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Concept Paper

Our project is a simple program that will be created through the use of the Microsoft Visual Basic (VB) application. We will be using our acquired knowledge of codes used in VB for the code development phase. We chose this program because the codes it requires are all pretty basic. We hope that even though we will be using the basic codes, it will still be a project we can be proud of. The content, that is, the questions that can be found on the program are all about the Prophet Nehemiah class of 2013-Anello Nehemiah. We have tried our best for to make sure all the questions are designed for Prophet Nehemiah students to test their knowledge about their classmates or deepen their acquintance with each other. We are hoping that the program we have decided upon will be interesting, fun and visually appealing. We decided to focus on the students of Prophet Nehemiah as we were informed that we will be presenting the program to them and to the subject teacher, coincidentally our class adviser. We hope that the users of the program will enjoy our idea of testing ones knowledge about ones classmate unique, original and refreshing. For almost half of our lives, majority of the class have been classmates year by year because of the cream section regulation. Surely, by the number of years that have passed, we should know many things about each other. The idea of our chosen project and program is to let the program user discover more about their classmates using facts we have gathered from the whole class.

Role Assignment Form

Role Project Manager

Systems/Information Architects

Designer/Graphic Artists

Code Developers

Skills Required Good leadership skills Initiative to start the project Willingness to help in all fields Familiar with program organization Has sufficient knowledge of VB Good visual communication skills Artistic Has an eye for designing Has sufficient knowledge of the codes needed for the program Has superior knowledge among the group in using the VB application

Assigned to Rexanne Cosico

Raphael Castro Brix Timbalopez

Quennie Talusan LJ Gonzales

Yomi Radomes Mia Tabirao

A PROJECT IN COMPUTER IV Submitted by: Rexanne Cosico Raphael Castro Brix Timbalopez Lorraine Gonzales Quennie Talusan Yomi Radomes Mia Tabirao

Submitted to: Sir Reynaldo Co