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Pathophysiology of AGE

Pathophysiology of AGE

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Published by: tinatin989 on Oct 08, 2009
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Non-potable drinking water Pathogenic microorganism (Entamoeba histolytica) enters the system Microorgansim releases endotoxins Hyperstimulation

/ irritation of intestinal lining Disruption of cell membrane Increased water and electrolyte secretion Active secretion of Chloride and bicarbonate ions Inhibition of Sodium and Water reabsorption Increased Protein-rich fluid secretion Release of chemical mediators Activation of nociceptors Nerve impulse sent to CNS CNS response: Vasodialtion, Increased cell permeability Abdominal cramping/pain

Overwhelms large bowel’s ability to reabsorb fluids Increased fluid volume and decreased intestinal motility Abdominal distention

Watery stools (Diarrhea), Hyperactive bowel sounds Stimulation of vomiting center in the brain Nausea, Anorexia

Continuous active fluid losses, Decreased food and fluid intake Inadequate hydration and nutrition Dry lips and mucous membranes, Sunken eyeballs, Poor skin turgor

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