Unit I Chapter 1 Assignment ‘‘The Peopling of the Americas’’

1. Define the terms in bold print in this chapter. 2. Complete the following questions in complete, well-developed sentences using part of the question in your answer. a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. m. n. o. p. What are some examples of recent findings that place doubt on the ‘Land Bridge’ theory of early Aboriginal migration to North America? What is the common Aboriginal theory or story to explain their existence in North America? How is DNA analysis useful in learning about Paleo-Indian communities? What is the Clovis Model? What proof is available to support this model? What is unique about findings at the Monte Verde site in South America? What do these findings do to the Clovis Model? What does the discovery at Debert, Nova Scotia tell us about the early Paleo-Indian of Nova Scotia? During the Plano Period what brought about the changes in the use of technology for the descendants of the Paleo - Indians? What are the three major language families of Canada? How would a linguist explain the many languages spoken across North America if these same people migrated across the Bering Strait? What do physical anthropologist says about Aboriginal migration in North America? What conflict often develops between Aboriginal cultures and physical anthropologists? Do you think it is morally acceptable for archaeologists and anthropologists to study human remains in order to learn more about the past? Explain your answer. What occurred during the Pleistocene Era that allowed migration to North America? What do archaeologists say about a possible ‘water route’? What evidence is there for this theory? What evidence do we have of an early European connection to Aboriginal people of North America? How can we describe the relationship these ‘First People’ of the Americas had with their environment?

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