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Cause and Effect Match Match each cause on the left with an effect on the right.

Cause 1. ______ Baby Lisa began to cry. 2. ______ It was raining outside. 3. ______ The phone rang. 4. ______ Nana plants seeds in the garden. 5. ______ Robert ate too many jellybeans. 6. ______ Caren practiced kicking the ball. 7. ______ All the clothes were dirty. 8. ______ Lee's mom took her to the beach. 9. ______ Tyler was hungry. 10. ______ It snowed outside. 11. ______ Mom locked the car door.

Effect a. She played in the sand. b. He got a belly ache. c. Lance flew his kite. d. He fell and scraped his knee. i. She answered it. j. I couldn't cut the grass. k. She won her soccer game. l. I shoveled the driveway. m. Flowers began to grow. n. We couldn't get in the car. o. We pulled out an umbrella.

Circle the cause and underline the effect. Example : We turned up the heat since it was getting cold.

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I fell off my bike and scraped my knee. Our apartment is on the 11th floor, therefore, we have a great view of the city. Because I helped my mother, she was able to finish her work quickly. It was a very windy day, therefore, we were able to fly our kite. Since the class was good this week, they were able to have movie Friday. I got a tummy ache when I ate too much ice cream. Anne had cake for dessert because it was her birthday. Thomas was feeling sleepy because he stayed up late doing his homework. Dee was hungry, so her mother made her a cheese sandwich. Kevin went to the dentist because he had a toothache.

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