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Costello 1 Zach Costello Composition II John Hansen 4/22/13 Learning Martial Arts The ideas and mentalities behind

the learning o martial arts ha!e shaped c"lt"res aro"nd the #orld or cent"ries$ Martial arts aren%t &"st #a's o ighting to ca"se someone else pain$ Martial arts are a #a' to train 'o"r mind and bod' in harmon'( and that is the thin)ing behind all o the arts aro"nd the #orld$ Learning martial arts is abo"t sta'ing health'( oc"sing 'o"r mind( controlling 'o"r actions( de ending 'o"rsel b"t ne!er starting a ight$ Martial arts are also a great sport and ha!e become !er' pop"lar beca"se o the *+C and ,l'mpics$ Ha!ing "ndergone so m"ch training to get to m' blac) belt in Tae -#on .o( I )no# irsthand that learning a martial art is an incredible e/perience$ In m' opinion( e!er'one sho"ld "ndergo a orm o martial arts training$ I thin) that it is in e!er'one%s best interest and can help immensel' in dail' li e$ Learning Tae -#on .o and going thro"gh the #hole e/perience has contrib"ted to #ho I am as a person toda'$ I )no# that going thro"gh all the training ta"ght me sel 0control$ M' abilit' to calml' control m'sel and e!al"ate sit"ations #itho"t losing m' compos"re( I belie!e( is one o m' greatest attrib"tes$ It ta)es a lot( and I mean a lot( to get m' temper to e!en sho#( let alone lare "p$ I gi!e most o that credit to the training that I "nder#ent$ I am a !er' logical thin)ing person and I don%t &"st lose m' cool li)e man' o the )ids in m' class and e!en some o the ad"lts I )no#$ M' master al#a's preached discipline and control #hen #e #ere sparring$ 1e al#a's had to stop o"r mo!ements a oot rom o"r opponent and co"ld ne!er stri)e o"t in anger #itho"t a reperc"ssion$ I remember one time #hen I beat a )id in practice and he #o"ldn%t

Costello 2 stop e!en #hen Mr$ 2chott( m' teacher( had called a stop to the match$ The bo' had to do p"sh "ps "ntil Mr$ 2chott told him to stop and then #e all got another one o his discipline speeches$ 2el control and mental discipline are t#o !er' important characteristics to a good character or personalit'$ I co"ldn%t ha!e as)ed or a better teacher or #a' o learning those t#o things$ In )arate( there is a amo"s sa'ing #hich is 32hingi ittai$4 It translates to 3Mind and techni5"e are one$4 It means that the emphasis( #hen going thro"gh all the orms and techni5"es( is on controlling 'o"r mo!ements and ma)ing 'o"r mind and bod' one "nstoppable orce$ In learning a martial art li)e )arate( 'o" learn to do e!er'thing #ith an open mind and not let emotions dictate 'o"r actions$ Too man' times do I see people let anger or &ealo"s' or e!en ear dictate their actions$ The' let their mind be clo"ded b' emotions and the' stop thin)ing clearl'$ The bod' ta)es o!er and the' lose control$ I people li)e that #ent thro"gh the training and the preparation o the mind that comes #ith martial arts( there #o"ldn%t be nearl' as man' problems li)e that$ ,ne thing that st"c) o"t to me in The 1a' o the 1arrior #ere the #ords o nin&"ts"( or the #a' o the nin&a6 M' parents are the hea!en and earth( M' home is m' bod'( M' po#er is m' lo'alt'( M' magic is m' training( M' li e and death is breathing( M' bod' is control( M' e'es are the s"n and the moon( M' ears are sensiti!it'( M' la#s are sel protection( M' strength is adaptabilit'( M' ambition is ta)ing e!er' opport"nit' #ith "llness( M' riend is m' mind( M' enem' is carelessness( M' protection is right action( M' #eapons are e!er'thing that e/ists( M' strateg' is one oot in ront o the other( M' #a' is 7in&"ts"$ 1ith the e/ception o the #eapons part( e!er'thing is abo"t being in harmon' and control$ I more people too) e!er' opport"nit' to its "llest or adapted to the changing #orld and controlled their bodies( then their #o"ld be m"ch less stri e in the #orld$ 8eople co"ld be happier and li!e li e to its "llest$ 7in&as in the 9th

Costello 3 cent"r' had another sa'ing( 3To disco!er the tr"th$ To achie!e a higher spirit"al state$ That is the tr"e meaning o nin&a$4 Martial arts aren%t abo"t h"rting people$ The' are abo"t "rthering 'o"rsel and being at peace$ Controlling 'o"r bod' #ith a clear mind helps 'o" #in points in a match or lets 'o" &"dge a threat correctl' in a sel de ense sit"ation$ 1hen sparring in competitions( di erent areas are #orth more points than others #hen the' are hit$ I 'o" are in complete control o 'o"r bod' and aren%t being controlled b' emotions( then 'o" can hit more acc"ratel' #hich is both sa er and it%s more bene icial$ I 'o"r mind is open( 'o" can react aster and ta)e in 'o"r s"rro"ndings better$ :o" can be easil' distracted and less recepti!e o things i 'o" are oc"sing on something else or tr'ing to be "eled b' an emotion s"ch as rage$ I 'o"r head isn%t in the ight and open to e!er'thing that is happening( then 'o" are in bad l"c)$ ;!en i 'o" aren%t doing this as a sport( in a real li e ight( e!er'thing still applies$ M' teacher( Mr$ 2chott( al#a's said that martial arts are or sel de ense and or nothing else$ I someone #ere to attac) 'o"( 'o" can react the astest i 'o"r mind is oc"sed on the present and open to ta)ing in e!er'thing that is happening$ 2el de ense is probabl' the biggest per) to learning a martial art$ :o" immediatel' ha!e the ad!antage in an' ight "nless the attac)er also has martial arts training$ In an' case( tho"gh( the one being attac)ed and #ith a clear mind still has the ad!antage$ There is an old Chinese pro!erb that goes( 3He #ho o!ercomes others is strong$ He #ho o!ercomes himsel is might'$4 ;!er'thing that has to do #ith martial arts is abo"t controlling 'o"r bod'$ H"man)ind has al#a's elt the need to dominate each other$ Learning sel de ense techni5"es )eeps 'o" in control o 'o"rsel and more po#er "l than 'o"r enem'$ 1omen tend to be the biggest target or attac) beca"se the' seem in erior$ <ape is something that isn%t tal)ed abo"t all that o ten beca"se it is a s"b&ect that no one e!er #ants to

Costello 4 ac)no#ledge is happening aro"nd the #orld$ 2tatistics sa' that i a #omen ights bac) than she has an =>? chance o escaping rape$ That is &"st b' ighting bac)$ I a #oman )no#s ho# to ight bac) to the best o her abilit' and control the sit"ation then she has an e!en greater chance$ Learning martial arts gi!es not onl' #omen b"t also men that abilit'$ 7o longer being a raid is a great thing$ I )no# rom e/perience that people &"st )no#ing that I%m a blac) belt )eeps them rom #anting to start a ight #ith me$ I get a lot o &o)es beca"se o it and there are a lot o comments rom m' riends li)e( 3better #atch o"t( he%s a blac) belt(4 #hen I get into an' arg"ment #ith an'one$ ;!er'one )no#s that it%s &"st a &o)e( b"t there remains that "nderl'ing message that( 'es( I do )no# ho# to ight so don%t start an'thing$ It is important to remember that de ense is the )e' #ord$ @oing o"t loo)ing or a ight to sho# people that 'o" )no# some anc' mo!es doesn%t pro!e an'thing$ Learning martial arts or de ense is the important thing$ It is all abo"t 'o"r discipline #hich is something else that Mr$ 2chott preached in class$ :o" ha!e to respect #hat 'o" are learning and e!er'one else$ J"st beca"se 'o" )no# ho# to ight doesn%t mean that 'o" sho"ld$ There has to be lines that are dra#n b' 'o" and 'o"r instr"ctor$ 2tarting the ight has m"ch #orse conse5"ences than inishing it$ +or starting the ight 'o" can get some &ail time$ +or ending the ight( 'o" get to #al) a#a' #itho"t h"rting too m"ch and people aren%t so li)el' to pic) a ight #ith 'o" again$ Another thing to loo) or#ard to #hen learning a martial art is the part #here 'o" sta' in shape and remain health'$ I don%t thin) I ha!e e!er been as le/ible as I #as #hen I #as still ta)ing the classes$ I don%t thin) I e!er got thro"gh the irst ten min"tes o class #itho"t brea)ing a s#eat$ .epending on the martial art that 'o" choose to learn( di erent m"scles are "sed more o ten$ Aeca"se I learned Tae -#on .o( m' legs #ere the strongest and sorest parts o m' bod' since Tae -#on .o oc"ses on )ic)ing techni5"es more than an'thing$ ,besit' is no# one o

Costello B the ma&or problems in o"r co"ntr' beca"se( lets ace it( #or)ing o"t reall' isn%t that m"ch "n$ Learning a martial art is e/tremel' "nC I remember doing p"sh "ps and sit "ps all the time at practice beca"se 'o"r core is so important to doing the sport$ -ic)bo/ing is a ma&or sport as #ell as a #or)o"t$ Man' people participate in )ic)bo/ing as part o their #or)o"t ro"tine$ ;!er' once in a #hile I #atch Aiggest Loser on TD #ith m' parents( and Jillian is al#a's ha!ing her team )ic)bo/ as a part o their lose #eight 5"ic) plan$ The sporting aspect o martial arts is gro#ing and gro#ing$ MMA or Mi/ed Martial Arts has become a h"ge entertainment enterprise$ It started in 1EE3( in Las Degas #ith the emergence o the *+C or *ltimate +ighting Championship$ Competitors "se a !ariet' o ighting st'les to tr' and o"tdo their opponent$ +ighters m"st learn a grappling martial art to ha!e a good chance in the ring as #ell as stri)ing martial arts li)e -arate and Tae -#on .o$ I )no# rom e/perience that it%s prett' hard to learn all those mo!es and orms or one martial art let alone t#o or more$ These ighters are in great ph'sical and mental condition and almost all o that is credited to the martial arts that the' ha!e learned$ Ao/ing and )ic)bo/ing are also sports that go bac) to martial arts$ MMA has ta)en the spotlight a#a' rom bo/ing( b"t i learning )ic)s isn%t #hat 'o" #ant to do then bo/ing is something to loo) at$ -ic)bo/ing is basicall' a cleaner !ersion o MMA$ There is no grappling or "se o the elbo#s$ It is !er' pop"lar or e/ercising as I alread' mentioned$ Another sport that most people ma' not )no# is a martial art is collegiate #restling$ It originated in ,)lahoma in 1EFB$ 7o#( &"st abo"t e!er' high school has a #restling team and it progresses all the #a' "p to the ,l'mpics$ .an @able( born in 1aterloo( Io#a( #on gold in ,l'mpic reest'le #restling in 1E92$ +reest'le #restling is &"st the international !ersion o collegiate #restling$ Martial arts are all aro"nd "s and there are plent' to choose rom i 'o" are interested in learning one or sporting reasons$

Costello > The onl' do#nside to learning a martial art( that I co"ld ind( is the potential or an in&"r'$ <olled an)les and m"scle strains are the most common in&"ries i 'o" are &"st learning the martial art$ I 'o" go into bo/ing( )ic)bo/ing( #restling( or MMA( c"ts and br"ises co"ld be a normal thing$ That )ind o thing sho#s in almost an' contact sport tho"gh$ More serio"s in&"ries( rom sparring or high contact ighting( li)e torn m"scles or bro)en bones co"ld occ"r b"t are !er' rare$ ,ther than these in&"ries( #hich co"ld be s"stained rom an' other contact sport( their isn%t an' other do#nside that comes to m' mind or sho#s "p in an' o m' so"rces$ The i!e commitments o Tae -#on .o are( 3Ae lo'al to 'o"r co"ntr'$ Honor 'o"r parents$ Ae aith "l to 'o"r riends$ 7e!er retreat in battle$ *se good &"dgement be ore h"rting someone$4 These traits aren%t &"st abo"t ighting$ The' are a g"ide to help 'o" thro"gh li e and be happ'$ I thin) that e!er'one sho"ld learn a martial art( not &"st Tae -#on .o( and #ant to ha!e "n learning it$ Learning ho# to completel' control 'o"r bod' and mind is a great thing$ Ha!ing another sporting and #or)o"t option is also a great per)$ The biggest thing tho"gh( I thin)( is the sense o accomplishment and sec"rit' 'o" eel once 'o" ha!e p"t in all the time and ha!e learned all those mo!es$ It is a eeling o con idence in 'o"rsel and 'o"r abilities$ I thin) e!er'one sho"ld be able to eel that #a'$

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