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Dear Friends and Supporters,

My name is Justine and I am inviting you on a 10 week journey to remember and honor my only sister, Saula Janine, who died rom leukemia when we were !hildren more than thirty years ago" #lthough she remains a part o me, losing her was an overwhelming sorrow" $handi said %&here there is love, there is li e"' So in the spirit o the never ending love or my sister, I want to make a di eren!e in the lives o other amilies who are a e!ted by blood !an!ers" (erhaps together you and I !an save a li e" )eukemia remains the leading !ause o !an!er related death in !hildren and young adults" *very hour in the +nited States, two more young lives are lost to leukemia" (lease join me on a pathway to !hange that" ,hrough your donation at -insert +.)/0 we will make di eren!e"

Janine was born our days shy o my se!ond birthday" &e had three older brothers and hard1working, devoted parents" She was ni!k1named %2ina,' and I was %,ina"' 3ur mom would dress us like twins" &e were inseparable and !ompletely in love" 4aving a sister !ompleted me and brought pro ound joy to my li e" Sometimes we have memories that are taken rom pi!tures and stories others tell" )ess o ten, we have episodi! memories dire!tly rom an e5perien!e itsel " I have a pre!ious ew o the latter1type memories o Janine" 3ne o them is ro!king on a brown plasti! wonder horse with large metal springs atta!hed to a rame" &e would laugh and play on our wonder horse or hours, sometimes ro!king so hard it would li t o the ground to our s6uealing delight" In the upper right !orner is a pi!ture o Janine ro!king on our beloved horse, laughing and having a great time" ,hat pi!ture was taken when she was in a brie remission" # ew months later, in July 1780 she passed" 3ur amily was orever !hanged"

For three de!ades, our amily buried the pain o our horri ying loss" &e were and remain very !lose and we all did what we !ould to pi!k ea!h other up, dan!ing around our individual eelings, to move on" Family meant everything" It was not until I had !hildren o my own that I understood the enormous and devastating impa!t her death had on our parents" ,here are words we use when kids lose their parents 9orphans: or wives lose their husbands 9widows:, but there are no words to des!ribe a parent losing their !hild, or a sister losing her only sister" It is a wound to the heart that never heals"

,wo years ago, I met ;ill *arley while interviewing or a job" 4e was about to parti!ipate in the Ironman ,riathlon, 2ew <ealand, with the )eukemia = )ymphoma So!iety>s ,eam in ,raining" I told ;ill about Janine and he asked i I would send him a pi!ture so she !ould be one o the %angels' he ran with in the triathlon" 2eedless to say, ;ill be!ame

my riend immediately, and !olleague shortly therea ter" ;ill nominated me or Man?&oman o the @earAa 10 week undraising !ampaign that starts Mar!h B and ends with a gala event on May 1C, D01B" ,he !ampaign raises money or the )eukemia = )ymphoma So!iety o San Diego" I saw this invitation as an opportunity to honor and remember Janine" I would like you to join ,eam Janine on this journey"

I am reminded that whether li e is long or short, its !ompleteness depends on what it was lived or" 3n behal o my sister, ,eam Janine is laun!hing a !ampaign like no other" In addition to remembering Janine, we are honoring and !elebrating the $irl o the @ear, Eameron Strobel11a beauti ul F year old San Diegan !urrently in treatment battling leukemia" Eameron is a big sister too and her avorite movie is FroGen11most appropriately, a love story about sisterhood" )ittle Eameron is living proo that ))S is saving lives" &e invite you to ollow our journey and parti!ipate in every way you !an" ,here are several ways you !an make a di eren!e and support our missionH

I Make a ta5 dedu!tible donation no later than May 1B at the ollowing siteH httpH??www"mwoy"org?pages?sd?sd1B?teamjanine

I ;uy a ta51dedu!tible ti!ket 9J1F0: or table 9J1F00: at the gala event held at the 4ilton ,orrey (ines on May 1C, D01B" Fantasti! night !elebrating, dining, dan!ing and au!tions"

I Friend us on Fa!ebook?)inkedIn -insert sites/, share our story and journey, and invite others to join us"

I sometimes wonder i Janine were born today i the out!ome would be di erent" It is a a!t that her !han!es o survival would be greater be!ause o the resear!h and investment ))S has made to ind a !ure and better treatments" ))S re!ently laun!hed a new resear!h proje!t spe!i i!ally targeted at the rare type o leukemia Janine had 9#!ute *rythro!yti! )eukemia: and i we raise JF0,000 then ,eam Janine !ould be linked to this resear!h port olio" 71K o the Man?&oman o the @ear !ampaign goes dire!tly to the ))S Mission" #nd more than J8M o ))S resear!h unds are invested right here in San Diego>s medi!al and bio1te!h industries"

I your li e has been tou!hed by leukemia please share your e5perien!e and we will

in!lude your loved ones in our !ampaign" Many thanks or helping us remember Janine and honor all leukemia vi!tims by raising money to save the lives o other !hildren like Eameron" Sisters are important and their love is everlasting" ,hrough the love we share in this e ort, we may indeed save lives and honor those, like Janine, who have made the ultimate sa!ri i!e"

&ith thanks,

Justine (hillips

3n ;ehal o ,eam Janine