jiyong's arm. "I'm really okay."
But Jiyong was still unconvinced. Now that he looked at it, she seemed a little pale.
"Are you sure you're okay?" he asked with a Irown.
Dara rolled her eyes as she laughed. "OI course! Come on."
But instead oI listening to her, Jiyong reached out and touched her Iorehead. His eyes widened.
"Yah, you have a Iever!" he said with a Irown.
Dara grimaced as Jiyong gave her a stern look. "Oh.. Umm.. Do I?"
Jiyong gave her a look oI disapproval. He quickly put on his jacket and grabbed his wallet.
"We're going to the hospital."
Dara sulked as she watched Jiyong get their boarding passes. They were now at the airport aIter
meeting with the doctor at the hospital. Apparently, Dara had the cold.
And although it wasn't anything severe, the doctor had advised Dara to get plenty oI rest
especially since she was pregnant. Consequently, Jiyong had decided that it would be best Ior
them to go back home. He had changed their Ilight schedule.
Dara wanted to cry. She Ielt so guilty Ior ruining everything. Even her cold came at the wrong
time. All the plans that Jiyong had made had gone up into thin air.
AIter getting their tickets, Jiyong looked over at Dara. She was sitting on one oI the seats with a
guilty expression.
He sighed as he walked up to her. He kneeled down in Iront oI her and placed his hands on either
side oI her legs.
"What's wrong, babe?"
Dara just shook her head as she told herselI to hold back her tears.
"It's our honeymoon... But I ruined it." she mumbled. "I ruined everything.."
Jiyong caressed Dara's Iace and gave her a soIt smile.
"Don't say that, babe. You didn't do anything wrong."
"But you worked so hard to plan everything.." Dara Irowned as she Ielt the tears threatening to
Iall down.
"It's okay.." Jiyong reassured her in a gentle tone. "It's really okay."
Honestly, he was more worried about her and the baby's health rather than honeymoon. Jiyong
was just glad that they were both Iine.
"Shh.." Jiyong whispered beIore soItly pecking her lips to silence her. He then zipped up her
jacket and repositioned the scarI around her neck.
"You're not mad?" Dara asked hesitantly. "Even though I ruined everything?"
Jiyong smiled. "OI course I'm not mad. We can have a vacation together some other time."
He then gave her a stern look. "But you really should have told me iI you weren't Ieeling well,
Dara hung her head down in guilt. "Sorry..."
She Ielt the tears bubbling in her eyes. She honestly didn't even know why she was crying right
now. Jiyong was being more than understanding and telling her that everything was okay. So
why on earth was she crying? She noticed that some people nearby were staring at them
Jiyong watched as a tear slid down Dara's cheeks. Seungri had been right again. Women became
more emotional during pregnancy. Jiyong thought it was Iascinating how everything Seungri had
told him was coming true.
"Aigo.. and you're crying now?" Jiyong teased as he wiped Dara's tears with his thumb. "You're
such a kid."
Dara sniIIled as she continued crying. "Am not."
Jiyong grinned beIore reaching into his pocket and taking out a lollipop.
"Here, kid. I'll give you this candy iI you stop crying." he cooed playIully.
Dara couldn't help but let out a little laugh in between her tears. Jiyong was treating her like a
total baby.
Jiyong Iinished wiping Dara's tears and then gave her the lollipop. He smiled as he watched Dara
stick the candy in her mouth. Her eyes were slightly puIIy Irom all the crying. Jiyong could tell
that she looked a little sleepy.
He couldn't believe that in about 7 months, this little kid sitting in Iront oI him was going to
become a mom. He shook his head as he thought about his Iuture. It would be like taking care oI
two kids.
But Jiyong didn't mind. He liked looking aIter Dara.
"Aigo.." he smiled as he pinched her nose. "Let's go home now, Mrs. Kwon."
Dara gasped as Jiyong picked her up and walked to their gate.
"Oppa, what are you doing?" she whispered. "People are staring."
Sure enough, people were watching Jiyong and Dara in interest.
"So?" Jiyong grinned. "Let them stare."
"But it's embarrassing." Dara whispered as she looked around. "Just put me down."
"Don't want to." Jiyong said as he continued walking to the gate. He smiled once they reached
the Ilight attendant.
"Oppa!" Dara hissed as she struggled to get down.
"Do you have your tickets?" the woman asked.
Awkwardly, Dara handed their tickets to her. The woman smiled beIore taking them Irom her
and scanning them. Erom the looks oI it, this cute couple in Iront oI her were newlyweds.
"Have a good Ilight." she told them.
"Thanks." Jiyong answered beIore walking through the gates and into the plane.
Once they were inside, Jiyong Iinally put Dara down in her seat. He noticed that her cheeks were
still pink Irom embarrassment.
"What was that all about?" she mumbled sleepily. She really didn't like it when he drew attention
to them. Jiyong smiled as he watched her blink her eyes slowly.
"Just go to sleep, baby." he whispered beIore planting a kiss on her Iorehead.
Eeeling too tired to object, Dara nodded. She would deal with him later.
Pretty soon she Iell asleep, her Iingers interlocked tightly with Jiyong's
"Baby, we're here now." Jiyong whispered into Dara's ears as he gently shook her. The plane had
just landed.
"Hmm.." Dara sighed as she snuggled her Iace against Jiyong's shoulder. His broad shoulder was
just so comIy. She had been using it as a pillow through the entire plane ride.
Jiyong chuckled as he placed his hand on Dara's Iorehead. He let out a sigh oI relieI when he
realized that she didn't have a Iever anymore. The medication Irom the doctor must have
"Come on kid." he said as he patted her head. "Wake up."
But Dara ignored him. She wanted to sleep a little longer on Jiyong's shoulder. It just Ielt so
"You're drooling on my shoulder, you know."
Dara immediately opened her eyes in shock at Jiyong's words. Drool?' She quickly pulled apart
Irom him and looked at his shoulder.
Jiyong grinned. "Just kidding."
Dara let out a sigh oI relieI beIore shooting Jiyong a glare.
"What was that Ior?" she asked as she slapped his arm.
Jiyong just laughed. "Let's go, babe. They're waiting Ior us."
Dara raised her eyebrows. "Who?"
"TOP and Bom." JIyong answered with a smile. "They came to the airport to pick us up."
Dara's eyes lit up at the mention oI her sister's name. Park Bom.
She clenched her Iists and gritted her teeth. She was going to kill her sister Ior taking all oI her
clothes and leaving her with only the lingerie. How could Bom do such a thing to her?!
"Let's go." Dara said in a dark voice as she picked up her purse and got up Irom her seat. Without
waiting Ior Jiyong, she quickly got out oI the plane and walked out the gate.
"Yah, kid! Wait Ior me!" Jiyong called out as he Iollowed aIter Dara. He had never seen her
walk so quickly beIore.
As soon as they were out oI the gates, Dara quickly scanned the airport Ior her sister. Her Iace
darkened as she spotted two tall people.
There, waiting Ior them in Iront oI the baggage claim area, was Bom and TOP. Bom had a smug
look on her Iace as she waved happily to Dara.
"BOMMIEEEE!!!!" Dara yelled at the top oI her lungs as she lunged Iorward to her sister.
"Ack!" Bom yelped as she quickly hid herselI behind TOP. She laughed as Dara tried to attack
"Ow ow! Yah Ssantokki, you're hitting me!" TOP complained as he helplessly received Dara's
"Then move!" Dara growled as she pushed TOP aside and reached Ior Bom.
"I can't believe you threw all my clothes out!" Dara groaned as she grabbed Bom's shoulders and
started shaking her. "Did you know how embarrassing it was?!"
Bom just continued laughing. "Was it?"
"You're laughing?" Dara asked in disbelieI. "You're laughing?!"
Jiyong chuckled in amusement as he pulled Dara apart Irom Bom and wrapped his arm around
her shoulders. Dara was so cute when she was mad.
"Hey, Bom." he said with a grin. "Thanks Ior the present.."
Bom's eyes widened in excitement. "Omo, so did Dara really wear it?!"
Dara blushed in embarrassment as she shot Jiyong a glare. She elbowed him beIore quickly
turning back to Bom.
"No." Dara snapped as she Iolded her arms across her chest. "I didn't."
Bom's Iace Iell a bit in disappointment. "You didn't?"
"I didn't." Dara repeated. She wasn't going to let Bom have the pleasure oI knowing that her plan
had succeeded.
"Really?" Bom asked in disbelieI. "You really didn't wear it?"
"I didn't wear it!"
Bom turned to Jiyong and gave him an incredulous look. Jiyong just chuckled as he shrugged his
shoulders innocently. It seemed like Dara was embarrassed to let Bom know what had happened
last night. Jiyong just decided to go along with whatever Dara was claiming.
"Aisht.." Bom muttered with a Irown. She couldn't believe that her ingenius plan had Iailed.
Dara smiled smugly as she watched her sister's disappointed Iace. She smirked as she removed
the scarI Irom around her neck. All the yelling Irom earlier was making her Ieel hot.
But the moment her scarI was oII, Bom's eyes suddenly widened again.
"Omo!" she gasped as she pointed to Dara's neck. "Your..."
"Hmm?" Dara asked, oblivious to what her sister was pointing at.
"Your neck!" Bom squealed excitedly as she pointed to the purplish marks all over Dara's neck.
"Those are hickeys right?!!"
Dara gasped as her hand immediately went up to her neck. She had Iorgotten about the marks
Jiyong had made. She groaned as Bom grinned at her victoriously.
"Tabi, tabi! Look at her neck!" Bom chirped excitedly as she tugged on TOP's arm. TOP just
smirked as he raised his eyebrows at Jiyong.
"Looks like our newlyweds had some Iun last night." he grinned mischievously.
"No no!" Dara blurted out as she blushed in embarrassment. How could she have Iorgotten about
the marks?! Gahhh..!
Jiyong just chuckled as he wrapped the scarI around Dara's neck again. She was such a lousy
"Dara.." Bom said in a teasing voice as she shook her Iinger.
Dara groaned beIore burying her Iace into Jiyong's chest, praying that the ground would eat her
Eor the next Iew days, Jiyong prohibited Dara Irom leaving their apartment. Although she wasn't
even sick anymore and the doctor said that the baby was Iine, Jiyong just wanted to be extra
"Say 'ah'" Jiyong said as he held a spoonIul oI pumpkin porridge in Iront oI Dara's Iace. Dara just
laughed beIore opening her mouth and letting Jiyong Ieed her. Eor the past Iew days, Jiyong had
been pampering Dara, taking care oI her every need.
"Oppa, I'm not even sick anymore!" Dara protested as she tried to take the spoon Irom Jiyong so
she could eat by herselI. But Jiyong wouldn't let her.
"But I like Ieeding you." he smiled beIore placing another spoonIul oI porridge into her mouth.
Dara rolled her eyes as she shook her head.
"You're so cheesy!"
Jiyong just chuckled as he continued Ieeding Dara and stealing small kisses Iom her in between.
He didn't care iI he was being cheesy.
"Babe, I need to go over to Taecyeon's place today." Jiyong said as he scraped up the last bit oI
porridge and placed it in Dara's mouth.
Dara gulped it down as she stared at Jiyong curiously. "Why?"
"We need to work on our project." Jiyong answered.
Dara pouted at the thought oI being home all alone without Jiyong. Although it had only been a
Iew days since they had started living together, she was already used to having him around all
the time. She was starting to wonder iI she was becoming too dependent on him.
"How long will you be gone?" she asked.
"Only Ior a Iew hours or so." Jiyong answered. "It shouldn't take too long."
Dara Irowned. What was she supposed to do all by herselI Ior a Iew hours?
"Can I come with you?" she asked. Jiyong raised his eyebrows at her question.
"Why? Can't stand to be away Irom your husband?" he teased as he pinched her cheeks.
Dara blushed as she slapped his hand away. "Psh.. no."
Jiyong grinned as he ruIIled her hair. Honestly, he wanted Dara to come with him as well. But he
knew that bringing her along to Taecyeon's house was a bad idea. Taecyeon drank and smoked a
lot, and it would be bad Ior Dara and the baby to be exposed to the cigarette smoke. That was
why Jiyong had quit smoking himselI.
"Just stay home, babe. I won't be gone long." Jiyong reassured her beIore getting up Irom his seat.
The sooner he got this project over with, the sooner he could come back home to Dara.
Dara pouted a bit in disappointment, but she nodded.
"Buy me some more strawberries on your way back then." she said as she Iollowed Jiyong to the
Jiyong smiled. Dara's Iood cravings were getting more Irequent now.
"Arrasso." he said beIore leaning down to give Dara a kiss on her lips.
Things went very well, and Jiyong was able to Iinish his project with Taecyeon within an hour.
"Wanna go out?" Taecyeon asked as he closed his laptop. "Everyone's at NB tonight."
"NB?" Jiyong asked. He realized that it had been awhile since he had last gone to the club.
Jiyong shook his head. "Nah, I'd rather just go back home. Dara wanted some straw--"
"Dude, come on." Taecyeon pressed. "Just come Ior an hour or two. You guys have only been
married Ior three days, yet you're already acting like you're tied down."
Jiyong chuckled and shrugged. "Maybe I am."
"Just come." Taecyeon said as he grabbed Jiyong's arm. "One hour won't hurt.."
"I can't believe Jiyong oppa actually married that kid!" Sohee complained as she angrily gulped
down another bottle oI beer.
It just didn't make sense. Sohee knew that she was smarter, richer, and prettier than Dara. So
what did Jiyong see in her anyway?
"Quit whining already." Lai snapped. "There's nothing you can do about it."
Sohee glared at her Physics lab partner. She didn't know why she had asked Lai to go clubbing
with her in the Iirst place. The two oI them weren't even Iriends. In Iact, Sohee was pretty sure
that Lai hated her.
Lai was an exchange student. She had come to Korea two weeks earlier Ior a credit internship
and was assigned to be lab partners with Sohee. She was scheduled to leave Korea tomorrow
"You don't understand anything." Sohee muttered as she shook her head. "I really love Jiyong
Lai rolled her eyes. Her lab partner just sounded so pathetic right now sulking over a married
"He's married." Lai said coldly. "Get over it."
Sohee just continued shaking her head as she solemnly clenched her beer. Although Sohee knew
that Jiyong had played around with a lot oI girls while seeing her, she had believed that he would
eventually love her back. She didn't think he'd just married so quickly!
Lai watched as a tear slipped Irom Sohee's eyes. She sighed as she got up.
"I'm going to the bathroom."
Sohee wasn't even paying attention. She was too preoccupied in her thoughts. She just couldn't
sit back and let thing continue to be this way.
Although Lai didn't really like Sohee, she couldn't help but Ieel a little bad Ior her. It wasn't her
Iault that she liked Jiyong...
"Oops, sorry." Lai apologized when she bumped into someone. She looked up to see who it was.
Speak oI the devil. It was Kwon Jiyong.
´What´s he doing at the club?´ Lai wondered. ´Shouldn´t he be home taking care of his pregnant
Jiyong gave Lai a warm smile. "It's okay."
He walked around her and continued on his way. Lai turned around and watched as Jiyong took a
seat next to Taecyeon and some oI his Iriends. It somehow irritated her how he seemed so happy,
but she shrugged that Ieeling away. it wasn't her business anyway.
When she got back Irom the bathroom, Lai saw Sohee whispering with one oI the waiters. She
saw Sohee give the waiter some cash beIore sending him oII on his way.
"What's going on?" Lai asked as she took a seat next to Sohee.
Sohee just smirked. "Payback time."
"What?" Lai asked.
Sohee looked at Lai with sparkling eyes. "Want to do me a Iavor?"
"No. I already told you I'm not drinking." Jiyong said as he pushed the drink away. "I only came
here because you needed a ride. I'm leaving soon."
"Have some water then." the waiter said as he handed Jiyong a glass oI water. "It's cold."
"Thanks." Jiyong smiled as he took the glass Irom the waiter. He was getting thirsty anyway. He
took a sip.
"Dude, you're no Iun." Taecyeon said in disapproval as he shook his head. "I guess being married
really changes a person, huh?"
Jiyong chuckled. "You have no idea."
Just then, Jiyong Ielt his phone vibrate. He looked and saw that it was a text message Irom Dara
asking where he was.
Jiyong smiled beIore replying back.
"I'm on my way to buy your strawberries now. I'll be home soon."
Taecyeon looked over Jiyong's shoulder to see what Jiyong was texting. He rolled his eyes when
he saw the lovey-dovey message.
"Get out." he said as he shoved Jiyong away Irom him. Jiyong just laughed as he got up.
"See you later." he said as he grabbed his jacket. Taecyeon just gave him a short wave beIore
scanning the club.
Jiyong smiled as he put on his jacket and quickly made his way through the crowd. He wanted to
get back to Dara as soon as possible.
But beIore he could reach the exit, he suddenly Ielt a sharp pain in his head. His eyes were
starting to lose Iocus as well, and he Ielt his entire body weaken. Without warning, he collapsed
on the Iloor beIore everything went black.
When he woke up, he realized that he was in a room. He groaned as he massaged his dizzy head.
What had happened?
"Awake now, oppa?" a voice purred Irom the corner oI the room. Jiyong couldn't quite detect
whose voice it was.
"Who are you?" Jiyong asked as he squinted his eyes. There was something wrong with his eyes.
Why couldn't he see things properly?
Lai giggled as walked up to Jiyong and caressed his Iace.
"It's me, oI course." she said sweetly. "Dara."
"Dara?" Jiyong asked as he blinked.
Lai let out a soIt sigh as she stared at the handsome guy sitting on the couch in Iront oI her. He
was drugged and had no idea what was going on right now.
She didn't even know what had made her agree to help Sohee with her plan. Was it out oI
sympathy Ior her? Pity, perhaps?
Whatever the reason, she had somehow ended up in this situation.
"Babe, where are we right now?" Jiyong asked in conIusion as he looked around the room. "And
how did you get here? Weren't you at home.."
"Shh.." Lai whispered as she put her Iinger on Jiyong's mouth. "It's okay, oppa. Everything's
Jiyong just blinked as he looked up at her through hazy eyes. The drug had taken over his body
Lai gently placed her hands on Jiyong's shoulders beIore sitting on his lap, straddling him.
Jiyong grinned as he wrapped his arms around Lai's waist. "What are you doing?"
"I missed you, oppa.." Lai said beIore giving him a gentle kiss on the lips. Jiyong just smiled
beIore giving her a quick peck in return. He had to admit, something Ielt very diIIerent about the
kiss just now.
But he couldn't quite Iigure out what it was. It was impossible to think properly with his
throbbing headache.
"Did you?" he asked.
Lai leaned down and kissed Jiyong's lips again. She slowly parted his lips with her tongue and
explored his warm mouth. She ran her Iingers through his hair as she rubbed her tongue against
his gently.
Leaving all his questions behind, Jiyong closed his eyes and pulled Lai's body closer to him.
´When did Dara get this good at kissing?´ he wondered in his head. It seemed as iI all the
practicing she had gotten Irom him was starting to pay oII. Jiyong smiled as he tilted his head
and deepened the kiss.
"Ugh." Jiyong groaned as he rubbed his Iorehead. He opened his eyes and squinted as he looked
around the room. He realized that he was in one oI the VIP rooms at Club NB. He sighed as he
slowly closed his eyes again..
´Wait. Club?'´
He quickly opened his eyes again. What was he still doing at the club?! He was supposed to be
on his way to buy strawberries!
Jiyong sat up Irom the couch and looked at the clock. His eyes widened when he saw that it was
already past 7am.
Shit. Had he Iallen asleep at the club last night?!
He panicked as he desperately tried to remember what had happened last night. He remembered
that he had come to drop Taecyeon oII... AIter that, he had been on his way to leave the club...
But then his head started to spin...
And then, everything went black. Jiyong couldn't remember anything else.
Had something else happened last night?
He immediately looked down and saw that he was still Iully clothed and that his wallet and keys
were still with him. He let out a sigh oI relieI. Nothing else could have happened, right?
"Oh god.. Dara!" Jiyong said as he took out his phone. It was turned oII.
Jiyong quickly turned his phone on again and cringed when he saw the many missed calls and
text messages Irom her. But beIore he could do anything about them, his battery died.
Shit. Shit. Shit.
How come none oI the workers had woken him up? How could they let someone Iall asleep
inside a club?!
Jiyong got up and ran out the room. As expected, the club was entirely deserted since it was
closed. He looked around and saw that there was no one inside except Ior him. Not even the
workers were present.
"What the Iuck is going on?" Jiyong muttered beIore running out the door and to his car. He
needed to get home to Dara right away.
Dara woke up with a start. She didn't even remember when she had Iallen asleep on the couch
last night. She immediately looked over at the clock.
It was 7:21am.
And there was still no sign oI Jiyong whatsoever.
Dara Irowned as she grabbed her cellphone and called Jiyong again. And as expected, it
automatically went straight to his voicemail. His phone was still turned oII.
Dara smiled as she looked at Jiyong's text:
"I'm on my way to buy your strawberries now. I'll be home soon."
´Hmm.. Their profect must have ended earlv.´ she thought happily. She quickly went to the
kitchen to prepare dinner. Although she was the one having Iood cravings, Jiyong was still the
one throwing up. Dara had to make sure to continously give him good Iood.
She happily started chopping up the vegetables and boiling the water Ior the soup. She couldn't
wait Ior Jiyong to come home. He would be so happy with the Iood she was going to make him.
Dara could already see the smile on his Iace.
Dara quickly Iinished the kimchi stew and took a taste.
"PerIect." she said smugly as she licked the spoon clean. It was perIect.
She then Iinished the vegetable pancake and transported them to a clean plate.
"Hmm... He should be here by now.." Dara said as she looked at the clock. Thirty minutes had
passed already.
But just as she was about to text Jiyong, she received one Irom him:
"I won't be home tonight. Don't wait for me."
Dara Irowned as she stared at the text message. What was he talking about all oI a sudden?
Ignoring his text, Dara quickly messaged him back:
"Are you almost home yet?"
Within seconds, she got a reply Irom him:
"I told you I won't be home. I'm busy tonight."
"What is this guy saying?" Dara said with Iurrowed brows. "He said he would be home soon!"
Rather than texting, Dara decided to call him instead. He wasn't making any sense at the
But the call went straight to his voicemail. Jiyong had turned his phone oII. Dara's mouth
dropped open as she stared at her own phone in disbelieI.
"He turned his phone oII?" she said in a stunned voice. She quickly tried calling him again, but it
just went to his voicemail again.
"What is this guy trying to do?" she said with a Irown. Was he trying to pull a prank on her again
or something?
"Yeah, that's probably it." Dara nodded as she placed her phone back on the counter. Jiyong
always played around with her. This was probably one oI his jokes.
"He'll be home soon." she reassured herselI as she started setting up the table.
¡end flashback]
But he hadn't come home. He hadn't even called or messaged her back aIter that last text. At Iirst,
she had been angry at him Ior turning oII his phone. But now, Dara was starting to Ieel a bit
Had something bad happened to him? She wondered brieIly iI she should call the police.
But just as she was about to grab her phone again, she heard the doorbell ring. She quickly got
up and ran to the door. Was it Jiyong?
She sighed in disappointment when she realized that it was just the mailman. He had a small
package in his hands.
Dara gave the mailman a soIt smile and took the package Irom him. AIter signing the slip and
thanking him, she closed the door.
The package didn't have a return address or anything. Without much thought, Dara opened it.
Her eyes widened at what she Iound inside.
There were pictures oI Jiyong making out with a girl who was sitting on his lap. Erom his outIit,
Dara could tell that these pictures were taken yesterday. It looked like the two oI them were at a
Dara was too stunned that she didn't even know how to react. Was this really Jiyong?
´No. It couldn´t be. He didn´t sav that he was going to the club last night.´
She looked at the photos again and shook her head. Someone was probably trying to pull a prank
on her right now.
´Thev could be photoshopped.´ she told herselI as she looked at the photos again. ´Jivong oppa
said he was at Taecveon´s house..´
But no matter how much she tried to convince herselI, it wasn't working. The sharp pain she Ielt
in her chest was hard to ignore. Tears started Iilling her eyes immediately.
Dara quickly wiped them away and looked inside the box again.
A lump developed in her throat when she noticed that there was also a disc inside the package.
Although she knew that it wouldn't be good news, Dara couldn't help but walk over to the DVD
player with the disc in hand.
With shaky hands she inserted the disc in the slot. She Ielt her heart thump rapidly in her chest as
she watied Ior the disc to play.
Her heart dropped when she saw that it was Jiyong and the same girl inside the room. Except this
time, their actions were being taped.
Dara Ielt new tears stream down her cheeks as she watched Jiyong smile at the girl lovingly and
peck her lips.
´No..´ Dara thought inside her head. ´No..´
That was the kind oI smile that Jiyong had always used on her. The kind oI smile that made Dara
Ieel like she was the only girl in the world.
But he was using it on other girls as well.
Dara Ielt her throat tighten as she watched Jiyong wrap his arms around the girl and pull her
body closer to him. She was Iinding it hard to breathe properly. Their kiss was getting more
intense as their hands roamed wildly on each other's bodies. Although the sound was muted,
Dara could almost hear the smacking and sucking noises.
Jiyong had his eyes closed as he held the girl... kissed her... touched her....
She couldn't take it anymore. Dara stopped the DVD and took it out oI the slot. She clenched the
disc tightly in her hands beIore throwing it back inside the box. She threw the pictures inside as
"He's been cheating on me?" Dara whispered in disbelieI as tears kept streaming down her Iace.
"So that's why he didn't come home last night?"
It was impossible to describe the amount oI pain and betrayal she Ielt at the moment. Hadn't
Jiyong said that he liked her?!
"It was a lie.." she said in realization. She slowly shook her head as in disbelieI.
"He lied to me..." she repeated as she sobbed loudly. She couldn't believe that this was happening
to her. Just when she had thought that Jiyong had changed, she was proven wrong again.
Tears poured down Dara's Iace as she buried her Iace in her hands and cried. She couldn't believe
Jiyong could do such a thing to her. II he was going to cheat on her behind her back, then why
had he told her that he liked her in the Iirst place?
´For sex.´ Dara thought bitterly. ´He used me for sex..´
Whenever he kissed her, hugged her, touched her, Dara had Ielt truly loved.
But just like the Iirst time around, Jiyong was still the same jerk. That wasn't going to change.
Kwon Jiyong would probably never change.
He had played with her, messed with her Ieelings, and told her all those loving words just so she
would give in to his needs. He had used her only Ior sex. To him, Dara was just another toy.
And the worst thing was, Dara had actually started to develop Ieelings Ior him. She liked him.
She liked the jerk.
But right now, all she Ielt were hatred and disgust.
"How can he do this to me?" Dara croaked. Her entire body shook and her shoulders heaved
uncontrollably Irom her heavy breathing. She Ielt her world spin as she Iell on her knees and
continued to sob loudly.
Jiyong quickly parked his car and ran into the apartment buildling. He prayed that nothing bad
had happened to Dara. He probably had a lot oI explaining to do to her.
When he arrived in Iront oI their apartment door, he heard Dara's loud crying noises Irom inside.
A lump developed in his own throat as he listened to her cry. He had screwed up big time.
He Irantically pressed the password to their door and rushed inside. His eyes widened when he
saw Dara scrunched up into a ball and sobbing in a corner. She was a mess.
"Dara!" he said in shock as he ran over and kneeled in Iront oI her. He cupped her red Iace and
tried to calm her down.
"Dara baby, stop crying.." he said desperately. It killed him to see her cry like this. "Please stop
crying. I'm sorry. It's all my Iaul--"
BeIore he could Iinish his sentence, Dara pushed him away Irom her and slapped his Iace as hard
as she could. It all happened so quickly that Jiyong blinked in conIusion Ior a Iew seconds.
When he Iinally came back to his senses, he turned his head back to Dara. She was glaring at
him with a murderous look in her eyes. She looked like she wanted to kill him right there.
´Shit.. She must be reallv angrv.´ Jiyong thought. Guilt spread all over his body as he stared at his
crying wiIe.
"Baby.. I know you're mad right now.. But please listen to me." Jiyong said in a soIt tone as he
reached Ior her shoulders.
But Dara wouldn't let him touch her. She slapped Jiyong's hands away.
"Don't touch me." she said coldly. "Don't ever touch me again."
Jiyong Iurrowed his brows. He hadn't expected her to be this upset with him.
"Baby, please just listen to me." he sighed. "I'm sorry Ior not coming home last night.."
Dara hiccupped as she looked at him. She noticed that he had a pained look on his Iace as he
stared at her intently.
But what caught Dara's eyes was the red lipstick stain on the collar oI his shirt. She gritted her
teeth as she grabbed his collar.
"You could have at least had the decency to wipe the slime oII your clothes beIore coming
back." she said harshly.
"Huh?" Jiyong said as he looked down at his shirt collar. His eyes widened when he saw the
lipstick stain. Where had it come Irom?! As Iar as he knew, Dara rarely wore lipstick...
"II you're going to cheat on me, at least do it properly." Dara snapped beIore releasing her hold
on Jiyong's shirt. It annoyed her that Jiyong hadn't even bothered to get rid oI the evidence. The
Jiyong looked back up at Dara with a stunned look on his Iace. Cheat on her?'
"Dara, I really don't know where this came Irom!" he blurted out.
Dara threw daggers at him with her eyes. She threw the photos in his Iace. "Stop lying."
Jiyong Irowned as he picked up the photos. His eyes widened again.
"That's why you didn't want me to come with you yesterday, huh?" Dara challenged. "So that
you could mess around with other girls at the club!"
Jiyong's mouth dropped open in disbelieI. He had no idea what was going on right now. He
didn't even know this girl in the pictures! There was no way he would have kissed her.
"Dara, this.. this isn't me!" Jiyong blurted out immediately. "I never kissed this girl!"
Dara scoIIed coldly. Out oI all the possible excuses he could have come up with, Jiyong chose to
go with the most pathetic one. They both knew too well that the person in the photos was clearly
"Where'd you get these photos?" Jiyong asked her desperately. "Who gave them to you?"
"Does that even matter?" Dara bit out as she Iuriously wiped her tears away. "You lied to me!"
"No, Dara.." Jiyong shook his head Irantically. "It's not that.. Let me explain. I'll tell you
everything that happened yester--"
"Just leave me alone." Dara interrupted as she stood up abruptly. She didn't want to hear his story.
They were all lies anyway.
Because unlike her, Jiyong was a good liar. In Iact, he had Iooled her all along with his innocent
smiles and sweet words. Dara hated herselI Ior actually Ialling Ior his act all along.
Jiyong got up as well and grabbed onto Dara's arm. "Dara, you have to believe me. I know it
sounds ridiculous, but I really don't know that girl! And I don't rememer kissing her."
"You probably slept with too many girls to remember all oI them." Dara replied tiredly as she
pulled her arm out oI Jiyong's grasp. All the crying she had done earlier was making her tired.
She didn't even want to listen to Jiyong's pathetic excuses anymore.
She didn't want to hear any oI it.
Jiyong, on the other hand, was Ieeling slightly Irustrated at this point. He had no idea oI the
source behind these absurd photos, and it made him angry that he couldn't remember anything
that had happened last night. Eor all he knew, he could have really kissed the girl in the photos.
But that was ridiculous. He would never cheat on Dara!
"Dara, please." he said desperately. "I don't know that girl! I know it sounds crazy, but I don't
remember anything that happened last night.."
Dara Ielt like slapping him again. He didn't remember all the licking, sucking, and biting he had
done last night with that girl? What kind oI excuse was that?
"Look at that DVD then." Dara said as she pointed to the disc in the box. "It'll help you
remember everything."
She then turned around to go to their room. She didn't want to see his Iace anymore.
But Jiyong grabbed onto Dara again and turned her around to Iace him. He wasn't done talking to
"You have to believe me." he said earnestly. "I only went to club to drop Taecyeon oII aIter our
project. I stayed there with him Ior about ten minutes and then was about to come home.. But as I
was about to leave the club, everything suddenly went black.. And I really don't remember what
happened aIter that.. Please believe me."
As ridiculous as his explanation was, Jiyong wanted Dara to believe him. She trusted him, right?
She trusted him more than a couple oI ridiculous photographs, right?
Dara just gave Jiyong an exhausted look and nodded. "Okay."
Jiyong quickly scanned Dara's Iace and Irowned.
"You don't believe me." he stated dully.
She didn't believe him. No matter how many times he explained his side oI the story to her, Dara
wouldn't believe him. She didn't trust him anymore.
Without answering, she turned around and walked to their bedroom. She closed the door and
locked it. Jiyong could spend the day the in the guest room.
The next Iew days went by slowly Ior Jiyong, almost to the point that it was painIul. Dara still
wasn't talking to him. In Iact, she was ignoring him completely.
"Dara, I'm leaving to buy some groceries." Jiyong said as he grabbed his car keys Irom the table.
Dara didn't respond. She just continued Ilipping through the television channels lazily, acting as
iI she hadn't heard anything. II someone else had seen her, they would have thought that she was
alone in the house.
Jiyong sighed. "Do you want me to buy you anything on my way back?"
As expected, she didn't answer. She shiIted on the couch and let out a little yawn. She looked a
little bored.
"I'll be back soon." Jiyong said beIore walking to the door. He looked back at Dara and saw that
she wasn't even paying attention to see iI he was leaving. Jiyong sighed again beIore opening the
door and walking out.
As soon as the door closed, Dara turned oII the television. She looked towards the door and saw
that Jiyong was gone. Out oI nowhere, she Ielt like crying.
Eor the past Iew days, Dara had been teary whenever Jiyong was gone. She just Ielt so hurt and
deceived, yet she still hated it whenever he leIt the house. Was he out to play with more girls?
But she told herselI not to cry. Jiyong wasn't worth her tears.
She sniIIled as she looked down at her Ilat stomach. She placed a hand over it and Irowned.
"What am I going to do..?" she said to herselI as she rubbed her stomach.
It was just her and the baby now.
"What do you mean you don't know?!" Jiyong demanded in disbelieI as he slammed the counter
in Irustration. Eor the past Iew days, he had been coming back to Club NB to try to Iind out what
had exactly happened that night.
Jiyong had seen the DVD. And needless to say, he had been more than shocked with what he had
seen. He had no idea who that girl in the video was and he really didn't know why he was kissing
her. Nothing made sense.
On top oI that, Dara wouldn't even bother listening to his excuses aIter that day. And Jiyong
understood her. What kind oI wiIe would listen to her husband's excuses aIter seeing him make
out with another girl right on camera?!
But Jiyong knew that he would never kiss another girl behind Dara's back. He was pretty sure
that someone was trying to Irame him.
Jiyong decided that he needed to Iind some evidence to prove his innocence. But he was having a
hard time since he couldn't remember a single thing that had happened that night either.
And it wasn't helping that the waiter in Iront oI him denied knowing anything either.
"You're the one who gave me that glass oI water." Jiyong insisted as he gave the waiter an
intense look.
"I'm sorry, sir." the waiter shrugged as he continued cleaning the wine glass. "But I don't
remember you."
Jiyong growled in Irustration. "Aren't there any CCTVs in this place?"
The waiter sighed in exasperation. "Sir, you've been coming to our club every day Ior the past
Iew days asking the same question. No, we do not have CCTVs and no, I do not remember you."
"But I Iell asleep that night at the club. How come none oI the employees came to wake me up?"
The waiter just shrugged again. "Like I said beIore, I don't know anything."
Jiyong Ielt like he was going to blow up in annoyance. This dimwit waiter in Iront oI him was
completely useless.
"I'll let you know iI I Iind out any inIormation about why you woke up at the club that day." the
waiter oIIered almost lazily.
Jiyong sighed but nodded as he quickly scribbled down his phone number.
"Please let me know at any time iI you Iind out anything." he said earnestly.
The waiter just nodded beIore returning to his work, not even bothering to greet Jiyong
Jiyong Irowned as he stared at the waiter. There was something he really didn't like about this
guy. His unconcerned attitude and pretty boy Iace was rather annoying. He looked at the waiter's
Kim Heechul
Jiyong just sighed beIore exiting the club. As soon as he was outside, he took the picture out oI
his pocket again. He Iurrowed his brows as he stared at the picture oI him and girl in the VIP
He really had no idea who she was, but he had to admit that there was something oddly Iamiliar
about her.
"Where have I seen her beIore?" he muttered to himselI as he stared at the photo in concentration.
Suddenly, his eyes widened as he seemed to remember something.
"I'm doing Iine, unnie." Dara said as brightly as she could.
"Is Jiyong treating you well?" Bom asked on the other line.
Dara bit on her lower lip as she clenched onto the phone. She really hated lying to people
especially since she was a lousy liar.
But she couldn't tell her Iriends and Iamily about Jiyong and the club incident. She didn't want
anyone else to worry. Dara knew that things would only get more messy and hectic iI Bom Iound
out about this.
"OI course. Jiyong oppa's been treating me really well." Dara lied as she tried her best to use a
cheery tone. But her heart was beating rapidly as she waited Ior Bom's reaction.
Luckily, Bom didn't seem to notice that Dara was lying.
"Aigo.. You two lovebirds." Bom giggled happily. "Want me and IU to buy you more lingerie?"
Dara could only grimace as she tried her best to laugh along with Bom.
"Oh, Jiyong. What brings you here on the weekend?" Dean Evans asked brightly when Jiyong
burst into her oIIice.
"Do you have the list oI all the credit internship students Ior this semester?" Jiyong asked in an
urgent voice.
Dean Evans raised her eyebrows at Jiyong's behavior. He had always been cool and composed
whenever she had seen him. But right now, he seemed very uneasy and stressed out.
"Why do you want to see the credit internship list?" she asked a little suspiciously.
Jiyong realized that he had been acting a little weirdly. He quickly cleared his throat and put on
his usual pokerIace.
"The math club wants to see how many students particpated in this semester's credit internship
program. We need it to see how much oI the math department's budget went into sponsoring
these students."
He calmly waited Ior the dean's response.
She shrugged and smiled, completely unaware that Jiyong was lying to her. His reason seemed
Iair enough.
"OI course, Jiyong." she said as she opened her Iile cabinet and took out a Iolder. She smiled as
she handed the Iolder to him.
"You're always working so hard even on the weekends." she said in adoration.
Jiyong just smiled back as he took the Iolder Irom her. "Thank you."
AIter looking at the photo, Jiyong had Iinally realized that he actually remembered the girl. She
was the girl he had accidently bumped into at the club that night.
Jiyong knew that many students at his school hung out at Club NB. And seeing how that girl he
had run into wasn't Korean, Jiyong thought that maybe she could have been a visiting student at
his school. She looked like she was a college student.
He prayed that his guess was correct. The Iastest way to prove his innocence was to Iind out
more about this mystery girl in the photo. He needed to at least Iind out her name.
"How are you and Dara?" the Dean asked, interrupting Jiyong's thoughts. "I remember when I
Iirst assigned you to be her tutor..."
She giggled as she thought back on that day. She had thought that the two oI them had looked
kind oI cute together. But she didn't think that they would end up getting married!
Jiyong grimaced as he thought about Dara. But perhaps aIter looking at this list, he would have
some evidence to prove his innocence.
´Don´t worrv, Dara.. I won´t make vou suffer for long..´ he thought in determination.
"Dara and I are doing Iine." Jiyong said as he gave the dean another convincing smile. "She's
resting at home right now."
"Aigo.. You're such a loving husband already!" the Dean gushed as she clasped her hands
together in giddiness. "Dara's so lucky to have you!"
Jiyong Ielt his heart sting in guilt at her words. Ever since he had come into Dara's liIe, the only
thing he had given her so Iar was pain.
"No." Jiyong shook his head. "I'm really lucky to have her."
Dara sighed as she hung up the phone with Bom. She Ielt really guilty Ior lying to her sister.
But Bom hadn't seemed to notice a thing. In Iact, she had seemed happy and almost jealous oI
Dara's married liIe. She had kept talking about how she wanted TOP to express his aIIection Ior
her more oIten like Jiyong did.
Bom had always complained about TOP's lack oI skinship. Although he gave her small pecks
and hugs every day, he rarely gave her anything more than that. And this upsetted Bom very
much. She wanted TOP to be more Iorward and expressive like Jiyong.
But honeslty, Dara was more jealous oI Bom. At least TOP didn't cheat on her. He was a very
loyal boyIriend.
Unlike Jiyong.
Dara Irowned as she stared at the clock again. It had already been an hour since Jiyong had leIt
the house and it didn't seem like he would be coming back anytime soon. The jerk was most
deIinitely out to play with more girls.
But beIore Dara could get drowned in her sad emotions once again, she heard the doorbell ring.
Dara quickly shook her head and walked to the door. Her eyes lit up in surprise when she opened
the door and saw who it was.
"Oh, oppa. What are you doing here?"
Yongbae smiled warmly. "Is there a rule saying that I can't visit the newlyweds?"
Dara smiled a little as she shook her head. "OI course not. Come in."
It had been awhile since Dara had seen Yongbae. The last time she had seen him was at her
Yongbae stepped inside and held up the plastic bag in his hands. "Present Ior you."
"Present?" Dara asked with a raised brow.
Yongbae grinned beIore handing the bag to Dara. "Look inside."
He had been out shopping Ior groceries when he noticed that the Iruit section had a lot oI
delicious-looking strawberries. And immediately, he had thought oI Dara. Yongbae had heard
Irom Jiyong that strawberries were Dara's Iavorite Iruit. Since she was pregnant, Yongbae
Iigured that Dara would be craving her Iavorite Iruit.
Dara curiously looked inside the bag and Iroze at what she saw.
Immediately, her eyes watered.
She remembered how Jiyong had promised to come home with strawberries that day. But instead,
he had gone to the club.
Eorgetting that Yongbae was in Iront oI her, Dara just started crying.
Yongbae's eyes widened in surprise at Dara's reaction. This was deIinitely not the kind oI
reaction he had been expecting.
"Dara, what's wrong?" he asked in a slightly panicked voice. Had he done something wrong?
Was there something wrong with the strawberries?
Dara just shook her head as she let all her tears Iall. She couldn't hold them in anymore. It was
too hard.
"Yah.." Yongbae said uneasily as he took a step Iorward and placed his hands on Dara's
shoulders. "You okay?"
"No.." Dara sobbed as she shook her head. "I'm not okay.."
Yongbae didn't know how to react at her answer. He was starting to think that perhaps she wasn't
crying because oI the strawberries.
"Dara, is something wrong?" he asked with a worried look.
"Jiyong oppa.." Dara said as she started sobbing loudly. She couldn't stop herselI at this point.
She just had to let everything out.
"What?" Yongbae asked with a Iurrowed brow.
Yongbae had no idea what was going on right now. But it killed him to see Dara cry like this.
And now that he looked at it, Dara looked very stressed out and tired. Where the hell was Jiyong
when his wiIe was in this state?!
"Dara, where did Jiyong go?" Yongbae asked as he tried to get her to calm down. "Where is he
right now?"
The question only made Dara cry louder. She was practically bawling at this point. Yongbae's
eyes widened and he quickly pulled Dara in a hug.
"Shh.. Okay, okay. I'm sorry Ior asking." he said soItly as he hugged her and patted her back.
"Don't cry."
Dara buried her Iace into Yongbae's chest and continued crying. Within seconds, Yongbae's shirt
was already covered in Dara's tears. But he didn't mind. He just wanted to know why Dara was
behaving this way.
AIter many minutes, Dara Iinally stopped crying. She sniIIled quietly as she tried to catch her
Yongbae let her take her time. He rubbed her back and held her silently without asking anymore
questions. AIter a Iew more minutes, Dara pulled back and Iinally opened her mouth.
"He... He cheated on me.." she told Yongbae in a shaky voice.
"What?" Yongbae asked with Iurrowed brows. Dara looked up and saw that Yongbae was staring
at her with worried eyes.
"Jiyong oppa.. He... He..."
She was unable to Iinish her sentence as she Ielt the tears come back to her eyes again. Damn,
these crazy hormones!
Knowing that Dara was going to burst into another round oI tears, Yongbae quickly pulled her
back into his arms. He wrapped his arms around her securely and patted her back.
"Shhh.. It's okay, Dara.." he told her gently. "It's going to be okay..."
´I´ll take care of vou. Don´t worrv...´
"Jiyong cheated on you?!" Yongbae asked in shock.
Dara nodded as she sniIIled. She had Iinally calmed down and stoppedcrying.
"It can't be..." Yongbae said in disbelieI. Although Jiyong may haveplayed around with girls
inthe past, Yongbae could tell that Jiyong hadchanged.
"It must be an understanding or something." Yongbae reassured Dara."Jiyong wouldn't cheat
His voice trailed oII as Dara showed him the pictures Irom the club. Hismouth dropped open as
he saw the evidence presented right in Iront oIhim. Who was that girl and what was she doing all
over Jiyong?! And moreimportantly, why was Jiyong kissing her back?!
Yongbae Ielt anger bubbling inside his body and he immediately snatchedthe photos Irom Dara
to take a closer look.
"No way.." Yongbae said as his mouth dropped open. No Iucking way..
Dara sniIIled as she gave Yongbae an 'I told you so' look.
"See?" she said bitterly. "The jerk cheated on me."
Yongbae turned his head to Dara and saw that she was glaring at thephotos. But underneath the
anger, Yongbae could tell that she wasseriously hurt.
"Where is Jiyong right now?" he demanded as he took out his cell phone."I need to talk to that
"No." Dara said suddenly as she grabbed onto Yongbae's hand to stop himIrom calling Jiyong.
"Don't call him."
"I need to talk to him, Dara." Yongbae said Iirmly as he tried to pullaway Irom her grasp. How
dare he kiss another girl behind Dara's back?Especially aIter marrying her! Did that jerk
seriously not come to hissenses yet?!
"Don't." Dara repeated as she kept her hold on Yongbae. "Please don't."
Yongbae paused and stared at Dara. He saw that she was giving him apleading look.
"Just.. Act like you don't know anything about this." Dara said.
"What?!" Yongbae shouted in disbelieI. How could he stand by and actlike he didn't know
anything aIter seeing the pictures?
"Oppa, please.." Dara said earnestly. She honestly didn't know why shehad told Yongbae about
this incident anyway. She had originally plannedon keeping it a secret Irom everyone.
"I don't want this to become a big issue." Dara explained. "So pleasedon't talk to Jiyong oppa.
Please just act like you don't know about this."
Yongbae stared at Dara and then shook his head in disbelieI. "How can Iact like I don't know
anything aIter seeing this?!"
Dara Ilinched at his loud voice. Although Yongbae was usually a smileyperson, he was quite
scary when he was mad.
Yongbae noticed that he had raised his voice louder than he had intendedto. He saw that Darahad
a scared look on her Iace and immediately Ieltguilty Ior yelling at her.
"I'm sorry." he apologized in a gentler voice. "I didn't mean to yell atyou. This photo just made
me mad."
He then Irowned as he looked at the photo again. "But I really need totalk to that guy--"
"No." Dara interrupted him again. "Don't."
"Then what are you going to do?" Yongbae sighed. "Are you just going tostand by and watch
Jiyong continue to do things like this?"
Dara grimaced as she thought about Yongbae's words. What was she goingto do Irom now on?
"I don't know.." she replied honestly. "But just don't involve yourselIin this. I'll Iigure something
Yongbae shook his head again. "But--"
"Please, oppa?" Dara asked as she gave him a pleading look. "It's aproblem between me and
Jiyong oppa. I don't want people to Iind outabout this."
Yongbae was about to object again, but paused when he saw the earnestlook in Dara's Iace. Her
eyes seemed to be pleading with him to keepthis a secret. Automatically, he Ielt his heart weaken.
"Eine.." he sighed in deIeat. "I'll pretend like I don't know anything."
Dara smiled grateIully. "Thank you."
Yongbae Ielt his heart Ilutter slightly at her smile. Although shelooked like a mess, her Iace still
radiated with her beauty. He reallydidn't understand how and why Jiyong would cheat on her.
Couldn't he seehow lucky he was to have her? Yongbae would give anything just to be inJiyong's
"Let's not talk about Jiyong oppa anymore." Dara said quickly,interrupting Yongbae Irom his
thoughts. "I don't want to talk about him."
Yongbae looked at Dara and saw that she was Irowning sadly again. Thepoor girl.. He wanted to
make her smile again.
"Have you eaten yet?" he asked, changing the subject. Dara shook herhead. She actually hadn't
and was Ieeling kind oI hungry...
"Aigo.. Do you want your baby to be as small as you?" he asked as heimmediately grabbed her
hand. "Come on, I'll take you out Ior lunch."
Dara smiled slightly as she Iollowed him out the door.
"She what?!" Jiyong blurted out in disbelieI.
"I said.. She returned to the Philippines a Iew days ago." Dean Evansrepeated. She Irowned at
Jiyong's sudden outburst. He really was actinga bit strange today.
Jiyong couldn't help but let out a Irustrated sigh. She had leIt already?!
AIter looking through the list oI exchange students, he had IinallyIound the girl he was looking
Ior. But it turned out that she wasalready out oI the country.
"So this Lai girl.. She's gone now?"
"Yes, Jiyong." the Dean sighed a little tiredly. He was asking her thesame question Ior the third
time already.
"I can't believe this.." Jiyong muttered under his breath.
"Is something wrong?" the Dean asked worriedly. "Do you need to talk tothis girl?"
"Is there any way I can contact her?" he asked hopeIully.
Though she didn't know what the reason was, the Dean noticed that Jiyongseemed really
desperate to talk to this girl. And since Jiyong was oneoI her Iavorite students, she decided to
help him out.
"I don't have Lai's contact inIormation." she replied honestly. "Thebest way would be to talk to
her chemistry partner. She might know."
Jiyong's eyes lit up at the suggestion. "Chemistry partner?"
"Yes. Lai had a chemistry lab partner while she was studying at ourschool." the Dean answered.
Jiyong started to see a glimmer oI hope. So maybe it wouldn't beimpossible to Iind out more
about this girl...
"Who was her chemistry partner?" he asked.
"Ahn Sohee."
Jiyong's mouth dropped open at her words. "Sohee?"
The Dean nodded. "Yes. She was Lai's lab partner."
Jiyong Iurrowed his brows as diIIerent thoughts rushed through his head.
His Iace darkened as he clenched his Iists. It all made sense to himnow. Sohee was the one
behind all this nonsense! He thanked the DeanbeIore rushing out oI her oIIice.
"I want the strawberry one!" Dara said excitedly as she pointed to thestrawberry-Ilavored ice
Yongbae smiled as he watched Dara stare at the ice cream with sparklyeyes. They had just
Iinished eating lunch and were now at the caIe Iordessert. He was glad that Dara seemed to be in
a happier mood now.
"The strawberry one?" Yongbae asked. He wasn't surprised to hear thatshe wanted that one.
AIterall, strawberries were her Iavorite.
He turned to the worker. "One straw--"
"No no, wait!" Dara interrupted him without taking her eyes oII thedisplay in Iront oI her.
"Actually, I want the cookies 'n' creme."
Yongbae smiled again. "Cookies 'n' creme? Arasso."
He turned to the worker and was about to open his mouth when Darainterrupted him once again.
"Wait no.." she said with a Irown. Now that she looked at it, the almondIudge looked tasy as well.
In Iact, they all looked good! She didn'tknow which one to choose.
Yongbae laughed as watched Dara stare at the options in Iront oI herwith a conIused look on her
Iace. He saw that she was now staring at thealmond Iudge ice cream with an open mouth.
"Can I get one scoop oI each?" he asked the worker. "Strawberry, cookies'n' creme, and almond
Dara's eyes widened and she immediately shook her head. "No no, oppa.You don't need to buy
all three!"
"It's okay." Yongbae reassured her as he paid Ior the ice cream. "Youseemed like you wanted to
eat all three anyway."
Dara pouted as she blushed a bit at his true words. Yongbae probablythought that she was a pig
now! Gahh...
Yongbae laughed again as he stared at Dara's embarrassed Iace. "You'repregnant. It's normal Ior
you to be like this."
Dara looked up and saw that he was smiling at her warmly. Immediately,she Ielt her own lips
twitch up into a smile.
"Now let's eat." he said as he took the tray oI ice cream Irom theworker. Dara nodded excitedly
as she Iollowed him to a table and sat down.
"Here." Yongbae said as he handed her a spoon. Without a moment oIhesitation,
Daraimmediately buried her spoon into the bowl oI ice creamand took a large bite. She let out a
sigh oI content as she Ielt theheavenly Ilavors melt inside her mouth.
Yongbae laughed as he watched Dara eat the ice cream like a happy kid.
"You're making a mess you know." he said as he grabbed a napkin andwiped her mouth.
"Oh, oops." Dara giggled beIore grabbing the extra spoon on the tray andholding it out to
Yongbae. "You try some too."
"Nah, I'm okay." Yongbae shook his head. "You eat."
"But it's more Iun when you share Iood with others..." Dara pouted.
Yongbae Ielt his heart pound wildly in his chest watching Dara pout athim like that. And this girl
thought that she didn't have any aegyo?Boy, was she wrong.. She just dripped with cuteness!
He quickly cleared his throat and took the spoon Irom her. "A-alright then."
Dara grinned in satisIaction as she pushed the bowl closer to Yongbae.
"Try all three oI them. They're really good!"
Yongbae obediently listened to Dara's orders. He scooped up thestrawberry-Ilavored ice cream
Iirst. As immature and pathetic as itsounded, he was excited that he was eating out oI the same
bowl as Dara.
He shook his head and told himselI to snap out oI it. She was marriedalready Ior crying out loud!
And not just with anyone. She was marriedto Jiyong!
´Yeah.. But her husband cheated on her..' an evil voice said insidehis head.´Doesn´t that mean
that vou still have a chance with her?´
Yongbae gasped in surprise at what was going on inside his own head. Howdare he have such
immoral thoughts!
´No'´he thought Iirmly. ´Thev even have a babv. Don´t even thinkabout it, Dong Yongbae. You
don´t want to be a marriage wrecker..´
´Pfft. As if their marriage isn´t ruined alreadv.' the evil voicelaughed mockingly.´If Jivong reallv
cared about Dara and the babv, thenwhv did he cheat on her?´
´Yeah, whv did he cheat on her?´Yongbae agreed as he nodded his head.´After all, I did tell him
that I was going to steal Dara from him ifhe didn´t take good care of her..´
´Exactlv'´the evil voice said triumphantly.´There´s no moregoalkeeper in the game... This is vour
chance Dong Yongbae..'´
"Oppa!" Dara said as she shook her hand in Iront oI Yongbae's Iace. "Theice cream is melting!"
"Huh?" Yongbae said absentmindedly as he broke out oI his thoughts andlooked at her. "Oh
He immediately placed the spoon in his mouth and swallowed the ice cream.
"So.. How is it?" Dara asked excitedly as she waited Ior his answer inanticipation. "Isn't it
Yongbae looked at Dara's smiling Iace as she waited Ior him to reply.Oh, what would he give to
see her smile like that all the time...
"Yes, it's really good." he answered. Dara smiled smugly as she grabbedhis spoon and scooped
up the almond Iudge Ilavor.
"Here. Try this one too." she oIIered as she held up the spoon in IrontoI his mouth. In a daze,
Yongbae automatically opened his mouth and letDara Ieed him.
And it was at that moment that he realized that the evil voice insidehim had won.
Jiyong rushed to Sohee's apartment and pounded on her door Iuriously. Hegritted his teeth in
Iury as he waited Ior her to open the door.
´She better be home..´ he thought in his head.
AIter a Iew seconds, the door opened. Sohee raised her eyebrows insurprise when she realized
that it was Jiyong.
Without even greeting her, Jiyong immediately walked inside and slammedthe door shut. He
glared at her with a murderous look on his Iace.
Sohee gulped slightly as she saw anger radiate Irom his handsome Iace.Although he was a chill
guy, he was absolutely terriIying when he was mad.
But she quickly cleared her throat and put on a smirk. "What brings youhere? I thought you
didn't want to see me again."
She walked over to the couch and plopped herselI down. "Did that kid notplease you enough in
bed? Is that why you came back to me?"
Jiyong clenched his Iists as he told himselI to hold in his temper. Hewalked over to Sohee and
threw the photo in her Iace.
Sohee raised her eyebrow as she stared at the photo. She hadn't expectedJiyong to Iind out that
she was the person behind this mess so quickly.But then again, this was Kwon Jiyong she was
dealing with.
She looked up at Jiyong with a blank Iace. "What is this?"
"I don't have time Ior your games, Sohee." he said harshly.
"Game?" Sohee smirked. "What makes you think I'm playing a game with you?"
"You're the one who took this photo." Jiyong snapped.
Sohee just laughed. "And don't you think it came out well?"
Jiyong growled in Irustration beIore grabbing Sohee's arm and Iorcingher up Irom the couch. He
had planned on talking things through withSohee, but this girl was just making him lose his
"Ow!" she shrieked in surprise as she tried to pull away Irom him. "Whatare you doing?! Let go
oI me!!"
But it was no use, oI course. Jiyong was much stronger than her. He onlytightened the grip on
her arm and literally dragged her to the door.
"What are you doing?!!" she yelled as she tried to push him away withher Iree arm.
Jiyong turned around to glare at her. "You're going to explaineverything to Dara."
"What?!" she asked in disbelieI. "No! Let me go!"
Jiyong ignored her and pulled her out the door and to his car.
"Thanks Ior the lunch today, oppa." Dara said once they were parked inIront oI her apartment
again. "I had Iun today."
She really did. She didn't remember Ieeling so happy during the past Iewdays. Today was the
most she had smiled this week.
"You're welcome." Yongbae said in return. "Want to hang out again tomorrow?"
Dara immediately Ielt her lips twitch up at Yongbae's oIIer. She wantedto. In Iact, she wanted to
hang out with him every single day Ior therest oI the week. When she was with Yongbae, she
automatically Iorgotabout her troubles and relaxed. Yongbae had the ability to calm those
around him.
"Yes." she nodded automatically. "Let's hang out again tomorrow."
Yongbae smiled as he ruIIled Dara's hair. "Call me iI anything happensand you need someone to
talk to, alright?"
Dara nodded grateIully as she unbuckled her seatbelt. "Thank you, oppa."
She was really glad that she had Yongbae as her Iriend. She didn't knowwhat she would have
done without him. She would probably be sulking inher room right now crying.
Yongbae got out oI his seat and walked over to Dara's side to open thedoor Ior her. She smiled as
she got out oI the car.
"Thanks again." Dara said. She just couldn't thank him enough Ioreverything.
Yongbae grinned as he held his arms out. "Come here."
Dara smiled as she went up to Yongbae and gave him a hug. She sighed incontent as she Ielt his
warm arms wrap around her. She Ielt like shecould stay like this Iorever.
When they Iinally pulled apart, Yongbae gave Dara another warm smilebeIore leaning down and
giving her a quick peck on her Iorehead. Darajumped a bit in surprise, but she didn't really mind.
"Try to get some rest, okay?" he asked her gently as he squeezed hershoulders. "I'll see you
Dara nodded as she gave him a warm smile. "Bye, oppa."
Yongbae Ielt his heart thump with what had just happened. He had kissedher and she didn't seem
to mind! He Ielt his insides scream Ior joy.This was deIinitely a good start.
"Bye, Dara." he smiled one last time beIore getting back inside his car.
Dara laughed as she waved to him.
"My my.. That was surely an interesting scene." Sohee smirked inamusement. "Don't you agree,
Jiyong was too stunned Ior words. He had witnessed everything that hadjust happened between
Yongbae and Dara. He had seen everything Irominside his car.
"Looks like I don't even have any explaining to do anymore, huh?" Soheecontinued taunting him
with a smug look on her Iace. "She doesn't seemto care about you."
Jiyong was still Irozen as he clenched onto the steering wheel. Dara wascurrently waving
goodbye to Yongbae. Seconds later, she turned aroundand walked upstairs to their apartment.
Her Iace was glowing inhappiness. Jiyong hadn't seen her look this happy in days.
´Is she happv because he kissed her?'´ Jiyong thought angrily. Hecouldn't believe this was
happening to him. Just when he had thoughtthat all their troubles were going to end...
"Wow, that kid sure has guts." Sohee said in an impressed voice. "Havingan aIIair with her
husband's best Iriend..."
"Will you be quiet?!" Jiyong snapped as he turned his head to glare atSohee. She just shrugged at
him innocently.
Jiyong ran his hand through his hair as he tried to calm himselI down.Was Dara really cheating
on him? With Yongbae?!
´No wav...´
He needed to Iind out what was going on Iirst. He immediately turnedback to Sohee. "Go home
Ior now."
Sohee rolled her eyes. "You're not even going to drive me back? Youdragged me out oI the
house Ior noth--"
"I said leave!" Jiyong snapped as he slammed his Iists on the steeringwheel in Irustration. Why
did this mandu Iace talk so much?!
Sohee scowled, but got out oI the car without another word. She angrilyshut the door behind her.
The moment Jiyong entered their apartment, he Iound Dara calmly sittingat the kitchen table
looking through a magazine. His Iace darkened as hewalked over to her.
Dara didn't even look up Irom her magazine.
Jiyong let out a Irustrated breath at her lack oI attention. She couldat least acknowledge his
"Where were you?" he bit out.
Dara snorted when she heard his angry tone oI voice. So he was mad ather now? Eor what?!
She looked up at him. Yup, he was deIinitely Iuming mad right now.
"Out." she said simply
"Out where?" he demanded. Dara Irowned.
"Why do you need to know?" she asked coldly. "You don't report what youdo outside either."
Jiyong's expression soItened Ior a second at her statement.
"Look, iI you're still upset about the photos, I can explain everythingnow." he said. "Sohee--"
"Go ahead and play with your other toys." Dara said calmly as shereturned to her magazine. "I
don't care."
Jiyong Ielt his jaw tighten at her words.
"What?" he asked in disbelieI. Had he heard her correctly?
"Just make sure you don't get caught by Bommie." Dara advised as sheIlipped a page. "Because
she'll surely cause a scene."
"What are you talking about?"
Dara paused and looked up at him. She Ielt her heart sting as she staredinto his shiny eyes that
were currently Iilled with disbelieI andconIusion. Dara realized that this was the Iirst time in
days that shehad looked up at Jiyong so closely...
But she quickly pushed that thought away and told herselI not to be soweak.
"I'm telling you that I don't care anymore."
Jiyong couldn't believe his ears. Why was she suddenly behaving thisway? Was it because oI her
hormones? Did pregnant women always have suchsevere mood changes?
"So.. You're saying that you don't mind iI I play around with othergirls?" Jiyong asked in
Dara shrugged. "It's not like you don't do that already."
Jiyong nearly snapped Iury. "I told you that I didn't! It's amisunderstanding! Sohee--"
"Just don't bring them into the house." Dara interrupted him coldly. "Idon't need to hear their
whiny moans and screams. It can't be good Iorthe baby."
Jiyong wanted to pull out his hair in Irustration. And now she wasassuming that he was having
sex with these girls as well?! Did shereally not trust him that much?
How was he supposed to explain himselI to her iI she wasn't even givinghim a chance to talk?!
At this point, Jiyong's emotions were slowly starting to take over himtoo. He understood
thatDara was still hurt with the incident that hadhappened, but she could at least give him a
chance to explain himselI!Instead, she was judging him and jumping to conclusions.
"Is this because oI Yongbae?" he snapped bitterly. "I saw what you didwith him earlier."
´He did?´Dara thought in surprise. She looked up at Jiyong again andsaw that he had a betrayed
look on his Iace. She quickly cleared herthroat.
"Oh, you saw?" she asked nonchalantly.
"Are you cheating on me with my Iriend?!" Jiyong asked angrily.
"It's not like you don't hang out with other girls." Dara said smoothly."So what's so bad about me
meeting Yongbae oppa?"
"Because he's my Iriend!"
Dara shrugged. "So? Is there a rule saying that I can't like your Iriend?"
Jiyong Iroze in shock. He Ielt like he had just been thrown into coldwater.
"You.. You like Yongbae?"
"Sure, why not?" Dara asked. "He's nice, smart, and extremely polite. Heknows how to treat girls
properly, unlike you!"
Dara knew that iI she stayed with Jiyong Ior another minute, she wouldstart crying. She quickly
got up Irom her seat and went to the bedroom,slamming the door behind her.
Jiyong just remained glued on the spot aIter Dara went into the room. Hestill couldn't believe
this... Dara and Yongbae?
He was about to go aIter Dara, but just couldn't bring himselI to moveIrom his spot. His Ieet
were attached to the Iloor.
She liked Yongbae?
He shook his head in disbelieI as stared at the closed door. Who carediI he had Iound out the
truth behind the photos? Who cared iI he hadSohee as a witness?
It was all usless. Dara didn't care anymore.
But Jiyong knew that there was no way that she liked Yongbae. Just a Iewdays ago, she had cried
her heart out when she had seen the photos oIJiyong at the club with another girl.
Jiyong Ielt his head throb as he gave up trying to make sense oI thissituation. It was starting to
give him a headache.
Eor now, he needed to get Iresh air to calm himselI down. He could trytalking to Dara again aIter
she cooled oII as well.
"Yeah.. She's just hormonal right now." he convinced himselI as he triedto be understanding. "I'll
talk to her again aIter she calms down.."
He went out the door and drove to wherever his hands took him to. Whenhe stopped the car, he
realized that he was at the Han River. It hadbeen awhile since he had come here, actually. The
last time he had comehere was back in high school.
With Kiko.
He had no idea why he had come here again aIter so long. But apparently,it was the Iirst place
that had come to his mind. He unbuckled hisseatbelt and got out oI the car.
He took a deep breath as he started slowly walking around, trying totake in deep breaths. He told
himselI that he would Iix things with Daraonce and Ior all as soon as he returned home. This
situation was gettingway out oI control than necessary.
But to do that, he needed to be better at controlling his temper. Heclosed his eyes and took in a
Iew more deep breaths.
"Control your temper, Kwon Jiyong.." he whispered to himselI. "Controlyour temper, Kwon
It seemed to be working. Jiyong Ielt himselI relax a bit at his own words.
"Control your temper Kwon..."
"Jiyong?" he suddenly heard a surprised voice call him Irom behind. HeIroze as he halted his
chanting and immediately opened his eyes.
It was a voice he knew too well. A voice he had only heard in his dreamsIor the past Iour years.
He turned around and saw the one person he thought he would never see again.
"So it is you." Kiko smiled. "I thought it looked like you."
Jiyong just stared at Kiko with a stunned expression on his Iace. Was itreally her? Or was this
just another dream?
Kiko laughed soItly as she stared at Jiyong's surprised Iace.
"Say something." she said.
"You..." Jiyong started oII hesitantly. "What are you.."
He struggled to Iind the correct words. What should he even say to herin this situation? He
remembered preparing a list oI things he would sayto Kiko iI he met her again. But right now,
his mind was completely blank.
Kiko smiled. He hadn't changed at all. Although he was taller and moremature-looking now, he
was still the same Jiyong she had leIt Iour yearsago.
She took one step closer to him and wrapped her arms around his waist.
"Miss me?" she asked as she buried her Iace in his chest. Jiyong justblinked as he Ielt his breath
Without waiting Ior Jiyong to reply, Kiko continued talking.
"Because I missed you."
"What... What are you doing here?" he Iinally managed to ask aIter whatseemed like a very long
Kiko sighed as she pulled apart Irom Jiyong. "We need to talk, right?"
Hell yeah they did.
"You leIt me." Jiyong said dully.
"I know.." Kiko sighed again as she stared at Jiyong apologetically."But I didn't have a choice."
Jiyong suddenly Ielt anger boil inside his body at her words.
"You didn't have a choice?!" he repeated harshly.
Kiko Ilinched a bit at Jiyong's outburst. But she had already expected
him to be angry. He had every right to be mad at her right now.
"You just leIt without telling me anything." Jiyong continued in anaccusatory tone. "Do you
know how hurt and conIused I was?!"
Kiko just nodded. "I know..."
"You know?" Jiyong scoIIed mockingly. "Don't say you know. Because youdon't know
"I do know." Kiko said soItly. "Because I was hurt too.. I hated myselIIor leaving you in that
"Then why did you do it?!" he yelled at her in Iury. "The least youcould have given me was an
explanation. But you just ended everything!"
Jiyong snapped his head to glare at Kiko, only to Iind out that her eyeswere already Iilling with
He paused. He didn't want to see her cry like this.
"Why are you crying?" he asked bitterly. "You don't have the right tocry in Iront oI me right
Kiko wiped her tears and looked up at Jiyong.
"I was sick, Jiyong" she said rueIully. "I.. I had to go to the statesIor surgery."
He Iroze at her statement.
She had been sick? But she had always seemed perIectly healthy to Jiyong..
"I'm really sorry Ior leaving you.." Kiko continued as she tried to stopher tears Irom Ialling. "But
I knew that iI I told you what washappening to me, you would only insist on Iollowing me."
"You were sick?" Jiyong whispered in disbelieI.
Kiko nodded. "Leukemia."
Jiyong's mouth dropped open in shock.
"When did you Iind out about this?"
"A Iew days beIore our high school graduation, actually." Kiko smiledbitterly. "Remember how I
told you that I was Ieeling dizzy at theschool picnic?"
Jiyong nodded. OI course he remembered. They had been eating lunch whenKiko had suddenly
Iainted. And once Jiyong had grabbed her arms toprevent her Irom collapsing right on the ground,
he had noticed that hisIingerprints had created bruises on her arms...
His eyes lit up in realization. "Was that.."
"Yes." Kiko nodded. "Those were the Iirst signs oI my sickness. AIterthat incident, I went to the
hospital. They told me that I should go tothe states Ior an examination since they had better
medical equipment.But they told me that they were pretty sure it was Leukemia."
Jiyong was speechless. He Ielt stupid Ior not realizing that somethinghad been wrong with Kiko's
body. He had just assumed she was weak andgot dizzy oIten because she was so skinny.
"Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Jiyong asked as his throat tightened.He couldn't believe she
had gone through this all by herselI. And allthese years, he had held bitter Ieelings Ior her.
"I didn't want you to see the ugly side oI me.." Kiko admitted. "I knewthat I would become pale
and lose my hair.. I only wanted to show thepretty side..."
Jiyong sighed. How Ioolish could she be to think that he wouldn't beable to accept all oI her,
even her ugly side?
Kiko looked up at Jiyong. "But I never stopped loving you, Jiyong. Evenwhile I was getting my
treatment, I only thought about you.."
Jiyong Ielt his heart soIten at her words. But what good were her wordsnow? They couldn't even
have a Iuture together anymore. He was alreadymarried to Dara.
But although Jiyong knew that it was wrong, he couldn't stop himselIIrom blurting out the words
Irom his heart.
"I don't think I ever stopped loving you either.."
"So are you okay now?" Jiyong asked. They were cuddled on the couch atKiko's apartment.
Jiyong had his arms wrapped around her as she snuggledclose to his chest.
"Mhmm." Kiko murmured. "The doctor said that the cancerous cells are allgone now."
Jiyong sighed in relieI beIore wrapping his arms tighter around her.
Suddenly, Kiko's eyes lit up as something shiny on Jiyong's Iingercaught her attention. She
immediately reached Ior his hand.
Jiyong stiIIened as Kiko traced his wedding ring with her Iinger. He hadmomentarily Iorgotten
about Dara.
"Do you love her?" she asked.
"What?" Jiyong asked, taken aback by her question.
"Your wiIe." Kiko said as she looked up at Jiyong right in the eye.
"I.." Jiyong started oII. He hadn't really thought about that beIore. Heknew that Dara was
deIinitely someone special to him. But was that love?
"She's someone very important to me." Jiyong answered. "Someone I don'twant to lose.."
"But I'm important to you as well, right?" Kiko asked.
Jiyong paused again at her question. "Yes, oI course."
Kiko smiled. That was enough Ior her. She didn't care iI he was alreadymarried. That wasn't
important at all.
"She's pregnant." Jiyong added.
Kiko paused Ior a second as her heart seemed to momentarily stopbeating. His wiIe was already
pregnant?! She Ielt her throat tighten.
"How Iar along?" she managed to ask.
"She's entering her ninth week.." Jiyong answered uneasily. He saw thatshe looked absolutely
crushed by the news.
"Kiko... I--"
"Stay with me tonight." Kiko interrupted him beIore reaching up to kisshis cheeks. "I missed
Jiyong looked down at her. She was staring at him with such a longinglook on her Iace that he
just couldn't bring himselI to reIuse. Hehesitated Ior a moment beIore nodding. "Okay..."
AIter all, he had missed Kiko. And Jiyong had to admit, he Ielt betternow that he was with her.
He had been stressed the past Iew days tryingto explain himselI to Dara.
Besides, she was the one who suggested that they meet other people,right? She was the one who
had said that she didn't care...
Kiko smiled in satisIaction. "Let's go out and eat something. I'm hungry."
Dara Irowned as she looked at the clock. It had been a Iew hours sincethe Iight with Jiyong, and
he still hadn't come home yet.
To be honest, she really hated Iighting with him. But even she didn'tknow why she always lost
her temper when she saw his Iace. And she hatedit how he kept trying to bring up Sohee as an
She really hadn't meant to say those harsh words to him earlier. She waslying when she said that
she didn't care what he did behind her back.She was just so emotional that her mouth
automatically spat out words.
"Where is he?" she muttered to herselI. She was starting to get a littleworried.
"Aisht, why am I worrying about that jerk anyways?" she Irowned. "He'sthe one who cheated on
Just then, her phone rang. It was Yongbae.
"Hello?" she answered.
"Hey, Dara." Yongbae said. "I was just wondering iI you were okay."
Dara smiled at his kind words. Yongbae was always just so sweet.
"Where's Jiyong right now?" he asked.
Dara sighed. "He's... Out."
"Yeah." Dara answered Ilatly. "Out."
AIter a moment oI silence, Yongbae Iinally opened his mouth again.
"Do you want me to come over?"
"Here, eat this too." Kiko said as she placed some oI her steak on hisplate. "Your Iace looks so
thin. Have you not been eating?"
Jiyong just poked his Iood numbly. Despite not eating properly Ior thepast Iew days, he really
wasn't Ieeling hungry at all.
"I'm okay." he reassured her with a smile. "You eat."
Kiko put down her Iork and reached over to grab Jiyong's hand. Jiyongjust raised his eyebrows at
"Jiyong.. Can we start over again?" she asked with a serious Iace. "Ilove you."
Jiyong Iurrowed his brows beIore shiIting uncomIortably in his seat. Nomatter how much he had
missed her, this was just wrong.
"Kiko.. I'm already--"
"Don't say that you can't start again just because you're alreadymarried." Kiko interrupted him.
"We can work it out."
Jiyong Ielt his heart ache at her words. II only she had come back alittle sooner.. He wanted to
curse the heavens Ior putting him in thissituation. He was Iinally reunited with Kiko, yet he
couldn't be with her.
Was this some kind oI cruel joke that Iate was playing on him?
"Kiko.. She's already pregnant." Jiyong reasoned as he closed his eyesin deIeat. He was starting
to get a headache again. "I can't just--"
"Don't you love me?" Kiko asked. "You said so yourselI. That you neverstopped loving me."
Jiyong opened his eyes and saw that she was staring at him with adesperate look on her Iace. He
Ielt a lump develop in his throat as hestared at her.
OI course he loved her. She was the only girl he had ever loved.
"Yes, I love you." he admitted. "But Dara..."
"You don't even love her." she insisted.
Jiyong Irowned in conIusion. Did he?
But iI he didn't love Dara, then what was the Ieeling he had towardsher? There was deIinitely a
strong attraction he Ielt towards the kid.
"But I just can't imagine a liIe without her anymore.." Jiyong saidhonestly as he shook his head.
"She needs me, Kiko."
"I need you too, Jiyong." Kiko said in a sad voice. "I need you too.."
Jiyong groaned in conIusion. It really killed him to see Kiko like this.How could he just push her
away when he wanted her as well?
He sighed as he stared at his wedding ring. But the kid...
Jiyong looked up at Kiko again and saw that she was staring at him withsad, shiny eyes. BeIore
he could open his mouth to talk, Kiko leanedover and pressed her lips against his.
Yongbae's eyes widened as he watched Jiyong and Kiko Irom the restaurantwindow. Where had
she come Irom all oI a sudden?
But what surprised him more was the Iact that they were kissing. Werethey.. back together?
He was so shocked with what he was seeing that he almost Iorgot thatDara was standing next to
him. They had been on their way to buy moreice cream. He quickly turned to Dara and saw that
she was staring at thescene with her mouth dropped open.
Dara couldn't believe what she was seeing in Iront oI her. She clenchedher Iists as she watched
Jiyong and the girl kiss.
She had never seen the girl beIore. Dara had never seen her around theirschool campus.
But whoever the girl was, she was absolutely beautiIul. Even in thissituation, Dara couldn't help
but think that the two oI them looked sogood together.
They looked perIect Ior each other.
"Dara?" Yongbae asked hesitantly. "Are you okay?"
Dara swallowed hard beIore turning to Yongbae.
"Who is that?" she managed to ask through the lump in her throat. "Doyou know her?"
Yongbae grimaced as he looked away Irom her. Dara would only be hurt iIshe knew.
"No." he said awkwardly.
Dara Irowned as she pulled on Yongbae's arm. "You're lying."
"Tell me." she demanded.
Yongbae sighed. "It's not anyone important."
He grabbed onto dara's hand. "Come on, let's just go."
But Dara wouldn't budge. She pulled her hand away Irom Yongbae's gaspand Irowned at him.
"Tell me who it is." she said stubbornly. Why wasn't he telling her?!
Yongbae shook his head. "It's really not anyone important. She's just agirl Jiyong used to date
back in high school."
Dara's eyes widened as she Ielt a cold Ieeling spread through her entirebody.
She looked back at the window and saw that Jiyong and the girl were nowtalking with each other.
She held in her breath as she watched Jiyongreach over and gently caress the girl's Iace.
Kiko's Iace.
Jiyong's eyes widened when he Ielt Kiko's (Iish)lips on his. Hisconscience told him that what he
was doing right now was wrong in everyway. He had Dara and the baby..
But his body just couldn't push her away. It had been so long since hehad Ielt her lips. His eyes
slowly closed...
He had really missed her.
When Kiko Iinally pulled away, Jiyong slowly opened his eyes again andlooked at her. She was
staring at him longingly.
Jiyong sighed as he reached over to caress her Iace gently.
"Kiko... This is wrong." he whispered sadly. "I can't leave her.."
"I'm not asking you to leave her." Kiko said. "Stay with her and your baby."
Jiyong Irowned in conIusion. "What are you.."
"But just don't push me away either." Kiko said earnestly. "I need you."
As horrible as it sounded, she didn't mind being Jiyong's mistress. EveniI the rest oI the world
judged her, she could take all oI theirpointing Iingers. II only she could be together with him.
Jiyong Ielt his heart ache as he let out another sigh. He didn't knowwhat to do anymore.
"Kiko.. You know we can't do this." Jiyong reasoned as he massaged histemples. His head was
throbbing like hell.
"Does she love you?" she suddenly asked.
He Iroze.
Kiko noticed that Jiyong couldn't answer her right away.
"Does your wiIe love you, Jiyong?" she repeated.
Jiyong cringed as he automatically thought about the kiss scene he hadwitnessed between
Yongbae and Dara in Iront oI their apartment. He Ieltanger rush through his veins as Dara's
words kept replying in his head...
"Is there a rule saving that I can´t like vour friend?"
"He´s nice, smart, and extremelv polite. He knows how to treat girlsproperlv unlike vou'"
Jiyong Ielt like he had just been slapped across the Iace all over again.
"Jiyong?" Kiko said, bringing Jiyong out oI his thoughts.
He looked up at Kiko and slowly shook his head.
"No.. She doesn't love me either.." Jiyong replied slowly. He Ielt alump develop in his throat.
Kiko Ielt her heart race at Jiyong's answer, but she tried not to makeher happiness too noticeable.
"She doesn't?" she asked.
"We..." Jiyong hesitated. "We married because oI a one night stand.."
Kiko gasped slightly at Jiyong's answer. But rather than Ieeling angrythat he had acted
soirresponsibly, she suddenly Ielt hopeIul.
"So you two are only together because oI the baby?" she asked.
Jiyong pursed his lips beIore nodding.
"Eor the most part.."
Kiko smiled slightly. Maybe, just maybe, Jiyong would eventually leavehis wiIe altogether.
AIter all, he didn't even love her. They were onlytogether because oI the baby..
Though she knew it was bad, she Ielt a glimmer oI hope knowing that shewasn't too late. She
still had a chance to get Jiyong back.
II they didn't even love each other, then she wasn't even ruining theirrelationship. She wasn't
doing anything wrong.
"Jiyong, can I meet your wiIe?" Kiko asked.
Jiyong's eyes widened at her question.
"I want to meet her." Kiko said innocently. "To see what kind oI personshe is."
Jiyong just shook his head. This was getting way out oI hand.Introducing Kiko to Dara? That
was ridiculous!
"Kiko.. No." Jiyong said as he tried to make sense oI this situation.What the hell was he doing
right now?!
Kiko noticed that Jiyong wasn't ready to introduce his wiIe to her yet.
"Okay, maybe another time then." she said casually. "Then can I see yourhouse?"
Jiyong grimaced at her question. That wasn't any better than her Iirstrequest.
"I just want to see where you live." Kiko added. "I'm curious.."
Jiyong thought about it Ior a moment beIore shaking his head again."She's probably home,
"Can we at least check?" Kiko pressed. "II she's home, then I'll justleave Ior today."
Jiyong hesitated Ior a second beIore Iinally nodding. There wasn'tanything wrong with showing
her his house, right?
"Dara, are you okay?" Yongbae asked uneasily. They were back at herhouse. He was worried
because Dara hadn't spoken a word during theentire car ride back. She seemed to still be in shock.
"I'm Iine." Dara said absentmindedly as she took a seat at the kitchentable. She seemed to be
deep in her thoughts.
Yongbae sighed as he stared at Dara spacing out dully. How had she knownabout Kiko anyways?
Had Jiyong told her?
"Do you want a glass oI water?" he asked worriedly.
"Huh?" Dara asked in a daze as she turned her head to Yongbae andblinked stupidly. "Oh..
Right.. Sure.."
Yongbae just nodded beIore walking to the Iridge and taking out thewater jug. He grabbed a cup
Irom the cabinet and poured her a glass.
"Here." Yongbae said gently as he handed her the glass. Dara looked upat him. She smiled soItly
beIore taking the glass Irom him.
"Be careIul." Yongbae cautioned her since she didn't seem to be payingattention. "It's glass so--"
BeIore he could Iinish his sentence, Dara had already dropped the glass.It had slipped Irom her
Iingers and shattered all over the Iloor.
"Dara!" Yongbae yelled in surprise.
"Oops.. Sorry.." Dara said absentmindedly as she looked down at thebroken pieces oI glass. But
she didn't look very sorry at all. In Iact,her Iace was completely blank.
"I'll pick it up.." she oIIered robotically as she kneeled down on theIloor and started picking up
the broken pieces oI glass. Yongbae quicklykneeled down as well to stop her.
"No, don't touch it." he said. "You're going to get hurt--"
"Ow!" Dara said as she got cut Irom one oI the pieces oI glass. SheIrowned as blood started
dripping Irom her Iinger.
"See? I told you not to do it." Yongbae sighed as he grabbed Dara's handto see her wound.
Luckily, she didn't get hurt that much.
"I'm okay." Dara insisted as she tried to pull her hand away Irom him.
"Let's get you a bandaid." Yongbae said as he pulled her up Irom theground. "Where's the Iirst
aid kit?"
"The bedroom." Dara answered quietly.
Yongbae nodded beIore leading Dara to the bedroom.
"So this is where you live?" Kiko asked excitedly as she looked up atthe apartment building.
"Just stay in the car." Jiyong said as he turned oII the engine to hiscar. "I'll go up Iirst and see iI
she's home."
"Aww, why?" Kiko pouted as she continued looking at the apartmentbuilding. "Can't I just go up
to the Iront door?"
Jiyong looked at Kiko and saw her disappointed pout. Even aIter allthese years, she hadn't given
up her habit oI pouting like a Iish whenever she was disappointed. He sighed beIore chuckling
"Eine then." he said beIore taking oII his seatbelt. Kiko let out ahappy squeal beIore quickly
unIastening her seatbelt as well.
AIter getting out oI the car, they walked up the stairs.
"You live on the second Iloor?" she asked.
"Yup." Jiyong answered. He turned to her when they reached the door.
"Just stay out here until I come to get you, okay?" he asked.
"Okay." Kiko nodded obediently. "I'll stay here."
Jiyong noticed that she was only wearing a thin jacket. Since it wasalready nighttime, it was
getting a little chilly.
"Here." Jiyong took oII his jacket and draped it around Kiko'sshoulders. "You're going to catch a
Kiko smiled happily at Jiyong's actions. He was still so sweet andcaring as ever.
Jiyong nodded once beIore pressing the password to his house and goinginside.
Once inside, he saw that the living room lights were still on. Then he
saw the shattered cup on the Iloor. He raised his eyebrows.
Just then, the door to their bedroom opened as Yongbae and Dara cameout. Jiyong Iroze.
Both Yongbae and Dara halted as well when they noticed Jiyong standingin the living room.
Yongbae jumped slightly while Dara looked a littlesurprised herselI.
"What... What are you two.." Jiyong started oII hesitantly as looked atthe pair oI them. "Why are
you coming out oI.."
Dara coughed beIore opening her mouth.
"It's nothing." she said coldly. "He was about to leave right now."
She grabbed Yongbae's arm and led him to the door.
But just as they were about to pass Jiyong, he grabbed onto Yongbae'sarm with a darkexpression
on his Iace.
"What are you doing here?"
Yongbae gave Jiyong a hateIul look in return. What right did he have toask such questions
anyways aIter kissing another girl at the restaurant?
He shrugged Jiyong's hand oII. "Chill, dude. I was just about to leave."
But just he was about to go, Jiyong stopped him again.
"Why are you two coming out Irom the bedroom?!" he asked angrily. Didthey perhaps...
Jiyong Ielt his insides burn as he started imagining all kinds oIscenarios oI what could have
possibly happened inside that bedroom.
Dara glared at Jiyong. She knew what he was suspecting at the moment.She couldn't believe the
jerk had the nerves to even have such thoughts.Did he seriously think that she was as low as him,
kissing and sleeping with diIIerent people?!
"He helped me put on a bandaid." she snapped as she showed him herIinger. "See?"
Jiyong's expression immediately soItened as he momentarily Iorgot abouthis anger. She had
gotten hurt?
"Was it Irom the broken glass?" he asked worriedly as he automaticallyreached Ior Dara's hand.
But Dara pulled back.
"I thought I told you not to touch me." she said coldly as she gave himanother deathly glare.
Who did he think he was trying to act worried alloI a sudden?
"Are you okay now?" Yongbae asked as he grabbed Dara's hand and lookedat the bandaid.
"Does it still hurt?"
Dara smiled soItly beIore shaking her head. "No, not anymore."
Jiyong Ielt the jealousy burn up his insides as he watched Yongbae touchhis wiIe. And what
bothered him even more was that Dara was letting him.
Jiyong was so drowned in his angry emotions that he didn't realize itwhen Dara had already
opened the Iront door oI their house.
"Oh, Jiyong. Is she not--"
Kiko paused midsentence as she saw Yongbae and an unIamilar girl at thedoor instead.
Dara gasped slightly as she stared at the taller woman in Iront oI her.She couldn't help but notice
that she was even prettier up close.
Kiko raised her eyebrows.
´So this must be Jivong´s wife...´
"You.." Yongbae started oII as his mouth dropped open. He snapped hishead back to glare at
Jiyong. The bastard acutally had the guts to bringKiko home?!
Jiyong looked like he wanted the Iloor to eat him up.
This was not the way things were supposed to work out. He wanted toscream his head out in
Irustration. He stared at Dara hesitantly.
"Long time no see, Yongbae." Kiko said brightly, not seeming to careabout the tension around
them. She came inside the house and turned to Dara.
"You must be Jiyong's wiIe." she smiled beIore extending her hand. "Hi,I'm Kiko."
Dara was taken aback by Kiko's Iriendly behavior. So she knew thatJiyong was already married?
She hesitated Ior a moment beIore reachingout and shaking her hand.
Kiko smiled as she turned to Yongbae again. "What were you doing here solate at night?"
Yongbae clenched his Iists. The more he thought about this situation,the more angry it was
making him. As iI kissing her weren't enough,Jiyong had brought Kiko to his house.
His and Dara's house.Theirhouse!
"I'm Dara's boyIriend." Yongbae said beIore he could stop himselI.
Jiyong's eyes widened at Yongbae's statement. What?
Dara was surprised as well. BoyIriend?! What even..
She looked over at Jiyong and saw that he had a shocked expression onhis Iace. Eor some reason,
it made her happy seeing Jiyong caught oIIguard like that.
"What are you talking about?" Jiyong Irowned. "You guys are not toget--"
"We are." Dara interrupted him. She shot Jiyong another glare beIorelinking her arm around
Jiyong's mouth dropped open in disbelieI.
"And you're Jiyong oppa's ex-girlIriend, right?" Dara asked Kiko. Shesmirked in satisIaction
when she saw that Kiko was caught oII guard aswell.
"But you guys are now back together." Dara continued matter-oI-Iactly.
Jiyong was stunned beyond words. "How did you.."
"I told you this beIore and I'll say it again." Dara said darkly whileshe looked at Jiyong right in
the eye. "II you're going to cheat on me,at least do it properly."
BeIore Jiyong could even open his mouth to respond, Dara interrupted himagain.
"Go ahead and get back together." she said. "I don't care."
Jiyong wasn't exactly glad to hear her say that. Although Dara wasgiving him permission to
proceed with his immoral actions, he Ielt alittle disappointed.
It also made him a little mad that she was giving him up this quickly.Did he really mean nothing
to her?
"Eine." Jiyong bit out beIore he could stop himselI. "I hope you haveIun with Yongbae."
"Oh we will." Dara said smoothly beIore looking up at Yongbae. "Comepick me up tomorrow
morning. I want to watch a movie."
Yongbae nodded. "OI course. Anything Ior you."
Jiyong growled as he grabbed Kiko's arm. He couldn't stand watching thepair oI them. So they
were really together? Ridiculous!
"Let's go. I'll take you back home." he muttered to Kiko beIore walkingtowards the door. He led
her out oI the house and slammed the doorbehind him.
Once they were gone, Dara pulled her arms away Irom Yongbae's.
"I'm sorry Ior saying that earlier." Yongbae apologized now that theywere alone. "I just couldn't
stop myselI.."
"It's okay." Dara said grateIully. "I'm actually thankIul that you saidthat you were my
Without Yongbae, Dara didn't know how she would have dealt with Jiyongand Kiko alone.
She then smiled at him. "Let's watch a movie together Ior real tomorrow.Pick me up tomorrow
Yongbae smiled to himselI. He was deIinitely oII to a good start. Heliked how Dara was looking
up to him. Pretty soon, he could conIess toher and she might actually accept him. He just needed
to earn some morepoints Irom her.
Eor the next Iew days, Dara and Jiyong barely talked to each other. Darawas always out with
Yongbae while Jiyong was with Kiko. They even sleptin separate rooms. Dara slept in their
bedroom while Jiyong slept in theguest room.
Then one day during breakIast, Dara Iinally opened her mouth to Jiyong.
"Yah, jerk."
Jiyong nearly choked on his orange juice. He was so surprised that Darawas talking to him. Or
was he dreaming? His heart skipped a beat when hesaw that Dara was staring at him, waiting Ior
him to respond.
He cleared his throat.
"What?" he asked nonchalantly.
Dara bit on her lower lip as she contemplated whether or not she shouldask him the question.
"Are you busy today?" she Iinally asked.
Jiyong raised his eyebrows. "Why?"
Dara hesitated. Why was she asking this to Jiyong anyways? She couldjust take Yongbae with
her instead...
But Jiyong was her husband. Even iI he was a jerk, he was still herbaby's Iather. She needed to
take Jiyong with her.
"I was wondering..." Dara started oII. "II... II you wanted to gosomewhere with me."
Jiyong Ielt his heart pound loudly in his chest. Was she asking him outon a date right now?
But why all oI a sudden?
He had to admit, he really missed not talking to Dara. Although he hadIun going on dates with
Kiko, at the back oI his mind he Iound himselIalways thinking about Dara...
"Go where?" he asked curiously.
"Just answer my question Iirst." Dara said.
Jiyong thought Ior a moment beIore nodding. "Okay."
Dara smiled a bit in satisIaction beIore getting up Irom her seat.
"Meet me in the school parking lot aIter classes are over."
"You look so tired these days." Daesung said aIter their classes wereover Ior the day. "Is
something wrong?"
Jiyong just gave him a soIt smile beIore shaking his head. "It's justbecause I stayed up working
on my report last night."
"Are you sure you weren't up doing other things last night with Dara?"Seungri teased with a
perverted smirk on his Iace.
Jiyong grimaced slightly at the mention oI Dara's name. It had been solong since they had slept
on the same bed. Heck, it had been so longsince they had last made any kind oI body contact!
"No." Jiyong said as he slapped Seungri's arm. "You pervert."
Seungri chuckled as he shrugged innocently.
Just then, Jiyong's phone rang. He looked at the caller ID. It was Kiko.
But because he was with Seungri and Daesung, he didn't answer. He endedthe call.
Apparently, Yongbae hadn't told their other Iriends that Kiko was back.None oI them seemed to
know about it.
Jiyong hadn't even seen Yongbae at all aIter that day at his apartment.Although he came by to
pick up Dara Ior their dates, he never cameinside the apartment. He always waited Ior Dara
downstairs in his car.
Jiyong's Iace darkened as he thought about Yongbae and Dara.
"Why didn't you answer your phone?" Daesung asked curiously when Jiyongplaced his phone
back inside his pocket.
"It's a number I don't know." Jiyong lied smoothly.
"Hey, do you guys wanna go to the club tonight?" Seungri asked brightly."It's been so long since
we went.."
Jiyong Irowned as he thought about the incident at the club...
Where all oI their troubles had started.
"No." Jiyong answered Ilatly. "I don't want to go."
"Awww, why not?" Seungri pouted in disappointment. "We barely hang outanymore!"
It was true. On top oI driIting apart Irom Dara, Jiyong was alsospending less time with his
Iriends as well.
"He does have a point, Jiyong." Daesung agreed. "You and Yongbae haveboth been sort oI
distant these days.."
"Yeah, seriously." Seungri said. "What's up with you guys?"
"Nothing." Jiyong answered "I guess Yongbae's just been busy."
´Busv with Dara..´he thought bitterly.
"Whatever. I don't care what your schedules are Ior tonight." Seungrisaid Iirmly. "You guys are
going clubbing with us no matter what!"
"Don't Iorget to invite TOP as well." Daesung reminded him.
Jiyong sighed. He really wasn't in the mood to go clubbing. Heck, hewasn't in the mood to do
He was just looking Iorward to meeting Dara today. Where could she wantto go with him?
Just then, Jiyong's phone rang again. It was Kiko.
He quickly turned to Seungri and Daesung. "Eine. I'll meet you guyslater tonight then."
"Okay!" Seungri exclaimed happily as he took out his phone. "Now we'lljust have to call
Jiyong Irowned. He really didn't want to see Yongbae later.
But he would deal with that later. Eor now, he needed to answer his phone.
"I'll see you guys later." he said beIore leaving the building. Once hewas alone, he answered his
"Jiyong-ah, are you done with classes yet?"
"Yes, I just Iinished right now." Jiyong answered. "But I have to gosomewh--"
"Didn't you remember? Today is our IiIth anniversary!" Kiko said on theother line.
Jiyong's eyes widened. Shit, how could he have Iorgotten?!
"Oh... I.." Jiyong started oII. "Is it?"
He could almost hear Kiko Irown on the other line. "How could you Iorget?"
"Sorry.." Jiyong said quickly. "It's just.. ."
He paused. He didn't even have a proper excuse to oIIer. He had simplyIorgotten about it.
Kiko sighed. "Did you Iorget that we were supposed to meet Ior lunchtoday as well?"
Jiyong cringed. He had Iorgotten.
"How could you..." she said in a hurt voice.
"I'm really sorry, Kiko." Jiyong apologized quickly."I'll be over thereright now, okay?"
Jiyong rushed to the parking lot and Iound Dara waiting Ior him in IrontoI his car. He hesitated
as he walked towards her.
Dara looked up when she Ielt someone standing next to her.
"Ready to go?"
Jiyong shiIted uncomIortably. "Dara, I.. Something came up."
Dara's Irowned. "What do you mean?"
"I Iogot that I had previous plans with someone else today.." Jiyongstarted oII.
Dara's Irown deepened as she Ielt Iury spread through her veins.
"With Kiko?" she asked.
When Jiyong couldn't answer her right away, Dara snorted. Her guess hadbeen correct.
"Can we just go tomorrow?" Jiyong suggested. "I don't have any plans--"
"We can't go tomorrow." Dara interrupted coldly.
Jiyong Irowned in conIusion. "Why not?"
"Eorget it." Dara said tiredly beIore turning around and walking away.
"Sorry Ior being late." Jiyong said as he took a seat across Irom Kikoat the restaurant.
Although Kiko was upset, she tried not to show it to Jiyong.
"It's okay."
"I promise I'll buy you a present later, okay?" he asked apologetically.
Kiko smiled soItly. "Okay."
Pretty soon, the Iood came out. Jiyong took one bite oI the Iish andIrowned. It tasted a little
Suddenly, he remembered how Dara had cooked Iried Iish Ior him duringtheir Iirst dinner at their
new home. Although Dara couldn't eat theIish since she was pregnant, she had cooked some just
Ior him since sheknew he loved Iish.
All oI a sudden, Jiyong lost his appetite. He put his Iork down.
"Why aren't you eating?" Kiko asked with a raised brow. "I ordered thissince I know you love
Jiyong shook his head. "It tastes a little bland."
He wondered how the cheIs at the restaurant could charge 45,000 won justIor this pathetic dish.
Dara's cooking was way better. He sighed beIoreliIting up his wine glass to take a gulp.
But just as the glass reached his lips, he Iroze. It reminded him oIthat night at the party when he
had taken all oI Dara's drinks Ior her.He smiled soItly as he thought about how bad she had been
at playing thegames. How could someone be that terrible?!
"Jiyong?" Kiko asked as she tried to get his attention. She had calledhis name a Iew times
"Huh?" Jiyong asked absentmindedly.
"I asked iI you just wanted to skip to the dessert instead." Kikorepeated Ior the third time. She
Irowned at his lack oI attention. Hewasn't even looking at her properly! It seemed like he was
deep in histhoughts..
"Oh yeah, sure." Jiyong answered.
As iI on cue, the dessert came out. Jiyong Irowned when he realized thatit was strawberry cake.
´Dara would have reallv liked this...'Jiyong thought sadly as hestared at the cake. He could just
imagine her happy Iace and bright eyesas she gobbled down the cake like the kid that she was.
He almost Ielthis eyes water as he stared at the juicy pieces oI strawberry on top oI
the cake.
"Wow, this looks delicious doesn't it?" Kiko asked excitedly. Shegrabbed the kniIe so that she
could cut Jiyong a piece.
"Wait!" Jiyong blurted out beIore Kiko could cut the cake. She pausedand looked at Jiyong with
a conIused look.
Jiyong quickly turned to the waiter. "Can you wrap this up Ior me?"
The waiter seemed surprised with Jiyong's request as well, but he nodded.
"Sure." he said beIore picking up the cake and taking it away to put itin a box.
As soon as the waiter leIt, Kiko Irowned.
"What are you doing?" she asked. She was slowly starting to lose herpatience with him. He had
Iorgotten about their anniversary and had beenunattentive throughout their lunch.
And now he was ruining their dessert.
"Sorry, Kiko." he apologized quickly beIore getting up Irom his seat. "Ican't stay any longer."
What the hell was he doing here anyway?!
"What?" she asked in disbelieI.
"I'm really sorry." he said as he took out his wallet. "But I'll pay Iorthe lunch, okay?"
Without waiting Ior her to respond, he rushed to the cashier and threw acouple oI 100,000 won
bills to the cashier just as the waiter came outwith the cake wrapped in a box.
"Thanks." Jiyong said in a hurry beIore taking the box Irom the waiter.Without even waiting Ior
his change, he ran out oI the restaurant.
"Hi omma.." Dara said as she stood in Iront oI her mom's gravestone."It's me, Dara."
She gently placed the bouquet oI Ilowers in Iront oI the gravestonebeIore kneeling down in Iront
oI it.
"Happy birthday."
II her mother had still been alive, she would have been 45 yearsold. Dara bit on her lower lip as
she tried to stop herselI Irom crying.She didn't want to show her mom her weak side.
"It's your birthday, yet I'm in Iront oI you looking like a mess, aren'tI?" she asked with a soIt
smile as she caressed her stomach. "Sorry.."
"I'm already ending my 9th week now.." she said as she patted her stomach.
She Ielt a tear drop Irom her eye, but she quickly brushed it away andsmiled again. She couldn't
cry on her mom's birthday.
"It would have been nice iI I had revisited you with my husband." Shesaid regretIully.
"But you wouldn't want to meet him anyways." Dara said bitterly. "He's abig jerk."
She pouted as she looked over to her dad's gravestone that was settledright next to her mom's.
"Was appa ever a jerk to you, too?" Dara asked. "Or was he always sweet?"
Dara paused as she tried to imagine her dad being cheesy to his mom likeJiyong had done to her...
She quickly shook her head. Why was she thinking about Jiyong's sweetacts all oI a sudden
´Because vou miss him..´a voice said in her head.
"No I don't." Dara said Iirmly out loud. She didn't miss him. She turnedto her mom's gravestone
"Omma, that jerk is so mean." she complained. "Do you know what he does?He goes around
sleeping with diIIerent girls. In Iact, he's probablyslept with the entire Iemale population at our
Dara suddenly Ielt like an immature kid gossiping to her mom, but shedidn't care. She opened
her mouth and continued.
"And you know what else? He even cheated on me even aIter we gotmarried. He said he was
going to buy me strawberries but then he..."
She Ielt her throat tighten up. She gulped.
"But then he cheated on me.." she Iinished. "With a random girl at theclub.."
"I hate him."
She stared at the gravestone longingly as iI waiting Ior her mother torespond. What would her
mother say to her iI she were listening to this?
´But aren´t vou doing the same thing right now?' a voice asked in herhead. ´You´re dating
"I'm not dating him." Dara deIended herselI automatically. "He's just aIriend.."
´But vou´re acting like he/´/s vour bovfriend..´
"I'm only doing that because Jiyong oppa has a girlIriend too." Darasaid bitterly as she thought
about Kiko.
´And does Jivong having a girlfriend bother vou?´
"OI course!" Dara blurted out automatically. How could it not bother her?
´Whv? I thought vou hated him.´
"I do hate him." Dara insisted. "He's the biggest jerk I've met in myliIe. I wish I would have
never met him to begin with."
Because then, she wouldn't be this heartbroken right now. She wouldn'thave to cry herselI to
sleep every night thinking about Jiyong beingwith Kiko. She wouldn't have had to experience
such betrayal.
But at the same time, she wouldn't have experienced all those sweetmoments with him either. All
those cheesy lines, warm hugs, andpassionate kisses...
And the conIession.
Dara Ielt another tear slip Irom her eyes as she thought about howJiyong had conIessed to her,
asking her to be his girlIriend.
"Jerk.." Dara muttered as more tears kept Ialling down her eyes.
She hated how no matter how hard she tried to hate him, she justcouldn't do it. Why was it so
hard to hate him?
´Because vou love him...´
"No I don't." Dara said stubbornly as she wiped her tears and shook herhead. "I hate him. I hate
She continued wiping her tears, but to no avail. They were IallingIaster than she could wipe them
PerIect. She was crying at her mom's birthday party. Just perIect.
"Dara?" Jiyong called out as soon as he entered their house. HeIrantically searched Ior her, but
she wasn't anywhere to be Iound. HeIrowned. Where was she?
He took out his phone and saw that he had many missed calls Irom Kiko.But he ignored them
and immediately speed dialed number 1.
"Pick up your phone, kid.." Jiyong pleaded as his heart beat rapidly inhis chest. "Please pick
But she didn't. The call just went straight to her voicemail.
Jiyong let out a sigh in Irustration. Where was she right now?!
"Damnit, Kwon Jiyong! Why didn't you just go with her to begin with?!"he muttered to himselI
as he tried calling her again. But as expected,the call just went to her voicemail again.
He panicked as he thought oI all the possible places she could be. Wherecould she have possibly
wanted to take him?!
The Iirst place that came to mind was the hospital. Was she going to seeher ultrasound?
A thought suddenly crossed his head. Her planner! He could check herplanner to see iI she was
scheduled Ior an ultrasound.
He quickly ran into their bedroom and looked through Dara's desk. Heopened her drawer and
almost yelled Ior joy when he Iound her planner.He opened it to the appropriate page.
Jiyong raised his eyebrows when he saw the words 'Omma's birthday' undertoday's date.
"Omma's birthday?" he whispered in conIusion. Erom what he knew,Bommie's mother's birthday
was in December not April. He remembered TOPtalking about how he needed to buy two
presents Ior Bom's mom during theholiday season: one Ior Christmas, and one Ior her birthday.
Jiyong quickly called TOP.
"Hello?" he answered.
"Hey, just a quick question. Is today Bommie's mom's birthday?"
"What are you talking about?" TOP replied in conIusion. "Her birthday isin December. Didn't
Dara tell you?"
"Right." Jiyong answered as he continued staring at Dara's planner. "IIorgot."
TOP chuckled. "Weirdo, get some rest. You still coming to the club latertonight?"
"Yeah sure." Jiyong said absentmindedly. "I'll see you later. Bye."
AIter hanging up, Jiyong continued Irowning. Then what was this writingon her planner?
He gasped as a sudden thought came to his head.
Although he knew it was pretty absurb, Jiyong drove to the SeoulCemetery. She couldn't be
here,could she?
He quickly parked his car and got out. It was pretty empty. Not a lot oIpeople were visiting today.
He squinted his eyes as he looked around Iora small girl.
Then he saw her, kneeling in Iront oI one oI the gravestones. Jiyong'seyes widened.
Even at this distance, he could tell that she was crying as hershoulders heaved up and down.
Being careIul not to disturb the other ghosts, he cautiously made hisway to where Dara was as
Iast as he could.
Dara was crying as she whispered incoherent words. Jiyong's mouthdropped open in shock when
he read what was on the gravestone:
Park Hve Young
(April 28, 1967- November 12, 1992)
And next to it, he saw another gravestone:
Park Seung Hwan
(March 13, 1964- Julv 4, 1992)
Jiyong was too stunned that he just continued staring at the twogravestones in utter disbelieI.
So her biological parents were... dead?
He looked down at Dara and saw that she didn't even notice that he wasstanding next to her. He
kneeled down next to her.
When Dara Iinally realized someone else's presence next to her, sheturned to look. Through her
blurry eyes, she saw that it was Jiyong.
Jiyong didn't say anything. He just pulled Dara close to him and huggedher.
Dara immediately relaxed as she was enveloped in her husband's warm armsagain. Although she
didn't want to admit it, she had missed him terribly.
"Oppa..." Dara sobbed as she clenched onto Jiyong's shirt. "Jiyong oppa.."
"Shh.." Jiyong whispered as he held her tightly and rubbed her back."I'm here, Dara.. I'm here."
Dara only cried harder at the mention oI her name coming out oI Jiyong'slips. Gahh, what was
wrong with her?!
"Shh.. Don't cry.." Jiyong said gently. "I'm here now.. Stop crying."
"Don't go back to Kiko." Dara said as her shoulders heaved Irom heruncontrollable tears. She
wanted Jiyong to stay with her.
Jiyong Ielt his throat tighten at her words. He suddenly realized howstupid he had been. What
kind oI husband was he?! He pulled apartslightly to look at her.
Dara whimpered in protest as she Ielt Jiyong pull away Irom her. Shethought he was going to
But Jiyong only wiped Dara's tears away and nodded. He wondered how theyhad even ended up
in this messed up situation. How had things gottenthis out oI hand? Without knowing it, he and
Dara had naturally driItedapart without even talking through their problems.
"Okay." he said. He almost choked saying that simple word.
Dara couldn't help but let out a sigh oI relieI when she heard that hewouldn't be leaving her. She
sniIIed as Jiyong continued wiping her tears.
Jiyong looked down and Irowned. He grabbed Dara's right hand to look ather Iinger where she
had gotten hurt.
Although it was only a simple cut, Jiyong couldn't help but Ieel guilty.Dara's physical wound
was a reminder oI the many more scars he had leItin her heart.
He ran his Iinger along the small scab on her Iinger beIore giving it asmall kiss.
"Did it hurt?" he whispered.
Dara just shook her head as she tried to catch her breath. Jiyong sighedbeIore pulling her in Ior
another hug.
"Please stop crying.." he almost pleaded desperately. How could someonecry this much?
"I'm sorry, Dara.."
"We need to talk." Jiyong said. He and Dara were still sitting in IrontoI her mom's gravestone.
Jiyong had his arms wrapped around Dara, stillholding her close to him although she had stopped
Dara just nodded against Jiyong's chest. They really needed to talk.
The atmosphere around them was calm and peaceIul. No one else was here.All they heard were
the quiet chirping oI birds and the soIt breezeblowing in the background. It was oddly peaceIul
in an eery way.
Jiyong looked down at Dara and saw that she was staring oII into spacein her own thoughts.
"Why didn't you tell me about your parents?" he asked gently as hetucked a loose strand oI hair
behind her ear. He would have neverguessed. Just by looking at her appearance, Jiyong had
assumed that shewas one oI those pretty girls who got babied and pampered by her parents.
Dara looked up at Jiyong and saw that he was staring at her with asympathetic look on his Iace.
She just shrugged.
"I didn't know how to bring it up." she admitted honestly. "Even Minzyand Chaerin don't know
about it.."
Jiyong Ielt his heart weaken at her conIession. So she had been keepingit in all to herselI all this
"Bommie's parents adoped me in eigth grade." Dara said quietly as sheran her Iingers through the
grass on the Iield. "I had lived with mygrandmother beIore."
"So when did your parents.." Jiyong started oII careIully.
"My mom passed away while giving birth to me." Dara said as she pluckedone oI the grass and
started playing with it to keep her Iingers busy."And my Iather passed away beIore that."
Jiyong didn't know what to say. So the poor girl had never even met herparents beIore. He
suddenly realized that he was the Iirst person whomDara could call her Iamily..
"I'm sorry.." he whispered.
"It's okay." Dara said with a small smile.
"Sometimes, I still blame myselI Ior my mother's death. Maybe iI itwasn't Ior me, she would be
alive right now.. II only I hadn't been born..."
Jiyong Iroze at her statement. He Ielt his body chill up as heconsidered that horrible thought Ior a
"Don't say that." he said as he grabbed onto Dara's hands to make herstop Iiddling with the grass.
Dara paused as she looked up at Jiyong.
Jiyong Irowned in disapproval. "How could you say such a thing?"
"But it's true, isn't it?" Dara asked sadly. "She was only 25 when shedied. And all because oI
"It's not your Iault." Jiyong insisted Iirmly. "So don't blame yourselI."
"But she was so young..." Dara said quietly as she looked at hermother's gravestone with a Irown
on her Iace.
"Then what about me?" Jiyong blurted out beIore he could stop himselI.
Dara raised her eyebrows as she turned to look up at Jiyong again. "Whatabout you?"
"II you hadn't been born, then what would have happened to me?"
Jiyong didn't even know what he would have done iI he hadn't met Dara.He couldn't imagine his
liIe without her anymore.
"You?" Dara asked as she thought about it. "You would have probablymarried a pretty girl like
Kiko. And you would have lived a long andhappy liIe without me."
Jiyong shook his head as his entire body tensed up. That wasn't theanswer he wanted to hear.
That wasn't the liIe he wanted.
"No." he denied in a pained voice. "No I wouldn't have."
"Yes you would." Dara insisted. "Just admit it. You would have marriedKiko."
Now that she thought oI it, she was ruining Jiyong's liIe right now aswell. II only she hadn't been
pregnant with his child, they would havenever gotten married in the Iirst place. Then Jiyong
could have beenhappy with Kiko now that she was back.
"No." Jiyong repeated Iirmly. "I wouldn't have married Kiko."
"But you love her." Dara said quietly.
Jiyong Iroze at her statement. She was right. He did love Kiko.
"But that doesn't mean that I would have married her." he insistedstubbornly. "I would have still
married you."
Dara laughed at his answer. "That doesn't make any sense! I wouldn'teven be alive. You wouldn't
have even known me!"
"I would have still Iound a way to Iind you." Jiyong said with a hint oIIinality in his voice. He
wrapped his arms around her tighter, almost asiI he were aIraid oI losing her right at that moment.
"Why?" Dara asked curiously. She wanted to know why Jiyong insisted onmarrying her instead
oI Kiko.
Jiyong was quiet Ior a moment as he thought about it. He really didn'tknow either. There was just
something about Dara that made him want tospend the rest oI his liIe with her.
"It's because you're so clumsy, kid." he Iinally said. "You're alwayscausing a mess and acting
like a dumb kid."
Dara scowled at his answer. "Am not!"
"Yes you are." Jiyong said. "You always Iind a way to get yourselI intotrouble. I'd marry you
because you can't take care oI yourselI.
"I can take care oI myselI perIectly Iine." Dara pouted as she crossedher arms over her chest.
"Yeah, right. You can't even do your math homework properly." Jiyongsaid with a hint oI
amusement in his voice. "I need to marry you so thatI can help you with your homework."
"I don't need your dumb help, jerk." Dara muttered. Jiyong chuckled inamusement as he hugged
her close to him and placed his chin on top oIher head.
"Whatever the reason is, I'd still choose you." he said in a moreserious tone. "You're the only girl
I can see myselI with Ior the restoI my liIe."
Dara couldn't help but Ieel her heart skip a beat at his answer.
Although they still haven't talked through their problems and althoughshe was technically still
supposed to be mad at him, Dara just couldn'tbring herselI to be mad.
And to be honest, she didn't really care about the DVD anymore either.As stupid as it sounded,
she couldn't bring herselI to hate Jiyong eveniI he continued to play around with other girls. No
matter what he didbehind her back, Dara was willing to accept all oI it.
Perhaps she was really losing her mind. Could she blame this on herhormones as well?
"But what about Kiko?"
Jiyong sighed as he pulled apart slightly so he could look at Dara's Iace.
"About Kiko.." Jiyong started oII hesitantly. "Dara, I--"
"Nevermind." Dara interrupted. She knew that Jiyong still loved Kiko,and Dara just couldn't
bring herselI to hear him say the hurtIul newsall over again. At least not today. She had already
cried way too muchtoday.
"Let's talk about it some other day." Dara said as she tried to keep acheerIul tone. "We're
supposed to be celebrating my mom's birthday rightnow."
Jiyong opened his mouth beIore closing it again. They still had manythings to clear up between
them. He still hadn't told her the truthbehind the DVD and the pictures Irom the club.
But he just nodded. He still hadn't even greeted Dara's parents yetproperly. He just hoped that
despite the way he had treated Dara, herparents would Iorgive him. Jiyong quickly got up and
dusted the piecesoI grass that had gotten on his clothes beIore bowing.
"Annyeonghasaeyo." he said as he greeted Dara's real parents. "My nameis Kwon Jiyong, and
I'm your daughter's husband."
Dara couldn't help but smile again at Jiyong's action. How could shepossibly hate this guy when
he was this cute?
Jiyong stared at the gravestone with an apologetic Iace. "I'm sorry Iorcoming to your birthday
party empty-handed.. I should have prepared apresen--"
He suddenly paused as an idea popped into his head.
"Wait right here." Jiyong said quickly to Dara. "I'll be right back."
Dara looked up at him with a conIused Iace. "Where are you going?"
"Just wait, okay?" Jiyong asked. Without waiting Ior her to answer, heran back to his car.
He opened the door to the passenger seat and smiled once he saw thestrawberry cake.
´Perfect..´he thought happily.
Just then, his phone rang again. It was Kiko. She was most likely stillupset about what had
happened at the restaurant, no doubt.
Without hesitating, Jiyong ended the call and turned his cell phone oII.He leIt it in his car beIore
grabbing the cake and running back to Dara.
She was waiting Ior him with a curious look on her Iace.
"What's that?" Dara asked as she stared at the box in his hands. Jiyonggrinned beIore sitting
down next to her and opening the box.
"What's a birthday party without a cake?" he asked.
Dara's eyes widened when she saw the cake. She couldn't help but Ieelher mouth water when she
saw the juicy strawberries on top.
Jiyong smiled. "Now we can celebrate properly."
Dara Ielt her eyes almost water again at his action. She smiled at himgrateIully. "Thank you."
Jiyong grinned at her beIore reaching into the box to take out thepackage oI candles. Luckily, the
waiter had been smart enough to includethem when wrapping the cake.
"Let's just put one candle." Jiyong said as he took out a candle. "Sinceit's our Iirst time
celebrating her birthday together."
Dara just nodded happily. She had never Ielt this happy in a long time.Only Jiyong could make
her this happy.
But she Irowned when she saw Jiyong take out a lighter Irom his pocket.
"Didn't you stop smoking?" she asked.
Jiyong grimaced in guilt. He had actually started smoking again aIterthings had turned rocky
with Dara. He just couldn't help it. He had beenso stressed.
"Just a Iew packs.. Not a lot.." Jiyong said in a guilty voice. But Darawas unconvinced.
"Oppa.." Dara Irowned in disapproval. "I told you to quit."
"Sorry." Jiyong said automatically. "I'll really stop."
Dara held her hand out and gave Jiyong a stern look. "Hand them over."
Jiyong couldn't help but grin at Dara's cuteness. Although she wastrying to be strict and
demanding, she just looked so cute right now.
He took out his Marlboro Lights Irom his pocket and placed them onDara's hand obediently.
"II you ever smoke again, I'm really going to be mad." she warned.
Jiyong just nodded like a little boy. "Arasso. I'll really stop."
"Promise?" Dara asked as she held out her pinky.
"Promise." Jiyong agreed as he linked his pinky with hers. Now thatthings were getting better
with Dara, Jiyong doubted that he would needhis cigarettes anyway.
"Okay." Dara said in satisIaction.
Jiyong ruIIled Dara's hair beIore lighting the candle. He then handedhis lighter over to Dara as
well. He wouldn't be needing it anymore either.
"Happy birthday, jangmonim (mother-in-law)." he said as he presented thecake. "Thank you
bringing Dara into this world."
Dara couldn't help but smile again. She Ielt the tears bubble to hereyes again. But Ior the Iirst
time in a long time, they were tears oIhappiness. Even iI Jiyong didn't love her, Dara was still so
glad andhappy to have him.
Jiyong looked over and Irowned once he saw that Dara was crying again.
"Aigo, this kid.." he said as he put the cake down and pulled Dara ontohis lap. He cradled her in
his arms securely.
"Just look at you." Jiyong teased as he wiped her tears with his thumb."You're always crying like
a baby."
"That's because you always make me cry." Dara deIended herselI as shesniIIed.
Jiyong Ielt his heart sting in guilt at her words. She was right. He wasthe culprit behind all oI her
"I'm sorry, Dara." he apologized again in guilt. He was about to leandown and kiss her, but he
stopped. He didn't know iI he even had theright to do that anymore.
In the end, he just continued to rock her gently in his arms.
"Dara, we're home now." Jiyong said as he parked his car and turned oIIthe engine. He looked
over and saw that she was asleep.
Jiyong unbuckled his seatbelt and silently watched Dara as she slept.Her shoulders heaved Irom
her steady breathing and she had a peaceIullook on her Iace.
He reached over and stroked her hair as she slept. She just looked sosmall and vulnerable right
now. Jiyong wondered how she had lived allthese years without her real parents.
"I'm sorry.." he said quietly as he caressed her cheek. He Irowned inguilt when he saw the dried
tear marks on her beautiIul Iace.
Eor awhile, he just sat there quietly staring at Dara as she slept. Whatwas she dreaming about?
Jiyong sighed as he shook his head in conIusion. He didn't know what todo anymore. He loved
Kiko, that was Ior sure. But he liked Dara too. Heliked her a lot, actually.
But what was the point? Dara didn't seem to like him anymore. Jiyong'sIace darkened as he
thought about Yongbae. He really needed to talk tothat guy.
"Hmm.." Dara groaned in her sleep as she shiIted uncomIortably in herseat. Jiyong broke out oI
his thoughts and immediately got oI the car.He went over to Dara's side and unbuckled her
Making sure not to wake her up, he careIully liIted her up Irom her seatand closed the car door.
He smiled when Dara snuggled her head againsthis chest without waking up Irom her peaceIul
Jiyong slowly walked up the steps to their apartment. He wanted to takehis time and savor this
moment with Dara in his arms. It Ielt so nice tobe this close to her again. He kept his gaze on
Dara as he continuedwalking slowly.
When he Iinally came back to his senses, he realized that he was alreadystanding in Iront oI their
bedroom. When had he opened the door to theirhouse and come in? He couldn't even remember
doing such a thing!
Reluctantly, he opened their bedroom door and walked towards the bed. Healmost Ielt like
crying when he realized that he had to let go oI Daranow. He had no reason to hold her in his
arms anymore now that there wasa bed in Iront oI him.
But he didn't want to let go. As ridiculous as it sounded, he wanted tohold her in his arms Iorever.
What was wrong with him?!
´It´s because she might wake up if I move her around.´ he convincedhimselI. ´I´ll fust hold her for
five more minutes.´
SatisIied with his excuse, Jiyong continue to cradle her in his arms ashe watched her sleep. He
never knew it could be so interesting to lookat a sleeping person. He could probably stare at Dara
sleeping all dayand never get tired oI watching her.
"Hmm.." Dara groaned again as she rubbed her Iace against Jiyong's chestand mumbled
something. Jiyong wondered what she was dreaming about rightnow.
"Omma.." Dara said quietly.
Jiyong Irowned. She was probably having dreams about her mom again.
"Omma..." Dara whimpered a little more loudly. "Omma.."
"Shh.." Jiyong said gently as he cradled her. "It's okay, Dara.. It's okay."
It made him so sad to see Dara like this even in her sleep.
"Hmm.." Dara whimpered as she Iurrowed her brows. "Omma.."
"I'm here, Dara." Jiyong whispered. "It's okay.."
"Oppa.." Dara mumbled as she seemed to calm down a bit. Jiyong sighed inrelieI.
"Yes, Dara. I'm here." Jiyong said as he continued to hold her close tohim.
"Oppa... I love you.."
He Iroze.
"I love you.." Dara whispered again.
Jiyong Ielt his heart race. Was she dreaming about him now? Or was itYongbae?
"Which oppa?" Jiyong tried asking her.
"Oppa.." Dara mumbled.
"Yes, Dara." Jiyong encouraged her in anticipation. "Which oppa is it?"
He held in his breath as he waited Ior her answer nervously, but Darajust sighed beIore starting
to snore again soItly.
"Aisht, where is that guy?" Seungri Irowned as he tried calling Jiyongagain. But he wasn't
picking up.
"He said that he was going to come." TOP said as he took a drink oI hisbeer. "Let's just wait."
"He's been really distant these days." Daesung said as he grabbed ahandIul oI peanuts and
starting eating. "Something's up with him."
"DeIinitely." Seungri agreed. He turned to Yongbae.
"And same with you." he said. "What have you been up to these days? Ibarely see you anymore!"
Yongbae just shrugged. "I've been busy."
Honestly, he didn't want Jiyong to come. Just seeing that guy andthinking about all the things he
had done to Dara made Yongbae mad.Eirst he had made out with a random girl at a club, and
now he was backtogether with his ex-girlIriend. Seriously, what was wrong with that guy?!
But no matter how much he tried, Yongbae knew that he was hopeless withDara. It was too
obvious that she still liked Jiyong. Even during theirdates and dinners, Yongbae had noticed that
Dara had a sad look on herIace. She had been thinking about Jiyong.
He sighed beIore taking another drink oI his beer.
"Yah, Kwon Jiyong!" Seungri suddenly yelled loudly, bringing Yongbae outoI his thoughts.
"Sorry I'm late." Jiyong muttered beIore taking a seat next to TOP.
"Whoa, what's wrong with you?" Daesung asked with a raised brow. "Youlook even more tired
than this morning!"
"Nothing. Just stressed." Jiyong answered as he grabbed a beer andstarted chugging it down.
He was conIused. AIter hearing Dara mumble in her sleep, Jiyong couldn'thelp but be bothered
by what she had said. He looked over at Yongbae.
Yongbae was staring right back at Jiyong with an unreadable expressionon his Iace.
"Is something wrong?" TOP suddenly asked, as iI sensing the tensionbetween Jiyong and
"No." Jiyong answered beIore looking away Irom Yongbae. He growled inannoyance when he
Ielt his phone vibrate again.
It was Kiko again. She had been constantly calling him ever since he hadditched her at the
restaurant. It was starting to annoy Jiyong a bit.Couldn't she just leave him alone Ior awhile?!
Jiyong ended the call beIore shoving his phone back into his pocket.
"Who was that? Why aren't you answering?" Daesung asked curiously.
"No one." Jiyong muttered beIore grabbing his beer again.
Pretty soon, Jiyong was starting to Ieel a bit drunk. He scanned theclub and saw that Seungri and
Daesung were on the dance Iloor partyingaway. He smirked when he saw Seungri trying to hit
on a blonde girl.That guy...
Jiyong stood up and walked towards the bathroom. He stumbled a bit as hemade his way through
the crowd, but he made it.
But just as he was about to go into the bathroom, he bumped into someone.
"Sorry.." he muttered beIore raising his eyes to see who it was. HisIace immediately darkened.
"Long time no see, Jiyong oppa." Sohee smirked as she linked arms withthe person standing next
to her. Jiyong looked over and saw that it wasthe waiter who had given him the drink that night.
Kim Heechul.
"This is my new boyIriend." Sohee said as she gestured to Heechul."Isn't he good looking?"
Jiyong ignored her and was about to continue walking when Sohee's nextwords stopped him.
"How are you and the kid?" Sohee taunted evilly. "Do you still want meto explain everything to
"Oh, he already Iound everything out?" Heechul asked in interest."Dang.. That was quick."
"You should have drugged him with something more intense." Sohee said ashe shook her head.
"Sorry.." Heechul told her with an apologetic look. He hated makingSohee unhappy.
"Whatever, it doesn't even matter anymore." Sohee told Heechul smugly."Because his wiIe
cheated on him as well."
Jiyong Ielt anger rush through his body as he clenched his Iists. He wasnot in the mood to deal
with these people.
"Move." he growled to Heechul. "You're blocking the entrance."
"His wiIe cheated on him?" Heechul asked with a raised brow as heignored Jiyong.
"Yeah." Sohee laughed. "He dragged me to his house to make me explainthe truth to his wiIe.
But when we got there, we saw his wiIe withanother man!"
"Whoa!" Heechul said excitedly as his Iace lit up. He loved hearinggossip stories such as these.
"And do you want to know something more interesting?" Sohee scoIIed."She cheated on him
with his Iriend!"
"Omo, daebak!" Heechul yelled as one hand went up to his mouth in surprise.
"Move!" Jiyong snapped impatiently as he shoved Heechul aside. He didn'tknow iI this guy was
really a guy or a girl. What kind oI guy lookedthat pretty anyways? He was prettier than Sohee!
"Tch." Heechul clucked his tongue as he watched Jiyong go inside."What's wrong with him?"
"Don't mind him, oppa." Sohee smirked. "He must still be mad aIterIinding out that his wiIe is a
Jiyong stopped in his tracks.
"Aigo, Sohee.. It's not nice Ior a pretty girl like you to use suchwords." Heechul said as he patted
Sohee's head.
"But she is." Sohee said with a shrug. "She acts all innocent but she'sa real slutty bit--"
BeIore Sohee could Iinish her sentence, Jiyong had already thrown a punch.
"Ow what the!" Heechul yelled as he touched his Iace. His precious Iace!
"What was that Ior?" he asked angrily as he got up Irom the Iloor. "Ididn't do anything!"
"That's Ior not controlling your girlIriend's Iilthy mouth." Jiyonggrowled beIore throwing
Heechul another punch. Sohee screamed as shewatched Heechul Iall down to the Iloor again
"Stop it!" she said as she grabbed onto Jiyong's arm to make him stop,but Jiyong simply brushed
her oII.
"Ack, stop!" Heechul yelled as Jiyong threw him yet another punch. Hiseyes widened when he
Ielt blood dribble down his nostrils. "Nosebleed!"
But Jiyong was Iar Irom Iinished. He had needed a way to relieve hisstress and this seemed to be
working. He grabbed the screaming Heechulby the collar and pulled him up Irom the Iloor again.
But just as he was about to raise his Iist, he Ielt a stronger hand grabonto his to make him stop.
Jiyong paused and looked over.
It was Yongbae.
"Jiyong, stop." Yongbae said Iirmly. "Stop this."
Jiyong's Iace darkened. "Mind your own Iucking business."
What right did Yongbae have to tell him what to do anyway?! He was thelast person Jiyong
wanted to see right now.
But Yongbae was stronger and was able to pull Jiyong away Irom Heechul.The moment Heechul
was Ireed, he scrambled into Sohee's arms. The twodisappeared immediately in Iear.
Jiyong growled as he watched them run away. He glared at Yongbae beIoreslumping down at the
bar. He ordered a Iew more drinks.
Yongbae hesitated Ior a moment beIore taking a seat next to Jiyong.
He had heard everything that Sohee had said earlier. So Jiyong hadn'tcheated on Dara?
"Why didn't you tell Dara?" Yongbae asked.
"Tell Dara what?" Jiyong muttered without looking at him.
"That the pictures and DVD were Sohee's doing."
Jiyong immediately turned to Yongbae. "You knew about those?"
Yongbae nodded. "Yeah.. Dara told me."
Jiyong snorted beIore taking a drink. "My wiIe tells you everything, huh?"
"She seemed really hurt, Jiyong. She still thinks that you cheated onher that night."
"Why would I cheat on her?!" Jiyong demanded in Irustration. "I gotIramed by Sohee!"
"I know that now." Yongbae said quietly. He suddenly Ielt so guilty Iorgetting in between Dara
and Jiyong's business without knowing the Iullstory. So Jiyong had been trying to explain
himselI this whole time...
"Then why didn't you tell her?" Yongbae asked.
"I tried." Jiyong said bitterly. "But she wouldn't listen to me. I mean,it must have been pretty
hard Ior her to believe me since the evidencewas clearly right in Iront oI her."
Yongbae nodded.
"But when I Iinally got Sohee to come with me.."
Jiyong paused beIore continuing. "I saw you and Dara hugging in Iront oIour house."
Yongbae cringed. So that's what had happened! Jiyong had never cheatedon Dara to begin with
and once he had Iound evidence to prove hisinnocence, he had seen Dara with another man and
snapped in anger.
"Sorry.." he apologized quietly. He Ielt like the worst Iriend in theworld. He couldn't believe that
he had tried to steal Dara away IromJiyong. How could he?!
Jiyong raised his eyebrows. "Eor what?"
"Just... Everything." Yongbae said in guilt. It was now his duty to helpDara and Jiyong get back
together. The two clearly loved each other, andYongbae couldn't ignore that Iact any longer.
Jiyong Irowned Ior a moment beIore opening his mouth.
"Dara seems to like you."
Yongbae's mouth dropped open at Jiyong's absurd statement. "What?"
"I heard her mumbling in her sleep." Jiyong said. "She was saying, 'Ilove you' to someone. It was
probably to you."
Yongbae shook his head. He knew those words weren't Ior him.
"She doesn't like me, Jiyong." Yongbae said Iirmly. "She likes you. Shewas saying those words
to you."
"You're her boyIriend." Jiyong pointed out bitterly. "I already have Kiko."
Yongbae Irowned. Right, there was Kiko.
"What's going on between you and Kiko?" Yongbae asked. "When did shecome back?"
Jiyong sighed. He explained the whole story to Yongbae and how Kiko hadbeen sick and gone to
the states Ior treatment.
"So.. You guys are back together?" Yongbae asked once Jiyong had Iinished.
Jiyong nodded.
"Why?" Yongbae asked.
"I love her."
Yongbae shook his head in disbelieI. This guy was getting it all wrong!
"You don't love Kiko, Jiyong." Yongbae said Iirmly. "You don't love her."
"I do." Jiyong insisted. "She was my Iirst love. You know that."
"That doesn't mean that you still love her." Yongbae pointed out. "Eromwhat I see, you love
Dara now."
"Dara?" Jiyong asked. He shook his head. There's no way that he lovedthe kid. No matter how
attached he was to her.
"I love Kiko."
"Then why have you been ignoring all her calls tonight?" Yongbae asked."I saw you turning oII
your phone earlier, Jiyong."
"Because.." Jiyong started oII. "I just need some time.."
"Time Ior what?"
Jiyong sighed. "Just.. I don't know. I need some space too, you know."
Yongbae shook his head. "Just admit it. You love Dara."
"I don't." Jiyong admitted stubbornly. He blinked a Iew times beIoreslumping down on the table
and Ialling asleep.
Yongbae wanted to wake Jiyong up and slap him across the Iace. How densecould this guy be?!
He clearly loved Dara, but was Ioolishly holdingonto the past and thinking that he still loved
He quickly got up and went to Iind the others.
"Dude, where have you been?" Daesung asked when Yongbae approached theirtable again. "You
missed out on all the Iun!"
"I know! We were dancing with all the hot ladies!" Seungri said as hewiggled his eyebrows in a
perverted way.
"And where's Jiyong?" TOP asked.
Ignoring all oI their questions, Yongbae opened his mouth. He needed toIind a way to get Jiyong
to realize his true Ieelings. That idiot..
"I need your guys' help." Yongbae said.
"What?!" TOP, Seungri, and Daesung yelled in shock when Yongbae hadIinished telling them
"Sohee made Jiyong kiss a random girl?"
"Jiyong thinks that Dara likes you?!"
"Kiko's back in Korea?!"
Yongbae groaned as his Iriends started spitting out countless questionsand demanding answers.
"Jiyong loves Kiko?!"
"Then what about Dara and the baby?"
"Wait, so is Kiko still sick?"
"Then what are they--"
"SILENCE!" Yongbae yelled as he slammed his Iists on the table. "Can youguys ask me one
thing at a time?"
The three guys paused Ior a second beIore opening their mouths at thesame time once again.
Yongbae just shook his head and slouched in his seat.
"Okay, wait wait." TOP said as he made Seungri and Daesung quiet down."Let's sort this out. So
Jiyong thinks that he still loves Kiko?"
"Yes." Yongbae answered.
Seungri Irowned with a conIused look. "But I thought Jiyong got overKiko already. He told
everyone that he loves Dara. That's why he wantedto marry her."
TOP grimaced in guilt. "That was a lie. Jiyong and Dara never marriedout oI love to begin with."
"What?!" Seungri and Daesung asked in surprise.
Yongbae was surprised as well. This was unIamiliar news to him.
TOP sighed. "Jiyong and Dara originally married just because oI thebaby. They didn't have
Ieelings Ior each other whatsoever.."
"Really?" Daesung asked.
TOP nodded. "But when I talked to Jiyong at the wedding, he told me thathe was starting to
develop genuine Ieelings Ior Dara. He had even askedDara to be his girlIriend."
"But now that Kiko is back..." Seungri started oII.
"He's conIused." TOP Iinished.
"So Jiyong has been meeting Kiko again?" Daesung asked Yongbae.
"Yeah. They're back together." Yongbae answered. "And he thinks that hestill loves her."
"Then what about Dara?" Seungri asked worriedly.
"She was really hurt aIter seeing the Iramed photos oI Jiyong, but I cantell that she still really
likes him." Yongbae answered sadly.
"Awww.. Poor Dara.." Seungri said sympathetically. He really liked Dara.She was such a sweet
"And why does Jiyong think that Dara likes you?" Daesung asked.
Yongbae sighed. "Because I told Jiyong that Dara and I were dating."
"What?! Yah, why would you do that?!" Seungri blurted out in disapproval.
Yongbae sighed again. "Just don't ask. It's a long story. All I know isthat Jiyong is conIused. He's
showing all the signs oI a jealous manwhenever Dara is with another guy, yet he still claims that
he loves Kiko."
"He probably only thinks that because he pities her." Seungri pointedout. "AIterall, she did say
that she was sick."
"Ugh.. This is a mess." Daesung groaned as he shook his head. "No wonderJiyong looked so
stressed out these days."
"Where is he right now?" TOP asked.
"He's over there by the--"
Yongbae Iroze when he realized that Jiyong was gone. He was nowhere insight.
"Did he go home?" Daesung asked curiously.
"It can't be.. He's way too drunk to drive by himselI." Yongbae Irowned."He had Iallen asleep."
"Ugh.. Maybe Kiko came and picked him up." Seungri groaned. "You didsay that she had been
calling him all night long."
Seungri had never really been a huge Ian oI Kiko. He personally hatedgirls who resembled
Yongbae grimaced. "You're probably right."
"Ugh... What are we going to do about Jiyong?" Daesung asked worriedly."We need to solve this
messed up situation."
"BeIore Bommie Iinds out." TOP added as he shuddered. He didn't want toimagine what sorts oI
things Bom would do iI she Iound out about whatwas going on right now.
"DeIinitely." Daesung agreed as he shuddered a bit as well. He suddenlyremembered how Bom
had acted when she had Iound out that Dara waspregnant. It gave him the chills.
"All we have to do is make Jiyong realize his true Ieelings." Seungrisaid conIidently.
"Duh." TOP rolled his eyes. "But how are we going to do that?"
"Well, it seems like I'm going to have to butt in again." Seungri saidmatter-oI-Iactly. He couldn't
help but shake his head arrogantly. Whatwould these people do without him?
"What?" the other three asked him curiously.
Seungri grinned mischievously. "I have a plan."
"Aigo.. This is so yummy!" Bom said happily as she munched on corn andwalked on the streets.
Because TOP had said that he was going to theclub tonight, Bom had decided to sneak up on him
to make sure he wasn'tdoing other things.
She shook her head. Sometimes it was so stressIul having a handsomeboyIriend like TOP. He
was way too popular with the ladies. It made Bomwant to rip all their heads oII every time they
stared at her man.
Bom giggled as she took another bite oI her corn. StressIul or not, thiscorn was very good. She
would never get sick oI eating it daily nomatter what!
"Omo, I'm already here." Bom said happily as she reached the clubentrance. She was about to go
in when someone caught her attention Iromthe corner oI her eye. She quickly turned and looked
at the girl.
Bom Irowned. There was something Iamiliar about her..
"Kiko!" Bom blurted out as she snapped her Iingers.
Kiko's eyes lit up when she saw Bom as well. "You're.."
"Omo, what are you doing here?!" Bom asked excitedly as she walked up toher. "Are you back
Irom Boston?"
Kiko smiled and nodded. "Yes, I just got back recently. Are you backIrom studying abroad,
"Yes yes!" Bom nodded happily. "Wow, it's so weird seeing you here backin Korea.."
Kiko laughed. "True. I didn't think I'd run into you again!"
"What are you doing in Iront oI the club?" Bom asked curiously. "Wereyou about to go in?"
"Oh no." Kiko shook her head. "I just came to pick up my boyIriend."
Bom's eyes widened in excitement. "Omo, you have a boyIriend already?!But you just got back
Irom Boston!"
Kiko laughed. "He was my boyIriend since high school. I had leIt him togo to the states Ior
surgery, and we recently just got back together."
"Surgery?" Bom asked.
Kiko nodded. "I had leukemia in high school and I had to get treatment."
Bom's Irowned and stared at Kiko sympathetically. "I'm so sorry to hearthat.."
Kiko shrugged. "It's okay. At least we're back together."
Bom smiled. She absolutely adored hearing love stories such as these.Although she was Iierce
and strong on the outside, Bom was actually ahopeless romantic.
"So where's your boyIriend right now?" Bom asked. She was quite curiousto see what kind oI
person he was.
"He's in the car right now." Kiko said as she pointed to her car. "Hedrank a lot and Iell asleep."
"Can I still take a look at his Iace?" Bom asked in a giddy voice. "IIyou don't mind, that is. I'm
just kind oI curious."
Kiko laughed and shrugged. "I don't see why not."
Bom let out a little squeal as she went over to the passenger door.Since the window was tinted,
she opened the door to see who was inside...
"KYAAAAAAAAAA!!" Bom yelled at the top oI the lungs when she discoveredwho it was. She
nearly had a heart attack seeing the person. It was noneother than Kwon Jiyong! What the heck!
Other people walking on the streets gave Bom weird stares as they passedby. But amazingly
enough, Jiyong didn't wake up at Bom's outburst. Hejust groaned soItly beIore shiIting a little in
his seat.
"Is something wrong?" Kiko asked in conIusion. Why was Bom screaming alloI a sudden?
"HE is your boyIriend?!" Bom asked in disbelieI as she pointed to thesleeping Jiyong.
Kiko just nodded hesitantly. Bom's mouth dropped open to the Iloor alongwith the corn she was
"Is there a problem?" Kiko asked uncertainly. "Do you know him?"
Bom told herselI to calm down and breathe. She at least needed to Iigureout what was going on.
"He goes to my school." Bom said as calmly as she could. "And the lasttime i checked, he's
already married."
"Oh, right." Kiko nodded in understanding. She had Iorgotten that Bomwent to the same school
as Jiyong.
"You already know that he's married?" Bom asked in disbelieI. "Andyou're still going out with
"He and his wiIe don't love each other." Kiko stated Iirmly. "They onlygot married because oI a
one night stand.¨
Bom blinked a Iew times. Wait, what?!
What do you mean they don`t love each other?¨ Bom asked with Iurrowedbrows. Although she
was conIused, she was slowly starting to lose herpatience as well. She didn`t like the words that
were coming out oIKiko`s mouth right now..
Jiyong oppa told me that he doesn`t love his wiIe.¨ Kiko explained.Plus, his wiIe has a
boyIriend oI her own.¨
Bom`s mouth dropped open again. 'What are you...¨
Do you know a guy named Dong Yongbae?¨ Kiko asked. 'He goes to yourschool as well.¨
Bom could only nod.
That`s her boyIriend.¨
Bom Ielt like she had just been hit on the head. She suddenly Ielt numbas her brain started to
shut down on her Irom this overload oI newinIormation. It was too much Ior her.
Kiko laughed soItly at Bom`s blank expression. 'I bet you`re surprised.Eunny how things play
out, huh?¨
Bom still didn`t answer. She had Irozen on the spot. It seemed like shewasn't even breathing.
Well, I guess I`ll get going now.¨ Kiko said. 'I need to take myboyIriend home--¨
YAH!!¨ Bom suddenly yelled. 'WHO ARE YOU CALLING YOUR BOYERIEND?!¨
Kiko jumped in surprise at Bom's loud voice.
"Excuse me?" she asked in shock.
Without answering, Bom unbuckled Jiyong`s seatbelt. There was no way shewas going to let
Jiyong go home with another woman. No Iucking way.
What are you doing?!¨ Kiko shrieked as she tried to stop Bom.
I`m taking him.¨ Bom growled as she brushed Kiko oII. 'Stay away whileI ask you nicely.¨
Kiko Irowned. What was with this crazy woman?! She had been all smileyand giddy just a
minute earlier, but now she looked absolutely Iurious.
Stop!¨ Kiko said as she tried to push Bom away. 'What do you thinkyou`re doing?!¨
Bom rolled her eyes in annoyance. She turned around to Iace Kiko.
Listen. I don`t know what your deal is, but stay away Irom this guy.He`s already married and
his wiIe is pregnant.¨
So?¨ Kiko challenged boldly. 'I told you that they don`t love each other!¨
BULLSHIT!¨ Bom snapped Iuriously. She wasn`t going to believe what thiswoman was telling
her. She wasn`t going to believe any oI it until sheheard it Irom Jiyong and Dara directly.
I demand you to get away Irom my car immediately!¨ Kiko said as sheglared at Bom.
Ignoring her, Bom IorceIully dragged Jiyong out oI the passenger seatand set him down on the
sidewalk. Surprisingly, Jiyong still wasn`twaking up. He was truly a deep sleeper.
"Help!" Kiko yelled as she tried to get the attention oI people passingby on the streets. But aIter
taking one look at Bom, those people allwalked away quickly in Iear. Something told them that
this womanshouldn't be messed with.
I`m going to call the police.¨ Kiko announced as she angrily took outher cellphone. But beIore
she could dial the number, Bom had alreadysnatched the phone Irom her hands and thrown it on
the ground.
Kiko`s eyes widened in disbelieI as she watched her phone break intopieces. But beIore she
could respond, Bom grabbed Kiko by the hair andthrew her against the car. Kiko grimaced a bit
in pain when she Ielt herback bump against the hard surIace.
Bom placed her hands on either side oI Kiko`s Iace and gave her apiercing look. Kiko bit her
lower lip in Iear when she saw the Iire inBom`s eyes.
Call the police and I`ll make sure you never speak again with thoseIish lips oI yours.¨ Bom
snarled in a menacing voice.
Kiko involuntarily shivered at Bom's scary threat. Instinctively, shenodded and closed her lips
"I'm warning you. Stay away Irom Kwon Jiyong or you'll regret livingthrough leukemia." Bom
continued in a dangerous tone. "Understand?"
Kiko Ielt tears start to develop at Bom's harsh words. What had she doneto deserve this kind oI
treatment?! She barely even knew this woman!
Bom growled in annoyance. She slammed her hands against the car."UNDERSTAND?!"
Kiko Ilinched. She whimpered a bit in Iear beIore nodding Irantically.Somehow, she got the
impression that Bom wasn't making empty threatsright now. She seemed dead serious.
"Aisht.." Bom muttered grumpily as she stared at the halI-eaten cornthat she had dropped on the
ground earlier. What a waste oI good corn!
She picked it up and then walked over to Jiyong and pulled him up Iromthe ground as well.
Jiyong just groaned as Bom placed his arm around hershoulders to support him.
"This bastard.." Bom said bitterly. She grimaced a bit at the stench oIalcohol coming Irom him.
How much alcohol had he exactlly poured intohimselI?!
She really needed to Iind out what the hell was going on.
Kiko could only stand by and watch helplessly as Bom caught a taxi andtook Jiyong away.
"Unnie!" Dara said in shock when she saw Bom standing at her door with Jiyong standing limp
in her arms.
"Yah, move out!" Bom panted. "He's getting heavy!"
Dara immediately moved out and let Bom come in. Bom growled as shedragged Jiyong to the
bedroom. She couldn't believe that this guywas stillsleeping! Was he a rock?!
Once inside, Bom nearly threw Jiyong on the bed in annoyance. She wassweating and very tired.
She Iolded her arms across her chest as shewatched Jiyong groan and grab onto the pillow. Bom
rolled her eyes andIought the urge to kick his sleeping body.
Bom came out oI the bedroom and closed to door only to be Iaced with avery curious Dara.
"Unnie, what happened? I thought Jiyong oppa went to the club."
When Dara had woken up Irom her nap, she had Iound a note Irom Jiyongsaying that he was
going to be at the club.
Bom just sighed as she plopped down on the couch.
"Do you know a woman named Kiko?"
Dara's eyes widened in surprise. How had Bom known about Kiko?!
"How did you..."
"And do you know that she's meeting Jiyong right now?" Bom continuedwith a Irown.
Dara's mouth dropped open. How did Bommie know all this?
"Unnie, how did you know.."
Bom shook her head in disapproval. "So it's true?! Jiyong's meeting Kikoright now?!"
Dara bit her lower lip in guilt. It seemed like Bom had Iound outeverything. She could only nod.
Bom's nostrils Ilared in anger as she gritted her teeth. So Kiko hadn'tbeen lying.
"And so it's true that you and Jiyong don't like each other either?" Bombit out in a low voice.
"And that you're going out with Yongbae?"
"Yongbae oppa and I are only pretending to go out.." Dara said quietlyas she stared at the Iloor.
"Why the hell would you do that?!" Bom snapped.
Dara Ilinched in guilt. " I don't know.."
Bom closed her eyes and rub the sides oI her head. This situation wasgiving her a headache. So
Dara and Jiyong didn't love each other?!
"What else have you been hiding Irom me?" Bom bit out. "Spill it. Anddon't leave out a single
Dara bit on her lower lip hesitantly beIore telling Bom the truth. Eromthe pictures oI the girl at
the club to Kiko. She told her sistereverything.
"That Iucking bastard!" Bom said angrily as she punched a cushion. Darajumped a bit in Iear as
she watched her sister.
"Just get a divorce then." Bom muttered. "I'll help you raise the babyyourselI. Divorce that jerk."
Dara's eyes widened in panic. Divorce?! She didn't want to do that.
"No, unnie." Dara shook her head. "It's okay. I--"
"Just do as I say!" Bom snapped in Irustration. "It seems like Jiyongstill has Ieelings Ior that
Kiko girl. He's even meeting her behind yourback!"
"I know..." Dara said quietly.
"I knew I shouldn't have approved oI that jerk in the Iirst place." Bomscowled as she clenched
her Iists. "Divorce him right away."
You don't deserve to live like this." Bom said bitterly. "You deserve tomarry someone who
knows how to treasure you."
Dara bit on her lower lip. "I don't want to..."
Bom groaned in Irustration. "What do you mean you don't want to?! Quitbeing so stubborn,
Sandara Park!"
Dara hesitated beIore opening her mouth again. "I... I don't mind livinglike this.. I'm really okay"
Bom Irowned as she careIully looked at Dara. It couldn't be...
"Do you love him?" she asked in disbelieI.
Dara didn't answer. She just Iiddled with her Iingers nervously.
"You love him." Bom stated dully in realization. "You love that bastard."
Dara just slowly nodded. As much as she didn't want to admit it, it wastrue.
Bom groaned as she buried her Iace into her hands. "That jerk!¨
How dare he make her sister Iall Ior him without returning her Ieelings?!
"But I don't need Jiyong oppa to return my Ieelings." Dara added quicklyas she stared at Bom
with earnest eyes. "As long as he's here with me,then that's enough Ior me."
Bom snapped her head up to glare at her sister.
"Then why don't you Iight Ior him?!" Bom asked in Irustration.
He loves her.¨ Dara said in deIeat. 'There`s nothing I can do.¨
"What do you mean there's nothing you can do?" Bom demanded. "She leIthim already! She
threw away her chance!"
"But she still loves him.." Dara said quietly.
"II she loved him, then she should have never leIt him." Bom saidIirmly. "She should have
stayed with him no matter what, even iI she wassick."
"She was sick?" Dara asked in surprise.
"Didn't you know?" Bom asked bitterly. "She leIt Jiyong to go to thestates to get surgery. She
had leukemia."
"Oh.." Dara said. So that was what had happened.. Kiko had never stoppedloving Jiyong either..
As long as Jiyong oppa is happy with Kiko, I`m happy as well, unnie.¨
Bom looked at Dara beIore shaking her head in disapproval.
I don`t know whether you`re just too nice or really dumb.¨ she mutteredmiserably.
Dara had always been like this. Ever since they were young, Dara hadalways put other people`s
happiness beIore her own. She was the leastselIish person Bom had ever met in her liIe. How
stupid could Jiyong benot to notice this?!
"AISHT!" Bom snapped angrily. She immediately sprang up Irom the couchwith clenched Iists
and started walking back to the bedroom. Thatbastard was going to pay Ior hurting her sister.
Dara's eyes widened and she quickly grabbed onto Bom's arms to stop her.She knew what Bom
was planning on doing.
Unnie, don`t hurt Jiyong oppa.¨ Dara said earnestly. 'Don`t hurt him..¨
Bom let out a loud sigh in disbelieI. Even in this situation, Dara wasworrying about Jiyong`s
saIety. She was actually worrying about that jerk!
"Get oII, Dara." Bom snarled as she tried to push Dara away. But Darawas clinging onto her with
all her strength that even Bom couldn't pushher oII.
"Unnie, please.." Dara pleaded with her with desperate eyes.
Bom growled in Irustration. This girl was really something! What did shesee in that cheater jerk
But just seeing the sad look in Dara's eyes made Bom stop Irom doinganything Iurther. It would
only stress Dara out and wouldn't be good Iorthe baby.
"I'm bringing the divorce papers tomorrow." Bom muttered with a hint oIIinality in her voice.
As soon as Bom leIt, Dara went into the bedroom and saw that Jiyong wasstill sleeping soundly
despite all the commotion Bom had caused outside.
She sighed as she sat down on the bed next to him.
Dara had been the one to tell him that he could meet other girls, butshe never thought that she
would regret it this much.
"Jiyong oppa.." Dara whispered as she ran her Iingers through his hairand caressed his cheek.
"What am I going to do about myselI?"
Jiyong sighed in his sleep beIore snoring again soItly.
She looked at his peaceIul Iace. Just looking at him sleep made her Ieelwarm and Iuzzy inside.
She Ielt her eyes tear up as she stared at hersleeping husband. As much as she hated him, it was
impossible to ignoreher Ieelings Ior him.
"I think I love you.."
The next morning, Jiyong groaned as he opened his eyes. He looked aroundand saw that he was
in their bedroom. He blinked a Iew more times beIoresitting up in bed. How had he even come
home last night?
Just then, the door opened and Dara poked her head in. She smiled whenshe saw that he was
"Good morning." she said cheerIully beIore coming inside with a tray.
Jiyong just raised his eyebrows at her unusually bright attitude.
"Your stomach must be a mess right now." Dara said as she sat on the bednext to him and
handed him a glass.
"It's honey water again." Dara explained. "It should help you Ieel better."
Jiyong hesitated Ior a moment beIore drinking it. He wondered why shewas suddenly being so
nice to him.
"Dara... Did something happen last night?" Jiyong asked uncertainly."How did I come home?"
He remembered that he had talked with Yongbae at the club. But he didn'tremember anything
else aIter that.
"Hmm?" Dara asked casually. "Nothing happened. Your Iriends dropped youoII."
"Oh.." Jiyong said.
"Here, you should eat breakIast." Dara continued cheerIully as she gavehim the tray with eggs
and pancakes.
Jiyong Irowned again. Something was wrong.
"Dara, what's going on?" Jiyong asked.
"You seem to be.. In a good mood." Jiyong said careIully.
She shrugged with a smile. "It must be the weather."
Just then, Jiyong's phone rang. Because it was an unknown number, heanswered it.
He paused beIore looking over at Dara hesitantly. "Oh... Hey, Kiko.."
Dara kept on a straight Iace as she cut the pancakes Ior Jiyong with thekniIe. She told herselI to
stay strong and act happy in Iront oI him.She wanted to leave a good last impression oI herselI.
AIter thinking about it last night, Dara had come to the conclusion thatBom was right. Divorcing
him was the best thing to do Ior both oI them.Their marriage wasn't bound to last Ior long
anyway. It was better todivorce him sooner rather than later.
"Right now?" JIyong asked with a Irown. He paused when he heard KikosniIIle.
"Kiko, is something wrong?" he asked. "Did something happen?"
"Just come, Jiyong." Kiko continued sniIIling. "I need you.."
Jiyong just sighed tiredly. "Okay, I'll be there."
He hung up and continued staring at Dara hesitantly, but she didn't seemto mind one bit.
"Here, it's all cut up!" she announced as she presented him the plate oIcut pancakes. "Mmm...
Doesn't it look yummy?"
BeIore Jiyong could respond, Dara grabbed a Iork and placed it in his hands.
"You should hurry and Iinish this beIore you go." she suggested. "Kiko'sprobably waiting Ior
Jiyong just sat there with a conIused look on his Iace. He suddenlydidn't want to go to Kiko.
Something told him that he should stay with Dara.
"Einish this and go, okay?" Dara said kindly beIore getting up Irom thebed. "I need to go some--"
BeIore Dara could Iinish her sentence, Jiyong pulled her back down sothat she was sitting on his
lap. He rested his chin on her shoulders andhugged her tightly.
"Oppa?" Dara asked nervously as her heart Iluttered wildly. She tried toturn around so that she
could see his Iace, but Jiyong just held ontoher tighter.
"Just stay like this."
"Oppa.." she said uneasily. Being this close to him was making her loseher Iocus. She cleared
her throat.
"I need to go meet Bommie." Dara told him. "She needs to give me something."
´Our divorce papers..´
Jiyong ignored her and continued hugging her. He didn't know why he wassuddenly behaving
this way.
"I won't go iI you tell me not to." he whispered.
Dara blinked. "What?"
Jiyong turned her around slightly so that he could look at her Iace. "IIyou tell me not to go to
Kiko, I won't go. I'll stay."
Dara Ielt her heart Ilutter madly at his words, but she quickly shookher head. She didn't need
Jiyong raising Ialse hope Ior her once again.She had already made up her mind to divorce him.
"You should go." she told him gently. "Your phone's been ringing sincelast night. What iI it's
something important?"
Jiyong shook his head. He didn't care.
"Just tell me not to go, Dara."
He was almost pleading with her, asking her to make him stay. He didn'twant to go to Kiko.
"Go." she told him with a reassuring look. BeIore she could really loseher Iocus, Dara quickly
got oII Jiyong's lap and leIt the room.
"Are you sure this is going to work?" Daesung asked uncertainly.
"OI course it'll work!" Seungri said conIidently as he looked at thedivorce papers he had gotten.
"Jiyong will probably shit in his pantsonce he sees this!"
"But don't you think it's a little too dramatic?" Yongbae asked. "Wouldit really work?"
"Trust me. It'll work." Seungri reassured his Iriends. "Once JiyongIinds out that Dara wants to
divorce him, he'll realize just how muchshe means to him now."
"I guess it won't hurt to try." TOP agreed with a shrug. "That guy's sodense that he needs a major
wakeup call."
"Now all we need to do is get Dara's signature." Seungri announcedexcitedly as he grinned evilly.
He couldn't wait to see Jiyong'sexpression once he saw the divorce papers. Oh, it would be so
much Iun!
"We should Iirst let her know that Jiyong actually has Ieelings Iorher." Daesung said. "She
probably thinks that he loves Kiko."
"OI course oI course." Seungri agreed. "Let's call her and tell herabout our plan!"
TOP nodded beIore taking out his phone and calling Dara.
"Oh, hey Seunghyun oppa." Dara replied on the other line.
"Hey, Dara. What are you doing right now?"
"I'm outside just doing some things.. Why?"
"Then can we meet?" TOP asked. "I'm at the caIe right now with Yongbae,Daesung, and Seungri.
We have something to tell you."
"Right now?" Dara asked in a hesitant voice. "Ummm..."
"Is something wrong?" TOP asked.
"I'm kind oI busy at the moment.." Dara admitted. "Can we meet someother day?"
"It's something very urgent." TOP pressed. "It's about Jiyong. He loves--"
"Oppa." Dara interrupted him. "About Jiyong oppa..."
TOP paused, waiting Ior Dara to continue.
"I'm going to divorce him." Dara Iinished quietly. "I just signed mypaperwork.."
TOP's eyes widened at her words and he sprang up Irom his chair. "WHAT?!"
The other three guys all jumped a bit in surprise at TOP's suddenoutburst. They gave him curious
"What are you talking about?" TOP asked Irantically. "Divorce him? Whyare you--"
TOP's mouth dropped open. The other guys' eyes widened in shock as well.They clearly knew
whose loud voice that was..
"Bommie?" TOP stuttered in surprise.
"YES IT'S BOMMIE, YOU IDIOT." Bom continued loudly. "My sister is goingto divorce that
jerk Iriend oI yours!"
TOP gulped. Oh my goodness, what was going on? Had Bommie already Ioundout about Kiko?
"Bommie, what's going on? Do you know about--"
Bomsnapped without even listening to her boyIriend's words.
TOP's eyes widened.
But beIore he could say anything else, Bom had already hung up thephone. TOP gulped beIore
looking at his Iriends. They all had´oh shit'´expressions on their Iaces. When had Bom Iound out
Seungri was the one to break the silence.
"Umm... I guess we don't need to carry out our plan anymore?"
"Jiyong!" Kiko cried out when he arrived at the restaurant. Einally,aIter countless phone calls
and message, he was Iinally in Iront oI heragain.
"Is something wrong?" Jiyong asked with a Irown. "Why were you cryingearlier?"
Kiko pouted beIore grabbing Jiyong's arm and pulling him down to sit inthe chair across Irom
"You've been ignoring my calls since yesterday." she said in adisappointed voice.
Jiyong just sighed. "Sorry."
"And you leIt me alone at the restaurant!" she continued with a Irown.
Jiyong sighed again. He really wasn't in the mood to listen to hernagging at the moment.
"Is that why you were crying earlier?" he asked in disapproval. "BecauseI ditched you during our
Kiko shook her head in disbelieI. This guy didn't even seem to be sorryIor his actions!
"It was our anniversary!" she yelled. She was starting to lost her temper.
Kiko had orginally made up her mind to Iorgive him and everything iIonly he had apologized Ior
his actions. But he wasn't doing that!
"So?" Jiyong asked as he started to lose his patience as well. "So whatiI it was our anniversary?
It's just another day on the calendar."
Kiko's mouth dropped open at his words.
"Just another day on the calendar?" she repeated in a dumbIounded voice.
"I ditched Dara many more times to be with you." Jiyong said with aIrown. "And you're upset
just because I leIt you once?!"
No matter how many times Jiyong had leIt to go to Kiko, Dara had neversaid a word about it.
She had never turned it into a big deal.
Kiko Ielt anger boil inside her body. Was he comparing her to Dara rightnow?!
"So you were with your wiIe?" she snapped.
"Yeah." Jiyong answered. "I was."
Kiko's mouth dropped open again. "How could you.."
"Is it that much oI a big deal?" Jiyong asked in an irritated voice."She's my wiIe, so isn't it
natural Ior me to spend time with her?"
He didn't know why he was Ieeling so annoyed right now. But it just madehim angry that Kiko
was being so clingy.
"Did you have to spend time with her on our anniversary?!" she demanded.
"I already told you that Dara's someone important to me." Jiyong saidIirmly. "You can't just
come back aIter 4 years and expect things to bethe same. I'm married now."
While talking, he noticed something Irom the corner oI the eyes. Helooked over at the table next
to them and saw a young high schoolcouple. The girl was eating away happily while the guy just
smirked ather actions.
"Yah, you eat like a pig." the guy grinned. "Look at the mess you'remaking."
The girl Irowned as the guy leaned Iorward and wiped her lips with thenapkin.
"Did you just call me a pig?!" she said in disapproval.
"Yeah." the guy answered in an amused voice. "Pig."
"Yah! I am not a pig!"
The guy laughed as his girlIriend glared at him.
"Would you like more oI my Iood, piggy?" he teased beIore placing moreIood on her plate.
"Aisht, you jerk!" she snapped beIore placing her Iork down on thetable. She crossed her arms
over her chest.
"Why did you stop eating?" the guy laughed as he leaned over to pinchher cheeks.
"Yah, I told you not to touch my cheeks!" the girl said in disapprovalas she tried to push his
hands away.
"Awww.. why?"
"They're chubby." she said grumpily. "I hate them."
"Really?" the guy asked as he continued to squeeze her cheeks. "But Ilove them."
"Huh?" she asked with raised brows.
"They're cute." the guy smiled beIore patting her cheeks. "And soIt."
"What?" the girl asked as she laughed at his words. She giggled as herboyIriend continued
caressing her Iace.
Jiyong couldn't help but smile soItly as he watched the cute scene inIront oI them. It reminded
him oI the days when he and Dara had behavedlike that.
To be honest, Jiyong had been happier beIore Kiko had come back. AIterher return, he had been
more stressed than happy. He missed thosecareIree days when he and Dara bickered and made
Iun oI each other allday...
He missed her. A lot.
"Kiko, let's break up." Jiyong said suddenly as he turned back to lookat her. "I can't do this
Kiko's eyes widened. "What?!"
"It's just not the same." Jiyong admitted honestly. "My Ieelings Ior youare not the same as
He didn't know when it had started, but it was true. Their chemistrywasn't working. TruthIully,
he was getting tired oI her.
Kiko Ielt panic rush through her body at his words. Was he mad becauseshe had acted too clingy?
"Okay, I'm sorry." she said quickly as she reached Ior Jiyong's hand."I'm sorry Ior making this
into a big deal."
Jiyong shook his head as he gently pulled his hand away Irom hers."Let's break up."
"Don't be like this, Jiyong." Kiko said desperately as she reached Iorhim again. "You said that
you loved me, right? Then it can work out. Wecan make it work."
"We can't." Jiyong said quietly. "I don't love you anymore.."
Kiko Ielt like she had been slapped across the Iace. He didn't love heranymore?!
"Jiyong.. Don't be mad because oI what I said earlier." Kiko almostbegged. "I won't be so clingy
Irom now on, I promise."
Jiyong shook his head. "I'm not mad at you."
"Then why are you suddenly acting like this?" Kiko asked in a worriedvoice.
Jiyong sighed. "Kiko.. I tried to make this work, Ior the sake oI ourrelationship. But do you think
a heart can change by trying?"
Kiko Irowned. "What are you.."
"Even when I hold your hand and see your Iace..." Jiyong continued. "Idon't Ieel anything
Kiko was stunned at his words.
"I don't love you anymore.." Jiyong said dully in realization. HeIinally realized that he had been
lying to himselI this entire time. Hehad moved on even beIore Kiko had returned.
Kiko couldn't believe her ears. This wasn't happening to her.
"You're lying." she IorceIully bit out. "You don't know what you're saying."
"I'm not lying." Jiyong said Iirmly. "I don't love you.."
"Jiyong, don't be like this." Kiko said again as she tried to convincehim otherwise. "I love you. I
need you."
"I'm sorry.." Jiyong said in an apologetic voice. He Ielt responsibleIor leading her on all this time.
"No!" Kiko yelled angrily, making some oI the other customers stare ather. "Don't say that you're
sorry. You said that you loved me!"
"I thought I did." Jiyong admitted. "But I was wrong. I..."
He paused Ior a moment. He couldn't believe that it had taken him thislong to realize his true
"I love Dara." he said quietly. His heart thumped loudly in his chest athis own words. As crazy
as it was, he loved the kid.
He didn't know when it had started either, but it was impossible to denyit any longer.
"No you don't." Kiko said in denial. He didn't love Dara. He couldn'tlove her.
"I do." Jiyong said. "When you came back, I thought I still loved you.But it turns out that I was
holding onto the past."
Kiko clenched her Iists as she listened to his words.
"You're still an important person to me, and I want to keep ourrelationship as a great memory in
the past." Jiyong continued. "But Ithink it's time Ior us to move on."
"But she doesn't love you!" Kiko pointed out. "She's cheating on youwith Yongbae!"
"I know." Jiyong nodded. He Ielt his heart clench as he thought aboutDara and Yongbae
But he didn't care. That wasn't going to change the Iact that he loved her.
"No." Kiko said IorceIully. "I'm not going to give you up. I won't!"
Jiyong sighed. Till the end, Kiko was suIIocating.
Bom let out a breath as she watched Dara Iinish packing her clothes.They were back at Dara's
house to pack all oI her belonging. Dara wasgoing to move out tomorrow.
"Make sure you give him the paperwork when he comes back." Bom saidbitterly.
Dara just nodded at her sister's words. "Okay."
"Aisht, why does he keep calling?!" Bom snapped when her phone startingringing again. It was
TOP. He had been constantly calling Ior the pasthour or so. She growled in annoyance beIore
ignoring it.
"He's probably surprised with the news.." Dara said quietly.
"I don't see what's so surprsing." Bom growled. "He should know betterthan anyone else that his
Iriend is a jerk."
Dara just kept a straight Iace as she solemnly continued packing. Bompaused as she looked at
Dara. She couldn't help but Ieel sorry Ior hersister. Why did she have to love that jerk oI all
But Bom knew that divorcing Jiyong was the best thing to do. Though Darawas hurt now, she
would eventually get over it and move on with herliIe. She would meet another man who truly
loved her.
Dara's phone rang, breaking the silence. Not surprisingly, it was TOPagain. Dara just Irowned
beIore ignoring the call. She wasn't in themood to talk to anyone right now.
"Unnie, I want to be alone." Dara suddenly said beIore giving Bom a soItsmile. "I'll make sure to
give Jiyong oppa the paperwork when he gets back."
Bom stared at Dara with a concerned look, but she just nodded. Sheprobably wanted some time
by herselI.
And although Bom wanted to wait Ior Jiyong to come back so she couldbeat him up into pulp,
she had promised Dara not to do that. Dara hadagreed to divorce Jiyong on the condition that
Bom wouldn't lay a Iingeron him.
"Okay. Try to get some rest, alright?"
Dara nodded in return.
"I'll pick you up tomorrow." Bom said beIore giving Dara's shoulder aquick squeeze. "Stay
Dara nodded again. "Thanks, unnie.."
TOP and the boys were in a state oI panic. How come no one was answeringtheir phones?!
Bom, Dara, and Jiyong were all not picking up.
"What do you think is going on right now?" Daesung asked in a worriedvoice. "Do you think
Jiyong Iound out already?"
"Ugh, it's impossible to know since no one is picking up!" Seungri saidin exasperation.
"Aisht, Bommie and her Iast actions.." TOP muttered as he tried textingher. The situation got so
messy all oI a sudden aIter she got involved.
"Do you think we should just go to Jiyong's house?" Yongbae suggested.It was useless to call the
three people in hopes that someone would pickup.
"Yeah, let's just do that." TOP agreed. "Sitting here won't do anything."
The boys nodded beIore all getting up Irom their seats.
Jiyong quickly ran up the stairs to his home. He needed to talk to Dara.
"Dara?" he called out as he ran inside.
Just then, the bedroom door opened and Dara came out. She Iorced herselIto smile at Jiyong.
"Hi, oppa." she said quietly.
Jiyong quickly walked over to her and immediately wrapped her up in hisarms.
"Dara, I need to talk to you." he said as he hugged her tightly. "I havesomething to tell you."
Dara bit on her lower lip as she told herselI not to cry. How could shedivorce this guy when it
Ielt so good to be in his arms like this? SheIelt a pang in her heart knowing that this would be her
last time beinghugged by Jiyong.
BeIore she could really lose her Iocus, Dara took a deep breath andopened her mouth.
"I have something to tell you, too."
She gently pulled apart Irom him and walked over to the kitchen counter.She picked up the
envelope and handed it to Jiyong.
Jiyong stared at her with a conIused look. "What is this?"
"Our divorce papers."
Jiyong's eyes widened at her words. "What?!!"
"I already signed my part." Dara continued quietly. "You just need tosign yours."
Jiyong Ielt a chill run down his spine at her words. What was shesaying?! Divorce??!
"Dara, what.. What's going on?" he stuttered as he tried to Iind theright words. "Why are you.."
"It's not like our marriage started out oI love anyway." Dara told himwith a rueIul smile. "I think
it would be best Ior us to separate.."
Jiyong shook his head in disbelieI. Why was she behaving like this alloI a sudden?!
"Dara, is this because oI the club incident?" he asked in panic. "I toldyou that I could explain that.
Sohee Iramed me. She drugged me and thenmade me kiss that girl. As crazy as it sounds, I really
thought thatgirl was you! It's a misunderstanding!"
Dara just kept a blank Iace which just made Jiyong panic even more.
"Should I call Sohee right now and have her explain everything?" Jiyongasked as he took out his
phone. "I'm serious, I didn't--"
"It doesn't matter." Dara said quietly. "It's over now."
"What do you mean it's over?" Jiyong asked in a worried tone.
"Our relationship." Dara simply answered. "AIter you sign the divorcepapers, we'll become
strangers again.."
Jiyong Ielt his throat tighten at her words.
"I'm going to go out now." Dara announced. She needed to get away Iromhim right away. It hurt
too much to look at him any longer.
But beIore she could reach the door, Jiyong quickly hugged her Irombehind. He wasn't just going
to let her leave him like that.
"Don't leave me." Jiyong whispered in a desperate voice.
Dara closed her eyes as she tried to push him oII.
"Oppa, don't be like this."
"Don't go to Yongbae." Jiyong almost begged as he held onto her tightly,not letting her escape
Irom his arms.
Dara Ielt guilt prick through her veins at his words. He still thoughtthat she was dating Yongbae.
"I'm not going to Yongbae oppa." she said as she tried to push him oIIagain. But this just made
Jiyong wrap his arms around her tighter.
"Oppa, let go." Dara protested as she struggled against his strong grip.She had no idea why
Jiyong was suddenly behaving this way.
"Dara.. I love you."
Dara immediately Iroze and her eyes widened at his statement. Had sheheard him correctly?
Jiyong turned her around so that she was Iacing him.
"I love you, Dara." Jiyong whispered as he stared at her with mistyeyes. "So don't leave me."
He knew he was being selIish. He didn't deserve Dara aIter all he hadput her through. He knew
that he was unworthy oI her love.
But he still wanted her. He needed her.
Dara Ielt her heart pound Iuriously in her chest as she stared at himwith a dumbIounded look.
Perhaps this guy had seriously lost his mind.
"I don't know what you're saying." Dara said as she looked away Iromhim. "I need to go."
But as she was about to turn around again, he quickly grabbed onto herhand.
Jiyong stared at her helplessly. "Baby.. Please... Don't leave me.."
He was literally breaking down and /begging/ at this point. He didn'tcare about his selI-esteem or
pride. He had none.
"Oppa, what are you saying?" Dara asked with a Irown. "What about Kiko?"
Jiyong shook his head. He didn't need her. He didn't want her.
It was Dara that he wanted.
"Dara.. I love you.." he repeated as iI those were the only words heknew how to say.
"Please.. Take me back.." he said in a shaky voice. He was just soscared right now that Dara was
really going to leave him. He didn't knowwhat he would do without her.
Dara almost gasped when she saw a tear slide down Jiyong's cheek. He wascrying. Kwon Jiyong
was crying!
"Oppa.. Are you crying?" she asked in shock.
Jiyong just hugged Dara again and buried his Iace into her shoulder. Hedidn't care iI he looked
stupid or pathetic.
"I'm sorry.." he said. "I'm sorry Ior hurting you and making you cry allthe time. I was a jerk and I
know that I don't deserve you."
"But please take me back.." Jiyong continued desperately. "Please giveme another chance, Dara."
Dara Irowned in conIusion. "What.."
"I broke up with Kiko." Jiyong said as he tightened his grip around her."I'm not going to meet
her anymore."
Dara's eyes widened. "What?!"
"Dara.. I love you." Jiyong said in a helpless voice as tears keptIalling down his eyes. "I need
you... Please don't leave me.."
She Ielt her heart automatically weaken at his words. Though Dara knewthat she shouldn't
Iorgive him this easily, she just couldn't help it.
Then, all oI a sudden, she started giggling. Jiyong raised his head andIrowned at her in conIusion.
"You're crying.." Dara said in amusement. "Kwon Jiyong is crying!"
Now that she thought about it, it was really Iunny! The great KwonJiyong was crying like a baby
over a girl!
Jiyong's Irown deepened. She was actually laughing in this situation?!
But at the same time, he Ielt his body relax a little. Maybe she wouldIorgive him then?
"Dara.. Give me another chance." Jiyong said earnestly. "I'll dowhatever you tell me to do. Just
don't leave me. I'll do anything."
Dara thought about it momentarily. Though her brain told her that sheshouldn't trust this guy, her
heart told her to just go Ior it.
´But Bommie...´Dara thought as she imagined how Bom would react. Bomwould probably be
Iurious that Dara had gone back on her words.
But this was her liIe, not Bommie's. Dara knew that iI she leIt Jiyongright now, she would regret
it Ior the rest oI her liIe. Because aspathetic as it was, she was stupidly in love with this jerk in
Iront oIher.
And there was nothing she could do about it.
"What makes you think I'll take you back?" she snapped. "I don't evenlike you anymore."
Jiyong nodded in understanding. "I know you don't like me.."
"Then what's your deal?" she asked in an annoyed voice.
"Just give me a chance." Jiyong pleaded with her. "I'm not asking you tolove me back. Just..
Don't push me away either. I need you."
Dara's lips almost twitched up at his words but she quickly coughed.
"Too late. I don't need you anymore." she said bitterly.
Her eyes widened when Jiyong started crying again like a little boy. Hul..
"Yah.. Jerk." Dara said in shock. "You're crying again?"
It was her Iirst time seeing Jiyong break down like this. Dara had heardIrom TOP that even
Jiyong's Iriends had never seen him cry. Yet he wascrying in Iront oI her right now like there
was no tomorrow.
Jiyong just Iell to his knees. He was too late. This was probably hispunishment Ior not treasuring
Dara when he had her.
Dara could only stare at Jiyong in Iascination. Was this really KwonJiyong?
"Is it really too late?" he whispered as he looked up at her with tearyeyes. Seeing those eyes
almost made Dara Iorget everything and just hughim tightly in her arms to comIort him.
But she stopped herselI. She couldn't Iorgive him yet.
"Eine. I'll think about it." Dara said coolly. He just looked up her ahopeIul look.
"Clean the house while I'm gone." Dara ordered. "II it's clean to myexpectations by the time I get
back, then I'll consider taking you back."
Jiyong's eyes lit up at Dara's statement.
"Really?" he asked hopeIully. "All I have to do is clean the house?"
"But it better be spotless." Dara said sternly. "II I see a single dust,then I'm going to really
divorce you."
Jiyong Ielt his body tense up in panic at the mention oI the "D" wordagain. He really wished
Dara would stop using that word.
"And do the laundry too." Dara continued. "And take out the garbage andbuy more groceries."
Jiyong nodded obediently as he got up Irom the Iloor and grabbed anotepad. He immediately
jotted down the chores Dara wanted her to do.
"And prepare dinner as well." Dara said. "I'll be back home in twohours. Einish everything by
Jiyong's eyes widened in disbelieI. She wanted him to do all that in twohours?!
But he was just grateIul that she was even giving him a chance. Hequickly wiped away his tears
and grabbed a broom Irom the closet.
"I'll Iinish everything beIore you come back." Jiyong said as he rolledup his sleeves and gave
Dara a reassuring look. His eyes were stillswollen Irom crying.
Dara couldn't help but smile at her husband's Irantic actions. How couldshe possibly live without
this guy?
"Alright then." she said in a cool tone. "I'll inspect the house when Iget back. II I'm not
impressed, then you're signing the divorce papers."
Jiyong cringed again, but he nodded obediently.
"Wash the dishes, too."
Jiyong nodded again like a little boy. "Okay."
Dara smiled inwardly beIore grabbing her purse and walking towards thedoor.
"Oh, and one more thing." she said as she turned around.
"What is it?" Jiyong asked as he immediately paused cleaning to look ather. Did she want him to
do something else? He was willing to do anyhing.
Dara smiled.
"I love you, too."
Jiyong's eyes widened as soon as he heard those Iour words come out oIDara's mouth. Had he
heard her correctly?
Dara smiled seeing his shocked reaction.
"What did you say?" Jiyong asked in disbelieI.
Dara shrugged playIully. "II you didn't hear it the Iirst time, then ohwell."
She turned around and was about to go out the door when Jiyong nearlytackled her in a back hug.
"Ack!" Dara yelled as she almost lost her balance by the sudden Iorce."Yah!"
"Say it again" Jiyong whispered into her ear as he hugged her tightly.He Ielt his throat tighten
shortly aIterwards. Was she serious?!
Dara coughed. "I didn't say anything."
"Dara.." Jiyong almost said in a desperate voice. "Please say it again.."
She heard sniIIling Irom behind her and blinked. Was he crying again?!
Dara turned around and saw that Jiyong's eyes were teary once again.Seriously, this guy cried
more than her!
"Why are you crying again?" Dara asked with a Irown.
Without answering her question, Jiyong just hugged her again.
"I love you." he said as he buried his Iace into her shoulder. "I'm sosorry.."
Dara couldn't help but smile as her heart thumped loudly in happiness.Eor the Iirst time that day,
she hugged him back.
"I love you, too." she said as she rubbed his back. "So stop cryingalready."
Even through his tears, Jiyong couldn't help but grin broadly at herwords. She loved him, too!
This just made him hug her even tighter as he cried into her shoulder.It made him so happy and
grateIul that Dara loved him back even thoughhe had hurt her in so many ways.
Dara pulled back and gave Jiyong a gentle smile beIore reaching up towipe away his tears.
"You're a baby." Dara teased as she patted his cheeks.
Jiyong just pouted as he sniIIled. It had been awhile since he had criedthis much beIore.
"Am not." he retorted.
Dara couldn't help but Ieel her heart race looking at Jiyong's lips inthat Iormation. BeIore she
could stop herselI, she automatically got onher toes and gave him a quick peck on those cute lips.
Although it was just a simple peck, both Dara and Jiyong Ielt theirhearts beat erratically as their
hormones went wild inside their bodies.It had been so long since they had last kissed...
Eor awhile, they just stared at each other until Dara blushed as sheshyly looked away Irom him.
Jiyong smiled slighly beIore gently caressing Dara's Iace and making herlook at him again. He
stared into her beautiIul brown eyes that wereshining ever so brightly.
Jiyong leaned down and gave her a soIt kiss on her lips. He then wrappedher up in his arms again.
"Okay, we're here. Let's get out now." Yongbae announced as he parkedhis car in Iront oI Jiyong
and Dara's house.
"I hope at least one oI them is home." Daesung said as he unbuckled hisseatbelt.
"They should be." TOP said as he opened the car door and got out. Theother boys Iollowed him.
They quickly went up the stairs. Seungri immediately started pounding on
their door.
The boys waited Ior a Iew seconds, but no one was answering the door.Seungri Irowned beIore
pounding on the door again.
"Jiyong?" he called out Irantically. "Dara?"
But even aIter a Iew more seconds, there was no response.
"Jiyong!" Seungri cried out. "Dara!"
"Aisht, this drama queen." TOP clucked his tongue in disapproval beIorepushing Seungri aside.
"Why don't you just ring the doorbell?"
Yongbae and Daesung couldn't help but snicker as TOP scolded SeungribeIore ringing the
doorbell. Seungri just scratched his head.
But no matter how many times TOP rang the doorbell, there was still noresponse.
"Maybe no one's home?" Daesung suggested.
"But where else would they be?" Yongbae asked with a Iurrowed brows.They had to be home.
"Yah, Jiyong! Dara!" Seungri started yelling again as he pounded ontheir door. Yongbae took
out his phone and tried calling Dara again.
"Hul..." he said in a stunned voice. "It's not even ringing anymore. Itjust goes straight to her
"Same with Jiyong's phone." Daesung sighed as he ended the call. "Heturned his phone oII."
"Do you think they're together right now?" Seungri asked.
"Or do you think Jiyong's with Kiko?" Daesung added.
"Dara might still be out with Bom." Taeyang pointed out.
TOP sighed. "I guess we can wait here Ior awhile and see what happens."
The other boys agreed. The Iour oI them sat down in Iront oI the door ina circle and continued
discussing possible scenarios oI what could behappening right now.
Dara giggled as Jiyong gave her small kisses all over her Iace. Theywere lying down in bed
together cuddling. Jiyong's household choresremained Iorgotten.
"God, Dara... I missed you so much.." Jiyong whispered as he hugged hertightly and buried his
Iace in her neck. He sighed as he smelled hersoothing scent. He never wanted to let her go.
Dara sighed in content as she inhaled his Iamiliar scent as well. Shescooted closer to him and
wrapped the blanket around the both oI them.It had been so long since they had lied down
together in the same bed.
"You're so warm." Dara said as she closed her eyes and snuggled againsthis chest.
"Really?" Jiyong murmured as he stroked her hair.
Just then, they heard knocking on the door, interrupting them Iromtheir little moment. Jiyong and
Dara both Irowned. Neither oI them Ieltlike getting out oI bed to open the door.
"Just ignore it." Jiyong said as he continued stroking her soIt hair.Dara just giggled in agreement.
Pretty soon, they heard the doorbell ringing. Jiyong growled inIrustration. Who the hell was
interrupting his peaceIul moment with Dara?!
"Maybe we should go check it." Dara said thoughtIully. "I think it mightbe Seunghyun oppa."
"Seunghyun?" Jiyong asked with a raised brow. "Why would it be him?"
"Because he thinks that I'm going to divorce you." she answered. "Heprobably came because he's
Jiyong instinctively Ilinched again.
"Can you stop saying that "D" word?" he groaned. "It really sendsshivers down my spine
thinking about it!"
Dara laughed soItly. "Well, I really was going to.."
Jiyong immediately pulled her back into his arms.
"Don't leave me." he said Iirmly. "I promise I'll be a good husband.I'll love you and only you."
Dara Ielt her heart Ilutter wildly at his words. But a small part oI herwas worried..
"But oppa.." Dara said as she pulled apart to look up at him. "I don'tknow how Bommie will
react to this.."
She told him about how Bommie had Iound out about the club incident andKiko. She told him
how the divorce was originally Bom's idea as well.
Jiyong gulped as he thought about Iacing the Bominator's wrath. He wassooo dead..
But he would deal with it. AIterall, everything was his Iault. Jiyongwas willing to bravely accept
whatever punishment Bom had Ior him. Justas long as she didn't try to separate him Irom Dara.
"Don't worry about it." Jiyong told Dara in a reassuring voice. "I'lltake care oI it."
Dara grimaced. "Oppa.. This is Bommie we're talking about. And she'sreally mad at you right
"It's okay." Jiyong said beIore giving Dara a quick peck on the lips."It's going to be okay."
Both oI their cellphones started ringing at the same time, interruptingDara's sentence.
Jiyong guessed that it was his Iriends. Everyone was probably surprisedwith the divorce news
and probably wanted conIirmation. He grabbed bothhis and Dara's cellphones and turned them
oII. He then placed them onthe bedstand beIore snuggling close to Dara again.
"Shouldn't we answer?" Dara asked.
"I don't want them to interrupt us." Jiyong said. "We can explain later.I want to be alone with
you right now.."
Dara smiled at his words. "Alright then.."
Jiyong smiled as well beIore reaching down to caress Dara's stomach.
"Thank you, baby." Jiyong whispered as he gently patted her stomach.
Dara raised her eyebrows at him and giggled. "What are you thanking herIor?"
Jiyong grinned. "Eor bringing us together."
Dara just laughed as she lightly slapped his arm. "Still cheesy as ever,I see."
"I missed being cheesy, kid."
Dara just rolled her eyes. "Who are you calling a kid? You're the onewho cried earlier."
She giggled as she thought about how Jiyong had cried like a little boyin Iront oI her. He was a
total baby!
"Aisht.." Jiyong muttered as he Irowned. He knew he should have tried tocontrol his emotions
better earlier. What had he been thinking, cryinglike that?! Now this kid was probably going to
make Iun oI him Ior therest oI his liIe!
"I couldn't help it, alright?" he deIended himselI. "I was really scaredoI losing you."
Dara grinned broadly beIore reaching up to pinch his cheeks.
"Awww was that so, my little baby?" she cooed. "You were scared oIlosing me?"
Jiyong blushed a bit as he tried to swat her hands away, but this onlymade her squeal louder.
"Omo! You're blushing!" she cried out in amusement. "My baby Jiyong-ieis blushing!"
"Am not!" Jiyong said immediately. Since when had Dara been the one totease him? Wasn't it
supposed to be the other way around?!
"Keke.. You're so cute, oppa." Dara said beIore kissing his cheeks. "Mybaby oppa."
Jiyong's eyes lit up at her words, and he couldn't help but grin. "Babyoppa?"
She nodded happily. "Yes. Erom now on, you're my baby."
Jiyong laughed as he went along with her silliness. "Okay, I'll be yourbaby."
Dara smiled. "Yay!"
Suddenly, Jiyong paused as a mischievous idea crossed his head. He smirked.
"So since I'm your baby..." he started oII slyly.
"Hmm?" Dara asked innocently, oblivious to his change in tone.
Jiyong quickly rolled them over and pinned Dara on the bed. Her eyeswidened in surprise at his
sudden actions.
"What are you..." she started oII.
"I want some milk." Jiyong said with a small pout.
Dara Irowned in conIusion. "Milk?"
Jiyong nodded innocently.
"Umm.. Then why don't you go to the kitchen to get some?" Dara asked.She didn't know why he
wanted milk all oI a sudden.
Jiyong just shook his head. "Not that milk."
Dara blinked a Iew times. "Then what milk?"
"The kind oI milk that babies are supposed to drink." Jiyong simplystated.
"The kind oI milk that babies..."
Dara's eyes widened and she gasped when she saw Jiyong lower his eyes toher chest. Gahhh, this
Jiyong just continued to give her an innocent look. "What's wrong? I amyour baby aIterall.. You
have to Ieed me..."
"Aisht, how can you be so perverted?!" Dara asked in disbelieI as sheslapped his shoulder.
"But mommy..." Jiyong whined in a boyish voice and gave her a cute pout.
"Yah!" Dara said as she started laughing at his ridiculousness. "Whatthe heck, you're gross! Get
Jiyong grinned as Dara wiggled underneath him. He grabbed onto her handsand kissed them.
"Just a drop?" he asked cutely.
"No!" Dara laughed as she tried to push and kick him away. "I don't evenhave any milk right
now! The baby needs to be born Iirst!"
Jiyong looked down at Dara's stomach with a thoughtIul look. She was right.
"Baby, please come out quickly." he said in a loving voice as hecaressed Dara's stomach. "So
that daddy can have some oI mommy's milk..."
Dara's mouth dropped open at his absurdity. Aisht, this guy wasseriously impossible!
"Yah!" she yelled as Jiyong started laughing.
"What are you saying to the baby?!" she said as she rubbed her stomach.Poor baby, having to
listen to such perverted words Irom the Iather!
Dara was just glad that the baby was going to be a girl. II the babywere a boy, he would probably
end up being perverted just like Jiyong.Gahhh!
Jiyong just continued laughing beIore leaning down and giving Dara alingering kiss on the lips.
"I love you." he said sweetly as he snuggled his Iace against hers."Thank you Ior loving me
Dara Ielt her body turn into jelly at his words. She smiled as shewrapped her arms around him.
Though he was a pervert, he was still sosweet as well.
And he was all hers.
4 years later...
'KWON JI HYUN!!!!!!¨ Dara bellowed at the top oI her lungs. 'Clean this up right now!!!!¨
Dara`s nostrils Ilared up in Iury as she looked around at the mess her Iour-year-old daughter had
created in the playroom. There were dolls scattered everywhere and halI-colored sketchbooks
spread open all over the Iloor. It was absolutely horrendous.
'But omma.¨ a brown-haired littlegirl said as she gave her mom a small pout. 'I'
'NO buts!!!¨ Dara roared as she gave her daughter a stern stare. 'Look at the mess you made,
young lady!¨
The little girl pouted again as she looked around the playroom. She then hung her head down in
shame. She knew that what she had done was wrong.
Dara put her hands on her hips as she waited Ior Ji Hyun to start cleaning up her mess.
Ji Hyun started Iiddling with her Iingers as she turned around and stared at the Iront door. It
seemed like she was waiting Ior someone.
'Appa`s not coming home until tomorrow.¨ Dara reminded her daughter. 'So don`t expect
anyone to help you this time.¨
Jiyong had gone on a business trip a week ago. He had now taken over the role oI YG Hotel`s
CEO position and had to attend an important meeting in Japan. He wouldn`t be back home until
tomorrow night.
Ji Hyun sighed in deIeat. Whenever her appa was home, he would always help her clean up the
playroom together. But tonight, it seemed as iI she were all alone.
'Neh. I`ll clean up...¨ Ji Hyun mumbled obediently as she picked up a green teletubby. She
grimaced slightly as she clenched the ugly doll in her hands. She didn`t even like teletubbies, to
be honest. But her Uncle Seungri had giIted her with an entire collection Ior her third birthday
last year.
Dara smiled slightly in satisIaction as she watched her daughter slowly clean the room. She
couldn`t help but grin at her daughter`s cuteness.
Ji Hyun had her eyebrows Iurrowed as she concentrated on putting her coloring books back on
the shelI. She struggled Ior a Iew moments as she tried to reach the shelI with her short height.
She got on her tiptoes and whimpered as she struggled to put the book back in its proper place.
Seeing her daughter struggle made Dara`s heart weaken as her motherly instincts came back into
play. And though she wanted to walk over and help Ji Hyun, she resisted the urge to do so.
Dara reIused to spoil and pamper her daughter. She wanted her daughter to grow up to be a
strong and independent young woman who could do things on her own. II Ji Hyun was able to
get the book down Irom the shelI, then she could put it back up as well.
Sometimes, Dara wondered iI she was being too tough on her daughter. AIter all, she was only
But Dara thought Ji Hyun needed to be taught manners at an early age. She wouldn`t let her
daughter just slide by so easily aIter creating such a mess.
Come on. You can do it. Dara chanted in her head as she watched Ji Hyun continue to
strugglewith the book. I know vou can do it..
'AHA!¨ Ji Hyun shouted victoriously as she Iinally succeeded in placing the book in its proper
position. She grinned triumphantly as she picked up another book to try again.
Dara smiled proudly as she watched her daughter walk over to the bookshelI with a determined
look on her Iace.
'See? I knew Ji Hyun could do it all by herselI.¨ Dara whispered to herselI proudly.
Just then, the Iront door opened. Both Dara and Ji Hyun turned around to see who it was.
'APPA!¨ Ji Hyun squealed at the top oI her lungs as she threw away the book she was holding
and immediately sprinted towards Jiyong at Iull speed.
Dara`s eyes lit up as she saw Jiyong standing by the door. Immediately, her heart started
thumping erratically at the sight oI her handsome husband. Though they had been married Ior
almost Iive years now, she still couldn`t get over how attractive he was.
He hadn`t aged a bit. In Iact, he seemed to be getting more and more handsome as the days went
by, iI that was even possible.
Jiyong grinned as he put down his brieIcase and immediately reached down to pick up his
'Did you miss me, princess?¨ Jiyong asked sweetly as he kissed Ji Hyun`s cheeks.
'Neh!¨ Ji Hyun chirped as she hugged her dad tightly.
'Aigo. Appa missed you, too.¨ Jiyong cooed as he pinched Ji Hyun`s nose lovingly.
Dara Irowned as she watched Ji Hyun giggle as Jiyong continued place kisses all over her small
Iace and say sweet things to her in his baby voice.
He wasn`t even looking at Dara! He didn`t even acknowledge her presence! He was too Iocused
on paying attention to their daughter. Dara could almost swear that there were hearts coming out
oI his eyes as he smiled at Ji Hyun.
Although it was ridiculous, Dara couldn`t help but Ieel slightly jealous oI her own daughter. Ever
since Ji Hyun had been born, it seemed as iI Jiyong had been paying more attention to Ji Hyun
than to Dara.
In Iact, now that she thought about it, she and Jiyong haven`t spent much time alone during the
past Iour years. Jiyong was always busy at work, and when he came home, Ji Hyun was always
around to steal Jiyong`a attention.
Not that Dara didn`t like her daughter, oI course. But sometimes, she missed being alone with
Jiyong. Daramissed those days when Jiyong Iocused on her and only her. She missed those days
when Jiyong had treated her like a baby, Ieeding and pampering her all the time. Now, he only
did those things to Ji Hyun.
'Kwon Ji Hyun. You haven`t Inished cleaning your room.¨ Dara said sternly as she walked over
to them.
Jiyong smiled as he looked over at Dara. 'I`m home, yeobo.¨
'I thought you weren`t coming home until tomorrow.¨
Jiyong smiled. 'The merger turned out well, and we ended a day earlier than we had originally
Jiyong raised his eyebrows at his wiIe. 'Aren`t you glad to see me?¨
Ignoring him, Dara turned to Ji Hyun. 'Go Iinish cleaning your room, Ji Hyun.¨
Ji Hyun Irowned as she wrapped her arms around Jiyong`s neck and clung to him tightly.
'But I want to play with appa.¨ Ji Hyun protested.
'You can play with him aIter you clean up.¨ Dara said Iirmly.
Ji Hyun Irowned in disappointment.
'Want appa to clean it up Ior you?¨ Jiyong oIIered brightly beIore giving Ji Hyun a kiss on the
cheeks. Dara shot him a glare.
Ji Hyun`s round eyes lit up at his oIIer. 'Really?!¨
'No.¨ Dara interjected. 'Let her clean it up by herselI, oppa. You can`t always keep doing things
Ior her. She`s not a baby anymore.¨
Ji Hyun pouted at her mother`s objection. She really didn`t want to Iinish cleaning up her
'I`ll clean it up Ior her just this one time.¨ Jiyong tried to reason with his wiIe.
'That`s what you always say!¨ Dara pointed out. 'II you keep doing things Ior her, she`ll never
grow up!¨
'Last time. I promise.¨ Jiyong said with a sincere look on his Iace. Dara rolled her eyes.
'Kyaaa!~ Appa jjang!¨ Ji Hyun squealed excitedly as she grinned broadly.
Dara groaned bitterly. Jiyong was always like this. Instead oI trying to teach their daughter
manners and lessons, Jiyong was only Iocused on pampering and spoiling her. At this rate, Ji
Hyun would become the world`s biggest brat kid.
'Appa, I want to marry you when I grow up!¨ Ji Hyun suddenly announced brightly.
'Yah, you can`t do that.¨ Dara objected with a Irown.
Ji Hyun blinked in conIusion. 'Waeyo?¨
Jiyong chuckled beIore pinching Ji Hyun`s cheeks. 'OI course you can. Let`s get married when
you grow up, okay princess?¨
Ji Hyun squealed Ior joy as she clapped her hands together. 'Tomorrow?¨
Jiyong grinned. 'No, not tomorrow. When you get a little older, princess.¨
Ji Hyun pondered careIully.
'Next year?¨ she asked hopeIully.
Jiyong just laughed at Ji Hyun`s determination to marry him as soon as possible. Dara just shook
her head in amusement at her daughter`s silliness.
'A little longer, baby.¨ Jiyong said sweetly. 'You`ll still be too young next year.¨
Ji Hyun Irowned. How long did she have to wait then?!
Jiyong just chuckled in amusement as he watched Ji Hyun Iurrow her brows in concentration. It
seemed like she was pondering deeply about something.
'How about in 8 years?¨ Ji Hyunsuddenly blurted out aIter a brieI moment oI silence. Jiyong
raised his eyebrows.
'8?¨ he repeated in interest at the random number. 'Why 8?¨
'Because 8 is a big number!¨ Ji Hyun stated simply. Jiyong just laughed.
'Aigo. Appa will be an old ahjusshi by then.¨ Jiyong said as he pinched Ji Hyun`s cheeks.
'You probably won`t want to marry appa anymore.There will be so many more handsome boys
out there Ior you.¨
'No.¨ Ji Hyun insisted stubbornly. 'I still want to marry you, appa!¨
'Arasso.¨Jiyong laughed as he gave in. 'Promise you`ll still marry appa in 8 years?¨
Ji Hyun nodded excitedly. 'Promise!¨
Dara still had an annoyed look on her Iace as she lied down in bed that night. AIter helping Ji
Hyun clean the playroom, Jiyong had put her to bed. He had Iinally come home aIter a week, and
he was already paying more attention to Ji Hyun.It seemed like he hadn`t even missed Dara.
'Aisht.. Am I jealous oI my own daughter or something?¨ Dara muttered to herselI. 'You`re so
ridiculous, Dara.¨
Just then, Jiyong came out oI the bathroom. He had taken a shower and changed into his pajamas.
He grinned beIore walking over to the bed and lying down next to Dara.
As soon as Dara Ielt Jiyong slide underneath the blanket next to her, she tugged the blanket away
Irom him.
'Hey, I`m cold too.¨ Jiyong said as he inched closer to her and tried to get some oI the blanket.
But Dara just slapped his hands away.
'Then get your own blanket.¨She snapped as she kept her back to him. Jiyong raised his
eyebrows in amusement. She was upset, he could tell.
'Yeobo, are you mad?¨ he asked.
'No.¨ Dara scowled.
'Really?¨ Jiyong asked. 'Because you sound mad.¨
'I`m not.¨ Dara snapped. 'I`m just tired. Stop talking to me, I`m going to sleep.¨
Jiyong grinned. Yup, she was deIinitely angry. He slid under the blanket and wrapped his arms
around her waist.
'Yah, get oII!¨ Dara snapped in annoyance. 'I said that I`m going to sleep!¨
'But I`m not sleepy yet.¨ Jiyong pouted as he rested his head on her shoulder. 'Play with me.¨
Dara Iroze as she Ielt Jiyong start to kiss her neck. Immediately, she Ielt her heart pound like
crazy. It just wasn`t Iair how he still had this kind oI eIIect on her even aIter all these years!
Jiyong smirked into Dara`s neck as he Ielt her stiIIen.
'Play with me..¨ he whispered into her ear in a seductive voice. Dara involuntarily shivered at
the sensation that went down her spine.
'Why don`t you just go play with your princess Ji Hyun?¨ Dara scoIIed. 'And stop bothering
Jiyong grinned beIore sliding his hands under Dara`s shirt and reaching to grope one oI her
breasts. Dara gasped in surprise at his sudden action.
'Because I can`t do this to Ji Hyun, now can I?¨Jiyong said in a teasing voice as he started to
massage her breast.
(A/N: Umm, actually... You CAN!!! *takes oII jacket* Come here! PPALI PPALI!!!!!!!!!!)
'Stop..¨ Dara said in a strained voice as she tried to prevent herselI Irom releasing any moans.
This wasn`t okay. She was supposed to mad, Ior goodness sake! She tried to push him oII oI her,
but Jiyong didn`t budge.
'Don`t want to.¨ Jiyong said as he went back to kissing her neck as both oI his hands roamed
wildly all over her body.
Eventually, Dara just closed her eyes as she slowly gave in to her husband`s ministrations. She
had missed his touch, aIter all.
As soon as he Ielt Dara relax, Jiyong stopped what he was doing and turned Dara around so that
she was Iacing him. He smiled sweetly beIore giving her a kiss on her lips.
'I missed you, Dara.¨
Dara just pouted. Jiyong chuckled.
'Why are you mad?¨ he asked again.
Now that Dara thought about it, she didn`t even know. All oI a sudden, her reason seemed just so
immature and childish. What kind oI mother got jealous oI her own daughter?! Perhaps she
really was a kid.
'I`m not mad.¨ Dara mumbled in embarrassment.
Jiyong grinned as he saw Dara avoid eye contact with him and blush. He suddenly reached over
to the bed stand and presented Dara with a white envelope.
Dara momentarily Iorgot about her embarrassment as she curiously stared at the envelope that
Jiyong had given her.
'What is it?¨ she asked him.
Jiyong just continued grinning. 'Open it and see.¨
Dara Iurrowed her eyebrows as she careIully opened the envelope. Her eyes lit up in surprise.
'Airplane tickets to Jeju Island?!¨
She looked at the names on the tickets. One oI the tickets was booked under her name and
another was under Jiyong`s name. She looked in the envelope again Ior a third airplane ticket,
but she didn`t Iind any.
'Ji Hyun`s not going.¨ Jiyong said simply. 'It`s just you and me.¨
Dara`s eyes lit up again in surprise. 'What?¨
They had never gone on a vacation without Ji Hyun. This would be the Iirst.
'You and me. At Jeju Island Ior one week.¨Jiyong repeated with a smile.
Dara Ielt her heart race again as she thought about being alone with Jiyong Ior an entire week.
'But. Why just you and me?¨Dara asked. 'What about Ji Hyun?¨
'I asked my parents to babysit her while we`re gone.¨ Jiyong said as he embraced Dara in his
'I just wanted to spend some time alone with you.¨ Jiyong continued. 'I`ve been so busy these
past Iew years taking care oI the company, and I realize that I haven`t been able to spend much
time with you.¨
Dara Ielt her heart race again at his words. So he had noticed it, too.. He had Ielt the same way..
'I miss you, jagiya.¨ Jiyong whispered as he caressed her Iace. 'Mianhe Ior seeming to neglect
you. But you know that you`re the person I love the most in the whole world, right?¨
Dara nearly melted at his sweet words. He was still such a sweet talker. And the way he was
staring at her right now made the butterIlies in her stomach go wild.
'Really? I`m the one you love the most?¨ she asked.
Jiyong nodded. 'OI course.¨
'More than Ji Hyun?¨ she blurted out without knowing it.
Jiyong paused and raised his eyebrows at Dara`s question.
Dara mentally slapped herselI in the Iace. How could she even ask such a thing?! Now she just
seemed like an unreasonable mother who was jealous oI her own daughter.
Well, it was true that she was kind oI jealous oI her daughter.. But still! She didn`t have to let
Jiyong know about it!
'Don`t tell me. Are you being jealous oI Ji Hyun right now?¨ Jiyong asked in an incredulous
'N-no!¨ Dara immediately deIended herselI.
Aisht.. Youre such a babo, Sandara Park' she scolded herselI. Now hes going to think voure
a bad mom'
But instead oI scolding her Ior being so immature or Ioolish, Jiyong just laughed.
'You really are being jealous right now.¨ Jiyong laughed in amusement.'I can`t believe this!¨
'Aisht, no!¨ Dara insisted as she turned bright red.
'Aigo...¨ Jiyong teased as he pinched Dara`s cheeks. He thought it was adorable how Dara was
being jealous right now. She was such a kid.
Dara just blushed a deeper red as Jiyong continued laughing at her. She poutedas Jiyong pulled
her closer to him and wrapped his arms around her tightly.
'OI course I love you more.¨ Jiyong reassured her as he held her tightly. 'Why would you even
ask such a thing?¨
Dara just continued pouting. 'Well. You seem to be paying more attention to Ji Hyun these
days. You always pamper her. And Ieed her. And baby her. You don`t do those things to
me anymore..¨
'That`s because you said that you didn`t want me to treat you like a kid.¨ Jiyong said as he
pulled apart to look at Dara.
Dara bit on her lower lip. True, she had told previously Jiyong to stop treating her like a kid. She
didn`t like how was always treating her like a baby.
But now that he was doing those sweet things to their daughter instead, Dara suddenly just Ielt
jealous watching him do that. She suddenly missed those days when Jiyong had pampered her.
'I know. But..¨Dara started oII. 'Aigo. Nevermind, it`s nothing.¨
She was probably just being stupid.
A grin spread across Jiyong`s Iace as he stared at Dara`s embarrassed Iace. It seemed like she
missed being babied by him.
'Awww.. Why is my baby being jealous, hmm?¨ Jiyong cooed in a baby voice as he pinched
Dara`s cheeks.
Dara immediately blushed as she tried to push him away.
'Stop..¨ she said weakly.
'Is my Princess Dara jealous because oppa hasn`t been pampering her?¨ Jiyong continued
teasing her as he laughed.
'Oppa..¨ Dara protested as she blushed even deeper.
Jiyong smiled as he pinched her nose. 'Why? Isn`t this what you wanted?¨
Dara just pouted. 'Aisht! Go away!¨
Jiyong just laughed again as he hugged her. She was so cute.
'Don`t be jealous, Dara.¨ Jiyong said sweetly in a sincere voice. 'You will always be my
Iavorite kid.¨
He then leaned down and started giving Dara kisses all over her Iace. Pretty soon, Dara was
'I love you, kid.¨ Jiyong smiled beIore giving her one last kiss on the lips.
Dara smiled as she gave him a kiss in return.
'I love you too, jerk.¨
'Bye omma, bye appa!¨ Ji Hyun said brightly as she waved to her parents.
'Now behave yourselI and listen to halmoni and harabeoji, okay?¨ Dara said as she patted Ji
Hyun`s head.
Ji Hyun nodded obediently as she smiled at her mom. 'Neh, omma.¨
Dara smiled back as she leaned down and gave her daughter a kiss on the cheeks. Ji Hyun just
giggled as she hugged her mom.
'Omma, make sure you read Ji Hyun this bedtime story.¨ Jiyong said as he gave his mom a
children`s book. 'This one`s her Iavorite.¨
'And she likes watching Bbo Bbo Bbo` at noon, so be sure to turn it on Ior her.¨He added.
Dara rolled her eyes as she laughed at her husband`s behavior. Jiyong was acting like Ji Hyun`s
manager or something.
'Arrasso, arrasso.¨ Mrs. Kwon said as she patted her son`s back. 'Just relax have Iun on your
'Bye, princess.¨ Jiyong said as he leaned down to say goodbye to Ji Hyun.
'Bye, appa.¨ Ji Hyun replied as she gave him a kiss on the cheeks. 'Have Iun with mommy!¨
Jiyong grinned as he ruIIled Ji Hyun`s hair. 'Is there anything my princess wants daddy to bring
back Ior her on his vacation?¨
Ji Hyun thought careIully Ior a moment. There actually was one thing that she really wanted.
'Appa, I want a dongsaeng.¨ Ji Hyun stated simply. 'Can you buy me a dongsaeng?¨
Jiyong raised his eyebrows.
'A dongsaeng?¨ he repeated in amusement. He looked over at Dara and saw that she was already
blushing madly. Mrs. Kwon just giggled soItly as she watched the scene.
'Neh.¨ Ji Hyun nodded. 'My Iriend Seunghee has a dongsaeng, and she`s so cute! Can you buy
me Seunghee`s dongsaeng?¨
'Sweetie, I don`t think appa can do that Ior you.¨ Dara jumped in.
Ji Hyun just looked at her mom with a conIused Irown. 'Waeyo?¨
'Because.Seunghee`s dongsaeng belongs with Seunghee.¨ Dara explained to her daughter.
Ji Hyun pouted thoughtIully at her mom`s words. Her mom did have a point.
'Oh.¨ Ji Hyun said. 'Then can you buy me another dongsaeng?¨
Jiyong just chuckled as he patted Ji Hyun`s head. 'Do you want appa to buy you a dongsaeng,
Ji Hyun`s Iace lit up in hope at her dad`s question.
'Neh!¨ she nodded Iuriously.
'Then appa will buy you one Ior your Christmas present.¨ Jiyong smiled. 'But only iI you
promise to be a good girl until then.¨
'Really?!¨ Ji Hyun squealed in excitement.
'Only iI you promise to be a good girl.¨ Jiyong repeated.
'Neh, neh! I`ll be a good girl!¨ Ji Hyun promised enthusiastically.
'Which means you have to clean your room all by yourselI Irom now on.¨ Jiyong said in a
serious tone. 'Appa`s not going to help you anymore.¨
'Neh!¨ Ji Hyun agreed as she continued nodding like a bobble head. 'I will!¨
Jiyong smiled beIore holding out his pinky. 'Promise?¨
Ji Hyun linked her own tiny pinky around her dad`s while smiling broadly. 'Promise!¨
Few hours later at 1eju Island.
'So. About that dongsaeng Ji Hyun was talking about..¨ Jiyong said in between his kisses. As
soon as Dara had come out oI the bathroom aIter showering, Jiyong had nearly attacked her and
started kissing her senselessly. He was determined to give Ji Hyun the dongsaeng that she
It had been a Iun Iirst day in Jeju Island. Dara and Jiyong had visited the many museums and
even climbed Mt. Hanla. Tomorrow, they would go sightseeing.
'Mmm..¨ Dara just moaned against Jiyong`s lips as his hands roamed all over her body. She
closed her eyes as she kissed him back.
Jiyong liIted Dara up and carried her over to the bed. He then gently placed her down without
breaking the kiss.
They were in the same room that they had stayed in Ior their honeymoon Iour years ago. Despite
the diIIerent decorations and color scheme oI the room, everything else remained pretty much
the same.
Dara broke oII the kiss and giggled. 'Why`d you choose the same room?¨
Jiyong grinned. 'Because I believe you still owe me a proper honeymoon?¨ he said in a playIul
Dara blushed a bit as she remembered how she and Jiyong hadn`t been able to celebrate their
honeymoon properly because oI Dara`s cold.
'And now that Ji Hyun says that she wants a dongsaeng.¨ Jiyong started oII slyly as he started
to pull down the straps oI Dara`s nightgown.
Dara rolled her eyes as she slapped Jiyong`s chest. 'Is sex all you ever think about?!¨
Jiyong just shrugged innocently. 'I`m just trying to be a good appa.¨
Dara just shook her head as she laughed. He was ridiculous. Jiyong grinned as he slowly leaned
But just as he was about to kiss her lips, Dara suddenly stopped him.
'Wait! I Iorgot to put on lotion!¨ Dara announced.
'What?¨ Jiyong asked incredulously.
'I just came out oI the shower, oppa.¨ Dara explained. 'I need to put on lotion.¨
'Yah, not right now.¨ Jiyong said impatiently as he brushed her comment aside. Now was not
the time Ior such silly things!
'Andwae, I need to.¨ Dara insisted as she pushed him oII oI her.
Jiyong just stared at Dara with a dumbIounded Iace as she walked over to the makeup vanity
table. Was she serious?!
Last time on their honeymoon, Dara had wanted to do math. And now today, she was insisting
on putting on lotion. She was such a mood wrecker!
Ignoring Jiyong`s intense stare, Dara sat down on the chair in Iront oI the mirror and reached Ior
her pink body lotion Irom Etude House. Jiyong just gritted his teeth in annoyance as he crossed
his hands over his chest and waited.
But he gulped when Dara suddenly hitched up her nightgown. She then slowly started to spread
the lotion all over her skinny legs. Even Irom this distance, Jiyong could get a clear view oI her
milky white skin.
'Euck..¨ Jiyong muttered to himselI as he watched his beautiIul wiIe continue to rub her legs.
She looked so sexy right now..
Through the mirror, Dara could see the hungry look that Jiyong was giving her. He was getting
aroused, she could tell. She smiled happily to herselI as she continued massaging her legs with
the lotion. Maybe she would have a little Iun with this.
'Hmm..¨ Dara sighed soItly as she moved her hands up to her thighs. She slowly started to rub
her thighs in little circles.
Jiyong held in his breath and clenched his Iists as he watched what Dara was doing. He Ielt his
pants tightening by the second with his growing bulge.
'Ahh..¨ Dara sighed again as she started spreading lotion all over her arms. Jiyong`s jaw dropped
open. Was she moaning right now?
Dara closed her eyes and titled her head back as she started to massage her neck as well. She let
out another long sigh.
Jiyong was sure that the kid was teasing him right now. What kind oI person put on lotion while
making so much noise?
He got up Irom the bed and briskly walked over to Dara. She was now reaching Ior the bottle oI
lotion again.
'Enough.¨ Jiyong growled as he grabbed the bottle out oI her hands and tossed it back on the
'Why?¨ Dara asked with an innocent pout. 'I wasn`t done yet..¨
'You are now.¨ Jiyong said sternly. BeIore Dara could try and reach Ior the bottle again, Jiyong
grabbed it Iirst and threw it away across the room. He then gave her a challenging look.
Dara raised her eyebrows at him brieIly beIore nodding.
'Eine.¨She said. 'I`m done.¨
Jiyong smirked in satisIaction. Now they could get back on the bed and Iinish what they were
'But now I need to put on Iace lotion.¨ Dara said with a tinge oI laughter in her voice. Jiyong`s
mouth dropped open.
'What?!¨ he nearly shouted.
Dara just giggled as she reached Ior another tube on the table. She was having so much Iun with
this. She knew that Jiyong was very impatient and didn`t like waiting, especially when he was
Jiyong quickly snatched the tube Irom Dara`s hands and quickly squeezed a blob oI lotion onto
his own hands. He then reached out and impatiently grabbed Dara`s Iace. Dara giggled as Jiyong
messily spread the lotion all over her tiny Iace.
'There, done right?¨ he snapped as he tapped his Ieet impatiently. 'Now let`s'
'Nope.¨ Dara laughed. 'Eye cream.¨
Jiyong looked like he was about to pull his own hair out in Irustration as Dara reached Ior the
eye cream. How many globs did she have to spread all over her Iace?! But perhaps this was why
she had such porcelain skin.
Jiyong waited three more excruciating minutes as Dara took her time in dabbing the eye cream
under her eyes. It seemed like she was purposely going slowly just to tease him.
The moment Dara had Iinally Iinished, Jiyong immediately picked her up and carried her over to
the bed.
'Aisht, oppa!¨ Dara exclaimed as he roughly threw her on the bed. BeIore she could get back up,
Jiyong quickly pinned her down with his body.
Dara couldn`t help but giggle as she stared at the Irustrated look in Jiyong`s eyes. He was
deIinitely not amused with her.
'You are so dead tonight.¨ Jiyong growled as he leaned down closer to her. 'I`m going to punish
you Ior teasing me like that, kid.¨
'Ooh.. I`m so scared, jerk.¨ Dara joked as she stuck her tongue out at him. Jiyong just smirked at
her cuteness beIore leaning down and crashing his lips on hers.
. And that was how, on that night, Ji Hyun`s Christmas present was created.

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