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Offers Joint De ree in M!sters" in Ener # & En$iron%ent!& En ineerin E&i i'i&it# Criteri!(
)st Di$ision in *!+,e&or of En ineerin -*.E/ in fo&&o0in 1is+i2&es !re e&i i'&e to !22&#( En$iron%ent!& En ineerin , Ener # & En$iron%ent, C,e%i+!& En ineerin , E&e+tri+!& En ineerin , Me+,!ni+!& En ineerin , Minin En ineerin 3 Met!&&4r # !n1 M!teri!& En ineerin 3 In14stri!& !n1 M!n4f!+t4rin En ineerin 3 Petro&e4% !n1 !s En ineerin , Te5ti&e En ineerin , !n1 Ci$i& En ineerin .

St41# P&!n(
)st #e!r-)st !n1 6n1 ter%s/ +o4rses 0i&& 'e t!4 ,t ,ere !t Me,r!n UET !n1 6 n1 #e!r -7r1 ter%/ +o4rses !n1 rese!r+, 0or8 0i&& 'e +!rrie1 o4t !t S,en#!n Aeros2!+e Uni$ersit#, C,in!.

S2e+i!& P!+8! e( Fee Str4+t4re(

Fee for )st ter% Fee for 6n1 Ter%

S,en#!n Aeros2!+e Uni$ersit#, C,in! 0i&& 2ro$i1e free !++o%%o1!tion in t0in s,!re1 roo%. A22&i+!tion for%s !re !$!i&!'&e !t Instit4te of En$iron%ent!& En ineerin & M!n! e%ent, Me,r!n Uni$ersit# of En ineerin & Te+,no&o #.
Rs. 769:;<= -T,irt# T0o T,o4s!n1 Nine H4n1re1 Fort# R42ees/

Fee for 6n1 Ye!r for +,in! st41ies A++o%%o1!tion( Foo1 e52enses(

Rs. 6:9:;<= -T0ent# Fo4r T,o4s!n1 Nine H4n1re1 Fort# r42ees/ 6;;;; Y4!n RM* 2er #e!r Free !t C,in! -T0in s,!re1 roo%/ A'o4t 6;; US Do&&!r 2er %ont,

Note( Draft/Pay order of Rs. 1500/- should be made in favor of Director Institute of Environmental
Engineering & Management, MUET, Jamshoro !ccount " #$%&'()* +ith the a,,lication form

L!st 1!te of s4'%ission for%( 6:t, J!n4!r#, 6;):

For f4rt,er 1et!i&s +ont!+t( Prof.Dr.>,!n M4,!%%!1 *ro,i Prof.Dr.R!soo& *45 M!,!r -Dire+tor IEEM/ -Co=Dire+tor IEEM/ Cont!+t( ;77:=6?);?@)